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“The people are the city�

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The People are the City

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Shawn and Lisa de la Garza

Dr Adizes On Corporate Pain connecting business to the city



“The people are the city”

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Dining Monday-Thursday 5:00 pm Friday-Saturday 5:00-11:00 pm Lounge Monday-Saturday 5:00 pm to closing

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“The people are the city”


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“The people are the city”

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resort to relaxation This urban oasis sits nestled among lush surroundings in the Galleria/Uptown area making it the perfect retreat for business or pleasure. There is no time like the present for a quick weekend getaway. Take a vacation from ordinary.

Book your Stay call 713.871.8181 or visit



“The people are the city”

Make it a Monumental Night


ucked away in the Historical District of Downtown McAllen, Texas is an unforgettable experience as distinctive as its flavors, both in the kitchen and in the bar. With an interior design that transports you to 1920’s McAllen this fine building houses El Divino which began as McAllen’s first restaurant The White Kitchen Inn, from the 1920’s- 1970’s. From its timeless tin ceilings or its old century reclaimed wood, El Divino provides it patrons with a true escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, transporting them back to a time of bootlegging and speakeasies. These high class establishments provided an escape from everything. Ordering a drink at El Divino is an experience in itself. Their motto “getting

you a better drink”, whether it be El Divino’s signature drink “The Birddog Presidential”, one of their pallet pleasing wines, or full bar. Whatever you are in the mood for, the Mixologists take pride in being chefs behind the bar providing you with innovative drinks made from only the freshest ingredients and the highest quality mixers available. The dishes of El Divino are part of an exquisite menu only this treasure can provide with one of the only chef driven kitchens in the area, El Divino will provide a contemporary cuisine in a elaborate ambiance with their impeccable service, cutting edge techniques, impeccable presentations and mouth watering entrees El Divino provides an unforgettable dining experience that shouldn’t be missed and will never be forgotten.

El Divino with its unique combination of atmosphere, food, and drinks, will transport you back in time to have an unforgettable experience.

Exquisite Contemporary Cuisine Incredible Atmosphere The Authority in whisky based mixology Custom Cocktails Made with Fresh Local Farm Ingredients

Happy Hour: Tuesday – Saturday 5PM to 8PM Get a 3 course meal for $25 Tue-Thu

1410 Austin Ave McAllen TX 78501 Tel: (956) 627-3990

Signature Drink “The Birddog Presidential “

Award winning AL Capone Filet steak


“The people are the city”


“The people are the city”


City Harmony Contents


“The people are the city”

Business Intelligence


Interview With Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes


Two Kisses One Great Marriage 18

RGV Spotlight 22 Healthy Energy Boosters for Kids


Inspiration Beyond the Kitchen Chef Leopoldo "Polo" Becerra


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therapeutic massage at Northwest

SPECIAL 1 HR. Massage $4999 1st Time Visit • • • • • •

Acupressure Body Sculping Aromatherapy Massage Chair Massage Children’s Massage Deep Tissue Massage

• • • • •

Foot Massage Stretching Sports Massage Swedish Massage Therapeutic Massage

Licensed Massage Therapists of More Than 18 Years

7342 Senate Ave Houston, Texas 77040

Ph: (713) 856.7486

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“The people are the city”


Coast Chinese-Japanese & Bar The Ultimate Chinese Experience

ebating whether to eat Chinese or Japanese? Why choose just one? Coast Chinese-Japanese & Bar has an impeccable selection of gourmet dishes from both nations. Most Chinese restaurants have you serve yourself in cafeteria-style lines and then have you sit in chairs that could have simply come from an office waiting room. At Coast, from the moment you walk-in, you are greeted with its modern ambiance and sleek décor. An atmosphere of sophistication is created with luxurious seating, perfect lighting, well-designed menus and a waiting staff trained in the fine art of dining. All this sets the scene for that perfect romantic evening out. Coast is also an ideal place for family dinners. With incredible prices, and exceptional flavors this is a surefire way to treat the family out to an evening they won’t soon forget. Once you have enjoyed true gourmet oriental food and are thinking of enjoying a night out on the town, filled with cocktails and music, move over to the bar area. Coast Chinese-Japanese & Bar has a contemporary bar separate from the dining area, giving both

the diners & bar patrons, a feeling of privacy while allowing for the energy to flow back and forth thought the entire establishment. Fun cocktails, multi-color back-lit wall, great seating and music playing from multiple in-set speakers; provide all the elements needed for a fabulous night out. With a Happy Hour from 3 to 7pm, Coast’s bar is the spot to relax at after a long-day or business meeting. Come and see for yourself what awaits you at Coast RestaurantBar. Excite your pallet with flavors from the Orient and experience what so many already know, Coast is “The ultimate Chinese Experience”.

Go to Coast Chinese-Japanese & Bar for the ultimate Chinese Experience. x


“The people are the city”


“The people are the city”

Are you paid what you are worth? Do you feel your financial trap is affecting your family?

Automation isn’t just a blue collar problem anymore. Powerful software programs replaced armies of financial officers, designers, even Lawyers. Job growth in management, technology and other white-collar professions slowed to nearly zero. * There is now a single world market of many goods and services, and over the past 10 to 15 years, about 400 million people –from China, India, South Africa, Indonesia and elsewherehave entered the global labor force, offering to make the same thing Americans make for a tenth of the price. **

We are looking for above the average professionals. We are looking for professionals with outstanding academic records, strong business skills and a passion for achieving results. We are looking for man and woman with the desire to make an impact in the business community. Top talent will have an incredible opportunity to grow, great opportunities to learn, and an exciting career.

