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4 Bulgaria in Brief Bansko – the town everyone goes back to On December 15th, 2012 the new ski season will be officially opened Covering the most beautiful part of Pirin Mountain, parts of the Razlog Valley, the picturesque watershed Momina klisura and some of the Dabrashkiya dyal of the Rhodopes Municipality of Bansko has an area of 49 621 hectares, with the following regions – town of Bansko, town of Dobrinishte and six villages: Mesta, Kremen, Obidim, Gostun, Filipovo and Osenovo. The main administrative and cultural-historical center of the municipality is town of Bansko. Bansko is a magical symbiosis of history, traditions and culture. A town, combining tradition and modernity, a place everyone goes back to. The town under Todorka may offer a lot to its visitors – from ancient architecture, heroic history, authentic folklore, ages of history to preserved traditions and customs, specific cuisine, incredible humor and rich language. In Municipality of Bansko there are over 130 architectural and historical monuments of culture 7 of which are of national significance. Registered are over 100 archaeological sites. The museum complex has one of the best and most excellently functioning museum networks in the country. They store the past collecting household items from many different ages, archaeological findings, ethnographic materials, national clothing, old books and manuscripts, original icons and carvings. In Bansko you can visit the house-museum “Nikola Vaptsarov”, the cultural and information center “Sv. Otets Paisiy”, the house-museum “Velichenova kashta”, permanent exhibition of icons of the art school of Bansko, the house-museum of “Neofit Rilski” /Benina kashta/, the historical and ethnographical museum /Radonova kashta/. As guests of Bansko, do not miss to taste the cuisine - kapama, chomlek, karvavitsa, katino meze, banski starets, banski sudzhuk. All these local delicacies are served in every tavern and restaurant in Bansko and Dobrinishte.

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Municipality of Bansko does not cease to enrich its cultural poster. Amongst the events being a tradition in Bansko in 2012 the strongest men in the world measured muscles in the town. Big international festivals as: International Folklore Festival “Between Three Mountains�, International Jazz Festival, which in 2012 marked its 15th anniversary, International Festival of the Mountain Movie. The summer theatre celebrations, the Opera Festival and many others, building the face of Bansko before the world. The list of all these great cultural events includes the National Sports Dance Festival which will be held for the first year in Bansko. Bansko managed to claim a firm place in the world map of ski-resorts. Creating excellent conditions for Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, biathlon, snowboarding. With the world cups of men and women in the winter and with its festivals in the summer Bansko was able to establish a unique appearance before the world and earned the title of Winter Capital of the Balkans.

6 Bulgaria in Brief Welcome to bulgaria Welcome to one of the oldest European states with 6000-year old gold treasures, a centre of ancient civilisations, a country that hosts the sanctuary of the mystical singer Orpheus and gave the world the first Slavonic letters. Bulgaria is a small country by area and population, but it was this precise piece of land that God blessed with unearthly beautiful nature, a proud people and rich culture. Bulgarians are a hospitable nation – they will greet you like dear guests, will open their hearts and home for you and will see you off with sincere wishes for you to come back again...

FACTS & FIGURES Population: 7 364 570 Area: 110 993 sq. km Language: Bulgarian Religion: Orthodox Summer temperatures: 26° to 30°C Winter temperatures: -5° to 5°C Time zone: GMT +2 (Apr-Sept GMT +3) Country dialing code: 00 359 Internet country code: .bg President: Rosen Plevneliev Administrative division: 28 regions 263 municipalities Capital: Sofia (pop. 1 291 591) Major Cities: Plovdiv (671 918), Varna (468 220), Bourgas (409 018), Rousse (230 847), Stara Zagora (327 576), Pleven (266 144), Sliven (193 609), Dobrich (186 016), Shumen (180 452), Pernik (133 750), Yambol (129 156), Haskovo (242 030).

Location and Territory Bulgaria is located in South-Eastern Europe and occupies the Eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. To the North, the country borders with Romania via the Danube River, to the East it touches the Black Sea, its southern neighbours are Turkey and Greece, and to the West it borders with the Republic of Macedonia and Serbia. The total territory of the country is 110 993 sq. km and Bulgaria ranks 15th in size among the other European countries.

History The Bulgarian state was founded in 681 as a union of new-settled Proto-Bulgarians, Slavs and with the participation of the local Balkan people and Thracians. The Thracians were a tribal society who inhabited

a vast area in Central and Southeastern Europe. They were known for making filigree gold and silver jewellery. The great Homer described a Thracian king in Iliad, having “the biggest and handsomest horses I ever saw,/whiter than snow and swifter than the winds/and a chariot finely wrought with silver and gold.” The so called proto-Bulgarians came to the Bulgarian lands from the steppe region of the Volga River basin. They were nomads and in IVc. AD were associated with the Huns. Although being a tribe of equestrians proto-Bulgarians, in VII c. AD they allied with the sedentary people of the Slavs, who had spreaded all over Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans in 6th century, mainly shepherds and farmers, to form the The First Bulgarian State. It gained political recognition from the Byzantine Empire in 681 A.D. The state was ruled by Khan Asparuh, the leader of the proto-Bulgarians, and its capital was Pliska. This First Bulgarian State stretched from Transylvania in the north to the Aegean Sea in the south and from the Black Sea in the east to the Adriatic Sea in the west. It fell to the Byzantines in 1018. During that period, in 855 was created the Slavic alphabet. It was named Cyrillic alphabet, named after St. Cyril, and corresponded perfectly to the phonetic riches of the Slavonic-Bulgarian language. As of today more than 250 million people in Europe and Asia use the cyrillyc alphabet for their national languages, half of them are in Russia. With the accession of Bulgaria in EU, Cyrillic became the third official alphabet of the union. It is in 864 that Tsar Boris I converted the state to Orthodox Christianity. The Second Bulgarian State, established in 1185 at Veliko Tarnovo, reinstated the borders and a Golden Age began during which Bulgaria bordered on three seas. From 1396 to 1878 the country was under the rule (the so called ‘yoke’) of the Ottoman Turks. Sofia became the capital of Bulgaria after the Veliko Tarnovo Constitution was accepted in 1879. From 1878 (liberation from the Turks) to 1944, Bulgaria enjoyed a brief but unstable period of freedom. After 1944 the Communist Party, led by Georgi Dimitrov,


NDK - Prono, 1, Bulgaria Blvd., phone: +359 2 9 630 308, cell: +359 885 630 308 Every day from 12.00 to 00.00,

8 Bulgaria in Brief took power and proclaimed Bulgaria a People’s Republic in 1946. The Communist regime lasted till November 10th, 1989 when Bulgaria peacefully ousted the Party leader Todor Zhivkov. One of the first sign of Bulgaria’s democratization after 1989 was the establishment of a multi-party system. The new Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, adopted on July 12, 1991, proclaims the country as parliamentary republic. On March 29, 2004 Bulgaria joined NATO, and on January 1, 2007 the country became a member of the European Union.

State System

State power in Bulgaria divides into three branches: legislative (represented by the National Assembly), executive (represented by the Bulgarian Government) and judiciary legislative (represented by the Supreme Judiciary Council and the Supreme Court of Cassation). The National Assembly of Bulgaria (Narodno Subranie) consists of 240 deputies, elected for 4-year terms. The parliament enacts laws, approves the budget of the country and ratifies international treaties and agreements. Currently there are six parties in the 41st National Assembly. The largest one is Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria, having 116 seats, followed by Coalition for Bulgaria, with 40 seats and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, with 38 seats. The president of Bulgaria is elected for a 5-year term and is the head of state and the commander in chief of the armed forces.

Economy Before the changes in Eastern Europe, the country was entirely dependent on the Soviet Union and the socialist block. A positive change began in 1997, when the currency board system was introduced in Bulgaria, i.e. the national currency (BGN) was fixed to the German Mark, and later to the Euro. Thanks to the strict monetary discipline of the currency board in combination with a series of reforms, the economic system was stabilized and the restoration process was initiated. The years of development of the national economy, seeing an average GDP growth of 4.5% between 1998 and 2005, were followed by steady growth of GDP. In 2005, GDP growth reached 5.5%, in 2006 – 6,1 %, 2007 – 6,2 %, 2008 – 6,6% . This growth has been driven by increased foreign investments, domestic consumption and exports. In 2009, Bulgaria’s GDP fell by 5.1 %, ending

a three-years growth pattern. However after the economy’s stagnation in 2010, in 2011 and 2012, the real GDP growth reached 0.2% and 1.7%. Currently Bulgaria ranks 59th (out of 183 world economies) in the Doing Business 2012 report of the IFC and the World Bank, measuring business regulations and their enforcement.


Bulgarian Lev is pegged to the EURO (EURO 1 = BGN 1,95583). Presently coins in circulation are issued in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 stotinki and 1 lev. Paper currency comes in 2, 5,10, 20, 50 and 100 leva.

Banking System

Currently 30 banks are functioning in the country, serving their consumers through well distributed and balanced network of 2929 branches. They are stable, have excellent capital adequacy and liquidity indicators and the banking supervision is operating properly. The banking system work according to the European legislation and world standards, and 80% of it is formed of top-rate banks of the Euro-zone. The three biggest banks – Unicredit Bulbank, DSK Bank and the United Bulgarian Bank, possess over 40% of all bank assets and generate over a half of the profit in the sector. The Bulgarian consumer is still conservative and prefers to pay in cash. However, the bank payments are developing fast in the past years.


Full freedom of the religious denominations is proclaimed in the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria. According to the census from 2011, 76% of the population are Eastern Orthodox Christians, 10 % are Muslims, 0.8% - Catholics, 1.1% are Protestants and 0,2 % are from other religions.

Population and Ethnic Groups

Bulgaria is a country with a population of almost 8 million people. Until the middle of the last century three quarters of the population lived in the villages. At the end of the century, as a result of the last industrialization and the migration to the cities, the ratio has reserved and today 70% is urban population. With its 1,5 million residents the capital city Sofia is the biggest in Bulgaria. There are seven cities with more than 100 thousand population where nearly a third of the entire population of the country lives. Another 14 towns have between 50 and 100 thousand residents. The proportion between women and men in Bulgaria is 51,4 % to 48,6 %.

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10 Bulgaria in Brief The smaller share of men is due to their shorter life expectancy, and therefore is sharper in the age groups of over 50 years. According to the 2001 census, 83,9 % of the people in Bulgaria are ethnic Bulgarians, and the biggest minorities are the ethnic Turks (9,4%) and the Roma (4,7%). The remaining 2% include smaller minorities like Armenians, Russians, Romanians, Ukrainians, Greeks and Jews. The majority of the adult Bulgarians have secondary or higher education and among the people between 25 and 64 years of age their share is over two-third.

Official Language and Alphabet The official language is Bulgarian and the official alphabet is Cyrilic. The Bulgarian language belongs to the group of the Slavonic languages. Serbo-Croatian and Russian are the most similar languages to it. Other languages as English, German, French, Russian and Spanish are spoken by 40 % of the population.

Topography The country’s relief is varied (from 0 to 2,925 m above the sea level) and about 60 percent of the territory are hilly and mountainous. The most famous mountains are: Rila (with the highest mountain peak on the Balkan Peninsula Mussala – 2 925 m), Pirin (Vihren Peak – 2 914 m), the Central Balkan (Botev Peak – 2 376 m), the Rhodope Mountains (Golyam Perelik Peak – 2 191 m) and Vitosha Mountain near Sofia (Cherni Vrah Peak – 2 290 m). Numerous natural phenomena are scattered across the country: mountain passes and gorges rockpyramids and bizarre rock formations, numerous caves and waterfalls, beautiful lakes. Some of the most famous are: the Melnik Pyramids, the Fossil Forest, the Belogradchik Rocks; the gorges of the rivers Trigradska in the Rhodopes and Erma near the town of Tran, Vratsata; the valleys of the rivers Iskar, Struma and Mesta, the canyon of the Roussenski Lom River; the Srebarna Lake; the rock monastery Aladja off the city of Varna, etc. There is a great diversity of karst forms, among these some 4,600 caves. The deepest cave in Bulgaria is Raichova Dupka (387 m deep), and the longest is Duhlata (17,600 m long). The best known are: the Ledenika, the Magurata and the Saeva Dupka Caves in the Balkan range; the Snezhanka, the Yagodinskata, the Dyavolsko Garlo, and the Uhlovitsa Caves – in the Rhodope Mountains.

Climate The climate is moderate continental with

Mediterranean influence to the South. The average annual temperature is 10,5 degrees Celsius. Four seasons are distinctly expressed – winter, spring, summer and autumn. January is the coldest month of the year. July and August are the hottest summer months and sometimes temperatures go above 30 degrees Celsius. Bulgarians enjoy 2000 to 24000 hours of sunlight per year.


Bulgaria boasts a huge variety and number of mineral springs of different chemical composition, suitable for prophylaxis and treatments of many diseases. There are about 600 mineral water deposits in Bulgaria with more than 1,600 springs, located mainly at the foothills of mountains. There are many spa resorts in Bankya, Velingrad, Sandanski, the mineral baths of Stara Zagora, Narechen, Sliven and Haskovo, as well as in Kyustendil, Varshets, Hissarya, Merichleri, Momin Prohod and Kostenets. Beautiful lakes lie hidden in the cirques of Rila and Pirin Mountains. There are also dams, surrounded by impressive nature, such as Iskar, Batak, Dospat and many others.

Flora and Fauna

Bulgaria is rich in places where nature has been preserved almost unspoiled and vegetation demonstrates remarkable diversity. A total of 12 360 species have been found in its composition. There are more than 12 National parks across the country with various natural reserves on their territory. The Bulgarian endemic plants, which are to be found nowhere else in the world, number more than 250 species: Rila Primrose, Balkan Violet, Bulgarian Blackberry, Rhodope Tulip, etc. Forests abound with various wild fruit – all of them of proven flavour. There is also a great diversity of herbs. Bulgaria’s fauna numbers more than 13,000 species. Rare mammal species are also to be found in the country.


The country offers a highway network, including six international highways, which meet the international standards and link Europe with the Orient, and the North with the South. Four out of the ten TransEuropean corridors cross the territory of Bulgaria – IV, VIII, IX and X. The first airline in the country, Sofia-Burgas, was opened in 1947. Today there are four Bulgaran airports, servicing commercial airlines: Burgas Airport (BOJ), Plovdiv Airport (PDV), Sofia Airport (SOF) and Varna Airport (VAR).

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12 Bulgaria in Brief Inter-city and long distance bus transport are also well developed. Urban transport services are provided mainly by bus lines, trolley buses, subway and tramways. Petrol stations on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria offer petrol with octane numbers 92, 98 and 95 H-unleaded, as well as diesel fuel. There are petrol stations at each FCPP, along international and secondary roads, and in towns and villages. Railway roads – 6 500 km, the better part of which are electric power operated.

which should state that the vehicle can be brought into Bulgaria.Participants in a road accident driving a car with foreign registration are obliged to remain on the site and wait for the traffic police to come.Drivers are banned from driving after consuming alcoholic drinks (over 0.5 percent per 1000 in the blood) and/or when they are under the influence of other intoxicating substances.The use of a mobile phone while driving is permitted but only with the help of a hands-free device.Travelling around the country, drivers should not exceed the following limitations in km. per hour:

Border and Customs Regulations On the 1st of January 2007 Bulgaria joined the European Union. Visitors arriving from the EU don’t need a visa, but should carry a passport or other valid identity document confirming the nationality of the bearer. Citizens of some non-EU countries may travel to Bulgaria for tourism and business purposes without a visa if the planned stay in Bulgaria does not exceed 90 days. For further information visit the website of the Bulgarian Embassy or Consulate in your country. All other foreigners may cross the border of the Republic of Bulgaria if they hold a valid passport and an appropriate visa (Airport Transit Visa, Transit Visa, Regular Visa or Work Visa). As of 2012, Schengen visa holders have the right for a stay of up to 30 days within 6 months period, withut a short-stay Bulgarian visa. Visitors must have proof of sufficient funds (according to the duration and the conditions of the stay) and onward or return tickets in addition to other documents needed for the next destination. Valid health insurance is required. All visitors to Bulgaria, other than EU nationals, must register as foreigners at the passport directorate on 48, Maria Luisa Blvd. (9th–12th Counter) within five days of arrival. This registration is usually done as a matter of course through the hotel or accommodation establishment. Immigration and entry regulations are very strictly enforced. Passports of all visitors should be valid for at least six months on entry for those requiring a visa, and three months on entry for visa exempt nationals other than those from EU countries, whose passports must be valid for the period of stay.

