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MA in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations in Bucharest

Success in a world without borders

Why Choose this Master’s Programme? “A world class master’s course that equips graduates with the latest marketing skills.” The MA in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations has been

human, and conceptual skills that will enhance their future careers

of marketing. The primary aim of the programme is to develop

differentiate it from traditional graduate marketing programmes are

designed to provide students with an integrative and strategic view effective marketing, brand, advertising and public relations

specialists, equipped with knowledge and understanding of various

marketing communications subjects, including a range of technical,

in these fields. The core values that underpin this programme and

an integrative stance, consideration of the new marketing realities

and the creation of competence in a balanced mix of marketing skills at an advanced level.

Who is the Programme for?

This master’s course is addressed, but not limited to students who recently acquired their bachelor's degree in a wide range of either theoretical or quantitative fields. In particular, the programme is

suitable for candidates who wish to pursue an international career in marketing, advertising and public relations. Graduates of this master’s programme can follow a career in:

Marketing management, brand management, product development, media buying, copyrighting, media relations, public relations management, market research, retailing, sales etc

How can I apply?

Candidates wishing to join this Master's programme can be considered only if they meet the following admissions and applications requirements set by the University of Sheffield: • A Bachelor's degree

• Good command of the English language

(TOEFL: Internet based 89-90 or IELTS: 6,5 or CAE (A or B) or equivalent qualifications)

To apply for the programme, you may submit your application form and supporting documents to the International Faculty Representative Office in Bucharest or at SNSPA, or to complete the online application form available on our website.

Key information

Language of instruction: English Location of studies: Bucharest Duration: 2 years (1 weekend per month) Double degree: Upon successful completion of the programme graduates are awarded the MA in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations degree directly from the University of Sheffield. Graduates also receive the postgraduate degree from SNSPA by completing three additional units fulfilling the Romanian higher education requirement. For more information on the SNSPA degree, graduates may contact SNSPA directly.

Programme of Studies

Strategic Marketing Advertising & Sales Promotion Management E-Business & Internet Marketing Public Relations Strategies Research Methods for Business

Innovation and New Product Development Festivals & Events Management Strategic Brand Management Dissertation This programme may be subject to minor changes.

Units Description Strategic Marketing

successful application of it requires the ability of analysis, evaluation and synthesis; analysis of the situation, evaluation of it and the synthesis of a solution. Furthermore, effective marketing application requires the ability to decide and implement under conditions of This unit integrates uncertainty and restrictions of resources. In this unit the students will be expected the "tools" and the to develop their analytical, critical and framework that synthetic abilities regarding the elements practitioners will of the marketing environment. They will use in applying be expected to draw on their knowledge marketing. The understanding of different aspects of marketing and provide complete solutions to marketing of marketing problems. Such solutions will be expected requires the understanding of its to be applied in different sectors of economic activity. concepts but the

E-Business and Internet Marketing

The development of e-business and internet-based applications is one of the most striking changes affecting companies during the last two

Research Methods for Business

This unit provides a series of lectures on academic

Festivals and Events Management

decades. It has radically changed the firms' "modus operandi" either by adding efficiency to already existing processes or by introducing entirely new business models. This unit is designed to help students realise these changes and explores the opportunities that internet in general and e-business in particular provide to several business functions (e.g. procurement, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and customer service) with emphasis being placed on internet marketing. It also presents the requirements for new working methods, organisational structures, and management styles.

presentation, writing skills and an introduction to research issues and methods. The unit examines a wide range of research methodologies, both qualitative and quantitative, with reference to their philosophical base and practical application in marketing, management, banking and the leisure industry. The aim is to help students design, implement and apply their own research as well as to equip them to be able to critically evaluate published material.

events such as local festivals and cultural events to major international sport events and international conventions. The organising companies of special events require today a professional approach with the application of both Special events management and marketing principles. constitute a major part of the industry The unique characteristics of event management and marketing will be today. They range discussed and analysed in this unit. from small scale


Advertising and Sales Promotion Management

element of the marketing mix with particular focus on the elements of advertising and sales promotion. Examples and cases will be drawn from the international advertising industry as well as from the greek advertising industry. By the end of this unit, students will be able to: a) learn the fundamental role of advertising in the communication process This unit focuses on b) identify and explain the economic, social, integrated marketing ethical and legal issues advertisers must consider, c) show the overall relationships communications. It provides the delegates between the advertising agency and the client, d) describe how marketers use with command of behavioural characteristics to cluster the terminology, prospective customers into market concepts, theory, recent developments segments e) examine how advertisers gain and innovations and information about the market place and how they apply their findings to advertising management decision making and f) describe the process implications of the of advertising planning. communication

