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CityNews August 6-12  

  CityNews August 6-12


Andrew says he’s happy under Katy

Katy Gallagher… Barr pledges to support “my friend and colleague”.


Michael Moore: When ‘no’ plus ‘maybe’ = ‘yes’, Page 11

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August 6-12, 2009

Since 1993: Volume 15, Number 30

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will be devoting my first full term in the Assembly to that job, and my other Ministerial responsibilities. “I will not be a candidate for the leadership of the Territory Parliamentary Labor Party during this term of the Assembly. If a vacancy were to arise in the party leadership – and I frankly hope it does not – then I would support my friend and colleague, the Deputy Chief Minister Katy Gallagher. In that event, I would nominate for the deputy leadership.” Barr is the favoured successor to the leadership of the right faction of Labor, which holds the numbers within the party. Chief Minister Stanhope, an unaligned leader, supported by the depleted left-faction of Katy Gallagher and Attorney General Simon Corbell, is seen as being under serious threat from the right – especially after the party’s recent election losses and subsequent uneasy affiliation with the ACT Greens. Opposition Leader Zed Seselja wasted no time in entering the debate saying: “It’s clear now that tensions that have been so far kept quiet are increasingly playing out publicly as the Barr and Gallagher forces position for the inevitable fight for the Labor leadership.”

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COVER: Inside one of the ACT’s five speed-check vans. Story Page 4. Photo by Silas.

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TIME to change the sign… “CityNews” snapper Silas Brown’s photo shows that the promise of a bed for the night has gone with the old Embassy motel now just a memory in Deakin as the bulldozers busily clear the site in preparation for an upmarket unit development.

What’s hot in the library? THE lists of the ACT libraries’ most requested items give a fascinating insight into the diverse interests of the service’s 180,000 borrowers, says Vanessa Little, director ACT Library and Information Services. “Our most popular book right now is the award-winning story ‘The Slap’ and the most requested DVD is ‘Wall E’, she says.

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Most popular books 1. “The Slap” 2. “White Tiger” 3. “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance” 4. “Twilight” 5. “Revolutionary Road” 6. “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” 7. “Handle With Care” 8. “Pleasures and Sorrows of Work” 9. “Tea Time For The Traditionally

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Built” 10. “Gone Tomorrow”.

Most popular DVDs 1. “Wall E” 2. “Mamma Mia” 3. “Underbelly” 4. “Iron Man” 5. “Ratatouille” 6. “Golden Compass” 7. “Australia” 8. “Get Smart” 9. “Sex and the City” 10. “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”.

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EDUCATION Minster Andrew Barr has undertaken to suppress his leadership ambitions and won’t challenge Chief Minister Jon Stanhope in the term of this government and, beyond that, he supports Katy Gallagher as the next Chief Minister. Stepping back from the challenge of long-time Labor Minister and rightfaction heavyweight John Hargreaves’ recent call in “CityNews” for a “breath of fresh air” and a “generational change”, Barr says: “Being Education Minister is the most important job I have ever had. I


By Jorian Gardner

Where the earth still moves






CityNews August 6-12  

cover story

REVEALED: Inside the little white vans Here it is: Everything you wanted to know about the speed-trap vans but were too afraid to ask. Reporter JORIAN GARDNER and photographer SILAS BROWN get in behind the reinforced glass of those omnipresent ‘little white vans’. THEY lurk in the medium strips and on highways; in school zones and on suburban streets in traffic hot spots. We’ve all seen those white vans that signal our “speed is being checked” and wondered what really goes on in there. Revenue raisers or awareness raisers? The speed vans are operated as part of Road User Services under TAMS and patrol at 120 different locations around Canberra throughout the year. The fleet of five Mercedes-produced, standard white (to stand out as much as possible) vans are fitted with high-speed laser cameras operated manually with outside flashes. While it may not look like it sometimes, there is always someone in that van – speed checking thousands of cars as they pass. As the operator takes shots they are processed with only images of speeding cars being kept by the computer. The camera, a large rectangular box on a sturdy tripod in the back of the van, has an astonishing range of up to one kilometre and can shoot not just from the back, but from the side looking forwards as well. So don’t bother slowing down for the van then lead-footing it on the other side, because they can catch you that way, too. When used, the camera takes a shot focused

  CityNews August 6-12

Operator John… “I have become very proficient at picking what swear words people are saying from just one photo!”. towards the number plate while a wider shot is taken, almost simultaneously, to help establish a car’s speed and position. This can be done by the operator over and over again very quickly, so even though you may be in a line of cars across three lanes of traffic, all the cars can be – and are – photographed at once.

There was one time when a lady dropped her gear in front of the camera.

For operator John it’s a rewarding job. He and the team he works with are a key part of the safety effort on Canberra’s roads. Their mere presence makes people slow down. It means that if he comes back after a shift with a “goose-egg” as the operators call a shift with no fines recorded, then John can count that as just as much of a success as if he had caught scores of people flouting the ACT’s road rules. His unit has caught some people driving up to and over 200kph. “Absolutely, it’s good to catch them,” he says. “It happens especially around places like the Monaro Highway and we catch a lot of people around the ski season.” Much like their much maligned, fine-producing cousins on foot – parking inspectors (who

have recently asked for capsicum spray to become part of the belt armour to keep the angry public at bay) – safety is a key issue. The vans have special glass to protect the operators, who have often had instances of projectiles being hurled at them. “Then there are the people who come up to the van and tell the operators that they are doing a good job, which is nice,” says team leader Gordon Stone. Taking photographs all day must produce some comical results as well though? “There was one time when a lady, walking her kids to school, walked up and dropped her gear in front of the camera and started yelling ‘take a photo of this!’ No photographs were actually taken, luckily,” laughs John. The crew also recalls the photograph of a gentleman, a classic cringe across his face, who was being berated by his wife for speeding. “We most often see the look of horror on peoples’ faces in the photographs as they go past – the look that says they know they’ve been done,” says team manager Peter. “I have become very proficient at picking what swear words people are saying from just one photo!” laughs John. Anyone facing a fine can ask to see the image either by having it posted to them or viewing it on screen at the ACT Motor Registry office in Dickson, where the team is based.

Fast facts about ACT mobile speed cameras Number of vans: Five Camera range: Up to a kilometre Revenue raised 08/09: $1,499,210. Accuracy: The legislated degree of accuracy of the cameras speed measuring device is within two kilometres. Where: Not positioned to detect vehicle speeds within 200 metres of a change in speed zone. Not operating in the same direction on the same road within a distance of one kilometre of each other. Operates in 120 locations in the ACT. A complete list of camera sites can be found via How: Can shoot forward and back as well as across lanes in a matter of seconds. Why: In 2007 there were a total of 8175 “on road” crashes, made up of 7660 property damage crashes, 501 injury and 14 fatal crashes. Estimated that the economic cost of these crashes was $180 million.

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CityNews August 6-12


Why are we letting our kids grow up too quickly?

I FOUND the recent Kyle and Jackie O controversy quite disturbing. These two radio “personalities” allowed a 14-year-old girl to be hooked up to a lie detector and questioned about her sex life. The presenters got caught in controversy when the poor girl revealed that she had been raped when she was 12. Her mother had known this and still agreed to put her through this ordeal on live radio. A lot has been said about the girl’s mum allowing this to happen and about the way the two presenters handled the interview, though interrogation would be a better description. Almost as bad as the original incident were the perpetrators’ shameless attempts at selfjustification followed by transparently insincere apologies. The whole episode was an appalling

The Kyle and Jackie O radio show is in indefinite “recess” after last week's lie detector stunt, with host Kyle Sandilands subsequently dumped as a judge on ‘Australian Idol’. Our usually forgiving Mum in the City columnist, Sonya Fladun, has little sympathy. example of how the drive for notoriety and ratings seems to lead the elements of the media to plumb every greater depths. It’s easy to be outraged about this. But I think there are some broader issues here including the use of children, tweens (8-to-13-year-olds) and teenagers by the media. But this may just be a manifestation of a deeper problem of how we, as a society, are increasingly allowing our children to grow up way too soon.

I don’t have teenagers yet, but when I think that my exuberant six-year-old boy with his Kamikaze tendencies will be legally able to start driving a car in 10 years or my three-year-old gregarious and affectionate daughter will be out and about town one day without me, I’m so going to get an ulcer. Doesn’t it seem a bit ridiculous that we let 16-year-olds drive cars, but consider them too immature to vote until they’re 18? I’d like to see

the legal driving age raised to 18 and I don’t agree with the idea of lowering the voting age to 16 as is being canvassed by the Federal Government (presumably because research shows it will benefit the incumbent). I think we are allowing our children to grow up way too quickly and that this is being propelled by the interests of the media, of advertisers and of social policy, driven more by libertarian ideology, which is not necessarily being made with our children’s best interest in mind. That someone somewhere thought it was okay to put a 14-year-old girl on live radio and interrogate her about her sexual history is but the latest manifestation of this trend. Maybe it’s time we shifted the balance back to being much, much more protective of our children.

Stephen flies high on enthusiasm AS “CityNews” takes a tour through the building site that is currently Canberra Airport, it’s easy to see why the men and women working on the substantial building project are happy and enthusiastic – it comes from the top. “The thing to remember here is that this is not just about building a new terminal – essentially, it’s about building a whole new airport,” enthuses managing director of Canberra Airport Corporation Stephen Byron. “We are building new roads with a new entrance to the airport; apron parking for jet aircraft; two multilevel car parks that will have 1200 cars in each of them – with one open by Christmas; and then we are building the terminal in two stages.” All the substantial construction around the airport, started years ago with the Brindabella Business Park, is coming to an exciting head says Byron, which will come as a relief to the long-suffering motorists caught in the area’s chronic traffic delays. Defending the airport’s road problems Byron says: “We’ve finished our bit – and our bit is fantastic!” says Byron. “The ACT Government are finishing their part and that should be done by September.” Byron is a third generation member of the Snow family which owns and operates the area in and around the airport – Brindabella Business Park, Brand Depot and, of course, the airport.


The Government has just announced a review of the taxi industry, which is going to please the embattled chief executive of Canberra Airport. But there’s lots going on that Stephen Byron can be pleased about, as JORIAN GARDNER discovered.

After primary and secondary schooling at Canberra Boys Grammar, he graduated from the ANU with law and commerce degrees. He worked with Mallesons Stephen Jacques in Sydney then, together with his father Terry Snow, formed the Capital Airport Group. In May 1998, he was responsible for co-ordinating the bid for the purchase of the Canberra Airport. Since then, it’s been up, up and away for the rapid expansion of the airport and its surrounding land, showing why his father Terry was recently named on the “Business Review Weekly’s” rich list at $600million. He and his group have also copped it from the public and media for the ongoing delays in getting taxis at peak periods at the airport. It’s not his fault, says Byron.

Stephen Byron… “I don’t think that anyone should wait more than five minutes for a taxi at the airport… but if there is a line of people and no taxis, what do you reckon is the answer? We need more taxis in the ACT.”  Photo by Silas. “I see the taxi lines most days and if you have, say, 30 people waiting, and a cab only coming every one or two minutes, it’s easy to work out that it could take around half an hour or more to get everyone through,” he says. “I don’t think that anyone should wait more than five minutes for a taxi at the airport… but if there is a line of people and no taxis, what do you reckon is the answer? We need more taxis in the ACT.”


He makes a good point. Wellington, NZ, which has a population of 458,000, has around 2000 cabs on the road. Canberra, at about 360,000 people, including the Quenabeyan region, has 333 cabs on the road – including 90 recently issued plates. “John Hargreaves is really the only minister that has done anything about this (by releasing more taxi plates) and he is to be commended for it, but we still need more taxi plates in an

orderly and incremental fashion,” says Byron. The airport is carrying three million passengers a year and heading towards going international, and is the crucial centerpiece of success for the ACT’s tourism and business sector. “Cheaper airfares means more people are flying and holidays are more accessible than ever,” he says. “Five years ago we basically just serviced Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide; now we service Perth, Hobart, Gold Coast, Townsville, Newcastle, and Albury as well; so this is about building the airport for the next 25 to 30 years, something that truly befits the national capital. “Airlines and financial institutions are fairy short term in their thinking and we’re not,” says Byron reflecting on the hard work of planning the airport for use over several decades. “No one would say that the last 18 months haven’t been anything but difficult and challenging, but we are now at the point where we are over those hurdles and we are getting on with building this infrastructure – and that’s a good thing for Canberra because it’s delivering jobs. There are 1350 people working on this construction project that get paid wages every week to build the infrastructure that this town needs – and remember, this is not a government stimulus package.”


