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JUST Rite can design and install the best shade sail for any area, according to a company spokesperson. “Shade sails will add style to any outdoor space and increase the use and enjoyment of outdoor living areas,” she says. “Our shade sails have many features to ensure a high-quality, long-lasting product, including 95 per cent UV block and shade in a large range of fabric colours.” Just Rite uses commercial-grade shade fabric for durability; powder-coated, galvanised-steel posts, stainless-steel fasteners and turn buckles to ensure no rust and a pulley is installed at every corner so that the stainless steel wire won’t fray. Ideal for school playgrounds, childcare centres, sporting facilities, car parks and many other commercial applications, Just Rite also stocks Coolaroo Commercial 95 shade sails, which will block out the majority of the sun’s harmful UV rays providing a safe, cost-effective covering for small and large areas. Just Rite, 14 Whyalla Street, Fyshwick, 6280 5300

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vironment is losing valuable energy, money and comfort,” says an Energy Imaging spokesperson “We can quickly and accurately find these hidden leaks and help you fix them, by accurately diagnosing the problem areas using thermal imaging and air-leakage analysis.” Many energy auditors rely on a visual inspection and a questionnaire to develop an energy-saving retrofit plan for a building. “Unfortunately, this approach means concealed gaps and leaks go undetected. As a result, building owners often spend money on energy-saving measures which are undermined by the constant, but hidden, leakage through gaps in insulation and air leaks in the structure.” Energy Imaging diagnose the problems, by physically testing the building, and then develop a prioritised fix-it plan. Sealing air leaks and thoroughly insulating can reduce heating costs by 30-50 per ENERGY Imaging’s testing has shown that cent. Reducing air leakage is a simple DIY air leakage and poor insulation are major job for most households once they know problems in Canberra dwellings. where the leaks are. “Gaps in insulation and air leaks in your Energy Imaging, 8 Wiluna St, Fyshwick, building means that your home or work en- 6100 4014

When energy leaks

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Design for comfort DESIGN and siting are crucial to building an energy-efficient home in the Canberra region, according to Leslie Paton, of Paton Constructions. “By making use of our clear, sunny winter days and relatively cool summer nights, it is possible to build a comfortable home that does not require active sources of heating and cooling,” he says. In winter, this means maximising north-facing window areas to allow the sun’s warmth into the home. This energy must then be stored in internal thermal mass such as a concrete slab floor or areas of internal brickwork. The stored energy needs to be retained through the use of good insulation in the external walls and ceilings, he says. In summer this means minimising the effect of the hot summer sun through use of roof overhang to shade windows. West-facing windows should be minimised and well-shaded, and external walls and ceilings need to be well insulated. Cooling the home’s internal thermal mass overnight through good cross-ventilation helps to keep the interior cool the following day.

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TALK-back radio announcer MARK PARTON reflects on the public reaction to the aftermath of the horrific crash at Narrabundah; SONYA FLADUN di...