*Newsweek. Dead Suit Walking, April 17, 2011 **Time Magazine. A Flight Plan for the American Economy, June 5, 2011

Email resume to: x

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"The people are the city"

Business Intelligence with Eduardo Azcoitia

An Interview with

Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes

"The Pain of Being a Founder of a Company"

Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes has always fascinated me with his wisdom on business management. I sought after him, for something that some of my clients are also worried about; I can closely and personally relate to this happening, having built two companies myself. CityHarmony itself is going through this stage. I remember the pain it was, when I began the company and literally I started with only an idea. When I envisioned this magazine, and inspired others to work along with me on it. Yes I can relate to my colleagues, other entrepreneurs who start something with only a dream and lots of effort… lots of it. Now, the idea is no longer a feeble infant, it is a productive young adult with a bright and promising future…. What happens next? Eduardo: It seems to me that once you have built a certain enterprise, many want to take credit for it. Is my perception accurate? It appears that people who haven’t work on it, want to lead, based on the desire for status and recognition. What do you see?

Eduardo: I can remember stardom type cases, from like Apple and Compaq, where the founders were kicked out. Maybe it was not the right decision at the moment –as history proved later on. What do you think is the situation which causes that to happen prematurely? Dr Adizes: I have noticed what triggers the resolve to replace him or her: first is that the company has outgrown its founder. By it, I mean, the company needs some order not just more growth; Not more of the same but better and different. The founder being successful so far considers these demands for change as an affront to his leadership. His ego gets hurt. Furthermore, he is getting scared that the changes recommended can destroy what he has built successfully over many years. He has experience. He has the scars to prove it. The challengers have lots of energy to push for change because they do not have the same scars. They believe in what they are pushing for and they do not have much to lose. It is not their “baby” that they will lose if what they recommend doing fails. He, the founder, on the other hand has EVERYTHING to lose. Years and years of work, hard work, of building the company.

Dr. Adizes: I have new insights into the pain Found"In the beginning the work ers of companies go through… When they started the company no one really was excessive and the reward bothered them. They were the “crazy” questionable. Now that the ones, working extra hard, overtime, takcompany is successful, and there ing risks ignoring their family and even is money, and recognition and their health. Who wants it? respect for the title, things are No one really interfered with their decision-making and challenged their autotally different." thority. The work was excessive and the reward questionable; it was not attractive for people to demand participation in decision-making. Now that the company is successful, and there is money, and recognition and respect for the title... everyone and his brother develops interest in the company and wants to have authority to define its direction. Those under the founder start pushing, pushing him out. They want to lead. They want his position. A struggle for leadership develops and replacement is threatening the founder. What is going through his mind is: “Where the hell have you been till now?”


“The people are the city”

Paying the price by losing the family, not knowing the children and even may be sacrificing his health. He is in pain. To put all of that at risk? He fights back and is considered a barrier for change and the solution boards come to or consultants recommend is replacing him.

us. Can you relate us a case about the emotional load associated with leadership transfer?

Dr. Adizes I was consulting to a founder of a company. He had only one daughter who was taking over the company. They were fighting a lot. What she wanted to do Eduardo: he rejected. And she threatened to quit I have seen other cases, when people which scared him a lot because all these say that the leader is “getting old” or not years he believed that he was building thinking right anymore, thinking senile. this company for the “family,” for her to Technological and marketplace changes grow up and take it over. seem to have outgrown the leader. It is When we sat in “four eyes” to discuss the a little different scenario from the previ- situation I asked him how many chilous case. dren he has. He said surprised at the question: “One. My daughter.” I said: Dr Adizes: “No. two.” He got really uncomfortable. The second reason that triggers the de- This was a religious man and it was like sire to replace the founder is that he is I was going to tell him he had another old and not functioning any more. The child out of wedlock. “The second one company has no energy. It is marching is the company and you are worried that in place while the your daughter will market is advancdestroy this second ing at top speed. child of yours. The The company needs second child you "There is glory in building new leadership. devoted more time a company but it is followed And how do you to than to anyone by pain, deep pain." think the founder else.” He started to feels when the decry. Really. I touched mand for replacea nerve. ment comes? Do you think he admits his age? His incapa- Eduardo: bility to lead? He feels discarded! Used I have always make the analogy and preand discarded. His whole life has gone sented the case, that an Entrepreneur into this company or as one founder told is some type of Artist, he builds more me: “All I remember is when my children because of the creative spirit in him dewere born and when they got married... mands a creation, it is a passion for doI have no other memories of my chil- ing something amazing. In your many dren...” years of management studies and conWhile he has no memories of his chil- sulting experience what have you found? dren, he remembers every event that happened in the company. Every one Dr. Adizes of them, and now he is out, goodbye. It Starting a company, being a founder is will be like you raise your children and more than just an entrepreneurial enonce they do not need you any more deavor to make money. You are building they send you to an old age home to die a monument to survive your departure and just promise to visit. Depressing, no? from this world, you are building your There is glory in building a company but hall of fame, and you are making your it is followed by pain, deep pain. dream come true. And now that you are older, and new blood is coming to Eduardo: manage your “dream”, you are having We can probably tell some stories, and I a nightmare. Are they going to destroy would even like to ask our readers if they what you have built with so much love? have some cases like this to share with

Eduardo: We will continue to bring more insights on the subject of change and the corporate lifecycle. There are ways to minimize the pain when we bring things into a harmonious change. I certainly hope that we bring not only hope to our fellow readers but also the knowledge to make things better. Stay tune as we bring you more. We appreciate your correspondence

Ichak Adizes is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading management experts. Leadership Excellence Journal named him one of the Top 30 Thought Leaders in the United States, and Executive Excellence Journal put him on their list of the Top 30 Consultants in America. In recognition of his contributions to management theory and practice, Dr. Adizes has received 14 honorary doctorates, is a Fellow of the International Academy of Management and has been made an honorary citizen of two Eastern European countries.


"The people are the city"

Advertise your business or have your child in the spotlight. Our Kids are our future!!!

