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ISSUE 2 August-November, 2017





An overload of Pizzazz



A day in the luxurious life of a Lagosian

D in in g O u t Ce n’est pas à propos du prix, il s’agit de ce qui se passe au menu! …It’s not about the price, It’s about what’s on the menu!

E xplore Row, row, row your boat. Have some fun beyond the road! Get off ashore and into a cab. Proof that in this city, There’s no room for drab.


POLLY Alakija

Canvass. Bronze. Frames. Brass. Let’s think in Gold, With art in our hearts.


For several years, Lagos has been a pioneer city setting the pace for other states in Nigeria. This has only been made possible by vibrant and determined Lagosians willing to go the extra mile to be ahead in their various life endeavours. This laudable enthusiasm to be ahead of the game has put Lagos in a positive light around the world and has brought about various developments to this vibrant city. Over the 50 years since this great city was created, there has been tremendous growth in the economy and infrastructure within the State. This could not have been achieved without the resilience and determination of previous administrations and the continuation of policies upheld by the current Governor of Lagos State, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, and his administration.

Still Celebrating Lagos at 50 ADEOLA AZEEZ

Co-Founder & Board of Trustee Member of Women In Management Business & Public Sector (WIMBIZ)

Like any major city in the world, Lagos has had its fair share of challenges which have been overcome by the sheer determination of its citizens. This spirit, to overcome challenges against all the odds, has been engraved into every Lagosian. It is not surprising, therefore, to behold Lagosians carrying an infectious can-do spirit which has been a crucial element in the development of the city. As abstract as it may sound, this cando spirit is the essence of being a true Lagosian. Lagos is a land of opportunities where hard-work, honesty and integrity are recognized and there is a need for the world to know more about the city. This magazine has been birthed as a result of the drive to continue to put Lagos at the forefront. Aimed at showcasing the beauty of the city of Lagos, this magazine will serve as a guide for its residents and visitors to be able to enjoy all that Lagos has to offer. Itesiwaju Ipinle Eko loje wa logun.


Aug. 2017 |

Bank Road, Dugbe.

Culture & Heritage Omi to ba gbagbe orisun e,a gbe. (a river that forgets its source will dry up)

Transport Lagos and luxury could almost be agreed upon to go together. From travels for vacations, schooling or for business dealings, Lagos offers a variety of transport options as might be befitting to one’s spot-on desires.

contents Cover Photography: Kunmi Owopetu Photography Assistance: Dolapo Adebayo Location: Beneath Falomo Bridge

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Arts | Canvass. Bronze Frames. Brass. Let’s think in Gold, With art in our hearts.

Out | Ce n’est pas à 29 Dining propos du prix, il s’agit de ce

qui se passe au menu! …It’s not about the price, It’s about what’s on the menu


Shopping | Stack this. Stack

that. It’s not quantity alone now, darling. Keep your eyes on the price. But still, stack more. Don’t stop! Shop in Lagos like royals of pop!

| Ambience? 121 Transport | Lagos and luxury On | Mark your 79 What’s 105 Accommodation Location? Impeccable service could almost be agreed upon calendars for Lagos events. …Or accept defeat and read all about it!

at its core? Whatever it is, Lagos serves that much lux, And all beyond mere feathered pillows!

to go together. From travels for vacations, schooling or for business dealings, Lagos offers a variety of................

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Omi to ba gbagbe orisun e, a gbe. (a river that forgets its source will dry up)






The last Eyo Festival held on the 20th of May 2017, in commemoration of Lagos at 50. Prior to that, the festival had not held in over five years, and was then, in honour of Prince Yesufu Abiodun Oniru, a nobleman of Lagos.

viewed as a rural festival but now recognised as an international affair and a major tourist magnet. As usual, the festival prohibited commercial Lagos city, despite the sporadic activities as stores were closed, bikes levels of her growth and development, disallowed, and whether or not you still retains diverse cultures. The were a part of the procession, it was Eyo festival has for decades, held There was quite a downpour during a barefoot affair all the way. It was in commemoration of a prominent the festival in May, and it was a parade of hopping white-draped Lagosian, or as a medium to cleanse interpreted as a positive sign that pyramid-shaped masquerades, that the land of undesirable vibes. The insinuated that the gods were pleased never seem to stumble on their robes, Eyo festival is a parade of pyramidwith the land and its governance, and despite how they run way beyond shaped masquerades, all clad in white, also symbolized a major cleanse of all their heights, and under their feet. each wielding a colourfully decorated negative things. stick, and dancing with vigorous and contagious energy to beautiful The festival has since gained intoxicating music. impeccable momentum; initially




FREEDOM PARK During the colonial days of Nigeria, Her Majesty, the Queen of England had a prison along Broad Street at Marina, designed by Theo Lawson. It had for so long been a reminder of the harsh history of Nigeria and Nigerians. It was prison to the likes of Sir Anthony Enahoro, Obafemi Awolowo and Herbert Macaulay. Today, the prison is now a public leisure park that has since 2010, in commemoration of Nigeria’s 50th year of independence, been open to recreational activities, and houses several art pieces and preserved structures that amplify the heritage of Nigeria. Despite its being a memorial park, there is little or no room for a gloom atmosphere. It serves as a venue for such events as Afropolitan Vibes, and when that is not happening, it still pulls you in with its slices of history like skeletal cells, historical statues, the museum, the Wole Soyinka Art Gallery, a lush courtyard, souvenir shops and other historical displays. It also has an amphi-theatre and an open-air theatre as well, a food court and aesthetic side attractions like ponds and fountains. From the museum, the green of trees, to the colonial-retained style of architecture, Freedom Park is, asides being a symbol of heritage, a gem of beauty that evolved indeed, from the ashes. Source:

Freedom Park, Lagos was built as a memorial park to honour Nigeria’s heroes, in 2010, in commemoration of Nigeria’s 50th anniversary.

Canvass. Bronze. Frames. Brass. Let’s think in Gold, With art in our hearts.

Arts Polly Alakija Studio





where you could probably be transformed into a little ebony child with a bright smile on your The eponymous Nike Art Gallery face playing fearlessly in the is owned by passion-soaked rain; a mother bent over a mortar, artist and designer, Nike DaviesOkundaye, who is also the founder donning a wrapper as colourful as the rainbow; a drummer beating an and curator of quite a number of art galleries across Nigeria. Paying elegantly woven drum with much fervour. Without a doubt, some a visit to the Nike art gallery on the Lekki peninsula will be nothing level of transposition is bound to occur. There are also beautiful short of a rich experience. From the entrance, it is almost inevitable sculptures, carved so exquisitely and astonishingly, made with not to give the foot mat a second wood. Be you an art enthusiast, look, as the art practically spills into every space. Here, everything an artist even, or someone merely interested in a new experience, screams art; the doors, the entire Nike Art Gallery allows you an dĂŠcor, and if you see as little as a experience of the fullness of the pen, look again in awe of peculiar details! Within the gallery, artworks Nigerian culture all in one place, and at the same time, almost from various tribes and cultures inexplicably, emitting varying levels in Nigeria are showcased. The paintings tell stories; they immerse of an opulent appeal. you in a juxtaposed cultural reality

Source: Tambollo

Art lover or just another person looking for leisure in Lagos? There is an odd therapy to this in the city of Lagos, meshed in an immensely remarkable art experience. Be disarmed and enchanted by fascinating, and sometimes, painstaking craftsmanship of sculptures, elegant brushwork, photographs and some a little grand for just one frame, transplanting you to an alternate world of concept and perception.



TERRA KULTURE Founded by Mrs. Bolanle Austen-Peters and located at 376, Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Terra Kulture Art Gallery has a long history of being the home to some of the finest art in Nigeria. Eyepopping and dripping with colours, the paintings and sculptures are almost lifelike. This gallery houses an impressive collection of paintings, photographs and sculptures, including the works of well-known names on the Nigerian art scene. Terra Kulture is also acknowledged as being a training hub for emerging talent, who work alongside veterans and well-established artists, even while in school to learn several languages. To give one an even richer experience, Terra Kulture regularly hosts stage plays for lovers of good theatre at the 400-seater Terra Arena. Exquisite Nigerian meals are served as well, affording you the luxury of meals native to both popular and remote cultures in Nigeria. Terra Kulture art gallery excels in catering to not only the artistic, but also the literary and cultural tastes of Lagosians, Nigerians and the international community.


ART TWENTY-ONE Founded by Chaline Chagoury and located at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Art Twenty-One is a novel space dedicated to contemporary art in Lagos. Its mission is to solidify the art scene in Lagos as well as position the city as an international force when it comes to art. The art space is known for supporting local artists and their works, affording them an opportunity to have their works recognized by a wide audience. It is also known for its educational art programmes aimed at encouraging emerging talent in the industry. With its location at Eko Hotel and Suites, it attracts an elite audience and refined art lovers, both local and foreign. It is an utterly beautiful space littered with awe here and there. Art lovers with special interest in art literature and art pieces charged with national history and social issues will find Art Twenty-One a special delight.



Understandably, the city of Lagos, because of evolution and the effects of colonisation, tilts more and more towards the standard of the western world. From our mode of dressing to our language, it reeks of the orient. Defying all odds, this guest house stands out rather indisputably, serving as a connoisseur of African art at its peak. Bogobiri is a reference to the birthplace of Uthman Dan Fodio, where scholarly and artistic knowledge is said to have spread rapidly through Northern Nigeria. Bogobiri, a fourteen-room guesthouse, is an African artinspired guest house, from the fences to the welding of the gates, to the walls of pieces of mirrors and sea shells. It is a beautiful one-storey to explore when in Lagos. It has a library as well, of classical books by African authors. Every Thursday, it’s an open mic night there, in the uniquely decorated hall, which could also be booked on any other day for events. The entirety of the furniture is absolute art. Because of the extent of tradition and style of the Bogobiri house, it is quite understandable that this level of finesse is maintained with the initiative of retaining the same set of staff, who are wellaware of the modus operandi of the guesthouse. It is a worthy venue to explore a variety of the dimensions of African art. Asides the pieces of art that make up the interior décor of the guesthouse, there is also a gallery that showcases such pieces as relate to sculptures and mix media, to name a few. Bogobiri is located at 9, Maitama Sule Street, Off Awolowo Road, South-West Ikoyi, Lagos.



ART X LAGOS ART X Lagos is an event; art fair; founded by Tokini Peterside, and is a remarkable attempt at breaking from the norm in Nigerian art. It aims to incorporate novelty into contemporary art in Nigeria. This art fair allows participants to go beyond being mere onlookers and art consumers to participating in the creation of art. At ART X, there are no rules; it’s a no-holds-barred affair. The maiden edition took place in Lagos between 4th and 6th November 2016 and one of its highlights was a seven-metre-long coloring wall designed by Nigerian artist, Karo Akpokiere. It was a depiction of a fictional Lagos with the themes of social inequality and the lingering poverty gap. Visitors were invited to pitch in as well as convert their ideas and stories into art on the wall. The November fair also featured live art performances, which involved musicians producing songs inspired by the live sketches and paintings on display at the fair. Participants were also treated to a specially curated program with exhibitions including photography and art pieces, featuring African artists such as Maki Oh, Malick Sidibé, and Uche Okpa Iroha among others. The maiden edition of ART X Lagos provided a great opportunity for Nigerian art to make itself stand out on the international art scene. It attracted attention from the international community, and news outfits such as CNN. The ART X fair is a welcome innovation in the future of Nigerian art and future editions promise participants an experience in Avant-garde art. The next edition will take place from the 3rd to 5th November 2017.


Polly Alakija Art is a thing inexhaustible. Whether understood and appreciated enough, it does not reduce in any way, the entirety of what it is. With each stroke or shade, whether on a canvass or multidimensional, all of this is most times decided by the perceivers of this art, and not necessarily by the artist. In light of the Lagos at 50 events, the city of Lagos had an art gain in terms of aesthetics, reflected in popping colours of graffiti, most notable of them being the one along the walls of the Nigerian Law School, Lagos by Osa Seven, installations of some abstract monuments, honorary monuments of tribute to notable Nigerians, and the widely attractive paintings of girls on the pillars of the Falomo bridge, Ikoyi done by Polly Alakija.


“…it’s been deeply satisfying, she said, in response to a total stranger’s remarks on the Falomo girls.”




Polly is, in the most direct of epithets, a painter. She can literally paint anything into a visual reality as they might occur in her mind. Doing a series of paintings underneath Falomo bridge, which she considers very significant a site, had been a personal project of hers for the past two years. However, the direction of her paintings became influenced by the commemoration of the anniversary of Lagos state, as she ended up painting about fifty girls. Left to her, she would prefer each person draw their own interpretation of her work; of art generally, than narrow down the perspectives of people about art, with narratives of a seeming significance of what might have been the inspiration, or what not. Today, a lot of people draw a link to the formerly missing girls of Chibok. While she cannot absolutely dissociate this seeming correlation, she gives a simple interpretation of it as being a symbol that celebrates the strength of a woman, seeing each woman, whether mother or sister, or child, as a pillar of the home, or of the society at large. Also, bending the flexibilities of interpretation even further, she calls it her silent choir of women, and symbolises it with protection and spirituality. Working on this painting had its peculiar challenges, but with the right team on her side, and her tenacious resilience, she saw the end from the beginning, and succeeded in making Falomo bridge a gaze-locking sight, especially at night when the lights come on, increasing the warmth and hue of the paintings on each pillar. It took her ten months to birth her vision, and rather successfully too. She understands how difficult an angle it might be, taking a good photograph of her work there, and is absolutely awed by the

“The reality of the significance of what we were becoming a part of, in the history of Lagos, birthed a new level of commitment and energy, and it saw us through the project�

good photographs of it she finds in fine graces on social media. Polly considers painting a response to her world, and a medium of expressing visual language, and looks forward to a Lagos that is a major art scene, internationally, with pop-up shops of fountains of creativity, with an amplified visual language. She does a lot of work with schools, and kids and intends to be even more deliberate about mentoring. She is currently the Chairperson of the Lagos State Council of Arts and Culture.

