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Cozy Cuisine Roasted Squab from Downey’s Photo by Michael Brown


local comfort offerings

For more information on beautiful Coastal Douglas Fir, Mahogany and FSC certified windows and doors from Loewen contact:

PORTOFINO LOEWEN WINDOW CENTER OF SANTA BARBARA 322 East Cota Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 P. 805.966.4263

Santa Barabara • Monterey • San Francisco Discover the world’s most inspiring windows and doors at

Design. Create. Inspire.

Ultimate outdoor entertaining.

With Viking outdoor products, your backyard becomes a chef’s sanctuary. Sauté fresh vegetables from the garden while a side of lamb roasts on the grill. Then bask in your breezy kitchen with your favorite frosty beverage on tap. With everything from a high-performance grill to a refrigerator on the patio, you may never come inside again.


C a l l , e - m a i l o r v i s i t o u r w e b s i t e f o r a f r e e c o o k i n g e q u i p m e n t d e m o n s t r a t i o n , c o l o r b r o c h u r e a n d n e a r e s t d e a l e r. (877) 428-4141 • e-mail • web site Visit the Viking web site at

bouchon santa barbara

“Best Restaurants for Wine Lovers” -Wine Spectator Magazine (2001-2008)

“The food and service are impccable, and an experienced staff stands ready to help coordinate by-the-glass wines for each course.” -Frommer’s Guide ‘Best Restaurants of California’ 2005

“Smitten surveyors swear this classy Cal-French in Santa Barbara exceeds expectations with a seasonal menu of Wine Country Cuisine backed by an exceptional cellar stocked with boutique bottles you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Intimate French country setting with garden terrace and knowledgeable service make this delightful place one of the top dining experiences in town.”

Fresh Produce & Meats from Local Farms & Ranches Over 50 Local Wines by the Glass Private Dining Facilities in the Corkroom

9 west victoria street santa barbara, california 805.730.1160

california wine country cuisine

Photo by Ashley Renée


24 ON T H E C O V ER Cozy Cuisine: 32 local comfort offerings . . . . . . . . . . . 24 E V ENTS Chowder Throwdown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 RAISING T H E B AR A holiday high five to some of the best bartenders in town . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 D E PARTMENTS


Firsts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 No-Hassle Holiday Meals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Getting to know Squab . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Top Cellars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Venues & Private Dining . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Cooking at Home . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 The Home Front . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Spaces . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Destination Downtown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65 In the Garden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Dining Out . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 After Dark . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82

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Hästens Naturally Queen size


Hästens Anatomical Sleeping Pillow

King size



HÄSTENS OF SANTA BARBARA 909 DE LA VINA STREET Tel: 805-965-0174, Fax: 805-965-0178

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Contact Information P.O. Box 20025, Santa Barbara, CA 93120 (805) 563-6780, (805) 563-6790 FAX, sales@food–

Hästens 2000T


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P erfection h as it s price.

© 2008 Import Brands Alliance, Stella Artois® Beer (Malt Liquor in TX), St. Louis, MO.

Always enjoy responsibly.

the same after all these years. Stella Artois is still painstakingly brewed in a time-honored tradition with the choicest ingredients. Which is why our customers have kept coming back for more, even after 600 years.

than most. Mind you, over the years our beer has witnessed the odd change or two. For instance, our customers no longer drink it to ward off the Plague, as they used to in medieval times. However, one thing has stayed

Of course it tastes better than other beers. We’ve had over 600 years to get the recipe right. Our esteemed brewery has been producing beer in Leuven since 1366. Which means we’ve been around a bit longer



A road well seasoned…


easoned restaurateurs and Santa Barbara natives Bob Montgomery (owner) and Gerome Bonet (manager) have launched their latest dining establishment, The Bay Roadhouse Bar and Grill in a large indoor-outdoor space at 202 State Street. Located across from the train station, the building has a rich and colorful history of food service starting with the El Nido hotel in 1936, which, according to legend, had an upstairs brothel. Restaurants have continued to fill the ground floor. The Bay Roadhouse Bar and Grill may be a newcomer to this address, but it already conveys an evolved-over-time eclectic atmosphere and an expansive yet polished menu. “We basically moved the Bay Café to this location, keeping favorite dishes and adding choice items from The Nugget menu,” said Montgomery. Bonet and Montgomery formerly partnered on the beloved Bay Café and currently run The Nugget in Summerland and Goleta.


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Located at 202 State Street. Open daily from 11am to 11pm. Happy Hours: Monday through Friday, from 4pm -6:30pm and 8pm to 11pm. 10

food & home

SB Fish Market’s Jenn Kershaw holds up the local best. Photo by Eliot Crowley

Local Celebrity

The dawn of a darkening October means one thing to Brian Colgate at the Santa Barbara Fish Market - the beginning of Lobster season in California. The California Spiny Lobster, the most sought-after lobster globally (more so than its infamous Maine cousin), is caught from Baja to Point conception - making the south coast the northernmost stretch at which the tasty bug is found. “We’re in a very unique area to have them,” says Colgate of the world’s favorite lobster. Unlike Maine Lobsters, known for their two large and meaty claws, the local lobsters have smaller forearms, larger tails and a greater amount of edible meat in their legs. For those of us eager to sample the world-renown crustacean, Colgate offers some expert tips for preparing California Spiny Lobster:


“You don’t want to cook the heck out of it,” he advises seriously. “Better rare than overcooked. Cook just under a boil.” Cooking at

a full boil renders out fat and the meat will lose its flavor. Also, while boiling is the more traditional way to cook lobster, you will come out with a better texture with a two part process. After 2 or 3 minutes in the water, remove the lobster and split down the middle. Butter the meat and finish cooking under the broiler or on the BBQ grill. Keep a close watch as the meat will burn quickly. This gives a much better texture, says Colgate, and you also have the chance to season the meat as you cook. Demand for California Spiny Lobster pushes up price and makes it a little more of a luxury than other shellfish, but one that’s worth it. Plus, it’s nice to know that next time you hear a New Englander talk about Maine Lobster, you’ll have better bragging rights. After all, Santa Barbara is home to the world’s favorite lobster. As Colgate says, “They’re the best.” Other winter shellfish favorites for Colgate include Santa Barbara rock shrimp, local mussels and locally farmed oysters. If you’re looking to make a big batch of fisherman’s stew for the holidays, now is a great time to stock up!—Sam Rolens w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Photo by Eliot Crowley

The restaurant offers a casual dining experience with affordable, tasty meals. Vic Castro, chef at the Bay Café for 18 years, brings his expertise to the new restaurant, and locals will be happy to know that Vic’s Paella and the Almond Crusted Halibut grace the new menu. Vic’s Paella is an authentic Spanish recipe. Saffron-infused rice pilaf, cilantro and onion create a pleasant bed of flavors for a stew of clams, mussels and fish. One taste of the Almond Crusted Halibut quickly explains its enduring favor with locals. The fresh halibut is light, flaky and juicy all at once, making one appreciate the offerings of the Pacific just one block away. Although the maritime-themed restaurant is primarily focused on seafood dishes, the menu is surprisingly diverse, with everything from salads and burgers to pasta and chicken. Speaking of chicken, the Spicy Chicken Wrap with crispy chicken tenders, lettuce, cayenne-based hot sauce and spinach wrap is another testament to Chef Vic’s acumen for flavor combinations. The full bar offers a range of drink specials and popular beers on tap, including Firestone and Pacifico. Head bartender Chad Johnson is known for his signature Bay Margarita with agave nectar, which comes on the rocks in a pint glass. Let’s just say that “lightweight” patrons will be content with one for the evening. The patio, with spacious seating for eighty, is a perfect happy hour destination. Tropical vegetation of palms and bougainvillea, nautical decor and fireplace create a relaxing, coastal atmosphere. “Lots of incongruous elements are brought together to create a diverse offering that makes sense,” said Bonet, his words resonating with the eclectic atmosphere and menu. Decorated with seafaring memorabilia, photographs, and license plates from the owner’s personal collection, this is a place you might take your grandparents for the steak or fish, and your college buddies or co-workers for happy hour—but probably not at the same time. By Kristin N. Anderson. Photo by Bill Boyd.

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Photo by Ashley Renée



S’Mores, Urban-Style


y fondest memories of summer camp are of gathering around a crackling fire amidst the towering sequoias, singing “Kumbaya” and toasting marshmallows on a long stick to make s’mores. Thanks to Holdren’s Steaks & Seafood, Santa Barbara diners have been able to enjoy that nostalgic experience— sans mosquito bites— for the past seven years. Their “S’Mores on the Campfire” dessert boasts a Sterno flame surrounded by graham crackers, puffy marshmallows, genuine Hershey milk chocolate squares and fresh strawberries. Just load up a wooden skewer, toast to your desired consistency, and assemble your sweet sandwich. “My kids are crazy about them,” says Managing Partner Clay Holdren, “but S’Mores appeal to families, groups

and even businesspeople. They make a light followup to a heavy meal that isn’t overwhelming. It’s a fun experience, not fancy, and people love that.” Indeed, the perennial classic has proven to be twice as popular as mud pies and brownie sundaes. Holdren was inspired by a Las Vegas family vacation before the first restaurant opened. “We noticed a famous rock band making s’mores right at their table, and I knew that had to be on our menu. My initial concern about fire codes was a non-issue. Actually, our insurance provider was one of the first S’Mores customers,” he laughs. —Teri L. Breier



S’Mores on the Campfire are $8, available at the State Street, Goleta and Thousand Oaks Holdren’s. Visit for addresses and hours.

Waiting for winter… Telegraph Brewing Company’s Winter Ale is a spiced dark beer available only in November and December and is eagerly anticipated each year by Santa Barbara’s beer aficionados. Look for it at Whole Foods Market or visit www. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

805.899.2699 | 11 West Victoria Street, Santa Barbara | food & home



Can you say, “pizzaiolo”?

Approaching Olio Pizzeria, I came upon two Italians chatting out front: acclaimed Olio e Limone Ristorante chef Alberto Morello, originally from Sicily, and Vincenzo Forraggio, the in-house pizzaiolo (pizza chef), from Naples. Hearing Italian is pleasurable; knowing this talented team is heading back into the kitchen is tantalizing. Both Olio Pizzeria and upscale Olio e Limone Ristorante are owned and operated by Alberto and Elaine Morello. Although adjacent to the established fine-dining restaurant, the new pizzeria is a separate entity with its own casual yet sophisticated personality. The Morellos had the concept for Olio Pizzeria ready for years, even before they opened Olio e Limone Ristorante. “We’ve always been drawn to the enoteche (wine bars) in Italia,” says Elaine. “We are lovers of salumi and cheeses and of course authentic pizza! Italians go to pizzerie for pizza only and to enoteche for wine, cocktails and small bites in the form of artisanal, regional salumi and cheeses, olives, etc. Our concept from the beginning was to combine these two types of places into our pizza bar-wine bar-full bar.” Stone detailing, subtle Italian décor, walnut bar and floors suggest an impeccably designed casual-upscale eatery, while the friendly staff and cozy ambiance of closely-placed tables, bar and 12

food & home

centrally located pizza oven bring old-world Italian charm. Yet Olio Pizzeria is unlike any pizzeria in Italy. Italians have a knack for creating exceptional flavor combinations by pairing simple ingredients. Consider the insalata di carciofi comprising thinly-sliced raw baby artichoke hearts, shaved parmesan and dressing—crunchy, slightly sweet, refreshing. Or, the cavalfiore fritte; fried cauliflower with lemon aioli—simple, decadent. This is also true of the dough. The Morellos and Forraggio tried nineteen different Italian flour combinations before settling on a three-flour recipe, resulting in a thin pizza crust that bakes the way Italians like it: slightly crisp edges, moist center. The pizzaiolo nicknamed the Morello’s custom-designed wood and gas burning pizza oven “The Ferrari of pizza ovens.” No wonder the margherita is my new dream pizza. Yet, when the umbra arrived, with robiola cheese, crimini mushrooms and black truffles, a new dream emerged. Perfetto!—By Kristin N. Anderson. Photos by Bill Boyd. 11 West Victoria Street, Suite 21, Santa Barbara, CA. LUNCH: Mon-Sat, 11:30-2:00 DINNER: Nightly from 5:00. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

tri valley pool & spa. inc. “A BETTER WAY TO BUILD”

“I choose Craig over several other bidders because he impressed me with the design creativity, vision for the space, technical competence, and business integrity I was looking for. The finished result is beautiful and impresses everyone who visits. Five years later I remain convinced I made the right choice.” Paul Regulinski

firsts come partially pre-cooked and refrigerated when you pick up the meal the day before the holiday, ready to pop in the oven and finish roasting at home. Smoked turkey and organic turkey are also available; for Christmas only, traditional pot roast and savory prime rib; and for Hanukkah, such favorites as stuffed salmon, roasted brisket and potato pancakes. What’s more, Whole Foods offers a selection of prepared vegan holiday dishes, such as:

No-Hassle Holiday Meals By Teri L. Breier


t’s your turn to host the family on Thanksgiving and everyone is expecting the usual home-cooked extravaganza. But after a super-stressful year, the thought of braving the crowded grocery stores and spending hours in the kitchen fills you with dread. “Maybe it’s time to let somebody else cook,” you catch yourself thinking, and the idea grows more and more appealing as November approaches. To start your search, look no further than Whole Foods Market in Santa Barbara for a healthy, delicious prepared meal. Ordered online or instore two to three weeks in advance, you can feed a half-dozen people with minimal effort and expense. Their traditional turkey dinner for 6 provides:

• A 10-12 lb. Diestel Turkey Ranch turkey • Traditional Stuffing • Traditional Gravy • Mashed Potatoes • Cranberry Sauce

Additional sides, such as citrus-glazed carrots or creamed spinach, are also available. Like all of Whole Foods’ meats, the Diestel turkeys are freerange, vegetarian-fed and antibiotic-free with no added hormones. They 14

food & home

• Field Roast en Croute • Mushroom Gravy • Vegan Mashed Potatoes • Green Bean Almondine • Roasted Vegetables • Autumn Puree • Cranberry Sauce • Vegan Apple or Pumpkin Pie

The 2010 printed Holiday Menu will be available by November 1 at the store, 3761 State Street, or online at http://www.wholefoodsmarket. com/shop. If you would prefer a more elegant event, consider having your holiday feast catered by a personal chef, who will customize an individually tailored menu. Do your guests all have different dietary needs: vegan, gluten-free or calorie-conscious? Personal Chef Marta Martine ( will help you carefully select the number of food choices, taking their special requirements into account. To provide a medium-sized family buffet that everyone can eat, she recommends serving three entreés: meat (beef, chicken or lamb), fish and vegetarian; three side dishes: salad, vegetables and grains; a cheese selection with nuts, grapes and dried fruit for appetizers and a dessert of frosted cookie bars and non-dairy ice cream pies. When money and dietary restrictions are no object, consider something over the top, like this untraditional Thanksgiving menu for 8 that “Traveling Chef” Adam Newman ( designed for a film producer in the Hollywood Hills: Appetizers Blini with Roasted Sweet Pepper & Eggplant Caviar Crisp Potato Galettes Topped with Black Pepper Crème Fraîche Smoked Salmon & Osetra Caviar Fresh Shucked Oysters Served in the Shell with Cucumber Spaghetti & Fresh Dill First Course Warm Scallops & Prawns Served in a Scallop Shell in a Saffron-Infused White Wine Sauce with Pink Peppercorns, topped with Fresh Tarragon A Trio of Duck Second Course Pan-Seared Foie Gras Set on a Salad of Baby Lettuces & Toasted Brioche, Caramelized Pears & a Balsamic Glaze Main Course Seared Duck Breast Sliced Thin & Served with Slow Roasted Duck Confit, Drizzled with a Fig Demi-Glace Wild Rice Pilaf with Sweet Potatoes & French Haricot Vert Dessert Chocolate Truffle Cake Mini Lemon Lavender Scented Crème Brûlée Fresh Raspberries & Mint w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

N o w Te a m e d with On Q Financial

Diana MacFarlane p: 805.259.3141 | f: 805.259.4278 1111 Chapala Street, Suite 100 Santa Barbara, CA 93101

One Hundred Years of Tradition Just 20 Minutes Away... ■ Gourmet Bar-B-Que for 50 to 300 People ■ Private Banquet Rooms ■ Large and small groups

Call for information on leasing entire property for corporate or private function

