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Theatre brings new understanding to local history Katie Davis

News Reporter The town of Alix, AB was transformed into a container for living history on Saturday, February 1 as the Community Hall played host to the third annual Characters from the Past


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Dessert Theatre. A Boomtown Trail initiative, the theatre was aimed at excavating rural Alberta’s stores of local history to entertain modern audiences, with proceeds going to the Alix Wagon Wheel museum. The ambience of the evening was furnished by a lively fullhouse crowd; an open, welcoming venue and a dessert table that extended as far as the eye could see with volunteermade goods. Though she couldn’t attend, Wagon Wheel historian Eve Keates was discussed fondly as one of the champions of local history in Alix.

‘Conductor’ Ken Duncan, CAO of the Boomtown Trail Community Initiatives Society, introduced the evening with anecdotes about the humble beginnings of dessert-based theatre (hint: it involved a distinct distaste by some citizenry for cooking elaborate meals). Duncan also made mention of the continued success of the organization in promoting affiliated communities; efforts that were recognized when the Boomtown Trail was awarded the Governor General Award in November of 2013.

Education and eloquence

The evening was launched back in time by a monologue from Barbara Cormack, a prolific writer, poet and education reformer active from the depression era onward who lived most of her life in Alix. Speaking through Alix resident Elaine Meehan, Cormack’s history was presented in an informative, emotional manner. Meehan spoke about Cormack’s life from a literary perspective, using eloquence and poise to describe her life history from

Gabriel Dumont, Lieutenant of Louis Riel, speaks to a captivated audience at the Dessert Theatre in Alix, AB on January 1, 2014. Stettler native Bob Willis played the part of the historical figure with purpose and flair. ECA Review/K. Davis


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wartime concerns to time spent on the sandy shores of Tanglefoot Lake during the depression. She gave voice to the deeply personal aspects of Cormack’s life with intensity, highlighting her struggles with community perception upon the birth and subsequent education of her child with Downs Syndrome, which was profoundly misunderstood at the time. She spoke to Cormack’s accomplishments, such as helping to initiate a school for those with unique mental and physical needs, with humility and grace. Hers was a speech that informed to the resilience of character in times past, despite hardships.

Zeal and humour

After a short intermission, within which patrons were finally permitted to swoop down upon the myriad of desserts waiting to be consumed, the second woman to approach the podium was introduced. Mrs. Bashaw, played by Laura Graham, was the wife of the Town of Bashaw’s namesake Eugene Bashaw. She began her address by speaking at length about various cleanliness and washing techniques - no doubt a ploy to see to it that the men of the audience ‘left’, thus leaving Bashaw hypothetically alone with the women. In her thick Swiss accent, Graham began to speak of the women’s suffrage movement, outlining her outrage that women were not allowed to vote and expressing distaste at gambling and drinking run rampant in the early twentieth century. With bursts of energy and tones of absolute seriousness, Graham led the audience through a convincing plea that women should gather together in support of the women’s vote and


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Bravery and dedication

After another intermission, with more desserts abound, a tall figure with a serious countenance drifted in, surveying the crowd with stern purpose. This gentleman introduced himself as Gabriel Dumont, Louis Riel’s Lieutenant and a member of the Métis of the South Saskatchewan River. Played by Stettler’s Bob Willis, the story of Dumont had the crowd rapt; nobody spoke a word as Willis glided around the room, speaking of great battles and Métis tenacity in the face of the incursion by Canadian forces during the battles of Fish Creek and Batoche. As he told his tale of courage and valour, voice echoing the spirit of this strong, resolute historical figure, the audience sat transfixed. Many had their eyes closed, listening, or were following the narrative with nods and subtle smiles of agreement. Willis’ embodiment of Dumont brought forth a nostalgia for a time of oral tradition, when stories had an immediate presence and the emotion of lived history was felt as a community. Dumont resolved the evening upon his final words and the crowd roused to an applause, collectively acknowledging the transformative effect of experiencing a shared history in real time.


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women’s rights more broadly. She condemned the act of gambling, which she was quick to point out her husband partook in, and flagged excessive drinking as the cause of many broken families. In the context of history, hers was a speech of boldness and strength, educating the audience in the passions of an intelligent, determined woman during a time of flux for members of this gender.

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One bus travels around the earth 40 times each year Brenda Schimke News Journalist The number of kilometres Clearview buses cover in one year is the equivalent of one bus travelling around the earth close to 40 times, it was revealed at the Clearview School district meeting on January 30, 2014. Clearview has approximately 54 active routes, transporting 1,300 students daily, representing 54 per cent of their total student population. After much discussion and a split vote, a motion was passed to proceed with a Request for Quotation towards the purchase of two 70-passenger seat buses (seats 46 high school students) and six 46-passenger buses (seats 36 high school students). Five voted for the motion with Trustees Cassidy and Schofer voting against. Administration estimates the eight buses will cost $730,000 and will be funded through reserves which are built up by amortizing buses over a 10-year period. Administration wanted the flexibility offered by purchasing larger buses, noting a 46-passenger bus costs only $1,500 more than a 36-passenger bus and has underfloor storage which is beneficial for extracurricular trips. Trustees Cassidy and Schofer argued large buses with few students angers taxpayers. “Why buy bigger buses than we need,” asked Cassidy. “$1,500 times eight adds up, smaller buses are more fuel efficient and have a smoother ride.” Trustees Holloway and Schofer expressed surprise that diesel engines were starting to have major troubles at 300,000 km. Maryann Wingie, Director of Transportation was in attendance and explained the large number of kilometres travelled on gravel and/or unplowed roads have a significant impact on the life of vehicles. She also said parts are often not available after 10 years. An analysis was done on whether micro buses should be considered for those sparsely-located students or whether parents be offered payment to drive their children to school. Neither option made economic sense. If a school district paid a parent to drive their children, the provincial funding for that student would be lost. Microbuses have been used in Prairieland and Prairie Rose School Divisions for daily runs and other divisions have tried microbuses for special needs students and extracurricular activities. The most frequent feedback gathered from these users was concerns about stability and safety, higher maintenance costs from damage on gravel roads, frequency of being stuck in snow and mud, significant lower body damage and rust and lower life expectancy.

Four-day school week

In an attempt to become more collaborative, less top down and provide parents, teachers, communities and students with fewer surprises, members of the Clearview School Board will be seeking input on whether to consider Botha, Byemoor, Erskine, Big Valley and Donalda schools for a four-day week. The joint Board/School Council meeting in Stettler on February 13 is another opportunity for the Board to receive feedback.

Funding bus routes

With the current Alberta government transportation funding formula of ‘x’ amount per student, rural school districts are in a financial deficit position while urban school districts usually end up with a windfall from their bussing grants. Each year, Clearview has to find up to $500,000 from allocated dollars to subsidize the shortfall in transportation funding. This year the division has generated the extra from non-revenue riders ($210,000) and the Equity of Opportunity Grant ($300,000). To date, the government has allowed Districts to keep money from students who are eligible for bus service, but never use it (non-revenue riders). On request from the previous Board, Administration provided a comprehensive breakdown of funding generated by route versus the cost of each route. Not unexpectedly, the routes with the fewest children and the most kilometres were grossly underfunded by the current formula, since the formula has no correlation to expenses (operating costs per kilometre). The Transportation Department continues to look for efficiencies. One obvious cost saving, which has been actively pursued by the Clearview Board for some years, is a cooperative bussing agreement with the East Central Catholic School District in the County for Stettler. Such an agreement is in place in the County of Paintearth and is cost-efficient for taxpayers. Dave Goodwin mentioned that he’s been told that the Catholic Board has been reluctant to enter into an agreement because of something that happened 10 or 12 years ago.

Cooperative programming

two questions need to be answered. (1) Does the proposed change make educational sense for students? (2) If cost savings are the goal, then those cost savings would need to be significant enough to outweigh other factors (i.e. increased travel time for students).

Learning assessments

Replacing the Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT), with Student Learning Assessments (SLA) is now underway. This June, Grade 3 students will write SLAs, Grade 6 will transition from PATs to SLAs in September 2015 and Grade 12 will make the switch in September 2016. In a report prepared by Superintendent, John Bailey, it was written that “principals have reported people seem to be relieved that the old style test is finally being replaced with an assessment tool which will support Alberta Education’s direction of personalized learning based on a child’s strengths or areas needing improvement at the start of a school year.”

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The goals of having total daily ride times for Kindergarten to Grade 9 riders of not over one hour with less than three per cent of riders over two hours has been met. The high school ride times have met the one hour 15 minutes daily ride times with less than the 15 per cent of riders over two hours. A comprehensive analysis was done by the Transportation Department on one route to see if reconfiguring could eliminate two

The previous Board had directed Administration to analyze ways to develop cooperative programming for Castor and Coronation students. At a meeting with Cam Brown, Daram Van Oers, principals of Coronation and Castor respectively, and Superintendent, John Bailey, and Rob Rathwell, Coordinator of Administrative and Instructional Support, many ideas were discussed. However, the group believes that before Kelsey Community any changes in Society proudly presents structure/organization are made

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Ken Checkel on behalf of Clearview’s students, parents and communities wrote a letter to Fred Horne, Minister of Health dated January 22, 2014 expressing support for the continuation of the Mental Health Capacity Building in Schools Initiative (MHCB). The School Board is seeking continued funding beyond June of 2014 when the current partnership expires. Clearview’s experience has been that this kind of investment in prevention leads to less reactive and crisis management needs in the future. Children, youth and families are better able to self-protect and invest in their own mental health and well-being which in turn has a direct correlation with the child’s ability to be successful in school.


SAT., MAY 24, 2014 - 2PM

students from riding the bus over an hour a day. Using four difference scenarios, no option could be found that would help those two students without negatively impacting many other students.

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Stettler local’s festive tune on Nashville album Katie Davis News Reporter

Bonnie Danylyshen, Vice-Chair of the Foundation Board, stands between Michelle Guse Memorial Scholarship foundation award winners Paige Cole (L) and Dana Golby at the Coronation Hospital and Care Centre on January 30, 2014. ECA Review/Submitted

Coronation residents awarded scholarships The Michelle Guse Memorial Scholarship was awarded to two health care students currently employed at the Coronation Hospital and Care Centre. Dana Golby and Paige Cole were awarded $500 each for their pursuit of further studies. Dana Golby has been employed by Alberta Health Services (AHS) for the past seven years. In the past year, her role changed to Therapy Assistant in Coronation and Consort. Golby is currently enrolled in the Physical Therapy Assistant Diploma program through Norquest College, combining work and school. She plans to complete this program in the summer of 2014. Paige Cole is the Activities Convenor in Long-Term Care (LTC), working towards

completion of her Therapeutic Recreation Diploma online. Cole works full time and carries a full course load as well. She plans to complete her diploma in April 2014. The Michelle Guse Memorial Scholarship was established in 2010, with the first award in January of 2011. Michelle Guse grew up in Coronation and was a full time employee of AHS at the time of her passing. The community and her fellow co-workers established this scholarship as a legacy for Michelle. The Foundation recognizes the efforts of students from Coronation and surrounding area pursuing a career in health care with this scholarship. The annual scholarship of $500 is awarded each January.