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Wholistic Financial Solutions

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Flexible super fund that’s all yours “The rate of growth in self-managed superannuation fund registrations suggests that running your own fund is no fad,” says Catherine Smith, a director of Wholistic Financial Solutions in Dickson. “A self-managed superannuation fund offers a greater degree of exibility in the establishment and implementation of an investment strategy specically tailored to members’ objectives. Industry and retail funds are often very limited in the services they offer. A SMFS offers you exibility and control.” It is the ability to implement technical nancial planning strategies such as pension planning that can provide the greatest benets to SMSF members, says Catherine. Solutions are available from a self-managed super fund that cannot be obtained from master trusts, industry funds or dened benets superannuation schemes. “This is further highlighted now that new minimum superannuation pension standards are in effect,” says Catherine. “Trustees of SMSF’s can design pensions to match their circumstances provided they comply with the minimum standards.” The trustees of a self-managed super fund are more familiar with the needs and circumstances of potential beneciaries in the event of the death of a member. Therefore, they can ensure that benets are appropriately distributed in the event of death. A further advantage of a self-managed super fund is that in some circumstances,

associated with most SMSFs. As the fund’s balance increases, its costs will not increase in proportion to this increased asset base and, as Catherine says, you are not thereby “penalised” for your investment performance and additional contributions. SMSFs have a cost advantage and the requirements placed upon trustees of self-managed funds are not as onerous as those of public offer funds. Understand what “The key to operating a self-managed super fund is to understand what you want you want from your from your superannuation investments,” says superannuation Catherine. investments. “Once the objectives are established you can formulate a strategy for a fund to meet those objectives in a cost-effective manner “Traditionally, any person or family group and generally achieve all the advantages with over $300,000 can save costs by using a claimed by master trust arrangements at a SMSF. This is true even where the members lower cost, and have the benet of additional would prefer to have their assets invested in exibility in investment purchases, estate managed funds. However, we have dramatically reduced the threshold that makes a SMSF planning and benet payments.” viable by reducing our fees to $2500 or a maximum of one per cent of the fund balance, whichever is the lesser. This way, a client can For more information contact Catherine deposit $50,000 and only be charged $500 for Smith, Wholisitic Financial Solutions, on the administration for the year.” 6162 1836 or by emailing catherine@ The signicant cost savings are partly wholistic attributable to the xed administration costs returns on fund investments could be transferred to reserves. This enables trustees to build a pool of assets that can be used for a variety of purposes, some of which can achieve benecial estate planning outcomes. “Another major advantage of an SMSF is that you are now able to borrow to buy property in your SMSF,” Catherine says.

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Jane McGrath’s dream lives on By Megan Haggan COUNSELLING women with advanced and metastatic breast cancer isn’t a job for the faint-hearted, but it’s immensely important, says Kerryn Ernst, who has just been appointed McGrath Breast Care Nurse, located at the Capital Region Cancer Service. Canberra is one of the first of 44 Australian communities to have access to a dedicated McGrath Breast Care Nurse. “Breast cancer’s very difficult for a lot of women because it can really affect someone’s body image and sexuality, but because there’s been so much publicity about it, people in the general community are more able to empathise with women with breast cancer,” says Kerryn. “Groups like the McGrath Foundation have been really proactive in getting the message out there about breast examinations and also about living with breast cancer.” Busy Kerryn is not only completing her masters in nurse practitioner, she’s expecting her first child later this year. An Adelaide native but a Canberran since the age of 12, Kerryn did a couple of stints in oncology at Sydney’s Royal North Shore hospital and in a hospital in Dublin, Ireland, before returning to the ACT in 2003.

“The funding is for me to see women with advanced or metastatic breast cancer – there’s three breast cancer nurses in Canberra who see women in the early stages, at the diagnosis and surgery stage,” she says. “It can be quite confronting to be told you have advanced or secondary cancer, and what it all means. “For a lot of people this means it’s not curable and it’s something they just have to live with, and so we try to make people as comfortable as possible. Sometimes it’s just about pain control. “I’m here to help co-ordinate their care and provide a point of contact for them, for example if they can’t get through to their doctor and have questions. They can ring me and I can sort things out for them. “A lot of the time, my job means explaining treatment options to families. With advanced breast cancer people are given a lot of information and sometimes you need a bit of time for people to go over that information.” Kerryn says that even after 10 years of working with cancer patients, most of that in palliative care, her job can be hard on her emotionally. But as one of several cancer co-ordinators based at Canberra Hospital, she has a good support

briefly Big break for borrowers ACT library users are now able to borrow an unlimited number of books, CDs and DVDs for up four weeks and renew items – not requested by another user – up to three times. Previously, up to 30 items could be borrowed for three weeks and renewed only once. Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said the new rules were aimed at encouraging library users to borrow more items more often.

Gavel-voiced winners L J HOOKER Tuggeranong auctioneer Deb Lorkin, has just been awarded L J Hooker’s top auctioneer in the ACT for 2009 and Dan Cooper, of L J Hooker Tuggeranong, has been named Auction Idol winner for this year. The gavel-voiced duo will compete in the finals at the Gold Coast at the end of August.

Let there be lights Kerryn Ernst… “Jane’s dream was to have a breast cancer nurse available for every patient diagnosed.”  Photo by Silas. network of her own. “There are a lot of very sad stories, particularly when the patient’s younger, or has young children. It’s hard – but every patient has a family. They’re all busy women like the rest of us. “We’re offered debriefing and counselling of our own, and the other cancer co-ordinators are a really good group of people. We share a lot and really look after each other.” Breast cancer has touched her

own family – Kerryn’s aunt passed away in 2003, at the age of 50, from the disease. Kerryn stressed the importance of monthly self-checks – “if you find anything suspicious, don’t wait, go and see your doctor” – and praised the work the McGrath Foundation is doing in funding support for women diagnosed with breast cancer. “Jane’s dream was to have a breast cancer nurse available for every patient diagnosed.”

Work worth $650,000 has begun on installing traffic lights at the intersection of Mawson Drive and Yamba Drive. Jointly funded by the Federal Government and the ACT Government, the project is part of the Federal Government’s Nation Building Black Spot Roads program. ACT director Tony Gill said that during the works right-turn movement into Yamba Drive off Mawson Drive (eastbound) will be closed from 7 am to 5 pm daily until Tuesday, August 15.

Chief hails taxi review THE Government wants to improve taxi service levels and regulation in the ACT and has established a formal review. Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said: “Canberrans and visitors to our city deserve to have reasonable access to taxi services that meet their needs." The review is expected to be completed in early 2010.

CityNews August 6-12  


Don’t let the bedbugs bite! Bedbugs are no laughing matter. MEGAN HAGGAN discovers that frequent travellers are bringing them home to Canberra and, when they bite, it isn’t a cheap experience. THE bedbugs are biting, and Canberrans are prime targets. Since their recent resurgence in Australia, bedbugs have been associated with places popular with backpackers, such as Sydney; and with use of second-hand furniture, especially mattresses, says Rob Short, from Amalgamated Pest Control Canberra. But because affluent Canberrans are such frequent travellers, we’re actually among the most likely to suffer an infestation. “Bedbugs are becoming a problem everywhere now, but especially in Canberra, because we’re so transient,” he says. “We’ve politicians and their support staff, people coming here on business and staying in motels and hotels, and people who travel to Sydney or Melbourne for business. With cheap air fares, the rest of us are travelling more. “All it takes is a couple of juveniles to crawl into our clothing or luggage while we’re away. When

Toll of transport woe

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By Tanya Davies

we get home, we put our luggage in the cupboard, and out they crawl.” Bedbugs don’t live on us, but they come out at night to drink our blood, leaving large, red welts or spots that can be extremely itchy. It’s difficult to pinpoint the source of an infestation for two reasons, Rob says. Firstly, bedbugs can lie dormant without a blood meal for eight to nine months, then suddenly spring into action. Secondly, “they have several different life cycles, and for the first couple, they’re almost impossible Bedbugs… “Becoming a problem everywhere to see with the naked eye – it’s not until they’re now, but especially in Canberra.” grown and begin to moult that you can actually see them,” he says. ing away a couple of perfectly good mattresses! “And by then, you’ve got a full-blown infesta“Look for little, black blood spots where they’ve tion.” excreted blood. There’s also a smell associated with The little pests are notoriously difficult to eradi- that which is hard to miss: a sour, yucky smell,” he cate, Rob says – in many cases, the cure involves says. discarding curtains, mattresses, linen and even We can also keep luggage off the floor and closed carpets. to prevent bedbugs crawling inside; and metal lug“It can get pretty expensive when you’re throw- gage stands tend to be safer than carpeted ones.

The Green Building Blitz II

CANBERRA has a poor track record on overall emission levels, according to the ACT State of the Environment Report. In fact, the growth of our emissions is significantly higher than the national average with 23 per cent of them produced by the transport sector. Part of the problem is the spread of transport responsibilities over several government departments, driving up costs, time and risk for corporate developers and investors in transport because the private sector is forced to negotiate every project with several agencies, which often have conflicting requirements. The ACT Government’s newly announced Integrated Transport Framework espouses four objectives: economic, to promote growth, efficiency and effectiveness; practical, to meet the needs of the community; environmental, to minimise greenhouse gas emissions: and integrated, especially with land use planning. But the Property Council’s just-launched public discussion paper, titled “A sustainable transport plan for Canberra”, suggests that there should also be a social objective, to maximise community wellbeing, and a

Trust frets for thirsty gardens

strategic one, to facilitate new or significant market opportunities. The council believes that the ACT’s unique design, changing community needs and special role as Australia’s capital city make it necessary for any transport system to be custom designed. And it believes it will only reach its full potential for effectiveness if it incorporates a whole-of-government approach and implementation. We face a high per capita cost for public transport, because of our sparse population and relatively low density. A conclusion in the paper is that population density could increase in key, identified locations such as Kingston, Civic, Belconnen and Woden. Another conclusion is that parking availability and pricing must also be adjusted – pricing should be equitable and not, as it is at present, relatively disadvantageous for those who do take the bus. The ACT Government should make immediate representations to the Federal Government to introduce paid parking in the parliamentary zone, especially Russell and Barton/Parkes. Catherine Carter is the executive director of the Property Council of Australia (ACT).

THE Australian National Botanic Gardens’ shortage of water has reached such a point that the gardens are now considered endangered by the National Trust. Mr Eric Martin, President of ACT National Trust says: “The plant material is suffering through lack of water.” Members and non-members of the trust, who voted on areas of local concern, are also worried that lack of financial support for research at the gardens will be detrimental to the environment. Mr Martin says: “Lack of financial support could have a flow-on effect for plant life and biology throughout Australia.” Fortunately, the National Capital Authority recently decided to allocate 170 megalitres of water from Lake Burley Griffin to the gardens. “This allocation will help fight the drought and climate change,” a Botanic Gardens spokeswoman said. “In addition, the Australian Government is investing $1.5 million to construct new water infrastructure to develop an alternative non-potable water supply for the gardens, freeing up valuable drinking water for the people of Canberra." The 2002-2008 Management Plan at the Botanic Gardens put in place a number of water-saving measures. A state-of-the-art irrigation system was installed and 85 per cent of irrigation takes place at night. A new management plan, currently in progress, will reduce water use further. The gardens’ pioneering research now includes establishing an alpine seed bank over the next three years. The first-ofits-kind project, launched in June, is in collaboration with ANU, the University of Queensland, and the Friends of the Gardens and will ensure long-term understanding and conservation of Australia’s alpine species. Meanwhile, the National Trust has also highlighted what it calls inappropriate development on Lake Burley Griffin and foreshore, and the heritage-listed Yarralumla brickworks that were nominated in 2007 and 2008 due to deterioration and neglect by “successive government bodies”.



