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From the Principal Dear Parents and Carers I hope you enjoy the latest winter magazine from City Academy Norwich, it gives a full avour of the events that are taking place. Can I bring your attention to the article on the Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition which took place in France. This was a fantastic opportunity for 40 of our students to not only get involved with a lot of practical activities involving a wide range of sports, but to also do community work to support the village in France in which they were based. For many of our students this was a life changing activity. Involving students in literacy activities remains a key theme of the Academy and these have continued with our on-going work with authors. This is followed up by students writing their own stories.

part of the

You may ďŹ nd the article on STEM interesting. This is a combined lesson which brings together Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The students solve real life problems using the skills of these disciplines and the programme then

culminates with a full presentation of all the various elements that they have used. The Academy leads in the delivery of Computing. I am sure you are aware of the accolade that has been awarded to Mr Thompson of Master Teacher. Many of our students write their own computer programmes and these skills will be invaluable as we move forward into this century. We were delighted of the coverage which Josh Alderton received for his work in developing a homework website. Josh has received further support and investment into this project since this coverage took place. I think this winter’s magazine really does give an indication of the wide range of activities that our students get involved in. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year. Mr D Brunton Principal


Duke of Edinburgh Award Practice Expedition On the morning of the 5th October 2013, 45 nervous students arrived at the Academy early. VERY early! They were there to take part in the practice expedition for their Bronze Duke Of Edinburgh Award. After many months of preparation, the day had finally arrived. Having spent the last few nights endlessly trying to stuff massive amounts of unnecessary equipment into their bags, students were somewhat shocked when they were asked to empty their bags and repack them. They were advised to pack them again with the vital group kit that they needed to carry if they wanted somewhere to sleep and something to cook with that night! Following on from this they were a little bit more than annoyed when there was a rain test and they needed to be waterproof within one minute. For some this meant unpacking all their kit again to dig down to the bottom of the bags to get their waterproofs out… lesson learned.


After stuffing the minibuses and Mrs Dixon’s truck full of the extra kit required for the weekend, we were on the way. Arriving at the campsite everyone had their first go at walking around with their rucksacks fully packed. Adjustments were needed! Eventually the groups all managed to get some sort of order to them and set off, not to be seen for another six hours minimum. One group immediately got their right from their left confused and started heading off to Scotland… not a good start! Maybe keep an extra special eye on that group! The first day was very tiring. Many groups arrived back at camp when they were expected to. One group arrived a little bit early after taking a MASSIVE shortcut. That was made up for when the final group of the day rocked up to camp after being out for nearly eight hours, but still in high spirits. The campsite looked great with so many tents out at once.

First Aid After a quick spot of dinner and a fire built, the evening entertainment was about to begin. Some students opted for the sensible option of an early bedtime after being all ‘tuckered out’ from their walk. The rest opted to head off into the woods for a few games of pitch-black manhunt. Back at the fire there were singsongs and conversations that went on until quite late. Slowly the fire group started to fade and heard their beds calling. Early morning was active. Breakfast was cooked, eaten and for the most part enjoyed. It’s always good to be woken with a bacon sandwich and a fresh cup of steaming coffee. Tents were packed away and groups set off on their second long haul trip of the weekend. Approximately 30 kilometres would have been covered on foot by the end of the weekend. All in high spirits and around six hours later, all the groups had arrived

at the recreation ground. A group debrief took place about what great experiences were had that weekend and some areas of improvement and the minibuses were loaded up ready for the trip home. Having performed so well over the weekend it only seemed fitting to have a little reward trip to McDonald’s. When we arrived back at the Academy, students unpacked their kit and put their tents back up to dry. Trangias were (on the most part) immaculately cleaned. All in all it was a very, very good weekend. Many thanks to the staff and volunteers who gave up their weekend to see our students excel.

As part of their Duke of Edinburgh course, students have been undertaking various parts of the Young First Aider award. So far they have covered CPR, bandaging, breakages and the recovery position to name but a few. First aid is a valuable skill for anyone to have and these young students can now go out into the world with the skills enabling them to preserve life.

Students performed excellently and represented the Academy extremely well, as is always expected on our Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. Students left with experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives and no one got hopelessly lost; that’s always a positive!


