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REVIEW East Central Alberta


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Targeting East Central Alberta

Volume 102 No. 39

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Wildrose Rodeo finals riveting

Dawson Graham of Wainwright had a time of 2.4 seconds in the breakaway roping event at the Wildrose Rodeo Association (WRA) finals in Barrhead, Ab. September 19 - 22. Dawson and his brother, Dillon had a fantastic season with first and second in the season standings. During the finals the Graham brothers battled back and forth for first and second spot in the five performances with times as low as 2.4 and 2.5 seconds. Dillon took first place in the finals while sister, Tori went into the finals in third place and came out on top. ECA Review/D. Prediger

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Student film OPINION: series Bloated highlights and fracking dysfunctional Page 6


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It was a riveting show at the Wildrose Rodeo Association (WRA) finals, held September 19-22 in Barrhead, Alberta. Five performances were held over the four-day affair. Two local Jr. Bull riders were present at the event. Casey Berg of Wainwright season leader in the Lakeland Rodeo Association (LRA) 2012 and second place in the WRA - and Bryce West of Cadogan, Ab. - fourth in the LRA and sixth in the WRA - both had a great showing but did not place. Steer Wrestling local cowboy Lance Fraser was seventh in the LRA standings and eleventh in the WRA, but did not place at the weekend event. Brothers Dillon and Dawson Graham of Wainwright both participated in the Breakaway Roping event. The weekend tournament saw the Graham brothers battling between first and second spot each performance, with times between 2.4 and 2.5 seconds. Dillon took first place for the weekend. The boys placed first and second in seasonal standings. Sister Tori Graham in Peewee barrels won first place over the weekend, up from third place going into the WRA finals.

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C O R O N AT I O N , A B .

Alberta Finance Minister “surprised” at lack of consultation on securities regulation Katie Davis

News Reporter A statement issued from Alberta Treasury Board President and Minister of Finance Doug Horner on September 19, 2013 expressed surprise that a new cooperative common securities regulation was not discussed with his person prior to being announced. “I am only learning of this agreement now and will need time to review it before understanding it’s full implications,” Horner said in the email, “I am surprised that all the provinces were not consulted on this proposal before it was announced.”

An announcement by Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty September 19 in Ottawa stated an agreement between British Columbia, Ontario and Canada to establish a cooperative capital markets regulatory system.

Regulation features An online briefing of the Ottawa announcement on the Department of Finance website notes that the system -which it invites all provinces to participate in - will “better protect investors, enhance Canada’s financial services sector, support efficient capital markets and manage systemic risk.”

Castor Air Cadets not moving Katie Davis

News Reporter In an email received on September 18, 2013 it was noted by a Coronation resident that the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) was informed that 572 Castor Air Cadets Squadron was being moved to Stettler. The Coronation resident said that this was done without prior discourse with parents and those involved with the Cadets in the area, and that many were very upset with this information. Stan Monkman, Director of Public Relations for the Alberta Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada, responded to this information by saying that the news being circulated was a faulty interpretation of information. “The squadron is not moving,” Monkman said in an interview, “the information that was let out the other day was a misinterpretation of facts.” He said the individual who released the information and spoke of the Squadron definitively being moved to Stettler was misapprehending the truth of the matter. “The Squadron is in Castor, and we will maintain it’s viability as best we can,” Monkman said. He said there was talk of moving the Squadron due to the size of Castor relative to the population base of Stettler. He noted that there are about 20 Air Cadets in Castor at present; mostly from outlying communities around the town. “The only problem is that we have... insufficient adult volunteers to run the squadron,” said Monkman. He said that currently there is one ‘Blue Suiter’ or Cadet Instructor Cadre, which denotes a

member of the Canadian Forces that is tasked with the supervision, administration and training of Cadets. Monkman said there is only one Cadet Instructor Cadre in Castor at the moment, “and the Squadron needs a minimum of four, and preferably five, adults to help run the Squadron.” “We are hoping by working with the parent group in Castor to build up those numbers,” Monkman said, “and we have to do that rather quickly. It’s going to be a bit of an uphill battle... to get the qualified people in there.” Monkman said most adults will qualify but that adults with some specialities are needed as well. He said that parents should be actively seeking persons to assist with the squadron, with the intent that “these persons will eventually be signed on to the squadron, and they become either Cadet Instructor Cadre officers, or Civilian Instructors,” also know as CI’s. Monkman noted that CI’s and Military Officers are paid positions by the Department of National Defense. Monkman acknowledged the good work that the Cadets do in the community and how important the institution is to character-building. Monkman said he would not be present at a meeting concerning the Stettler issue slated for Monday, September 23 in Castor, but he noted that the Provincial Chairman and Director of the Central Wing would be in attendance. He said the meeting would establish with the parent group - which he stressed was extremely important to the life of the program - to ensure they have the tools available to them to go out and bring in new instructors.

Stettler Council approved additional $375,000 for storm main completion Brenda Schimke

News Journalist An additional $375,000 will be pulled from Reserves to fund the completion of the storm main in Blair Boulevard from Red Willow Creek to the service road south of Highway 12. Director of Operations for the Town of Stettler Melissa Robbins was in attendance at the September 17, 2013 Council meeting to explain the overage. The project was originally designed and budgeted to add a twin main. During the design phase, however, it was determined that there wasn’t enough room to twin the main and make the pipe large enough to provide enough capacity to handle the storm water. The tenders instead requested replacing the existing corrugated steel pipe with one 1200 x 1800 concrete box culvert. The options facing Council were do nothing, complete the work over two budget years or use reserves. “If we don’t go ahead with the complete project, it will cause prolonged disruption for that community since portions of the roadway are also scheduled for re-surfacing next year,” said Councillor Leona Thorogood Unanimous approval was given to accept the lowest bid from Urban Dirtworks for $902,632 plus taxes, complete the project and work with the

contractor to achieve cost savings. The original budget was $600,000. The 2014 Storm Improvements include installing a new highway crossing and providing a storm main to the existing school area which collects a large volume of storm runoff from the west side of downtown.

Heating units replacement tender

The system will feature a “single regulator administering a single set of regulations and be operationally independent and self-funded through a single set of fees,” and will be directed by an independent board of directors with “broad capital markets-related expertise.” Canada’s current system of regulation has been described as a ‘patchwork’ method of oversight, and the nation is the only modern industrialzed power that doesn’t have a National regulatory body at present.

Mixed response While Ontario and British Columbia are on board with the project, Quebec and Alberta have approached the announcement with a less-than-positive response. While Quebec Finance Minster Nicolas Marceau reinforced the Supreme Court ruling that “normal securities activities are of provincial jurisdiction,” Alberta has voiced similar reticence to see itself

as part of this new initiative. In a press conference in Calgary, Premier Alison Redford said that the unique status of Alberta’s oil and gas resources, as well as junior companies, meant that much was to be considered before joining. “The Alberta Securities Commission has been very important to our economic development,” she told reporters in Calgary on Thursday, “we need to be able to see that protected.” Finance Minister Horne expressed similar caution toward joining the system. “Alberta remains committed to an agenda of aggressive economic growth and job creation, which includes an effective and efficient regulatory system that meets the needs of all the provinces and investors,” he said, “but let me be clear – I will continue to protect Alberta’s interests and ensure that decisions affecting our province are made in Alberta.”


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Approval was given to proceed to tender for the replacement of the SRC Make up Air System and CO2 Sensor for both rinks as separate projects. The choice of whether to go forward with the non-operational one only or both will depend on the tender amount.

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Council authorized administration to increase the 2014 operational payroll budget and create a new full-time Accounting Assistant position. There is enough excess personnel budget in 2013 to fill the position immediately.

Garbage and recycling Because of the good working relationship with CAN-PAK Environmental Inc., Council gave Administration authority to start negotiations with them to continue providing garbage and recycling services. Council has the authority to sole source when it is deemed advantageous to the town.

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Hundreds of geese had been spotted resting on a body of water beside Road 872 - about four miles north of Coronation - at approximately 1:30 pm on Saturday, September 21. Coronation resident Bunny Williams was off-camera and scared the geese into flight for a photo. ECA Review/K. Davis

Clearview agreed that community consultation and engagement important Brenda Schimke

News Journalist Trustees of the Clearview School District discussed how to continue to providing the best possible educational opportunities for all students at their Board meeting on September 18, 2013. It was agreed that community consultation and engagement is increasingly important. “We learned at the public meetings, our schools and public want to know what we are thinking and what are we going to do,” said Trustee Cheri Neitz. Effective styles of communication were also discussed. It was agreed the Board had to do a better job communicating with their stakeholders. Associate Superintendent, Peter Neale spoke about using different forms and levels of communication - including surveys, conversations online, public meetings and focus groups to reach more people. School programming will continue to be an important focus area as budgets tighten and student populations fall. Specific mention was given to the pilot project at the Stettler Elementary/Middle schools, shared programming between schools and levels of programming in small schools. Chairman Ken Checkel suggested teacher excellence should also be the Board’s focus.

“How do we hire, mentor, train, support and develop teachers to ensure that we have as much teacher excellence as we possibly can?” Checkel asked. “If we want the best teachers in front of our students, we’ve got to find a way to implement progressive discipline and progressive assistance in our schools,” said Yvette Cassidy, “If teachers are not up to standard, the Board needs to support our principals to ensure proper documentation is done at all times.” Trustees Peter Simons and Patty Dittrick continued to advocate for a userfriendly budget process and presentation. “People don’t know how School Boards are funded,” said Cassidy, “it’s a complicated process that needs to be broken down so people will understand.” Associate Superintendent Peter Neale will be looking to include more stakeholders in the budget process that starts in January. There will be more opportunities for the public to better understand how school boards are funded, how the money is allocated between schools, what sitebased budgeting means and a follow-up survey on effectiveness of the process. Karen Holloway spoke in favour of including health and wellness of students and staff as one of the Board’s goals. “Many parents do not choose health and wellness for themselves or their children,” said Holloway. “Research says that health

and wellness, put together with teacher excellence, is one thing that actually increases test scores”. It was discussed that promoting health and wellness among school employees helps retain staff and when teachers choose to care for their wellness it influences students positively. “We’re here to educate kids, how much are we supposed to be responsible for,” asked Cassidy, “We’re in the business of educating, and Alberta Health is in the business of health! The more we do for parents, the less they do for themselves.”

News Reporter Toward the beginning minutes of the Paintearth Council meeting on September 17, local resident Rosa Webber was introduced to Council to speak. “County Administrator, County Reeve, Counsellors,” Webber began, “My husband Don and I are deeply concerned about the excessive dust on the county roads. This poses health issues, safety issues and livelihood issues for your citizens.” Webber continued on to say that people with respiratory issues can feel the dirty air upon stepping outside, that passing large vehicles on the road elicits a brown out that reduces visibility and dust-sick animals reduce the ability to sustain a living. “Why should we, Don and Rosa Webber, or any of our neighbours… living along the gravel road be responsible for [the cost of dust control]” she said, noting that she was informed by Assistant Superintendent of Public Works Bryce Cooke that the County did not cover costs of individual residents homes for this measure. County responded by noting that Crescent Point (Cutpick) vehicles were required to run exclusively using Road 123, a road the energy corporation had paid for usage. Thus, noted

Council, the vehicles travelling down Road 384 were not doing so under the rules outlined in the agreement between the corporation and county. County noted that Crescent Point Energy was to be soon placing new speed signs specifically for their vehicles, with larger dimensions and more visible placement. It was ultimately decided that County would continue to work with oil companies to funnel heavy traffic to haul roads. For contractors not following the outlined guidelines, County would ensure the situation was being monitored.

Paintearth 4H Multi Club

Organizational MEETING

Support staff contract In a September 4, 2013 press release, Clearview Public Schools and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) announced an agreement had been finalized for teaching assistants, custodians, secretaries, bus drivers and maintenance workers. It includes increases in family illness leaves, the standardization of wages, the addition of a $300 per year health spending account and added clarity for statutory holidays. Bus drivers will now receive sick leave benefits and accidental death and dismemberment benefits, with all other staffing groups previously receiving these benefits. The focus of the agreement was to achieve fairness and equity for all employees and find creative ways to

Paintearth County to continue to work with oil companies to funnel heavy traffic to haul roads Katie Davis

improve benefits without incurring additional costs to school budgets.

10,000 tones of inch and a half aggregate. Motion to proceed with this purchase was carried.

Other news Council approved the Agricultural Service Board grant to be put forward. The grant funds environmentally sustainable programs, shelterbelt, weed and pest control and other agriculturally-based initiatives. Concern that the Castor Air

Tuesday, October 1 6:30 at Gus Wetter School Projects to be decided at meeting. For Information call Tara at 403-882-3097

Hanna Hospital Auxiliary



Sat., October 5 10 am - 3 pm

Cadets were being moved to Stettler without consultation of parents and Air Cadet staff, the County sent letter of support to keep the base in Castor. Council approved the 20142016 for proposed Parkland Regional budget.

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Minister meeting inquiry County is going to inquire about securing a meeting with Minister of Transportation Ric McIver at the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties conference mid-November. The intention of speaking with McIver at the fall conference the second of the twice yearly event - is to address issues surrounding the conditions of secondary highways in Paintearth County and Secondary Road 861 concerns.

Gravel purchase County received and reviewed the proposals submitted for their gravel purchase, and ultimately decided to go with RE-EM Transport Services for 35,000 tonnes of 420 modified gravel,

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Coronation Town Council Katie Davis

News Reporter Recreation director Barry Brigley presented the Recreation Report at Coronation Council on September 23 with the good news that the pool has been winterized, the golf club made it’s final payment to the Town on the loan to purchase a new top dresser and minor hockey registration is complete with teams in all age groups. He also noted that he has begun seeking donations for a new Zamboni, and with enough cash donations he can then apply for a Community Initiatives Program matching grant.