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When ‘no’ plus ‘maybe’ = ‘yes’ DENYING ambition is one of the most difficult things in politics. When Education Minister Andrew Barr says “yes” to questions of leadership aspirations, we believe him. When he says “no”, we know he means “yes”. And if he says “maybe” – we really know he means “yes”. His attempt to clarify by saying that should a leadership spill occur he will only put his hand up for Deputy Chief Minister in support of Katy Gallagher’s claim is almost as unconvincing. Whatever the comment, what is clear is that the storm clouds are gathering over Chief Minister Jon Stanhope along with his desire and hope to hand the leadership mantle to Deputy Chief Minister Katy Gallagher. The right faction is ready for a change of leader and it has the numbers in caucus with the most likely candidate being Barr. However, while the tensions remain so does Mr Stanhope. He was originally the ACT Labor’s Jim Hacker solution – appointed in the same way as the non-aligned “Yes, Prime Minister” character –filling the void when the factions could not reach agreement. Up until the last election, Stanhope was under no threat as the elected factions in caucus were divided and neither the right nor the left would accept a Chief Minister from the opposite faction. The newly appointed Secretary of ACT Labor, former Deputy Chief Minister Ted Quinlan, recently emphasised that the Labor Party is a democratic institution and in doing so highlighted the changes within the party that bode poorly for Mr Stanhope as Chief Minister. It is telling that, once again, Mr Quinlan (from the right faction) has been brought in to help solve their problems. Fifteen years ago, he was used to turn round an ailing Labor Club. As


By Michael Moore

Andrew Barr... yes, no, maybe. Deputy Chief Minister he wrestled with ACT finances with a cabinet that was much keener to spend money rather than manage it. Now, with the ACT Labor Party in disarray, he has been brought in again. When asked about “factional warfare”, rather than deny the conflict, he defended the role of the factions within the party as a “healthy thing” and argued that a vibrant democracy was enhanced by differences of opinions. “We really should teach in schools the theory of democracy and the practice,” he told ABC Radio’s Ross Solly, adding that “unless you have people who are involved, people who have got firmly held views and enough passion to follow them through, you haven’t got a vibrant democracy at all”. Of course, Mr Quinlan denies that he has been appointed to solve anything. He argues that the


organisation is a democratic one and the issues will be sorted out according to the constitution and the rules of the party. “We will work through it, get a resolution and move on,” he said. Sounds like a fix-it man to me! At the moment, the tensions are high right across the Labor Party in the ACT; high enough for Mr Barr to seek calm by issuing a denial statement. The sale of the Labor Club, the affiliation with the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) and control of voting are the sorts of issues that are fanning the factional fires. While accepting the CPSU as an affiliate, the party has also ensured appropriate protection of unions such as the Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union (CFMEU) – the union largely responsible for maintaining the numbers for Kate Lundy’s position in the Senate. Mr Quinlan has now threatened to sack the Labor Club Board. The Federal Labor Party has also bought in by threatening to intervene over the sale of the Canberra Labor Club to the Tradies Clubs for $25million. Mr Stanhope did not see this possible federal intervention as surprising, citing the fact that the clubs represented nearly 50 per cent of the national party's asset base. It is decades since there was this much tension within the ACT Labor Party. The Quinlan appointment, like the Barr denial, provides temporary respite. However, they do reflect the shifting sands of power within the Labor Party. For Labor voters and for the community at large, the most obvious impact of these factional machinations, manipulation and gerrymandering within the party will be whether or not Mr Stanhope can maintain his position as Chief Minister. Michael Moore is a former independent member of the ACT Legislative Assembly and minister for health.



Generous Snows up the charity grants THE Snow Foundation is funding nine new charity programs in this year’s annual community grants to 24 organisations and four individuals. The grants, totalling $534,000, are the largest annual contribution the foundation has made. CEO Georgina Byron said: “Given the economic climate, it was critical that we continued to support all 15 of our existing programs. “We are thrilled to support programs that have the potential to change people’s lives long term. For instance, the ACT Social Enterprise Hub aims to boost employment for people who are marginalised from society, while the Newpin (New Parent and Infant Network) program works intensively over two years with vulnerable families with young children to break the cycle of destructive family behaviour and enhance child well being. While both these programs are new to Canberra, they have proven success elsewhere.”

Spring fashion blooms WIN Television’s Jessica Good will MC the Spastic Centre’s fundraising spring fashion parade, high tea and auction at the National Press Club, 2pm-5pm, on Saturday, August 29. Fashions will be by Nunie and shoes and accessories by la Cobbler. Tickets are $50 and payable by cheque to The Spastic Centre, PO Box 233 Kippax 2615. Queries to Chris Le Ruez on 6258 3200 or at

A doctor in the House CHRIS Peters, chief executive of the ACT & Region Chamber of Commerce & Industry, has been bestowed with an honorary doctorate of the University of Canberra at the graduation ceremony in the Great Hall, Parliament House.



HAVE YOUR SAY ON THE FUTURE OF PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN THE ACT The ACT Government is developing the Sustainable Transport Action Plan 2010-2016 to help us meet our sustainable transport targets. A key part of this Action Plan will be the ACT Public Transport Strategy. The Government has released a discussion paper, ACT Strategic Public Transport Network Plan, which proposes what public transport in the ACT could look like in 2031. We need your input into how we can improve public transport to create a more sustainable and integrated transport system for all Canberrans. Your comments will feed into the Government’s final Public Transport Strategy. To read the ACT Strategic Public Transport Network Plan or to find out how you can get involved visit or call Canberra Connect on 13 22 81.

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Oh Danny boy, the goals, the goals are calling… Changing football codes is far from the end of the world, as North Coffs Harbour reserves’ former captain MARK PARTON tells us – boots and all. KARMICHAEL Hunt’s defection to AFL is seen by many in the southern game as trailblazing. Could it be the start of a revolution? It’s not the first time that a rugby league player has been lured to AFL. I played AFL, badly, in far-flung places and, for a couple of years in the ‘90s, I was captain of the North Coffs Harbour reserves team. Playing AFL in NRL and ARU heartland sometimes wasn’t easy. On many occasions we struggled to get 18 players on the park for a reserves game. Then we hatched a plan that Andrew Demetriou would be proud of. Both the league and union competitions in the district had uneven numbers resulting in a bye for one or other club each weekend. Come Friday night, if we had only 16 fit men for the weekend’s game, we’d go and drink at the venue supported by whichever league or union team had the bye. When everyone had had a few sherbets, we’d convince a couple of their players to come and have a go at our game the next day. Hungover, but full of excitement and expectation, they’d turn up and play unregistered. The genuine athletes among them discovered a new freedom;

they found it much easier to take on a single direct opponent than an entire defensive line. While their kicking skills left a lot to be desired, their tackling ferocity was welcomed. As the season went on, we made a number of genuine conversions. The most notable was a wiry, indigenous lad called Daniel. He was 21, but looked about 16 and as skinny as a greyhound. After playing his first game for us under a false name, he couldn’t wipe the smile. He’d discovered that in AFL he was quick enough and elusive enough to virtually never get tackled and he had a licence to do magical, eye-catching things that fully utilised his speed and instinct. Daniel never played another game of league. He turned up to training the following Monday night with two of his mates and within a fortnight found himself in the first-grade team as a forward pocket. Whether the NRL purists like or not, AFL provides genuine athletes with a much better stage to showcase their natural abilities. For Karmichael Hunt, this isn’t just about the money. It’s about having fun as well.

Minister John Hargreaves stirred up our letter writers when he stepped into the “CityNews” ring a couple of weeks ago and started swinging at the Greens’ Amanda Bresnan, his leader and, of course, the Libs…

Russ lives!

RUSS Hinze is not dead – he lives on in our very own Minister for Corrections, Disability and Ageing (how appropriate!) John Hargreaves (CN, July 23). And what a breath of fresh something or other he is! The “Liberals address greed”, he says. How witty! Right wingers are for individual freedom over the power of the State – but we all know that individuals, left to themselves, are greedy, envious, gluttonous, angry, lustful, lazy and proud, at best; and much worse when they join the Liberals. As Comrade Kevin has shown so brilliantly in an essay in the “Monthly Quarterly”, only the State and bureaucrats can save us from cannibalising ourselves. That is because only the Labor Party has a social conscience, which is kept, pickled, in a jar on Hargreaves desk.   John Cleland, Latham

Same old arrogance YOUR article “John says Amanda’s a Goner” (CN, July 23) says as much about the arrogance of the man as of the ACT minority Labor Government. Brindabella residents must be pleased to know Hargreaves regards

them as “rightfully belonging to Labor” (read taken for granted). Hargreaves is right to call the four Greens “fairies at the bottom of the garden”, but he was obviously happy to form a minority government with them at the time, to avoid conceding that the ACT electorate voted for change. After using the Greens to force through a dubious ACT Budget avoiding proper scrutiny by the Legislative Assembly, he now tips the bucket on them.

Letters are invited from “CityNews” readers. Let loose to or write to the editor at GPO Box 2448, Canberra 2601. Letters of 200 words or less stand a better chance of publication. Further, Hargreaves has no right to claim ACT Labor as being all about social conscience and addressing the community needs, with their record of waste, fiscal mismanagement and reckless spending. John Hargreaves comments could be summed up as: “Thanks for the Green vote, now here’s more of the same old arrogance from us”. 

David Cumbers, Australian Motorist Party.

Fighting words JOHN [Hargreaves] says: “The Greens will never be in government as long as democracy rules in this country.” Them’s fighting words, John.

Alex Satrapa, via email

What about Barton? THE Canberra community and the Chief Minister held the late Mr Trevor Kaine in high regard and I find it most fitting that Mr Stanhope has requested the ACT Place Names Committee to name a south side park after Mr Kaine, possibly in Bonython. As statesman-like as this gesture is, I am confounded by the planning authorities’ procrastination on approving a reserve and 25-30 metre statue of the father of Federation, and this country’s first Prime Minister, Sir Edmund Barton, at Blocks 12 & 13, Section 9 Barton. It should be there for the world to see including tourists being ferried to the Kingston waterfront at Floriade time. Surely, official consent for such a reserve and memorial is about 80 years too late. The Americans put us to shame when it comes to honouring their political greats, e.g. the Washington Monument, approximately 150 metres high, and 23 other major monuments revering their first president.

Colliss Parrett, Barton

WARNING: INSULATION DOES NOT WORK!!! ...when it is not installed correctly! Make sure you don’t waste your rebate...

Batts over old insulation don’t work! In most cases, batts installed over old insulation don’t perform as well as you would expect them to. Batts laid over existing covers of insulation frequently result in gap-filled covers of insulation that, quite frankly, don’t work. Testing on the effects of gaps in insulation showed that a 5% gap in your insulation leads to a 50% reduction in its performance. Quite often, to be able to guarantee a quality, gap free, installation of fiberglass batts, a home’s existing insulation cover needs to be removed with a specialized vacuum prior to the new insulation being installed. Vac to the Future are a locally owned company who specialize in removing old insulation and quality retrofits of new insulation.

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1. We focus on QUALITY not quantity. 2. We do NOT use subcontractors… ever. 3. We are Canberra’s ONLY insulation company solely dedicated to retrofitting existing homes. 4. We can insulate EXISTING WALLS. 5. Not only do we install fiberglass batts, we also install a natural product made from recycled materials that has better thermal performance and pest inhibiting properties than batts.

