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One City, One Team… So how cool is this? We operate an airport, a farm, a zoo, three cemeteries, a lab, three water renewal facilities, multiple libraries, 91 parks, an ice rink, two golf courses, more than 300 units of affordable housing, and we maintain a collection of world class art. We also save lives, arrest bad guys, administer GIS databases, extinguish fires, argue cases before the Idaho Supreme Court, and set the stage for our city’s economic, community, and cultural development. How’s that for an ultradiverse organization? Below is a list of our departments ranked alphabetically, not by the Mayor’s favorites.

Information Technology

Airport Arts & History



City Attorney


Mayor’s Office

Community Engagement

Parks and Recreation

Finance & Administration

Planning & Development Services



Human Resources

Public Works

Citizen Experience With ‘Wow’

Profile for City of Boise

City of Boise Employee Handbook  

Mini-Monty_Revised March 2019

City of Boise Employee Handbook  

Mini-Monty_Revised March 2019