Traffic Regulations Traffic rules on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as road signals, are in compliance with European Standards. If you enter Bulgaria in a private vehicle, you must have your driving licence, all original registration and ownership documents (including logbook) as well as insurance valid in Bulgaria. If you have hired a car you must have the original contract document,


Vignette System The Vignette system is valid for the National Road Network, except for the ring roads and by-pass roads of populated areas as well as the roads within populated areas. Buying a vignette, you have the right to use over 300 km of motor ways and over 18 000 km of roads for the period specified in the vignette. Where to buy a vignette from? There are more than 3000 points of sale, incl. gasstations, post offices and points of sale.You can also buy a vignette from all border-crossing points (BPCs) of the Republic of Bulgaria. There you will find the units of REA (designatead with the relevant mark). These units are open 24 hours. The prices of vignettes are in Euro (EUR). ATTENTION: Driving road vehicles on the Vignette Network without a valid vignette, is a violation and subject to sanctions in accordance to the Road Traffic Law. Assess carefully the duration of your stay and buy appropriate vignette. Prices in EURO of vignette types by categories: Category C1 EC0 Category “Euro 0, I, II” annual – 665; monthly – 110; weekly – 38; daily – 7Category C1 EC0 Category “Euro III, IV, V, EEV” annual – 511; monthly – 85; weekly – 30; daily – 7 Category C2 EC0 Category “Euro 0, I, II” annual – 348; monthly – 60; weekly – 22; daily – 7 Category C2 EC0 Category “Euro III, IV, V, EEV” annual – 268; monthly – 46; weekly – 17; daily – 7 Category C3 annual – 34; monthly – 13; weekly – 5

Bulgaria in Brief 1311

14 Bulgaria in Brief Telephone Services

M-tel, Vivatel and Globul are GSM operators providing digital cellular telecommunication services in Bulgaria. Europe, America, Near East, Japan, Africa and Australia can be dialed directly. All the operators offer prepaid vouchers. For those countries that cannot be dialed directly you must order the call by dialing & 0123. For any other kind of international operator assistance dial & 0123. For some useful telephone numbers please turn to back pages of this guide.


Bulgaria is a small country (2% of the territory of Europe), but it is blessed with magnificent nature and offers unique opportunities for various types of tourism. The temperate climate makes Bulgaria a perfect destination during all four seasons of the year. Virgin natural beauty, ancient cultures, picturesque villages frozen in time, where life marches in the rhythm of centuries long past – these are only some of the visions and emotions you will be able to store forever in your memories. 37 mountains can be found on a territory of only 110 879, each different from the others, with its own charm and attractions. Thousands of opportunities to study the wild flora and fauna and tempting hiking trips await all those wishing to enjoy the beauty of Bulgarian nature. In Bulgaria you will witness the colorful traditions, preserved in many parts of the country, taste local culinary specialties and wines or even master some traditional craft. With that many opportunities for an exciting tour of this small country with rich history and culture, the village, spa, ecological, mountain, adventure, religious, and cultural tourism are the fastest growing branches of tourism over the past few years.

Black Sea Coast

Bulgarian sea resorts offer excellent accommodation at five, four, three, and two-star hotels, both seasonal and working all year round, offering a variety of sports and fun activities. The following Bulgarian sea resorts were awarded the prestigious Blue Flag Award: Roussalka, Albena, Golden Sands, Riviera, Sunny Day, Elenite, Nessebar Beach, Sunny Beach, Pomorie Beach, Duni, and the International Youth Center in Primorsko. Various harbours and piers provide opportunities for yachting, surfing, water skiing, scuba diving, motor driving.

For more info, look for Varna City Info Guide and Burgas City Info Guide,

“Bulgaria in miniatures”- a mobile guide A unique information system was launched on the Bulgarian National Holiday (3 March) 2006, which cannot be found anywhere else in Europe. Bulgarian and non-Bulgarian visitors alike can now receive information about some of the most popular historical monuments and natural phenomena in Bulgaria. “Bulgaria in miniatures” is a mobile guide created with the support of the three largest mobile phone operators in this country. The most significant historical monuments and natural sites in the capital and other towns have now been sign-posted with the number the visitors could dial in order to find information about them in Bulgarian and English languages. The sites in Sofia include: Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Saint Sophia Basilica, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Monument of Tsar Osvoboditel, National Arts Gallery, National Foreign Art Gallery, Sofia City Hall, Ivan Vazov’s HouseMuseum, National Theatre of Ivan Vazov, Parliament Building, Unknown Soldier Monument, Saint George Rotund, Sofia University of Kliment Ohridski, Bulgarian National Bank, Boyana Church, National Library of Cyril and Mehtodius, Vasil Levski Monument, Vasil Levski Stadium, and The Russian church of Saint Nicolas. The price for the service is 1.20 leva per minute incl. VAT with the call duration varying between 3 and 5 minutes depending on the site.

Ski Resorts The winter tourism develops even more intensively. More than EUR 500 million investments were allocated to the Bansko resort, and even more are planned for other traditional winter resort like Borovets and Pamporovo in the coming year. The sustained growth stimulates investments in the branch. The facilities are being renovated while the prices in Bulgaria remain considerably lower than in competitive countries. The capacity of the winter resort increases. During the summer Alps-like mountains offer opportunities for mountain, rock climbing and caving in the 4300 caves (12 are supplied with electricity). Higher mountain areas provide excellent conditions for different sport, e.g. ski mountaineering, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, etc.

Unesco Heritage The UNESCO List of World Heritage now features over 300 landmarks. Nine Bulgarian wonders - seven cultural and two natural sites – are included among them: Rila Monastery, Nessebar, The Kazanluk Tomb, The

Bulgaria in Brief 13

16 Bulgaria in Brief Sveshtari Tomb, The Madara Horseman, The Boyana Church, The Ivanovo Rock Monasteries, Pirin National Park, Sreburna Lake.

Village Tourism Village tourism in Bulgaria in recent years successfully competes with that in other European countries. The stay in a Bulgarian village provides a unique opportunity to submerge in a traditional environment and lifestyle, which span times and cultures. Imagine magical views, charming villas, guest houses and family hotels, organic food, hospitable local people, over 600 mineral springs, the scent of rose oil and you will gain only a glimpse of what is in store for you.

Adventure Tourism Adventure tourism in Bulgaria is gaining momentum because all regions of the country are equally suitable for high-adrenaline thrills. In most of the mountains you can enjoy incredible rock caves, climb amazing peaks, and finally, soar in the skies with a paraglider. Some of our famous resorts such as Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo offer opportunities to practice winter extreme sports.

Bulgarian cuisine Bulgarian cuisine consists of plenty of fresh vegetables, eaten raw, roasted or stewed with meat in terra-cotta pots, lots of garlic, onions, oil and spices. Influences of Bulgaria’s neighbours, Turkey and Greece are also present in dishes such as ‘sarmi’ (stuffed vine leaves), moussaka and baklava. A salad and rakia (Bulgarian schnapps) are the obligatory start to the meal. Listed below are traditional Bulgarian Dishes, well worth a try:

Salads Shopska salata – chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and peppers sprinkled with Bulgarian white cheese Snezhanka – thick creamy yoghurt with chopped cucumber or gherkins, walnuts and garlic Kyopolou – roasted aubergines, peppers, loads of garlic, parsley

Soups Bob chorba – traditional bean soup with plenty of herbs Shkembe chorba – tripe soup with garlic, vinegar and chilli, quite tasty if you can bring yourself to try it Tarator – cold yoghurt and cucumber soup.

Meat Dishes Kavarma – meat and vegetable stew, usually served in individual pots Kyufteta – spicy meat balls

Kebaptcheta – spicy minced meat, sausage shaped, grilled.

Vegetarian Dishes Kashkaval (or sirene) pane – fried yellow (or white) cheese Chushki byurek – fried peppers stuffed with egg and cheese Sirene po shopski – white cheese, egg, tomatoes and peppers baked in a pot.

Desserts The garash torta is the Bulgarian equivalent of the Sacher Torte, made from eggs, walnuts and cocoa.

Snacks Snacks (‘zakuska’) are available all over town in tiny shops or from stands on the street. Banitsa – fillo dough pastry filled with white cheese Gevrek – like a very dry bagel, sold from big bags on street corners For the really adventurous, try Boza – a thick malt drink with a distinct smell. (It’s said to be an acquired taste!)

Tips Business Days All Government offices are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Most of the private sector companies however have their weekend on Saturday and Sunday too.

National Holidays

1 January – New Year’s Day 3 March – National Holiday /Bulgaria’s Liberation from the Ottoman Empire/ 1 May – Labour and International Worker’s Solidarity Day 6 May – Gergyovden (St. George’s Day), and the Bulgarian Army’s Day 24 May – Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavic Script Day 6 September – Unification Day 22 September – Independence Day 1 November – Day of the Bulgarian Enlighteners (Holiday for all educational institutions) 24 December – Christmas Eve 25, 26 December – Christmas Days

Beggars As in other big cities, Sofia is also a place where one can meet beggars and homeless people. Although they might be disturbing, ignoring them is the most effective way of coping with the situation. On the other hand there are the predominantly gypsy gangs with small babies who usually have to hand over their earnings at the end of the day.

BulgariaininBrief Brief1715 Bulgaria Alphabet Аа Бб Вв Гг Дд Ее Жж Зз Ии Йй Кк Лл Мм Нн Оо

Пп Рр Сс Тт Уу Фф Хх Цц Чч Шш Щщ Ъъ Ьь Юю Яя

a (as in cat) b (as in bus) v (as in very) g (as in good) d (as in dog) e (as in egg) zh (like’s‘ in leisure) z

(as in zoo)


(as in instant)


(as in young)


(as in kick)


(as in love)

m (as in marry) n

(as in no)


(as in hot)


(as in pot)


(as in red)


(as in sit)


(as in tree)


(as in yule)


(as in foot)


(like ’ch‘ in Bach)

ts (as in puts) ch (as in check) sh (as in shut) sht (like ’shed‘ in pushed) a

(like ’u‘ in but)

(consonant soften ing sign) yu (like you) ya (as in yank)

Months January januari February fevruari

April april



May may




June yuni

September septemvri


oktomvri October November noemvri December dekemvri

Week Days Monday ponedelnik Tuesday vtornik

Wednesday sryada Thursday chetvartak



Saturday sabota Sunday


Numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

edno dve tri chetiri pet shest sedem osem devet deset edinadeset

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 31 42

dvanadeset trinadeset chetirinadeset petnadeset shestnadeset sedemnadeset osemnadeset devetnadeset dvadeset trideset i edno chetirideset i dve

53 64 75 86 97 100 1,000 10,000 100,000 1,000,000

petdeset i tri shestdeset i chetiri sedemdeset i pet osemdeset i shest devetdeset i sedem sto hilyada deset hilyadi sto hilyadi edin milion

Bulgaria in Brief PILIGRIMAGE 18


Kremikovtsi Monastery “St. George”

The monastery was founded during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, the reign of King Ivan Alexander ( 1331-1371 ) . In 1382, when the Ottoman invaders conquered Sofia, the monastery was completely destroyed. The first concrete information about the Kremikovtsi monastery dates from 1493, at the time of Kalevit, the Bishop of Sofia, when the local boyar Radivoy restored it with its own funds in memory of his two deceased children Theodore and Dragana. From that time dates the old church in the yard, dedicated to St. George Victorious. In 1901 began the construction of the new big church “Shroud of Virgin Mary,” which was completed in 1907 and whose wake is on 1 October each year.

The Kremikovtsi monastery “St. George” is located on the southern slopes of the mountain Stara Planina, 4 km. north of the district Kremikovtsi in Sofia, in the area “Gradishteto”. It is built on a rocky terrace with a magnificent view of the wide field of Sofia and the capital. The monastery can be reached by bus 117 from Sofia through the district Kremikovci.

Bulgaria in Brief 17

Kokalyane Monastery “St. Archangel Michael” The Kokalyane monastery “St. Archangel Michael“ dates from the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. According to legends and historical data it was built in the early 11th century, during the reign of King Samuil. During the Ottoman Empire it was burned twice. It was completely restored after the Liberation, and the temple was built in 1896 to replace the old one, demolished in 1858. The church is located in the middle of the yard and is a relatively big onenave building without a dome, but with very good acoustics. In 1969 the monastery was declared for cultural monument and it is currently active. The monastery „St. Archangel Michael“ can be reached in two ways – with a bus number 1 and 3 to the center of the village of Kokalyane, from where a dirt road to the monastery starts. The other is a walkway (40-50 minutes), starting from the main road Sofia Samokov, stopping at the bus stop, named Diavolski most.

20 overview ACADEMICA 2011

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Population: 1 291 591 Area: 1 310,8 sq. km (1.2% of the national territory) Area dialing code: 00 359 2 Main city: Sofia (capital) Sofia population: 1 202 761 The capital city of Bulgaria is situated in the geographic center of Southeastern Europe thus serving as a natural entrance to Middle East. The city is easily accessible being two hours away by plane from the Central European capitals Vienna and Budapest, and providing easy connection to the other big European cities. The tourists and business travellers have a smooth way into the city whose airport services 295 regular flights per week operated by 20 foreign and 6 Bulgarian airlines to about 40 destinations in the world.


The region occupies the central part of the Sofia Plain (with average altitude of 550 m) encircled by the Balkan Mountains (in the north) and the Vitosha Mountain and the Lyulin Mountain (in the south). The area abounds in curative mineral springs (Gorna Banya, Ovcha Kupel, Bankya). The Vitosha Mountain is an international winter sports center.


The capital city enjoys moderately hot summers, snowy winters and beautiful springs and autumns.

Through the Centuries

Founded seven thousand years ago, Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe. It has been given several names in the course of history and the remnants of the old cities can still be seen today. Serdika was the name of the central dwelling of the ancient Thracian tribe known as “Serdi”. It bore that name when it became part of the Bulgarian state at the beginning of the ninth century and was soon recognised as one of the most important feudal towns, acquiring the Slavic name Sredets. Near Sofia lies Boyana church, which is one of the most valuable memorials of Bulgarian and European culture. The church boasts frescoes, acclaimed by specialists as “the best examples of eastern mediaeval art during its twelve century history”. The decline of Sofia during the Ottoman Empire was followed by the rejuvenation after the liberation in 1879, when Sofia was chosen as the capital of Bulgaria at the First National Constituent Assembly. The plans of 1881-1882 were followed by a brisk

Sofia Municipality 33, Moskovska Str. (map E3) & 02 937 73 03 and straight-forward period of construction. In 1900 the City Council approved the emblem of Sofia and the motto “It Grows but Does not Age”. During the years of the totalitarian regime (9 September 1944 – 10 November 1989) Sofia became the major national economic, academic and cultural centre. From its years of socialist growth, however, the capital inherited a great deal of problems, which are at present the priorities of the democratically – elected council of Sofia.

People, Towns and Culture

The population of Sofia is almost 1,3 million people with high average population density. In the past couple of years the unemployment rate in the city has been the lowest in the country. The workforce in Sofia is highly educated, motivated and flexible. The city creates and develops 80% of the intellectual recourse in the country with 19 universities situated on its territory. Sofia has been the capital of the Republic of Bulgaria since April 3, 1879. It is the permanent seat of the National Assembly (the Parliament), the President, The Council of Ministers, the central governing bodies of various agencies, political parties and public organizations. Sofia accommodates the largest scientific and cultural institutions in Bulgaria.