The Big Freeze

Duke of Edinburgh Award France During the summer holidays, 40 intrepid explorers gathered at school to head off on a trip to France. The trip was organised as part of CANs DofE award with students that attended completing large portions of their physical, skills and volunteering sections. During the eight day excursion, students were able to experience a variety of water sports, gorge walking, abseiling, fencing and more. They were also able to experience local culture and learn basic language by greeting people and by buying things using their French. Students also completed some volunteering, litter picking for a day in a local village. This was a first for the village and for the centre we were visiting and was met with much enthusiasm by the local mayor, who held a reception for our students at the town hall in the evening. Plans are currently being put together for a second trip to France during next summer. Please see Mr Deal for details.


Preparations for the now annual Big Freeze event are underway. The Big Freeze is the most successful fundraiser for City Academy Norwich with the DofE raising nearly £10,000 to help support homeless charity Shelter and our own Duke of Edinburgh award here at CAN. The Big Freeze is based around “Sleep out London”. Held annually in Spitalfields, where thousands of people sleep on the streets for a night and are sponsored for the privilege. Our event is a little different. Instead, swapping a bed for a tent with friends. There will be many events happening on the night. A huge open air film, Laser-Tag, treasure hunts, pitch-black manhunt, hot food and drink, and of course a ridiculous amount of glow sticks to name but a few! For more information please speak to one of the Big Freeze Committee, Mr Deal or Mr Williams.

KS3 DT Product Perfection The Year 7 and 8s have been extremely busy in the first rotation of their DT projects. You may well have seen some of the creative products around the Academy. We’ve had everything from moving jitter bugs controlled by motors and cams, to kites with painted UV logos that change colour in the sunlight. The Graphics students have had the opportunity to use the Computer Aided Design programs to create Tower of Hanoi games that are then manufactured on the laser cutter, which gives them a really professional finish. They have also created their own pop-up story books. Other groups have investigated soldering in their Electronics lessons to produce a solar-powered light using recycled jam-jars and students are developing their skills on the wide range of machinery used in the workshop to produce money boxes and maze games from woods and acrylic.

The ever popular food lessons have allowed students to discover food from different countries through cooking healthier versions of popular takeaways and the Year 8 students are becoming master bakers with their breads and cakes. Textile designers in Year 7 have been busy inventing their own puppets based on their alter-ego superheroes, which allowed them to use hand and machine skills to decorate and construct their fabric hand puppets. They’ve also been flying kites that they have designed and made in teams. It has to be said that the Design Technology Discovery corridor has been a hub of creativity and invention and the DT teachers cannot wait to see what the next rotation of students are capable of. Keep challenging yourselves and your teachers!


Dunston Hall On Friday 8th November the GCSE Hospitality students went to Dunston Hall.

We also had the opportunity to sit together and have a carvery meal, which was really good as we learnt a lot about serving food and customer service.

Manager was also really good and will help us with our coursework.

The talk we had from the HR Manager and the Restaurant

Lauren Sarsby and Bethany Sadler

I really enjoyed making my solar system. I really got stuck into it. I found some bits quite difficult but I soon did them.

In DT classroom D9 on one Friday morning, a brand new class of children, Year 7, met their teacher for the morning – Mr Sivitter.

hole in it to thread the wires through. Then they soldered the last two wires to the PCB and the light worked!

The only thing I worried about was burning myself. My led light worked very well, it’s really bright. I love it.

He told them all kinds of things about safety. The next week Mr Sivitter told the class they were going to make a solar light. He told them to research some solar lighting and create a PowerPoint about it.

We had a tour of the hotel and went to the haunted bedroom! We saw the spa and the golf club as well as the different conference rooms.

All in all it was a great visit and we really want to go back there again!

Solar Systems

We stuck stickers on it to make it look pretty and so then it stands out. The thing I think is pretty cool is how the sunlight charges it and when it’s dark it then works. Also when you put your hand over the solar panel the light will then come on because you are blocking the sunlight out. But the main thing is that I loved making it. Laura Jones Year 7 Student


The next week was soldering. When Mr Sivitter started the lesson he reminded the class of the safety rules. The next week was the start of the solar light. The class started to solder the components into the PCB board. The following week the solar circuit was complete, then we stuck a solar panel on the lid of a jam jar with a

In this task you need a steady hand for accurate soldering and you need good eyes to check you’ve soldered the correct components. Thomas Miles Year 7 Student

STEM STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. This article is going to explain to you what STEM is and give you some examples of how we use it. One of the topics we have been looking at is F1. We have to investigate a number of concepts dealing with the world of F1. At the end, we create a massive presentation on what we have learnt.

