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OME DELIVERY: Prefabricating the modern home was a show featuring examples of historic and contemporary factory-built homes at the Modern Museum of Art in New York last year. The show has generated a great deal of renewed interest in prefabricated homes. Unfortunately, in almost all the discussions and articles, the “manufactured home” was left out. Many of the articles suggested that factory-built homes were unsuccessful and would continue to be so. Hello? Aren’t prefab and manufactured the same concept? Hello, again! Manufactured housing has been successful from the start! More than 1.5 million people live in manufactured homes in California alone. Today’s manufactured homes have become more sophisticated, although they are usually traditional in style. Is this the problem? That they aren’t modern enough to be included with other prefabs? Not tech-y enough? Manufactured homes are no longer “mobile” homes towed from place to place (although we often use this vernacular). Is this the reason that people think of manufactured housing as the old trailers? Actually, old trailers have become a hot item. People all over the U.S. are restoring these classics, and I predict the same will happen to the vintage mobile homes. Manufactured homes can now legally be called modulars when they follow standards set by the state (as opposed to HUD standards) and the codes of the local community. The number of manufactured homes that are placed on private lots in cities and suburbs has been increasing each year and is up to 30% in some areas. Even entire tracts are now built from manufactured homes, either completely or as in components. They blend into the neighborhood. You would not recognize them as prefabs if you didn’t actually see them being delivered. They are also being used to slowly upgrade older MH communities. Most of the prejudices against manufactured homes are either no longer valid or never were. They are built to high fire standards, are statistically no more vulnerable to disasters than “stick-built” housing, and have no more formaldehyde emissions than other homes do. As land costs have increased, cities are beginning to see the value of using manufactured homes to solve the need for low-cost housing. They are attractive, “green,” allow for density (some are two-story), and cost-effective. They are also more strongly built and structurally sound than traditional wood-frame houses and come furnished with appliances and carpets and window coverings. (See article on Poway page 12.) They are now no smaller than average homes all over America. Maybe the reason that manufactured homes are not included with other prefabs is that they are considered insignificant or low cost housing. Yet, manufactured homes are owned by people from all segments of society—from movie stars to doctors to artists to the disabled—just like other types of housing. They come in various sizes and styles and can be customized. Or, can the reason manufactured housing is ignored be that it’s just not sexy enough for the general newspaper or magazine to write about them? But that too is changing, as we try to fill this void and let you know what manufactured homes are today, and how they benefit society in countless ways.

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