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On our latest visit to India, Heather and I woke and showered ready to embrace the rising heat of another Mumbai day. Stepping into the tiny lift we were dismayed to find the inner door seizing up with an outer door closed and preventing escape. The alarm bell boomed in the metallic baked bean can and our eardrums took a battering whilst the rest of the building stood in the tranquillity of the early morning. Nervous sweat dripped from sweaty palms as they gripped the rusty outer doors and pulled to no effect. With the temperature rising we resorted to the well tried “panic� and the banging on the door. Ten minutes later a willing volunteer came to help. His kindness and effort was instrumental in releasing apostolic ministry in India!

Humorous yes, but when we think of Church life the focus can sadly so often be only on those people with public profiles, i.e. teachers, worship leaders or elders. The truth is without the effort and kindness of church members these gifts could not function. Can I take a moment to thank every single one of you that serves Citygate Church so faithfully, year in year out. You are my heroes. Can I also ask that every single one of us look for opportunities to serve and thus enable this beautiful church to grow?

CHRISTMAS WITH CITYGATE Please also pick up some flyers to use as invites from the back of St Swithun’s:

Saturday 25th // Morning: Christmas day service Starting at 10.30am

Sunday 5th // Evening: “He will be called” A Christmas Special – Starting at 7.00pm

Sunday 26th // Morning: One Meeting Starting at 10.30am

Sunday 12th // Morning: “The Pursuit” Family Christmas Celebration – Starting at 9.30 and 11.30am

Let’s make sure we’re inviting loads of guests!

Sunday 19th // Morning: One Meeting – Starting at 10.30pm // Evening: Traditional Carol Service – Starting at 7.00pm

TOWN CHURCHES CHRISTMAS EVENT Saturday 11th December A Procession starting in Horseshoe Common at 3.00pm, ending in the lower gardens where there will be a short carol service and Christmas message (3.45ish). There will also be a stage in the square where Steve Legg will perform from around 2.30pm. He will then do the short talk at the service. This would be great to support if you can. Full details of the Town Centre plans can be found at

Serving is a great way to get involved in the church community and, as a community, when one succeeds all succeed: when we serve in one area, we serve in all areas (Ephesians 6v5-8), thus setting out chairs is just as important as helping a prostitute or addict. We fish as teams. Because of this we want to make it easier for you to see which teams need servers and also make it easier for you to actually sign up to them.


STREETLIFE This Christmas, Streetlife needs: - Gloves, pants, socks (plain designs) - Deodorant - Soap - Shampoo - Selection box sweeties If you are able to give any of these, please hand them to Heather Miller, Karen Walls, Ann Blake or drop them in to the office or the box at the back of St Swithun’s.

Therefore, we are launching a new webpage where you can see and do just that: And if you don’t have access to the web then there will now be a form available at the back of St Swithun’s offering the same. Please get involved and check out the page to see where you could help out!

1. WHAT IS THE LAUNCH? The Launch is run for parents with children under 3 years of age, and our aim is to make it a fun and stimulating environment for children. We also want to give mums and dads a safe place for them to leave their child so that they can have time to enjoy and connect with the preach. 2. WHY IS WORKING WITH 0-3 YEAR OLDS SO CRITICAL? The idea behind the name, ‘The Launch’, is that this is the children’s launch in to life, church, God, family...everything really, and we want to help by starting to lay strong foundations in their young lives that sets them up for an inspiring friendship with Jesus.

3. HOW, IN PRACTICE, DO YOU DO THIS? On a Sunday we enjoy a lot of free play where the kids can choose to do some craft, play with toys, look at books or generally run around and have fun playing together, which is a great time to talk and get to know the kids. We slow down for a little while to have a drink and a biscuit, which is also a good point for us to tell them a little story from a children’s bible that will start to show them how great our God is and how Jesus wants to be their friend. 4. AND HOW CAN PEOPLE GET INVOLVED? We really could do with more people joining the team so why not come and speak to one of us, we’d love to meet you. However if you would prefer you can go online and let us know of your interest in serving in The Launch.

People serving overseas

Outreach teams

The Church


Prayer for healing


David & Pearl Pride (Zim) Jimmy (Sudan)

Cell groups, Growth of the church, Building project Helen Southey, Jane Lovell, Ken & Hope Cross

Little Acorns, Oasis, Streetlife The Launch, Worship, Refreshments Church meetings, Baptisms, Christmas meetings


Guy’s apostolic responsibilities Church planting initiatives in the region


Sun 5 Sat 11 Sun 12 Wed 15 Sun 19 Sat 25 Sun 26

“He will be called” Christmas Special Town Churches Christmas March “The Pursuit” Family Christmas Celebration Engine Room One Morning Meeting Traditional Carol Service Christmas Day Service One Morning Meeting

Tue 11 Sat 15 Wed 12

Sun 30

Leadership Summit Five Smooth Stones Conurbation Prayer Meeting Why Citygate I Big Leadership Summit Social Why Citygate II

Sat 5 Fri 11

Café 29 Sowing II Event (TBC)

Sun 23 Fri 28

Revival Prayer Meeting is for everyone. Happens every Friday lunchtime: 12.30-1.30 in the Citygate Office. Everyone is welcome to and come and pray for as long as they’re able. Momentum is for ages 14-18. Happens every Friday night. Contact: Martin and Rebecca Flood ( Emerge is for sch yrs 7-9. Happens every other term-time Friday night. Contact Chris and Helen Vessey ( Little Acorns is our parents-and-toddler group. Happens every Wednesday morning during term-time. Contact Jenny Cornish ( Oasis is our coffee mornings for over 60s. Happens every Thursday morning. Contact Fiona Chadd ( Citygate Students and Twenties group is exactly that. Contact Paul and Hazel Flood ( Church office: 37 Palmerston Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth BH1 4HN Office hours: 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday T: 01202 259704, E:, W: Citygate Church is a company limited by guarantee registered in England. RCN: 5899708 Charity Number: 1117985