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ALABASTER PARKS AND RECREATION Gardner House Rules and Regulations 1. A Rental Permit is required for anyone using the Gardner House. Only adults 21 years of age or older are permitted to rent the facility. A Gardner House Rental Permit must be in hand for validation. Reservations must be made at the Depot by calling 205-664-6840. Persons making the reservation must be in attendance at the function. 2. Groups, organizations, and individuals using the Gardner House facilities will comply with the laws of the State of Alabama, the City of Alabaster, and the Alabaster Parks and Recreation Department. 3. The Gardner House is to be used for civic and social functions only. No business, religious or political functions are allowed. 4. Rental time is inclusive of set up, function and clean up. Persons leaving after their allotted time will forfeit their security deposit. 5. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the Gardner House or on its premises for any organization and/or applicant. 6. All activities shall be properly controlled and supervised. Whenever persons participating in the planned activity are under 21 years of age, adequate adult supervision must be provided. 7. No loud or excessive noises will take place that will disturb any neighbors. 8. The City of Alabaster Parks and Recreation Director, with approval from the City Administrator, has the right to revoke a permit at any time if they deem necessary. 9.

All trash and litter (resulting from the event) is to be bagged up, and placed in trash receptacle.

10. The applicant agrees to assume liability for any damage done to any City property. 11. The City of Alabaster will not be liable for any claims for injury or damages resulting from or arising out of the use of the City’s facility or premises and the permit holder agrees to indemnify the City and hold it harmless against any and all such claims, damages, losses and expenses. If requested by the City, the permit holder shall carry insurance against such claims and furnish the City with a certificate of insurance evidencing same.

12. Charcoal grills are strictly prohibited from being brought onto Gardner House premises as dumped coals can be a fire hazard. 13. Gas and propane grills are allowed outside Gardner House on the lawn or parking lot; however, they are not allowed on the front or back porch. Additionally, you are required to place aluminum foil on the ground beneath the grill to catch the drippings. 14. You may not affix anything to the interior walls or ceiling or anywhere on the exterior of the Gardner House including staples, tape, push pins, tacks, glue, etc. Balloons may be attached on the walkway railings with ribbon. Kids inflatables are permitted in designated areas only. 15. No candles or open flames, etc. allowed in the Gardner House or its premises with the exception of regular birthday candles. 16. The use of confetti & pinatas are strictly prohibited in the Gardner House or its premises. 17. Chalk is prohibited from being used on the floors and walls of the Gardner House or its premises. 18. Pets are not allowed in the Gardner House or its premises. 19. Smoking is not allowed in the Gardner House. The designated smoking area is located in the front and back parking lots. 20. You must familiarize yourself with and obey Ordinance No. 95-381. This ordinance can be found at or a hard copy may be viewed at the Parks and Recreation office.