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Stettler native Ken Gabriel wrote a song that appears on the Nashville Songwriter’s Holiday Album released in 2013. Titled “Amy,” the song was sung by Country music star Michael Lusk, who has performed with the likes of Martina McBride, Marty Stuart and Loretta Lynn. Gabriel notes that the inspiration for his homage to Amy began in a grocery store after he saw an inspiring sight. “It all started back when I was in Red Deer in ‘96, way downtown at the IGA,” he says. “It started out as a grocery store song with a girl named Amy.”

Hanna school to realize modernization

For the Nashville release he changed the lyrics to revolve around seeing a girl named Amy at the Stettler arena to help promote an interest in the area. “They thought the song might blend in to the Christmas album, and help out the community in Stettler,” Gabriel says. Amy is one of seven songs on the showcase sung by Lust, which gave the song more chance of airplay. “The radio station [in Stettler] got a good response from the song,” Gabriel noted. Amy is Gabriel’s second foray into professionally-recorded songwriting. His first song, “Cresent Falls,” was sung by Lynn Wolf and appeared on a Nashville Songwriter’s Showcase album in 2012. He describes the process of song submission as a method of talent,

Katie Davis News Reporter An announcement of expansive modernization was made by Minister of Education Jeff Johnson at J.C. Charyk school in Hanna on January 29, 2014. It was revealed that the school will be modernized to accommodate the addition of Kindergarten to Grade 3 students from the Hanna Primary School, which is scheduled to be closed down. Press Secretary to the Minister, Dan Powers, says work will be done on the 1967 and 1994 sections of the school and modernization costs will likely exceed more than $10,000.

Jan Jan22 22- -Feb Feb23 23

preparation and luck. “I send my CD’s to Nashville and when my songs are accepted they go and record it in three weeks,” he says. “One out of every 30 songs [received] is given a chance.” Gabriel says he is working on finishing up four more tunes and plans to do another showcase if time allows. Though Gabriel’s never been to Nashville, he keeps up an active musical life by participating in events around town. “I like singing karaoke, I used to sing in Red Deer,” he notes. “I really like singing the Beatles, Paul McCartney and things like that.” Those with interest in receiving an album can send their phone number to Box 873, Stettler, AB T0C 1C0.

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Hope for a troubled region Brenda Schimke

as animals and to assign them numbers, instead of names. The majority of the German public, most being of Under the Canadian Crimes Against the same Christian faith that built Britain, Canada and the United States, Humanity and War Crimes Act 2000, eventually saw them as animals. We Israel’s settlements in territories are far more successful in nursing our taken in the June 1967 war constitute prejudices if we can avoid knowing war crimes punishable in Canada. our target groups personally or seeing Under the Geneva Convention, them as individuals with value.” signed after World War II, it became The defeated Germans after World unlawful for an occupying force to War I were handled so poorly, that forcibly displace people and build setWorld War II was inevitable. The tlements in occupied territories. Geneva Convention came after World The International Court of Justice, the UN Assembly and the UN Security War II to prevent World War III. It set standards on how to treat peoples capCouncil all regard Israel as the tured or defeated in wars and Occupying Power of the Palestinian conflicts. What Israel is doing in the Territory (Gaza Strip, West Bank) which the Israelis captured in the 1967 West Bank is contrary to the Geneva Convention, International law and seven-day war. Canadian law. Recently the European Union has Why then is speaking out against stopped the flow of millions of Euros Israel’s flaunting of these laws and into Israel from their Horizon 2020 Programme because they don’t want it conventions not the right thing to do? By calling me a racist does that not used to fund illegal settlements. only attempt to demean my person, And now Prime Minister Stephen deflect the truth and promote hatred? Harper has labelled me and many Today’s disothers as anticourse should be Semitic because about human we have publicly any time we seek to rights for the capcriticized Israel’s tive people of re-settlement use, oppress, abuse or Palestine and activities in the remove others, we first security for the Occupied country of Israel. Territories, which invariably disconnect from It’s about coloironically is nialism and Canada’s official their individuality.” power. It’s a fight position. for land; one side In the occupied - B. Moore fighting for more territories there land and one side are Jewish-only fighting for some settlements, an ID land to call their own. system for Palestinians, separate Given Jewish history, it’s ironic that roads for Israeli and Palestinian citiIsraelis don’t have any compassion for zens, military checkpoints, the plight of the Palestine people. How discriminating marriage laws, the security wall with limited Palestinian quickly they forgot. Their State of Israel was carved out of Palestine in access to Jerusalem, the use of Palestinians as cheap labour, inequity 1948 by the United Nations with the understanding that Palestine would in infrastructure, criminal laws and be divided into a Jewish State and an forcible removable of Palestinians Arab State. from lands that have been in their Neither side is lily white in this families for thousands of years. 40-year conflict. Both sides need to As I struggle with the new label assigned to me by my Prime Minister, compromise and respect the rights of “anti-Semitic,” I muse whether he has the other. But unlike Harper or chosen to vilify and label me as racist Russia’s Putin who believe one side is 100 per cent right, albeit opposite for mere political posturing or even sides, the United States, France and worse, is he attempting to promote Britain are and must continue to diphatred towards Palestinians? lomatically work towards a Quoting from a well-known compromise solution. Christian author Beth Moore; “Any That’s the only hope for any semtime we seek to use, oppress, abuse or remove others, we first invariably dis- blance of possible peace in this troubled region. connect from their individuality Uncompromising positions and hard (name, personal rights). For instance, Hitler systematically brainwashed his attitudes cause war and keep them going forever! government leaders to view the Jews

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it was all work no play for these pint-sized craftsmen at the Castor toy Show on Saturday, February 1. edward ties of Castor brought his uncle alfred’s model steam train set with working whistle and engine, which made the entire tiny scene come to life. ECA Review/K. Davis


Sad reflection of our society Dear Editor, I read with interest Marrian Bertin’s Letter to the Editor (“How can they sleep at night?” January 23, 2014). It seems the abandonment of animals is a problem everywhere. We live in Hughenden, where our daughter has helped stray (abandoned) pets for many years. Of course, family and friends try to do their part to help too. She spends a good deal of money for food, shelter, heat lamps and vet bills. What a sad reflection of our society that

so many people put out their cats or dogs when they move away, or drop them off out in the country to fend for themselves or become food for the coyotes. Thank goodness for kind-hearted people who wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if they didn’t do something to ease the suffering of these pets. Shame on you people who think that your pets are disposable when they become an inconvenience to you! Cathy Cooper Hughenden, AB.

Dear Editor, Would you please allow me the luxury of venting about a topic I have deep personal feelings about at this point in my life. To begin with, various news stations are focusing this week on the disturbing story of a large, gentle rescue dog, discovered with two gunshot wounds; one in the stomach, another shattering a thigh-bone. Though suffering, Shania, as she has been named, is now safe at a wonderful vet clinic in Edmonton that isn’t asking for money first before beginning expensive treatments. Just now, a news clip ran on the screen that thanks to an outpouring of donations made, the vet reports he can save her leg. The dog will not ever be 100 per cent but she will live. My dog did not live. [Editor’s Note: Chippy, the Loyalist Dog Kennel’s mascot, was shot twice while in his kennel]. If the truth be known, I’m having trouble dealing with the fact so many lowlives are finding it to be a great sport to grab a gun and do some target practice but they don’t go to the shooting range. No, some family pets are ending up in their

cross-hairs, as did Chippy. It’s been my observation that the guilty parties, for the most part, are knuckledraggers; just not that intelligent. Put a gun in their sweaty hands, they shoot at an easy target, the neighbour’s dog. But now they’ve got a mess to try and sort their way out of. Hide the corpse and deny, deny, deny. These spineless creeps rarely man up to the owners about the dog’s fate. The murder of my little dog brought this glaring flaw right out in the open. Chip didn’t die in vain; there is a large ground-swell of outrage and disgust over this murder. Most everyone in the Consort area has a pretty good idea who the perpetrators are. An interesting slant I found out is that older people are viewing this to be an act of bullying toward a senior living alone in the country. I had not a thought in this direction but it does make one stop and ponder, just a little. Thank you for your time. Leona Walsh, Loyalist Dog Kennels

Pets ending up in the cross-hairs

Desensitized to the plight of people Dear Editor, In response to Marrian Bertin’s letter in the January 23 issue of the Review; her concerns about how cruel it is to abandon animals who depend on their owners to feed and shelter them. Yes, it is tragic, but how about the seniors and children who are often left in much the same situations? Seems to us that people aught to be more important than animals, cats in particular. However, it seems that the world is far more concerned about animals, becoming more and more desensitized to the plight of people.

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What about all the birds and other little creatures that these well cared for as well as abandoned cats catch, maul and torture, often leaving them wounded and dying a grusome death? We like cats but since our children have all left home we choose not to have cats, dogs and other pets and as a result do not appreciate other people’s cats killing our birds, leaving their dirt in our flower and vegetable gardens, etcetera. You can have your cats and other pets but kindly keep them contained to your own property. Thank you, Anita and Ben Domoslai, Alliance, AB

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Navel-gazing politics Gave her time to family are bad politics Katie Davis

