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Citra Journey “Be Yourself�

Be Yourself in Every Moment Your Life Do you know yourself well? Do you cover yourself to the real thing? Every time passes, if there is missing from your heart? Loneliness, togetherness, laughter and tears, all part of life. Because there would be no rainbow, if there is no rain. Let it all be a part of life. Every time you fall, you will get back up.

Every time you laugh, you'll remember that there is also sorrow. Because life is always spinning and not always beautiful, and not always sad. Forward and never shut yourself away with the pretense. Because it will destroy you, such as the atomic bomb ready to explode. Laugh when you are happy and cry when you are grief. Because it is a book every human life. Just be you self in every moment your life, lonely, together with friend or lover. Just make it comfortable with you. Because you hold the key for your happiness and the sorrow.

Life is never easy but life can be so hard if you give up. Just take the time to yourself, your friends, your families and the people. Making every page in your life is precious. Be Yourself……………………. Youth association Many cases of teenage promiscuity, which is sometimes beyond logic as a parent - I still have not become parents. Replaced wrote out thinking adults. Because the association today's youth can no longer be regarded as student misbehavior in general. For the affairs of a fight, it can still, provided that no anarchist. Well, if you've smelled naughty sex or free sex? Will it still be called juvenile delinquency? To that end, only

you can answer - due to differing perceptions about it -

How to be yourself? 1. Love yourself 2. Choose the best friend who can support you 3. Have motivation in alive, so nobody can change it. 4. Always prays and read bible for Christian and Alquran for Islamic. 5. Don’t ever think you are not good, so you can feel confidence…. How to protect yourself from negative friends? 1. Always share with your parents 2. Don’t go to club for disco 3. Choose the good club like swimming clubs and so on

Be Yourself  
Be Yourself  

Be Yourself in Every Moment Your Life Do you know yourself well? Do you cover yourself to the real thing?