Sofia is the biggest and the most dynamic center of the economic life in Bulgaria. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP), generated in Sofia forms 29% of the national GDP. Half of the foreign direct investments in Bulgaria are concentrated in the capital. One third of the annual tax revenues in the national budget come from Sofia. The service sector is far more developed than the production one. Industry plays a secondary role and the most developed sectors are machine tool engineering and metal processing, metallurgy, food and beverage productions, paper

overview 23 and textile industries. The private sector in Sofia is forming 90% of the city economy.

Banks and Exchange

Money can be exchanged safely at most banks and also at reputable exchange bureaux. (Hotels and airports tend to give less favourable rates). Exchange bureaux are required to display clearly the exact exchange rates and they are no longer allowed to charge a commission for money exchange, so check this first. As regards exchange rates, at the time of writing BG lev is worth EURO 1.95583; USD 1.39; GBR 2.24. Banking hours run from 08.30 to 16.30 Monday to Friday. Some are also open till 17.00. Exchange bureaux are usually open from 09.00 until 17.00 or 18.00 and stay open later in the summer. Some of them are open 24 hours throughout the summer. Sofia has plenty of ATMs, with particular concentration in the city center. All major European and North American debit cards are accepted in the country.

Airport Information For flight information: Located 10 km (6 miles) east of the city centre, the busy two-terminal airport is linked to the most of the capitals in the world. The bright, modern and smoke-free Sofia Airport has the capacity to serve 2.5 million passengers. A new “Terminal 2” building, designed with special attention to disabled passengers was opened in December 2006. A large parking lot is located in front of the old terminal building. A new multi-level parking garage providing 820 parking spaces is linked to the departures area of the new passenger terminal. The car parks are open non-stop and parking fee is 2 to 3 leva per hour. Avoid taking airport taxis other than “O.K. Supertrans” providing services to the city centre for BGN 10/ Euro 5. The regular N84 bus line cover the route Sofia Airport–Sofia University. Tickets cost BGN 1.


The names of all streets are written in Cyrillic, which might make finding your bearings harder, therefore if the map is not sufficient, please ask a local to show you the way. In many places around the city centre are erected large billboards with a

public transport city map in English, which may also serve as a point of direction. Driving in Sofia maybe a traumatic experience particularly, during rush-hour (8.00-10.00 h and 17.00-19.00 h). Traffic jams are inevitable along the central city roads and the busier peripheral capital boulevards. A common occurrence along the A1 and A2 motorways, and the international E 79 route, are the Friday night and Sunday afternoon queues of traffic as a lot of capital residents drive in and out into the countryside. In the event of an accident, the traffic police (KAT– & 165, 02 982 49 01) should be called and a report filed. The process is lengthy but necessary for any insurance claims. (Check with your car hire company about formalities!) In the event of a breakdown, there is a 24-hour Road Assistance service: & 02 91 146, from cell phone: &146. The central dispatch office is open 24 hours a day and is located at 3, Pozitano Str. (& 02 980 33 08). English and German are spoken. Charges for towing range are a base fee of Euro 10 plus Euro 1.40 per km. Usual waiting time is between 5 and 30 minutes.

Car Parks

The main car parking areas in the centre are: • Makedonia Sq. • TZUM (Maria Luiza Blvd.) • Corner of Evlogi Georgiev Blvd. and Gurko Str. • Corner of Evlogi Georgiev and Yanko Sakazov Blvd. • Corner of Frityof Nansen and Bulgaria Blvd. (NDK, underground) • NDK (Vitosha Blvd.) You can park for up to 2 hours in the city centre, in the designated “blue zones”: opposite the Parliament, by the National Art Gallery, off Rakovski Street near the Cathedral, etc. The fee for up to one hour parking is 1 lev. Vouchers are usually sold by attendants in these locations and they will help you fill them out. (Please note: some car parks are privately run and prices vary). Use your common sense and don’t park in restricted zones even if everyone else seems to be doing so. Sofia City Council are hot on the heels of their Western counterparts with yellow wheel clamps, and if that’s not bad enough they’ll even tow your car away, usually to the car park near the Hilton Hotel or the one next to the Central Railway Station.

24 overview Postal Services Central post station – 6, Gen. Y.V. Gurko Str. (7-20.30h) Main postal rates: small letters - 0.60lv. (for BG) Package (parcels) 0-1kg - 2.15lv. (for BG), 23.70 - 46.90lv.(for EU) to 5kg - 3lv.(for BG), 43.20-179.90lv.(for EU).

Public Transport Sofia offers cheap and extensive public transport. There are trams, buses, and trolley buses as well as a short section of the city subway (please see map for details) which cover most of the city. There is also a fleet of privately run “Marsh-route taxis”, which covers the more obscure routes. (Ticket price 1.50 lv. Pay the driver as you get on.) Public transport runs daily from 5.30 till 23.00 for buses and trams. Tickets: single use, for any distance on any tram, bus or trolley-bus line. Price: 1 lev. Transit Cards: One day, all lines – 4.00 leva; Five days, all lines – 15.00 leva; One month, all lines – 50.00 leva Single trip tickets are sold at kiosks and newspaper stands at the major stops or by the driver of the vehicle. You have to punch them inside the vehicle (look for the metal punch on the walls). If you transfer you must use another. If your luggage exceeds the size 60x40x40 you have to punch a second ticket. It’s the same if you travel together with your pet. Tickets are inspected at random by conductors. The fine is 20.00 leva.

Bus Lines The Central Bus Station is a modern transport complex with covered area 7 173 sq. m. The building is air-conditioned and secured. There is also a pharmacy, room for mothers with children, medical center and special equipments for people with disabilities and physical infirmities. Eight shops, a restaurant, cafes and bank branches are situated on the first floor. There are eight toilets and two with features for people with disabilities. At the three up levels are situated carter’s offices. At the ground floor are situated waiting room (1500 sq. m. total area) and 57 ticket desks. About 2 250 travelers per hour pass through the waiting room. The tickets payment can be done cash or by debit and credit cards.


Central Railway Station (Tsentralna Gara), This is the main railway station with regular daily services to Bulgaria’s main cities, towns and abroad. Train travel is relatively cheap if you are prepared to put up with longer travelling times but for those who feel daunted driving–it is a more relaxing way to see the country. First class is quite affordable. You must book your seats.


All legal and registered taxi cabs must be yellow and operate by meter. Rates per km (between 0.79 – 0.96 leva), any starting and call-out charges must by law be displayed on the windows.

02 810 810

0878 810 810 Travellers with Disabilities Sofia isn’t one of the best places in the world to visit if you have mobility problems or other physical disabilities. Although all public buildings are required to be wheelchair-accessible and provide suitable toilet facilities, this is still a matter of future.

Daily Cost

By Western European standards, Sofia is very reasonable priced, with most basic items – from food to clothing. As for dining and drinking, the sheer number of restaurants and bars keeps prices down. On the other hand, accommodation in Sofia is generally more expensive than in the rest of the country and prices are analogous to the average European ones. If you are prepared to buy your own lunch, stay in hostels and stick to the least expensive bars and restaurants, you could scrape by on around BGN 70/Euro 35. Staying in a good B&B, eating out in medium-range restaurants more nights and drinking often in bars, you’ll go through at least BGN 150/ Euro 75. If you are planning to stay in the best hotels and to have a big night out, expect to spend at least BGN 500/Euro 250. As always, if you are traveling alone

overview 25

Phone: 02 871 00 69, 02 971 71 62

Phone: 02 871 00 69 02 971 71 62

Autumn 2013 07 October - 04 November 25 October - 22 November 02 December - 20 December

Phone: 02 871 00 69 02 971 71 62

you’ll spend much more on accommodation than you would in a group of two or more, most hotels do have single rooms, but they’re fixed at about 70-80 percents of the price of a double. Sofia offers fantastic choice of restaurants at comparatively modest prices. Our recommendation is to avoid the extras and concentrate on the main courses, which start around BGN 10/Euro 5. Tipping at a restaurant is expected – around 10-15 %, even when the service has been dire. Taxi drivers expect a tip too, in the same percentages.

Entertainment The city is a pleasant location to live and have fun in. Sofia’s appeal is in its cosmopolitan atmosphere and various opportunities for entertainment and tourism. The citizens and visitors of the city can choose from more than 3000 restaurants, cafes and bars which offer an excellent cuisine and a wide variety of good quality wines. The prices are among the lowest in Europe for sure. (See the Daily cost section above). Sofia is also the focal point of cultural and artistic life in the country and boasts 31 movie theatres, 23 theatres, 27 museums and numerous art galleries and exhibition halls.

The city hosts a series of international concerts and festivals with the prices of tickets being significantly lower than in Central and Eastern Europe.

Medical Services Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance to cover the full period of your stay in the country. If you are EU citizen, you need to take a EHIC with you. The card gives access to state-provided medical treatment only. You will not be covered for medical repatriation, on-going medical treatment or treatment of a non-urgent nature. Standards of medical care are excellent. The Accident and Emergency Hospital for Sofia is the Pirogov hospital at 21, Gen. Totleben Blvd., opposite the Rodina Hotel (& 02 915 44 11). There is a ward for foreigners in the University Hospital “Sv. Anna” in Mladost-1 (& 02 975 90 00). Your Embassy may be able to refer you to a doctor who speaks your language. For emergencies: Ambulance - &150 Other useful numbers: 24-hour pharmacies: & 178 Private polyclinic: IMC - & 02 944 93 26

26 Accommodation Room Service TV in All Rooms Minibar in All Rooms Airconditioned Rooms Restaurant Bar Business Facilities Swimming Pool Fitness Facilities Casino Hotel Parking Credit Cards WiFi Handicape Room with good view


Please note: Number of stars according to the Bulgarian classification

2-4, Budapeshta Str. h 2 map D3 & + 359 2 8 107 777 Public transport: fax: +359 2 8 107 770 Tm -20, 22; Metro e-mail: Double rooms - 40, Suits - 23 Room rates: EURO 140 - 300 Strategically located in the heart of the city, right next to the main states institutions, business centers and banks, as well as to the cultural and historial places, the luxurious Arena di Serdica Residence Hotel Sofia is excellent choice for business and cultural trips.

1, Gen. Yosif V. Gurko Str. h 3 map D3 fax: +359 2 811 0801 Public transport: Reservations: Tb-9; Tm-12,17 & +359 2 811 0800 e-mail: Room rates: EURO 100-510 Located in the very city center, overlooking the City garden on the doorstep of the National Theatre and the City Art Gallery. The hotel features 105 unique spacious rooms of over 50 sq.m. At guest’s disposal are also 17 comfortable oversized suites including 2 Grand suites and 3 Panorama suites with balcony, providing the finest lodging in Sofia. All rooms have air condition with individually controlled temperature, satellite and pay TV, inroom safe and electronic lock system, separate bathtub and shower cabin, bathroom telephone. Direct international dial telephones, voicemail messaging and high speed Internet access. Conference facilities seating from 10 to 150, gourmet restaurant, café, lobby bar, Private Lounge, Sofia club, health centre, indoor parking.

111, Alexandar Malinov Blvd. h 5 map back & 02 807 07 07 Public transport: fax: 02 807 07 08 B-413,113,213 Room rates: from EURO 70.00 The hotel offers luxurious bedrooms with flat screen television, Hi-speed & Wi-Fi internet access & separate bath & shower. International Executive Chef providing variety of dining experiences ranging from informal all day Brasserie to “InCanto” Fine Dining offering Mediterranean Cuisine. 9 state of art conference suites for between 10 to 300 delegates at highly competitive rates. ESPRIT Fitness & Spa including 19 m indoor swimming pool & gym with latest “Technogym” equipment. In close proximity to airport and downtown. Substantial parking available. 130 rooms (116 double/ twin/ 10 Executive/ 4 Suites).

Kempinski Hotel Zografski Sofia

100, J. Bourchier Blvd. h 6 map C9 & 02 969 22 22 Public transport: fax: 02 969 22 23 Metro; Tm-9 e-mail: Situated on posh Lozenets hill overlooking the bustling city and with a panoramic view on Vitosha Mountain. 446 rooms and suites, 4 restaurants, 3 bars, most extensive catering facilities in Sofia, pool & fitness, bowling alley, shopping arcade, casino, landscaped party gardens. Comprehensive 5-star services.

Accommodation Accommodation 27

Radisson BLU Grand Hotel

Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan

4, Narodno Sabranie Sq. h 7 map E4 & 02 933 43 33 Public transport: fax: 02 933 43 35 Metro Room rates: EURO 120 - 145 Enviably located in the most attractive part of the city centre, on the famous yellow paved square, overlooking Parliament and Alexander Nevski Cathedral. The hotel is in close proximity to the business district as well as many of Sofia’s captivating tourist attractions, making it ideal for business and leisure travellers. 136 rooms, including Economy, Standard, Superior, Business Class rooms & suits and Junior suits, non-smoking rooms and rooms with facilities for handicapped people. All they are equipped with high-quality amenities including Free wireless Internet access (WiFi). Fitness Center, Restaurant & Bar on Mezzanine, Irish Flannagans Bar, in-house London Casino. The seven fully-equipped meeting halls accommodate business meetings or special events for 400 guests.

5, Sveta Nedelya Sq. h 9 map C3 & 02 981 65 41 Public transport: fax: 02 980 64 64 Metro; Tm-9,10, 12, 18 e-mail: Room rates: EURO 135 - 225 Located in the heart of Sofia, it is ideally situated just a stroll from the business and commercial district. Recognized as one of the city’s grandest hotels and architectural landmarks, the Sheraton Sofia offers guests an exceptional experience of Bulgaria’s finest culture and service. Archways of ceiling-high columns, distinctly constructed doors and moldings, and imported Italian marble floors outline the lobby of the hotel. Offers 184 splendid, soundproof rooms and suites, including one Presidential Suite, 17 spacious suites, 17 smart rooms and 71 non-smoking rooms. Highlights include a complete 24-hour business center, shopping, hairdresser/beauty salon, 24-hour concierge and room service, butler service, laundry, and dry cleaning available seven days a week.

28 Accommodation

Best Western Hotel Expo 149, Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. h 10 map back & 02 817 81 00 Public transport: fax: 02 974 30 90 B-114, 1, 2, 3 e-mail: Room rates: EURO 103-183 Located only 7 minutes from the Sofia Airport and City Center, and a step away from the Inter Expo Center, the hotel offers a wide range of facilities and services. 90 luxurious bedrooms and 9 exclusively decorated suites, equipped with: mini bar, direct dial telephone, Wi-Fi Internet, satellite TV, self-controlled air-conditioning, in-room safe, bathtub, hairdryer and telephone in the HOTEL bathroom. Free hot drinks in the room. Nonsmoking floors. Four meetings rooms, Lobby and Mezzanine Bars, Restaurant, Fitness Center, Casino.

Best Western City Hotel Sofia 6, Stara Plus Planina Str. phone +359 2 915 15 00 cell +359 885 650 665 Planina Str. h

6, Stara 11 map E2 & 02 915 15 Enjoy 00 your stay!Public transport: fax: 02 986 20 00 Tm-20,22, Metro Room rates: EURO 69-169 First-class hotel right in the city centre, close to the Sofia Opera House. 61 air-conditioned rooms and suites, Internet access, lobby bar, restaurant, 2 conference rooms, currency exchange office, sauna, massage center, hairdresser, laundry, dry-cleaning and summer garden.

27, Vasil Levski Blvd. h 17 map C5 & 02 930 52 00 Public transport: fax: 02 930 53 00 B-94, Tb-9,1, 2, 5, 8 GPS: N 42.696895, E 23.319111 offers a perfect setting for business and leisure. 59 air-conditioned, non-smoking guest rooms, including 12 suites, all being a harmonious blend of the cozy comfort of a home and luxurious amenities of a hotel. Free Internet; Meeting facilities up to 60 persons; Restaurant and lobby bar; Fitness, sauna, solarium and massage for maximum guest comfort.

