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Chef Mollie of Trattoria Mollie at the Montecito Farmers Market. Photo by Lindsey Eltinge


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Home Improvement (tHe easy Way). Locally owned and operated by women, Projects is truly a unique building company. When it comes to remodeling, we understand what’s important to you. From meticulously managing all aspects of the construction process to selecting materials and fixtures, while communicating with you daily, we are with you every step of the way. In fact, we provide the attention to detail that few builders can match. We listen. We understand. We care. And, we make it easy. Why not let Projects transform your ideas into reality? For a FREE consultation or to learn more call 805.682.2226 or visit us on the web at

projects A Giffin &

Crane Company

224 South Milpas St., Suite H | Santa Barbara, CA 93103 | 805.682.2226 | | License #884424






Qui Si Bella Spa, a luxury eco-friendly, sustainable spa is a sanctuary of luxury and tranquility, skillfully designed to inspire the senses and renew the spirit. Heal your body with our Kangan pure alkaline antioxidant water. Re-energize in our Eucalyptus Steam Room or Dry Sauna. Rejuvenate body and soul with the healing power of Hot Stone, Ayurvedic or Thai Massage. Enjoy an intimate massage for two in the privacy of our beautiful couples suite, complete with soothing chromatherapy hydrotub and solarium. Qui Si Bella Spa an ideal place for corporate events, weddings and anniversaries. Qui Si Bella features a full range of holistic treatments, massage, wraps, anti-aging facials, body detox programs, acupuncture, Ayurvedic or Thai massage, Lomi Lomi, colon hydrotherapy and a wide assortment of Amazon Rainforest Herbs to restore your well-being.

Qui Si Bella L u x u r y E c o - W e l l n e s s S pa

3311 State Street IN LORETO PLAZA 805-682-0003 gift certificates are available online

Crafted doors, windows and hardware.


Photo by Lindsey Eltinge




TO M ARKET W E G O What better time than spring to indulge in fresh produce from these local merchants? . . . . . . . 33 S A L AD S & S O U P S 29 local ways to dine quick and light with amazing salads and soups . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42

Four local restaurant pros use athletics to channel energy into their trade . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 53 DE PART M ENT S

Photo by Eliot Crowley


Hidden gem at Jade . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Firsts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Venues & Private Dining . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Top Cellars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Cooking at Home . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 The Home Front . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 In the Garden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Business Q & A with Tri-Valley Pools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Business Profile: Cicileo Landscaping . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 Dining Out . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 After Dark . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82

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food & home

Photo by Mehosh Dziadzio

Destination Downtown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62


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Hästens Naturally Queen size


Hästens Anatomical Sleeping Pillow

King size



HÄSTENS OF SANTA BARBARA 909 DE LA VINA STREET Tel: 805-965-0174, Fax: 805-965-0178

food & home

Contact Information P.O. Box 20025, Santa Barbara, CA 93120 (805) 563-6780, (805) 563-6790 FAX, sales@food–

Hästens 2000T


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P erfection h as it s price.

© 2008 Import Brands Alliance, Stella Artois® Beer (Malt Liquor in TX), St. Louis, MO.

Always enjoy responsibly.

the same after all these years. Stella Artois is still painstakingly brewed in a time-honored tradition with the choicest ingredients. Which is why our customers have kept coming back for more, even after 600 years.

than most. Mind you, over the years our beer has witnessed the odd change or two. For instance, our customers no longer drink it to ward off the Plague, as they used to in medieval times. However, one thing has stayed

Of course it tastes better than other beers. We’ve had over 600 years to get the recipe right. Our esteemed brewery has been producing beer in Leuven since 1366. Which means we’ve been around a bit longer

bouchon santa barbara

“Best Restaurants for Wine Lovers” -Wine Spectator Magazine (2001-2008)

“The food and service are impccable, and an experienced staff stands ready to help coordinate by-the-glass wines for each course.” -Frommer’s Guide ‘Best Restaurants of California’ 2005

“Smitten surveyors swear this classy Cal-French in Santa Barbara exceeds expectations with a seasonal menu of Wine Country Cuisine backed by an exceptional cellar stocked with boutique bottles you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Intimate French country setting with garden terrace and knowledgeable service make this delightful place one of the top dining experiences in town.”

Fresh Produce & Meats from Local Farms & Ranches Over 50 Local Wines by the Glass Private Dining Facilities in the Corkroom

9 west victoria street santa barbara, california 805.730.1160

california wine country cuisine


Hidden Gem

Jade is the delight of the neighborhood


t’s one of those restaurant success stories you love hearing about. A young married couple with small children team up to make their cozy neighborhood eatery a dream come true. With a location that is miles from the dining hub of downtown, walk-by traffic is sparse if any. Instead, patrons must find their way by rumor and internet buzz to enjoy a menu filled with the eclectic flavors of Hawaiian, Asian and Californian cuisine. Santa Barbara has a true hidden gem, and it’s called Jade. Owners Dustin and Jeannine Green opened Jade in 2006 after purchasing the lease from the former tenant, Aja. Since then, the couple has built a steady cliental of regulars with what they refer to as “HawaiianAsian comfort food” served with elegance in a relaxed neighborhood atmosphere. “Our inspiration comes from the everyday family cooking we both grew up with,” says Dustin. Family recipies that date back four generations, including his great-grandmother’s sweet potato pie, have given Jade the reputation for being a locals place known for high value, unique flavors and very reasonable dinner checks. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Signature dishes include a spectacular lamb ragout flavored with Asian spices and garlic mashed potato, and the Kalua pork served with creamy polenta and snap peas. Fresh fish, colorful salads and a great New York steak give the menu its all-occasion appeal. All meals are paired nicely to a wine list that is hand picked, well priced and local. As a classically trained pastry chef, Jeannine handles the desserts which are house-made and include classic cakes, cupcakes, breads and other treats; all which can be ordered as take-out and for private events. At the end of the day, the endless hours in the kitchen seem worth it to the Greens as they pursue their culinary dream. And it seems their efforts are indeed paying off as the good word about Jade is starting to spread beyond the neighborhood. – By Raymond Bloom. Photo by Bill Boyd. Jade is open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday. 3132 State Street. Reservations suggested. 805-563-2007. food & home



HobNob E

ight years ago, Michelle and Alberto Mastrangelo had an epiphany: it was finally time to take a leap of faith and act on their lifelong dream of owning a restaurant. It is apropos, then, that the couple decided to name their swanky, fine dining hot-spot Epiphany. For almost a decade, Epiphany, located at 21 W. Victoria, has been a local staple for delectable food and delicious drinks located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara. However, in February, 2010, the Mastrangelos had another epiphany: inspired by the enormous popularity of their bar, they decided to modify their dinner menu to more accurately represent their loyal casual-chic clientele. So they held the pretentiously posh, added double the cozy charm, and threw in a huge side of inexpensive indulgences; shake it all up, strain it through an elegant yet inclusive atmosphere, and what do you get? The answer is Santa Barbara’s newest destination for hot grub, cold cocktails, and a warm facile a vivre – HobNob. “The original definition of ‘hobnob’ means to drink and socialize with one another,” said owner Michelle Mastrangelo, “and of course that’s one of our favorite things to do, so that’s what we wanted to bring here.” 14

food & home

In order to orchestrate a shift to a more casual experience for HobNob patrons, Michelle and Alberto opened up the bar area for better flow, remodeled the bathrooms, and installed a fireplace on the back patio. But the biggest change clearly came in the form of a completely revamped menu. Elaborate three-course meals have given way to wonderful, wallet-friendly delights such as succulent sliders, homemade flat-bread pizzas, and the signature “Hob Dog”: an all beef baconwrapped hotdog that is sure to please even the haughtiest of palates. In fact, everything on the new food menu is under $20, with the exception of the $24 Filet Mignon, which owner Alberto Mastrangelo guarantees “can be cut with a fork.” While Epiphany had an undeniably successful run, Michelle and Alberto are excited to see what new direction HobNob takes them…and what ‘epiphanies’ the future will hold for the evolving epicures. “Essentially, we want coming here to be like coming home,” said Michelle. “Come, relax, eat, drink, have a good time…and come home.”--Kevin McFadden

Photo by Bill Boyd

Downtown’s newest hot spot

For information or reservations, call 805.564.7100 w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Photo by Lindsey Eltinge


Three Pickles is the answer to the office lunch


e like to hook people up,” says Three Pickles Deli Co-Owner Clay Lovejoy of his restaurant’s portions and famous free pickle bar. Since opening in hungry downtown SB three and a half years ago, Three Pickles has been making what the Lovejoys – father Bob and son Clay – call ‘Throwback Sandwiches’ “Clean and simple,” says Bob. “No goat cheese, no sprouts,” adds Clay with a smile. Now, after an enthusiastic city has boomed the father/son business, Three Pickles has opened a second location in Goleta. Beloved as a walk in eatery, the deli’s delivery service vitalizes business meetings; bringing top quality sandwiches, fresh salads and gourmet pickles – along with their ‘no plastic’ (all paper) packing policy that makes cleanup easy and recyclable. “It’s great for productivity,” says Bob. Offices have responded with gratitude when Three Pickles started bringing lunch in – not sending employees away for lunch keeps them focused. With lunch provided, higher-ups all over town have found workers are more willing to attend even the longest meetings. Says Bob of the common problem of officeworker malaise, “buy them food, and they’ll be happy to be in a conference for an hour.” Inspired by the restaurant his own father once ran, Bob Lovejoy is thrilled to have a family business of his own with his son. Like his father, Bob has strived to keep an easy, community vibe strong in his shop. “We’re thrilled when anybody comes through our front door,” says Bob. The father and son remember the mentality that Bob’s father had in his restaurant, citing this as a heavy influence on Three Pickles. “He liked everybody, everybody liked him, and he had fun all day.” Three pickles in Goleta is already providing daily lunch to Yardi, UCSB and other offices in the area, and is already nearly as busy as its downtown big brother. Tired, but not surprised, the younger Lovejoy describes exactly what his restaurant provides. “Higher quality, double the meat, free delivery,” and after a moment of thought he adds, “pickles.” —Sam Rolens

For information on menu and delivery call 805-9651015 (downtown) or (805) 964-4585 in Goleta. www. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m



Wine Spectator Award of Excellence-Winning Wine List


17 West Victoria Street, Santa Barbara food & home



Wunderbar! Brummis is truly the German taste


hen I went to dinner at Brummis on Saint Patrick’s Day, friendly owner Veronika Brumm greeted customers wearing lederhosen and candy striped tights. With her red hair, funny lopsided smile and the quick bouncy way she stepped from dining room to kitchen and back, Veronika looked like a female leprechaun with a Berlin accent. She offered to dye my beer green. I declined. No offense to the Irish, but a great German Pilsner should not be messed with. By the way, at Brummis a half means a half liter, not a half pint, and you need at least that much to properly accompany the deliciously rich fare. Don’t bother acting virtuous here. Sure, they have salads, but that’s not why you should come. What makes this family restaurant on upper State Street worth a detour are the irresistible bockwurst and bratwurst – both have the perfect snap that is the hallmark of a great sausage and come with excellent homemade sauerkraut and potato salad, the sauerbraten served with perfectly sweet-tart red cabbage and homemade spatzle, the krustenbraten, which tastes like it sounds, at once crackling and melting pork with prunes and apples, the portions to generous to finish, too good to leave behind. —Laurence Hauben

Photo by Ashley Renée

Brummis - The German Taste is located at 3130 State St, (805) 6875916 Lunch:Monday to Friday11.30am to 1.30pmDinner: Monday to Saturday 5pm to 9pm

viva italia! T

Photo by Michael Baum

hink it’s possible to recreate dishes from your favorite Italian restaurant at home using cheese from a cardboard can, powdered garlic and vinegar from a plastic jug? It’s not. Wonder how the number of great Italian restaurants in town, are all able to zing our tastebuds with truly traditional Old World fare? The secret’s out. For many of our area chefs, their ace-in-the-hole for authentic ingredients has always been All Italia Imports. Parmigiano-reggiano cheeses (indispensable in Italian cooking), highly desirable and hard-to-find truffles, prosciutto di Parma, Greek, French, Spanish and Italian olives, imported Spanish saffron and 12 and 25-year-old aceto balsamico tradizionale vinegar— along with pastas, mushrooms, Italian candies and gelato—have been available from All Italia for a while. Unfortunately, they’ve only been sold wholesale to established restaurants and chefs. Owner Renato Moiso, who hails from the Piedmont region of Italy, was constantly besieged with cries from home cooks who wanted to purchase the same products found in our trattorias and ristorantes. Thankfully Renato has relented by opening Via Maestra 42 (named in honor of the address of his childhood home) next to the San Roque Post Office on Upper State Street. Now, all these choice imports can be purchased to enhance your own Italian recipes. The small deli shop also has seating for light lunches, snacks, coffees and Italian desserts (try their really rich gelatos and sorbettos). —Amanda Nolan Via Maestra 42 is located at 3343 State Street. Phone: (805) 569-6522. 16

food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Top 5 Foods to Boost Immune Function


lu season may be coming to an end, but it’s never too late to learn how to boost your immune system and prevent future illness. Luckily, much of what our bodies need to fight disease is found in food. Eating the right foods will also help maintain a healthy body pH, which is essential in preventing illness and cancer. Experts say that since bacteria and fungus thrive in an acidic environment, it is important to have a slightly alkaline body pH.


at pierre lafond/wendy foster

Fresh Vegetable Juice. More and more people are turning to vegetable juicing and for good reason- the juice is naturally immune boosting with its powerful antioxidants, phytonutrients, and digestive aides. Most importantly, most vegetables are alkaline and therefore support a healthy body pH. Try juicing ingredients such as various leafy greens, carrots, beets, parsley, garlic, ginger and more. Yogurt. The beneficial bacteria naturally found in yogurt, called probiotics, both help fight infection and protect our digestive systems. Since sugar will counteract these benefits, it’s important to eat plain yogurt. Another tip is to try Greek or Mediterranean yogurt because it is lower in sugar and higher in protein. Salmon. You’ve probably heard of the many benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids. In addition to their numerous benefits for heart, skin and brain health, they help boost the immune system by increasing the activity of disease-fighting white blood cells. If you aren’t eating enough fish, be sure to supplement with a high quality fish oil supplement. Sweet Potatoes. These wonderful vegetables are loaded with nutrients, including vitamin A and betacarotene. These antioxidants increase the number of T-cells, which are known as “helper cells” and play a role in fighting infection and preventing cancer. Broccoli. Broccoli is high in three important vitaminsA, C, and E. This powerful combination makes it one of the best immune boosting foods out there. Many recent studies suggest that a compound found in broccoli may help fight cancer cells. Don’t forget that cooking vegetables depletes many of the nutrients! As a Registered Dietitian, it’s fun educating and helping my client incorporate many of these healthy and immune boosting foods into their meal plans and recipes. If you’d like to learn more about similar nutrition topics, check out our website, www., for tons of free information and healthy recipes. You can also read about our nutrition consulting packages, detox program, and healthy meal & snack delivery service.

516 san ysidro road (805) 565-1503 mon – sun 9 to 8

—Betsy Markle, Registered Dietitian & Owner of Sunshine Wellness, 805-683-4422, w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home



In the Kitchen With Renaud Granthier of Renaud’s Patisserie and Bistro


Renaud’s has two locations: 1324 State St. 892-2800 and 3315 State St. 569-2400. For more information on Granthier’s ever expanding menu go to

Chef Renaud

“Macarons Parisiens” (Parisiens Macarons) 150 g almond meal 260 g icing sugar 40 g egg white 75 g egg white for beating 50 g sugar cream of tartar one pinch sift together almond meal and icing sugar and add the 40 g of egg white and set aside. mix cream of tartar and the 75 g egg white and 18

food & home

beat together on hi speed, add the 50 g sugar after 30 seconds of beating and whip till white are stiff. gradually fold two third of the stiffened white to the almond mixture, then gently fold the last third until it make a ribbon. pipe mixture on sheet tray do desired size and let form a crust for about 15 to 25 minutes. baking bake on double tray for 6 to 10 minutes a 275 F till hard  finishing finish by sandwich the macarons together with filling of your choice. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Photo by Lindsey Eltinge

ince January of 2008, Santa Barbara has been enjoying authentic French pastry and cuisine thanks to chef Renaud Ganthier. With experience both in cooking and baking, Ganthier has always been more interested in the sweeter science. “Pastry is more natural, for me,” he says with a shrug. “It’s more artistic, more precise, and there are more colors to play with.” Ganthier also adds with a laugh that cooking can carry a bit more pressure than pastry, which allows a chef to have most of his menu cooked and ready by the time his doors open. The appeal of the menu sitting on lace in the window would be enough, but Ganthier himself discusses the balance of chocolate with butter as a philosopher does right and wrong. For this French chef, who recently expanded his art, precision and color to a new downtown Santa Barbara location in the Arlington Plaza, cooking is all about being truthful to your self. In his work, Ganthier strives to represent the real French pastry art; “to promote French cooking, and show a true concept of what French baking is really about.” In his life, Ganthier wants to be sure his daughter grows up knowing how to cook. -- Sam Rolens


Housed in Santa Barbara’s “upscale” Upham Hotel, a “quiet” Victorian with “lots of history”, this “hidden gem” offers “creative”, “up-to-date” Californian cuisine and “spot on” service in a “bistro”-like space with “wooden floors” and a “nice porch”; a few find the menu “limited”, but “excellent specials”, a “choice” selection of wines and “romantic” ambiance contribute to a “wonderful dining experience.”

