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Getting Around Downtown During Construction As part of the Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Stimulus Program, the City of Barrie is currently reconstructing Toronto Street from Dunlop Street to Ross Street, Dunlop Street West from Toronto Street to Mary Street, and Mary Street from Dunlop Street to Simcoe Street. The work includes the replacement or upgrading of ageing sanitary sewers, storm sewers, watermain, and roads. As the reconstruction work is continuing, temporary traffic restrictions and detours are necessary to allow for the safe and efficient continuance of the work. During this time, pedestrian access is being maintained to all businesses and residences. Although on-street parking is affected within the work zone, convenient off-street parking is still available at the municipal parking lots in the area. Please visit to download a detailed map. If you require further information regarding this project, please call the City of Barrie Engineering Department, Design & Construction Services Branch, at 705-739-4210.

September 16th Winner Wanted For 2010 Christmas Card Contest. Will It Be You?


o you have a creative edge? Or maybe you need a reason to put your artistic flair to work? Do you secretly dream of having your art displayed for all to see? Well, Barrie has the answer for you as it prepares for Christmas by calling for submissions to the 2010 Each year, the City of Barrie holds a Christmas Card Art Contest encouraging residents of all ages and skill levels, to get out their paint brushes, oils, pens and ink or cameras to create a piece of art that depicts a local scene or event, related to the holiday season. By putting your thoughts and creativity onto paper and submitting it to City Hall by the October 14th deadline, you could win the competition and have your work displayed on, in City Hall, or other City locations. The winning card will also be used by the Corporation as the official 2010 Christmas card.

A completed and signed official Entry Form must accompany each submission and you can submit as many times as you like, in person at the Mayor’s Office in City Hall, raising your chances to win. A judging panel consisting of members of the Cultural community, the Chief Administrative Officer, the Mayor, in addition to Mayor appointed panel members will review all the of submissions and decide on the winning card by the end of November. The winner will be announced right here in This Week in Barrie and at a Barrie City Council meeting. In addition to displaying the card online and some City locations, the City will also award the winning entrant with a prize of $600. So don’t delay. Get those creative juices flowing and splash them onto paper. You never know; it may just be a winner!

Go to to download entry forms and regulations or pick them up at the Mayor’s Office or the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall.

List of past winners: 2004 – Joan LeBoeuf “The Spirit of Barrie” 2005 - local high school student – Jillian Crocker. “The Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony” 2006 - Claudia Mandler McKnight “Good Will to All” 2007 - Beryl Loney “I believe there are angels among us” 2008 - Pierre Millette:Day in the Park” 2009 - Randy Steinsland “Christmas Ball” shown below.

The local Christmas Card tradition began in the 1960s leading to the eventual Barrie Christmas Card Contest in the 1970s. And the ever-popular Contest continues today, building a sense of community pride and giving residents a chance to flaunt their artistic abilities.


MacLaren Art Centre (705) 721-9696, Annual arts festival inspired by the gallery building’s origins as a 1917 Carnegie Library.

September 18

recorded in files maintained by at least one of two major Canadian credit reporting agencies. Come learn how your credit scores are calculated, what information lenders are looking for, how to calculate your own debt ratio score and more.


Heritage Park & Fort Willow Depot (705) 739-4285, Historic reenactments at Heritage Park; walk the Nine Mile Portage Trail; military, native, and voyageur encampments and displays at historic Fort Willow.


Various sites throughout Barrie (705) 739-9444, Doors Open Ontario is an event held annually to celebrate heritage and culture. Come and explore some of our most intriguing and charming heritage sites and public buildings.

September 22

September 25

Get your “Passport to Culture” at the information desk in the City Hall rotunda – 70 Collier Street or at the Department of Culture, located on the second floor of the Transit Terminal at 24 Maple Street.

The City of Barrie is engaging in the Request For Proposal process for Consulting services for the preparation of Urban Design Guidelines (UDG) for the four areas of focus identified in the City’s Intensification Strategy namely the Urban Growth Centre (UGC), Intensification Nodes and Corridors, and Major Transit Station Area. The City is seeking consulting services to establish the UDGs for these intensification areas to ensure a community vision and to guide the development industry in implementing a liveable and sustainable built form. The intent is to review existing neighbourhood and community conditions; determine a theme or character to promote; prepare artist renderings of the future potential for the areas; and prepare a checklist that will be used by City Staff and Applicants’ to determine if development applications are complete. The Guidelines would guide built form; building massing; design elements; the relationship between land uses and compatibility with existing adjacent uses; balancing of the transportation system including public transit, walking and cycling and linkages to greenways; and shall encourage pedestrian friendly streetscapes.