14, Shipka Str. h 12 map F3 & + 359 2 9489 489 Public transport: Fax: + 359 2 9489490 Metro, B - 306, 280 cell: +359 886 399 504 Tb - 2, 5 e-mail: site: Single Rooms - 53, Junior Suits - 3, Suits - 7 Room rates: EURO 130 - 270 Crystal Palace is one of the best four star-rated Boutique Hotels in Sofia because of its great cuisine, cozy rooms, relaxing wellness and comfortable business halls. It is situated near the administrative and cultural center of Sofia.

les fleurs 21, Vitosha Blvd. h 13 map C4 & 02 810 08 00 Public transport: fax: 02 810 08 01 Tm-1,7 Room rates: EURO 130-250 Situated in the heart of Sofia’s main shopping, business and historical attractions. The hotel features exquisite decor, intuitive service and an extraordinary blend of luxury and convenience in style with its floral surroundings. Hotel offers a floral setting of unmistakable grandeur, ideal for business or leisure. A panoramic lift leads to 31 room across 7 floors. For the culinary at heart, Le Bouquet Restaurant offers delicious food,great stakes and has a special wine selection.

106, Vitosha Blvd. h 14 map B5 & 02 805 81 81 Public transport: fax: 02 805 87 8 Tm-1,7 Reservations: & 02 805 88 88 e-mail: Room rates: EURO 150-220 A new hotel in the heart of the city, close at hand to the National Palace of Culture and the finest shopping area of Sofia. 74 elegantly appointed rooms (8 single, 60 double/twin, 6 DeLuxe) with free high speed internet access. 3 Panorama

Accommodation 29 suites with splendid view on Vitosha mountain and the central city square. 2 non-smoking floors available. 2 conference halls with 40 and 70 seats, Business centre, Restaurant, Lobby bar.

20, Knyaginya Maria Luiza Blvd. h 16 map C2 & 02 980 78 95 Public transport: fax: 02 980 78 94 Tm-20, 22; Metro e-mail: room rates: from EURO 55-70 Surrounded by history and culture, this center city hotel exceeds the expectations of both business and leisure travelers. Located in the heart of downtown Sofia, Gloria Palace Hotel is connected to the vibrant shopping, sports and attractions of the Bulgarian capital. The hotel is only steps away from the main administrative, financial and commercial sites of the capital. The hotel features 30 rooms.All rooms have air condition with individually controlled temperature,satellite tv and wi-fi connection. Conference facilities seating from 5 to 70, private parking.

76B, James Bouchier Bvld. h 2 map D3 & +359 2 806 55 55 Public transport: Fax: +359 2 806 55 00 Metro e-mail: Single rooms - 14, Double - 34 Room rates: EURO 110 -160 BB Hill Hotel Sofia is a modern 4-star business hotel, located near the center and with easily access to the airport, railway and subway station. The hotel is situated near important state and financial institutions and the commercial area of the city.

29, Knyaginya Maria Luiza Blvd. h 18 map C2 & 02 980 55 77 Public transport: fax: 02 980 33 55 Metro; Tm-20,22 e-mail:

Room rates: EURO 75-135 The Maria Luisa hotel occupies an exquisite building dating back to the turn of the last century and considered one of the national cultural monuments. It is situated in the very heart of Sofia in close proximity to significant business and administrative centers, Ministries and Central shop markets. 15 rooms, 5 suites, restaurant, lobby bar, business centre, parking. All rooms are beautifully appointed, with luxury in-suite bathrooms, cable TV, audio equipment, direct telephone connection, internet access.

64, Tsarigradsko shose Blvd. h 19 map back & +359 2 42 74 900 Public transport: fax: +359 2 875 70 00 Metro, B76, 84, 213 E: Room rates: EURO 108-176 Rooms: Single - 31, Double - 141, Suits - 11, Corner Studios - 16, Panorama apartments - 2 Stylish urban hotel with unconventional design welcomes you at the eastern gate of the capital city – 3 km away from Sofia Airport, 4 km from Business Park Sofia and within a walking distance from the International Expo Centre (IEC) and The Mall shopping centre. Discreet and thoughtful service, feel-at-home sensation and varied entertainment make your stay a memorable experience.

Novotel Sofia 115N Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd. h 20 map back & /Fax +359 290 43 000 Public transport: Metro; B-84, 204, 604 Novotel Sofia is ideally located in one of the most important business districts of Sofia and is only 10 min from the historical city center and the airport. This new 4-star hotel is adjacent to The Mall, Sofia’s biggest shopping and entertainment center. Either you come for business, for a meeting or with your family, you will be fascinated by the modern atmosphere and functionality of its design. WIFI is free of charge in all hotel spaces. Take advantage of the restaurant and the bar or relax in our fitness where massages are also available. Parking is free for all hotel guests.

30 Accommodation

Hotel Sofia Plaza 154, Hristo Botev Blvd. h 21 map C0 & 02 813 79 79 Public transport: 02 813 79 12 Metro; B-413 Room rates: EURO 30-75 Business Hotel Sofia Plaza**** was built in 2007. Situated in a prime downtown location on Hristo Botev Blvd., one of the capital’s main boulevards, the hotel is in immediate proximity to the Central Train and Central Bus stations, with local and international schedules. Right on the door step we have a subway station and a bus and tram hub that will take you directly, in no time, to all the parts of Sofia and to the financial and business quarters, to government institutions, to the commercial district and to the tourist sights. They are only 20 minutes’ walk away as well. Sofia airport is situated 9 kilometers away from the hotel and 20 minutes’ drive. Hotel Sofia Plaza offers comfortable accommodations for business and leisure at competitive prices. We offer a variety of seasonal discounts and special offers for accommodation.

Sofia Princess Hotel 131, Kn. Maria Luiza Blvd. h 22 map C0 & 02 933 88 88 Public transport: fax: 02 933 87 77 B-60,78,213,305,404 Metro; Tm-3,9,18 e-mail: rates: EURO 93-114 The traditional hospitality meets with its guest at Sofia Princess Hotel. 601 rooms enjoys a superlative position right in downtown facing the most atractive local historical attraction. The hotel has 564 air-conditioned twin and single rooms, 20 connected rooms and 13 suites, 1 Presidential Suite, 3 Disabled Room. Meridien Restaurant, Lobby Bar, Lobby patisserie. Indoor swimming pool, fitness centre. 7 multifunction conference halls and Casino “Princess”.

5, Venera Str. h 23 map back & 970 67 67; fax: 970 67 10 Public transport: e-mail: B-9,72 Room rates: EURO 60-123 Modern and elegant, “Triada” is a 4-star hotel, situated nearby the city center of Sofia, easy accessible with public transport, just in front of the beautiful “Geo Milev” park. The hotel complex features: 62 spacious rooms including 5 luxury apartments, 2 conference halls, business center, modern restaurant with summer garden and a SKY Bar, that offers a splendid view to the city, revealing the night light of the capital! We are expecting you!

5, Knyaz Al. Dondukov Blvd. h 24 map D3 & 02 402 71 00, 02 402 71 12 Public transport: fax: 02 402 71 09 Tm-20, 22 Room rates: Euro 110-130 Just around the corner of the Presidency and the Ministry Council buildings. The guests live together with Bulgarian art & world’s classical music masterpieces. The chamber-size restaurant with 50 seats provides sophisticated Italian food and artistic atmosphere.

108, Besarabia Str. h 25 map back & 02 945 50 80 Public transport: fax: 02 945 59 55 Tb-1 cell: +359 899 99 27 71, +359 899 99 27 37 e-mail: The complex is located in a tranquil but a communicative area, in close proximity to Vladimir Vazov Blvd. and the main roads to Burgas and Varna. The complex has a modern equipped conference hall with capacity of 50 people, designed for the

Accommodation 31 organization of conferences and special events. Astra Hotel offers to its guests 50 rooms Room rates: EURO 55-90 The price includes breakfast, VAT, insurance and tourist fee. The restaurant is the preferred setting for holding weddings, banquets, business cocktailparties, private celebrations and parties.

Casa Boyana Boutique Hotel 23, Ivanitsa Dantchev Str. h 16 map back Boyana District Public transport: & 02 805 08 00 B-63, 64, 107 fax: 02 805 08 05 e-mail: Room rates: EURO 75-175 The new hotel is nestled in the most peaceful airy residential area of the Sofia – Boyana, just steps away from the Boyana Church, National History Museum, Best Western Premier Thracia Hotel 10 min. from the city center and 20 min. drive from the Sofia International Airport. 14 luxury rooms and 2 elegant suites with Jacuzzi, splendid city or mountain view.Restaurant, BBQ Garden, Lobby Bar, Sport Club – fitness, sauna, massages, free outdoor parking lot, full internet access, Business Hall.

56, Cherni Vrah Blvd. h 28 map back & 02 961 79 30 Public Transport: fax: 02 961 79 33 Metro; Tm – 10 B - 88, 120 LEGENDS hotel is situated in Lozenets district, 1,5 km away from Sofia center, and the metro station is 300 m away. The hotel offers a unique combination of high-quality of service, luxury and comfort. LEGENDS hotel features 43 double rooms and 4 apartments. Its rooms are spacious and bright with beautiful finishing touches. All of them have luxurious furniture and impress with their comfort. The rooms and apartments have large and cozy beds, mini-bar, TV set with satellite programs, telephone, WIFI internet, air-condition with individual adjustment, bathroom with a bath-tube, 3 pairs of blackout drapes, 8 rooms have a balcony. The hotel offers a restaurant, a lobby bar and 2 conference halls, all with WIFI internet. The superb restaurant is with capacity up to 120 people, a perfect place for official lunch or dinner, wedding celebrations and other events. In the tylish restaurant the guests can enjoy the creative cuisine designed by our Chef. The conference halls are with maximum capacity up to 100 people.


84, Krum Popov Str. & 02 965 19 70 h 29 map C7 fax: 02 965 19 71 Public transport: & 02 963 35 23 (restaurant) Tm-6,9; B-94 e-mail: Room rates: EURO 75-150 It is in the close proximity to the National Palace of Culture and to the shopping area of the “Vitosha” boulevard, just 15 minutes by car from Sofia Airport. The hotel has 17 luxury furnished double and triple rooms. Rooms offer internet connection, AC, mini bar, IDD phone, TV, own heating, room service. Restaurant, international cuisine, newly opened lobby bar with special menu, parking.

16, Neofit Rilski Str. h 30 map B4 & 02 952 30 58, 02 953 01 10 Public transport: fax: 02 951 60 91 Tb-1, 2, 5, 8 & 02 851 19 15 – restaurant e-mail: Room rates: EURO 35-105 16 Suites, 3 Single and 4 Double rooms. All rooms offer free of charge Internet accesses, cable T.V., direct telephone line, kitchenette (coffee, tea making facilities), room service, air-conditioning, own heating. BBQ restaurant-garden with authentic bulgarian cuisine.

Hotel Rila Sofia 6, Kaloyan Str. h 31 map C3 & + 359 2 93 79 100 Public transport: Fax: + 359 2 988 13 70 Tm-10, 12, 18, 20, 22 Cell: + 359 895 490 447 Metro E-mail: Room rates: EURO 34 – 65 The Rila Hotel is located in the very centre of Sofia close to the Presidency, the Council of Ministers, the Court House, the Bulgarian National Bank, Ivan Vazov National Theatre, the National Art Gallery and the city garden. The guests of the hotel enjoy the convenience of its closeness to the main administrative, financial and trade institutions, provided at competitive prices.

32 Accommodation

Slavyanska Beseda Hotel easyHotel Sofia - LOW COST 3, Slavyanska Str. h 33 map D4 & 02 935 98 35, 02 935 98 33 Public transport: fax: +359 2 935 98 32, 981 25 23 Tb-9, Tm-12,18 cell: +359 885 02 02 21 Bus-84, 284 e-mail: Metro Slavyanska Beseda Hotel offers a fantastic location and an ideal accommodation for both business and leisure travelers looking for budget and affordable lodging but who will not sacrifice balanced quality and fair service. Nested in the heart of the financial, business and government city quarters. Comfortable and spacious rooms. All rooms have street view and some balcony. 92 rooms distributed in 5 floors and serviced by one elevator. Some rooms have experienced significant upgrades and renovations but, in all cases, rooms are in proper and correct working condition.

29, Hristo Belchev Str. h 34 map C4 & + 359 2 4811400 Public transport: fax: + 359 2 4811401 Tb-1, 2, 5, 8, 9 Room rates: EURO 50 – 90 Located in the heart of the city, near the major business and shopping centres as well as cultural monuments Sofia Place Hotel offers 20 modern designed rooms equipped with telephone, mini bar, air-condition, Wi Fi, cable TV and central heating. But our best quality is the staff! Personal attention to every guest is our “speciality”!

108, Aldomirovska Str. /Todor Alexandrov Blvd./

h 36 map back Public transport:

& 02 920 16 54 fax: 02 822 82 15

Metro, Tm 3, 8,10

12, Dragovitsa Str. & 02 944 89 52 fax: 02 943 34 71 e-mail:

h 37 map back Public transport: B-11,305,413,72 B- 404; Tm-20,22

e-mail: Room rates: EURO 19 - 34 EUR easyHotel Sofia is part of the British BUDJET hotel chain, which is unique for offering modern facilities and impeccable service at unusually low rates. The brand new hotel is on just 5 minutes walk from the beating heart of central Sofia. All the 57 rooms (48 small, 8 standard, 1 special needs room) are with windows, bathroom, double bed, TV, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning. The earlier you book, the less you pay. Check in-3.00pm; Check Out-10.00am; Check best rates and book at

Cosy and quiet family hotel, situated close to the city center and Poduyane railway station. 14 rooms (2 single, 10 double, 2 double deluxe) and a suite. Equipped with telephone, air-conditioning, cable TV, central heating, free internet access.

Pop Bogomil

4, Verila Str. h 35 map B5 & 02 952 08 30 Public transport: &/fax: 02 951 57 60 Tm-6; Tb-1, 2, 5, 8, 9 cell: 0886 51 35 82 e-mail: Rooms rates: EURO 31-43 Located in the very heart of Sofia next to the National Palace of Culture. All rooms are designed according to European standards - air-conditioning, separate bath-room, cable TV, Wi-Fi, refrigerator.Equipped with telephone, air-conditioning, cable TV, central heating, free internet access. rooms, wireless internet, cable TV, air-conditioning.

5, Pop Bogomil Str. h 38 map D1 & 02 983 11 65 Public transport: fax: 02 983 70 65 Tb-9, 6, 7; B-53, 309 cell: 0886 953 582 e-mail: Room rates: EURO 30-35


Be My Guest Hostel

13, Ivan Vazov Str. h 44 map D4 & 02 989 50 92, 02 980 21 42 Public transport: fax: 02 989 00 92 Tb-9, 1, 2, 5, 8 cell: 0889 979 749 Tm-12, 18 e-mail: Room rates: EURO 10-15

Accommodation 33 Shared and private rooms ensuite. Located just behind the “Ivan Vazov“National Theater. Easily accessible from the airport by bus number 84 or taxi, and from central bus and railway station by tram number 18 and 12. If you are looking for simple, comfortable and clean accommodation, then this hostel is the place for you.

Apartment Rentals

Ognian Apartments

Sleeping accommodations 38, Opalchenska Str. cell: +359 896 695 067 & +359 2 832 73 30

h 40 map back Public transport: Metro; Tb-1, 5 Tm-20,22

6 apartments, located in the central part of Sofia, near

4, Golo Bardo Str. h 40 map B9 Lozenets Distr. Public transport: & 02 960 28 88 Metro; Tm-9 fax: 02 960 28 37 e-mail: Rates: EURO 100-200 Located in the fashionable neighborhood of Lozenets, the complex is only 2 km away from the ideal center of Sofia. Furnishing – luxury category, Internet access, air-conditioning, cable TV with 60 programs, non stop security of the building, restaurant (catering), medical services (by order) Brand new, located in the city center – close to the banks and administrative buildings of the public institutions. It Brand new, located in the city center – close to the banks and administrative buildings of the public institutions. It offers 14 apatments, all equipped with kitchens, direct telephone, Internet access, laundry, drycleaning, cable TV, air-conditioning, security guaranteed. Credit cards accepted.

the Mall of Sofia. All apartments are in the same building, located opposite the lovely park, very close to the subway station “Opalchenska”. The apartments can accommodate up to 4 persons. They are supplied with cable TV, Wi-Fi, and all modern conveniences. Good transport connections to all parts of the city.

