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here are seemingly endless options when it comes to grab-and-go packaged snacks, yet even in today’s increasingly health-conscious society, snacks that are actually good for you are harder to come by. Driven to make nutritious snacking more accessible, husband and wife Bryan and Kate Flynn launched Sun & Swell Foods, a collection of healthy, organic bites based on simple, whole ingredients. Not only have they made it their mission to change the healthy snack game, but they’re also thinking beyond what’s inside the package to make a lasting difference. Several years ago, after choosing to live healthier lifestyles, the Flynns found it difficult to find snacks without preservatives, chemicals or added sugars. Inspired to make



better choices for themselves and to help others do the same, they founded Sun & Swell Foods in 2016. “We believe that knowing what you are putting in your body shouldn’t be a mystery,” says Kate. “All of our ingredients are ones you can find in your pantry and our recipes are simple enough that you could make them at home.” Sun & Swell’s assortment of savory and sweet snacks are indeed simple, like the Simple Snack Bites made with just five ingredients or less. But don’t expect to sacrifice when it comes to flavor — these snacks are tasty as well as nutritious. Their Clean Cookie Bites satisfy with whole, real foods — no added sugars, as promised — in delectable flavors such as Oatmeal Cacao Chip and Espresso Cacao. They also feature a roasted nut trail

mix and will soon be launching savory cracker bites, with plans for more products in the future. First found in coffee shops and gyms throughout Santa Barbara, Sun & Swell is now sold in over 300 establishments across the West Coast and New York, as well as online through their website and Amazon. “It’s been incredible to see this vision we had three years ago start to play out — originally just locally, and now across the US.,” says Kate, who shares that their once-humble operation has expanded to include several employees and a production facility in Ventura. While their ties will always be to the Santa Barbara community, the Flynns hope to make a positive impact on a much broader level. “We want to make products that are better for people and the planet,” says

Kate. “We strive to be a business that has an impact outside of just the products we create — to our employees, our community, the environment.” It’s that mindful business model that’s led them to source ingredients from local companies, launch compostable packaging, and donate one percent of their revenue to support nonprofits that focus on ocean conservation, like Surfrider Foundation. “We’re in the business of responsible snacking,” Kate says. “Every choice can make a greater impact both on an individual and community level. We want to be the kind of company our customers are proud to get behind.” -- By Hana-Lee Sedgwick For more info go to: www.sunandswellfoods.com w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

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