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Shellbrook, Saskatchewan Friday, March 22, 2013

A dream comes true

David Chaykowski can’t remember exactly why he chose the seven numbers he’s been playing on LOTTO MAX since the game started in 2009, but he’s thrilled he did. Those seven numbers – 9, 15, 17, 28, 35, 39 and 41 – netted the Big River resident a cool $30 Million Jackpot on the March 8th draw! “I know 9 was my hockey jersey number,” he laughed. “I’ve been trying to think of why I picked the others, but I can’t remember now.” Whatever the reason he initially chose the numbers, David bought a LOTTO MAX ticket with his usual selections from Big River Coop at 400 Hoehn Road. The ticket contained two self-chosen selections and four Quick Picks, entered for five consecutive draws. Normally, David wouldn’t have checked his ticket until after the last entered draw on April 5th, but this time he had a feeling he should check it early. “I had a dream on Saturday night that I was dividing $30 Million between my family,” he remembered. “My daughter told me there was a winner in Saskatchewan the day before. So when I woke up on Sunday, I got my tickets out of the truck and checked the numbers on the internet.” After showing the ticket to his wife, David’s first call was to another very important person. “I told my mom once that she’d be the first person I’d call if I ever won the lottery – so I called to tell her first,” he explained. “It’s unbelievable!” the lucky winner said. “I’m happy, but it’s still not sinking in!” David said he’s looking forward to retiring and added that just like in his dream, he plans to share his windfall with his family.

Shellbrook Town Council received a tour of the new integrated health complex March 18th from Darcy Goudal ( in hard hat) of Graham Construction. The tour began in one of the long term care wings, where this photo was taken. It quickly became apparent from the fixtures to the furnishings throughout the facility that high quality was the construction theme. Photo: Tom Pierson

New health facility tour reveals high quality By Tom Pierson Touring the new integrated Health complex under construction in Shellbrook was an eye-opener to say the least. While obviously a live construction zone, what can be seen shows an eye towards extreme quality. Graham Construction’s Darcy Goudal met with Town Council March 18th to give them a guided tour of the new facility. Everyone was extremely impressed with the way everything is taking shape, and construction is still on target for meeting the opening timeline. In the long term care wings, the individual rooms were designed with care and thoughtfulness about the little comforts. For example, every unit has a patient lifting device that has no limitations or obstructions within the suites. The patient can be moved from side to side and end to end in the unit. There are also family rooms for get-togethers to accommodate larger family gatherings and meals. In some of the common areas, large rooms with spectacular views enjoy televisions, fire places and more. The state of the art community kitchens speak for themselves. Over in the Emergency areas, bright spacious areas greet the visitor and accommodate staff and medical personnel with

aplomb. Just off the ambulance bay is a room set aside for ambulance personnel to rest in comfort. A necessity considering what they have to accommodate in terms of stress and time on call. The employee areas and administration areas are just as well appointed as any other area of the new facility. They have access to all the tools and other items they need to keep the work force content. Photos on page 8

Lots of snow Larry Flysak, Outreach Officer with the Meteorological Service of Canada provided the following information regarding record snowfalls (Winter is considered as November 1 to February 28). In 1897/98 - 165.8 cm of snow fell. For the same period in 2012/13, we received 113 cm. But if you add October and up to March 15, 2013, the figure becomes 145.40cm of snow. That is 57.25 inches, or 4.77 feet. That is a lot of snow.

THE SPRING THAW IS ON ITS WAY!!! Be sure to monitor your dwelling and yards to keep melting snow and ice from causing damage to your property and belongings. TOLL FREE: 1.877.898.8248 (TAIT) Shellbrook  Canwood  Leask 


Shellbrook Chronicle

March 22, 2013

Saskatchewan municipalities receive record revenue sharing

Saskatchewan municipalities will receive record revenue sharing of more than $264.4 million in 2013-14, an 11.4 per cent increase from the previous year and

a 108 per cent increase since 2007-08. “Saskatchewan’s revenue sharing program continues to provide record levels of funding to municipalities,”

Government Relations Minister Jim Reiter said. “The level of funding that municipalities are receiving is unique in this province’s history and throughout the

country.” Under the Municipal Grants Regulations, the allocation of funding within the pools must be reviewed after every federal Census.

Happy Hearts $5,000 happier because of Co-op

The review is conducted in consultation with municipal sector partners and was started early last year following the 2011 Census. As Saskatchewan’s municipal partners were unable to reach a consensus on the allocation of funding for the new fiscal year, the Minister of Government Relations reviewed the allocation as part of the budget process. “The new allocations strike a balance that provides funding to address both population growth and demands on rural roads while also recognizing the challenges facing northern communities,” Reiter said. In 2013-14, revenue sharing funding will be allocated as follows: •Urban municipalities $170 million ($18.1 million increase) •Rural municipalities $74.7 million ($5.9 million

increase) •Northern municipalities - $19.7 million ($3.1 million increase) The allocations in each funding pool until 2017-18 are as follows: •Cities - 47.945 per cent •Rural Municipalities 28.254 per cent •Towns and Villages 16.345 per cent •Northern Municipalities - 7.456 per cent Since its inception, the program has provided the highest amount of unconditional funding shared with municipalities by the provincial government in the history of Saskatchewan. Municipal revenue sharing has more than doubled since 2007-08. Revenue sharing totals for individual municipalities can be viewed at http://

Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill MP Rob Clarke

Th Shellbrook The Sh llb k Branch B h off th the P Prince i Alb Albertt C Co-operative ti A Association i ti made d a very welcome l d donation ti off $5,000 to the Happy Hearts Childcare Centre of Shellbrook. They are currently raising funds to start construction of a new daycare facility this year. From left to right: Jeff Rothwell (Branch Manager), Marliese Kasner accepting on behalf of Happy Hearts, Ian Lauder (President) and Joe Novakowski (Operations Manager). Photo: Tom Pierson

La Ronge 711 La Ronge Ave Box 612 S0J 1L0 Phone: 306-425-2643 Fax: 306-425-2677

Meadow Lake 114 Centre St. Suite C Box 1260 S9X 1Y9 Phone: 306-234-2334 Fax: 306-234-2339

Please contact my office if you are having problems with EI, CPP, Passports, CEP, Status cards, CRA, Agriculture Canada or any other Federal Government programs or departments.


Ottawa House of Commons 502 Justice Bldg. K1A 0A6 Phone: 613-995-8321 Fax: 613-995-7697

“Check out my website at for important information.” - MP Rob Clarke

Adult ADD Support Group LDAS is hosting a monthly ADD Support Group

Thursday, April 11th


7 - 8:30 pm 1106 Central Avenue, Prince Albert Free Admission Everyone is welcome to join Please call to register: (306) 922-1071 or email

NOTICE TO ALL SEWER AND WATER CUSTOMERS March 14, 2013 Please be advised that the Drinking Water Quality and Compliance Report for 2012 is now available for your viewing at the Canwood Village Office during regular office hours. Office hours are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 9 a.m. to Noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Lisa Quessy Administrator

Calvary United Church and Wesley United Church Choirs To present

Jesus Christ Superstar Sunday, March 24 ~ 2 p.m. Wesley United Church 65-11th Street East, Prince Albert

Admission $10 at the door ~ Lunch and fellowship to follow Proceeds to Camp Tapawingo

March 22, 2013

Shellbrook Chronicle

Shellbrook hosts Spring Flood Information meeting

Speakers from Emergency Management and Fire Safety and the Water Security Agency were on hand in Shellbrook, March 8th, to offer information and insight into the potential for spring flooding in the surrounding area. Elected officials from Leoville to Birch Hills, and all points in between, learned that with the heavy snowfall this winter there is definitely the potential for spring flooding. “There are a lot of variables to consider between now and the spring runoff, but preparing now can lessen the impact a fast melt could have,” commented Elna Fish, EMO Coordinator for Shellbrook. “There are actions individuals can take now, such as removing snow from their roofs, clearing snow away from their foundations, and making sure downspouts are clear and directing water flow well away from buildings,” continued Fish. Wayne Tchorzewski and Randy Backlund of EMFS clearly communicated that NOW is the time for communities and residents to look at their individual conditions and consider the best ways to protect their personal property and infrastructure. The following is a list of some of the mitigative actions that individuals can take early. • Remove snow from around your home and move it to a position where melt will drain away from the founda-

tion and into the appropriate system. • Clear channels in the ice/snow to allow melt water to drain away more effectively from your home. • Clear neighborhood storm water catch basins to help water drain. • Ensure downspouts are extended so they discharge water away from your foundation. A minimum distance of 2 metres is suggested. • Check to make sure your sump pump is working. Contact a plumber for assistance, if required. • Remove important documents and valuables from the basement. • Determine if any private wells could be contaminated by flood/ground water; protect wellheads and check the security of the well power supply. • Consider installing a mainline sewer Backwater Valve to protect against sewer backup, if you don’t have one. • Keep basement sewer caps in place. • Check your basement regularly for signs of water and consider installing a water sensing alarm. • Identify alternate locations to store equipment and livestock if needed. • Ensure an adequate store of food,water, and other supplies should access to livestock become limited.

Five Generations


• Secure tanks or bins that could potentially float away and plan for removal and safe storage of chemicals and fuel. For more information you can check out these links: Public Safety Canada Flood Guide Book - and Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Flood Preparedness Release --


lassifieds Work! 306-747-2442 •

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY TOWN OF BIG RIVER is receiving applications for

Maintenance Assistant - Summer Employee position. Successful applicant will: • be available to work a 40 hour week from at least May 1st to August 31, 2013; • provide 2 pt photo id and a driver record (abstract); • assist in daily duties under the supervision of qualified maintenance personnel. Forward resumes by 1:00 p.m. April 12th, 2013 to: Town of Big River by mail at: Box 220, Big River Sk S0J 0E0 by email at: by fax at: (306) 469-4856 or in person at: 606 1st St North. For more information please contact the Town Office 306-469-2112. Only those called for interview will receive notification of results.

Everybunny pick up your Easter supplies Here! Easter Baskets, Chocolates, Easter Eggs, Coloring Books, Cards & More! Closed Good Friday & Easter Sunday

From left, Chelsea Spence, mother of Lucas Spence who is siting on Great Great Grandmother Stella Campbell’s lap. Marlene Bickert, Great Grandmother and Shelby O’Sullivan Grandmother.


Woodland Pharmacy

9 Main Street ~ Open Sundays 12 Noon to 5 p.m. Ph: 306-747-2545 • Fax: 306-747-3922


Shellbrook Chronicle


March 22, 2013

Early Bird or Night Owl, Which are you? You know that it takes all kinds of people with all kinds of preferences to make the world such a diversified place. While Spencer Tracy said, “Vive la difference” in the 1949 movie Adam’s Rib, the expression goes back as far as 1919 or 1920. describes it as, “an expression to celebrate (“vive” is equivalent to “long live”) being different, meaning it’s good that everyone is different.” When it comes to waking up, I prefer Tim Horton’s in my cup, not that cheaper mountain blend. Seriously, there are those who are early birds that actually like to wake up early to get a head start on the day, as in 5 or 6 am. There are also those of us who prefer to stay up late and rise later in the day. I had an uncle growing up who was always showered, shaved, well fed and outside by 5:30 in the morning. On any given morning, you could hear him whistling away while clearing his sidewalk of snow, and those of his neighbours, two doors on either side of TOM him. He was a great whistler, and PIERSON always took things in stride with a smile. ~ Forbes staff writer Jenna GouNews dreau, researched the topic for her story, “The Secret To Being A Power Woman: Wake Up Early.” She cited examples such as Michelle Glass, Starbucks President; Avon chief Andrea Jung; and longtime Vogue editor Anna Wintour as crediting their successes to being early birds. Research shows that early birds really do get the worm. A 2008 study at the University of I personally North Texas found that students who identified as morning people earned would rather significantly higher grades. Similarly, biologist Christoph Randler found last be wise year that early risers are more likely to anticipate problems and be proactive, than have a which multiple studies have linked with better job performance, greater pocket full of career success and higher wages,” says Goudreau’s article. worms. On the other side of the coin, however, is the new study researchers Christina Schmidt and Philippe Peigneux, both at the University of Liège in Belgium, and their colleagues conducted. They concluded, “An hour and a half after waking, early birds and night owls were equally alert and showed no difference in attention-related brain activity. But after being awake for 10 and a half hours, night owls had grown more alert, performing better on a reaction-time task requiring sustained attention and showing increased activity in brain areas linked to attention.” According to, “Some of humanity’s greatest minds (Voltaire for example) were renowned for sleeping in.” The article entitled, How To Become a Highly Productive Night Owl, “Having a regular wake up time is just as important for night owls as it is for early risers. If you don’t set a schedule, you’ll have a hard time being productive.” I myself am a night owl and proud of it. As you have no doubt heard before, the early bird gets the worm. Well, that may be so, but I myself do not like worms. The same sages also say that the owl is a wise old bird. I personally would rather be wise than have a pocket full of worms. Just sayin’!


