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Wayland Academy Merton Road Watton Thetford Norfolk IP25 6BA Tel: 01953 881514 Fax: 01953 885677 Email: Website:


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This prospectus was produced in partnership with our students and our communication partner Words&Pictures everything you see has been inspired by the things they love about their school.

Wayland Academy is an increasingly popular and successful Academy. Previously a Technology Specialist College, we were the first school to convert to an Academy in Norfolk, choosing to go into partnership with City College Norwich as our sponsor. Now in a federation with City Academy Norwich, who are one of the most improved Academies in the country. Our unique approach is based on believing that in knowing the child you can nurture and develop positive ‘learning relationships’, which enable our students to make faster progress and to overcome any area of weakness they may have. This is highlighted by the last Ofsted Chief Inspector, who said: “[The Academy] knows its children very well.”

As an Academy, we will continue to be child-centred and developmental, ensuring that this builds mutual respect, discipline and responsibility between the members of our learning community. Our sense of mission at the Academy is clear children first, enabling success and building essential life skills. To lead such an Academy is rewarding and exhilarating. Meeting young people throughout the Academy is a privilege and inspires all of us to even greater success in the future. Michael Rose Headteacher

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Students historically leave Wayland Academy at 16 and progress to the best Sixth Form centres and Further Education colleges in Norfolk. Some also go on to attend the internationally recognised Gordonstoun independent school in Scotland. Year on year, more students move into Higher Education or gain employment in their chosen career path. We have ambitions to develop a post-16 facilities and opportunities on our site. While recognising the rich cultural heritage of Norfolk, we expect our students to broaden their horizons, to aim high and to establish successful careers, for example, in research, engineering, management, languages and the sciences. As well as ensuring that students have excellent numeracy

and literacy skills, we offer a personalised, flexible and inclusive curriculum, which is specifically constructed to meet their individual interests, skills and needs. Our dynamic curriculum is designed to stretch their imaginations, raise their expectations and enrich their knowledge across all subjects, including links to their community, both locally and internationally. We run a number of after-school clubs, regular holiday revision and skills training events, and work alongside business and industry to enable creative thinking and planning. Whether our students are aiming for Higher Education or are ready for the world of work through an apprenticeship programme, we prepare for all eventualities.


As an Academy, we are proud of our rich and diverse curriculum.

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Within the Academy, achievement starts in every lesson Students follow the COPE system (Cooperate, On Task, Punctual and Equipment), which establishes a clear code of behaviour and expectation. Whether the Drama lesson challenges their perceptions of life in our society, the Language lesson immerses them in a new, cultural experience, a war poem brings home a reality for the first time or a simple, structured idea inspires the architect of the future we want to be

alongside your child, inspiring, motivating and exploring. As a result, in examinations and other qualifications, our students regularly gain one of the highest average total points scores in Norfolk. Achievement is also recognised through our assemblies and at other special events during the year, while our end-of-year commendation assemblies enable us to celebrate the success of every child.


As part of our commitment to a child’s development, we recognise that there can be many barriers to success. “Give me the child and I give you the man” which is based on a wellknown saying, and is a core part of our ethos. Caring and intuitive tutoring is supported in the Academy by Pastoral Leaders. As well as knowing your child well, their job is to support and encourage them as they grow up during their learning journey at Wayland. Our pastoral support team,

alongside other trained professionals, also help and support our families and their children. Our staff’s commitment to Wayland Academy is an acknowledgement that whatever your child’s qualities or potential, as a learning community we want to ensure they progress and mature into successful young adults, ready to face the challenges ahead and to achieve a career worthy of their talents and skills. We look forward to taking that journey with them.


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The care and guidance of individual students at Wayland Academy is outstanding.



Dick Palmer Principal, City College Norwich


challenges provided through The StartUp Lounge an exciting new business start-up facility at the College. Wayland Academy students will also benefit from access to the facilities, links and expertise available through City Academy Norwich and the new Norfolk University Technical College, as we all work together as part of Transforming Education in Norfolk. City College Norwich is proud to sponsor Wayland Academy, and I look forward to meeting many of you as we work closely together in the years ahead.

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We work hard to ensure that students not only have an excellent and rewarding experience within the Academy, but that they leave with good quality options and progression pathways available to them whether that be on to A levels, vocational training or apprenticeships and the world of work. In addition to changes that you will notice in and around the Academy this year, students will also benefit from the College’s extensive links with employers, with more opportunities to prepare students for their future careers, and a wide variety of enterprise-related activities and


Working in partnership with Transforming Education in Norfolk (TEN) - our new federation between Wayland Academy, City Academy Norwich and City College Norwich - we aim to provide the best possible learning opportunities and outcomes for the students of Wayland Academy. As sponsor of Wayland Academy, City College Norwich is also committed to providing a broad curriculum, with attractive new options, to engage students in learning that will stimulate, challenge and meet the needs of each and every student.


This is a really exciting time for students, teachers and parents at Wayland Academy.

Wayland Academy Prospectus  

Wayland Academy Prospectus