I personally thought the idea of STEM was going to be quite boring but I was wrong. It’s not only a great way of learning, it’s also a good way to work with different people and learn from being in a team. I have found a lot more out than I expected. I have learnt a lot from STEM and hope to continue the work we have been doing.

car designer. Charlie says “it has been a fun experience and it’s nice to work with mixed genders. Alexis has taught me some things I didn’t know and she has become a very good friend.”

Our team has three members all with different jobs. One of the jobs is the

Alexis Bale Year 8 Student

Overall it’s been a fun way to work and I can’t wait to do it again with other projects within STEM.

The one thing in this project which is the hardest is making the car, however, the turn out of the car is spectacular. For this we use CAD-CAM using solid works which is an industrial piece of software. We also use a 3d printer for the design and you can produce it out of balsa wood. We do many small things in this project, however, at the end we learn loads of information and life skills which could help us. One thing that I have learnt is that I thought that an F1 car goes round just like a normal car. However, the amount of pressure of G-Force on an F1 driver is incredible.

Good luc k to our Y e as they h ead off to ar 13’s University !


Horror author Alexander Gordon Smith visits City Academy Norwich Alexander Gordon Smith (Gordon to his friends and family) came to City Academy Norwich to talk to Year 7 about his books. “I love horror, always been a big fan of horror.” Gordon said he was lucky to have been encouraged by his parents. He uses real life events and experiences as inspiration, as well as real life characters. He enjoys making characters of people he doesn’t like and making bad things happen to them. He also said he feels inspired every time he reads a book by another author. If it’s a good book, he wants to write something similar. If it’s a bad book, he wants to show he can do better! If he had to choose a genre other than horror, Gordon would write Sci-Fi or Fantasy, and that


sometimes his stories do go in unexpected directions. “It’s every writer’s dream to have a book turned into a film… best thing in the world.” The rights to Furnace were sold to a company who make films and theme parks, so Gordon is excited to see what they do with it. They have already added a love interest, but as he says, books and films need to be different in order to work. “If you can’t finish a book, maybe it’s not a story you should be telling at the moment.” Over the years, Gordon has scrapped around 30 books; ideas, half-written books and even books that were 90% finished. But he also says that “every author has moments” where they don’t think they can carry on with a book, and sometimes you just have to work through it.

Gordon is often surprised by the depths to which his brain will go. “How did those words come out of my brain?” “Did I really write that?! That’s horrible!” The closest Gordon has ever got to writing romance was a story about a couple who were involved in a car accident. “Her head had to be grafted on to his body… they ended up arguing all the time!” Gordon’s favourite video games are survival horror, with the top one being Silent Hill. “All the characters are still up there and sometimes they talk to you.” “I would be a truck driver. I always thought driving around in a truck would be awesome.” “I think my favourite series is The Furnace, because it’s so action packed – it just doesn’t stop.”

Article by Whitney Dunthorne, Year 9 Alexander is a horror author. Born in Norwich with a big passion for horror films and books. He came to City Academy Norwich with a presentation to all the Year 7s. His inspiration is horror, real life people and experiences. He uses real life people in his books. His favourite genre is horror, sci-fi and fantasy. He would love his books turned into films and then the films turned into a theme park!

Article by Abbi Taylor We were lucky enough to have author Alexander Gordon Smith in school. We asked him a few questions. Q. Who is your favourite author? Apart from myself, my favourite author is Stephen King. Q. Out of all the books you’ve written which is your favourite book? That’s a tough one. It’s probably Lockdown because I based the character on me from a time in my life when I got caught up in a rough crowd. Q. What is your favourite writing genre? Horror, anything can happen in horror. It makes the impossible possible. Q. How did you think up the idea for the Wheezers in Lockdown? I used some of my fears, gas masks and Alsatians (I saw my friend’s ear get chewed off by one)!!

Q. What is your BIGGEST fear? Porcelain dolls, their eyes seem to follow you around the room no matter where you are. Q. Where is the scariest place you have ever been? The museum of children, there is an entire room filled with porcelain dolls which you have to go through to get to the other parts of the museum. Q. Where do you get the ideas for your books? Everywhere, ideas are all around you. They are in your house, they are down your road – you can find ideas absolutely everywhere. Q. And finally, what tips would you give to aspiring authors? Get to know your characters and never give up, keep going no matter what.