VIP Apartments Sofia

28, Neofit Rilski Str. h 53 map B4 Office: +359 2 989 59 69 Public transport: cell: +359 896 865 800/ 801 Tb 1,2 5,8,9 VIP Apartments Sofia – book online fully furnished serviced apartments and get a 60-100sq.m. flat for the price of a hotel room. Excellent value for money, homely environment, free Wi-Fi, DVD, cable TV, A/C. Rila Monastery Shuttle, tours and transfers provided.

Real Estate Agencies Anima-M Ltd.

75, Patriarh Evtimiy Blvd. map B5 & 02 852 06 53, &/fax: 02 953 17 66 cell: 0888 839 516;

bl. 531, Anna Ahmatova Str., h 49 map back Mladost 1A Distr. Public transport: fax /& +359 2 974 41 60 Metro cell: +359 2 887 70 55 30 B-213,88,76, 305 e-mail: Are you looking for a good accommodation during your stay in Sofia? The information for our lodging conditions shall be useful for you: double rooms and apartments in a new building, with guaranteed comfort and coziness – situated in the south-east part of Sofia, Mladost 1A, 5,5 km. from the Sofia airport.

21, Misia Str. cell: + 359 878 29 76 60 +359 896 08 86 08 BULGARIMMO Estate Agency - our Expat Department agents fluent in English and French will assist you both in finding the right property and settling in Sofia.

34 Accommodation oUTSKIRTS

Sofia has the unique advantage to be surrounded by a green mountain belt. The residential quarters Boyana, Dragalevtsi, Gorna Banya, Knyazhevo, Vladaya and Pancharevo with their closeness to the city can be a very interesting alternative choice for your stay. There you can combine the dynamics of the city with relax in beautiful nature and fresh air and all these at quite competitive prices. There are a lot of churches, monasteries and other sightseeings to be visited, which will make your impressions of Sofia unforgettable.

Montecito Hotel & Restaurant 357, Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. h 45 map back Public transport: Phone: +359 2 973 62 60 B-5, 6, 7, 7B, 8 Fax:+359 2 973 62 46 cell: +359 888 004 820 One of the most popular restaurants in Sofia - Restaurant “Gorublyansko hanche” completely changed its image. Changed modern and luxury restaurant with unique vision open for its guests under the name “Montecito”.The restaurant offers 300 seats arranged so that guests have a view from every corner of the central area, dance floor and roof panel. The garden has a capacity of 140 seats and charm with lots of greenery and cozy corners. With its great atmosphere that exudes romance and coziness restaurant is very suitable to celebrate birthdays, name days, family celebrations, banquets, cocktail parties, business meetings or dinners. Do you dream of a wonderful holiday? “Montecito” will make that true!

409, Tsar Boris III Blvd. h 46 map back Knyazhevo District Public transport: & 02 957 15 09, fax: 02 857 06 1 B-58, 59 cell: 0888 81 89 38, Room rates: EURO 20 (Suites: EURO 70) 14 rooms and 3 suites. The Amphora family hotel offers you the opportunity to combine your business engagements in the Bulgarian capital with a nice rest on the slopes of the Vitosha mountain. The hotel is situated on the main road from Sofia to the towns of Knyazhevo and Vladaya and is only 5 min. on foot from the public transportation. At the hotel a guarded parking lot is also available.

Boyana District, 5, Sborishte Square &/fax: 02 959 05 29 h 44 map back Public transport: e-mail: B-107, 64 Room rates: EURO 40-50 Located in the middle of Boyana village, a few minutes from “National History Museum”, a few meters away from the world famous “Boyana Church” and only ten minutes by car from the downtown of Sofia. Comfortable well-appointed bedrooms. Special welcomes by request.

Specialized Hospital for Rehabilitation Yasen h 48 map back Public transport: B- 42, 47, 48, 49

Bankya District, 8, Sheinovo Str. Reception & +359 02 997 72 65 For reservation: S.H.R Bankya – Yasen is located in Bankya, only 17 km from Sofia and offers opportunities for prophilaxis, rehabilitation and treatment of the cardiovascular system, central and peripheral systems and locomotory system. The mineral water and atmosphere full of freshness and negative ions are the main healing and recreation factors. The medical staff – doctors, nurses, therapists, sports coaches and instructors in nutrition is highly qualified.

Accommodation 35 Red Cross - Lozen

Sofia, Lozen, 31, Polovrag Str. h 47 map back & 02 992 68 84 Public transport: & / fax: 02 992 68 14 Shuttle bus - N37, B- 5, 7 Cell: 0889 60 12 60, 0889 60 12 20 e-mail: The hotel complex on the Bulgarian Red Cross in the village of Lozen, has one hundred and forty seats, a conference center with ten rooms equipped with modern audiovisual equipment, restaurant with summer terrace, a sports and entertainment center with billiards, fitness, sauna, tennis court, playground mini football and basketball, shooting archery, equipment and paintball fields airsoft, ropes course and path for survival. It conducts training for First Aid and Disaster Management. The complex provides conditions for external clients for conferences, seminars, courses and workshops.

Your complimentary copy of the Sofia City®Info Guide is available from hotel rooms, hotel receptions and other public areas at the following top-class Hotels & Services Apartments:

Central Park Hotel Downtown Hotel Gloria Palace Hill Hotel Maria Luisa Hotel Metropolitan Hotel Novotel Sofia Hotel Princess Hotel Triada Hotel

Legends Hotel Meg-Lozenetz Hotel Niky Hotel Rila Hotel Sofia Place Hotel Sofia Plaza Hotel Slavyanska Beseda Hotel




Best Western Hotel Expo Best Western City Hotel Plus Boutique Hotel Crystal Palace Boutique Hotel Les Fleurs

Amfora Hotel Arte Hotel Astra Hotel Casa Boyana


HOTELS êêêêê Arena di Serdika Grand Hotel Sofia Hilton Hotel Holiday Inn Sofia Hotel Kempinski Hotel Zografski Radisson BLU Sheraton Hotel


The House Hotel easyHotel Madrid Hotel Pop Bogomil Hotel

Hotel Villa Boyana, Montecito Hotel&Restaurant, Park-hotel Amfora, Red Cross-Lozen, Specialized Hospital for Rehabilitation Yasen



Anima M Real Estate Apartment House Sofia Be My Guest Hostel Bulgarimmo Prime Rentals VIP Apartments

Austria Canada

Malta Netherlands USA


& 02 980 85 01

OTHERS Airport Sofia - Terminals 1, 2 Airline Companies Business Centres Car Hire Companies Central Bus Station Cultural Institutes Inter Expo Center Information Center Sofia Galleries Real Estate Agencies Top Restaurants and Bars Travel Agencies

36 Accommodation Walking


Sofia through the Centuries Archeological level of the Saint Sofia Basilica Temporary exposition Working hours: from 10 to 18 h last entering hour 17 h Day off: Monday Sofia, 2, Parizh Str. In the end of May was opened the archeological level of the Saint Sofia Basilica. The temporary exposition presents the history of the main necropolis of Serdika as well as the early church buildings beneath the basilica – 18 centuries of history collected on one place. The exposition is completed by multimedia presentations and holograms of findings discovered when the church building was researched during the years. The Saint Sofia Basilica is one of the four symbols on the capital’s coat of arms. After long years of work on the project a large team of archeologists, historians, architects and preservationists, capital residents and capital visitors will have the

two panels - Apse (“Paradise”), and in the nave - with geometric motifs. In the end of V – the beginning of the VI century assumed is to be the beginning of the construction of the fourth, current three-nave, with transept two-storey narthex, cruciform St. Sofia basilica.

opportunity to touch the rich archeological heritage of Sofia. The Saint Sofia Basilica is established in the heart of the eastern necropolis of Serdika. The multiple tomb facilities found beneath it, various in type and kind, date back to the III century to the beginning of the V century. Although rarely some tombs have murals. A typical example for decoration with Christian symbolic is the tomb of Honorius (V century), discovered northeast of the Saint Sofia Basilica. On the entrance placed is a sign with red letters reading “Honorius, slave of God”. Besides the tomb architecture beneath the basilica discovered are the remains of several earlier churches. The first church has a single nave with apse and polychrome mosaics in

Accommodation 37 Municipal Cultural Institute - Sofia History Museum Sofia 1000, 27, Ekzarh Yosif Str. In its funds the Sofia History Museum has over 100 000 original museum valuables of various historical periods. They are distributed in the following collections: archeological, numismatic, art, photographic, documental and historical and ethnographical which on the other hand are divided into 29 collections. The museum has scientific archive, negative fund and scientific library. A large part of the museum valuables have high scientific, historical and art value and some of them are unique: the golden Thracian bowl of village of Kazichene, the Mercedes automobile of King Ferdinand; the Golden carriage, Louis XVI style, having belonged to the French queen Marie Antoinette and brought from Versailles in 1893 on the occasion of the wedding of Prince Ferdinand with Princess Maria Luisa; a typewriter of Konstantin Stoilov, items from the personal office of Stefan Stambolov; templates from the first Bulgarian coins and banknotes; import furniture and urban clothing from the end of XIX – the beginning of the XX century and many others. The Sofia History Museum at the moment does not have a permanent exhibition. The building of the Central Mineral Bath is in a process of adaptation for its purposes.

The Vrana Park in Sofia opened for the first time for visitors Visitors can pay it a visit every Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 16 h. Every hour there is a guided tour. For access paid is a ticket of 5 BGN for adults and 2 BGN for children from 5 to

17 years of age. For younger children and people over 65 the entry is free. For organized groups the tour will cost 1 BGN for the children and 4 BGN for adults. The park where the Vrana royal palace is located has an area of 968 acres. There are 821 decorative plants in it. Routs, ready for the visitors, are about 350 acres. In 2001 Simeon Sakskoburggotski donated most of the park to Capital Municipality as in the agreement there is a clause for free access of citizens. Provided is public transportation – bus No 505, bus stop in front of the entrance of Vasil Levski national stadium.

38 bars & restaurants Please note: the price guide is an approximate dinner cost s - up to 25 lv per person; ss - up to 40 lv per person sss - over 40 lv per person

Bar & Dining Club of Architect

Maraia Classic ss

11, Krakra Str. (map F4) Open: 12.00-24.00 cell: 0888 880 979 Offers great variety of European cuisine: interest salad, dishes, desserts & rich list of wine. Summer & winter garden: 110 seats Credit cards: accepted

Evlogiy and Hristo Georgievi Blvd. (map D6) ss & Hristo Smirnenski Blvd. - the corner & 02 865 85 05 Open: 00.00-24.00 This trendy place is highly popular with Sofia’s young and business elite.

Maraia Fusion


123, Rakovski Str. (map D3) & 02 980 62 60

Beerhouse 0700 19 000 145, G. S. Rakovski Str. (map D4) cell: 0888 181 071 4, Sveta Nedelya Sq. (map C3) cell: 0888 181 070 Mladost 3 Distr., Complex Asko Denitsa (map back) cell: 0888 181 072 101, Al. Stamboliyski Blvd., Mall of Sofia, floor 3 (map A2) cell: 0886 666 029 53,Todor Kableshkov Blvd. (map back) cell: 0884 990 914 36, Bogatitsa Str. (map B9) cell: 0888 181 068 12-14, P.Slaveykov Blvd. cell: 0884 990 919 6, Jawaharlal Nehru Blvd. cell: 0884 805050 Paradise Center (map back) 100, Cherni vrah Blvd. cell: 0882 999 004

Die alte Lampe s


2, Kotel Str. (map A8) & 02 964 03 86, cell: 0885 63 53 23 Open: 11.00-24.00 All credit cards accepted.

Niky Beerhouse

s 16, Neofit Rilski Str. (map B4) & 02 851 19 15 open: 12.00-24.00 A real green paradise in the center of Sofia. A great variety of Bulgarian cuisine, wines and draft beers. Perfect place for any occasion.

21, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. Phone: 02 944 39 15 02 946 34 90 Typical Bulgarian Cuisine Open: 11.30 - 24.00 Seven days a week

bars & restaurants 39

40 bars & restaurants Bulgarian


ss 71, Dondukov Blvd. (map D3) & 02 843 54 19, cell: 0887 45 50 50 Open: 12.00-24.00 One of the most authentic Bulgarian restaurants offers a unique ambience of original photographs and paintings documenting Bulgarian his Open: 12.00-24.00 One of the most authentic Bulgarian restaurants offers a unique ambience of original photographs and paintings documenting Bulgarian history. Culinary temptations for every palate and substantial wine list. Beautiful summer garden.

40, Pozitano Str.(map B3) s & 02 471 65 77 cell: 0894 312 131 Open: 10.00-02.00 Tavern in the heart of Sofia, where you can enjoy traditional Bulgarian dishes to indulge in bit atmosphere of the background of our folk music. Here you will found comfort, excellent menu and first class service.

Pod Lipite /Under the Linden-Trees/

Lozenets Distr. (map E7) 1, Elin Pelin Str. & 02 866 50 53 02 866 50 59 Open: 12.00-01.00 Should you wish to combine an all-in-one tasting of typical Bulgarian dishes and sensing the artistic spirit of Old Sofia, book a table at this place. An authentic folklore programme every evening.

NDK - Prono ss 1, Bulgaria Blvd. (map B6) Open every day: 12.00 - 00.00 & +359 2 9 630 308 cell: +359 885 630 308 e-mail: Restaurant Chevermeto combines authentic atmosphere, dishes prepared according to old receipts and a folklore show. Every evening a whole lamb is roasted on fire as “cheverme�, where the name of the restaurant comes from. If you want to try all these take your friends and bring them to Chevermeto, the way it is done by ministers, presidents, royalties and celebrities.

Fast Food


KFC Arena Mladost Business Park, Mladost 4 area, 2 fl. /food court/

ss 21, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. (map F4) & 02 944 39 15 cell: 0888 609 602 Open: 11.30-24.00 The fairly small, but emblematic restaurant has been in that exact spot for 10 years now. An extensive menu of hearty food to suit all tastes.


Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)


KFC Garibaldi Garibaldi Sq., 2, Angel Kanchev Str. KFC Stamboliyski 28, Alexandar Stamboliyski Blvd.

KFC Lavov Most Lavov Most Sq., 172, Slivnitsa Blvd. KFC Lyulin Lyulin 7 area, Dzhavaharlal Neru Blvd. KFC CCS Arsenalski Blvd., City Center Sofia, 3 fl.

KFC Saharov Mladost 1 area, 25, Andrey Saharov Blvd. KFC Serdika Center 48, Sitnyakovo Blvd., Serdika Center, 2 fl. KFC The Mall 115, Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., The Mall, food court

bars & restaurants 41

42 bars & restaurants Fish Restaurants

100, James Bourchier Blvd.(map C8) ss (Kempinski Hotel Zografski Sofia) cell: 0882 999 001 Open:11.00-24.00 An unique approach to the modern fish-orientated cuisine.

THE ORIGINAL GREEK RESTAURANT IN SOFIA 31 Rezbarska Str. (map G2) ss phone: 02 400 55 44 cell: 0879 168 608 For all of you who love the scent of Mediterranean cuisine restaurant “Maslinata”/The Olive/ hospitably opened doors every day to offer you an unforgettable culinary experience.