FULL BAR • WEEKEND BREAKFAST LUNCH • DINNER 5995 Stagecoach Road • 967-0066 w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Some samples from Chef Moises Bernal Venison Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms New Zealand Rack of Lamb Sautéed Medallions of Rabbit Norwegian Salmon

Charbroiled Ox T-Bone Steak Grilled Ringneck Pheasant Breast Wild Caribou Charbroiled Sea Bass

Audrey Ovington • Proprietor Since 1941 food & home



Santa Barbara

C e r t i f i e d

Farmers Market

Fowl Play Friends • Flowers • Food • Fun 8 Markets 6 days a Week Rain or Shine


CAMINO REAL MARKETPLACE In Goleta at Storke & Hollister 10:00AM–2PM (YEAR ROUND)


OLD TOWN SANTA BARBARA 500 & 600 Blocks of State St. 4:00–7:30PM (SUMMER HOURS) 3:00–6:30PM (WINTER HOURS)

W ED N E S D A Y S Harding School 1625 Robbins Street 3:00–6:00 PM


GOLETA Calle Real Center - 5700 Calle Real 3:00–6PM (YEAR ROUND)

CARPINTERIA 800 Block of Linden Ave. 4:00–7PM (SUMMER HOURS) 3:00–6PM (WINTER HOURS)


MONTECITO 1100 & 1200 Block of Coast Village Rd. 8AM–11:15AM (YEAR ROUND)


DOWNTOWN SANTA BARBARA Corner of Santa Barbara & Cota Streets 8:30AM–12:30PM (YEAR ROUND)

(805) 962-5354 16

food & home


n very simple terms, Squab is a pigeon less than one year old, which has not taken flight. Today, Squab is eaten in many countries, including, France, the United States, Italy, North Africa, and many Asian counties. ■ Squab is dark meat with fatty skin similar to duck. The meat is very lean, easily digestible and is rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Squab has been described as having a silky texture and is very tender and fine-grained. It has a subtle berry flavor and has a mild taste in comparison

to other game. ■ The Roman cookbook, De re coquinaria (“On the Subject of Cooking”), written in the first century AD by Marcus Gavius Apicisus, recommended sauces with a combination of sweet and sour flavors. In the 15th century, the Italian Friar, Luca Pacioli wrote a book of “culinary secrets, which included “How to kill a Squab by hitting it with a feather on the head”. (Author’s note, “Huh?”) In 18th century France, pigeons à la crapaudine (“Toadlike Squab”) was a popular dish with the breast forming a frog’s face. Religious dietary laws prohibited meat on fast days but allowed frog’s meat since it is a water dweller. Pigeons à la crapaudine played with that convention and is still a national favorite. ■ Because Pigeon or Squab is considered an urban pest and unsanitary in parts of the developed world, Squab meat has been given a bad rap by many consumers. In reality, today’s Squab is safer than many other poultry products as it harbors fewer pathogens and because of its texture may easily be served between medium and well done. The popular bird also lends itself exceedingly well to complex red or white wines. Local syrah, anyone? ■ Squab is a part of the menus at many American Haute Cuisine restaurants such as Le Cirque and The French Laundry, and locally at Downey’s in Santa Barbara. But if you want to give your own kitchen skills a try the following recipe provided by Chef James R. Kirkley, IV is a great way to start. —Laura S. Kirkley (Laura S. Kirkley, is the owner of il Fustino located at 3401 State St. 805-845-3521.)

Warm Squab Salad with Aged Goat Cheese, Spring Greens and Wild Mushroom Vinaigrette Squab: 4 squab breasts, about 6 ounces each Salt and freshly ground pepper 3 Tablespoons il Fustino extra virgin olive oil (preferably Arbequina) Wild Mushroom Vinaigrette: 3 Tablespoons il Fustino extra virgin olive oil (preferably Arbequina) 2 Shiitake mushrooms, cleaned and sliced 1 Portobello mushroom, cleaned and sliced 8 Oyster mushrooms, cleaned and sliced 1/4 cup il Fustino White Balsamic Vinegar 1 shallot, chopped 1/2 cup il Fustino extra virgin olive oil (preferably Mission Reserve) 1 tablespoon honey 2 teaspoons il Fustino Organic White Truffle Oil Salad: Springs greens Aged Goat cheese One bunch fresh chives

Season breasts with salt and pepper on both sides. Heat oil in a large saute pan over medium-high heat. Place the breasts, skin-side down and sear until golden brown, about 2 to 3 minutes. Turn the breasts over, reduce heat to medium and continue cooking for 3 to 4 minutes for medium-rare doneness. Remove and let rest for 5 minutes. Slice each breast on the bias into 1/2-inch thick. Heat oil in a large saute pan over mediumhigh heat. Season mushroom with salt and pepper to taste and saute until golden brown and dry. Remove to a bowl. Blend vinegar and shallot in a blender until smooth. Slowly drizzle in the oil until emulsified. Add the honey and season with salt and pepper to taste. Pour the vinaigrette over the sauteed mushrooms, drizzle with white truffle oil and mix to combine. Re-season with salt Divide the Spring Greens among 4 plates and top with four equal servings of Goat cheese, season with salt and pepper. Place the sliced squab breast on each of the 4 plates and drizzle with some of the mushroom vinaigrette. Garnish with mushrooms and fresh chives. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


bouchon Chef Greg Murphy shops fresh at the Farmers Market

Getting to the root .....f or 28 years


Dinner Tuesday – Sunday from 5:30 • Reservations: 966.5006 1305 State Street • Santa Barbara, CA •

Food & Home 1/3 page — 4.875” x 4.875”


n pagan terms, winter is the time of year when the earth’s energies retreat underground, nourishing the roots of plants to give them strength for the orgiastic growth of spring. In cook’s terms, this translates into concentrated sugars and the sweetest time of year for root vegetables: beets and carrots, but also less common types such as parsnips, salsify, burdock, and celery root all will be at their best. Parsnip purée is delicious. When peeled and boiled or steamed, salsify will be reminiscent of white asparagus. Burdock is not terribly attractive on its own, but chopped into stews and stocks, it will add an unmatched depth of flavor, and is renowned for its medicinal properties. Peel, grate, and briefly blanch celery root, then toss it in a sauce remoulade. Pair with grated carrots and diced bets tossed in vinaigrette, and you will have a classic French appetizer. Carrot & Parsnip Soup 2 lbs. carrots or parsnips, peeled & rough chopped 1 sprig rosemary, for carrot soup only ½ small onion, diced 2 cloves whole garlic 3 stalks celery, chopped 1 quart vegetable stock or broth 1 ½ cups heavy cream 1 stick of butter, for roasting olive oil as needed salt & pepper to taste This recipe is the same for both soups and should be made separately. Toss carrots or parsnips in butter, salt & pepper and roast at 375 degrees until soft & golden brown (about 20-30 minutes). Add rosemary to carrots before roasting. Sauté onion, celery, garlic in olive oil for 4-5 minutes until translucent. Add parsnips or carrots and vegetable stock. Bring to a low boil for 15 minutes. Puree in a blender and strain. Finish with cream and adjust seasoning. If needed adjust consistency with stock but make sure to season.


food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


at pierre lafond/wendy foster

Keeping the creeks clean


ince late 2006, the City of Santa Barbara’s Creeks Restoration and Water Quality Improvement Division has been inspecting and certifying local restaurants as part of the Clean Water Business Certification Program, an innovative program focusing on businesses that have the potential to contribute to storm water pollution such as restaurants and the automotive industry. Since the program began, an impressive 50 restaurants in the City of Santa Barbara have been certified! The goal of the free program is to raise awareness of water quality issues, and to help restaurants achieve voluntary compliance with clean water regulations. In a meeting with Creeks Division staff, businesses must demonstrate that they meet the requirements on a short checklist, ensuring that they are not allowing polluted water to reach the street and storm drains, which flow directly to our creeks and ocean untreated. Once certified, businesses receive a certificate of recognition, and a decal to place in their window identifying them as a clean water business. The Creeks Division also runs print advertisements promoting newly certified businesses, and lists all certified businesses online. In conjunction with the Clean Water Business Program, the City offers a Business Assistance Program, which will provide up to $1,000 in free equipment to businesses to help them become certified. Items such as drain covers, berms, and wet/dry vacuums are provided to help restaurants contain wash water on site and dispose of it properly. The Creeks Division has also been working closely with automotive businesses and mobile washing businesses within the City of Santa Barbara, offering technical assistance in training and best management practices. To view the complete list of certified businesses, or to learn more about the Clean Water Business and Business Assistance programs, please visit or call (805) 897-2658.

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

516 san ysidro road (805) 565-1503 mon – sun 9 to 8

food & home


Wine Sales Wine Storage Wine Tasting Events Venture into our warehouse and choose from our select stock of domestic and imported wines l Discover our hard-to-find wines and latest cellar aquisitions l We hand select every wine to ensure your satisfaction! l Expanded wine storage with state of the art temperature controlled system




568-1961 Wine Sales / Storage

Tues–Fri: 10am to 6pm Saturday 12pm to 5pm

417 Santa Barbara Street, Suite A-6 (Enter off Haley Street)

Winery & Tasting Room Downtown Santa Barbara

Open Daily for Tasting 11am - 5pm

Happy Hour Specials Thursday - Saturday 5pm - 8pm

Pinot Noir -Pinot Gris - Rose‘ - Syrah - Grenache - Cabernet Franc

Come in and experience the art of making wine. 414 N. Salsipuedes St. Santa Barbara, CA 93103 20

food & home

805.965.7985 phone

top cellars

wine country 2007 La Poesia de Jonata Pinot Noir Bright and vibrant ruby hue. Complex nose of incense, black cherry, plums, fig and smoke notes; black pepper and cinnamon. Still showing exuberant youthful fruit, but also shades of the earthy nuances that will surely develop with time in bottle. Pure velvet on the palate; rich and mouth filling, but also elegant and refined. An excellent value at $24.99

Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose Gorgeous notes of freshly cut flowers, raspberries, spices and minerals flow from this delicious Champagne. The wine possesses outstanding harmony, particularly in the way the fruit carries through to the long finish. Limited stock at $79.00

Available at renegade wine 417 Santa Barbara Street Suite A6 Santa Barbara, (805) 568-1961 w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Rey 2006 Grenache (Central Coast)...$19.99 Aromas of raspberry truffle and layers of brown spice, black pepper and a dash of olive all appear in this micro-production red from newcomers Chris and Deanna King. The glyceriny textures and rounded tannin cooperate and support each other like brothers-in-arms.

Epiphany 2005 Gypsy Santa Barbara County...$19.99   Oaky, hefty and ripe, showing the power and spicy influence of the Petite Sirah and Carignane in the overall mix of five Rhone grapes, this purple powerhouse is meant for steaks and pork chops.

Your Complete Wholesale Coffee and Tea Program Exceptional Customer Service - Complimentary Equipment, Servicing on Existing Equipment, And Training For All Wholesale Accounts Finest Coffees And Teas Available to The Food Service Industry at Competetive Pricing 100% Arabica Beans, Certified Organic And Fair Trade Offering a Wide Variety of Single-Origin And Hand Blended Coffees, Artisan Roasted to Order

Available at The Winehound 1221 Chapala Street Santa Barbara, (805) 845-5247 w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Please Call


Available at Jordano’s

food & home



Venues & Private Dining

Private Dining

Condor Cruises Party and dinner cruises aboard the Condor Express— a high speed catamaran that is perfect for corporate events, family outings, wedding, or fund raisers— either on the coast or at the islands. The vessel is certified for up to 149 passengers, but is also perfect for smaller groups that want the amenities that only a vessel this size can provide. SEA Landing, 301 Cabrillo Blvd., Santa Barbara (805) 882-0088

santa barbara

in the

Cork Room

for up to 20 people

9 west victoria street • 805.730.1160 9santa west victoria barbara,street ca 93101 805.730.1160 144-00632 final side 1.pdf


Cork Room at Bouchon The Cork room is a private dining room for groups of up to 20 guests. Corporate and private parties are welcome. You will find an excellent array of wine country cuisine paired with local Santa Barbara wines for truly wonderful and unique dining experience. 9 West Victoria St., 805-703-1160

5:08:56 PM

Emilio’s Emilio’s is a great choice for your next private dining occasion. Available for corporate lunches, rehearsal dinners and even off-site catering. Emilio’s knows how to make your next special event memorable. 324 W. Cabrillo Blvd., 805-966-4426









Events by Stella Mare’s Events by Stella Mare’s, a full service private restaurant, is centrally located in uptown Santa Barbara near historic State Street, with

beautiful views of the Santa Ynez Mountains. The décor is French Provencial meets Santa Barbara style, typifying the term “casual elegance”. Events by Stella Mare’s is the perfect setting for rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremonies and receptions, anniversaries, birthdays, as well as corporate seminars, holiday celebrations, luncheon and dinner events from 40-300 guests. With three versatile rooms, a full service bar, an outdoor terrace, and majestic views, Events by Stella Mare’s can be used for intimate social gatherings or meetings or large-scale events. 3302 McCaw Avenue, Santa Barbara (805) 969-3415 Opal Restaurant and Bar Opal Restaurant and Bar can accommodate in-house parties from 10-120, and we have extensive experience in serving corporate functions, birthdays, wedding rehearsal dinners or wedding celebrations, weekly luncheons, and private parties of all sorts. Whether it is an onsite banquet or off-site catering, our highly effective system of service enables us to handle all events from the most casual birthday bash to the most exacting and formal affair, with a smooth and flawless style that anticipates every situation and creates a great experience for you and your guests. 1325 State Street, Santa Barbara (805) 966-9676 Roosterfish Room at Seagrass The Roosterfish Room is designed to provide a memorable private restaurant experience. Comfortably accommodating up to 22 guests this room offers it’s own private heating, air conditioning and music controls, providing guests with the ultimate in comfort. A

Simple Elegance, Classic Delicacies 3315 State Street located in Loreto Plaza


1324 State St. in Arlington Plaza

805-892-2800 22

food & home

PRIVATE DINING in the Roosterfish Room for up to 22 guests 30 east ortega street • santa barbara • 805.963.1012

COASTAL CUISINE w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

streamlined version of the Seagrass dinner menu is exceptional, and gives a restaurant-quality experience in a private environment. 30 East Ortega St., 805-963-1012 Santa Barbara Event Locations This site is a FREE one stop shop for special event locations. View all of the incredible venues Santa Barbara County has to offer and find their contact information too! 710 East Haley Street, Santa Barbara (805) 963-4205 Cucina Room at Olio e Limone Ristorante The Cucina Room is the ideal venue for your group of up to 40 people. Perfect for business dinners and life events when you desire the exclusivity and privacy of your very own Olio e Limone dining experience. Enter and you will find an attentive service staff, beautifully set table and complimentary printed menus. We have created five dinner menus named after some of our favorite Italian wine regions to help in the decision-making process. A luncheon menu is also available for lunchtime events. Private dining is also available at the Terrazza Room at Olio Pizzeria for up to 22 guests. 11 & 17 West Victoria Street 805-899-2699

Catering Creative Services Catering & Event Planning, Inc. Creative Services Catering & Event Planning, Inc. is experienced, professional, fully licensed and insured. A full service catering company with years of experience in private and corporate events, all of their menus are “create your own” so you may customize your selections— costs will vary based on w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

menu selection, style of service and additional services selected. Contact Creative Services Catering & Event Planning, Inc. to create your perfect event! By appointment only (805) 965-9121 Elements When looking for a caterer for your next special event, you need the assurance that the caterer has the experience and expertise to provide the highest level of food and service. You can trust the Elements catering team to deliver, from planning and preparation through the final dessert on your special day. From an intimate event at Elements Restaurant to a party for 500 at a local estate, Elements catering will oversee every detail. To book your next event contact Bernadette Pometta at 805-884-9218. Events by Philippe Events by Philippe is full service catering, wedding, and event production company dedicated to the art of creative culinary designs. With extensive experience in the industry and services to cover all your event needs, Events by Philippe provides outstanding service and spectacular events. 421 East Cota Street #2, Santa Barbara (805) 687-3979 Pure Joy Catering, Inc. Pure Joy offers full service catering for the Santa Barbara Tri-County Areas. Flawless event planning, friendly service and unbelievably delicious handmade fare— Pure Joy will bring your vision to life. 111 East Haley Street Santa Barbara (805) 963-5766

SUSH I on site

Our professional sushi chef comes to your home or business for all your special events... starting at $15 per person! Corporate Events • Weddings • Graduation • Parties

For all the details: (805) 708-7127 food & home




food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

COZY CUISINE Great comfort food starts in the mind. The smell takes you back to that time when

you first tasted that dish. The people. The place. The experience. Most people have multiple comfort memories

as they travel through life. Some as unique as elk sausage and eggs in the mountains




Some as elegant as

a nine course meal

in Napa. It’s hard to

say whether the



the food, or the

other way around.