Paul Martin Commentary A big percentage of the women in this province secret- the country and more than a full percentage point lower ly harbor a desire to start their own business. than a year earlier, it is below the range economists conIn the run-up to International Women’s Day, the Bank sider full employment. of Montreal surveyed women to find out if they have an What this tells us is that it is not getting any easier for appetite to become their own bosses by starting a busi- employers to attract personnel. They are offering fullness. And, it turns out, just over one-in-three of Cana- instead of part-time work while other data show that dian women who were polled said they thought wages are going up faster the national average they would do just that in the next ten years. and one of the fastest growing segments of the Here in Saskatchewan 36 percent said they workforce is people over the age of 65 as emwould like to do that. That was roughly the ployers look everywhere for prospects. middle of the pack in the nation. That number *** soared to 60 percent, however, when asked if Sometimes it takes a stranger’s perspective they would like to be business owners if they to shed some light on what we see everyday. could pursue something they loved. Rebel Brown has been involved in the high The biggest obstacle to achieving this ambitech field in northern California’s Silicon Valtion, according to local women, was access to ley for several decades, having worked with PAUL capital. the likes of the famed Steve Jobs. And the most enticing field to enter? The Today she speaks and writes on businessMARTIN food and hospitality sector. One-in-four Sases breaking out of traditional ways of do~ katchewan women would chose that industry. ing things. Recently she was in the province That’s the highest percentage in the nation. speaking to local chief executives and incorAnd the least enticing industry? Information technology porated some of her Saskatchewan observations into a and the skilled trades were the top answers on that ques- recent blog. tion. Regina entrepreneur Aimee Schulhauser, who owns *** and operates Tangerine the Food Bar and Evolution CaNext time you see an employer wringing his or her tering, is a young businessperson who is making a name hands, be sympathetic. for herself by rewriting the traditional playbook for the Businesses trying to secure talent in this province are food service sector. That’s what caught Brown’s attenfinding more and more challenging and the latest up- tion. date on job numbers provide no relief. In February 700 With a menu that changes daily, something Brown new positions were filled when compared to January or says California chefs think is unthinkable, Schulhauser’s roughly 23,000 more than a year ago. business is continually evolving…from a catering operaThe bulk of them were full-time positions which rose tion that gradually grew into a restaurant. Obviously the by 4,000 while part-time employment continued its de- name Evolution Catering is fitting but it is also a remindcline, falling by 3,300 in just one month. And when ev- er that California is not the only place where new ideas erything was said and done, Saskatchewan’s unemploy- or trends are created…we have the talent here to chart ment rate was 3.8 per cent. Not only is that the lowest in new directions.


March 22, 2013

Shellbrook Chronicle

NDP rural problems start at top You don’t need to look any further than the current makeup of the Saskatchewan Legislature to see how far removed the NDP is from rural Saskatchewan. Of the 58 current seats (soon to grow to 61 in 2015), 27 are located in the four major cities and two more represent the northern ridings. The remaining 29 seats are what we call rural seats, although some may question whether ridings representing Yorkton, North Battleford and Swift Current should really be called rural. Nevertheless, of those 29 rural seats, all are represented by Saskatchewan Party MLAs. Most of these seats were won by the Sask. Party in 2011 by majorities of 70 per cent or more. (In fact, of the 49 seats the Sask. Party won in 2011, only two _ both urban seats _ were won with less than 50 per cent of the popular vote.) The magnitude of how badly the NDP did in rural Saskatchewan last election was somewhat shocking, but we have come to expect the NDP to do poorly in rural Saskatchewan.

The NDP only had one rural One can also point to NDP seat prior to 2011 - Len Taygovernment policies like closlor’s The Battlefords riding. ing rural hospitals in 1993, And in 2003 while still in ripping up the GRIP contracts government, the NDP only with farmers in 1991, allowing won Meadow Lake, Saskatchunfairly high education taxes ewan Rivers and The Battlon agricultural land, or even efords. calling an election in the midOne would have to go back dle of harvest in 1999. to Roy Romanow NDP wins of But the real NDP problem in MURRAY 1991 and 1995 to find the last rural Saskatchewan goes back time we saw anything vaguely even longer than that and it MANDRYK resembling an actual rural begins at the top. It hasn’t had ~ NDP caucus. a rural-based leader in half a Really, the NDP rural base century. ended with Allan Blakeney’s huge loss Biggar’s Woodrow Lloyd was the last to Grant Devine’s Progressive Conser- NDP leader to represent a rural riding. vatives in 1982. That was 50 years ago. In fact, Lloyd So why haven’t the NDP done well in and Tommy Douglas were the only NDP rural Saskatchewan? Well, it’s likely leaders who represented rural ridings. more than one single thing. Dwain Lingenfelter was once a young Even before Devine, the NDP had al- farmer and Shaunavon MLA. But he left ready grown out of touch with a chang- rural Saskatchewan for the safety of a ing rural Saskatchewan, no longer de- city seat a quarter century. pendent on pools and co-operatives and In fact, the only recent NDP leadertoday more dependent on resource com- ship hopefuls who could claim to be modities like oil and potash and the free rural-based candidates were Maynard marketing of grain. Sonntag and Nettie Wiebe. Other NDP

HealthLine access made easier

Dear Editor, I am pleased to let your readers know that our government is making access to 24/7 health advice easier by introducing a new, three-digit phone number for our province’s HealthLine. Residents can now access HealthLine by simply dialing 811 from anywhere in the province. HealthLine is a free, confidential, 24-hour health information and support telephone line, and is a key part of our primary health care strategy to improve access to health services. Healthline can provide translation services in over 100 languages. We can all think of times when we needed professional advice about health concerns. Anyone with a health question or concern can call HealthLine and speak to a Registered Nurse or Social Worker. These professionals will help callers make decisions about their health care options in a safe, caring and confidential manner. Saskatchewan now joins several other jurisdictions across the country in using 811 for its health information and support telephone line. I would like to note the old 10-digit HealthLine number (1-877-800-0002) will still be in use for a minimum of two years to ensure that

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YOUR TWO C ENTS ~ access to the service is uninterrupted. As we mark this important milestone for the province’s HealthLine, I encourage all residents to take advantage of this valuable and effective resource by calling 811 when they need health advice. Dustin Duncan Minister of Health

Government rushing labour law changes Dear Editor: The government’s single-minded determination to rush passage of the proposed Saskatchewan Employment Act suggests that many of the planned changes would not stand up to public scrutiny, according to SGEU. Premier Wall has publicly stated that the legislation will pass this spring, despite concerns that this does not give Saskatchewan people enough time to adequately respond to this sweeping overhaul of all of the province’s labour legislation. “The amount of information in the draft legislation is so massive that only a handful of people in the province would have had an opportunity to review and under-

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leadership hopefuls could only claim to having been born or raised in rural Saskatchewan. For example, the candidate closest to having rural credentials in this past leadership race was Dr. Ryan Meili who was raised on a Moose Jaw-area farm. By contrast, the Sask. Party has never had an urban leader or leadership candidate. New NDP leader Cam Broten goes into his new job without a rural background and without any rural caucus members. And with the new electoral boundaries preserving rural seats, the NDP has no hope of forming government any time soon. Rebuilding the NDP’s rural base after 40 or 50 years will be that much more difficult, given that the surviving NDP rural membership is getting older. Broten will simply have to find another way to connect with rural Saskatchewan - no easy task for a leader whose connections to the rural areas are tenuous at best. He is hardly the first NDP leader to suffer this problem.

stand the implications of what is being proposed,” says SGEU President Bob Bymoen. “Working people and their families have a right to know how their lives may be affected by new labour laws.” “It appears that government is trying to avoid a full public discussion on the proposed changes because it would become obvious that working families are going to lose many longstanding rights and benefits,” he says. “We have only had a few months to analyze Bill 85, and what we have come to realize is that this legislation will upset the balance in workplaces, remove protections for workers and give employers new powers to set rules that may not be in the best interests of employees,” says Bymoen. “The eight-hour work day, overtime pay and the principle of Sunday as a common day of rest are all up for grabs. Many workers will lose the right to belong to a union of their choice,” he says. “We need a healthy, informed and wide-ranging public conversation about the rules that govern our working lives. Why jeopardize the fairness and stability we have all come to rely on in Saskatchewan because the government refuses to allow time for proper review and oversight of Bill 85?” asks Bymoen. Susan Dusel Communications Officer SGEU The contents of the Shellbrook Chronicle are protected by Copyright. Reproduction of any material must be done so with expressed permission of the publisher.

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Shellbrook Chronicle

Report from the Legislature

Report from the Legislature, March 14, 2013 Our government is committed to ensuring Saskatchewan remains the best place in Canada to live, work and raise a family. To that end, we have announced that education property tax rates will be reduced in next week’s budget. The overall value of property in Saskatchewan has increased by 67 per cent over the last five years, which could have meant significant property tax increases. Reducing education property tax rates will help mitigate those increases. While some property owners may still see their taxes go up, others will go down and the overall impact in terms of re-assessment will be revenue neutral across Saskatchewan.

SCOTT MOE ~ Rosthern Shellbrook Toll Free: 1-855-793-3422

When we first took office five years ago, property taxes funded about 60 percent of K-12 school costs. Because of changes made by our govern-

ment, education property taxes now only fund about 35 per cent of those costs, with the remainder being covered by the provincial government. With a growing population and increased school enrolment, ensuring school divisions have the financial support they need is an important component in planning for growth. Planning for growth also means ensuring Saskatchewan families have timely access to high quality healthcare, no matter where they live. Recruiting doctors to rural areas, and then keeping them there, is a major priority for our government. The new Rural Physician Incentive Program is a significant first step toward improving access to physician services outside

NADINE WILSON ~ Saskatchewan Rivers Toll Free: 1-888-763-0615

major urban centres. The program will provide $120,000 in funding over five years to recent medical graduates who practice in communities

of 10,000 or less. Eligible physicians will receive a payment at the end of each year of practice, with those payments gradually increasing over that five-year period. Not only will the Rural Physician Incentive Program help ease the financial burden many new doctors find themselves under, it also keeps and improves upon a commitment we made during the 2011 election campaign. Promise made, promise kept. And they say that in politics, as in life, you rarely get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s really too bad for new NDP leader Cam Broten. Minutes after delivering his first official speech as leader, he came out in support of Dwain Lingenfelter’s

March 22, 2013

plan to cut a special deal with First Nations on resource revenues. As a matter of fact, Broten could not think of one thing he would change in the disastrous Lingenfelter election platform rejected by voters on November 7, 2011. Then when asked about his position on the Keystone XL pipeline project, Broten was all over the map. At first, he wouldn’t say where he stood. Then he said he wanted to wait for National Energy Board approval. It turns out though that Keystone received NEB approval three years ago. Broten ended his first week in his new job by saying he did support Keystone, despite the fact that in May 2012 he voted against a motion to support the project.