Public Works Public works director Allan Smith said Lamontagne’s gravel pit loaned Public Works a gravel separator, and with that he was able to grind a good-sized pile of gravel from larger chunks of stone and asphalt from uptown. “We should have a couple of years of stockpile gravel to do our alleys and [other projects],” said Smith, “So that’ll be not such a cost for buying gravel now.” He also noted that the lights on the Crown at the entrance to Coronation were starting to burn out, so discussion ensued as to whether to replace them or eliminate them, with no resolution at this time.

Advanced vote Discussed by Council was the Advanced Vote for the General Municipal Election, which Mayor Dawna Elliot approached by asking if it could be held before the long weekend, as some individuals had already begun asking on the advanced vote time frame. This would move advanced polling to the week of the 7 - 11 of October, as opposed to the 17 - 21, which was brought up as a lengthly timeframe for voting. Advertising was a concern brought up by Deputy Mayor Bonnie Danylyshen, who questioned what local publication it would have to be advertised in. “Does it have to be the ECA Review, or can it be something else?” she asked, citing that the problem with having a weekly paper was that advertising had to be planned in advance of the polling date. “In the city they’ve got dailies and they can [advertise] whenever the [heck] they want. And I think it’s a rip off that we have to put it in the paper, period.” It was established that dates have to be advertised for one week in advance, and motion was carried to hold an Advanced Vote on October 10 and an Institutional Vote on October 21 at the Coronation Hospital and Care Centre.

Councillor Brigley made a motion that the Town of Coronation withdraw membership in CAEP effective immediately, and this motion was carried. It was noted that membership can be renewed anytime.

Economic partnership membership It was discussed at some length whether or not Council wished to discontinue membership with the Central Alberta Economic Partnership Ltd. (CAEP). It was noted that at the September 18 meeting with PEPS - who pay for the CAEP membership - member municipalities discussed CAEP membership, and at that time the board agreed they were not seeing direct benefit of participation. Each municipal Council was then obliged to pass individual resolutions on the matter. It was discussed that as the last CAEP invoice had not been paid at the present time, that Coronation was not obligated to remain for the remainder of the membership term, ending March 31, 2014.


Waste management donation Paintearth Waste Management Unanimous Consent for Donation was brought to the table. Background on the subject noted that at the Paintearth Waste Management meeting on September 18 the annual donation to PEPS was discussed and a motion to make a donation of $100,000 to PEPS was approved by the Board. The Membership Agreement terms note that “such financial assistance must be authorized by a resolution of not less than 80 per cent of members.” “Personally, and for the sake of our community I am not really in favour of the direction of waste management to donating this money to PEPS, for a lot of reasons” Deputy Mayor Danylyshen said, “We have to look after taxpayers money, and not a lot of people know how this works, even I’m not sure sometimes how it works.” She said that of the $100,000 that goes to PEPS, ultimately about $50,000 dollars was being contributed by the Town. She stated that in good conscience she could not agree to this, and this was her motion put forward. CAO Sandra Kulyk then added that as a point of clarification, unanimous consent resolution is a resolution for a donation by Paintearth Waste Management, and that the $100,000 came from royalty credits received from the operation of the waste facility. “To presume that by not approving this resolution, that $25,000 would come to us would probably be to presume incorrectly,” Kulyk said, “this would prevent PEPS from receiving the $100,000; it would oblige PEPS to find some other way of funding their operations, and these funds would just remain in the bank of Paintearth Waste Management.” Turn to Coronation Mayor, Pg 8

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Tourism project Canadian Badlands Tourism Visioning Project was given a warm reception from Council. It was discussed that as a regional initiative, it was being promoted well in breaking down areas into rational working groups for projects with neighbouring communities to promote tourism. It was discussed that it was an agreeable partnership, as the Town of Castor was offering to be project lead, and the Badlands were taking on the bulk of the ‘legwork’ in getting they project together. Motion to agree by the terms of the project grant was carried.



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Student film series highlights fracking issues Katie Davis

News Reporter After a summer of investigative videography, University of Alberta students Hans Asfeldt and Alison Bortolon are releasing a multi-part series of short films on the subject of fracking in Alberta. Through the AlbertaVoices project, the duo focused on the often-contested, polarizing subject of hydraulic fracturing - the rupture of rock using pressurized liquid often mixed with sand and chemicals. As a primary part of the series, Asfeldt and Bortolon sought out Alberta landowners - including farmers, retirees and operators - to gather perspectives of individuals affected by hydraulic fracturing practices across the Province and how their accounts often differ from the rhetoric of industry and

government. Alison Bortolon says the intent of the films were to help create a dialogue between industry and landowners, and also to give voice to people who may not otherwise have a forum to speak to their experience. “I saw the value in being able to share a human experience,” Bortolon says, “You can’t shut down people’s experiences; people’s stories.” Bortolon says the medium of film seemed the perfect forum to represent a myriad of perspectives. “[Films] are fun to make but they’re also interactive; people enjoy watching them,” she says. As a takeaway from the film series, Bortolon says she hopes people are more aware of the issues going on within Alberta. Alberta Voices website - - will release a new

movie from the series every Tuesday, for the next six weeks. This will

At the Prairie Land Regional Division #25 meeting on September 18 it was discussed that the town of Hanna was interested in perusing the idea of co-location of their library services, but that the Library Board has reservations. Superintendent Wes Neumeier said that co-location “plus other alternatives” were being discussed at present, and that “once we get some announcement of funding, [the Library Board] would be more keenly interested” in discussing that route.

Student transportation

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Jesse Hofer Registered Massage Therapist Tuesdays 9-5 Wednesdays 1-5 Thursdays 4-9 117 - 10th Street, Wainwright, AB & Box 874, Coronation, AB • 403-578-3316 Mentors Rajan Rathnavalu and Dittmar Mundel pose with Alison Bortolon and Hans Asfeldt, creators of the fracking documentaries. ECA Review/Submitted

Prairie Land Regional Division board meeting Katie Davis News Reporter


busing, the cessation of yard pickup other than for safety reasons and extreme weather conditions and the necessity that all students are dressed appropriately for weather conditions before being permitted on PLRD school buses. The draft busing policy #17 can be viewed at http:// and APs 305, 491, 550, and 552, at

Consort students awarded prize Consort School Teacher Gerry Bourassa and high school students Sage Strobel, Kris Glasier, and Spencer Degenstein spoke to the Board about their experiences at the International Genetically Engineered Machine (IGEM) jamboree they attended in June. The event, held in Cambridge, Massachusetts saw the Consort IGEM team receive the Best Human Practices Award. To learn more about this project visit the Consort School’s IGEM team website at http://2013hs.igem. org/Team:Consort_Alberta

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Policy 17 Student transportation was discussed at length at the meeting. It was brought to the table by Ed Brinkman, Chairperson of the Board, who said after much thought on decisions made regarding the policy at last PLRD meeting, he felt the policy needed some looking at. “One of the first [Prairieland Division] sessions I was at, it said ‘the Board should do what the policy says, or they should update the policy,’” Brinkman said, “So I would like to look at this in light of the decisions we’ve made, and see if we don’t need to update our policy.” Ultimately the Board reviewed all policies and administrative procedures with much discourse, and decided to update these policies so that policy and practice are in conformity with one-another. Tuesday - Consort, Oyen The Board discussed the difficulty in decision-making of late related to transWednesday - Killam, Hanna portation requests for inter-jurisdictional Thursday - Viking, Coronation, and cross-boundary busing requests. The current policy indicates that the Friday - Hardisty, Castor Board will enable cross-boundary busing Thank you Forestburg & to a school of choice preference, at no additional cost to the board. Draft policies to Daysland for a great season. be discussed at school council meetings See you again next season! suggest changes that include permitting the Board to make case-by-case decisions on incurred costs for cross-boundary

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Bloated and dysfunctional running the organization without regard for health and wellness, clients, taxpayers, or front-line workers. They were just supporting and expanding a mammoth President, Alpine Insurance and former bureaucratic organization. It was like Conservative MP; Director, Cathton watching Wall Street gurus at work - the Holdings and the Allard Foundation; former PC MLA and past Chair of Chinook guys on top slicing off the biggest portions for themselves and the people on the Health Region; Past president, TSX bottom and the clients (patients) getting the Venture Exchange; Partner, Bearisto, Lehners, Ketchum Engineering; President scraps. I can’t get my head around 80 vice-presiand CEO, SAIT Polytechnic; Chartered dent positions. Is it any wonder that Janet accountant; Senior partner, Andreachuk Davidson, when reviewing the Health Popovitch Barristers and Solicitors; President and CEO, Laebon Developments; Service’s management structure, found it confusing and that people were unsure of Partner, Ahlstrom Wright Oliver and who had responsibility. Eighty Cooper LLP; Executive vice-president, vice-presidents! Quantia Communications (New Jersey); Of course, Davidson’s scathing revelaExecutive director and CEO, Indian Oil tions weren’t a surprise to anyone who and Gas Canada; President and CEO, worked or knew someone who worked in Stantec; Executive director, Li Ka Shing the system. It didn’t come as a surprise to Knowledge Institute (Toronto); Vice anyone who was on a wait list, or had tried President, Syncrude Canada. The names aren’t listed, but the positions to access care through the emergency wards, or had to support a loved one caught indicate the expertise that was chosen by up in the system. then-Health Minister, It came as no surRon Liepert, to lead prise to Brian Mason, Alberta Health Horne recently fired Leader of the NDP, or Services into the new Raj Sherman, leader of millennium - publicly five of the 80 vice the Liberal Party. For funded health care run years they have been like a business. presidents, and, of course, arguing to an unrecepThis structural change in 2008 was taxpayers shelled out more tive audience that AHS was dysfunctional, instrumental in unaccountable and its bringing “big busiseverance pay—this time to top-heavy manageness” culture into the ment structure was the tune of $2.1 million. health care delivery wasting millions of system. The season of dollars that could have huge salaries and benbeen spent on the efits, rich severance front-line. packages and performance bonuses or the Horne recently fired five of the 80 vice more sanitized version, “pay at risk”, had arrived. Patients were now consumers and presidents, and, of course, taxpayers cutting costs and earning bonuses became shelled out more severance pay—this time to the tune of $2.1 million. more important than employee or cusSeventy ex-VP’s have been “re-profiled” tomer satisfaction. to positions that more directly support The initial idea of moving 50 per cent of front-line staff. Give us a break! the provincial government’s budget Management is management; this re-pro(amount spent on health care) to an arm’s filing makes no sense unless those demoted length organization was ill-conceived and VP’s have had their salaries reduced naive. It was argued at the time that a according (which we all know they haven’t) health care system had to be kept away and have been moved into front-line supfrom political interference. What an oxyport positions where the true needs are. moron! The health care system is politics Such as helping with lifting, feeding and because it’s funded by taxpayers. It’s not a business or it would have shareholders and bathing patients, or cleaning bed pans, making beds and scrubbing down rooms or elections for directors. Thankfully Health Minister, Fred Horne, assisting with routine maintenance jobs. Horne says the people who make deciseems to have caught on somewhat and is sions about how health care is delivered in the process of returning the responsineed to be closer to the people they serve. bility and accountability for AHS back to where it was and back to where it belongs - The better answer would have been that there needs to be a lot fewer people making the Health Ministry, the Minister of decisions and more people actually doing Health, the Government and the taxpayer. the work. Liepert’s great experiment to pass the AHS is managerially bloated and dysbuck, failed miserably on all fronts – functional. To eliminate five senior patient care, wait-times, accountability, vice-presidents is a teeny, tiny step forefficiency, effectiveness, fiscal responsiward, but re-profiling 70 vice-presidents is bility and front-line employee satisfaction. not going to change much of anything. The damage left in the system is huge. If Health Minster, Fred Horne, is truly Health Minister Fred Horne used a weak committed to emphasizing patients and argument to fire the AHS Board, but that front-line staff, he’s got a lot more firings being said, they needed to go. They were ahead of him . . . unfortunately! Brenda Schimke

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Updating Delburne history book Dear Editor, Delburne & District History Book, Through the Years, is being updated! The original history was published in 1980 but a lot has happened since then. The update will include family and community history that was not included in the 1980 publication and news about what has happened since 1980 The Delburne History Book Committee encourages all families (currently residing in the area and those who have lived there and


Goods have started to arrive at the church for rummage sale by Diane Damnman Killam Co-op Bakery Supervisor Wendy Reister says she is excited as they do their second Cake Sensation fundraiser. This year the Killam Elementary school will be the benefactor. Last year it was for the Wild Pink Yonder. They plan on selling 600 cakes and 16 dozen cupcakes. The donation will be $1 for each one sold. Thelma Vessick a long time friend, is visiting with Grace and Dan Reister to help out with harvest. She has been doing this for many years. Thelma is from Wabamum. Church service was a little

LETTERS POLICY • Letters to the Editor are welcomed • Must be signed and a phone number included so the writer’s identity can be verified. • ECA Review reserves the right to edit letters for legal considerations, taste and brevity. MEMBER OF:

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moved on) to submit a family history that includes a picture or two, a story about life in the community, or information about a business or club you belong to. Send your story by January 30, 2014 to delbhist@ Through the Years, 1980 edition has been reprinted and copies are still available as well. More information can be found on the Village of Delburne website www.delburne. ca and by calling Anita Jones 403749-3893 or Wendy Motley 403-749-2420.

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shorter Sunday because Rev. Jope had to go to Stettler for the rededication of their newly renovated church building. Next Communion will be October 6. One thing I really appreciate about the United Church is that the communion table is announced as God’s table not the table of the United Church and all are welcome. The annual Rummage sale will be October 18 and 19. Goods have started to arrive at the church. The concrete rubble has been removed from the old arena site and some new dirt hauled in thanks to Wayne and Del. We will have to replant some of the trees that drowned oh well, that is gardening!

