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“Holding onto a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”

Michelle Zerillo-Sosa, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief


re you a confident person? What is the first thought that comes to mind when you walk past a mirror? “I am too fat.” “I wish I were taller.” “I wish I had hair.” “I wish I were smarter.” “I wish I were richer.” You get the idea. But where does our confidence, or lack thereof, stem from? What makes one individual thrive while another succumbs to self-doubt? Some experts would argue that the messages we receive from very early on tell us that acquiring the latest product will transform us into a more confident, happy version of ourselves. And, lo and behold, should you be a renegade and not subscribe to the mentality of newer, faster, bigger and better — well, you, my friend, might run the risk of not fitting in. And then you might suffer from being less popular, less confident and — dare I voice it — less fun! And the 10

City Life Magazine

April/May 2017

consequences of being less fun, in this era of keeping score of the most likes and hearts, could be devastating to one’s already fragile self-esteem. Reality check: happiness and selfworth should be measured not by what people think of you but what you think of yourself. What we need to focus on instead of selfies is self-love and remind ourselves that most times when you see someone’s seemingly perfect selfie, chances are that photo was not a candid first attempt. It’s no surprise that, according to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, 50 per cent of girls in Grade 6 are on a diet. This issue’s story, “The Shape of Things to Come,” explores how the self-loving, body-positive movement will stop at nothing to promote and celebrate the acceptance of women in all shapes, sizes and colours. As they see it, it’s our social responsibility to show kindness not only to others but ourselves. After all, how can we aspire to live peacefully when we have trouble making peace within ourselves, and sometimes within our families? I love how our cover girl, Dina Pugliese, speaks about being grateful

each and every day for the blessings in her life, reminding us to “keep friends and family close, toxic people at a distance and don’t hold grudges.” In fact, there is a quote that her husband once shared with her on how to navigate unhealthy relationships: “Holding onto a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” This soul-healing message, and many others that Pugliese holds close, has a lot to do with the Breakfast Television host’s magnetism, making her a favourite among so many early-morning viewers in Toronto. Our goal this issue was to bring you stories that show us how we can make a difference, even with simple acts of kindness — and what happens when we show kindness to ourselves first. We hope you are surrounded this spring by family and friends who love and support you. That, my friends, is what happiness is all about.

Michelle Zerillo-Sosa Publisher/Editor-in-Chief



City Life Magazine — April/May 2017  
City Life Magazine — April/May 2017