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Take Moment Monday Take AaMoment Monday July 1, 2013 Volume II, Issue 1

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Editor: Vicki Hahn, CAP-OM

New Year

Transition board meeting

The new chapter year is now here and I am privileged to be the incoming president. We have a great schedule of speakers scheduled for the coming year, many that have already confirmed. I am excited to be working with our new board and thank Michelle, Rose and Dawn for stepping up.

]A transition board meeting will be held Saturday, July 13th from 8:30 – 10:30 am at Vicki’s house, 1128 Wisconsin Street, Pomona. All new board members and past board members are invited to participate. If you are a member and are considering serving on the board or a committee assignment this coming year please join us. Breakfast refreshments will be available.

I think we are in a good position to offer at least as many recertification points as last year, a real benefit for our certified members. Effective immediately, please only use the following email address to reach me: Other emails will be disabled or checked only infrequently. Thank you. Certification The August deadline to register for the November certification exam is right around the corner. If you think you are considering certification this year, please make sure to complete your application before August 15th. You can find more information about certification, including all the application materials and sample questions on both the chapter website or at HQ at If you haven’t already seen it, take a moment to review the Certification Testimonial booklet that one of our members put together. You can view at the below link.

Silent Auction / Welcome Bag Items If you have any resources or items for the upcoming silent auction (Bunco and/or PDD), or any resources for welcome bag items for PDD, please let me know. Silent auction items can be brought to a meeting and we will hold them for future safekeeping.

Reminder: bring your old ink cartridges to our August meeting as part of our new and means fundraising _iaap_cap_prof_designation_-?e=8289940/2591797 effort.

Ask yourself, Why Certification… or more importantly, Why Not Certification?



Regional and National News PDNF Dates Mark your calendar to participate in the upcoming PDNF dates: 8/3/2013, 10/12/2013, 2/1/2014, 4/5/2014, and 5/17/2014. All sessions will be held at Parsons in Pasadena. Professional Development Day – PDD Save the date on your calendar for the 37 th Annual PDD. The Citrus Valley chapter is a co-host with four other chapters, Bahia, Orange Empire, Cucamonga Valley and Valencia Orange County. The event is scheduled for Saturday, October 5, 2013 at Collette’s at the Meridian in Fullerton, CA. Watch for upcoming details. AEF/CDM 2014 The California Division Annual Meeting and Annual Education Forum (CDAM/AEF) has now come to a close. Mark your calendar for June 6-8, 2014 at the Doubletree Hotel in Sacramento, CA.

What’s The Buzz Welcome to our Newest Board Member Following the board installation on June 4, 2013. The incoming board held a meeting and agreed to appoint Dawn McCollum, CAP-OM as secretary for FY 2013-14. Dawn expressed her interest at the June 4th meeting, though unfortunately it was too late to install her that night. Dawn is official and we will welcome and install her at our August 6th meeting. Amazing Walk At the conclusion of the Amazing Walk the final result is… XXXX miles. Thank you for your support of the Foundation of IAAP. Click to open, or copy the following in your browser: Chapter Website The chapter website has a wealth of information for both our members and visitors. Members are encouraged to seek here first for information. If you haven’t already reviewed them, the final update from outgoing Division President Murphy Jones, CAP-OM and an outgoing June message from International President, Karlena Rannals, CAP-OM, were posted on the newsletter page of the chapter website at Attached is a pdf copy of next year’s calendar and a copy of the new chapter brochure. Both will also be available on the website.

2013-14 Brochure

2013-14 Calendar


LinkedIn Endorsements – What do they really mean? Reprinted with permission from Sam Richter, originally published December 13, 2013