(if you would like to host your childs party or event you as well can put an ad In)

Including helpful articles/tips and ideas to live more harmoniously


“The people thecity" city� "The people areare the



“The people are the city”

A potpourri of practical ideas to help you become a better steward

Yourself F r u

By Gordon Botting, DrPH, CHES.


at fruit daily — who could reject such good nutritional advice? Incredibly, the advocates of low– carb diets are questioning the benefits of a mouthwatering peach, a scrumptious apple or a delicious bowl of cherries. Some of these advocates suggest that the humble fruit is nearly as “evil” as white sugar or white bread, particularly when it comes to weight management and general health. The reason fruit worries these advocates is that fruit is a carbohydrate and the majority of these sugar carbs are identified as fructose, which is often wrongly associated with high-fructose corn sugar — the number one additive to processed snacks and sodas. 1 Actually, fresh or canned fruit in natural juice or water, add only a small amount of fructose eaten by the average person. You would have to eat a lot of fruit servings to get close to the amount of fructose in a 12-oz can of soda. Fruit is more than a just a serving of sugar (fructose), fruit is also a healthy serving of fiber, folate, magnesium, potassium and vitamins, such as A, C and K.2 Currently, there are no studies that show a moderate intake of whole fruits will result in poor physical health or sudden weight gain. In

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t s it Boo

fact, the opposite is shown to be true. Adults that regularly eat fruit are likely to be healthier and thinner. In fact, a recent analysis by researchers from England’s University of Leicester found that fruit consumption had no relationship to diabetes. In Danish, Dutch and Portuguese studies, eating a large amount of fruit actually resulted in a diminished risk of heart attacks. 1 One challenge for the younger generation is that those under 30 years-of-age consume more than 50% of their fruit -servings as a juice. The major setback with fruit juice is that it lacks the necessary dietary fiber.

“If fruit were loaded with calories, bad fat, or salt, we might feel a more intense longing for the sweetness of a ripe strawberry or a crisp crunch of a just-picked apple.” — Nutrition Action Newsletter, June, 2011 Also, eating one fruit serving as a juice, means you will drink close to eight fruit servings. So portionsize alone adds extra calories and can lead to weight gain. Consider the most popular fruit juice — orange juice. One glass contains approximately 0.5 gram (one-half a gram) of dietary fiber compared to a whole orange that contains nearly 4.5 grams of dietary fiber. 2 In fairness to those who do not enjoy eating fruit, they are correct in pointing out that fruit does contain sugar calories. If you eat an extra banana each day, you wo u l d a d d more th a n 38,000 additional calories in a year or the equivalent of

gaining 11 extra pounds. Then again, if you consume the same amount of potato chips, by weight, you could add nearly 200,000 calories or 57 additional pounds that year, AND an increase in garment size

Bottom Line:

Fresh fruit, along with fresh vegetables, grains, nuts and legumes, are among the key components to a well-balanced diet. Remember, fruit is low in calories, high in fiber, rich in vitamins, minerals and contain other beneficial compounds such as carotenoids and flavonoids. They are cholesterol free and very low in fat and sodium. Give your children and yourself the snack that is perfectly packaged by God, contains no empty fatty or sugary calories, and because of their fiber and water content, fills you up.


Plums were used in China as a home remedy for reducing fevers, controlling nausea and repressing coughs. It is part of the stone fruit family and comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors ranging from black to green, with a yellow or red flesh. Plums are a natural source of sorbital, a sugar alcohol that responds as a laxative. Dried plums with their high concentrate of both sorbital and fiber have greater laxative effect. Also, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture antioxidant analysis, plums were ranked near the top of 24 fresh fruits. Plums can add zing to fruit salads, as an addition on kebobs or as a prune puree for baked goods. 3


Christopher Columbus is credited with bringing lemons and limes to the Americas. Limeys was the nickname of British Navel sailors in the 16th century for their use of limes in combating scurvy, an often-fatal disease, resulting from vitamin C deficiency. Researchers at the University of Arizona in Tucson discovered that individuals who ate approximately one teaspoon of grated citrus peel, once a week, were

“The people are the city”

30% less likely to develop skin cancer. Serving wedges of fresh lemons or limes can be helpful in cutting back on your salt intake. Citrus juice can be squeezed on avocados, pears, peaches and bananas to prevent “browning” [retarding oxidation]. Frozen Ice cubes of these juices can add refreshing flavors to fresh water on hot summer days.


provement on memory tests.

Berries are super-fruits when it comes to their potential health benefits such as their sugar-lowering, anticancer and anti–inflammatory effects.



Rhubarb was first cultivated in the United States two hundred years ago. It is actually a vegetable with ties to the buckwheat family and is easily identified by its striking red stalks, which contain the following nutritional sources: fiber, potassium, calcium and vitamin C. One cup provides 45% of the daily value of vitamin K, which plays a part in blood clotting. Rhubarb’s health benefits are found in its potential anticancer properties and antioxidant composites. One Scottish study identified 40 different polyphenols of British grown rhubarb. Next time you want to have fun with a recipe try this vegetable as a tangy sauce or in a savory stew. 5

“A husband thinks health food is anything he eats before the expiration date.” — Rita Rudner

Nurses’ Health Study (80,000 participants) and Health Professional Followup Study (49,000 participants) found that in both men and women with the highest intake of berries were at 23% less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease. Recent studies of blueberries showed that after 12 weeks, older people with early memory loss who drank 15 to 21 ounces of blueberry juice daily, showed im-

A banana is thought to be the forbidden fruit in the biblical story of the Garden of Eden, because apples are not native to that particular region. Bananas are grown on a large herb, not a tree and there are over 1,000 varieties around the globe. One medium banana will provide a great source of not only potassium, but also manganese, vitamin C and B6. Because it is a super source of vitamin B6 it aids in forming red blood cells, supports the nervous and immune systems and assists in protein metabolism. According to a Swedish study of over 60,000 middle-aged women, those who ate bananas four to six times a week had half the risk of developing kidney cancer as those who did not eat this fruit.