Either way, once

ingrained into your

psyche, it remains

a touchstone to that

moment, and the

best part is it can be

relived. For many

chefs and restau-

rant owners, they


hoods to creating



comfort moments with food. It’s why their customers come back and it’s why they gush to their friends about how good they feel (yes feel) when they have it. The power of good comfort food is that it can happen anytime, anywhere. The following are a few offerings from local eateries that just might take you there. –Food & Home


local comfort offerings


w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home


Hob Nob




ldo’s Ravioli with Chicken and Cilantro—Smoked fontina cheese filled ravioli, with grilled chicken, pine nuts, and tomatoes in a lemon-cilantro pesto sauce. Available on both lunch and dinner menus, this dish gives offers an amazing fresh taste by featuring cilantro instead of basil in the pesto. Pairs wonderfully with the house Cesar salad and a local Chardonnay. 1031 State St. in the heart of downtown. 805-963-6687.


food & home

Lucky’s Steakhouse Meatloaf-- Lucky’s Executive Chef and General Manager, Leonard Schwartz, first developed the recipe in 1984 for a restaurant called 72 Market St. in Venice, Ca. He subsequently has served it at several other restaurants under his direction, including Maple Drive in Beverly Hills and Zeke’s Smokehouse in L.A. When he took over at Lucky’s in 2007 he brought his Meatloaf recipe with him. Comprised of

both beef and pork, and possessed of a slight southwestern spiciness, the dish has been a hit since The New York Times Sunday magazine featured it in an article many years ago. Served with a generous helping of garlic mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach, it is available only on Tuesdays. 1279 Coast Village Rd. Montecito. 805-565-7540. Emilio’s Paella—For over 20 years this dish has been a house

favorite. Featuring fresh fish, mussels, Manila clams, shrimp, roasted chicken, sausage, and saffron rice, the dish is finished in the oven and served family style at the table. The house recommends paring with a glass of De Paola Zinfandel, vintage 2007. 324 West Cabrillo Blvd. 805-966-4426. Cafe Buenos Aires Pollo Arrollado (stuffed chicken)—A classic comfort dish from Argentina. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Palace Grill




Slow roasted chicken stuffed with fortina cheese and prunes. Served with fresh beets, hearts of palm, apple and pecan salad, and a rum reduction sauce. The flavors are clean with just the right blend of sweet and spice. Pair it with a local Syrah. 1316 State St, (805) 963-0242.

stewed red lentils, local squash, carrots, onions and spices over wild rice. The dish is topped with plain yogurt and sweet chutney. Full size dinner portion is $10.50 and pairs nicely with glass of Sauvignon Blanc. 134 E. Canon Perdido St, (805) 965-7922.


Mesa Café Corned Beef and Cabbage—Made fresh daily the traditional way, this local’s favorite is one of the best dinner

ojourner Café Golden Indian Dhal—A truly one of a kind blending of flavors, this simple but hearty meal features w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

values in town at just $9.95. The portions are hearty and feature creamed horseradish and fresh vegetables on the side. Pair it with a beer. 1972 Cliff Dr. one the Mesa, (805) 966-5303. Piatti Tagliatelle—The Tagliatelle at Piatti is prepared with a classic Bolognese sauce and is one of the more popular items on the menu at both lunch and dinner. True comfort food! The Tagliatelle noodle is an egg

based flat ribbon noodle that is made in house daily. The dish is fantastically paired with Buoni Anni, a local Sangiovese crafted in Santa Ynez by Jamie and Julie Kellner. 516 San Ysidro Rd, Montecito. (805) 969-7520. Seagrass Local Spiny Lobster Risotto ‘Grana Pedano’—Chef John Pettitt combines the flavors of a butter poached local spiny lobster with local sea urchin, leeks and a corn pudding, plated food & home



Paradise Café

Trattoria Victoria


food & home

Olio e Limone

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

over a Grana Pedano risotto. Grana Pedano is considered the finest in the parmesan cheese family. In Italy it out sells ParmigianoReggiano by about 10 to 1. A great pairing for this dish is a Melville ‘Clone 76-Inox’ Chardonnay or a sparkling wine NV Roederer Estate, Brut, Anderson Valley. 30 E. Ortega St, at Anacapa. (805) 9631012.


ine Cask Braised Short Ribs—Featured as a special by Chef Spencer Johnston, the dish is plated with a potato puree, creamy mushroom polenta and sautéed spinach. The sauce varies and includes a blackberryred wine jus or tomato confit and port wine reduction. Chef Johnston comes to the Wine Cask after serving as executive Chef at The Pearl Hotel in San Diego. Prior to The Pearl, he strengthened his culinary skills under Chef Antonio Friscia at Stingaree and Chef Christian Graves at Jsix, both in San Diego. 813 Anacapa St. 805966-9463. Julienne Pan Roasted Duck— Owners Justin and Emma West have stayed true to form with this dish by combining the freshest produce from local farms with the finest meats. The duck breast is fanned out over house made duck sausage, fresh cabbage and Bulgarian shelling beans from local Hilltop Canyon Farms, all in a fresh duck jus. Pairs well with a local or French Pinot Noir. 138 E. Canon Perdido St. (805) 845-6488.



Wine Cask

Roy Chicken Pot Pie—You know when this dish is on the menu because you can savor the aroma the second you walk in the door. Fresh local vegetables, shredded chicken breast, Farmers Market herbs and chicken stock are baked slowly, the old fashioned way, in a house made pie shell. The flavors are full and seasoned to perfection. Goes great with beer. 7 W. Carrillo St, (805) 966-5636.

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Mesa Café

food & home


Stella Mare’s


rattoria Victoria Spagetti Scoglio—Chef Stefano Cepak is only 24, but has been cooking professionally for 10 years. This traditional Italian dish is prepared daily with fresh clams, mussels, calamari, shrimp and salmon sautéed in olive oil, garlic tomatoes and white wine. The pasta holds the natural juices from the shellfish to complete this wonderfully flavored and hearty meal. Pairs well with beer or a dry white wine. 30 E. Victoria St. (805) 962-5014. Jade Lamb Ragout-- A true, full flavored comfort food, the dish consists of stewed lamb with Asian spices and garlic mashed potato. The lamb is fork tender as are the vegetables, all in a rich, savory sauce. Inspired by the everyday family cooking with which they grew up, owners Dustin and Jeannine Green prepare food that will make you feel as though you’re dining in the casual comfort of home. 3132 State St. (805) 563-2007.

Sojourner Café

Olio e Limone Ristorante’s Quaglie con Salsiccia, Polenta e Caponata-- Roasted quails are stuffed with house made sausage and served with polenta and Sicilian ratatouille. In the Veneto region, they make polenta e osei, songbirds such as larks, thrushes, warblers, buntings, or blackbirds, and squares of polenta roasted over a fire of aromatic woods. Olio e Limone Ristorante puts a Sicilian twist on this dish by serving caponata (Sicilian “ratatouille” made with roasted eggplant, bell peppers, zucchini, onions, capers, golden raisins and pine nuts), around a polenta square topped with two sausage-stuffed roasted quails. 17 W. Victoria St. (805) 899-2699. Sly’s Mac and Cheese with Greens—Sometimes you’ve just got to have it. Made with 100 percent pure Tillamook cheddar cheese, melted in heavy cream and butter, the dish represents a blending of experience from the


food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

global travels of Chef James Sly. And Chef James has definitely put a new twist on an old favorite. The tangy and savory flavors are complimented by the salad of fresh greens from Tom Shepard Farms. Truly a meal for the sole. 686 Linden Ave, Carpinteria. (805) 684-6666.


alace Grill Pecan Chicken Picatta—Free range chicken breast sautéed in house Creole lemon butter caper sauce gives this classic dish a Cajun twist. Add the crunch and sweetness of fresh pecans and you have a winner! The meal comes with vegetables and is available at lunch and dinner. The house recommends starting with Cesar salad and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. 8 E. Cota St, Santa Barbara. (805) 963-5000.

Louie’s at the Upham Hotel Meatloaf—The first thing you’ll notice about this fabulous dish is how good it looks when they serve you. Brightly colored fresh vegetables, rich mushroom sauce, grill marked meat, all resting on a bed of perfect garlic mash potato. And yes, it tastes as good as it looks. Dinner portions are larger and the house suggests pairing it with a local Syrah. 1404 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara. (805) 963-7003. Petit Valentien Cassoulet—The perfect blending of French comfort flavors gives this dish a life of its own. Duck confit, pork belly sausage that is sautéed in duck fat, white beans, garlic and fresh parsley. The house recommends calling in advance to see if the dish is on the specials menu. A good wine pairing is Jaffurs Syrah. 1114 State St. in the La Arcada Mall. (805) 966-0222. bouchon Cassoulet—The flavors in this traditional French dish are amazing and bouchon leaves nothing to doubt. A three day process to cure the duck thy for the confit makes for a “fall off the bone” tenderness that is unmatched. The thy is then placed on top of pan-seared duck breast and a succotash of corn, fava beans, applewood-smoked bacon and butternut squash from Windrose Farms. bouchon has over 50 local wines by the glass and will superbly pair this dish for you. 9 W. Victoria St, Santa Barbara. (805) 730-1160. Hollister Brewing Co. Red Ale Chili—The hearty dish features slow-cooked beef and pork with pinto beans, fresh peppers, tomatoes, chilies, garlic and a blend of spices in the house brewed Table 42 Red Ale. The dish is garnished with crème fraiche, cheddar cheese and onions. You’ll want to pair it with the Red Ale, of course. 6980 Marketplace Dr.,Goleta. (805) 968-2810. Opal Restaurant and Bar Roasted Duck—Over the years, Opal has established a strong reputation for being a cozy neighborhood eatery that serves w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home



Meun Fan



global flavors. The roasted duck with Chambord Blackberry compote is a great example. The duck is breast is sliced and plated atop a bed of wild rice and finished with a port wine Demi Glace. The house Syrah (Jaffurs) is a great pair. 1325 State St, Santa Barbara. (805) 966-9676.

ery is known for. The shrimp risotto features pan sautéed gulf shrimp over a parmesan cheese risotto with mushroom, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, lemon and basil. Pairs great with either a local Sangiovese or Pinot Noir. 6920 Marketplace Dr, Goleta. (805) 685-7300

three-cheese sauce made from white cheddar, gruyere and parmesan is baked with pennette pasta noodles, crisp pancetta, fresh chives and tarragon. The dish is served in a cast iron ramekin and pairs well with Brander Sauvignon Blanc. 630 State St. in old town. (805) 957-1300.


Blush Restaurant and Lounge Lobster Mac-N-Cheese— Comfort indeed goes elegant with this signature appetizer. A

Blue Agave Cowboy and Cowgirl Plate—Depending on your mood, be it meat or meatless, you can’t go wrong in terms of

astavino Shrimp Risotto— Simple meals done superbly well and at great prices is what this neighborhood Goleta eat-


food & home

flavor with these signature comfort dishes. If you’re going Cowboy you are served two natural turkey sausage links poached in Sierra Nevada Ale on a plate with grilled mash yams, pablano chile rice, black beans and green salad. Cowgirls are served two free-range eggs, mashed yams, pablano chile rice, black beans and green salad. Beer pairs great with both. 20 E. Cota St. (805) 899-4694. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m









Mark Levinson


Monster Cable



Niles Audio





Universal Remote



Linn Hi-Fi


Pioneer Elite


Stewart Filmscreen



WE KNOW HOME ENTERTAINMENT FROM A TO Z AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. We’ve installed thousands of home entertainment systems, from state of the art full room theaters to compact limited space systems. We take real pride in what we do, it’s just one of the reasons we’ve been in business for over 20 years. We offer the most prestigious brands in the business. Our highly trained staff will walk you through choosing the right components, making sure you get just what you need. So give us a call, or drop by and find out why Mission Audio Video is the last name in home entertainment.

m ission AUDIO / V IDEO

T E C H N O LO GY + P E R F O R M A N C E + S E R V I C E

Showroom open Tuesday thru Saturday

1910 De La Vina at Pedregosa, Santa Barbara



eun Fan Thai Café Green Curry Shrimp—Delicate, but hearty might best describe this dish. Thai shrimp, zucchini, bamboo shoots, bell pepper, sweet basil and coconut meat steep in a green curry broth. Simple and as spicy as you want…add rice and a Thai beer for a complete and satisfying meal. 1819 Cliff Dr. (805) 882-9244.

Paradise Café Baby Back Ribs— The ribs are slow-roasted and then fished on the oak grill to give the dish its savory and smoky character. The Iowa pork ribs are naturally raised and hormone free and are served with a housemade garlic sauce, vegetables and garlic mash potatoes. The house recommends enjoying this dish on the forced air heated patio (truly amazing!) along with a glass of Kunin Syrah. 702 Anacapa St. (805) 962-4416.

Cold Spring Tavern Blush


Hollister Brewing Co.

food & home

Stella Mare’s Coq au vin jaune— Comfort food is definitely a priority at Stella mare. This dish is a classic that features a French braise of chicken cooked with Riesling wine, lardons, (small pieces of fat, typically pork fat, which are used extensively in French cooking) fresh peas, mushrooms and garlic and served with egg noodles. Have the French onion soup as an appetizer and a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert to complete the comfort experience. Pair with Champagne or house Syrah. 50 Los Patos Way, Montecito. (805) 969-6705 Downey’s Roasted Squab—Every year since 1986, Downey’s has received the highest Zagat rating for food in Santa Barbara. This year’s rating was a 28-28, almost perfect. In 1995 GQ Magazine gave Downey’s their Golden Dish Award as one of the top 10 restaurants in the world. And a big part of why the accolades keep coming is due to Chef John Downey’s favorite signature special, roasted squab. The Los Angeles Times wrote “The squab slipped into w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

hob nob a modern tavern


b e wI i t hwant f r i e ntod s be a n d with e a t gfriends ood foo d . r eeat mem b e r bfood. a c k wIh e want n l i f e tow a s and good e a s yremember . w e a r j e back a n s awhen n d h elife a r s was o n g seasy. t h a t I a rwant e fam a r . d rjeans i n k a and s t i f hear f martoi l iwear t i n i songs a n d tthat o a s t are t o familiar. g o o d f r music i e n d s . and c e l egood b r a t efood a mspark i l e s t omemoriesmemone. eat mac n cheese and remember childhood . enjoy good wine. sit outside unI want to d e r Int h this e s t acorner rs gr ill cheese never tasted better. romantic dinner for t w o we . hare a pgoing p y hto o u r f u n . c o m f o r t a b l e b o o t h s . d e s s e r t b y feel c a ncozy dlelight. not stuffy have to come simplicity is the ultimate sophistication . cocktails anyone . compaupa bwith ny m e w isome t h f r i e n d s a n d e a t g o o d f o o d . r e m e m b e r b a comfortable ck when life I w a s new e a s lines y . w ecan a r j e a n s a n d h e a r s o n g s t h a t a r e f a m i l i a r . dwant r i n k toa s t i f f m a r you t i n i think a n d t of o a s t t o g o o d f r i e n d s . c e l e b r a t e a m i l e s t olook n e . good. eat mac Not sure n o d . e n j o y g o o d w i n e . s i t o uif n c hanything e e s e a n you d r e mae m m obdeer r nc ht ialvdehr o t sIi d e come to indulge u n dwould e r t h elike s t a rtos . g r i l l c h e e s e n e v e r t a s t e d b e t t e r . r o m a want c o m af ostiff rtable b o osay t h s here. d e s each s e r t b y c a n d l e l i g h t . s i m p l i c i t y i s t h e u l t i m adrink t e s oorpIh i s t i c a t icorner o n . c o is c k t aai l s a n y o n e . c o m p a n y m a k e s t h e f e a s t . g owant urmet burge r s . blck b e of w i twords h f r i e n d s a n d e a t g o o d f o o d . r e m e m b e r b a csomething k when life w a s and e a s ysentenses . w e a r j e a n s a n d h e a r s o n g s t h a t a r e f a m i l i a r . salty d r i n maybe k a stiff m a r what t i n i aare n d your t o a s t t o g o o d f r i e n d s . c e l e b r a t e a m i l e s t o nsweet. e . eat mac n c hmemories? e e s e a n d rI e m e m b e r c h i l d h o o d g r i l l c h e e s e n e v e r t aI scrave. ted better . r o want m a n t to i c dfeel. i n n e r f o r t w o . h a p p y h o u r f u n . c o m f o r t aI bcrave le booths. d e s s e r t by candlelight. simplicity is the ultimate soph i s tication . something

hob nob hob nob

21 west victoria street

21 west victoria w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

santa barbara. ca 93101

santa barbara, ca 93101

805. 564. 7100


new. food & home


Café Buenos Aires


food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Blue Agave

the sauce like love on a summer’s eve.” Chef John says it’s his favorite dish to prepare because of the way the kitchen smells during the process. The fresh squab, hand picked from Carpenter Ranch in Ojai, is oven roasted whole in garlic, fresh thyme and mustard greens. Chef John suggests a medium rare temperature and a pairing of a good local Pinot Noir.1305 State St. (805) 966-5006.


old Spring Tavern BBQ Pork Ribs— If you’re looking for that true mountain comfort moment, you might want to give these ribs a try. The baby back ribs are steamed and then finished on an oak fired BBQ grill to give the ribs a smoky flavor. House made chili, onion and tomato sauce is brushed on to give the dish a tangy rich lip smacking finish. Comes with garlic mash potatoes and choice of soup, salad or house made chili. Sit by the fire and enjoy! 5995 Stagecoach Rd. off of HWY 154. (805) 9670066.