He has 30 books which he started and hasn’t currently finished. When he has completed a book he is so amazed and shocked by how he has written books that are good. His biggest regret is killing his enemy teachers in his stories. If he wasn’t a writer, did you know he would love to be a truck driver? He would love to create a book with all the survivors of other books he has written about. His worst genre is romance. He is always writing and his favourite book is the Furnace Series (Lockdown). He also said he would have no chance that he would survive his own books. To conclude, all the children loved his presentation as it was filled with humour as well as horror.


Year 7 Trip to Carrow Road Show Racism the Red Card event On 22nd October, 16 students from the Year 7 football team travelled to Carrow Road to be part of the “Show Racism the Red Card” event.

The event started with an introduction from the organisers to the four secondary schools present. This was followed by three workshops, each highlighting different aspects connected to the event. The police delivered an interactive workshop raising awareness on hate crime, this was followed by a presentation on black history month and finished with a further interactive workshop on discrimination led by the event hosts. After lunch the students had the privilege of watching the new Show Racism the Red Card DVD, which features many premier league stars. To finish the event off, Norwich City footballers, Sebastian Bassong and Nathan Redmond came along to answer questions about their experiences with racism.


This was followed by all the Year 7 CAN footballers meeting the Norwich City players and getting autographs.

All the CAN students were exceptionally well behaved, asked thoughtful questions and participated fully in all the activities.

y! Poetr here are some lines from our teams poems:

Mark Grist came to City Academy Norwich and took nine students through their SLAM rehearsals for three hours. During this time Mark helped the students with crafting their poems, delivering their pieces and improving their confidence and techniques, so that on the day they could (hopefully) beat the teams from the other schools at the UEA’s Festival of Literature for Young People. Each of our four teams prepared some genuinely brilliant pieces. To give you a flavour of what was prepared,

‘Whoops, everyone’s dead! I found a potion it was red I didn’t mean for it to happen I found the potion under my small, but comfy bed. How was I suppose to know that red meant death…’

Special credit to Anya Allen who had been rehearsing on her own and “fingers crossed” will be performing solo! Find out in the article below how our teams did!

‘My brother eats shampoo – A true story. He ate it for breakfast He ate it for lunch He had it with spaghetti Breakfast tea or brunch He enjoyed it with a crackle He enjoyed it with a crunch…’ ‘His clothes became torn, And his hip dropped, His face became pale, And ears flopped. Mmm Brains His hair fell out And his teeth became rotten His cheek bones sagged…’

Festival of Literature for Young People (FLY) From 8th-12th July, City Academy Norwich students got the chance to get involved in an exciting festival held at the UEA called FLY. We took groups to the UEA for a range of workshops and talks led by a variety of professional authors, giving pupils an insight into their creations and approach. Workshops included a Graphic Novel Illustration session led by Tony Lee, “Robin Hood: Hero or Hoodie?” and “Write your own Fairytale”. At the close of the Festival, FLY held a Poetry SLAM competition

where invited schools worked with poets who helped inspire students’ imaginations to create performance pieces. City Academy Norwich students were naturally in the forefront of this process and entered four groups to represent the school at the SLAM. Each group gave a fantastic performance, spurred on by fellow students; so much so that CAN came away as the outright winners of all the competing schools. The poems read included “Xbox”, “My Brother Who Ate Shampoo”, “Mmm, Brains” and “Oops, Everyone’s Dead”.

Well done to Alexis Bale, Shania Staddon, Alice Brown, Whitney Dunthorne, Anya Allen, Josh Alderton and Christian Cahill and a big congratulations to Dylan Tempelaars, Jack Gibbs and Reece Murdoch, who were our winners. Well done also to Spencer Brightwell, who won the FLY Illustration competition for his pencil drawing. Spencer was presented with a certificate and a bag of signed books, as well as winning £100 of book vouchers for City Academy Norwich.


New Community Table Tennis Club City Academy Norwich has teamed up with Wensum Table Tennis Club to set up a new Community Table Tennis Club. The club is based at CAN on a Tuesday evening between 5-7pm and aims to help young people of all abilities improve their table tennis skills whilst having fun!

The club is open to any young person aged 8-16 years from any school and costs only £1 for CAN pupils (£2 for pupils from other schools). For more information about the club, please contact Mark Dare on 07809 838360 or email

Wembley On Friday 11th October, Miss Foster, Mr Atkins and a group of GCSE PE students were fortunate enough to go and watch the England v Montenegro World Cup qualifying game at Wembley Stadium.

