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Using Ning for Advanced Music Video portfolio Ning allows you to upload your Music Video Production project. From September 2009 all A Level Media Studies production work has to be submitted electronically – the art books are not allowed any more. This is a requirement of the examining board OCR and not a City College Norwich rule. Managing your Ning: Your work needs to be accessed by the OCR A Level examiner. As such all of your work must be uploaded onto your Ning Social Network. Most of your written work will be presented in a Powerpoint or Google Presentation. Research tasks 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 should all be typed up either: • Onto a Powerpoint and uploaded to OR • Onto Google Docs – Presentation (Google’s version of Powerpoint) Your work in Ning must be easily accessed – below is a template you can use: For this task I want to embed my pre-production slides onto my Ning site.

This is your Ning home-page; the examiner does not see this page This page is used to set up your social network Once set up this page is used for you to access and manage your social network Hit on the Social Networks tab

The Social Networks tab lists all of your Social Networks.

Your blank Social Network should look something like this. The really important tabs are HOME (this is the front page of your social network) and MANAGE (this allows you to manage your social network)

Hit on the Manage tab:


Click on ADD NEW TAB

Name the TAB – for my one I’ve named my tab MUSIC VIDEO ANALYSIS – make sure that you click on CREATE NEW PAGE I’ve then clicked ADD NEW TAB and I’ve created more tabs like DIZZEE RASCAL RESEARCH (task 10) and MUSIC DIRECTOR RESEARCH (Task 11). ******Remember to click on CREATE NEW PAGE*********

When you have created your Tabs Click on the box: SAVE TAB SETTINGS

You should see all of your tabs listed Hit on the Home tab to view your social network


You should see a box like this; go onto Slideshare and copy and paste the embed code from your Music Video (Goodwin) analysis presentation.


Your presentation should now be embedded into your Music Video Analysis tab on your social network.

You can only add 14 new tabs. However you can add SUB-TABS Go to MANAGE – TAB MANAGER

Create a new TAB – tick the MAKE THIS A SUB-TAB Box SAVE the changes. You should know have SUB-TABS that link from your main tabs on your HOME page

Using NING  

using ning to upload production work

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