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Surface Water Treatment Plant

Kempenfelt Bay Waters Filling Taps Soon


earing the end of a successful testing phase, the City of Barrie is preparing to provide drinking water to the homes in the south end of the City from the new Surface Water Treatment Plant (SWTP). Until now, the City of Barrie has had the good fortune of accessing high quality ground water supplied through 14 deep wells located throughout the municipality. Due to population growth and guided by an Environmental Study Report of the

Barrie Water System, Barrie turned to Kempenfelt Bay for an additional water source.

supplementary water source in the event of major fires or water main breaks.

The new plant located at 20 Royal Parkside Drive will use innovative membrane filtration technology to treat the water from Kempenfelt Bay before supplying it to Barrie’s south end, while the demands of other areas will be met through the continued use of the ground water aquifer.

Overall, the new SWTP helps the City of Barrie continue to meet consumption and fire fighting demands while sustaining present groundwater sources, and current Ministry of the Environment Water Quality Standards.

Kempenfelt Bay, as part of our City’s water source, allows for growth in the residential, industrial and commercial sectors. In addition, it provides extra security of supply and is a

Barrie’s new SWTP features many energy-efficient designs and sustainable energy processes and will soon be home to the City’s Water Operations Branch.

Surface Water Purification Process



Raw water is gravity fed from Kempenfelt Bay to the low lift pumping station and directed through a screen to remove larger particles. Seasonal Pre-chlorination is done as well for zebra mussels control.


Water is pumped from the low lift pumping station to the Surface Water Treatment Plant where it is directed through a number of treatment processes as described in the following steps.



A coagulant is added to the water, where under gentle mixing within the flocculation tanks, FLOC’s of particles form (large particles formed by smaller particles bonding together).



The water goes through pre-screening to remove particles greater than 0.5 mm in size.


Membrane Filtration Process

The membrane filtration process removes particles as small as 0.02 microns from the flocculated water. There are 5 primary membrane trains that house the membrane fibres. Membrane fibres are much like perforated straws. The perforations are a thousand times smaller than a human hair. Clean water is drawn into the fibre and all other particles are left behind, allowing only clean water to be drawn through the fibres.


Water is then stored in Reservoir tanks until distribution to the community.

Granular Activated Carbon Contactors

The membrane filtered water is directed seasonally to the Granular Activated Carbon Contactors where the absorption of any unpleasant taste and odours takes place.

7 Drinking Water Reservoir Storage


Chlorine Contact

After a chlorine solution is injected into the filtered water to ensure water is free of all harmful agents, it travels through chlorine contact chambers where it is provided the time to adequately disinfect the filtered water.


Barrie Surface Water Treatment Plant  

Barrie Surface Water Treatment Plant

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