Food Decor Service 25 20 24

Cost $42

—Zagat 2008 Louie’s, located inside the 130-year-old Hotel Upham, reflects the charm and tradition of its location, with a jazzy, comfortable feel all its own. A small but well-stocked wine bar is at the entry, and guests are served extra ordinary fresh seafood, pastas, filet mignon and a changing menu of specialties. There are cozy tables and booths inside or on an old-fashioned heated verandah outside. Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30am - 2pm Wine & Beer Dinner: Sun-Thur 6 – 9 pm Casual Dress Fri & Sat 6 - 10 pm Visa, MC, Amex Accepted

Private Parties


Local Wines by the Glass

1404 De La Vina Street (Inside the Upham Hotel)

(805) 963-7003

Local Chef Cooks with a Heart for Homeless Teens


Your Complete Wholesale Coffee and Tea Program Exceptional Customer Service - Complimentary Equipment, Servicing on Existing Equipment, And Training For All Wholesale Accounts Finest Coffees And Teas Available to The Food Service Industry at Competetive Pricing 100% Arabica Beans, Certified Organic And Fair Trade Offering a Wide Variety of Single-Origin And Hand Blended Coffees, Artisan Roasted to Order

Please Call


Available at Jordano’s

here's no such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen for chef Vincent Vanhecke, Executive Chef at Montecito's Valley Club…at least not when he's whisking up a five-course meal to benefit the YMCA Youth and Family Services "Reaching for Stars" fundraiser. Vanhecke has assembled a star-studded cast of local chefs to conjure standout culinary creations for the upcoming May 26, 2010 event at the Santa Barbara Woman’s Club (Rockwood). In addition to Vanhecke, participants for this year's event will include John Downey (Downey's), Brian Parks (Canary Hotel), Don Skipworth, Charlie Rushton and Mari Boteli (Private Chefs), Brandon Hughes of Bouchon restaurant, private caterer Michael Hutching, Christine Dahl (Christine Dahl Pastries), David Sundeen from the recently-re-opened Wine Cask, John Trotta from San Ysidro Ranch, Eric Widmer (La Cumbre Country Club), Randy Bublitz and his student from the Santa Barbara City College School of Culinary Arts, James Sly (Slys), Alex Castillo (El Paseo Restaurant), and John Pettitt from Seagrass. Wine will be donated by generous local wine makers The event will benefit Noah’s Anchorage shelter for homeless teens and the Isla Vista Teen Center, both programs that flourish under the umbrella of the YMCA's Youth and Family Services branch. For more information contact Lynn Karlson, 569-1103 ext.



Dinner Tuesday – Sunday from 5:30 • Reservations: 966.5006 1305 State Street • Santa Barbara, CA •

food & home

ts getting warm outside, time to think about heating up the grill…Grab your apron, tongs and the new bible of barbecue from Southern Living magazine: Big Book of BBQ ($24.95). From succulent Sweet-and-Sour Grilled Ribs to blissful Beef Brisket with Texas Barbecue Sauce, there are over 200 recipes, plus tips, techniques and tidbits that will have your mouth watering this summer. This cookbook is a great way to welcome grilling season. Ripe with choices for the perfect Father’s Day feast—it offers the recipes (and gift) you need to fill his heart and belly! Available at Borders and other fine book stores. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Backyard Harvest


ince 2008, Backyard Harvest and Backyard Bounty have independently created grass roots, volunteer-based organizations that harvest produce from local residential and commercial properties and collect culls and over-production from area farms. This otherwise-wasted produce is then distributed to those in need through the Unity Shoppe and Food Bank of Santa Barbara County. The two programs, which combined have collected and supplied over 225,000 pounds and 55 varieties of fresh produce, will now be operating as one unified nonprofit organization known as Backyard Harvest. Numerous statistics reflect the startling escalation of hunger throughout the United States. Nationwide, 37 million people require food assistance each year according to Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger relief organization. Surprising to many, Santa Barbara County has one of the highest rates of food insecurity in the state, with an estimated 36,000 residents having inadequate access to edible sustenance. With over 225 residential and commercial properties participating, the success of these two programs demonstrates that our community is actually is one collective farm, and, by combining resources, Backyard Harvest will be able to access even more of the abundant food resources available locally for distribution to the growing numbers of local residents in need. Along with having both pick-up and harvesting services, Backyard Harvest also offers a Service Learning Program that seeks to increase community awareness of food-related issues. This education program for classroom

At Whole Foods Market, we support LOCAL economies. Our commitment to the Santa Barbara community is that we will source products from Santa Barbara and the Tri-County area whenever possible. Think globally, eat locally! VISIT OUR 100% ORGANIC SALAD BAR!



Reg. $7.99

Look for these symbols throughout our store: Product is GROWN OR PRODUCED IN SANTA BARBARA COUNTY. Product is GROWN OR PRODUCED IN THE TRI-COUNTY AREA: Santa Barbara County, Ventura County and San Luis

and family groups includes field trips to partnering residential farms, ecological and nutritional education as well as the harvesting of fruits and vegetables for donation to the Food Bank or Unity Shoppe. If you have extra food growing on your property and would like to become a member of the Backyard Harvest network of community farms or have time to volunteer, please call 805.884.8448 or visit

Obispo County.

WHOLE FOODS MARKET SANTA BARBARA 3761 State Street at Hitchcock Way • 805.837.6959 • 7am – 9pm daily Follow us on twitter: Find Whole Foods Market Santa Barbara on Facebook:

food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m wfm_SBFood&Home_April10.indd 1


3/16/10 10:30:45 AM



A Very Brief History of Soup By Laura S. Kirkley


Specializing in: Spring Rolls Papaya Salad Vietnamese Curry Tropical Hot Pot Steamed Fish Fillet Beef Mignon Four locations: 318 N. Milpas 966-0916 1230 State Street 966-0909 5-Points 964-0909 424 State Street 962-0707 22

food & home

Chick Pea Soup

From the kitchen of Chef James R. Kirkley, IV You may add bits of broken spaghetti or cubes of toasted day-old bread. The pasta should be added after the puree occurs. Cook the pasta in the pureed broth about 10 minutes. After removing rosemary and chilies entire soup can be whisk blended to produce soft smooth consistency. (Serves: 4)

Laura Kirkley and son James

Ingredients 2 cans, 14oz. garbanzo beans 4 cups, chicken broth or vegetable broth 1 sprig, fresh rosemary 1 clove, garlic - whole 1 small, hot chili pepper 3 tablespoons, il Fustino Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Olio Nuovo or Organic Mission recommended) · salt and fresh ground pepper - to taste · il Fustino Organic Truffle Oil - to taste

· · · · · ·

Method 1. Heat olive oil in large high sided pot 2. Add garlic clove, chili pepper and rosemary sprig, cook for a minute or two but do not brown garlic 3. Add the cans of garbanzo beans with liquid and 3 cups of chicken stock, bring to a boil 4. Reduce heat to medium and cook mixture for 20 - 25 minutes -- there should be only a few bubbles. Add more stock if necessary. 5. Remove one fourth of the garbanzo beans and set aside. Remove the chili pepper and strip the remaining rosemary from the sprig. 6. With a blending wand, puree the liquid and the remaining garbanzo beans in the pot. When done return the reserved garbanzo beans to the pot. 7. Season to taste with salt and pepper and serve in bowls. 8. Drizzle each serving with il Fustino Organic Truffle Oil for an extra visual touch and the flavor Laura S. Kirkley, is the owner of il Fustino located at 3401 State St. 805-845-3521. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


Voted Best Vietnamese Restaurant

oups are one of most nutritious dishes we can prepare; yet they are inexpensive and simple to make. Every culture historically has their own unique recipes based on availability of products. All the benefits of each ingredient never leave the pot, resulting in a healthy tasteful culinary bowl of hmmm…hmmm joy. I had never given the origin of soup much thought until I visited Bunratty Castle, Ireland. Over freshly baked Soda Bread and a cup of tea the Bunratty Food Historian educated me on the Irish diet during the 19th century. Each morning the lady of the house laid out a breakfast of bread and tea then began preparations for the main meal. Everyday the same ingredients would go into the pot: mutton, potatoes, cabbage, and carrots and onions, if they had them. At midday the men would come in from their work and eat the solids from the pot. The evening meal consisted of the leftover broth. They would “sop” up the liquid with their bread. Hence, what we now refer to as “soup”. Great soup can be made from basic items we all have in our pantry along with leftovers from the refrigerator. Unlike 19th century Ireland we’re only limited by our imaginations.


Old World Charm

Andersen’s Danish Bakery & Restaurant


ike a lot of restaurant success stories, Andersen’s Danish Bakery & Restaurant started in Santa Barbara in 1976 as a bakery (kind of a long distance satellite from their bakery in Copenhagen) and soon after started serving breakfasts. Lunches followed, as did building expansions, and then dinners. The menu is decidedly European, so you won’t leave the table feeling peckish: Smorrebrod, smörgaasbord, Rodgrod med Flode, Jaeger Schnitzel, Scottish Salmon, Pickled Herring—the list goes on. And breakfast is a real treat; you can really start the day right with their Good Morning Breakfast, which includes bacon, eggs, ham, cheese, fruit, potatoes and pastry—gourmet comfort food—for only $10.95, which is why the restaurant is usually packed for breakfast. (As for the coffee: about every 15 minutes whatever coffee remains in the pots gets dumped and fresh pots are started—making it the best house coffee we’ve had.) Both Birte Andersen and her daughter, Charlotte, keep the restaurant running at high gear while the waitstaff manage to be genuinely friendly while staying on their toes.

Andersen’s Danish Bakery & Restaurant is at 1106 State Street, (805) 962-5085. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while the bakery has pastries, cakes and sweets being prepared all day long.

Lincoln Windows 24

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Over 60 Years

Affordable, Quality Engineering

Doors and Windows w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m









Mark Levinson


Monster Cable



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WE KNOW HOME ENTERTAINMENT FROM A TO Z AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. We’ve installed thousands of home entertainment systems, from state of the art full room theaters to compact limited space systems. We take real pride in what we do, it’s just one of the reasons we’ve been in business for over 20 years. We offer the most prestigious brands in the business. Our highly trained staff will walk you through choosing the right components, making sure you get just what you need. So give us a call, or drop by and find out why Mission Audio Video is the last name in home entertainment.

m ission AUDIO / V IDEO

T E C H N O LO GY + P E R F O R M A N C E + S E R V I C E

Showroom open Tuesday thru Saturday

1910 De La Vina at Pedregosa, Santa Barbara



table with a view PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP On a historic 18,000 acre working cattle ranch in Idaho Limited to twelve participants max. Includes room & board in rustic lodge Hiking, horseback riding, fishing

“Outside the café there was a great crowd. The music and dancing were going on…we watched the beginning of the evening of the last night of the fiesta…”


lthough Hemingway was describing a scene in Pamplona, he could have been depicting the view from a table perched high on The Zia Cafe’s upstairs balcony—a lovely and lively place to sit on a Tuesday afternoon and watch the activity at the Farmer’s Market below. Sipping a Zia Rita while the music plays and the town is at its people-watching best, you can’t help but be transported to another time and place. Vegetarian enchiladas with posole and beans, warm sopaipillas drizzled with honey put the cap on a perfect day. The Zia Cafe is located at 532 State Street. Phone: (805) 962-5391.

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ired of globbing on the oil? These nonaerosol sprayers produce a fine mist of oil for cooking and flavoring. Give your salads and vegetables a light sprinkling of fine olive oil, or give your wok a quick spritz of peanut oil. Either way, you’re cutting down on your fat intake and not over-powering the tast of your foods. Fill the canister half-full with oil, pump the cap to build up pressure, then spray. What could be easier?



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Available at WilliamsSonoma in La Cumbre Plaza and Sur La Table on State Street. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

“This bistro shines with gourmet food at everyday prices and remains an absolute must in SB for creative fare, illuminating wines; charming decor, a satisfyingly buzzy ambiance and exceptional service which keeps it a favorite with the locals.”

Eclectic California Cuisine

hob nob

Award-Winning Wine list

Full Bar * Martini Menu

----Zagat Survey

1325 State Street Next to the Arlington Theatre Open Daily 966-9676

Private Banquet Room with Custom Menus modern tavern


Catering * Take-out

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hob nob hob nob

21 west victoria street

21 west victoria w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

santa barbara. ca 93101

santa barbara, ca 93101

805. 564. 7100


new. food & home



Venues & Private Dining

Private Dining

Condor Cruises Party and dinner cruises aboard the Condor Express— a high speed catamaran that is perfect for corporate events, family outings, wedding, or fund raisers— either on the coast or at the islands. The vessel is certified for up to 149 passengers, but is also perfect for smaller groups that want the amenities that only a vessel this size can provide. SEA Landing, 301 Cabrillo Blvd., Santa Barbara (805) 882-0088

santa barbara

in the

Cork Room

for up to 20 people

9 west victoria street • 805.730.1160 9santa west victoria barbara,street ca 93101 805.730.1160 144-00632 final side 1.pdf


Cork Room at Bouchon The Cork room is a private dining room for groups of up to 20 guests. Corporate and private parties are welcome. You will find an excellent array of wine country cuisine paired with local Santa Barbara wines for truly wonderful and unique dining experience. 9 West Victoria St., 805-703-1160

5:08:56 PM

Emilio’s Emilio’s is a great choice for your next private dining occasion. Available for corporate lunches, rehearsal dinners and even off-site catering. Emilio’s knows how to make your next special event memorable. 324 W. Cabrillo Blvd., 805-966-4426









Events by Stella Mare’s Events by Stella Mare’s, a full service private restaurant, is centrally located in uptown Santa Barbara near historic State Street, with

beautiful views of the Santa Ynez Mountains. The décor is French Provencial meets Santa Barbara style, typifying the term “casual elegance”. Events by Stella Mare’s is the perfect setting for rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremonies and receptions, anniversaries, birthdays, as well as corporate seminars, holiday celebrations, luncheon and dinner events from 40-300 guests. With three versatile rooms, a full service bar, an outdoor terrace, and majestic views, Events by Stella Mare’s can be used for intimate social gatherings or meetings or large-scale events. 3302 McCaw Avenue, Santa Barbara (805) 969-3415 Opal Restaurant and Bar Opal Restaurant and Bar can accommodate in-house parties from 10-120, and we have extensive experience in serving corporate functions, birthdays, wedding rehearsal dinners or wedding celebrations, weekly luncheons, and private parties of all sorts. Whether it is an onsite banquet or off-site catering, our highly effective system of service enables us to handle all events from the most casual birthday bash to the most exacting and formal affair, with a smooth and flawless style that anticipates every situation and creates a great experience for you and your guests. 1325 State Street, Santa Barbara (805) 966-9676 Roosterfish Room at Seagrass The Roosterfish Room is designed to provide a memorable private restaurant experience. Comfortably accommodating up to 22 guests this room offers it’s own private heating, air conditioning and music controls, providing guests with the ultimate in comfort. A

Simple Elegance, Classic Delicacies 3315 State Street located in Loreto Plaza


1324 State St. in Arlington Plaza

805-892-2800 28

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PRIVATE DINING in the Roosterfish Room for up to 22 guests 30 east ortega street • santa barbara • 805.963.1012

COASTAL CUISINE w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

streamlined version of the Seagrass dinner menu is exceptional, and gives a restaurant-quality experience in a private environment. 30 East Ortega St., 805-963-1012 Santa Barbara Event Locations This site is a FREE one stop shop for special event locations. View all of the incredible venues Santa Barbara County has to offer and find their contact information too! 710 East Haley Street, Santa Barbara (805) 963-4205 Cucina Room at Olio e Limone Ristorante The Cucina Room is the ideal venue for your group of up to 40 people. Perfect for business dinners and life events when you desire the exclusivity and privacy of your very own Olio e Limone dining experience. Enter and you will find an attentive service staff, beautifully set table and complimentary printed menus. We have created five dinner menus named after some of our favorite Italian wine regions to help in the decision-making process. A luncheon menu is also available for lunchtime events. 17 West Victoria Street 805-899-2699

Catering Creative Services Catering & Event Planning, Inc. Creative Services Catering & Event Planning, Inc. is experienced, professional, fully licensed and insured. A full service catering company with years of experience in private and corporate events, all of their menus are “create your own” so you may customize your selections— costs will vary based on menu selection, style of service and w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

additional services selected. Contact Creative Services Catering & Event Planning, Inc. to create your perfect event! By appointment only (805) 965-9121 Elements When looking for a caterer for your next special event, you need the assurance that the caterer has the experience and expertise to provide the highest level of food and service. You can trust the Elements catering team to deliver, from planning and preparation through the final dessert on your special day. From an intimate event at Elements Restaurant to a party for 500 at a local estate, Elements catering will oversee every detail. To book your next event contact Bernadette Pometta at 805-884-9218. Events by Philippe Events by Philippe is full service catering, wedding, and event production company dedicated to the art of creative culinary designs. With extensive experience in the industry and services to cover all your event needs, Events by Philippe provides outstanding service and spectacular events. 421 East Cota Street #2, Santa Barbara (805) 687-3979 Pure Joy Catering, Inc. Pure Joy offers full service catering for the Santa Barbara Tri-County Areas. Flawless event planning, friendly service and unbelievably delicious handmade fare— Pure Joy will bring your vision to life. 111 East Haley Street Santa Barbara (805) 963-5766

New Traditions . . .