Thanks for LinkedIn Endorsing Me as a Lingerie Model Okay, admittedly, no one has ever LinkedIn endorsed me as a lingerie model. However, I do wonder about some of the LinkedIn endorsements I have recently received (and thank you if you have endorsed me), based on the talent that was being endorsed by the person endorsing it. So that got me to wondering… Are people confused with how LinkedIn Endorsements work? There are two parts to LinkedIn Endorsements. The first being how to endorse another person’s skills, and the second being making it easy for someone to endorse your skills. Let’s tackle endorsing others first. A LinkedIn Endorsement is a service that LinkedIn offers that seems to be a reaction to Facebook “Likes.” When you view the profile of one of your first level LinkedIn connections, a number of words appear that are supposed to be skills that your connection possesses. (Note that this doesn’t always happen and I unfortunately cannot tell you why on some profiles this feature appears and on others it does not). You can endorse the skills associated with the person by clicking the “Endorse” button. You can even enter words and LinkedIn will suggest additional skills. However, whereby Facebook “likes” are rather intuitive and easy to use, I think a majority of LinkedIn users are confused by the endorsement feature. For example, people who have heard me speak and who have even written a testimonial for my speaking programs, on LinkedIn, endorse me for “advertising” even though I’ve never done any advertising for that person. Yet they don’t endorse me for my speaking. I just doesn’t make logical sense. The answer can most likely be found in how LinkedIn presents Endorsements. Again, if you view a firstlevel connection, at the top of your connection’s profile, a big and bold box appears with a large headline that states “Does XXXXXX have these skills or expertise?” In the box are the skill words. The logical next step based on the headline question would be to click on the words corresponding with the skill you want to endorse. However, THE EXACT OPPOSITE HAPPENS. When you click on a skill word you are NOT endorsing that particular skill. Rather, you are removing that skill from the endorsement list. Then when you click the “Endorse” button, the only skills you are endorsing are the ones that remain. This is completely non-intuitive. So in my situation, I’m wondering if people are clicking the “Public Speaking” button thus removing it from the list, and when they click the “endorse” button, what I’m being endorsed for is the word(s) that remain, e.g., “advertising.”



LinkedIn Endorsements…?, continued Also note that when reviewing another person’s profile, you can scroll down and review all of the skill words that are associated with the profile. At this point, if you do click on a word, it does actually provide your endorsement for that skill. However, since most people come across endorsements when first viewing someone’s profile, this more intuitive way to provide a skill endorsement is largely missed. So how can you control the skills that people endorse about you? The good news is, it’s easy. Once logged into your LinkedIn account, click the “Profile” tab on the upper navigation, and from the pull-down menu, choose “Edit Profile.” On your profile page, scroll down until you see the “Skills and Expertise” section. Click the small “Edit” link. Once in the “Edit Skills & Expertise” section, you can delete skills that are not important to you to have endorsed, or add new skills. You can have a total of 50 skills. Unfortunately, there is no way to rank or prioritize your skills. Meaning, what shows up when someone looks at your profile is completely random, because only about a dozen of your chosen skills appear. So it may actually serve you better to limit the number of skills in your profile, so irrelevant ones don’t randomly appear. For those who have read my book and/or attended my Know More! programs, you know I am a HUGE fan of LinkedIn. The Endorsement feature can be very powerful one, once you know how to use it effectively. Now that you know how to correctly endorse someone on LinkedIn (and no, picture aside,…I will not be adding “lingerie model” to my LinkedIn profile anytime soon), I hope you take advantage of this cool service and promote those with whom you’ve had a positive business experience. And now that you know how to have some control on what others endorse about you, I hope your business contacts share their positive experiences. You can become a power endorser user…now that you Know More! About Sam Richter Sam Richter is an internationally recognized expert on sales and marketing. His experience includes building innovative technology, sales, and marketing programs for start-up companies and some of the world's most famous brands. Sam has won Best of Show at numerous marketing competitions, a Gold Award at the International Film Festival, and he was recognized with a Codie-Award, the ‘Oscars’ of the software industry. He was named one of the Most Influential Chief Marketing Officers on Twitter, and one of the nation’s Top 25 Most Influential Sales Leaders. Sam’s most recent best-selling book, "Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling" is now in multiple editions and has also won numerous awards including being named Sales Book of the Year. Sam is the founder of the acclaimed Know More! business improvement program and he has trained teams and entertained tens of thousands of persons around the world. Sam was named to the Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 list, and he is a past finalist for Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Learn what others say about Sam’s programs at

Take a moment monday, volume ii, issue 1 july 1, 2013  
Take a moment monday, volume ii, issue 1 july 1, 2013