Petit Valentien

HobNob Tavern Lamb Stew—Can you think of anything more cozy than a bowl of savory stew on a winter day? Boneless lamb shoulder, bacon, fresh vegetables, herbs and beef stock slowly simmer for hours to give the dish its rich flavors. The hearty meal is plated with garlic mash potatoes and a sprig of thyme. Pairs well with beer or a glass of local Syrah. 21 W. Victoria St. (805) 564-7100. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home


Photo by Lori Gold


At Home for the Winter Comfort food notes by Lynette La Mere Pure Joy Catering Executive Chef


food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


he term “comfort food” (added to the Webster’s Dictionary in 1972) is defined as foods consumed to achieve some level of improved emotional status, whether to relieve negative psychological affect or to increase positive. Comfort foods are also considered very trendy and are pretty darn hard to resist! They warm the hearth & the cockles of most mortal souls. You can tell if food is “comfort food” if your eyes close when you taste it (or sometimes even when you just think about it!). I love serving them in miniature so they don’t feel quite so naughty; they can be utterly adorable and just plain yummy!

Macaroni & Bay Scallops with Gruyere and Cheddar

Serves 6 – 8 Oh yea! Grown up mac & cheese; yes! You can have gooey and sophisticated at the same time and it’s oh so lovely. 12 oz. macaroni, boiled in salted water till tender, drained & rinsed to stop the cooking 2 oz. butter 1/3 of an onion, diced “Shy” 1/2 cup flour (take off about 1 Tb.) Salt & pepper to taste 1 qt. milk, hot 2 pinches nutmeg 1 tsp.dry mustard powder 1 dash Tabasco sauce 1 lb. grated good cheese (gruyere, cheddar, etc.) For the scallops: 1.5 oz. butter 1/2 lb. bay scallops For the Topping blend together: 1.5 oz. melted butter 1.3 cups bread crumbs 1/4 cup chopped fresh Italian parsley Melt the butter & over medium heat cook the onions till tender but not browned. Sprinkle in the flour and salt & pepper, whisk till sandy in color. Slowing whisk in the milk, nutmeg, mustard and Tabasco. Lower heat & simmer about 10 minutes or until thickened. Remove from heat & stir in the cook macaroni & grated cheeses, taste and adjust seasoning. Sauté half of the scallops in butter about 5 minutes till cooked through then stir them into the macaroni and cheese, pour into a casserole & sprinkle with the topping. Bake at 350° for 35-45 minutes or until golden brown. Sauté the other half of the scallops in the butter and pile them on top of the golden casserole to serve.

Grilled Polenta & Thyme Triangles with Truffle Oil and Shaved Parmesan

Serves 6 One of our most requested recipes, this ridiculously popular menu item will become one of your go-to favorites. It’s also great with a good marinara sauce if you haven’t got truffle oil.

Southampton by Wood-Mode. Southampton by Wood-Mode.

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Showroom locations: 3630 Sagunto Street 1717 State StreetShowroom locations: 1717 State Street Santa Ynez, CA 93460 SantaState Barbara, CA 93101 3630 Sagunto Street 1717 Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805.682.4003 Santa Ynez, CA 93460 Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805.686.1140 805.682.4003 805.682.4003 805.686.1140 ©2008 Wood-Mode, Inc. ©2008 Wood-Mode, Inc.

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Jambalaya and...


3 Tb. butter 1.5 Tb. olive oil 1 tsp. minced garlic 1 pinch crushed red pepper flakes 1/2 tsp. chopped fresh thyme 1/4 tsp. kosher salt 1/4 tsp. pepper 9 oz. chicken stock 6 oz. half & half 6 oz. milk 3/4 cup corn meal 1/4 cup parmesan cheese, grated Olive or vegetable oil spray Garnish with: 2 Tb. truffle oil parmesan cheese, shaved with a vegetable peeler

“One of America’s Best Restaurants!” —Zagat Guide “Best on the West Coast” —L.A. Magazine

Heat the oil & butter in a large sauté pan. Sauté garlic, both peppers, fresh thyme & salt for 1 min. Add the stock, half & half and milk, bring to a boil. Remove from the heat, sprinkle in the corn meal, whisking constantly. Cook over low heat stirring constantly for a few minutes until thick and bubbly. Off the heat stir in the grated parmesan. Pour into a vegetable oil sprayed 8.5 x 4.5 loaf pan and chill until cold. Cut in half lengthwise then into 2’ squares so you have eight total. Lift them out with a thin metal spatula and cut each diagonally into two triangles. Using a flat grill, griddle or hot sauté pan sprayed generously with olive oil sear both sides of the triangles to give them a bit of crust & color. Garnish with a drizzle of truffle oil & shavings of parmesan.

Vegetable Lasagna

Serves 6 Combat comfort food’s bad rap with super lean & carbless lasagna! I was surprised how very satisfying lasagna can be without pasta. Really any combination of vegetables would work well here, these are just suggestions.

Voted “BEST SERVICE” in Santa Barbara Every Year Since 1988

“It’s Always Packed and Always Good” —Paul Wallach’s Guide

OPEN 7 DAYS for LUNCH from 11:30–3:00 & EVENINGS from 5:30pm

8 E. Cota Street • Limited reservations 963-5000 • 40

food & home

1 pound zucchini olive oil spray 1 onion, diced 6 garlic cloves, chopped 1 cup sliced mushrooms 1 1/2 pounds lean vintage natural ground beef 2 cups grated aged parmesan cheese 25 ounces of your favorite bottled marinara sauce 8 sprigs fresh oregano, stemmed 1/2 bunch fresh basil, stemmed and torn

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Stem the zucchini and the slice length-wise in 1/ 6 inch wide long pieces. Spray with olive oil a standard 3 quart lasagna pan and then line the bottom with a layer of zucchini slices, season with salt & pepper. Sauté the diced onion in a hot pan sprayed with olive oil till translucent then add the garlic to the pan and remove after a few moments. Set that aside then spray more olive oil as needed and sauté the mushrooms then the beef seasoning well with salt and pepper as you go. As the beef browns break (continued) w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

C OOKING AT H OME (continued)

it up and add olive oil as needed. You’ll find the lean vintage beef doesn’t give off a lot fluid as it cooks so it browns well & smells great. Sprinkle 1/2 cup of the parmesan on top of the layer of zucchini, top with 1/ 3 of the marinara sauce then layer on the onions, garlic, mushrooms and fresh herbs. Top that with the rest of your sliced zucchini, season with salt & pepper then the beef, marinara sauce and the rest of the cheese. Bake for about 40 minutes.

Chicken Provencal

Serves 4 This is chicken for mature audiences only. The grown-up, vivid flavors of olives, fennel, and citrus zest become rich, deep, and sexy when braised in an opulent red wine such as our local Foley Syrah. I love it with creamy parmesan infused polenta or roasted garlic mashed potatoes & a rustic salad. Even better made the day before.

2 slices of bacon 6-8 chicken thighs salt & pepper to taste 1/2 cup flour 1 firm orange olive oil 2 small onions, diced

3 cloves garlic, chopped 1 cup Syrah 6 roma tomatoes 2 red or yellow bell peppers 1 Tb. fresh thyme 1/2 tsp. fennel seed 1/2 tsp. fresh rosemary 1/2 tsp. turmeric 1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes 1/2 cup kalamata olives (you can get pitted ones if you prefer) 1/2 bunch Italian parsley Trim the chicken as needed and season with salt and pepper, then dredge it in the flour. Thickly zest the orange with a vegetable peeler, reserve the orange itself for another use. In a large cast iron or heavy oven-proof skillet that you have a lid to slowly heat the bacon pieces until they begin to turn golden and give off their oil. Remove the bacon and sauté the chicken over high heat 5-7 minutes each side or until deep golden. Set the chicken aside and preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Sauté the onions in the pan until golden translucent, adding the garlic just at the end. To this return the chicken, the orange zest and all the ingredients accept the olives and parsley. Bring to a boil on the stove top then cover it and pop into the oven for about 30 minutes.

A truly tasteful experience! §


Santa Barbara’s Favorite Italian Restaurant since 1937 oils and vinegars

3401 State Street Santa Barbara 805.845.3521 42

food & home

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3:16 PM

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Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

I enjoy the depth roasted garlic adds to most savory dishes, here’s an effortless way to have it on hand. Cover a couple cups of peeled garlic cloves in a small baking pan half way with olive oil and cover the pan. Bake it at 350 degrees until golden and tender, about half an hour. Keep this in the refrigerator and use the oil or garlic to flavor many things, like this flawless side dish. (To skip this step however, you can buy roasted garlic paste). 5 lb. russet potatoes 6 oz. butter 1.5 cups half & half 1/4 cup roasted garlic (recipe above), smashed to a paste Salt & pepper to taste Boil a pot of salted water, add the peeled & quartered potatoes and move them around in the pot occasionally so the bottom ones don’t go too fast, 25 to 30 minutes. Here’s the big trick to making really great mashed potatoes; heat the butter and half & half in a small pot. When easily pierced with a fork, drain the potatoes in a colander. Do not use a food processor; pour them back in the same pot & smash them while piping hot, add HOT half & half and butter, whip / whisk till fluffy. Add the roasted garlic and salt & pepper to taste.


Serves 8 I have tried all the brownie recipes you can imagine and these are still my favorite, and everyone else’s too. Based on Katherine Hepburn’s original brownie recipe these are truly glorious and oh so comforting. Once cooled, they hold very well and can be cut into simple squares or smaller bites. 8 oz. butter 5 oz. unsweetened baking chocolate 2 1/2 cups sugar 4 eggs 1 “shy” cup of flour (take out 1 Tbl.) 1/4 tsp. salt 1 Tbl. pure vanilla 3/4 cup of chocolate chips or chopped chocolate bar 3/4 cup walnuts, toasted Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 10 inch baking pan. Melt gently over low heat in a small sauce pan the butter and unsweetened chocolate cubes. Take off the heat and add the sugar, eggs flour, salt and vanilla. Stir in the chocolate chips and walnuts. Fold together with a rubber spatula and then scrape out into the prepared pan and bake till just pulling away from the sides of the pan, about 25-30 minutes. Grandpa always said watch the food not the clock! Lynette La Mere is also the proprietor of Pure Joy Catering, Inc (805) 963-5766 (www.PureJoyCatering. com) and a freelance writer who flourishes in Santa Barbara. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Architecture Interiors Space Pl anning Kitchens & Baths, etc. Quality Products Cabinetry • Tile/Stone Full Service Design/Build/Remodel Estate Maintenance

DesignArt + Quality Craftsmanship = Lasting Value

Showroom by Appointment

532 Santa Barbara Street SANTA BARBARA 866. 974.6444 MONTECITO • SANTA YNEZ Douglas Gheza associate a.i.a. certified interior designer licensed building contractor Patrick Marr architect • civil engineer



Harbor Restaurant


Marmalade Café


Throwdown… W

hat do you get when you put 30-odd chefs in the same room with a bunch of beer, wine and portable propane burning crock-pots filled with what each thinks is the best chowder on the planet? A great time! Add 400 or so hungry chowder patrons, three judges and a fantastic view of the ocean and you have the first annual Chowder Festival by Food & Home Magazine…a great time, indeed. All the hoopla was to benefit The Legal Aid Foundation of Santa Barbara County, a very worthwhile group that provides legal services to those who can’t otherwise afford it. The Boathouse took home the first year’s trophy for best overall chowder and also first place in the creative chowder division. The winner of the Clam Chowder category was the Faculty Club at UCSB. Joe’s Café took home second place honors for clam and Marmalade Café came in third. Marmalade beat Max’s in a close overtime taste-off for the third-place ribbon. Willows at The Chumash Casino took second place in the creative division and SBCC Culinary Department took third. The People’s Choice award went to Opal Restaurant and Bar who made a hit with their spicy Thai fish chowder. Others receiving lots of people’s choice buzz were Roy, The Harbor Restaurant and Holdren’s Steakhouse. The official judging went on for over two hours as each judge gave all entries full attention. The judges were Chef Scott Liebfried from Arch Rock Fish, Chef John Pettitt, from Segrass and John Dixon, The Restaurant Guy and columnist for The Daily Sound. All in all, the event at Montecito Country Club was a huge success and will be back bigger and even better in 2011. (continued) 44

food & home

S.B. Shellfish Company

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


Your new holiday tradition A “locals’ favorite” in Santa Barbara, this “cozy romantic” Californian located in the Upham Hotel offers “consistently fine dining” and “congenial” service in a “lovely, intimate” space, and oenophiles can “count on discovering some of the best local wines”; the experience is all the more “soothing” because it somes “without a hefty price” tag. —Zagat 2007 Louie's, located inside the 130-year-old Hotel Upham, reflects the charm and tradition of its location, with a jazzy, comfortable feel all its own. A small but well-stocked wine bar is at the entry, and guests are served extra ordinary fresh seafood, pastas, filet mignon and a changing menu of specialties. There are cozy tables and booths inside or on an old-fashioned heated verandah outside.

Winter Ale A beer inspired by Mexican hot chocolate, brewed with cinnamon, allspice, and Ancho chili peppers

Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30am - 2pm Wine & Beer Dinner: Sun-Thur 6 – 9 pm Casual Dress Fri & Sat 6 - 10 pm Visa, MC, Amex Accepted

Private Parties Banquets Local Wines by the Glass 1404 De La Vina Street (Inside the Upham Hotel) (805) 963-7003 w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Santa Barbara, CA food & home




Winners of Clam Chowder Category: 1st – Faculty Club at UCSB 2nd – Joe’s Cafe 3rd – Marmalade Cafe Winners of the Creative Category: 1st – Boathouse 2nd – Willows at the Chumash Casino 3rd – SB City College Culinary Department Winner of the People’s Choice award: Opal Restaurant and Bar Pear Valley Vineyards


Judges John Pettitt of Seagrass, Arch Rock Fish’s Scott Liebfried and John Dixon

UCSB Faculty Club 46

food & home

Millesime Cellar

(Photos by Ashley Renée)


SB Shellfish Co. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Exclusive inventory includes:

Tatuaje • God of Fire • Opus X • Room 101 • Sencillo Distinct selection of accoutrements:

S.T. Dupont

• Xicar • Prometheus • IM Corona

10 West Figueroa • 805-963-1979

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home


Whitcraft Winery


The Willows

Olio e Limone 48

food & home


UCSB Faculty Club

Daniel Gehrs Winery w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Extraordinary Food • Elegantly Relaxed Seasonal Menu • Full Bar • Catering

jade restaurant

is a family-owned, Hawaiian-American comfort food restaurant where perfect service and even better food will define your experience time and time again. We look forward to your visit.

Ristorante • Bar Open Tuesday-Saturday, 5:30pm-9:30pm.