From the desk of the Recreation Director By Jenny Hosie The week, support the Elks who play Rosthern

on Friday 22nd March at 8:00pm. If you like keeping up

Prince Albert Raider Playoff Schedule Prince Albert Raiders

Red Deer Rebels



Tuesday, March 26 ~ 7 p.m Wednesday, March 27 ~ 7 p.m If Needed

Sunday, March 31 ~ 7 p.m

with all things Hockey, calendar.asp to view a full up to date schedule for Shellbrook Skating Rink. Fitness with Leeta is as normal 7:30-8:30pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Elementary School. $5.00 drop in cost or 12 passes for $50.00. Leeta is a certified group fitness leader and offers a range of workouts that will improve your cardio, strength, endurance and f lexibility. If you have any questions regarding these

R.M. of Canwood No. 494 & Highway 55 Waste Mgmt. Corp. Employment Opportunity

Administrator & Secretary Treasurer Maternity Leave The Rural Municipality of Canwood No. 494 requires the services of a qualified Administrator to provide professional leadership and direction of the Rural Municipality for a one (1) year maternity leave term beginning July 2, 2013. The R.M. of Canwood No. 494 is a progressive municipality located northwest of Prince Albert. R.M. 494 serves a population of approximately 1425 people and includes 27 townships with a strong agricultural base and is surrounded by many lakes. The municipal office is located in the Village of Canwood, 75 km northwest of Prince Albert. Canwood offers a full range of services including a Pre K-12 Grade Community School, library, curling rink, skating rink, health clinic and pharmacy and beautiful Regional Park with a 9-hole sand green golf course. Ideally you have a strong administrative background with technical skills in human resource management and municipal accounting. As the administrative head of the R.M., you are responsible for the overall operation of the R.M. in accordance with the objectives, plans, programs, bylaws and policies approved by Council along with various Provincial or Federal statutes. Candidates must have a minimum Rural “Class C” Certificate in Local Government Administration. The successful candidate must have worked in a Municipal Office within the last five years and have knowledge and experience with: • Munisoft software and Microsoft Office programs; • Financial operations and capital budgeting • Entire tax process The Secretary Treasurer is responsible for the overall administrative operation of Highway 55 Waste Management Corporation. You will work closely with the Landfill Operations Manager and conduct meetings with the Board of the Corporation. Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their resume, a covering letter, three work-related references, and salary expectations to the following address by no later than March 28, 2013: Rural Municipality of Canwood No. 494 Box 10, Canwood, SK S0J 0K0 Fax: (306) 468-2666 • Email: For more information about the R.M. of Canwood No. 494, please call 306-468-2014. We thank all who apply and advise that only those selected for further consideration will be contacted.

sessions, contact me using the details that follow. Here is your Yoga schedule! Beginner/Gentle Yoga; Mondays, 5:15-6:30pm at Shellbrook Seniors Halls (10 weeks) January 7th – March 25th (no class January 28th or February 18th) Thursdays, 5:307:00pm at Wild Rose School (10 weeks) January 10th – March 28th (no class January 31st or February 21st). Both of these sessions have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 students per class. All –level Flow Yoga; Mondays, 7:00-8:30pm at Shellbrook Elementary School (10 weeks) January 7th – March 25th (no class on January 28th& February 18th). Minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 students per class. Intermediate Flow Yoga; Thursdays, 7:15-8:45pm at Wild Rose School (10 weeks) January 10th – March 28th Minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 students per class. Drop in and partial sessions cost $12.00 per class. For more information, contact Tammy Fulton by email at or by telephone 306-747-3030. A big well done to the Host Players for organizing a fantastic variety show on Sunday 17th March at Shellbrook Theatre! The purpose of the show was to raise money for Happy Hearts Childcare who are working very hard at providing

Shellbrook with its very own childcare facility! Well done to everyone involved! Health Tip: This week I have some more valuable nutrition tips in keeping with National Nutrition Month. I have found some great tips from last year’s nutrition month and withvery good ways of regulating your portion control and food type ratios. At you can find the article, ‘Get

Your Plate in Shape’. Here are a few examples of what they suggest; Make half of your place fruits and vegetables, Switch to fat free or low fat milk and Vary your protein choices. There are lots of great tips on this website which is actually aimed at students but can be relevant to everyone! Office – 747-4949 Cell – 747-9098 Email –


MLA - Rosthern - Shellbrook Constituency Office #34 Main, Box 115 Shellbrook, SK S0J 2E0 Telephone: (306) 747-3422 Facsimile: (306) 747-3472 Toll Free: 1-855-793-3422 Email: Website:


40th Annual Bull Sale

Sat., March 23 Sale 1:00 pm Location - Spiritwood Stockyards 4-H Dutch Auction Heifer to start the sale 3 Buyer # Draws of $300 towards bull purchase 3 Breeds: Angus, Charolais & Simmentals New & existing breeders with their top breeding stock For More Info:

306-883-2767 or 306-883-2566

March 22, 2013


Shellbrook Chronicle


Biggest impact on farming is direct seeding technology We often hear about farmland being a finite resource in this world of ours. And of course that is true in regards to acres. Once you minus the mountains, deserts, swamps, lakes, urban sprawl and all the other things which restrict land from ever growing a crop. But it goes farther than that as we move forward. Just because land is productive cropland today does not mean it will be tomorrow. Soil degradation is a real issue moving forward. Existing land can lose its productivity for a range of reasons, all relating to affects which damage the topsoil. The most obvious of those is erosion which literally carries nutrient rich topsoil away. Many of us will be familiar with pictures of great clouds of dust billowing over the landscape in the 1930's. It was blowing topsoil which contributed to the era being known as the 'Dirty Thirties'. Things were not so much better here on the Canadian Prairies in the 1980s either. Land blew. Topsoil f lowed into ditches with rain runoff. Topsoil which takes year to build from crop residues was being lost every time rain was heavy, or the winds blew too hard. The good news, at least here, is that farm techniques have evolved to the point where topsoil conditions are

actually improving. That was the message from University of Saskatchewan Professor Jeff Schoneau when he spoke in Yorkton recently. Schoneau credited two major changes in how farmers approach cropping as the reason for the improvement. The first is a more diversified cropping rotation. For decades, baCALVIN sically from the time land was first broke, until the 1980s, most farmDANIELS ers on the Prairies focused produc~ tion on cereal crops. Wheat was king, barley the prince, and oats the fill-in when needed. And of course in areas durum was important, and rye grown as well. All were cereals. Yes there were acres of rapeseed and f lax and a few other options, but they were minor acres. The development of canola, with its unique oil profile put an oilseed crop into almost every farm rotation in a matter of years. The realization farms here could successfully grow pulse crops also changed rotations. Saskatchewan farmers were quick to grow acres of lentils and peas,

and that trend may continue as new soybean varieties are making that crop more viable here. Pulse crops in a rotation are particularly good because the crops can fix nitrogen so that the crop actually aids the soil nutrient profile. Of course crop rotations are ultimately inf luenced by crop prices. Acres naturally gravitate to crops with the highest potential for profit, so at present are skewing hard toward canola. Still as Schoneau noted the more diverse a rotation the better it generally is for the soil. The bigger impact though was the development of direct seeding technology. The ability to seed directly into stubble still standing from the previous fall had two major impacts on farming. The first, it allowed farmers to continuous crop. Summerfallow is all but nonexistent these days, and without the need to rest fields with summerfallow, more acres are available to production annually. And more importantly in terms of soil health, the stubble and its root system are a built-in shield to the effects of other water and wind erosion. Such adaptations to farm techniques to protect the topsoil we have is critical, in that area producers here have been leaders.

Community Pastures Association of Saskatchewan news The Community Pasture Patrons Association of Saskatchewan now officially represents the majority of AAFC (former PFRA) pastures across Saskatchewan. The Interim Directors of the Association have concentrated their efforts attending pasture meetings across the Province. Pasture Patrons have strongly supported the Association and the need to work together in seeking solutions for a long-term viable system suitable to livestock producers, and the livestock industry in our Province. Although membership is of utmost importance, the Directors will now focus their attention to working on solutions that ensure patrons have continued access to affordable grazing, professional livestock management, and long-term land sustainability. “We have made milestones in such a short time. Bringing to lite the seriousness of losing a vital part of our grazing opportunities, along with many other aspects that are directly tied to the AAFC pasture program is what has driven me in my work. Cattle numbers have been on a steady decline in our Province and we need a program that will enhance the livestock industry, not promote a further decline. Retaining the expertise in land management and protecting our environment will ensure long-term grazing opportunities for generations to come.” Joanne Brochu "When the transition process started all pastures were shocked and thought this would be the end of the PF pastures. The original policy position to buy the pastures and assets would have made many pastures uneconomical. CPPAS Interim Directors have travelled throughout the Province and have listened to patron’s wants and needs. Out of these meetings and teleconference calls with the 1st ten pastures to be transitioned CPPAS has come up with options that will help make pastures viable.” said Brent Cammer of Swift Current. “We have shared the approach taken in Manitoba with patron groups across this province. The Manitoba option recognizes the many public benefits of these pastures and reflects only the grazing costs to patrons. Patrons in Saskatchewan want this approach to get actively reviewed.” said Ian McCreary interim chair of CPPAS. “Patrons have a strong concern that the pace of change is too fast. There are more questions than answers and without more information, hasty and perhaps incorrect decisions may get made.” added McCreary. “Now is the time to consider a one year delay for the first ten pastures.” The CPPAS steering committee will be actively meeting with elected officials, industry groups and other interest-

ed parties in an effort to find a long term sustainable solution for the pastures. As the PFRA pasture system was one of the most successful programs globally and has received recognition for such, the need for communication and partnerships is of utmost importance. It is through a strong communication process with all stakeholders we will achieve a program in our Province that meets the needs of all; not only for our generation, but generations to come. To access ongoing information, request a pasture meeting, or provide feedback Patrons may contact their local steering committee member or our executive Ian McCreary and Joanne Brochu. Community Pasture Patrons Association of Saskatch-

ewan Inc. Ian McCreary (306) 567-2099 cell: (306)561-7838 Joanne Brochu (306) 255-2046 cell: (306) 255-7602


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Shellbrook Chronicle

New health facility tour reveals high quality

The multi purpose room shows off a wonderful rock styled wall. The same effect is used in several areas of the facility. The opposite wall was a bank of windows floor to ceiling and wall to wall that brought in plenty of natural light. It also proved the fact that whatever window you looked out from, the view was fabulous. Photo: Tom Pierson

Irish Stew delivers meaty help to hospital fund

The Irish Stew served up on St. Paddy’s Day at the Shellbrook Senior Centre attracted a large hungry crowd and a generous one at that. The Irish Stew Supper prepared by Pastor Claude Tucker realized $1,666 for the Shellbrook and Districts Health Care Project. Adeline Fossey, Seniors President, presented the cheque to Amund Otterson. Edith Henry won the 50/50. Together with the Kaiser tournaments and the 3 Soup and Sandwiches put on with the help of the Cameo Hilldrop Ladies Guild, the Shellbrook Seniors Association has donated a total of $8,855 to the hospital fund. Photo: Tom Pierson

Advertising Deadline is Monday 5:00 p.m.

