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Tapping into Kempenfelt Bay Did you know that the drinking water that flows through your taps does not come from Kempenfelt Bay? The City of Barrie’s drinking water is exclusively drawn from a groundwater source. However that will soon change when Barrie’s Surface Water Treatment Plant (SWTP) opens the valves this summer. Currently, the entire city depends on 14 groundwater wells and considering Barrie’s continued growth there is a need for additional water sources. In 1995, a review of the Barrie Water System identified the need for an additional source, and results pointed to Kempenfelt Bay.

A Search for Barrie’s Top Dancer 2010 Audition and show off your best moves! Tranter Institute 610 Huronia Road, Unit 11 April 29, 5:00pm-7:00pm April 30, 2:00pm-7:00pm May 1, 10:00am-1:00pm For more info, visit or call 705-730-7678

Wet Field Policy

& Inclement Weather Hotline Sports Fields Open May 1st

Just a reminder, that the soccer/baseball fields are closed until May 1st. This gives the turf a chance to establish itself before the busy season ahead. The City of Barrie has a wet field policy in an effort to avoid damage to our sports fields and injury to players. If the field/diamond is considered unplayable the City has the right to CANCEL any game booked due to wet field conditions. Wondering if your practice or game is still on or if a sports field is closed? Please call the Leisure, Transit and Facilities Inclement Weather Hotline 705-739-4215. Field/ball diamonds shall not be used if lightning is visible. Immediately move to a safe location – away from metal structures (backstops, fences), tall structures (light standards, trees) and out of the open field.

Composter & Rain Barrel Sale The City of Barrie is holding a Backyard Composter and Rain Barrel Truckload Sale, one day only! Saturday, May 1, 2010, 9am to 3pm, first come, first served City of Barrie Residents only, while quantities last, rain or shine, $15.00 tax included for The Earth Machine Composter and $45 tax included for Systern Rain Barrel. Home Depot Parking Lot, 10 Barrie View Drive and Canadian Tire Parking Lot, Bayfield Mall

Located at 20 Royal Parkside Dr, our new SWTP will use membrane filtration technology to treat the water from Kempenfelt Bay. This water will supply Barrie’s south end, allowing the ground water aquifer to continue to meet the demands from other areas within the city. Raw Water Intake pipes will draw water to a Low Lift Pump Station that will then feed it to the SWTP. After flowing through the treatment processes, the water will be pumped into the water distribution system. The addition of a secondary water source will allow for continued growth in the residential sector as well as the industrial and commercial sectors. It provides for extra security of supply, improves the reliability of Barrie’s Drinking Water System, and provides an extra source of water in the event of a major fire or water main break. Overall, the goal is to continue meeting consumption and fire fighting demands while sustaining the present groundwater sources, and. current Ministry of the Environment Water Quality Standards. Starting January 2010, the facility began the commissioning phase, or testing, of both the Low Lift Pump station and the SWTP. Commissioning of the system will continue until this summer when it will begin supplying water to south Barrie. The final phase involves the Administration Building, which is currently under construction. At its completion, it will become the new home of the Water Operations Branch. We also plan to open the plant for tours and educational venues.

Sweeping usually starts in mid-April and is expected to be completed by mid-May, weather permitting. Arterial roads will be swept first followed by residential streets. Sweeping in residential areas will commence in the northeast and southeast corners of the city working towards the landfill site on Ferndale Drive North. Sand that is swept from roads is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner at the landfill site where it is used for covering waste. To help us provide the best service possible, please do not push sand into piles on the road as the sweeper cannot pick them up. When possible, please minimize residential street parking during this process to ensure best results. If this should happen, City staff will note such obstructions and will return at a later time. If you should have any questions regarding this year’s spring street sweeping program please contact the City’s Operations Department, Roads and Parks Operations Branch, at 705-739-4255.

For more information, feel free to watch the video of the construction of Barrie’s SWTP and please visit us at

Mauritius – Island Gem Tuesday, May 4 from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Angus Ross Room Presenter Sheila Nazerali spent 10 days on the volcanic island of Mauritius. This is an amazingly beautiful island located off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean and is known for its interesting wildlife. All adults are welcome.

Understanding Condominiums Tuesday May 4 from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Angus Ross Room Don’t miss this FREE, drop-in seminar with Sonja Hodis. This seminar will help you fully understanding condo ownership and how it differs from other types of property ownership.

Gardening Series - Master Gardeners Starting from Seed Wednesday, May 5 from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. Angus Ross Room Want lots of great plants but finding you spend way too much money? Learn how to grow great vegetables and flowers starting from seed. The process is much easier than you think with these practical tips. All adults are welcome.

Weed Identification Thursday, May from 6 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Identify 20 common weeds when they are very small. Learn how to reduce weeds organically in your garden without spending all your time weeding. BX64129827

Roads and Parks Operations will be carrying out the annual Spring Street Sweeping Program to clean all city streets of sand deposited during winter control and other debris.

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The City of Barrie is holding a Backyard Composter and Rain Barrel Truckload Sale, one day only! Saturday, May 1, 2010, 9am to 3pm, first co...