La Vitta e Bella

ss 6, Stara Planina Str. (map E2, Best Western Plus City Hotel Sofia) & 02 989 70 07 Open:12.00-23.00 La Vita è Bella is the restaurant of the capital Best Western Plus City Hotel. The interior is in the spirit of radiant, relaxed and cozy Italian atmosphere and in the warm season the garden outside is like a small Italian city oasis in old Sofia. Great food, great wines and hearty welcoming – this is what clients here receive. The heart and soul of the restaurant, as you know, is the chef. For one year this is Martin Petrov – young, but experienced professional, passionately dedicated to his work and deeply in love with the unique Italian gastronomy.




CARUSO Restaurant

Lozenets Distr. 56, Tsvetna Gradina Str. (map B8) & 02 865 02 16 cell 0884 939 100 Open: Every day 11:00-24:00 Indian and Nepali cuisine. Dishes from all over Asia. Nice and cozy place. Easy to find, 2 minutes from NDK, with a range of hotels around - Kempinski, Hilton, Hemus, Lozenets, Apartment House Lozenets, California, 7 Hills, Greenville... Parking. Wi-Fi zone. Delivery 11.30-22.00

ss 32, Layosh Koshut Str. (map A4) &02 9800570 cell: 0897 546 604 e-mail: For the first time we have managed to match the original Italian gastronomy and the authentic products with prices that everybody can afford. Caruso - the Italian pizzeria-restaurant for everybody.

LE MUSE Restaurant


44, William Gladstone Str. (map C4) & 02 9862020 cell: 0898 390 103 e-mail: The great tradition of the Italian gastronomy just a few steps from Vitosha. The dishes are served together with our exceptional wines in an elegant and original atmosphere…Try it to believe it.



96, G. S. Rakovski Str. (map D3) cell: 0882 999 012 The Mall, 115, Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. (map back) cell: 0882 999 013 100, James Bourchier Blvd.(map C8) Kempinski Hotel Zografski Sofia cell: 0884 80 40 40, 0700 19190


bars & restaurants 43

44 bars & restaurants Korean Restaurant YUN

s Izgrev Distr., 34, Elemag Str. (map G9) & 02 963 03 65 Open: Every day 12.00-11.00 Karaoke with Korean, Japanese and English music. Reservations after 6.00pm

Local and International RESTAURANT AQUARIUM

Aquarium s 17, Denkoglu Str. (map B3) For reservations cell: 0882 484 599 Aquarium Restaurant is designed in an unusual and not very typical for Sofia, style, with very interesting interior solutions. This unique design is combined with diverse choice of foods from the Mediterranean and European cuisine. Dishes are prepared from high quality fresh products, following the rules of most elaborate culinary traditions. Plana Restaurant 85, Inzh. Ivan Ivanov Blvd. (map back) & +359 2 920 03 90 The restaurant has cozy atmosphere, excellent service and varied cuisine. The garden, with its freshness and exotic is a perfect place for a nice lunch or dinner, business meetings and organization of cocktails.

Pizza Lozenets Distr. 38 a, Cherni Vrah Blvd. 02 868 83 78 0888 297 457 3, Verila Str. / Vitosha Blvd. opposite NDK/

02 988 82 58 0888 297 454 3, Vasil Levski Blvd. 02 988 20 24 0888 297 454 49 B, Bulgaria Blvd. Home delivery:

0700 44 777

Only with us pizzas from original Italian receipes.


The House

ss 4, Verila Str. (map B5) & 02 952 08 30, 02 951 57 60 cell: 0888 800 376 Open: 12.00-24.00 No matter which of the main dining areas you sit in at this friendly and comfy house, you’ll receive amiable service and variety of tasty treats.

Outskirts Boats Restaurant s 231, Samokovsko Shose Str. (map back) For reservations: 0888 000 052 Open: 10.00-22.00 The Boats Restaurant on the Lake of Pancharevo brings the rich local flavors and seasonality to the menu and your table, and for this reason, the menu changes based on what is currently in season. Open daily for lunch and dinner, this cozy spot is found only 10 km away from the central part of Sofia. This delicious delight brings the eclectic tastes of both food and entertainment to you in the form of boating and walking with water wheel in the lake. After your walk stop by and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that this place has to offer.

Dragalevtsi District (map back) ss & 02 967 10 58, fax: 02 967 50 07 Open: 12.00-24.00 One of the top ranked restaurants due to its magnificent scenery. During the winter months 2 fireplaces illuminate the stone walls. The impression of the programme show can be multiplied by tasting traditional Bulgarian specialities and splash them with the excellent rakia and wine. Reservations by all means.

ss 83, Samokovsko Shose Str. (map back) & 02 992 11 11 Open: 12.00-24.00 Situated on the very shore of the Pancharevo lake. 2 halls and splendid garden, whose Mediterranean style and natural beauty make the atmosphere really romantic. Seafood delights, as well as a rich collection of selected beverage.


Restaurant POD LIPITE

1, Elin Pelin Str. phone: 02/ 866 50 53 02/ 866 50 59 cell: 0886 80 12 27


Hurem Sultan Restaurant Borovo Distr.8,Razgrad Str. (map back) ss Open:12.00-24.00 For reservations: 0879976676 (02) 8583690 The genuine Turkish restaurant Hurrem Sultan (Hurrem Sultan) is named after the most powerful woman in the history of Turkey. The restaurant is tucked away in a quiet location in Borovo quarter - between Bulgaria Blvd. and Gotse Delchev Blvd. The menu offers traditional Turkish cuisine prepared by master chefs from Istanbul. There are several lounges, located on 2 floors and outdoor (summer) and indoor (winter) gardens. The decor and atmosphere are from the end of the XIX century. The place is in its own way romantic and the food is extremely tasty and with high quality.

Nikol Restaurant 77, Alexandar Malinov Blvd.(map back) Princess Outlet Center, fl. 2 For reservations: & 02 884 00 42 Facebook: Turkish Restaurant Nikol


34, Yuri Venelin Str. (map E5) ss For reservations: & 02 989 12 12 Cell: 0896 79 49 62 T&M restaurant has been serving turkish traditional food in a historical atmosphere at the center of Sofia since 2000. We introduce delicious tastes of fabulous turkish cuisine with the best service without any compromise of our quality. We provide 100% customer satisfaction with our experienced staff and Turkish hospitality.

ss 90, Bukston Blvd. (map back) & 02 855 11 00 Cell: 0878 155070 Open: 10:00-24:00 Two halls inside and a summer garden, own parking. Situated at the foot of the Vitosha Mountains, TURQUOISE is here to welcome you with the famous Turkish hospitality. Delicious and authentic Turkish cuisine in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere and all this combined with excellent service – it’s everything that you have dreamt for. Come and be our guests, but don’t forget to make a reservation – we get easily full!

46 bars & restaurants

Our Proposal for Fruitcake Recipe for - 16 servings -6 Eggs; -0.300g sugar; -0.200g flour; -0.500g Butter; -0.350g Castor sugar; -0.500g Jam choice /seasonal fruits;/ -0.300g gelatin Preparation time - 1 hour 40 min

bars & restaurants 47



Strelbishte Distr. 13, Chervena Rosa Str. /corner125 Nishava Str. / cell: 0897 87 47 94 Mon. - Fri: 10.30 - 19.00, Sat. 10.30 - 17.00 The Company store “Bulgarian Rose” - Karlovo -offers producer prices.The oldest and most authentic manufacturer of 100% natural rose oil rose water and cosmetic products on that basis.National Bulgarian souvenirs, rose brandy and honey of roses.

Mall of Sofia,101, Al Stamboliyski Blvd. KENSOL STORE - 96, Vitosha Blvd. KENSOL STORE Sky City Shopping Mall, 52, Kosta Lulchev Str. KENSOL OUTLET - 1, Makedonia Square

MALLS The Mall

Piccadilly is a chain of supermarkets with more

than 10 key locations in Sofia. Excellent and varied selection of grocery, fresh fruits & vegetables, bakery produce, fresh meat, fresh fish and seafood, bio products and counters for freshly cooked meals to take home. At most locations there are special service facilities – banks, cafes, pharmacies. Very popular with local expats. Usually open 08:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. www.piccadilly. com

115, Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. Situated on 66,000 square metres THE MALL is the largest shopping centre in Bulgaria with 178 stores featuring international brands, a 9000 sq meters Carrefour hypermarket, the ten screen Arena Cinema, various entertainment venues, a fitness centre, restaurants and cafes. This combination of world famous brands, services and places of recreation and entertainment makes THE MALL an exciting place to shop.


Over 25,000 appliances and accessories for home, office and car • Free Delivery • Free parking • Ability to purchase on credit National consumer phone 0700 12340 See map back: Mladost 4, 265, Okolovrastno Shose Piccadilly City Center Sofia - 2, Arsenalski Blvd. (opposite The Bells) Piccadilly Mall of Sofia - 101, Al. Stamboliiski Blvd. & 02 921 11 11 Piccadilly Serdika Center - 48, Sitniakovo Blvd. Lulin 8, Tsaritsa Joanna (the metro station Lulin) Piccadilly Koziak - 21A, Koziak Str. & 02 921 00 92 Piccadilly Izgrev - Izgrev, 30, Elemag Str. Piccadilly Sopharma - 5, Lachezar Stanchev Str., Nadezhda, near overpass Nadezhda & 02 803 59 99 Sopharma Business Towers Serdika Mall - 48, Sitnyakovo Blvd., 1st floor Piccadilly TZUM - 2, Maria Luisa Blvd., TZUM & 02 892 79 27 Piccadilly Strelbishte The Mall - 115, Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., Ground Strelbishte Neighbourhood, Petko Todorov Blvd. Floor Piccadilly Jerusalem - Mladost 1, 22, Jerusalem Str. & 02 807 64 64 Piccadilly NDK - 1, Bulgaria Blvd. Bulgaria Mall - 69, Bulgaria Blvd. Piccadilly Nadejda Overbridge & 02 903 59 59 21, Istoria Slavyanobalgarska Str. Paradise Center - 100, Cherni Vrah Blvd. Level 1 Piccadilly Solunska - 2, Solunska Str. & 02 446 25 56 Piccadilly Hristo Botev - 117, Hristo Botev Blvd.



Editor’s choice Sofia by night Night are far more attractive than day lights. Are you ready to feel this city, to live in it and love it? Go out and see Sofia dressed up in evening dress. You will be amazed how charming and smart it is, stylish and in high spirits. You will fall in love with this city! Cultural sensations allure admirers with talent and beauty of art. People touch to art and it‘s like an adventure. It’s emotional like temptation. Yes! Because new feelings are always amazing when they are associated with cultural events. The taste is enchanting because the end of every event is like a magic. Most enchanting street is named „Georgi Rakovski”, and its wealth-theaters. Sofia accompanies people tenderly in a hug with beautiful lights. Galleries, concerts or theatres are charming company like a glass of aromatic wine- red or white… You choose. You are a dreamer and you want a quiet evening. Just walk! Even if you don’t count stars, you will feel the magic of the night. Not that from the fairy tales, but this, which unique capital’s lights can give you. You can even smell the scent of this city… Although Sofia is always busy, strict and active, it gives you a hand. It will be listening to you and you tell it what you are feeling. Because you are important for it and everybody, willing to feel it. The night is the best time for that. Shopping is a pleasure and nobody contents this fact! Mmmm … shops and people’s smiles /people who look after us and our beauty/ make us literally more generous than we think we are. And night shopping in streets is relaxing and funny, like a game which you always win… new clothes or souvenirs. Boulevard ”Vitosha” is extremely welcoming to the market adventures in small handmade shops,The Mall Sofia,Mall Bulgaria, Paradise Mall and small handmade shops. Sofia enjoys wild nights. People are unusual, while expecting night events. Discos and bars are places, where your ego really can have fun. And Sofia is conductive! Clubs are comfortable in their own original way. They recharge you with shiver of peppery enthusiasm. It’s inevitably! You will feel it in night Sofia! If one /or two/ extremist live in your soul, then the real fun for you are casinos. Luck loves brave people and Sofia, too. The adrenalin raises more, when it gets dark. Sofia winks at you and wishes you all sides of the dice to be six.

Don’t close your eyes! Love Sofia’s night wind.


Erotic bars


(map C3)

& +359 2 981 36 63, +359 2 981 07 70

Enigma agency 24, Vrabcha Str. every50day: &Open 02 944 70 9PM - 4AM The0898 only 845 and 571, unique FETISH cell: 0887 800 club 184 in Sofia. Every night you can enjoy the company of 20 highly-attractive hottest girls in most pleasant Hight CLASSand - Girls cell: 0887 670 366, 0876 398 552 atmosphere. Do not hesitate and call us - we promise to bring all your fantasies to life!



Bar Road 66

1, Graf Ignatiev Str.

2, Marko Balabanov Str. (map A3)

cell: 0888 13 13 18

cell: 0887 222 028

Facebook: Bar Road 66

Three years ago in Sofia opened the first rock

Strong whiskey, scent of wood and adrenalin lifting rock – that is what wait for you in the new Bar Road 66, inspired from the legendary american highway.

bar. The lack of affected manners, the casual atmosphere and nice music were immediately

The club is at the center of Sofia and it’s a binding

appreciated by foreigners who became a big part

place for true fans - for those who listen blues and

of our regulars. Here hidden talents can shine in a

rock and recognize it not only as a music, but as a

special karaoke hall.

mode of life.


Biad Club

15, Tsar Asen Str.

16, General Y. V. Gurko Str.

cell: 0888 13 13 18

cell: +359 894 300 300

+359 894 300 340

Sports Bar Rocknrolla is located on 15 Tsar Asen

Open: 22.30 - 06.00

Street downtown of Sofia. On the huge 70 and 55

Club BIAD is one of the oldest restaurants in Sofia,

inch screens you can watch your favorite sports

which keeps the memories of several generations.


Today club Biad is an ultra modern club and the preferred place for entertainment of the citizens and guests of the city. Club BIAD organizes various events. The club visit popular Bulgarian folk singers

Once Upon A Time...BIBLIOTEKA 88, Vasil Levski Blvd. /National Library/ cell: +359 892 900 900

and foreign artists

+359 892 900 917 The newest hot spot in downtown, with 300 seats and there are parking places. We expect you from Tuesday till Saturday after

Candy Club 100, James Bourchier Blvd.

(map C8)


(Kempinski Hotel Zografski Sofia) cell: 0884 706 060

JIM BEAM Club Bar & Dinner 33, Vitosha Blvd. cell: +359 890 990 000 The best Bulgarian DJ care for the good mood of the guests with different music - House, R&B, Retro and Dance.

12, Ivan Vazov Str. Takes Reservations: 087 999 3216 Drinks, snacks and very good music Mon - Sat: 22.00 - 4.00



Erotic barS

Efbet Casino Sofia 4, Narodno Sabranie Square (Radisson Hotel BLU) cell. 0888 77 66 55

Princess Sofia 131, Kn. Maria Luiza Blvd. (map C0) (Sofia Princess Hotel), & 02 933 88 88

Princess Rodina 8, Gen. totleben Blvd., & 02 953 25 32

Viva Casino Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan (map C3) & 02 981 57 47, 02 986 35 01, cell: 0893 729 190

4, Vitosha Blvd. (map C3) & +359 2 981 36 63, +359 2 981 07 70 Open every day: 9PM - 4AM The only and unique FETISH club in Sofia. Every night you can enjoy the company of 20 highly attractive and hottest girls in most pleasant atmosphere. Do not hesitate and call us - we promise to bring all your fantasies to life!

ESCORT SERVICES Enigma agency 24, Vrabcha Str. & 02 944 50 70, cell: 0898 845 571, 0887 800 184

Hight - CLASS - Girls cell: 0887 670 366, 0876 398 552

Velvet - Strptease bar 12-14 P. R. Slaveikov Blvd. cell: 0876 391 374 With us! You can do more

CRAZY NIGHT 33, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. (corner with San Stefano Str.) 23.00 - 04.00, Mon - Sat + 359 897 93 66 02


Vasko Vasilev with a concert tour in Bulgaria 30th November – Sofia, National Palace of Culture, Hall 1 - 19pm The virtuoso violinist will devote 7 days to 7 concerts. Vasko Vassilev has planned a series of surprises in connection with his upcoming national tour. A special project with a Grocery chain is among the most provocative thereof, as it is concerns a non-musical and so far unfulfilled dream of the violinist. The participating musicians as well as the repertoire will also be a surprise.