weren’t so high. He was doing his job, so he should have done his job. But alas, when you have power, it’s “In a controversy the instant we feel much easier to avoid accountability. And anger we have already ceased striving alas, this is not the first time the Harper for the truth and have begun striving for Conservatives have pushed through ourselves.” agendas under the guise of fiscal This quote, commonly attributed to responsibility or some such money the Buddha, was the first thing that saving scheme that were counterintuicame to mind upon reading the news of tive to the concerns of those affected. Julian Fantino’s response to a meeting If readers have followed the closing of with Veterans in Ottawa, who had gath- seven (of 11) Fisheries and Oceans ered there in protest toward the closure research libraries against the wishes of of eight Veteran’s Affairs prominent scientists in the regional offices across Canada. field, they would begin to see If a refresher is necessary: disturbing parallels. Fantino showed up 70 minutes Scientists wrote open letters late for his scheduled meeting and campaigned tirelessly with a group of veterans on against the consolidation, Tuesday, January 28 in Ottawa. outlining the damage to The meeting was to address research and archival credithe closure of the eight district bility by closing those offices, which veterans are worlibraries. Theirs was a camried will make getting paign of frustration, falling assistance more difficult. on disinterested ears. Davis With the mounting presence The government claimed of the story in the news media; the closures would save over numerous veterans speaking out about $443,000. their experiences and knowledge that These closures were approximately this issue was becoming broadly known the same time the Conservative governby Canadians, there was a lot of presment spent $2.5 million dollars on Job sure on the outcome of this discussion. Grant ads for programs that never manCalls for a meeting had become more ifested and are still on hold. This, as frequent as it was becoming plain that part of a $11 million dollar publicity veterans’ words were not being heard to push set aside for Employment and their satisfaction: veterans recognized Social Development Canada to promote that the tactic being employed by govthe government’s role as a job creator ernment was ‘close now, explain later.’ (for emphasis: not $11 million to create When Fantino arrived for the jobs, but $11 million to propagate the meeting, there was an understandable idea of job creation). antagonism afoot and it was mutual, Ultimately, it’s difficult to justify though Fantino did his best to look dem- $443,000 in the wake of $2.5 million dolocratically unenthused. The Veterans lars blown on partisan advertisements – numerous – were eager to be heard without any viable product. and brimming with words. Fantino, outWhat Fantino, in his steaming childnumbered, had a countenance about like anger, and the government more him of indifference, a rhetoric of prebroadly don’t seem to understand is that programed buzzwords and a swiftness when you cut funding, you cut it from to take personal offense to the anger of services that are not necessary to the veterans. people. You cut from the bloated pockets Some words were exchanged but there of your party members, you cut from was no neutral ground to be found; ques- levels of unnecessary layers of bureautions weren’t being answered, answers cracy, you cut from pro-Conservative weren’t satisfying questions; finally a propaganda, you cut from your elevated finger was pointed, Fantino was quoted selves. Where you don’t cut funds is (“You know, this finger pointing stuff from social services, you don’t cut from doesn’t work very well with me”) and the people who depend on you, you don’t ultimately the meeting was ended, with cut it from health care, you don’t cut it 3” wide version Fantino walking out unceremoniously. from seniors care, you don’t cut from Even with emotions high, Fantino education, you don’t cut from the scientook the easy way out – he used an tists (you’re trying to muzzle) or the immature understanding of conflict to Veterans (you’re trying to brush aside). You can save byWhat choosing greenactions recycled parts! remove himself from a testy situation, Fantino’s demonstrated demonstrating a complete lack of tojust Veterans and Canadians more To do a search, enter your VIN# on our website empathy for Veterans he is mandated by broadly is that when it comes right down 12345 Canadian tax dollars to represent. The site also to itindicates the Government works where you can find for itself, it Fantino took personally whatenvironmentally he does not workmember for theyards people. People are responsible nearby. should have taken professionally: heand meetexcluded from the democratic as Drop in the AARDA automotive recycler in process your chose to gaze down at his navel in anger soonThey as the ballots are cast. What it also community. want your business. over a single veteran’s finger point showed is that serving one’s country in Just look for our logo! which was more gestural, less extremely difficult and traumatic Automotive Recyclers interrogative - when he shouldAlberta have combat situations does not guarantee Association been listening, recording views and and Dismantlers anything, even respect, as sadly either developing a discussion and according to the Conservative governexchange of ideas or setting up further ment, money is the only thing worth meetings to do so when emotions saving in a Country full of humanity.

News Reporter

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Bernice McComish (nee Anderson) personal Saviour and Lord. Bernice Elsie McComish was born the During her years on the ranch she was fifth child of nine to Alfred and Elsie very involved in her small local church. Anderson on July 29, 1931. She lived on Bernice was a devoted wife and mother the Anderson Farm in the Lake Thelma who gave her time to her family, while district and attended a one-room school to also providing encouragement and help to grade nine. For high school she stayed in extended family and friends. a dorm in Castor, returning to the farm on As she got older, her conversation weekends. turned more and more toward heaven. On The farm was a busy place without the Friday evening, January 31, 2014 after a modern conveniences of today few hours in hospital, God took so Bernice did her share of her home. farm and house work, including She leaves many who will miss milking cows, stooking and her greatly but also rejoice with driving her own team hauling her in the new life she is enjoying: bundles. her sons, Wallace (Bonnie) of During the years of high Stettler and Bryan (Eileen) of school and of sharing an apartErskine; her daughters, Deanna ment with other young ladies (Glenn) Odland of Singapore and while working in a bank in Arlene of London, Ontario; three Coronation, Bernice made brothers, Lawrence (Edith) McComish friends that lasted a lifetime. Anderson of Hanna; Ken (Lil) On February 19, 1954, at 23 Anderson of Calgary and Cliff years of age, she married local rancher (Helen) Anderson of Calgary; one sister, Arden McComish. They worked together Edna Kary of Irricana; one brother-in-law on the farm for 20 years and raised four Dave (Mary) of Three Hills; eight grandchildren. children; nine great-grandchildren; In 1974, they moved to Three Hills in-laws through marriage to Arden, where their children finished their gennumerous nieces, nephews and friends. eral education at Prairie High School. She was pre-deceased by her loving husBernice lost her spouse in July 2002. She band, Arden, four sisters, seven lived her final years at the Golden Hills brothers-in-law and two nephews. Lodge and felt so blessed to be surrounded The memorial service for Bernice by wonderful friends and staff. McComish is scheduled for 11 a.m., It was in her early twenties that Bernice Saturday, February 8 at Bethel realized the importance of having God in Evangelical Missionary Church, 123 4th her life and accepted Jesus Christ as her Ave S, Three Hills.

Passed away January 23 Candace Joy Glasier Candace Joy Glasier passed away January 23, 2014 in Coronation, Alberta. She is survived by her children: Evania Jorquera and Kris Glasier; parents Connie and Wayne Glasier; as well as numerous other relatives and many friends. Funeral services were be held Sunday, February 2, 2014 at Coronation


Community Hall, Coronation, Alberta at 2 p.m. Memorial donations may be made to Alberta Mental Health - Red Deer Clinic or to purchase a memorial tree. Sympathies may be forwarded to the family by signing the guestbook at Parkview Funeral Chapels & Crematorium, 403-578-3777 entrusted with the care and funeral arrangements.

Locally-based Emergency Medical Technician involved in fatal accident Mark Manns, a Calgary paramedic working in the central Alberta region was involved in a fatal collision Wednesday, January 29 while travelling from his home in Calgary to work in Coronation. Mark was an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with four years of service. He was well respected and had worked at all three stations in Castor, Coronation and Consort. During his time with East Central Ambulance Association Mark assisted many people and was an asset to the team. Mark leaves his wife and two children, ages six and nine, as well as

SUNCREST fresh, farm, government inspected


for sale at a great price.

Can be picked up at colony

Thurs., Feb. 13

from 2 - 8 p.m., confirm orders. For more details 403-882-2476 ext#609

his ECAA family. A trust fund has been established to assist Mark’s Family at the Alberta Treasury Branch in Castor. Donations in Mark’s memory can be made at any ATB Branch to In Trust for Family of Mark Manns.


2012 Equinox LT AWD Leather Interior, 93,000 kms


1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Yenko clone, Appraised at $38,000

selling for $35,000

2008 Chevrolet Equinox

2008 GMC Acadia 180,000km



2008 Chevrolet LT 1/2 Ton 4X4 X/C 105,000km


2012 Chevrolet 1/2 Ton C/C 4X4


AWD 89,000km



520-3rd Ave. Elnora, AB







Rawes Ranches Ltd. 31st Annual

Family Day Sale Annual Family Day Sale 9th Annual


February 17, 2014 February 18, 2013 1:00 p.m. at the farm at Athabasca, AB – Lunch at 11:30 a.m.


00 p.m. at the farm at Athabasca, AB – Lunch at 11:30 a.m.




• They are bred to perform, yet have calving ease and • Red and Black coming 2 year old Bulls that have strong maternal traits. y are been bredgrown to perform, yetprimarily have calving ease and • Thesepossess bulls and heifers have been produced in a high out slowly, on forage. sess strong maternal traits. volume, low maintenance environment. is • Our bulls will not be as fat as you will find at other sales. • Elite Commercial Heifers bredOleto Farms easy calving largest Angus operation • They are deep bodied, easy fleshing bulls with lots now of the Angus BullsPurebred for 45 days to start calving in MayAlberta. 1st. 100% We run 1600 cows and do not have time for high 50 Elite Commercial Heifers bred to easy calving capacity. HOME RAISED. THE RIGHT KIND.


us Bulls for 45 days to start calving May 1st. % HOME RAISED. THE RIGHT KIND. Mothers of Sale Bulls Grazing

maintenance cattle.

• Profitability is key in our breeding decisions. Our goal is to make YOUR operation more profitable.

Kelly & Anna Olson: 780-675-4664 Kelly Cell: 780-689-7822 Sharing in the Excitement ofTravis: Agriculture” 780-689-8324 Sale Managed by: Graham: 780-675-0112 nna Olson: 780-675-4664 – Kelly Cell: 780-689-7822

80-689-8324 – Graham: 780-675-0112 “Sharing in the Excitement of Agriculture”

Doug Henderson 403-782-3888

• These bulls and heifers have been produced in a high volume, low maintenance environment. Ole Farms is now the largest Purebred Angus operation in Alberta. We run 1600 cows and do not have time for high maintenance cattle. • Profitability is key in our breeding decisions. Our goal is to make YOUR operation more profitable.



Agriculture 19th Annual

He sells!!


25 Purebred Red Angus bulls


February 28 & March 1, 2014

From Wainwright - 20 m. E. on Hwy 14 to Ribstone Rd. then S. 2.5 mi. to 44-4 - W. 1/4 m. to first farm on S. side of road

Thank You Contact: Darryl Clark to our customers Home: 780-858-2220 for their support over the last 19 years Cell: 780-806-4044 E-mail:

Herd Master Bull Sale Wed., February 26

1 p.m. Camrose Regional Exhibition

• Selling 130 quality Traditional Fullbloods Red & Black Purebreds

Spring Lake Simmentals Brockoff Simmentals Maxwell Simmentals Rancier Farms (Glen 780-385-5552; Doug 780-679-8311 Garth 780-385-5313) catalogue at

Eastland Transport Ltd. • Livestock Hauling • CLT Certified to Haul All Types of Livestock • Fully Insured for Canada & USA Owner: Tim Omilusik P.O. Box 817, Coronation, AB.




ing r p S cial Spek Now &ST Boo the G e Sav

80’ x 120’ x 20’ Turnkey Cold Storage Building Fax, email or drop off your

OPINIONS, LETTERS, NEWS, SPORTS & PHOTOS to ECA Review fax: 403-578-2088 email: drop off: 4923 Victoria Ave., Coronation Remember to identify all people in your photos.

