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Thursday, June 27, 2013

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Volume 102 No. 26

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County of Paintearth requests speed reduction Bethany Zacharias

ECA Review Reporter

Three girls (L - R) Anna Russell, Karcee Ward and Amber Hillson dressed the part and rode the McTurk Salon convertible in the Elnora parade celebrating Elnora’s 100th anniversary of the rail coming to town. More on pg. 13

Castor Council requests reinstallation of speed bumps Bethany Zacharias

concerns regarding drivers speeding along 45th Street. ECA Review Reporter The speed bumps are typically installed in the summer A request to reinstall speed bumps on 45th Street in Castor months and removed in the winter for plowing purposes. was addressed by Council at “We are avoiding putting its June 10 meeting. them back in because the The request came from a speed bumps are very hard on concerned citizen, although trucks,” said Jackson. CAO Sandi Jackson said sev“People were driving eral other taxpayers have around the speed bumps, close verbally expressed their

to the ditch, to avoid damaging their vehicles,” added Jackson. Jackson said Council is looking into putting up signs along 45th Street that would warn drivers to slow down. The speed limit along 45th Street is 40 kilometres but it has been reported that some drivers are going up to 60 kilometres or more when they are traveling down that street.

The County of Paintearth passed an unanimous motion June 18, 2013 to send a letter to Alberta Transportation asking it to extend the 80 kilometre speed reduction along Highway 12 half a mile east past Secondary Road 872 by Coronation. “This is a smart idea,” said George Glazier, County of Paintearth reeve. “With new developments along Highway 12, there will be a lot of traffic going through this area.” Council also passed a motion to pay $1,200 to install lights on the County’s regional response unit trailer. These lights would make the trailer visible at night when it is on the road. Currently, the trailer is not visible at night to drivers. Councillor Walter Weber made a motion to take money from the County’s restricted surplus to pay for the costs of installing proper lights. George Glazier noted that the lights should have been installed when the trailers were built and that it was imperative to fix the problem. Councillor Tony Nibourg and Councillor Rocky Dahmer opposed the motion. “Under the new Fire Services Agreement, the County only looks after fire and water trucks,” said Nibourg. “Towns

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need to realize they’re getting the cheques for these costs now.” Tarolyn Peach reminded council that the Fire Services Agreement, which involves the County of Paintearth, the Towns of Castor and Coronation and the Village of Halkirk, begins July 1, 2013. “Towns will have to pay for any additional maintenance after July 1,” said Peach. Council carried the motion under the condition that future requests come July 1 be sent to the appropriate place. Council also unanimously passed a motion to grant the Town of Coronation’s request for funding for pool upgrades. The County decided to grant the Town $40,000 in funding from restrictive surpluses. That is close to 1/3 of what the Town is asking for. To date, the total cost for pool upgrades has been $266,000. So far, the Town of Coronation has found $130,000 in funding and is currently seeking funding for the remaining $160,000. This year, the County has $50,000 in available restrictive surplus funds to give to different recreational projects and upgrades. Council decided to save $10,000 from that total amount for other recreational projects and upgrades that might arise in the upcoming fall or winter.


FEATURE: Coronation Soccer teams

AGRICULTURE: Raise the bar on regulatory standards

Canada Day flag for your window

Lowes Coronation Rodeo Enguard PC Medic Bargain Shop IGA Sobeys Food Town

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C O R O N AT I O N , A B .

Coronation Town council hears citizen concerns at public hearing On June 24 Coronation Town Council held a public hearing for the purpose of considering an amendment to the Town of Coronation’s Land Use by-law 2009-559. The Town has undertaken a new sub division of approximately 35.86 parcels of land to be used for 15 fully serviced light industrial lots south of Railway Avenue. Alan Shoemaker, owner of the RV Park

and Bunkhouse on the south east side of town, attended the public hearing and asked council to consider omitting the parcel of land behind his property from being rezoned or to keep it as an urban reserve. “We don’t want truck loads coming in at 4 a.m.” said Shoemaker. “If you set a reasonable price, I’ll consider buying it.”

Brownfield CRR Multi Club update Krystalee Huber Brownfield CRR Multi Club has finished for the year. Here are some of the highlights: we hosted public speaking events on February 18, 2013 and March 3, 2013. On February 18, 2013 at club level, Kyleen Wadstein and Krystalee Huber got first place in the junior level presentations. Dustin, Dallen and Jayden Kroeker got second and Cody Wadstein and Kylan Huber placed first in the intermediate presentations. In the senior level for speeches Colton Black got first, Tanner Black got second and Jalycia Huber got third. In intermediate Simon Cole got first place, Michael Black got second and Jeremy Burkinshaw got third. In the junior level Wade Black got first. Most of the members who placed in speeches moved on to semi-districts on March 3, which we also hosted. Simon Cole went on to District. Our club did a highway clean up on May 4, 2013. For our community service, we went to help clean up after the Little League Picnic at Burma Park. On June 11 we had our Achievement Day hosted at the Huber’s, including some fun events such as horse competitions, tool scrambles and dressing up a sheep. We got to wear our new 4-H shirts for the first time at achievement day. For horse the record book winners were Amber Burkinshaw in first place and

Riley Smith in second place. For small engines books Colton black got first place and Tanner Black got second place. Jalycia Huber got first place and Jaydon Huber got second place in the sheep and goat section. All in all it has been great year and we are looking forward to next year.

CAO Sandra Kulyk told Shoemaker to put his offer in writing and she would present it to council. Council said the parcel of land on the south east side of town could potentially be used for a new RCMP detachment. Council said this spot would be ideal because it would give the RCMP immediate access to Highway 12 and continued access to town. Kulyk said plans for a new RCMP detachment are in their preliminary stages and nothing is happening just yet. Council did not make any decisions during the hearing. Council approved Techmation Electric’s

application to construct a 60’ by 90’ office and warehouse in the new industrial subdivision. The proposed construction met all required minimum setbacks and size and height restrictions for construction. Techmation Electric estimated it will begin construction on July 2, 2013 and will be completed on November 1, 2013. CAO Sandra Kulyk said in her report to council that the Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee had three potential candidates. The physicians have been interviewed over the phone and site visits have been arranged for July and August.

© 2013 by Vicki Whiting, Editor Jeff Schinkel, Graphics Vol. 29, No. 29

1.8 million years ago evolution of humans

50 million years ago

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100 million years ago A canyon wall is like a huge rock clock. The lower layers were laid down first and are the oldest. The upper layers are younger. Looking carefully at STRATA, or layers of sedimentary rock, helps scientists to find out the age of rocks and mountains. These layers formed slowly as bits of rock and grains of sand settled

first primates and extinction of dinosaurs

on top of each other. Over the ages, animals and plants became buried in the sediment and changed into fossils. Rocks that have the same kinds of fossils are believed to be the same age. This is called RELATIVE DATING.

200 million years ago first birds

250 million years ago first dinosaurs and mammals

350 million years ago

Use the canyon wall ROCK CLOCK to find the ages of these four rocks.

first reptiles and ferns

400 million years ago first amphibians

500 million years ago

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first fishes and land plants

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600 million years ago first skeletal elements

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In the summer of 1990, Sue Hendrickson found the fossilized bones of a T. rex when she was a fossil hunter for the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research in Hill City, South Dakota. The dinosaur she found is now named Sue, too! “I was pretty lucky,” says Sue. “But it does take more than just luck,” she admits. Sue knew the right kind of rock to explore because she understood about strata.

Can you make up a “stone age” story to go with your headline? Standards Link: Writing: Write brief expository essays that contain a main idea and supporting details.

ANSWER: A dino-sour.

Summer has . . . d e t r a t s t s Ju

How many bones can you find on this page in two minutes? Now have a friend or parent try. Who found the most?

24RKL Rock, paper or scissors? Draw what should come next to continue the pattern in each row.


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C O R O N AT I O N , A B . J U N E 2 7 ' 1 3


SUNCREST fresh, farm, government inspected A section of Highway 861, less than one kilometre south of the Battle River Bridge, collapsed after heavy snowfall in the winter and heavy rain in the spring saturated the base causing it to deteriorate.

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Highway 861 collapsed a depression wall now over two feet high and be thrown over the collapsed guard rail,” said Blumhagen. Blumhagen said that deterioration to the road began four years ago. A worker from Carillion also told Blumhagen the Alberta government was responsible for sourcing funds to fix the road. “This is a blatant disregard and insult to the life and wellbeing of constituents,” said Blumhagen. Vehicles and trucks carrying heavier loads now have to travel five miles east to the next river crossing on Highway 36.

A portion of Highway 861, less than one kilometre south of the Battle River Bridge, has collapsed. Alberta Transportation has contracted Carillion Canada to fix the problem. In an attempt to alleviate the situation, Carillion has put up two barricade signs around the collapsed portion of the road. Speed limits have also been reduced to 30 kilometres per hour for downhill traffic and 20 kilometres per hour for uphill. Chris Blumhagen, a resident of Castor, Alberta and The Consort and District Medical Center Board is pleased to announce the arrival of President of RioView Industries Inc, a septic to our local practice. He will be joining vacuum and conDr Olive Usher as another tainment company general practitioner and is that does work in accepting new clients. If you the area, said in his happen to be in the Consort letter to the ECA Hospital please join us in Review that the sitwelcoming him or you can call for uation is an appointment at 403 577 3737. potentially “life threatening”. “Any vehicle to meet an oncoming car, hidden around the corner, would crash head on into

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[INSERT DATE] [INSERT DATE] [insert community] July 06 & 07 ..................................Coronation Hospital [INSERT DATE] [insert community] [INSERT DATE] [insertCastor community] July 13 & 14 ......................................... Hospital

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Weekendphysician physician on-call schedule Weekend on-call schedule forfor thethe month of




Bethany Zacharias

ECA Review Reporter






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July 20 & 21Medical ..................................Coronation Emergent Problems - can be assessedHospital at the nearest hospital at any time. July 27 & 28 ......................................... Castor Hospital Emergent Medical Problems - can assessed at Urgent Medical Problems - can be be assessed at each the nearest hospital any or time. hospital at the timesatlisted at the on-call hospital. Urgent Medical Problems - can -be assessed at each Non Urgent Medical Problems patients should hospital at the times listed or at the on-call hospital. make an appointment during regular physician clinic hours. Non Urgent Medical Problems - patients should make an appointment during regular physician clinic Consort: 9:30 a.m. hours. Coronation: 11 a.m. Castor: 1 p.m.

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Coronation: 11 a.m. Castor: 1 p.m. Important: Outpatients are advised to telephone the

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hospital on-call prior to going there. to telephone the Important: Outpatients are advised hospital on-call prior to going there. ( (403)) 577-3555 Consort Coronation 578-3803 Coronation (403) (403) 578-3803 Castor (403) 882-3434 Castor (403) 882-3434



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C O R O N AT I O N , A B .

Town of Castor sets fines for break and enters There was a recent break-in to Castor’s swimming pool. The RCMP, with the help of video surveillance, have identified the person who committed the offense. At the June 24 meeting, council set a fine of $200 for first time offenders who break into town property and $500 for second time offenders.

Jackson said the money from the fines will go into a ‘rewards fund’. Anyone who has tips regarding vandalism or thefts will be compensated for their help with money from the rewards fund. At the June 24 council meeting Castor councillors discussed a tax complaint they received from a citizen saying they didn’t

feel they should have to pay the standard $450 in property taxes each year because they felt their property was too small. CAO Sandi Jackson said she would write a letter in response to the person who complained saying that council decided every piece of residential property is worth at least $450 and that they will

continue to bill residents that amount each year. Also at this meeting, council decided on the appropriate signs to be erected on the south side of 45th Avenue to caution drivers to slow down. The sign will be similar to a children-crossing sign, but slightly larger.


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C O R O N AT I O N , A B . J U N E 2 7 ' 1 3


Brady Smith remembered with tributes, an eulogy and obituary Brady James Smith was born in Coronation on December 10, 1993 and lived his whole life in Coronation. Brady attended kindergarten to grade 12 graduating from Coronation High School June, 2012. September 2012 Brady attended NAIT enrolled in Petroleum Engineer Tech program. After the school year he returned in May to Coronation and was employed with Husky as a summer student. While growing up in Coronation Brady loved his sports especially hockey. Brady and his Dad would watch the Oilers games and together analyze the plays. Brady began his own hockey Smith career at age five and played minor hockey up to his 18th birthday. He played Rec hockey and played a couple of months with the Stettler Lightening then returning back to Coronation Rec Hockey. In the summer he played ball and soccer and loved to golf with his Dad and this year he was finally able to attend men’s night. Many of Brady’s friendships began in kindergarten and are still cherished today. This circle grew with friendships developed with young people from other towns especially the Castor area. Mourning Brady’s sudden passing is his Dad and Mom, Jim and Beryl Smith; Sisters Tairsa (Blair) Glasier, Haley Smith (Brandon O’Connor); Nieces Jaidyn and Colbie Glasier; Grandmother Sonja Smith; Brady’s love Emily Breum, her parents Gord (Michelle) Breum and her sister Tess Breum; Grandpa and Grandma Filipenko, Grandpa and Grandma Olsted; numerous uncles, aunts, cousins, great uncles, great aunts and all his many friends. Brady was predeceased by his cousin Travis Glazier; his maternal Grandma Mabel Glazier, his uncle Danny Smith, his paternal Grandpa Marcus Smith and his maternal Grandpa Johnny Glazier. The memorial service to pay tribute to Brady James Smith was held on Saturday, June 22, 2013 at 2 p.m. at the Coronation Community Centre, Coronation, AB, with Reverend Sue Hertell officiating. The eulogy was given by Brady’s brother-in-law Blair Glasier. Sue Hertell read a poem, “When Tomorrow Starts Without Me”. Other tributes were by Brady’s sister, Haley Smith, his girlfriend, Emily Breum, and Brady’s close friends, Koby Sieger, Easton Cox, Dylan Usselman and Bradan McLean. Special recorded music was also played during the service. A touching letter from Brady’s Mom and Dad was read by Sue Hertell. A video tribute was played during the service which was prepared by Haley, Emily and many friends. Urn Bearers were Emily’s parents and sister, Gord, Michelle and Tess Breum. Honourary pallbearers were “All Brady’s Family and Friends” and “Everyone who shared in Brady’s life”. The interment will be at a later date. Following the service lunch was served and prepared by the Sunshine Club. Memorial donations may be made in Brady’s name to Coronation Minor Sports, Box 281, Coronation, AB, T0C 1C0, Coronation Golf Club, Box 206, Coronation, AB, T0C 1C0 or to the Alberta Cancer Foundation, 1331-29 St. NW, Calgary, AB, T2N 4N2. You may send your condolences by email to Coronation Funeral Home entrusted with arrangements. 1-888-578-2928. “Knowledge, Experience and Professionalism with a Personal Touch.”

