CitizensLab Network Meeting Toulouse, 1-4 November 2018

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Toulouse 1-4 November 2018

the citizenslab Toulouse, France “We are witnesses and actors in the crisis of the world that affects all spheres. A systems analysis shows that it is the result of the tangle of multiple components, relationships and many feedbacks that are forged between the extremely different seats for the economic, social, demographic, political, ideological, religious, the ethics, thought, way of life, the ecosystem, all in crisis. The spaceship earth has no driver. Its four engines, science, technology, economy, profit, are all uncontrolled. In the absence of global governance, the ship goes to the disaster. It is the most likely hypothesis. The improbable is the ability of guidance in time to follow another route to address issues vital to humanity, first the degradation of the biosphere including the nuclear threats that are not missing. There should be a metamorphosis, which in the present state of consciousness is an unlikely, though not zero. But what, in fact, a metamorphosis? Otherwise the change from one form to another, and in biology, an important body and lifestyle in the development of certain animals such as amphibians and some insects. Thus we speak of the metamorphosis of butterflies or frogs. Here the self-destruction is also self-construction, identity maintained in otherness. More generally the emergence of life is a metamorphosis of a chemical-physical. Historical societies have become from a collection of archaic societies. Life and society are the product of metamorphoses. They are in danger. The story is also the tragic outcome of developing a capacity to destroy mankind. It is therefore the vital need for a meta-history. It has no end of history, contrary to Fukuyama's thesis that had fired the triumph of capitalism the conclusion of its durability. Creative abilities are not exhausted. Another story is possible. There are reasons for hope.� George Monbiot

the 5th network meeting The 5th Network meeting, in Toulouse, France, hosted locally by Cricao, was a milestone for the Citizens Lab, (CLab). The CLab has now entered a period of transition, from being hosted by MitOst and funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung to transforming into a more self-organised initiative. It was a great opportunity for its members to reconnect for one more time, and take important decisions on how they will proceed with the next steps. The hosting team was made up of six people, who designed and hosted the Network Meeting. A new pattern was taken for this Network Meeting as we all worked in a self-organised pattern, where participants in cooperation with the local hosts, took care of the space and shared the everyday cleaning and cooking tasks. The overall outcome of the 5th C-Lab meeting was the creation of a safe space where its members were able to reconnect and take important decisions for the future of C-Lab. Together clarity was achieved for the transition phase, in particular agreeing next steps, and committing to speciďŹ c tasks. CLabbers in Toulouse:












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our host venue: cRICAO The 5th Networking meeting was hosted by CRICAO, a CLab member, together with one of their local partners, ASSQOT.

CRICAO is an organisation that supports artists who live in Toulouse and who originate from Algeria, China, Iran, Senegal, to produce and promote their music. CRICAO is based in the heart of the St. Cyprien neighbourhood and its key activities focus mainly within the neighbourhood. CRICAO works with people’s identities; how they move, change, and are regenerated, as well as with cultural actions at the local neighbourhood level. This has been done by introducing culture and arts into schools, jails, hospitals and elderly homes. Through their activities, they create conditions so that people interact in a direct and human way through cultural projects and other artistic activities. One example is the Culinary design project. A combination of cooking and art, during which human relations are built and normal cooking recipes are being evaluated and transformed into something more artistic.

ASSQOT (Animation social and solidarity of the western Toulouse district) is a social centre funded by the Toulouse Municipality and the French social welfare system. It is based on three pillars. (1) Animation - using animation tools in order to give people a good reason to get out of their houses and participate in social life, (2) Social Activities – hosting people facing social issues, (3) Local Context - working locally in Western Toulouse, from street to street, valuing the importance of the local dimension. ASSQOT’s activities are focused on five dimensions. (1) Family; tackling cultural and social problems that the younger generation is facing. Promoting cross-generational programmes. (2) Participation; supporting citizens’ engagement and supporting activities proposed by citizens, e.g. cooking activities, shared gardens etc. (3) Governance; involving people in the decision making of Assqot works, its programme etc. (4) Partnership; Collaboration with more social partners in the neighbourhood in order to create opportunities together. (5) Welcoming; responding to people’s problems by informing them about the best possible solutions.