• Engineered 2x8 PWF for your snow load, Laminated Column Design No Overhang • Canadian 29 Ga High Tensile • 1 Split Sliding Door 40’w x 20’h Steel, High Rib Colored Walls, with Cannonball Galvalume Roof BIGG Frame System • Deluxe Flashing Package • 1 Steel Insulated Man Door • LVL Engineered Truss Support • Concrete Piles & Door Footing Notched and Bolted • Construction Crews ready to • Engineered Trusses designed start Many Other Sizes & Options Available Upon Request



Includes Delivery within 60 Miles of Red Deer Guaranteed Package *Not Exactly as Illustrated

Call Today for your Project Consultation

Toll Free 1.888.344.1211

Jim Peter 1.780.608.9979

Ironman Scrap Metal Recovery

. . . is picking up scrap again! • farm machinery • vehicles • Industrial

Rick Chambers 1.780.312.0933

Garage Sale Inventory Blowout! HANNA Building Supplies

Serving Central AB


408 - 5th St. E

Hanna, AB • (403) 854-2802

1 block E. of museum on E. access road to Hwy 36 (N of bottle depot)

Perennial Crop Insurance Deadline February 28, 2014 PROTECTION FOR PERENNIAL CROPS Call your local AFSC Branch for a customized hay and pasture insurance estimate before the February 28, 2014 deadline. 14021KA0

AFSC provides tools to Alberta’s agriculture producers and businesses.

How are you


Growing Forward 2 is a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.



HOLLOW 18U MAX 40Z NEW LOOK - Same Great Coverage. Insurance for finished cattle, feeders and calves. Protect your bottom line with the Western Cattle Price Insurance Program (WCPIP). Visit

1-877-899-AFSC (2372)





25th Anniversary New n! Locae tRio an c h

BULL POWER and Select Female Sale at th

1 pm – Friday Feb. 14, 2014 at the Ranch, Carstairs, AB CONSIGNORS: Diamond T Cattle Co. (Angus), & Pearson Simmentals

90 All Polled • Black + RED Simmental • Angus • Salers • Crossbreds


Ranch KOPJAR SEED LTD. Godfrey Irish Black Cattle BOX 8 ROWLEY, AB. TOJ 2XO

Pedigree Seed

Canada's New Breed

PHONE 403-368-2409 OR 403-321-0237 (c) FAX 403-368-2410

For Sale Top Quality High Performance Bulls 403-740-9576 • Castor, AB

HRSW - AC Stettler - AC Carberry NEW CPS- in 2015 AAC Ryley MALT - CDC Copeland - AC Metcalfe - CDC Meredith FEED BARLEY - CDC Austensen - CDC Cowboy FLAX - AC Prairie Grande PEAS - CDC Saffron

10 Powerhouse Simmental Heifers

Win $3500 in Bull Buying Credits Easy Calving Bulls for Heifers • High Performance Bulls for Cows Call Ahead & Watch & Bid Online at Call for a free catalogue or go online at • Trucking arranged anywhere at minimal cost • Free wintering ‘til April 1





Crossroads Beef Congress Crossroads Beef Congress

Crossroads Beef Congress 2


sponsored by Big Country Agricultural Society sponsored by Big Country Agricultural Society


ss mi

Ad Admission $ n2







sponsored by Big Country Agricultural Society Sat., February 15 Sat., February 15

Crossroads Centre, Oyen Crossroads Centre, Oyen

Sat., February 15 Pen Show

• People’s Crossroads Centre, Oyen ➧People’s Choice 2 Yearling Bulls Pen Show Choice Entry Fee Entry Fee $ & $100 2 Yearling Bulls per pen & ➧People’s 100 per pen per pen per pen Entry Fee Pen Show ➧Panel • Panel Choice 3 Yearling Heifers 3 Yearling Heifers Judging $100 2 Yearling Bulls per pen & Judging per pen per pen per pen ➧Panel Judging

3 Yearling Heifers

Steer & Heifer Show Youth Steer &Youth Heifer Show per pen

11 a.m.


11 a.m.


1st Place Steer - $1000 $25Show Youth & Heifer entry/animal 2nd PlaceSteer Steer - $750

1st Place Steer - $1000 1st Place Steer - $1000 Place Steer - $750 1st2nd Yearling Heifer - $600 Cash for steers 11 provided a.m. by Ashley Good Memorial

entry/ animal

Post Emergent Herbicide for: RT SMA .0 S 2 BOY

Wild Oats





Green Foxtail

Broadleaf Weeds Relentless Control of Flushing Weeds










Purchase Everest 2.0 or Smartboy by June 30 for your chance to win a 2014 Commander 800 XT

$25 2nd Place Steer - $750by entry/ Cash steers provided 2ndfor Yearling Heifer by - $300 Cash for steers provided animal Ashley GoodMemorial Memorial Ashley Good ➧ Ranchmen’s ➧Steak Challenge 1st Yearling Heifer - $600 ➧Silent 1stAuction Yearling Heifer - $600 with wine and cheese Raffle Tickets $50 2nd Yearling Heifer - $300 2nd Yearling Heifer - $300 ➧Trade Show - $50 per booth

• Trade • Steak ➧ Ranchmen’s ➧Steak Challenge • Ranchmen’s Entry Deadline: Thurs., February 6 • Silent ➧Silent Auction $50 with Show wine and cheese Raffle Tickets Challenge Entries Doug 403-676-2212 or Linda 403-676-2181 Raffl e to:Auction Tickets $50

with wine & cheese

$50 per booth

➧Trade Show - $50 per booth

Entry Deadline: Thurs., February 6

Ask your AGSI Business Argonomist for details.


Entry Deadline: Thurs., February 6 Entries to: 403-676-2212 or Linda 403-676-2181 Contest closes June 30,2014. Contest draw date July 11, 2014. Model shown in this publication not necessarily the exact as prize giveaway. Entries to: DougDoug 403-676-2212 or Linda 403-676-2181








Join Us In Celebrating Our

Thursday, February 20

60th Anniversary of Bar Heart

Lloydminster, SK 72 Red, Black and Fullblood


Tuesday, February 18, 2014 Lunch 11:30 am ; Sale 1:00 pm at the Sale Barn, Bluffton, AB

View our catalouge online:

For More Info Contact

Jay Robb 780-205-0816 Murry Hoegl 306-821-1205

Catalogue Can Be Viewed at or

CROP PRODUCTION WORKSHOP Thursday, March 27, 2014

2014 Spring Bull & Female Sale

9:30 am to 3:00 pm

Will be by Private Treaty

Forestburg Community Hall


COST: $20/member $30/non-member

At enien v ill o C n it w


os il Dep s unt 20%ld bull ery ho Deliv

CALL: 1-800-828-6774 or 780-582-7308 EMAIL:


Polled JNHR 122 TIMBER 511Z

35 Polled & Horned Bulls & also offering 30 Heifers out of our Pen of 60

Bred Heifers due to start calving Mid- March

Keith Gabert: Canadian Canola Council Agronomist Chris Chivillo: Manager of W.A. Grain and Pulse Solutions “Marketing of Faba Beans and Other Pulse Crops”


Sherry Strydhorst: Agronomy Research Scientist, ARD “Stacking Agronomic Practices to Achieve Maximum Wheat Yield”

Nevin Rosaasen: Research Economist, ARD “Market Update, etc”

Battle River Railway: Speaker to be Confirmed

Call or E-mail for a catalogue or go to

Sons Sell

Norm, Joanne, Michael, Marc Parrent

Box 111 Clyde, Alberta, T0G 0P0 Phone: 1-780-348-5835 Fax: 1-780-348-5839 Norm Cell: 780-307-6586 Mike Grimmeyer: 780-307-3385 3 miles East of Clyde on Hwy. 18 then 2.5 South on RR 244 ~ or ~ 5 Miles East of Hwy 2 on TWP Rd 594 then 1/2 mile South on RR 244


10 F E B R U A R Y




Ph. 403-578-4111 • Fax. 403-578-2088 Classified Ad Rates $13.00 + tax for 25 words or less + 19¢ a word after 25 each week or 3 weeks for $36 + tax (based on 25 words or less). Reach 24,700 homes with your classified. This includes For Sale, For Rent, Card of Thanks, Coming Events, etc. Payment Necessary All Classified Ads are on a Cash Only basis and must be prepaid before running. There will be a $5.00 service charge on every classified not paid for prior to publication. We accept cash, cheque, VISA or MC. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to check ad the 1st week and call us if in error. The Review is responsible for their mistakes the 1st week only. Deadline For Ads All classified ads must be received by 5 pm on Mondays preceding publication. For Too Late To Classifieds ad must be received by 10 am Tuesday. Ph. 578-4111. Mail to Box 70, Coronation, AB T0C 1C0.


WANTED: Farmyard or acreage to rent in the vicinity of Alliance, Coronation, Halkirk, County of Paintearth. Contact 780-9771777.


2003 20’ x 76’ Winalta Mobile Home - 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, central air, open concept. Must be moved. Serious inquiries only. Located in Sedalie, Ab. area 403664-9447. SAVE NOW! $10,000. of regular retail on all modular homes until February 28. Secure your production spot now for summer delivery. Sunshine Homes 1-877-887-2254; www. HOMES, COTTAGES & More. RTMI - Ready to Move in. Call 1-888733-1411; rtmihomes. com. Red Tag Sale on now - ask about our $100,000 giveaway.

SHOP AND COMPARE! Then let United Homes Canada get you the best value on a new TripleM home! Starting at only $92,500. Delivery conditions apply. 142 East Lake Blvd., Airdrie. 1-800461-7632;


*Land* Wanted

***************** Pasture, Hay and Grain Farming Looking for land for the upcoming spring Offering competitive, flexible agreements. Please call Scott @ 403 546-2278 Ext.1 or 403 857-9703


METAL ROOFING & SIDING. Very competitive prices! Largest colour selection in Western Canada. Available at over 25 Alberta Distribution Locations. 40 Year Warranty. Call 1-888263-8254. STEEL BUILDINGS/ METAL BUILDINGS 60% off! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100, sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206; www. EVERY WATER WELL on earth should have the patented “Kontinuous Shok” Chlorinator from Big Iron Drilling! Why? Save thousands of lives every year. Phone 1-800-BIG-IRON


WRECKING AUTOTRUCKS. Parts to fit over 500 trucks. Lots of Dodge, GMC, Ford, imports. We ship anywhere. Lots of Dodge, diesel, 4x4 stuff. Trucks up to 3 tons. NorthEast Recyclers 780875-0270 (Lloydminster).


Remote Car Starters Sales & Installation Call for prices and option details

G.P.L. Tractor Service Gordon Long 403-575-3863


Canadian Firearms Safety Course Instructor available at your convenience. For more information contact 403742-4405/403-740-6370


HEATED CANOLA buying Green, Heated or Springthrashed Canola. Buying: oats, barley, wheat & peas for feed. Buying damaged or offgrade grain. “On Farm Pickup” Westcan Feed & Grain, 1-877-2505252. WANTED. Hannas Seeds seeking distributors for forage, turf, native and reclamation seed. Good commissions. Contact Dave at 1-800-661-1529 or dave@hannasseeds. com.


CHAROLAIS bulls for sale. Yearling & 2 yr olds. Wintering available. 780-582-2254, Forestburg. EAST CENTRAL Bull Sale Friday, March 21 at Dryland Cattle Trading, Veteran, Ab. 40 Horned & Polled Hereford Bulls. Call 403-676-2086 for catalogues. Check Dryland’s website for pictures in early February.


