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Spring 2011 ALABASTER BASEBALL & SOFTBALL Important Dates & General Information Contact Information Phone: (205) 664-6840 Email: Website:

Registration 1/10/11 – 1/21/11

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Registration at the Depot (weekdays only)

1/22/11 (Saturday)

9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Final day to register without late fee at new Alabaster Senior Center

Registration forms will not be accepted or processed without payment. For special arrangements, contact Parks & Recreation. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for every child to participate. Register On Time! Late registrations require $25 Late Fee and are subject to placement on a waiting list.

Fees $160.00 for 1st child $130.00 for 2nd child $100.00 for 3rd child $100.00 for T-Ball (age 5) $ 85.00 for 4-Year-Old T-Ball Non-resident fee: Additional 10%

Uniforms included in the fee are as follows: Baseball – Jersey, Pants, Hat, Socks, Belt, Participation Award T-Ball (age 5) – Jersey, Hat, Participation Award 4 Year Old T-Ball – T-shirt, Hat, Participation Award Softball – Jersey, Pants or Shorts, Visor, Socks, Participation Award Additional items you will need to purchase: Baseball Shoes and Glove Optional: Helmet – we provide a few of these Bat – we don’t provide these; however, there’s usually a teammate with a bat T-Ball (ages 4 & 5) – pants – team decision

Baseball Divisions The player’s age as of April 30, 2011 determines the placement of the player into the age division. T-ball – age 4 (CO-ED) T-ball – age 5 Coach Pitch – age 6 Farm League (machine pitch) – ages 7 & 8 Minor League (player pitch) – ages 9 & 10 Major League (player pitch) – ages 11 & 12 Metro League (player pitch) – ages 13 & 14

Softball Divisions The player’s age as of January 1, 2011 determines the placement of the player into the age division. SB 6U – ages 5 & 6 yrs SB 8U – ages 7 & 8 yrs SB 10U – ages 9 & 10 yrs SB 12U – ages 11 & 12 yrs SB 14U – ages 13 &14 yrs ** (will place child on list; if enough girls sign up, we’ll accept payment)

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4-Year-Old T-Ball Program This program allows 4 year old boys and girls to learn the game in a less intense, competitive environment, and focuses on instruction, competition and fun. This league will be separate from the 5 year old T-ball league. The teams will practice 1 to 2 days a week before games start. After the season begins, teams will practice once during the week and have a game - mostly Saturdays.

Practices Leading up to games – minimum of 2 practices on our fields; however, your coach may secure other fields and have extra practices. Once Games start, coaches get one practice per week on our fields; however they can secure other fields and have extra practices. *4 year old T-Ball – one practice during the week.

Games One to two games per week – week nights and/or weekends (subject to change) 4 year old T-Ball will have 8 games (majority on Saturdays) 5 year old T-Ball will have 10 games 6 year olds and Up will have 14 games Games will be played at Veterans Park and Warrior Park (subject to change).

OBSERVATIONS at Veterans Park

• • • • • • • • • • •

Jan. 29th (Sat.)

9:00 AM

Metro (13 & 14)

Field 1

9:00 AM

Major (11 & 12)

Field 4

10:30 AM

Minor (9 & 10)

Field 4

10:30 AM

Coach Pitch (6)

Field 1

12:00 PM

T-Ball (5)

Field 1

12:00 PM

Farm (7 & 8)

Field 5

1:30 PM

8U SB (7 & 8)

Field 2

1:30 PM

6U SB (5 & 6)

Field 4

3:00 PM

12U SB (11 & 12)

Field 2

3:00 PM

10U SB (9 & 10)

Field 4

3:00 PM If Needed 14U SB (13 & 14)

Field 5

Children will need to bring cleats and glove. Do not bring balls as we will provide those. Some bats and helmets will be available if needed. *4 year old T-ball players will not need to attend observation.

DRAFTS (Coaches only) Jan. 31st (Mon.) at new Alabaster Senior Center • 6:00 PM T-Ball (5 year olds) • 7:30 PM Coach Pitch Feb. 1st (Tues.) at new Alabaster Senior Center • 6:00 PM Major • 7:30 PM 8U SB Feb. 2nd (Wed.) at new Alabaster Senior Center • 6:00 PM 6U SB • 7:30 PM Minor Feb. 3rd (Thur.) at new Alabaster Senior Center

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• •

6:00 PM 7:30 PM

10U SB Farm (machine pitch)

Feb. 4th (Fri.) at Alabaster Parks & Recreation Office (Depot) • 6:00 PM 12U SB • 7:30 PM Metro IMPORTANT DATES Feb. 5th (Sat.)

9 AM – 11 AM Player Clinic for T-Ball (5 year old only) & Coach Pitch at Warrior Park

Feb. 7th thru 12th team you’re

Uniform Fittings at Buck Creek Field House (Time TBA depending on what team you’re assigned to)

Feb. 10th (Thur.)

6:30 PM

Feb. 12th (Sat.)

9 AM – 11 AM Player Clinic for Machine Pitch & Up at Warrior Park

Feb. 21st (Mon.)

6:30 PM

Feb. 28th (Mon.) March 21st (Mon.)

Baseball Coaches Clinic (Mandatory) at THS - Main Gym

Baseball & Softball Coaches Meeting (Mandatory) at new Alabaster Senior Center

Parks open for Practice 6:30 PM

Team Mom Meeting at new Alabaster Senior Center

April 2nd (Sat.)

Opening Day at Veterans Park

***April 16th (Sat.)

Picture Day at Veterans Park


Softball Coaches Clinic (Mandatory) at THS Softball Field

LOCATIONS New Alabaster Senior Center is located at 1097 – 7th Street S.W., Alabaster (beside the old YMCA) Veterans Park is located at 7305 Hwy. 119, Alabaster Warrior Park is located at 100 City Park Lane, Alabaster (off Thompson Road)

ALL dates/times are subject to change

***Indicates a revised date

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************************************************ Mission Statement The mission of Alabaster Parks and Recreation youth athletic programs is to teach the fundamentals of the sport to every child who wants to participate. The hope is for every child to have a positive experience and develop his/ her skills and knowledge in the sport they are participating. Kids should learn fair play, to be competitive, to have good sportsmanship and to be team players. We pride ourselves in providing a positive atmosphere in which families can come together to fellowship and watch their kids play.

************************************************ Expectations of Parks & Recreation -


professional address issues – not emotions to be fair and just, to act on facts, not hear-say do everything within our power to select good quality people to mentor and coach our kids….(experience, background screening, etc)

Expectations of Coaches


set good example – behavior, attitude and sportsmanship teach the game – fundamentals and competitiveness be fair and positive communicate with parents support the overall mission of the program have fun!

Expectations of Parents



set good example – behavior, attitude and sportsmanship volunteer – help out where needed commitment to the team – practices and games communicate with coach be positive – not get caught up in gossip or negative activity have fun!

Expectations of Players


set good example – behavior, attitude and sportsmanship listen to coaches give 100% effort have fun!

************************************************ The following is an excerpt from Alabaster City Ordinance 95-381:

Any person who engages in arguments, uses abusive language, harasses game or league officials or exhibits any unsportsmanlike behavior may be barred from parks and/or prosecuted.


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