Public Relations Strategies

minute case studies and coverage of areas such as ethics and professionalism, international public relations, crisis management and diversity in the work place. By the end of this unit, students will be able to a) explain what public relations is and how it differs from advertising, b) identify the areas in which public relations operate This unit provides and the activities performed in those areas, students with a c) list and explain the most common types comprehensive of public relations tools and describe the overview of public role of public relations in non-profit relations principles, organisations and d) be in a position to plan, concepts and methods. organise, implement measure and evaluate It offers up-to-thethe results of public relations programmes.

Innovation and New Product Development

In every organisation there are people charged with getting

new products and services to the marketplace. Those people view the total task: strategy, concept generation, testing, marketing and all other aspects of introducing new products to the market place. This unit provides the management approach to acquaint students with the managerial steps and processes involved in the perilous world of product development. The steps and processes apply to products and services as well as to consumer or industrial products.

Strategic Brand Management

companies to manage them properly. Although brands may represent invaluable intangible assets, creating and nurturing a strong brand poses considerable challenges. The concept of brand equity can provide students a valuable perspective and a common denominator to interpret the potential effects and tradeoffs of various strategies and tactics for their brands. Strategic brand This unit addresses management involves the design and issues that relate to implementation of marketing programs and the importance of activities to build, measure and manage brands, what they brand equity. The three major questions represent to consumers addressed in this unit are: How can brand and alternative equity be created? How can brand equity be strategies that can measured? How can brand equity be used be implemented by to expand business opportunities?

The dissertation represents a piece of individual and original research based on an approved topic of the student’s choice related to the course and selected in consultation with tutors. The term ‘originality’ here does not necessarily imply that the dissertation will develop new theoretical insights or models but that it clearly demonstrates the development of new insights and knowledge in the candidates own mind and work.

Why a University of Sheffield degree in Bucharest? The University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College, pursuing its goal to offer quality British higher education to the SE European students with the National School of Political Sciences and Public Administration (SNSPA) as partner institution, offers the MA in Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations in Bucharest. It is the first time that a British University of the calibre of the University of Sheffield has

Global Recognition

offered to university graduates in Romania the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies locally without leaving their country. The programmes are delivered in a flexible mode (one weekend per month). The University of Sheffield International Faculty is responsible for the academic delivery of the programme. Students will complete their studies in Bucharest and receive their degree from the University of Sheffield.

The University of Sheffield among the world’s best

Accreditation and recognition The International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, CITY College, is being officially accredited and recognised for its high quality programmes from external independent official bodies.

BRITISH ACCREDITATION COUNCIL CITY College was first accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) for Independent Further and Higher Education in February 2001. The College received BAC’s re-accreditation in February 2007.

NATIONAL ACADEMIC RECOGNITION INFORMATION CENTRE The degrees of the University of Sheffield that CITY College graduates receive are recognised and certified by UK NARIC. UK NARIC is able to confirm that holders of the University of Sheffield degrees who studied at CITY College should be accorded the same professional and academic rights and privileges as holders of any UK degree.

24th in Europe 69th in the world QS World University Rankings 2014-15


5 Nobel prize winners and among the top 10 per cent of all UK universities in Research! Number one university for Student Experience for 2014-15.

The BSc (Hons) in Computer Science and the MSc in Software Engineering and Telecommunications of CITY College’s Computer Science department have been accredited by the British Computer Society (BCS). CITY College graduates may become members of the BCS. The BCS is the industry body for IT professionals, and a Chartered Engineering Institution for Information Technology.

The University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College The University of Sheffield is one of the oldest British Universities. It is a leading research university, located in Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England. Ranked within the World's top 100 Universities and constantly ranked amongst the top 20 universities in Britain, it belongs to the 1% of the best universities in the world. Today, with nearly 26,000 students from 124 countries, and almost 6000 staff, the University of Sheffield is a popular choice for university applicants. The University of Sheffield International Faculty is the only faculty of the

University located overseas and it is an integral part of the University. Bridging the UK with the South East and Eastern European Region, CITY College gives the unique opportunity to students to study for a top class British degree of the University of Sheffield in their region. The University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College in Thessaloniki offers a range of undergraduate (Bachelors), postgraduate (Masters), Executive MBA and Research degree (PhD) programmes leading to a University of Sheffield degree.