Bogobiri is the name of the birth place of Usman Dan Fodio.





Although it has been twenty years since his passing on the 2nd of August 1997, Fela has since lived on through plays on international stages, in museums and documentaries. His life is yet sustained through the annual Felabration held in honour of him on his birthday, at The New Afrika Shrine, which was originally referred to as Afrika Shrine, as was named by Fela himself, in 1970, before it got razed with fire seven years after. The icon is forever a pillar and a point of reference for all things afro-beat. Spirits never die, and like Fela said, music is a thing spiritual and hence, not to be played with, because when the higher forces give music as a gift, it must be well used, and for the gift of humanity. His music graces reign through his son, Seun and Femi Kuti, who in more ways than one, reflect the art that is Fela.


Fela Kuti was born in 1938, on the 15th of October. He lived as a composer and singer of peculiar music, an instrumentalist, a pioneer and king of the Afro-beats genre of music. His music was not always satirical of the corrupt practices of the government, but when things became rather ugly, he fearlessly took on the role of an activist, pointing out, with fine lyrics, the ugliness of certain regimes. He also advocated for the poor, and blatantly stood against any oppression of the masses. He was threatened, maimed and greatly despised in most political circles in Nigeria, for his outspoken advocacy and arrant disregard for unfair policies. He is mostly remembered for his impeccable boldness and his strong opinions as pertain to the country through a myriad of his utterly timeless music.


The true test of a life’s worth is usually after its end. A legacy is the one medium great men seem to tease life, despite death, as legends indeed never die.

Polly Alakija Studio

Source: Eko Hotel

Ce n’est pas à propos du prix, il s’agit de ce qui se passe au menu! …It’s not about the price, It’s about what’s on the menu!

Dining Out

Eko Hotel


JOLLOF FESTIVAL RE-IMAGINE JOLLOF This year, the Eat.Drink.Lagos summer event took a bit a of a themed twist in the form of Jollof - a celebration of Jollof rice in all its incarnations and national varieties and all that can be Jollof-ed. Organised in celebration of World Jollof Day, with Kitchen Butterfly, the event was held at the historic Jaekel House in the Nigerian Railway Compound on August 20, 2017. The festival showcased local culinary talent seeking creative ways to re-imagine Jollof. Not to re-imagine jollof rice as we know it, but re-imagine “jollof�. This saw the menus at the festival littered with fascinating creations: a burrito with Jollof rice as opposed to white rice, Jollof Gnocchi with shredded chicken, Smokey Ofada jollof, Suya Jollof etc. More on page 36





Being famished is a thing relative, but a rather generic feeling to all. However, from pancakes to waffles, to a latte, or even a macchiato, or thin crust pizzas, and maybe some sweet jelly doughnuts, there are a million and one options for food to delight yourself with; to waken your taste buds and trigger a pool of drool! Buffets. Intercontinental cuisines. Devilish desserts! Every bite’s a tasteful story when you dig in with a silver spoon!


South is a little bit of an acquired taste that comes with heightened expectations. When viewed with proper context, however, it is easy to see why it is one of the best restaurants in Lagos right now. The French burger, in particular, is literally in a class of its own and is hands down the best burger in Lagos.

92B, Younis Bashorun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos 0909 333 3385


Backyard is just perfect. Oh, the food is good too. The steak sandwich is the closest to a Philly Cheesesteak you’ll get in Lagos.

4B, Musa Yaradua Street, Victoria Island, Lagos 0909 333 4666




Verandah is amazingly consistent. You can visit multiple times and still discover new delicious things on their menu.


Source: lostinlagos

17, Oju Olobun Street. Victoria Island, Lagos 0812 111 1222


Peppercorn gives you a taste of the ancient dishes of Thailand and India in one ambitious menu. Can’t fault their ambition, but the Thai isn’t anything to write home about beyond the appetizers. The Indian, however, is absolutely excellent and is perhaps the finest you’ll find in the city beyond the dingier spots.

6A, Otunba Adedoyin Ogungbe Street, Lekki One, Lagos 0808 972 7313


Open only in the evening, Nok Garden is our favourite place in Lagos. Nok, itself, is great but the Garden menu absolutely blows it out of the water. The tapas-style menu is perfect for what Nok is trying to pull off with the Garden and the cornbread, especially, is excellent.

12, Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos 0908 561 4815





11AM – 11PM 0705 726 2393 0908 080 7070

ABIBIZ RESTAURANT 3, Oko Awo St, Victoria Island, 8AM – 12AM 01 842 8290

BBQ AND CRAVINGS Ikate, Lekki 0814 000 1002

AMAZON SPUR STEAK RANCH Landmark Towers, 5B, Water Corporation Road, Eti-Osa, 9AM–11PM 0803 050 7760 ART CAFÉ 282, Akin Olugbade St., Victoria Island 7:30AM–10PM 01 461 0880 B. L. RESTAURANT 147, Younis Bashorun street, Sinari Daranijo Junction, Victoria Island

Victoria Island, Lagos. 0808 880 4116 BROWNS CAFÉ AND RESTAURANT Akin Olugbade St., Eti-Osa, Lagos. 9AM – 10AM 01 270 2606

BC GARDENS CAFÉ 24, Ikoyi Crescent, Ikoyi, Lagos. 12PM - 9.00PM 0809 700 4464 0809 700 4465 BLD RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE 15a, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase I, Lekki 8AM–2AM 0802 424 6557

BUKKA HUT Plot 8 Admiralty Way Lekki 8AM-10PM 0704 499 7604


Continued on page 38

BUNGALOW’S 1296, Akin Adesola St, Victoria Island. 10.30AM – 11PM 0803 304 9104

THE CASE AGAINST SUSHI ROLLS BUT, if you’re truly going for the real Japanese experience, are sushi rolls the way to go? FOLLY: Definitely not. NOSA: With the different types of unidentifiable fish, random bits of avocado, dollops of cream cheese, and the occasional mayo, can we honestly say we’re keeping it real with the authenticity? FOLLY: But the rolls are just so damn interesting and creative. Take crazy mango for instance, mango, tuna/salmon and rice.

NOSA: I’ll be honest, I should be the last person to be pontificating about authenticity because I jump to the rolls section of the menu with the swiftness. All that sashimi and nigiri is great and stuff, but it’s clearly not for me. Despite all this damning evidence against my person, let me play devil’s advocate for a bit. Is there any fish in it? NOSA: Do you get to taste the quality of fish in the roll? Is that even fish? For all I know, it might be plastic, you know? Shiro will charge you a decent amount for a roll with “crab” in it, but we all know it’s imitation crab.


NOSA: Before we start anything, let’s be clear: we love the shit out of sushi rolls.



FOLLY: It’s probably fish but way more rice than fish. “Crab sticks, krab sticks, imitation crab meat or seafood sticks are a form of kamaboko, a processed seafood made of starch and finely pulverized white fish (surimi), shaped and cured to resemble the leg meat of snow crab or Japanese spider crab” NOSA: We all know how expensive actual crab is. Would you go through all that stress to put it in sushi roll? If there’s fish in it, it has to be terrible NOSA: Segueing from my last point, there’s a reason no one sells you a burger with premium cut steak in it. There’s a reason bottomless mimosas are made with Andre or cheap sparkling wine and not Laurent Perrier. FOLLY: Pretty confident there’s fish or they’d have been sued in America, the land of litigation. NOSA: If there is any actual fish in it, it’s probably the worst cut of the lot. It has to be. True, no self-respecting sushi chef will ever admit it, but there’s no way they’re grinding up proper salmon or prime tuna just to put in a roll that’ll get drowned in soy sauce anyway. It’s not even that healthy NOSA: All that rice? The cream cheese too? No way in hell are these healthy. Your average Philly or California roll has roughly 400 calories in a serving. You might as well eat a proper unhealthy burger so you don’t waste your calories. Google it, if you think I’m lying.

NOSA: All that said, no way am I ordering any dirty sashimi next time I’m at Izanagi. Give me my questionable, fatty, americanized sushi rolls. Thanks and God bless. FOLLY: You know what? I’ll try Izanagi’s or Shiro’s sashimi just based on this post and report back to y’all.


FOLLY: You also need to eat close to six to eight rolls to be properly full.




In January 2015, we created The Lunch Club for Lagosians seeking something different from their city. Our goal was to create a delicious, interesting, and exclusive experience for about ten people. In simple terms, it is a private supper club.

This month, we got a chance to take The Lunch Club to NOK to preview their new menu. One of our favorite things about NOK is how ambitious and daring they are with the menu. The constant reinvention is something we have come to expect from NOK. That said, this has not always been the case. In the last 3 years, we have seen a slow emergence of the fine dining scene in Lagos. Coming in form of chefs like Fregz and restaurants like Tarragon and NOK, Lagosians are slowing, albeit grudgingly, accepting the concept.

Of the starters, the group’s favorite was the salt and yaji shrimp, NOK’s take on Chinese salt and pepper squid. Another favorite was the duck pastel - a Senegalese dish of mini pastries filled with duck. Unlike the traditional pastel, NOK’s is baked not fried. Our Lunch Club guests were not the biggest fans of the Ofada rice balls, however. We liked the ones filled with egusi, but the rest of the table were not as enthused. That might have been the only let down of the night because the mains were absolutely excellent.

If you’d like to join The Lunch Club, visit the-lunch-club



Source: Eko Hotel

Source: Eko Hotel





CACTUS RESTAURANT 20/24, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos. 01 262 4928 8AM – 10PM


CASA LYDIA 19 Glover Road, Ikoyi 7AM-12AM 0817 200 1143

HARD ROCK CAFÉ Water Corporation Road, Eti-Osa, 12:30PM – 2AM 0818 629 8888

CASPER AND GAMBINI’S 3, Agoro Odiyan St., Victoria Island, Lagos. 8AM–12AM CHINA TOWN RESTAURANT Megaplaza, Victoria Island Lagos 11.30AM-11PM 0704 095 4224 CHOCOLAT ROYAL Centro Lekki Mall, Admiralty Way Lekki Lagos. 7AM-10PM CHURCHILL BAR 7, Layi yusuf crescent Lekki, Lagos. 8AM–4:30AM 0817 777 7096 FUUD 33, Bish Aboyade Cole St., Victoria Island, 8AM- 5.30PM 0810 604 2446 GHANA HIGH RESTAURANT Macarthy Street 10AM-5AM 0902 854 9216 GLOVER COURT SUYA Glover CourtIkoyi, Lagos 3AM-10PM 0818 888 6754 GOLDEN GATE RESTAURANT Glover Road Ikoyi Lagos 9AM-10PM 0803 300 7902

INDIGO BAR AND RESTAURANT 242B, Muri Okunola St, Victoria Island, Lagos. 10AM – 11PM 01 701 880 IZANAGI JAPANESE RESTAURANT 19B, Idejo St, Victoria Island101241, Lagos 10.30AM – 10.30PM 0706 222 2222 JAMOAFRIQUE RESTAURANT 1, Yesuf Abiodun Way, Maroko. 9AM – 12AM 0906 750 8557 JOHNNY ROCKETS 1411, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, 11AM–10PM 0817 588 1155 L’AFRIC RESTRAURANT AND BAR 1, Adeola Hopewell St, Victoria Island. 10AM–11:59PM LA TAVERNA Balarabe Musa Cres, Lagos. 8AM–10:58PM LAGOON RESTAURANT (CHURRASCO AND FUSION) Ozumba Mbadiwe Ave., Eti-Osa, Lagos. 12PM–12AM 0803 305 3536 MARCOPOLO 10 Admiralty Way Lekki Phase 1 Weekdays 9.30AM-5.30PM 0908 569 2354




MAROCCAINE Akin Ogunlewe Victoria Island Lagos MICO’S HOUSE OF CHICKEN AND WAFFLES Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1 Lagos 7AM-10PM 0909 215 9056 MINT BY EAT GREEN 33, Grace Anjous Dr, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. 11AM – 10PM 0814 280 4131 NOK RESTAURANT 12A, Akin Olugbade St., Victoria Island, Lagos. 12-3PM; 6-10PM 0908 561 4815 NTYCE LOUNGE AND RESTAURANT 1310, Karimu Kotun St, Victoria Island, Lagos. 6PM–12AM 0803 826 0753 OCEAN BASKET Tiamiyu Savage Victoria Island Lagos 10.30AM-!!PM 0816 059 1821 PETIT PARIS Aiye Olowu St., Lekki Phase I, Lagos 10AM–10PM 0813 026 5197 PRIME CHINESE RESTAURANT Bish. Aboyade Cole St., Victoria Islan, Lagos Open 24 hours 0803 306 5107 0700 227 7377 PRIVE RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE Akin Adesola St., Victoria Island, Lekki. 12PM–12AM 0814 720 3088