Eulogy by Blair Glasier I remember telling Brady that there would only be two reasons I would ever be in an Oilers jersey. First one was if they drafted me, which was not likely. Second, was if I was freezing. As it turns out there is a third. Brady James Smith was born in the Coronation Hospital December 10, 1993 to proud parents Jim and Beryl, and two delightful sisters; Tairsa 15 years his

senior and Haley 15 months his senior. I don’t think Haley remembers a day that Brady wasn’t in her life. Both Tairsa and Haley always wanted to help from bath time to helping feed him his food. Beryl didn’t mind, she knew she would get to rock and cuddle him later for as long as she wanted. Brady loved hanging out with his dad. They could be found going on drives to the farm, stopping at the Tasty Mill, or just hanging out in the back yard. Brady completed all his schooling in Coronation, kindergarten to grade 12 graduating in 2012. He and his girlfriend, Emily, moved to Edmonton in August. Brady completed his first year of Petroleum Engineering Tech. He had decided he would like to be close to home this summer and took a job with Husky as a summer student. He enjoyed the work and his co-workers. Brady had worked for M&N Construction for four summers. This he enjoyed, as he was able to spend the whole summer camping with his dad. He met a lot of great people and had a lot of fun. In the spring after school he worked at the golf course. He also volunteered along side his dad in projects at the golf course. Brady enjoyed sports! Winter meant hockey, which he loved. Many a cold and stormy day Brady and his mom would get in the car and head out to a game. Beryl would get a break when Jim was home to do the driving. The years that teams combined he would play with the Castor kids. This was a chance to make more friends for Brady and his parents. Brady was a smart player, which could be contributed to his seasons of watching hockey on TV. Oiler games were never missed. When Edmonton scored Jim and Brady would jump off the couch and give each other high fives. Just after the lockout, while Brady was living in Edmonton, he got tickets to three or four Oilers games from M&N. Then he didn’t get a call for a couple of weeks. He phoned Jim concerned that maybe Archie had lost his number. He played soccer and minor ball up to Bantam level, but with summer jobs found that golfing worked better with his schedule. Golfing was great because he could golf with his Dad. They would make bets on every hole. He was so excited when he turned 18 and was able to golf at men’s night. For two years in a row Jim and Brady have gone to Invermere on a father/son golf trip in May. Just two weekends ago he golfed in the 4-person best ball tournament with Easton, Bradley, and Cousin Daniel. Brady said he had the best time ever. They bought themselves in the Calcutta and won 2nd in the C event, winning $1500. I have since heard that even with their winnings they were still in the hole at the end of the weekend. Brady enjoyed his nieces Jaidyn and Colbie, and he and Emily would spend weekends at our house visiting and spoiling them. Even though, I trained Jaidyn to call him Auntie Brady. Brady was great with my girls but refused to change dirty diapers. He and Emily took Jaidyn to Breum’s farm at Easter to decorate eggs, see the chickens and horses. I am not sure if Jaidyn, Emily, or Brady had more fun. He enjoyed family vacations, especially the tropical ones, including Mexico and Cuba. He was able to experience Disneyland, fishing at Lac De Isles and camping in the mountains with the Breum’s. He could always count on Brandon to go hunting, fishing, or skiing. Brandon recalls two Christmas’s ago they entered in a coyote derby. The night before they sat up strategizing and conspiring how to win the derby. They woke up before sunrise and headed to Veteran Colony. They wanted to beat Daniel to his favourite spot. Their planning was a

success; Daniel was not impressed. Brady and Brandon then got stuck and had to resort to Daniel for help, but Daniel’s condition was that he receive one of their coyotes for pulling them out. This was not considered a fair trade, Brady and Daniel started wrestling over one of the coyotes. By the time they were done; there was nothing left of the one coyote. Needless to say Brandon and Brady won the derby with nine coyotes compared to Daniel’s three. Brady and I would discuss careers and finance. I always found it ironic that he would ask financial advice from a tradesman, when his mother is an Account Manager at the TD and his sister was a Financial Advisor. He had a special kind of charisma and an endearing personality. He was comfortable talking to everyone. It didn’t matter if you were 90 or nine, he could have a conversation with you. He was not always an angel. His mom and dad have the grey hairs to prove it. Although he did make them frustrated and sometimes downright angry we all loved each other and got over their disagreements. He had a temper and could throw some wicked fits but he matured into a responsible young man. Brady loved many things but most of all he loved life, his girlfriend Emily, his mom, dad, Tairsa, myself, Jaidyn, Colbie, Haley, Brandon, Gord, Michelle and little sister Tess. We know he was also loved in return by many friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Although Brady’s life was short he enjoyed everyday and his beautiful smile was proof of this.

Brady you will always be on our mind and in our heart.

Like a brother by Koby Sieger Brady was like a brother to me! It began as Haley and I being very good friends which eventually turned into Brady and I being best friends. Brady and I began to do everything together. Brady was my partner in golf, hunting, and he was my line mate on the ice. Turn to Pg 7

FOR SALE BY TENDER TO BE MOVED • 1 metal clad building 23 x 24 3- 8 x 8 overhead garage doors 3/4 inch plywood floor 16 inch joists • Also 1 well used 20 x 30 Inland tarp building Wood rafters, needs new end doors

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Village of Delia Notice of Sending of Property Assessment & Tax Notices 2013 In accordance with Section 311(1) of the Municipal Government Act, notice is hereby given to the ratepayers of the Village of Delia, that the 2013 property assessment and tax notices for the Village were mailed on June 24, 2013. All assessed persons are deemed to have received their assessment notices as a result of this notice. Pursuant to Sections 299 & 300 of the Municipal Government Act, all assessed persons are entitled to see or receive sufficient information about the persons’ property or the summary of assessment. All requests for information should be in writing and brought to the Village office and we will provide requested information within 15 days. Assessment complaints must be filed within 60 days of the date of mailing. Last day to file a complaint will be August 26, 2013. Information booklets on the Assessment Complaint process are available at the Village Office or online at, form LGS 1402. Please keep in mind that all outstanding current taxes are subject to a penalty of 10% on September 17th, 2013. If you did not receive your assessment and taxation notice, if you have any questions on the notices received, or if you have recently purchased or sold land within the Village and are unsure of tax payment responsibility, please contact the Administration Office. Caroline Siverson, CAO Village of Delia 218 Main Street, P.O. Box 206, Delia, Alberta T0J 0W0 403-364-3787




C O R O N AT I O N , A B .


Left behind Brenda Schimke

ECA Review Journalist How many times have landowners heard the mantra, “there’s no proven evidence to suggest that fracking affects well water formations.” “There’s no proven evidence that abandoned gas wells and pipelines adversely affect livestock herds.” It’s a hard balance in Alberta. The seduction of oil and gas money has created a love-hate relationship between landowners and oil companies. The newly acclaimed Responsible Energy Development Act puts an inordinate amount of power in a single Regulator leaving landowners with a sense of forebearing about the future. Guest speaker Anthony Swift at the Alberta Surface Rights Federation special meeting in Camrose on June 17, 2013, encouraged the crowd to not give up the fight. He argues the most powerful player in the debate is the public, when they become engaged. Given the number and extent of recent pipeline spills, he believes the public can apply pressure to make The public can a better system of regulatory standards and apply pressure to make enforcement. Swift argued that the system a better system of will not change until the industry-friendly reguregulatory standards lators and governments are pushed. and enforcement. Social media has been one of the most effective ways for people to come together against powerful people and governments. We need look no farther than Egypt, Turkey, Libya to know that people banded together have power. And it’s not just landowners who have concerns. Many young urban Albertans are starting to wonder what the future will hold for them if the high pace of development and disregard for environment continues. A group of students from the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus in Camrose, have started a website Raj Rathnavalu and Hans Asfeldt attended the Surface Rights meeting to talk about how their web page tells ordinary stories from ordinary Albertans about situations they have faced in interacting with the arrogance of the energy industry in Alberta. Currently on the site there are eight such stories. The more stories that are complied with pictures, the more powerful landowner’s will become. The Alberta Surface Rights Federation has also been an effective body disseminating information to landowners and representing a collective voice to government. The federal and provincial governments and the oil industry ignored Greenpeace and the International community at their peril. Alberta is now fighting an uphill battle to sell and transport its oil sand production. It will also be at their peril if they continue to ignore its citizen’s concerns about balancing economic growth with environmental and property rights. The majority of Albertans want to co-exist with the energy industry. They know the importance of energy development for their economic well-being. But they are also wise enough to realize that once industry has scooped up all the resources, they will be gone and Albertans will be left. Planning for tomorrow, today, let’s be assured that there will be something good left for all those grandchildren and great-grandchildren coming behind.


Legion membership is open to all Canadians Dear Editor, Established in 1926, the Royal Canadian Legion is the largest Veterans service organization in Canada with more than 320,000 members and 1,450 branches. The Stettler branch #59 opened its doors in 1928, just two years after the Legion was founded and this past March, proudly celebrated its 85th Anniversary. Like many branches across the country, the Stettler branch is making positive changes to deal with a new fiscal reality, due to declining membership, but the branch is alive and well and will continue to enjoy support from, and invest in, the Stettler community. Memberships are being renewed, the branch is open for coffee, sports, meat draws and special events. We invite you to join us and show your support: From Monday to Friday bring

EARLY DEADLINE Correction Friday, 5 p.m.

REVIEW Subscriptions: $42.00 in Canada; $74.20 in US; $135.15 Overseas. (All prices include GST)

Office Hours: Mon. - Fri. 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 4923 - Victoria Avenue Tel. (403) 578-4111 Fax (403) 578-2088 Mail: Box 70, Coronation, AB Canada, T0C 1C0

Foundation and long term care facilities that house Veterans and as always our top priority is ensuring that our Veterans needs are met. With the help of AB/NWT Command, legions within the province have the expertise available to them to remain financially viable. We as citizens owe our freedom to those who fought to let us enjoy each and every day in peace. Membership is open to all Canadians. To join the Royal Canadian Legion, you do not need to have a military connection. Membership is only $45 and that entitles you to enter any Royal Canadian Legion in Canada. Help keep our Stettler Branch #59 strong and active. We Will Remember Them. Susan Mitchell, Gina Bossert and Antonius Vanderburg (Trustees)

Due To The Holiday the July 4 issue, will have an

East Central Alberta

Published by Coronation Review Limited

your friends for coffee. On Wednesday, join us for Happy Hour and ‘Fun Sports Nights’. On Friday and Saturday, the branch is open with the popular Meat Draws. In communities across Canada, it is the Legion that perpetuates ‘Remembrance’ through the Poppy Campaign and Remembrance Day ceremonies. The Legion also supports programs for seniors, veterans housing, long term care, youth leadership, education, sports, cadets guides and scouts. Stettler Branch #59 has played a huge part in the support of the community over the years, donating thousands of dollars to many groups and projects. The branch currently supports youth groups, continues to support their Legion Midget Blues hockey team as well as donating largely to the Stettler Health Services

An error was made on the front page of the June 20 issue of the ECA Review. The names of the three boys in the photographs from the Gooseberry Lake Rodeo appeared

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Cont’d from Pg 5 We played Minor Hockey and Rec Hockey with the Hounds since we began playing. We also liked to have our fair share of Bud Lites together. Beryl and Jim’s home was always open for me. Brady would make me a bed on the couch beside his bedroom all the time. Brady loved to hunt! We spent countless numbers of days in the Black Chevy; cruising fields and shooting guns. This year we managed to grab our last mule together. It was hard to get any serious hunting done, we were either busy partying or hauling furniture in the mornings for Beryl. As soon as we were awake Beryl would ask us to help her out. Brady even asked if we could not stay at his house anymore to avoid Beryl putting us to work. We decided we would start staying at our farm. That didn’t work out either as we got put to work hauling couches at our house too. Brady couldn’t believe we got put to work, he would roll his eyes and shake his head but he did it with his gigantic smile and said “You have got to be kidding me!” Jim came home for a couple days and we told him we wanted to go out with him in the morning to find some deer. Sure enough Brady and I stayed out until the break of dawn partying and then decided we should head home to get a little shuteye. Jim heard us come in the house and was sure that we wouldn’t get up to go hunting. This probably didn’t bother him too much as it was minus 40 outside. Brady and I got a 45 minute power nap and then Jim came downstairs to wake us up, in search of some big deer. We got out the 202’s and headed out to look for our deer. Just when we thought we were getting to an area that may have deer Brady made us stop the truck so that he could get out of the truck. Brady had to puke so this probably managed to scare