March 22, 2013

Shellbrook Mayor George Tomporowski takes in some details about the specialized patient lifting bath tub, designed for patient and worker safety and comfort. Photo: Tom Pierson

Elks drop first two games to Rosthern By Tom Pierson The Shellbrook Elks have run into some trouble in the Fort Carlton Hockey League championship series with Rosthern Wheat Kings. The Wheat Kings won the first two games of the series. Rosthern came to Shellbrook March 16th to open the series and won 4-1. Shellbrook’s only goal was scored at 12:32 of the first period by Matt Bergen. Assists went to Matt Swaby and Aki Seitsonen. That gave the Elks their one and only lead of the game. Because before the first period was done, the Wheat Kings would score twice. At 2:09 Aaron Starr scored from Matt Hildebrandt and Blair Toms. Then at 7 seconds left, Hildebrandt scored from Tanner Gillies and Paul Ayres. Rosthern finished their scoring in the second period when Hildebrandt scored his second and third goals to complete his natural hat trick. Rosthern’s third goal was scored at 13:44 with Toms and Gillies drawing the assists. The final goal of the game was scored on a penalty shot. Game two went the next night in Rosthern While the outcome was closer, it was still a 4-3 win for the Wheat Kings. Rosthern opened the scoring at 12:46. Aaron Starr scored from Tanner Gillies and Mitch Berg. The Elks answered right away with a goal by Josh Peterson, assisted by Chris

Thompson. The see-saw continued when Rosthern scored again at 10:50. Garrett Cameron scored from James Palmer and Lawrence Garaipy. It took awhile, but Ryan Gareau evened the score at 2-2. Chris Thompson picked up his second assist of the game. Rosthern doubled up on the Elks in the second pe-

riod. Brody Zuk scored from Aaron Starr and Matt Hildebrandt, followed by Brody Zuk again from Garrett Cameron and Brendan Dowd. The Elks got off to a quick start in an effort to tie the game, when Leigh Spencer scored at 17:12 from Craig Hayden and Matt Swaby. Unfortunately, that’s as close as the Elks would get. The goaltending match-

up was Dan Bauer for Rosthern versus Devon Spencer in both games. Upcoming Games Game # 3 Friday, March 22 at 8:00 pm in Shellbrook. Game # 4 Saturday, March 23 at 8:00 pm in Rosthern. Game # 5 Tuesday, March 26 at 8:00 PM in Shellbrook.

CAA Saskatchewan worst roads 2013 Spring is just ‘round the corner and so is the Worst Roads Campaign, sponsored by CAA Saskatchewan. Starting March 25th, 2013, Saskatchewan motorists are invited to vote on the worst road – for potholes, cracks, or just general disrepair, or poor signage, congestion, etc. – that they’ve recently travelled on in the province. This also includes roads that are too narrow for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to share safely. CAA Saskatchewan has teamed up with CAA clubs in Manitoba, the Atlantic region and Ontario in a joint effort to advocate for better roads. From March 25th to April 20th, 2013, motorists are invited to vote on the worst road at www.caask. ca/worstroads. The campaign will be monitored during the four-week period. Updated information on which roads in our province are getting the top votes will be available via news releases, website, and social media including Facebook and Twitter. As per last year’s Worst Roads Campaign, the top 10 roads will be shared with the appropriate government body. CAA Saskatchewan acknowledges the improvements made to Saskatchewan roadways for the safety of all residents

and travelers. But there is still work to be done and who better to help identify roads in need of repair than Saskatchewan motorists who rely on them every day for work, leisure and family travel. During the 2012 Worst Roads Campaign, around 2,900 votes were cast with Highway 22 near Earl Grey receiving the most votes. A complete list of last year’s top 10 worst roads is also available at Working towards better roads and driving safety is a priority for CAA Saskatchewan. The Worst Roads Campaign helps to put a spotlight on troublesome and even dangerous road conditions in the province and is one tool to help address those roads in most need of attention.

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March 22, 2013

Shellbrook Chronicle

Doctor recruitment remains important council topic By Tom Pierson

Shellbrook Town Council met for its regular meeting March 18th after taking a tour of the new Shellbrook and Districts Integrated Health Complex. The newest doctor will be here on March 31st, move-in day, reported Alderman Amund Otterson. He then reported there was to be a Hospital Steering Committee meeting March 28th. Otterson spoke about a recent announcement of the $120,000 grant for new physicians and new graduates set-

ting up practice. They can be graduates of a Canadian or international college the last three years. It is not for covering of student loans. It is an outright grant of $120,000 spread over a 5 year period. One Doctor on the way to Shellbrook is currently working on trying to get a Canadian work permit and visas for his children. One Doctor, the fifth to be entertained here, said Otterson, has declined. Council set a minimum of $50 before charitable receipts will be issued.


The Tax Free for Three program was discussed at the Council table. It was decided to scrap the program retroactive to the start of the year. From there, the policy will receive a complete overhaul and put back into effect back to January 1st. The question is not about providing incentives to new businesses or new buildings for home-owners. The wording and perhaps the terms of the policy need a review after being in place for several years. Council was asked to declare May 29th as “Day of the Honey Bee.” Council elected not to do so.

Identification Theft in 2013 Identity fraud thieves do not discriminate. They will steal information from anyone, no matter what your choice in lifestyle, financial means or overall situation. Public awareness and education is the key to preventing and reducing the number of reported incidents of Identity Fraud. While it may not be possible to guarantee the safety of everyone’s identity, following some general guidelines and being aware of current trends will help minimize your risk and exposure to these incidents. What is Identity Fraud? Commonly referred to as identity theft, identity fraud involves the unauthorized acquisition, possession or trafficking of personal information. The information is used to create a fictitious identity, assume or takeover an existing identity that may result in financial gain, goods or services, or concealment of criminal activity. Changes to the Criminal Code of Canada in 2010, added specific charges for Identity Theft/Fraud. Thieves look for information such as a name, address, date of birth, social insurance number, mother’s maiden name, user names and passwords of on-line services as well as drivers’ license numbers. This information allows

the thief to take over the your financial accounts, open new bank accounts, transfer bank balances, apply for loans, credit cards and other services, purchase vehicles and take luxury vacations. How is your information obtained? Identity fraud is facilitated by technology, commonly through the Internet. “Phishing” attacks are becoming more sophisticated as criminal elements gather profiles of potential victims through the use of fake internet websites. Computer spy-wares and viruses, designed to acquire personal information are common methods of Phishing. Another sophisticated avenue used is “Vishing,” where technology is used to capture telephone and computer keyboard strokes. Fan out calls are placed to unsuspecting victims requesting banking and other personal information. These normally seem to come in the form of a text. The text may ask for personal information or there may be a link. Once you access the link it requests information or downloads the key stroke program. A third type of scam which is becoming very prominent in the age of the smart phone is called “Smishing”. Like Phishing and Vishing, Smishing

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uses use Smart/Cell Phone texts to “bait” a victim into going to a URL address Link attached to a text in order to obtain information on that persons phone. Once the victim goes to the website they inadvertently upload a Computer Virus commonly known as a Trojan horse which hides within a program pretending to be something it is not. Uploading a Trojan horse may allow a suspect to gain unfettered access to the data on their phone. This is commonly called “phone hacking”. Smishing has become infamous in the media because numerous celebrities have had their phones accessed this way and personal photos and other data have ended up on the internet for public access. Other less sophisticated, but effective, techniques include stealing wallets, break and enters to homes and vehicles, picking through someone’s garbage, watching over someone’s shoulder while they enter Pin information into a debit machine, redirecting/stealing mail, posting job offers and sending out mail or emails requesting extensive personal information. Don’t forget, what may be garbage to some is a treasure to others. SHRED SHRED SHRED!!!! What can you do to protect yourself? Remove identification from your wallet you are not using such as your birth certificate and Social Insurance Number (SIN). A SIN is a confidential number which is only required by law for tax reporting if a customer is earning income (either employment or investment). While many companies may ask for you SIN for other purposes, you have the right to refuse under these circumstances. Keep track of your credit cards. Cancel any that you

do not use and always sign them when they are received. Review your on-line banking or paper statement regularly and contact your credit card company if there are any questionable charges. Never provide personal information including your SIN, date of birth and credit card security code unless you initiate the call. Your bank will never call you and ask you for your banking information, account numbers and debit card passwords. Shred your paper mail, statements, credit card offers, bills and receipts before putting them in the recycling bin. Ensure your computer anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall programs are up-to-date, turned on and working properly. Don’t save passwords and sensitive banking information in a file titled ‘passwords.’ Destroy your old computer hard drive. Information is left behind even after you delete it. Never use a public access computer to access your personal or financial information. Software can be installed without the knowledge of the business owner to capture key strokes. Once the suspect downloads the information, you or anyone else who previously entered will have access to your bank, email, social networking account. Avoid embedded links in an e-mail claiming to bring you to a secure site. In some cases, the offending site can modify your browser address bar to make it look legitimate, including the web address of the real site and a secure “https://” prefix. If the site appears suspicious contact the company directly by phone or entering the site address in manually. If you need to access the site, do not use the link provided, type in the web address you normally use. Access your accounts online regularly to monitor

the transactions. Reviewing your credit bureau history on a regular basis is a good step to making sure your credit has not been compromised. If your information has already been used to create a fictitious identity, contact your local police service. Contact your credit and debit card issuers and notify your bank about the incident. Finally, contact a credit bureau to request a fraud alert be placed on your account. The following contact information is offered below

as additional reference: RCMP “F” Division: www.; RCMP: w w w. r c m p - g r c . g c . c a / s c a m s - f r a u d e s/ R e g i n a Police Service:; Saskatoon Police Service: www.police.; Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority (Saskatchewan): Better Business Bureau: 1-888352-7601 www.sask.bbb. org Consumer Protection Branch: (306) 787-5560 w w w.ju s t ic e .go v. s k .c a/ cpb Corporations Branch: (306) 787-2962

The Happy Hands and Feet Childcare Center is looking for someone for part-time with possibly of full-time employment. Seeking someone who has Level 1 or higher in the childcare field, would be a great asset, or willing to achieve. For further information please contact Carey at 306-466-2411 or send resume to Box 10, Leask SK, S0J 1M0.

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Shellbrook Chronicle

March 22, 2013

Skating Club brings home great achievements

Shellbrook figure skaters competed at Regionals in LaRonge the weekend of February 23rd. They all did very well in their first year competing. Then they competed at Jean Norman (Skating Competition) the weekend of March 1st, and they did Shellbrook proud. They also brought home some medals. Back row (left to right): Emilia Gillies, Kacy Campbell, Mya Cyr, Erika Stene; Front: Emmalynn Lamotte, Jessica Sharron, Ashlyn Schmitz; Missing: Tegan Naumann. Photo: Tom Pierson

Interested in Starting or Expanding Your Business? Marcelin and District Small Business Co-op can help you! We offer loans up to $20,000.00 at a competitive interest rate to help local entrepreneurs realize their business dreams. The Small Business Loans Association (S.B.L.A.) Program has assisted thousands of small businesses through their funding services. By making funding available through community-run organizations, the program encourages diversification of the Saskatchewan economy and supports community economic development. Contact Sue Bold at 306-226-2033 or Wendy Stupnikoff at 306-226-4727 for additional program information. Application forms can be obtained from the Marcelin Village Office. Marcelin and District Small Business Co-op Box 1, Marcelin, SK S0J 1R0 “The SBLA program made it easier for me to start my small business.” Ted Turner, Owner Warner Enterprises

This year, Shellbrook Skating Club has 8 skaters in our StarSkate program and 32 registered in our Canskate program and 29 in powerskating. Our head coach Tasje Sharron runs our Canskate program and our powerskating program. She is assisted by Ev Hollowell, Randi Horricks, Tasha Cyr, Tracey Beaven, Lisa Schatkoske, Emilia Gillies, Kacy Campbell and Mya Cyr. Our coaches are wonderful and give so much of themselves to our skaters. These little skaters progress form not being able to stand, to skating laps around the rink. With our new Canskate program up and running this year, they seem to get the most out of every aspect of the Canskate program. Our StarSkaters are Emilia Gillies, Kacy Campbell, Mya Cyr, Emmalynn LaMotte, Erika Stene, Tegan Naumann, Ashlyn Schmitz and Jessica Sharron. These girls spend hours out on the ice every week, working on their skills, jumps and spins. These girls are all amazing. They work hard every day at something they love to do. They are very dedicated to this sport that they all enjoy so much. Our girls took part in two competitions this year. The first was our Regional Competition held in LaRonge February 23rd and 24th. The second was Jean Norman Competition held in Saskatoon March 1st – 3rd. Our girls did so good at both of these competitions. In Introductory Elements, Ashlyn placed 5th, Mya 4th, and Kacy 4th. In Pre-preliminary Elements, Emilia placed 3rd. In Pre-preliminary dance, Erika placed 1st and Mya 2nd. In Preliminary Dance Emilia placed 1st. In Introductory Jump Event, Ashlyn received 5th, Erika 3rd, Mya 1st and Emmalynn 1st. In Preliminary Jump event, Emilia placed 3rd. Kacy placed 6th in Creative. In the Preliminary Spin Event, Emilia placed 3rd. In the Introductory Freeskate event, Kacy placed 2nd, Mya 1st, Emmalynn 2nd, Erika 2nd, and Ashlyn 6th. Emilia placed 5th in Preliminary Freeskate and our group, Mya, Kacy, Emmalynn and Erika,

The Canwood Regional Park would like to thank the individuals, businesses and organizations who generously donated to the Silent Auction Fundraiser on March 9. Special thanks to Viterra and Neighbourhood Caterers from Canwood for their major contributions to the success of the evening. All funds received from the silent auction will be put towards park improvements.