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Jr bull rider Bryce West from Cadogan rides his bull (73 points) then gets hung up getting off at the Friday night performance at the Wildrose rodeo finals held at Barrhead, Alberta September 19 - 22. ECA Review/D. Prediger

SPORT Shorts

• TC in BC: “Major League Baseball has agreed to add video replay challenges next year. All games will be under NSA surveillance and disputed calls will be reviewed by Edward Snowden somewhere in Russia.”

• Headline at TheOnion. com: “Jon Gruden still talking inside ESPN broadcast booth 45 minutes after end of Monday Night Football.”

• RJ Currie of “The CFL will return the Blue Bombers to the West Division next year. In a related story, my nephew is moving from an aunt’s basement back to his mom’s basement.”

• Greg Cote of the Miami Herald: “Steelers safety Troy Polamalu agreed to get his first haircut in a decade, for charity. Based on what I’ve seen of Pittsburgh’s first two games, his team would rather he agreed to get his first interception.”

• Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle: “Last offseason, (Colts QB) Andrew Luck completed his Stanford degree in architectural design. That makes him the only person in the world who can design and fill a football stadium.”

Viking resident to compete in Special Olympics Katie Davis News Reporter Viking resident Chris Sutter will be competing with Team Alberta in the 2014

Special Olympics Canada Summer Games in Vancouver, where he will represent for Team Camrose in Five Pin Bowling. Sutter says he began bowling with Camrose last year, after moving from

Calgary. “I like bowling ‘cause you are with friends,” says Sutter, “and you can compete with them and your own score.” Sutter began bowling when acquaintances told him how much fun it was, and he equates his competitive spirit to watching family members play sports. “I watched my dad, brother and uncles all play or coach hockey,” he says, “I like to win and so do they.” Sutter has received gold medals in both floor hockey and bowling in Calgary, and also enjoys playing golf and participating in rodeo. He says he is looking forward to the competition in the summer. “I like I like going with the team, it is fun,” says Sutter, “I sometimes get nervous but the coaches help.” The Special Olympics Canada games will take place from July 7 - 13, 2014 in Vancouver.


NOTICE 2013 Property Tax Notices The County of Paintearth No. 18 mailed the property tax notices for 2013. The deadline for payment of 2013 property taxes was July 2, 2013. Balances still owing after July 2, 2013 were subject to a penalty of 5.0% and a further 10% penalty will be applied on all outstanding balances after September 30, 2013. Payment can be made by cheque, cash, or debit at the County Administration Office located at the intersection of Highway 12 and TWP Road 374, at the TD Canada Trust in Coronation, or the ATB Financial branches located in Halkirk, Castor, or Coronation. Online payments can be made by ATB Financial customers. Tarolyn Peach, CAO

Alberta Viking resident Chris Sutter is excited to be part of Team Alberta for the 2014 Special Olympics Canada Summer Games. ECA Review/ Submitted

Paintearth Regional Waste Management Ltd.

Winter Hours Effective Wed., October 2, 2013

The Castor, Coronation and Halkirk Transfer Stations Winter Hours of Operation will be:

Wednesdays 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Saturdays 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. If you don’t have an access card, they are available at the Halkirk Village Office, Town of Castor, County of Paintearth No. 18 Office and Coronation Transfer Station

Inter Pipeline is providing an update to all stakeholders on current expansions to the Cold Lake pipeline system.

Fort McMurray


Cold Lake

Bonnyville Edmonton

These projects are being completed in numerous phases, and consist of new pipelines, pump stations and associated infrastructure required to transport additional volumes. Inter Pipeline is a responsible and safe pipeline operator that is committed to consultation with its stakeholders.



To learn more about these projects, we invite you to join us at any of the following open house dates in your area: September 24, 2013 Hardisty Community Hall; 4807 - 49th Street, Hardisty, AB, 4 - 8 p.m.

September 25, 2013 School of Hope; 5212 Railway Avenue, Vermilion, AB, 4 - 8 p.m.

September 26, 2013 Bonnyville Centennial Centre; 4313 - 50th Avenue, Bonnyville, AB, 4 - 8 p.m.




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Coronation Mayor suggested council needed to scrutinize the decision to donate Cont’d from Pg 4 She also said that it was “a gamble” to assume that the funds would be divvied up equally amongst the municipalities involved. It was discussed that, according to the agreement, the Town is entitled to around $24,000 in royalties, which will sit in trust for Coronation. Danylyshen added that council needed to scrutinize the decision to donate. “[Not donating] is not a popular move but how popular is it to be giving money to something that’s not doing anything for our community,” Brigley said, “We had that discussion at the last PEPS meeting about CAEP, [that] CAEP was not doing anything for us, well I guess you have to look at PEPS; what’s PEPS doing for us?” Following was some discussion as to what PEPS was doing for the Town. Councillor Jackie Brigley noted that if Council was not happy with PEPS, “I don’t think not passing this resolution is the proper way to address that issue,” she said. Some discussion as to the nature of the reaction by PEPS if the resolution was not passed was discussed. Ultimately Brigley asked for the vote to be recorded. The final tally for the motion that the Town of Coronation not grant it’s

connect for the $100,000 donation PEPS as per September 18, 2013 proposed resolution from Paintearth Waste Management was two votes for the motion, three votes against, and the motion was defeated. Brigley made the motion that the Town of Coronation thus approve the $100,000 donation of Paintearth Regional Waste Management to the Paintearth Economic Development Society as per the terms of the draft resolution, which was carried.

Clinic (FCC) letter of support. “Coronation is going to try to put a proposal in for a Family Care clinic,” she said, adding that it would bring “significant dollars” and excellent primary health care to the community. She said the proposal must be in by September 30 and she had been working for the past two weeks on the proposal. She added that the Town needs letters of support by Wednesday. Motion to draft a letter of support was carried.

Family care clinic

Motion was carried to strike section 24.18 from the procedural bylaw, in regards to

Mayor Elliott brought up the proposal of a Family Care

Sandy Walters Realtor - century21 Foothills Real Estate

Office: 403-652-2121 Office Fax: 403-601-6096 Cell: 403-866-6696 Email:

committee and emergency management committee be approved was carried. Draft code of conduct for Members of Council and Council Committees Policy was approved as presented. The Parkland Regional Library 2014 Budget and Budget Projections was accepted, as was the ATCO Gas Franchise Fee and Electric Franchise Fee.

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providing printed copies of council agenda to the press. It was discussed that press and the public can find copies online on Fridays prior to meetings and that this was sufficient. Motion was carried to discontinue corporate services committee, public works committee, and parks and recreation committee. Motion that the Draft Terms of Reference for fire department

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15.88 ac. on HWY #872 between Coronation & Hardisty w/Bungalow

Fantastic family home on a nice quiet street. 1,120 sq. ft. bungalow with finished basement. 2+2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Mature, landscaped yard, 75’x115’. Many upgrades including tile flooring, open floor plan, jetted tub, open beam cathedral ceilings and newer appliances. Newer metal roof and hot water tank. Single car garage, attached with remote door opener. Fully fenced yard with a dog run. 384 sq ft deck for entertaining. Must see! Includes fridge, stove, dishwasher, garden shed, window coverings. MLS®#: MH0015870

1516 sq ft, 3+2 bedroom, 2 bathroom. Large trees, secluded, manicured yard. Fire pit & oversized deck. Natural gas BBQ (included). Living room, kitchen and dining w/ vaulted pine ceilings and dark laminate floors. Finished basement. Bathrooms w/slate floors and lots of tile. Well/water system 3 years old, produces 10gpm w/ softener and uv light, for crystal clear water. Double car garage insulated, finished, heated with radiant heat, 220 wiring. All appliances are included. The acreage is fenced and cross fenced, automatic waterer. MLS®#: MH0020539

Program ends Oct 31

O.K. Septic Tank Service

O.K. Septic Tank Service Call Chris Blumhagen for details at 403-430-0283

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80’ x 120’ x 20’ Turnkey Cold Storage Building

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Fatal motor vehicle collision Highway 27 Olds Detachment was dispatched to a tain any serious injuries. fatal two vehicle collision West of Olds on Both vehicles were occupied by only Wednesday, September 18, 2013 on the drivers who were wearing seatbelts. Highway 27 at the intersection with Air bags in both vehicles also deployed. Range Road 23. Alcohol is not a contributing factor, An investigation indicated a Jeep weather conditions were favourable for Grande Cherokee travelling south on driving and roads were dry at the time of Range Road 23 failed to stop at a stop sign the collision. No charges are being conand crossed into the path of a west bound sidered at this time. Dodge Ram pick up and the pick up struck the driver’s side of the Cherokee. The driver of the Cherokee was taken from the FALL WINE FESTIVAL Oct. 4 - 14 scene by STARS. The driver, an area • Fully appointed, Large balconies, BBQs resident, did not survive her inju• 1 & 2 bedroom suites starting at $139 ries. Her name is • 10 minutes from Kelowna Airport not being released. The driver of the 250-878-4981 pick up did not sus-

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1-888-546-3070 1-888-546-3070 NEW LISTING! Stunning acreage with Log home!

TENDER YOUR OFFER ON: Outstanding Acreage near Consort

- Gorgeous log home with 5 beds, 3 baths, vaulted ceiling, 3 fireplaces and a large deck overlooking Gooseberry Lake provincial park and adjacent to a golf course. For more info, see our website at Linview Realty Inc. is offering the above property For Sale by Tender. We NEW LISTING! MODERN HOME IN IRMA request that you place your Offer along with terms and conditions and possession date in a sealed envelope to be delivered by mail, registered mail, or fax (403-546-2638) to Linview Realty Inc. at Box 99, Linden, AB, T0M 1J0 not later than 12 noon on Wednesday, July 31, 2013. The Offers NEW LISTING! Hobby Farm – will be opened in theExceptional presence of Linview Realty representatives and the Sellers. It is understood by all parties that the acceptance/rejection of any Offer will be solely at the discretion of the Sellers. For more detailed information, viewing of the property or any details regarding the bidding process, call Gordie Fisch-er @ 780-842-8318 or 780-754-3864. F-19

AN INDEPENDENT MEMBER BROKER • 4813 Victoria Ave, Coronation - Plenty of space for a wide range of potential uses. $150,000 MLS#CA316359

• 5016 Norfolk Ave, Coronation - 1974 modular home, 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, fully finished wood basement. $179,900 MLS#CA0023134

• 214 Delhi St, Veteran 1120 sq.ft storey and a half, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. 32’ x 32’ heated shop with 2-9’x 10’ overhead doors $129,000 MLS# CA0023125

Gordon “Hoss” Nichols 882-HOSS (4677) MLS Realtor

• 12.58 ac near Alliance, AB - 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1868 sq. ft. home. 52’ x 104’ quonset with power and dirt floor, 32’ x 65’ shop heated with concrete floor, 30’ x 48’ barn w/attached pens & metal fencing. $399,900 MLS#CA0003175

• 5002 54A St., Castor - 3 bed, 2- 3 piece baths, 4 appliances. Lots of changes in the last two years. *ONLY THE TRAILER IS FOR SALE* Lot rent is 250/month, expenses approx 100 mo. $15,000 MLS#CA0008080

• 5105 51 St., Castor, - 1953 • 107 Redan St., Veteran 2+1 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. $125,000 MLS#CA0022049

• 5410 45 St, Castor - 1288 sq ft, 5 bedroom, 2 bath bungalow $164,500 MLS#CA0021858

• 214 George St., Halkirk - 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom 881 sq. ft home has had a major facelift. $69,000 MLS#CA0021629

• 5113 52 St., Castor - 1960, 813 sq ft bungalow is which has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double detached wired garage, $130,000 MLS#CA0021502

• 4802 50 AVE, Castor - 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home. Corner lot is nicely treed. $69,000 MLS# CA0005436

storey and a half 966 sq ft home, loads of upgrades. 8x17 addition is entrance and storage. $75,000 MLS#CA0008300

• 108 Lucknow St., Veteran - CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home. REDUCED TO $ SOLD $ MLS#CA324846 • 35410 Range Road 125 - well taken care of farm site, 1408 sq.ft, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom bungalow. 30’ x 28’ heated workshop, 42’ x 56’ barn/lean-to, 40’ x 120’ open faced shed. Good working corral system. $429,000 MLS#CA0021253 • 214 Berry St., Halkirk, AB - 1130 sq.ft bungalow, 2 bedrooms up & 2 down, 2 bathrooms. $119,000 MLS#CA0020317

• 203 George St, Halkirk,

AB - 1056 sqft, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom bungalow. Kitchen, dining and living rooms have a very open concept. $119,900 MLS#CA0020059

• 5425 45 Street, Castor, AB - 952 sqft 2 bedrooms and 4 piece bath up, one huge bedroom down with a 3 piece bath. Attached garage. $213,000 MLS#CA0020058

Basil Nichols 403-323-0365 MLS Realtor

• 122 Berry St, Halkirk 960 sq ft 2 bed, 1 bath bungalow. $135,000 MLS#CA0019454 • 4705 Westminster Ave, Coronation, AB - 1060 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms up, 1 down along with a master 2 piece ensuite and another bath on each floor. $95,000 MLS#CA0019419 • Near Castor - 16.75 acres, overlooks Castor Creek, near the K to 12 School. Potential to subdivide. $400,000 MLS#CA00286941 • 4306 49 Ave. Castor - 733 sq ft, 1 bed, 1 bath, spacious kitchen with lots of cupboards, master bedroom with a large storage room. $89,900 REDUCED to $69,900 MLS#CA308138 • 5130 52 St., Castor - 769 sq. ft., 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom bungalow. $59,000 REDUCED to $54,000 MLS#CA318629 • 5021 50 Ave, Castor 5000 sq. ft. brick and wood building on main street $85,000 MLS#CA320287 • 5126 52 St., Castor - 1990 Triple E 16’ X 80’, 3 bed, 2 bath trailer on 5 lots. REDUCED TO $110,000 MLS#CA324045 • 5509 51 St., Castor - 1730 sq.ft. 3 bedroom, 3 bath, storey & half on 71’ x 250’ lot. $169,900 MLS#CA326132 • 2.81 ac south of Castor 1424 sq.ft bungalow, 3 beds up 1 bed downstairs, 2 bathrooms. $159,000 MLS#CA327375 • 5009 49 AVE., Castor Looking For A Turn Key Paint And Body Shop?? 2005 40’ x 60’ metal clad shop & office with parts loft, located on the truck route only one block off Castor main street. $260,000 MLS#CA327448 • 5112 52 Ave., Consort - 4 bed, 3 bath, 1997 sq.ft bungalow. REDUCED TO $385,000 MLS#CA0009859

