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A ONCE WHITE PELICAN LIFTS ITS OILY FEATHERS IN THE POLLUTED WATERS OF THE GULF OF MEXICO; And gives one last agonised cry before it slumps beneath the brown filth. A pregnant turtle pulls its oily trail up a beach towards its nesting site only to collapse gurgling through its ruined lungs. BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward inflamed millions of Americans by announcing...

I WANT MY LIFE BACK. 1.7 million gallons of oil has been pumping into the sea since April and life in the Gulf will be changed for a generation. When our resurrected Jesus returned to His Father’s right hand the third person of the Trinity, the promised Holy Spirit was poured

out upon His church. The wellhead of heaven was blown off in Christ’s glorious death, resurrection and ascension, and the power and love of God submerged every praying believer as they met on the day of Pentecost; they were baptised in the Holy Spirit. These believers quite literally lost their lives as the Holy Spirit’s oily presence extended right across the Roman world. The baptism in the holy spirit is not an upgraded Christian life; it is the Christian life. We lose our life and truly find life in all its fullness. Let us daily be filled with the Holy Spirit.

CITYGATE LEADERSHIP CHANGES: A REPORT BACK FROM JUNE’S ENGINE ROOM At June’s Engine Room, Guy reminded us that we are called to build an apostolic church that serves and reaches our nation and others, whilst speaking to our conurbation. This means the continuing development and growth of our leadership team. For the last year then, the elders have been considering how we adjust the leadership team of Citygate to ensure pastoral care of the church remains a high priority.


Currently Andrew Lawrence strategically serves both Guy’s leadership of Citygate Church and Guy’s apostolic gift in his sphere. However, both Andrew and Guy’s roles have now grown to the point where they find themselves overstretched. Under apostolic direction we have seen that for Guy’s sphere and Citygate Church to grow, both need someone dedicated to this type of role. Reflecting on this, we believe it is right for Andrew to progressively focus on serving Guy’s apostolic gift and to raise up a replacement for his Citygate role. Therefore, over the next two years, Andrew will train Russell to take on increased responsibility in the strategic and pastoral roles of Citygate, whilst we also look to develop other staffing roles. Please pray for us as we push on in growing a truly apostolic church with excellent pastoral care, reaching out to Bournemouth, our conurbation and the ends of the Earth.


On Sunday 18th July we will be joining with over 10 families in our church as they dedicate their children back to God and celebrate with us as we welcome them in to the wider church family.

Only a month to go! To book online, go to:

Sunday 18th July is Dedication Sunday


19th-22nd August, 2010, Westpoint Arena, Exeter

5 QUESTIONS WITH SEAN THEUNISSEN ON WORSHIP WE ALL KNOW WHAT WORSHIP AT CITYGATE CHURCH LOOKS LIKE, WHAT VALUES UNDERPIN IT? The desire is to see white-hot worship of Jesus in Citygate Church. To experience the thick presence of the Holy Spirit who brings the revelation of Jesus and therefore glorifies God. WHAT DIFFICULTIES DO YOU FACE, BRINGING PEOPLE INTO GOD’S PRESENCE? How long do you have! There are so many distractions in life and that’s no different on a Sunday morning; kids playing up, not finding a parking space, worrying about work the next day, even the worship band can be a distraction!


People serving overseas

David & Pearl Pride (Zim) Dick & Helen Dendle (Cyprus)

The Church

Cell groups, The Poor, Church finances, Building project

Prayer for healing

Susi Burdell, Ken & Hope Cross, Frances Martin, Luke Wood

So I like to think of the lead worshipper’s role as calling people to gaze at nothing but God in all His glory, and this is done through choosing songs which take people on a journey looking at a number of themes like the Cross of Christ, God as creator, His grace, salvation etc. WHAT MAKES WORSHIP AT CITYGATE CHURCH SPECIAL? I think worship at Citygate is special because there is an urgency for going deeper, for wanting more of God’s presence. I believe our preaching always aids our worship, having strong theology means that we sing songs that don’t hold punches. WHAT’S THE MOST EMBARRASSING THING YOU’VE EVER DONE IN FRONT OF THE CONGREGATION? There have been some clangers! I suppose starting a song in the wrong key, then stopping to try and find the right key all the while trying to make as if it was all meant! In that moment there is no hole deep enough. HOW WOULD YOU ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO GO DEEPER WITH GOD? Our worship on a Sunday is just the culmination of worship that’s already been happening in the week. If it hasn’t been happening in the week, then genuine worship probably won’t happen on Sunday.


Outreach teams

Oasis, Streetlife, Michael’s House, Pregnancy Crisis Centre


Welcome, Catering, First Aid, Counting


Church meetings, Folk on Why Church, Special meetings


Together at Westpoint, Brighton Conference






Tue 6th- Fri 9th TOAM Newfrontiers Leaders’ conference Tue 13th Leadership Summit Sun 18th Dedication Sunday Wed 21st Engine Room


Tue 10th Leadership Summit Wed 11th-Tues 17th Newday Newfrontiers youth camp Wed 18th No Engine Room Tue 19th – Sun 22nd Together at Westpoint

Fri 10th Curry Night Sun 12th Welcome in new members

Revival Prayer Meeting is for everyone. Happens every Friday lunchtime: 12.30-1.30 in the Citygate Office. Everyone is welcome to and come and pray for as long as they’re able. Momentum is for ages 14-18. Happens every Friday night, except 13th and 20th August. Contact: Martin and Rebecca Flood ( Emerge is for sch yrs 6-8. Happens every other term-time Friday night on: 2nd and 16th July. Contact Chris and Helen Vessey ( Little Acorns is our parents-and-toddler group. Happens every Wednesday morning during term-time. Contact Jenny Cornish ( Oasis is our coffee mornings for over 60s. Happens every Thursday morning except: 15th July and 19th August Contact Fiona Chadd ( FSS (Five Smooth Stones) is our students and 20s group. Contact Paul and Hazel Flood ( Church office: 37 Palmerston Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth BH1 4HN Office hours: 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday T: 01202 259704, E:, W: Citygate Church is a company limited by guarantee registered in England. RCN: 5899708 Charity Number: 1117985