Thank You! Town of Blaine Lake Assessment Roll Notice Notice is hereby given that the assessment roll for the Town of Blaine Lake for the year of 2013 has been prepared and is open to inspection in the office of the Assessor from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, March 22nd to May 22nd, 2013 except Friday, March 29th and Monday, April 1st, 2013. A bylaw pursuant to section 214 of The Municipalities Act has been passed and the assessment notices have been sent as required. Any person who wishes to appeal against his or her assessment is required to file his or her notice of appeal, accompanied by a $50.00 appeal fee which will be returned if the appeal is successful, with: The Assessor, Town of Blaine Lake, Box 10, Blaine Lake, Sk. S0J 0J0 by the 22nd day of May, 2013. Dated this 22nd day of March, 2013. Anna Brad Assessor

placed 2nd in the Team event. Jessica took part in our Regions Fun Festival and had a lot of fun. Jean Norman took place the following weekend, and our girls also did great. In Introductory Freeskate, Ashlyn placed 5th, Erika 5th, Mya 1st and Emmalynn 2nd. In the Introductory Elements, Ashlyn placed 7th and Erika placed 5th. In Introductory Jump event, Ashlyn placed 11th, Erika 4th, Mya 2nd and Emmalynn 7th. Emilia placed 8th in Freeskate and 4th in her jump event. These girls all did great and we are very proud of all their accomplishments. Along with their competitions, our girls have been testing and advancing in the StarSkate program. Ashlyn and Kacy passed their Dutch Waltz. Emmalynn and Mya both passed their Canasta, Baby Blues, and Swing Dances. Erika passed her Baby Blues and Swing Dance. Emilia tested and passed her Fiesta Tango, Junior Bronze Skating Skills and Junior Bronze Freeskate. Tegan will be testing her Dutch Waltz and Emilia will be testing 2 more dances before our season is over. Both Kacy and Tegan have achieved all their Canskate badges this year, including Stage 6, and have continued their skating in the StarSkate program. Jessica moved up from Stage 3 to Stage 5 to achieve 2 badges in the Canskate program, while skating in the StarSkate program. These girls have accomplished so much this year and had fun while working on their skills. We are all very proud of all of them. Shellbrook Skating Club is having our annual ice show Sunday, March 24th @ 1:00 pm. All our Canskaters and StarSkaters will be performing in this year’s event ‘The Circus”. These kids will be showing off their skills for all those wanting to come and cheer them on. Along with our show, we will be raffling off 2 pairs of tickets to Stars on Ice in Saskatoon, May 3rd. These tickets were donated by Paul & Kelly Bourgeault Investors Group.

SMSA 2013 Ball Season

Registration Tuesday, April 9th 6 pm - 8 pm Shellbrook Skating Rink

SMSA Annual General Meeting will be held on

Tuesday, April 9th - 8 pm Shellbrook Skating Rink

March 22, 2013

Shellbrook Chronicle




Shellbrook Chronicle

The Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Council of the Rural Municipality of Leask No. 464 which was held in the Leask Municipal Office on Tuesday, January 8, 2013. The meeting was called to order by Reeve Jim Joanette at 9:03 a.m. Present were Reeve Jim Joanette, Administrator Sheri McHanson Budd and the following Council members: Steve Nelson – Division No. 1 Real Diehl - Division No. 2 Don Kavanagh – Division No.3 Myles Robin – Division No. 4 Robert Girod - Division No. 5 The following motions were carried: That the minutes of the Regular Council meeting of December 12, 2012 be adopted as circulated. 9:05 – 9:28 a.m. – Justin Nagy – Transportation Department Report That the Statement of Financial Activities for the period ending December 31, 2012 be accepted as circulated. Councillor Unyi arrived at 9:40 a.m. That the accounts covered by cheques numbered 6453 to 6529 and other payments numbered 196 to 205 inclusive, totaling $142,211.09 be approved for payment. That pursuant to the

RM of Leask news highlights Municipalities Act the following invoice was added to the tax roll on December 31, 0212: Cheryl Sutton Fire Call $1000.00 That Grader 772G e sent to Brandt Tractor for repairs. That we accept the following reports as presented and that they be filed accordingly: Administrator’s Report Hospital Fundraising Committee Report Wapiti Library Annual Meeting Report That Bylaw 1/2013 be read a first time. That Council Supervision and Indemnity Vouchers be accepted and approved for payment as circulated. That we rescind motion #427/12. That Bylaw 08/2011 read a third time as amended and finally approved. Final Read That we advertise for an in-scope foreman position with the following conditions: 1) Trial basis from May 1, 2013 – October 31, 2013 2) Rate of pay $30.00 per hour 3) Job Description as attached 4) if the position is filled by a current employee and the foreman position is terminated or employee wishes to the employee can return to their previous position and wages 5) other conditions as

specified in the union agreement. Delegation 11:31 – 11:51 a.m. Darryl Kennedy – Shellbrook Crushing. Recess for lunch at 11:51 a.m. Reconvene at 12:48 p.m. That we extend the Olfert/Jackson order to remove their cabin to June 30, 2013. That council send a correspondence to Muskeg Lake Cree Nation that our grader operators have had complaints from residents at SW 29-46-07 W3 and that if Removal t h e r e continues to be complaints we will not be able to provide snow plow service at that Muskeg location. That we approve the RM of Spiritwood completing custom snow removal on the municipal right of way on S 33-49-08 W3 and 2849-08 W3 at $150.00 per hour due to water over the road. That Darryl Valuck be appointed as Weed Inspector for the year 2013 and the appropriate minister be advised accordingly. That we appoint Brent Duncan to the Development Appeals Board for 2013. That we appoint Gerald Fillmore the Pest Control Officer for the RM of Leask No. 464 for the 2013 year. That we appoint Peter Halayka of Halayka Building Inspections Inc. as 2013 Building Official for

Shellbrook Fire & Rescue saves home

Shellbrook Fire & Rescue were called to the scene of a house fire on 2nd Street West on Sunday, March 17th at 3:00 pm. There were eight firefighters who answered the call and Fire Chief Joe Novakowski said, “We were successful in saving the home.” He also said units from Buckland were on scene as backup, but were not needed. Cause of the fire is unknown.

the RM of Leask. That we set fees for appeals of assessment at $50.00 and appoint the Gord Krismer and Associates to hear assessment appeals on behalf of the RM. That we appoint the Administrator as tax collector and assessor for the RM of Leask No. 464. That the Administrator be appointed administrator of the Stray Animals Act. That we appoint the following poundkeepers for the year 2013 with pounds to be established at the locations as indicated: Division 1 Don Kavanagh SW 06-47-03 W3 Division 2 R e a l Diehl NE 06-46-07 W3 Division 3 Darryl Stieb SE 15-47-04 W3 Division 4 R e a l Diehl NE 06-46-07 W3 Division 5 R e a l Diehl NE 06-46-07 W3 Division 6 R e a l Diehl NE 06-46-07 W3 That council approves renewal of the following insurance: SARM Fidelity Bond $180.00 $100,000 Registered Mail included $50,000 Money & Securities $180.00 $20,000 Liability Self-Insurance Plan $1906.78 As specified in the policy That pursuant to the Municipalities Act the reeve and administrator be Borrowing authorized to borrow up to the sum of $250,000.00 to finance the current year’s operating expenses and monies borrowed be secured by a promissory note with the interest rate to be the prime rate plus .5% of the Affinity Credit Union and the signing authorities be authorized to sign the required forms as written by the Affinity Credit Union. That we approve to pay the RMAA membership for the Administrator in the amount of $325.00 That we approve the entire RM Council and Administrator to attend the SARM convention in Saskatoon from March 11-14, 2013. That we cover expenses to send the Administrator to the RMAA Convention from May 13-16, 2013 in Saskatoon. That we appoint Councillor Robin to represent the RM of Leask No. 464 at the Sask Municipal Hail Annual Meeting at the 2013 SARM Convention. That we approve to pay the Affinity Credit Union annual banking fees of

$420.00 for 2013. That letters be sent to all ratepayers with 2012 Tax Arrears stating that a list of unpaid taxes will be presented at the February 13, 2013 meeting of Council. That the Butler Library Committee is approved to hold regular meetings in Library council chambers during regular office hours, so long as council chambers is available. That whereas the members of the Leask Volunteer Fire Department remain Vern Unyi as Fire Chief, and Murray Donohue as Deputy Fire Chief, that council hereby approve this and appoint them as same and, appoint the below noted persons as fire fighters: Max Jupe, Robert Hryniuk, Owen Johnson Jr, Robert McHanson, Justin Nagy, Marlene Straf, Roger Straf, Arthur Spriggs, ed Aldred, Tom Spriggs, Josiah Beam, Jim Kang, Devon Donahue , Travis Spriggs and in addition to this authorize members of fire departments from all other communities to work in Leask when required. That signing authority at the Credit Union be given to Reeve Joanette or Deputy Reeve Kavanagh and Administrator Donn Bergsveignson effective February 4, 2013. That Donn Bergsveignson be engaged to supervise Assistant Administrator Riannon Nelson, for the time required to be qualified as an Administrator, unless sooner Assistant terminated, at the rate of pay provided for in resolution number 511/12. That we send a correspondence to the Mistawasis First Nation Band Council requesting to meet to discuss road widening requirements on TLE proposed lands. That we send a correspondence to the Hamlet of Pelican Cove Board requesting approval of outstanding invoices& AGM minutes immediately and the 2013 annual budget is required by March 1, 2013. That council approves the development of a rock wall to stop erosion at L9, Block 3, Plan 78B17991 with the following conditions: 1) Approval from the Ministry of Environment and other government agencies 2) Rockwall must be built on the above noted property and not on the public reserve.