Community Swim programme a success The Academy’s community swimming programme is going from strength to strength.

The sessions are run on a Thursday evening by the Academy’s Swimming Instructor Ben Johnson.

City Academy Norwich already provides swimming lessons for over 500 pupils from local Primary Schools each year. The Academy has now also launched a programme of Community Swimming Lessons to help young people develop their skills further.

The sessions run between 4.30pm to 7pm with different groups for a variety of abilities.


If you would like your child to take part, please contact Ben Johnson on 01603 452 628 ext 327.

After a lovely journey via train, and the tube during rush hour, the sight of the beaming arch overhead was very welcome! Cheers, chants and the noise of clackers could be heard for miles around and the sight of the perfectly maintained green “carpet” was breath taking. The game itself was not only a fantastic result for England, but it gave the students a perfect opportunity to observe and analyse professional athletes playing their sport.

Summer School During the summer holidays, a selected few of the new Year 7 cohort attended a transitional summer school. The Academy bought in the services of an external company called PET–xi. The summer school ran over two weeks and gave students the opportunity to make new friends and

become familiar with the layout of the Academy. The summer school was packed full of fun and games, along with focussing on the literacy and maths skills of each child through creating and advertising a brand new theme park called “Bring it on”.

CAN Holiday Club

en Childra from llsl schoome welco

Activities include art, sport, games, cooking and swimming. Lunch, snacks, activities and trips included.

For ages


If you would like to have a look at CAN Holiday Club please phone on 01603 452628 ext 222 or email Find out more at @CANHolidayClub CAN Holiday Club

Only £18 per day

Open 8am to 6pm every school holiday


Accelerated Reader Back in March, we re-launched the Accelerated Reading scheme at City Academy Norwich for our Year 7s. It has been a great success, motivating even reluctant students to read and encouraging friendly competition both in classes and across the year group. Students take a test at the beginning of term to determine their reading comprehension level and then choose from a wide selection of suitable books to enjoy. Once they have read the book, they then use an iPad to take a reading comprehension quiz and are allocated points according to the book’s difficulty, length and their percentage of correct answers.


Accelerated Reader Statistics At the start of each library lesson, we then print out a report showing overall scores and a variety of other useful statistics.

Total words read: 12,259,226 Top reader’s words read: 1,123,190 Quizzes taken: 2369 Different quizzes taken: 803 Most popular quiz: Master Money the Millionaire by Allan Ahlberg Favourite book: Gangsta Granny by David Walliams

English It was an exciting start for the new English team in September. We have welcomed a number of new staff and started developing a challenging new curriculum. One of the highlights from the first half term has been our work with Molly Naylor, a published poet and our Patron of Reading. She has been working with a group of Year 7 boys who will be visiting West Earlham Junior School to encourage reading and inspire the students there. Year 7 and 8 students have been working on stories for the creative writing competition: ‘The Mistake’. A number of powerful stories have already been submitted, long before the deadline. Many students have already shown an interest in joining the Year 7 and 8 Creative Writing Club, which will take place on Tuesday at 3.15pm in the Learning Resource Centre.

Year 10 students have made an excellent start to their GCSE course, and have completed their ‘An Inspector Calls’ controlled assessments. Many have exceeded their target grade! Many of our Year 11s have made a very encouraging start to their final year of study, and have been putting in additional hours over half term to prepare for their GCSE English Language exam. There is a new Year 11 English Twitter account, which has a growing number of followers. It is particularly popular with students who are trying to improve their English grammar this year! @CANEnglish11

Values School A group of Year 9 Gifted and Talented students are having French or Spanish lessons during form time, three times a week. This is in preparation for their GCSE courses in Years 10 and 11. This should give them a flying start and a fantastic opportunity to achieve the highest grade. We wish them “Bonne Chance” or “Buena Suerte” with their studies.

We are really looking forward to the coming year!


Computing at City Academy Norwich

Digital Ambassadors Needed!


Digital Ambassadors needed for mentoring of primary school students to help them learn to code at the CAN Academy Code School. All welcome, after school commitment required.

Students have been learning about computational thinking using ‘Makey Makey’ kits. They have made a banana piano, a pencil joystick, foil steering wheels and hole punch foot pads for racing games, piano stairs, a motion detection game and other whacky inventions.