Coronation - 1260 sq ft five bedroom, three bathroom home has a lot of potential. $109,000 MLS#CA0012203 • 4529 44 St., Castor - 3 bedroom, 1 bath storey and half on corner lot. Single attached garage. $79,000 MLS#CA0014179 • 4502 45 St, Castor - 1340 sq. ft. stucco home built in 1974. Located across from the 9th tee off box of the Castor Golf Club. 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. $299,900 MLS#CA0014243 • 5117 Norfolk Ave., Coronation - LOOKING FOR A PROJECT HOUSE??? 3 bed, 1 bath 1352 sq.ft bungalow on 75’ x 115’ lot. Needs extensive work. REDUCED $24,900 $22,000 MLS#CA0015272 • 5202 48 St., Castor - 1183 sq.ft. bungalow, 2 bedrooms & 1 4piece bath upstairs & 1 bedroom with a 3- piece bath in the basement. $134,900 MLS#CA0015501 • 112 Sir Galahad St, Galahad - currently under extensive renovations. In the past, it was a large grocery store in Galahad, but the seller started to design & construct his home with the large 4140 sq.ft of space.$95,000 MLS#CA0015517 • 22 ac parcel on Hwy #12 in County of Paintearth - Bare piece of land is located along highway #12 between Castor and Halkirk, Great potential for someone to build a yard site, have a nice sized acreage or a place to put the horse with Highway access. $44,900 MLS#CA0015766 • 16452 TWP RD 390, Stettler County - 2 storey stone home is rich is character, 16’ thick walls and older hardwood floors thoughout, 4 bedroom, 2 bathrooms. 48’ x 48’ butler building included on 6.67 ac. $299,000 MLS#0016408 • 107 Balaclava St., Veteran - 1629 sq.ft 3 level split, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, on a 50’ x 115’ lot. $160,00 MLS#CA0016418 • 5001 54 St., Castor - 1944 church with extreme facelift, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. $214,900 MLS#CA0016779 • 5218 49 St. Castor - 2 bedrooms up & 1 down with a 4 piece bath up and a 3 piece bathroom downstairs. The basement is completely finished. $129,000 MLS# CA0017236

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NEW LISTING! Functional & Efficient Working Ranch! 30 quarters, all adjoining and cross-fenced for rotational grazing and excellent stewardship. Fully functional for horses or cattle with birthing facilities. The home has 4 beds and 2 baths, newer windows, oak cupboards, hardwood floors, and a woodburning fireplace. Gall Gordie at 780-842-8318 F-18

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5-year-old home near Alix

for more in information call:

Castor Sheet Metal Plumbing & Heating ph: 403-882-3388 Cell: 403-740-2535

Veteran A.L.L. STARS Realty Ltd. Ph. (780) 434-4700

SHELLY CREASY Hm/Off. (403) 578-2255 Cell. (403) 578-7000

• 4625 Westminster Ave,

Landmark Realty

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5113 Windsor Ave, Coronation 760 sqft 2 bedroom bungalow located close to downtown. 5 appliances, window coverings, garden shed, back deck, open basement. Ready to move into, available immediately. $64,900

5300 Royal Road #206, Coronation - Condo! No Snow to Shovel !!! 1187 sqft condo unit. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open kitchen, living and dining area, west facing deck, utility room, garage storage closet, enclosed single parking stall, access to common area, elevator or stairs, A/C and all appliances and window coverings. Listed for $185,000

5201 Railway Ave., Coronation - 1250 sqft doublewide on owned lot. 3 bedrooms, updated bathroom and kitchen. Vaulted ceiling, gas fireplace. REDUCED $45,000 $38,000

214 Redan St., Veteran - Older 2 bedroom 500 sqft bungalow in Veteran. Single detached garage, corner lot and 2 appliances. Listed for $9,900

305 Waterloo Street Veteran 610 sqft 3 bed bungalow on 100 x 125 ft lot. Includes all appliances, fenced yard, fire pit & garden shed. Currently rented. $35,000 Reduced to $30,000

Rural 4914 Norfolk Ave. Coronation 1440 sqft double wide on 4 lots, close to all amenities. 3 bedrooms, large walk in closet in master bedroom, 2 bathrooms one 4 piece one 3 piece, separate laundry area, front and back covered decks, fenced yard , 2 sheds, fruit trees, 6 appliances, window coverings. REDUCED TO $66,500

5122 Victoria Ave., Coronation 950 sqft bungalow, 1+1 bedrooms, large 4606 Victoria Ave., Coronation - living room, eat in kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 4 Older home 2 bedrooms 750 sqft. 5 appliances, corner lot, move in ready, appliances. Listed for$12,000 available immediately. Potential 2 Suite Rental !! $84,900


4609 East Service Rd, Coronation 6.75 acres 2040 sqft double wide 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, double detached garage, and a 40’x70’ insulated/heated shop with two 14’ overhead doors, plus HWY exposure. 40’x70’ HEATED SHOP!! Listed for $225,000

Pt of NE 34-37-10-W4 - 12.59 acres County of Paintearth - excellent 1848 sqft home 4 bedrooms, office, 2nd kitchen, fireplace, large double garage insulated and heated, beautiful yard with well developed trees and a fantastic 4 acre man made lake with a sand beach and Dock! Listed for $495,000 MUST SEE!

SE 4-37-10-W4 County of Paintearth 123 acres 6 1/2 miles north and east of Coronation. Upgraded double wide, detached garage/barn. Developed yard and shelter belt. Listed for $225,000

4612 Alexander Ave., CoronationBeautiful 4 bedroom 3 bathroom 3 level split located on spacious lot. Deck, fenced yard, heated garage, substantial renovations, pt of SW20-34-10-W4- 37.56 acres large addition! Reduced to $345,000 approx. 20 km south/east of Coronation AB. 4 bedroom 2 bathroom bungalow, south and west facing deck, single attached Major Price garage, work shop, cattle shelter, 2 water Short Stop Liquor Store, wells, cross fenced. Listed at $210,000 Coronation Reduction Excellent opportunity to purchase a successful business in Coronation, AB. Asking Price includes Building, Business, all equipment and $150,000 inventory. All Offers Considered. pt of NW6-38-10-W4 County of 5 bays and additional vacant lot, excellent Paintearth - 5.02 Acres, 1982 mobile income property. All 5 bays have been with porch addition, 3 bedrooms 2 rented to the same tenants for many years. bathrooms, front and back deck, small For revenue information and further details animal pens, 2 sheds and 3 water hydrants. Listed for $57,000 Commercial Building Coronation contact Shelly. Listed at $365,770



for additional photos: or

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C O R O N AT I O N , A B .

East central Alberta elections nominations September 2013 VILLAGES Village of Alliance The Village of Alliance saw five individuals nominated for three councillor positions. Sue Thomas (incumbent) Dell Wickstrom (incumbent) Wilma McLeod Jeffrey McNaught Luke (Joe) Wallace

Village of Alix The Village of Alix saw six individuals step forward with nominations for five available councillor positions. Curtis Irving Peterson (incumbent) Robert Fehr (incumbent) Gordon Christensen (incumbent) Vicki Soltermann Jody Louise Widmann Arlene E. Nelson

Village of Big Valley Village of Big Valley saw three nominations for councillor, all accepted under acclamation. Ken Johnson Gail Knudson (incumbent) Lois Miller (incumbent)

Village of Carbon The Village of Carbon saw six individuals bring forward nomination papers for five available councillor positions. Richard Ekman (incumbent) Michael Still (incumbent) Marty Morgan Marie Kooiman Donald Morrison Steve Reynen

Village of Chauvin Six individuals submitted nominations in the Village of Chauvin, with five available councillor positions including Mayor. John (Jack) Goodall (incumbent) John McPherson Lance LaPierre (incumbent) Val Gramlich (incumbent) Christine Smith (incumbent - Mayor) Linda Russnak (incumbent)

Village of Consort Village of Consort saw nine nominations for five available positions including Mayor. Robert Charles Eccles (incumbent) Domenic DiFrancesco Dale Kroeger (incumbent) Terry McMahon Tony Owens Gerald Rehman (incumbent) Roxanne C. Stillings (incumbent Deputy Mayor) Wayne Walker (incumbent - Mayor) Calvin Ward

Village of Delia Village of Delia saw eight individuals come forward as nominated. John Rogers (incumbent) Dennis Thordarson (incumbent) Susan Waye Beverly Hall John Fox Dawn Bancroft Irene Arnold Glenn Arnold

Village of Donalda Four nominations were presented for three available positions. Bruce Gartside (incumbent) Dan Knudston D. Paul McKay Shane Fox

Village of Elnora Village of Elnora saw five individuals step forward with nomination papers. Robert Aellen (incumbent - Mayor) Richard Coultier Louise Higginbottom April Irwin Leah Nelson

Village of Forestburg Eight individuals submitted nomination papers to the Village of Forestburg. Five of those nominated are incumbents.

Bob Coutts Robert Frizzell (incumbent) R.B. Fay Hagel (incumbent) Farrel (“Fight”) James Wesley Ross Litt (incumbent) Peter Miller (incumbent) Dayna Oberg (incumbent) Kurt Oberg

Village of Halkirk The Village of Halkirk saw three councillor nominations submitted, two of whom are incumbents. All three submissions were acclaimed, so no election is being held. Sherry Jamieson (incumbent) Dale Kent (incumbent) Matthew Koenraadt

Village of Hughenden Three nominations were presented for Village of Hugenden, and all members are in by acclamation. Lee Van Koughnett (incumbent) Marje Swelin (incumbent) David Lloyd Griffith

Village of Hussar Four nominations were submitted for positions in council. Corey Fisher Bruce Kaufman Timothy Muir Tim Frank

Village of Lougheed Village of Lougheed saw Kevin Miller CAO - Town of Hardisty and Village of Lougheed - and five council members elected by acclamation. Janice Bishop Joseph Cameron Einar (Sonny) Losness Debra Smith Dave Twerdochlib

Village of Veteran Three individuals were nominated, therefore all three were accepted by acclamation. Pat Gorcak (incumbent) Bertha Zacharias (incumbent) Jerry Wipf

Village of Youngstown One nomination was brought forward in the Village of Youngstown. Robert Blagen (incumbent) As of Tuesday noon there were still no additional nominations, so the Village of Youngstown would be seeking further nominations moving forward.

TOWNS Town of Coronation Town of Coronation saw 12 nominations for councillor positions. Brett Alderdice (incumbent) Jackie Brigley (incumbent) Bonnie Danylyshen (incumbent) Dawna Elliott (incumbent) Liz Adams Garrett Brigley Shelley Cook Bernie Danylyshen Keith Griffiths Russell Hillis Vicky Horkoff Mark Stannard

available positions in council. Jay Garbutt (incumbent) Sharel Shoff (incumbent) Lisa Hansen-Zacharuk (incumbent) Tom Zariski (incumbent) Tara McMillan Jenny Dannhauer Kalon Sykes Crystal Jensen Bryce Nimmo Patrick Kolafa

Town of Hanna Chris Warwick, the incumbent Mayor, was the only candidate nominated for Mayor and therefore declared elected. There were seven nominations for six council positions. Gerald Albert “Brass” Campion (incumbent) Jerry Allen Kruze Richard Allen Preston Robert Howard Hunter Jason William Smith Larry Stickel Cathy Watts (incumbent)

Town of Hardisty Town of Hardisty saw Mayor Anita Miller elected by acclamation, and two council nominations. Donna Buelow (incumbent) Dean Lane Nominations re-opened Tuesday, September 24 and if submission rates weren’t sufficient, will remain open until September 30. Results of Tuesday’s submissions were not available in time for publication.

Town of Killam Town of Killam saw incumbent Mayor H.L. (Bud) James elected by acclamation, and three council nominations for six seats. Darcy Eskra Richard Krys Brenda McDermott Nominations re-opened Tuesday, September 24 and if submission rates weren’t sufficient, will remain open until September 30. Results of Tuesday’s submissions were not available in time for publication.

Town of Oyen Town of Oyen saw three individuals nominated for the position of Mayor, and five nominations for six available councillor positions. Mayor: Lois Bedwell Kay Dingman Doug Jones Nominations re-opened Tuesday, September 24 and if submission rates weren’t sufficient, will remain open until September 30. Results of Tuesday’s submissions were not available in time for publication.

Town of Provost The Town of Provost saw incumbent Mayor Kenneth (Ken) E. Knox acclaimed, and eight individuals step forward with nominations for councillor. J. Michael Dennehy (incumbent) Dale F. Gregory (incumbent) Kelly Lynn Heinrich (incumbent) Neil E. Whiting (incumbent) A. Davis Johnstone Jeremy Rehman Trevor Schneider Alvin Schultz

Town of Stettler Incumbent Mayor Richard Richards was acclaimed, and eleven individuals came forward with nominations for councillor. Darcy Bachman (incumbent) Allan Campbell (incumbent) Malcolm Fischer (incumbent) Peter Simons (incumbent) Steven Wildeboer (incumbent) William Brown Zachary Jackson Sean Nolls Karen Sernecky James Smith Wayne Tebbe

MUNICIPALITIES Flagstaff County Flagstaff County saw nominations in each riding, save for Division 7. Division 1: Rick Manning (incumbent) Division 2: Gerald Kuefler (incumbent) Division 3: Jim Matthews Harold Haugen Division 4: Gunnar Albrecht Mike Kueber (incumbent) Division 5: Gary Matthiessen Division 6: James Brodie Division 7: No Nominations Nominations for Division 7 would reopen on Tuesday, September 24 continuing onto September 30 nomination pending. Results of Tuesday’s submissions were not available in time for publication.

