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Citra Journey ….Talking about Love…. Part 2

Marriage Happiness will shine on your face During this time you are looking forward to finally see him too After long time to sought soul mates Immeasurably meet in a place he'd never imagined Love is always there for you Love will always be present to meet your heart space Although you want to avoid it. . . . . Finally, you also fascinated by the attention Although he is not perfect for you But he's the best of all that is good for you Wedding bells would soon be heard Trace your footsteps will catch up at the altar Side by side with men who already fill your day With you in joy and sorrow that never end Finally two different beings who will put together United by love and enshrined in a sacred marriage Life is indeed unique and unpredictable. . . . Where love will come and take you in their cribs The smell of love is sincere and spread. Finally, make your choices. That he is the right guy for you

The man who will preserve and protect you The man who will love and you love Living in the ark happy household Waiting for that day will go by For trying to understand each other more than ever before So love it continue to survive and last Due to marriage for once in your life Although sometimes it is not eternal But defend and fight Through life together will make it everlasting love Congratulations to maintain the love that already exists Because only you and he can defend it Happy to take a new life, with the scent of love all around you Only prayer and a smile that will accompany you Walk to the altar with those you love


What is Right Man? Many women think right man is mean rich, handsome, loyal, friendship and many good ideas………………. Ok, actually life is not like fairy tale. You can’t find your prince in a real life. Why I said that. Because it just fairy tale for the kids, Do you want to know what men think about marriage? Okay, this is one of my research for my book, Man, Sex and marriage and I will share you a little about it.

Love, Sex and Marriage In this time this topic is general but a lot of people never know what are love, sex and marriage. Something unusual if just choose just one of them, but some people have different about that topic. I don’t know why I want to discuss about that. I am not good and I also don’t have experience about sex, including marriage. Every country has different culture and opinion about sex, love and marriage, including Indonesia. Indonesia is very strange about free sex. It is different with Europe or others country. May be in your country is easy to get free sex, different with east culture, just doing sex with one of man with the legal marriage. I also can’t close my eyes with free sex in my country too, some coupe do it before marriage and being prostitute (just doing sex for money).

Ok, half people think sex just for fun and marriage just for complicated relationship. Why must marriage if the couple feels like each other.

Blasxxx Well, dont know what project it is but here my answers... marriage: well, people make too much out of it. it's not really needed personally but maybe because it's easier for some legal things. many people think that after marriage u don't need to do anything for the relationship anymore. that's not true. actually, after marriage its the same as before. type of girl: difficult to say. should have kind of a mysterious look in the eyes. openminded. smart. should have her own will and not be dependent from me. sex and love: sex without love can work, love without sex not, in my opinion. with sex you share intimacy. here it wouldn't work if the partners have different views.

Chaxxx I would like a girl tht looks like you, who is caring and understanding that I have to work all the time.

I think sex and love are great. Being in love and making love are a beautiful thing. Sex is like getting something off you mind..

VIC T I am doing just great "thnx". Marry for me is just a ritual that human re-invented on how it is being done and how it should be, that it is not just a word that you'll say " I DO" but a feeling of "I WILL DO IT" from my heart. type of woman that i wanna spent my life would be sweet, kind, respectful, and god fearing person,

and i would like to marry a woman that would bring the best of me. different stage of age would define love and sex different, 12 yrs ago i would answer sex is just for fun and love is just for stupid person. but now for me sex is sacred that it should be done to the one you love, and love is a joy in my heart.

Sex or Love? I ever made relationship with man, we were far away. But he was so strange for me. He always mastrubate on phone, every time he called me. I said I was not comfortable about that. But he never hear me. I tell him, I'm still virgin n I never do mastrubate. The first time, he just want me hear on phone, he's doing mastrubate n third or fifth call, he ask me to do same. I had already tell him and broke with him but he always call me and do like that.

I don't think he really fall in love with me. It’s different between love n sex. If he loves me, he doesn't ask me to break my rule. Am I right? Why so difficult to find a good man? I live in Indonesia, its different rule between Europe. But I just need someone who care n understand that. Why I must find man who doesn't understand me. I also have passion but I can handle myself, I can control myself, just wait until I get one man who to be first n last in my life, so classic but its true.

What's man need sex or love?

That is one of part about what woman and man think.

To be continue………………………………

Talking About Love Part2  

Marriage Happiness will shine on your face During this time you are looking forward to finally see him too After long time to sought sou...

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