THE LEVELS OF OUR NETWORK MEETING During our 5th Network meeting we worked on three levels over the days:

The ME level – asking what brings me here and how has the CLab Transformed something in me The US level – inquiring into the CLAb shift and our dreams for the future The WE level – learning and reflecting what is the change we are bringing in our societies and local contexts

A mindmap of the 4 day programme in Toulouse.

THE ME LEVEL What Keeps Bringing Us Here?

Being part/ experiencing the evolution of a different kind of prototype Contribute with others to creating spaces of positive transformation Experience the wisdom of the collective power of C-labbers in co-creating the way forward You guys and What comes next for C-Lab

Members reflecting on their CLab experience.

How has the C-Lab Transformed something in us?

Not just Greece is challenged, we all are!

Transforming myself

Working with collaboration to create outcomes

Discovering HOPE

The collective – we are still not there

Listening – becoming a listener

Developing practices to listen

We are a pragmatic, translocal

I am working more holistically wisely

Change = win-win situations

To oneself – each other – the wider environment

Community with high & deep qualities

Being a leader

Practice to be flexible & adaptable

We are all leaders – our organizations, communities, with ourselves

Practices that allow me to follow my souls pulse

We can BE – not continuously jumping into actions

Opening myself to small steps that create big changes

Win-win = For all!

Our inner/outer can be disconnected

We - the CLab – are life!

Falling into my confidence to face challenges

No really – we are FREE to create life!

To trust a group again – HUGE CHANGE

I have transformed my guest

Learning to be wise

From shifting politics to

People that known how to flow among other things

Listening more locally


I am in a safe space where I do not need to think of outputs or outcomes A place where we practice new ways of decision making and being together A space, a place, a practice, a way of being... Becoming more of life!

4 LEVELS OF LISTENING To set the tone on how we would like to listen to one another and work together during the network meeting, the participants moved on to experience 4 different levels of listening connecting one another through a body exercise. Listening and connecting through our bodies supports the activation of our embodied knowledge and we can gain new insights and wisdom through listening “using our bodies instead of our voices”.

1 2 3 4

Downloading: Habits of judgement: “yeah, I know that already..” re-confirm what I already know. Listening from the assumption that you already know what is being said, therefore you listen only to confirm habitual judgments. Factual: Noticing Differences (OPEN MIND): pick up new information…factual, debates, speak our mind. Factual listening is when you pay attention to what is different, novel, or disquieting from what you already know. Empathic: Seeing through another person’s eyes (OPEN HEART): Empathic listening is when the speaker pays attention to the feelings of the speaker. Attention shifts from the listener to the speaker, allowing for deep connection on multiple levels. Generative: Wholeness shift in identity & self – Presencing (OPEN WILL): “I can’t explain what I just experienced”. This deeper level of listening is a state of being in which everything slows down and inner wisdom is accessed. In group dynamics, it is called synergy. In interpersonal communication, it is described as oneness and flow.

Body experience inspired by the Precencing Institute and Social Presencing Theatre


CLabbers experiencing the 4 levels of listening.