ROADCHEF DRIVE-THRU Ascon filling Station, off, Admiralty Way, Lagos. Open 24 hours 0903 960 8795

THE ICECREAM FACTORY 5, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, 10AM–10PM 0809 395 8099 THE PLACE RESTAURANT 4, Adeola Odeku St, Victoria Island, Lagos. 7AM–12AM 0703 689 2313

RSVP LAGOS Eletu Ogabi St., Victoria Island, Lagos. 12PM-10PM 0818 616 6666

UMUTU RESTAURANT 27A, Oju Olobun Close, Victoria Island, Lagos. 9AM–11PM 0803 131 0976

SHIRO RESTAURANT Water Corporation Road, Eti-Osa, Lagos. 12:30PM – 2AM 0818 629 8888

UTAZI Etim Inyang Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos. 9AM – 10AM 0909 000 3007

SPICEROUTE 36, Adeola Odeku St., Victoria Island, Lagos. 12PM–1AM 0808 020 8080 TALINDO’S STEAK HOUSE 7 Karimu Kotun Victoria Island Lagos 12.30pm – 11.30pm 0802 365 5880 TERRA CULTURE 376, Tiamiyu Savage St, Victoria Island, Lagos. 9.30AM – 10PM 0810 422 4137 THE EMPEROR’S PLACE 32b, Ologun Agbeje St, Victoria Island, Lagos 8AM - 10AM 0803 716 2270

UTOPIA RSTAURANT 1B, Goriola St., Victoria Island, Lagos 12PM–1AM 09072002000 VICEROY RESTAURANT 33, Akin Adesola St., Victoria Island, Lagos. 12.15 - 11PM 0814 925 6940 VILLA MEDICI Babatunde Jose St., Victoria Island, Lagos. 12–3PM, 6–10:30PM 0805 672 2222 YING YANG Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase I, Lagos, 11AM-10PM 0809 525 4241

Source: Eko Hotel

Source: Eko Hotel PURPLE RESTAURANT Oju Olobun Close, Victoria Island, Lagos. 7.00AM – 10.30PM 0708 007 0329

LAGOS MAINLAND 3ZEES RESTAURANT 76, Ogudu Rd, Ojota, Lagos. 8AM–11PM AAA RESTAURANT Olutunda St., Ilupeju 11AM – 11PM BUNGALOW 9, Adekunle Fajuyi Way, Ikeja 0908 000 0257 CAFÉ VIANDE Okugade Okunneye St., Mende, Lagos. 10:30AM – 8PM CASSIA RESTAURNT AND BAR Joel Ogunnaike St., Ikeja GRA, Ikeja 11AM – 10PM 0803 527 7809 DOMINOS 86 Bode Thomas Road, Surulere 9AM–10:30PM 0817 070 0060 GREEN EAGLE SPUR 53, Isaac John St., Ikeja GRA, 9AM–10PM 01 453 1270 JEVINIK RESTAURANT 21, Isaac John St., Ikeja GRA. 0704 378 1357 9AM - 10PM LA MANGO RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE 2, Adekunle Fajuyi Way, Ikeja GRA, Ikeja Open 24 hours 0808 264 6670


Source: Eko Hotels


NEW CHINA RESTAURANT Opic Plaza 26, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja. 10AM–10:30PM 0803 301 9983 PIZZA HOUSE 38, Ogudu Rd., Ogudu, Lagos. 9AM–10PM 0816 874 0010 SUNRISE CHINESE RESTAURANT 32, Aromire Ave, Oba Akran, Ikeja, 10AM–10PM 0817 555 7222 TASTEE FRIED CHICKEN 61 Adeniran Ogunsanya Surulere 08075491185 THE ORCHID BISTRO 58, Isaac John St, Ikeja GRA, Ikeja 7AM–9PM 0812 584 8463 WHITE HOUSE RESTAURANT Commercial Avenue Yaba 6AM-11PM 0905 096 7639 ZEN GARDEN 60, Isaac John Street, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos. Open 24 hours 01 773 1476

CONFECTIONERY/BAKERY BAKERS’ WORLD Ogundana St., Ikeja, Lagos. Opens at 8:00 AM 0702 979 5066 CAKES AND CREAM 95, Opebi Road, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos. Opens 9AM–5PM 0810 291 0291 CANDY Ikeja City Mall, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Alausa, Ikeja 0816 222 2221 CANDY PATISSERIE & BAKERY 21A, Kofo Abayomi St., Eti-Osa, Lagos. Opens at 7:00 AM 0705 666 6616 CRUST AND CREAM 11, Musa Yar’ Adua St., Victoria Island, Lagos. Opens at 8AM – 11PM 01 295 8105 GRAND SQUARE BAKERY 8, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Opens at 8AM–9PM 0803 790 2799

HANS AND RENEE Ozumba Mbadiwe Street Victoria Island Lagos 0701 022 2222 JENNIFER’S CUPCAKES 99, Transit Village, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Lagos. Opens at 9:00 AM – 9:00PM 0813 630 6225 LEVENTIS FOODS LTD. 2, Apapa Rd., Ijora, Lagos. Opens at 8AM – 6PM 0812 899 0342 NUTS ABOUT CAKES 33, Fola Osibo Rd, Lekki Phase I, Lagos. Opens at 7:00 AM 0803 415 6969 UNDERGROUND BAKERY AND FAST FOOD University Rd., Onike, Lagos. Opens at 8:00 AM 08026655815 UPPERCRUST 1B, Niyi Okunubi St, Lekki Phase I, Lekki, Lagos. Opens at 8AM 0706 279 8275

Source: Alara

Stack this. Stack that. It’s not quantity alone now, darling. Keep your eyes on the price. But still, Stack more. Don’t stop! Shop in Lagos like royals of pop!


Puma Store, Palms Mall.




Bo Concept. Bang and Olufsen. Zakka. Polo. Alara. Brands and luxury that go together! Shopping in Lagos is an experience relative to all, whether it be for interior pieces for home or office, fashionable clothing and accessories, shoes or even gadgets, it is good to always remember that there are levels to these things. So, whatever your level of being a sophisticate might translate to, the fine city of Lagos can match your platinum desires!


With each passing day, satisfaction gets an added layer of fluff, many thanks to technology, and its arrant ignorance of a stand-still position. For all needs techy, from televisions to sound devices like speakers and headsets, telephones and music systems in general, Bang and Olufsen offers an array of these solutions, and with a surrendering sleekness, of premium quality and excellence. When it comes to maximum orgasmic sound needs, it is a one stop shop at Plot 1626B, Saka Jojo Street, Victoria Island. With multiple presence in other countries and with over a thousand retail dealers of the Bang and Olufsen brand, this amplifies a little extra when it comes to sound and luxury as a testimony of unmatchable excellence. Get you a Bang and Olufsen, experience your device!



nameplates still in production, this reliability has been attributed to the flat-mounted rear engines and the perfect weight distribution among the various components of their vehicles. The new variation of the 911, which is the Porsche 991 is capable of producing 690bhp at 7,000 rpm, is the recipient of numerous awards. One of the innovations of the 991 is the PDK (Dual Clutch) gearbox which has increased the output of power on their engines.


In the automobile world, it is no doubt that Porsche (pronounced “Porshuh�) is one of the leaders in luxury, innovation, design and practicality. This innovation and practicality can be found in each one of their models namely the Cayenne, Macan, Panamera, 911 and 718. Lagos is known as a vibrant city, and for those who are interested in speed and thrill,

it is indubitable that Porsche is the place to fulfil this urge for speed. You can have a look at the various models available at their showroom located along Akin Adesola, Victoria Island. Focusing on their flagship vehicle, the 911, which has been known for its reliability that stands the test of time and one of the oldest

Porsche has enjoyed significant patronage in Lagos due to the compatibility of their cars with the climate and roads in Nigeria. Hence, the Porsche Cayenne and Panamera are the vehicles Lagosians might want to purchase more frequently. One on the selling points of Porsche in Lagos, and as a brand, is building quality cars with luxurious features. Porsche cars have all these attributes, and this has attracted huge patronage from Lagosians.


Alara. Wonder. Style. And all of these, indeed. Alara is described as a concept store. It oozes an almost uncanny level of opulence from its exterior to its interior; from its centre pieces and even those in the corners. Alara offers a triangle of services that range from fashion, lifestyle and home goods. With stocks of pieces by such ace designers as fashion rock star, Tiffany Amber, Kelechi Odu with suits tailored with utter finesse, Shem Parnelli, with peculiar shoe goodness, and more. Alara goes even further to offer exclusive shopping pleasures by serving as a medium between designers and buyers. Off-the-rack designs are offered to interested buyers in the fabric of their choice for clothing, and even in the leather of their choice for shoes. To further bridge the gap between designers and buyers, Alara organises an annual forum called the Designer series, where ace designers get to sit and talk, and hear firsthand, the perceptions of their consumers. Improve your shopping experience with a little wonder‌ with everything that is Alara.

Source: Alara






There are a handful of companies in the world with a unique ability to bring your wildest imaginations of luxury living to reality. Hausba is one such companies. Hausba’s pioneering technology makes it possible to create an all-encompassing and self-satisfying in the comfort of your living space. Think automatic gates that open to welcome you home, eco-conscious lights that turn off in your absence, music of your choice in any room you like at the push of a button, and elegant window shades that open in the morning and close at sunset. There are levels to lush living, and this is just the beginning.


A connected home that responds to your needs is an enviable luxury only a few can boast of. Hausba’s residential technology enables you to relax and entertain in a home that is more comfortable and inviting. An intimate evening with family can be enjoyed in your very own private cinema with access to box office movies, and a mind-blowing 3D immersive audio experience – a privilege desired by many but reserved for a few. Indulge guests in your home to the perfect evening ambiance with lighting scenes befitting the occasion, climate control for the ideal temperature, or personalized multi-room audio and video entertainment – a sure way to leave your guests impressed always. While away on business, fingerprint technology and high-end surveillance secures your home, giving you that ever important peace of mind.


A boardroom is the ultimate embodiment of an organisation’s corporate avidity. Hausba

transforms your boardroom using 21st century technology that enables seamless integration of all audio-video elements to support fast-paced business. Why travel when you can bring the world to your boardroom without missing the element of presence through ultra-high definition video imaging and high-definition audio. You can create the right atmosphere for meetings with lighting & window shade automation, and effortlessly project your presentations from iPad to screen using wireless presenting

technology. Top executives can conveniently access and control the entire boardroom using an intuitive touchscreen interface without requiring an IT expert or dealing with complex wiring connections in the average boardroom today. Whether a small boardroom for a team of 5 or a large conference room for a team of 30, Hausba provides the requisite technology to power collaboration and decision making across all distance and language barriers.




A hotel room should be the quintessential zone where guests are treated to intimate pampering, laxity, and serviced without bother. The average hotel falls short of this expectation, and is not much different from time at home. Hausba is passionate about creating a technologically-driven luxurious experience with maximum laxity, effortless and superior service allowing more time for personal indulgence. Get ushered into the morning with personalised wake-up

scenes in your hotel room – window blinds open gently to let the sun’s rays in, your choice of music begins to play all around you, and room service arrives in time with hot breakfast for you and your spouse to lavish in. Finally, a hotel room that truly takes care of you. It gets even better… From the comfort of a hot tub, you can browse the hotel’s collection of fine alcoholic beverages & international cuisine with detailed imagery through an in-room iPad, and have your spouse select the best that suits the eye, for room service to

deliver at your preferred time. Most importantly, privacy should truly be in your control. Indulge your billionaire mindset with a complete elimination of disturbances to your in-room experience. Grant entry only when you please with the touch of a button, while you sit back and enjoy unlimited access to music and movies for your in-room entertainment. You can pay for a 3-hour experience and get a feel of it for a fraction of the cost.



SHOP IN LAGOS It’s a given fact that you can never shop in a Lagos market once and be entirely satisfied. Truth be told, the Lagos shopping experience is one filled with constant second guessing, impromptu buying and price hassling. Speaking the popular pidgin or native language is an added bonus towards getting good bargains. The Lagos market place is one of constantly evolving cultural diversity, embracing and causing great changes in the city economic landscape and country at large. Lagos owes its title as the commercial nerve of Nigeria to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that are constantly braving all odds to survive and compete globally. As the saying goes, “If you can survive in Nigeria, you can survive anywhere in the world� Times have changed from when selling and buying were restricted to the

four walls of a physical store. As the economic situation of the country continues to falter, there has been an uptick in the number of MSMEs i.e. Micro and Small Medium Enterprises in the country. Several recent government policies and initiatives such as the #buynigerian movement has kicked the entrepreneurial nature of Nigerians into overdrive, as it is now common sight to see someone double as a banker on weekdays and caterer or event planner on weekends. As more businesses are created, the supply of products and services being offered begins to outweigh the demand leading to over saturation as the law of economics implies. To combat this, small business owners are creatively thinking out of the box and making use of innovative

tools and platforms to reach their customers. This has led to the rise of social media resellers, ecommerce marketplaces and pop up exhibitions etc. Since inception in 2015, we have been fully committed towards supporting small businesses and promoting local enterprise in Lagos, Nigeria via several media such as our online store & listing website, social media pages and the Lagos Yard Sale Discount Bazaars. The Lagos Yard Sale is a quarterly pop up market set up to support enterprise culture among Nigerians in an atmosphere of food, fun, and family. Several small businesses have used our platform to test new products, get first hand feedback, interact with existing and new customers and of course generate massive sales.