The Corporation of the City of Barrie is seeking Proposals from experienced/qualified firms to

Various venues throughout Barrie (705) 725-1070, The 8th annual festival will feature wonderful music, magnificently performed including talent from across Canada and around the world.




September 24 – October 3

Various venues throughout Barrie (705) 739-4299, A Canada wide celebration to inspire public participation in arts and culture. Interactive demonstrations, workshops and tours will be occurring in over twenty five locations across the city, including the recreation centres, the malls and many downtown businesses.

Electronic copies are only available through The City of Barrie document fee does not apply to documents that are downloaded electronically through Bidding. com/barrie, however a fee may be applicable.

Closing: 4:30 p.m. local time, Thursday September 30, 2010


September 16 – 19

DOCUMENTS are available on-line at or from the Purchasing Branch, 56 Mulcaster Street, Barrie ON during business hours Monday to Friday, 8:30 am. to 4:30 pm. For further information please visit or by telephone (705) 7394220 Ext 4538 or Ext 4709 or by Email at

A non-refundable document fee of $30.00 plus GST applies to each hardcopy of the RFP Document.

Many different mediums are accepted, including water colour painting, oil painting, pen and ink drawing, and photographs. The submission must however meet certain conditions listed on the entry form such as having a minimum size of 4” x 6” and a maximum size of 8” x 10” and submitting your work on time for the October 14th deadline.

Upcoming Events


September 29


Maple Avenue Youth Centre 59 Maple Ave., 5-7pm (705) 792-7903 ,email All community members are encouraged to come out and experience what the Maple Ave Youth Centre has to offer young people 13-19 years of age. Talk to the staff, try out programs and find out what we are all about! For all ages.


September 21

Understanding Your Credit Report Angus Ross Room, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. If you have ever take out a loan, used a credit card or opted for a “buy now, pay later” offer, you will have a credit history

Around the World in 60 minutes – Newfoundland Angus Ross Room, 7:00 – 8:15 p.m. Brian Everett enjoyed travelling to Newfoundland and will share his slides of this unique part of Canada with you. He went to Cape Bonavista, the most Eastern part of Canada, plus discovered some interesting points about Trinity. Brian also found icebergs and connections to his home town of Poole, Dorset, UK. Brian will share some amusing experiences he experienced in Newfoundland.

September 23

Why You Need An Up-To-Date Will Angus Ross Room, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. The topics include: • the number one reason you need a will . • the difference between a will and power of attorney. • what happens when you don’t have a will. • the issues you need to consider before you prepare or have someone prepare your will.

provide Consulting Engineering Services for various projects at the Water Pollution Control Centre (WPCC) located at 249 Bradford St., Barrie, ON. The projects includes the following deliverables: 1. Site Grounding Study -(Study) 2. Site Noise Abatement Study - (Study) 3. Influent Building Air Ventilation Modifications – (Final Design) 4. Reconfiguration of Scum Removal Systems at Primary & Secondary Clarifiers –(Final Design) 5. UV Cassette Cleaning Area Ventilation– (Final Design) 6. Modifications to Existing Boiler Exhaust Stacks in Cogeneration Building (Final Design) 7. Provision of Outdoor Waste Heat Exchangers for Cogeneration Building (Final Design) 8. TWAS Polymer System Upgrades (Final Design) Bidders Note: MANDATORY SITE MEETING has been scheduled for Wednesday September 29, 2010 at 9:00 am at the Water Pollution Control Centre (WPCC) Administrative Building Board Room, 249, Bradford St, Barrie ON. All visitors must wear protective wear (hard hat, safety shoes and vest) at the site meeting. A non-refundable document fee of $100.00 plus GST applies to each hardcopy of the RFT Document. Closing: 4:30 p.m. local time, Thursday October 7, 2010

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL # FIN 2010-119P CONSULTING ENGINNERING SERVICES FOR NEW INLET WORKS SCREENS AT THE WATER POLLUTION CONTROL CENTRE (WPCC) The Corporation of the City of Barrie is seeking Proposals from experienced/qualified firms to provide Consulting Engineering Services for New Inlet Works at the WATER Pollution Control Centre (WPCC) located at 249 Bradford St., Barrie, ON. The scope of this project is to redesign the screening facility to match the plant’s future instantaneous peak flow at 250 ML/d. The design is to consider the removal of the two existing coarse grinders and the installation of two, possibly three self-cleaning bar screens. The screenings material is to be removed, after washing, at the higher pump motor room level and conveyed to a screenings compactor(s) to be located inside the higher, pump motor room. Bidders Note: MANDATORY SITE MEETING has been scheduled for Wednesday September 29, 2010 at 9:00 am at the Water Pollution Control Centre (WPCC), Administrative Building Board Room, 249, Bradford St, Barrie ON. All visitors must wear protective wear (hard hat, safety shoes and vest) at the site meeting. A non-refundable document fee of $100.00 plus GST applies to each hardcopy of the RFQ Document. Closing: 4:30 p.m. local time, Thursday, October 7, 2010.