O B I T UA RY some of the deer away. I just started hunting three years ago and I am thankful that Brady and Jim took me in and taught me the ropes. I am very glad that I got to shoot my first deer with Brady and Jim! I bagged a real nice White Tail! Unfortunately it was the last deer we got together but I will cherish the time we spent and the fun we had. With the countless hours of playing hockey with Brady he became a great hockey player! We had many winning seasons and a couple years of provincials which Brady was a very strong part of our team. He had many good moves which he learnt from watching his favourite hockey, the Edmonton Oilers. He loved to do the big-toe drag that amazed me. It still worked on people after years of him doing it. Brady wouldn’t miss a game for anything; he lived for the dream of being an Oiler himself one day. The many Oilers games I got to attend with him were unbelievable! He made them such a blast that I always went home with a smile on my face; regardless if the Oilers won or not. Lately that was more often a loss but he remained true to the Oilers. Brady and I also attended a couple of World Juniors games in Edmonton. He would call me up and say that M & N had one extra ticket and would ask if I wanted to come. We were lucky enough to go to the New Year’s Eve Canada/USA game. We had first row seats right at the red line behind the penalty boxes. When we headed down to our seats we noticed a good looking girl sitting in one of the seats right beside ours. We ended up having a little bit of a pushing match trying to be the one that got to sit by the good looking girl. As we all know Brady was a smooth talker! He always had something smart to say and he said exactly what was on his mind. He believed in what he spoke, he had a strong will and didn’t take anything

from anyone! He would argue for hours with you if it were what he believed in. A lot of the time you could see that smirk come out in his face and he would just be arguing to get you going. I had the opportunity to see this many times over the years between him and Haley. He would work hard at pushing her buttons. Even though he liked to do this, if someone ever pushed her buttons besides himself, he was ready to scrap. Over the years we heard many funny things come out of Brady’s mouth. It was always followed by his wild laugh. I will always remember the story of Brady coming home one day and Beryl asked him if he had been drinking. Brady answered with a big smile and said “No Mom I am sober as a bird….tweet, tweet.” Another one of his favourite lines was used when he had invited the boys over to stay at his house after a long night. We would ask if we could come sleep over and Brady always answered sure Beryl is all right with that. We always knew that he hadn’t really asked his Mom. Now I have one more short story that I would like to share of Brady’s clever thinking. Back in middle school Brady and Bradley both asked Taylor to a school dance. Taylor had trouble deciding who she should go with. Brady sat down with Taylor and Bradley and explained to her; “Now lets put it this way Taylor, you can either have steak and pointed to himself or you can have roast beef and pointed to Bradley!| Years later in high school Brady began to bring Emily around. He was so happy with the way things were with them. He was ecstatic that he had found someone that would put up with our crazy late nights. Oh and let me tell you Emily did have to learn to put up with that. Brady once told her to go lay in bed and start a movie and that he’d be back in five minutes because


C O R O N AT I O N , A B . J U N E 2 7 ' 1 3


he was going to drop me off at the bar. Well five minutes turned into hours and we returned home at 6:30 in the morning. Let me tell you it was a good night. We came back to Smith’s and we woke Emily up. Brady told her it was 7:30 and that she was going to be late for work. She jumped up, got dressed and didn’t even bother to look at the clock. If she would have, she would have known she was being pranked. She still could have slept for another hour if she would have checked. I am sure there were many nights where she thought about hurting us. Brady had such a deep love for Emily that you would constantly be hearing things about her and her family. Brady’s favourite joke he’d tell us and especially Em was that he needed to stay close to Gord and Michelle that way when Tess turned 18 they wouldn’t be surprised when he traded Emily in. Jokes aside… Em the way that he looked at you was a tremendous feeling. We all knew how much he loved you! You were his way of life and that got him through everything. Brady You were a Great Man, and you were such a great friend to all of us. We shared an unconditional friendship that can never be replaced. You will be remembered by that amazing smile and the energy you brought to everyone. Good- bye my friend; Until another day!

My shadow by Haley Smith Brady was born exactly 15 months after me on December 10th of 1993 and I on September 10th of ’92. Mom brought him home and she said I didn’t have a jealous bone in my body. I was so happy to have a baby brother to play with. I was happy to share moms’ knee with my beautiful brother. Turn to Pg 8



C O R O N AT I O N , A B .


Cont’d from Pg 7 was always borrowing money from our Brady had to do everything I did, he was parents. One time he phoned my dad, wonmy shadow I could not get rid of. If I was dering how much money he should bid on wearing a dress he was wearing a dress. a signed Taylor Hall jersey, dad said he This is how he got the name Brady-Anna. didn’t need one. Brady thought a small bid I had to share everything with him won’t hurt, someone will surely out bid including my friends, which didn’t always him. No one did. So the next day he is go over well. We would do everything to phoning dad to cover for him as mom escape him but we never could. could not find out. Not to long ago I had a sleepover and He loved having the best of everything. once again he would not leave, he ended I recently started selling knives. He was up sleeping at the foot of the bed. the easiest sale I have ever had. He spent We spent countless hours in the back$2000 within five minutes. yard with the whole neighborhood playing There is so many things that Brady is baseball, kickball, cowboys and Indians, going to miss out on that he would have and Fear Factor. Brady lived to play been so good at. I can tell by the way he hockey he spent countless hours outside treated his cat that he would have been a playing road hockey with his friends and great dad. When we were little he told me as he got older he trained all the younger he would have 10 million hundred chilboys on the street. I would get to play but dren so I could babysit. Brady had the rarely allowed on his team. One kindness soul, biggest smile and he comChristmas he got a hockey net and the pleted our family. first thing he did was phone Dylan I am not sure how life will go on without Usselman to come over right away. him but I know he would want us to live When Brady was little and maybe still life to the fullest. If Brady had to go I am to this day he was often known for his glad he left Tairsa and I with a sister to temper. When he was not happy, watch share his memories with. As well as an out. We went through numerous babysitAuntie Em to tell my nieces about their ters, patched many holes and my parents wacky Aunty Brady. spent a lot of time chasing him down the Charmed his way into my life street. by Emily Breum Brady and I lived to make each other Brady Smith charmed his way into my angry. He took many flying objects such as plates, remotes, or whatever I could get life about two and half years ago. Ever since that first date we have been insepamy hands on to the head. Lucky for him I rable. He taught me many things in the had no aim. Although I threw the objects, I knew the moment it left my hand I had to short time we spent together. He taught me how to laugh off the small things, and run for my life. More often then not the to stand up for myself when the time is fight would end with us phoning mom at right. Although there were a few times work bawling. She stopped answering. when he felt it was his duty to step in and Brady was known for finding the easy way out. I always thought of him as a little take care of business, Brady style. It wasn’t long after Brady started bit lazy but I am coming to realize he was hanging around my house that he had just too smart for his own good. He had went from a town kid to a full out cowboy. our mom figured out to a tee. She would He started his collection off with his bring him anything and everything he asked for and my sister and I would give in cowboy boots so he could ride horses and help dad out with the whole four chores as it was just easier to grab the glass of water then argue with the guy with all the that needed to be done. His new found love for being a cowboy answers. It wasn’t always like this. When I was in landed us in the Ya Ha Tinda Ranch. To my surprise he absolutely loved it. It was grade one he would sit and do my homeso amazing to see him adapt to the new work while I would play beside him surroundings and find peace in the simple although the tables turned quite quickly. things around us. He even cowboyed up Brady was known for his infectious and decided to go on a four hour ride with smile. I am sure this is why he got away my dad, sister and I. He loved every with so many things. What some people minute of the ride, and then we had to get may not have known, is that he was so off the horses, and that’s a whole different good at school, he just didn’t let anyone story. know. He thought if I can get 80’s without It was in Brady’s nature to help anyone trying why not. I know if he would have who needed it. Whether it was getting his actually did his homework he would have two cents in a fight or helping our neighgiven Evan Rodvang a run for his money. bours at the apartment carry up their Brady was my baby brother which means he enjoyed irritating my sister and groceries, he was there. There wasn’t a person in the world who Brady wouldn’t I. He would stick his feet in our face, have a conversation with. change the channel and repeat the same The first time I took him to meet my words over and over. Brady and I spent family it was as if he had known them formany hours together watching TV. We rarely talked, we just enjoyed being beside ever. He fit right in with all the craziness. He became the big brother Tess never had each other. and sometimes the big brother she never Brady or also known as Aunty Brady, wanted. It was amazing to me how close was the best uncle in the world. He loved those two became and I could tell by the taking Jaidyn where ever he could. It was his mission to make sure she was an Oiler way Tess looked at him how much she fan growing up in a Flames household, she loved him. We always bugged mom and had a jersey before she was born. Colbie just arrived in November. I always said she looked like Brady but I never told him BORROW PAYMENT because his head Current 5 Year was already too Fixed Rate 2.99% big. $ 10,000 $47.29 Nothing special I have ever done was $ 20,000 $94.55 done without $ 50,000 $ 236.37 Brady. Every $100,000 $472.73 speech I ever said $200,000 $945.47 was with him and I Pay off Your Bills $300,000 $1,418.20 remember how $400,000 $1,890.93 Lower Your Payments painful it was to $ 2,363.66 keep him concenRefinance or Buy a Home! $500,000 trated. I always Call Dale Field • No Application Fee wanted it to be per1-866-880-8829 • Inquiries & Applications by Phone Email: fect and he just • Credit Good - Fair - Poor wanted it done. Brady spent • Money for Almost Any Purpose every dollar he Members of Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association, ever made the Better Business Bureau, Canadian Institute of moment he got it Mortgage Borkers & Lenders and and then some. He Licensed by Real Estate Council of Alberta




dad that they loved Brady more than us because he was so much help around the house. You wouldn’t have to ask and Brady would be out doing chores or helping mom clear the table. I truly believe that they thought of him

as their son. When he took me home to meet his family they welcomed me with open arms and treated me as one of their own and I am forever grateful for that. Turn to Pg 9

Coronation Rural A.L.L. STARS Realty Ltd. Ph. (780) 434-4700

SHELLY CREASY Hm/Off. (403) 578-2255 Cell. (403) 578-7000

New Listings

NE 7-35-8-W4 - Gorgeous home 1/4 2870 sqft home 4 bedrooms 2 1/2 bathrooms, loft, partial basement, in-ground pool that is solar heated. 40’x60’ shop double detached garage, cross fenced, native and seeded grass, corrals 2 waterers, 2 water wells and $5250/yr lease revenue. Listed for $459,000

4609 East Service Road, Coronation SE 4-376.75 acres 2040 sqft double wide 3 10-W4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, double detached County of Paintearth garage, and a 40’x70’ insulated/heated 123 acres 6 1/2 miles north and east of shop with two 14’ overhead doors, plus Coronation. Upgraded double wide, detached HIGHWAY exposure. Listed for garage/barn. Developed yard and shelter $225,000 belt. Currently in summer fallow. Listed for $225,000

pt of SW20-34-10-W4- 37.56 acres approx. 20 km south/east of Coronation AB. 4 bedroom 2 bathroom bungalow, south and west facing deck, single attached garage, work shop, cattle shelter, 2 water wells, cross fenced. Listed at $210,000

$10,000 Cash Back to purchaser 4914 Norfolk Ave. Coronation 1440 sqft double wide on 4 lots, close to all amenities. 3 bedrooms, large walk in closet in master bedroom, 2 bathrooms one 4 piece one 3 piece, separate laundry area, front and back covered decks, fenced yard , 2 storage sheds, fruit trees, 6 appliances, window coverings. Reduced $90,000 $79,900 All Offers Considered

1994 Mobile to be Moved 1994 Triple E with a 16’ x 24’ addition to pt of NW3135-9-W4 be moved. 3 bedrooms, open kitchen and Approx. 6.29 5018 Alexander Ave., Coronation living room, 3 bathrooms. Sold as is to be acres located east of Coronation. 3165 sqft 1 One owner 3 level split across the street moved. Listed for $16,900 1/2 storey home. 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, from the gold course in Coronation, AB. 3 patio, deck, wood fireplace, major above bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms, single grade renos! The exterior features well attached insulated garage, custom oak developed landscaping and an insulated and trim and cabinets, all appliances, fenced heated shop with a 12 foot overhead door. 5300 Royal Road #206, Listed for $459,900 Go to screasy. backyard, shed and other extras! Listed Coronation - 1187 sqft condo unit. 2 ca to view interior photos of this for $199,900 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open kitchen, living BEAUTIFUL acreage! and dining area, west facing deck, utility room, garage storage closet, enclosed single parking stall, access to common area, elevator or stairs, A/C and all appliances and 4612 Alexander Ave., Coronationwindow coverings. Listed for $185,000 Pt of NE 34-37-10-W4 - 12.59 acres Beautiful 4 bedroom 3 bathroom 3 level split County of Paintearth - excellent 1848 located on spacious lot. Features include; lark sqft home 4 bedrooms, office, 2nd kitchen, deck, fenced yard, heated garage and many fireplace, large double garage insulated and more. Substantial renovations and a large heated, beautiful yard with well developed addition make this home a must see! trees and a fantastic 4 acre man made lake 4609 York Ave., Coronation - with a sand beach and Dock! Listed for 1530 sqft ranch style bungalow, double att. $495,000 MUST SEE! insulated and heated garage. 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathroom, fenced backyard, covered 5017 Imperial Ave. Coronation patio, raised deck, new carpet, new 720 sqft bungalow,2 bedrooms, 4 piece appliances, paint upgrades, under ground bathroom, and spacious backyard. Included sprinklers and A/C. Listed for $229,000 in the sale are 4 appliances. This home is located on a quiet street close to the golf SW3-37course. Listed @ $69,500 10-W4 County of Paintearth Home 1/4 located 7 miles north and east of Coronation. This property features a 2450 sqft 3 level split, a double detached garage 305 Waterloo Street Veteran - with work shop, an older hip roof barn and 4614 Westminster Ave., 610 sqft 3 bedroom bungalow on a large other out buildings. The yard has a gorgeous Coronation- 5 bedroom 2 bathroom 100 x 125 ft lot. Includes all appliances, well developed stand of trees featuring bungalow in excellent condition. Single fenced yard, fire pit & garden shed. Currently numerous pine. Land currently under detached garage, fenced yard, all appliances, rented. Listed for $35,000 summer fallow. Listed for $425,000 hardwood, upgraded bathrooms and more. Listed at $189,000