3132 State Street Santa Barbara • 563-2007 w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Since 1990

324 West Cabrillo • 966-4426 • food & home


Dinner menu served 5:30–10:30 Bar menu served 5:00–11:30 Cocktails served 4:30–2am

Eclectic California Cuisine Award-Winning Wine list

Full Bar * Martini Menu

20 East Cota Street, Santa Barbara (805) 899-4694

“This bistro shines with gourmet food at everyday prices and remains an absolute must in SB for creative fare, illuminating wines; charming decor, a satisfyingly buzzy ambiance and exceptional service which keeps it a favorite with the locals.”

----Zagat Survey

1325 State Street Next to the Arlington Theatre Open Daily 966-9676 50

food & home

Private Banquet Room with Custom Menus Catering * Take-out w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Tony Ferden of The Tee-Off

Raising the Bar A holiday high five to some of the best bartenders in town. BY RAYMOND BLOOM


It’s been said that one of the best compliments in life is a birthday card from your bartender. It says you count. You’ve arrived. You know you have a friend, and that friend is always on your side because your side is always right. When you’re friend is behind the bar, you couldn’t be a better spouse…a better father, mother, golfer, business partner, human being. (continued) w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home


Francisco “Frankie” Calvillo of Joe’s Cafe


good bartender thinks you’re smart and your ideas are great, and if it wasn’t for this economy…well… your stock picks and fantasy football roster would be right on the money, too. Where else in life can you get this kind of raw professional advice for the price of a well made cocktail? And lately, never have so many of us who enjoy cocktails owed so much to so few who pour them; forever mindful that when life makes it a shade too hot at the office or the shoulder treatment at home is a tad chilly, there’s always that special someone you can sit in front of and bare your soul. The following is a big tip of the hat to some of Santa Barbara’s best.

Willy Gilbert of Arnoldi’s and Jill’s Place. 52

food & home

The Bartender: Francisco “Frankie” Calvillo The Bar: Joe’s Café. How long: 36 years. How did he get to SB: His father brought his family here from Michuacan, Mexico in 1968. He graduated from Santa Barbara High School in 1972, got a job at Joes and has been there ever since. Favorite drink to make: “A Long w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Esther Rogers of Roy

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home


Kyli Bingham of Blue Agave

Island Ice Tea. There are so many liquors in the mix that it makes it fun for people to watch me make one.” Best pick up line overheard while working: “This guy says to the lady, do you want to witness my secret way of making chocolate chip cookies?” Did it work? “I have no idea.” What do the politicians drink: “They used to drink a lot of martinis. Now they order wine.” Biggest tip: $100 from this gal who I served years ago when she went to UCSB. She said it was a make good for all the years she couldn’t tip me because she was a broke student.” Hobbies: “I get on my road bike and ride. Sometimes 30-40 miles out and back. Then I go to the gym…five days a week.”

Ara Ayrassian of Brophy Brothers 54

food & home

Todd Yuhasz of The Chase

The Bartender: Todd Yuhasz The Bar: The Chase How long: 27years How did he get to SB: “My mom moved here from Toronto, Canada when I was 15. I liked it so I stayed.” Favorite drink to make: “I make them all…margaritas, whiskey sours…anything. But my favorite is just a straight up business martini (continued on page 74) w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

T Y F P CHOWDER

C W Overall Chowder Champ – the Boathouse

C C 1st: Faculty Club at UCSB 2nd: Joe’s Café 3rd: Marmalade Café

C C 1st: Boathouse 2nd: Willows Restaurant 3rd: SBCC Culinary Department People’s Choice - Opal Restaurant T Y   A S, R, W, B   P

Marborg Industries Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Reicker Pfau Pyle & McRoy Anticouni & Associates Brownstein Hyatt Farber & Schreck SB Independent Cumulus Media

Ehlers & Fairbanks Barbara Tzur, Legal Aid Board President Betty & Stan Hatch Pam & Chris Haskell Lori Lewis & Ron Perry Law Office of Marc Chytilo Rogers Sheffield & Campbell Amy & Garry Tetalman

Aldo’s Italian Restaurant Arch Rock Fish Bay Roadhouse Boathouse Brophy Brothers Crushcakes Cakery Enterprise Fish Co. The Faculty Club, UCSB Fishouse Greek House Café Harbor Restaurant Holdren’s Steak & Seafood Joe’s Café Louie’s California Bistro Marmalade Café Max’s Restaurant New West Catering Olio e Limone Opal Restaurant & Bar Roy’s Restaurant Santa Barbara Catering Co. SBCC Culinary Dept. Santa Barbara Premiere Catering Santa Barbara Shellsh Co. Useless Bay Seafood Co. Whole Foods Market

Willows Restaurant Wine Cask


Brander Vineyard Daniel Gehr Wines Fess Parker Wines Giessinger Winery Kalyra Winery Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards Millésimé Cellars Pear Valley Vineyards Sunstone Vineyards & Winery Whitcraft Winery


The Brewhouse Firestone Walker Brewing Co. Telegraph Brewery


Bronze Art by Janet Amiri Cabot Creamery Cooperative Greenstar Coffee Co. Epicure Santa Barbara Il Fustino Sugar Girl Cookies Westminster Cracker Co.

S  D - 2 Annual Santa Barbara Chowder Fest- October 23, 2011

A D Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners Amy Steinfeld Antica The Barbecue Co. Baroness Jewelers Bridlewood Winery Cabot Creamery Cooperative Canary Hotel Caron Miller Collection Chaucer Books Circle Bar B Ranch Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Cold Stone Creamery Crushcakes Cupcakery Dawn and Joel Kaufman Dianna and Erik Van Wingerden Disneyland Resort Evolutions Medical Spa Four Seasons, Santa Barbara Ganna Walska Lotus Land Golf n Stuff Greek House Café

2010_1028-TY-food n home_7.5x10.25.indd 1

Hadsten House Hallmark Hotel Marmonte The Huntington Library il Fustino Olive Oils & Vinegars Island Packers Jackie Burford Jerry Hatchett Kalyra Winery Ken Yamamoto Massage Lang Sligh Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Lakers Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards Max’s Restaurant Metropolitan Theaters Corp. Millésimé Cellars Montecito County Club Montecito Family YMCA Olio e Limone Ristorante Our Daily Bread The Palace Grill

Pear Valley Vineyard & Winery Qupe Wine Cellars Salon Patine Santa Barbara Family YMCA Santa Barbara Maritime Museum Santa Barbara Shellsh Co. Santa Barbara Symphony Santa Barbara Travel Santa Barbara Wellness For Life Santa Barbara Zoo SB Eyeglass Factory Serenity by Stephanie Simpson House Inn Sojourner Café Stolpman Vineyards Sue Udden Sunstone Vineyards & Winery

Sylvester Vineyards & Winery Terease Chin Titan Fitness & Physical Therapy Tolosa Winery Trader Joe’s The Upham Hotel & Country House Vining Construction Wardrobe Wisdom Whole Foods Market Will Brown Jewelry Designs

A charity fundraiser benetting Legal Aid. Since 1959, Legal Aid has provided access to the civil justice system for low-income people & seniors—ensuring safe shelter, adequate income, and protection from domestic violence and elder abuse. 10/27/2010 2:27:19 PM

The Home Front Pillow talk‌


nce again, Hastens has re-engineered the way we sleep; this time with the anatomical pillow. Made from the finest natural materials including a tightly woven, 100 percent cotton fabric to keep the down filling intact while at the same time letting air circulate to maintain the perfect temperature in any season. Inside is a detachable and interchangeable cylinder designed to support your neck and relieve pressure. The cylinder is available in different firmness levels depending on your specific needs. -- RB To try one out, visit the Hastens showroom at 919 De la Vina street in Santa Barbara. 805-965-0174

Pond Collectibles


combination of traditional workmanship and modern firing techniques, including no less than eight procedures all fired at different temperatures, is how the unique glass finish is achieved. Manufactured by Green Tree, the stunning collection can be purchased at Terra Sol Garden Center. 5320 Overpass Rd. Prices start at under $9 per piece.--RB

Classic and beautiful

B 56

food & home

Photo by Bill Boyd

righten your holidays with the finest in Italian pottery from Italian Pottery Outlet. Visit their website at www. or drop by their colorful downtown showroom at 929 State Street for the perfect gift or for your own collection. 805-564-7655. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


Cu r r i e s Seafood Salads Ta ke o u t

1819 Cliff Drive Santa Barbara (805) 882-9244






Garden Decor

Distinctive Art Fine Antique Reproductions Classic European Hardware

Visit our new showroom at 2500 Lillie Avenue in Summerland 805-695-0910

Antique Tiles

Winter hours Tuesday – Saturday 11-4 • Closed Sunday and Monday w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home

Offering a Fine Selection


The Home Front The cool look It’s what’s hot in tile


hat’s hot now in the world of tile? Combinations of metal, glass and texture. Organically mixing different elements together could give you the most fun ever in a remodel. Two style getting a lot of attention with designers are: Rio Carrara…a pure, white marble that gets a new twist with a more organic feel and look. Great to look at and even better to stand on. Mirror Grey…it features metal  along with  different textures and shades of grey  glass that come together in a mosaic making for a dramatic feature on the shower wall and floor.  Perfect to combine with the long lines of the monochromatic porcelain tiles in the rest of the bathroom. Both styles and many more are available for sample and purchase at Tileco Tile and Stone showroom. 619 Olive Street, Santa Barbara. 805-564-7454.

Putting On The Glitz


o special occasion required for your fashionable canine to wear a rhinestone or Swarovski crystal leather collar. A variety of sizes, colors and styles are available.  All handmade in the U.S.A. Available at: OffLeash – where pets meet style, 1103 State Street, Santa Barbara, 805-957-4500,


food & home

Eco-Chic Comes to Town


ike many Santa Barbarans, I try to be environmentally sensitive,” says freelance writer Teri Breier. “I recycle, drive a hybrid and eat organic. However, I just could not find classy, casual, eco-friendly clothes. All I’d ever seen was either outdoorsy gear or designer haute couture.” Until she saw a Los Angeles-based apparel company called kikaPaprika featured in the Women’s Festival eco-fashion show at Earl Warren Showgrounds last spring. Immediately taken with the versatile styles in sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, tencel (made of fast-growing eucalyptus) and polyester from recycled water bottles, Breier spoke at length with a sales director. Later, she met the company’s president, Kim Shaw, who partners with her daughter Kirstyn, an FIDM graduate, to design the clothing line. “I wasn’t looking for a second career, yet I admired the company for its high integrity and social responsibility.” In July, Breier and four other local women joined kikaPaprika as consultants. In between writing projects, she now schedules private showings and eco-fashion parties hosted by friends. New to sales, she admits to being nervous at first, “but the clothes practically sell themselves. They’re super-comfortable and flattering for almost every body type.” The collection can be seen online at; email for an appointment.-- Helen S. Adams w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Traditional Italian Flavors

Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner Panini • Insalate • Antipasti • Formaggi Salumi • Dolci • Gelato • Caffè • Cultura


3343 State Street

(Next to San Roque Post Office)


Northwestern Mutual Permanent Life Insurance can help solidify your feeling of nancial well-being. It’s an asset that offers protection, along with cash value guaranteed to grow over time. That’s a foundation for life. Robert Dibley, CLU, ChFC, CASL Managing Director License #: 0B88887 Dibley Financial Group 3888 State Street, Ste 203 Santa Barbara, CA 93105 805-898-4400

The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI (NM). Securities offered through Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC, a subsidiary of NM. Robert G Dibley is a District Agent of NM (life insurance, annuities and disability income insurance).


 Limited Selection Pinot Noir

92 POINTS “The 2007 Pinot Noir Limited Selection from a consistently top vintage in the Central Coast is just a beautiful example of this varietal. Broad, seductive notes of mulberry, black raspberry, and cherry are followed by a savory, expansive wine with sweet tannins and impressive purity. This is a seductive, full-bodied, yet elegant Pinot Noir to drink over the next 5-6 years.”  East Hwy , Santa Ynez ()- w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home



ll good parties seem to start and finish in the kitchen. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a family gathering for 20, making the best use of space and equipment is essential. In this design, Gillian Amery, owner of The Kitchen Company, blends the subtle textures and shades of a filled travertine island countertop with the style and function of a fired clay farmhouse sink from Whitehaus. The spacious island design features ample room for both serving and prep work. The custom cabinets, from Wood-Mode, are made of cherry wood and feature a matte antique sienna finish. The hood and perimeter feature pavilion raised unset door style with walnut countertops. The stove is from AGA Legacy series and features two ovens, a broiler and five burners and comes in stainless steel and assorted colors. For more information on this and other kitchen designs contact The Kitchen Co. at 805-682-4003 or drop by their showroom at 1717 State St.


food & home

Photos by Eliot Crowley

Details... A

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Santa Barbara’s Paving Stone People, Inc. 1/15/11.

Design & Sale of Interlocking Paving Stone & Authentic Cobble Stone Installation and Restoration, with Natural & Cultured Stone Veneer & Wall Applications.

Always Built Green

Contact Doug & Lorna for a free estimate


small changes


| big impact

Home Improvement (tHe easy Way). When it comes to remodeling, Projects understands what’s important to you. From meticulously managing the construction process to selecting materials and communicating with you daily, we’re with you every step of the way. Our attention to detail is unmatched. For a FREE consultation or to learn more call 805.682.2226 or visit us on the web at

projects A Giffin &

Crane Company

License #884424

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home



Hardwood Makeover I

t’s been said that few rooms are more important to today’s home than the kitchen. And few elements are more important to the kitchen than the cabinets. When local designer Janet Gander-Guy was hired to transform her client’s dated and drab tract home-style kitchen into the focal point of their home, her first step was to choose a painted hardwood cabinet as the grounding theme to her redesign of the space. Local cabinet designer and manufacturer Architectural Millwork was called on to craft the cabinets to specification as well as the countertops. Solid maple was selected as the material for the countertop to compliment the wood floor. Maple has great properties for countertops as it is hard, stable, not prone to cracking and is easily maintained with occasional oiling. Accent color was introduced by incorporating a multi color tile backsplash and green paint was added to specific cabinets. The hardware is manufactured in Germany by Blum Hardware and features knobs of different shapes and colors to add to the uniqueness.


food & home

THE DETAILS: Designer: Janet Gander-Guy, 805-563-0141 Cabinets and countertops: Architectural Millwork , 805-965-7011 Hardware: Blum Hardware, w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Setting the gold standard for burgers

New Traditions . . .

Plus great steaks, chops, pastas, salads and cocktails

The Nugget T w o l o c at i o n s :

S u mm e r l a n d a n d G o l e ta

L u n c h • D i n n e r • F u ll B a r

Montecito’s Upper Village

1482 East Valley Road Montecito, CA

Next to Bryant & Sons Jewelers

805 969-4400

Bridal Registry Available

Visit us today at the largest mattress dealer on the west coast for organic, all natural and chemical-free mattresses. 909 De La Vina • Santa Barbara • 805-962-9776

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Integrating Styles… T

his Mediterranean Modern residence, nestled into a hillside in Hope Ranch, demonstrates how, with artful planning, one can integrate a Santa Barbara Mediterranean style exterior design with a Euro-Modern interior. The combination is inspiriting! Mark Shields, with assistance from Lloyd Malear, both of DesignARC, Chris Moore Interior Design, and Leonard Unander Associates Construction, formed the team who created this uniquely stylish and sophisticated home. The team put together a combination of calacatta gold book matched marble with dark stained oak casework sans upper cabinets, allowing wall space for art and dish display. Fresh food storage space includes a walk-in pantry, Sub-zero refrigerator, and separate freezer. A single, tall stainless steel tambour door conceals everyday counter top necessities. Other built-in appliances include dishwasher drawers, icemaker, and an integrated Miele cappuccino machine. But, just in case one prefers a glass of wine, the stainless Subzero wine chiller is just below! The kitchen workspace incorporates a double island design with two prep sinks. One narrow sink is molded into the aircraft-like stainless countertop of the center island and the other is recessed into the waterfall marble counter opposite the comfortable low bar seating. Along with trimless square general lighting, cable lights spot key points on the work surfaces. Hanging, hand-blown crystal pendants accent the space with a bit of sparkle. The rustic warm grey-stained wide plank hickory floors add an element of warmth to the space. Kitchen area furnishings include iron and stone island bar stools from design niche. The breakfast table is custom designed in collaboration with Kneedler Faucher. The kitchen is an exemplification of the perfect alliance between Mediterranean and Modern, in its open floor plan, abundance of natural light, and overall simplicity. It is a lesson in stately simplification and function.


food & home


Architecture DesignARC 29 west Calle laurels SB CA Interior Design Chris Moore Interior Design 814 Presidio Avenue Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Contractor Leonard Unander Associates 718 Grove Lane Santa Barbara, Ca 93105 List of manufacturers and products Sub-Zero – refigerator, freezer drawers, wine chiller, ice maker Wolf –cooktop Miele – Wall ovens, microwave, coffee maker, hood Dornbracht – faucets Metric Home – stainless steel counter Alison Berger-Crystal shere pendants Signature Woodworks – cabinet Fabrication Armstrong Marble – stone slab fabrication JR Electric – lighting contractor w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

D e s t i n at i o n D O W NTO W N


othing beats beautiful day in downtown Santa Barbara. From the edge of Sterns Wharf to the Arlington Theater, from De La Vina to Garden Street, locals and visitors alike are treated

to some of the worlds’ best in the arts, architecture, dining, shopping, and culture. Simply park you car in one of several downtown lots and stroll to your favorite pub, the movies, restaurant, night club or theater. You have literally hundreds of choices and all set against the panoramic views of the sea and coastal mountains. Here are just a few of the reasons to get off the couch and come Downtown!