THE INDULGENCE is a Nigerian accessory brand involved in the production and sales of fashion accessories such as: Bow ties, lapel pins, collar pins, tacks, pocket squares and suspender Contact: mailtheindulgence@gmail. com | +234 8104216818 | IG: @theindulgence


Below are some of the SMEs we have come across which are offering unique products and services worth mentioning 1K EMPIRE is a retail one stop store for all household, fashion and accessories at just 1000 Naira only. This is where quality meets price at an equal level. Contact: | IG: @onekempire DETORO ORGANICS soaps are made with natural oils, fruits, vegetables and herbs. We combine these ingredients to give healthy and beautiful bath experience. Contact: | +234 802 536 0141 | IG: @detoroorganics LITTART BY AI is a modern art inspired brand that melds African prints with stationaries to produce beautiful prints covered books. Contact: | +234 708 553 1948 | IG: @littartbyai BELBES EMPIRE is a mobile and online fashion designing, tailoring and consulting firm. BEEP is designed to perfectly tailor unique ensembles for both women and men. Contact: | +234 803 110 0492 | IG: @belbes_empire

HADDASSAHS CLOTHING was founded not only to provide quality and affordable clothing but also to get as many homeless children out of the streets of Nigeria, West Africa and different parts of the world via the #shophaddassahssaveachild initiative Contact: haddassahsclothing@gmail. com | +234 7064328609 | @haddassah_s AKONI KITCHEN wraps up that hunger by providing you with great tasting and affordable food. Event catering and food delivery are our focus and we promise to leave you wanting more. All our food is made to order with love and the freshest ingredients. Contact: nnekanerissajibunoh@ | 08099451818 | IG: @akonikitchen

GREEN ROOF COCKTAILS is a certified cocktail and mock-tail liquor brand. They are certified in the art of mixology, crafting delightful tastes that suits any occasion. Contact: greenroofcocktailz@gmail. com | +234 9094955566 | @groofcocktailz BLOOMKIDS At Bloomkids, we seek to promote the African culture by showcasing contemporary African design for kids Contact: | +234 8180 69 2640 | HADDASSAH FLOWERS is a flower and landscaping brand offering bespoke bouquets tailored to meet the customers preferences. Contact: haddassahflowers@gmail. com | +234 8181696068 | IG: @haddassahflowers In conclusion, there is still more that needs to be done in sustaining the momentum gained. This requires a joint effort by both the government and private organizations in provision of low interest capital, network gatherings, better ease of doing business in Nigeria.

Shop in Lagos is a social platform that connects credible local businesses with people in Lagos, Nigeria. For more information and inquiries regarding our upcoming SME initiatives such as; The Fasttrack Project (a business growth program for SMEs) & Lagos Yard Sale: October Edition. Visit www. or our social media (Facebook/Instagram: @ shopinlagos, Twitter: @shoplagos)




The Maryland Mall is a redevelopment of the Maryland Business Plaza located on Ikorodu Road in Lagos. The mall plays host to a mix of local and international brands anchored by Shoprite, Genesis Cinemas and Stanbic IBTC Bank, Uber, Miniso, Funky Monkey Lounge and local brands like Skatecity, Funtasticaland, Little weavers, Barcelos, Chicken Republic, Bibis Grill, Ice-cream Factory, Ying Yang, Nett Pharmacy, Medplus amongst others. The mall consists of 3 floors with a mezzanine and hoist on its external façade the largest outdoor screen in sub Saharan Africa.

KEY MILESTONES ACHIEVED Largest Outdoor LED Screen in Sub-Saharan Africa measuring 550 SQM. Lowest development cost compared with other Grade A retail developments Over 1 million visits within 6 months

90% let within 6 months of commencement First Nigerian Grade A Retail Centre to feature basement level parking. It has had over 1,800,000 visitors since inception with average daily footfall on weekdays (MondayThursday) of about 4,500 and on weekends (Friday-Sunday) of about 7,000, with an average footfall of 11,000 people on public holidays. It hit 20,000 daily visits at its peak during the Christmas/ New Year celebrations.

THE SUCCESS STORY OF THE MARYLAND MALL It is noteworthy to mention that the project team which redeveloped the Maryland Mall Plaza into a Grade A retail mall now popularly called the Maryland Mall and also nicknamed the “Black Box” mainly consisted of local players and contents in the industry.

The mall which is in a strategic location within the environs of Lagos state caters to the busy vicinities of Mende, Anthony, Ilupeju, Ojota, GRA Ikeja, Oshodi, Gbagada Phase 1 and 2 amongst many others to ensure these residents have a remarkable experience of “Shop”, “Eat”, “Play” “Drink” which is in line with the theme for the mall. The mall has over 40 shopping outlets ranging from food, fashion, entertainment and anchored by Shoprite, Genesis Deluxe Cinemas and Stanbic IBTC Bank. The Mall was one of the few malls in Nigeria which had an occupancy rate of over 70% within the first few weeks of opening the doors to the public. It also has the largest outdoor LED screen in Sub-Saharan Africa measuring approximately 550 SQM and installed across the full length of the building thereby acting as a façade facing Ikorodu Road, Ikeja, Lagos. The LED screen which is on a major



gateway path in Lagos has changed the face of advertising in Nigeria and also brought a refreshed atmosphere to the public on Ikorodu road. The LED screen slot has been occupied by various international and local companies looking to take advantage of this premier location to show their product and services to Nigerians The above are a few of the success stories the Maryland Mall has introduced to the retail segment in Nigeria, some of the others feat of the genius architectural design have also been realized within our tenant mix and the various shopping outlets. This are stated below for your use; SHOPRITE USAVE: The Shoprite USAVE brand introduced the first of their mini version of their shopping experience in Nigeria at the Maryland Mall. This has been successfully introduced into other African countries. However due to the remarkable footfall into the mall, Shoprite USAVE are considering expanding their space to meet the huge demand, by introducing other various items on the stall. We are currently finalizing the details of the expansion process to ensure all building regulation are strictly adhered to.

MINISO: The Miniso brand which deal in various household items, electronics, phone gadgets amongst others and are very successful and popular in China. They have also chosen the Maryland Mall as the premier location to launch into the Nigerian Market due to our footfall and strategic location. The Miniso brand are projected to open their store at the mall shortly, this would have a significant increase to the footfall to the mall. UBER: The taxi app which has completely changed the taxi and driving experience in Nigeria and also worldwide are one of the tenants at the Mall. The opening of the Uber office has surged the footfall at the Mall. FUNKEY MONKEY: The opening of Funkey Monkey at the mall which provides various visitors with a unique restaurant and bar experience has aided the night life at the Maryland Mall, hence when the day ends the night begins for our other vistors. This has ensured the activities around the Maryland Mall always continues with maximum footfall.

EUPHORIA & SKATE CITY / FUNTASTICALAND The kids are also not left out of the experience at the mall with the introduction of a roller blade skating ring through our tenant mix. Not only can you skate at the mall, a smoothie, shake or frappes could also be bought for a completely refreshing experience. The Euphoria & Skate city and also Funtasticaland brand has ensured the kids always have a success story to not only tell their family but also friends.

GENESIS CINEMAS A four screen cinema room by popular Genesis Cinemas brand are positively feeding the traffic of the mall with various local and international movie contents with refreshing food and drink concession to ensure a vibrant environment. Genesis Cinemas are also considering expanding their space within the mall due to the increased footfall. We are currently finalizing the details of the expansion process to ensure all building regulation are strictly adhered to.

Source: Hi-impact planet

Clowns? What? Fun has got nerd all over it now! Sometimes, learning is fun. But at other times, Fun is just fun!


Hi-impact planet



It is almost traditional to engage our kids in one summer holiday activity or the other, from summer school, to culinary classes, or arts class, to music school, and sometimes, leisure vacations. All work and no play still makes Jack dull, but all play and no work will leave him utterly, utterly dull. So, party now, study later!



The Aqua Zone is the latest addition to the over 40 games and rides at Hi-Impact Planet Amusement Park. It is the water rides section of the park, designed to meet the demands of all age groups. The HIP Aqua Zone gives an exciting experience as you slide and splash to cool off on a dry sunny day. It comprises of the Flume ride (water coaster), HIP Pool with Bumper Boats and the Freestyler. The management of Hi-Impact Planet seeks to constantly thrill its guests by introducing something exciting every quarter. Having installed an array of exhilarating indoor and outdoor games, it was time to create an even more spectacular experience



The Freestyler is a surfing simulation ride with two-passenger seats. Riders are spun in an extreme 360Ëštilt and turn from side to side. Up to 8 people can experience the breath-taking thrill of the Freestyler, and at the same time! The Slide and Splash Pool is solely for the water action. Designed to accommodate up to 100 guests, the pool is beautified with colourful floaters and bumper boats which heighten the excitement. Aluminium footboards are assembled around the pool to allow easy access to the boats. At the Aqua Zone, you can be assured an amazing HIP experience that would last a lifetime, and if it is too much fun for a day, you can book a suite from our single room to five-room self-serviced thoroughly furnished apartments. Also, enjoy our finest culinary services, nightlife needs and healthcare facilities. We have got you covered! with the installation of a water coaster and other water simulation rides for the fun and entertainment of guests. The Flume ride (water coaster) culminates with a rapid descent and splashdown into a body of water. Up to four riders are accommodated in log-themed boats as they navigate both ground level and elevated winding troughs, before experiencing a thrilling drop down the chute into the splash pool below, leaving riders in awe of a super exciting sensation. Hi-Impact Planet ensures your safety even while you go on these exhilarating rides of adventure.



So, the summer break is almost over, and it is about time to drop the consoles and pick up textbooks, and even stationery, not because the former ones are old and worn out, but because kids love new things! And if it is for a good cause, like learning, then why not? Looking for where to splurge this back-to-school season? Don’t get lost in Lagos! Here are some top places to explore and make the little ones smile back to class this new term!


Ikota- Ajah F168/189, Road 6, Ikota Shopping Complex, Ikota, Ajah. Tel: 08077162724

Dafun Shop is in Festac, offering such retail delights for the young ones as toddler backpacks, water bottles, shoes, three-piece school sets, vests, whether boys or for girls.

Lekki Phase I 64B, Fola Osibo Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Tel: 08077162755

Apple Junction, Amuwo Odofin/ Festac Link Road.


Ikeja. Shop 9, Adebola Shopping Mall, Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA. Tel: 08077162412

Magodo Phase II 29A, Adekunle Banjo Avenue, Magodo Phase II, Lagos Tel: 08077162258

Motivate your kids with all new everything at School Kits, with an all in one back-to-school pack, with such items as school uniforms, shoes, backpacks, books, unisex blazers, plaid ties, everything stationery, and lots more, of reliable brands you can trust, and all at beautiful prices!

PAYPORTE Payporte, proud sponsor of Big Brother Naija, offers, amongst many other things, such back-to-school items as writing supplies, notebooks, calculators, mathematical sets, kiddies tabs, colouring books, boarders and folders, art and craft supplies, to name just a bit. Just log on to and splurge in the back-toschool category, while enjoying speedy and secure deliveries of each purchase!

Row, row, row your boat Have some fun beyond the road! Get off ashore and into a cab Proof that in this city, There’s no room for drab.


Folawiyo Jetty, Ikoyi



Kayaking was the primary means of transport for the Native Americans. It has become an Olympic sport and now it is available right at your doorstep in Lagos. Kayak Lagos is located at the Folawiyo jetty in Ikoyi, Kayak Lagos is an initiative by Diane Williams who has ensured that both swimmers, non-swimmers, beginners and experts can enjoy the sport in a safe and controlled environment. For those who like an adventure, sailing from the jetty to Falomo Bridge takes approximately an hour while sailing to the Lekki Link Bridge takes roughly an hour forty minutes. Nevertheless, whether you feel up to the challenge or prefer to sit back, relax and take in the picturesque scenery as you glide along waters of the lagoon. Kayaking is a fun and affordable way for families and friends to bond, explore and share lots of laughs together. Price list 1hour – N3,000 2-3 hours – N2,500 per hour 4 hours – N6,000


HARD ROCK CAFÉ BEACHFRONT Do you want to feel the sand under your toes, the salty breeze blowing through your hair while you listen to the gentle murmur of the ocean with a drink in your hand and an array of food at your fingertips? Well, the cabanas on Hard Rock Cafés beachfront provides just that. Whether you are looking for a romantic evening with a loved one or even a casual day out with the family, the cabanas are free and at your service day and night. However, if you cannot decide if you want a relaxing evening by the beach or an evening spent dancing your troubles away, why not do both! The main Hard Rock Café building still provides its signature edgy vibe, good music and delicious cocktails to ensure you have a night you will never forget.



