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Oro del Negro and Manuel Villanueva Combine del Negro’s expertise in Mallorcan vernacular construction and Villanueva’s experience with major international architecture firms and you have More Design. The Mallorca-based architecture, design and landscaping firm meshes a contemporary design approach with a revision of traditional practices and construction methods.

A view back toward the house through the archway that leads to the small citrus orchard at the bottom of the garden


ere is a recipe for the perfect summer-holiday house: take one part gorgeous yet under-the-radar location, add one part charming view and gently mix together while adding secluded en suite accommodations and relaxed living spaces. Stir in a few private nooks for siestas and, finally, add a refreshing swimming pool alongside a spacious outdoor living and dining area. With the recipe complete, you can sit back with family and friends, and enjoy. The inspiration for this recipe is Ca’n Busquera, a renovated traditional stone townhouse located in Sóller, a picturesque village on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Ca’n Busquera is 76

City Life Magazine

April/May 2017

an ideal house for holidaying with a group of people — there are indulgent spaces in which to spend time together, as well as tranquil spaces for peaceful alone time. A discreet entrance gate provides access to the property off the narrow street (it is only wide enough for a single car, as is the case in many other parts of this historic village). Th e gate is made of metal, painted dark green — matching the house’s equally traditional shutters — with hinged doors that fold back to allow cars access and a pedestrian entrance set into the wider gate. After the narrow confines of the street and entryway, the view just beyond the gate is a real eye-opener:

around the side of the house there is an expansive garden, swimming pool and outdoor living area that sweeps the eye out toward the towering Tramuntana mountains beyond. It’s an instant dose of calm. Oro del Negro and Manuel Villanueva of More Design, a local design and architecture practice based in the nearby village of Deià, were asked by the home’s owners to redesign this outdoor area. They have subsequently worked on a range of updates to the house as well, but the design process began with careful attention to the hard landscaping in the garden, with the intention of carefully organizing and “breaking up” this large area. Across the space immediately in front of the house, rough cobblestones have been used, and they have mostly been left without full grouting — so that small, hardy groundcover plants can “invade” this area, anchoring the house in the landscape. Old stone pillars have had beams placed atop and between them, and creepers are already speeding their way up and onto these supports. On one side of the swimming

City Life Magazine — April/May 2017  
City Life Magazine — April/May 2017