“The people are the city”




“The people are the city”

Shawn and Lisa


t is a challenge to describe a life changing event in any editorial space, but we decided to publish this event for its significance and for the life lessons Shawn De La Garza and Lisa Routh, M.D. have shared with many friends and now City Harmony Magazine.

“Two Kisses One Great Marriage”

Destiny pulls lives together with invisible threads and enduring persistence. “Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale, I love you”, Lisa Shawn lives in Clear Lake and Lisa lived in the neighboring city of Friendswood, their two Southeast Houston area homes separated by just a few miles. For years Lisa has traveled to the Valley, where Shawn owns McAllen MRI Center and Alliance Billing and Collections. Both Lisa and Shawn have been around the same places, Lisa as an accomplished physician and Shawn servicing many physicians and patients with his medical imaging businesses. For many years they participated in the same gatherings, seminars, and even social events… yet they never met face to face. It was always

18 x


as if one of them was coming in through one door when the other was leaving through the other door. But as Lisa says “we were running our paths, increasing our lives’ experiences and preparing to be better for each other”

“I was home the moment your hand first touched mine” "I found him whom my soul loveth, I held him and would not let him go." Song of Solomon which Lisa messaged to Shawn while traveling in South America. Finally they were introduced at Sky its Christmas Party, by its owner and one of their mutual friends, Estaban Mejia. “It

“The people are the city”

was amazing, beautiful… life changing”. The magic began. Shawn, a man known for being able to recognize definitive moments and “tenacious to the end,” recalls that moment. “I was perplexed, thrown off my foreseen path in an ever strong and unknown amazing and overwhelming feeling that has incredibly changed my life for the best.” Lisa a woman known for not dating anybody was to learn each moment with Shawn would live a lifetime in her soul. “Love is nothing but the symbol of eternity, it causes people to erase the sense of time” Lisa That first meeting detonated a chain reaction of powerful feelings; searching and creating moments to be together. That is what love makes you do. “I am, but for the love of Lisa” Shawn After that brief introduction the couple found some moments to share a few encounters in places that for now will be unforgettable like the meeting at Kumori Restaurant in mid-January where “a (the second) kiss that changes the dynamics and sets the course of one’s relationship” happened.

“Lisa, I so deeply love you that it frightens me” that she asks Jacqueline to “interview and check this man” because it is incredible what is happening. So in their meeting in Newport Beach after a month apart Jacqueline agrees to go with Lisa. Jacqueline is an award winning languages teacher and writer and a multi- cultural expert specializing in continental art history, social mores, philosophy and literature. Lisa trusts her knowledge of people, and her wisdom, her ability to identify the character of a person. When Jacqueline meets Shawn, “ I was very impressed with the man, his character and above all I could see his love for Lisa, so I said to her, “Lisa, nothing can go wrong with this man.” Jacqueline knew of the boutique, Duet in Laguna Beach, California owned by Martin Venzal, where very singular pieces of art are converted into original clothing, that is where Jacqueline brought them and where Shawn found the dress Lisa later chose as her wedding gown. The designer is an American who does Japanize Shbori style dresses. The material may have come from or been cut in France.

“When I saw her in her dress it was the realization of my vision” Both accomplished professionals, and well established, with a vast worldwide network of friends and acquaintances, Lisa and Shawn decided on a private wedding, a symbolic, memorable, and intimate event. “You will live in my heart, rent free” Lisa Lisa was in South America, Shawn traveling between the Valley and Houston, but in all that time their connection and love was growing and becoming stronger, pulling them with an insatiable desire. Many beautiful messages were exchanged between them and a few are quoted here in this article. Their fourth meeting was in Newport Beach, south of Los Angeles, planned and arranged with utmost expectations. A few sparkly meetings that light the rest of our lives. Jacqueline Hahn is trusted friend and Lisa’s traveling companion. She was amazed as she witnessed Lisa fall in love while on the trip around South America. Jacqueline wonders about this man, and Lisa is so taken by the strong emotions

“And into each life one day a prince will come. Thank you for this day”. Wedding card written and presented by Lisa to Shawn seconds before the wedding ceremony began. La Lomita Chapel, built on the bank of the Rio Grande River in 1865 by Rene Guyard, a French merchant of Reynosa for which the town of Mission, Texas received its name, to this day has never had electricity or running water; just a humble house of God was chosen as the place to seal their promise, very evocative for both of them. They were married by candlelight in the presence of their dear friends, Hilda Solis APN, and Dashiell Gill, MD, along with Virginia Orendain, Judge Robert Salazar and his wife Aura Salazar on Sunday March 3rd 2012. Lisa and Shawn have French ancestors and parents and it was a special intimate place to celebrate their wedding.

“I cannot tell you how proud I am to wear a ring you have chosen. Still, all sparkle is mere reflection of you. You are dazzling” Such special love needed unique rings. Shawn embraced creating a memorable and significant set. After a search of North America, he commissioned Victor S. Khurana of VSK Jewels in New York City, a Sheik special diamond cutter and custom jeweler to create Shawn’s designs, a trio of original rings. Nothing exists in the market, is not a serial production, it had to be unique. Eternity rings with all emerald cut diamonds set in platinum and engraved. Shawn’s wedding band has two engravings : “Just 2 Kisses”, and “1 in 6 Billion” Lisa’s wedding band is inscribed “1000 Years” shortened from Lisa’s message to Shawn “I will love you in a thousand years”.

Francois Duc de La Rochfoucould wrote “With true love it’s like seeing ghosts: everyone talks about it, but few have ever seen it” Shawn wrote to Lisa while she was at sea touring South America


x 19

“The people are the city”

bia, then Seattle where the couple spend three lovely weeks, traveling and experiencing precious moments to confirm their love.