Montecito’s Upper Village

1482 East Valley Road Montecito, CA

Next to Bryant & Sons Jewelers

805 969-4400

Bridal Registry Available

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Wine Sales Wine Storage Wine Tasting Events Venture into our warehouse and choose from our select stock of domestic and imported wines l Discover our hard-to-find wines and latest cellar aquisitions l We hand select every wine to ensure your satisfaction! l Expanded wine storage with state of the art temperature controlled system




568-1961 Wine Sales / Storage

Tues–Fri: 10am to 6pm Saturday 12pm to 5pm

417 Santa Barbara Street, Suite A-6

top cellars

wine country

(Enter off Haley Street)


V INEYARDS 3 2Tasting YEARS IN open SANdaily TA YNE ZamV-4:00 ALLEY room 11:00 pm Hwy


Hwy 154room at Roblar then11:00 follow signs Tasting open daily a m – 4:00 pm (805) 688-2455 154 at Roblar then follow signs • (805) 688-2455

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Macon La Roche Vineuse 2007 (Meaning venires rock) This wine is appropriately named for the limestone found in the vineyard. A wonderful blend of richness and mineral quality, the palate and length are everything you could ask for a classic white Burgundy. Enjoy now at a great price $17. Available at Renegade Wines.

Domaine Les Grands Bois 2008 A great value at $14, this French blend is actually aged in concrete. Featuring an amazing array of textures ranging from silky medium to full-bodied with kirsch, spice and licorice notes. Available at Renegade Wines. Available at renegade wine 417 Santa Barbara Street Suite A6 Santa Barbara, (805) 568-1961 w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Broadside Cabernet 2007 Rated as one of the top 100 wines of 2009 by the San Francisco Chronicle it is crafted by Chris Brockway of San Francisco’s Broc Cellars. Rich, dark and earthy at the start, but lighter and dry at the finish. The notes are of fresh brambly berries and juniper atop dense tannins. Available at The Winehound. For $18.99

90-Plus Sauvignon Blanc—Lot 2 One of the top rated wines coming to us from the Marlborough region of New Zealand, this Sauvignon Blanc is lemony, crisp and light. 90-Plus Cellars specialize in pedigree wines at value prices. This one is no exception. Available at The Winehound for 10.99

Winery & Tasting Room Downtown Santa Barbara

Open Daily for Tasting 11am - 5pm

Wine Bar Nights Thursday - Saturday 5pm - 12am Pinot Noir -Pinot Gris - Rose‘ - Syrah - Grenache - Cabernet Franc

Available at The Winehound 1221 Chapala Street Santa Barbara, (805) 845-5247 w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Come in and experience the art of making wine. 414 N. Salsipuedes St. Santa Barbara, CA 93103

805.965.7985 phone food & home


Chef Mollie of Trattoria Mollie is a regular customer of both the Montecito Farmers Market and Tri-County Produce.

to Market We Go Three local venues that give the chef in all of us a place to start


anta Barbara locals love to cook almost as much as they love being cooked for. The local dining scene, as it continues to grow and evolve, is home to more restaurants per capita than any other town in the nation. And that doesn’t even count the catering and confection industries whose private chefs and planners are largely responsible for putting our town on the culinary destination map for weddings, wine tasting and food festivals; not to mention a first class culinary school at City College. All told, it creates the perfect environment to produce a growing population of knowledgeable foodies eager to create and consume. Part of the reason the area attracts and supports such talent and overall food interest is the wide assortment of


food & home

fresh, organic foods sustained year after year by some of the most knowledgeable and noble farmers and fisherman in the world. That combined with an array of very competitive specialty markets bending over backwards to conveniently provide, stock, display and replenish the area’s finest foods, it’s only natural that the best chef in all of us begins to shine when cooking for family and friends. “It all starts with what you buy and where you buy it,” says Lynette La Mere, Chef-owner of Pure Joy Catering. “We truly are blessed with our markets and local resources here in Santa Barbara.” So where do those in the know go when it comes to creating healthy, good tasting food? The following three market profiles give some of the history, variety and philosophy behind what’s available when Santa Barbara goes to market. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

By Kevin McFadden Photo by Mehosh Dziadzio

Jim and son John Dixon have owned Tri-County Produce for over 25 years. The market continues to be a popular shopping stop for local chefs.


hen Jim and John Dixon purchased Tri-County Produce in 1985 from previous owners Virgil and Marie Elliott, the 6,000 sq. foot building was little more than a charmingly bucolic produce stand – but the father and son team recognized potential when they saw it. It is little wonder that the Dixon’s spotted this ideal location to launch their family business, considering that together they boast over six decades of experience in the grocery business. After 25 prosperous years under current management, Tri-County has clearly grown by leaps and bounds, but Jim and John Dixon remain as humble as ever, still dedicated to providing great quality products at low prices – and that’s very good news for Santa Barbara locals! “Not only do we have a reputation for our quality, but we have a reputation for the prices,” says John, who has assumed the role of general manager, as well as co-owner. “We have a big advantage because we are an independent…we’re not following corporate structure, so we’re much more adaptable to changes.” And there have certainly been plenty of changes since the building’s inception in 1950 by a local wholesale produce distributor named Harry Bowman; back then it was called Harry Bowman Produce, and was wholesale only, not open to the public. When Virgil and Marie Elliott bought the business in 1966, they changed the name to Tri-County Produce, but kept the business model the same, selling exclusively to restaurants, schools and retail stores throughout the tri-county area. However, in 1976, due to an increasing demand for high-quality, affordable produce, the couple finally opened the doors to the public. By the time Jim and John Dixon took the reins of the business from the retiring Elliotts in 1985, Tri-County had become a fairly lucrative produce stand; but the Dixons knew that they had an opportunity to make it into much more. In 1986, Tri-County branched into the natural foods market, and John began ordering inventory from the company Nature’s Best Natural Foods, before it was a household name. “One thing that was funny was that when I called the people at Nature’s Best, they told me, ‘Well our minimum delivery each week is $250,’ and I thought, ‘Man, how am I ever going to meet that kind of w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Tri-County Produce

From roadside stand to modern market in 25 years demand?’” remembers John with a laugh. “Of course now we get two deliveries per week, and they’re each about $10,000!” Since those early days, Tri-County Produce has grown into one of Santa Barbara’s most successful and respected one-stopshops. They boast an incredible selection of over 500 wine labels, both local and international. They offer freshly made bakery goods daily, as well as fresh carrot juice, wheat grass juice, lemonade the old fashioned way, SportTea, and fresh-squeezed orange juice that John promises can rival any fresh OJ found in the world. In addition, Tri-County makes fresh-ground creamy peanut-butter, almond-butter, and cashew-butter, a service rarely offered at any other local market. In 2004, they added fresh meat from local Shalhoob Meats, and fresh local fish from Harbor Seafood to their already-impressive repertoire. Still, the true staple of the Dixons’ business continues to be the amazingly fresh produce they provide their loyal customers, many of whom Jim and John have been serv-

ing since they first bought the place 25 years ago. Their slogan: “If it’s any fresher, it’s still in the fields” is more than just a clever pitch to the man who created it – it is a way of life. At 77-years-old, Jim Dixon stills maintains a direct connection with the local farmers who supply the produce, and he still opens the store Monday through Friday at 6:00am to make sure that he is living up to his promise of putting quality first. But Jim’s not the only “long-timer” at Tri-County who still puts in an honest week’s work. Employee Roke Fukumura, born in Santa Barbara in 1922, began working at the very same building, located at 335 South Milpas, back in 1950, when it first opened as Harry Bowman Produce. Now 88-years-old, Roke continues to show up at Tri-County from 6:00am to noon, five days a week, to unload trucks and help stock the shelves. Loyal customers, happy employees, quality products, and great prices – with a combination like that, Tri-County Produce is sure to be thriving, with the Dixons at the helm, for at least another 25 years. food & home


Whole Foods Market A New Standard of Excellence

By Laurence Hauben Photo by Mehosh Dziadzio


umors that a Whole Foods Market was coming to Santa Barbara had been around for so long – years really, that honestly, I was beginning to lose faith. Would it ever happen? Finally, last fall, the store opened, “On my birthday,” says Store Team Leader John Jurey, a Pennsylvania native who was previously working for Whole Foods in Los Angeles and now relishes his short commute: “I live one mile from the store,” he says. “I just love being here.” Everyone was so excited to check out the new hot market in town that at first parking attendants were hired to direct the crowds. 34

food & home

The madness has died down enough to allow easy access, but there is no denying that Whole Foods Santa Barbara has been an instant hit. The concept is a natural fit for our town, upscale – admire the artful displays and well-stocked wine selection - but with an environmental bend – no GMOs nor any artificial ingredients are allowed on the shelves, and the choice of natural cleansers is extensive (take a whiff of Mrs. Meyer’s aromatherapeutic line, it will make you embrace spring cleaning). The store is sophisticated – check out the dry-aged beef and full service meat counter (which now stocks the Eel River California grass fed beef from Humboldt County), the charcuterie and artisan cheeses cut to order – but not starchy –feel free to come by with the kids on your way home from the beach.

There is plenty of organic stuff – bins filled with bulk grains, nuts, and legumes, and Whole Foods’ 365 Organics brand, the store’s own line of organic products ranging from dairy to frozen foods and pantry staples, which retail at a discount when compared to name brand items. The store also stocks exotic foods that can be hard to find at other supermarkets, such as Banh Trang – rice paper spring roll skins, or tahini -the Middle Eastern sesame paste used in making hummus, and they are fairly priced. Located right at the store’s entrance, the produce aisle is extensive. Locally grown produce gets preferential access, and all produce is tagged with an ANDI (aggregate nutrient density index) score which confirms that collard greens are really very good for you. Convenience is another facet: from salad w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Whole Foods, which opened last fall, is quickly gaining recognition for its extensive meat department which features grass fed beef from Eel River in Humboldt County.

bar and soups to the deli counter (voted #1 by locals) to sushi and the ever popular gourmet pizzas, you don’t have to cook to eat well. However, should you want to learn more about cooking, Whole Foods is planning for that too, with a cheese seminar, seafood cooking class, and a program to showcase local chefs. There is also a cool store shopping guide that outlines not only the good deals, but gives easy, tasty seasonal recipes. The social dimension of Whole Food’s mission statement appeals to the relaxed Santa Barbara lifestyle as well: the employees work as a “Team,” eschewing the traditional manager/ boss titles, and many volunteer to participate in the “Team Member Emergency Fund,” pooling a small portion of their daily earnings into a reserve that can be tapped in case of unexw w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

pected hardship, such as having the bicycle you rely on to get to work stolen. John Jurey also has an open door policy, welcoming ideas from all store employees. The concept of doing well while doing good for the local community is strongly embraced at Whole Foods. Community outreach started right away. Local nonprofits are encouraged to apply for support. The Santa Barbara Police Activity League, the PARC Foundation, Food from the Heart have all received donations, and others are encouraged to apply. “We believe in interdependence,” Jurey explains. “We have a local producer loan program, that can help small business owners – farmers, small specialty producers expand their operations. It is modeled on the micro-

credit loans we do in developing countries through our Whole Planet Foundation. We take Fair Trade a step further with Whole Trade, a program that requires all the items we carry to meet not only our high quality standards (money back guaranteed on any unsatisfying product), but also provide more money to producers, ensure better wages and working conditions for workers, and utilize sound environmental practices. That way, as a consumer you get to vote with your dollars for the kind of future you want to see for our planet.” My prediction is that Whole Foods has a bright future here in Santa Barbara. For more information on Whole Foods market and its products go to www.wholefoodsmarket. com food & home


Northwestern Mutual announces a total dividend payout of $4.7 billion. Northwestern Mutual announces a total dividend payout of $4.7 billion. What makes this possible? Northwestern Mutual announces a What makes this possible? total dividend payout of $4.7 billion. What makes this possible?

As a mutual company with more than 150 years of experience, we’re completely committed to delivering financial security to our clients and policyowners. It’s with their interests in mind that we work hard to minimize operating expenses and maximize investment As a mutual companyreturns. with more than 150 years of experience, we’re completely committed to delivering financial security to our clients and policyowners. It’s with their interests in mind that we work hard to minimize operating expenses and maximize investment returns. 5REHUW'LEOH\ &/8n&K)&n&$6/Œ As a mutual company with more than 150 years of experience, we’re completely CA# 0B88887 committed Dibley to delivering financial security to our clients and policyowners. It’s with Financial Group their interests in898mind (805) - 4400 that we work hard to minimize operating expenses and 5REHUW'LEOH\ &/8n&K)&n&$6/Œ maximize investment returns.

CA# 0B88887 Dibley Financial Group (805) 898 - 4400 5REHUW'LEOH\ &/8n&K)&n&$6/Ĺ’ CA# 0B88887 Dibley Financial Group (805) 898 - 4400 05-2760 The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI (Northwestern Mutual). Robert G Dibley is a District Agent of Northwestern Mutual (life and disability insurance, annuities) and a Registered Representative and Investment Adviser Representative of Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC (securities), a subsidiary of Northwestern Mutual, broker-dealer, registered investment adviser and member FINRA and SIPC. The dividend scale and the underlying interest rates are reviewed annually and are subject to change. Future dividends are not guaranteed.

05-2760 The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI (Northwestern Mutual). Robert G Dibley is a District Agent of Northwestern Mutual (life and disability insurance, annuities) and a Registered Representative and Investment Adviser Representative of Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC (securities), a subsidiary of Northwestern Mutual, broker-dealer, registered investment adviser and member FINRA and SIPC. The dividend scale and the underlying interest rates are reviewed annually and are subject to change. Future dividends are not guaranteed.