Kneehill County Of seven divisions within the County, the current incumbents in six were acclaimed. One division, Division 2 remains open with no nominations brought forward. Those acclaimed were: Division 1 - Brian Holsworth Division 3 - Jerry Wittstock Division 4 - Glen Keiver Division 5 - Bob Long Division 6 - Ken Hoppins Division 7 - Bobby Painter Turn to East Central, Pg 11

Town of Castor Two individuals were nominated for Mayor, and seven nominations for six available positions in council. Mayor: Garry DeVloo (incumbent) Catherine Wylie Council: Brenda Wismer (incumbent) Rod Zinger (incumbent) Cody Borek Richard Elhard Lonny Nelner Tony Nichols Travis Ryan

Town of Drumheller Town of Drumheller saw Terry Yemen elected as Mayor through acclamation. Ten individuals were nominated for six


Wednesday, October 2, starting at 7 p.m. The Oasis Centre, 10930-177 Street, Edmonton The Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund is a large part of a better Alberta for tomorrow. Find out more at the 2013 public meeting hosted by the standing committee on the fund.

Can’t attend in person? Tune in to • the live broadcast on Shaw TV or • our webcast and online chat at For more information e-mail or call 780.427.1348 (toll-free: dial 310.0000 first).


C O R O N AT I O N , A B . S E P T E M B E R 2 6 ' 1 3


East central Alberta elections nominations September 2013 Cont’d from Pg 10 Nominations for Division two only were open again on Tuesday, September 24. Results of Tuesday’s submissions were not available in time for publication.

Special Area 2, Subdivision 8: Bradley Osadczuk Special Area 3 had six nominations, Subdivision 6 being the only one accepted as acclaimed.

County of Paintearth

Special Area 3, Subdivision 4: Melvin Carl Bingeman (incumbent) Travis W. Foot David M. McKinstry Special Area 3, Subdivision 5: Kyle Christianson (incumbent) Graham S. Caskey Special Area 3, Subdivision 6: Kevin Wilson (incumbent) Special Area 4 saw Subdivisions 1 and 4 accepted under acclamation, and Subdivision 2 saw two nominations. Special Area 4, Subdivision 1: Lawrence Letniak (incumbent) Special Area 4, Subdivision 2: Bonnie Sansregret (incumbent) Rock Kroeger Special Area 4, Subdivision 3: Robert Worobo (incumbent)

All nominations to the County of Paintearth were accepted by acclamation. Division 1: George Glazier Division 2: Brian Bunbury Division 3: Rocky Dahmer Division 4: Doreen Blumhagen Division 5: Walter Weber Division 6: Tyrrill Hewitt Division 7: Diane Elliott

County of Stettler The County of Stettler will hold elections in five wards on October 21, 2013.  Councillors Wayne Nixon (Ward 7, Donalda-Red Willow) and James Nibourg (Ward 5, Erskine South-Warden) were acclaimed. One person will be elected for each of the five remaining wards.  Those who have let their names stand for election are:    Ward 1 (Byemoor-Endiang) - John Schofer, Les Stulberg, Lawrence Wilkie. Ward 2 (Big Valley) -  Dave Grover, Terry Schiffner Ward 3 (Botha-Gadsby) - Vic Carey, Greggory Jackson Ward 4 (Stettler) - Ernie Gendre,  Blake Chapman Ward 6 (Erskine-Buffalo Lake) - Joe Gendre, Guy Neitz

Special Areas Special Area 2 saw nine nominations, six of whom are in due to acclamation. Special Area 2, Subdivision 1: Norman Storch (incumbent) Clayton Lyall Curry Bob Gainer Special Area 2, Subdivision 2: Neal Roes Special Area 2, Subdivision 3: Brad Slorstad Special Area 2, Subdivision 4: Brent M. Horner (incumbent) Special Area 2, Subdivision 5: James Philip Madge Special Area 2, Subdivision 7: Daryl P. Swenson (incumbent)

SCHOOL DIVISIONS Clearview Public Schools Three trustees for the Clearview Public School Board were elected by acclamation. They were Yvette Cassidy, Ward 2 (Big Valley and area, and Erskine South), Karen Holloway, Ward 5 (Castor and area, and Halkirk East), and Ken Checkel, Ward 6 (Coronation and area, and Brownfield). All three trustees are incumbent trustees. An election will be held in Ward 1(Erskine and north, including Donalda and area) to fill one position.  Candidates are Cheri Neitz and Patricia Standage. Three people are vying for one of two positions in Ward 3 (Town of Stettler). They are Staci Gerlitz, Dave Goodwin and Peter Simons. Rhonda Maginn and John Schofer have

let their names stand for election in Ward 4 (Botha, Gadsby, Byemoor and areas). In a press release, Returning Officer Peter Neale said, “we are encouraging residents of the Town of Stettler, the County of Stettler and the County of Paintearth to help choose the community members who will serve on the Board of Trustees by casting a ballot for school trustee when they vote in the upcoming October 21, 2013 election.� Neale said voting for school board trustees is important because the school board makes decisions that affect the community’s economic, social and cultural life. He pointed out that the board annually manages over 31 million in tax dollars, employs over 450 people and is responsible for the care and education of over 2,400 local school-aged children. “Our policies and decisions have a tremendous impact on the local community, whether residents have children in school or not,� said Neale. Polling locations can be found at www. or contact Peter Neale, Returning Officer at 403-742-3331.

East Central Alberta Catholic Separate Schools #16 Trustees The ECA Catholic Separate School Trustees saw all nominations accepted by acclamation. Wainwright: Mardy Charlebois, Daryl Possberg Vermillion: Jim Brady, Larry Wasylik Provost: Debra Klein, Greg Ibach Castor/Halkirk: Rob Nichols Stettler: Duane Austin

Prairie Land Regional Division #25 Prairie Land Regional Division saw six wards elected by acclamation, with Ward 2 - Subdivision 1 hosting three nominations for two vacancies. Ward 1 - Berry Creek: Holly Smith

Ward 2, Subdivision 1 - Hanna Urban Jada Hill Vern Thuroo (incumbent) Angie Warwick (incumbent) Ward 2, Subdivision 2 - Hanna Rural/ Youngstown Dean Hansen Ward 3, Subdivision 1 - Veteran Marsha Tkach Ward 3, Subdivision 2 - Consort/Altario Barry Davis Ward 4, Subdivision 1 - Morrin Lyle Cawiezel Ward 4, Subdivision 2 - Delia Ed Brinkman

Professional Directory Chapman and Co. Professional Accountants LLP Guy Chapman CA* Chris Annand, CA* Kendra Walgenbach, CA* Naomi Roth, CGA* 4702 51st Ave, Stettler, AB

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LUM B E R •R s• ecyc le unwanted tree

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Th he ose Pub b Goo

Rodeo at its Best !


Friday, September 27 11 am to 2 pm 11 am to 1 pm 11 am to 2 pm 3 pm

BBQ - Sponsored by The Co-operators - Proceeds to Kiddies Korner Playschool Beef on a bun - Sponsored by Super A - Proceeds to Palliative Care Hanna Chilli Cook-off – Sponsored by Alberta Treasury Branch – Main Street Store front Judging by Rodeo Royalty

7 pm

Hanna Indoor Pro Rodeo 1st Performance - Arena Wear Red for Support the Troops • Wild Pony Races/ Bo Jangles Best Decorated Business announced • Crowning of the 2013-2014 Hanna Rodeo Queen

Saturday, September 28 11 am to 1 pm 11 am High Noon 1:30 pm 2 pm to 6 pm 2 pm

Free Pancake Breakfast - Curling Rink - Sponsored by Super A, Served by Hanna Bankers Western Art & Craft Show - Community Centre Historical Display Beef on a bun - Sponsored by Super A - Proceeds to Sunshine Club Hanna All Horse Parade Gun Fight - Downtown 4-H Horse Project Demonstration - Arena Open House at the Roundhouse (100 yrs Old) - Hanna Roundhouse Mini Chuck wagon races - Sponsored by Super A In-store specials & activities, FREE ice cream

7 pm

Hanna Indoor Pro Rodeo 2nd Performance - Arena

10 pm

Bold Enough to Wear Blue • Wild Pony Races/Bo Jangles Rodeo Dance - Curling Rink - Entertainment by Dally up ‘n Dance

Sunday, September 29 8 am to 9:50 am Free Pancake Breakfast - Arena Lobby - Sponsored by Alliance Church 10 am Cowboy Church Service 9 am to 1 pm Western Art & Craft Show - Community Centre Historical Display

1 pm 6:45 pm


Hanna Indoor Pro Rodeo Final Performance - Arena

Classi C ic Ro ock / Coun C ntry P Pub in Hann H na

only 900 tickets • $50 each Draw on Sept. 29 • 501 3rd St. West Truck valued at $37,000

1 3 6 4 4 5 8 3 0 4 Callrved $20.00, Rush $15.00 Rese rs $10.00 Children 7-12 Yea 6 and Under Free

License # 344180


Seniors Lodge

5 th &

All Horse Parade Route

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Saturday Sept. 28 Starts 11 pm

Start & Finish

IGA Parking Lot

2nd Ave.

Royal Bank

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Tough Enough to Wear Pink • Wild Pony Races/Bo Jangles • Draw for Truck Raffle Music Jamboree - Roundup Center

! w o N e l b a l i a v A s t Ticke

Hospital & Nursing Home

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27th Annual

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RODEO! Welcome All to the Hanna Indoor Pro Rodeo


The Town of Hanna tips its’ hat to the hundreds of volunteers who have successfully hosted

27 years of Pro Rodeo in Hanna

Welcome Everyone, to the Hanna Pro Rodeo Cactus Corner Truck Stop & Cafe Corner of Hwy 9 & Hwy 36 South

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Always wear a seat belt on ROVs. We recommend all ROV operators have a valid driver’s license. Never carry a passenger in the cargo box; the passenger must be able to place both feet on the floor while keeping their back against the back of the seat. Arctic Cat recommends that all riders take a training course, and that they read and understand their owner’s manual before operation. For safety or training information, see your dealer or call the ATV Safety Institute at (800) 887-2887. ©2011 Arctic Cat Sales Inc., ®™ Trademarks of Arctic Cat Inc., Thief River Falls, MN 56701.

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“Come see us for all your firearms, ammunition, and hunting accessory needs. We have a large selection of everything you need to have a successful season.”

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C O R O N AT I O N , A B .


Loved to visit, have coffee, laugh and spread his love for God Allan Andrew Zinger and board by board, it was Born November 26, 1941 in completed for all to enjoy. Castor, Alberta. Allan loved to visit, have Went to live with Jesus coffee, laugh and spread his September 8, 2013 in Castor, love for God. He wanted Alberta. everyone to know God loves Allan was born to Walter us, and how we love him back and Josephine Zinger alongis the most important thing in side his identical twin brother, life. He became a son, brother, Claud. husband, father, grandfather Allan attended his grade and great grandfather to be school in Coronation, then proud of. We, his family, are went on to obtain his so thankful to have education and physhad him as a mentor ical education in our lives. degrees at the Card of Thanks University of We want to thank Alberta. everyone for the He married Jean phone calls, cards, Willis in 1962 and flowers, food and from this union four visits; the setting up, children were born; lunch and music at Steven, Kathleen, the service; Phil Martin and Leanne. Zinger Doan, ambulance Allan’s life was staff, fire and rescue full of the job for sports, music, farming, family staff, Castor hospital, Dr. Hanton and Coronation and God. Whatever Allan did he became totally focused and Funeral Home. If we have gave it 100 per cent. There are missed anyone, please know so many memories to share so that it was only missed by words, not by our just to mention a few: gratefulness. Allan was given a talent to God truly worked through play many different instruyou all to comfort us. ments. He shared this talent Closing with Allan’s favouby playing in family dance bands, parades, Remembrance rite quote “Praise the Lord�! Jeannie, Day services and taught music Steven (Rachel), lessons to many. Brett (Nicole), He played and coached baseJessica (Jay), ball. From this came many Janelle, Blake. friendships and stories. Allan Kathleen (Barry), enjoyed pitching - he maybe Blaine (Kristy), Everly, wasn’t the fastest but he had Megan (Colten). lots of ‘junk’! He pitched his Martin (Vanessa), last game at the age of 48. Jared, Tannin. Curling was another game he enjoyed. He was part of a team that played in the playdowns to go to the Brier. He won and placed in many ‘spiels. He last won the Farmer’s bonspiel in 2005 at the age of 63. Another sport loved was golf. He 2006 BUICK ALLURE white, loaded, trac. control, alloys, like new, 182k ...........$6,975 played in many tournaments and 2005 CHEV BLAZER 4X4 black on black, 2 dr., alarm, alloys, 134k .....................$6,999 mens nights. There 2006 DODGE MAGNUM SXT FWD black, loaded, sunroof, trac. control, 185k .....$6,999 he acquired the 2004 JEEP LIBERTY 4X4 blue, A/T/C, cd, alloys 125k .........................................$8,475 nickname 2008 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN SE silver, a/t/c, 7 pass., cd, 169k ......................$7,475 ‘Amazinger’! How fitting. 2002 PONTIAC MONTANA VAN EXT blue, fwd, loaded, rear heat & a/c, ............................$4,975 Allan spent 2008 PONTIAC TORRENT AWD grey, loaded, leather, heated seats, sunroof, 124k $14,975 hours building the 2008 CHEV EQUINOX SPORT AWD, red, loaded, sunroof, remote start, 143k $13,975 ‘place of blessings’, 2005 NISSAN MURANO SL AWD GSey, loaded, infocentre, 170k .........................$9,975 Zinger Music 2010 GMC 2500 SLE E/C 4X4 blue, loaded, chrome steps & wheels, 148k ......$18,975 Barn. Nail by nail

Forestburg School Citizenship Group students gather to plant trees for National Tree Day. Fifteen trees were planted in total. ECA Review/Submitted

Conifer celebration It was a conifer celebration on Tuesday, September 17 as children from the Forestburg School Citizenship Group, FAST, Communities in Bloom and other community members went tree planting for National Tree Day. Fifteen trees were planted in total, with the assistance of representatives from Tree Canada, Forestburg School Citizenship Group, and Coutts Home Hardware.