March 22, 2013

That Lac La Peche Resort be advised that they must pay tipping fees at the time of landfill use and that the $50 outstanding landfill fees must be paid before they will be Fees able to use the landfill again. That council advises Terry Whyte that a development permit would not be issued unless the proposed development has frontage on an all-weather road. There is not an all-weather road to NE 24-46-08 W3 and cost of road development to RM specifications would be the responsibility of the land owner requesting the permit. Repealed please see February 13, 2013 minutes Resolution 43/13. That we accept the following correspondence as presented and that it be filed accordingly: 1. Martins Lake Regional Park – Minutes of October 9, 2012 2. Parkland Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee Report – December 15, 2012 3. The Saskatchewan Wheat and Barley Commissions Survey 4. SAMA – AGM April 16, 2013 Regina 5. Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure – No passing zone request on Highway 12 6. Brian and Candise Ashby – Request for Landfill Tipping Fee Balance to be removed from Accounts Receivable 7. Steve and Jacqueline Cates – cc: of email and letters of January 6, 2013 regarding Basic Planning Statement Amendment 8. Rural Municipality of Canwood – Development Appeals Board Meeting January 22, 2013 9. Terry Whyte – Request for development permit 10. SARM – Grader/ Mower Operator Workshop at SARM Convention 11. Shellbrook & Districts Health Services Project – Minutes of December 3, 2012 12. Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure – Muskeg Lake First Nation TLE Selections 13. APAS – December Newsletter 14. Steve & Jacqueline Cates – Jan 8, 2013 Anderson Subdivision proposed Bylaw 16/2012. 15. Kevin Orchard – email of January 7, 2013 – Environmental Study Request That this meeting adjourn at 3:45 p.m.


March 22, 2013

Shellbrook Chronicle


Don't award cup to Hawks just yet Chicago Blackhawks have been the talk of the shortened 48-game National Hockey League season — they didn’t lose their first game until March 8, snapping a 24-game streak without a regulation-time defeat — and while fans in Vegas are snapping up betting slips on the Hawks to win the Stanley Cup, history isn’t necessarily on their side. It was an amazing run, but pressure to keep the streak going, combined with a couple of injuries, meant that the inevitable occurred in a 6-2 loss to the hometown Colorado Avalanche. But a record of 21-13 in mid-March is still pretty impressive and while coach Joel Quenneville is rearranging the silverware in his trophy case to make space for a Coach-of-the-Year award, the City of Chicago is quietly mapping out a route for the Stanley Cup celebration parade this June. But wait. Just hold on a sec. History says long winning streaks during the regular season don’t always result in champi-

rin gF



Co ur se

ill H

Go lf

n de

ro ok

Sh el of


it’ll be nice to his wife are move on now,” expecting ... defenceman twins. Good Duncan Keith thing Joe told the Assocididn’t catch ated Press after the daddy bug the Hawks’ first when he played defeat. in Quad Cit”It’s hockies.” ey, we've lost • Brad Dickgames before son of the BRUCE in our lives. It’s Omaha WorldPENTON not like we're Herald: “Dw y~ going to sit here ane Wade gave and cry.” himself a new Said Quennnickname — eville: “They should be ‘World of Wade,’ or ‘Wow’ very proud of what they for short. accomplished. They I have a better sugfound different ways to gestion for a Wade nickwin, night in and night name — ‘Extremely Good out, and everyone con- Offense,’ or ‘Ego.’ “ tributed to something • Steve Rushin of that hadn’t been done. Sports Illustrated: “Race “It’s a great feather in fans, I had inferred from our cap, but let’s move my one trip to the Brickforward and try to get yard 400, fell into one better.” of two categories: Tat• R.J. Currie of Sports- tooed, shirtless,, on Joakim mouthed drunks, and Noah going 0 for 7 on their husbands.” career three-point at• Scott Ostler of the tempts: “Anyone sur- San Francisco Chronicle: prised a guy named Noah “The Dodgers and Angels prefers his points two by seem poised to provide a two?” sensational reality show. • Dwight Perry of the They both have enSeattle Times: “From gaged in crazed spendthe ‘Why, Of Course’ file ing sprees, and now, comes word that Twins with the pressure on and catcher Joe Mauer and anxiety levels off the

charts, they're sweating like lawn sprinklers.” • Currie again: “In Minnesota, No. 1 Indiana was upset by the unranked Gophers, 77-73. Saskatchewan Roughriders mascot Gainer hasn’t been this happy since Troy Westwood retired.” • Rick Reilly, ESPN. com: “You people are seeing this new friendship between Dennis Rodman and North Korean dictator Kim Jongun all wrong. Yes, we are talking about a man who is crazy, dangerous and completely out of touch with reality. But you could also say that of Kim Jong-un.” • Janice Hough of leftcoastspor “Mariano Rivera, who will retire at the end of 2013, says ‘The last game I hope will be throwing the last pitch in the World Series. Winning the World Series, that would be my ambition.’ So the season hasn’t started, and Rivera already wants to be traded?” • Mike Oz of Yahoo. com, after Red Sox pitching prospect Drake Britton was arrested for

DUI: “(He) hit 111 mph on the radar gun — just not the one anybody was hoping for.” • Another one from Perry: “The National Rif le Association announced it will sponsor its firstever NASCAR Sprint Cup Race — the NR A 500 — at Texas Motor Speedway on April 13, and it figures to be different. In lieu of a green f lag, there’ll be a shotgun start.” • From Mike Bianchi in the Orlando Sentinel: “Jimmy Kimmel asked Kobe Bryant if he would be willing to go to North Korea like Dennis Rodman did. Kobe: "I'd probably pass." Kimmel: “Oh, for once you're passing.” • And a groaner from Currie to wrap up: “Guido, one of the Milwaukee Brewers’ racing sausages that went missing, has been found. This comes as a relief to his fellow mascots, who feared for the wurst.” Care to comment? Email

Cash Elimination Draw & Dance


H id

onships when the champagne is waiting to be popped. Case No. 1: The Philadelphia Flyers of 197980 ran off a 35-game unbeaten streak (25 wins; 10 ties) but lost to the New York Islanders in the Cup final. Case No. 2: The 1916 New York Giants had a 26-game unbeaten streak, but the American League Boston Red Sox defeated Brooklyn in the World Series. Case No. 3: The 2002 Oakland A’s (of Moneyball movie fame) won an American League best 20 consecutive games but didn’t even make it to the World Series that season. The Blackhawks may want to emulate the 197172 Los Angeles Lakers, whose 33-game winning streak did prove to be a precursor to a championship and the 1972 Miami Dolphins, of course, have the only undefeated season in professional sports history, winning 17 straight (14 regular season; three playoffs) en route to the NFL’s Super Bowl title. “We're proud of it, but



Rewind (70’s music)

Sat., April 6 Shellbrook Community Hall

Cocktails: 8:30 p.m. • Dance: 9:30 p.m. • Midnight Lunch

Cash Elimination Draw 1st & Every 50th Number Drawn .........Wins $100 3rd Last Number Drawn ................Wins $250

Music sponsored by Shellbrook Co-op

2nd Last Number Drawn ................Wins $500


Last Number Drawn ....................Wins 1000 Cash Elimination Draw & Dance $

Scotiabank will match proceeds up to $ 5,000 .00



No minors allowed. Lic. # RR12-0590

Dance Only



For tickets contact: Larry Ritchie 747-1010 (Home) • 714-7714 (Cell) Sally Fitch 747-2587 (Home) • Ron Cripps 747-3326 (Home)

Dance tickets will be available at the door.


Shellbrook Chronicle

Richard Lofstrom


LOFSTROM - Richard Lofstrom “Dick”, August 30, 1936 - March 10, 2013 It is with deep sadness we announce Richard passing peacefully at home with his wife and friends by his side. Richard led a long and happy life. He was a kind and gentle man with great zest for life. He had a wonderful dry sense of humour that made everyone laugh. He was extremely fond of children and dogs. Richard spent over 50 years working underground, 35 1/2 years for Teck Cominco. He loved mining, gold panning, carpentry, camping, music and spending his time with his wife, family, friends and his special companion Max. He is survived by his beloved wife Carolyn “Carly”, brother Jim (Jean), sisterin-law Anne, all his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, all of whom he loved dearly. He is also survived by a large loving extended family and many wonderful long-time friends. At Richard’s request, there will be no funeral service. In lieu of flowers, those wishing to honour Richard may do so by making a memorial donation to either the B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation, 938 - 28th Avenue West, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5Z 4H4 or the East Kootenay S.P.C.A., Box 2, Cranbrook, British Columbia, V1C 4H6. “I’ll be looking at the moon but I’ll be seeing you” Cremation entrusted to McPherson Funeral Service. Condolences for the family can be offered at:

John Gillies GILLIES - John Gordon Gillies, March 30, 1925 - March 6, 2013. It is with sadness that we announce the loss of Gordon Gillies, a farmer and long time resident of the Silent Call area of Saskatchewan. Gordon passed away peacefully at Victoria Union Hospital in Prince Albert with his son Bryan at his side. He was predeceased by his wife Sennie (Nelson), his parents Jack and Stella (Coates), his sister Catherine and his step mother Jeanette (St. Denis). He is survived by his sons Randy (Pat) and Bryan (Sandra), grandchildren Rob (Megan), Dan, Kalen, Emily and Graeme, great granddaughter Kara, and his siblings Bob (Joanna), Verne, Shirley (Bert) Bruce, Gary (Diane), John (Darlene), Darryl (Kandice) and Brenda (Terry) Unrau. Gordon was a man who loved his family and joyfully worked to provide for them. He rarely, if ever, complained and always tried to do his best. He was a wonderful father to Randy and Bryan, a great father-in-law to Pat and Sandra, a loving grandfather to Rob, Megan, Dan, Kalen, Emily and Graeme and a special great grandfather to Kara. Gordon, your work here is finally done. May you rest n peace.

Lorne Forrest

FORREST - It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Lorne Forrest. He peacefully succumbed to his battle with cancer on March 11, 2013 surrounded by his lovingg family. y Born August 11, 1929 at home in Spring Valley, SK, the third child of Velina and Joseph Forrest. At four years of age the small family left Spring Valley with two wagons and four horses, a cow, several chickens, a dog and a Model T Ford. Lorne rode ahead with his dad to find water and a place to camp for the night. The pioneering destination was the Wheatley District, then off to Christopher Lake and Alingly. At a young age Lorne started working with his dad and brother Lloyd doing carpentry work and cutting cordwood and birchwood. In his early twenties Lorne went to the Yukon to dredge for gold. In 1951 Lorne married Leone Morash and together they raised six children. Shortly after their marriage, they went to Uranium City where Lorne built and sold houses as well as delivered fuel for the mines. Purchasing farm property and a herd of cattle in Spruce Home in 1957, he began his farming career that spread over many years bringing the family to Mayview in 1966. In 1981 the beautiful Okanagan became their home where they purchased a motel. Being a farmer at heart, Lorne worked at a feed lot in Oliver with his son Darwin. In 2006 Saskatchewan called Lorne and Leone home to Emma Lake then to Shellbrook. Lorne was always a hard worker but also found time for the things he loved like fishing, snow machining, camping, picking berries and gardening. The greatest love of his life was his family, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Lorne’s hearty laughter, his love of dancing and his smile that lit up the room will be cherished by all who knew him. Lorne was predeceased by his son Darwin; his parents Velina and Joseph; one sister Elnor and two brothers Alvin and Paul. Lorne will be sadly missed and leaves to mourn his wife Leone; his children Darcey (Carol) Forrest, Darlene (Tick) Fisher, Karen (Rick) Hoskins, Corine (Brent) Bader and Kevin (Kim) Forrest; as well as two former daughterin-laws Joyce Aitken and Joy Lamont; 13 grandchildren Crystal, Cory, Dustin, Shauna, Alysha, Crystal, Shaileen, Danielle, Christie, Jesse, Brianna, Makayla and Carson; 6 great grandchildren Emily, Amy, Keaton, Terrex, Aaden and Graysen. A special thanks to the kind and loving staff of the Shellbrook Hospital. A Celebration of Lorne’s Life will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, March 22, 2013 at the Spruce Home Activity Centre with Wes Stubbs officiating. In lieu of other tributes, memorial donations can be made to a Charity of Donor’s Choice. Condolences may be sent to the family at Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Gray’s Funeral Chapel, Lorne Adams, Funeral Director.