05-2760 The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI (Northwestern Mutual). Robert G Dibley is a District Agent of Northwestern Mutual (life and disability insurance, annuities) and a Registered Representative and Investment Adviser Representative of Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC (securities), a subsidiary of Northwestern Mutual, broker-dealer, registered investment adviser and member FINRA and SIPC. The dividend scale and the underlying interest rates are reviewed annually and are subject to change. Future dividends are not guaranteed.


food & home

Santa Barbara Certified Farmers Markets Outdoor family fun By Laurence Hauben Photo by Mehosh Dziadzio


he words “fun family outing� don’t typically spring to mind when one thinks of grocery shopping, unless of course one is talking of the Farmers Market. It is the only food market where your kids won’t be begging for sugary cereals and candy bars, but for organic strawberries, snappy carrots, and of course honey sticks while they dance to the tunes of street musicians and sport fanciful hats made by the balloon man. Started in the mid nineteen seventies by a group of just six farmers, at least one of whom, Randy Wade, still attends the market weekly, the Santa Barbara Certified Farmers Market Association (SBCFMA) has grown into a cherished institution with over a hundred and fifty farmer members. It is the pride of locals and the envy of visitors. It is the place to run into old friends and make new ones. It is a must-stop for political candidates and a forum for community groups. It is increasingly where the top chefs shop not only for produce, but for specialty oils, honey, even for meat from local ranches. What I love most about the market is that its face is ever changing, reflecting the seasons and our community. I asked General Manager Sam Edelman what is most exciting at the market these days.  “All of the exceptional products that we have available at our fingertips each week. Farmers have truly been pushing the envelope over the past few years when it some comes to quality and overall selection. A couple relatively recent additions to our markets include Fat Uncle Farm with their exceptional blistered almonds and almond butter, Rancho San Julian’s amazing Beef, as well as a few young family farmers just getting into the farming venture. Customers are always looking for something new to work with in the kitchen to keep them excited about cooking, and area farmers are meeting the demands. It seems that people are reverting back to more home cooking, which is much more economical, healthy, and not to mention a great way to spend time with the family. Truly taking the time to enjoy the local ingredients sourced directly from our area is becoming much more appreciated.�   Let’s talk about the new Wednesday market at Harding School. What are its unique features? “The Harding Farmers Market was established to serve the greater Westside and Mesa area residents, although we do get customers attending from all parts of town. This market is the first to be held directly within a residential neighborhood, so many of our customers walk just a few blocks to patronize the market each week. The challenge is getting customers to initially try the market for a first expew w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

rience, but once they get an opportunity to meet the farmers and taste the amazing produce, they often return on a weekly basis. The Harding School Farmers Market has a great selection of local growers, and more will be coming this summer. A full selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, Ojai Valley Sprouts, Lily’s eggs and Chicken, Ojai Valley Bee Farm honey, Mill Road Orchard’s Apple cider vinegar and juices, as well as flowers and plants. Tom Shepherd’s Farm just joined us this past month, bringing in his renowned spring mix, spinach, dried beans, herbs de Provence and his great strawberries. It is also a great educational experience for all of the curious children that visit this market, instilling good eating habits at a young age.”    What is the role of local chefs at the Farmers Market? Local Chefs play a vital role at our markets, and we seem to be getting more and more every year. Not only do they help promote local agricultural producers through their menus, I think that they give great inspiration to our customers to experiment with items they may not have worked with before. Restaurant patrons are very in tuned with the overall economic, social and environmental importance of eating locally and supporting area farmers. Trattoria Mollie, Bouchon, Hungry Cat, Cannery Hotel, Pierre LaFond, Hollister Brewing Co., Wine Cask, Elements, Roy, Arts & Letters Café, just to name a few.    What role does the market play in the life of our community? Community support is vital for keeping local farming alive and well in our area. Our mission is to provide small local family farmers, many of who rely solely on this income for the financial and physical sustainability of their farms, with an outlet to market their goods directly to the public. The SBCFMA additionally provides for the consumers of the communities it serves an access to fresh, healthful food, wholesome community gathering places, as well as food and agricultural information and education to the public. Without the support of our community, many of the farms that attend our 8 weekly farmers market would not be able to sustain financially. We have some of the most loyal farmers market patrons imaginable and the SBCFMA greatly appreciates, and heavily relies on their years of support. For more information on market locations and growers go to w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Photo by Mehosh Dziadzio

hef Jerry Wilson from Pure Joy Catering shops for his kitchen at the Tuesday downtown Farmers Market.

Jambalaya and...

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COOKIN G AT H O M E Santa Barbara Fish Market owner Brian Colgate shows off some of the local crab bounty.

Let them eat Crab! by Lynette La Mere 38

food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Photo by Eliot Crowley


ames Beard described crab as a ‘meal the gods intended only for the pure in palate.’ Everyone loves eating these bizarre ten legged crustaceans once they get going. Its fun, fresh, delicious, light fare, although cooking fresh crabs can be a bit intimidating to the home cook, they’re very easy to prepare and make a good Saturday afternoon leisurely project. Head for the pier, Farmer’s Market or one of the local fish merchants and figure on getting 20 to 25% cooked crab meat from each pound of whole, raw crab you buy. Use live crabs on the same day purchased. Simply tell the gang we’ve over eaten all the easy things and it’s time to earn dinner! The real news is that Crab is still an environmentally sound seafood source and a good toxin free food as long as you don’t eat the organs or viscera. These hearty fellows are flourishing like the spiders in Montecito. Both the National Resources Defense Council and Environmental Defense give eating crabs the thumbs up. Red, brown and yellow Rock Crabs and Spider Crabs are more abundant than ever on our coastline and are available year round and can be had for an average of 3.95 a pound from the local fish market. Dungeness crab, Blue crab, Snow crab and Alaskan king crab cost more but they have more accessible meat, meaning they’re a bit less work. Whole crabs are best boiled in a large pot of salted water (shoot for a saltiness similar to that of the ocean), after it returns to a boil cook them for 15 to 25 minutes depending on the size of the crabs. If popping live crabs into boiling water bothers you, try freezing them first for an hour, apparently it stuns or numbs them. When their done pull off the back and clean the viscera out under a heavy stream of water, melt some butter, toss a salad, spread out some newspapers on the table, a nut cracker & dinner is served. Supermarket variety canned crab tends to get poor reviews and I can’t recommend it. If you’d like to try some of these recipes without cooking the fresh crabs first I suggest going to the Harbor & getting some cleaned shelled, fresh local crab from the guys there at the Santa Barbara Fish Market, Brian says they often have spider crab shelled now and that’s delicious. The canned jumbo lump crab by Chicken of the Sea is very good too.

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food & home


COOKIN G AT H O M E (continued)

Hot Crab and Artichoke Dip

This recipe is the reason I started this column, people keep asking me for it, I know its old school but there’s a reason it’s still around, people devour it. 12 oz. Artichoke hearts, not marinated or vinegar based 1 red bell pepper, finely chopped 2 Tb. butter 2 Tb. flour 1-1 /4 cup half & half 3 green onions, sliced thin 2 oz parmesan cheese 1-1/2 tsp. lemon juice 1-1/2 Tb. drained, pickled jalapeños, minced 1/2 tsp. salt 1/4 tsp. celery seed 1 pound crab meat, picked over 1/4 tsp. pepper Top garnish; 2 oz. additional parmesan cheese Drain the artichoke hearts well and finely chop them. Sauté red bell peppers five minutes and set aside. Make a roux with flour and butter. This is easy stuff, just cook it down in a sauté pan until deep gold, add the half & half and then reduce to thicken. Gently stir together the rest in the order given off the heat. Transfer to a vegetable sprayed or buttered six cup baking/ serving vessel, and top with additional parmesan cheese garnish. You can hold it here in the refrigerator to bake later if you’d like. Bake at 375 degrees for 20-30 minutes or till bubbly & golden.

Beautiful Crab and Blood Orange Salad

A truly tasteful experience! oils and vinegars

3401 State Street Santa Barbara 805.845.3521 40

food & home

4 generous entrée servings With pale butter lettuce as a back drop this is a gorgeous meal and the dressing is very popular, a wonderful showcase for our locally grown blood oranges but if you can’t get them regular oranges will do fine. 2 large heads butter lettuce, washed, dried and torn 1 lb. crab meat, picked over 4 blood oranges, peel & pith cut off, sections gently cut out 2 ripe avocados Blood Orange Vinaigrette (recipe follows) Toss the lettuce with Orange Vinaigrette (you’ll have some left over, it holds well) and top with crab, orange sections and avocado slices. Season lightly with salt & pepper.

Blood Orange Vinaigrette

Makes 3 cups. Before you juice the oranges remove 2 teaspoons of the zest with a microplane zester.

1 cup fresh squeezed blood orange juice 1/2 cup rice wine vinegar 1/4 cup frozen orange juice concentrate 1/4 cup honey 2 Tb. Dijon mustard 1 tsp. allspice 1 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. pepper 1-1/3 cup vegetable oil 2 tsp. blood orange zest

Put all the ingredients in a blender and emulsify for several minutes.

Crab Enchiladas with Salsa Verde

12 oz. crab meat, picked over 1 bunch green onions, chopped 3 oz. Monterey jack cheese 12 corn tortillas Salsa Verde (recipe follows)

Garnish; 8 oz. sour cream 1 bu. Cilantro Blend together the crab, green onions and cheese. Heat the salsa verde in a sauté pan and dip the tortillas in with tongs to soften them filling and rolling them up one by one. Set them out seam side down in a baking pan lined with a thin layer of the salsa. Top with more salsa and more jack cheese if you like and bake in a 350 degree oven till hot, about 20 minutes. Serve with sour cream and cilantro garnish.

Salsa Verde

Quick and easy to prepare; far superior to the canned or jarred variety. 2 lb. tomatillos, remove the loose skins and boil ten minutes 3 Serrano chilies (for less heat use 2) 1 bu. cilantro 1 clove garlic pinch salt Drain the tomatillos, coarsely chop the rest of the ingredients and process in a blender.

Crab and Wild Mushroom Torte

An outstanding dish with cocktails, serve warm or room temperature with lots of sliced baguettes and a crisp white wine. Also decadent in wedges with a salad. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

For the Crust; 1 ¾ cup fresh French bread crumbs 1 cup (3oz) parmesan, grated 6 Tb. butter, melted For the Filling; 1 Tb. olive oil to sauté 1 cup chopped onion 1 cup chopped red bell pepper 4 cup (.65lb) wild mushrooms, remove stems and chop Save one cluster of mushrooms for centerpiece top décor if serving whole.

1.5 lb cream cheese, room temperature 2 tsp. salt 1 tsp. pepper 4 eggs 1/2 cup cream 10 oz. crab meat, picked over 4 oz. smoked Gouda, grated 1/2 cup fresh parsley

For after baking top crust; 1/4 cup each; parmesan, parsley & bread crumbs Pre heat the oven to 350 degrees, vegetable spray a 9x2 inch spring form pan. Blend together the crust and press into the bottom of the pan only and prebake it for 15 minutes, and then cool. Sauté the onion and pepper for 2 minutes, add the mushrooms, and continue to sauté for 10 minutes and then cool. Beat cream cheese and salt & pepper until fluffy. Add the eggs and cream. Fold in the sautéed mushrooms, onions and peppers, Gouda, crab and parsley. Pour over the crust. Bake on a baking sheet for 1hour and 30 minutes until cake puffs and browns well on top but still moves in center slightly when shaken. Remove from the oven for a moment and top with top crust. Pop it back in the oven till done, another ten minutes. This can be served or refrigerated and holds well and served later at room temperature.

Lynette La Mere is the proprietor of Pure Joy Catering, Inc (805) 963-5766 ( and a freelance writer who flourishes in Santa Barbara. Shopping hints: All ingredients appear in bold-faced type and can be found at Farmer’s Market, The Saturday Fisherman’s Market or the Santa Barbara Fish Market, both in the Harbor.

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Custom Cabinets

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Chef Justin West from Julienne with his Frisee salad creation.





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on date night…especially if your appetite and wallet are a little nervous. But the best thing about this simple, colorful fare is its freshness. Nothing beats direct from the farm goodness, and in Santa Barbara we’re fortunate to have local eateries that champion an abundance of just that…English peas, green garlic, sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and much more. The following is a sample of some of the best…just add the ocean breeze and enjoy!

salad & soup 2 9 l o c a l w a ys t o d i n e q u i c k a n d l i gh t P hotos by : A shley R ene , B ill B oyd , L indsey E ltinge , M ichael B rown


food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Palace Grill General Manager Errol Williams serves up his famous chicken gumbo.

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home


The Chase

Cafe Shell

Via Maestra

Café Shell Chicken Chili If you’re looking for a quick lunch, hearty and full of flavor, the chicken chili on the patio my do the trick. Thick, but still soupy, the dish has a rich tomato base and features Cannellini beans, grated cheese and fresh cilantro. The dish is served as a cup or a bowl and pairs well with bread and fresh greens. Café Shell is located at 1112 State Street in the La Arcada mall. 805-965-5742.

Blue Agave Tortilla Soup One of the house favorites, the soup starts with a slow simmered pasilla chili (named for its dark, wrinkled skin) broth and the ladled over fried tortilla strips and topped with Ranchero cheese, avocado and cilantro. The dish is spicy and pairs nicely with a cold ale. Blue Agave is located at 20 East Cota Street. 805-899-4694.

Cajun Kitchen File Gumbo Chicken and Louisiana hot sausage are simmered slow and tender in a Cajun broth, served over rice and topped with green onions. Order the house made cornbread and a beer to with it for a lunch that won’t leave you hungry. Small bowl is $6.95, a large is $7.95. Cajun Kitchen has six locations. Go to or call the downtown store at 805-687-2062.

Café Buenos Aires Ensalada Buenos Aires A beautiful match for the most spectacular courtyard downtown…fresh Palm hearts, organic avocado, tomatoes, white beans and gorgonzola all drizzled with house made balsamic vinaigrette give this tangy signature salad a true taste from Argentina. The dish can be ordered as a side for $8 or an entrée for $15. The salad pairs well with Champagne or a local Sauvignon Blanc. Café Buenos Aires is located at 1316 State Street. 805-963-0242. 44

food & home

Chase Bar and Grill Shrimp Spinach Salad Fresh shrimp are grilled in olive oil parsley and garlic and topped with parmesan cheese, then fanned out over fresh spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers and olives. Fantastic flavors! Enjoy with bread and a glass of local Sauvignon Blanc. Chase Bar and Grill is located at 1012 State Street. 805-965-4351.

Cold Spring Tavern Texas Style Chili If there’s a true tradition at Cold Spring Tavern it would have to include their house made Chili. For 60 years the original Texas style dish with cheese and onions, along with more exotic selections like the wild game and black bean chili have been satisfying the locals visitors alike. And at a great price, too… under $9 for a bowl! Add a beer and some crisp mountain air and you’ve arrived. Cold Spring Tavern is located about 20 minutes from downtown, 5995 Stagecoach Rd. 805-967-0066. Emilio’s Romaine and Radicchio Salad A wonderful blend of fresh greens and spicy radicchio flavored with bacon, avocado, cherry tomato, shredded carrots; house made croutons and a spectacular creamy blue cheese dressing. The dish is paired best with any smooth textured white wine. Emilio’s is at 324 W. Cabrillo Blvd. 805-966-4426. Fresco Grilled Chicken Over Mixed Greens Fresco has a taste all its own, which is why the patio is packed with happy diners at lunchtime virtually every day. One of the menu favorites among regulars is the grilled chicken over mixed greens. Fresh, crisp and tossed lightly with house made balsamic vinaigrette. The dish pairs great with an ice tea or Sauvignon Blanc. Fresco is located in the Five Point s Shopping Center, 3987 State Street. 805-967-6037. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Photos: Michael Brown (2) ; Ashley Renée (3) ; Shelly Vincent(1); Lindsey Eltinge (2)

Aldo’s Classic Cesar on the Patio Aldo’s classic Caesar comes with some attitude… ”Yes there are anchovies in the dressing and no, we can’t take them out.” Recognized by many as the best in town, the salad can be enjoyed as a starter or an entrée; chicken or shrimp can be added and it pairs well with a dry Chardonnay. Aldo’s is located at 1031 State Street. 805-963-6687.

Wine Cask

Paradise Cafe

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Cold Spring Tavern


Cafe Buenos Aires

food & home


Garden Market Chicken Posole Soup Served as a special every Friday, you’re going to want to line up early before they run out. Fresh hominy corn in a green chilitomotio broth, onions and spices and then topped with fresh tomatoes, cabbage, and avocado give this dish a hearty snap to the taste buds. The soup takes a full day to prepare and is presently only served on Fridays. It can be ordered with or without chicken and pairs well with beer or wine. Garden Market is located 3811 Santa Claus Lane in Carpinteria. 805-745-5505.

Garden Market

Jade NO KA OI Curried walnuts are slowly roasted and sprinkled on a bed of fresh arugula and sliced pears. House made raspberry vinaigrette finishes the dish with a tangy flavor that pairs best with a buttery Chardonnay. Jade is located at 3132 State Street. 805-563-2007.


Julienne Frisee Salad Inspired by the flavor qualities offered by the unique Frisee lettuce, Chef Justin West combines the fresh green with pink lady apples, toasted pecan and lightly tosses with a dried cranberry vinaigrette. He then adds a round of warm Chevre cheese to complete the dish. Pair with an Ojai Valley Chardonnay. Julienne is located at 138 East Cannon Perdido Street. 805-845-6488.


Louie’s at the Upham Classic Crab and Shrimp Louie Salad One of the more colorful and popular items on the menu from chef Tony Manzanares, the flavors of this dish speak for itself. Enjoy with a glass of Brander Sauvignon Blanc on the veranda and see why Louie’s is known for Californian comfort food served with an elegant flair. Louie’s is located at 1404 De La Vina Street. 805-963-7003.

Olio e limone Panzanella Salad Chef Alberto Morello is famous for creating simple, but oh so elegant meals... colorful and fresh. The dish is made with vineripened tomatoes, thick country-style Italian bread torn into bite-size pieces, cucumbers, red onions and basil with extra-virgin olive oil and vinegar. The salad pairs well with Californian/Local: Kunin Viognier, or Italian: Marco Felluca Tocai/Pinot Bianco/ Ribolla Gialla blend. Olio e limone is located at 11 West Victoria Street. 805-899-2699. Opal Roasted Red Beets on Arugula The rich colors from the red and golden beets make this salad a favorite among regulars. Flavors are enhanced by roasting the red beets for three hours before combining with pears, candied pecans, avocado, watercress and local arugula. The salad is tossed with house made honey Dijon and paired best with a local Rose or a German Riesling. Opal is located 1325 State Street. 805-966-9676. 46

food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Photos: Michael Brown (2) ; Ashley Renée (3) ; Lindsey Eltinge (3); Bill Boyd (1)

Lucky’s Steakhouse Charred Rare Tuna Nicoise Salad Sushi-grade Ahi is quickly seared and served rare with local greens, capers, olives, anchovies, green beans, onion, tomato and hard boiled egg. Another masterful meal from Leonard Swartz, the dish is perfectly accompanied by Babcock Santa Barbara County Chardonnay, 2008 vintage. Lucky’s is located in Montecito, 1279 Coast Village Rd. 805-565-7540.

