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An overview of the Audiences and Institutions Unit and Active Research Tasks into devices that store and play music and the 4 Major Record Labels

The Audiences and Institutions unit is factual and research based. You will need to know how particular media industries operate and how audiences are formed. For 2011 the Audiences and Institutions topic is Music You will complete two research projects: 1) On a major record label 2) On an independent record label Your research projects will cover three key areas: 1) Production: recording music; 2) Distribution: promoting music and getting it into shops, on the radio and downloaded for payment; 3) Consumption: people buying CDs, downloading music, paying for live concert tickets and merchandise.

Active Research Task What devices store and play music? Produce a mood board that illustrates your research findings

Active Research Task: What are the 4 major record labels that operate in the UK? List some of the artists that each label promotes List some of the subsidiary record labels the Major label owns What have been the challenges to these major lables in recent years? Type up ypur responses or present your work in the form of visual a mood board.

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Music case study unit

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