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Phone 1300 551 567 and Let’s make tomorrow comfortable today. Vacuum Removal of Old Insulation - - Quality Retrofits of New Insulation 12  CityNews August 6-12


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At Cosmorex Coffee new premises opening, Fyshwick At ‘Muse’ fashion parade, Southern Cross Club

Adam, Attilio, Anne and Jess Sciannimanica

John and Roslyn Doyle

Megan Traynor, Andrew Mackay and Adriana Shepherd

Sam, Natasha, Ilia and Tasso Mangos

Dana Tosolini, Paul Pappas and Jan Pollock

Adele and Daniel de la Fuente

Carlo Tosolini, Brian Pollock and Dr Chris Peters

Lina Barresi, Ida Brozinic and Tonina Parisi

Briana Ganesharajah, Eloise Aitken, Lula Dembele, Larissa Parrello and Ellen Walker

Jess Martin, Tara Boulding and Lauren Hollands

Josie Xu and Bella Nguyen

Elizabeth and Annalise Fredericks with Margaret Williams and Claire Vivian

Monica and Robert Kennedy

Mayia Famelis, Sophia Millwood and Elizabeth Kalogris



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the multi award-winning Hyundai i30

Let the experts teach your kids how to drive Every lesson with NRMA Safer Driving School is a chance to 1 WIN a Hyundai i30 with Protectz Pack worth $24,910. *^ Plus, students will be in the running to

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Terms and Conditions : 1. Every lesson that is booked, fully paid and completed between 1st May 2009 and 31 August 2009, automatically receives one entry for each lesson into the draw for the major prize of a Hyundai i30 SX hatch with Protectz Pack, automatic transmission, 1.6L CRDi valued at $ 24,910.00 (excluding on-road costs). 2. Every lesson that is booked, fully paid and completed between 1st May 2009 and 31 August 2009 receives one entry into the monthly prize draw for chance to win 1 of 4 $100.00 fuel vouchers each month. 3. Australia’s Best Mid Size Car under $28,000 2008 awarded by Australia’s Best Cars to i30 SX. 4. Most Economical Small Car to Own and Run 2008 awarded by NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RACW, RACT and RAA to i30 CRDi. 5. Best Small Car 2008 awarded by Ecocar to i30 CRDi. 6. Car of the Year 2007 awarded by CarsGuide to i30 CRDi. 7. Green Car of the Year 2007 awarded by CarsGuide to i30 CRDi. Full Terms and Conditions available at NSW Permit LTPS/09/03088 ACT Permit TP 09/01331 * Excluding on-road costs ^ Draw for the winner of the car will take place on 14th September 2009 and the 4 winners of the $100 Fuel Cards each month will be drawn on the second Monday of each month.

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Invite us at

At the Connexxion launch, Portrait Gallery

At the breast & prostate cancer fundraiser, Southern Cross Club

Bhavani Balakishnan, Melvin Arulanthu and Marelle Casey

Peter Castle and Tommy Raudonikis

Sarah Crewdson and Nicole Laws

Peter Ring, Graeme Harrison-Brown, Murray Rankin and John Sekoranja

Kristen Sydney, Anne O'Conner, Helen Bennett and Dee Biggins

Caroline Falconer, Dominic Dolan and Felicity Brazil

Rod Nicholas, Donna Alexander and Garry Reynolds

Megan Weckert, Dave Clarke and Kathy Wearn

Renee Houssenloge, Debora Kanak and Sindy Castle

Peter McAlister and Sarah Robinson

Katherine Nightingale with David and Lauren Adams

Luke Barrow, Tracey Baddock and Bill Gregory

Paul Walshe and Garry Sykes

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Nolan’s agonised labour of loss JUST three weeks from his 21st birthday in 1945, Sidney Nolan’s younger brother Sapper Raymond Nolan died in a drowning accident. Nolan and his father were making plans to meet him after he was demobbed and it was, according to the head of art at the Australian War Memorial Lola Wilkins, “a totally silly accident… it was a human tragedy”. It was a tragedy that would spark an outpouring of artistic grief. Years later in 1978, Sidney Nolan was to donate a collection of 252 works of art to the Australian War Memorial in memory of his brother. Though Wilkins believes that because of their age difference of six years Nolan wouldn’t have known Raymond all that well, he was bitterly affected by this loss and the loss of all young Australian warriors. In the memorial’s new exhibition, “Sidney

“Young Soldier”.

In an outpouring of artistic grief, artist Sidney Nolan donated a collection of 252 works to the Australian War Memorial in memory of his brother. HELEN MUSA explains the passion behind the paintings. Nolan: the Gallipoli series”, a large diptych produced in 1963 forms the centrepiece. The left-hand panel shows a brother drowning with a father in the background trying to save him. It also shows writhing figures in the water reminiscent of Dante’s “Inferno”, another subject that Nolan was later to address. “Nolan’s work was produced quickly,” Wilkins says, “but this painting was a labour of love, or a labour of agony, with so many layers of paint scraped back and manipulated… on the edges of the diptych… you can even see Nolan’s hand print.” For Wilkins, it’s been a nightmare choosing just 81 works for the Memorial’s new show. She fears the public knows relatively little about the Gallipoli series, preferring to laud the archetypal Australian bush images of Ned Kelly, Burke and Wills and Mrs Eliza Fraser. And yet there was a huge body of works on the subject of Gallipoli. “It’s very much about Nolan creating themes,” Wilkins says, explaining that he had been born in 1917 and probably saw returned soldiers walking around with lost limbs. “He was a bit like a magpie – he just collected images,” Wilkins says. Nolan’s fascination with inferno-like figures also has an interesting connection to Gallipoli, so close to the ancient ruins of Troy. The artist conjured up parallels between the heroes of Troy and the heroes of Gallipoli, seen in his “Trojan War” series held by the Art Gallery of SA. But to Wilkins, the heads of the Gallipoli soldiers are really like the heads of explorers and men of the bush. “With Nolan, you get that overlapping,” Wilkins concludes. “Sidney Nolan: the Gallipoli series”, Australian War Memorial, until November 18.


“Gallipoli Landscape VIII”.

“Gallipoli Landscape”.


Choirs face formidable judges By Helen Musa THE Australian National Eisteddfod’s choirs division kicks off once again at Llewellyn Hall on August 14. This year the Eisteddfod organisers are hoping for a good turn out, especially at the championships on Saturday night August 15 and the open popular on the same afternoon. Two high-profile adjudicators, Anne Williams and George Torbay, will raise the temperature as will the injection of excitement in the form of “choralography,” where choristers perform choreographed movements while singing. The participants will be performing in front of two formidable judges. Williams is the director of the prizewinning Eltham East Primary School Choir and winner of a 2004 Churchill Fellowship that enabled her to travel to Canada, Slovenia and Finland to study choirs. Torbay was long-time chief conductor for 16  CityNews August 6-12

the NSW Department of Education & Training, conductor and adjudicator for the Pacific Basin Music Festival in Hawaii, then, last year, the director of music and judge on Channel 7’s “Battle of the Choirs.” He and Williams will co-adjudicate the Open and Championship sections. The competition starts on August 14 at 9.30am with primary school choirs – Grade 4 and under, followed by the Welsh section, then primary school choirs – Grade 6 and under. On Saturday morning August 15 are the open contemporary choral followed by open sacred choral. The pace builds on Saturday afternoon session with the spectacular “Australia – Britain Section,” followed by the Open Popular Section then, after a break, the 12 Years and Under Championship and the 19 Years and Under Championship. The battle concludes at 8.30pm on Saturday with the $5000 Australian Open Choir Championship.


Johnny without the depth

mom who genetically engineers a child to provide replacement parts for an older MICHAEL Mann’s cinematic nostalgia for the sibling suffering from leukemia, you might CINEMA last hurrah of America’s freelance criminal well feel mild revulsion and avoid a chalBy Dougal Macdonald notables, before the Mob re-shaped crime lenging film that examines meaty issues. into a corporate enterprise, falls short of Its progress toward denouement made the mark set by Hollywood crime actioners me feel angry in the best-possible way, in the couple of decades when the most yet comfortable about what we saw. The notorious bank-robbers, although “International Movie Database” says that deceased, remained in living memory! the film ends differently from the book. Laurence Tierney first brought the Novelists sustain narrative tension by nation’s inaugural Public Enemy No. 1, John resolutely refusing to have a key character ask the important question that we have Dillinger, to the screen in 1945. Johnny Depp’s portrayal here of Dillinger lacks the identified as essential to exposing the unalloyed viciousness of a man untroubled central issue to other characters. In this by killing while neatly reflecting the case, mom Sara (Cameron Diaz impressively persona of a man determined to enjoy life combining obsessive love with anguished for so long as he still had it, frequently obstinacy) has never asked elder daughter Johnny Depp as John Dilinger. running risks for the sake of the adrenalin Kate (Sofia Vassillieva) whether she wants rush and the pleasure of making fools of history’s facts. To his credit, the film’s hand- her beloved younger sister Anna (Abigail some appearance by and large accurately Breslin in a cracker of a performance) to his pursuers.  recreates the era’s clothes, streetscapes, continue to provide compatible spare body  As Agent Purvis, who pursued Dillinger to the end, supporting J Edgar Hoover planes, trains and automobiles. parts. At age 11, Anna learns that Sara’s (Billy Crudup) in persuading Congress Offering a murky little criminal as a hero, planning for her to give Kate a kidney. to bring crimes crossing State borders “Public Enemies” loses sight of where it Thinking that’s a bit excessive, Anna enunder federal jurisdiction, Christian Bale wants to lead us, a shortcoming that Arthur gages an attorney (Alec Baldwin) to seek a projects a dry, humourless, unimaginative Penn avoided in 1967 with “Bonnie and judgment medically emancipating her from automaton whose only perceptible virtue Clyde”. her parents. That’s a solid dramatic core was determination to bring Dillinger to for a story that explores issues respecting    book or burial. At all Canberra cinemas our intelligence while interacting with our Mann’s screenplay, populated on both emotions. Joan Cusack, as the judge, knits sides by men wearing suits, topcoats and the moral and jurisprudential threads into    Sister’s Keeper” (M)   “My snappy hats, makes distinguishing good a neat decision. All the supporting players guys from bad guys a chore that often IT seemed somehow apposite that my wife present their characters convincingly. influenced outcomes, especially during jail and I sat among mums and bubs to watch I liked it more than I anticipated and I’m writer/director Nick Cassavetes’s adaptaconfident you will. Jbreaks and shoot-outs.  Mann’s structuring of the narrative wan- tion of a strong novel by Jodi Picoult,    ders about, sometimes taking liberties with If I reported simply that it’s about a At all Canberra cinemas

“Public Enemies” (MA)   


CHOIRS DIVISION Llewellyn Hall, ANU Friday, August 14, 9.30am-3pm Primary Choirs Saturday, August 15, 10am-5pm Open Choirs incl. Open Popular 6pm-11pm All Championship Sections Tickets available from Ticketek or at the door Enquiries 0414 628 007

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Extraordinarily affecting WITH quiet passion, Graham Robertson as the 69year-old Krapp faces his life as he re-hears some of it on tape. Beckett’s character is variously full of self-loathing, passion and indifference, but it would be idle to speculate on Krapp’s world-view – it is all there for the seeing. Objects are important. Krapp searches for a banana, fingers it sensually, peels it, eats it and then, against the odds, manages to fall on the skin. That’s life. Much of the action is without words. Then Krapp reaches for Box 3 of his considerable collection of tape-recordings to listen to himself at age 39. This part of the play is all subtle reaction. Occasionally, he hears something that angers him, but more often, there is acceptance, as with his mother’s death. Will Krapp ever sing? He says not, but he does. Has the earth ever moved for him? Hard to


“Krapp’s Last Tape” By Samuel Beckett, directed by Geoffrey Borny at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre. The Beckett Season continues with “Happy Days” until August 8. Reviewed by Helen Musa believe, given the evident wastage of his life, but it has. Robertson faithfully follows Beckett’s almost musical score. Director Geoffrey Borny ensures that he focuses on detailed physical actions and not on a dramatic display of sentimentality or self-pity. Beckett finishes the play on a falling note, as Krapp plays, again and again, the recollection of his moment on a punt with a girl. A moment of real life glory, it is; in the hands of Robertson, extraordinarily affecting.

