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Apprenticeships Working for your business

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One of the best projects I have seen is the City Gateway youth inclusion project in Tower Hamlets. The project brings volunteers from some of the biggest banks to help develop the skills and job-readiness of young people. We need to find ways to make sure such brilliant projects are more than one-off success stories.




ity Gateway was set up in 1999 by a group of City workers, keen to support the local community of Tower Hamlets, one of the most deprived London Boroughs. We look to connect with local women and disadvantaged young people, and run programmes which engage them, professionally train them and provide them with the skills and opportunities they need to enter work. We seek to provide individuals with the confidence, employability skills and all round development they need to reach their potential. In partnership with a wide range of firms and community organisations we have seen amazing changes in both groups and individuals and made a visible difference to local statistics. We run professional youth training, a youth centre, a women’s project and a social enterprise hub - providing everything from community events and drop-in youth clubs through to apprenticeship schemes and the chance to develop their own business ideas. We engage with the real needs of individuals through a step by step progression chain and work against conflict and division.

City Gateway, in Tower Hamlets, takes young adults from local estates

and trains them in the skills our economy will need in the future like web design. These social enterprises have the local knowledge, the human touch, and sensitive understanding of the complex and interconnected problems of educational failure and worklessness and I want to see more City Gateways come in, take this recession by the scruff of the neck and help get people into work.



City Gateway Apprenticeship Placements

Through their work placements the apprentices gain on the job experience whilst they continue to receive professional training towards a Level 2 National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) as well as a number of other key skills qualifications.

They have allowed our staff to develop and improve their communication skills, work with staff from different departments and give something back to the community within which we work.



The apprenticeship scheme

is without doubt the most successful and worthwhile link we have developed with our local community and we are delighted with the whole experience. The attitude of the individual involved has been first rate so much so that he has become an integral member of the team. I would highly recommend other company’s to seriously consider the scheme both from community spirited point of view and from a commercial perspective.

Our Apprenticeships are courses for previously disengaged 16 to 24 year-olds, which help prepare them for successful careers. We offer a combination of on and off the job learning through a framework nationally recognised by the Learning and Skills Council (LSC).


People who do apprenticeships become ambitious. They’re ‘doers,’ the kind of people who will make things happen. These are the qualities I look for in people. Success is all about finding people like this – people who will help any business to grow, especially in times like these. It’s important that employers take apprenticeships seriously. Apprentices make things happen and can help a business to grow and thrive.


What can an apprentice do for me? • All our apprentices have undergone previous training with us and have skills which can be applied from day one. • Apprentices bring youth & enthusiasm into the work place and are open to learning new ideas. • They can help expand your capacity or reduce the work load of your existing staff team.

An LSC survey of 500 businesses who use apprentices found: •

92% of Employers said Apprenticeships

resulted in greater employee motivation and job satisfaction

• 83% of employers rely on their apprenticeship programme to provide the skilled workers they need for the future •80% find that Apprenticeships reduce staff turnover •

76% find that Apprenticeships improve



My future career and change in life is all thanks to City Gateway the whole team works to change the lives of young people for the better. They have inspired me and hopefully, even when I have finished training, I will help them impact other lives like mine. JOSH, FORMER APPRENTICE

City Gateway Apprentices

Many of the young people we work with have grown up with a lack of positive role models, limited aspirations and difficult home environments. We work to overcome these, and other obstacles, and to motivate and prepare them for employment.

City Gateway has kick started my life. Before I came here nothing was really happening for me. City gateway has motivated me and I now feel I’m able to motivate others.

We provide free training and apprenticeships to young people who have not succeeded in traditional education but are looking for a work-based approach to demonstrate their skills and abilities. Our programme relies on a range of corporate supporters and local businesses to provide work placements for the trainees.


What can I do for an apprentice? • Apprenticeships are life changing opportunities for individuals, giving them the knowledge & experience they need to make a start in life.

• To avoid administrative complications we are able to directly employ the apprentice and then invoice for the expenses paid out.

• Placement providers take on an apprentice for a minimum of 12 weeks, working at least 16 hours a week.

• After the 12 weeks there are options to extend the placement or to take on a new individual from our rolling programme.

• We provide training on a Wednesday but the work placement can be arranged on any, or all, of the remaining days.

• We currently offer training in IT & Business Admin, customer service and sport but are continually expanding our offering.

• You pay just a £20 daily expenses allowance (dictated by LSC regulations), all of which goes directly to the apprentice.

IT & Business Admin (ITQ Course)

Customer Service Course

Possible Roles Administration/data entry Reception roles Print/post room PA/assistant

Possible Roles Any customer facing rolesReception/front desk Retail or sales Call centres

Word (mail merge, tables, formatting) Excel (formulas, graphs/charts) PowerPoint (layout, transitions) Internet (e-mail, search)

Level II Customer Service Certificate Level II Customer Service NVQ Health and Safety Sales Training

Sports Course

Gym Instructing Level 2 Industry Awareness Level 2 Sports Leader Level 2 FA Coaching Level 1 Possible Roles Leading fitness sessions Delivering gym inductions Sports coaching sessions Organising events & competitions Administration & telephone work


Working in partnership What’s Next Speak to a member of our team, or apply to take on an apprentice contact: Roxroy Dunkley ( Jon Skaife ( City Gateway Montefiore Centre, Hanbury Street, London, E1 5HZ 020 7247 2202 Davenant Centre 179-181 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1DN 020 3056 4061 Limehouse Youth Centre Limehouse Causeway Limehouse, London, E14 8BN 020 7531 6199

For over ten years our team has strived to work in partnership both with other community organisations and with the local business community. Having been founded purposefully to link the skills of professionals into local needs, corporate support remains vital to our work. Several of our projects have been directly funded by company giving and all of our work has benefited from pro bono support through volunteering, consulting, business development and other donations. Many of our greatest success stories have only been made possible by partnerships with the business community both in Canary Wharf and the City. Our experience has shown that companies which do get involved with us get a range of business benefits back from the process including staff training, team building and morale boosting – Beyond our apprenticeship scheme there are a wide range of ways that individuals or groups from companies can get involved.


City Gateway Ltd. Registered in England No. 3760619 Charity No. 1078360


City Gateway Apprentices - Working For Your Business  

Apprenticeships are fantastic ways for young people to gain skills & experience but they can also be a real benefit in the business environm...