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CORONATION Customizable and secure. From storage to workspace. Steel containers from 8' to 53'. 20' & 40' skids with optional 4' landings available. Mount with twist locks.

5016 VICTORIA AVENUE | 403-578-3695 780 440 4037 | SEACAN.COM


C O R O N AT I O N , A B . S E P T E M B E R 2 6 ' 1 3


Old-time haying fundraiser Trucks, ,Trucks s Katie Davis

News Reporter

Every August long weekend an event occurs in Mallaig area that summons back to a time of subsistence living and rustic sensibility, drawing forth methods of farming and daily life that knew no influence from modern technological devices of industry or interaction. Haying in the 30’s combines both history and community fellowship each year, providing a showcase of pastoral farming life while inspiring goodwill by financially assisting cancer victims on a donation-only basis. Cindy Jackson of Castor can attest to the assistance the event provides for cancer patients. “I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in May of this year,” Jackson said, noting that ill-health left her unable to work. Jackson found out about the fund through a relative and decided to apply. She said the process of application was relatively straightforward and easy to navigate. “All you have to do is go into their website and get the application form, and you also need a doctors note along with the application,” Jackson says. Jackson said she received $2000 of donation-based funds this year, which has helped her immensely with treatment and associated costs. “Of course I’m not working right now so every little bit helps,” she said. The Haying in the 30’s Cancer Support Society has been operative since 1999, assisting over 3500 individuals diagnosed with cancer within and outside of the Mallaig area. The event, held annually on the August long weekend, offers food, camping and admission free of charge for people in attendance. All expenses for the two-day event are funded by sponsors and volunteers alone. Lorne Buryn, member of the Haying in the 30’s Executive Committee, acknowledges the costs incurred through the process of treatment can be increasingly high. “We raise funds for people that need money for treatment, for travel, meals, hotel expenses,” he says, “if they have to go travel to Calgary or Edmonton for treatment.” Buryn says the foundations of the event are based on volunteers - over 200 of them - and donations from attendees and vendors alike. “Everything is free,” Buryn says, “We have free food, free camping, free demonstrations... the only thing we ask for people to do is make a donation at the booth, which helps all the other people



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2003 GMC TOPKICK C6500, 8.1L GAS, ALLISON AUTO, 209K............... .$18,900

2008 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN STOW’N’GO, AUTO, 141 KM.................... $9,975

2008 FORD MUSTANG CALIFORNIA SPECIAL, 5SPEED, 44K ................ ..$15,500

2008 CHEV 3500 LTZ, 4X4, DUALLY, CREW, LEATHER, ON STAR, 104K ..$32,900

2008 F350 CREW, 4X4, DUALLY, CAB & CHASSIS, 6SP, DIESEL, 124K ... $24,999


2007 F550XLT, CAB & CHASSIS, DIESEL, AUTO, 4X4, DUALLY, 149K .... .$20,900

2008 INTERNATIONAL 4400, AIR CAB/SUSP/DUMP, DT570MT, 94K ....... $40,900


2008 F450 KING RANCH 4X4 DUALLY, FULL LOAD LEATHER, 135K ....... $34,900

2004 FORD EXPEDITION, EDDIE BAUER, LOADED, 199K........................... $8,999

2007 INTERNATIONAL 4300, AUTO, AIR RIDE, 24’ VAN BODY, 140K ...... .$36,900

2004 CHEV BLAZER, 4.3L, 5 PASS, REMOTE ENTRY, 148K........................ $7,999

2007 FREIGHTLINER M2, AUTO, AIR SEAT/SUSP/DUMP, 223K ............. ..$36,900

2001 DODGE RAM 1500 REG CAB, L BOX, CHROME WHEELS, 228K ....... $5,400

2006 F150 XLT SUPER CREW 4X4, 5.4L TRITON, AUTO, A/T/C, 133K..... $15,999

2000 INTERNATIONAL 4700, AUTO, 7.3L, 24’5”BOX, 282 MILES............ .$15,900


1999 CHEV TAHOE LT, AWD, LEATHER, REMOTE START, 252K .................. $5,800

2005 FREIGHTLINER M2, C7 CAT, 300HP, 9SPEED EATON, 228K ............ $25,999

1999 FORD EXPLORER LIMITED, LEATHER, SUNROOF, 234K.................... $4,400

2004 FREIGHTLINER FL80, 3126 CAT, 10SPEED EATON, 208K ................ $23,999


2005 FREIGHTLINER M2 LOW-PRO, 6 SP, NEW STEEL DECK, 185K ...... .$32,900

1976 DODGE 200 ADVENTURER CC, NEW DISC BRAKES, 119 MILES ..... $ 3,900



check us out online

V6, 83,000km

5.3L V8, A/C, Tilt, Cruise, 72,000km

2009 Chevrolet Equinox LT

who have cancer and need the extra funds.” The idea for Haying in the Thirties was inspired by founder Edgar Corbiere, who’s son had a unique strain of cancer that had to be treated in Vancouver. The community of Mallaig came together to donate money to him so he could weather the costs of travel and related expenses. “Then one day [Edgar Corbiere] was driving along and there was a bunch of guys travelling with horses and buggies and wagons,” says Buryn, “and he said ‘You know what we should do, we should start something where we can raise some funds and help people [who have cancer]’.” So the first year they began with the inaugural event, raising $3500. “This past August long weekend,” says Buryn, “we took in over $215,000 in donations.” Buryn says the hope is to expand in their location and activities as the event moves forward, and that more donations will keep coming in throughout the year and during the weekend itself to help more people in need.

Buy four selected Goodyear tires for the price of three for your car, minivan, pickup or SUV from September 16 - October 13, 2013. See in-store for details.

$14,500 Yenko clone, Appraised at $38,000km

selling for $35,000


4608 - 44 Avenue 403-742-3481


102 Main Street 403-664-3991


5604 - 53 Street 780-753-6811

2009 Chevrolet Equinox LS AWD V6, 29,000km,


520-3rd Ave. Elnora, AB


*Buy four selected Goodyear tires for the price of three from September 16 - October 13, 2013. See in-store for complete details. Offers applicable on our Everyday Pricing (EDP) and valid only with a minimum purchase of four (4) identical tires in one transaction. Not valid for Goodyear National Accounts or Fountain Tire Elite Accounts. Inventory may vary by location. All applicable taxes (ie: GST, PST, HST and tire taxes) are extra. ®™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne Inc, and Goodyear Canada Inc. Fountain Tire is licensed by AMVIC in Alberta.

16 S E P T E M B E R



C O R O N AT I O N , A B .

Ph. 403-578-4111 • Fax. 403-578-2088 Classified Ad Rates $13.00 + tax for 25 words or less + 19¢ a word after 25 each week or 3 weeks for $36 + tax (based on 25 words or less). Reach 24,700 homes with your classified. This includes For Sale, For Rent, Card of Thanks, Coming Events, etc. Payment Necessary All Classified Ads are on a Cash Only basis and must be prepaid before running. There will be a $5.00 service charge on every classified not paid for prior to publication. We accept cash, cheque, VISA or MC. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to check ad the 1st week and call us if in error. The Review is responsible for their mistakes the 1st week only. Deadline For Ads All classified ads must be received by 5 p.m. on Mondays preceding publication. For Too Late To Classifieds ad must be received by 10 a.m. Tuesday. Ph. 403-578-4111. Mail to Box 70, Coronation, AB T0C 1C0.

REAL ESTATE Great location! Acreage for Sale Bungalow House Approx. 1040 sq ft on 13.71 Acres only 1 km north town of Castor! House has 3 bedrooms 2 up 1 down full bath up 1/2 down plus office. House has been completely re-renovated new siding-insulation, windows, doors. Sidewalks, walkout deck, plus numerous upgrades inside! Beautiful landscaped yard complete with chainlink fencing, storage shed, lots of trees. Also 24x22 heated workshop beside house. Asking $370,000 1.780.842.5309

MOBILE HOMES CROSS Country Homes. Check out our show homes available now. 20 X 76, 1520 sq. ft. home starting at under $110,000. Only three left. Or custom build in only 8 weeks to match your own inspiration! Visit us in Acheson. 780-4708000; LOOK HERE! 1344sf basement model RTM, 2 X 8 walls with R-28 insulation, triple-pane windows, built by best builder in industry. $209,500. Delivery included (conditions apply). 1-877-9451272; 1-855-347-0417; LAST ONE! SRI 2012 - 4 bedroom/2 bath tons of options. 20’ X 76’. New stock arriving - must go! Was $127,900. Delivered, blocked (100 miles). Blow Out $119, 900. 4 stainless appliances, etc. Call now! 1-877341-4422; www. SMART. Spacious, Stylish. New 20 wide Moduline Homes available for immediate delivery! $109,900 delivered within 300 km of Medicine Hat. www.craigshomesales. com; 1-855-380-2266.

MISCELLANEOUS SEMI loads of logs delivered to your door for firewood. Spruce, pine, poplar, tamarack. Price depends on location. Call Lil Mule Logging Inc. 403-3184346

Used Kodiak model 1700 freestanding wood burning stove with chimney pipes for sale. Heats up to 2200 sq. ft. Excellent condition. $450.00, call Jack @ 403-854-2332, Hanna.

• Decorative landscape cover tree mulch, variety of colours • Blower available to apply • We can now apply mulch up to 150 feet in hard to reach areas

403-742-4815 BEAUTIFUL Spruce Trees. 4 - 6 ft., $35 each. Machine planting; $10/tree (includes bark mulch and fertilizer). 20 tree minimum order. Delivery fee: $75 - $100/order. Quality guaranteed. 403-820-0961. STEEL Buildings/Metal Buildings 60% off! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100, sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206;

Ribstone Creek Accounting Solutions

Lois Rodvang 403-578-3295

Certified QuickBooks Specialist

Specializing in monthly accounting for farms and small business METAL Roofing & Siding. Very competitive prices! Largest colour selection in Western Canada. Available at over 25 Alberta Distribution Locations. 40 Year Warranty. Call 1-888263-8254. ONE Time Fencing. Sucker rod fence posts and steel corners for sale. Toll free 1-877-542-4979; www. DISCONNECTED Phone? Phone Factory Home Phone Service. No one refused! Low monthly rate! Calling features and unlimited long distance available. Call Phone Factory today! 1-877-336-2274; www. STEEL Building Sizzling Summer Savings Event! 20x22 $4,188. 25x24 $4,598. 30x36 $6,876. 32x44 $8,700. 40x52 $12,990. 47x70 $17,100. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422;

AUTO PARTS WRECKING AutoTrucks. Parts to fit over 500 trucks. Lots of Dodge, GMC, Ford, imports. We ship anywhere. Lots of Dodge, diesel, 4x4 stuff. (Lloydminster). Reply 780-875-0270. NorthEast Recyclers truck up to 3 tons.


CARS & TRUCKS 2005 FORD 4 X 4 Ranger Super cab. Low mileage, excellent condition. Call 403742-0209

MAC JAMES MOTORS The Car Credit Cure

• Good Selection of Inspected Vehicles • Warranty included • No Hidden Fees • Low Monthly Payments • Short Terms (Save $1,000’s) • Low Down Payments WEST GASOLINE ALLEY HIGHWAY 2 SOUTH RED DEER Call LES toll free at 1-877-232-2886 403-309-3233

EQUIPMENT TREE SPADE for sale, 44”, truck mounted, 1989, good working condition, ready to work, $25,000 obo; Mitsubishi D-2 dozer, 1991, good working condition, good for snow & dirt, $15,000 obo. Call 780-7814113.

FARM MACHINERY 2008, NH617 3-pt hitch mounted; 9-ft spinning disc mower with Shockpro hubs. Completely overhauled and ready for work. $2950. 403-586-7000.

FEED & SEED WANTED: Barley, oats, wheat, feed peas, damaged canola, offgrade grain & grain screenings. Wilde Bros. Ag Trading, Raymond, Ab. Call: 403-752-0115 or 1-877-752-0115 HEATED Canola buying Green, Heated or Springthrashed Canola. Buying: oats, barley, wheat & peas for feed. Buying damaged or offgrade grain. “On Farm Pickup” Westcan Feed & Grain, 1-877-250-5252.

DALE KOBI’s bale hauling, marketing hay and hauling. 20 yrs. experience. 403-7414722 (c) or 403-7423753 (h). 2000 SMALL Square bales, alfalfa/brome mix, stacked & covered. Bales located near Coronation. Call Dale 403-578-4516.

WANTED LOOKING for farmland to rent for 2014 crop season in Cereal, Chinook, Sedalia and west of Oyen. If interested please call 403664-8900.

TENDERS THE VALLEY Ski Hill, Alliance, is accepting bids for tender for leasing the kitchen for 2013/2014 season. Please send applications/resumes to Dawn Dalueg @ dawn@ Deadline is Oct 4, 2013.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES GAS Station for sale in two Hills. Corner of Hwy 36 (heavy load corridor) and 45. Lots of potential. Phone 780-603-1360 or 780603-7860.

