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KINGDOM BUILDERS? Have you ever had the desire to do more? Do you desire to make a larger impact in the world? Do you desire to leave an eternal legacy? Many would answer a resounding YES to all of these questions. If that is you, City Hope Church has a way for you to do just that; It is called Kingdom Builders. Kingdom Builders is designed for everyone to be a part of making a larger impact on the world by furthering the Kingdom of God.

Kingdom Builders is an outlet to extend our reach, individually and as a church, to help further the Kingdom of God not only in our community, but literally around the world. Together, we can make a global impact to help those in need.

Be a contributor. Be a supporter. Be an investor. Be a Kingdom Builder. The place to start is here and the time to start is now.





GLOBAL City Hope Church partners monthly with several ministries around the globe that share in our vision to reach those that have never heard the Gospel. This financial support helps meet the daily needs of these ministries but there is a desire to do more. This is where Kingdom Builders can assist. Funds given to Kingdom Builders will help further the Kingdom through projects such as training pastors, building churches, homes, schools, and water wells. Our assistance will help move these ministries forward taking new ground for the Kingdom. LOCAL OUTREACH AND CHURCH EXPANSION God is doing an incredible work right here in the United States through City Hope Church and many other life giving churches and ministries. Contributions given to Kingdom Builders will help fulfill the vision God has given CityHope of launching churches in more locations, and assist us in helping other outreach organizations in meeting local community needs. We believe in boldly reaching the lost by going outside the walls of the church and extending the hope of Jesus to everyone. FUTURE CHRISTIAN LEADERS Kingdom Builders will help us fight for families as we boldly strive to elevate the next generation of believers. The next generation will be paving the way for the future and we need them to continue to speak the Gospel. It is our responsibility, as the church, to build up future Christian leaders by investing in them and supporting them with opportunities to grow mentally and spiritually. City Hope Church strives to assist our future leaders in pursuing the calling of ministry that God has placed on their hearts. There is no better way to invest in someone’s calling than to pray for them and give them the opportunities needed to succeed in their spiritual walk with God. Kingdom Builder donations will help remove financial limitations that may hinder individuals from pursuing education, travel and training opportunities.

Total Goal $1,000,000 1


UTREACH Financial Goal $473,000



ONE MILLION MEALS IN UGANDA // $18,000 Do you ever wonder where your next meal will come from? For some of us, that question could be answered immediately. Most of us are able to say that we are blessed beyond measure, well fed, and have the financial means to take care of ourselves and our family. But for others, wondering where their next meal will come from is a daily

concern. In addition to pastoring Good News Church in Kampala, Uganda, Pastor Solomon daily feeds thousands of children in two of Northern Uganda’s refugee settlements. CityHope’s partnership with Pastor Solomon allows us to help him carry out this mission by providing the financial means to purchase food and necessary supplies.


Equipping Pastors in Uganda Providing training to area pastors leading churches in and around Kampala. As a part of their education and completion of studies, Kingdom Builders will fund a conference and ministry school graduation.

Christ Faith Home for Children in India Extending the hope of Jesus to orphans and lepers by meeting their spiritual and physical needs.



Planting Churches in the Middle East Launching church planting movements in various countries in the middle east.


Honduras Dream Center Caring for the kids and youth in the La Lopez community by providing meals, an education, a place to belong, and so much more.




BIBLE TRANSLATION FOR UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUPS IN ECUADOR // $5,000 In the Ecuadorian jungle, the tribes of Shuar and Achuar are entirely unreached. These groups speak an indigenous language which is not translated in the written form. In the past, missionaries struggled with sharing the written Word of God due to the lack of biblical translation in the Shuar and Achuar native tongue. Our ministry partners have found a way to provide new believers with an audible Bible by giving them a transportable language box called a “Proclaimer”. The boxes can provide the Bible in the native language

of the tribes. For the first time ever, these new believers are able to hear the Word of God in their own language. As you know, faith comes by hearing and our friends and partners at the Hope House are venturing into the jungles of Ecuador with these tools to reach those who have never heard! CityHope’s partnership with the Ecuador Hope House helps provide more proclaimers, so that all may hear the good news of Jesus.