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March 22, 2013

PRAISE & WORSHIP ~ Regular services, Sunday school and

special events will be listed at no charge. LUTHERAN CHURCH Zion - Canwood Sunday School, Worship Sunday, 9 a.m. St. John’s - Shellbrook Sunday School, Worship Sunday, 11 a.m. Pastor Doug Schmirler Parkside, Immanuel 11 a.m. - Worship Pastor Chris Dean -----------------------PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Parkside 10:00 a.m. Time of prayer 10:30 a.m. Worship 11:00 a.m. Sunday School Pastor David Baldock Shellbrook Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Sun., 11 a.m. - Worship Wed., Mid Week Study 7 p.m. Pastor David Bodvarson 747-7235 Canwood 10:00 a.m. - Sunday School 11:00 a.m. - Worship Pastor Glenn Blazosek Leask Gospel Tabernacle Sunday 6:30 p.m. Pastor L. Trafford 306-466-2296 -----------------------EVANGELICAL FREE Big River 11:00 a.m. - Worship Bible Classes 9:45 A.M. Summer: 10:30 a.m. - 12 469-2258 Youth Nite: Fridays Mont Nebo Wed., 7:30 p.m. - Bible Study and Prayer. Sun., 10:30 a.m. - Worship Pastor Bill Klumpenhower -----------------------CATHOLIC CHURCH Debden Sun., 9:30 a.m. - Mass. Fr. Sebastian Kunnath Big River - Sacred Heart Sun., 11:30 a.m. - Mass Whitefish Sun., 2:30 p.m. - Mass. Victoire Sat., 7:30 p.m. - Mass. Fr. Sebastin Kunnath Eucharist Celebrations Muskeg Sat., 7:30 p.m. - Mass Mistawasis

Sunday, 3 p.m. St. Agatha’s - Shellbrook Mass Sunday, 11 a.m. St. Henry’s - Leask Mass Sunday 7 p.m. St. Joseph’s - Marcelin Mass Saturday, 9 a.m. Fr. Tru Le -----------------------PRESBYTERIAN Mistawasis Sunday worship 11 a.m. Rev. Bev Shepansky -----------------------SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST 407-2nd Ave E, Shellbrook Sat., 9:45 a.m. Sabbath School. Sat., 11:00 am -Worship Broadcast on VOAR 92.1 FM Pastor Stanislav Kondrat 306-764-6853 -----------------------SOVEREIGN GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH Currently meeting in homes on Sunday morning. and Wednesday evenings. Parkside 747-2309, Leask 466-4498 Marcelin 226-4615 -----------------------ANGLICAN CHURCH Leask - All Saint’s 8 a.m. - Morning prayer Service. 9 a.m. Holy Communion Canwood - Christ Church 2 p.m. 1st & 3rd Sundays Evening Prayer 2nd & 4th Sundays Holy Communion Mont Nebo - St. Luke’s 2 p.m. - 1st and 3rd Sundays Holy Communion 2nd and 4th Sundays Evening Prayer St. Andrew’s - Shellbrook Sunday, 11 a.m. Holy Communion Father Harnish 468-2264 -----------------------UNITED CHURCH Big River 1st & 2nd Sundays 1 p.m. - Worship at Anglican Church All Other Sundays - 10 a.m. Shellbrook - Knox Sun., 10 am - Worship Pastor Dave Whalley

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Gov’t Pension contributions rise by almost 3%

Government employee pension plans are becoming a sore point in Saskatchewan. While no one begrudges them from earning a pension, the latest increase is alarming to many. Employees in the Saskatchewan Municipal Employees Pension Plan used to put in 5.4% (2009) of their earnings into their pension fund. Municipalities match that amount, which means the taxpayer has to pay.

It should be noted that most municipal workers in towns and RMs across the province contribute to this plan. Starting in 2013 both parties are now contributing 8.15%. Back in 2009 an employee and taxpayers were putting in $2,700 per year. Not including salary increases etc, that amount is now $4,075. Colin Craig, of Canadian Taxpayers Federation says that


according to Statistics Canada 75% of people working outside the Government in Saskatchewan have no workplace pension. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has a petition you can sign. Go to and look for “Stop Bailing Out Government Employee Pension Plans” under petitions. They give you the option of signing the petition.

Helping Saskatchewan people at tax time As they prepare their tax returns, Saskatchewan residents are reminded that a number of provincial tax credits are available to help them keep more of what they earn. “If you’re a recent first-time homebuyer or post-secondary graduate, or if you have children enrolled in sports programs or cultural or recreational activities, credits are available that could help you keep more money in your pocket,” Finance Minister Ken Krawetz said. “We also have credits to assist Saskatchewan people with lower incomes, as well as employees who are required to purchase tools as a condition of their employment.” Please keep the following pro-

vincial credits in mind when filing your taxes: First-Time Homebuyers Tax Credit •A non-refundable income tax credit of up to $1,100, based on the first $10,000 of an eligible home purchase (a similar federal credit of up to $750 is also available). Graduate Retention Program •Income tax credits provided over a seven-year period that refund up to $20,000 of tuition fees paid by eligible post-secondary graduates who live in Saskatchewan and file a Saskatchewan tax return. For more information, visit the Saskatchewan Advanced Education website (http://www.aeei. Active Families Benefit •A refundable income tax credit of up to $150 per child 18 years of age or younger that helps Saskatchewan families with the cost of their children’s participation in cultural, recreational and sports activities. For more information, visit the Saskatchewan Parks, Culture and Sport website ( Saskatchewan Low-Income Tax Credit •A refundable income tax credit paid quarterly to assist lower-income Saskatchewan residents. The credit is paid in conjunction with the federal Goods and Services

Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/ HST) Credit. For more information, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website ( Employees’ Tool Tax Credit •A non-refundable income tax credit that recognizes the costs associated with purchasing, replacing or upgrading eligible tools by qualifying employees as a condition of their employment. The credit consists of a one-time trade entry amount and an annual maintenance amount. “These credits are part of our government’s ongoing commitment to reduce taxes for Saskatchewan

families and individuals,” Krawetz said. “Going forward, the Saskatchewan Plan for Growth commits our government to cutting taxes even more as financial circumstances permit.” Personal income tax reductions introduced since 2007 have removed an estimated 114,000 Saskatchewan residents from the provincial income tax roll. In total, these reductions are providing more than $470 million in income tax savings to Saskatchewan people in 2013. For more information about eligibility or about how to claim any of the credits, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website at

More than 40,000 students benefit from Graduate Retention program Once again, it is tax season, and time for post-secondary graduates to include their Graduate Retention Program (GRP) certificate when filing 2012 income tax returns. More than 40,000 students have benefitted from the GRP since it was introduced in 2008. The program provides a

Did You Hear?

refund of up to $20,000 in tuition fees over seven years to encourage eligible graduates to stay, live, and work in Saskatchewan. Graduates who have not received a GRP certificate should contact Student Services at 1-800-597-8278. “The provincial government is commit-

ted to post-secondary education and the key role it plays in Saskatchewan’s growth plan,” Advanced Education Minister Don Morgan said. “By providing a wide array of financial assistance programs for students, we ensure that Saskatchewan is the best place to live, study and work.” “The GRP is helping graduates build

their future in Saskatchewan. By supporting post secondary education, we ensure our students have the tools they need to access and complete their postsecondary education and find a job in our growing labour market.” Information on the GRP is available at

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more information please call Christopher at West Cowan Apiaries. 306-4694970 or 306-4697902 25-30CH FOR SALE - Registered Black Angus heifers. Yearlings ready for breeding in the spring. Leading bloodlines from very dependable, no nonsense cows. Approx. 30 available. For more information please call Christopher at West Cowan

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Rates: $7.79 per agate line Size: 2 col. x 2” ...................$424.00 Deadline for Booking/Material Tuesdays at 12 Noon Contact the Shellbrook Chronicle 306-747-2442 or Email: All prices plus applicable taxes.

NOTICE This newspaper accepts advertisements in good faith. We advise that it is in your interest to investigate offers personally. Publications by this paper should not be taken as an endorsement of the product or services offered. accompany the successful tender. Tender information packages are available at Box 88, Parkside, SK. S0J 2A0 or jaunrau@ Tenders to close March 31, 2013. 4-13C LAND FOR SALE - NW 1-51-2 W3, (160 acres) in RM of Shellbrook. Contact 306-747-3386 before April 3, 2013. 2-13CH

LAND FOR SALE OR RENT LAND FOR SALE OR RENT - NE 19-49-4 W3, 2013 Assessment $85,000, 135 cult; NE 18-49-4 W3, 2013 assessment $62,300, 135 cult; For rent only (home ¼) SW 18-49-4 W3, 2013 assessment, $54,800, 100 cult. Highest or lowest tender not necessarily accepted. Cash rent. All 3 parcels preferrable. Contact Ralph Korody 306747-3611. Tenders

close April 3, 2013. Mail tenders to Ralph Korody, Box 864, Shellbrook, SK S0J 2E0 2-13C

HELP WANTED HELP WANTED Elk Ridge Resort, in Waskesiu Lake, is currently accepting applicants for Full Time Housekeeping Room Attendants. Please send Resume and Cover Letter to:

Parkside Housing Authority is accepting applicatons for a Maintenance Person Duties include some shovelling, grass cutting and minor repairs. Preference will be given to those who live in Parkside. Successful candidate must have their own equipment. Please call 306-747-2369 evenings for info.

is currently looking to fill a position in our Accessory Sales Department We are looking for a self-motivated individual who is eager to learn, has good organizational skills and loves auto accessories. Experience in Parts or Accessories Sales would be an asset but not required. We have a brand new state of the art and a fun and flexible work environment. Pay rate and structure is negotiable. Shellbrook is a vibrant growing community 30 minutes west of Prince Albert. Please forward your resume and qualifications to or contact Rob Dron for more information at 1-800-6670511.


Shellbrook Chronicle


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has a partime opening in our Detailing Department Hours would be Monday to Friday afternoons and Saturdays. We are looking for a highly motivated, energetic person to fill this position. We are a well-established, rapidly expanding dealership with a modern, up to date facility to work in. Please forward your resume and qualifications to or fax to 306-747-2654. You can also drop your resume off at Shellbrook Chevrolet located at 505 Service Road East.

is currently looking for an individual to fill our Office Assistant/Receptionist Individual must be highly motivated, have computer knowledge, administrative skills, work will with the public, comfortable answering the phones and able to work with others and/or unsupervised at times. We are a well-established, rapidly expanding dealership with a modern, up to date facility to work in. Please forward your resume and qualifications to or fax to 306-747-2654. You can also drop your resume off at Shellbrook Chevrolet located at 505 Service Road East.

