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The 5 Star Homes at IKEA Costa Mesa, CA.

look and tons more storage than one usually finds in a bathroom. The attached closet is filled with seemingly unending drawers; very clever pull-out hanger rods would be super in MH narrow closets. For all those little, loose items that fill our life, there’s a thin drawer lined with shallow recesses and a fuzzy texture surface so things don’t slide around. Spot lighting highlights the corners so you can find everything; there’s even a full size mirror and art inside—how often to you find art in a closet? We came away from our visit with so many good ideas!

IKEA Goes 5 Star


The kitchen in the “Family” home is solidly contemporary.

This “Girls” bedroom is understated yet comfortable. 36

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hen IKEA wanted to demonstrate how their wares can enhance any facet of our homes, they didn’t just think outside the box—they determined that they needed to build a bigger box. In this case, full modular homes provided by 5 Star Homes of Stanton, CA. These same homes were set up on display at the Orange County Fairgrounds. It’s a testament to the efficiency of the modular housing construction process that the houses could be disassembled, moved and set up again, this time at IKEA’s Costa Mesa location. Space, power outlets everywhere, lots of windows, especially letting natural light into the kitchen from above the cabinets, and great vaulted ceilings—these are some of the things that most struck us about the homes. These modulars are definitely not my momma’s mobile home. They look like traditional “stickbuilt” housing on solid foundations; the 5 Star gentlemen tell us that they can also be installed on raised foundations. The level of customization that is possible and economically feasible is one of the attractive aspects of modular housing. In the first home we visited, the living and dining areas are separated by a free standing fireplace with the firebox open on both sides. One of the things that makes the master bedroom so serene is the lack of the distraction of a closet. Instead of the traditional closet doors in the bedroom, the house builders customized the design so the closet opens into the adjoining master bath, creating a spa-like personal world with His and Her spaces, a huge tub and shower. Troy Palmer-Hughes works out of a converted 1950’s-era mobile built into the side of her canyon home in Box Canyon (near Simi Valley). In addition to contributing to UM, she and her husband produce film and do other assorted odds and ends. w w w .umhm ag .c om

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