Cajun Kitchen

Tupelo Junction

Olio e Limone




w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home



Louie’s at the Upham


Whole Foods

The Palace Grill Chicken Gumbo Ya Ya This spicy favorite is made the old-fashioned way...slow and simmered for hours. A traditional Louisiana soup, it starts with a dark roux and features fresh okra, diced chicken breast and a house made smoked andouille sausage. The Gumbo is finished southern style, topped with a big spoonful of rice. It pairs well with a cold beer or a Cajun Martini. The Palace Grill is located at 8 East Cota Street in the heart of old town. 805-963-5000. Paradise Café Grilled Ahi Salad The aromatic magic of the oak wood grill gives this dish a taste all its own. Fresh organic greens, lightly tossed in a vinaigrette dressing with roasted potatoes, tomatoes, red onion, red peppers and of course the finest grade in Ahi tuna grilled to perfection. You’ll want to enjoy on the patio with a crust of bread and a glass of house Chardonnay. Paradise Café is located at 702 Anacapa Street. 805-962-4416.


food & home

Pastavino Steak and Arugula Fresh arugula tossed with four ounces of diced filet mignon and red onion. The tasty dish is finished with a house made Maytag Blue cheese dressing, balsamic reduction and liberal shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano. A great value at just $10 the salad is served at both lunch and dinner and paired best with a light Pinot or a Sauvignon Blanc. Pastavino is located at 6920 Marketplace Dr. in Goleta. 805-685-7300. Petit Valentien Radicchio Salad with Shaved Parmesan Fresh radicchio is stacked and drizzled with a house made balsamic vinaigrette and then topped with shaved parmesan cheese. Packed with bright flavors this dish is a great starter to any entrée (the chef suggests the sea bass) or as a light lunch by itself. Price is $5.95. Suggested wine pairing is a white syrah or Sauvignon Blanc. Petit Valentien is located in the La Arcada Mall. 1114 State Street. 805-966-0222. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Photos: Ashley Renée (3) ; Lindsey Eltinge (2)


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SiZESiZE 7.50” x 4.875” 7.50” 7.50” x 4.875” x 4.875”

crEATED by crEATED crEATED Julie by Francis by JulieJulie Francis Francis 615.591.5736 615.591.5736 615.591.5736

C e r t i f i e d

Farmers Market Friends • Flowers Family • Food • Fun 8 Markets 6 days a Week Rain or Shine



CAMINO REAL MARKETPLACE In Goleta at Storke & Hollister

GOLETA Calle Real Center - 5700 Calle Real




CARPINTERIA 800 Block of Linden Ave.

OLD TOWN SANTA BARBARA 500 & 600 Blocks of State St. 4:00–7:30PM (SUMMER HOURS) 3:00–6:30PM (WINTER HOURS)

W ED N E S D A Y S LA CUMBRE PLAZA Inside the shopping center 2:00–6PM (SUMMER HOURS) 1:00–5PM (WINTER HOURS)

(805) 962-5354 w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

SOLVANG VILLAGE Copenhagen Drive & 1st St. 2:30–6:30PM (SUMMER HOURS) 2:30–6PM (WINTER HOURS)


FRID A Y S MONTECITO 1100 & 1200 Block of Coast Village Rd. 8AM–11:15AM (YEAR ROUND)

S A T U RD A Y S DOWNTOWN SANTA BARBARA Corner of Santa Barbara & Cota Streets 8:30AM–12:30PM (YEAR ROUND)

food & home


Petit Valentien

Stella Mares Salade Niçoise To fully appreciate this classic French salad you need to be seated in the garden room at sunset. Perfectly grilled Ahi tuna on baby mixed greens with roasted potatoes, green beans, red onion, tomato, olives, hard boiled egg and capers with a Dijon vinaigrette. Add a crust of bread and a glass of champagne to bring the experience full circle. Not to be missed! Stella Mare’s is located at 50 Los Patos Way, across from the Bird Refuge. 805-969-6705.

Stella Mares

Seagrass Dungeness Crab Salad As is all the seafood at Seagrass, the crab is fresh and hand picked locally from the harbor at Santa Barbara Fish Market. The dish has bold flavors and color and is presented with baby beets, apples, toasted pistachios and curry. One date idea is to order the salad and the Kobe Beef ribeye steak to be split as the perfect surf and turf. Enjoy with bottle of Melville Estate Pinot Noir, Santa Rita Hills 2005. Seagrass is located at 30 East Ortega Street. 805-963-1012.


Sly’s in Carpinteria Fredy’s Salad Inspired by Chef Fredy Orduno, (the right arm in the kitchen to James Sly) this salad just might be the best deal on the south coast. At $14, the dish features large portions of peeled, Latin green shrimp, avocado, bacon, green beans, Roquefort, roasted peppers and Farmers Market tomatoes, all on a bed of fresh butter lettuce. The chef recommends a smooth Talbott Chardonnay. Sly’s is located at 686 Linden Ave., Carpentaria. 684-6666. Piatti in Montecito Pronti This delicious chopped salad features fresh Romaine lettuce, salami, chickpeas, olives, roasted peppers, artichokes and provolone cheese tossed lightly with a parmesan and herb vinaigrette. Pair the dish with bread and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, Osseus Santa Ynez, 2007. Piatti is located in Montecito at 1516 San Ysidro Road. 805-969-7520. 50

food & home

Sly’s in Carpinteria

Sojourner Mediterranean Torta Salad Featuring a stunning tower of eggplant, hummus, pesto, roasted red bell pepper, onions, tabbouleh and sprouts; the dish tastes as spectacular as it looks. Available at lunch or dinner, the salad pairs well with a local Chardonnay or a sparkling water. Sojourner has been serving classic, healthy food for over 30 years and is located at 134 East Cannon Perdido. 805-965-7922.

Tupelo Junction Blackened Wild Salmon with Roasted Corn Satisfying, healthy and rich with flavors, this signature salad dish features a perfectly blackened wild salmon on a bed of roasted corn, chili-style black beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and avocado salsa combined with a beurre blanc. Pair it with a Sauvignon Blanc. Located at 1218 State Street. 805-899-3100. Via Maestra Insalata polipo Lightly fried calamari on top of arugula, roasted potatoes, onions and garlic. Finished with a light lemony vinaigrette and a sprig of rosemary. Pairs well with a dry white wine or a sparkling water. Via Maestra is located at 3343 State street next to the San Roque post office. 805-569-6522 Whole Foods Market Sunshine Kale Salad Raw dark green kale, red and green bell peppers, red onion, green cabbage, and sunflower seeds, tossed in a light citrus balsamic vinaigrette. This salad is light, crisp and healthy. It’s available for take out or you can enjoy on the market patio. Whole Foods Market is located at 3761 State Street. 805-837-6967. Wine Cask Seared Scallop and grapefruit Inspired by chef David Sundeen, this colorful and tangy dish offers a crisp, light finish with flavors from shaved fennel, arugula and Joelle late harvest Manzanilla olive oil. The salad makes for an excellent first course or a light meal in the Café. The house recommends a pairing of Margerum Santa Barbara SYBARITE, 2009. Wine Cask is located at 813 Anacapa Street. 805-966-9463. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Photos: Michael Brown (2) ; Ashley Renée (1) ; Lindsey Eltinge (1)

Blue Agave

Setting the gold standard for burgers


Plus great steaks, chops, pastas, salads and cocktails

The Nugget T w o l o c at i o n s :

S u m m e r l a n d a n d G o l e ta

L u n c h • D i n n e r • F u ll B a r

Cigar Empire

Cigars • Pipes Tobacco • Gifts Accessories Visit us today at the largest mattress dealer on the west coast for organic, all natural and chemical-free mattresses. 909 De La Vina • Santa Barbara • 805-962-9776

NO SALES TAX! w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

(805) 563-0200 3621 State Street

(Offer ends 12/31/09) food & home



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STRESS RE L IEF Four local restaurant pros use athletics to channel energy into their trade By Kevin McFadden Photos by Eliot Crowley and Mehosh Dziadzio


here’s no such thing as a stress-free day in the restaurant business. Too many things can go wrong. The produce that you ordered the night before never made it on the truck. Your dishwasher called in sick. The air conditioning broke down and the party of eight you have scheduled for 7pm is now 15 and they’ll be a “bit late.” You’re eyes are blurry from the late night before, payroll is due and the phone won’t stop ringing with an endless flow of wine reps. The pressure makes you want to strangle everyone in the kitchen… but you don’t. You take the stress in stride. Why? Because over the years you’ve learned to channel it in another direction and as a result, your customers never see you sweat. Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said, “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” The following is a brief look at how four of Santa Barbara’s top restaurateurs use athletics to beat the stress of their industry, and in turn bring energy to their product.

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home


Chef John Downey of Downey’s


food & home

Photo by Eliot Crowley

Although John Downey claims not to be a great athlete by any means, his impressive list of athletic pursuits throughout life tells a different story. From hang-gliding to wind-surfing to skiing, Downey has always been what he describes as “aggressively active”. At 55-years-old, he decided to add extreme hiking to his list. On the way back from a mountain biking excursion with his wife, Liz, Downey happened to drive by Mt. Whitney, the highest summit in the contiguous United States at 14,505 ft. “There was just such an energy coming out of the place, and I thought to myself, ‘I have to do this!’” remembers Downey. Now 60, Downey has climbed Whitney five years in a row, and is going for his sixth this year. Equally impressive is the fact that on the second year of the trip, his 10-year-old son Phillip went with him, and has been conquering the summit with dear old dad each year since. The athletic genes clearly run in the family! Ostensibly, age has not slowed Downey at all, despite his sometimes hectic schedule as a restaurant owner, a fact he attributes to his continuingly active lifestyle. “It has been good for me health-wise,” says Downey. “I don’t enjoy gyms, I don’t like stationary bikes…I don’t even enjoy walking on flat ground. I need to be out doing something outdoorsy. This restaurant life can tend to get quite confining – sometimes I need to just bust out!”

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Brad Schuette, Chucks Steakhouse

Photo by Eliot Crowley

Brad Schuette of Chuck’s Steakhouse first went golfing when he was 8-years-old, and he has had a love affair with the sport ever since. The 2001 La Cumbre Country Club Champion, who stills plays 3 days a week, says that golf is an essential part of his routine. “The one thing about golf for me is that I put it into my schedule, just like work,” says Schuette. For Schuette, golf may just be ingrained in his DNA. His older brother by 2 years is the former golf coach at Pepperdine, and is currently the Golf Director at USC. But life hasn’t been all sunny days on the links for Schuette. During the past 8 years, Schuette has beaten Cancer twice, and went through an intense stem cell transplant at UCLA just 2 years ago. However, even Cancer hasn’t been enough to slow down this golf fanatic; immediately after his first bone marrow biopsy, a notoriously painful procedure, Schuette hopped on the golf course and played 2 holes. “Golf has been my healing ground, so to speak,” says Schuette. Thankfully, it seems to be working. He is currently cancer-free, managing Chuck’s, and playing as much golf as he possibly can. His perseverance and positive outlook on life these days are surely part of what makes him both a successful restaurant manager, and a top-tier golfer. “Any breath could be your last,” says Schuette, “so you should always do what you love in life – and part of that for me is always making time for golf.” w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home


Jenn Brodt, Seagrass


food & home

Photo by Mehosh Dziadzio

At 5”3’ and little over 100 pounds, the diminutive Jenn Brodt of Seagrass Restaurant proves that size isn’t everything when it comes to hitting hard. About 3 years ago, the pint-sized pugilist took up boxing, and quickly earned the nickname “The Hurricane”. “When I first started boxing, I had a coach who told me, ‘You’re like a hurricane…you hit really hard with a flurry in one spot, but then you’re done!’” Brodt recalls with a laugh. “The nickname just stuck.” Brodt has never been afraid of contact sports; in college, she played fraternity football on the men’s team. “I’m pretty shy as a person, but I’ve always liked really aggressive sports,” says Brodt. “Whatever I do, I like to go really hard at it.” Despite her initial apprehension about taking up boxing, a sport she had followed since she was a little girl, she still mustered up the courage to march into State Street Boxing one morning, and the rest is history. These days, Brodt boxes about 4 days a week, and claims that it is the best workout she has ever had, as well as a great stress relief. The good news for Brodt is that when she is managing at Seagrass, all the guys know that they had better keep their tables happy, or else they may just feel the fury of The Hurricane!

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Tina Takaya, Opal

Photo by Mehosh Dziadzio

Tina Takaya, co-owner of Opal, is also no stranger to busting out of the restaurant rat race through sport. A former high school tennis player, Takaya gave up the game for nearly 25 years before making a serious return to the courts about 3 years ago. Since then, she has had a rapacious appetite for her sport of choice, sometimes playing up to 6 days a week. “I feel that I need the release of aerobic exercise,” says Takaya, a competitive USTA member. “I like to hit hard (tennis of course) but at the same time, my goal is to find the balance of calm with competitiveness.” That balance is something that Takaya claims helps her not only on the tennis court, but in her busy restaurant life as well. “I am addicted to both,” says Takaya. “I find that when doing a sport you are passionate about, it parallels your life. Meaning, how you handle pressure in your sport often relates to how you handle it in life. It definitely helps me in restaurant to stay fit and clear minded.  I find that I have a lot of stamina in restaurant after playing tennis.” Takaya’s sister also plays tennis competitively, and the two are currently trying to plan an excursion to a tennis camp somewhere in the world. Wherever they decide to go, the siblings are sure to find balance in the joy of playing the game they are passionate about.

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The Home Front Peace of Mind...


rom Hastens, the Swedish bed company that brands itself as the best nights sleep in the world, comes the perfect nocturnal accessory: The MindSpa. Simply put, the MindSpa is a digital audio player that employs precisely tuned light and color patterns that are set to brainwave frequencies. These programs are said to shift your mind into one of two main brainwave states; the alpha/theta state which causes a deep sense of calm and rest, or the beta state for premium focus and attention. “I’m not sure about the actual science behind the device, but I do know it’s great for things like jetlag or late night working situations,” says Spencer Simcik, owner of the Hastens in Santa Barbara. The MindSpa doesn’t require much effort… just simply put on the led light glasses, the headphones, recline and drift away. Hastens says the effects are cumulative and recommends daily sessions of 20 to 40 minutes for maximum rest results. – Raymond Bloom For more information on the MindSpa and other sleep system products drop by Santa Barbara Mattress at 909 De La Vina Street. 805-962-9776.

Staycation idea


ooking for a quick, affordable getaway that’s as local as your own backyard? The Harbor View Inn just may be the answer. Clients of Spa Beaumontia, (the hotel’s signature spa) who book any 50 to 80-minute treatment have all-day access to the spa’s private jacuzzi and sauna and to the hotel’s pool, jacuzzi and pool bar. Why not make a day of it by enjoying an après-massage/facial lunch out by the pool? Try the Coconut ‘n Cream Organic Sugar Scrub hand softening treatment as an added bonus to your treatment. Your mind, body and soul will thank you. For details contact the Harbor View Inn/Spa Beaumontia – 28 W. Cabrillo Blvd. Santa Barbara – 805.963.0780 ext. 567.