After the wedding the couple left to San Antonio for a very special wedding night dinner at the Plaza Club, where friend and Executive Chef, Mario Roman had prepared an incredible exquisite dinner for the newlyweds, inclusive of a unique custom menu, flowers, wines, and seven signature custom courses. Magnificent!

Two Kisses

There were merely two kisses nothing less, nothing more shared by lips and two souls, like nothing before. Pressed together as one passion perfect encore.   How did they know (automatically so!) that  their lives with 2 kisses would blossom, and grow? Happiness felt without hesitation, and marriage vows spoken without reservations. So sure and so strong were such feelings... (they knew!) Two kisses prepared them Two kisses! Just two.

Photos by Carlos Leal

“Anything you want” Shawn “I had everything I ever wanted the moment you said those words, I will.” Lisa A honeymoon across two countries. Their honeymoon started in San Antonio, then Victoria, British Colum-

The Power of Love. “Love is self-renewable, the more you love the more your capacity to love increases” Lisa What future awaits for this powerful union? As Lisa says, “Love enhances your creativity; it makes you better, brings the best of you, undoes the bad, and looks to recreate the good” For sure they will build an even bigger business, expand to Houston and strengthen their presence in The Valley and Corpus Christi. Two more books will be published by Lisa and the couple will continue to live in Houston, The Valley and Canada. City Harmony and Friends wish the best for the fortunate lovers and thank them for allowing us to share their inspiring love story. While in Seattle, the couple dined with friends, Scott Stafne, Todd Stafne and his fiancé Mayumi Ohata, where they told their romantic story. Scott then told his wife Anne in Amarillo Texas who wrote this poem.

20 x


“The people are the city”

The Professional Photographer F o r Yo u r Private Event

PACO LEAL photography


x 21

RGVSPOTLIGHT “The people are the city”


This is not your typical fast food restaurant. Sweet Temptations offers a home-style twist to your taste buds and is sure to satisfy your midday hunger. Come by and try their non-traditional desserts as well. 5401 N.10th St Suite 111 Ph: (956) 630-0307

The Palms Crossing Retail and Restaurant Center

Just exiting Ware Road in South McAllen you will access The beautiful Palms Crossing Retail  and Restaurant Center. You will find over 10 stores and over a dozen restaurants together in one convenient location to choose where to dine in that afternoon. Whether you are shopping or on a stroll, The Palms is a fun place to spend your afternoon.

Weslaco Museum

Discover an afternoon filled with facts as you learn a lesson from the Spanish Colonial period to the present. Weslaco Museum exhibits artifacts as well as facts dating back from the arrival and founding of the City of Weslaco in 1919. Contact information: 500 S. Texas Blvd. Ph: (956) 968-9142

Taste of India

Traveling to India for a dish is a little pricey, traveling to McAllen is attainable and well worth the taste. Whether you try the restaurants chicken curry or eggplant, you’re sure to experience a cross-cultural transition, and have a true “Taste of India.” 2120 Nolana Ave Ph: (956) 682-9888



Anzalduas Park

Republic of The Rio Grande

Specializing in southwestern cuisine. The menu includes a full range of tempting items made with only the freshest ingredients including the best steaks and seafood in town. The Brick oven pizza is very delicious. 1411 South 10th Street Ph: (956) 994-8385.

If you are looking for a time to clear your head, Anzalduas Park just might be the place. The park is located 10 minutes from McAllen near Mission Texas. On your journey through the park, you’re sure to find Live Oak trees. Maybe you’ll adventure along for a canoe ride down the Rio Grande, and enjoy the scenery.

Arturo’s Bar and Grill

For a feisty spice and a kick addition to your lunch or dinner menu, come into Arturo’s Bar and Grill they have a wonderful Mexican cuisine and are known to serve great soups. 702 Texas Blvd. Phone (956)351-5772


WESLACO Entertainment

Frio Grande Valley Ice Center

Cool off at the Rio Grande Valley Ice Center this weekend. Open year round to people of all ages this ice rink offers public skating sessions as well as hosts parties and the occasional broomball. Don’t know how to skate, dont worry, they instruct beginners as well as advanced figure skating classes. 201 N. 26th St. Ph: (956) 686-5197


Estero Llano Grande State Park

For a relaxed quality filled attraction escape, take a tour and discover the variety of birds and nature trials to hike on at Estero Llano Grande State Park. 3301 S. International Blvd. (FM 1015) (8-5 pm Daily)

Cortino’s Italian Restaurant

Cortino’s Italian Restaurant is a small family run restaurant that serves excellent homemade Italian cuisines, as well as great customer service and atmosphere for your family. 3812 E Business Hwy 83

“The people are the city”

MILANO'S Mama Mia!!! Exquisite place for lovers of Italian food. Enjoy fresh homemade bread lasagna, Italian sausage, pizzas and more everything with the taste of the Old Italy. 2900 West Pike Blvd. (956) 968-3677

BROWNSVILLE recreational

people express culture in their costumes. In Brownsville, currently on display at the Costumes of the Americas Museum is Fiesta and Festivals to remind the community of the meaning behind the occasion and why each family celebrate each occasion. #5 Dean Porter Park 501 Ringgold Street



Choose Toscafino if you are looking for a menu with an assortment to choose from. Toscafino has an italinan, European, as well as a Spanish cuisine. Toscafinos features live music, outdoor dining as well as hosts reservations for a romantic loved one. 3001 Pablo Kisel Blvd Ph: (956)574-9888

Resaca de la Palma State Park

Enjoy time with your family or friends at this unique location filled with adventure. You will find a variety of birds to see or ride your bike through. The trails will lead you through the shallow banks of ponds. 1000 New Carmen Ave. (Off Hwy. 281 or FM 1732)

Costumes of the Americas Museum Celebrating a time of festivities and heritage in Mexico reminds us how

Madeira Restaurant

For an exquisite high class dinner, join Madeira Restaurant with their assortment of sirloin steaks and seafood to their delicious desserts. Their romantic architecture includes tall windows, secluded ceilings, as well as a secluded location to add  to your enjoyable experience. 805 Media Luna suite 800

Mi Pueblito

This restaurant is a family owned that started in Matamoros, Mexico. It holds a strong reputation because their food has the authentic Mexican flavor in addition to great service. Their award winning fajita Guadalajara is a must!. Famous stock of more than 200 tequilas. 3101 Pablo Kisel Blvd (956) 572-3673.