1 2 3 4 5




Source: Tambollo

TAMBOLLO TAMBOLLO’s aim is to inspire young Africans to travel more, leave their comfort zone and immerse themselves in new cultures. We are a travel company that creates authentic and life-changing experiences through personalised private, group trips and retreats in Nigeria and across Africa. TAMBOLLO is committed to making a positive impact through travel by giving back and supporting local communities. This philanthropic aspect has made our trips very unique. We travel with a purpose and make a difference wherever we visit. When we organise trips, we ensure that we combine the must-sees with the hidden gems of the destinations. Our authenticity also reflects in our interest to promote sustainable tourism by supporting local communities and organisations. We believe in empowering local communities that are home to these beautiful beaches, hills, waterfalls and parks. This builds a sense of satisfaction knowing you are having fun with a deeper purpose. Asides exploring a destination with our travellers, we are very keen on immersing ourselves wherever we visit, like eating the local delicacies and understanding the history and rich culture of the people. Our ultimate goal is to expose and encourage people to appreciate the various cultures and destinations in Africa rather than limitations to the familiar. We make your travel process super smooth. We do all the planning and all you have got to do is show up! Our trips are customised and tailored to individuals. We also make it easier through a package model that covers everything you need from transport, activities, to food. You could pretty much afford to leave your wallet at home! Our trips are absolutely fun with like-minded, adventurous and vibrant people from all walks of lives. We are a travel brand that creates thrilling experiences with a positive impact. We love Africa and we want you to love Africa too. Please visit our website: Instagram: @tambollo_



LEKKI CONSERVATION CENTRE Are you ready for an adventure of a life time? Lekki conservation is a home to animals and plants in its most natural form. Don’t miss out on the longest canopy walk in Africa l. It’s absolutely thrilling.


ZIP LINING AND BUNGEE JUMPING AT LEKKI LEISURE LAKE This is a must for all adrenaline lovers! You will absolutely thank yourself later. Zip line and Bungee jump overlooking the Atlantic at Lekki Leisure Lake. Channel your inner Tarzan on the rope courses and end your day quad biking.


NIKE ART GALLERY Stepping into Nike Art Gallery which is the biggest in Africa, you will meet Mummy Nike who is Art herself. Soak yourself in amazing artworks by Nigeria’s best. It’s a place that showcases local creatives and their amazing works.


ATICAN BEACH A private beach that is very family friendly and safe! It is super clean and the food here is in abundance! You will love it, from the horse rides, playing ground for kids, cabanas to the amazing DJ. If you feel you want a weekend getaway then you can spend the night at the hotel on the beach.


LA CAMPAGNE TROPICANA Get away from the city life on this beautiful resort for a relaxed and fun experience. Kayaking here is also a must-do!

You can take some time off on beach houses in Lagos!




Ediye is a new outfit located at 1, Fola Osibo Street, Lekki Phase I. Just a little over a month old, Ediye already has testimonies of the services offered, and a unified voice of praise when it comes to their continental cuisine. Asides the restaurant, Ediye also has a makeup studio, a gym and an open patio, where the game can be caught on the huge TV screen and beautiful surround sound system. Other games like ayo game, rubber seed and darts can also be quite engaging while unwinding on the patio. Explore even

more the versatility of Ediye with their fashion wing, for unisex fashion accessories, and quite affordable too. Ediye is a tribal word that means an expression of beauty. Make your way to Ediye and give a fine expression to your beauty, from food solutions, and facials, to health necessities! It is open all week, and closes each day after the last customer leaves.




tips to make your transition to Lagos easier

Have you just moved to Lagos? or are you looking to move but find that the experience may be a bit daunting? If this is the case, you are not alone. Many find they get a culture shock and run back to where they came from. This article will give you ten steps to Make the transitioning from any country to Lagos that much easier! hopefully secure a job possibly as an expat before you come. Please be aware that there is a process called National Youth Service Corps in Nigeria that is compulsory for graduates in order to get a job as a non-expatriate. Therefore, if you haven’t already done so, you can start the process of applying before you come.


Research and start building your online presence before moving back if you intend to start a business here.


Re-connect with friends that have already moved back.

9. 10.

Make sure you have savings!

Don’t dwell on other people’s success story. Remember people don’t show you their struggle!


Don’t place too much emphasis on emotions when moving back!


Know why you’re moving back.

When moving back, it helps to have a purpose as you might find yourself questioning your reason for being in Lagos, every small bump you come across. This will help you ride through the tough times.


. Come with an open mind!


. Have the basics Accommodation and Transport


. Don’t move to Lagos based on someone else’s false promises and experience


Apply for jobs as an expatriate with companies that have sister companies in Nigeria. If you work in the corporate industry, there are many companies that have sister companies in Lagos, apply and

Youtube: Raisa Hadiza Instagram: Raisa Hadiza Twitter: AlaoRaisa Snapchat: Raisa-h

Do remember these tips are just basic guidelines to help you transition smoothly into Lagos life, hopefully some of these tips will be useful to you and always remember ‘This is Lagos’.





Wakey, Wakey! It’s a good morning from Ajala and his girlfriend at their cosy Kings’ Court apartment. Plot 19, Block 25, Oniru Family Layout

She calls up some of her girls in town and they go for a cruise at Lagos Boat Club. 28, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi.


At Polo Avenue, dazed by gold, jewelleryshopping with her girls. Polo Towers 166, Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Victoria Island.

9 8

At Imax, immersed in a private move-viewing experience. Filmhouse Cinema Bisola Durosinmi Etti Drive, Lekki Phase I, Lekki.

Ajala knows to take her to dinner at Shiro, treating her to great food, ambience and amazing customer service. Landmark Centre, Landmark Village, Water Corporation Road, Eti-Osa.


His girl, on the other hand, is left by herself. So, she explores the city of Lagos. No better time than now to splurge! To satisfy her fashion itch, it’s off to Zazaii! 36, Balarabe Musa, Off Samuel Manuwa, Victoria Island.



Looking like a long day already, she rewards herself with the extreme pampering of Oriki Spa. 7B, Oju Olobun, Victoria Island.

Now the day is over. It’s back in the Porsche and off to Caverton Helicopters. 2, Prince Kayode Akingbade Close, Off Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island.


She gets a call from her too-busy-for-her beau, and they meet up for brunch at Orchid Bistro. 40B, Raymond Njoku Road, Ikoyi. 58A, Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA,


Ajala comes with an overload of swag in his Porsche, flowers in hand from Arallia by Nature, to be a part of the rest of her day. AP Ikoyi Shopping Mall, 1, McGregor Road (Opposite Old Federal Secretariat), Ikoyi, PORSCHE CENTRE: 79, Akin Adesola Street / Kofo Abayomi Street,


And it’s goodbye Lagos. Off to Abuja!

Source: Smile 360

A great body does not necessarily interpret into sound health.

Health andBeauty




CHEESE That could be quite a big deal if your dentition is not it. Smile 360 is a dental facility that offers world-standard orthodontics in its entirety, right in Ikoyi. With a lot of awards to their name, such as winning the award for Dental Service Provider of the year three years in a row, (2015 – 2017). Smile 360 continually lives up to each accolade in the dental sector of private health. It is the largest private dental establishment and has been into the treatment of cavities and other mouth related issues, for the past six years. The level of hygiene and serenity practically screams at you from the entrance, as it is most likely to awe you with its ambience unlike the typical air that usually saturates a clinic. Smile 360 offers such services as Family Dentistry, catering for all ages with a kids’ facility, equipped with storybooks stacked within child’s reach along a shelf, and eversmiling staff to meet your very last dental need. Smile 360 also offers what they call a Hollywood Smile, where within an hour, at the most, you get a full dental makeover and end up with the most perfect and illuminating of smiles, after an intense cleaning session. Braces are not left out of the deliverables of Smile 360, as they also offer Invisalign, which is an aesthetic-centred tooth-aligning medium that is next to invisible, particularly favourable to those who might prefer braces that are far from conspicuous. Other services include maxillofacial surgery, cosmetic dentistry, periodontic treatment, as may be related with gum disease. The sterilization room has a see-through wall, where patients can be reassured of the germfree level of hygiene of the entire staff of Smile 360. Each tool is sterilized through various processes and stored appropriately until when needed.

In terms of equipment, Smile 360 is the only dental facility in Lagos with a 2D/3D x-ray, which helps patients particularly see and understand their diagnosis as well as convince them of the need for a particular treatment. Further, and unconventionally, it is a tradition at Smile 360 that just before treatment for a particular dental issue commences, each patient gets a photo session, to serve as a point of referral for the before and after phase of pre- and post- treatment. For privacy and based on request, Smile 360 also affords you a VIP treatment, as some patients, due to their status, might require or request a covert entrance and treatment. Accordingly, there is a back door to the VIP facility, a VIP treatment room, separate from the others, as well as a separate restroom facility to ensure this further. Smile 360 is located at 40, Cameron Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, and can be reached on 08181360444 Rather than wait till you can feel that cavity, why not head on down to Smile 360!










20 reps e ac h Squats, Lunges, Squat jumps, Plank, Push ups Mountain climbers, Donkey kicks, Arm and leg plank.





Quaker Oats with banana (sliced)


Cashew nut

Chicken breast and mixed veggies

5 rounds 20 Mountain climbers 50 Jumping jacks Egg white and a slice 20 bicycles of toast 20 high knees (Wheat bread) 30 sec plank 20 jump squats 4 rounds 40 high knees 20 jumping jacks 20 squats 10 push-ups 30 sec elbow plank 10 arm lifts 40 climbers 20 sec star plank 10 superman

Boiled yam (1slice) and egg

Fruit breakfast e.g. banana, apple etc


Recovery day Light Stretches


Abs Friday Scissor kicks Bicycle crunches Torso Twist Leg raises

Quaker oats


5x 25 reps e ac h Squats Wall push-ups Jumping jacks Shoulder touches Lunges High knees

Freshly squeezed orange juice and boiled egg

Boiled plantain and vegetable stew

Roasted Plantain (Boli)

Moin moin

Apple/Pear/ Pineapple (mixed fruit)

Rice and beans ( Fist size serving portion

One large sweet potatoes sliced and boiled, boiled egg and tomato sauce.

Beans and boiled plantain


CHEAT MEAL (Anything you want)

Beans and one small sized plantain fried.


Roasted Ground Nuts

Moin Moin


Diced vegetables and Chicken Breast


2. Treat yourself Treat yourself because you deserve it. Whenever you can, get your hair done, fix your nails, get a massage, buy a new lipstick colour, spice up your look, spice your feeling, turn the town red because you worth every penny. Small indulgences make a huge difference. 3. Moisturise Moisturise your dry skin, stay hydrated and use sunscreen to help protect from sun’s Ultraviolet rays.

Iceberg, tomatoes, cucumber, boiled egg and boiled potatoes


BEAUTY TIPS 1. Love your face Love your face just the way it is and if all you do is compare, criticise and complain about your face, nothing on earth will make you happy no matter what you do.

Dressing olive oil with a dash of salt, garlic, black pepper and lemon juice squeezed lightly.

5. Wash your face Wash your face after a long day because makeup blocks your pores. So be kind and give your face a chance to breathe after a long hard day. 6. Exfoliate Wash and remove the dead cells on your skin by exfoliating regularly. 7. Know your skin. Identify what is suitable and not suitable for your skin. Moreover, once you do, it is best to avoid it, and it will save you the allergies, breakouts and discomfort.

...Providing personalized healthcare services since 2009



For prompt, efficient and professional Healthcare services.

Contact us: 014543424, 08189718120, 08174602194-7

2A, Omorinre Johnson street, off Providence street, Lekki phase 1, Lagos,

Source: T’Odunola

Mark your calendars For Lagos events. …Or accept defeat and read all about it!

What’s On

Tafawa Balewa Square





There was a parade by civil servants, both those in active service and those retired, at the Agege Stadium, in recognition and appreciation of being a part of the Lagos of today. There was more on the scene for the arts, which

Source: Facebook/Lagosat50

Source: Facebook/Lagosat50

The Lagos at 50 celebrations satisfied arts, re-lived cultures, revived heritage and birthed unity, despite the variation in worship forms. Reflecting a history of love for theatre and the arts, it was an overdose of plays with the Eko Theatre Fest. It featured stage plays like Hear Word by Ifeoma Fafunwa, Obi ati Orogbo, a Yoruba classical ballet, Ogun Ahoyaya by veteran actor, Jide Kosoko, Spirit of Lagos by Akinwunmi Ishola, directed by Sola Fosudo, another ace actor. Art sessions about gele-tying, with Chief Nike Okundaye of the Nike Arts Centre, also took

place. Theatre kicked-off with a Broadway musical titled, ‘Fela!’, based on the life of the Afrobeat pioneer, touching on his impact as a musician, an activist and an artist in general. It was a tale of passion, love, and selflessness, in honour of the legend. Following the play, which lasted from 13th-15th of April, was a display of colours and finesse in a water regatta, reminding us of the island that is Lagos, displaying hues of culture and heritage in a coordinated fashion. The next line up of events was the annual Runway Jazz, an initiative of Mr. Afolabi Oke, where jazz does the waltz with fashion on the runway. It had the likes of the delectable Joss Stone, Najee, Yinka Davies, Dede Mabiaku, Waje, fashion designer Lisa Folawiyo, and a host of others, affording you the bliss of reveling in visual and audio artistic pleasures.