Petit Valentine Restaurant. Tucked away in the back half of La Arcada Mall is one of Santa Barbara’s most romantic and intimate dining venues. The menu is diverse featuring French influenced entrees that include filet of bluenose sea bass, Colorado roast lamb sirloin, bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin and a signature dish of pan seared scallops served with black bean and orange. Desserts are decadent and delicious… wine list is extensive. Open for lunch Monday-Friday from 11:30 and dinner daily from 5pm. 1114 State Street in La Arcada, 966-0222. Aldo’s Italian Restaurant. Since 1986, Aldo’s has been a downtown favorite for lunch or dinner. Enjoy your classically prepared meal on the patio or in the Tuscan influenced dining room located in a historic Santa Barbara landmark. House specialties include fresh local fish, meats, pastas, pizza and one of the best cioppinos found anywhere. 1301 State Street. 805-963-0242 www. Santa Barbara Cigar and Tobacco. If you’re looking for a full service tobacco shop, you found the best. Featuring an extensive line of premium cigars and pipes from around the world, SBCT also carries custom-blended loose leaf tobaccos for the pure aficionado. Gift ideas include humidors, lighters and other accessories. Plus the premise includes a smoking lounge. 10 west Figueroa St. 805-963-1979.

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Santa Barbara

C e r t i f i e d

Farmers Market

Cooling the Costs of Hot Water


Friends • Flowers • Food • Fun 8 Markets 6 days a Week Rain or Shine


CAMINO REAL MARKETPLACE In Goleta at Storke & Hollister 10:00AM–2PM (YEAR ROUND)


OLD TOWN SANTA BARBARA 500 & 600 Blocks of State St. 4:00–7:30PM (SUMMER HOURS) 3:00–6:30PM (WINTER HOURS)

W ED N E S D A Y S Harding School 1625 Robbins Street 3:00–6:00 PM


GOLETA Calle Real Center - 5700 Calle Real 3:00–6PM (YEAR ROUND)

CARPINTERIA 800 Block of Linden Ave. 4:00–7PM (SUMMER HOURS) 3:00–6PM (WINTER HOURS)


MONTECITO 1100 & 1200 Block of Coast Village Rd. 8AM–11:15AM (YEAR ROUND)


DOWNTOWN SANTA BARBARA Corner of Santa Barbara & Cota Streets 8:30AM–12:30PM (YEAR ROUND)

(805) 962-5354 66

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ithout a doubt, increasing energy efficiency is the best way to reduce hefty utility bills. Water heating typically represents the home’s 3rd-largest expense—14% to 25% of home energy consumption—after space heating and cooling, according to the U.S. Dept. of Energy. The green building experts at Allen Associates have helped their clients conserve energy using a wide range of solutions, from new home construction to remodeling. Karen Feeney, the firm’s Green Resources Manager, describes ways to control your water heating costs on any budget. Conventional Water Heaters Standard storage tank heaters are the least expensive to install at $400 to $600, yet use the most energy. “When replacing a water heater, look for Energy Star rated appliances, insulate properly and lower the thermostat to 120°F,” says Feeney. “Then, conserve energy by taking shorter showers, installing low-flow faucets and showerheads and repairing leaks.” Tankless Heater Tankless or “on-demand” units provide hot water instantly without the use of a storage tank and its associated standby energy loss from constant heating. Used mostly in new construction, tankless systems require a larger gas pipeline, making retrofits costly. Electric models are also available. Hot water is provided at a rate of two to five gallons per minute; high-demand households may need multiple parallel units or a larger “whole-house” model. Tankless units often serve as a booster for solar water heating systems. At $1200-1500, this solution can pay itself back in four to six years. Solar Water Heating The most energy-efficient method already dominates in Mediterranean countries like Israel and Greece. Ideal for southern California’s sunny climate, passive solar heating technology has actually been around since the late 19th century. Later, precursors of today’s solar panels were commonly used in this region until the 1930s, when large quantities of natural gas were discovered in Los Angeles.

The installation cost—around $6000 for a standard home—can be partially offset by California rebates and Federal tax credits, including the anticipated “Cash for Caulkers” program. With virtually no gas or electric bills for water heating, you can achieve a return on your investment within four to six years. However, a backup heating system is still necessary for cloudy days. “Eighty percent of our new residential construction projects include solar water heating,” says Bryan Henson, General Manager for Allen Associates.”Of those, 75% are paired with tankless systems and the rest with conventional water heaters.” Water Heating Accessories If your shower takes several minutes to heat up, an ingenious, $400 electronic device called the Metlund® D’MAND® system can help. A simple circulation pump you can install in any plumbed room located some distance from the source, it blocks water from escaping the fixture until the desired temperature is reached, then automatically shuts off, saving both energy and water. The device can be used in conjunction with any primary heating source. New, advanced heat pumps essentially double the energy efficiency of standard electric hot water heaters. They move heat from the surrounding air into water in a storage tank, using a compressor that circulates a special refrigerant fluid. Costing anywhere from $700 up to $3500, this equipment has complex installation requirements, so be sure to consult with an expert contractor. For more information, visit Allen Associates at or call 805-884-8777. —Teri L. Breier w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

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Garden Paths By Lisa Cullen


food & home

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andscapes are meant to be experienced, enjoyed, lived-in. Sure, they are beautiful to look at, but nothing compares to strolling through your garden picking flowers, inhaling the spicy aroma of Bay Laurel or Lavender, harvesting fruit from your backyard orchard or sitting in a cozy nook reading a book or just getting away from the hectic demands of a busy life. Whether you want a passage to a secret garden or a walkway wide enough to accommodate a wheelbarrow, pathways are a practical and affordable addition to any landscape. Meandering garden paths add an element of surprise and whimsy and can lead one to destinations, which create the illusion of space and distance whether your property is large or small. These destinations could be a patio, a tiny glen in a stand of trees or even a spot at the top of your property that affords a spectacular view. Your property’s features will dictate the route but pathways can be used to open up previously unusable portions of your landscape. The materials used to construct patios or paths are as varied as the costs. From a simple mulch path to a Flagstone patio and everything in between the choices and combination are endless. Though what goes on the top of the paths and patios are widely different the preparation and early stages of construction are identical. Mulch is a perfectly acceptable material for a pathway through an orchard or a secret trail through the woods. Decomposed Granite (also know as DG) is for areas that are out away from the home. As you get closer to the house you may want to transition into something a bit more solid. Crushed stone is a classic (and affordable) choice for pathways and patios. It comes in every shade and color and since it’s permeable it is a very “green” hardscape alternative. Depending on the look you are going for, you may opt for pavers. The choices are extensive when it comes to pavers. Pathways and patios can be constructed of “tumbled cobble” that is made to look like natural stone (at a fraction of the cost). Brick is a great recyclable paving medium for pathways and patios and depending on the manner of construction can exude formality or relaxed county living. No matter what material you decide to use in the creation of your patios and pathways, keep the big picture and purpose in mind. Some paths are utilitarian while others are strictly ornamental. Choose components that are appropriate to the style of your house and the existing hardscape. Landscaping affords infinite opportunity for selfexpression. Splurge on it!

Santa Barbara’s Leading Green Builder (805) 884-8777 General Contractor License # 503300

Lisa Cullen, landscape designer and organic gardener owns Montecito Landscape with her husband, Chris. She can be reached at 805.969.3984 or Follow her blog at and listen to Garden Gossip radio show on AM1290, Fridays at 11am and 9pm and Saturdays at 11am. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

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Mediterranee A House of Treasures By Teri L. Breier 70

food & home

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ntering Mediterranee Antiques in Summerland, we are immediately transported to 18th century southern Europe. Charming owner Carolina Pierpont welcomes us into her French parlor with a warm smile, a guided tour and an invitation to linger as long as we like. “We want every visitor to feel at home here,” Pierpont says. “This is such a relaxing place to stay for a while, sit in the sunshine with a cup of tea and enjoy the gorgeous view.” Each room in this house of treasures has its own unique personality, reflecting an eclectic yet harmonious mix of fine 17th to 19th century French, Spanish and Italian antique furnishings and reproductions, accented by a selection of Latin American accessories. Outside, a sunny, terraced garden brimming with gazebos, fountains and statues begs to be explored against the backdrop of a sparkling Pacific Ocean. The eight-year-old retail store expanded to its new, larger location on July 1 from a few blocks down on Lillie Avenue, Summerland’s renowned antique row. At 12,000 square feet, the property is 50% bigger and gives a significant portion over to its garden area. “This property seemed custom-built for us,” laughs Pierpont, gesturing to the elaborate Mediterraneanstyle tile design that defines the outside patio. “All we had to do was move in. I’d had my eye on this vacant location for quite a while and was delighted that it was still available when our previous lease ended. With this indoor and outdoor space, the existing water features and other touches, it’s a dream come true.” The proprietor’s love affair with antiques and gardens began during her youth in a sprawling family hacienda in El Salvador. Two of her aunts collected Spanish paintings and colonial 17th century antiques from Peru and Guatemala, while her father raised a wide variety of orchids from around the world, instilling a lifelong fascination for gardening. After marrying and moving to Santa Barbara in 1977, she took time to raise two daughters and a son, all of whom have worked with her in the store. Pierpont studied interior design and worked several years for an antique dealer before launching Mediterranee in 2002. Besides selling authentic antiques, rugs and accents, the store makes its own reproductions to give designers and homeowners the same look at a fraction of the price, available from a catalog or customordered. Also exclusive to Mediterranee from a secret supplier in France are one-of-a-kind, hand-carved reproductions of French provincial fountains, each named after the particular town from which it is modeled. To unearth the exceptional treasures that fill the rooms and garden, Pierpont travels six to eight times a year on buying trips to France and Latin America. “Our goal is that you will come into our store and find exactly what you’re looking for,” she says. “The most rewarding part of my business is helping our customers discover the prettiest, most unique items for their homes and seeing them completely happy with their purchases.” Visit Mediterranee Antiques at 2500 Lillie Avenue in Summerland Tues.–Sat. 10–5 or by appointment; online at; phone: 805695-0910; email w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

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Serving Santa Barbara County Since 1993

Gentle • Caring Professional Digital X-Rays Crowns, Bridges, Dentures Fillings (Tooth Colored) Implants - Root Canals, Extractions Porcelain Veneers & Bonding Teeth Whitening & Cleaning Nitrous Oxide “My goal is to provide personal, comfortable dental care in a relaxed atmosphere. I believe providing high quality care with an awareness of your concerns and needs is the most important part of my commitment to you.”

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LEED Luxury Eco-friendly Vacation Rentals, S.B. Style


t first Glance, Yanonali Court, an enclave of five Spanish courtyard homes three blocks from West Beach, appears to be just another beautiful addition to Santa Barbara’s boutique collection of red tile roofed residences. Yet, beneath the stucco walls and arched entry ways is a shade of green so deep, it permeates every aspect of design. Yanonali Court, a pilot project for Built Green Santa Barbara, received a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification from the US Green Building Council— the highest certification available from this national organization. Proving that some families can accomplish great things together, the project was created by a “quartet” of Berkuses: Jeffrey Berkus Architects out of Aspen, Barry Berkus’s firm B3 Architects, Steve Berkus of Berkus Construction and Dana Berkus Interiors, the latter three based in Santa Barbara. (Son, father, son and son’s spouse, respectively.) From site orientation, FSC lumber (Forest Stewardship Council) for frame walls, on-site water harvesting and VOC-free (volatile organic com72

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PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP On a historic 18,000 acre working cattle ranch in Idaho Limited to twelve participants max. Includes room & board in rustic lodge Hiking, horseback riding, fishing

Ad for Food & Home Two Thirds page color ad 4.875" x 10.00" For next issue Deadline: ???? pounds) interior paints, Yanonali Court is a case study

in green design. “We envisioned an enclave of sustainable, luxury Contact Food & Home homes that would be in keeping with the neighborhood vernacular,” said Steve Berkus, who partnered with Del Mar Development to develop the project. p.o box 20025 “Initially, we planned a for-sale project, but have kept santa barbara, ca 91320 several of the homes as luxury, eco-friendly vacation Phone: (805) rentals, which ended up being563-6780 a smart approach in this economy.” Fax: (805) 553-6790 Yanonali Court comprises two attached and three detached homes, ranging from 954 to 1989 square feet on a .28 acre site. Each unit is oriented for privacy around a community courtyard with fountain and fireplace. The interiors are pleasingly contemporary without losing their Medi3.22.10Sustainable materials, sparse terranean warmth. color palette and energy efficient appliances are balanced with wrought iron balustrades, art alcoves and tiled patios. Want a little LEED Platinum in your vacation? Visit —Kristin N. Anderson. Photo by Jim Bartsch. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


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raising the bar

Casual or Professional... You’ll always look your best with Dry Cleaning Specials by Martinizing!

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100% Non-Perc and Odorless, Environmentally Safe, Dry Cleaning Process Official Dry Cleaner of Music Theatre Santa Barbara One-hour Dry Cleaning • Same-day Shirt Service Store Hours: 7 am - 7 pm Mon-Sat

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with an olive.” Best pick up line overheard while working: “I’ve heard a lot of dumb ones, but I guess the best was this guy who told this gal he was the grandson of Walt Disney.” Did it work: “You bet! At least for that night… never saw him again. What do the politicians drink: “The ones who come in here drink martinis.” Biggest tip: “$200 from this guy who won his Rose Bowl bet.” Hobbies: “I play a lot of golf and I root for the Vikings. After 27 years, I’m leaving the Dodgers.” The Bartender: Willy Gilbert The Bar: Arnoldi’s and Jill’s Place. How Long: 34 years. Has tended bar in town since 1978. Started at Big Yellow House, Flapper alley, Head of the Wolf and then a long stint at Jimmy’s. How did he get to SB: “On a motorcycle from Columbus, Ohio for my buddy’s wedding. I never left.” Favorite drink to make: “Bottle of beer. Just kidding! A Mai Tai, just like I made them at Jimmy’s” Best pick up line overheard while working: “This lady spilled her drink on herself and the guy next to her. He says ‘Shouldn’t we go home and get out of these wet things?” Did it work: “I don’t think so.” What do the politicians drink: “I don’t really don’t know. Maybe they’re undercover.” Biggest tip: “Beatle Bomb in the fifth race at Belmont…and yes, it came in.” Hobbies: “I like going to Harry’s Café after a round of golf at Sandpiper. I also follow the Cleveland Indians. A lifetime of pain, but I still love them.” The Bartender: Kyli Bingham The Bar: Blue Agave How long: Three years. Favorite drink to make: “A blood orange margarita, of course. We’re known for our tequila and the colors of this drink are amazing.” What do the politicians drink: “Lots of wine.” Best pick up line overheard while working: “I’ll tell you the worst… This guy at the bar kept singing and telling everyone that he was a contestant on American Idol.” Did it work: “We finally had to kick him out because he wouldn’t stop…No one followed him.” Biggest tip: “$100.” Hobbies: “Music of all kinds and sailing with my boyfriend on a 30-foot Newport. The Bartender: Ara Ayrassian The Bar: Brophy Brothers. How long: 15 years. How did he get to SB: “My whole family is from New York, but my grandfather always wanted to live in California. My sister and I followed him out here in 1983.” w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Favorite drink to make: “A margarita I call ‘The Beauty’ because it features Hornitos Tequila.” What do the politicians drink: “On Sundays it’s always a Bloody Mary.” Best Pick up line overheard while working: “This guy tells this lady he’s a TV anchor and he wrote down what she thought were the call numbers to the station, but it was really his phone number.” Did it work: “Like a charm! They’re still together and come in on their anniversary.” Biggest tip: “$350. Can’t say who…he’s a regular.” Hobbies: “Electronics. I’m an audio nut! I build my own speakers to relax.” The Bartender: Esther Rogers The Bar: Roy How Long: Five years. How did she get to SB: Originally from Portland, Oregon, by way of Key West, Florida and then New Orleans, Rogers has been a “traveling bartender” for over 10 years. Favorite drink to make: “A Southern Sazerac. It’s a traditional cocktail featuring rye whisky, sugar and bitters. It’s supposed to open up your appetite.” What do the politicians drink: “Mostly wine in Santa Barbara…stiff cocktails in New Orleans.” Best pick up line overheard while working: “Guy says to the girl…’Do you like walks on the beach? I don’t drive when I’m in Santa Barbara.’” Did it work: “Everyone within earshot rolled their eyes in disbelief, but sure enough she started punching her number into his phone.” Biggest tip: “$500 from these four attorneys in New Orleans. They just finished a big case and kept ordering French wine for hours.” Hobbies: “I played volley ball in college at Sacramento State (She has three championship rings to prove it), so I still play a lot of beach ball…anything outdoors that’s athletic.” The Bartender: Tony Ferden The Bar: Tee-Off How long: 15 years. How did he get to SB: “I chased a girl across the country from Massachusetts to here. She kept going and I stayed.” Favorite drink to make: “I like the Old Fashion. It’s a great whiskey drink for a great whiskey bar.” What do the politicians drink: Martini’s are popular, but some of the judges prefer a Rob Roy…basically a Manhattan made with scotch.” Best pick up line overheard while working: “The ladies have all the good ones. The one that stands out was this gal who asked a guy to drive her and her Ferrari home for the night.” Did it work: “Almost.” Biggest tip: $500 from a lady who felt sorry for me that I was working on Christmas Eve.” Hobbies: “Every chance I get I’m on my way to Mammoth to snowboard. In the summer I hit the concerts at the bowl.” w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