When the Milano Family came from Italy to the USA, they brought a tradition of fine Italian flavor and cuisine. Fifty-six years later, Milano's continues its legacy of fine and exquisite dining creating an impressive experience you cannot afford to miss.

The Food, Service and Atmosphere all come together to make one great dining experience • Cucina Napoletana • Table side desserts • Extended wine list exclusive to Milano's • Outdoor dining with beautiful landscaping

Tuesday - Saturday 5-10 PM Sunday 5-9 PM

• Projector ready room for business meetings • 56 years serving fine Italian food • Owned and operated by the Milano Family for 4 generations

2900 West Pike Boulevard Weslaco, TX 78596 956-968-3677


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ids and caffeine really don’t mix, so when they are dragging, and can’t quite function at optimum levels, Mom’s have to provide them with something a little more substantial and longer lasting than coffee. Foods high in B-vitamins, fiber and good fats are great for getting and staying active.


This high fiber and high energy snack is great for breakfast, or any time of the day really. It’s energy has been used for centuries, and its a favorite for people like hikers and travelers that need to stay active and energetic for long periods of time. the carbohydrates that oatmeal has are very slowly released into your system, instead of amassed all at once, so that the energy from them lasts a lot longer.

Brown Rice

It might take a long time to cook, but brown rice is another high fiber low carbohydrate food that will give your kids lots of energy. Try to add it to lunch tortillas or rice and lentils for a double energy treat.


This tiny bean is a flavorful and high energy food that tastes great in soups, cooked and served cold in salads, or just on their own with a little bit of cheddar cheese melted on top. Not only do they have loads of great energy complexes, they are also a great source of protein, to help your energy last longer and build lean muscle in your kids.


Bananas are a great source of potassium, which regulates your nerve and muscle systems, and gives you great energy. The tiny bit of soluble fiber and good amounts of carbs aren’t released as slowly as a whole grain, but the quick energy boost can be great as your kids head off to the bus stop for the day. They also have virtually no fat, and hover just around 50-80 cents a pound, making them a cheap and easy snack for any time, day or night.


Most nuts, particularly almonds, are a great source of omega 3s and omega 6 fatty acids, which support your mental awareness and are so good for optimum brain function. They are really high in fats though, so only a handful is necessary to get the best benefits without significant weight gain.


Alongside nuts, avocado are one of the highest sources of omega fatty acids, and their smooth nutty flavor and texture make great dips and sauces for a variety of veggies and chips. Remember, only in moderation though, high fat content. Try to add more of these foods into your kids diet, and there won’t be a need for sugary sodas or caffeinated energy drinks to get them through the day.

Visit our website: to discover how you can provide more efficient radiology services to your Excellence in Medicine patients, some of which include:  • Free web-based, HIPPA compliant, PACS  • Access studies from anywhere, using your iPhone/iPad/Mac/PC, and at any time  • Board Certified Radiologists  • STAT Reads  • Availability and Reliability

Shawn De La Garza and Dr. Lisa Routh De La Garza


Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple!

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Cooper Internal Medicine has been serving the Rio Grande Valley since 1999; we treat adolescent, adult and elderly patients with a wide range of medical conditions. For the convenience of our patients, our office is equipped to offer many studies and procedures including:

• Full Service Laboratory • Pulmonary Function Testing • X Ray • EKG

• Holter Monitor • Cardiac-Stress Testing • Bone Densitometry • Ultrasound

WE ALSO DO HOME VISITS 1154 W. Monte Cristo Rd. Edinburg, TX 78541 Ph: (956) 287.9797 Fax: (956) 287.9799 801 Nolana Suite 12 McAllen, TX 78504 Ph: (956) 686.8802 Fax: (956) 686.3083

Voice lessons from the best Sing like you never thought you could! Dr. Oliveira's Voice Studio encompasses all styles of singing and repertoire. Through his powerful teaching you will sharpen your vocal technique, become a confident singer and capture audiences with thrilling performances.

• Opera • StagePresence • Artistic Advancement • Interpretation & Body Expression • High School All-State Choir Competition Preparation

• Voice Lessons • Pop • Gospel • Jazz • Diction • Drama Lessons

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Lifecycle of a Marriage By: Ichak Kalderon Ph. D.


successful marriage like any organization has a lifecycle. Our style has to change as the marriage moves along the lifecycle. If one or both of the spouses do not change, it will bring tension and stress to the marriage and may be a divorce too. I have recently been talking to a young lady at the Health Center at which I am staying. She is contemplating marriage, but has doubts. It’s not that she doesn’t love her future husband. Rather she is scared of the institution called marriage. “So many get divorced,” she says. “Apparently the reasons they want to be married to each other change with time”. Marriages have a lifecycle, and if both parties do not change how they relate to each other throughout its course, the marriage will dissolve emotionally and in some cases legally. When a couple first marries, they are typically doing so because of physical attraction and “love that cannot be explained.” Then when and if a child is born, this relationship has to change:

now they need each other to share the responsibility of raising children and supporting each other.

“A good marriage has a time span of maximum fifteen years” --You are right only if the behavior between the spouses does not change over time. When those children are out of the nest and the two are left alone and retired, the needs change again. Now they need in each other a real friend with whom to age graciously, to go places together, and to learn new things together.