Source: T’Odunola

It was a joyously amplified affair, celebrating the state of Lagos, at 50. Lagos was created on the 27th of May 1967, according to the State Creation and Transitional Provisions Decree which restructured Nigeria into a 12-state Federation. Lagos state has since experienced different levels of change and growth. It was only expected the extent of vibrancy and echoes of bliss that filled the streets of the city during the Lagos at 50 celebrations. After all, there is indeed no party like a Lagos party!

Source: Facebook/Lagosat50 Source: Facebook/Lagosat50 Source: Facebook/Lagosat50

held at multiple venues in a simulcast fashion, this time titled, ‘Lagos loves the Cinema.’ It held at such venues as Ikeja, the state capital, Ikorodu, Lagos Island, Badagry, and Epe. It was a medium of acknowledging and celebrating the city of Lagos as a hub for the movie industry. Spilling even more and more entertainment, as Lagos is widely known for, the next event, real to the Lagos detail, was tagged, ‘Lagos loves to Dance”. Dancers were seen in troupe displaying various contemporary forms of body movements, in jubilant celebrations of Lagos state at 50. Then came the IBILE Challenge, a time to laugh and crush every last rib. There was a party of social clubs in Lagos, and yet another burst of colours at the Lagos Carnival. By

the 19th of May, there was a special court sitting to commemorate the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Lagos State. After that, there was a religious expression of thanksgiving and then, the most anticipated festival, the dance parade of masquerades, the Adamu Orisa play, otherwise called The Eyo Festival. Kakadu was a musical that mirrored the evolution of music, from about fifty years ago. From major roads to corners, the city of Lagos evidently got a face lift with added monuments, road construction, freshly commissioned roads, graffiti and paintings from the likes of Osa Seven and Polly Alakija. As the organised celebrations came to an end, there was a Science and Art exhibition, followed by a session

with the governor of Lagos State, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, for the Special State Executive Council. By the 26th of May, it was galore of debates amongst students of all state-owned primary and secondary schools, and then a Jumat service at the Lagos State Secretariat mosque. The Lagos at 50 events wound to an end with an international conference on the transition of Lagos state from a mega state to a smart city, and finally on Children’s day, with a gala night, and a celebration of the kids during the day.


Runway Jazz is a music and fashion event, which made its debut in April 2016. It was created to serve as Nigeria’s own contribution to the global celebration of the International Jazz day, a UNESCO initiative with a mandate to promote global peace, unity, cultural diversity and dialogue among nations through Art. This historic event is unique in its fusion of the creative worlds of Music and Fashion with emphasis on the Jazz genre. I have always been an advocate of uniting people for good causes taking an idea and making it a reality, towards promoting Nigerian talents and using entertainment to tell our story. As a music lover, a jazz enthusiast, a social entrepreneur and a philanthropist, an unquenchable inner drive surged up within me few years ago to birth something unique that would leave an indelible mark on the sands of time, something that will boost the image of Lagos and Nigeria by extension, giving people something to cheer about – sharing the message of peace and unity with the rest of the world and to also share my passion for Arts, and with like-minds. I am fully persuaded that enlivening this idea will engender something special much more than just entertainment but an experience that will linger on in the minds of all. The pregnancy of the conceived idea was successfully delivered and the baby born was dubbed Runway Jazz. I dare say that Runway Jazz is one of my team’s biggest achievement and I cannot describe the joy it gives me to share such a feat with you. Lagos City Info Magazine which was launched during the 2017 special edition of Runway Jazz, is such a unique magazine that showcases

Lagos and all that it has got to offer; it also gives you a glimpse of the activities and events, during Runway Jazz 2017. Runway Jazz 2017, in partnership with Lagos State celebrating Lagos at 50, was a very special edition. It was truly an unforgettable night of pizzazz and grandeur highlighted by spellbinding performances from the Grammy Award winner and Jazz legend, Najee, Joss Stone and our Host Band Sweet Sound, with other artistes, like Yinka Davies, Dede, Heavy Wind, Xerona Duke, and Tosin Alao. The event was hosted by His Excellency, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode; special guest of honour, Her Excellency, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo, featuring her unique Step-up Fashion initiative, alongside Jewel by Lisa. The artistes took to stage in turn displaying their innate and acquired skills to the delight of the enthusiastic audience. Every minute of the event was magical With heartfelt gratitude, I want to express my appreciation to His Excellency, Executive Governor of Lagos State Akinwunmi Ambode, Her Excellency, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo, the Lagos at 50 committee members, corporates organisations, to the Sweet Sound band and committee members and everyone that supported us in making the 2017 edition of Runway Jazz a sui-generis experience. Without mincing words, it was a landmark achievement – delivering the biggest jazz experience Lagos has ever seen! I almost cannot contain the excitement about the line-up of events we have in store for you in 2018. I look forward to sharing the experience with you. See you there!


Beautiful ladies’ bags in African fabric, a delight to many, is the proud product of our trainees from the Step Up Bag making Course. The STEP UP training program trains mostly women, as well as a few men in rural areas in Nigeria with various skills required to start up a small business. Ladies in Ikenne, Abeokuta and Ijebu Ode in Ogun state in 2016, men in Owerri, Imo state in June 2016 and ladies in Abuja, FCT in August, 2016 have been trained to become entrepreneurs locally and internationally. Some are already employers of labour. Our former students have participated in some exhibitions- The African Fashion week, Lagos in July 2016 and the Nigerian Export Promotion Council/ITC SheTrades roundtable and exhibition in Abuja, in July 2016, Africa Fashion Week London in September 2016 and Made In Nigeria Exhibition, Eko Atlantic, Lagos in September 2016 and The 9th Annual Bola Tinubu Colloquium’s Make It In Nigeria Exhibition. Step up looks forward to participating in many more exhibitions The step up training started in 2009 and is an initiative of HE Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo.





Heartbeat, the Musical, a theatre child of seasoned Nollywood veterans, Olu Jacobs’ and Joke Silva’s Lufodu Production, took to the stage at the Terra Kulture Arena in May 2017. It is a story of love, faith, redemption and hope that centred around popular shelter for the homeless in Lagos, Grace House. It combined an embodiment of art through expressions in music, drama and dance. The musical was directed by Najite Dede, written by Tosin Otudeko and Debo Oluwatuminu and, music by Tosin Otudeko and Efosa Lawal. It features ace actors like Femi Jacobs, Big Brother Naija’s Thin Tall Tony, Oluchi Odii, Immaculate Edache, amongst a host of other fantastic talents.


From spectacular lighting, articulate projection, witty dialogues, apt costuming, sound effects by a mellifluous orchestra, from phone dial tones to camera shutter sounds, the play was generally beautifully ordered, affording the audience of an almost unavoidable expression of pathos. Exploring thematic preoccupations such as Corruption, Protests and Discord with the government, it made it even more relatable to most of the audience. Heartbeat, The Musical will be back on stage later in the year and it is guaranteed to be a rather worthy theatre experience!



Laf Up: The Circus2 Great lighting. Ushers dressed in hot clown attires. Unicycles. Clowns with placards. Striped red and white circus gates on the stage. It was a circus indeed. The 20th of August was a day of loud laughs, and with a reckless abandon for poise and social status at the MUSON Centre, Onikan. Well, because the circus came to town! The Circus by Laf Up is an annual comedy show. The recently held edition was a comedy-packed and music-thrilling event that had the likes of Seyi Law, Princess, Owen Gee and Tee A in attendance. There were comedy appearances by Asiri, Lepacious Bose, Funny Bone, Kenny Blaq, Woli Arole, Dan the Humorous, Peteru, Gifted Mouth, Bash and many others.

The creativity of Laf Up was far from a hole-and-corner as it mirrored throughout the entire event, from the stage props to the lighting, and the impeccable sound as well. To say the least, the show was very orderly, despite the uproar of laughter here and there. Darling Simi came up at some point, serenading the audience sonorously with some of her hit tracks, and also some up-and-coming acts, with one of them doing a fine cover of Asa’s Bi Ban Ke. In other stories, energy should officially be synonymous with Small Doctor, as his performance was the height of electric! He performed alongside the producer of the rave, Penalty, and no one could resist the contagion of this vibe.

Unlike usual comedy shows, this had some creative scary-to-watch, teeth-clenching acts like kids on a unicycle, jumping over each other. This act left the audience spellbound and in absolute awe of daring stunts that resulted in a thunderous applause! The amazement of it all had to have been the performance of The Contortionists rubber men, altering joints and hinges! It is something to look forward to again next year in the city of Lagos!



6x CTS Certified Professionals 70+ Successful Projects 2 Experience Centres

Home Automation NEVER LEAVE YOUR HOME BEHIND. A Smart home means a home that takes care of you. It learns your lifestyle and gets about doing those daily routines you wouldn’t want to be bothered with. From the comfort of your smart phone, tablet and even your smart watch, you will command all things - Lights, Music, Home theater, Shades, Security... everything. The experience of smart living is the future for today’s luxury home owner.



COMMERCIAL | +234 8100 999 555



Experience Centers: Abuja | Lagos

Photography: Anuel Modebe

Glitz and glow lights. Music and drinks. Come alive in Lagos after dark. Never anything but loud!







DJ Debbie

03 04 05 06 07

DJ Skura




DJ Consequence QUILOX

DJ Prince CLUB 57


DJ Exclusive CLUB 57

08 09 10

DJ Obi, DJ Spinall HARD ROCK



WHAT’S YOUR POISON? So, your poison did not kill you. But it has you feeling like a sack of poop. Heavy-headed. Funny in your tummy. . . and with huge shopping bags under eyes that have been narrowed to slits.


Fix yourself easy! Prepare for a fine morning, after of guilty pleasures; stock up with some bananas. Conquer nausea with natural sugars, and detoxify your insides with all that 75% water that is a banana! Water is still the unbeatable pro-life elixir. While there are quite a couple of solutions to hangovers, it is very easy to fuel it, and not even know it! Avoid greasy foods. Leave the OJs in the fridge. Orange Juice and hangovers should never go together. However, lots of starchy foods and veggies are beautiful for your insides. So, a bowl of Efo with some popping colours of fresh peppers will be a palatable treat for a torturous morning.

Photography: Anuel Modebe

So, don’t grope through the day, leave the sun shades out of the rain! P. S.: Drink lots of water before the night takes you over! It’s a head start to winning when you know winter is coming in the morning. And remember, snack through the night. Blood Alcohol Concentration (BCA) tends to skyrocket on an empty stomach.

Source: Eko Hotel

Ambience? Location? Impeccable service at its core? Whatever it is, Lagos serves that much lux, And all beyond mere feathered pillows!


Eko Hotel


Lagos is as good a bedazzled jewel; a juicy fruit of a city, whose sweetest juices, it seems, are for the elitist few to thoroughly drink from. As the world evolves, so do demands, as well as services too. Accommodation has since improved, and with more and more sophistication, practically shoulder-level with the world’s standard of expectation when it comes to excellence and hospitality. From hotels to serviced apartments, when in Lagos, allow her pamper you, with her many options of opulencesoaked homes away from home. After all, if it is not comfy, it is not luxury!



Nesting International Standards with African Hospitality Classic. Stylish. Top-notch. Impeccable. These words and more could best describe the most prestigious international hotel in Lagos, strategically positioned near the heart of Nigeria’s economic activity. Built on the exclusive Victoria Island and surrounded by beautiful gardens and magnificent African landscaping, Eko Hotels & Suites is spread over four buildings and has spectacular

views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Eko Atlantic city. Eko Hotels & Suites is the most preferred hotel in West Africa. The Hotel offers corporate clients and walk in guests a perfect blend of relaxation, activities, and African tradition delicately infused to meet the highest international standards.

Plot 1415, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. 01460610


Offering the best conference and banqueting facilities, a multipurpose convention centre tastefully furnished to a 7000-seater capacity, 825 excellently furnished rooms spread across 4 hotels: EKO SIGNATURE, EKO SUITES, EKO HOTEL AND EKO GARDENS, mostly with a choice of city and sea views. What’s more? In addition to the Convention centre, various hall sizes and meeting room spaces available, which provide sufficient space to cater for dinner and conference events as well as concerts, making it a place for corporate clients and social activities. The hotel also features on-site parking, airport pick up and car hire services.

AVENUE SUITES One who craves for high-tech everything, or seeks the balance in comfort and a dip of the right amount of luxury has his fingers pointing right at Avenue Suites. It is associated with the ultimate designer decor, highquality amenities, excellent service and superior attention to detail. 1390, Tamiyu Savage way, Victoria island Lagos. 08143172521

FEDERAL PALACE HOTEL Federal Palace Hotel affords you luxury and lifestyle hand in hand, and with rapt attention to your needs in a rather spell-binding environment, combined with the personal, intimate, individualized and unique experience of hospitality finely redefined.

THE BLOWFISH Explore the ultimate oasis of comfort and style, where sophistication and attitude seamlessly blend with timeless design. Conveniently located in the heart of Victoria Island, offering indoor and outdoor facilities devoted to satisfying needs with passion.