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[BBrLD] $$$, (FB) 1260 Channel Drive at the Four Seasons Biltmore, (805)565-8237, CAVA. Experience the bold flavors of Spain, Mexico and Latin America in a romantic garden setting in the village of Montecito. Cava’s methods and imaginative combinations by chef Onofre Zuñiga including lobster tamale, quesadilla with chicken, manchego cheese and caramelized onions, coconut shrimp with spicy mango salsa mango and grilled ribeye churrasco steak, 2002 Zagat Award. Happy Hour 4-6, Weekend Brunch from 8am. Complimentary Valet Parking. [BLD] $$, (FB) 1212 Coast Village Road, 969-8500. Lucky’s. Montecito’s only premium steakhouse. Great wine list and martini selections. Great weekend brunch served 9am-3pm. [BrD] $$$, (FB) 1279 Coast Village Road, 565-7540. Peabody’s. Come to Montecito and enjoy Peabody’s american cuisine. Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week, 7am to midnight. [BLD] $ (FB) 1198 Coast Village Rd (805) 969-0834 Piatti. Elegant yet casual rustic Italian trattoria. Located next to a seasonal creek, Piatti offers homemade pasta, pizzas and delicious entrees. There is an exhibition kitchen where you can watch your dinner being prepared, two patios and two fireplaces. Located in the upper village of Montecito. Banquets and catering are available. [BrLD] $$, (FB) 516 San Ysidro Road, 969-7520 Stella Mare’s. Overlooking the Bird Refuge in Santa Barbara…a glass greenhouse, sofas by the fire, casual French décor and traditional French Country Cuisine. Full bar and extensive American & French wine list, great private rooms for your event needs and Live Jazz on Wednesdays. Closed on Mondays $$ [LDBr] (FB) 50 Los Patos Way. 969-6705. .Events by Stella Mare’s is located at 3302 McCaw Ave, on upper State Street. The Stonehouse. Located in a 19th-century citrus packing house, The Stonehouse features a relaxing lounge with full bar service and a separate dining room with crackling fireplace and creekside views. Chef John Trotta’s regional cuisine is prepared with a palate of herbs and vegetables harvested from the on-site chef’s garden. Open for dinner from 6-10 p.m. daily. [D] $$$ (FB) 900 San Ysidro Lane (805) 565-1700. The Montecito Café. Eclectic menu with great service. Desserts to die for! Open Daily from 11:30 (LD) $$ (FB) 1295 Coast Village Rd. 805-969-3392.


Carpinteria Garden Market. Garden Market is a gem tucked into Santa Claus Lane. Offering very tasty sandwiches, salads, smoothies and casual fare the Garden Market is a very enjoyable place to have a lunch break. Our favorite is the “Gourmet Turkey” sandwich. Open Monday–Sunday 10am-3pm. Serving breakfast from 7am to 11am weekdays and until 1pm on weekends. [L] $ (BW) 3811 Santa Claus Lane (805) 745-5505 Sly’s. James Sly, formerly of Lucky’s in Montecito, is back to cooking the finest steaks anywhere. Sly’s is 76

food & home

open daily for dinner from 5 pm, features a full bar and extended wine list. (LD) $$ (FB). Reservations are suggested. 686 Linden Ave. 805-684-6666.

Suzanne’s Cuisine. Suzanne’s Cuisine provides creative, vibrant contemporary European cuisine that is lovingly prepared with the finest quality ingredients and presented by a nurturing, friendly and knowledgeable staff. The menu offers a wide variety of beautiful salads, fresh seafoods, grilled meats and vegetarian selections. You may enjoy our interior dining room or our heated patio which overlooks a beautiful garden. Suzanne’s Cuisine is Ojai and Ventura County’s top rated restaurant in the acclaimed Zagat Survey. Discover why the L.A. Times say that “Suzanne’s Cuisine is the best restaurant in the Ojai Valley.” [L,D] $$ (FB) 502 West Ojai Avenue, 805-640-1961,


Santa Barbara

Bella Vista. Enjoy the most incredible ocean views and experience innovative California wine country cuisine in Bella Vista, the Four Seasons Resort’s new restaurant. Executive Chef Martin Frost has created a menu featuring fresh local bounty and regional produce. Reservations are highly recommended.

Aldo’s Italian Ristorante. Since 1986. Experience lunch in the sun or dine by candle light in their enchanting courtyard. Friendly servers deliver fresh Italian specialties and creative dishes with a California flair. [LD] $,B&W. 1031 State St., The Bay Café. A local favorite since 1985- come see w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

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For a quick and comfortable bite to eat during the hectic holidays, the famous pastrami on rye from 3 Pickles is a sure bet.

what everybody’s talking about–SB’s best kept secret– one of the best seafood restaurants in town. Enjoy a fun relaxing atmosphere for a quick lunch or romantic warm ambiance for dinner. Come enjoy their Fresh Fish selections from Fish Market & Live Tank! Open 7 days a week at 11AM. Happy Hour M-Th 4-6p. Full Bar and a variety of wine selections. Private banquet facilities for up to 30; beautiful heated patio. [BrLD] $$ (FB) 131 Anacapa Street (805) 963-2215, Blue Agave. Elegantly decorated two-story restaurant with a famous bar noted for its excellent martinis, mojitos, inventive cocktails and a wide range of tequilas and mescals served by a joyous staff. Blue Agave was voted by locals repeatedly the Most Romantic Restaurant in Santa Barbara. The furnishings are cozy with intimate booths, a fireplace lounge, outdoor balcony, eclectic music and visionary art. [BR D] $$ (FB)20 E. Cota St., 805-899-4694 Boathouse. The Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach is the newest venture of the owners of the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company, which began on Stearn’s Wharf in 1980, and the Santa Barbara Fishouse. Enjoy stunning views and great seafood from a family run business that knows their fish! [BLD] $ (FB). 2981 Cliff Drive 805-898-2628, www. Bouchon. Restaurateur Mitchell Sjerven hosts the city’s first Wine Country Cuisine restaurant with more than 50 Santa Barbara and Central Coast wines offered by the glass to compliment bouchon’s “ingredient driven” and seasonal fresh menu. Wine Spectator Award of Excellence wine list features exclusively Californian selections, paired with cuisine that is “creative without being over the top...”” (Wine Spectator, July 1999). Fresh Channel Island seafood, Santa Ynez and Ojai Valley game, and local farmer’s market produce predominate. Outdoor dining is available year-round on the heated, covered garden patio. Ask about private dining in the intimate Cork Room where up to 20 guests can be seated at the Grand Table. Open for dinner nightly from 5:30pm, reservations recommended. [D] $$$, (B&W) 9 W. Victoria, 730-1160. Ca’ Dario. Fine Italian dining with extensive Italian wine list. Excellent seafood and authentic cuisine. [LD] $$, (B&W) 37 E. Victoria, 884-9419. Cafe Buenos Aires. A unique world dining experience in the heart of Santa Barbara’s art district. Excellent service and Argentine cuisine make casual patio dining a finer experience. [LD] $$ (FB), 1316 State Street 963-0242. www. Café Luck. Chef David Rosner brings Santa Barbara a classic brasserie serving southern French cuisine. The menu offers a wonderful selection of traditional bistro fare as well as a raw seafood bar with an extensive wine and cocktail selection. Reservations Encouraged. Open Daily [LD] $$ (FB) 18 E. Cota Street 962-5993 Cajun Kitchen. Cajun Kitchen has been serving one of the best breakfasts in town for over 20 years—from Cajun specialties ranging from Jambalaya topped with two eggs, chicken hot sausage gumbo omelette, blackened catfish with two eggs, to blackened salmon and blackened chicken breast. [BL] $, (BW) 1924 De La Vina, Santa Barbara 687-8062; 6831 A. Hollister Ave, Goleta 571-1517; 901 Chapala Street, 965-1004; 865 Linden Avenue, Carpinteria 684-6010. Chuck’s of Hawaii. A local favorite celebrating 36 years of excellence serving award-winning steaks, wines and seafood to Santa Barbarans and their guests. Chuck’s has been voted Best Steak in Santa Barbara and is the recipi-

Great Steaks!

Dinner from 5pm Daily

Lunch from 11:30am to 3:00pm

Prime Beef • Perfect Client Lunch • Private Room Full Bar • World Class Wine List

512 State Street Santa Barbara 805-965-3363 1714-A Newbury Park Rd. Thousand Oaks 805-498-1314

OVER 30 Years of Great Food


ombining creative homestyle cooking with fresh high quality ingredients has brought us recognition as Santa Barbara’s best restaurant for vegetarian and non vegetarian natural foods, desserts and local fine wines. Conveniently located in the historic center of town, we offer a unique dining experience, serving generous portions at reasonable prices in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

guide B=breakfast Br=brunch L=lunch D=dinner

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

$=entrees under $15 $$=$15-$25 $$$=over $25 FB=Full Bar B&W=Beer & Wine

134 East Canon Perdido (805) 965-7922 food & home



OPEN: Every Day from 11:30am to close happy hour from 4pm–7pm

6920 Market Place Drive • Goleta 805-685-7300 •


food & home

ent of the Award of Excellence from The Wine Spectator annually since 1989. They also feature a nightly selection of fresh fish, from old favorites like Alaskan halibut and grilled salmon to ahi tuna (grilled medium rare). Dinner is served weekdays from 5:30 to 11pm, and until 11:30pm weekends. Full cocktail bar, featuring Firestone-Walker Double Barrel Ale on draft. Reservations welcome. [D] $$, (FB) 3888 State, 687-4417. Chuck’s Waterfront Grill. Chuck’s of Hawaii has expanded to a second location at Chuck’s Waterfront Grill. Same great food and service you already a setting that makes going out to dinner feel like a little vacation. Featuring Prime Grade Top Sirloin Steaks. Teriyaki Grilled Prawns, Grilled Sea Scallops, King Crab Legs, and Australian Lobster Tail. [LD] $$, (FB) 113 Harbor Way, 564-1200. California Pasta. This restaurant tucked away in El Paseo offers casual dining with great food. Catering Available. [LD] $ (BW) 811 State Street, (805) 899-4030 www. Cold Spring Tavern. 100 years of tradition with true American cuisine only 15 minutes from Santa Barbara. Featuring the cuisine of chef Moises Bernal with selections of game and hearty entrées. Full bar & weekend breakfast. [LD] $$, (FB) 5995 Stagecoach Road, 967-0066 Downey’s. Chef John Downey has been serving Santa Barbara’s finest cuisine since the restaurant opened in 1982. Clearly defined tastes using the finest foods available and artful yet simple presentation have earned Downey’s top honors in the Zagat Survey for the past sixteen consecutive years. The dining room is in the capable hands of Liz Downey who will be happy to guide you through the mostly California wine list with a proud bias towards the extensive Santa Barbara County selections. Dinner served Tuesday through Sunday from 5:30pm. [D] $$$, (B&W) Reservations: 966-5006, 1305 State St., Eladio’s Restaurant & Bar at the Beach. Fun, friendly, great bar with TV, heated fountain patio with ocean views and comfort food kids will love! Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and a sensational Sunday brunch. Open 7 days. [BBrLD] $ (FB). 1 State Street, (805) 963-4466, www. Elements. Eclectic international restaurant serving lunch and dinner 7 days a week, with brunch served on Sunday. Great cocktails, too! [BrLD] $$, (FB). 129 East Anapumu Street, 884-9218. Emilio’s Ristorante. Emilio’s is all about the enjoyment of great food. Michael De Paola, Emilio’s proprietor, had many influences to draw from when he opened the restaurant in 1990. Today, Executive Chef Pete Clements brings an international flavor to Emilio’s menu. Each dish leaves the kitchen as a beautiful work of art. Catering is available. [D] $$ (FB) 324 W. Cabrillo Blvd, 966-4426 www. Endless Summer Bar-Cafe. Just upstairs from Chuck’s Waterfront Grill, this surf-inspired bar-cafe offers great harbor views. Featuring tasty burgers, fish tacos, fresh salads, popcorn shrimp, and happy hour with food and drink specials like the Endless Summer Blonde Ale. Feel like a steak? Chuck’s Waterfront menu is also available after 5 p.m. Large groups are welcome, and you should call ahead for reservations at 564-4666. [LD]. $, (FB) 113 Harbor Way, Second Floor, 564-1200. Enterprise Fish Co. The lively nautical atmosphere at the Enterprise will wet your appetite for great seafood. Fortunately, you’re in the right place. A variety of shellfish hors d’oeuvres is served at the oyster bar, and the dining room offers a selection of fresh seafood grilled over mesquite, including catch-of-the-day specials. Now offering a full liquor bar. [LD] $$, (FB) 225 State St 962.3313, www. Epiphany. The stylish decor is intimate and inviting. Indulge yourself in the lounge with specialty martinis, cozy up on the couches and sip champagne or enjoy a cognac & cigar on the garden patio. Epiphany serves dinner to 10:30pm though the eclectic bar menu is available until midnight on Friday and Saturday. [D] $$$ (FB), 21 West Victoria, 805-564-7100. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