As a digital ambassador you will be given the opportunity to pass on your expertise and enthusiasm to other learners. The role of the digital ambassador is diverse and often challenging. “The student digital ambassadors worked together, unpacking the concept and outlining expectations and outcomes for the session, before

Sixth form ICT

Our ‘A’ level students at CAN are developing challenging scenarios in a virtual world that will be used in lessons in Year 7. They are working with the leadership team at CAN to provide challenging scenarios that will take our students to Mars.


moving among their peers ensuring continued clarity and engagement, troubleshooting, and mentoring the younger students in Year 8.” Ms Pointon Melville “Jack, Jamie and Callum helped the students understand logic gates by presenting Minecraft and the ‘Redstone’ add on. It was brilliant.” Miss T Coleman “I could not have delivered the CPD session to Primary School teachers without the digital ambassadors help. They were first class. Thank you all.” Mrs J Thompson

Cisco Invent

Students after school Cisco club on Tuesday is well attended with students learning how to build PCs and then take them home. One of our students came up with an ingenious way of having a spy screen. You cannot see anything on the screen unless you are wearing special glasses. Brilliant.

At the heart of computing is that everyone is an inventor. Our students have demonstrated imagination enthusiasm and a splash of craziness. Well done.

Perfume and Programming

All students in Year 8 have been writing computer programs and experimenting in perfume making in order to solve problems by using a textual programming language, C++. Expect a wonderfully named scent to arrive home in a custom made box in the holidays. CAN’s computing labs have never smelt so good!

Lead School in Computing A whole school assembly celebrated students efforts in earning CAN the status of ‘Lead School in Computing’. Guest speakers, Dr Sue Sentence (Computing at Schools) and Neil McLean (National Foundation for

Educational Research) awarded CAN’s first Digital Ambassadors with certificates. Mr Thompson was also awarded a Master Teacher status in Computing.

India and partners

Greetings from India! Ajith Basu the Chief Program Executive from Agastya International Foundation is keen to build links with students at CAN. Jamie Steward left Ajith amazed with his coding and digital creations in a virtual Art World. Links with India and opportunities for joint projects are very close. See for details and watch this space!


City Academy Norwich students have been selected nationally to pilot the Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer project. This involves building small electronic devices using the .NET Micro Framework and Visual Studio/Visual C# Express. Students will soon be building all manner of electronic gadgets. Some students have already planned a helicopter battle in the Atrium and phone controlled digital signage.

Ellie Ireland

We are delighted to welcome back Ellie Ireland who is working as an ICT intern at CAN while continuing her studies at City College Norwich. After achieving a Level 3 in Creative iMedia in Year 11, she has made a huge difference to the Academy and is already producing fantastic digital resources.

ArtiÀcial Intelligence

Year 8 made a robot that drives itself around CAN with a video link to its programmers! Is this a new life form or just clever computer coding?


Homework Helper Twelve year old Josh Alderton, a Year 8 student at City Academy Norwich, has made it his mission to help as many other youngsters with their homework as possible by launching a web site which offers tips and covers key topics in subjects such as Maths, English and Science. In a matter of weeks, Josh’s Homework Helper website – – has received over 1,000 hits. Originally set up for the benefit of his classmates within City Academy Norwich, the reach of the website has extended well beyond Norwich, with visitors to the site from as far afield as the United States, Central America and Australia. Josh, who lives near The Avenues in Norwich, has used his impressive IT skills to create not just the website, but also a growing number of YouTube videos to bring to life explanations of topics such as how to solve algebraic equations, multiplication and division, gravity, sentence composition, spelling rules and much more. He has also created a facebook page and twitter account linked to the site, helping with the promotion of Homework Helper and creating new possibilities for engaging with the site’s users and encouraging a wider peer support network.


On most days Josh devotes some of his own spare time to developing Homework Helper, fitting the project in around his own homework commitments. The creation of Homework Helper came about almost by chance, when a throw-away remark by City Academy Norwich maths teacher Dan Jackson – saying to the class wouldn’t it be good if a website like this existed – was seized upon by Josh as an exciting opportunity and challenge. Having previously helped his mum to set up a website for a perfume enterprise, Josh felt confident to take on this project and run with it. With the strapline “Be cool but work hard in school, grades matter!”, Homework Helper has gone from strength to strength since its launch at the start of October. Despite initial concerns that the project might be seen by his peers as being “a bit nerdy”, the response from students at the Academy has been quite the opposite with classmates welcoming the helpful new resource and congratulating Josh on the site. Following on from this initial success, Josh is now recruiting amongst his year group to set up a team of contributors to Homework Helper –