Build a Church in Ecuador Constructing a church building in Huambi, Ecuador. CityHope’s August missions team will assist in this construction along with an outreach to the community.


Honduras Jungle Hospital Construction of housing for long term medical practitioners serving in Rio Viejo’s Jungle Hospital.



CityHope Honduras Providing funding for outreach activities and ministerial support to reach those of San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Equipping Pastors in Russia Provide teaching and training for Russian pastors who are leading local churches in cities throughout Russia and Siberia.



BUILDING CHURCHES IN INDIA // $16,000 In India, a country where only 2% of the population professes Christianity, churches are springing up in homes and pastors are being trained with the help of India Gospel League. Once a house church reaches sustainable numbers, India Gospel League will build a “life center” / church. Throughout the week, the building is used to meet a number of community needs

and also serves as a place for the church members to meet. These facilities are quickly becoming a lighthouse in the communities they serve. CityHope’s partnership with India Gospel League helps provide additional funding to build these life changing life centers.


Homes for the Homeless in India Partnering with a ministry in India to build homes for five homeless families in India.


School Construction in Uganda Assisting Good News Church in completing construction of their Christian High School in Kampala, Uganda.


Water For Nations in Kenya Providing a water well which will produce clean drinking water to hundreds of families in a community where it is otherwise not readily available.


Education and Clean Water in Kenya Providing funding for the construction of a school building for the students of Royal Gathering Education Center and the drilling of a water well for the neighboring community.


Fighting Sex Trafficking in India Annual funding of the operation of a home for sex trafficked boys in India.


Sending Missionaries Sending and supporting CityHope members that are pursuing a call to missions.


Global Project Initiatives Providing support for special projects and initiatives in collaboration with our long term missionary partners.


LOCAL & CHURCH Financial Goal $427,000





Ten years ago we started our first multi-site campus location. Since that time, we have launched four additional campuses and four others in surrounding correctional facilities. This is who we are: We are one house with many rooms. We look forward to continuing our growth and launching new campuses into more cities and communities that will spread the hope of Jesus Christ.


CityHope Kids and Youth Environments Enlarging and upgrading campus kids and youth environments.

Disaster Relief Fund Providing money and necessary supplies to quickly lend a helping hand to those facing a devastating natural disaster.


Eye Heart World Combating sex trafficking in the US by investing in the efforts of Eye Heart World and their initiatives.


CityHope Correctional Ministry Launch a new City Hope Church campus in a correctional facility within our area.





From our beginning, City Hope Church has fiercely served the people in our community through our outreach projects. Merry Christmas Gulf Coast is our largest annual community outreach. This project helps to make Christmas special for thousands in our community and provides hope and a sense of belonging to those in our correctional facilities.



LEADERS Financial Goal $100,000



STUDENT MISSION TRIPS // $40,000 We believe everyone should join a global mission team and participate in a short term mission trip. Training up and inspiring our youth is pivotal to their christian growth and their future. There is no better time to dig deeper into God’s word, learn about the world you’re a part of and show compassion to others thru service than on your first mission trip. Kingdom Builders will allow us to send our junior and senior CityHope students on an fully funded short term global mission trip.


Ministry School Scholarships Establishing scholarship funds for the purpose of investing in the training and education of future ministry leaders.

Adoption and Foster Care Supporting existing adoptive and foster parents, while encouraging new families and individuals to be involved in the process.


Kids and Student Camp Scholarships Helping families in need of financial assistance send their kids and students to CityHope camps.



Be a contributor. Be a supporter. Be an investor. Be a Kingdom Builder.

The place to start is here and the time to start is now.

My/Our 2020 Kingdom Builder Giving Goal is: DONATE TODAY AT

cityhope.cc/kingdombuilders 32



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