Golden Prairie Parent Link is seeking to hire an engaging, creative, flexible and enthusiastic individual to fill the position of Kneehill Program Coordinator starting in March 2014. This is a 23 hour/week year to year contract position. Under the direction of the Parent Link Supervisor, the Program Coordinator will be responsible for carrying out the planning, implementation and evaluation of Parent Link programs and services covering Carbon, Acme, Linden, Three Hills and Trochu areas focusing on families with children 0-6 years of age. In the position of Kneehill Program Coordinator you would: • promote and engage parents/ caregivers and their children 0-6 years old in learning activities. • facilitate parenting groups and workshops. • provide and follow-up developmental screening • provide families with information and make referrals • provide individualized support and education to parents • engage with other community programs as partners serving Kneehill area families with young children Employment is dependent on satisfactory completion of a Criminal records check, and ACS Intervention Check. A valid driver’s license and reliable vehicle are required. Some evening and weekend work will be mandatory. A background that included Early Childhood Development or Humans Services education preferred. For a more detailed description, go to our website at Please forward a resume and cover letter by Feb. 15, 2014 to info@goldenprairieplc. ca Or mail: Golden Prairie Parent Link Box 400, Three Hills, Alberta T0M 2A0 Inquiries should be directed to Bonita

Hudson 403-4433256. Thank you for your application, only those who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. Seasonal Full Time Farm Supervisor starting June 2014. Responsibilities Include: Cow/calf processing, Fencing, Welding, Operate/ Maintain Equipment. Trucking (class 1 license required). Highly motivated team worker with excellent communication skills. Evenings and weekends required. $16$18/hour wage depending on experience. Only candidates with 3+ years considered. Please forward Resume to Tim & Tammy Smith, Box 72, Coronation, T0C 1C0 Tntsmith_40 or call 780 856 3996 (evening calls only) CORONATION Restaurant & Cafe is looking for waitress and kitchen help. Apply in person, Hwy 12. Coronation 403578-2080 ATTENTION Semi Operators! Are you looking to downsize? Haul RVs from USA to Western Canada! Looking for 1 ton O/O. 1-800-867-6233; www.


PARK Paving Ltd. in Edmonton has immediate openings for a Project Superintendent, Concrete Superintendent, Shop Foreman, and Heavy Duty Mechanics. Send your resume via email to: employment@ or via fax to 780-434-5373. HD Licenced Mechanic forthe stony Plain/Westlock/ Barrhead area. Must be willing to obtain CVIP licence. Please email or fax applications to: Carillion Canada Inc.; dlefsrud@carillionalberta. ca. Fax 780-336-2461. SIGNING Bonus! Hiring long haul semi owner operators to haul RVs and general freight. Paid 85% of invoiced amount with open invoice policy. Benefits, co fuel cards and subsidized insurance. Must have ability to cross border. Call 1-800-867-6233; www.roadexservices. com. INTERIOR Heavy Equipment Operator School. No Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. Sign up online! iheschool. com. 1-866-399-3853.

BAIRD DENTURE CLINIC LTD. 5021-50 St. Stettler

(403) 742-2351 by appointment only

Dennis Baird, D.D.

403-854-4456 Check us out for all your Real Estate needs!! Commercial, Residential, and Farm & Ranch

ss a l G

ors s • Do w o d n Wi

ng • Sidi

Based in Hanna for 33 years PLATINUM

Local Toll Free 403-854-4414 1-800-463-3148 Locally Owned & Operating since 1980

Sat.: 9 am - 5 pm Sun.: Noon - 4 pm

WEEKEND SPECIAL 12 Pk Pop $4.99 (8 am Thurs. - 4 pm Sun.)

Little Gap Septic Service

Little Gap Septic Service

4901-50 St. Castor, AB 403-882-3388

Roger E. Johnson Enterprises Inc. - Appliances - Electronics - Insurance - Telus Mobility -

Serving East Central Alberta Brett & Lana Twa

4809-50th St., Consort, AB

Cell. 403-578-8451

9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mon. - Fri.

Ph. 403-578-3157


with all types of Attachments 403 574 2222

Main Street Hanna, AB

403-578-3699 Coronation

Big Country Construction & Building Supplies Ltd.

Bay 5/6 - 7667-50th Ave., (1/2 block N. of the old location)

RED DEER 34-sport (347-7678)

Everything for the Hunter, Fisherman or Camper




Service Wise We Specialize

403-742-5237 Stettler, AB

Professional Directory

Hearing Testing Sales & Service 5124 50th St. (Main St.)

Daysland, AB


Chapman and Co. Professional Accountants LLP

Guy Chapman CA* Chris Annand, CA* Kendra Walgenbach, CA* Naomi Roth, CGA* 4702 51st Ave, Stettler, AB

Phone 403-742-3438 Email: Fax 403-742-0560



Dr. Huang Dr. Sribney 8am to 5pm Fri.

403-742–6741! 4906-51 St.!

Downtown Stettler!

Walk-ins welcome Accepting New Patients


Dr.McIver In Coronation

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Coronation, AB

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Located in Coronation Mall

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TRUE PSYCHICS! For Answers call now 24/7 Toll Free 1-877-3423036; Mobile: # 4486;

DATING SERVICE. Long-term/short-term relationships. Free to try! 1-877-297-9883. Live intimate conversation, Call #7878 or 1-888-534-6984. Live adult 1on1 Call 1-866311-9640 or #5015. Meet local single ladies. 1-877-8045381. (18+).

Sylvie Tremblay, Funeral Director

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• Plumbing • Gas Fitting • Air Conditioning • Sheet Metal • Commercial Refrigeration


Heather Caseley, Funeral Director

Business Directory Track Guardian Castor Drugs - Sheet Metal Skid Steer Services Killam Plumbing All types of Mon.-Thurs.: 8 am - 6 pm & Heating Applications, Fri.: 8 am - 8 pm

DRIVER needed with clean Class 1 for busy L/S hauling position based out of Westlock, Alberta. Email resume to: rob@jubileefarms. ca.

• Custom New Homes •All Farm Buildings • Renovations • Windows and Doors • Overhead Doors & Service • Retail Sales Quality Customer Care



403-742-4431 Toll Free 1-877-742-4431

E.Roger Spady BARRISTER & SOLICITOR Coronation Mall Coronation, AB

578-3131 Office Hours: Tuesday - Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

PARKVIEW FUNERAL CHAPELS & CREMATORIUM Your Funeral and Cremation Professionals Fully Licensed Associates Verna Rock/Corinne Nattestad

403-578-3777 Dean Ross 5018 Royal St. Owner, Director, Embalmer Coronation, AB.




UNRESERVED Public Auctions. Tuesday, March 11, 2014 Calgary. Thursday, March 13, 2014 Lethbridge. Tuesday, March 25, 2104 Medicine Hat. Call 403-269-6600 or 1-800-786-0857. To consign or visit: For information and sale terms.


AUCTION 1235 – 1 Ave, Wainwright, AB.

Sat., Feb. 15 @10am

Antiques, including Texaco Gas Pump, Coca-Cola Memorabilia, Furniture, Variety Advertising & Signs, Star Wars & Star Trek, too much to List! Coin Auction & Preview Friday Night.

780-842-5666 8TH ANNUAL Red Deer Collector Car Auction & Speed Show, March 14 16/14, Red Deer Westerner Park. Exhibitor space available. Consign your car. 1-888-296-0528 ext. 102; EGauctions. com.


GET FREE vending machines. Can earn $100,000. + per year. All cash-retire in just 3 years. Protected territories. Full details call now 1-866-668-6629. Web: www.tcvend. com.

Classifieds work! Call 403-578-4111


many years experiCoronation Oil Ladies ence working with indi- Bonspiel February viduals and families 28-March 2, 2014. Two REFLEXOLOGY living with the joy and oil ladies per rink, supProgram, fun and challenges that per and prizes. Phone relaxed learning. dementia can bring. entries to Janey at Register now limited 403-575-7045 $160.00 space. Starting March Martha will be speaking on Alzheimer’s the per team 15 & 16, 2014. Certificate on compledisease, behaviours LEARN The Latest tion. 403-340-1330. and tips for care-givabout Celiac Disease ers. Laurie Grande of START NOW! and a Gluten-Free diet the Alzheimer’s Complete Ministry at the Canadian Celiac Society in Red Deer approved diplomas in Association National will also be in attenmonths! Business, Conference, May 30 health care and more! dance. For more info June 1, 2014, Calgary. Contact Academy of call Val Cornell 403Visit the gluten-free Learning College 578-2013. Everyone market. Everyone wel1-855-354-JOBS welcome. Session come. Register at (5627) or www.acade- sponsored by the; We Coronation Alzheimer 403-237-0304. change lives. Support Group, The Silver Club, the Golden QUALITY Assurance Course for Health Age Drop-in Centre Canada’s Commercial and CDSS. Marijuana Program. CASTOR Little Theatre ALZHEIMER Support February 22 & 23, tickets on sale. Who’s Group informal session The CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL Best Western Hotel, Under Where? A farce for family members, Kelowna, BC. Tickets: in 2 acts at Castor SCHOOL Abu Dhabi friends and care-givers www.greenlineacadeCommunity Hall. is(past currently hiring teachers and administrators and present) of or 1-855-860Running Feb. 18 to someone with the for the 2014-15 school yearor 250-870-1882. 8611 March 1, Teen Night, Alzheimer/Dementia 12345 General Performance, WHY JOIN OUR TEAM? Dinner Theatres and a disease looking for answers and support.  we are a fully accredited Alberta Education International School Brunch to choose Come for coffee tax 403free salary with housing, airfare, and and extras paid for from. Call Don Mon. Feb. hrs of prep timefellowship /day for teachers; small classes; great students 323-0359  or2403-88210; 10:30 a.m. Golden 2548.  amazing travel opportunities and cultural experiences Age Drop-In Centre,  outstanding personal and professional growth opportunities ALZHEIMER & 5001 Royal St. Dementia Information Coronation, Ab. Forum Fri. Feb. 14, 1 Sponsored by the pm Golden Age DropSilver Club, CDSS and in Centre, 5001 Royal the Golden Age St. Coronation, Ab. Centre. For more info Guest speaker Martha call Val Cornell 403Winchell, an RN with 578-2013.


3” wide version

It Is Written Apply Now Sat. 11 am CTV 3.75” wide version The CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL - Abu Dhabi is currently hiring teachers and administrators for the 2014-15 school year


 we are a fully accredited Alberta Education International School  tax free salary with housing, airfare, and extras paid for  2 hrs of prep time /day for teachers; small classes; great students  amazing travel opportunities and cultural experiences  outstanding personal and professional growth opportunities

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Castor and District Ag Society Rodeo Committee invites interested parties to

Tender a Bid for the 2014 Concession at the Castor Rodeo. Concession is needed Friday July 25 for the evening performance and Saturday July 26 all day. Bids need to be in to Heide Andersen by March 15, 2014. The highest or any bid not necessarily accepted. There is some equipment available to use at the rodeo grounds.