“All your Computers and Technology running perfectly in your business” • Consulting

It is not the same “marriage” for the length of the life cycle of a marriage. People that do not change “grow apart” which leads to divorce legally or emotionally; by emotionally I mean they are “divorced” behaviorally while married legally. Here are the transitions: I have known people who get married but their behavior continues to be as if they are single. Obviously it does not work. When the child is born if the husband continues to have demands as if nothing has changed it is not good either. When the children are out of the nest, if one of the spouses continues to brood

That is our goal! Our staff brings forth a diversified skill set which enables us to efficiently and effectively tailor solutions to all our customers. Issues such as network infrastructure and cabling, server installation and maintenance, secure virtual-privatenetworks, custom programming, and technology cost/benefit analysis are just some of the areas in which we specialize in. Our extensive partnerships with other local and national technology vendors further allows us to offer products and services no one else can. The combination of these assets has enabled our company to grow continuously year-after-year.

• Staff Development Training • Tech Support • Application Integration • Software Development • Data Services • Networking

3 Locations serving Valley Wide Weslaco 26 x

McAllen x


Congratulations to our Happy Customers, Mr. Shawn De La Garza & Dr. Lisa Routh De La Garza on their Marriage

• Toll Free: • Toll Free: 1.855.467.5948 • Phone: 956.969.5855 • Phone: Email: 956.969.5855 Email:

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about loneliness and feel depressed for being alone, for having lost the role of being a mother, it is not good either. When looking at a potential spouse, I said to her, look how would that person be for the long run. Do not make a decision just because you are infatuated now. It is OK, you are in love NOW but how will it be for you when you have a house to take care of, and mortgage, and various obligations that need

to be met as a couple, as a family? And when the children are born how will your spouse be as a parent (Check how their parents raised them; (Apples do not fall far from the tree.) And how do you believe your spouse will be as a friend when you are alone and retired. Can you imagine that? (Again, check the parents…) A successful marriage like any organization has a lifecycle. Our style has to change as the marriage moves along the lifecycle. If one or both of the spouses do not change, it will bring tension and stress to the marriage and may be a divorce too.

I am aware that this article over simplifies the causes of successful marriage or of a divorce. There are many more factors to consider. In this article, I wanted to highlight one factor out of many: the need to change as the marriage goes through the life cycle.

Seriously injured in a car crash

For nearly 30 years, we have consistently provided the Rio Grande Valley with excellent legal representation, attaining millions of dollars in recoveries for clients We understand that recovering from a tragic car crash is both emotionally and financially straining on the victim and their family. Our firm is committed to aiding our clients through the entire recovery process, helping them recover physically, emotionally, and financially. • Personal Injury • Defective Products • Construction Accidents • Divorce • Family Law • Immigration • Criminal Law 4601 N. McColl Road McAllen, TX 78504 Phone: 956-682-1017 Fax: 956-687-3024

Congratulations to Mr. Shawn De La Garza & Dr. Lisa Routh De La Garza on their Marriage x 27 x

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Brilliant Students Receive Scholarships by


he Galleria Chamber of Commerce awarded three scholarships worth $10,000, on Monday night, May 21st, at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse. The scholarship for each winner was $3,300 which included $1,800 to be spent on “getting ready” for college. Each student related their story of education and why they wished to go to college. Each scholarship recipient also named a Pathmaker for contributing and mentoring them through their teenage years and helping them to stay focused on attending college.

28 x


The scholarship winners and their Pathmakers were: Lamar High School Winner: Chasity McFarland Pathmaker: Majorie Buckner Memorial High School Winner: Maria Santibanez Pathmaker: Gail Sawyer Lee High School Winner: Genesis Bernabel Pathmaker: Marissa Paz Sponsors for the Vintner Dinner included the Underwriting Sponsor Regions Bank, Magna

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, one of the premier restaurants in Houston, hosted the Vintner Dinner and was recognized along with the General Manager, Arthur Mooradian, for their contribution to the Hous“If you can believe it, ton community. The then you can achieve it.” Galleria Chamber of Commerce continues to work for the Houston Cum Laude Whitney Bank. Also community and has given away attending were educators from scholarships since its inception Spring Branch Independent in 1985. Join the Chamber as it School District, Houston Inde- continues to build our commupendent, and Houston Commu- nity! nity College. Cum Laude Sponsor Ocean Flow International, Cum Laude Houston Community College, Cum Laude Schlumberger, Cum Laude UnitedHealthcare, and

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Chasity McFarland, Don Sweat, Maria Santibanez and Genesis Bernabel

In their own Words Maria Santibanez What I love most about school is being a student. I love learning and the classroom environment and have always favored subjects such as reading, history and science. . Having the ability to attend school is such an incredible blessing. I plan to further my education and major in Psychology at the University of Texas in Dallas. I want to do this because i wish to help treat children in lower income areas where they may not get the help they need. I know that I can do this because I know firsthand many of the experiences these children have had yet I continue to have a positive, optimistic attitude towards life that I wish to spread to those I work with. I am determined and flexible; traits that I know will carry me towards my goals.

Genesis Bernabel My favorite subjects are English and Government. One thing i like about my school is that they helped me along the college process and being a first generation college bound, i needed the guidance.   I am going to Prairie View University and i will major in Political Science.  Strengths: I am resilient and determined. I won’t take no for an answer. I am also strong minded and able to stand my ground. Chasity McFarland I am a native Houstonian. I am currently a senior at Mirabeau B. Lamar High School. My favorite subjects are Science and Social Studies. One thing I really enjoy about school is learning new concepts and implementing them within the school setting. Upon graduation, I plan to attend Sam Houston State University majoring in Physical

Photos by Roswitha Vogler

Therapy/Kinesiology with a minor in English. Upon closing, I leave you with the motto that has inspired me the most to achieve my dreams is “If you can believe it, then you can achieve it.”