6-8, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos. Telephone: 01277 9000

17, Oju Olobun Street, Off Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria island, Lagos. 0708 007 0329

SOMERSET COURT Enjoy an ambience designed to suit specific needs of clients laced finely with a fulfilment of sophistication. 16A, Temple Road (Olu-Holloway Road) Ikoyi, Lagos. +234 8036961524

SHERATON HOTEL This stylish hotel is designed to suit various needs, from exquisite cuisines, to rooms to live in forever; and everything comfort seems to define. it is conveniently located close to the airport, making it a worthy option for your hospitality demands.

GOLDEN TULIP This hotel was built with a strong historical & cultural background; this has not deterred her from being the very stop from where luxury can be easily felt. It is located on the same premises as the Festival mall, affording you an even extra delightful experience.

30, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Maryland, Lagos. 01 280 0100

Amuwo Odofin - Mile 2 P.M.B 031 Lagos 012792980


With all the facilities in place, Eko Hotels & Suites is all about the right mix! Features include a world-class swimming pool, state of the art health and fitness centre comprising of a gym, a flood-lit tennis and beach volleyball court, a sauna, spa, salon, nail studio, and an in-house medical clinic


The Eko Hotels & Suites Business Centre is located in the lobby of the main hotel building right next to the bookshop. Facilities include faxing, photocopying, scanning of images and text, typing and word processing, printing, arranging of courier services, high speed wireless internet access. Other extras are self-serve computer workstations, phone services, laminating, ATM machines, document binding, arranging of sporting facilities (i.e. golf, boat trips etc.). The best part is that the Business Centre is open 24hours daily, 365 days a year.

BEST WESTERN PLUS Appreciate the eclectic mix of contemporary style and African elegance, all within an intimate and relaxing atmosphere in this hallmark of opulence. Whether on business or leisure, Best Western provides the personalized service you need within a warm and friendly ambience. 12, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. 014482240

HOTEL IBIS Hotel Ibis is perfect for the business traveler who needs to get work done while being close to the action as it is situated within a commercial district boosting your business vibes whilst giving you an ultimate relaxation spot with grandeur and opulence surrounding you. 23, Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos. 01 2777888

THE MOOR HOUSE This luxurious hotel boasts of a stylish design with exotic wood accents. This hotel is the ideal accommodation for professional business travelers demonstrating luxury meaningfully and pulling off a life time experience at every visit. 1, Bankole Oki St, Ikoyi Lagos 0815 416 9684

THE REAGENT LUXURY SUITE Set at the crossroads of GRA and Maryland; The Regent hotel is the first property challenging every traditional convention of luxury hospitality, continuity to examine and rethink every possible feature of the luxury hotel experience to create an entirely new concept that is truly in tune with what sophisticated travelers want today. Its name represents style, class and timeless elegance. 25, Joel Ogunnaike Street, Ikeja, Lagos. 0814 167 5921


This beautiful piece of architecture features over 8 different restaurants and 7 different bars serving a range of international cuisines amongst other facilities. Their Restaurants & Bars include: The Award winning Sky Restaurant & Lounge 1415 Italian Restaurant & Bar RED Chinese Restaurant & Lounge Crossroads Mexican TexMex Restaurant & Bar The Grill – Steakhouse Lagoon Breeze Kuramo Sports CafÊ

THE RENAISSANCE HOTEL The Renaissance gallantly sits, and with the height of grandeur, barely 5km from the airport, in the state capital, Ikeja. Whether for business or for leisure, The Renaissance caters maximally to the last straw of hospitality, from cosy rooms, all-day restaurants, an outdoor pool, fitness centre and even to amazing views of the city. If it is solely the winds of business that brings you in, the second floor is dedicated accordingly to this, as it is equipped with eight meeting rooms all offering the service of functionality and excellence. Asides impeccable service, and areas of leisure and relaxation, The Renaissance is strategically located within proximity of other places of interest. So, from the suite with breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, spice up your day with an adventurous visit to the Nigerian Railway Corporation Museum where you can go back in time at the sight the old Nigerian Railway system of Lagos, or take a break; easily catch a movie at the cinema, or go shop at the Ikeja City Mall, just a little over 10miles from the hotel. 38/40, Isaac John Street, Ikeja, Lagos. 0908 780 5555

THE GEORGE Classy. Minimalist. Genuine. Italian renaissance. Remarkable. Relivable. Navy Blue. It’s The George. The George is amazingly a two-year old hotel in the elitist area of Ikoyi. From the entrance through automated gates, it is anticipated the level of luxury that awaits you. Transcending from the painting of the Mona Lisa to the sculpted Michelangelo, and other classical and renaissance pieces of timeless art, even if it is merely for a one or two-hour meeting in their board rooms, the experience at The George will definitely birth way more stories of awe and satisfaction in comparison to the seeming time spent. Explore The George Hotel, and enjoy such services as car hire and chauffeur, in-house doctor and dentist, arrangement for the purchase of art work based on request, wake-up calls, swimming pool privileges, to name a few, all available at quite ritzy a level of hospitality. 30, Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi, Lagos. 01 466 3660

MAISON FAHRENHEIT HOTEL Enjoy exotic boutique rooms, with edgy unique interiors, calming and yet, overwhelming views of the Atlantic Ocean from the rooftop while sipping on your favourite drinks and delighting your taste buds with the pleasure fest that is their La Spiga restaurant. +234 (0) 1 905 4800 / 1

SOUTHERN SUN Southern Sun offers ultra-modern facilities, complimentary WiFi, 24hour room service. Bask in the pleasures of updated levels of excellences in hospitality, enjoying modernity in relaxation and comfort, fine dining, personalised service and moments that will stretch your stay. 47, Alfred Rewane Rd., Eti-Osa, Ikoyi, Lagos. 01 280 0630

THE WHEATBAKER Lagoon views, collections of African contemporary art, a fine cocktail of luxury and style spilling into the essence that is The Wheatbaker, experience hospitality in grandeur, with personalised services, intercontinental options for restaurants, gawk-worthy Asian furnishing and, with over sixty guestrooms perfected to deliver in ambience and leisure. 4, Onitolo (Lawrence Road), Ikoyi, Lagos. 01 277 3560

RADISSON BLU ANCHORAGE For an enhanced stay in Lagos, or within the area of Victoria Island, Radisson Blu Anchorage caters accordingly and beyond, providing the definition of comfort, serenity, fine restaurants, fitness centre, 24hour service of concierge staff, babysitting, and the height of security. 1A, Ozumba Mbadiwe Ave., Eti-Osa, Lagos.

INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island, is so strategically located on a plane that affords you luxurious benefits of a view among views, overlooking the beauty that is the Lagos skyline, and the busy the port as well. Business attracts business, particularly at The Intercontinental, as it is home to major consulates and multinational companies, making it quite apt a choice of residence for affluent business and diplomatic travellers. Plot 52, Kofo Abayomi St., Victoria Island, Lagos. +234-1-2366666

LAGOS ORIENTAL Experience dynamic trends in hospitality, with such options of comfort ranging from the Chinese Restaurant, the Japanese Gourmet Restaurant, excellent accommodation, and luxury solutions for business and leisure with 64 guestrooms, including 9 spacious suites, while being privy to the wonders of the Lagos view. 3, Lekki Road, Victoria Island Lagos. +234 (0) 1 280 6600 +234 (0) 1 280 6609

The weekly events consist of: Taste of Italy at 1415 Every Tuesday from 6PM. TexMex Night at Crossroads Every Wednesday from 7PM. Ladies Night at Crossroads Every Friday from 7PM. BBQ buffet hosted at the Lagoon Breeze Friday evenings and the SUNDAY BRUNCH from Noon on Sundays.


Now it’s great to know that Eko Hotels and Suites is a 10-minute drive away from the City Centre, a 45-minute drive away from the Muritala Muhammed Airport, in close proximity to other social activities such as Cinemas, Clubs etc. All these facilities and amenities make Eko Hotels & Suites not just a place to stay for business or recreation but a destination that must be visited when in Lagos.

Precision. Focus. Eyes on the ball‌ Drive!




GOLF IN LAGOS The inexhaustible shades of versatility in Lagos cannot be overly resounded. No matter the lifestyle you might be used to; no matter your class or social strata, it will take a lot of determination and sheer commitment to be left out in the city of Lagos. Hence, for the lovers of the serenity of the game of golf, look no further, Lagos has got some answers!

On Lakowe Lake Golf & Country Estate, located along the LekkiEpe expressway towards Epe, just a little over twenty minutes from the commercial centre the city of Lagos is known for is an 18hole lush golf course perfect for championships, relaxation, and dare I say, closing business deals! Finely tended grasses with artsy shapes surrounding glittering lakes under fine skies is all the ambience needed for a game of golf. However, there’s more! Lux accommodation is available, as well as exquisite meals by Sheraton Four Points, just in case the game stretches into the morrow! Lakowe, Eti Osa 0701 274 6987

IKOYI GOLF CLUB Located in probably the most silkstocking vicinity of Lagos is the golf course of Ikoyi Club 1938. Ikoyi Club was founded in September 1938. It was a result of the amalgamation of the European club and Lagos golf club. It spreads elegantly across 465 acres, with ponds as part of the obstacles and aesthetics. However, it is exclusive to club members and their guests only. Ikoyi Club 1938, 6, Ikoyi Club 1938 Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. +234 (0) 1 269 5133


IKEJA GOLF CLUB After Nigeria gained her independence, a lot of her citizens abroad began returning, and with gained sophistication and levels of versatility, they began recreating the environment they had been exposed to here in Lagos. The Ikeja Golf club was one of such developments, it was formed eight years after the independence of Nigeria by such notable Nigerians as then Airport Commandant, Major Dickson, Felix Ibru, Chief Gilbert Olukoya, Pfizer, Bobby Benson, Mr. A. O. Sandey, and a bunch of others. It started out with a six-hole golf course until 1969. Today, it is an inviting 18-hole course. Oladipo Bateye Road, Ikeja GRA, Lagos 0802 772 2272

DOLPHIN GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB Conquer the obstacles of ponds on the Dolphin golf club course, commissioned in 1988. It was created by the late Chief of General Staff, Mike Akhigbe. It is located in Navy Town, Ojo, on the mainland of Lagos and as such, a military course. Despite this, it is open to civilians as well. This 72-course par has been host for three professional tourneys in the past, with the most recent being for the La Liga group tournament in January this year. Navy Town, Ojo, Lagos.


Embassies and Consulates in Lagos AUSTRIA

Embassy of Austria (Commercial Section) Address: 65 Oyinkan Abayomi Drive , P.O. Box 56085 Falomo Ikoyi, Lagos Phone: +234 1 280 1304 +234 1 280 1305


Honorary Consulate Lagos Address: 21 Boyle Street, second floor, Onikan Lagos Phone: +234 816 805 9686 +234 903 781 1059 Email:


Italian Consulate Address: 12 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island Lagos Phone: +234 808 513 8583


Lebanese Consulate Address: 18 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos Phone: +234 1 271 3881 Email: consulategeneral@

Honorary Consulate of Finland Address: 4 Akanbi Danmola Ikoyi, Lagos. P.O.Boox 427 Lagos Phone: +234 803 300 5415



Embassy of France Address: 1, Oyinkan Abayomi Drive, Ikoyi, Lagos. Phone: +234 1 2693427-9; Fax: +234 9 2693430


Honorary Consulate of The Republic of Germany Address: 15, Walter Carrington Crescent, P.O Box 72800 Victoria Island, Lagos Phone: +234 1 280 9969 Email:

Embassy of The Federative Republic of Brazil Address: Plot 257, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, P.O. Box 72802, Lagos Phone: +234 1 462 8958 +234 1 461 1474 Email:

Deputy High Commission Address: 4, Anifowoshe Street, Victoria Island, Lagos , P.O. Box 54506 Ikoyi Phone: +234 1-271 5650 +234 1 271 5651 Email:


Embassy of the People’s Republic of China Address: Plot 161A, Idejo Street, Victoria Island, P.O. Box 70510, Lagos. Phone: +234 1 271 5350


Honorary Consul of the Republic of Cyprus Address: 2 Wharf Road Apapa, Lagos. Phone: +234 812 899 0025, +234 &09 821 3066 Email:; gfashina@


Honorary Consulate Address: 15, Onisiwo Road Ikoyi, Lagos. Phone: +234 1 1904 26090660 Email:


Commercial Office Address: 34, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island Lagos. Phone: +234 1 280 5747, +234 1 271 1070 Email:



Honorary Consulate Address: A.G Leventis Plc, 2 Wharf Road Apapa Lagos Phone: +234 1 471 2555 Email:


Hungary Honorary Consul Address: V.G.C Shopping Complex Ikota Lagos. Phone: +234 1 461 9617 Email:


Indian High Commission Address: 8A, Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, PMB 80128, Lagos. Phone: +234 1 448 0876 Email:



Netherlands Representative Office Address: 14A, Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos. Phone: +234 1 460 1400 Email:


Russian Consulate Address: 5 Walter Carrington Crescent Victoria Island, Lagos Phone: +234 1 261 2267 Email:


Consulate of Spain Address: 21C, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, P.O. Box 74759, Lagos. Phone: +234 1 280 5488 ; +234 1 277 0300 Email:


British Deputy High Commission Address: 11 Walter Carrington Crescent Victoria Island, Lagos Phone: +234 1 277 0780


U.S Consulate General Lagos Office Address: 2 Walter Carrington Crescent Victoria Island, Lagos Phone: +234 1 460 3400

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Lagos and luxury could almost be agreed upon to go together. From travels for vacations, schooling or for business dealings, Lagos offers a variety of transport options as might be befitting to one’s spot-on desires.