An exciting Leap of faith QUANTUM Leap is an extraordinary dance initiative that, each year, provides the opportunity for talented young dancers to work with some of the country’s best contemporary dance choreographers, composer and designers, under the artistic direction of Ruth Osborne. This year 30 girls and 14 boys were given the opportunity to participate in the creation of this latest showcase, “Select Option”. The first half of the program was entitled “Choose” and consisted of a series of seven dances each based on the idea of choice. Choreographed by Brian Lucas, Liz Lea and Ruth Osborne, this section was danced to an evocative soundscape composed by Nick Ng, and featured a virtual compendium of contemporary dance movement, imaginatively laced with a little Indian classical dance, all cleverly adapted to display the varying


“Select Option” Quantum Leap. Canberra Playhouse, season ended. Reviewed by Bill Stephens skills of the young dancers. After interval the stakes were raised considerably with “Transformed”, which shone the spotlight on five gifted young dancers, Paul Jackson, Chloe Chignell, James Batchelor, Brittney Vaughn, and Jack Riley, initially discovered centre stage on a bright red sofa. As each enunciated their desires and ambitions, their filmed images were projected on to a huge screen, following which each took turns in leading the entire company through a series of brilliantly conceived dance sequences involving an extraordinary array of dance styles which included hip-hop, acrobatics, calypso and even martial arts . CityNews August 6-12  17


Expect the unexpected

20% OFF

Le Rendezvous, in Manuka Court, is this year celebrating 45 years in business. But it still has the ability to surprise, as food critic WENDY JOHNSON discovers…

WHEN YOU SPEND $20 OR MORE * *minimum spend $20, maxium discount $20

Dickson - open 7 days | T:6249 6662 | F/T: 6249 6476 4/6 Cape Street

Indian and Bangladesi Restaurant

100% HALAL



$8.50 The Terrace Manuka Flinders Way, next to Subway ACT 2603 Ph/Fax: (02) 6295 2886

Charnwood Shopping Centre Charnwood Place, Charnwood ACT 2005 Ph/Fax: (02) 6259 5036

w w w . a l a d d i n i n d i a n . c o m . a u

HUNGRY ADERS RE advertise your cafe. 6262 9100

HE has run a pub, a bakery, a couple of motels and the award-winning Rocksalt at Hawker Shops. Now, after a sojourn in sunny Queensland, Brad Wolter and his wife Jeannine have joined the partners at Le Rendezvous, which this year is celebrating 45 years in business. Today, you can expect the unexpected at this pizzeria/trattoria. Sure, heart-warming Italian cuisine is still the go (even though the restaurant has a French name), but so, too, are innovative specials drawing new customers into Manuka Court. Ever had coconut prawns on warm banana bread with a bit of chilli and a splash of sweet syrup? Told you to expect the unexpected. If it’s available, give it a go. We were delighted, and surprised, by the combo of tastes. To fully explore the new talent oozing out of Le Rendezvous’ kitchen, we shared a range of other dishes from the specials board. We savoured the sensational potato gnocchi served with veal and porcini mushroom sauce ($18 entrée). For many, gnocchi is perfect comfort food, but it has to be “just so” and this was – not too fluffy, and not too dense. The lamb shanks, on top of provolone cheese polenta, was a huge serve and the meat effortlessly fell of the bone ($29). The crunchy sweet potato chips are addicting. After enquiring after the special gourmet pizzas (which complement the large number of classics on the main menu), we continued with our trail-blazing feast and ordered the green curry prawn pizza, topped with roasted cashews, bamboo

Pan fried Barramundi fillet with ratatouille, pesto and crispy prawns.  Photos by Silas. shoots and shaved shallots. Again, a great combo of tastes and texture, all on top of a fresh, thin pizza crust. Pizza chef Siamak Azarmvand no doubt also does a fine job with the mild pancetta, fresh tomato and bocconcini pizza and the duck with shitake mushroom, Spanish onion and spiced hoi sin sauce (inspired by the duck sausages Brad served at Rocksalt). This month a Mediterranean/vegetarian pizza makes its grand entrance. All small pizzas are $13, medium $20 and large $26. The wine list has expanded and Le Rendezvous is running a five-course degustation with matching wines. And save room for dessert – the apple and fig crumble was

to die for. If you prefer, and can dare it in winter, enjoy a scoop of award-winning gelato. Le Rendezvous’ partners (who include Mike and Sue Giugni, who bought the restaurant a few years back, and floor manager Matt Fallon) are friendly and as excited about their new customers as they are honoured by those who have dined at the restaurant since 1964. Le Rendezvous offers live music every Thursday night and is open weekdays for lunch and every night for dinner, but Sunday. Le Rendezvous, Manuka Court, Bougainville Street, Manuka. 6295 9763.

The secret’s out… 18  CityNews August 6-12


Wanted: Fun performers “FLYING Colours”, hosted by the Belconnen Community Centre, is a colourful night of fun, frivolity and performance art. The intention of the program is to showcase the young and talented performing artists of Canberra – whatever they do and however they do it! The program is looking for individuals and performance groups to get involved and flaunt their many talents on stage at the Belconnen Theatre for a series of shows in mid-October. Call 6264 0235.

Robert Ern-yuan Guth… “No matter how nice the people and wonderful the place, teaching with translators is really hard,” he says. Photo by Silas.

CANBERRA Dance Theatre is looking for enthusiastic dancers to join its term three class, which will be working towards a series of performances during Floriade. Working with percussionist Jim Sharrock and Kenyan dancer and choreographer

ARTS IN THE CITY By Jorian Gardner

Lailah Masiga, the group will devise a 10-minute performance. For more information email info@ or call 0435 025365. QUEANBEYAN Art Society’s new exhibition, “Anything Goes”, in the Queanbeyan Art Gallery, is a large display of imaginative talent from the area which includes a diverse range of media from framed works in mosaic and painted ceramic tiles to traditional styles of watercolour, oil, and acrylic.

Guth discovers his inner Mongolian By Anni Doyle Wawrzynczak SINCE returning recently from Mongolia, Canberra artist Robert Ern-yuan Guth has been spotted around town in full winter Mongolian dress. Robert’s a big guy. Dress him in a full length, sheep-lined coat, large belt, fur gloves, hat and boots and he looks, with his trademark facial-hair stylings, well… Mongolian. The reality of Guth’s family background is more interesting. “Being in my family is like being in any Austrian, Jewish/Catholic/Buddhist, Singaporean Chinese family. No big deal really,” he says. Robert, who is currently a PhD student in Photomedia at the ANU School of Art, was in Mongolia leading a series of workshops with local art students as part of the International Open Academy program. It was a challenging teaching experience. “No matter how nice the people and wonderful the place, teaching with translators is really hard,” he says. Guth says he felt at home in a country that might, on the surface, appear to have little in common with Australia. “Mongolia and Australia are both considered the ends of the world in German comic books,” he laughs. “They are both places characters get sent for making bad mistakes. It’s no wonder I had a nice time there.” Guth’s response may be tongue-in-cheek, but there’s no doubt that a serious thread pervades. “I was there as a post-colonial educator, teaching people who want to make art that participates in the international contemporary art industry. I’m really not sure it’s such a good idea,” he says.

Guth, whose life to date has been divided between Canberra and Galong in country NSW, started out in environmental portraiture photography, exhibiting at the prestigious Hassellblad in Sweden at age 22. He found the experience underwhelming and, these days, is more interested in food and hospitality centred art that interacts with, and enhances the life of, the community in which an artist lives. Lessons of hospitality and a down-to-earth approach to life, work and art practice were learnt amongst the extended family with whom he still lives. “The lessons learnt at my parents’ knees come out of post World War II experience tempered by Buddhist and Jewish views on impermanence; be happy in who you are and what you do because the very nature of life is suffering,” he says. “I grew up in a warm, hospitable house that taught me the relative importance of what is happening around me. And that people are generally good and just want to be respected.” While Guth doesn’t take art too seriously (“What we do as artists is not a matter of life and death – I am not going to cure cancer”), he is determined, both within and outside his art practice, to feed people. Guth didn’t hold back from exploring Mongolia’s culinary life. “I would like to think that I was a good ambassador for my country and that the people I met now think of Australia as a country full of people who are happy to pull out a pocket knife and join them in eating boiled sheep’s heads,” he says.

A taste of 6248 8338


Italian Restaurant

Traditional and Contemporary Italian Cuisine licensed and BYO bottled wine

Centre Cinema Building Garema Place, Canberra City

…discover North Quarter at

Bunda Street, Canberra City. Ph: 6247 5611

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Canberra’s best hairdressers

6257 9111

Upstairs Garema Centre, Bunda St, Canberra City

MON - WED - 9 to 5.30 THURS - 9 to 7.30 FRI - 9 to 5.30 SAT - 8 to 4

THE TEAM @ GIORGIO’S Proprietor - Patty Giorgio Manager - Kelsey Mohomad Co-ordinator - Caitlin Gillespie Apprentices - Michael DasKalakis & 2009 CIT Award winning student for Excellence in Applied Studies - Stella Voudouris Assistance - James Giorgio & Francis Zorzi



Prescription for hair THE Canberra climate is particularly unkind to hair, says Sarah Piscone, of Melaniem Hair in Manuka. “The weather’s always up and down, and these winter days dry the hair out, so it’s really important to keep up your hair maintenance,” says Sarah. “What we offer is like a prescription for hair: We recommend products for that maintenance after a cut or colour, for really healthy hair.” Also, like health professionals, Melaniem sends

reminder texts to clients to remind them to come in for a cut or colour – so it’s easy to avoid split ends and colour regrowth! “Our Style Angels take into account all facets of your style,” Sarah says. With long opening hours (there’s no set closing time on Saturdays) there’s also a new focus on hair extensions to create instant longer or thicker hair. For more information call 6295 8695.

Great hair, naturally OVER the last few years there’s been a growing interest in reducing the chemicals found in shampoos, conditioners and styling products, says Robert Chung, owner of the Ruby Hair Depot in Fyshwick. Ruby is a wholesaler that also offers shampoo, condition, treatment, styling products and appliances lsuch as GHD, Bio-Ionic, Babyliss and Parlux to consumers. “There’s a move towards less chemicals and less-irritating cleansers,” Robert says. “The Mastey range was the first to come out with a sulfate-free shampoo, and

since then there have been more brands, like Play, which is Australian-made, Abba and Top Care from Milan (of which the styling range is Sculture). “Sodium lauryl sulfate-free brands don’t contain this harsh surfactant or cleanser, so are less irritating and also don’t strip the natural oils from the hair and scalp.” Colour lasts longer, and the hair is less likely to suffer from problems such as dryness or excess oil as a result of not disturbing the natural oil balance. For more information call 6162 1645.

The mane event

WINTER hair’s all about adding a touch of warmth, from shades of honey and caramel to mahogany and auburn – but it’s also about keeping hair in tip-top condition despite that cold, dry air. “CityNews” spoke to some of Canberra’s best hairdressers to find out what’s in, what’s not and how to keep locks in luscious condition…

Up-to-the-minute hair ONGOING training and education is vital in modern hairdressing, says Tammy Garratt, owner of TG’s Hair Fyshwick and co-owner of TG’s Hair Canberra Centre and Jerrabomberra. It’s particularly important in areas where there have been big advances, such as blonding and hair extensions, she says. “Our industry’s forever changing – gone are the days when you basically had a choice between whiteblonde and yellow-blonde. “It’s depth that gives colour its shine and interest – with blonde, having caramel or latte pieces gives

much more depth and appeal than a solid colour. And the maintenance is less! “As for hair extensions, I think they’re so popular because we don’t want to wait for things any more – it’s a sign of the times. “Hair extensions have come a long way: They’re much better quality than ever before, made from real hair, and they look so natural that you’d never guess they’re extensions.” For more information visit or call 6162 4247 (Canberra Centre), 6280 6049 (Fyshwick) or 6299 6049 (Jerrabomberra).



EXTENSIONS Your favourite LK cream colour is now available again in Canberra.


02 6295 8695 Open Mondays by appoinment only. Wed, Thurs & Fri 9am till 9pm Saturday 8am till late 20  CityNews August 6-12

Low Ammonia, excellent grey coverage and low fadage. We also stock WELLA, L’OREAL tints and NO AMMONIA TINTS EASY and MASTEY TEINTURE. These professional products are only available for sale to qualified hairdressers.


Shop 1, 80-82 Newcastle St, Fyshwick, NSW 2609

P: 02 6162 1645 F: 02 6162 1658

Trading Hours: Mon 9am-6pm, Tues-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 8am-Noon

advertising feature Hair enhances beauty

Bend the rules

SHE’S been cutting, styling and colouring for more than 12 years and won numerous awards for everything from blow-drying to constructing up-dos – and she’s now opened her own salon. Jo Hall, of Jo Hall Hair in Canberra City, says she loves putting together the latest looks for her clients, and specialises in men’s fashion cuts as well as keeping ahead of trends in women’s hair. “A lot of the current trends are whatever goes, and there’s a lot of strong, sharp lines,” Jo told “CityNews”. “It’s the same for men: Whatever works for them. I love changing people’s looks and enhancing their inner and outer beauty.” For more information call 6257 9111.