SOLD Veteran




Major Price Reduction

Short Stop Liquor Store, Coronation Excellent opportunity to purchase a successful business in Coronation, AB. Asking Price includes Building, Business, all equipment 4714 Windsor Ave., Coronation and $150,000 inventory. All Offers Considered. Unique character home! Vaulted ceiling in the living room, loft & bedroom that over 5 bays and additional vacant lot, excellent look. Several updates, spacious dining income property. All 5 bays have been room, bathroom with jetted tub, open rented to the same tenants for many years. living room with skylight, a fenced For revenue information and further details backyard with deck, shed, small garage. Commercial Building Coronation contact Shelly. Listed at $365,770 REDUCED $96,900 $89,900

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Cont’d from Pg 8 slamming, the cupboards start opening I am happy and blessed to have gained and soon enough I would find the gang of another set of wonderful loving parents, them in my bed begging me to take them two beautiful sisters and two adorable to McDonalds. I wasn’t very happy at the nieces. time, but if you asked me now I would do it Brady and I share a lot of the same in a heartbeat. interests and personality traits, that’s why About two months before school was we got along so well. One trait that we def- over we acquired another roommate, initely shared was being stubborn. We Clinton. I was so excited to finally have could argue for hours about which movie someone to pick on Brady with me. Well I we should watch and why. By the time the should have known this was not going to argument was over we were usually tired be the case. Those two always were and went to sleep instead. We could argue finding new ways to make me mad. about anything and just when I thought I Whether it be cornering me in the kitchen had the upper hand, Brady flashed that with the cat’s spray bottle or sitting on my big old smile and I would forget there was limbs and tickling me until I turn purple. I even a fight. think they took the cake with making me Brady loved to do many different things. mad when I went to go to the bathroom One of his favourite past times is the and to my surprise there was no door. Oilers. I don’t just mean watching hockey They thought that because I always comgames, I mean, reading about the Oilers, plained they never shut the bathroom buying Oilers colletables, phoning Jim door they would do me a favour and just about the Oilers, watching Oilers hightake it off. This didn’t last very long as lights, catching up on the Oilers drafts they saw just how angry I could get. and trying to explain to me why I should Brady’s passion for life and the way that be more interested in the Oilers. He was he carried himself will always be an inspiall about those Oilers. This year we were ration to me. I was so lucky to get to call lucky enough to catch a couple games up him mine even if our time was cut far too in Edmonton with our good friend Cory. short. I know everyday that he is watching A very important aspect in Brady’s life over me and helping me carry on through was his friends. Whether it be staying up this difficult time. all hours of the night with Koby, Cory, and There will forever be a piece of him in Bradan, or wrestling with Brandon outmy heart and I am eternally grateful for side the Brewhouse parking lot for that. I am so blessed that he introduced shotgun when Brady was with his friends, me and welcomed me into the Smith there was never a dull moment. I’m sure family and I promise that I will irritate my all of us girls are going to miss those hour two new sisters and care for my two nieces long phone calls with Brady when he gets as much as he did. bored and just wants someone to talk to. Brady lived to get under people’s skin and Never a dull moment then in an instant he would melt their by Easton Cox hearts when he flashed his big cheesy Although I didn’t expect to be doing this smile. so soon, I feel honoured to express to all of Brady loved to play jokes on me. He you the beautiful relationship that Brady always claimed I was the most gullible and I got to share. If there’s anything I can person in the world. One day he called me tell you, one things for sure, there was to tell me that he no longer wanted to see never a dull moment. It doesn’t matter if me and ask me if it was alright if he took he was 35 minutes late for Mrs. Canadine’s my best friend, Anissa out on a date. class, still half asleep, in pajama pants and I was so shocked I hung up the phone a sweater, or if he was slipping on his and just sat there mad until he called me boots to go out on the town, you could back. When I answered the phone I could never find him without that intimidating hear Easton and Brady killing themselves ear-to-ear smile. laughing in the background. He told me it I can remember when the best of our was only a joke and I should really learn friendship kicked off. We were in about to tell his “joking” tone. Grade 6 or 7 and Mrs. Barnes was subbing. Last year when we went off to school, The room was quiet and Brady slowly got Brady and I rented an apartment together up and walked passed my desk. While in Edmonton. We both knew this was walking past my desk, he had purposely going to be a big step and a big challenge kicked it, making the desk rumble across but we were ready to face it together. the floor making that god awful There are so many great memories that screeching sound. we made together this year it’s hard to put Obviously disturbing the whole class, them all into words. everyone was looking up and staring at A couple months after we moved up to the both of us. Brady thought it was so Edmonton we were sitting watching TV funny, so later I got up, walked passed his and we just felt like something wasn’t desk, and kicked it right out from underright. We were missing something. Then it neath his hands. Now he and I discovered dawned on us, we needed a cat. It took him this was a war! some convincing but in the end he went with me to pick up our new cat, Layla. It wasn’t long after that little cat moved in that it became Brady’s best friend. He always told me it was time I get my stuff out of the apartment so the cat had more room. He would lay with that cat for hours on end and I knew when I heard Pump failure or sewer issues between regular cleaning Brady say “come here babe”, he get the same lower price versus a non-program wasn’t talking to customer who is charged a per hour rate. me. Some other fun memories (if you can call them fun) is when all the boys would come over for the weekend. They would go out to the bar and I would go to sleep and just when I think I have some peace and quiet doors would start

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Anyway it had gone on for a while and you were one hell of a kid. Until next time, finally Mrs. Barnes had enough so she rest easy buddy… stood up and screamed, “Brady, Easton, Night life taken seriously GET OUT!” by Bradan McLean We slowly packed our stuff and had a School was anything but boring if nice giggle on the way to the office. Much Brady was in the area. to our delight, as soon as we get into the It didn’t matter if he was in the same office, there’s Mr. Brown, staring us class as you or if he left his to come visit down, giving that look where you know yours. He’d come through the door and you have to talk to him, but your going to make you laugh or smile and most of the try and waste as much time getting to his time both, which came naturally with office as possible. Brady. So after we got the whole ‘knucklehead’ I recently moved to Sherwood Park and speech, we found ourselves the next day, sitting in a corner of the office, with an in- I wasn’t impressed about having to leave my friends and small town. But then I school suspension. This is where we learned that only 20 minutes away from would spend all that day devising our my new home, Smitty and Em had moved next plan, just to do it all over again. into their new apartment in Edmonton. Brady and I shared the best and the They are what made the move worth it. worst times together, whether it was our Turn to Pg 10 famous trip to West Ed for a couple days, or if he was in visiting me while I was trying to do my L.A in Mrs. Pasolli’s office, neither of us had a single regret doing 12345 it. I am very appreciative to have spent these precious moments BOUTIQUE LUXURY Modern homes in James Bay with him and so MOVE IN SEPTEMBER starting from $299,000 very proud to call him my best friend. I love you Smitty,

Brand new Victoria condos from a trusted developer

#12 between Castor and Halkirk, Great potential for someone to build a yard site, have a nice sized acreage or a place to put the horse with Highway access. $44,900 MLS#CA0015766

Landmark Realty


• 5105 51 St., Castor, - 1953 storey and a half 966 sq ft home, loads of upgrades. 8x17 addition is entrance and storage. $75,000 MLS#CA0008300 • 5002 54A St., Castor - 3 bed, 2- 3 piece baths, 4 appliances. Lots of changes in the last two years. *ONLY THE TRAILER IS FOR SALE* Lot rent is 250/month, expenses approx 100 mo. $21,500 MLS#CA0008080 • 4802 50 Ave., Castor - 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with open kitchen and dining design and sunken living room. $69,000 MLS#CA0005436 • 159 acres on Hwy 599, 11 m. from Coronation - 5 bedroom bungalow, single detached ga-

Basil Nichols 403-323-0365 MLS Realtor

• 112 Sir Galahad St, Gala-

had - currently under extensive renovations. In the past, it was a large grocery store in Galahad, but the seller rage, 32’x48’ heated shop. includes • Near Castor - 16.75 acres, started to design & construct his home a quarter section with SLR revenue of overlooks the Castor Creek, near the with the large 4140 sq.ft of $3500. Corrals, stock waterers, sev- K to 12 School. Potential to subdi- space.$95,000 MLS#CA0015517 eral barns and sheds. $350,000 vide. $400,000 MLS#286941 MLS#CA0005274 • 41011 RANGE ROAD 130 3 bed, 4 bath, bungalow on 12 acres in County of Flagstaff. Quonset, barn • 5202 48 St., Castor - 1183 & shop. $589,000 MLS#CA0003175 • 5001 54 St., Castor - 1944 sq.ft. bungalow, 2 bedrooms & 1 4• 5201 50 St, Castor - 1972 church with extreme facelift, 6 bed- piece bath upstairs & 1 bedroom with house, 3 bed, 2 and half bath, 1464 rooms, 3 bathrooms. $224,900 a 3- piece bath in the basement. $144,900 MLS#CA0015501 sq ft., corner lot, single attached ga- MLS#CA0016779 rage, work shop $149,900 MLS# CA0003164 • 4705 Westminster Ave, Coronation - 4 bedroom, 3 bath, close to school. $119,000 MLS#CA0001795 • 107 Balaclava St., Veteran • 5117 Norfolk Ave., Coro• 5009 49 Ave., Castor - - 1629 sq.ft 3 level split, 4 bedrooms, nation - ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A TURN KEY PAINT & BODY SHOP 2 bathrooms, on a 50’ x 115’ lot. PROJECT HOUSE??? 3 bed, 1 bath 1352 sq.ft bungalow on 75’ x 115’ 2005 40’ x 60’ metal clad shop, $160,00 MLS#CA0016418 lot. Needs extensive work. $24,900 office. $260,000 MLS#CA0015272

AN INDEPENDENT MEMBER BROKER • 4806 50 Ave, Castor - 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, CHEAPER THAN RENT!!!!! $54,900 MLS# CA0009873 • 5113 51 St. Castor - 1026 sq ft bi-level home, three bedrooms, two bathrooms with an attached garage. $99,900 MLS# CA0009954 • 25+/- ac, 6 km east of Brownfield - 2565 sq.ft bungalow (redone in ‘92). Master bedroom to die for, jetted tub, large walk-in closet $305,000 MLS#CA0008160 • 4614 45 St., Castor 1970 sq ft of finished living space with 1640 on main level. 3 beds, 2 baths. 22x24 garage. $150,000 MLS#CA0012403 • 4625 Westminster Ave, Coronation - 1260 sq ft five bedroom, three bathroom home has a lot of potential. $109,000 MLS#CA0012203 • 5106 52 St., Castor Looking for revenue property? Cozy two bedroom, full bath bungalow close to schools, shopping. $69,500 MLS#CA0011839 • 5102 46 St., Castor - two bed, one bath 852 sq ft home $59,900 MLS#CA0011022 • 5317 Norfolk Ave, Coronation, AB - Spacious 4 bed (2 up, 2 down) with 2 baths and main floor laundry room. $210,000 MLS#CA0011015 • 5112 52 Ave., Consort 4 bed, 3 bath, 1997 sq.ft bungalow. REDUCED TO $385,000 MLS#CA0009859

Gordon “Hoss” Nichols 882-HOSS (4677) MLS Realtor

MLS#CA327448 • 2.81 ac south of Castor 1424 sq.ft bungalow, 3 beds up 1 bed downstairs, 2 bathrooms. $159,000 MLS#CA327375 • 5509 51 St., Castor 1730 sq.ft. 3 bedroom, 3 bath, storey & half on 71’ x 250’ lot. $169,900 MLS#CA326132 • 108 Lucknow St., Veteran - CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home. REDUCED TO $69,900 MLS#CA324846 • 5126 52 St., Castor 1990 Triple E 16’ X 80’, 3 bed, 2 bath trailer on 5 lots. REDUCED TO $110,000 MLS#CA324045 • 42127 RANGE ROAD 164 Flagstaff County - 1300 sq.ft 2004 home, 6 beds 3 baths, 14.60 ac. west of Forestburg. $349,000 MLS#CA322745 • 5130 52 St., Castor - 769 sq. ft., 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom bungalow. $59,000 REDUCED to $54,000 MLS#CA318629 • 4306 49 Ave. Castor 733 sq ft, 1 bed, 1 bath, spacious kitchen with lots of cupboards, master bedroom with a large storage room. $89,900 REDUCED to $69,900 MLS#CA308138 • 5021 50 Ave, Castor 5000 sq. ft. brick and wood building on main street $85,000 MLS#CA320287

• 16452 TWP RD 390, Stettler County - 2 storey stone home is rich is character, 16’ thick walls and older hardwood floors thoughout, 4 bedroom, 2 bathrooms. 48’ x 48’ butler building included on 6.67 ac. $299,000 MLS#0016408

• 4502 45 St, Castor - 1340 sq. ft. stucco home built in 1974. Located across from the 9th tee off box of the Castor Golf Club. 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. $299,900 MLS#CA0014243

• 38317 RNG RD 160, Paintearth County - 11 ac., just off pavement, east of Halkirk. 1200 sq. ft, 2+2 bungalow with 2 bathrooms, 2-2x4 offset exterior walls, styrofoam insulated concrete basement walls, newer furnace & triple glazed windows. $315,000 MLS#CA0016250

• 201 2 AVE. E, Hanna 1914, three bedroom, one bath, gorgeous wood doors, trim and hardwood, all original, 1252 sq ft on one floor. $74,900 MLS#CA0016034

• 22 ac parcel on Hwy #12 in County of Paintearth - Bare piece of land is located along highway

• 4529 44 St., Castor - 3 bedroom, 1 bath storey and half on corner lot. Single attached garage. $79,000 MLS#CA0014179