ASSOCIATION TO ADVANCE COLLEGIATE SCHOOLS OF BUSINESS The University of Sheffield Business and Management Bachelors and Masters programmes and the Executive MBA at the International Faculty are accredited by AACSB.

ASSOCIATION OF MBAs The Executive MBA and the postgraduate programmes MSc in Management (Human Resource Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Leisure and Tourism Management) are accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA).

Chartered Management Institute (CMI) The Business and Management programmes (Bachelors, Masters, Executive MBA) offered by the International Faculty are accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Graduates of Bachelors programmes may additionally receive the Level 6 Diploma in Management and Leadership while graduates of Masters programmes may receive the Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership.

SNSPA - National School of Political Sciences and Public Administration Founded in 1990, the National School of Political Sciences and Public Administration was inspired by leading Western institutions: Ecole Nationale d’Administration from Paris, the Faculty of Europe from Bruges, the European Institute of Public Administration from Maastricht and John F. Kennedy School of Government from Harvard University. A public institution of education and research, it has received the most prestigious award for universities in Romania, “highest degree of trust”, from The Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

The National School’s mission is to educate tomorrow’s scholars and professionals, providing them with the knowledge and understanding of public policies and effective communication strategies that will advance their future careers. The National School offers degrees in five major fields of study: communication and public relations, political sciences, public administration, management, and international relations. Fundamental research is carried out in its doctoral schools and research centres, which promote academic cooperation with prestigious international institutions.

Why study with us A Master's degree from one of the top 25 Universities in Europe

Study for an international Master's degree specialised in marketing from one of the top 100 world Universities.

Double degree Graduates are awarded the University of Sheffield degree and the SNSPA University degree (by completing three additional units fulfilling the Romanian higher education requirement).

Career Services Students and graduates receive extensive career advice, while the Industrial and Career Liaison Office organises the annual career fair, and individual interviews assisting graduates with their job search.

A Strong Alumni Network Graduates will join the global alumni network of the University of Sheffield. A strong network of people linked to the University and to each other, is continually developing all around the world.

Career prospects in Europe and the world

Our graduates enjoy employment opportunities across Europe and the whole world! The University of Sheffield International Faculty maintains strong links with the industry, thus keeping its course, its academic staff and its students with updated in vital scientific as well as professional development.

A campus in Bucharest SNSPA, as a partner institution in Bucharest, offers impressive and easily accessible facilities, allowing our students attending the MA in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations programme to study in a modern learning environment and live the true British educational experience in their own country.

Studies in English: An extra competitive advantage Our programmes in Bucharest are delivered in English. Sheffield graduates study in English thus speak fluently the language of business worldwide.

Flexible delivery of classes

International Academic Staff

Our international academic staff has extensive teaching and professional experience and carry out substantial research work.

One weekend per month in total duration of two years.

Cristina–Catalina Chirita

European Parliament, Brussels, Master’s Graduate 2012

“I chose to study at the University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College, influenced by the reputation of the University of Sheffield and its top position in the world university rankings. The British educational system, followed at the MA in Marketing, Advertising & PR, introduced me to critical and analytical thinking through interesting lectures, challenging projects and in-depth research. The lecturers, all with extensive academic and professional experience from the business world, were close to students and willing to offer support anytime. I also appreciated that during my studies l had the opportunity to get involved in various curricular and extracurricular activities and access a rich variety of resources and services. I was offered plenty opportunities for personal growth and career development and, in a nutshell, l was prepared for the real world!”

Catalina Boicu

Master’s Graduate 2014

“I chose the MA in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations because I wanted to study at an international level without leaving Romania. I wanted a different teaching style where theory would be combined with practice, giving the opportunity to practice the knowledge that later proves to be useless. Thus, l can say that l obtained what l wanted: quality education, theory combined with practice and professors that are also experts in their field. Moreover, through the internships l took in parallel to the MA, I had the opportunity to find out that what we were taught in the classroom actually corresponds to the real world. I also learnt how to promote my own creations, as l like to paint on glass and decorate different objects. This is an idea that l have already started to put into practice as l wish to transform this hobby into a successful in the future.”

A modern campus in Bucharest


The University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College Representative office in Romania 91-111, Calea Floreasca, F1 building, tronson 3, 1st floor, Bucharest, 014455, Romania Tel: +(4021)315.27.23, Fax: +(4021)312.18.33 Email:

National School of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA) Povernei St. 6, 010643 Bucharest, Romania Tel: (021) 318.08.82, Fax: (021) 312.25.35 Email: Ms.Malina Ciocea,

Postgraduate Programmes Delivered in BUCHAREST