THE US LEVEL Inquiring into the CLab shift and our dreams for the future C-Lab shift - Sharing the story of the C-Lab transition After the 4th Networking meeting in Terni an Agile team was created, and not long afterwards, we learned that the Robert Bosch Stiftung would not continue funding the C-Lab. Instead they said that potentially they will offer a donation of €10,000 the transition to a more self-organized pattern. This resulted to the fact that the funds to support another cycle of CitizensLab activities in 2019 is not enough as well as that Alice would not be able to be employed beyond the end of the year. Following a call Alice made to start involving CLabbers also in the coordination of the whole process of co-creating the Lab, an Agile Team emerged, consisted of Martin, Alice, Stephan, Gerry, Maria, Francesco, Chiara and Angeliki. The team explores ways forward, how to structure the C-Lab differently and develop its communication strategy as well as how to take more action and organise C-Lab more collectively. In October the annual MitOst festival took place in Athens. A smaller core group of the Agile team met Jotham, MitOst Managing Director, in order to discuss our way forward, taking into consideration that MitOst is the current hosting organisation of C-Lab, and try to reach a mutual understanding on how to use the remaining funds. It was agreed that the remaining amount from current budget, estimated at €30.000 will be transferred to another legal entity to fund future activities of C-LAB. Adding the €10,000 donation from the Robert Bosch Stiftung would be approximately €40,000. Proposals made to MitOst by the core group as to how these funds would be used in 2019, included: 1) Re-think strategy of CLab, in order to be a more independent entity. Portfolio format etc. 2) Develop a Business model: Financial, Human Resources 3) Organise one Network meeting in 2019, to stay connected

Visualizing key activities from the 4th Network Meeting until now.

THE US LEVEL Inquiring into the CLab shift and our dreams for the future We really don’t know the future. We need to think responsibilities and roles of our collective in our way forward. We need to open the space for exploring what is next, how we make this more sustainable. With this gathering here in Toulouse, we hope to bring ideas and start co-creating something together. This is an opportunity opening in front of us. We have a converging meeting 6-7 December in Berlin with Jotham. Let’s organise ourselves for this.

What has been

What we know

MitOst Hosting CLab

Need new organisation to host CLab

Program Approach

Process approach / networked approach

Funders & Their Agenda

Seek and Develop relationships with funders

CLab Centrally coordinated

Core team hosting transition & coordination

CLab meetings organised for us

CLab meetings organised by us

People applied for prototypes & Got selected Professional paid hosting

Beginning to host each other

Hosting team Agile Team Members selected via application process

Agile team & Core team

How it’s going to be

our dream in action Together we identified four areas that we needed to work on to continue our dream of the CLab:

1 2 3 4

Business model. How are we going to be sustainable? The ways? How do we narrate this to others? Short term actions & Fundraising. How to keep ourselves going? Governance and Decision-making pattern that we want to practice Ultimate purpose and modalities. What is the (new) shape of the C-Lab, prototypes, theory of change, actions to define us. Why are we doing what we are doing and how? Modalities and formats if people want to participate to be a part of.

If we want the CLab to continue, we need to give more attention to the following and take actions: Explore setting up a legal entity or look for another option Create a fundraising strategy A Theory of change that offers: Why we do what we do What is our longer term goal How we are working towards it An eco-system structure that has a multi-core:

Brainstorming during the Our Dream in Action session.

Actions are connected to longer-term goal and the political context Practices slow growth » go for quality, not quantity Places the prototypes at the centre of our activities Connects to wider eco-system Is aware of members ‘brain’ roles and motivations Prototype a C-Lab training that builds capacity for others & generates income…coherent to the ToC (Theory of Change).

THE WE LEVEL Learning and reflecting what is the change we are bringing in our societies and local contexts. We explored what are we learning and practicing diving into a storytelling session on our prototypes and beginning to move to our future with steady steps. Stories of the Prototypes Together, we listened to stories of the prototypes trying to get into a deeper learning experience regarding the CLab. We identiďŹ ed 4 listening arcs to reect on the meta-level of our actions and how they enrich us as active members or societies as we as the people we connect to. Listening arcs: What is the longer term goal CitizensLab is pursuing? What is the foot print CitizensLab is making? What are CitizensLab practices? How has CLab enriched its members/people? Trojan Horse: Creating spaces for gathering is one of the most political things you can do today in Turkey. We entered an island in Turkey with a group of girls, the story of a hero in times of crises and a lot of ideas. At ďŹ rst we were met with silence and suspicion, but the energy of children, the magic of games and stories, the magic we create by being together, transformed this silence into a space of dialogue, trust and possibilities.