Book by ShubinDonaldson Architects The spatially dynamic and contextually sensitive work of award-winning ShubinDonaldson Architects is explored in the new book, Live + Work: Modern Homes and Offices: The Southern California Architecture of Shubin- Donaldson. Published by ORO Editions, the visually immersive monograph spotlights 23 projects spanning 1998 to 2009, juxtaposing creative commercial spaces and distinctive residences. Check Chaucers and other fine book stores April 1. 58

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Architectural Architectural Architectural Architectural Concrete Concrete Concrete Concrete Finishes Finishes Finishes FinishesNatural Masonry Masonry Masonry Masonry Natural Natural Natural Stone Stone Stone Stone

805.432.5082 805.432.5082 805.432.5082 805.432.5082

LicLic Lic # Lic 907000 ## 907000 907000 Lic # 907000 # 907000

1187 1187 1187 1187 1187 Coast Coast Coast Coast Coast Village Village Village Village Village Road, Road, Road, Road, Road, Suite Suite Suite Suite Suite 249 249 249 249 Montecito, 249 Montecito, Montecito, Montecito, Montecito, CA CA CA CA 93108 93108 93108 CA 93108 93108

The Home Front


It’s a Dogs World… Sweaters, accessories and everything else to make your pooch fashion savvy. Available at Off Leash 1103 State Street (805) 957-4500


food & home

Photo by Michael Brown

Provincial Platters These platters are expertly crafted from French Oak wine barrels and are then finished with generous layers of high-grade beeswax to give them extra luster and food-safe quality. Each serving piece is fitted with hand-forged wrought iron handles. Available at Upstairs Pierre La Fond. 516 San Ysidro in Montecito. 805-565-1503

Photo by Michael Brown

Photo by Bill Boyd

Stunning Pottery Direct from Italy, each piece is hand picked from the factory with new shipments arriving on a regular basis. Hundreds to choose from and on display at the downtown showroom. Italian Pottery Outlet 929 State Street 805-564-7655

Rocky Patel Humidor For those who enjoy the pleasure of a good cigar, this humidor features an elegant cedar wood case that holds up to 70 cigars: plus an external hydro meter and an internal humidifier to keep your inventory fresh at a constant 70 percent humidity. Pictured cigars are hand-rolled in Nicaragua and retail for $5 each. Humidor is $249 and can be found at Cigar Empire. 3621 State Street. 805-563-0200. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Dinner menu served 5:30–10:30 Bar menu served 5:00–11:30 Cocktails served 4:30–2am

20 East Cota Street, Santa Barbara (805) 899-4694

One Hundred Years of Tradition Just 20 Minutes Away... ■ Gourmet Bar-B-Que for 50 to 300 People ■ Private Banquet Rooms ■ Large and small groups

Call for information on leasing entire property for corporate or private function

FULL BAR • WEEKEND BREAKFAST LUNCH • DINNER 5995 Stagecoach Road • 967-0066 w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Some samples from Chef Moises Bernal Venison Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms New Zealand Rack of Lamb Sautéed Medallions of Rabbit Norwegian Salmon

Charbroiled Ox T-Bone Steak Grilled Ringneck Pheasant Breast Wild Caribou Charbroiled Sea Bass

Audrey Ovington • Proprietor Since 1941 food & home


D e s t i n at i o n



othing beats beautiful day in downtown Santa Barbara. From the edge of Sterns Wharf to the Arlington Theater, from De La Vina to Garden Street, locals and visitors alike are treated to some of the worlds’ best in the arts, architecture, dining, shopping, and culture. Simply park you car in one of several downtown lots and stroll to your favorite pub, the movies, restaurant, night club or theater. You have literally hundreds of choices and all set against the panoramic views of the sea and coastal mountains. Here are just a few of the reasons to get off the couch and come Downtown!



Petit Valentine Restaurant. Tucked away in the back half of La Arcada Mall is one of Santa Barbara’s most romantic and intimate dining venues. The menu is diverse featuring French influenced entrees that include filet of bluenose sea bass, Colorado roast lamb sirloin, baconwrapped pork tenderloin and a signature dish of pan seared scallops served with black bean and orange. Desserts are decadent and delicious…wine list is extensive. Open for lunch Monday-Friday from 11:30 and dinner daily from 5pm. 1114 State Street in La Arcada, 966-0222.



Renaissance Consignment. Experience the ultimate in affordable luxury in what has been referred to as the most beautiful consignment store in the world. Choose from fabulous designer fashions and accessories like Chanel, Hermes, Prada, St. John, Gucci, Cavalli as well as Citizen of Humanity, Seven, Free People, Juicy and Betsy Johnson. Also featured are an amazing variety of purses and accessories to compliment any style. Located at 1118 State Street between Figueroa and Anapamu. 805-963-7800. Open daily 10-7 and Sunday 11-5.



Aldo’s Italian Restaurant. Since 1986, Aldo’s has been a downtown favorite for lunch or dinner. Enjoy your classically prepared meal on the patio or in the Tuscan influenced dining room located in a historic Santa Barbara landmark. House specialties include fresh local fish, meats, pastas, pizza and one of the best cioppinos found anywhere. 1301 State Street. 805-963-0242



2000 Degrees. At 2000 Degrees, anything pottery is possible and your creative side will shine in ways you’ve never dreamed. This store allows you to design your own souvenirs, gifts and home accessories by using available paints and supplies making for a wonderful arts and craft experience for all ages. Most projects are ready to take home in about a week. 1206 State St., Santa Barbara. 805-882-1817.


Holdrens. A premier steakhouse in the heart of old town. Try the “Cowboy Cut” Holdrens signature steak… a 20-ounce bone-in rib chop. Great seafood and a classy bar offer a superb dining experience for all. Open for lunch and dinner. 512 state street. 805-965-3363.


3 62

food & home

Buenos Aires Café. Start with one of Santa Barbara’s most romantic courtyards, spice it up with the flavors and color of Argentina and you’ll see why Buenos Aires Café offers the perfect dining experience. Try the pimientos rellenos or an Argentine steak with a vodka martini. Great for business lunches, before theater dinners or large parties. 1316 State Street, across from the Arlington Theater. 805963-0242

6 w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


sk John Coleman if he runs a "green business" and he chuckles. "When I started this business 40 years ago, my goal was to treat carpeting the same way a woman cares for her hair—gently shampoo the fibers deep down and then rinse out all the dirt and shampoo with super clean water. I guess we’ve always been green." Since the shampoo Coleman uses is biodegradable, the result is very green waste-water that's free of any harsh chemicals or pollutants. Of course the secret to Coleman's success are the results his crews achieve—clean, beautiful carpeting that feels soft and luxurious and stays clean longer since no dirt-attracting chemicals are left behind. That makes for a very safe indoor environment, especially for children and pets.

Clean & Green Coleman Carpet Cleaners

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Fortunately Michael Coleman has joined his dad, so Santa Barbara’s original green cleaners could be around another 4 decades! Coleman Carpet Cleaners | 805 683-2305

food & home


G ARDEN n o t e s

Garden Discoveries

By Lisa Cullen


ecently, while perusing a couple of local nurseries I discovered something new (to me at least). Ready-to-assemble raised beds for your vegetable and herb gardens! These “kits” are constructed of Redwood, come in a variety of sizes are ready to assemble. The prices are so reasonable that I don’t think you could do much better if you were to purchase the raw materials and do the construction yourself. And, not everyone has a handyman on call to do such projects. So, if you want raised beds, hurry over to your local nursery and pick up a few raised beds for your garden. Tips for installing Dig down at least 12 inches the same size and shape as your new raised bed. Place your raised box atop the hole


food & home

you just created. Line the hole with ½” chicken wire making sure it extends all the way up the sides of your box, stapling it to the sides of the box. Put the soil back into the bed, mixing in your amendments. Agromin makes a special Vegetable Garden mix for this purpose (available in bulk and in bags). In this case the percentages would be about 50/50 native soil to amendment. Plant as you wish and start harvesting! Lisa For more information on raised bed kits, contact Terra Sol Garden Center at 5320 Overpass Road, 805-964-7811. Lisa Cullen, landscape designer, organic gardener and co-owner of Montecito Landscape and can be reached at or 805-969-3984. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Garden Gossip Spring Gardening “I think that no matter how old or infirm I may become, I will always plant a large garden in the spring. Who can resist the feelings of hope and joy that one gets from participating in nature’s rebirth?” Edward Giobbi~American Artist and Cookbook Author Ah, the return of spring and the garden tasks that accompany this most-anticipated time of year. Enough perusing through catalogues, coveting the myriad of planting possibilities, it is time for action! To help you on your way to garden nirvana here are a few garden tasks that will keep you busy until summer. “The world’s favorite season is the spring.  All things seem possible in May.” Edwin Way Teale~American Naturalist and writer, 1899-1980 Mediterranean plants go dormant during the dry summer months, so feed them now and then not again until fall. If they need pruning or cutting back do it now and leave them alone during the summer. Annuals such as zinnias, sunflowers, cosmos, marigolds, etc. should be planted every couple weeks through the spring for an explosion of color all summer. Plant from seed for the best “bang for you buck”. Yes, do transition your garden to an Organic program. The key to a beautiful garden is healthy soil and the key to healthy soil is an abundance of microorganisms. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides upset the natural balance in your garden, put undo stress on your plants, kill microorganisms and these toxic chemicals “bleed” into our streams and oceans. If you have problems with pests, disease or other bad indicators, get a soil test. Know what your soil needs before spending money on treatments that may be doing more damage than good. And in May and June you can plant your warm weather favorites. Beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, squash and others should be planted throughout the spring. And of course don’t forget your favorite greens. Besides a variety of lettuces, plant chard and kale and you’ll be picking yummy fresh greens all year long. Try making homemade kale chips-they’re addicting. June gloom is something we “natives” have gotten used to, especially if you live near the beach. The marine layer arrives as early as May and sometimes lasts until August. This coastal weather phenomenon is a source of consternation for your garden as well. “To grow or not to grow?” that is the question! Roses get mildew, sooty mold and other diseases abound. For mildew and sooty

Winner of the Santa Barbara Contractors Association

Green Building Award for 11 consecutive years

“Building Green for Healthier Living” General Contractor • License #503300

Santa Barbara • (805) 884-8777

(continued on page 73) w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home



Taking the Plunge Interview by Raymond Bloom Photos by Mehosh Dziadzio

Modern pools are making a comeback 66

food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


n a hot summer day, just about anyone would want to jump in a cool, clear pool. Some would swim lap after lap to stay in shape. Others prefer to float atop an inner tube, drifting, soaking up the sun, reading a good book. Indeed, the backyard pool has regained some of its landscape luster of 50 years ago and the good news is it just might be more affordable than you think. Craig Kircher, owner of TriValley Pool and Spa answers some basic questions just in case you’re thinking about taking the plunge. How does modern day construction compare with pool construction of 25 years ago? 50 years? We’re finding major defects with many of the pools we remodel today that were built in the seventies and eighties. It seems that our industry took a turn for the worse during this era. I believe that this can be attributed to many factors, the most important of which would be the lack of oversight. Standards and practices throughout the building industry have always continued to change but only within the last 10 years are swimming pools being held to the same scrutiny that other trades have been held to for many years. Today, pool builders are required to provide more detailed plans to the building departments in order to obtain building permits, providing an environment for more questions to be asked and more data to be verified. During the building process, in addition to the requisite inspections by city inspectors, builders are required to obtain inspections from third party inspectors such as soils engineers to evaluate the integrity of pool excavations and private deputy inspectors to verify placement reinforcement steel, gunite and shotcrete. Like anything else, these inspections along with the entire pool building process relies on individuals whom have become experts in each of their own trades working together without compromise to produce a lasting valuable product for the client. Conversely, I have had the privilege to renovate watershape projects that were built between fifty and one hundred years ago. It’s been my experience, that not withstanding technical advancements, the projects I have worked on from this era have employed solid structural, hydraulic and design principles.   How have the pumps and filters improved? Without a doubt the biggest advancement in pumps has been the advent of the variable speed and variable flow pumps. Variable speed pumps are pumps that can be programmed to run at a prescribed speed to accomplish different functions that a pool might require…using only the amount of energy required to accomplish each task. Take for instance the average backyard swimming pool. Until recently, the water in most pools is circulated by a single speed pool pump, usually between ¾ hp and 1 ½ hp, running between six and ten hours each day. With a variable speed pump, it’s possible to have the pump run at a higher speed to skim and vacuum the pool for an hour or two each day and then automatically decrease in (continued) w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home




food & home

speed to a much lower setting to just circulate and filter the water…what we call “turn over”. To illustrate the benefits, take just a ¾ hp pump running an average of eight hours a day during peak season. At 220 volts a ¾ hp pump will consume about 12,000 watts of power over eight hours. On the other hand a variable speed pump set to a medium or “vacuum” setting for an hour in the morning and again for an hour in the afternoon with eight hours in between running at a lower or “filter” setting will use only about 3,200 watts of power. While this is just one example, and not all pools will fit into this scenario, it does illustrate how powerful and flexible these pumps are. In addition to the power savings, variable speed pumps running at lower speeds produce significantly less noise and wear and tear. What is the most economical way(s) of heating today’s pool? The sun. Almost without exception potential clients are requesting that cost information and documentation for solar heating and pool covers be included in their bids. In many cases these two items go hand in hand… solar, to heat the pool and a cover to retain the heat. Of course there is much more to both of these systems than just energy savings. By combining a variable speed pump with a solar heating system the pump can be set at a specific setting to optimize flow, and thus the heat sink, from the water running through the solar panels throughout the day. These settings can range from just a few hours a day beginning in early spring and fall, to most of the day during the summer time, again…maximizing energy savings. A solar heating system will not only provide months of affordable heating for your pool and increase spontaneity of use, but will also extend your swim season well beyond a conventionally heated pool.   What does a pool add to property value in today’s market? This is a difficult question to answer even in favorable market conditions. I’ve always advised my clients that a well thought and well executed design will always add more to the value of a property than an ill conceived project. An experienced Realtor once told me that the perceived value of a potential buyer will always dictate price. If a

buyer finds flaws with the swimming pool, whether it be with the design or quality of the pool, they will perceive it as a liability that the seller is passing on to them. On the other hand, if a buyer falls in love with a swimming pool that is well conceived it could, not only be the thing that pushes them to buy, but may actually bring a higher offer to the table. How deep should the pool be?  ie, can you save money by making a shallow pool? This is really a personal decision. Shallow pools will of course cost a little less to construct and will save money over the long haul in water, energy and chemical costs. Additionally, shallower pools heat more quickly, and because of this, reduce the amount of time one will have to wait to enjoy their pool if they are relying on a heater.   What is the average construction time? Depending on the different design elements employed, every pool follows a different time line. On average though, most pools can usually be excavated and gunited within the first 10 to 14 days. Once gunite is in place about 80% of the pool is complete and the project falls to the hardscape company to install coping and decking. After that, providing tile and plaster selections have been made, we are usually able to install the tile, plaster and pool equipment over another 10 day period. Remember, even though a project may sometimes move along very quickly it is important to observe curing times for gunite, mortar beds and grout to avoid problems down the road Can you custom build for any theme or shape? Yes, all of the pools we build are custom…each one designed for a particular client. In many cases the client has already retained the services of an architect or landscape architect to design a pool as part of a larger project. Other times we are asked to implement a design already conceived by the client, giving them guidance and advice on the different features available to them. For more information or answers to other questions on building a modern pool or spa contact Tri-Valley Pool and Spa at 805-432-4731, or visit their website at w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

OOTY’S SCOOTERS Affordable Alternative Transportation

Meet the MIO.

The Ultimate Urban Scooter – 153 MPG, 40+ MPH.


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ALL SERVICES w Tree Trimming w Stump Grinding w Removals w Fire Clearance

Santa Barbara’s Paving Stone People, Inc.


& Preventative Maintenance

Your trees are the most important asset in your landscape. Trust their care to professionals Bonded and fully insured. License #701272

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The Beaver Company (805) 968-3706 • (805) 966-0975 We’ll Beat ALL Prices!*

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Design & Sale of Interlocking Paving Stone & Authentic Cobble Stone Installation and Restoration, with Natural & Cultured Stone Veneer & Wall Applications.

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Always Green

For over 35 years Cicileo Landscaping has been a leader in sustainable design


food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Mike Cicileo (left) with son Doug in front of the tub-grinder used in their landscape recycle program.

