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The Digital Challenge Why Bother? Need to Focus on Core Products Lack of Digital Products to Sell Lack of Sales Expertise Long tail – low revenue Nobody is making $$ online

Overview The Market Case studies How Did they work? How were they sold? Options for your Newspaper Reinventing Local Media

The Market has changed ‌ Multimedia


So has the Consumer!

What are your Advertisers Saying Too Confusing No Time Too Many Options Too Expensive Want Results Make it Easy for ME Local Advertisers are overwhelmed

Canadian Survey of Advertisers

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Non dailies getting more advertising

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67% Advertisers are looking for Advice

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78% want MORE than just print Social Networking support


Web site design and hosting


Lead generation programs


Email solutions support


Training in Digital Advertising/ Marketing


Graphic design services


Event marketing support


Media planning and placement


Graphic design services


Self-serve display ad solutions

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Advertisers want solutions

Benchmarks for Digital


45% 45%

Bundled: The Mountaineer – 3,800 circ.

Multimedia: Sold as Extended Distribution

Distributed: REACH LOCAL customers to Maximize Views


Bundle approx 100 online ads/week with print

Facebook App


Search View Mens MensHoodies Hoodiesin inSaskatoon Saskatoon

Search Views

Example of Top 10 Advertisers in Oct 1. Rainbow Ford Sales 17667 2. Lone_Pine_Oil_Patch__16901 3. Edwards Garage Ltd 16660 4. Revelations Hair Design 16621 5. FireSmart Canada 16463 6. Country Cottage Florist 15703 7. WOODYS RV WORLD 15251 8. Tamarack Liquor Store 15242 9. Bauer Flooring Company Ltd 13864 10.HANNAS SEEDS GREENHOUSE 13827

Where do the views come from?


51% Higher Engagement for Advertiser

Publisher ad count 20% higher than industry

Extended Sales: Case Study Valley City

Added 23 vehicles – each had its own page

Business featured on Home Page

Profile Page/ Website

Includes: •Image or Logo •Geolocation Map •Social Media Links •Written Profile •Weblink •Click to Call •Click to Contact

Results –115,000 views in one month Average vehicle viewed over 2,500 times

Login Page

Client added 27 vehicles over the month Photos and online descriptions increased views Contracted for monthly and moved $$ away from Autotrader CITYMEDIA NETWORK

Extended: Publisher Results • Monthly training calls with rep • Sell approx $1,000/month (lower rates than digital only) • Substantial increase in traffic • Marketshare • Must advertise in print once a month • 20% increase in contracted advertisers

Digital Only

45% 45%

Challenges • Sales and internal client relationships • High Cost of Sales • Building Volume • Building Trust and Confidence • Goal – separate P&L for Digital Process: Commissioned Rep, sell through seminars, some self serve,

Sell Digital Only - KISS

$75/month one promotion

$250 /month unlimited promotions with E-commerce/ Coupon options (can be a website)

$750/month full content support

Measurable Conversions


Market Results

• 250,000 views monthly • Average revenue/ rep $4,000- $5,000/mo • 85% renewal rate on monthly packages • No initial traffic or branding

Choose Best Combination

Key Success Factors • Multimedia means better results for your advertisers • Bundled sales are much easier to sell • Advertiser must move up the grid to improve online results • Continue to improve and educate clients with seminars, views etc. • Longterm goal should be dedicated rep.

CITY MEDIA NETWORK Online Traffic Guaranteed Over 200 markets in Canada Proven results since 2006

• • Full exposure on 7 platforms including social media, mobile and local media. • Promote ads, deals, news, products, events and more. • Proven results

In Partnership With We Guarantee Local Online views!


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