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So much more...

than steak and potatoes

“The people are the city”

Contemporary American Cuisine with a Touch of Elegance

Where Houston dines 31

1753 Post Oak Blvd. Houston, TX 77056 • Tel: (713) 355.1975

12 13 SEASON

Stanton Welch • Artistic Director

Madame Butterfly Clear Choreography: Stanton Welch

Choreography: Stanton Welch

September 6 – 16, 2012


Official Airline of Houston Ballet

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Open Your Door to Additional Patients


edical providers are feeling the impact of the economy with decreased patient volumes and lower reimbursements. Key Health can provide a solution by allowing your practice to expand the type of patients accepted with a risk-free financial program. Many medical providers have closed the door to personal injury/letter of protection patients due to reimbursement risks and delayed payments. Key Health eliminates the uncertainty of high-risk patient accounts by contracting with your practice with rates and terms you can count on. There is absolutely no recourse to the provider and Key Health assumes all risk of payment. Our program is easy to initiate and opens your door to an additional patient population.

Why Key Health? Immediate and guaranteed payment. Providers receive prompt payment at competitive rates. Additional patient volume. Hassle-free claims processing. Marketing assistance. Make the local market aware of your ability to provide high quality care under a lien/letter of protection. Please call us or visit our website to find out more about our services:

Providing Medical Lien Funding Solutions Nationwide Key Health Corporate Offices

Tel: 877.633.5436 Fax: 877.539.5436

Congratulations to Mr. Shawn De La Garza & Dr. Lisa Routh De La Garza on their recent nuptials! From Hitachi Medical Systems America

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Advancing Science for Healthier Kidneys

Is Urinary Incontinence affecting you?

Did you know that urinary incontinence is not a disease, but a symptom of an underlying medical condition, bad habit or physical problems? If urinary incontinence is affecting your day-to-day activities, the skilled and knowledgeable specialists at Kidney Innovations can help you begin to eliminate or control it so you can regain the active and confident life you deserve. We are the Rio Grande Valley’s premier practice specializing in kidney related disorders and treatment. We offer the most innovative and cutting edge technology in the treatment of urinary incontinence, hypertension, dialysis, management of kidney transplant patients and anemia related Kidney Disease. Call today to make an appointment, or visit our website at: for more information.

Our Locations 4717 S. Sugar Road. Suite H, Edinburg, Texas. 2302 S. 77 Sunshine Strip Suite 102, Harlingen, Texas. 1200 E. Savannah Ave. Suite 4, McAllen, Texas. 914 S. Utah Street, Weslaco, Texas.

BLA A H E S OL Ñ A P S E Andrew Levine, MD.

Call Us: 1-800-791- 5976



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Leopoldo “Polo” Becerra the distinguished owner and CEO of the Post Oak Grill Restaurants highlights the true definition of the “American dream”. He overcame many obstacles to become first a celebrated chef, then a highly successful business owner, entrepreneur and icon in the community. His creation of dishes is Picasso-like (one of a kind) with an unforgettable ambiance and signature experiences. And, it doesn’t stop there...

Inspiration beyond the kitchen Chef Leopoldo "Polo" Becerra


rowing up in the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta Mexico, at the age of 13, “Polo” Becerra started as a dishwasher, but his dream of one day owning a restaurant was taking hold in his mind. That dream inspired him to be the best at whatever he was doing at the time, he was the best dishwasher, and was quickly promoted first as waiter, captain waiter, cook, chef’s assistant and later as an Executive Chef. He was determined to learn the most about the hospitality business and was able to find jobs with the prestigious hotels such as Camino Real and Fiesta Americana. Striving to become the best in the culinary arena, he came to Houston and planned to spend two months learning English and improving his cooking skills. Staying in the US proved to be cumbersome since he did not speak any English and therefore had to work as a kitchen hand during the 1980’s, but he decided to stay because he liked Houston’s restaurant industry. Still in 1990, after “Outstanding quality makes the a year of Post Oak Grill irresistible to culinary bussing connoisseurs who are rich powerful, tables and famous, all or, surprisingly none of doing dishes, those. Chef Polo Becerra, one of Polo found the brightest, most creative stars a job as a in the city’s gastronomical galaxy, cook at one creates that quality.” of Houston’s landmark George Rossenblatt restaurants, The Original Post Oak Grill. A year later, when the then-chef of the restaurant refused to learn English, the owner of the restaurant promoted Polo –on the condition that he attended school to take English classes. Learning English paid off in a big way for polo, who soon became the chef and kitchen manager of the five star restaurant. Throughout his years as Chef his culinary capabilities and charismatic personality attracts a long line of high-profile customers, including dignitaries such as former President George Bush, former Secretary of State James Baker; as well as many of Houston’s top corporate executives. By 2002, Polo was able to purchase The Original Post Oak

34 x


Grill and its downtown location with the help of a partner. At the time, the two restaurants had revenues estimated at $3.6 million and employed approximately 90 people. Then in July 2004, decided to buy out his partner. With special consulting advice from the University of Houston he negotiated a loan from the SBA for $895,000. As the sole owner of the restaurants, Polo restructured operations and improved processes. Results were dramatic, in one year revenues rose to $4.3 million, the business employed 125 people, and net profits rose from 3% to a whopping 16%. Now he was reaping the fruits of his dream, tenacity, discipline and marvelous work ethic. His commitment to delivering personal attention to his customers and providing a dining experience to the most demanding of Houstonian palettes is what sets Polo Becerra, apart.

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e are a magazine that promotes Harmonious City Living. We love, encourage, and support creativity, innovation and artistic performance. City Harmony chronicles and celebrates the achievements of individuals who lift the human spirit with their imaginative genius and members of our business community whose contributions and ingenuity make our lives better.

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Top Places in the Valley  
Top Places in the Valley  

From Restaurants to attractions, find out who has been nominated as the Top Places in the Rio Grande Valley (McAllen-Mission-Edinburg-Harlin...