THERE are no more rules when it comes to hair fashion – it’s all about asserting our individuality, says Patricia Giorgio, of Giorgio Hair and Beauty at Kippax, in Holt. The salon specialises in fashion cutting, styling and colour, as well as make-up. “Shades of blonde including peach shades, ash blondes – which are everyone’s favourite – and pale shades with a more catwalk look are all popular. “For brunettes there’s a lot of drama at the moment, including a gothic black look, and reds are always in fashion: More daring people go for copper, and warmer chocolate reds are also big.” Cuts are versatile, with everything from layering to blunt, heavily styled looks all in vogue – it’s much less about an “it” cut. “Everyone’s an individual, and people like to change what they do from visit to visit,” Patricia says. “For many, that means changing colour frequently, which is harsh on the hair so they need to make sure they maintain its health.” For more information call 6254 8605.

Warm blondes are in vogue this season.

Stepping out with a Fringe on top FRINGE Hairdressing in Braddon is stepping out in style, with two of its top stylists about to head to London for new Vidal Sassoon Academy training on the latest techniques – and the salon’s staff receiving industry recognition. In May, the salon shone at the International Hairdressing Society’s mini-competitions in Canberra: hairdresser Fiona Marsden took out first place in junior ladies’ haircutting, first place in open men’s haircutting, first in open men’s colour

and third in open high fashion ladies’ colour. Meanwhile, first-time competitor Kristie Williams was named runner-up in open ladies’ high fashion colour. In July, the IHS awards, held at CIT, gave Fringe stylists another chance to steal the spotlight: Fiona won a place in every section she entered, including first prize in both ladies’ and mens’ senior hair cutting, and won a trip to Hobart to compete in the IHS Oceanic Masters competition in September.

Another Fringe stylist, Samantha Anderson, took out second prize and runner-up in the bridal section, and runner-up in ladies’ high fashion colour. With owners Wayne Robinson and Tarsha O’Brien about to head to London for the latest Vidal Sassoon training, and staff attending cutting and colouring updates at Sydney’s Toni & Guy Academy, Fringe is set to build on its reputation, Tarsha says. For more information call 6247 2005.


HAIRDRESSING Ph 6247 2005 2a | 40 Mort Street Braddon ACT 2612


Weddings In next week’s CityNews

TG’s Hair ‘‘We Love What We Do’’

TG’s Hair Studio Fyshwick (opposite Harvey Norman) 6280 6049 TG’s at the Park Jerrabomberra (next to Post Office) 6299 9002 TG’ Hair and Body Canberra City (behind Cream) 6162 4247

CityNews August 6-12  21


Flower power NEW-season pieces are coming into stores now, and it’s time to cast off the blacks and greys of winter: Spring is here in full bloom. Floral is one of spring 2009’s biggest trends, whether it’s a subtle embellishment on a pair of jeans or a retro sundress splashed with blossoms. Try a flower-shaped ring or brooch, tuck a blossom behind your ear and enjoy the return of colour… – Megan Haggan

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sticker Edition, $90.

Black and clear beaded Pom Pom crystal necklace, $195 from Jane Brown Pearls.

Tile print blouse, $149.95 from Witchery. Flower ring, $39.95 from Review.

Fleur Office Girl Dress, $279.95 from Review.

Hula dress, $149.95 from Seduce. Skirt, $59.95 from dK Collection.

Century of style

FASHIONISTAS and supporters packed the Southern Cross Club, Woden, to view “Muse ’09”, featuring 100 garments created by Year 12 student Mikaela Hiew. From an origami dress, Bollywood dress with hand-sewn flowers and beading and a one-shouldered ‘50s wedding dress to a Lily Allen-inspired collared shift dress, ‘30s-style trenchcoat and a garbage bag dress (pictured), the “Muse ’09” fashion parade showcased 100 styles inspired by the past, in memory of Mikaela’s grandmother, Marie Matthews. All proceeds were donated to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. See all the fashions at www.facebook. com/canberracitynews

Cosmetic & General

Dentistry • Smile Makeovers • Teeth Whitening • Orthodontics • CEREC (Same day crowns) • Crowns & Bridges • Fast Denture repairs & re-lines • Teen Dental Plan • Porcelain veneers • Dental Implants • Children’s & Family dentistry We’re open Saturdays Suite 5, Lower Ground, 8-96 Bunda St, Civic 22  CityNews August 6-12

P. 6247 5100 BEFORE


use moisturiser

Real men


The days of men “borrowing” their partners’ moisturiser is becoming a thing of the past, as more blokes discover the importance of caring for their skin, says Elissa Michel, owner of Sibu Beauty in Nicholls. And it’s not just the “metrosexual” office worker who buys his own moisturiser, she says. “It’s very important that guys take good care of their skin, particularly if they work outdoors and get a lot of sun,” Elissa says. “Using anti-ageing products is important, not just using sunscreen – and guys need to take care of sensitive skin caused by 2 shaving, too. “Girls who shave their legs know all about how sore and irritated skin


can get. Guys have the same problem. “I think that as men’s products 5 are advertised more, and as celebrities endorse them, it’s become more accepted to care for your skin – the old attitudes have shifted.”

10 9


11 5. Vegas Playboy 50mL EDT, $12.95. 6. CK free for men 50mL EDT spray, $85. 7. Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Age Defense Hydrator, $75. 8. L’Occitane Cade Reinvigorating Shower Gel, $29.95. 9. Lancome Men Age Force Global AntiAge Cream, $140. 10. Natio for Men Spice of Life Body Wash, $8.95. 11. YSL L’Homme Anti-Fatigue Treatment, $65.

1 3

1. Nivea for Men Revitalising Q10Gel, $13.47. 2. Nutrimetics for Men Energising Face Gel, $27. 3. L’Oreal Men Expert 24hr Hydrating Balm for Sensitive Skin, $12.95. 4. The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Wash-off Shave Oil, $20.95.



Site for a healthy appetite By Megan Haggan “I WAS driving to work and heard the statistics about how many of today’s children will grow up to develop type 2 diabetes as adults, and I was just blown away. It scared me,” said Belconnen Fresh Food Markets director Maria Efkarpidis. It inspired her to create a website for kids to learn about choosing and eating healthy food. The site has sections for kids, parents and schools, and features fun characters Broc (pictured), Sophie, Scarlet, Alana and their friends who will interact with the kids at the markets and on the website. The site,, will launch in August. “My kids are eight and six, and they get a lot of information about the environment at school, but not as much as they could about what to eat,” Maria told “CityNews”. Maria says she makes a point of explaining to her children why the family chooses the foods that they do, and that it can be much faster to grab a banana or apple than to wait in line for fast food. She says it became her mission to help other parents do the same, via the website, and hopes that the characters will become enduring local figures. Belconnen Fresh Food Markets already supports Ausdance and works with schools to take children on market tours.

Milk’s off the mucus hook WHETHER it’s a cold, swine flu or the regular variety, many of us come down with at least one nasty bug over winter and, according to Peter Holder, National Asthma Council Australia director and pharmacist at Capital Chemist Hughes, a lot of people hold at least one misconception about what causes or aggravates symptoms. A big myth is that milk causes mucus. “There’s some suggestion that the myth goes back to medieval times, and may be as old as the 12th century,” Peter says.

“I guess it’s been perpetuated throughout the centuries because when you drink milk, it can have a mucusy mouthfeel. “But there’s no evidence that milk causes mucus at all.” Most people who react to dairy products are lactose intolerant, which results in gastro-intestinal symptoms. For most, dairy products don’t worsen colds or flu, and don’t create mucus. Australian and international research has shown that a regular intake of dairy food in childhood can make us less likely to develop asthma.

Dairy also contains important nutrients such as protein, calcium, riboflavin and zinc. Peter Holder says that factors such as dust mites, pollens, mould and tobacco smoke are more likely to cause asthma and allergy symptoms at this time of year, and that mucus is the result of viral infections such as colds and flu. “People who have ‘perennial’ allergies can have allergic rhinitis all year round, and this occurs because of sensitivity to dust mites and mould throughout the year.”  –Megan Haggan




• Eye Tests - Bulk billed • Discounts - For seniors & students • HICAPS - Direct claims to health funds • Experienced Staff • Most credit cards accepted • Contact lenses

Bentley’s of Canberra Jamison Plaza 6251 2681 and Garran Shops 6281 4339 | Beauty Bar Jamison Plaza 6253 4488

Centrepoint Arcade - City Walk Canberra City (opp.Transact)

6247 2057 E: W:

CityNews August 6-12  23


Why Sandra likes to eat, run and not sit down SANDRA BARAC, owner of Go Figure at Queanbeyan talks fitness… What’s your favourite workout or exercise? Running – I go for 10 to 15km runs every day, unless it’s raining!

What aspect of health do we need to work hardest on?

Australians are becoming obese and a lot of it’s because we look for quick fixes. People feel they don’t have time to eat properly, and they also need to get at least three half-hour workouts done every week to maintain fitness – so the answer is time management.

Precision & Fun

6247 6267

HIP, KNEE & ANKLE REPLACEMENT INFORMATION SESSION We invite you to come along and attend this Hip, Knee and Ankle Replacement seminar to assist you in understanding arthritis and developing realistic expectations of total joint replacement surgery.

We will highlight recent advances, developments and the latest treatment options in hip, knee and ankle arthritis. Common concerns and queries about surgical options and life after joint replacement will also be addressed.

Come along and join in our Hip, Knee and Ankle Arthritis Information Session. DATE: TIME: WHERE: COST: SPEAKERS: RSVP:

SATURDAY 15TH AUGUST 9.00am – 11am (Morning tea provided) Hellenic Club of Canberra Matilda St Woden, ACT 2606 Free Dr Paul Miniter, Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Ed Hollis, Principal, Southside Physiotherapy Mrs Helen Rowcliffe, Senior Clinical Practice Nurse Wednesday 12th August Robyn/Karen (02) 6253 3388 or Karen Fox

Why did you go into the fitness industry? I started going to a gym when I was 16 – I was a bit plumper than I am now, but I soon became a gym junkie. The owners asked me if I’d thought about teaching – they said that since I was there twice a day I might as well get paid for it! So I did my qualification and started teaching. After having kids, I did my personal trainer course and went back to work.

The greatest satisfaction is when clients get to their goal weight. I’ve had clients who’ve had 30 or 40 kilos to lose, and when they get there, it’s very emotional.

If you weren’t in the fitness industry, what would you be doing?

I honestly can’t imagine not being in the fitness industry! It’s what I’ve done ever since I left school – I couldn’t stand a job where I had to sit down all day.

Sandra Barac… “I couldn’t stand a job where I had to sit down all day.”

Blokes and their body image By Megan Haggan “DOES my bum look big in this?” isn’t a question most of us would ever hear asked by a man – but according to University of Canberra body image expert Dr Vivienne Lewis, many blokes are just as worried about their body image as women. The big difference between men and women is that men keep their fears to themselves and often deal with them in unhealthy ways, Dr Lewis told “CityNews”. “Traditionally, body image and appearance concerns are seen as women’s issues,” she says. “Men typically don’t talk about the concerns they have with their bodies to their mates. “But a recent study by Mission Australia showed that for males aged between about 12 and 25, body image was the biggest concern – it ranked above relationships, girlfriends, school and university.” Dr Lewis’s own research, looking at men aged 18 to 85, has shown that there’s a big spectrum in male attitudes towards body image: Some men are unconcerned, whereas others continue to dwell on their body issues even into old age. “It’s not simply a case of getting to middle age and no longer caring about how they look. Even quite elderly men worry about health and fitness, and that they no longer look the way they did when they were younger,” she says. “However many middle-aged men do

Personal Trainers at the AIS will keep you motivated and help you achieve your fitness goals. Buy nine personal training sessions and receive the tenth session free. Plus, for a limited time receive a free drink bottle and training shirt*.

*Offer limited to first 50 customers who present this ad prior to 31 August 2009. The Australian Institute of Sport is a division of the Australian Sports Commission.

