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master graduate / product design / design for sustainable behaviour / human-centred design / 3d modelling 43 Farnham Road, Loughborough UK, LE11 2LH

Online Portfolio Education

mobile: 0 751 611 8928

MSc Sustainable Product Design ⦙ Loughborough University ⦙ sep 2011 - sep 2012 Development of the following projects: !

Redesign of the experience of manual dishwashing for UK households to reduce the amount of water wasted, based on the influence of behaviour. A user-centred, evidence-based approach to the development of Assistive Technology (AT) product design concepts and development. Interviews and observation with KS 3 pupils. Empathic modelling, co-design with pupils through sketching. Major project: Redesign of takeaway packaging to reduce environmental impact and influence consumer behaviour. (Service design)

Eco-Design Diploma ⦙ UAM (Autonomous Metropolitan University) ⦙ 27 sep - 4 dec 2010 Knowledge of Eco-Design tools, perspectives and projects around the world. Design Eco-Park in

Mexico City using Permaculture principles.

Bachelor in Industrial Design ⦙ UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), Research Centre of Industrial Design ⦙ aug 2004 - apr 2010

Final Project: AUDI global drive ⦙ sep 2008- may 2009 Development of a mobility concept for 2030 Megacities. An international cooperation of universities UNAM in México City and TUM in Munich, sponsored by AUDI.

Graduated with honours. / GPA 9.44

Professional Experience

Loughborough University ⦙ Assistant Designer ⦙ ago - dec 2012 Development of a variety of Assistive Technology products for the European market. Experience gained:

CAD modelling (solids and surfaces), rapid prototyping machines, render making and product animations, models and prototypes making, presentations and client negotiation.

Olympus - Olymex ⦙ Freelance Designer ⦙ mar - sep 2011 Development of a Laparoscopic Surgical Grasper. Experience gained: teamwork, involving engineers

and surgeons, concept development, CAD modelling, prototype manufacture (use of RP technologies). Involved in patent process.

42 granja creativa ⦙ Owner & Designer of Design Studio ⦙ aug 2009- sep 2011 Creation of a Design Studio, working with a multidisciplinary team. Experience in management: creation

and administration of studio, decision making, team recruitment, project management, relationships with clients and manufacturers, business administration. Experience gained: creation of corporate image/branding, identification of client needs, manufacture processes understanding, virtual and physical models/prototypes, prototype evaluation.

Artefactum ⦙ Freelance Designer ⦙ sep 2009 - feb 2010 Design and manufacture of a portable medical equipment for people with diabetes*. Project in

collaboration with UNAM, involving designers and engineers. Experience gained: research, concept development: sketching, rendering, models and prototype making, consideration of manufacture process, presentations to client. *Patent pending


Research and creative methodologies ⦙ Experience in a broad range of methodologies through studies and professional work, such

as: questionnaires, interviews, user/field observation, focus groups, empathic modelling, co-design, brainstorming, sketching, quick 3D models, mock-ups, scenario making.

Eco-Tools ⦙

Knowledge and implementation of eco-tools to be used at different stages of the project: eco-web, ethical design checklist, design abacus, eco indicator 99, LCA.

Prototype and model making ⦙ Manufacture of models/prototypes for early evaluations in a variety of materials: blue foam, cardboard,

paper, plastic. Knowledge and experience at workshops, machinery and a variety of materials such as wood, plastics and metals (rolling, welding and machining). Use of rapid prototyping technology: as laser cutting , CNC and additive manufacture (3D printing).

Product and prototype evaluation ⦙ Methodology to obtain direct feedback form user, to identify possible improvements of products and

services, to modify or discard a concept, using fast-making prototypes. Professional and academic experience in user evaluation with early-prototypes and with existing products.

Leadership and initiative ⦙ I consider myself a proactive and enthusiastic in all aspects, personal, social and professional

development. I enjoy organising social events and promoting integration in working groups. Regarding my design experience, the first initiative of leadership was during the thesis project AUDI Global Drive. Later I had the initiative of setting up a business, gained experience in leading the team and decision making for the successful development of the various projects.

Teamwork ⦙ Most of the projects achieved professionally have been the result of a team effort. Team success

depends on finding the appropriate members, understanding specific tasks of each individual, commitment and integration of the team. Wide experience in teamwork and leadership, familiarised with IDEO innovation methodologies. “Great projects are achieved by great teams” T. Kelly

Languages ⦙

Spanish ⦙ Native language

English ⦙ IELTS 7.0

German ⦙ ÖSD-Grundstufe, gut bestande

3D Modelling ⦙ Wide experience in 3d modelling (6 years), solid and surface modelling in a variety of softwares. Fast

learner in new modelling software. Responsible for 3D models of all the projects involved. Software: Rhinoceros, Inventor, Solid Works & Creo (styling, class A surfaces).

Software PC & Mac⦙

Awards & more

Maxwell, Keyshot ⦙ Rendering Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects ⦙ Boards making, image editing Microsoft Office / I’Work

Santander Scholarship ⦙ Loughborough University, UK, 2011-2012 Gabino Barreda Medal Award UNAM, National Autonomous University of Mexico ⦙ outstanding academic achievement, 2010 1st place National Award for Industrial Design VonHaucke/CODIGRAM ⦙ home office, oficaz, 2007 2nd place UNAM logo design contest for the celebration of the bicentennial and centennial of the mexican revolution ⦙ logo, 2005 VI International Conference on Sustainable Transport ⦙ poster: Design for mobility in the city of the future ⦙ 2010 Boisbuchet summer workshop/ Vitra Design Museum ⦙ summer workshop ⦙ how to cook a chair? with CuldeSac™ ⦙ 2007 Sponsored by UNAM ⦙ Winner of “best project”

Citlali Diaz, Sustainable Product Designer, CV  

I am a young Mexican designer, specialized in Sustainable Product Design. I graduated with honours from Industrial Design Bachelor in the bi...

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