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KEY STATS Male: Female Median age: Student ABC1: Circulation: Readership: ABCe Unique Users:

74% 26% 23 42% 68% 33,875 325,000 5,342,246

Readers have a strong relationship with NME and completely trust the brand:

- “I can trust it” - “Its full of facts that we should all know but don’t BUT we do now thanks to NME” - “Honest no-holds barred reviews”.


NME readers are influential's when it comes to mobile phones. They are over twice as likely to convince friends and family about what mobiles to buy.

MUSIC Not surprisingly NME readers are completely obsessed by music. Reader research has demonstrated that they rely on the editorial and the ads to keep them up to date with new music. This knowledge then makes them the authority in music in their peer group.

FILMS NME readers enjoy watching films, both in the cinema and at home. They tend to buy a new DVD every month (higher than the national average)

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Source: ABC Jan-Jun10, NRS Jul09-Jun10, ABCe JanJun10, TGI Jan-Dec09

NME Reader Profile  

NME Reader Profile

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