Help Wanted

BFI Canada Inc. (Coronation Branch) is looking for a

This job has shift hours and some weekends. Please send resumes to: or


POSITION: POSITION: -  MSR/Teller - MSR/Teller REQUIREMENTS: REQUIREMENTS: Candidates for this position should possess:  Candidates for this position should possess:     Strong interpersonal, organizational and communication skills  - Strong interpersonal, organizational and communication skills -  Willingness to learn quickly  - Willingness to learn quickly -  Working knowledge of computer applications  - Working knowledge of computer applications -  An aptitude to train and work in a fast paced, changing  - An aptitude to train and work in a fast paced, changing environment    environment  - Must be bondable -  Must be bondable Please submit resume to: Please submit resume to:  Kevin Johnson, Branch Manager Kevin Johnson, Branch Manager  Battle River Credit Union Ltd. Battle River Credit Union Ltd.  Box 60, 5002-50 Avenue  Box 60, 5002-50 Avenue Castor, AB T0C 0X0 Castor, AB  T0C 0X0 Phone 403-882-3950 Fax 403-882-3555 Phone 403-882-3950  Fax 403-882-3555 PLEASE NOTE: Only those individuals invited for an interview will be contacted. PLEASE NOTE: Only those individuals invited for an interview  Deadline for applications: February 21, 2014. will be contacted. Deadline for applications: February 21, 2014.

Build Your Future Cervus Equipment -John Deere Group is currently accepting resumes for the position of:

14014AA2 14021AA0 ATCO Power is part of the ATCO Group of Companies. ATCO Power is a developer, project manager, owner and operator of independent power projects worldwide including the United Kingdom and Canada. For more information on this position and to apply online, visit us at:

All applications must be made to website.

Deadline for Submissions: February 18, 2014 Only candidates being considered for an interview will be contacted.

Agriculture Sales Representative Stettler

We’re looking for someone who: • • • • • • • • •

Has a the ability to recommend, discuss and demonstrate any of our products Will assist the rest of our team with potential sales, regardless of trade areas Completes all sales documentation in a timely and accurate manner. Will follow up with customers to ensure satisfaction and build long-term relationships Maintains accurate customer profile records in a timely manner. Is a team player that will stay current on organizational information relative to the job Is eager to keep current on product knowledge, the competition, and equipment values Will assist with special projects, demonstrations and seminars Is motivated to achieve the gross margin objectives

We’ll give preference to individuals with:

Clearview Public Schools (Clearview School Division No. 71)

requires an

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT Competition No. 5568

Clearview School Division is accepting applications for an executive assistant at the Central Office in Stettler. This is a full time CUPE (7 hours/day, Monday – Friday) position. This is a temporary position for one year with the possibility of permanency. The anticipated start date is February 18, 2014 or as negotiated. Full details regarding this position and how to apply can be found at Deadline for all submissions is 4 p.m. on February 13, 2014. We appreciate all applications but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


Full Time Scale Operator

For more information please call Heide Andersen at 403-882-2353.

ATCO Power is currently recruiting for a full-time Station Accountant for its Battle River Generating Station near Forestburg, Alberta.


• Three to five years sales experience • Previous experience with John Deere and/or ag equipment sales

We’d like to offer you: • • • •

The opportunity to grow in your career as the Cervus organization grows An exemplary health, dental, and optical benefits package A competitive pay scale supplemented with a generous stock purchase program A fulfilling career where you can relate to and engage with an incredible team

Cervus Equipment is the largest John Deere equipment dealership in Canada. We pride ourselves on having great people and creating a good work environment for everyone. We are also committed to promotion from within. If you’ve got a great attitude and integrity, we can offer you exciting career opportunities. To apply, email your resume to

12 F E B R U A R Y



HOST Families Needed. Northern Youth Abroad is looking for families to host 2 youth from Nunavut/NWT. Volunteering in your community. July/ August; 1-866-212-2307.



BANK said no? Bank on us! Equity Mortgages for purchases, debt consolidation, foreclosures, renovations. Bruised credit, self-employed, unemployed ok. Dave Fitzpatrick: 587-4378437, Belmor Mortgage.


CRIMINAL RECORD? Think: Canadian pardon. U.S. travel waiver. (24 hour record check). Divorce? Simple. Fast. Inexpensive. Debt recovery? Alberta collection to $25,000. Calgary 403-2281300/1-800-347-2540;

check us out online

ATTENTION Home Builders! No Warranty = No Building Permit. Contact Blanket Home Warranty for details. 1-888-925-2653; www. CRIMINAL Record? Railway Tamper Operator Get a record Cando suspenis looking for experienced Mark IV Tamper, EJ6 Tamper, or equivalent sion pardon career,to join its team. The positions will troubleshoot and repair tamperfor operators travel and peace ofhydraulic/electrical components; train others on the operation & computerized, maintenance the tampers; perform track inspections; coordinate daily activities mind. BBB Rating ofA+. ensuring track permits are 12345 issued, followed and cancelled as required. RCMP connected. Nation-Wide; www. Five years experience operating a tamper, ability to hold CROR, TIG, and or eRailsafe certifications and have experience working in Class 1 or similar railway toll free 1-866-242environment. Clear drug and alcohol test.*Strong Ability to travelWork in Canada.Ethic 2411. * Pride TheSchedule Finished Product Full time; range $30 to $35 per hour,In overtime. is 10 days on, 4 DROWNING In wage Debt? days off; accomodations & living allowance provided when on the road. Cut debts more than *Competitive Wages 60% & debt free in Email:Avoid Fax: (204) 725-4100 *Benefit Package half the time! 4th Floor, 740 Rosser Avenue, Brandon, MB 204-725-2627 bankruptcy! Free consultation; www. or PLEASE EMAIL YOUR RESUME: toll free 3500. BBB rated A+.

Tankstore Ltd.

3” wide version

is currently accepting resumes

Experienced Structural Welder

3.75” wide version

Railway Tamper Operator

Cando is looking for experienced Mark IV Tamper, EJ6 Tamper, or equivalent tamper operators to join its team. The positions will troubleshoot and repair computerized, hydraulic/ electrical components; train others on the operation & maintenance of the tampers; perform track inspections; coordinate daily activities ensuring track permits are issued, followed and cancelled as required.


Five years experience operating a tamper, ability to hold CROR, TIG, and eRailsafe certifications and have experience working in Class 1 or similar railway environment. Clear drug and alcohol test. Ability to travel in Canada. Full time; wage range $30 to $35 per hour, overtime. Schedule is 10 days on, 4 days off; accomodations & living allowance provided when on the road. Email: Fax: (204) 725-4100 4th Floor, 740 Rosser Avenue, Brandon, MB 204-725-2627

GET BACK on track! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need money? We lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420; www.

DO you need to borrow money - Now? If you own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits will lend you money - It’s that simple. 1-877-486-2161.

Junior High Teacher Morrin School Temporary Full Time

Classifieds work! Call 403-578-4111

Competition #PLRD-301

Applications are invited for a temporary full time position for a Junior High teacher. The successful candidate will possess training and experience in teaching English/Language Arts and Social Studies at the junior high level. Excellent communication skills are required Prepared by t along with a strong commitment to learning. Duties will commence HR ADWORK immediately for an undetermined length of time. This may lead to a Service Tea one year replacement position.


Please send cover letter, resume, University Transcripts and letters of reference, by e-mail to Applications will also be accepted by mail or fax to:

is now hiring

• Part time& ESTIMATE AD PROOF Grocery Clerks • Meat Manager Docket

Lenore Etherington, H.R. Administrator Prairie Land Regional Section Division # 25 Insertion Date P.O. Box 670 Drumheller Mail CAREERS Feb 5, 2014 Hanna, Alberta T0J 1P0 East Central AlbertaFax: Review CAREERS Feb 6, 2014 (403)854-2803 Media

1401-167 1401-167

Apply at or apply within

Stettler Sales & Rentals Looking for a

Full Time Permanent Mechanic Contact Darryl at or fax resume to 403-742-8777 Ph: 403.578.4138 Fax 403.578.3715 Box 491 Coronation Alberta T0C 1C0 SK Welding Ltd is currently seeking applications for the position of :

Quality Control



SK Welding Ltd is looking for a organized , detail orientated office personnel for Quality Control. Previous experience is an asset but SK Welding Ltd is willing to train the right candidate. Some weekends and overtime is on a as needed basis. Applicants must be proficient with Microsoft Programs, Outlook, excel word etc. Acorn and Solid Edge is also an asset. A clean class 5 drivers licence is required Required as soon as possible. Please fax or email resumes ………. No phone calls please - Fax: 403.578.3715 or Email: rachael@ Only Successful applicants will be contacted for interviews.

Ad Size 2 col x 6.87 3 col x 6.87

Competition will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.

Thank you to all applicants, but only those who will be interviewed will be contacted. The successful candidate will be required to provideTOTAL proof PRIC of a valid Alberta Teaching Certificate and a Criminal Record Check satisfactory to PLRD prior to commencement.

Deep Roots. Promising Future.

PETROLEUM AGENT Position #HR14-000 Drumheller, Hanna, and Delia, AB

We are looking for a motivated business partner to take over operations at our Petroleum agency in Drumheller, Hanna, and Delia, AB. This is a dynamic position that requires an entrepreneurial individual who is passionate about providing exceptional service and products to meet the changing demands, needs and expectations of our members and customers. As a UFA commissioned Petroleum Agent you have the management and organizational skills to oversee the petroleum outlet including bulk and cardlock fuels, lubricants, and other ancillary income offerings. As an independent business person you will be responsible for hiring, training and managing your own staff as well as help create a work environment that inspires excellence in your team. You will work closely with a UFA Area Manager and the Petroleum Operations team who will provide you with the business insights, tools, systems, infrastructure and support that will enable your success.

WE OFFER > Work-life balance. > On the job training. > Positive learning environment that allows for our employees to excel in their careers. > A long term career path to grow within the organization. If you are dedicated, possess customer service experience, and are a team player, then take advantage of this excellent opportunity and visit to apply or via e-mail or fax quoting the position # to: Tim Church UFA Cooperative Ltd. Fax: (403) 314-3498 E-MAIL: Thank you for taking the time to find out more about UFA at

Drumheller, Hanna, and Delia, AB

Gibsons Energy is currently looking for an


Provide technical expertise and guidance with respect to the maintenance, repair, and rebuilding of all electrical equipment. Supervise and coordinate contract workers, in this discipline, that are working in the Hardisty area. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Supervise contract workers when needed for construction or maintenance of area facilities • Assist in the design of area facilities • Commissioning of new equipment in the Hardisty area • Produce estimates for the material and installation costs of area facilities • Work with consultants when and as necessary for the completion of various projects • Expedite the purchase and delivery of materials needed for maintenance or projects

To view the full posting and apply online, please visit our website at Req ID # 1361.