By Sam Rolens Photos by Lindsey Eltinge


here’s very little that we throw away,” says Mike Cicileo, of his eponymous landscaping business since 1974. Call it sustainable construction, call it green building, but for the Cicileo team, recycling is a way of life. Unwanted plants, fences, rocks and even concrete pose no problem of disposal for Cicileo, but rather stand as opportunities for future use. “I don’t know if we have a niche or what you’d call it,” says Mike, standing between the palms, ferns and flowers of the company nursery surrounded and tucked into the high willows of the Santa Barbara Coast. Cicileo knows that reusing saves money – his and his client’s – and dramatically cuts the waste created by the landscaping process. The nursery is an orphanage for plants Cicileo has been asked to dispose of and has instead ‘rescued’ from the wood-chipper or tubgrinder. Cicileo points to a drab and unwanted rare palm sitting in the nursery in a planter Cicileo built themselves from a broken down wood pallet. “They’re ugly as sin now, but in a few months they will be beautiful.” While working a new design into a yard landscape, Cicileo likes to use existing yard features as much as possible. “We try to give the client what they want and work with the existing palate,” he says, seeing more creativity in re-invention than in throwing everything away to start from scratch. Any rough materials that have inarguably outlived their usefulness (i.e. green waste from maintenance accounts, tree chippings, sod and other wood pallets) are ground on site by Cicileo to use for composting, mulching and ground covers. Even concrete, stone and asphalt are taken to a nearby plant to be ground up and re-used as a base for new masonry projects. In addition to minimizing green-waste, Cicileo also specializes in designing sustainable water systems and drought management. He uses drought-resistant plants to maximize color while minimizing the need for watering. “They’re drought resistant but not dull,” says Cicileo. “And we try to use as many fruit-bearing plants as possible.” Once each garden has been planted, it is given a watering system to match the conserving nature of the plants themselves. Cicileo uses sprin-

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kler and drip systems designed to test soil moisture and only activate when needed. “We also run drainage into cisterns with pumps for reuse,” he says, to allow storm and drainage runoff to green your garden during dry months. It makes sense that Cicileo Landscapes Inc., with its commitment to recycled resources is headquartered in a microcosm of cooperative sustainability. Even Horse and Chicken manure from the onsite Horse Ranch are mixed with recycled materials to create an organic composting and mulch mixture for use within landscape installation and is also shared with the nearby organic farmers. The fences along the horse pins are even made of recycled plastic. It should almost go without saying that the company car purchased by Cicileo to car pool employees up from Ventura and down from Lompoc is a Prius. Mike even points out towering sculptures of horses that guard the driveways as a prime example of constructive recycling. “They’re made with horseshoes,” he says. “They would have been thrown away.” Evidently, all it took was one artist to shrug and say, ‘I think I can do something with those,’ to keep them from occupying a landfill. This is the philosophy which guides the work of Cicileo Landscapes, and Mike brings a bright enthusiasm for creation and sustainability into his projects. Not content to work a landscape only once, Cicileo offers full maintenance, tree care, masonry and many other services for past and present clients that go above and beyond other similar companies. “If you get tired of a palm or something,” says Mike, “call me up and we’ll put something else in and reuse it.” Passionate about landscaping, Cicileo loves being able to work in the realm of living property improvement. “Your landscape is an investment, it’s going to get better,” he says. “Everything grows!” Cecileo Landscaping can be reached at 805-9673939. Or visit their website at w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

G ARDEN G O S S I P (continued from page 65)

mould, aphids and many other problems, keeping your plants clean is the key. Simple organic dish soap and water does more good to prevent these diseases than any of the expensive chemical concoctions. Wash off the plant with a soapy solution and rinse with clear water. Do this once a month as preventative and weekly if your plant is already infected. If the problem persists, seek professional help. Understanding the nature of wild fires and how to protect your property is of vital importance in our area. Remove overgrown shrubbery, dead plants and dry brush especially in the areas around your house. Keep annual weeds and grasses mowed down. “Fire Season” is here and the best way to prepare is to know how to create a “reduced fuel zone” around your home. Call your local fire department for a FREE safety assessment of your property. Now that the dry season is upon us, do regular maintenance of your irrigation system. Every week you should do the following (or have it done by a professional) 1. Turn on every “station” and watch what it does, check for leaks, geysers and/ or sprinklers in need of repair or adjustment. 2. Review the time each station waters. It is generally better to water longer and less frequently. If the weather turns foggy and cool, you can reduce the number of days you water. 3. Is the system doing what it is supposed to be doing? 4. If you aren’t sure, call your local water district and receive a FREE water-wise checkup. Every season apply a new layer of mulch to your garden. A thick layer of mulch helps to retain moisture in the soil and moderates soil and root temperatures, thus preventing undue stress. Another added benefit is the fact that the mulch breaks down over time, making more food available to your trees and shrubs. July and throughout the summer you will reap the rewards for all of your hard work. It is the time for harvesting, weeding, mulching and maintaining. May your flowers be abundant, your tomatoes sweet, your mulch be layered thick and your table laden with the bounty of the season. And remember to always, Fill your garden with joy! Lisa


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“What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade.” Gertrude Jekyll,  1843-1932 British garden designer, writer and artist Lisa Cullen, landscape designer and organic gardener owns Montecito Landscape with her husband, Chris. She can be reached at 805.969.3984 or Follow her blog at and listen to Garden Gossip radio show on AM1290, Fridays at 11am and 9pm and Saturdays at 11am. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

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DININ G O U T Breakfast at Via Maestra in San Roque can be a colorful start to any day. Slow roasted cipollini onions, sautĂŠed red and yellow peppers, poached eggs, toasted rye bread, Italian fig jam, sliced melon and sweet semolina cakes. Served until 11am Monday through Saturday.


food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Carpinteria Garden Market. Garden Market is a gem tucked into Santa Claus Lane. Offering very tasty sandwiches, salads, smoothies and casual fare the Garden Market is a very enjoyable place to have a lunch break. Our favorite is the “Gourmet Turkey” sandwich. Open Monday–Sunday 10am-3pm. Serving breakfast from 7am to 11am weekdays and until 1pm on weekends. [L] $ (BW) 3811 Santa Claus Lane (805) 745-5505 Giannfranco’s Trattoria. Authentic Italian cuisine and delicious pastry tray.[LD] $ (B&W) Hours: Wed-Mon. Lunch: 11am-3pm, Pastries: 3pm-5pm, Dinner: 5pm9pm, Tues Closed 666 Linden Avenue 805-684-0720

Usually Local, Always Fresh 101 E. Cabrillo Blvd. 805-966-2112 Serving Lunch and Dinner Happy Hour Specials Monday-Friday 5-7pm

Sly’s. James Sly, formerly of Lucky’s in Montecito, is back to cooking the finest steaks anywhere. Sly’s is open daily for dinner from 5 pm, features a full bar and extended wine list. (LD) $$ (FB). Reservations are suggested. 686 Linden Ave. 805-684-6666.

Montecito Bella Vista. Enjoy the most incredible ocean views and experience innovative California wine country cuisine in Bella Vista, the Four Seasons Resort’s new restaurant. Executive Chef Martin Frost has created a menu featuring fresh local bounty and regional produce. Reservations are highly recommended. [BBrLD] $$$, (FB) 1260 Channel Drive at the Four Seasons Biltmore, (805)565-8237, CAVA. Experience the bold flavors of Spain, Mexico and Latin America in a romantic garden setting in the village of Montecito. Cava’s methods and imaginative combinations by chef Onofre Zuñiga including lobster tamale, quesadilla with chicken, manchego cheese and caramelized onions, coconut shrimp with spicy mango salsa mango and grilled ribeye churrasco steak, 2002 Zagat Award. Happy Hour 4-6, Weekend Brunch from 8am. Complimentary Valet Parking. [BLD] $$, (FB) 1212 Coast Village Road, 969-8500.

OVER 30 Years of Great Food

Lucky’s. Montecito’s only premium steakhouse. Great wine list and martini selections. Great weekend brunch served 9am-3pm. [BrD] $$$, (FB) 1279 Coast Village Road, 565-7540. Peabody’s. Come to Montecito and enjoy Peabody’s american cuisine. Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week, 7am to midnight. [BLD] $ (FB) 1198 Coast Village Rd (805) 969-0834 Piatti. Elegant yet casual rustic Italian trattoria. Located next to a seasonal creek, Piatti offers homemade pasta, pizzas and delicious entrees. There is an exhibition kitchen where you can watch your dinner being prepared, two patios and two fireplaces. Located in the upper village of Montecito. Banquets and catering are available. [BrLD] $$, (FB) 516 San Ysidro Road, 969-7520


ombining creative homestyle cooking with fresh high quality ingredients has brought us recognition as Santa Barbara’s best restaurant for vegetarian and non vegetarian natural foods, desserts and local fine wines. Conveniently located in the historic center of town, we offer a unique dining experience, serving generous portions at reasonable prices in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

guide B=breakfast Br=brunch L=lunch D=dinner

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

$=entrees under $15 $$=$15-$25 $$$=over $25 FB=Full Bar B&W=Beer & Wine

134 East Canon Perdido (805) 965-7922 food & home


DININ G Stella Mare’s. Overlooking the Bird Refuge in Santa Barbara…a glass greenhouse, sofas by the fire, casual French décor and traditional French Country Cuisine. Full bar and extensive American & French wine list, great private rooms for your event needs and Live Jazz on Wednesdays. Closed on Mondays $$ [LDBr] (FB) 50 Los Patos Way. 969-6705. .Events by Stella Mare’s is located at 3302 McCaw Ave, on upper State Street.www.

Café Buenos Aires Steak • Seafood Pasta • Salads • Full Bar Lunch & Dinner

Happy Hour 4pm to 7pm Beautiful Outdoor Courtyard Elegant indoor dining

1316 State Street (Across from the Arlington Theater)

Reservations accepted 805-963-0242

The Stonehouse. Located in a 19th-century citrus packing house, The Stonehouse features a relaxing lounge with full bar service and a separate dining room with crackling fireplace and creekside views. Chef John Trotta’s regional cuisine is prepared with a palate of herbs and vegetables harvested from the on-site chef’s garden. Open for dinner from 6-10 p.m. daily.[D] $$$ (FB) 900 San Ysidro Lane (805) 565-1700. The Montecito Café. Eclectic menu with great service, flavors and value. Desserts to die for! Open Daily from 11:30 (LD) $$ (FB) 1295 Coast Village Rd. 805969-3392.

Ojai Suzanne’s Cuisine. Suzanne’s Cuisine provides creative, vibrant contemporary European cuisine that is lovingly prepared with the finest quality ingredients and presented by a nurturing, friendly and knowledgeable staff. The menu offers a wide variety of beautiful salads, fresh seafoods, grilled meats and vegetarian selections. You may enjoy our interior dining room or our heated patio which overlooks a beautiful garden. Suzanne’s Cuisine is Ojai and Ventura County’s top rated restaurant in the acclaimed Zagat Survey. Discover why the L.A. Times say that “Suzanne’s Cuisine is the best restaurant in the Ojai Valley.” [L,D] $$ (FB) 502 West Ojai Avenue, 805640-1961,

Santa Barbara Aldo’s Italian Ristorante. Since 1986. Experience lunch in the sun ordine by candle light in their enchanting courtyard. Friendly servers deliver fresh Italian specialties and creative dishes with a distinctive California flair. [LD],$,B&W. 1031 State Street, 805-963-6687. www. The Bay Café. A local favorite since 1985- come see what everybody’s talking about–SB’s best kept secret–one of the best seafood restaurants in town. Enjoy a fun relaxing atmosphere for a quick lunch or romantic warm ambiance for dinner. Come enjoy their Fresh Fish selections from Fish Market & Live Tank! Open 7 days a week at 11AM. Happy Hour M-Th 4-6p. Full Bar and a variety of wine selections. Private banquet facilities for up to 30; beautiful heated patio. [BrLD] $$ (FB) 131 Anacapa Street (805) 963-2215, Blue Agave. Elegantly decorated two-story restaurant with a famous bar noted for its excellent martinis, mojitos, inventive cocktails and a wide range of tequilas and mescals served by a joyous staff. Blue Agave was voted by locals repeatedly the Most Romantic Restaurant in Santa Barbara. The furnishings are cozy with intimate booths, a fireplace lounge, outdoor balcony, eclectic music and visionary art. [BR D] $$ (FB)20 E. Cota St., 805-899-4694 76

food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

OUT Boathouse. The Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach is the newest venture of the owners of the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company, which began on Stearn’s Wharf in 1980, and the Santa Barbara Fishouse. Enjoy stunning views and great seafood from a family run business that knows their fish! [BLD] $ (FB). 2981 Cliff Drive 805-898-2628, Bouchon. Restaurateur Mitchell Sjerven hosts the city’s first Wine Country Cuisine restaurant with more than 50 Santa Barbara and Central Coast wines offered by the glass to compliment bouchon’s “ingredient driven” and seasonal fresh menu. Wine Spectator Award of Excellence wine list features exclusively Californian selections, paired with cuisine that is “creative without being over the top...”” (Wine Spectator, July 1999). Fresh Channel Island seafood, Santa Ynez and Ojai Valley game, and local farmer’s market produce predominate. Outdoor dining is available year-round on the heated, covered garden patio. Ask about private dining in the intimate Cork Room where up to 20 guests can be seated at the Grand Table. Open for dinner nightly from 5:30pm, reservations recommended. [D] $$$, (B&W) 9 W. Victoria, 730-1160. Ca’ Dario. Fine Italian dining with extensive Italian wine list. Excellent seafood and authentic cuisine. [LD] $$, (B&W) 37 E. Victoria, 884-9419. Cafe Buenos Aires. A unique world dining experience in the heart of Santa Barbara’s art district. Excellent service and Argentine cuisine make casual patio dining a finer experience. [LD] $$ (FB), 1316 State Street 963-0242. Café Luck. Chef David Rosner brings Santa Barbara a classic brasserie serving southern French cuisine. The menu offers a wonderful selection of traditional bistro fare as well as a raw seafood bar with an extensive wine and cocktail selection. Reservations Encouraged. Open Daily [LD] $$ (FB) 18 E. Cota Street 962-5993


Cajun Kitchen. Cajun Kitchen has been serving one of the best breakfasts in town for over 20 years—from Cajun specialties ranging from Jambalaya topped with two eggs, chicken hot sausage gumbo omelette, blackened catfish with two eggs, to blackened salmon and blackened chicken breast. [BL] $, (BW) 1924 De La Vina, Santa Barbara 687-8062; 6831 A. Hollister Ave, Goleta 571-1517; 901 Chapala Street, 965-1004; 865 Linden Avenue, Carpinteria 684-6010. Chuck’s of Hawaii. A local favorite celebrating 36 years of excellence serving award-winning steaks, wines and seafood to Santa Barbarans and their guests. Chuck’s has been voted Best Steak in Santa Barbara and is the recipient of the Award of Excellence from The Wine Spectator annually since 1989. They also feature a nightly selection of fresh fish, from old favorites like Alaskan halibut and grilled salmon to ahi tuna (grilled medium rare). Dinner is served weekdays from 5:30 to 11pm, and until 11:30pm weekends. Full cocktail bar, featuring Firestone-Walker Double Barrel Ale on draft. Reservations welcome. [D] $$, (FB) 3888 State, 687-4417.


Join us for

Happy Hour 3-6pm Cozy seating near the fireplace or patio seating under the trees Gifts for Home and Garden Gourmet Foods • Organic Coffees Espresso Bar • Smoothies • Fine Wines Private Parties

guide B=breakfast Br=brunch L=lunch D=dinner

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

$=entrees under $15 $$=$15-$25 $$$=over $25 FB=Full Bar B&W=Beer & Wine

Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 7am–Midnight Daily

1198 Coast Village Road Montecito • 969-0834

Now serving breakfast Open 7am–5pm

3811 SANTA CLAUS LANE 805.745.5505

food & home


DININ G O U T Chuck’s Waterfront Grill. Chuck’s of Hawaii has expanded to a second location at Chuck’s Waterfront Grill. Same great food and service you already love... in a setting that makes going out to dinner feel like a little vacation. Featuring Prime Grade Top Sirloin Steaks. Teriyaki Grilled Prawns, Grilled Sea Scallops, King Crab Legs, and Australian Lobster Tail. [LD] $$, (FB) 113 Harbor Way, 564-1200.



, it out of the office If you can’t makcoeme to you! we’ll

Just look at our menu at then call in your order to 965-1015

Great Deli! 128 E. Canon Perdido St. (805) 965-1015 Open Mon–Fri, 11 to 3 *10 sandwich minimum

California Pasta. This restaurant tucked away in El Paseo offers casual dining with great food. Catering Available. [LD] $ (BW) 811 State Street, (805) 8994030 Cold Spring Tavern. 100 years of tradition with true American cuisine only 15 minutes from Santa Barbara. Featuring the cuisine of chef Moises Bernal with selections of game and hearty entrées. Full bar & weekend breakfast. [LD] $$, (FB) 5995 Stagecoach Road, 967-0066 Downey’s. Chef John Downey has been serving Santa Barbara’s finest cuisine since the restaurant opened in 1982. Clearly defined tastes using the finest foods available and artful yet simple presentation have earned Downey’s top honors in the Zagat Survey for the past sixteen consecutive years. The dining room is in the capable hands of Liz Downey who will be happy to guide you through the mostly California wine list with a proud bias towards the extensive Santa Barbara County selections. Dinner served Tuesday through Sunday from 5:30pm. [D] $$$, (B&W) Reservations: 966-5006, 1305 State St., Eladio’s Restaurant & Bar at the Beach. Fun, friendly, great bar with TV, heated fountain patio with ocean views and comfort food kids will love! Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and a sensational Sunday brunch. Open 7 days. [BBrLD] $ (FB). 1 State Street, (805) 963-4466, Elements. Eclectic international restaurant serving lunch and dinner 7 days a week, with brunch served on Sunday. Great cocktails, too! [BrLD] $$, (FB). 129 East Anapumu Street, 884-9218.

jade restaurant

is a family-owned, Hawaiian-American comfort food restaurant where perfect service and even better food will define your experience time and time again. We look forward to your visit.