BOCC 32263

Call Swim and Fitness at the AIS today on (02) 6214 1281

Dr Vivienne Lewis… says men hide their fears and deal with them in unhealthy ways. worry about being overweight, and that they’re not attractive to their partner any more, or that if they’re single, it will prevent them attracting a partner.” Hair loss and developing lines and wrinkles are also big issues for many males. For many, body image problems can lead to “manorexia” or an unhealthy obsession with building a muscular physique. “Especially in their 20s and 30s, you find a lot of men become ‘gym junkies’. “Even though they may look almost

perfect, sometimes they can go to extreme lengths to get and keep that physique: some may start dabbling in steroids, and spending time working out at the expense of relationships and socialising.” Working out in moderation and choosing healthy foods can be a beneficial way of dealing with some body issues, as can seeking expert help to address the psychological issues behind them. “The problem is that men don’t do anything about it. They’re reluctant to come forward and seek help,” says Dr Lewis. “A healthier way to deal with it is to acknowledge that you are overly concerned about your appearance, and what impact that has on your life. “GPs, psychologists, many nutritionists, dieticians and personal trainers can all help deal with the self-confidence issues involved, as well as talk about ways to become healthier.” The University of Canberra is currently running its second “Real Men: Real Bodies” program, which aims to help men prepare mentally to get in shape physically. According to Dr Lewis, the men’s program has one significant difference to those attended by women: “Men don’t come along to talk about their body image. “They want to focus on motivation enhancement, stress management and building confidence in general: Fixing the problem!”

Keep mum on exercise


24  CityNews August 6-12

What do you enjoy most about your job?

MANY expectant mothers avoid exercise in the cater for expectant mothers. months before their baby’s due, concerned “Experts say that a mother’s health is more about over-exertion – but light exercise can ac- important than age when it comes to having a tually be beneficial, says Jenny Tiffen, founder healthy baby,” says Jenny. of Canberra FitMums and now FitMums-to-be. “Many of the more uncomfortable pregnancy side-effects like cramps, constipation, aches and pains, insomnia and even headaches respond well to gentle exercise,” Jenny says. “There are also benefits to the baby. When done appropriately, gentle exercise raises the level of oxygen in the bloodstream, which lifts the oxygen levels in the baby’s blood.” At a time when the baby’s growing and changing rapidly, this extra oxygen is a great way to encourage healthy development, she says. FitMums has just launched FitMums-to-be to


Cooking in slow motion By Megan Haggan IN winter, we crave old-fashioned home cooking, “the type of food that warms you from the inside,” says Perry Rabin, director at cookware manufacturer Tomkin Australia. “Canberra winters are longer and colder than most in Australia, and the closeness of the snowfields conjures up fantasies of a hot meal in front of an open fire – the height of comfort!” he told “CityNews”. “Cold weather keeps you inside rather than going out to dine. Hearty comfort food takes time, and since you are at home for longer periods in winter, you are more likely to invest the time in cooking this style of food.” Using slow cookers is a European style of cuisine, which is fast catching on in Australia, Perry says, and it’s ideal for wintry evenings. “A slow-cooked meal demands a high-quality baking dish or pan that can also be transferred from the oven to the stovetop and vice versa.” More winter essentials include casserole pots, for soups and stews; a roast pan and rack and a paella pan for risottos – the lid’s important, he says, for keeping the flavours in. And because home entertaining is moving away from the barbecue and towards the kitchen, cookware is now on show. “The group fine-dining experience continues to gather momentum across Australia, with a new, fun, casual spin – cooking, which was once a private affair in the back end of the house, is now an interactive experience for hosts and guests alike.”

Tupperware insulated servers: High, $61.95; medium, $52.95 and saucière, $30.45.

Sunbeam Slow Cooker 3.5 litre, $64.95.

LG Induction KA68030A cooktop, $2874.

6bW^jhcZZYfUgidYf]cf gY`YWh]cbcZd`Ubhg  WcbhU]bYfgUbXUfhkcf_" @Y[YbXUfmgYfj]WYhc _YYdmcifd`Ubhg\YU`h\m `cc_]b[[fYUh

When choosing cookware, Perry recommends we look for: • cookware that retains not just heat, but even heat distribution; • glass lids, to minimise heat loss from taking lids off to inspect food while cooking; • versatile products that can be used in the oven and on the stovetop; and • quality materials that won’t warp over time.

Phone: (02) 6241 1451

INTERIOR PLANTSCAPING %&4*(/t*/45"--"5*0/t4&37*$&

AMB732 - Canb News 1-6 page.indd 1

2/6/09 1:12:41 PM

NothiNG to pay uNtil 2011** plaNtatioN shutters

“Get the wow factor”

roller shutters

“protect your family”

Capital Waste Skips are proud to have been servicing the Canberra region since 1995.

40% off


13 61 21 Now

* This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion, special offer or coupon. 40% off Half Price Shutters retail price list. ** Available to approved customers only. Terms, conditions, fees & charges apply. Interest and payments are payable after the interest free and payment deferred period. Finance provided by Once Credit Pty Limited ACN 112 319 632 t/a MyBuy.

SERVICING THE CANBERRA REGION FAX 6288 4020 Order online at CityNews August 6-12  25

general knowledge crossword

your week in the stars

No. 223

ACROSS ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

15 Which brandy is made in France? 16 What is one of the large claws of a crustacean? 17 What is a supervised place of accommodation? 20 Name the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, the Princess Royal.

1 Name some exceedingly venomous snakes. 7 Which education follows secondary forms? 8 What is the more correct name for a "hoofer"? 9 To have been converted into bone, is to have become what? 10 What is a private place of prayer or worship? 11 Freedom from narrow restrictions is referred to as what? 14 What is the outline of a general situation? 18 Which tool is used by bricklayers, 1 plasterers and the like? 19 Name another term for an aubergine. 21 Which word means one or the other? 8 22 What is another name for a hotel keeper? 23 What does one receive in payment for work?

Solution next week 2




TAURUS (Apr 21 – May 20)


The Moon’s in your sign on Thursday and Friday which boosts your determination – and your stubbornness! Knowing when to hold on and when to let go is the secret to success at the moment. It’s a fortunate week for doing business and making professional and financial decisions – especially on Friday.



10 11



DOWN 1 Name the emblem of the medical profession. 2 What is a cookery formula called? 3 Which light collapsible chair on wheels is used for carrying a small child? 4 What is another name for weaponry? 5 What do we call a person who is completely out of place? 6 The Australian term "cobber", means what? 12 What is another name for harness racers? 13 Name a blend of China black tea (4,4).




17 18


Crabs can get stuck in a rut that may be (temporarily) comfortable, but does nothing for your personal growth and development. Don’t become so obsessed with security that you are afraid of change and moving forwards. Your motto for the coming week comes courtesy of Henry David Thoreau “All change is a miracle to contemplate.”

21 22



2 8 4 6 3 9

6 1 4 8 2

8 5 8 3 7 3 6 4 7 5 © Auspac Media

26  CityNews August 6-12


GEMINI (May 21 – June 21) Independence is your number one priority this week Gemini, and you won’t take kindly to others telling you what to do! With mighty Mars in your sign (until August 26) it’s time to get some firm direction as you tackle projects with courage, confidence – and commitment.

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)


Sudoku hard No.12


You’ve got a fabulous week coming up so don’t waste it. Opportunities are all around you (especially on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) but you’ll have to grab them when they appear, or they will pass you by. Your motto for the next seven days? “Strike while the iron is hot!”

Sudoku is an 81, square number Solution Crossword No.222 D C F B A N A B A grid with nine P A R A M O U R O E blocks each S M R A B O A R D WH I P P E T S S E containing nine I U A S P E C T S cells. To solve C R Y S T A L S E the puzzle, all K E A R A N O S T R U M the blank cells R A I M E N T A A must be filled in L O A S S A S S I N W A R R E N O S N using numbers R A N U T R I E N T from 1 to 9. S M E L L Y S E S Each number can only appear once in each Solution Sudoku row, column medium No.12 and in the nine 4 5 9 1 2 6 3 8 7 3x3 blocks. You 6 8 1 7 3 5 9 2 4 can success2 7 3 8 4 9 1 6 5 fully solve the 3 6 5 2 7 4 8 9 1 puzzle just by 1 2 7 9 6 8 5 4 3 using logic and 8 9 4 3 5 1 6 7 2 the process of 7 4 8 6 1 3 2 5 9 elimination. 5 1 6 4 9 2 7 3 8 Solution next week

9 3 2 5 8 7 4 1 6

LEO (July 23 – Aug 22) Bill Clinton, John Howard, Barack Obama … why are so many political leaders Leos? Because they have a pathological need to be boss, and they adore being in the public spotlight. If you don’t already have a leadership role (whether at work or in your local community) now’s the time to take one on.

VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sept 22) With Mercury zipping through your sign this week, you’ll be at your fastidious, fact-finding best – and your neurotic, nit-picking worst! Singles are in the mood for romance but don’t assume things will fall effortlessly into place. Expect a few hiccups (and false-starts) before true love comes calling. Copyright Joanne Madeline Moore 2009.

With Joanne Madeline Moore August 10 - 16 LIBRA (Sept 23 – Oct 23) This week’s stars highlight your creativity – and your tendency to procrastinate. Librans can be fence sitters but you need to make a big decision soon, before someone else steps in and makes it for you. Ask for what you want on Friday - there’s never been a better time to get it!

SCORPIO (Oct 24 – Nov 21) Scorpios can be such serious souls. This week, it’s time to let your hair down and have some fun at home, at work and at play. (Don’t worry - lightening up doesn’t have to mean becoming a light-weight!) If you follow your intuition on Saturday and Sunday, it will lead you where you need to go.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21) It’s the perfect week for swashbuckling Sadges, as romance and adventure are highlighted. So take your partner on a magical journey – or go off searching for a hot new love. Keep plugging away at work. You’ll see rewards over the next few months, if you put 100% care and commitment in at the moment.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 19) Work and financial matters are looking better (and busier) this week, so make the most of the lucky opportunities that come along. Being open and emotionally available will draw a special person to you (who would normally stay away). It’s time to feel the love Capricorn!

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18) Being cool and detached (your usual modus operandi) simply won’t work at the moment Aquarius. With the Sun and Mars in your relating zones, passion and enthusiasm are what’s required when it comes to romance. Singles – it’s time to be proactive and go looking for love!

PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20) Pisceans are the romantic dreamers of the zodiac but this week you’ll feel more motivated and practical than usual. There are bills to be paid, plans to be made - and heaps to do around the house - so stop daydreaming and just get on with it!


Stylish, standout house THE “chic” renovation of this Lyneham house has created two living areas and an ultra-modern kitchen with Artisan concrete bench tops, recessed gas burners and 900mm Blanco oven. “It's those extra touches that make this stylish, three-bedroom home stand out from the crowd,” says selling agent Christopher Dixon. “Day or night the gardens are a delight to behold with feature lighting creating a dramatic scene of colour and form.” The low-maintenance designer gardens feature raised deck areas and a water feature. “It is a truly inspirational garden setting


which has been sculptured, rather than landscaped,” says Christopher. Other features include a renovated bathroom, ducted gas and in-slab heating, new carpet and fresh paint, carport and garage.

2 AHMATT STREET Commanding four bedroom ensuite residence with great views. Separate living, ducted heating and cooling. Double garage. EER 2

Address: 24 Wattle Street, Lyneham. Inspection: By appointment. Auction: On site, midday, Saturday, August 15. Agent: Christopher Dixon, Peter Blackshaw Inner North & Rural, call 0414 819377 or 6262 9413.