COMMUNITY CALENDAR ~ BLAINE LAKE: Wapiti Library - Books, Movies, Magazines, Children’s Section, In-

ternet, Printing, Study/Meeting Space, Proctor Service, Community Programming. Hours: Tuesday 1-5, Wednesday 1-5, Thursday 5-8, Friday 1-5. Contact us for more info 497-3130 CANWOOD: branch of Wapiti Regional Library - NEW HOURS - Tues. - 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Thurs. - 12 :00 noon - 5: 00 p.m. STORYTIME - Thurs. 3:30 - 4:00 p.m. Internet services available at the library. DEBDEN: Wapiti Library hours: Monday 3 pm - 7 pm. Afterschool Program 3:30 5:00. Wednesday 11 am - 4 pm. Librarian: Aline Hannon LEASK: Wapiti Library Hours: Tues. & Fri.: 1 - 5:30 pm & Sat., 1:00 - 5:00 pm. MARCELIN: Wapiti Library is open Tues. 11 - 4 pm; Thur. 3 - 8 pm. For information on all your library needs, please contact 306-226-2110. SHELLBROOK: Shellbrook Branch of the Wapiti Library located at 105 Railway Ave., West (Provincial building). Library Hours: Mon., 2 - 6:00 pm; Tues., 2 - 8 pm; Wed. 2 - 8 pm; Thur., 2 - 6:00 pm; Fri., 10 - 4 pm. Children’s Story Time: Fri. 10:30 am (Oct. - May). BIG RIVER: Fish Derby on Saturday, March 23 at Cowan Lake, Big River. $10,000 for biggest fish, total prize pkg. Over $20,000 value. Registration fee: $50/fisherman (2nd hole $20). Registration & Pancake breakfast 8 a.m. Fishing Noon to 3 p.m. To register phone: 306.469.2354. For more info visit or email: krienkemaisie@ SHELLBROOK: Hidden Hills of Shellbrook Golf Course Spring Fling Cash Elimination Draw & Dance. Featuring Rewind (70’s music) on Sat., April 6 at the Shellbrook Community Hall. Cocktails: 8:30 p.m.; Dance: 9:30 p.m.; Midnight Lunch. Cash Elimination Draw - 1st & every 50th Number Drawn Wins $100; 3rd Last Number Drawn Wins $250; 2nd Last Number Drawn Wins $500; Last Number Drawn Wins $1000; Music sponsored by Shellbrook Co-op; Scotiabank will match proceeds up to $5,000.00. Tickets for Cash Elimination Draw & Dance $30.00; Dance Only $15.00. No minors allowed. Lic. # RR12-0590. For tickets contact: Larry Ritchie 747-1010 (Home) 714-7714 (Cell) Sally Fitch 747-2587 (Home) Ron Cripps 747-3326 (Home) Dance tickets will be available at the door. PARKSIDE: Let the Party Begin! Parkside Centennial Celebration, Pork Loin Dinner & All the Trimmings! Parkside Heritage Center (School) Friday, April 5th – 6:30 pm; Tickets: Adults - $10; Age 12 & Under - $6; Pre-school - Free; Admission by Advance Ticket Only. Ticket venues: Parkside General Store; Shellbrook - Woodland Pharmacy; Leask Bramshott Spirits; Contact: Gwen 306-747-2556; Judy 306-747-3522 SHELLBROOK: SMSA 2013 Ball Season Registration on Tuesday, April 9th from 6 pm - 8 pm at the Shellbrook Skating rink. SMSA Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 9th at 8 pm, Shellbrook Skating Rink. PRINCE ALBERT: Adult ADD Support Group. LDAS is hosting a monthly ADD Support Group on Thursday, April 11th from 7 - 8:30 pm at 1106 Central Avenue, Prince Albert. Free Admission. Everyone is welcome to join. Please call to register: (306) 922-1071 or email

HELP WANTED - Martins Lake Regional Park requires Park Entry Personnnel. Must be 16+ with a valid driver’s license, able to work day or evening shifts and weekends. Approx. 30-40 hours/week at $10/hour. Duties include greeting visitors, collecting fees, telephone, assign campsites, etc. For more info call Shirley at 306-4973370. Mail applications to MLRP, Box 488, Blaine Lake, SK, S0J 0J0 by April 19, 2013. 2-13C HELP WANTED - Shellbrook Motel now hiring for summer staff in housekeeping, part time morning hours. Retention bonus. Ph: 306-747-2631 TFC

HELP WANTED - Martins Lake Regional Park requires a Beach Concession Operator from June 1 to Sept. 2, 2013. For more info phone 306-497-3370. Mail applications to MLRP, Box 488, Blaine Lake, SK S0J 0J0 by April. 19, 2013. 3-14C

March 22, 2013

AUCTIONS AUCTIONS - Leask Spring Antique & Collectibles Auction Sale. Saturday, March 30, 2013 @ 9:00AM. Leask Lion’ s Hall, Leask, SK 1-877-494-2437

SERVI CES The Try eds! S sifi TO Clas AU

R & D Tax Service

Income Tax Prep Bookkeeping Service IN NEW E & B Lumber Building 511 Service Rd East Shellbrook MON. to FRI., 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.






747-2442 Call Today

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Rosalyn or Donna


The Library welcomes popular rural Saskatchewan author and columnist Terry Chamberlain for a reading on March 26th. The Library would like to remind parents that Friday morning Story Time is on and is open to all comers. The Library invites you to visit with author Terry Chamberlain on Tuesday, March 26th at 7:00 pm. Chamberlain was a teacher for thirty-two years and farmed during thirteen of those years. He has written two books, “The ABCs of Farming: A Lighthearted Dictionary of Stubble-jumper Jargon” and “The ABC’s of Retirement: How To Not Work and Love It.” The second and newest book is described by his publisher, Thistledown Press, as “a hilarious new guide to the various challenges, follies and pitfalls of retirement and the pleasures of loafing.” The reading promises to be humourous and refreshments will be served. Story Time continues to sail forward following the “Anchors and Sails” reading program on Fridays at 10:30 am. With

the healthy mixture of vowels and consonants presented, every new letter sound increases the number of words that can be read. This week adds “kuh” for kite and appropriately the craft is making a kite. If you are interested in volunteering your time to read or do crafts, please contact Alanna at 306-747-3419. The Library continues to offers free computer and Internet access to the public even with the cancellation of the Community Access Program (CAP) in March 2012. Would you like to bring back funding and keep public computer access for everyone? Drop on by the Library to sign a postcard to the Prime Minister. Shellbrook Library hours are Monday 2:00pm - 6:00pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 2:00pm - 8:00pm, Thursday 2:00pm - 6:00pm, and Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm. Weekly library hours are determined annually by materials checked out; the more materials checked out, the better.

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WYATT - In loving memory of Bill, dear husband, father and grandpa, March 31, 2002. Life unfolds another year, Treasured memories keep you near. Silent thoughts of time together And memories that will last forever. Forever missed. - Margaret, Lester, Margie, Raymond and families.

Author Terry Chamberlain coming to Shellbrook Library





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March 22, 2012

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY A G G R E S S I V E BUSINESS NEEDS: Production Assistant to successful business owner, some travel required. Class 1 Driver; Semi retired Mechanic; Gravel Crusher Operators, possibly experienced Foreman. Competitive wages. Work area: East Central Alberta. Email: Fax 780-842-5556. BINDERY OPERATOR for Muller Saddle Stitcher, Kansa Inserter. Experience preferred. Willing to train the right candidate. Full-time. Up to $23/hour. Benefits. Email: Wainwright, Alberta. ROADEX SERVICES requires O/O 1 tons and 3 tons for our RV division and O/O Semis and drivers for our RV and general freight deck division to haul throughout N. America. 1-800-867-6233;

HELP WANTED iTunes Brand Advocate Full Time position, Retail merchandising for iTunes gift cards, travel required, submit resume to

DRIVERS WANTED: Terrific career Opportunity with outstanding growth potential to learn how to locate rail defects. No Rail Experience Needed!! Extensive paid travel, meal allowance, 4 weeks vacation and benefits package. Skills Needed - Ability to travel 3 months at a time, Valid License with air brake e n d o r s e m e n t . Compensation based on prior driving experience. Apply at under careers, keyword Driver. DO NOT FILL IN CITY OR STATE NEED A HOME PHONE? Cable TV or High Speed Internet? We Can Help. Everyone Approved. Call Today. 1-877-852-1122 Protel Reconnect

AUTO PARTS WRECKING TRUCKS all makes, all models ..Dodge..GMC..Ford.. Imports. Lots of 4X4 stuff...Diesel..Gas.. Trucks up to 3 tons.. We ship anywhere. CALL 306-821-0260 Bill... (lloydminster) reply blackdog2010doc@ We ship same day transport



Guaranteed approval drive away today! We lend money to everyone. Fast approvals, best interest rates. Over 500 vehicles sale priced for immediate delivery OAC. 1-877-796-0514. www.yourapproved


BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY 80% COMMISSION TRAVELONLY has 500 agents across Canada. Business opportunities with low investment, unlimited income potential, generous tax/travel benefits. Run your travel company, full-time, part-time from home. Register for FREE seminar,, 1-800-608-1117, Ext. 2020. RESTAURANT & GAS BAR FOR SALE: Hwy 5, Margo, SK. Ten mins from Two Resorts. Semi Parking, 40x60 Building, 2x2500 Above Ground Fuel Tanks, Renovated 50 seat Dining. All Equipment Included: Pizza Oven, HP Chicken Cooker, etc, New HE Furnace, New Water Heater. Reputable Business Absolute Turn Key MUST SELL..... Asking $139,900. Phone 1-306-272-7762

FOR SALE DISCONNECTED PHONE? ChoiceTel Home Phone Service. No One Refused! Low Monthly Rate! Calling Features and Unlimited Long Distance Available. Call ChoiceTel Today! 1-888-333-1405.

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AT LAST! An iron filter that works. IronEater! Fully patented Canada/U.S.A. Removes iron, hardness, smell, manganese. Since 1957. Visit our 29 innovative inventions: Phone 1-800-BIG-IRON.


High Quality Canadian Built Modular Homes & Cottages Over 175 Plans to Choose from. 60-90 Day Turnkey 10 Year Warranty Regina, SK Toll Free: 1-(855)-494-4743 Visit us online:



backed by 10 year warranty -multi family, single section, motel style homes -Qualify for C.M.H.C.Financing -starting at $69,000 FOR MORE INFO CALL 1.800.249.3969 Hwy 2 South Prince Albert

TWO RTM HOMES Plan 125, 1593 sq. ft., $160,000; Plan 126, 1525 sq. ft., $150,000. Many features & options. Email: Phone 306-493-3089 Saskatoon area.

BIG BUILDING SALE... “THIS IS A CLEARANCE SALE YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!” 20x20 $3,985. 25X24 $4,595. 30X36 $6,859. 35X48 $11,200. 40X52 $13,100. 47X76 $18,265. One End wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422. S T E E L BUILDINGS/METAL BUILDINGS 60% OFF! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206 www.crownsteel

Modular, Manufactured or RTM homes. A variety of homes in production or ready to ship Regina,SK 1-866-838-7744 Estevan, SK 1-877-378-7744



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FINAL PHASE FOR SALE. 55 PLUS ADULT ONLY Ground Level Townhome INFO CALL 306 241 0123 WARMAN, SK OKANAGAN REAL ESTATE ALL PROPERTIES, “Best Buys”, fastest & easiest way to check it all at no cost to you. Check out our website:

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Remembrance Day contest winners

Amy Larsen in Grade 3 at Shellbrook Elementary received $15 and a Certificate March 15th for her Remembrance Day poster that won third place at the Legion Zone. From left to right: Lloyd Rudolph (President Shellbrook Legion Branch 111), Amy Larsen, Henri Dagenais (Vice-Pres Shellbrook), and Mike Sharron with Riley, a service dog.

March 22, 2013

Hunter Tremblay in Grade 4 at Shellbrook Elementary received good news March 15th. Hunter’s poem in the Legion Remembrance Day contest went on to win first place at the Zone level. Hunter won $50 and a medal, which were presented to her by Shellbrook Legion dignitaries. From left to right: Lloyd Rudolph (President Shellbrook Legion Branch 111), Hunter Tremblay, Henri Dagenais (Vice-Pres Shellbrook), and Mike Sharron with Riley, a service dog.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Senior’s Hall, Shellbrook, SK (Broadcast live from Saskatoon)

Wednesday, April 3 Registration: 5:30 pm Supper: 6:00 Meeting: 7:00 pm Supper tickets $7.00 - purchase in branch

Agenda will include proposed Bylaw changes and Partnership Vote.


Hailey Harms of WP Sandin School in Shellbrook won $30 and a Certificate for her black and white poster that won second place at the Zone level. From left to right: Lloyd Rudolph (President Shellbrook Legion Branch 111), Hailey Harms, Henri Dagenais (Vice-Pres Shellbrook), and Mike Sharron with Riley, a service dog.

March 22, 2013  
March 22, 2013  

March 22, 2013, newspaper