GEORGIAN NATIONAL BALLET SUKHISHVILI 25th November - National Palace of Culture, Hall 1, 20pm The national treasure of Georgia - the Sukhishvili ensemble – was established in the far-away 1945. In 1967, Sukhishvili set a record at the La Scala, which is still unprecedented in the history of the hall – the audience called the dancers for an encore a total of 14 times. In 1988, the dance show of the formation was declared to be the best show on Broadway. Sukhishvili have received invitations for concerts at the largest and most prestigious halls and theaters, to name but a few: Bolshoy Theater (Moscow), La Scala (Milan), The Royal Albert Hall (London), the Zarzuela (Madrid), Pleyel Concert Hall (Paris), Kennedy Center (Washington, D.C.), Metropolitan Opera (New York), Madison Square Garden (New York), etc. The world’s leading media follow closely the tours of the great Sukhishvili, and their admiration for the performances is such that it is hard to put into words.


BOYARS OF THE DANCE - JUBILEE SHOW 20 JEARS ENSEMBLE “CHINARy” 26th November 2013, at National Palace of Culture, Hall 1 - 19pm Assen Pavlov - chief art director and choreograph of the ensemble, represents a new scale production – „BOYARS OF THE DANCE“. Together with the choreograph Anatolii Klochkov they are telling a legend of the great Bulgarians and their mystical secrets, combining ancient traditions with the modern show spectacle criteria. The public will enjoy the spectacular and ancient costumes; lightning effects end pyrotechnics, in combination with the enchanting music of the Group “Bulgara”. Dynamic, color, perfection, represented by the masters of the Bulgarian dance - Ensemble “CHINARY”.

Kinomania 2013 14th November 2013 to 28th November 2013, 11:00, National Palace of Culture - Hall 1, Lumière, Sofia, Bulgaria This year the Kinomania festival will delight its loyal fans for the 28th time. The magic of some of the most attractive and valuable movies from the Bulgarian and world movie scene will conquer us between 14th and 28th November 2013. The organizers from the NDK will show again the best of the world movie scene with over 50 titles /movies/, divided into the sections “Children`s movies”, “French movies festival”, „Culinary cinema“, „Festival of the festivals” and „Classic pleasures“. The program includes also a new module – “Life like in a movie” to present biographical movies. A special place in the selection is dedicated to Robert de Niro on occasion of his 70th anniversary, as well to the work of the great Federico Fellini.

56 CULTURE Galleries

37, Tsar Samuil Str. (map B4) cell: 0898 669 120 Mon – Fri: 10.00 - 19.00 Sat: 11.00 - 18.00

Finesse Gallery 17, Hristo Belchev Str. (map C4) & 02 986 25 90 cell: 0887 853 285 Tue – Sat: 11.00 - 19.00 Nomad African Art Gallery

Art House The Dolls 19, Tsar Asen Str. cell: +359 888 720 610 Mon-Sat: 10.30 -19.30

34, Tzar Samuil Str. cell: 0888 86 09 34 & 02 893 45 63 45 e-mail:

Art shop-Gallery Mili Art 14, Hristo Botev Blvd. & 02/ 476 76 4, cell: 0877 22 00 80; 0876 00 24 04

Classica Gallery-Museum 32, Yuriy Venelin Str. (map E5) & 02 988 24 72 Sun – Mon: 12.00 - 20.00

100, G.S. Rakovski Str. (map D3) /Corner with Aksakov Str./ & + 359 2 980 62 77 cell: + 359 89 662 11 12 Mon – Fri: 10.30 - 18.30, Sat: 11.00 - 15.00 Fine Art and Antiques, Collectables, Antique Furniture

Nomad Gallery 2, 6-ti septemvri Str. (map D4) cell: +359 882 487 308 Wed - Fri 2pm-7pm; Sat - Sun 12pm-7pm or by appointment: +359 888 259 272

Seasons Gallery A, Krakra Str. (map F3) & 946 30 56 Mon – Fri: 10.00 - 19.00 e-mail:

The Gallery 3, Lege Str. (map C3) cell: 0894 34 17 24 Mon – Sat: 11.00 - 19.00

8, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. (map D3) cell: +359 877 975 000 +359 877 972 000 Mon - Sun: 10.00 - 19.00

CULTURE 57 Palette Absinthe Aquarelle Gallery On October 26th Absinthe Gallery celebrated its 1st anniversary. From 15th November till 30th November - Exhibition by Ivan Stratiev and Atanas Gadzhev - aquarelle and ceramics

Art House The Dolls

Absinthe Gallery

Besides collectible dolls, the art house The Dolls will look at unique original dolls, paintings, lamps, sculptures

Bayta Art shop In Bayta Art shop you will find unique handmade jewelry, paintings, scarfs, dolls and toys from fabric

Classic Gallery From 5th November - Exhibition by Svetlin Stoev 9th November, 18.30 – Presentation of the poet Svetla Guncheva – Burgas 16th November, 18.30 – Presentation of the poet Rashel Levi – Sofia 22nd November, 18.30 – Movie premiere My street by Rozalina Popova 25th November, 18.30 - Exhibition by Petko Zadgorski – painting

Europe Gallery

Crystal Gallery Fine Art and Antiques, Collectables, Antique Furniture

Europe Gallery

From 6th November till 1st December - Exhibition by Tsvetan Lazarov - paintings

Seasons Gallery

Finesse Gallery From 23th October till 9th November EXHIBITION “Elegance and Style at Home” interior items IX-XXv. 40 items of porcelain, glass, silver and bronze.

MILI ART Gallery Paintings, Graphics, Art ceramic, Glass, Applied art

Nomad Gallery Sofia’s unique African Art gallery offers exquisite pieces of art, jewelry and home decor hand-made throughout West Africa and the Sahel.

Seasons Gallery

Nomad Gallery

From 20th October till 12th November – Exhibition by Lilyana Dicheva – Compassion for people From 14th November till 18th November - Exhibition 10 years Atelier Fairy World From 19th Novemer till 24th November - Collection by LukaBekyarov From 25th November till 1st December – Christmas exhibition

The Gallery Permanent original exhibition by contemporary Bulgarian artists

Mili Art Gallery

58 CULTURE Culture Centers - Programme Goethe-Institut 7th November 2013, 6.30 pm, Goethe-Institut – VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY OR ICONOLOGY, Lecture of Prof. Hans Belting, Arts and Media Technology Center Karlsruhe Budapesta-Str. 1 1000 Sofia Bulgaria & +359 2 939 0100, 0101 fax +359 2 939 0199 mail:

8th November 2013, 11am - 1pm, Goethe-Institut – VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY, round table discussion 8th November 2013, 5pm - 8 pm, Goethe-Institut – VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY, exhibition presentation and panel discussion

Polish Institute in Sofia 12, Veslets Str. & +359 2 981 09 07 Fax +359 2 981 57 44 Twitter: @PLISofia Web: FB:

18.11.2013 – 30.01.2014 Exhibition „Contemporary narratives. Polish textile from the collection of the Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz” Openning on the 18th of October, 6 p.m. with the participation of the curator – Malgorzata Wroblewska-Markiewicz. Gallery of the Polish Institute in Sofia Free entry

CULTURE 59 CORO DI VERONA & KALUDI KALUDOV - SOFIA November 19th, National Palace of Culture, Hall 1, 19pm CORO DI VERONA and Kaludi Kaludov will perform part of the masterpieces of Verdi which a century and a half of their creation are absolutely authentic, unchanged and in the usual opera repertoire. Verona with its famous Antique Arena will show its beauty and power for the first time in Bulgaria with over 150 artists on the stage.


Kaludi Kaludov

Ballet “Arabesque” and “Carmen collection” on the stage of Music theatre “Carmen collection” is very impressive performance by Boryana Sechanova with an unexpected and bold decision of the image of Carmen. Passionate and aggressive play, dressed in flashy suits the artist Nikolina Kostova Bogdanova, amid the fascinating music of Peter Dundakov, great variation of music by Bizet and incredible original composition Tickets are available on the desk of Music theatre

60 CULTURE Programme

National Music & Ballet Center - Sofia

1st, 2nd – SLUZHBOGONTSI – dedicated to 100 years anniversary of Parashkev Hadzhiev- Premiere 6th - CHICAGO – musical 7th, 22nd - THE CSARDAS QUEEN – operetta by Imre Kalman 8th – ALADIN 9th, 11.00 – ALADIN 9th, 23rd - SLUZHBOGONTSI – dedicated to 100 years anniversary of Parashkev 15th - ONE NIGHT IN VENICE – operetta by Strauss 16th - BULGARIAN FROM OLDEN TIMES – Operetta by Karastoyanov 21st - THE MERRY WIDOW - Operetta by Lehar 28th - THE GIPSY BARON – operetta by Johan Strauss 29th - THE BAT – operetta by Strauss 30th - FROM VIENNA TO BROADWAY - special guest Bilyana Saldo /Beograde opera soloist /

100, Vasil Levski Blvd. & 02 943 19 79 Arabesk Ballet 14th, 27th – VIVA LA CLASICA – Premiere THE SWAN LAKE DON KIHOT BAYADERKA

Theatre Bulgarian Army The plays begin at 19.00 1st, 21st - A TEACHER’S NOTIONS ABOUT UNIVERSAL EDUCATION by Kamen Donev 2nd - THE LEGACY OF A CHASTE WOMANIZER by Anatoliy Krim 3rd - VRAZHALETS by Kostov – guest theatre Melpomena 5th – LAST STATION by Boychev – guest theatre Dobrich 6th, 24th - SCISSORS KILLER by Jordan and Abrams 7th, 27th - SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK’N’ROLL by Bogosiyan 8th, 19.30 - FINAL ORDERS by Krim – scene-club Maxim 9th, 23th - LET’S WAG THE DOGS by Atanasov 10th - CHRISTENING by Donev 12th, 29th - ROMEO AND JULIETTE by Shakespeare 13th, 19th - THE IRON CRESSET by Dimitar Talev 14th, 20th - DEKAMERON by Bokaco 15th - A TEACHER’S NOTIONS ABOUT THE FTHE FOLK ART by Kamen Donev 16th - THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST by Wilde 17th – GOLEMANOV by Kostov– guest theatre Melpomena

98, Rakovski Str. & 02 987 23 03

22nd - much ado about nothing by Shakespeare 28th - EVGENIY ONEGIN by Poushkin 30th - MARRIAGE – guest - thetre Plovdiv

National academy for theatre and film arts Krastyo Sarafov Drama Training Theatre 108 A, G. S. Rakovski Str. & 02 9231 303

GRAND HALL Starts at 19.00 h 08th, 14th,26th - Rehearsing Pirandello 09th - The Good Doctor by Neil Simon 15th - ILLUSION by Pierre Corneille 22th, 29th - premiere Lord of the Flies by Nigel Williams 23th - THE 13TH by Iliev and Kirilov STAGE 47

Starts at 19.30 h 05th, 14th - unnatural selection - autor and director Boris Mitkov 20th - Evening class of Prof. Atanas Atanasov 28th, 30th - Premiere philistine wedding by Bertolt Brecht 2nd, 9th - OPAKOMETAMORFOZI by Valeri Petrov

A 610

Starts at 20.00 h 12th - evening class Aleksandra Hong

Puppet training theatre 02th, 09th - Two princesses autor and director Slavcho Malenov 05th, 28th - theatral exhibition autors and directors Rachev and Georgieva 16th, 22th -Premiere music in my ARMs autor and director Dora Ruskova 26th, 30th - Premiere CINEMA theatre Bulgaran

CULTURE 61 Programme Sofia Puppet Theatre

14, Gen. Gurko Str. 02 988 54 16 19, Yanko Sakazov 02 944 14 24 Hall Gurko 14 1st, 19.00 – The Storm - Premiere 2nd, 10.30, 12.00, – Goldy – The Golden Girl 2nd, 16,30 - we sparrows 3rd, 10.30, 12.00 PUSS IN BOOTS 7th, 19.00 - Zhivak 8th, 9.30, 11.00, 15.00 - Dwarf Longnose 9th, 10.30, 12.00 - Dwarf Longnose 10th, 10.30, 12.00 - Dwarf Longnose 14th, 19.00 - Holy /performance for adults french/ 16th, 10.30, 12.00 - The Tale of the Priest and his Servant Glupan 16th, 16.30 - The Tale of the Elves 17th, 10.30, 12.00 - Mowgli 21st, 19.00 - Zhivak 23rd, 10.30, 12.00 - Borizmeyko 23rd, 16.30 Vampire Bride

24th, 10.30, 12.00 - Peter Pan 28th, 19.00 - Stories from the barrel 30th, 10.30, 12.00 - One Little Fairytale Town 30th, 16.30 - Tale of Wandering King Hall Yanko Sakazov 19 2nd, 10.30, 12.00 - The Tale of the Elves 3rd, 10.30, 12.00 - Snow White 9th, 10.30, 12.00 - where are you going horse 10th, 10.30, 12.00 - Goldy - The Golden Girl 16th, 10.30, 12.00 - The Little Fruits 17th, 10.30, 12.00 - The princesses and the Dragon 23rd, 10.30, 12.00 - One Little Fairytale Town 24th, 10.30, 12.00 - ALADIN 30th, 10.30, 12.00,18 - Christmas tree- Premiere

Theatre Vazrajdane 2nd, 11.00, 12.30 - SNOW-WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARVES by Hristo Botev after Brothers Grimm 2nd, 19.00 - THREE TERRIFIED MINIATURES 3rd, 11.00, 12.30 - THE LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD after Charles Perrault by Keva Apostolova 3rd, 22nd, 19.00 - THE LAST FREDDIE MERCURY’S SECRET 5th, 30th, 19.00 - ALLO ‘ALLO! by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft 7th, 21st, 19.00 - THE NOTES OF A MAD - guest theatre 8th, 19.00 - THE MISUNDERSTOOD CIVILIZATION by Dobri Voynikov 9th, 23rd, 30th, 11.00, 12.30 – SLEEPING BEAUTY 9th, 19.00 - THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE 9th, 11.00, 12.30 - the dwarf longnose 10th, 11.00, 12.30 - MAX AND MORITZ by Hristo Botev after W. Bush 10th, 19.00 - CLOSER by Patrick Marber 12th, 24th, 19.00 - SHERLOCK HOLMES AND A GHOST FOR A COMPANY 15th, 19.00 - MOUSETRAP by Agatha Christie 16th, 11.00, 12.30 - GRANDMA’S CAKE by V. Mirchovski 16th, 19.00 - SWINDLERS (CON MEN) by Zvonimir Basic 17th, 30th, 11.00, 12.30 - THE DWARF LONGNOSE 17th, 19.00 - I DON’T KNOW YOU ANY MORE 19th, 19.00 - ROBIN – guest performance 23rd, 19.00 - QUARTET FOR TWO by A. Krim 24th, 11.00, 12.30 - PUSS IN BOOTS after Charles Perrault and Brothers Grimm by Nina Stoycheva

4, P. R. Slaveykov Sq. & 02 987 24 31 SHERLOCK HOLMES AND A GHOST FOR A COMPANY

26th, 19.00 - TABOO 29th, 19.00 - THE DUEL – by Ivan Vazov

In Theatre Vazrajdane each last Sunday of the month you can enjoy a 50% discount on the tickets for our 7-pm performances!