Auction on site 1pm Saturday 15th August

Peter Blackshaw Gungahlin 6241 9444 Michael Braddon 0408 446 793 Licensed Agent Lic Agent AMB Property Group Pty Ltd

Better Building Services Display Home “MAXUS” now open for inspection

47 Birdwood Street, Hughes

The Smarter Office Solution ▪

Saturday and Sunday 12 – 4pm or call to make an appointment on

▪ ▪ ▪

Arrange a personal tour today! T | 02 6243 5151 W |

Flexible Virtual Office Solutions

6299 9411

▪ ▪

or by email

A cost effective Serviced Office solution for the 1-10 person business Best address, best receptionist, best IT and support Flexible lease terms starting at just one month For less than the cost of a secretary

Visit our web site anytime Discover the secret of a Better Building Experience 2008 HIA Display Home of the Year

▪ ▪

The most professional business image from $160 per month Full business support without the physical office space Best address, dedicated receptionist, network of meeting rooms and exclusive IT solutions No deposit, no long term commitment

Sign up online today! W | T | 02 6243 3600

Servcorp Serviced and Virtual Offices Level 1 The Realm 18 National Circuit Barton Canberra Levels 6 and 11 St. George Centre 60 Marcus Clarke Street Canberra City



CityNews August 6-12  27 4/9/2009 4:22:06 PM





Located just moments from the Canberra Centre this beautiful, four bedroom town residence will appeal

Attention first home buyers or those seeking to escape the hustle & bustle of city life, this charming 4 bed

to those seeking convenience, style & space. Relax and entertain in the generous living spaces opening

home nestled on a large 944m2 (approx) block is for you. A spacious living room opens to a large eat in

to the sun filled court. The floor plan provides for separation of the main bedroom suite on the second

kitchen with pine cupboards maintaining the country look. Gas heat ensures winter comfort. Shops,

floor from the minor bedrooms on the first - one is used as an informal sitting room & another as a

restaurants & schools are at your finger tips. Rare opportunity to acquire your first home & a relaxing village

study. Bathrooms are by M Design, RC/AC, excellent storage and a single garage are included. EER 4

lifestyle, within a short 30 min drive to Canberra’s CBD. Motivated seller will consider all offers. $345,000

Peter Blackshaw Manuka 6295 2433

Manuka 6295 2433

Mary Debus 0414 623 876

Paul Sutton 0407 099 175 or Robyn Sutton 0409 442 484





Flooded with light & drenched in winter sunshine this stylish full brick, 3 bed home has a northerly aspect.

Contemporary tri/level townhouse with separate title. Renovated kitchen & 2 bathrooms. Close to

The huge master bed has a WIR, ensuite & large balcony from which to enjoy the superb views. The 2nd

Woden Town Centre and hospital. Three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. The main bedroom has an additional

& 3rd bedrooms are both generous doubles with the 3rd bedroom located on the ground floor & opening

study. Spacious lounge/dining room with cathedral ceilings and access to a lovely private courtyard

to the bath. Floor to ceiling windows enhance the lounge & dining & the well equipped kitchen includes

with views. Ducted electric heating and cooling. Slow combustion heater for extra winter comfort. Lots

granite bench tops. Close to Girls Grammar. EER 0 Auction on site 1pm Saturday 15th August

of storage throughout. Double carport plus separate lock up storeroom. EER 2.5 $485,000

Peter Blackshaw Manuka 6295 2433

Peter Blackshaw Manuka 6295 2433

Belconnen 6251 9111

Bronwyn McGrath 0412 631 763

Gungahlin 6241 9444

Inner North 6262 5122

28  CityNews August 6-12

Manuka 6295 2433

Tuggeranong 6296 7077

Willy Huys 0408 487 209

Woden 6282 4488

f Kambah | Dress Circle Location, Views, Backing Reserve


5 bed | 3 bath | 2 car | pool 94 ALLCHIN CIRCUIT Backing reserve and immersed in one of the most majestic panoramas in Kambah, this north-facing residence is a statement in luxury living and a masterpiece of contemporary design. Unsurpassed in style with flawless attention to detail, this stunning residence, master built to a remarkably high standard with custom interiors, revels in a cascading split-level design providing an effortless interplay of natural northern light and flowing space. Impressive in scale and workmanship, this ultra-contemporary residence features spacious open plan living, dining and family rooms, with vast entertaining space embraced by an extensive use of glass with multiple floor-to-ceiling windows and doors opening onto the outdoor entertaining areas, solar heated salt water pool and beautifully landscaped gardens. Fusing an innovative design with state-of-the art inclusions, accommodation includes 5 large bedrooms, master bedroom segregated with a luxurious ensuite, 3 additional bathrooms, formal lounge and dining rooms, deluxe kitchen, family and meals rooms, rumpus room, home theatre, home office/gym and the best of inclusions. Experience a truly indulgent lifestyle and the ultimate in resort-style luxury living and entertaining together with a combination of intimate privacy and views in a dress circle location. EER 5. Tender: Closes 5pm, Thursday 3rd September 2009


Contact Maria for viewing times

Deakin | Blue Ribbon Location


f Maria Selleck 0417 258 803

Make your move... the smart move

At Maria Selleck Properties, we go the extra mile for clients and our  personalised service removes much of the stress from the total sales  process giving our clients an experience they will wish to remember  fondly; that’s why 95% of our business comes through reappointments  HUKYLMLYYHSZI`V\YZH[PZÄLKJSPLU[Z 5 bed | 2 bath | 2 car | pool

89 EMPIRE CIRCUIT Exclusively and prestigiously located at one of Canberra’s most select addresses, is this large residence overlooking a richly planted garden with rolling lawns, flowering shrubs, mature trees and outdoor entertaining areas with a large inground pool. Sited on a large 1640m2 block (approx), with a sun-drenched north-easterly aspect to rear, accommodation includes 5 spacious bedrooms, formal lounge and dining rooms, generous-sized kitchen with a meals area and an adjacent family room with elevated garden views and double car accommodation. Superbly positioned and conveniently located close to Grammar schools, Parliament House and Manuka, this traditional residence offers comfortable living as is or the scope to further update and capitalize on its blue ribbon location. An opportunity not to be missed. EER 0.5. Open: Tender:

Contact Maria for viewing times Closes 5pm, Thursday 27th August 2009

f Maria Selleck 0417 258 803

Following the recent establishment of our Property Management  Division, investors can now also experience the same quality and  professionalism you come to expect, setting us apart through our high  end customer service. Make your move the smart move, call 6162 1234 and join the growing  number of clients enjoying top performing Sales and Property  Management Services.

call us 6162 1234           


Since January 2009, Maria Selleck Properties has achieved record  prices in the suburbs of Macarthur, Aranda and Chapman, and  each property sold by Maria Selleck Properties has exceeded the  expectations of our clients.   

call us 6162 1234 CityNews August 6-12  29


FURLONG APARTMENTS CONVENIENT INNER CITY LOCATION Offering high quality living on Morisset St right in the heart of the City. Furlong provides easy access to all amenities that QBN has to offer. You haven’t got time to sit around & wait for that great opportunity to arise! The time is here & now, you don’t want anything to slow you down or get in the way - least of all where you live. Furlong

Apartments offers a selection of 42 apartments in a range of 1 & 2 bdrm, 2 bdrms plus study as well as 3 bdrm designs. The 1st release of apartments at Furlong is a mixture of 1,2,2+Study & 3 bdrms, with prices starting from $305,000. It’s a great time to take advantage of the

Address: 13-15 Morisset Street, Queanbeyan View Plans & Inclusions in Ofce: Saturdays 9AM - 11AM & 12PM - 2PM Price: $305,000 - $430,000 Contact: Chris Farmer of LJ Hooker Queanbeyan on 0415 735 777

30  CityNews August 6-12

Government’s 1st homeowner’s scheme of $24,000 & stamp duty exemptions in NSW & obtain an exceptional home. Investors will enjoy the strong rental returns offered by a quality built development in an unbeatable inner city location.

Call Chris Farmer Today! 0415 735 777

Holder 47 Blackwood Terrace




Jerrabomberra 7 Brennan Court





The owners of this versatile three bed/ens family home

Saturday 15th August at 11am

This secluded 4 bed/ens home plus study and rumpus is

Saturday 8th August at 2pm

with panoramic views, are downsizing. Siding a reserve, the block of approx 1256m2 is in a RZ2 suburban core

On Site View By Appointment

situated on a battle axe block of approximately 1153m2 in a quiet cul-de-sac and fronts bushland. Unwind with a

On Site View Sat 1:30-2:00pm

zone. Step behind closed doors to appreciate the many opportunities this home presents, including a studio with

Sandy Funston 0414 629 996 6162 0681

walk in the bush or by doing some laps in the indoor gas solar heated swimming pool. You are only minutes to the

Sandy Funston 0414 629 996 6162 0681

kitchenette/ens, rumpus, terrace with i/g pool. EER 0.0

DS Residential Pty Ltd t/as Ray White Canberra

shopping centres, schools and sporting ovals.

DS Residential Pty Ltd t/as Ray White Canberra

Clear Range 120 Kullaroo Road

Freehold elevated land with Murrumbidgee River frontage, 18ha (44 acres) not far from Lanyon. Approved building envelope with several house sites all with river views in unspoiled native forest with abundant wildlife, all this and the privacy of country life just a short drive from the ACT. Build your dream home in paradise!!!! Sale $380,000 - $420,000 View By Appointment Wayne Kennedy 0414 622 926 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Banks 2/21 Forsythe Street

Banks 2 Fern Place








The house is located back from the street & set in a very private position on the block. 3 Bedrooms all with builtins, two way bathroom & Centrally located Kitchen that flows onto the living areas give this house a lovely feel, Gas heating and cooking complete the picture. There is room to move with a nice sized yard. EER: 3.5

This 4 bdrm ensuite home has all the features needed including gas heating, 2 x RCAC & separate living areas wrapped around a functional, central kitchen. All bedrooms have BIR & new vanities in both bathrooms. Large covered pergola, private rear yard. Double car accommodation and more. EER: 4.0

Sale $359,950 View By Appointment Betty Wark 0408 166 833 Brenden Blewitt 0419 289 574 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Sale Offers Above $435,000 View By Appointment Betty Wark 0408 166 833 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Gordon 4/13 Sherwood Circuit

3 bedroom home in a great location, small complex close to local schools, shops and transport. Rear yard with direct access to playing fields, single garage under roofline with internal access. EER 3.0 Sale $330,000 - $360,000 View By Appointment Wayne Kennedy 0414 622 926 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Gowrie 65 Coningham Street

I require a little TLC. A battle-axe block with room to extend. 3 bedroom home, 2 with robes, original kitchen with meals area and a good size lounge/dining room. Large windows provide ample natural light and there are lovely trees on the block. Loads of potential in this sought after suburb. Ample off street parking. EER 1.0 Sale $350,000 View By Appointment Ewa Skoczek 0414 665 626 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Wanniassa 72 Sternberg Crescent

3 bedroom family home has been lovingly nurtured. Featuring an updated kitchen, bathroom with spa, and laundry. Back verandah is ideal for alfresco entertaining. The backyard is private with mature trees attracting local bird life. Evaporative cooling, large garage, close to schools are some of the features. EER 1.0 Sale $415,000+ View By Appointment Ewa Skoczek 0414 665 626 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

yoMe u et at

Celebrating over



145 London Circuit, Civic. Cnr London Circuit and East Row (bus interchange)



aesthetic & wellness clinic

Non-invasive treatments with immediate results


6262 5900


6248 5658


6162 1638


6247 9842


6249 1848


6257 1709


6262 9100


0404 636999

• non-surgical liposuction

• permanent hair reduction


6248 7032


6162 4985

• wrinkles

• capillaries


6247 9918


6257 9555

• cellulite

• strecth marks

• acne

• skin pigmentation


6257 2609


6247 8711

• era® makeup

• lympathic drainage


6249 7891


6247 4444


6249 7991


6262 8988

Bailey’s Corner City - by appoinment only - ph: 6249 1848

Corona International Tobacconist Cigarettes Cigars Pipes Magazines Gifts

6247 9918 Novelty items Lollies Cards Newspapers Ornaments

Janine Florist part of Bailey’s Corner for 48 years Creating fabulous designs, delivered anywhere in Canberra, Australia or the world. Ask us about our special corporate offers and other specials.

Call 6248 5658

Secret Places, Charming Villages, Ancient Chateaux, beautiful Rivers, would you trust booking your European Holiday with just anyone? Travel Makers Canberra’s European Travel Company 2010 bookings now open. Open Monday to Saturday Tel: 62479560 or 62497991 Shop 29 Baileys Corner, London Circuit, Canberra City

32  CityNews August 6-12

1st floor Bailey’s Corner Arcade London Circuit Canberra City Tel 6247 4444

Canberra’s European Travel Company

Licensed agent

Canberra CityNews August 6-12, 2009  

We wondered what was going on in those little white vans that sit at the roadside racking up nearly $1.5 million a year in fines from speedi...

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