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is a creative design studio producing award winning apps for globally recognised clients. “Elevating simple ideas into award-winning realities, we consistently deliver products that increase our client’s brand visibility. From Publishing to mHealth, our clients trust us to translate their content into seamless digital experiences to charm and delight their audiences, adding value through our ‘people-centred’ design focus.” Chris Morland Managing Director

“Citrus Suite levarages its games-industry heritage for the benefit of clients.” • Agile team: 50 mobile app projects published in less than 3 years.

• Strong client focus: People centred design process.

• Popular creative appeal: 3 chart-topping Apps across the US and UK.

• Gamification: Award-winning engagement strategy for client service apps.

• Cross-platform capability: iOS and Android versions available to target both markets for minimal investment.

• Leading-technology: ‘App development engine’ is efficient, fast, and slashes development costs.

Agencies commission with us because we know how to take audiences on digital journeys which are as enjoyable as they are compelling to use. On-trend with user-engagement strategies, such as ‘gamification’ we bring expertise to bear across a range of offerings, helping clients increase and retain mobile audiences. +(44) 151 345 1979

THREE #1 apps and ‘App of the Year 2012’. Developer on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac and Web. “Discerning client needs and mapping out business objectives builds competitive advantage. Our strength lies in the ability to develop an iterative framework where design is negotiable and fluid throughout for every new project.” Steve Donovan Creative Director Meeting the Needs of Diverse Clients.

Designing For People.

We supply design services across a broad spectrum of clients. The last two years have seen our portfolio develop from creative ‘ebook’ projects within the publishing sector to service work for corporate and health sectors.

User-experience design is simply a process that interprets a client’s ‘knowledge’ into an appreciation of behaviours, needs, and desires of any given target audience. Having worked across the creative industry, our team recognises the main ingredient to project management is communication developing good client-relationships and inviting feedback during each stage of the design process is key. Walking the tightrope between client and end-user needs demands a flexible approach.

We procure many contracts through word of mouth, with specialist media agencies bringing projects to the door. Our clients include International Publishers, Broadcasters, Pharmaceuticals, Charities, Hospitals, Art Galleries, Theatres, and Universities. +(44) 151 345 1979


changed the way we thought about interactive books and impacted us more than anything else this year.” Apps Magazine “Working with some of the world’s leading publishers has driven us to produce world class results. Strategically, working on highly creative projects has been beneficial as it has honed our ability and given us a strong presence in a very competitive market. Developing relationships with publishers such as Penguin (US) and HarperCollins has been vital in developing a sensitive approach to innovation that compliments the efforts of best-selling authors.” Chris Morland Managing Director CASE STUDY 1 CHOPSTICKS iPad/iPhone: The challenge was to create new ways to explore the content of a graphic novel whilst being sensitivity towards narrative. Subtle innovation to enhance readers’ enjoyment without interfering with comprehension. Based on a ground-breaking novel produced by Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral. RESULT: Transmedia app ‘Chopsticks’ was followed by Wall Street Journal, listed as one of the top 5 book apps of all time by Apps Magazine (issue 23, summer 2012) & labelled ‘unique in the field of interactive fiction’ by Games TM. December 2012 saw ‘Chopsticks’ awarded overall ‘App Of The Year 2012’ by Apps Magazine. +(44) 151 345 1979

“Wreck This App and the book from which it springs are complementary, not competitive, experiences.” USA Today

“Our proposal convinced author and publisher of the creative direction, allowing us to develop a ground-breaking solution to meet their needs, and establish this app at the top of the iTunes chart.” Steve Donovan Creative Director

CASE STUDY 2 WRECK THIS APP iPad / iPhone / Android Phones /Android Tablets /Nook Color: The challenge was to capture the spirit of a much-loved activity book, achieved by creating tools to enable users to be creative in digital form. Based on the best-selling creative journal by Keri Smith. RESULT: ‘Wreck This App’ voted ‘Best Digital Product of 2011’ at the Penguin Group (USA)Third Annual David Awards in March 2012. Wreck This App was also nominated ‘Best Non-Fiction App’ at Digital Book World Conference in 2012. Follow up ‘This Is Not An App’ was also nominated ‘Best Non-Fiction App’ at Digital Book World Conference in New York January 2013. +(44) 151 345 1979

Citrus Engine is

fast, efficient and slashes dev costs. “Easy to update and customise for bespoke builds, cross-platform capability has been built into our technology, meaning that iOS and Android versions are easy to create to target both markets for minimal investment.” Paul McNally Technical Director Clean, efficient code is the drive behind our agility. Our in-house technology has been developed to maximise the efficiency of product development pipelines.

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Full brand control Bespoke features for your client Build & repackage app numerous times Set price per build iPhone, iPad & Android apps can be produced at the same time • Quick turnaround As more companies embrace the smartphone revolution we have a number of off-the-shelf solutions to enable your clients reach the app stores. White label iOS & Android app development is a great way to deliver quality, relevant apps to your clients.

White Label Projects • Advertising games • Augmented reality apps • Creative entertainment: drawing, photo editing, etc. • eDetailing software / sales aids • Enhanced eBooks: integrated video, audio, social functions, plus alot more • Enterprise program: in-house business apps • Games: platform, arcade, adventure, HOG • Gamified content • GPS location-based apps • Mobile utilities • Sales team apps • Task management +(44) 151 345 1979  

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