Thinking of Selling Land via Auction? Give us a Call to Get Started see all our listings at


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Cont’d from Pg 9 We got together many times for suppers, drinks and hockey games with many of our friends. Before and after supper anytime, that we got together, we would have a few Cuban cigars on the deck and it didn’t matter how cold it was outside. We’d bundle up with coats and a couple blankets and each wear one of Emily’s wool mitts and have our meeting. We’d sit out there while Emily watched from the nice warm house, thinking we were crazy. There’s no doubt in my mind that the reason why my grades were in the shape they were this year is because Brady and I took our night lives more seriously than school or work. I was late a few classes or missed a few classes all together, but I wouldn’t want it any other way and am honoured to be able to have these memories spent with Brady. Brady, you gave everyone a reason to smile without even trying, we love you and miss you, and I’ll be seeing you again to pick up where we left off with a Ceasar and a Cuban cigar.



flowers, special keepsakes, To all Brady’s friends, classAre you looking to help promote your business or organization? phone calls, donations and the mates, hockey teammates for Rent a booth at the: many condolences we received. the visits to the house and all Special thanks to Gord, the hugs. Michelle and Tess Breum, Thank you, Reverend Sue Archie and Wanda Merchant, Hertell for officiating the serBryan and Betty Tellier, vice and your words of Darcey and Wanda Hewitt, comfort. Cheryl Williamson, Michelle The Sunshine Club for preZubach, Alicia Chartier and paring and serving the lunch. Jeff Neal for all your kind Thank you, Heather and deeds. Staff of Coronation Funeral 9 am - 5 pm at Lougheed Arena Grandma Sonja, our Home for your knowledge and brothers and sisters and their guidance during this difficult Tradeshow Booth: $75 • Large Equipment Booth: $25 families for their daily visits, time. Visit us @ hugs and just being here for us. Thank you to everyone for Like us on Facebook • Follow us on Twitter Thank you to Koby Sieger, sharing in our sorrow. Your Easton Cox, Dylan Usselman kindness is deeply appreciated For more information and Bradan McLean for and will always be rememor to rent a booth: offering to present and prepare bered by our family. Lindsey Catherwood, their tributes to Brady. Jim, Beryl and Emily Assistant Agricultural Fieldman, The team of workers who Tairsa, Blair, and girls Flagstaff County (780) 384-4129 scanned photos, prepared the Haley and Brandon video tribute and • The 2013 “Celebrate Your Rural Brenda Schoepp the special music Roots” Tradeshow is in conjunction ”Top 10 things you selections, we with the Lougheed Fair. For Heifers or Cows need to know about appreciated all the • The fair is celebrating its 90th Everything together hard work. the agriculture anniversary while Flagstaff County Recommended for Cows. by Dylan Usselman Thank you to M world we live in” is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Brady and I have been friends for as long & N for the use of Yearling Red & Black Angus & Dr. Joe Schwarcz • This event will consist of a polled Hereford bulls, registered. as I can remember. We did everything the tent; all who “Public perception agricultural/environmental Semen tested and delivery available. together, whether it was driving the babyhelped in setting it tradeshow as well as a staging area of agriculture sitter crazy, pushing Haley to her limits or up; arranging the Glenrose Polled Hereford and Angus for 2 agricultural facts & myths” playing road hockey. You wouldn’t see us TV and sound apart, even though I do believe our parents system. did try grounding us from each other once in a while. I don’t know how much our parents had to pay the babysitter to watch us but I know we had gone through a few of them. I remember one Christmas when we were about 10, Brady called my house telling me to come over and play road hockey as he just got new goalie equipment, and I told him I got the same thing. So I went over to the Smith’s house and then we argued for over an hour about who got to play goalie and we just couldn’t decide so we ended up going home and not even playing at all. I miss those days, no worry in the world other then what we were going to do that day. It was never a boring day with Brady, that smile of his could brighten any day, While US cornfields dried and died last of the biggest challenges you may face that its spores can travel long distances and I will never forget him. I’m going to year, much of Alberta’s cropland enjoyed this coming crop year. by wind. Trace levels of fusarium miss you Brady, and will never forget the memories we made. above average moisture for the third year head blight in cereals have now been

“Celebrate Your Rural Roots” Tradeshow Saturday, August 10

Keynote Speakers



PROTECT YOUR YIELD POTENTIAL A proactive fungicide program could be key to your success in 2013

Card of Thanks The family would like to thank everyone for the visits, food brought to our home,

Since 1981

We buy all types of feed grain: • Barley • Wheat • Oats •Rye • Triticale • Peas • Canola • Heated Canola or Other Damaged Grains

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in a row. But, that moisture comes with a hefty potential cost: a high pathogen load in the soil and stubble going into the 2013 season. This, combined with today’s increasingly tight rotations, means this year could prove a troublesome season for disease. “Especially over the last five years, we’ve seen a dramatic shift to a canola, cereal, canola rotation. While it is probably pretty profitable in the short term, what it brings with it is a much greater risk of disease. Add wet years like we’ve had and the risk just goes up even more,” says, an Agriculture and Agri-food Canada research scientist in Lacombe. “If we have another wet year this year, producers will need to be extremely careful about disease management.” Pathogens that cause the majority of diseases can easily survive two or more years in soil or stubble. As such, if you plant according to a two year rotation, look to the disease pressures you had in 2011 to give a good indication of some

Leaf diseases continue to cost growers the most in lost yield. Given that the best way to stay ahead of scald and blotch is rotation, practice a three to four year crop and / or variety rotation. Consult

“If we have another wet year this year, producers will need to be extremely careful about disease management.” Dr. Kelly Turkington the Alberta Seed Guide (at to identify crop varieties that offer resistance to the respective diseases that are issues for you. Be extra vigilant in scouting for key diseases that are on the move. Stripe rust was newly found in multiple areas around Edmonton and as far north as Barrhead, which is not surprising given

reported across central Alberta, and damaging levels are occurring in irrigated parts of southern Alberta. Finally, blackleg, which is all over the province, appears to be breaking through the resistance of some canola varieties. To give yourself a fighting chance against disease, prepare your fungicide plans early. A dense crop canopy, while excellent for yield, will hold in moisture and foster disease development. Therefore, if you have a strong, vigorously growing young crop, protect your yield potential by applying fungicide at the earliest stage recommended on the product label. “A wait and see approach doesn’t work for some diseases. If you’ve got a disease like sclerotinia, once you see the symptoms of the disease in the crop, it’s already too late to spray,” says Turkington.

Verle Klassen Ph 403-741-4483 • Fax 403-742-4560

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Time to raise the bar on regulatory standards Brenda Schimke

ECA Review Reporter Anthony Swift was the guest speaker at the Special meeting of the Alberta Surface Rights Federation in Camrose on June 17. Swift, an attorney with the International Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council in Washington, D.C., is a fourth generation oil-family Texan. He knows first-hand small towns in Texas that no longer have a water source. Swift’s expertise and passion is in fossil fuel subsidies, energy markets and pipeline safety.

Pipeline failures “There is an increasing number of pipeline failures occurring”, said Swift and “it’s time to raise the bar on regulatory standards and enforcement.” There have been 30,000 spills in Alberta over the last 37 years and they are growing in frequency and severity. “It’s logical for more leaks to occur in older pipelines, but the number of relatively new pipelines with catastrophic failures is alarmingly high,” said Swift. Swift highlighted two recent events. The two-year old TransCanada pipeline between Cushing, OK and Houston, TX is

currently having 70 sections dug up to replace faulty pipes and redo shoddy welding. In its first year of operation, it had 14 spills and had to be shut down. It’s been known for some time in the industry that off-shore steel manufacturers often do not meet standards, yet the price is cheap. In the case of this TransCanada pipeline, steel had been purchased from Russian and Indian suppliers. Heavier types of crude, with a molasseslike consistency, create a lot more friction as it moves through the pipeline. This resultant increase in temperature causes quicker corrosion which directly relates to more frequent pipeline failures. Alberta pipelines are year over year moving a larger percentage of higher temperature bitumen from the oilsands. When queried as to how our pipeline system rates with the United States, Swift said, “The Alberta pipeline system compares to the United States in that they both average a similar frequency of spills per mile.” “However, those figures hide the fact that the U.S. pipeline system is twice as old as the Alberta system,” said Swift.

Economics “Alberta’s economy and the wealth of its

people are predicated on moving bitumen to markets at a competitive price,” said an audience member. “We can’t put so many regulations in place that it makes our oil industry unprofitable.” Swift agreed. “The ability to build a spill-proof pipeline is not feasible, but other countries are using available technologies to detect leaks and are doing better,” responded Swift. “For example, Germany’s regulations require three overlapping systems to detect leaks. It’s a combination of external cables, acoustic sound monitors and chemical sensors. None of these are cost prohibitive, but the different sensors provide better coverage for identifying different types of leaks. In sharp contrast, Canada and the United States use dated technology including watching pressure changes and comparing in and out volumes, aerial discoveries or individuals on the ground stumbling across a leak. The recent spillage of 9.5 million litres of wastewater from an Apache pipeline near Zama City in northwestern Alberta was detected by air. It wasn’t reported to ERCB for six days and it was the public, not ERCB, who broke the news 12 days after the massive leak was first



Active Ingredient


Target Disease






Black Leg



Sclerotinia, Black Spot

Fluxapyroxad & Pyraclostrobin

Field Peas

White Mould, Powdery Mildew, Mycosphaerella Blight




Cyprodinil & Fludioxonil





Active Ingredient Tebuconazole

Crop Wheat

Target Disease Fusarium Head Blight Rusts (Leaf, Stem & Stripe)

Prothioconazole & Tebuconazole


Fusarium Head Blight



Fusarium Head Blight Leaf Rust, Tan Spot

discovered. In 2011, the Plains Midstream Canada Rainbow pipeline crossing the Woodland Cree Reserve leaked sweet crude for eight hours and the pipeline was shut on and off three times, even as alarms kept ringing. After the spill was identified it took seven hours for the company to advise ERCB. Less than a year later, Plains Midstream Canada had another major spill when a pipeline under the Red Deer River, polluted the river and Little Buffalo Lake.

Clean-Up Since pipelines move a variety of different products that behave differently, spilled products also behave differently when they migrate to a water source. Natural gas evaporates, light crude stays on the surface making it easier to contain and scoop up, heavy crude or bitumen sinks to the bottom. The 825,000 gallons of bitumen spilled into the Kalamazoo River has been the most expensive on-shore pipeline spill in history, costing TransCanada upwards of $1 billion, and giving opponents to the Keystone Pipeline much ammunition. Although the river looks pristine today, the recovery is incomplete as most of the bitumen immediately sunk to the bottom, co-mingled with the river base and continues to migrate. It is predicted that 42 miles of the river will be lost as an ecosystem.

Regulations & Enforcement Swift argues that “significant spills happen that should never happen.” An Enbridge pipeline in the NWT that leaked 66,000 barrels of oil from a pinhole crack could have been caught much earlier if a high-tech detection system were in place,” said Swift. Another example was the Rainbow pipeline spill. The National Energy Board (NEB) had identified problems some years before at that location, but because it fell under the jurisdiction of the ERCB, nothing was done to force Plains Midstream Canada to take preventative measures. Canada doesn’t publish spill records, the United States does. But the American record is far from stellar, as their pipeline companies’ detection systems miss 19 out of 20 leaks, or four or five leaks that consist of 160,000 barrels and over,” said Swift. In Alberta you can find out about spill records for $8 a record. With 30,000 spills, it would cost a mere $240,000 to get the same information that is provided for free in the United States. Canada’s regulations require that a company must detect a leak that amounts to five-per cent of its total capacity in one hour, two per cent in one week, and one per cent in a month. “Depending on the size of the pipeline, 100,500 barrels of crude can leak into the environment over a month and does not have to be detected, or 5,000 barrels can go missing a day, and the government is okay with that,” said Swift. “Any time you create a system with less public oversight rather than more, it should be concerning,” concluded Swift.



Leaf Rust, Tan Spot, Stripe Rust

Pyraclostrobin & Metconazole


Leaf Rust, Tan Spot, Stripe Rust



Leaf Rust, Tan Spot, Septoria

Azoxystrobin & Propiconazole


Leaf Rust, Tan Spot, Stripe Rust



Rusts (Leaf, Stem & Stripe), Leaf Spot

Ironman Scrap Metal Recovery

Note: this chart is not a complete listing of all crops and diseases controlled. For a complete list of all crop types and diseases controlled, consult the product label or talk with your local UFA Crop Representative.

. . . is picking up scrap again!