Open Tuesday-Saturday, 5:30pm-9:30pm.

3132 State Street Santa Barbara • 563-2007 78

food & home

Emilio’s Ristorante. Emilio’s is all about the enjoyment of great food. Michael De Paola, Emilio’s proprietor, had many influences to draw from when he opened the restaurant in 1990. Today, Executive Chef Pete Clements brings an international flavor to Emilio’s menu. Each dish leaves the kitchen as a beautiful work of art. Catering is available. [D] $$ (FB) 324 W. Cabrillo Blvd, 966-4426 Endless Summer Bar-Cafe. Just upstairs from Chuck’s Waterfront Grill, this surf-inspired bar-cafe offers great harbor views. Featuring tasty burgers, fish tacos, fresh salads, popcorn shrimp, and happy hour with food and drink specials like the Endless Summer Blonde Ale. Feel like a steak? Chuck’s Waterfront menu is also available after 5 p.m. Large groups are welcome, and you should call ahead for reservations at 564-4666. [LD]. $, (FB) 113 Harbor Way, Second Floor, 564-1200.

cozy up on the couches and sip champagne or enjoy a cognac & cigar on the garden patio. Epiphany serves dinner to 10:30pm though the eclectic bar menu is available until midnight on Friday and Saturday. [D] $$$ (FB), 21 West Victoria, 805-5647100. The Harbor Restaurant. The Harbor is one of Santa Barbara’s finest restaurants, where fresh fish and steaks are specially prepared and served in an elegant maritime interior with stunning views of the harbor. [BrLD]. $$, (FB) 210 Stearns Wharf, 9633311. Harry’s. Santa Barbara’s traditional locals restaurant. Steak, seafood, sandwiches and salads served in a family atmosphere. Excellent wine list and full bar. Banquet facilites available. Open daily for lunch and dinner. [LD] $, (FB) 3313-B State Street, 687-2800. Holdren’s Steaks & Seafood. Holdren’s Steaks & Seafood is elegant and timeless, featuring U.S.D.A. prime Midwestern corn fed beef, charbroiled over their mesquite grill. Try the “Cowboy Cut”–Holdren’s signature steak—a 20 oz. Prime bone-in rib chop served over spicy onion rings. Their fresh seafood selections include Bacon Wrapped BBQ Tiger Prawns, seared Hawaiian Ahi, and a shrimp Scampi like no other. Holdren’s offers an extensive wine and martini list and outdoor seating.. Open daily for lunch from 11:30 a.m., and for dinner from 5:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday for dinner from 4:00 p.m. Now offering Sunday Brunch 9am-2pm. [BrLD] $$ (FB). 512 State Street, 805-965-3363. In Goleta6920 Marketplace Dr. 805-685-8900 Hollister Brewing Company. Featuring hand crafted beers made on premise, an innovative, fresh menu with appetizers, pizzas, burgers, paninis, and salads. Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. [LD] $ (FB), 6980 Marketplace Dr. Goleta, 805-968-2810, Julienne. A progressive American restaurant serving fresh seasonal food. Serving Dinner Wednesday– Sunday 5pm to 10pm. Reservations Accepted. [D] $$ (BW) 138 E. Canon Perdido Street 805-845-6488 Joe’s Cafe. Joe’s is classic Santa Barbara at its best. Offering the best New England-style clam chowder, beef dips, prime rib, steaks, chops and fresh seafood. For over 80 years the restaurant’s history is as rich as is its’ food and very stiff drinks. It is an experience not to be missed! Now serving breakfast, too. Mon-Sun 7:30am-11pm. [BLD] $ (FB). 536 State St, (805) 966-4638. Longboard’s Grill. Upstairs from the Harbor Restaurant is an active, noisy bar & grill with a big TV, a surfer’s attitude and 360-degree views of the city & water. [LD] $$, (FB) 210 Stearns Wharf, 963-3311. Louie’s. Celebrate the taste of a Santa Barbara tradition in the historic Upham Hotel. Delicious California bistro fare in a wonderful downtown setting. [LD] $$, (B&W) 1404 De La Vina at Sola. 963-7003.

Enterprise Fish Co. The lively nautical atmosphere at the Enterprise will wet your appetite for great seafood. Fortunately, you’re in the right place. A variety of shellfish hors d’oeuvres is served at the oyster bar, and the dining room offers a selection of fresh seafood grilled over mesquite, including catch-of-the-day specials. Now offering a full liquor bar. [LD] $$, (FB) 225 State St 962.3313,

The Natural Café. The Natural Cafe is known for their homemade soups, hearty salads, delicious sandwiches, vegetarian entrees, pasta, chicken and seafood dishes, as well as a complete juice bar, microbrewed beers and local wines. [LD] $ (B&W), [LD] $, (B&W). Three locations in Santa Barbara: 508 State, 962-9494; 361 Hitchcock, 5631163; 5892 Hollister, 692-2363. For other locations out of town see their website for details.

Epiphany. The stylish decor is intimate and inviting. Indulge yourself in the lounge with specialty martinis,

Olio e Limone Ristorante. (“Oil and Lemon” in Italian.) Savor creative, authentic Italian cuisine in an inviting w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

atmosphere. Owned and operated by husband-wife team Alberto and Elaine Morello, the menu features dishes from all over Italy but you’ll be treated to some touches of Sicily. Zagat-rated. Wine Spectator Award of Excellence-winning wine since 2002, highlighting carefully selected Italian and Californian varietals. Lunch: Mon-Sat, 11:30AM-2:00PM. Dinner: 7 Nights from 5:00PM. Cocktails. Private dining in the “Cucina Room” for up to 40 guests. [LD] $$, (FB) 17 West Victoria Street, 805-899-2699. Opal. A local’s favorite, Opal fuses creative influences from around the world with American Regional touches: from Chile-crusted Filet Mignon, to Fresh Pan-Seared Fish & Seafood, Homemade Pastas, Gourmet Pizzas from their wood burning pizza oven, fresh baked Breads, deliciously imaginative Salads, & Homemade Desserts. Sophisticated yet comfortable, Opal radiates a warm, friendly atmosphere. Full bar, award winning wine list, private room for parties up to 60. 1325 State Street, 966-9676. [LD] $$ (FB) Open Daily for Lunch and Dinner. The Palace Grill. The Palace is a contemporary American grill, with a lively, high-energy atmosphere, and fun, spontaneous events. Featuring fine grilled steaks and fresh seafood, delicious pastas, and select American Regional specialties, like Blackened Crawfish-stuffed Filet Mignon, and Louisiana Bread Pudding Soufflé. Cajun Martinis, unique beers, and a well selected wine list. Their unique “team Service” voted the Best in Town the last 16 years in a row. Rave reviews in Gourmet Magazine, Gault-Millau Travel Guide, Zagat, and Sunset Magazine. “Best on the West Coast” according to Los Angeles Magazine. Open 7 days: lunch 11:30am to 3pm; evenings from 5:30. [LD] $$, B&W. 8 E Cota 963-5000. Paradise Cafe. Santa Barbara’s favorite dining patio. Fresh fish, steaks, chops, chicken and their famous oak-grilled burger. Start with a drink at the street level bar, and work your way up. Open seven days a week. [BLD], $, FB. 702 Anacapa Street, 962-4416.

Great Steaks!

Pierre Lafond Bistro. A local favorite since 1993, Pierre Lafond Bistro serves California fresh cuisine in an elegant and casual setting. Joshua Keating executive chef has created a menu that is healthy and decadent. He uses local seasonal organic foods from family farms and food artisans.And don’t forget to try one of their homemade desserts. The outside patio is perfect for people watching. [BLD] $$ (B&W), 516 State Street 805-962-1455, Renaud’s Patisserie & Bistro. Renaud’s is a bakery specializing in a wide selection of authentic French pastries. The breakfast and lunch menu is composed of egg dishes, sandwiches and salads and represents Renaud’s personal favorites. Brewed coffees and teas are proudly 100% Organic. Open Mon-Sat 7am to 6pm, Sunday 7am to 3pm. [BL] $ (B&W), Located in Loreto Plaza, 3315 State St Santa Barbara, 805-569-2400, and In the Arlington Plaza downtown.

guide B=breakfast Br=brunch L=lunch D=dinner

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

$=entrees under $15 $$=$15-$25 $$$=over $25 FB=Full Bar B&W=Beer & Wine

Dinner from 5pm Daily

Lunch from 11:30am to 3:00pm

Prime Beef • Perfect Client Lunch • Private Room Full Bar • World Class Wine List

512 State Street Santa Barbara 805-965-3363 6920 Marketplace Dr. Goleta 805-685-8900 1714-A Newbury Park Rd. Thousand Oaks 805-498-1314 food & home


DININ G Extraordinary Food • Elegantly Relaxed Seasonal Menu • Full Bar • Catering

Roy. Winner of “Best New Restaurant in Santa Barbara,” if you plan to sample the four-star cuisine, including Roy’s signature filet mignon, get there early. Dinner from 6pm till midnight daily. [D] $$, (FB) 7 West Carrillo, 966-5636. Saigon In and Out Vietnamese Restaurant. Serves the finest Vietnamese specialties at reasonable prices. [LD] $ Open Daily 11AM–9PM, Sat. & Fri. 11AM–10PM Sun. 11AM–9PM, 318 N. Milpas St., 805-966-0916 or 1230 State St. Unit A, 805-966-0909 Sambo’s. The original on the beach! Serving up the classic dining experience. [BLD] $, (B&W) 216 W. Cabrillo Blvd. 965-3269 Santa Barbara Fishouse. Great locally caught fresh fish prepared in a casual fun atmosphere. Terrific happy hour. Right across from East Beach. [LD], $$, FB. 101 East Cabrillo Blvd. 966-2112. S.B Shellfish Company. Established in 1979 as a buying station for local Santa Barbara shellfish and a place to sell crab, this casual spot has become a favorite destination for fresh seafood and views of the harbor and local mountains. [LD] $$ (B&W) 230 Stearns Wharf, 966-6676.

Ristorante • Bar Since 1990

324 West Cabrillo • 966-4426 •

Sojourner Cafe. Located a few blocks off the beaten path in the historical center of town, this is the local’s favorite place for outrageously delicious and wholesome natural foods. Renowned for its friendly, nurturing and energetic atmosphere, the Sojourner since 1978 has served up a variety of creative, internationally influenced vegetarian, chicken and seafood specials. A popular espresso bar serving all kinds of mouth watering concoctions and the best homebaked desserts in town top off a day or night at one of the city’s landmark eateries. [LD] $, (B&W) 134 E Canon Perdido, 965.7922.

Traditional Italian Flavors

Chase Restaurant & Lounge 1012 State Street • 805 965-4351


Panini • Insalate • Antipasti Formaggi • Salumi • Dolci Caffè • Cultura


3343 State Street

(Next to San Roque Post Office)




food & home

Seagrass Restaurant. Seagrass Restaurant is Santa Barbara first modern fine dining seafood restaurant. Fresh Pacific Fish is their focus, along with Local Spiny Lobster, giant sea scallops, clams and prawns. They also offer a fantastic steak, a roasted half-chicken and a braised dish, such as lamb shanks. The wine list features whites from around the world that pair well with coastal cuisine as well as a large selection of Santa Barbara pinot noir. [D] $$$ (B&W), 30 E. Ortega St. (805) 963–1012,

“Where locals are celebrities.” Italian & Mediterranean Cuisine Steaks • Seafood • Chops Late Lunch - Light Dinner until 4:30 Daily Chalkboard Specials Open Air Bar Near theatres and shops Plenty of parking in back

Spiritland Bistro. Creative, Flavorful, and Pure. A cozy European-style bistro offering a fusion of internationally influenced cuisine using organic ingredients in every dish; including Audubon recommended seafood, organic poultry, vegetarian, vegan, and raw food specialties complimented by a diverse selection of organic beer, wine, tea and herbal tonics. Each week Chef Joel Koch celebrates a different ethnic cuisine to compliment the daily menu. Weekly specials are posted at Also available: private parties, off-site catering, and business luncheons. [LD] $$ (B&W). 230 E. Victoria (corner of Garden and Victoria), 805-966-7759-Reservations Suggested. The Tee-Off. One of the town’s premier steak houses featuring succulent prime rib, fresh seafood, generous cocktails and, of course, quality steaks. [LD] $$, (FB) 3627 State, 687-1616. Tupelo Junction. At Tupelo Junction they make everything from scratch. They choose delicious recipes using only the freshest ingredients and the menu changes frequently depending on the season and product availability. [BLD] $$, (FB) 1212 State Street, (805) 899-3100. Via Maestra 42. Traditional Italian flavors come together in this deli/shop/café on upper State Street. Serving w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

OUT panini, insalate, antipasti, formaggi, salumi, dolci, caffè and delectable gelatos. [BLD] $$, 3343 State Street, 569-6522. Zen Yai. Experience a new era of Thai cuisine, blending traditional dishes with a California nouveau flair. [LD] $$, (B&W) 425 State Street, 957-1193.

Santa Ynez Valley Mirabelle Inn and Restaurant. Executive chef Norbert Shulz brings a decidedly delicious, and earth-friendly Californian cuisine with an extensive wine list—a culinary adventure awaits! Open Friday through Sunday from 5pm. [D] $$ (BW) 409 First Street, Solvang 805-688-1703 Hitching Post. Along with outstanding steaks, ribs and chicken, they serve smoked duck breast, ostrich, homemade soups and outstanding pastries; along with what the L.A. Times has called the “best” French Fries in Southern California. Open daily except major holidays. [D] $$ (FB). 406 E. Highway 246, Buelton 805-6880676 Los Olivos Café. Two quests can be satisfied at once in this bustling establishment; one for a good lunch or dinner, the other for an interesting wine (local or non) to sip with it or pack home. Tom Meyer and Richard Roe, executive chef and sous chef, respectively, are partial to Italian specialties; try their chicken and portabello ravioli in white wine-cream sauce if it’s listed. [LD] $$ (B&W) 2879 Grand Ave, Los Olivos. 805-688-7265

Some of Our Specialties Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs

Breaded Beef topped with Homemade Gravy, served with two eggs any style.

Huevos Rancheros

Two Eggs any style with Refried Beans, Spicy Salsa, Avocado, Sour cream, on Corn or Flour Tortillas.

Santa Barbara Burger

topped with Bacon, Avocado, and Jack Cheese.

Tostada Salad

Mixed Greens, Black Beans, Chicken or Steak, Cheese, Fresh Salsa, Guacamole and Sour Cream in Large Tortilla Shell.

California Veggie Sandwich

Avocado, cucumber, herbed cream cheese, carrots, sprouts and tomato.

California Benedict

216 W. Cabrillo Blvd. 965-3269

Poached eggs with sliced tomato, avocado and cheese on English muffin with hollandaise.

Restaurant Marcella. At Fess Parker’s Wine Country Inn, Chef Ron Stewart’s dedication to using the finest and freshest ingredients and extensive wine list translates into the food and wine pairing options being nearly endless. 2860 Grand Ave., Los Olivos, (805) 688-7788 Willows at the Chumash Casino. Featuring a distinctive menu of prime steaks and seafood served in an elegantly appointed setting. Begin your meal with a Candied Walnut Salad, or the Classic Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail. Then select from Executive Chef Anthony Minnitti’s creative entrees, such as the Braised Short Ribs in Red Wine, the all natural bone-in Pork Chops, or Seafood Lasagnette. Complete your meal with Chocolate Wedge or Carnegie New York Cheesecake. Enjoy a cocktail with your meal, or choose from the extensive selection of imported and local wines. Open Sunday–Thursday 5 p.m.–10 p.m., Friday and Saturday 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Reservations are recommended. [D] $$$ (FB). 3400 E. Highway 246, Santa Ynez, 805-686-0855.


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Cafe Luna. A friendly place where you can get real Costa Rican estate coffee, espresso, baked goods, salads and great sandwiches, soup and quiche, sit by the fireplace or sit on a deck overlooking the ocean. There are also tempting treats like truffles, cookies and cheesecakes. Open 6am to 6pm everyday. [BLD], $ (BW) 2354 Lillie Ave., 695-8780. Nugget. A rustic, down home atmosphere that has served locals for over 20 years. Try a burger or one of their great salads. [LD] $ (FB) 2318 Lillie Avenue, Summerland (805) 969-6135. And now in Goleta at 5685 Calle Real. 805-964-5200. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m











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1027 State Street • Santa Barbara (805) 965-6004 • food & home


AFTER DARK The Isabellatini (Emilio’s version of a vodka martini with raspberries) sets the tone for a late night snack on the beach. Crispy fried scallops, shrimp and calamari drizzled with chipotle mango aioli adds just the right heat to the sweet. Bar de Isabella is the bar at Emilio’s. 324 West Cabrillo Blvd. 805-966-4426. Photo by Barbara Fabian


food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


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