OUT The Harbor Restaurant. The Harbor is one of Santa Barbara’s finest restaurants, where fresh fish and steaks are specially prepared and served in an elegant maritime interior with stunning views of the harbor. [BrLD]. $$, (FB) 210 Stearns Wharf, 963-3311. Harry’s. Santa Barbara’s traditional locals restaurant. Steak, seafood, sandwiches and salads served in a family atmosphere. Excellent wine list and full bar. Banquet facilites available. Open daily for lunch and dinner. [LD] $, (FB) 3313-B State Street, 687-2800. Holdren’s Steaks & Seafood. Holdren’s Steaks & Seafood is elegant and timeless, featuring U.S.D.A. prime Midwestern corn fed beef, charbroiled over their mesquite grill. Try the “Cowboy Cut”–Holdren’s signature steak—a 20 oz. Prime bone-in rib chop served over spicy onion rings. Their fresh seafood selections include Bacon Wrapped BBQ Tiger Prawns, seared Hawaiian Ahi, and a shrimp Scampi like no other. Holdren’s offers an extensive wine and martini list and outdoor seating.. Open daily for lunch from 11:30 a.m., and for dinner from 5:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday for dinner from 4:00 p.m. Now offering Sunday Brunch 9am-2pm. [BrLD] $$ (FB). 512 State Street, 805-965-3363. In Goleta6920 Marketplace Dr. 805-685-8900 Hollister Brewing Company. Featuring hand crafted beers made on premise, an innovative, fresh menu with appetizers, pizzas, burgers, paninis, and salads. Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. [LD] $ (FB), 6980 Marketplace Dr. Goleta, 805-968-2810, Jade Restaurant is a family-owned, Hawaiian-American comfort food restaurant where perfect service and even better food will define your experience time and time again. Open Tuesday-Saturday, 5:30pm-9:30pm. [D] $$ (B&W), 3132 State Street, 563-2007 Joe’s Cafe. Joe’s is classic Santa Barbara at its best. Offering the best New England-style clam chowder, beef dips, prime rib, steaks, chops and fresh seafood. For over 80 years the restaurant’s history is as rich as is its’ food and very stiff drinks. It is an experience not to be missed! Now serving breakfast, too. Mon-Sun 7:30am-11pm. [BLD] $ (FB). 536 State St, (805) 966-4638. Julienne. A progressive American restaurant serving fresh seasonal food. Serving Dinner Wednesday–Sunday 5pm to 10pm. Reservations Accepted. [D] $$ (BW) 138 E. Canon Perdido Street 805-845-6488 Longboard’s Grill. Upstairs from the Harbor Restaurant is an active, noisy bar & grill with a big TV, a surfer’s attitude and 360-degree views of the city & water. [LD] $$, (FB) 210 Stearns Wharf, 963-3311. Louie’s. Celebrate the taste of a Santa Barbara tradition in the historic Upham Hotel. Delicious California bistro fare in a wonderful downtown setting. [LD] $$, (B&W) 1404 De La Vina at Sola. 963-7003. The Natural Café. The Natural Cafe is known for their homemade soups, hearty salads, delicious sandwiches, vegetarian entrees, pasta, chicken and seafood dishes, as well as a complete juice bar, microbrewed beers and local wines. [LD] $ (B&W), [LD] $, (B&W). Three locations in Santa Barbara: 508 State, 962-9494; 361 Hitchcock, 563-1163; 5892 Hollister, 692-2363. For other locations out of town see their website for details. Olio e Limone Ristorante. (“Oil and Lemon” in Italian) and Olio PizzeriaHusband-wife team Alberto and Elaine Morello rely on the integrity of their ingredients and the quality of preparation to offer Santa Barbara creative, authentic Zagat-rated Italian cuisine served in an inviting atmosphere with European hospitality. Visible in the ristorante through a glass wall is the dining room’s focal point, the wine cellar, which represents their 250-plus selection award-winning wine list. Private Dining in the Cucina Room is available for up to 40 guests. Pizza barsalumi bar-wine bar-full bar next door at Olio Pizzeria, with private dining in the Terrazza Room for up to 24 guests. [LD] $$, (FB) 17 West Victoria Street, 805-899-2699. Opal. A local’s favorite, Opal fuses creative influences from around the world with American Regional touches: from Chile-crusted Filet Mignon, to Fresh Pan-Seared Fish & Seafood, Homemade Pastas, Gourmet Pizzas from their w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

101 E. Cabrillo Blvd.

Santa Barbara


OPEN: Every Day from 11:30am to close happy hour from 4pm–7pm

6920 Market Place Drive • Goleta (805) 685-8900 • food & home



2981 Cliff Drive

Santa Barbara

Chase Restaurant & Lounge 1012 State Street • 805 965-4351




, it out of the office If you can’t makcoeme to you! we’ll

“Where locals are celebrities.” Italian & Mediterranean Cuisine Steaks • Seafood • Chops Late Lunch - Light Dinner until 4:30 Daily Chalkboard Specials Open Air Bar Near theatres and shops Plenty of parking in back 80

food & home

Just look at our menu at then call in your order to 965-1015

Great Deli! 128 E. Canon Perdido St. (805) 965-1015 Open Mon–Fri, 11 to 3 *10 sandwich minimum

wood burning pizza oven, fresh baked Breads, deliciously imaginative Salads, & Homemade Desserts. Sophisticated yet comfortable, Opal radiates a warm, friendly atmosphere. Full bar, award winning wine list, private room for parties up to 60. 1325 State St., 966-9676. [LD] $$ (FB) Open Daily for Lunch and Dinner. The Palace Grill. The Palace is a contemporary American grill, with a lively, high-energy atmosphere, and fun, spontaneous events. Featuring fine grilled steaks and fresh seafood, delicious pastas, and select American Regional specialties, like Blackened Crawfish-stuffed Filet Mignon, and Louisiana Bread Pudding Soufflé. Cajun Martinis, unique beers, and a well selected wine list. Their unique “team Service” voted the Best in Town the last 16 years in a row. Rave reviews in Gourmet Magazine, Gault-Millau Travel Guide, Zagat, and Sunset Magazine. “Best on the West Coast” according to Los Angeles Magazine. Open 7 days: lunch 11:30am to 3pm; evenings from 5:30. [LD] $$, B&W. 8 E Cota 963-5000. Paradise Cafe. Santa Barbara’s favorite dining patio. Fresh fish, steaks, chops, chicken and their famous oak-grilled burger. Start with a drink at the street level bar, and work your way up. Open seven days a week. [BLD], $, FB. 702 Anacapa Street, 962-4416. Pierre Lafond Bistro. A local favorite since 1993, Pierre Lafond Bistro serves California fresh cuisine in an elegant and casual setting. Joshua Keating executive chef has created a menu that is healthy and decadent. He uses local seasonal organic foods from family farms and food artisans.And don’t forget to try one of their homemade desserts. The outside patio is perfect for people watching. [BLD] $$ (B&W), 516 State Street 805-962-1455, www. Renaud’s Patisserie & Bistro. Renaud’s is a bakery specializing in a wide selection of authentic French pastries. The breakfast and lunch menu is composed of egg dishes, sandwiches and salads and represents Renaud’s personal favorites. Brewed coffees and teas are proudly 100% Organic. Open Mon-Sat 7am to 6pm, Sunday 7am to 3pm. [BL] $ (B&W), Located in Loreto Plaza, 3315 State St Santa Barbara, 805-569-2400, and In the Arlington Plaza downtown. Roy. Winner of “Best New Restaurant in Santa Barbara,” if you plan to sample the four-star cuisine, including Roy’s signature filet mignon, get there early. Dinner from 6pm till midnight daily. [D] $$, (FB) 7 West Carrillo, 966-5636. Saigon In and Out Vietnamese Restaurant. Serves the finest Vietnamese specialties at reasonable prices. [LD] $ Open Daily 11AM–9PM, Sat. & Fri. 11AM–10PM Sun. 11AM–9PM, 318 N. Milpas St., 805-966-0916 or 1230 State St. Unit A, 805-966-0909 Sambo’s. The original on the beach! Serving up the classic dining experience. [BLD] $, (B&W) 216 W. Cabrillo Blvd. 965-3269 Santa Barbara Fishouse. Great locally caught fresh fish prepared in a casual fun atmosphere. Terrific happy hour. Right across from East Beach. [LD], $$, FB. 101 East Cabrillo Blvd. 966-2112. S.B Shellfish Company. Established in 1979 as a buying station for local Santa Barbara shellfish and a place to sell crab, this casual spot has become a favorite destination for fresh seafood and views of the harbor and local mountains. [LD] $$ (B&W) 230 Stearns Wharf, 966-6676. Seagrass Restaurant. Seagrass Restaurant is Santa Barbara first modern fine dining seafood restaurant. Fresh Pacific Fish is their focus, along with Local Spiny Lobster, giant sea scallops, clams and prawns. They also offer a fantastic steak, a roasted half-chicken and a braised dish, such as lamb shanks. The wine list features whites from around the world that pair well with coastal cuisine as well as a large selection of Santa Barbara pinot noir. [D] $$$ (B&W), 30 E. Ortega St. (805) 963–1012, Sojourner Cafe. Located a few blocks off the beaten path in the historical center of town, this is the local’s favorite place for outrageously delicious and wholesome natural foods. Renowned for its friendly, nurturing and energetic atmosphere, the Sojourner since 1978 has served up a variety of creative, internationally influenced vegetarian, w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

OUT chicken and seafood specials. A popular espresso bar serving all kinds of mouth watering concoctions and the best homebaked desserts in town top off a day or night at one of the city’s landmark eateries. [LD] $, (B&W) 134 E Canon Perdido, 965.7922. Spiritland Bistro. Creative, Flavorful, and Pure. A cozy European-style bistro offering a fusion of internationally influenced cuisine using organic ingredients in every dish. Weekly specials are posted at Also available: private parties, off-site catering, and business luncheons. [LD] $$ (B&W). 230 E. Victoria (corner of Garden and Victoria), 805-966-7759-Reservations Suggested. The Tee-Off. One of the town’s premier steak houses featuring succulent prime rib, fresh seafood, generous cocktails and, of course, quality steaks. [LD] $$, (FB) 3627 State, 687-1616. Tupelo Junction. At Tupelo Junction they make everything from scratch. They choose delicious recipes using only the freshest ingredients and the menu changes frequently depending on the season and product availability. [BLD] $$, (FB) 1212 State Street, (805) 899-3100. Via Maestra 42. Traditional Italian flavors come together in this deli/shop/café on upper State Street. Serving panini, insalate, antipasti, formaggi, salumi, dolci, caffè and delectable gelatos. [BLD] $$, 3343 State Street, 5696522. Zen Yai. Experience a new era of Thai cuisine, blending traditional dishes with a California nouveau flair. [LD] $$, (B&W) 425 State Street, 957-1193.

Santa Ynez Valley Mirabelle Inn and Restaurant. Executive chef Norbert Shulz brings a decidedly delicious, and earth-friendly Californian cuisine with an extensive wine list—a culinary adventure awaits! Open Friday through Sunday from 5pm. [D] $$ (BW) 409 First Street, Solvang 805-688-1703 Hitching Post. Along with outstanding steaks, ribs and chicken, they serve smoked duck breast, ostrich, homemade soups and outstanding pastries; along with what the L.A. Times has called the “best” French Fries in Southern California. Open daily except major holidays. [D] $$ (FB). 406 E. Highway 246, Buelton 805-688-0676 Restaurant Marcella. At Fess Parker’s Wine Country Inn, Chef Ron Stewart’s dedication to using the finest and freshest ingredients and extensive wine list translates into the food and wine pairing options being nearly endless. 2860 Grand Ave., Los Olivos, (805) 688-7788 Willows at the Chumash Casino. Featuring a distinctive menu of prime steaks and seafood served in an elegantly appointed setting. Enjoy a cocktail with your meal, or choose from the extensive selection of imported and local wines. Open Sunday–Thursday 5 p.m.–10 p.m., Friday and Saturday 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Reservations are recommended. [D] $$$ (FB). 3400 E. Highway 246, Santa Ynez, 805-686-0855.

Summerland Cafe Luna. A friendly place where you can get real Costa Rican estate coffee, espresso, baked goods, salads and great sandwiches, soup and quiche, sit by the fireplace or sit on a deck overlooking the ocean. There are also tempting treats like truffles, cookies and cheesecakes. Open 6am to 6pm everyday. [BLD], $ (BW) 2354 Lillie Ave., 695-8780. Nugget. A rustic, down home atmosphere that has served locals for over 20 years. Try a burger or one of their great salads. [LD] $ (FB) 2318 Lillie Avenue, Summerland (805) 969-6135. And now in Goleta at 5685 Calle Real. 805-964-5200.

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Café Buenos Aires Steak • Seafood Pasta • Salads • Full Bar Lunch & Dinner

Happy Hour 4pm to 7pm Beautiful Outdoor Courtyard Elegant indoor dining

1316 State Street (Across from the Arlington Theater)

Reservations accepted 805-963-0242 food & home



Calling all aficionados… Barbara Cigar and Tobacco, looks at relaxation. A chill-ax moment might be fect day he also likes the idea of pairing Imagine him poolside with a chilled cigar. He says the pairing mellows the orange peel finish. The cigar suddenly of cocoa…a blending of mouth flavors Lanford being one of the most enthusiastic 1996, a steady stream of regulars check in to Lanford has discovered since the last time kick backed with stories, smoke and laughter Lanford is considered by many as an expert and spends a lot of time classifying his brands crafted wines and champagne. “Anyone can cery stores…there’s a lot out there and a lot of is matching a specific cigar to a specific palate. the same brand for long. My job is to be their each client.” Lanford says when you start adding because everyone has a different palate reaction. average cigars with average liquors can make for level of enthusiast. Lanford suggest pairing bold a start. Cognac and big Cabs make for consistent But if you’re looking for adventure, try pairing the and the smooth smoke of an Arturo Fuente, the finsays you have the ultimate in civilized recreation.

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att Lanford, owner of Santa smoking a fine cigar as complete a better description. And on a pera full bodied cigar with a full bodied drink. tumbler of well aged bourbon and Sencillo bitterness of the bourbon while adding an takes on nutty flavors of its own and smacks made in heaven for the true aficionado, and knowledgeable anywhere. At the store, which Lanford founded in purchase their current brand and to see what they were in. The atmosphere is casual and flowing out to passers by on Figueroa Street. in locating that taste “you never knew existed” much the same way a sommelier would classify sell you a cigar,” says Lanford. “Drugstores, groit is bad. For the real aficionado the true challenge Rarely will you find a cigar smoker that stays with advocate…always looking for a better cigar for liquor to the equation it gets even more specific Nonetheless, the pure synergy of paring even a sensational experience no matter what the cigars with bold liquors and mild with mild as cigar pairing flavors for just about anyone. silky sweetness of a 20-year-old Zacapa Rum est cigar from the Dominican Republic, Lanford Poolside, anyone?—Jay Lynwood

Santa Barbara Cigar and Tobacco is located at 10 West Figueroa St. The shop provides its customers with the finest cigars and accessories on the market today. From the standard fare to the elite and hard to find boutique blends, unmatched selection of humidors, lighters, cigar cutters and gifts for the aficionado. 82

food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


Santa Barbara . Santa Maria . Monterey . Salinas

Catch a Wave

Helping the environment one tile at a time

Ask about our Recycled Glass, Ceramics & “Green” Products

MAIN SHOWROOM 619 Olive Street (between Cota & Ortega) 805.564.1868

OUTLET 406 E. Haley Street (on the corner of Laguna) SLABS, STONE & TILE IN STOCK 805.966.7454 M-F 9:00 - 5:00 SAT 9:00 - 2:00

S a n t a

B a r b a r a


Featuring exquisite dining and Santa Barbara’s most spectacular ocean views. Come join us for fresh seafood and steaks, tender prime rib, cocktails and fine local and imported wines, all served in the area’s most romantic setting and best place to watch the sunset. Upstairs, in Longboard’s Grill, enjoy the fun-filled beach and surf scene. Relax on our outdoor patio in the open ocean air and listen to the sounds of the waves below as you enjoy casual dining, including our famous fish ’n’ chips, clam chowder, gourmet burgers and more. On Historic Stearns Wharf • 963.3311 • Bienvenidos to El Paseo, Santa Barbara’s quintessential, traditional Mexican restaurant, located in the heart of downtown in a beautiful, Mexican plaza garden setting. Enjoy our famous frosty margaritas, homemade chips and salsa, authentic Mexican specialties and strolling mariachis. Come escape to Old Mexico with us! Santa Barbara’s most romantic Mexican restaurant ~ Since 1921 In Historic El Paseo • 962.6050 Home to Santa Barbara’s best comfort food and the most generous drinks in town. Come settle into a plush leather booth and soak up the atmosphere of the good ol’ days, while enjoying the consummate service and delicious down-home specialties that have made us a local legend since 1968. Everyone’s wild about Harry’s! The most generous drinks in town 3313 State Street at Las Positas • 687.2800 You’re always welcomed like family at the Tee-Off, Santa Barbara’s traditional “old school” neighborhood steakhouse and bar. Cozy up to the bar and watch the game, or enjoy thick, juicy steaks, chops and prime rib in the dining area. Meet old friends and new at the Tee-Off, where the drinks are stiff but the people aren’t. Santa Barbara’s favorite 19th hole ~ All prime, all the time! Since 1956 3627 State Street • 687.1616

Food & Home Magazine - Fall/Winter 2010  

The Magazine for Central & South Coast California Living

Food & Home Magazine - Fall/Winter 2010  

The Magazine for Central & South Coast California Living