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WEDNESDAY, JULY 10, 2013 – 11 A.M. FROM CZAR, HWY 41 S. 20 KM. - W. ON TWP. 384 6.5 KM. - N. 2 KM. TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT:

2010 N.H. T6050 Tractor W/ N.H. 840Dl Loader, Bucket & Grapple, 1000 Hrs. S.# Z9BD02438 ** 2001 J.D. 7810 Tractor W/740 J.D. Loader, Bucket, Grapple, Pallet Fork, 4570 Hrs. S.# XRW7810-RO56348 ** Degelman Dozer W/Silage Screen ** H.D. Morris Cultivator 20 Ft. ** Grain Vac ** Chev C65 Truck W/Bale Rack ** Hay Buster 2650 Bale Processor ** H.H. Post Pounder ** Chev C70 Grain Truck W/Wood Box & Hoist Not Running ** 12 Ft. Light Disc ** Cockshutt 40 Tractor W/Farm Hand Not Running ** 8 Ft. Woods Brush Mower R10-7 ** Kuhnda 4120Th Wind Row Turner ** Hyd. Post Holer Auger W/3 Bits ** Goose Neck Bale Trailer ** Flat Bed 12 Ft. Trailer W/Ramps ** Utility Trailer **

CATTLE EQUIPMENT: 6 Ranchers Welding 1000 Bushel Feeders ** 80 Free Standing 30 Ft. Panels **

Outrider for Dyck’s Chuckwagon Outfit, Aric Pare, and chuckwagon driver Layne Bremner competed in the championship race at the Wainwright Stampede Sunday, June 23. photo by D. Prediger


Have you got your float ready for July 1st parade? I had an interesting week last week and tried to send the news in but it seemed to get lost in cyberspace. Peter and I were in Charlottetown, PEI for a meeting of the Federated Women’s Institutes of Canada. I had the meetings, Peter had the tour. I think that I am holding my own with these dynamic ladies but it sure is a steep learning curve. We will be initiating some changes to improve communication within our organization and doing some health information workshops. After the meeting we had a chance to get together with pen pals that I have had for a few years. Kaye Larken had dinner with us at the Dunes where we enjoyed the fabulous garden afterward. Annie McPhail joined us for breakfast the next morning and had set aside her whole day for us including the ride to the airport. Annie lives at Argyle Shores on a farm. Their farm goes right down to the water. She took us there to her 150 year old house where we picked up husband Ewan to continue touring. There is a halibut farm near them and also a facility where fish are vaccinated for disease. The third pen pal, Aletha Mullally joined us for lunch at the Irish pub where she took me four years ago. What a wonderful day we had. It was the first time that Peter had met these people. It is a small world. On the plane from Toronto to Charlottetown, I sat beside, Ronald MacLellan a mechanic from

Whitehorse. Of course, I had to ask him if he knew Clint Carpenter, Doug Solonick Wendy Phillips and he did. He asked me if I knew Dave Haight and Penny who moved to a little town like Galahad. I do, they are the neighbours to the west of us. Small world. Have you got your float ready for July 1st parade? That is coming up fast. It is going to be a busy weekend in Alliance with the usual Canada Day celebrations, sports, and the 100th anniversary of the Women’s Institute. The Friends of the Battle River Railway are excited to have the passenger car available for a trip to Heisler after the anniversary celebrations. On June 30, the Argyle branch of Women’s Institutes will celebrate 100 years of service in the community of Alliance. There will be a program open to the public with cake and coffee/tea/juice served after. Come along and hear of some of the things we have accomplished. It was market this week. Sheila Bateman of Veteran and friend from Castor were to the market for the first time. If you haven’t played Bunnock or Croquet, come on out July 1 and join in the fun in the arena. There will be a market in the arena too. Vendors are excited to come and market their wares to a different crowd on Canada Day. There will also be face painting, balloon art, car show after the parade which is after the pancake breakfast.


10 am

UNRESERVED FARM AUCTION for Doris Steele & Estate of Clark Steele 13 kms West of Wainwright on Hwy 14 JD 4430 w/FEL & Grapple

No Buyers Fee

Wainwright, Alberta • 780-842-5666 Listing & Pics at

‘64 Mack

• Tractors • Equipment • Trucks • Harness • Tools & More • Antique Horse Drawn Gasoline Tanker (Restored)

Floating Tank Heater ** Solor Panels ** Spool 1 Ÿ Pasture Water Line ** 40 Plus Corral Panels ** Gates ** 3 Bundles Fence Posts ** 6 Walk Through Gates ** Page Wire ** 2 Rolls Chain Link ** Sev. Rolls Barb Wire ** Texas Gate ** 4 Spools Plastic Gas Line ** 10 Silage Feeders ** 2 Bale Feeders ** Palpation Cage ** Elec. Fence Supplies ** 6 Saddles & Tac ** Vet Supplies ** Water Station By Solar West ** Calving Or Medic Pen ** Tac Box ** SHOP & YARD: Drill Press ** Shop Press ** Acklands Port. Welder W/Cables & Acetylene On Trailer ** Subaru Rgv7500 Robin Gen. ** 3 P.T.H. Roto Tiller ** Picnic Table ** Oil Dispenser Unit W/6 Tanks ** Radios ** Oils & Greases ** Log Chains ** Tow Rope ** Yamaha Bear Tracker Quad ** Bikes ** Alum. Ladder ** Tool Boxes ** 2 Hockey Nets ** Pressure Washer W/Honda Motor, Soap Tank, All On Trailer ** Water Pump W/ Mercury Switch ** 2 Shop Battery Chargers ** Dewalt & Skill Cut Off Saws ** Pto Generator W/Miller Welder On Trailer ** Shop Hoist ** Pipe Crimper ** Simplicity Garden Tractor W/Tiller ** Ackland N250 Arc Welder ** Therma Arc 251 Mig Welder ** Floor Jack ** Jerry Cans ** Welding Bench W/Vise ** Welding Supplies ** Acetylene Outfit ** Lg. Quan. Of Bolt Bins & Part Bins, Will Be Sold As A Unit ** Lots Of Air & Elec. Power Tools ** ½ - ž & 1 Inch. Socket Sets ** Lots Of Hand Tools Big & Small ** Belts & Hoses ** 2012 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.D. Quad ** Yard Sprayer ** 3 Plastic Water Tanks ** Yard Sweep ** Chem. Applicator ** Fertilizer Spreader ** H.D. Weed Wacker ** Bin Sweep ** J.D. Kids Wagon ** Water Skis & Knee Board ** Table Saw ** 2 Chain Saws ** Band Saw ** Elec. Lawn Mower ** Wipper Snipper ** Traps ** Bowlan Pro Lawn Mower ** 8 Man Self Contained Hot Tub ** Roller Mill ** Gear Pullers ** Approx. 50 Joints Of 2 7/8� Tubing ** Approx. 50 Joints Of 1 ½� Pipe ** Quan. Of 12 Inch. & 16 Inch. Pipe ** Quan. Of Sucker Rods ** ANTIQUE: Allis Chalmers Tractor W/Belly Mount Mower ** Cans Of Oil ** Buzz Saw Blade ** GUEST CONSIGNERS: Versatile 875 Series 3, 4 W. Dr., Duals, 20.8X38 Tires, W/Degelman 14 Ft. Blade ** 61 Ft. H.D. J.D. Cultivator W/Harrows ** Kelo Built 14 Ft. Breaking Disc W/Notched Blades ** Westward 9352I Macdon S.P. Swather W/972 30 Ft. Header, Plastic Pick-Up Teeth, Double Knife System w/Transport ** Degelman Fork Type Rock Picker ** 1990 Chev Kodiak C60 Truck W/Morlang 450 Feed Mixer Box, Recently All Over Hauled ** Degelman 12 Ft. Blade Front Mount, No Brackets ** 18.4X38 Clip-On Duals, 50% Tread ** Lincoln Port. Pipe Line Welder Sa200 W/Cables ** Auctioneers Note: The Undersigned Auction Company Has Been Contracted To Disperse By Public Auction The Above List. We Accept Cash Or Cheques, No Credit Cards Or Debit Available. Concession And Washrooms On Site. Watch For Signs. 5% G.S.T. Will Be Added To Your Bill Where Applicable. Letter of Credit is required on large purchases.










750 OFF


with the purchase of 2 or more implements*





1,000 OFFF

$ +

with the purchase of 2 or more implements**

People. Power. Service.™ ™ OLDS 










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Elnora celebrates 100 years Brenda Schimke

ECA Review Reporter The welcome arrival of the sun provided a beautiful morning for the parade on Saturday, June 22, 2013 at Elnora’s Founder Days. The parade had 60 entrants and over 120 participants making it one of the largest Elnora parades ever. Organizers were pleased that approximately 800 to 900 people were in attendance over the weekend. In 1906, Dan May homesteaded the present site of Elnora. In 1908, the settlement Elnora was named after Nora Edwards and Elinor Hogg two of the first female pioneers in the area, who cared for the sick and acted as midwives. By 1911, there were homes, small businesses, a school, post office, community hall and the first telephone line into town. In 1913 the Grand Truck Pacific Railway was built through Elnora. Within a few years, the store, creamery, boarding house and rifle range from nearby Lakeview were relocated to Elnora. The reason the weekend was called Founder Days was to celebrate the 100th anniversary since the arrival of the railway in Elnora. The highlight of the weekend for many was the Quilt Cakes. Organizers had asked each founding family to decorate a cake to form a

quilt. Participation was great with 70 families contributing —each using a unique and creative way to display their heritage through icing and decorations. The Official Welcome hosted by Elnora Mayor, Rob Allen, was opened with a Metis ceremonial dance by John Sinclair and his son Jessie. Politicians in attendance were The Hon. Cal Dallas, Red Deer MLA on behalf of Premier Allison Redford, Jim Wood, Mayor of the County of Red Deer, Earl Dreeshen, MP for Red Deer and Kerry Towle, MLA, InnisfailSylvan Lake. Other events included a Show n’ Shine with 65 cars participating, tour of the school, a cemetery tour, Elnora Ag Society supper and fireworks. Entertainment was provided by locals including Ray Duft and Dee Hodgkinson on Friday evening, and Radi Boulton, Off the Rails (Cheek family) and Precious Cargo (Thompson family) on Saturday evening. David Richardson, Alex Hogg’s great-great grandson preached at the Sunday morning interdenominational church service with the Community Choir leading the singing. Alex Hogg had been an original founding member of the Union Presbyterian Church in Elnora. “It was something really great”, said area resident, Ruth Cheek, “to see so many people come home.”

Jim and Donna Kindle’s grandchildren from Red Deer, Ryan and Jessica race for the candy thrown from the Balkwill Pharmacy 100th anniversary Founders parade entry.

The Elnora Youth Group members pose for a photo in their period costume just before the parade was to start at the 100th anniversary celebrations in Elnora, Ab.

Christine Hunter drove the St. Paul’s Anglican Church entry in the parade.

The Barnes family parade entry with (L-R) Hannah Tucker, Chase Christiansen and Mikayla Zilkowsky riding the float.

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SPORT Shorts

SPORT Shorts

• Snipped from Ian Hamilton’s column in the Regina Leader-Post: “Several U.S. senators sent a letter to the Washington Redskins, asking them to change their name. “In a perfect world,” scribbled comedy writer Alex Kaseberg, “the Redskins write back: ‘You’re right, it is an awful and disgraceful name we should be horribly humiliated by and ashamed; it conjures up memories of a truly criminal history. From now on we are the District of Columbia Redskins.’ “ • AP golf writer Doug Ferguson on final day fashion at the U.S. open: “(Billy) Horschel wore pants with octopus prints, and he putted like he had eight arms.“ • Golf writer Dan Jenkins on Twitter, as reported on “Charl has made three bogeys and a double in his last four holes. In South Africa, that’s known as Schwartzeling your pants.” • Greg Cote of the Miami Herald: “Tim Tebow signed with the Patriots. ‘Belichick owed me a favor,’ explained Jesus.” • The Sports Curmudgeon: “Absent a situation whereby Tom Brady undergoes multiple amputation surgeries, there is no way Tebow is going to ‘compete for’ the starting QB role (with New England).” • Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle: “Pablo Sandoval is too short. His weight of about 270 would be fine if he were seven feet tall. So he needs to grow 13 inches or lose 50 pounds.” • Comedy writer Jim Barach: “Joe Torre’s daughter caught a baby that fell from a second-floor fire escape in Brooklyn. Major League Baseball will issue a statement congratulating her just as soon as she is tested for PEDs.”

• R.J. Currie of sportsdeke. com: “Kobe Bryant of the Lakers isn’t sure he’ll be ready for the start of next season. He’s recovering from a ruptured Achilles tendon and a strained coaching relationship.” • Another one from Currie: “Hayley Wickenheiser says the University of Calgary helped her get a degree by planning exams around her hockey schedule. In response, NCAA athletes have said, ‘Exams’?” • Brad Dickson of the Omaha (Neb.) WorldHerald, not impressed with Louisville’s uniforms at the College World Series: “Players look like they came from a garage sale at Lady Gaga’s house.” • Headline at SportsPickle. com: “Tiger Woods back to not being back.” • Blogger TC Chong, on Ottawa’s new CFL team, the RedBlacks: “Their logo will be a checkerboard.” • Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel, on the poor play in the finals by Miami’s Chris Bosh: “Does Bosh actually get a championship ring or just a participatory ribbon?” Care to comment? Email

Randy Cox putts on the putting green on Sunday June 23 at Coronation Oilmen’s Third Annual Two Oilmen Golf Tournament. Players paid $20 to putt or chip six balls in a contest where they could win either a $1,500 travel voucher or a 60 inch TV. Mark Erickson won the travel voucher and Bob Williamson, the 60” TV in the chip off.

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10th Annual Wade Buchwitz Memorial

GYMKHANA Monday, July 1 11 am at Endiang Riding & Roping Club Arena Many great events for all ages! Concession Available • Fireworks!

Hanna Rod & Gun Club 32nd Annual

Guns & Collectibles Show & Sale Sat., July 20 & Sun., July 21 9-5


Hanna Curling Rink 501-3rd St. West 200 Tables - Exhibitors from B.C. - Alberta - Saskatchewan - Manitoba - Ontario Friday Night Set-Up 1:00 - 10:00 pm For more information call: Call Ron (403) 854-3768 or Fax (403) 854-3986


Antique & Modern Guns, Ammo, 5 Antique Dishes, Sporting Goods, Buy, Sell admission (10 & under Free w/ adult)

& Trade, Coins & Stamps, Outdoor Wear, Knives, Collectibles & Much More!


PBR is coming

Canadian Touringg Pro 15th Annual

Kinsella Graveldome


Wed., July 10 7 p.m. Sanctioned by the Professional Bull Riders $

10,000 Added Monies

30 Top Professional Bull Riders plus Top 6 in the Finals Kids Wild Pony Race (Limit 6 Teams) Entries: 780-386-2340 or 780-384-2275 Concession: open at 5, food with flair Beer Gardens (5-2) & Dance to follow (Denim & Diamonds)

Admission: $15/person or $50/family (preschool free) For more info call Ellie 780-386-2340 or Cheryl 780-336-2344

Black Elk Hockey Camp Pre entries June 27 from 8-10pm. Please call Twila 403 579-2173 or Bobbi at 403 579-2432 to enter or if you have any questions.

