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PROJECT DESCRIPTION Initial phase of long-term retrofit of the Greater NewPark Project Area The build-out scenario depicted herein envisions new mixed-use development primarily on the southwest quadrant of the mall property and existing loop road where it can be accessed directly from Mowry Avenue. This document illustrates envisioned build-out occurring incrementally, and is calibrated in accordance with the community’s stated preference for an active, vibrant, and economically healthy town center.

Key Components 1. Mixed-use lifestyle center extending from Mowry Avenue entrance to Macy’s front door. 2. Town square adjacent to mall entrance serves as central focal point of lifestyle center and establishes a formal setting for the city’s primary farmers’ market. 3. Restructuring of the ‘loop road’ into an attractive and walkable ‘boulevard’ designed to support high-density residential development. 4. Redevelopment of NewPark Plaza (southwest quadrant) from disinvested commercial strip center to residential and workplace neighborhood. 5. Transformation of Shirley Sisk Grove; New public community center, playing fields, skate park and swimming pool provides public amenity to incentivize and support new residential and workplace development.

PHASE 1 - SET THE STAGE A network of new tree-lined streets constructed within existing parking fields defines a future block system and enhances safety and walkability. Construction of the town square adds amenity to the existing mall and provides a formal setting for the farmers’ market. Key Features • Limited reduction in existing parking supply. • The town square is aligned with Macy’s front door and establishes a walkable pedestrian atmosphere connecting pedestrian entrances. • Provides incentive to redesign existing mall building to accommodate ‘outward facing’ restaurants, shops, and services. • Prior to new investment, the town square can serve as location for public gatherings, outdoor films, music events etc.

New entrance from Mowry Ave.

PHASE 2 - ACTIVATE THE GREEN Mixed-use buildings having ground floor pedestrian-activity generating retail uses front onto the public green. A paseo links the town square with wellshaded surface parking located to the rear of new buildings.

Key Elements • Outdoor shopping experience adjacent to Macy’s, primary mall building, and Sears. • Potential for residential, workplace and/or lodging uses on upper stories.

Town Square aligns with Macy’s door

PHASE 3 - COMPLETE THE LIFESTYLE CENTER New buildings with ground floor retail, commercial, workplace and/or residential uses extend from the town square to the loop road. Key Elements • Creates desirable address for new investment along primary mall entrance corridor. • New performing arts center (in blue) or other public facility serves as civic anchor.

Outdoors lifestyle center along the new street.

PHASE 4 - BUILD THE RESIDENTIAL BOULEVARD High density residential development is located where it fronts onto a tree-lined boulevard extending from the Mowry Avenue entrance to Balentine Drive. Thousands of new residential units are enviably located within walking distance of the mall, lifestyle center and Newark Memorial High school, and where they are a short drive (or shuttle) to the Fremont Bart Station. Key Elements • Construction of tree-lined boulevard attracts and supports new residential development. • New parking structure with liner retail, office, and/or residential adjacent to Macy’s building replaces lost surface parking. • Transformation of eucalyptus grove into a public park with field house, tennis courts, ball fields, and amphitheater, provides amenity for nearby residents.

The residential boulevard extends from the primary entrance to Balentine Drive.

PHASE 5 - NEWPARK PLAZA NEIGHBORHOOD The under-performing NewPark plaza is transformed into a walkable neighborhood with a range of housing types and potential for significant new office development fronting the boulevard. Key Elements • Provides flexibility to stakeholder(s) to accommodate market preferences for residential and/or workplace development. • Increases the ‘captive market’ of residents and employees within walking distance of the lifestyle center and mall. • Concentrates project area retail adjacent to existing mall buildings.

Residential or Workplace development on former New Park Plaza retail center.

Envisioned Build-out.

Greater NewPark Masterplan  

Greater NewPark Masterplan

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