and the next addition to the site will be a regular podcast. Whilst Josh’s primary aim with Homework Helper has been to offer homework help and support for his peers, the entrepreneurially-minded youngster hopes that the continued success of the project, and the skills he has learned and developed, may lead to revenue-generating opportunities in the future. Josh Alderton commented: “I’ve got a lot a satisfaction from setting up Homework Helper and from knowing that I’ve helped people. The site has had a thousand hits already and if it’s helped just some of those people with their homework then that is amazing!” Richard Dolding, Head of Values, City Academy Norwich, added: “Josh has used his IT skills and all-round abilities to put together an impressive website and video resources in a short space of time. Whilst he has been encouraged in this project by his maths and computing teachers, Mr Jackson and Mr Thompson, Josh has done all of the work himself. The site has received positive feedback from students and teachers alike and we are excited that more of our students are now set to engage with the project as contributors to Homework Helper.”

Maths in Motion

Racing Fever is in the air again as the engines are started on another season of high speed maths and fierce competition. It’s quite simple:

Minecraft at CAN Logic Gates and National recognition

Minecraft has been the choice of computer students to help learn about logic gates and binary logic for over a year. The work of our students is now being considered as a valuable tool to engage all students in computing and solving problems nationally. WOW!

Jack needs you...

Minecraft for Education, the highly popular building and monsters video game, can now incorporate accurate Ordnance Survey terrain data of Great Britain in its blockwork virtual world. Jack needs volunteers to create an environment to be used by our Duke of Edinburgh students to create route maps. All welcome; after school commitment required.


Teachers from infant and junior schools have been learning how to use a programme called Scratch at CAN. The course is running to help primary schools get ready for the introduction of Computing at Key Stages 1 and 2, which calls for a greater emphasis on programming. The sessions are run by Mr Thompson and his team of students in L3 and have been a brilliant success. Students who have been helping teach the course include Jamie Steward and Reece Waterfield.

THE BETTER YOU ARE AT MATHS, THE FASTER YOUR CAR IS!! A new breed of racers are growing in Year 8 and already world records are being threatened! The homework helper himself, Josh Alderton, Dylan Tempelaars, Chloe Boland, Travis Kemp, Reece Murdoch and a few others are turning into proper Formula 1 mathematicians. With a couple of primary schools coming during November and December and more in the New Year, the atmosphere is set to become pretty electric around the Maths Department! Setting up your car’s engine tuning, suspension, aerodynamic downforce, gear box ratios, dealing with weather changes, tyre types, fuel, working out percentages, measuring angles, mathematical modelling... it’s all in there....! Could you handle it? Then please get involved.



Clinics and courses

Ormiston Children and Families Trust are based within City Academy Norwich and provide support to students and their families.

Ormiston Children and Families Trust, continue to have a strong presence within CAN and continue to offer various supportive services to both the school and wider local communities.

Our small and friendly team will work with students that the school feels would benefit from some extra support. We support students through difficult times such as relationship difficulties, anger/behavioural difficulties, confidence/self-esteem and family difficulties. If you would like to know more about how we could support you or your child please do not hesitate to contact us on 01603 452628 ext 236 or email Alternatively, if you would like to find out a bit more about Ormiston, you can visit our website


There is a range of services available. From drop-in style clinics for CAN students who may need some emotional support and advice during a tough period or event, through to structured, ongoing courses for both parents and young people that run over a number of weeks and are designed to bring families closer as a whole.

There are two upcoming courses in the New Year: Strengthening Families Programme: 21 January 2014 from 12.00 pm to 4.00 pm ‘Triple P’: 20 January (details to be confirmed) If you feel you might be interested in the services available and would like further information, please contact CAN on 01603 452 628 and dial ext 236 to speak to one of the Ormiston team.

Ormiston Children & Families Trust Central Office, 333 Felixstowe Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 9BU T: 01473 724517 F: 01473 274255 E: W: President: The Lady Tollemache Chief Executive: Mark Heasman Registered Charity Number 1015716 Registered Company Number 2769307 Registered in England. Company Limited by Guarantee.



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City Academy Norwich 299 Bluebell Road Norwich NR4 7LP

For more information, please visit City Academy Norwich 299 Bluebell Road Norwich NR4 7LP

Tel: 01603 452 628

Principal Mr D Brunton


Fax: 01603 507 215

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