Hanna Summer Sl -Pitch Sh wd wn 10th Annual

Fri.-Sun., Aug. 23-25 at the Hanna Triplex Limited space, so get your teams in!

Beer Gardens & Entertainment at the Triplex


To enter a team or for more info.

Entry Fee


Call Sam 403-857-9942 • Janice 403-854-1430

Killam Day Camp August 18 - 24 $

100 Rebtsafrtoem

Online, Fax tran is g e r r fo or Email taff County. s g la F e h t Registration Today! Charlene Jackson 780-385-3977

Guide t n e m n i a t r e t n E & g n i Din


June 27 - The Vat, Red Deer, Waskasoo/Tofu Stravinski, 403346-5636 June 28 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab. Cowpuncher, 403- 346-5636 June 28-29 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab., tba, 403-346-5636 June 28 - Provost Farmer’s Market, Regular market 10 am - 2 pm June 29 - July 1 - Sedgewick Canada Day Weekend, Pony Chucks & Chariot races, call Calvin 780384-3999. July 1 - Party in the Park, Coronation Museum Park, 2 pm, Bring lawn chairs. July 1 - Alliance Sports Day July 1 - Gymkhana, 11 am, Endiang Riding & Roping Club Arena, call Twila 403-579-2173 July 3 - Provost Farmer’s Market, evening market 3 pm - 7 pm July 3 - Eckankar Canada in Alberta presents Community HU Song, Red Deer Library, 7-7:30, call 403-3346-9238. July 4 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab., SNFU/Secret Rivals/Knifedogs, 403-346-5636 July 5 - The Vat, Doghouse Rose, 403-346-5636 July 5-7 - Coronation Pro Rodeo, Curtis Perry 403-578-3625 Juy 6 - The Vat, Red Deer, The Fifths/Pandas in Japan/Half Chance Heroes, 403 346-5636

July 10 - Kinsella Bullarama, 7 pm, call Ellie 780-386-2340 or Cheryl 780-336-2344 July - 12 - Provost Farmer’s Market, Regular market, 10 am - 2 pm July 12 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab., Picture The Ocean, 403-346-5636 July 13 - The Vat, Red Deer, Soul Side In/Open Air/Lust the Tide, 403-346-5636 July 13 - 5th Annual Battle River Ride for Stars, Riders wanted, Lorraine Bridge, call Carol 403882-2515. July 13 - Thunderstruck - Canada’s AC/DC Tribute band, 7 pm Castor Arena. Tickets $25. Call 403-8822797 July 13 - 14 - Class of 1988 Reunion, Wm E. Hay Composite High School, @ Stettler Golf & Country Club. Shawna 587-991-5199. July 17 - 21 - Westerner Days Fair & Exposition, July 17 - SOS Seniors Program, Killam Seniors Centre, 1-3 pm July 18 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab., Dan Bern, 403-346-5636 July 19 - 20 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab., Live recording of some “Alberta’s Own Music Festival” Bands July 19 - Provost Farmer’s Market, Regular market, 10 am - 2 pm July 20 - 21 - Hanna Rod & Gun Club Show & Sale, Hanna Curling Rink, $5 admission.

e h t r o f y d a Re y a D a d a n a C

Weeke nd?

Drop in and Pick Up Your Supplies!

Wainwright 1206 Main St., Wainwright, AB

(780) 842-5752

Liquor & Cold Beer Store Ltd.

Stettler Treasure Shoppe • Unique Ladies Fashions • Jewelry • Purses • Sandals • Jeans • Dresses • Tux Shoes

July 25 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab., Weber Brothers, 403-346-5636 July 26 - Provost Farmer’s Market, Regular Market, 10 am - 2 pm July 26 The Vat, Red Deer, Uncle Sid, 403-346-5636 July 26-28 - Yesterday’s Old Time Music Jamboree, Hanna Comm. Centre, call 403-854-4737 or 403854-2433. July 27 - The Vat, Red Deer, Ab., Soul Jah Fyah, 403-346-5636 July 27 - Charity Auction & Garage Sale, Killam Memorial Arena July 27 - 28 - Castor Rodeo. www. Aug 2 - Provost Farmer’s Market, Regular Market, 10 am - 2 pm August 2 - 4 - Oyen Centennial Celebration, parade, baseball, visiting, etc. Pre-register & info Town Office, 403-664-3511. Aug 7 - Provost Farmer’s Market, evening market 3 pm - 7 pm. Aug 10 - “Celebrate Your Rural Roots” Tradeshow, 9 am - 5 pm, Lougheed Arena, Call 780-3844129. Aug. 16-17 - Theresetta Catholic School 100 Year Anniversary. Aug 16 - Provost Farmer’s Market, Regular Market, 10 am - 2 pm Aug 18 - 24 - Black Elk Hockey Camp, Killam Day Camp, Charlene 780-385-3977 Aug 21 - Movie in the Park, Sedgewick Public School Grounds.

Full Course Dinner Special 5pm-8pm • By Reservation Only



The Vat is Red Deer’s premiere, awesome-ist, coolest, radical, all right live entertainment bar and night club where something is usually going on 7 days a week. From bigger name acts to local and Canadian entertainment, the Vat has something for everyone.



at Coronation Museum Park

Thu, 27 Waskasoo / Tofu Stravinski Fri, 28 Cowpuncher Sat, 29 TBA

Mon., July 1

• (2 pm) Museum Tours • (3 pm) Duck Races • (4 pm) Barbeque • Kid’ Games & Races • Music • Free Flags

July Thu, 4 SNFU / Secret Rivals / Knifedogs Fri, 5 Doghouse Rose Sat, 6 The Fifths / Pandas in Japan / Half Chance Heroes Fri, 12 Picture the Ocean

*Bring a lawn chair! Celebrate Canada We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Sat, 13 Soul Side In / Open Air / Lust the Tide Thu, 18 Dan Bern Fri, Sat, 19, 20 Live recording of some “Alberta’s Own Music Festival” Bands Thu, 25 Weber Brothers Fri, 26 Uncle Sid Sat, 27 Soul Jah Fyah Find Our Event Postings on Facebook @ “We Love The Vat”

403-346-5636 101 5301 43 St., Red Deer

Enjoy five days of top quality, truly authentic, action-packed entertainment at Westerner Days Fair & Exposition, central Alberta's largest summer celebration! 13064WW0

5010Victoria Ave, Coronation AB 403-578-4220



Great for birthday, wedding & shower gifts!

Scrapbooking Supplies 50%-70% off Selected Items

NOW ON June 27 - July 15 6122 50 Ave.


5004 - 50 Ave., Stettler, AB

403-742-6330 for FREE LISTING (dependent upon space availability). The Review cannot guarantee events as listed, please check with the venue prior to attending.

Aug 23 - Provost Farmer’s Market 10 403-854-1430 am - 2 pm Aug 30 - Provost Farmer’s Market, Aug 23 - 25 - Hanna Summer Slow10 am - 2 pm. Pitch Showdown, Hanna Triplex, Please send Community Events by fax to 403-578-2088 or by email to publisher@ Call Sam 403-857-9942, Janice




Every Other Thursday Starting July 4

Open Mon. & Sat. 10-4; Tues. to Fri. 10-5

(Across from Blokes Bakery)

C O R O N AT I O N , A B . J U N E 2 7 ' 1 3

403-742-0044 Fx. 403-742-0046 Also see us on facebook!

FOR INFORMATION 403.343.7800

Coronation Pro Rodeo Association & Coronation Ag. Society presents

CORONATION PRO RODEO Friday, July 5  1 pm - Rodeo Slack & Beer Gardens  6 pm - Mounted Shooters ADMISSION $5 Ages 13 & up • Free Age 12 and under

Saturday, July 6  7 am - 10 am Free Pancake Breakfast (sponsored by ATB) at the Curling Rink  10:30 am Downtown Parade - Theme 100 years of 4H  1 pm Rodeo Performances ADMISSION: • Preschoolers - FREE • Ages 6-12 $5.00 • Ages 13 and up $12.00  6 pm - Mounted Shooters • Free Admission with Rodeo Ticket or $10 at the door

Check us out on Twitter or Facebook or call Curtis Perry @ 403 578 8062 For more Information

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C O R O N AT I O N , A B .

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LIVESTOCK BLACK Angus yearling bulls for sale. Semen tested. Contact Roger Spady, 780-879-3941

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Horseshoe PAVING

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Scott Alta Farms For Your NextAlta Polled Scott Farms Hereford Bull

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Professional Directory Chapman and Co. Professional Accountants LLP Guy Chapman CA* Chris Annand, CA* Kendra Walgenbach, CA* Naomi Roth, CGA* 4702 51st Ave, Stettler, AB

Town of Coronation Development Office Notice of Decision

Notice is hereby given of the following decisions in accordance with the Municipal Government Act, RSA 2000, Chapter M-26, and Bylaw No. 2009-559 and amendments thereto, of the Town of Coronation: Lot Techmation Electric & Controls Ltd. Approved Block 4430 Tudor Avenue Plan Permit #2013-005 Proposed Development: Construction of 60’ by 90’ Warehouse & Office Lot 20-22 Carol & Daryl Lundy Approved Block 32 4721 Alexander Avenue Plan 8149AH Permit #2013-006 Proposed Development: Installation of new Hot Tub & Cement Pad The above noted application will be held fourteen (14) days after publication of this notice at which time this decision is deemed to be final unless otherwise appealed. Any person wishing to appeal a decision may file an appeal at the Town Office, 5015 Victoria Ave., Coronation, AB or by mail to Box 219, Coronation, AB T0C 1C0. Date of Publication: Thursday, June 27, 2013 Town of Coronation Development Officer Sandra Kulyk

Phone 403-742-3438 Email: Fax 403-742-0560

Western Canada’s Largest Insurance Broker

ENDEAVOR CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Tim L. Ell, B. Mgmt., C.A.* Jeff M. Faupel, B. Mgmt., C.A.* Monica N. Faupel, B. Mgmt, C.A.* Coronation Mall Wed. - 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Coronation, AB Call

1-800-267-5601 for appointment

Coronation, AB 5016 Victoria Avenue



Dr.McIver In Coronation

MONDAYS 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Call Anytime for Appointments


Located in Coronation Mall

“Knowledge, Experience and Professionalism With a Personal Touch� Heather Caseley, Managing Director 5117 VICTORIA AVE. Ph. (403) 578-2928 Toll Free 1-888-578-2928

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Little Gap Septic Service

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Coronation, AB

Office Hours: Tuesday - Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Big Country Construction & Building Supplies Ltd.


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HELP WANTED LOOKING for a responsible, hard working, reliable and friendly individual with air brakes ticket to operate an Okanagan Fresh Fruit stand in Forestburg, Castor, Coronation area from mid June to mid October. Competitive wages, great hours. Please contact Jackie @ 403-894-9794. SALES position available at the ECA Review. The ideal candidate must be motivated and take the initiative to sell multiple media products, including, on-line advertising and special products, work with existing customers and develop new customers. Strong interpersonal skills and a strong knowledge of sales and marketing are required. Valid drivers license & reliable vehicle. If a rewarding challenge resonates with you, send cover letter and resume to publisher@ or mail to ECA Review, Box 70, Coronation, Ab. T0C 1C0. For more information call Joyce 403-578-4111. MORGAN Construction & Environmental Ltd. Looking for experienced Heavy Equipment Operators, Foreman and Project Managers for work in oilfield & heavy civil construction projects. Competitive wages, full benefits & opportunity for year round work. Please apply online at under the career section. GM CONTROLLER. Alberta dealership. GM accounting experience preferred. Excellent computer and administrative skills. Email resume to: tim@buistmotors. com or in person to Buist Motor Products, Rimbey. INTERESTED IN the Community Newspaper business? Alberta’s weekly newspapers are looking for people like you. Post your resume online. FREE. Visit: www. add.php. INTERIOR Heavy Equipment Operator School. No Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. Sign up online! 1-866-399-3853. THE FOLLOWING positions are available for suitable candidates at our Rocky Mountain House facility. PSV Shop Coordinator; ShipperReceiver; API/PSV Technicians; Field Operators/Helpers. Only those individuals with valve repair or related industry experience will be considered. Send resume in confidence to: Fax 403-845-3826. Email: AN ALBERTA Oilfield construction company is hiring dozer and excavator operators. Lodging and meals provided. Drug testing required. Call 780723-5051, Edson, Alberta.

GRAPHIC Designer required by newspaper group. Job involves designing newspaper advertising, classified ads, page layout and commercial printing on a MacIntosh computer system. Knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat a must. If you have good typing skills, a flair for design as well as a good work ethic and an ability to work under the pressure of deadlines, this is the career for you. We offer an excellent salary including a group benefits plan. The job is located in Kindersley, SK. Send your resume with salary expectations and examples of your work to: Stewart Crump, Publisher, Box 1150, Kindersley, SK, S0L 1S0 or fax your resume to 306-4636505 or email to: hr. NOW located in Drayton Valley. BREKKAAS Vacuum & Tank Ltd. Wanted Class 1 & 3 Drivers, Super Heater Operators with all valid tickets. Top wages, excellent benefits. Please forward resume to: Email: Phone 780621-3953. Fax 780621-3959. OPENINGS in Alberta areas for Highway Maintenance Class 1 or 3 Operators. Fulltime and part-time positions available. Fax resume to Carillion Canada at 780-4490574 or email: Positions to start Oct. 15, 2013. Please state what position you are interested in. PYRAMID Corporation is now hiring! Instrument Technicians and Electricians for various sites across Alberta. Send resume to: or fax 780955-HIRE.