Petrof ield Industries, t he Leader in manufacturing Hydrovac trucks, is accepting resumes for the following positions: * General Labourers * Industrial Painters * Sandblasters * Material Handler * Automotive Electrical Technician * Journeyman Welder / Apprentice * 2nd Yr Welder with Aluminum experience Visit our website at: for more details. Our Company has an enthusiastic fast paced working environment, with advancement possibilities for the motivated person, and offers an excellent benefit package. fax: 403-742-5544 e-mail:

Gibsons Energy is currently looking for an

INSTRUMENTATION TECHNICIAN – Hardisty, AB Provide technical expertise and guidance with respect to the maintenance, repair, and rebuilding of all instrumentation equipment. Supervise and coordinate contract workers, in this discipline, that are working in the Hardisty area. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Ensure that all preventative maintenance schedules are adhered to. • Coordinate contract workers on a daily basis, for construction or maintenance of area facilities. • Assist in the design of control systems for new facilities. • Assist in the development of SCADA databases to interface with field PLC’s. • The ability to trouble shoot PLC programing. • Expedite the purchase and delivery of materials needed for various projects and maintenance. To view the full posting and apply online, please visit our website at Req ID # 1901.


Tell them Danny Hooper sent you

12345 Water Well Drilling - Within 150 miles of Edmonton,

Please donate when your neighbourhood Heart Month volunteer knocks at your door.


“Kontinuous Shok” Chlorinator Patented Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

Red Deer, Calgary REAL E T APlanTO.A.C. E /forH OwellsMandEwaterS treatment TimeS Payment water

(New Government water well grant starts April 1/13)

1-800-BIG IRON (244-4766)

1 - Traffic Collision with Non-Fatal Injuries November/December 2013 25 - Traffic Collisions w/Property Damage Only Police Report - RCMP in 22 - Provincial Traffic Violations Issued

3 - Other Provincial Statutes 1 - Careless Use of a Firearm View our 29 patented and patent 1 - Coroner’s Act Sudden Death 1 - Criminal Harassment pending inventions online at 2 - Mental Health Act 1 - Uttering Threats Against a Person 1 - Municipal Bylaw 2 - Other Theft Under $5,000 1 - Disturbing the Peace 1 - Theft of Cattle Under $5,000 1 - Weapons Possession Contrary to Order 3 - Mischief, Damage to or Obstruct Enjoyment of 1 - Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm Property 3.75” wide version 1 - Fraud Less Than $5,000 1 - Tampering with Serial Number of Firearm

Consort responded to 126 calls 13 - Written Traffic Offence Warnings for service within Special Areas 4 1 - Fail to Stop or Remain at Scene w/Property during the Months of November Damaged and December, 2013. The 1 - Municipal Bylaws Traffic 1 - Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle 3.75” version following is a breakdown of stats:wide



Tell them Danny Hooper sent you

Iron Filters • Softeners • Distillers • Reverse Osmosis “Kontinuous Shok” Chlorinator Patented Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

12345 - Within 150 miles of Edmonton, Water Well Drilling

SO008801 Please give generously when

Red Deer, Calgary (New Government water well grant starts April 1/13)

your neighbour knocks at your door during Heart Month.

Time Payment Plan O.A.C. for water wells and water treatment

1-800-BIG IRON (244-4766) View our 29 patented and patent pending inventions online at

Sandy Walters Realtor - Century21 Foothills Real Estate

Email: Office: 403-652-2121 Office Fax: 403-601-6096 Cell: 403-866-6696

4903 50 Street - Amisk

1,325 sq. ft., 4 bedroom, 1 bath, 1.5 storey home on a corner lot. Fireplace and a covered deck all on a huge 100’x115’ corner lot. New siding, hot water tank and the whole is being painted in trendy neutral colors. Great house for great price, don’t miss this one! Includes - Fridge stove washer, dryer, window coverings. MLS®#: MH0022587


4924 50 Street, Consort

Be your own Boss! A very busy licenced restaurant in Consort, AB. Seats 55. Small banquet space at front. Everything included to turn key and start earning. Many recent updates include a new roof, new exterior finish, new walk in freezer and much more. Consort is a very active oilfield and farming community. Must see. Inclusions: All equipment required to operate a licenced restaurant. MLS®#: MH0027754



You Need It - We’ve Got It! BORROW PAYMENT ASK US $ 10,000 $49.93 ABOUT OUR $ 20,000 $99.85 $ 50,000 $249.64 BETTER THAN $100,000 $499.25 $200,000 $998.54 BANK RATES $300,000 $1,497.81

Pay off Your Bills Lower Your Payments Refinance or Buy a Home!

$400,000 $500,000

$1,997.08 $2,496.35

Call Dale Field • No Application Fee 1-866-880-8829 • Inquiries & Applications by Phone Email: • Credit Good - Fair - Poor • Money for Almost Any Purpose Members of Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association, Better Business Bureau, Canadian Institute of Mortgage Borkers & Lenders and Licensed by Real Estate Council of Alberta



2 - Break & Enter to a Residence 17 - Requests for Criminal Record Checks 1 - Fingerprints Taken for the General Public 1 - Suspicious Person/Vehicle/Property 4 - Animal Calls 1 - False Alarm 4 - Items Lost/Found 3 - Assistance to the General Public

LAND FOR SALE BY TENDER Located in County of Paintearth

Parcel 1: North East Quarter of Section 22-39-13 W 4 containing 160 acres, more or less Parcel 2: South East Quarter of Section 22-39-13 W4 containing 158 acres, more or less Parcel 3: North Half of the Southwest Quarter of Section 2239-13 W4 containing 80 acres, more or less This land is all native pasture, with dugouts on Parcels 1 and 2 and dam on Parcel 3. Each parcel is separately fenced. Surface lease on Parcel 3 pays annual rent of $2300.00. Steel corral and loading chute on Parcel 2 is included. TERMS Bids must be in writing submitted in sealed envelopes accompanied by a certified cheque or bank draft made payable to “E. Roger Spady In Trust” for 5% of the amount of the bid and must be delivered before 12:00 noon on March 12, 2014 to the office of: E. Roger Spady Barrister & Solicitor 5015 Victoria Avenue P.O. Box 328, Coronation, Alberta T0C 1C0 Phone 403-578-3131 The balance of the purchase price on an accepted bid shall be paid to “E. Roger Spady - In Trust” on or before April 11, 2014. Property taxes shall be adjusted as of April 11, 2014. Surface lease rental shall be transferred to buyer, but not adjusted. Mineral rights, if any, are not included in the sale. If the successful tenderer does not complete the purchase after acceptance of that tender, the deposit shall be forfeited. The highest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. The owner reserves the right to reject any and all tenders. Deposits received from unsuccessful tender submissions will be returned. For further particulars please contact the owner, Dorothy Schnell at 403-882-2116



check us out online

New Listing

ALLAN STEADMAN AND JODI STEADMAN hereby offer the following lands east of Alliance, Alberta for sale by tender, subject to existing reservations on title: SE-7-40-10-W4 - CONTAINING 156.06 ACRES MORE OR LESS 145 acres - broken 10 acres - trees 5 acres - slough 2013 taxes - $459.09

4439 Park Crescent, Coronation22’x76’ mobile on owned lot, end of a culde-sac and seller owns the adjoining lot. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, open kitchen dining and family! Beautiful 5120-48st Consort - 2069 sqft 3 level split in Consort. 2 1/2 layout beautiful property! bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, basement Listed for $175,000 rec-room with wet bar, large entrance, and attached car port. This property is sold as is where is and is Listed for $60,000. ALL OFFERS will be considered!


A.L.L. STARS Realty Ltd. Ph. (780) 434-4700

SHELLY CREASY Hm/Off. (403) 578-2255 Cell. (403) 578-7000




Coronation Home Decorating - Owner retiring after 35 years, 25 years in current location. Sale includes building in entirety or part, all equipment, inventory of paint, fabric and supplies, Sears and Purolator. This is a solid and successful business Please contact Shelly for further information!


Pt of NE 34-37-10-W4 - 12.59 acres County of Paintearth - excellent 1848 sqft home 4 beds, office, 2nd kitchen, fireplace, large double garage insulated and heated, beautiful yard with well developed trees and fantastic 4 acre man made lake with a sand beach and Dock! Listed for $495,000 MUST SEE!

4914 Norfolk Ave. Coronation 1440 sqft double wide on 4 lots, close to all amenities. 3 beds, large walk in closet in master bedroom, 2 baths: one 4 piece one 3 piece, separate laundry area, front and back covered decks, fenced yard , 2 sheds, fruit trees, 6 appliances, window coverings. REDUCED TO $66,500


5122 Victoria Ave., Coronation 950 sqft bungalow, 1+1 beds, 2 baths, 4 app., corner lot, move in ready, available immediately. $84,900

Spring is around the corner! I am getting calls on Land & Houses!

for additional photos: or

SW-7-40-10-W4 - CONTAINING 158 ACRES MORE OR LESS 90 acres - broken 58 acres - trees 10 acres - slough 2013 taxes - $300.49 The highest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted. These properties may be sold together or separately. There may be a rental possibility of an additional 315 acres of the adjoining section 6-40-10- W4. Tax adjustment and possession date shall be March 15, 2014. The registered owner will have until April 15, 2014 to stump the row of pine trees located on the SW-7-40-10-W4. All tenders must be in writing and include a deposit of $10,000.00 for each quarter. All tenders must be received before 12 noon, February 21, 2014 in a sealed envelope marked Steadman Tender at the office of: KNAUT JOHNSON FRANCOEUR LLP BARRISTERS & SOLICITORS 4925-51 STREET CAMROSE, ALBERTA T4V 1S4 ATTENTION: DAVID R. FRANCOEUR PHONE: (780) 672-5561 Please submit your tender on each quarter separately, with the desired quarter section clearly marked on the outside of each envelope. The successful tenderer must complete the purchase and pay the balance of the adjusted purchase price on or before March 15, 2014 or the deposit will be forfeited. For further information regarding these properties, or to inquire about the possibility of rental of section 6-40-10-W4, please contact Allan Steadman at 780-706–0642.

14 F E B R U A R Y




MONEY MATTERS financial advice you deserve REVIEW R

East Central Alberta R 72 pt

60 pt


48 pt


36 pt


30 pt


24 pt


18 pt

Five tips to help you stick to your budget PHOTO: SIRI STAFFORD / THINKSTOCK

Drawing up a budget is great, but you have to be able to stick to it. Here are five tips to help you keep your good resolutions.

1. SET AN OBJECTIVE. You’re more likely to stick to your budget if you have a precise project in mind. If you want to put some money aside to buy a house, put a picture of your dream home on the fridge or use it as a

Do you know your tax rate?