62 CULTURE Programme Satire Theatre Aleko Konstantinov SCENE SHTASTLIVETSA

1st - NEVER DO IT WITH A LAWYER /CENTRAL PARK WEST/ by Woody Allen 2nd - MY CENTURY by Michael Lorans 3rd, 18th - DINNER FOR FOOLS by Weber 4th, 29th - ART by Yasmin Reza 6th - A SMALL RADIO solo with Maya Novoselska 7th, 21st – THE GOLDEN CALF by Dachev 8th, 26th - THAT THING by Hristo Boichev 9th - THE HEARTBREAKER /DON JUAN FROM SOHO/ by Marber 10th - ROMAN BATH by Stratiev 11th, 25th - EVRYBODY IN BED by Peter Quilter 12th - CRAZY FAMILY by Rey Kuny 13th, 23rd - GRASSHOPPER by Kostov 14th, 27th - SPINACH WITH POTATOES by Z. Egreshi 15th - THE INFIDELITY’S BEAUTY by V. Krasnogorov 16th – THE OPERATION by Ivo Siromahov – Prepremiere 17th - THE OPERATION by Ivo Siromahov – Premiere 20th – THE PERISHER by Weber guest theatre Pernik 22nd - LOVE BY SCHEDULE by Mark Kamoletti 24th - ONE MORE TIME FROM BEHIND by Frane 30th - THE OPERATION by Ivo Siromahov PUMPKIN

Photo by Simon Varsano

26, Stefan Karadzha Str. & 02 988 10 60

KAMERNA SCENE METODI ANDONOV 1st, 15th, 30th - DUST IN THE EYES by Shpiro 3rd, 22nd - THE VILLAGE MAYOR’S SPEACH by Leonidov 6th, 12th, 23rd - PUMPKIN by Urumov

Pumpkin is a funny and touching story of a lovelorn young man. And as colder and more indifferent the beauty is, the more is the hero in love. The only fear of the young man is to not lose the closeness to this perfect creature which makes him suffer and charges him with inspiration. And the harmless and undemanding delicious pumpkin has its place in this dilemma. Because precisely through his virtuoso culinary skills the hero finds a way to his beauty. In this story a minutes are emotional messages, the Baisier crime is overflowed with feelings, the roasted pumpkins an emotional bouquet filled with chestnuts, raisins and hope, and Boeuf Stroganoff is merely a front and even brutal marriage proposal.

Youth Theatre Nikolay Binev 8-10, Knyaz Dondukov & 02 939 40 59 02 988 17 53

BIG HALL 2nd, 24th, 30th, 11.00 - THE SLEEPING BEAUTY 3rd, 16th, 11.00 - LITTLE MOUK 5th, 14th, 19.00 - ALMOST PERFORMANCE 6th,19.00 - Caucasian Chalk Circle 10th, 23th, 11.00 - KARLSON 11th, 19.00 - ROMEO AND JULIETTE 12th, 26th, 19.00 - The hour of wolves 13th, 21st, 27th, 19.00 - Some Like It ... 15th, 28th, 19.00 - BEAUTIFUL BODIES 17th, 11.00 - THE TREASURE ISLAND european theatre night 19th, 19.00 - AN AIRPORT 20th, 19.00 - awesome guys 22nd, 29th, 19.00 - MISTER BALKANSKI

LITTLE /KAMERNA/ HALL 1st, 28th, 19.00 - LOVE AND MONEY 5th, 19.00 – THE CHAIR 6th, 19.00 - walled 12nd, 26th, 19.00 - THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD 14th, 30th, 19.00 - LOVE SONG 15th, 27nd, 19.00 – LA 16th, 19.00 - NORDOST – story about destruction, european theatre night 23th, 19.00 – FRIDA

CULTURE 63 Youth Theatre Nikolay Binev

premiere “Some Like It ...”

The new premiere “Some Like It ...” is a musical based on the film of Billy Wilder “Some Like It Hot” and combines swing and jazz music, dance and a lot of humor. The director Vencislav Asenov, master of children’s performances in our theater, is author of the adaptation and the theatrical play, and Maestro Kiril Donchev specially composed the music in the style of the swing era. In the leading roles you will see Lilia Geleva Vladimir Zombori and Gerasim Georgiev - Gero. In times of crisis of all kinds, the only one we cannot afford is a crisis of the spirit, and our characters are suppressing every cry of indignation and skepticism within themselves and in us. Let us leave the “reality” in the cloakroom and readjust our spirit, because the world is a mirror of ourselves!

Sofia Philharmonic

1, Aksakov Str. Ticket Office & 02 987 76 56

64 CULTURE Programme Sofia Opera and Ballet

1, Vrabcha Str. & 02 987 13 66

OPERA - 19.00h. 1st, 2nd – AIDA 3rd 16.00 – AIDA 10th – DON CARLO – celebrating of Kaludi Kaludov 15th, 16th – ANTIGONA, ELECTRA 17th, 16.00 – ANTIGONA, ELECTRA 20th – CONCERT – For Supreme Bar Council 28th, 30th - TRAVIATA 29th, 18.30 – TRAVIATA FOR CHILDREN 1st, 10.00 - THE LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD 2nd, 11.00 - THE MAGIC FLUTE 3rd, 11.00 - GRUMPY GOAT 8th, 29th, 10.00 – HENZEL AND GRETEL 9th, 10th, 30th, 11.00 - HENZEL AND GRETEL



CULTURE 65 Museums Archaelogical Museum

Permanent and temporally exhibitions at: Prehistory Hall, Vault, Central Hall, Middle Ages Hall. The famous Vulchitrun gold treasure is among the most precious exhibits in Bulgaria’s oldest museum.

2, Saborna Str. (next to the Bulgarian Nat. Bank) & 02 988 24 06 Open: Tue-Sun, 10.00-17.00 Admission: 10 leva

4, Cherni Vrah Blvd. & 02 865 66 39 Unique mineralogical museum keeping more than Open: Tue-Sat, 10.00-18.00 20 000 samples collected all over the world. Admission: 2 leva

Earth and Man National Museum

National Art Gallery The National Art Gallery is housed in the former Prince’s Palace at the Kniaz Alexander Battenberg Square in the capital. Today it is in possession of the largest collection of pictorial art in the country.

1, Knyaz Al. Batenberg Sq. & 02 980 00 93 Open: Tue-Sun, 10.00-18.00 Admission: 6 leva

Boyana, 16, Vitoshko Lale Str. (Residence Boyana, Palace 1) Museum contents more than 650 000 exhibits and is & 02 955 42 80 one of the largest history museums on the Balkans. Amazing recent Thracian gold discoveries. Open: Mon-Sun, 09.30 -18.00 Admission: 10 leva

National History Museum

National historical-archaelogical church museum Museum contents more than 11 000 shrines and Square Sveta Nedelya historical monuments such as icons, prints, carvings, & 02 989 01 15 02 988 39 50 books, liturgical utensils, models of ancient churches, photo albums temples and manuscripts of bishops Open: Mon-Sun 09.00 - 17.00 and leaders, including Exarch Antim I, Exarch Joseph I, Metr. Clement of Tarnovo, Neophyte Bozveli and etc.

Sofia City Art Gallery The gallery possesses some of the richest collections in Bulgaria: 8000 works of art by Bulgarian artists from the end of the 19th century till present.

1, Gen. Y. V. Gurko Str. (Entr. from Kn. Al. Batenberg Str.) & 02 987 21 81, Open: Tue-Sat 10.00-19.00 Sun 11.00-18.00 Free Entrance

National Museum of Natural History - BAS

1, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. (near the Russian Church) & 02 987 41 95 Open: Mon–Sun, 10.00-18.00 Admission: 4 leva

National Military - History Museum

92, Cherkovna Str. & 02 2 946 18 05 mail: Open: Wed-Sun, 10.00-18.00

Museum of the Socialist Art

Izgrev Distr. 7, Lachezar Stanchev Str. & 02 902 18 02 Open: 10.00-17.30

National Polytechnic Museum

66, Opalchenska Str. & 02 931 80 18 Open: Mon-Fri, 09.00-17.00

The richest museum of natural history on the Balkans. Over a million specimens of animals, plants and minerals.

The richest Bulgarian state collections of weapons, uniforms, insignia, flags, military seals, photographs.

is the first institution in Bulgaria in order to collect, preserve and present examples of Bulgarian art created during the period 1944 - 1989, the thematically related to the era of socialism.

Permanent expositions: watches, safety lamps, surveying equipment, physical appliances, automobiles, communication equipment, communication equipment

66 Useful Numbers Airline Companies

Car Rentals

5, Angel Kanchev Str. (map C4) & 02 980 22 12 Luggage and Flying Blue claims: fax: 029 800 865 Ticketing desk at the airport: & 02 937 32 11

53, Nikola Vaptsarov (map back) & 02 439 02 22/ 23 fax: 02 439 12 25 e-mail: Sofia Airport: & 029 459 217

& 02 402 04 00 e-mail: For sales and reservations: & 02 402 04 05, 02 402 04 06 e-mail: Internet reservation: 02 402 04 61 e-mail:

Mladost-1 25 Distr. Entrance B, Office 1 Near to The Mall on Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. & 02 423 57 98 cell: 0896 68 68 51 0896 68 68 49 e-mail:

Emergency Number Single European Emergency Call Number: &112

Info Center For reservations & ticketing: Office - 14, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. Landmark Centre Sofia, Office 01-14 Phone: 00 359 2 947 4006 / 00 359 2947 4007 Fax: 00 359 2 9804151 E-mail: Working Hours: Weekdays: 09:00-17:30 Airport - Terminal 2 1, Bruksel Blvd. Departure Hall Phone: 00 359 2 9373121 Fax: 00359 2 945 91 45 Email:

Bus Lines 138, Vasil Levski Blvd. (map E1) &/fax: 02 945 39 39 100, Knyaginya Maria Luiza Blvd. (map C0) & 028 133 100, 028 133 101


100, Knyaginya Maria Luiza Blvd. (map C0) & 0900 21 000

Underpass of St. Kliment Ohridski Univercity of Sofia and Metrostation St. Kliment Ohridski Open: Mon - Fri 9.30 - 18.30 & 02 491 83 44/ 45

Language Courses


through English call A.D.D. 0877 66 08 11 e-mail: facebook: Antoaneta Dimitrova

Lost Properties On plane – at information desk to the air company At the airport – information desk in terminal or security & 02 937 35 54, 02 937 35 55 On the public transport – office Vazrazhdane, small hall - & 02 987 334 6 (7-20h), Vazrazhdane sq. On train – at Central railway station, & 02 932 30 42 In a taxi – contact with taxi company

Useful Numbers 67 Diplomatic Missions ONE TO ONE BULGARIAN contacts phones Austria 4, Shipka Str. Canadian Honorary Consulate 9, Moskovska Str. Germany 25, Fr. Joliot-Curie Str. Sovereign Order of Malta 92, V. Levski Blvd., fl.2 Netherlands 15, Oborishte Str. United States of America 16, Kozyak Str.

Medical Services City Hospitals & Clinics 127 Okolovrasten pat str., 1407 Sofia Phone: +359 2 960 4949 Reception Phone: 0700 33 900

IMC International Medical Center Family Medicine & Pediatrics; Physiotherapist; Ultrasound, Gynecology, Laboratory; Adults & Children Dental Care; English, French and Russian Speaking Doctors & Staff. Credit cards accepted. 28, N. V. Gogol Str. (map G4) e-mail: For appointments and house calls: & 02 944 93 26, 02 944 93 17 (8.30-20.00 h) or 0886 532 551 (24 h)

MHATEM “N.I.Pirogov” Emergency : 02/ 915 44 11 1606 Sofia, 21, Totleben Blvd diagnostics, therapy, education and training, scientific research, methodology, emergent medicine.

Railway Central Railway Station Knyaginya Maria Luiza Blvd. (map C0) & 02 931 11 11, 02 932 33 33

& 02 932 90 32 & 02 969 97 10 & 02 918 38 00 & 02 843 98 61 & 02 816 03 00 & 02 937 51 00

additional information e-mail: e-mail:

Real Estate

& 02 852 06 53, & /fax: 02 953 17 66 cell: 0888 839 516 e-mail:;


ISO 9001:2000 Translation and Legalization Agency (Department “Consul’s Relationships” at the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, contract 997/2005 authorizes the agency) 68, V. Levski Blvd. (map D5) & 02 980 60 52 fax: 02 980 01 34 e-mail:

Fides Interconsult Ltd. ISO 9001:2008 Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Translation, document legalization 4, Sv. Kliment Ohridski Str. (map F4) (next to SU “Kliment Ohridski”) & /fax: 02 946 13 92 02 943 86 65 cell: 0887 792 282 e-mail:

Tourist Services ASTRON-S Ltd. National Palace of Culture /NPC/ Tickets center & + 359 2 953 11 15 & 953 11 20 Fax: + 359 2 980 10 19 e-mail: AIR TICKETS, BUS TICKETS, HOTEL RESERVATIONS Medical Insurances, Seminars, Conferences, Cruises, Excursions & Holidays Open: Mon - Fri 9.00 - 18.00 Sat 10.00 - 14.00

68 index A Alitalia.........................................68 Anima M Real Estate.............67 Apartment House Sofia...............33 Arena di Serdica ........................26 Arte.doc Translation agency.......67 Arte Hotel....................................30 Aquarium Restaurant...................44 Astra Hotel...................................30 Astron S......................................67 B Bar Road 66................................52 Be My Guest Hostel....................32 Best Western City Hotel..............28 Best Western Hotel Expo............28 Boats Restaurant.........................48 Boutque hotel Crystal Palace......28 Boutique hotel Les Fleurs............28 Block 531...................................33 Bulgary Restaurant......................40 Bulgaria Air..................................66 Bulgarian Rose ............................48 Bulgarimmo................................33 C Candy Club..................................54 Caruso..................................42 Casa Boayna...............................31 Captain Cook Restaurant ...........42 Central Park Hotel........................28 Chevermeto...............................40 Club of Architect .........................38 D Die Alte Lampe Restaurant..........38 Diplomatic missions....................67 Downtown Hotel.........................28 E easyHotel....................................32 Enigma Agency...........................54 Este Restaurant...........................48 Etap Adress.................................66 Erotic Clubs.................................53 F Fetish Club...................................53 Fides Interconsult Ltd..................67 G Galleries......................................64 Gloria Palace................................29 Grand Hotel Sofia........................26 Grozd Restaurant........................40 Gurka Restaurant........................41 H Happy Bar&Grill..........................38 Happy Sushi..............................42 Hertz Rent-a-car.........................67 Hill hotel.......................................29 Holiday Inn Sofia.........................26 Hight class girls...........................54 Hurem Sultan...............................46 I Information Tourist Centre Sofia..67 IMC............................................67

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K Kempinski Hotel Zografski Sofia.26 Kenzol........................................48 KFC Fast Food...........................40 L La Vitta e Bella Restaurant.........48 Le Muse .....................................42 Legends Hotel...........................31 M Madrid Hotel..............................32 Mamin Kolio Mehana................40

Maraia.......................................38 Maria Luisa Hotel.......................29 Meg-Lozenetz Hotel...................31 Metropoliten..............................29 Mr.Pizza.....................................46 N Niky Beerhouse.........................38 Niky Hotel..................................31 Nikol Restaurant.........................46 Novotel Sofia..............................29 O Ognian Apartments....................33 One toOne..................................66 Outskirts Hotels..........................34 Outskirts Restaurants.................44 P Plana Restaurant........................44 Pikadili.......................................48 PodLipiteRestaurant..................40 Pop Bogomil Hotel.....................32 Princess Casino International....53 R Radisson BLU Grand Hotel.......27 Rila Hotel....................................31 Rock N Rolla...............................52 Rotto rent-a-car.........................66 S Sheraton Hotel...........................27 Slavyanska beseda Hotel ...........32 Sofia Place Hotel.......................32 Sofia Plaza..................................30 SofiaPrincessHotel....................30 T T&M Restaurant........................46 Technopolis...............................48 Tell Me.......................................52 The House Hotel........................32 The House Restaurant...............44 The Mall.....................................48 Triada........................................30 Turquoise..........................46 U V VIP Appartment..........................33 Viva Casino ................................53 Y Yun Restaurant..........................44

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