HELP WANTED THE VALLEY Ski Club is accepting applications for seasonal workers at the ski hill for the 2013/2014 season. Positions include lift attendants, rental shop staffing, etc. Please send applications/resumes to Dawn Dalueg @ dawn@ Deadline is Oct 4, 2013. FREIGHTLAND Carriers, a tri-axle air ride flatdeck carrier is looking for Owner/ Operators to run Alberta only or 4 Western Provinces. Average gross $18 20,000/month. 1-800917-9021. NOW LOCATED in Drayton Valley. BREKKAAS Vacuum & Tank Ltd. Wanted Class 1 & 3 Drivers, Super Heater Operators with all valid tickets. Top wages, excellent benefits. Please forward resume to: Email: Phone 780621-3953. Fax 780621-3959.

McKenzie Motors requires an

Apprentice or Person to perform General Automotive Services leading to apprenticeship program. Please submit resume c/o Ted or Mark at or fax 403-578-2440 or in person to McKenzie Motors (since 1936) 5001 Victoria Ave, Coronation, AB 403-578-3866

HEAVY DUTY Mechanic- required immediately by Nelson Bros. Oilfield Services in Drayton Valley. Journeyman and/or Apprentice (any year considered). We offer competitive wages, a competitive compensation package, scheduled days off and quality equipment. Please submit resumes to the attention of Ken Capaniuk Fax 780-542-6588 Email: capaniuk@ Mail: Box 6487, Drayton Valley, AB, T7A 1R9. Drop off at shop: 6221 - 54 Ave. CLASS 1 Driver to haul petroleum fluids in Provost/Macklin area. H2S, TDG, WHMIS and First Aid an asset. Scheduled days off. Preemployment drug and alcohol testing. Fax resume and current driver’s abstract to 780-753-2958. Call 780-753-0869. PENCHECKERS, Hospital Staff, Feed Truck Drivers. Immediate permanent, full-time positions available. Wages are negotiable and will commensurate according to qualifications and experience. Lakeside offers an excellent benefit package. Will train the right candidate. Fax resume to: Duke Joy JBS Lakeside Feeders 403-362-8231. No telephone inquiries.


IMMEDIATE Opening in the Viking areas for full-time Grader Operator. Fax resume to Carillion Canada 780-632-5060 or email: Phone Dwight 780-208-0077 for more information. TRUCKING/Mixed Farming Operation requires full-time Class 1 Driver. Cattle hauling, water hauling, and logging. Includes some shop duties. Competitive wages, year round full-time employment. 780-6560053, Michael. AN ALBERTA Oilfield Company is hiring dozer and excavator operators. Lodging and meals provided. Drug testing required. Call 780-723-5051 Edson, Alberta.

TRENCHUK Cattle Co. has positions available at their Feedlot in Smoky Lake. Laborers/feed truck drivers $17-24/hr. Class 1 truck drivers/ cattle haulers $23-30/ hr. Pen-checkers $2023/hr. Mechanically inclined $25-30/hr. All the above dependent on experience. Fax resumes to 780-6563962 or email; Call William @ 780656-0052. JOURNALISTS, Graphic Artists, Marketing and more. Alberta’s weekly newspapers are looking for people like you. Post your resume online. Free. Visit: www.awna. com/resumes_add.php.

WINCH TRACTOR OPERATORS. Must have experience operating a winch. To apply fax, email or drop off resume at the office. Phone 780-842-6444. Fax 780-842-6581. Email: rigmove@telus. net. Mail: H&E Oilfield Services Ltd., 2202 - 1 Ave., Wainwright, AB, T9W 1L7. For more employment information see our webpage: CLASS 1 Winch Tractor Driver required for Whitecourt, Alberta company. Fax abstract to 780-778-2918. For more information call David at 780-7780422.

Stettler is now hiring

• Part time produce clerk • Fresh Cut/Fruit & Vegetable Clerk • Bakery Clerk • Baker • Meat Cutter • Deli Clerk •Grocery Clerk Apply at

We are looking for:

Pipeline Personnel & Heavy Equipment Operators Viking Projects Ltd. offers competitive wages, WHMIS and TDG tickets done in house. Safety Tickets required: H2S, CSTS/PST, First Aid and Ground Disturbance Valid driver’s licence an asset Please reply with resume to: Email: Fax: 403-782-6856 3412 53rd Ave, Lacombe, AB T4L 0B5 Phone: 403-782-2756 Website:



EMPLOYMENT WANTED CAREGIVERS/ Nannies with 7 months training and/or one year experience are looking for live-in employment with elderly, disabled or families needing child care. 780-709-0005.

PERSONALS TRUE Psychics! For Answers call now 24/7 Toll Free 1-877-3423036; Mobile: # 4486; DATING Service. Long-term/short-term relationships. Free to try! 1-877-297-9883. Live intimate conversation, Call #7878 or 1-888-534-6984. Live adult 1on1 Call 1-866311-9640 or #5015. Meet local single ladies. 1-877-8045381. (18+).

TRAVEL POLAR Bear One Day Tours. Calgary and Edmonton departures this fall. Jet to Churchill and experience a 6 hour guided polar bear safari. 1-866-460-1415;

AUCTIONS UNRESERVED Acreage/Horse Auction. Fourteen quality horses, Model T, trailers, truck, bales, panels, and much more. 11 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 28, Wainwright, Alberta. Scribner Auction 780842-5666. Details:

ANTIQUE Collectible SALE. Sunday, October 6, 10:30 a.m., Breton Hall. Automobilia, dispensers, crocks, glassware, lamps. Tools, coins, knives, sideboard scale. Models, cards, saws. More miscellaneous;

COMING EVENTS THE VALLEY Ski Club will be holding their Annual General Meeting, Tuesday Oct. 8 at 7:30 pm at the Valley Ski Hill. Please come learn what is happening for the new season.

Gary Fjellgaard Dinner Concert Sun., Sept. 29 Donalda Community Hall AB Beef Dinner - 5:30 pm Concert 7 p.m. Advanced tickets only $35 Limited number of tickets Phone 403-883-2100 Donalda & District Museum

CORONATION Memorial Library Annual Board Meeting Thurs. Oct. 10, 5:30 p.m., Golden Age Drop-In Centre. Coronation Memorial Library is governed by a library board. Should you have concerns or ideas that you wish to present to the Library Board at any time, please note that the board typically meets on the second Thursday of every month with the exceptions of July and August. If you would like an item added to the agenda, please phone the library beforehand at 403578-3445. GROW Marijuana CommerciallyY. Canadian Commercial Production Licensing Convention, October 26 & 27. Toronto Airport, Marriot Hotel; Tickets 1-855860-8611 or 250-8701882.

Super A /Pharmasave - Hanna we are currently seeking

Grocery Clerks and Cashiers for Part time evening and weekends Students Welcome to Apply Stop by and pick up an application form or drop off resume at customer service

SCRAPBOOK Crop. Sat. Oct. 28, 9:30 - 5 pm. Where: Red Barn. Cost $30 includes Red Barn usage, lunch, make & take demo materials. For more information and booking call Sharon 403326-2192.

Moving Out Sale Sat. Sept. 28/13 10 to 4

MARKETING & MORE 4909-51st Street, Stettler • Office & printing supplies • 3 - 5 ft. display cases • Xplornet Satellite dish • Wedding & event supplies • Misc. household items • Books, fabric & antiques

Info: 1.866.771.6673 Or cell: 403.916.9006

ANNOUNCEMENTS NEED TO ADVERTISE? Province wide classifieds. Reach over 1 million readers weekly. Only $269. + GST (based on 25 words or less). Call this newspaper NOW for details 403578-4111.

SERVICES CRIMINAL Record? Think: Canadian pardon. U.S. travel waiver. (24 hour record check). Divorce? Simple. Fast. Inexpensive. Debt recovery? Alberta collection to $25,000. Calgary 403-2281300/1-800-347-2540;

C O R O N AT I O N , A B . S E P T E M B E R 2 6 ' 1 3


1 block E. of museum mus on East Eas access road to Hwy 36 (N of bottle depot)

HANNA Building Supplies (403) 854-2802

408 - 5th St. E

Hanna, AB Hanna

Employment Opportunities Part time/full time positions available We are currently looking to fill the following positions: - Yard labourers: customer service, loading/unloading trucks, and deliveries. Successful candidates should have experience in customer service. Knowledge of building supplies is not necessary but would be an asset. If you have any questions about available positions please contact the office at 403-854-2802. Resumes can be dropped off at Hanna Building Supplies 408-5th Street, Hanna Alberta, faxed to (403)854-2896, or emailed to Dale at

Thorhild CO-OP is recruiting for

Agro Sales Specialist Reporting to the Agro Manager, the Sales Specialist plays a key leadership role on our team and must: • Have a strong working knowledge of seed, chemical and Agrinomic practices • Be able to provide price quotes and sales information on all grain handling and storage equipment. Must have an agricultural background, Preference given to post-secondary education in Agronomy or Agribusiness field. Competitive compensation and benefits package. Wages negotiable based on experience. Please forward resume to: Kory Kralkay, General Manager Phone: 780-398-3975 email:

I’m one of those annoying people who actually loves my job.

Boston Pizza is looking for motivated and energetic people to work in a fast-paced and fun environment. So whether you’re looking to build a career in the restaurant business or in search of a flexible schedule, we’ve got the right opportunity for you.

• • •

Servers Bartenders Host/Hostesses Community Relations Coordinators Delivery Drivers Managers Cooks Dishwashers

Hanna Chrysler Ltd. is looking for a

Full-Time, Permanent Office Manager This is a rewarding, dynamic, internal and external relationship management role for a career-minded, self-motivated individual. Background in accounting and human resources management will be highly valued. Dealership experience an asset but not required. Please see further details at or email resume:

Contact Brian at Stettler Boston Pizza

6711 - 50 Ave., Stettler, AB Petrofield Industr ies, the Leader in manufacturing Hydrovac trucks, is accepting resumes for the following positions: * General Labourers * Industrial Painters * Sandblasters * Material Handler * Automotive Electrical Technician * Journeyman Welder / Apprentice * 2nd Yr Welder with Aluminum experience * Production Manager Visit our website at: for more details. Our Company has an enthusiastic fast paced working environment, with advancement possibilities for the motivated person, and offers an excellent benefit package. fax: 403-742-5544 e-mail:

A COMPANY ON THE MOVE This is a remarkable time for global agriculture and for Richardson. Our industry is undergoing unprecedented change with increasing world demand, and our company is experiencing transformational growth. Richardson International is Canada’s largest, privately owned agribusiness and is recognized as a global leader in agriculture and food processing. We currently have an opportunity at our Richardson Pioneer Ag Business Centre located in Oyen, AB.

Location Assistant



Is currently seeking

Is currently seeking

Truck Driver Gasfitter to operate in central Alberta.

to operate in central Alberta.

Class 3 Drivers license and all relevant Oilfield Safety Certificates required.

Class 3 Drivers license and all relevant Oilfield Safety Certificates required.

Please apply with resume to:

Please apply with resume to:

Midwest Propane

Midwest Propane

Rimbey, AB. Call: 403 843-8430, Fax: 403 843-8460 or by email to:

Rimbey, AB. Call: 403 843-8430, Fax: 403 843-8460 or by email to:

Location Assistants contribute to the safe, efficient and profitable operation of a grain handling and/or crop input facility. Specific responsibilities include the storage and shipping of Western Canadian grains; operational support and assistance to location staff and customers; the operation of facility equipment and controls; and providing excellent customer service. The ideal candidate will possess proven communication and interpersonal skills; ambition and organizational skills; an orientation to accuracy and detail and excellent customer service skills. An agriculture background is an asset. Richardson International provides an excellent compensation package consisting of competitive salary, pension, a flexible benefits plan and training and career development opportunities. Interested candidates should visit to upload a cover letter and résumé before October 18, 2013.

Richardson values diversity in the workplace. Women, aboriginal people, visible minorities and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply and self-identify.


18 S E P T E M B E R SERVICES DO YOU NEED to borrow money - Now? If you own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits will lend you money - It’s that simple. 1-877-486-2161.


C O R O N AT I O N , A B .

DROWNING In Debt? Cut debts more than 50% & debt free in half the time! Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation; or toll free 1-877-556-3500. BBB rated A+.


BANK Said No? Bank on us! Equity Mortgages for purchases, debt consolidation, foreclosures, renovations. Bruised credit, self-employed, unemployed ok. Dave Fitzpatrick: 587-4378437, Belmor Mortgage.


Brenson Trucking from Wainwright is looking to hire


Truck Drivers

with Class 1 license and have experience pulling Super B trailers in the oil field. Must be 25 years or older with First Aid and H2S training. Apply with resumes to Fax 780-842-6453 or email:

Anchor Glass Anchor Glass Hanna, a family owned and operated business for the past 33 years is currently accepting applications for the following positions

• JOURNEYMAN CARPENTER • WINDOW & DOOR INSTALLERS • SIDING & SOFFIT INSTALLERS Please send resume to or fax as below Duane Hein • Anchor Glass • W 403-854-4414· C 403-854-0237 • F 403-854-4775 HOW TO PLAY: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 box contains the numbers 1 through 9 only once. Each 3 x 3 box is outlined with a darker line. You already have a few numbers to get you started. Remember: you must not repeat the numbers 1 through 9 in the same line, column or 3 x 3 box.