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GRIZZLY Bear Tour. Experience a one day fly and cruise west coast grizzly adventure to Khutzeymateen, BC this July. Calgary and Edmonton departures. 1-866-4601415;

UNRESERVED Farm Estate Auction. Tractors, equipment, trucks, trailers, gasoline wagon, harness, Jeep, tools, antiques. 10 a.m., Saturday, July 6, Wainwright, Alberta. Scribner Auction 780842-5666. Details: BY AUCTION: NE-453-11-W4, 105 acres +/- of hayland. July 16/13. Stewart Auctions, Vermilion, Alberta. For more info, call 1-800-269-8580; www.stewartauctions. com.

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Now Hiring DID YOU KNOW?

• Cattle Sorters and Penners: Needed for Sale Day & Pre Sale Day • Ring man: For Sale Day • Qualified, Self-Motivated Kitchen Manager: To operate the Kitchen 1 day a week in summer, 2-4 days a week in the fall and spring

• Dryland employees are amongst the highest wage earners in the stockyard industry in the province? • You earn time and half after 8 hours in a day? • Dryland is flexible with its employee’s time? • Employees can log full time hours in the fall and winter months and have to work way less hours come spring and summer?

Contact: Graham Schetzsle (403) 575-4001 Required Immediately


Journeyman Carpenters or Laborers

The Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association is committed to providing advertisers with unsurpassed service and up-to-date information on each of the community newspapers served.

Competitive Wages. Please email or fax resume to:

Community newspapers are thriving in a media environment where words like “community” and “hyper-local” are proving to be the keys to advertising success. We are seeking an Advertising 12345 Traffic Coordinator, a support role to the Advertising Director. The

successful applicant will be responsible for managing existing clients including market research, helping clients determine needs and providing proposals reflecting the suggested course of action, while ensuring accuracy of client bookings. Attention to detail, organizational skills, problem solving, teamwork and a personable disposition are necessary for a successful candidate.

Please submit your resume, references, and salary expectations by e-mail: or fax 780-430-5380 No phone calls please. The position is available immediately. Please visit our website for more information at

We hire people with personality. Personal Banking Specialist 13064DA2 Permanent Full-time 5026 Victoria Ave, Coronation, AB Drop off your resume in-branch by June 28, 2013 or visit

C O R O N AT I O N , A B . J U N E 2 7 ' 1 3


Prism Integrated Solutions Inc. is currently hiring for the following positions: • Journeyman & Apprentice Welders • Purchaser for Oilfield Manufacturing Company Email resumes to or fax to 780-582-3922

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Company: Drever Agencies Inc. is a branded distributor of Petro Canada (Suncor Energy Products Partnership) which sells both agricultural and commercial petroleum products to customers in East Central Alberta. We are seeking a full-time individual to fulfill the role as:

Inventory Controller/Counter Sales/Bookkeeper – Hardisty Location Responsibilities: . Inventory control and management. . Excellent customer service . Invoicing, Purchasing, A/R Including Monthly Statement Processing . Process daily batches/Bank deposits Knowledge/Skill Requirements: . Excellent organization and communication skills. . Good computer skills. . Able to work well both independently and as part of a team. . Must enjoy interacting with customers. . Report to Manager on regular basis. Compensation: Competitive salary plus attractive benefit package Interested applicants should drop off their resumes at Drever Agencies Inc. or Hardisty Bulk Sales, or send by email to: or ray@ We thank you for your interest but only those being considered will be contacted.


Fax: 403-742-6531 Al Tremmel 403-742-9852 or 403-742-5995 Mike Tremmel 403-740-3166

Petrofield Industries is accepting resumes for:

Labourers, Industrial Painters, Sandblasters, and Welders. at our Manufacturing Facility located at 4102 44th ave, Stettler, AB. Willing to train if candidate has related basic skills or experience. Our Company has an enthusiastic, fast paced working environment with advancement for motivated individuals, and an excellent benefit package. Please forward resume to or Fax 403-742-5544

Do you want to learn how to run a multi-million dollar business and have fun doing it? Learning is part of the job and we are looking for people who have an appetite for it. Whether this is your first job or you’re a seasoned pro, we have great training and development programs to help you get where you want to be. Are you up for the challenge?

• •

• •

Managers Servers Bartenders Host/Hostesses Community Relations Coordinators Delivery Drivers Cooks Dishwashers

Contact Brian at

Stettler Boston Pizza 6711 - 50 Ave., Stettler, AB


18 J U N E



C O R O N AT I O N , A B .

CRIMINAL Record? Think: Canadian pardon. U.S. travel waiver. (24 hour record check). Divorce? Simple. Fast. Inexpensive. Debt recovery? Alberta collection to $25,000. Calgary 403-2281300/1-800-347-2540;

AUCTIONS SUNDAY, JULY 7, 2013, 9:30 a.m. Antique tractor, and Collectible Auction for John Dutchak, St. Michael, Alberta. Approx. 100 km NE Edmonton. For complete listings and photos visit www.


BANK SAID no? Bank on us! Equity Mortgages for purchases, debt consolidation, foreclosures, renovations. Bruised credit, self-employed, unemployed ok. Dave Fitzpatrick: 587-4378437, Belmor Mortgage.

DROWNING in debt? Cut debts more than 50% & debt free in half the time! Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation; www. or toll free 1-877-5563500. BBB rated A+.

Classifieds work! Call 403-578-4111

M.D. Of Provost No. 52

UTILITIES OFFICER HOW TO PLAY: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 box contains the numbers 1 through 9 only once. Each 3 x 3 box is outlined with a darker line. You already have a few numbers to get you started. Remember: you must not repeat the numbers 1 through 9 in the same line, column or 3 x 3 box.

COME and help Jim & Karen Bridge celebrate their 50th Anniversary, Sat. July 6, Coronation Community Centre. Open House and dance 8 pm. No gifts please.


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Employment Opportunity

ALCOHOLICS Anonymous meetings Saturdays, 8 p.m. Coronation Evangelical Free Church basement. Call Bill 403-575-5131 or Kathy 403-578-3909. CAPT AYRE LAKE Swimming Lessons, July 8-19, 2013. Offering: Tadpoles (6 month-5 yrs); Red Cross Level 1-10, Rookie/Ranger/Star, Bronze Medallion/ Bronze Cross. Call Darci Penman for more information or to register, 780-857-2019 or 780-753-0498.

THE WORKS Canada Day Celebrations are fast approaching. Visit Churchill Square, Edmonton, for a day of art, design, music, food and fireworks!


The M.D. of Provost No. 52 is currently seeking a qualified individual to fill the position of Utilities Officer Responsible for the monitoring and operation of the M.D.’s water and sewer systems, the successful candidate will be highly motivated, able to work independently and attentive to detail. Previous experience, certification or training in the operation of water and wastewater systems is considered an asset. Interested parties may submit a detailed resume with a minimum of three references to:

RURAL WATER TREATMENT (Province Wide) Tell them Danny Hooper sent you

DO YOU need to borrow money - Now? If you own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits will lend you money - It’s that simple. 1-877-486-2161.


Tyler Lawrason Administrator M.D. of Provost No. 52 4504-53rd Avenue, Provost, AB T0B 3S0 (780) 753-2434


  ")')2/.  View our 29 patented and patent pending inventions online at

Build Your Future Cervus Equipment - John Deere Group is Currently Accepting Resumes for the Position of:

Build Your Future

Parts Person

Agricultural Service Technician - Apprentice or Journeyperson

Coronation, AB

Coronation, AB

We’re looking for someone who:

We’re looking for someone who:

• • • • •

• • • • •

Consistently demonstrates exceptional customer service Has excellent communication skills and is highly organized Is independent and resourceful Excels at analyzing and interpreting information Is proficient with computers and has the ability to analyze and interpret basic parts department reports • Has excellent communication skills and is highly organized

We’lll give preference to individuals with: • John Deere or Agricultural Parts Person experience • The ability to stay organized and multi-task in a fast paced challenging environment • Solid mechanical aptitude

We’d like to offer you: • • • •

The opportunity to grow in your career as the Cervus organization grows An exemplary health, dental and optical benefits package A competitive pay scale supplemented with a generous stock purchase program A fulfilling career where you can relate to and engage with an incredible team

Cervus equipment is the largest John Deere equipment dealership in Canada. We pride ourselves on having great people and creating a good work environment for everyone. We are also committed to promoting from within If you’ve got a great attitude and integrity, we can offer you exciting career opportunities. To apply, visit our website at

Cervus Equipment - John Deere Group is Currently Accepting Resumes for the Position of:

Has Apprentice or Journeyperson experience Consistently demonstrates exceptional customer service Enjoys diagnosing, repairing and maintaining agricultural equipment Has basic computer skills and likes to solve problems Has the ability to take initiative and thrives in a fast paced team environment

We’lll give preference to individuals with: • Journeyperson certification or at least 1 year experience as an Agricultural Technician • Previous experience at an agricultural / John Deere Dealership • High school diploma or GED equivalent

We’d like to offer you: • • • •

The opportunity to grow in your career as the Cervus organization grows An exemplary health, dental and optical benefits package A competitive pay scale supplemented with a generous stock purchase program A fulfilling career where you can relate to and engage with an incredible team

Cervus equipment is the largest John Deere equipment dealership in Canada. We pride ourselves on having great people and creating a good work environment for everyone. We are also committed to promoting from within If you’ve got a great attitude and integrity, we can offer you exciting career opportunities. To apply, visit our website at

Halkirk Halkirk Snack Shack 403-884-2008 Tankstore Ltd. 403-884-2001

Hanna Anchor Glass 1-800-463-3148 Big Country Construction 403-854-3585 Blocksom Financial Services 403-854-2136 Checker’d Flag Sports 403-854-2955 Country Charms 403-854-3411 Endeavor Chartered Accountant 403-854-4421 Enguard PC Medic 403-435-0563 For Your Soles 403-854-3030 Fox Lake Agro 403-854-2820 H & R Block 403-854-4838 Hanna Bottle Depot 403-854-3777 Hanna Chrysler Ltd. & RV 1-888-854-3141 Hanna Motor Products & Telus Mobility 403-854-4427 Husky 403-854-2820 Kevin Fecho & Dean Howery Sand & Gravel 403-854-0525 Netago 403-854-4600 Sinclair Plumbing & Heating 403-854-3211 Super A/Pharmasave 403-854-3711 Super 8, Hanna 1-888-854-2401 The Co-operator’s, Hanna 1-866-854-4109 The Tire Place 403-854-4338


Lakeview Liquor Store 780-888-2488 Sodbusters Homestead 780-888-2770


Fountain Tire, Oyen 403-664-3991 Napa Auto Parts, Oyen 403-664-3515


Red Deer

Aspen Ford 403-742-4477 Auto Trust 403-742-0409 Auto Xtras Ltd. 403-742-8878 CE Franklin Ltd. 403-742-2400 Debbeez Flowers & Gifts 1-855-742-4499 Echo Ridge Homes Inc. 403-741-4144 Fountain Tire, Stettler 403-742-3481 Hauck Vision & Hearing Centre 403-742-4504 Jiffy Lube 403-742-8985 Larson’s Auto Electric 403-742-5360 Metalex Metal Buildings Inc. 403-742-1300 NOV Wilson 403-742-2400 Old Fashion Candy & Scrapbooking (rental supplies) 403-742-0044 Peavey Mart 403-742-5600 Transcend Safety 403-742-4216


Swainson Oilfield Services 780-385-1437 Wild Rose Co-op and Agro 780-384-3877


Andrukow Group Solutions Dekoda 780-384-2265 Central Alberta Hay Centre 403-340-1000 Dynamic Homes 403-341-4422 The Sportsmen’s Den 403-347-7678 The Vat 403-346-5636

Bouma Meats 780-753-2092 Provost Kinsmen 780-753-0480 Western Sales & Rentals 780-753-2759

Denwood Motors 780-842-4459 Norris Ford 780-842-4400 TriAg Implements 780-842-4408 Wainwright Credit Union 780-842-3391 Wainwright Paint ‘n Paper 780-842-4343


Trochu Motors 403-442-3866


Hoff’s Trailer Sales 403-852-8856 K & C Enterprises 403-443-0075

Three Hills

TAKE THIS FLAG and hang it in your window compliments of the following businesses and the East Central Alberta Review

Bashaw Bashaw Parts 780-372-3913 Bashaw Tire 780-372-3913

Castor Castor & District Housing Authority 403-882-2714 County of Paintearth #18 403-882-3211 Filipenko Brothers Construction 403-882-3311 Meadowland Ag-Chem Sales 403-882-2490 Paintearth Lodge 403-882-3244 Performance Auto Body 403-882-2163 OK Tire & Auto Service 403-882-4040 Sutton Group 403-323-0365/403-882-4677

Consort Consort Auto Body 403-577-3799 Three Star Services Ltd. 403-577-3211 Tri-Ag Implements 403-577-3899

Coronation BFI Canada Inc. 403-578-3299 Cervus Equip. (Agro) 403-578-3744 Cheers Family Restaurant 403-578-2900 Coronation Foods 403-578-3571 Coronation Funeral Home 403-578-2928 Coronation Industrial Sales and Rentals 403-578-4567 Coronation School 403-578-3661 Coronation Seed Cleaning Co-op 403-578-3810 Cutting Edge Grading Ltd. 403-578-3021 Eastland Transport Ltd. 403-578-3522 Hanson Well Servicing 403-578-3999 M & N Construction 403-578-2016 McKenzie Motors 403-578-3866 MR Autobody 403-578-3791 Pyramid Corp. 403-578-2584 Rindal Oilfield Construction Ltd. 403-578-2097 Rollie’s Backhoe 403-578-3266 S K Welding Ltd. 403-578-2382 Tasty Mill 403-578-3500


19 C O R O N AT I O N , A B . J U N E 2 7 ' 1 3


20 J U N E


C O R O N AT I O N , A B .



ECA Review June 27, 2013


ECA Review June 27, 2013