Electronic copies are only available through The City of Barrie document fee does not apply to documents that are downloaded electronically through Bidding. com/barrie, however a fee may be applicable. THE CORPORATION RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ACCEPT OR REJECT ANY OR ALL SUBMISSIONS.


Monday, September 27, 2010. Penalties/interest will commence on the first day of each month for any late payments. Penalty/Interest rates are at the rate of 1.25% per month. Please be advised that all payments received are applied first to all penalties owing, then the remainder to the taxes owing. Failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse the property owner from responsibility for payment, nor relieve him/her from liability of penalty for late payment. Join the thousands of City property owners already enjoying the benefits of pre-authorized payment plans. The pre-authorized plans available are: - Due Date Plan – installment amount taken on due date; - Monthly Plan – equal amounts taken January to May & June to October - Arrears Plan – agreed upon amount taken every month (interest applies)

Nominations for Order of the Spirit Catcher Award and Youth Spirit Catcher Award The City of Barrie is seeking nominations for The Order of the Spirit Catcher Award (19 years of age plus) and the Youth Spirit Catcher Award (12 – 18 years of age). Individuals considered for this award must be a resident of Barrie. The award will be will be presented to individual(s), who have volunteered selflessly, who have made a significant contribution to the life style of the community and through exceptional achievement, have benefited others and brought honour to the City of Barrie. If you are aware of anyone who may qualify for either award please submit your nomination to the address below. Nomination Packages for the Order of the Spirit Catcher Award and the Youth Spirit Catcher Award can be picked up in the Clerk’s Office or printed off the website Nominations will be accepted up to and including October 15, 2010. Nominees must be a resident of the City of Barrie. All submissions will be evaluated by the Order of the Spirit Catcher Committee with the presentation of the awards taking place in November 2010. The Corporation of the City of Barrie City Clerks Office, 70 Collier St., Box 400 Barrie, Ontario, L4M 4T5 Fax No.: (705) 739-4243

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT IF YOU ARE PAYING BY TELEBANKING OR INTERNET BANKING, YOUR 19 DIGIT ROLL NUMBER, AS FOUND ON YOUR TAX BILL, IS YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER. If you would like additional information regarding the various payment options available, or if you have not received your tax bill please call 705-739-4230 between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

For further information regarding the Order of the Spirit Catcher Award can be directed to Charlene Strudwick, Supervisor, Council Support & Information Services (705) 739-4220 ext. 4780. Ron Baird, Spirit Catcher, 1986, Collection of the MacLaren Art Centre.

Water/Wastewater Meter Reading and Billing

Pool Admission Standards To ensure the safety and well-being of our swimming pool patrons, and in support of Lifesaving Society recommendations, the City of Barrie has adopted the following admission standards:

Children 6 years of age and younger, or any non-swimmer, will only be admitted to the swimming pool when accompanied by a parent or guardian who is responsible for their direct supervision, at a ratio of two patrons to each parent or guardian who must be a minimum 15 years old and capable swimmers. Parents and/or guardians must be within arms reach, in the water at all times.

The City of Barrie is moving forward with its implementation of water and wastewater meter reading and billing. Soon, a service person will be installing a radio transmitter to your house or business. No one will come into your home and there is no charge. To find out how this new initiative will benefit you go to

Children under 10 years of age who are unable to pass the facility swimming test must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is at least 15 years old, a capable swimmer and responsible for their direct supervision, with a maximum of two children for each parent or guardian.

Curbside Leaf & Yard Waste Collection

Pool Patrons with serious medical conditions (i.e. heart condition or seizure disorders, etc) should be accompanied by an individual knowledgeable of their specific medical conditions and must communicate said conditions to staff prior to activity. Please be advised that due to programming needs, pool space may be shared with other activities. When the posted attendance capacity of the pools are reached, patrons will be asked to wait for openings before they will be permitted to enter the pool. For Additional information, please speak with centre aquatics staff.

September 24

Barrie Reads Evergreen Event Angus Ross Room, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Join us for a lively literary discussion as 10 local luminaries champion their choice of book nominated for the Ontario Library Association’s prestigious Evergreen Award 2010.

For information on news, events, and more visit us online at


The City of Barrie’s leaf and yard waste collection is collected every week on your regular collection day for the months of September, October and November. For information on how to place leaf and yard waste at the curb, to ensure collection, please refer to the 2010 Community Information and Waste Reduction Calendar or visit www.barrie. ca. Materials must be placed curbside by 7a.m on their collection day. If you have any questions please call (705) 739-4219.

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