Classifieds work! Call 403-578-4111

“Join our Team”

Tankstore Ltd. Located at Halkirk, AB

Would like to peruse your resume. If you are an experienced Structural Welder who would like a new experience to broaden your skills you are just what we are looking for, we are looking for people with a: • Strong work ethic • Pride in the finished product TANKSTORE has been in business since 2001 and takes great pride in being a tank supplier for the Alberta Oil and Gas Industry. • Competitive wages • Benefits package • Great group of employees PLEASE EMAIL YOUR RESUME:


TENDER FOR CUSTODIAL SERVICES Buffalo Trail Public Schools Regional Division #28 is currently seeking a contractor to provide Custodial Services at the Irma School located in Irma, Alberta Any Contractor wanting to provide the above services must attend the mandatory site visit at the Irma School to be held on Monday, October 7th , 2013 at 10:00 a.m. in order for your bid to be accepted. Tender packages will only be handed out to the Contractor, or their representative, who attends this meeting. Buffalo Trail Public Schools Regional Division #28 reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. Sealed Bids to be submitted to the address below. NOTE: SUCCESSFUL APPLICANT WILL BE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE A CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK BEFORE COMMENCEMENT OF DUTIES. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Mr. Randy Huxley Director, Facility Services 1041-10A Street, Wainwright, Alberta T9W 2R4 Phone: (780) 806-2064 Fax: (780) 842-3255

Clearview Public Schools (Clearview School Division No. 71) requires a

Full Time Teacher Assistant Competition #5559

Applications are being accepted for a full time, 6 hours a day/5 days a week, Teacher Assistant position at Suncrest Colony School. Located approximately 27 kms southwest of Castor, Suncrest is a Hutterite Colony school with 27 students in Grades 1 to 8. The successful applicant must be a team player who will thrive in a multi-grade situation under direct supervision of a certified teacher. Successful candidates will be required to provide a current criminal record check and child intervention check prior to employment commencing. Candidates selected for an interview will be required to supply three references that have agreed to be contacted at the time of the interview. Interested applicants are asked to forward their resume electronically to quoting competition number in the subject line. Applications may also be sent to Clearview Public Schools, Attn: Donna Larsen, Box 1720, Stettler, Alberta T0C 2L0. Faxes may be sent to (403)742-1388. This competition will remain open until a suitable candidate is found. We appreciate all applications but only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Please remember to check our website at www.clearview. for employment opportunities.

I love joking around at work. In a safety conscious way, of course. Boston Pizza is looking for motivated and energetic people to work in a fast-paced and fun environment. So whether you’re looking to build a career in the restaurant business or in search of a flexible schedule, we’ve got the right opportunity for you.

• •

Cooks Dishwashers Servers Bartenders Host/Hostesses Community Relations Coordinators Delivery Drivers Managers

Contact Brian at Stettler Boston Pizza


6711 - 50 Ave., Stettler, AB


MAINTENANCE PERSON II Buffalo Trail Public Schools is currently accepting applications for a journeyman certified plumber-gas fitter. The successful candidate must have a broad knowledge base of the plumbing and heating fields, and be able to work efficiently and effectively as part of a maintenance team. Experience in building maintenance, direct digital energy management systems, heating plant maintenance, and sheet metal installation would be an asset. This position and salary are subject to the current CUPE Collective Agreement. (Salary reflects current market conditions) NOTE: SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATE WILL BE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE A CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK Please submit resumes and references in writing via fax or email by 4:00 p.m., Friday, October 4th, 2013 to the address below. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Mr. Randy Huxley Director of Facilities 1041-10A Street Wainwright, Alberta T9W 2R4 Phone: (780) 806-2064 Fax: (780) 842-3255 email: or

t n e m n i a t r e t n Guide E & g n Dini


C O R O N AT I O N , A B . S E P T E M B E R 2 6 ' 1 3

Sept 26 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab. Chris Murray/Jory Kinjo,403-346-5636. Sept 27 - ATB 75th Anniversary, Coronation 11:30 - 1:30, Petunia Tree Park. Sept 27 - 29 - Hanna Indoor Pro Rodeo, parade, BBQ, breakfasts, Chili Cook-off, western art & crafts, gun fight, mini chuckwagon rages, rodeo performances & dance, + more. Sept 27 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab. Archspirel/Exit Strategy, Demise Without Reason, 403-346-5636. Sept 27 - Fundraiser BBQ, Heartland Youth Center, 11am - 6 pm, Stettler Sobeys. Sept 27 - Provost Farmer’s Market, 10 am - 2 pmCommunity hall 10 am - 2 pm Sept 28 - Scarecrow Festival, Downtown Wainwright 11am-3pm Sept 28 - Harvest Hillbilly Hoedown, 6 pm Botha Arena, Botha, Ab.. 18+ dinner & dance. 403-742-2559 Sept 28 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab. Law of Lucid/Zoo Lion/ Oldbury/Well-Witchers, 403-346-5636. Sept 29 - Gary Fjellgaard Donalda Community Hall, 7pm Tickets: 403-883-2100. Oct 1 - Paintearth 4-H Multi Club organizational meeting, 6:30 pm Gus Wetter School, Tara, 403-882-3097. Oct 1 - Central AB Council on Aging 4620 - 47A Ave. Red Deer, 9 am. $3. Shirley 403-343-0767. Oct 2 - Gary Fjellgaard with Saskia & Darrel, Irma United Church 7pm, Ruth 780-754-2183. Oct 2 - Provost Farmer’s Market, Wed. evening market, Community hall 3 - 7 pm Oct 2 - HU Song, Red Deer Public Library, 7 - 7:30pm 403-346-9238 Oct 3 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab. Cancer Bats/Bat Sabbath/ Dusty Tucker, 403-346-5636. Oct 3 - Candy Making Class & Bowl Exchange 7pm FCSS bldg, Oyen. RSVP Cynty 403-664-3905 Oct 4 - Evy Friday Open Mic 8 pm - 2 am Stettler Hotel 403-742-2353 Oct 4 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab. Crash Karma/One Bad Son, 403-346-5636. Oct 5 - Hanna Hospital Auxiliary Rummage Sale, Hanna Curling Rink 10 am - 3 pm. Oct 5 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab. October Sky/Oldbury, 403-346-5636. Oct 6 - Gordie Mackeeman & His Rhythm Boys, Performing Arts Centre, Stettler 2 & 7:30 pm. Adults $20; Students $10. Oct 7 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab. Body of Plitic/Icosian/Those Are Them/ Stranger Danger, 403-346-5636. Oct 8 - Valley Ski Club Annual Meeting 7:30 pm Valley Ski Hill

Check Out Our

Wine Selection for

Thanksgiving Wainwright

1206 Main St., Wainwright, AB

(780) 842-5752

Liquor & Cold Beer Store Ltd.

Open Mic Every Friday Nite 8:00 - 2:00 am

Come have some fun!

Oct 9 - Wainwright Chamber Business Breakfast & Seminar, Communiplex, featuring Darci Lang, 6:45 - 8:30 a.m. $15 Wainwright Town Office by Oct 4. Oct 10 - Farmer’s Market, Castor Community Hall 10am - 2 pm. Oct 10 - Delia Fall Fair, crafts, booths, raffles and much more. Oct 10 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab. Wil, 403-346-5636. Oct 11 - Provost Farmer’s Market Pumpkin Festival 10 am - 5 pm Community Hall Oct 11 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab. The Rank/The Well-Witchers/Oldbury, 403-346-5636. Oct 12 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab. tba, 403-346-5636. Oct 13 - Coronation Royal Turkey Trot, 1 pm, Barbie 403-575-0388. Oct 16 - Provost Diabetes Health Fair, 12:30am 4:30pm Recreation & Culture Centre. Call Blonde 780-753-2419 Oct 18 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab. Cowpuncher, 403-346-5636. Oct 19 - Oktoberfest in Carbon, 8 am breakfast , volleyball, crafts, market, bingo, nickel carnival, German buffet, adult cabaret. Oct 19 - Big Boo, Haunted Atlas Coal Mine, 110 Century Drive W. East Coulee, Ab. 403-882-2220 Oct 19 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab. tba, 403-346-5636. Oct 20 - Little Boo, Haunted Atlas Coal Mine, 110 Century Drive W. East Coulee, Ab. 403-882-2220 Oct 25 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab. Heaviside, 403-346-5636. Oct 26 - IODE Rummage Sale Oct. 26, Castor Community Hall, 11 am - 3:30 pm Light lunch $4.00. Grocery hamper raffle. Oct 26 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab. The Dirrty Show, 403-346-5636. Oct 28 - Scrapbook Crop. Red Barn $30 Call Sharon 403-326-2192 Oct 29 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab. Delhi 2 Dublin, 403-346-5636. Oct 31 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab. A “89” Halloween, 403-346-5636. Nov 9 - Alix Wagon Wheel Museum 10am-3pm, Bake Sale 10 am. Elaine Meehan. alixmuseum@ Nov 13 - 16 - Leading Ladies, Heartland Arts Troupe, Stettler Community Hall, 5:30 pm, dinner 6:30 403-742-3223



The Vat is Red Deer’s premiere, awesome-ist, coolest, radical, all right live entertainment bar and night club where something is usually going on 7 days a week. From bigger name acts to local and Canadian entertainment, the Vat has something for everyone.


Mon, 7 - Body of Plitic / Icosian / Those Are Them / Stranger Danger Thu, 10 - Wil Fri, 11 - The Frank / The Wellwitchers / Oldbury Sat, 12 - TBA Fri, 18 - Cowpuncher October Sat, 19 - TBA Thu, 3 - Cancer Bats / Bat Fri, 25 - Heaviside Sabbath / Dusty Tucker Sat, 26 - The Dirrty Show Fri, 4 - Crash Karma / One Bad Son Tue, 29 - Delhi 2 Dublin Sat, 5 - October Sky / Oldbury Thu, 31 - A “89” Halloween Thu, 26 - Chris Murray / Jory Kinjo Fri, 27 - Archspirel / Exit Strategy / Demise Without Reason Sat, 28 - Law of Lucid / Zoo Lion / Oldbury / Well-Witchers


Find Our Event Postings on Facebook @ “We Love The Vat”

403-346-5636 101 5301 43 St., Red Deer

Big Valley Inn






Can Eat Spaghetti


¢/wing Night $ 99 & FREE POOL $ 99 Drink Specials too!



Drink Specials too!

Stettler Hotel

Downtown Stettler • 403-742-2353

Under New Ownership 403-876-2203



Please send Community Events by fax to 403-578-2088 or by email to for FREE LISTING (dependent upon space availability). The Review cannot guarantee events as listed, please check with the venue prior to attending.

Heartland Arts Troupe Society presents

LEADING LADIES a comedy by Ken Ludwig

Dinner Theatre

Stettler Community Hall

November 13-16, 2013

Cocktails 5:30pm, Dinner 6:30pm Book your Staff Christmas party now!!

Tickets available Wells Furniture, Main St. Stettler. 403.742.3223


Candy Making Class & Bowl Exchange (Bring any piece of plastic & exchange for a Tupperware bowl)

Thursday, October 3 7 pm at FCSS building, Main St., Oyen • Draws • Raffles • Special Offers Please RSVP Cynty Kolkman 403-664-3905 • Linda Eide 403-346-7973 For our current catalogue & sales specials

20 S E P T E M B E R



C O R O N AT I O N , A B .



Custom Bale Hauling

Reeve Wayne Nixon speaks to an enthusiastic crowd at the September 20 unveiling of Fenn Road upgrades.

Self loading/unloading 17 or 34 bale loads

2 Year Old Bulls For Sale By Private Treaty Darrel & Wendy Ashbacher email:

Road improvements in the County of Stettler AUCTION SALE Coronation, Ab • 403-578-2412 403-575-1106 (cell)

Residents and officials gathered Friday, September 20 in the County of Stettler to recognize improvements to an important local road that will bring long-lasting benefits to the community. “Upgrades to routes like Fenn Road make our transportation network more efficient and reliable,” said Earl Dreeshen, Member of Parliament for Red Deer. “The upgrades to Fenn Road mean that producers and industry will benefit from greater and safer access to resources and markets. In fact, since the road connects with two provincial highways, access is improved for all area residents,” said Minister of Alberta Transportation Ric McIver. “Fenn Road is used by farmers, business owners and oilfield workers to extract resources from our land and export them to markets around the province,” said Wayne Nixon, Reeve of the County of Stettler. “Not only is the Fenn Road upgrade good for our economy, but it greatly improves the longevity of the road, making it a transportation route that we can rely on far into the future.” Fenn Road is critical to the local transportation network, providing access to multiple gravel mines in the area. It is also used by oilfield service vehicles and local farmers for the transportation of goods and services, as well as school busses and local commuters. The County of Stettler used $581,376 of

its federal Gas Tax Fund allocation toward the road improvements as well as $2,838,758 in municipal funds. The Government of Alberta contributed $3,460,800 for a total project cost of $6,880,934. The federal Gas Tax Fund transfer provides long-term funding to municipalities across the country to build and revitalize their local infrastructure. This year the government will invest $1.4 billion in Alberta’s highway network.


Ironman Scrap Metal Recovery

Dispatch (403) 443-0075 Three Hills AB.

. . . is picking up scrap again!

Bruce’s Bale Hauling Self loading/ unloading, 17 or 34 bale loads Alix, AB ph. 403-747-2223 cell. 403-391-8252

11 am

Deb’s Paint and Quarter Horses ACREAGE & HORSE DISPERSAL

Auction to be conducted on location 8kms West of Wainwright, AB

Wonderful selection of Horses & Acreage Items No Buyers Fee

Since 1981

Wainwright, AB 780-842-5666 Listing & Pics at

We buy all types of feed grain: • Barley • Wheat • Oats •Rye • Triticale • Peas • Canola • Heated Canola or Other Damaged Grains

Toll Free 1.888.882.7803 Lacombe, AB

$50,000 for you. And you, and you, and you.

• farm machinery • vehicles • Industrial

Serving Central AB

Give us a call for prompt dependable service

SATURDAY, Sept. 28





UFA will be awarding $250,000, as five prizes of $50,000 to rural area improvement projects. The best part is that each winning group is responsible for selecting the next deserving project.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours! • Oilfield • Commercial • Residential • Farm Fencing • Barbed wire • Wood • Vinyl • Chain Link

• Page Wire • Rail Fence • Corrals • Fence Installation • Removal • Rentals


• Super B bulkers for Grain and Fertilizer Hauling • Step Deck trailers for Bales and Equipment

Halkirk, AB

Apply at

Verle Klassen Ph 403-741-4483 • Fax 403-742-4560


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