Lagos affords you quite an array of transport options, by road, air, rail or even water, and at utmost security and well, with a varying level of luxury, taking into cognizance the desires as might be demanding of your class, social status, or sometimes, as basic as time. While Lagos might as well as just be synonymous with traffic congestions, take charge of your travel time. Explore the options for navigation. Feed your sybaritic tendencies and escape the hustle or bustle that might be the popular Lagos testimonial.


The Lagos Rail Mass Transit (LRMT) network is a major component of the Strategic Transport Master Plan (STMP) which has been developed to guide as a compass, for the development of public transport infrastructures in the state. The STMP is a 30-year plan put together under series of intensive researches, studies and analyses of future transportation demands and needs of Lagos State as Nigeria’s commercial and economic hub and one of the world’s fastest growing mega cities.

Arik Air is Nigeria’s largest airline.

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L.U.R.N. The Lagos Urban Rail Network (LURN) is a network of urban rail-based systems covering seven major corridors of high commuter traffic demand within and beyond the metropolitan, extending to border areas with states like Ogun and Oyo. The Urban Rail Network consists of seven (7) railway lines planned along priority and high commuter demand corridors within the Lagos metropolis and farther. The seven lines link the major population and activity centres in the state, as well as taking advantage, where possible, of existing transport corridors. The network is fully integrated with planned and existing water transport and BRT routes¬ – the North-South corridor between Agbado and Iddo along the Nigerian Railway corridor; the Eastern corridor to serve the emerging development along the Lekki - Epe axis; and the Western corridor along the Mile 2 - Okokomaiko axis. Others are: Marina to Lekki axis, The Redeemed Christian Church of God Camp to Ojo, Otta to Iddo, The Redeemed Christian Church of God to Marina and Mile 12 to Marina route. The seven corridors will be connected by a central ring road between Victoria Island and Lagos Island.


The main objectives of the seven lines on the rail network plan are to: Stimulate economic growth, development and job creation Reduce severe traffic congestion Promote the use of public transport. Improve the image of public transport and attract more car users to public transport. Promote business tourism. Significantly contribute towards urban restructuring, shortening of travel. Distance and improve city sustainability. Improve road traffic safety. Increase travel efficiency and workers’ productivity. Improve quality of the environment – air and life. The types of trains proposed for the Blue Line Rail Project are Electric Multiple Units (EMUs). EMUs are



emission-free and therefore do not pose problems of environmental pollution usually associated with conventional diesel locomotives. EMUs are proven to be more efficient and easier to maintain than diesel locomotives. Initially, the Blue Line will carry 400,000 passengers daily, then capacity will be increased to 700,000 passengers daily when the rail route becomes fully operational. The depot

LAND INFO The city of Lagos is ever developing, creating more versatile and convenient forms of transportation, especially by road. The one time ubiquitous black and yellow cabs are now as good as extinct, mostly because of the replacement with more durable, more conducive vehicles and an even more practical fare charge per trip.

IKEJA BUS TERMINAL The current governor of Lagos state, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is on a mission to redefine transport within the city with comfort and order while at fare charges. Hence, the Ikeja Bus Terminal. Although not completed, in terms of construction, his vision is as good as plain as regards transportation, in a bid to indeed transform Lagos in a Smart City. This, he has already begun by having garages around the city converted into terminals in such places as Iyana-iworo, Berger, and soon, Oshodi. All of this has since reduced, and largely decongested the roads that

lead to those areas, and also ensured smoother rides through those areas, free of unwanted stops and drop-offs.

will serve as train maintenance and repair yard, sidings, final train destination, office complex and power station. Once the Blue Line becomes operational, rail public transport will be incorporated into the integrated ticketing and fare systems making travel between different modes a seamless operation.

nearest cab, closest to your location will be on its way to you. Talk about convenience! Fares can be settled with cash or with a direct transfer or debit from your bank account.

OGA TAXI Oga taxi is the premier communityfocused taxi app, and has been in operation since June 2014 in Lagos, as well as two other states in Nigeria. They are head quartered at Abuja however, and with an aim to expand services to even more cities across West Africa.

METRO TAXI Metro Taxi is a transport aid that offers reliable services, prompt arrival and reasonable fare rates. They are driven by experienced drivers, who are most times, aware of alternative routes that help save time. They can be identified by the traditional black and yellow colour, but with a stripe of red on the indicators on the roof of the cars, and also, the sides.

RED CAB Reeking of comfort and style, Red Cab taxi/cab company is a reliable and accessible platform uniquely designed to meet transport needs. RedCab can easily be downloaded on both android and ios devices.

COOPERATE CABS Cooperate cabs offer mainly taxi services on a highly professional level. They can easily be contacted for more details at 23A, Block C, Opposite Iju Garage, Primatex Plaza, Agege, Lagos, or via 09051390016.

ÜBER Hailing cabs is now a thing of the past. No matter your destination, all you need is access to the internet, an über app and a request. Within minutes, the

TAXIFY Taxify is a transport company that offers flexible and prompt taxi services, just a request away. The app can easily be downloaded and is compatible for both ios and android devices.



fancy a flight of luxury and comfort? EFFICIENCY

Next time you fly on a commercial aircraft, count the minutes – or even hours – that it takes between getting to the airport and actually taking-off. Think of the lines at immigration and security, the time it takes all of the passengers to board and the long wait for your luggage after you have landed. When you fly on a private jet, the average waiting time at an FBO is around five or six minutes. There is no pointless queuing and no rushing from one gate to the next. When you land, a car will be waiting to take you to your final destination with minimum fuss. This time saving is even greater when business jets allow you to fly direct and avoid connecting flights or – as is often possible – when you fly into a business jet airport closer to your actual destination.


Business jets offer passengers the ability to make business trips that would be impossible when flying on commercial airlines. This is true with all sizes of aircraft; smaller light jets like Cessna’s Citation Mustang make it possible to have meetings in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt in one day and still get you home that night. On bigger aircraft models, capable of flying faster and further, it’s possible to have breakfast meetings in Calabar, business lunch in Accra and dinner in Lagos. When you fly on a private jet you are in complete control of your

own schedule. This means you can arrange an aircraft at short notice or submit a last-minute flight change using your mobile phone. Even if you wish to change your plans and land at a different airport half way through your flight, it is usually no problem. And of course, if you are running late, the aircraft waits for you.


The golden age of flying by airline has truly gone. To airlines you are just a seat number. On a private jet the crew are truly there to serve you; they will refer to you by name and treat you as valued customer. You can also forget the vacuum-packed stodge that you’re used to eating while flying on airlines, there are now plenty of specialist catering companies that provide fine dining for private jet passengers and even Michelinstarred chefs. Even the smallest private jets – although not much bigger than a car – provide enough space to sleep, entertain and do business. At the larger end of the private jet spectrum, converted airliners – also known as ‘bizliners’ – are often described as “flying apartments” and include fully-furnished bathrooms, master bedrooms and features as lavish as you can possibly imagine.


Private jets are described as “private” for a reason. When you arrive at the terminal, you are seconds away from stepping onto the aircraft without attracting any unwanted attention. When you are on board, you are free

to behave as if you were at home, or to discuss business, without the risk of compromising sensitive information. Larger private jets also feature separate conference facilities, allowing you to make the most of your time even when you’re 40,000 ft above the ground.


Good private jet operators have impeccable safety records. They select the only the best pilots following a rigorous recruitment process and enforce safety management systems that rival any commercial airline. In countries were the local airlines have been involved in a number of incidents, some companies will only allow their staff to fly on a private jet,



Quits Aviation Nigeria

because they feel it is far safer. When you own a private jet, you also have the freedom to select your own pilot(s) and flight crew to guarantee peace of mind. PRIVATE JETS NIGERIA is also proud to introduce AFRICAN AVIATION INSTITUTE in collaboration with the world leading AERONAUTIC UNIVERSITY EMBRY-RIDDLE AERONAUTIC UNIVERSITY, FLORIDA, USA to cater niche professional management trainings in Africa. Our comprehensive and costeffective programs are designed for anyone who desires to gain knowledge of the aviation sector in Nigeria and Africa including: Pilots 
 Heads of Ministries, Departments

and Parastatals
 Aviation Professionals 
 Fresh Graduates 
 The management of African Aviation Institute (AAI) has identified gaps in skills and knowledge in the aviation sector in Nigeria and Africa as a critical challenge to the growth and sustainability of the industry. This gap continues to result in massive brain drain, loss of employment, safety and security issues, dearth of professionalism and financial losses by sending par5cipants abroad for trainings. The effect of gap in knowledge, poor understanding of the sector, absence of global standards in trainings, providing local and niche specific operational syllabus is now more

glaring in the aviation sector. Bridging these gaps through bestin-class training in Nigeria and Africa, hands-on experience, global exposure, and providing targeted solutions geared towards private and public sector participation is a strategic decision taken to grow the industry exponentially and sustainably. We offer courses such as: Human Factor For Corporate Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation Strategic Vision and Planning Leadership and Motivation Managerial Communication Performance Review and Feedback Aviation Safety Programs and Emergency Preparedness Aviation Maintenance Management Operational Safety Audit (Fixed and Rotary)




The Murtala Muhammed Airport was built during the second World War? The international airport was originally named Lagos International Airport but became referred to as Murtala Muhammed Airport in the mid 70s.

Source: Texas Connection Ferries

The current governor of Lagos state, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, has made Water Transportation one of his mandates and has decided to invest in Lagos State Ferry Services, starting by rebranding the agency. This alternative, asides the luxury it might sum up to, also serves to decongest traffic especially during surge periods in the state. Ferries now convey commuters across the seas from one end of the town to the other, easily and affordably too.

or 08024222805 for booking or enquiries. METROFERRY MARINE SERVICE Metroferry Marine was incorporated in 2008, and commenced full commercial services a year later. Currently, the Metroferry Marine ferry over ten thousand people on a daily basis, safely and promptly. They have their jetty at Ikorodu, which serves as their operational

base, and also at Oworonshoki. They offer these services using ferries and speedboats that ply Ebute-Ero, CMS, Falomo and Addax Charter services to any destination within the Lagos State waterways, as may be required. For further enquiries contact 01-461 9636, 0702 9611026, 0702 961 1026 or visit Plot 983A, Saka Jojo Street, Off Idejo, Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island, Lagos.

AIR INFO Source:

TEXAS CONNECTION FERRIES Texas Connection Ferries Limited is a private organization incorporated in 2001. They transport passengers by ferries/ boats from one location to the other in Lagos, for both business and pleasure. They provide safe, comfortable and affordable ferry services for commuters, usually left satisfied. Hence for boat cruises and tours, contact 08068327094, 08163912461, 08163913008

While Lagos might seem to be all that, it is not a trap of a city. Traveling out within or outside of the country has been made easy on all platforms, and others even in the offing. There is a local airport and an international airport, both on the same premises, making it easier to navigate. The Murtala Muhammed Airport, otherwise referred to as MMA 1, had its domestic travel popularly referred to as MMA 2 commissioned in 2008, and its international one as MM1. Lagos offers a direct flight to several cities around the world as London, over 30 states in America, Canada, Frankfurt, Istanbul and Paris.





Aero Contractors

Abuja, Asaba, Port Harcourt, Sokoto, Warri

Air Côte d'Ivoire


Africa World Airlines


Air France

Paris–Charles de Gaulle

Air Peace

Abuja, Accra, Akure, Calabar, Enugu, Benin, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Sokoto, Uyo

Arik Air

Abuja, Accra, Asaba, Benin City, Calabar, Dakar, Enugu, Jos, Kaduna, Kano, Harbel, Luanda, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Uyo, Warri, Ilorin, Gombe, Maiduguri, Sokoto, Yola

ASKY Airlines

Douala, Libreville, Lomé

Azman Air

Abuja, Kano

British Airways


Dana Air

Abuja, Accra, Port Harcourt, Uyo

Delta Air Lines






Ethiopian Airlines

Addis Ababa

Etihad Airways

Abu Dhabi

Kenya Airways

Nairobi–Jomo Kenyatta





Med-View Airline

Abuja, Accra, Enugu, Jeddah, Kano, London–Gatwick, Port Harcourt, Yola



Middle East Airlines

Abidjan, Beirut

Overland Airways

Asaba, Ibadan, Ilorin

Qatar Airways


Royal Air Maroc

Casablanca Casablanca



South African Airways

Johannesburg–O.R. Tambo

Turkish Airlines


Virgin Atlantic







SUIT UP & RACE - (N7500 per session per person) RACE 2 TREASURE - (N6000 per session for a team of 5-9 ENDURANCE RACE - (N5000 per session for a team of 10)


5 laps per session Minimum Age - 14 Minimum Height - 4ft (130cm) Skill level - Beginners to Expert

CONTACT: 07051192865, 08150832977, 09053934277


Lagos City Guide Magazine, dedicated to promoting Culture, Shopping, Entertainment, Art, Dining and lots more.


Lagos City Guide Magazine, dedicated to promoting Culture, Shopping, Entertainment, Art, Dining and lots more.