Your tax rate is the percentage of income tax that you have to pay after calculating your taxable income. In Canada, the tax rate takes into account four different tax brackets, or segments. Taxable income is very simple to calculate; it is your total income, minus all allowable deductions and exemptions. This amount is the one taken into account when determining which tax bracket you belong to and therefore which tax rate is applicable. Every year, tax brackets are readjusted according to the rate of inf lation. Visit the website of the

Revenue Canada Agency ( to find the tax rates in effect for the current year. As well as federal tax bracket tables, there are also those issued by provincial governments. All Canadian provinces and territories have their own applicable tax rate tables that correspond with taxable income. All the provinces and territories have a progressive taxation system (a tax rate that varies with revenue) with the exception of Alberta, which applies the same tax rate to all its residents. What is the benefit of knowing your tax rate? Finding out which bracket you belong to may encourage you to research ways to reduce your taxes and increase your savings. Paying less income tax and saving more money is an interesting concept, right?

screen saver. Do the same thing for any project close to your heart.

2. PAY CASH. Does your budget really allow you to spend $225 per week? Pay everything in cash and leave your credit cards at home. It’s much easier to limit your spending when you can see your money disappearing right before your eyes. 3. ORGANIZE YOUR PAPERS. Sort out your papers every week. A few minutes are enough to sort bills and documents and take note of your expenses. Don’t wait for the pile to grow into a mountain!

Ribstone Creek Accounting Solutions

Lois Lois Rodvang Rodvang 403-578-3295 403-578-3295

Our Maximum Refund Guarantee* ensures you get all Our Maximum Refund Guarantee* ensures to. you get all the deductions and credits you’re entitled the deductions and credits you’re entitled to. Speak to Refund an H&R Block Tax Professional today Our Maximum Guarantee* ensures you get all Speak to an H&R Blockyou’re Tax Professional today the deductions and credits entitled to.

Speak to an H&R Block Tax Professional today

Maximum Refund Guarantee* Our Maximum Refund ensures you get all 5022 - Refund 49 St,Guarantee* Camrose • 780-672-0155 Maximum Guarantee* the deductions and credits you’re entitled to. Our Maximum934 Refund ensures you get all - 6 Ave, Guarantee* Wainwright • 780-842-3146 the deductions credits you’re entitled Speak to and an H&R Block Tax Professional

120 - 2nd Ave W, Hanna • 403-854-4838 Speak to5002 an -H&R Block Tax• 403-742-1420 Professional today 50th Ave, Stettler #50 - 249 - 3rd Ave. West, Drumheller • 403-823-3913


Chris Annand, CA Naomi Roth, CGA

4702- 51st Avenue, Stettler, AB • Tel: 403-742-3438 Email

Let me give your investment THOMAS CAMP Your Neighbourhood Mortgage Specialist plan a “Second Lookâ€? THOMAS CAMPBELL Let me give your investment • Purchase • Construction Mortgage Are you looking at your most recent investment statement and asking yourself‌ • Refinance • Equity Take-Out plan a “Second Lookâ€?

Financial Consultant


Financial Consultant

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u Have I made the rightinvestment investment choices? me give your Are you looking at yourLet most recent investment u Should I be selling any of (403) my 742-8047 investments? Financial Consultant statement and asking plan yourself‌ a “Second Lookâ€? THOMAS CAMPBELL Let me give your investment u investment Is this the time to buy? u Have I made the right choices? Are you looking at your most recent investment Financial Consultant (403) 742-8047 u Why my advisor disappeared? u Should I be selling plan any of my investments? statement and asking yourself‌ ahas “Second Lookâ€?

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The Mortgage Centre

MP1577 (03/2012)

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5. REWARD YOURSELF. Treating yourself once in a while is your just reward for sticking to your budget. A good meal out, a show, a fashionable new sweater, or a ticket to a game is a great way to motivate yourself to keep up the good work.


Monthly accounting for farms and small businesses QuickBooks, Sage 50 (Simply), AgExpert


Canadian tax rates take into account four income tax brackets.

4. PLAN AHEAD. Create a “just in case� fund and only use it in an emergency. Any unexpected expenses, such as the water heater springing a leak or your car breaking down, will be easier to deal with and won’t shake up your financial stability.

Tana works for you, not the lender.

™ Call Trademarks owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations. now, we can help. MP1577 (03/2012)

Investors Group Financial Services

Watson Financial Corporation, 2 - 5511 Gaetz Ave., Red Deer, AB T4N 4B8 - An Independent Member of the Mortgage Centre Network

Investors Group Financial Services

IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations. 8BUTPO'JOBODJBM$PSQPSBUJPO (BFU["WF 3FE%FFS "#5/4_"O*OEFQFOEFOU.FNCFSPGUIF.PSUHBHF$FOUSF/FUXPSL Watson Financial Corporation, 2™- Trademarks 5511 Gaetzowned Ave.,byRed Deer, AB T4N 4S8 ~ An Independent Member of the Mortgage Centre Network MP1577 (03/2012)

Wm. H.L. (Bill) desBarres

Let me give your investment meainvestment give your investment RRSP’s don’t solve plan “Second Lookâ€? Let me giveLet your plan aLookâ€? “Second Lookâ€? Let me giveat your your investment all the problems‌ plan a “Second Are you looking most recent


plan a “Second Look�

but they’re part of our services! Have I made the right investment choices?


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Talking money when you’re in love

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Johnson Connor Agencies Providing trusted General Insurance coverage

What role do finances play in your couple? Are you able to talk about budgeting with your partner without tearing your hair out? Or are finances a forbidden subject? Discussing money with your life partner is not always easy. There’s nothing romantic about sitting around the kitchen table talking about such delicate subjects as income, expenses, and debts. And yet it’s crucial to take stock of all your money matters if you want to ensure some kind of stability for your household. Financial talk doesn’t necessarily mean having to combine all your assets; however, it is advisable to quickly find the best way to organize your finances in order to avoid serious problems in the future. Be honest with each other. Are you the sort of person who spends freely, without counting? Have you already had financial problems? Don’t withhold your strengths and weaknesses where money is concerned. Draw up a communal budget. If there is a big difference in your salaries, err towards fairness rather than equality in paying the bills. Think about settling such questions as life insurance, wills, and power of attorney. In other words, everything concerned with the financial aspect of your relationship has to be discussed. Above all, don’t allow arguments about money to undermine your relationship. If necessary, meet with a financial advisor to find solutions or products adapted to your needs. For more advice about managing your finances as a couple, visit the website of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (

for over 50 years!


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JOHNSONCONNOR CONNOR JOHNSON AGENCIES RATE Yourself – It’s Quick It’s Easy AGENCIES Call or Click – We work for you!

Providing trusted General Insurance coverage for over 50 years!

Providing Insurance coverage forAuto overInsurance 50Insurance years! outCommercial, ourGeneral New Online Rating for Home and WeCheck alsotrusted do Farm, Oilfi eld & Professional out our New Online Rating Home– and Auto It’s Insurance RATE for Yourself It’s Quick Easy Yourself – It’s Quick It’s Easy AB 403-742-2392 Call or Click – Stettler We workRATE for you! 403-742-2392 Call or Click – We work for you! Red Deer, AB 403-742-2392 403-342-7381


ENDEAVOR Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors JEFF M.FAUPEL, B. Mgmt., C.A. MONICA N. FAUPEL, B. Mgmt., C.A.


- Full Practice Services Offices in Hanna, Coronation & Oyen

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Personal Tax Returns

(Farmers, seniors, self-employed, etc)

& Bookkeeping (Quickbooks)

Very Reasonable Rates Call: Monica Ouellette Accounting Tech with 11 years experience at 403-882-2842 or 403-741-9803 or email at

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16 F E B R U A R Y




Oilfield Services

Protect yourself against online fraud

Safer Internet Day will be held this way to protect yourself against fraud. year on February 5. The event aims to Shopping online is another way for raise public awareness about security on criminals to steal your identity. the Web. There are many different facets Whenever possible, use sites where a relito Internet fraud, and, even though police able and recognized intermediary form of organizations are better equipped than payment is available online. A business ever before to fight this type of crime, that uses this type of payment might not criminals are continually refining their be 100% safe, but at least it has to meet • Oil & Gas Well Completions techniques. certain criteria. This allows you a min• Abandonments Identity theft is the most common type imum Servicing Alberta of fraud, and it is also the one that can of security as well as a means of recourse have the most disastrous consequences when necessary. Arnold Hanson, Owner for its victims. If you use a credit card to shop online Phishing, or the sending of mass on a regular basis, be sure to use just one Box 578 ph (403) 578-3999 e-mails of a fraudulent nature, is a card, set at the lowest possible credit Coronation, AB cell (403) 575-0004 common method used to “fish” for your limit, for this type of transaction. personal information. Another solution is to use a prepaid credit T0C 1C0 fax (403) 578-3999 Don’t respond to e-mails that appear to card. be addressed to you from financial institutions, government organizations, or reputable Services Ltd. businesses. Services Ltd. Call the com• Hot Shot & Tow Truck • Oil and Water Hauling Services pany at their listed • Tridem & Tank Truck • Oil and Water Haulingwith Dry Steam number — not at a • STEAMER Units number provided Truck Units • HERMAN NELSON Dry Heat • Floater Unit• Tridem & Tank in the e-mail — if • Floater Unit Rick: (403) 575-5043 you think they have a legitimate • Hot Shot & Tow Truck Services • Breathing Apparatus Sales and Service reason be in touch • Fire Extinguishers • STEAMER with Dry Steam with you. Be prudent with • Atmosphere Monitoring Equipment • HERMAN NELSON Dry Heat Services Ltd. passwords. • C.O.R.E Certificate Changing them on KNOWLEDGE • EXPERIENCE • INTEGRITY a regular basis is a simple and efficient Phone 403-742-0448 • 6-5002 51 Ave., Stettler, AB


Safety Program Development Audits for COR & SECOR (403)740-9523

Looking for Computer Solutions?

Contact Safety Service Ltd.

H2S Safety Trailers and Supervisors Certified Safety Training Fit Testing - Quantifit Rental, Sales and Service

• Sales • Service • Technology Planning

Advanced Systems

Rick: (403) 575-5043

Stettler, AB • 403-742-2035 Drumheller, AB • 403-823-7771





T O U C H - S C R E E N






T O U C H - S C R E E N



PNL 702B Class (69 1/2” Diagonal) • Brilliant High-Definition LCD Panel. • Display, Annotate, Store and Share Information. • Easy Multi-Touch Operation with Pen or Finger. communicate collaborate disseminate TM . • Exclusive, User-Intuitive Sharp Pen Software communicate PNL802B collaborate disseminate ® 80" Class (80 " diagonal) • Fully Compatible with Windows 7. $ PNL702B " diagonal) PNL802B 70" 80" Class (69-1/2 (80 " diagonal) • Optional Mobile Cart or Wall Mount. PNL602B " diagonal) PNL702B 60" 70" Class (60 (69-1/2 " diagonal) SPNL602B H A R P A Q U O S B O ARD60" INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS ClassDISPLAY (60 " diagonal) 4936-50 St.

Stettler, AB


Heartland Stationers 1-800-388-1163

Oil Batteries




Compressor Stations Well Sites


Sales Service Leasing


PO BOX 128, T0C 1C0

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