THE WE LEVEL Learning and reflecting what is the change we are bringing in our societies and local contexts. Microgames How can a game change the way we experience life in difficult neighbourhoods? We wanted to bring people together, create an immersive experience in which explore perceptions and chose new narratives for themselves. We tried to create a game with the people (and a small budget) from Athens to Liverpool. Some things worked well. Others challenged us, but we stayed true to our core: nothing we did was imposed, everything - the rules, the materials, even the name! – was co-created with the people we played with.

Enacting systemic change A retreat in a monastery in Central London, with each other to care for, and a disruptive cat. To ask ourselves difficult questions and draft the map we need to navigate systemic leadership, with the help of books, of the wise words and minds of other travellers, and especially of each other.

THE WE LEVEL Learning and reflecting what is the change we are bringing in our societies and local contexts. Step out of the box - start dreaming The first day, we entered a deserted village, with a dog barking in all the silence. The second day a bell rung and a wall crumbled. Stories were shared and recipes exchanged by the fire. The third day a woman laughed. The last day the entire village was singing.

Opening Space to Take Steady Steps towards our Future This was the moment for further exploration or deepening, in order for people to start identifying the next steps. Open Space Sessions: Karsten: “Around the block”: how to shift responsibility to the others. Stephane: What will we show of CLab on Monday at the Toulouse municipality forum? Pavlina: Next steps of our prototypes – can we combine them? How? Martin: CLab Ecosystem Alice: CLab theory of change

THE WE LEVEL Learning and reflecting what is the change we are bringing in our societies and local contexts. Ideas for Taking Steps towards our Future Business Model: CLab “Brand” is a format that could help metropolitan level to work. How can we “sell” the CLab space we create- CLab as creation of 3rd spaces for citizens, active civil society Explain WHAT we do and HOW we do it can help us to bring our approach to local/metropolitan level CLab -> connecting hubs/contents (~ metro strategy) Lab approach – allows flexibility to react to different levels + complexity Can also work in policy development if you give people space to make mistakes Use culture as a vehicle, because culture shapes the future Work with cities because they are the places of culture Elements that make up our approach: How do we understand culture? Plural, hybrid, social -> political address the social challenges of our time -> culture as a vehicle for social change Bottom up Cultural rights Work with and for neighbourhoods of micro-communities (individual, village, neighbourhood) Vehicle for social cohesion

How do we understand Systemic Leadership? (embrace experience) vs. over planning Collective, not individual Show vulnerabilities Embrace unknown Show tensions -> grow from dissent Relational

How do we understand Co-creation? Multiple stakeholders Hybrid spaces -> methodologies, dimensions, areas

How do we understand a Lab approach? Participatory Prototype Working with emergence Self-organizing

How do we understand an Empathic approach? Deeper connections Relations Act + React

How do we understand an Ecosystem? Living system approach Looking for root causes flexible

THE WE LEVEL Learning and reflecting what is the change we are bringing in our societies and local contexts. Ideas for Taking Steps towards our Future CLab Theory of Change: Longer-term goal: What would our lives be like, if we, the people, created safe spaces to prototype collectively ways of living and working (acting) locally and trans locally? Our mission: To create conditions for people to prototype new ways of living and working locally and trans locally. Elements we practice The tension between action and reflection is our strength To transform/change our world we need to transform ourselves Disturbance and not knowing our key activities to transform Connecting local-dimensions creates the conditions for a new system of influence to emerge Assumptions All people have the right to have a voice and have quality of life People can self-organize and govern themselves Living system principles Its creating its own meaning and collaborates, co-create with others Only the people involved can create meaning and purpose and discovers its own solutions Trust is a fundamental condition it order to collaborate, be collective and co-create Power comes from “love” not from fear Creating Spaces for gathering is the most political act in this movement/time Knowledge comes from experience/reflection and the possibility to “not get it right” Breaking the boundaries of isolation is a political act There is no right and wrong but plurality Creation comes from playing/creativity/serendipity/synchronicity

THE WE LEVEL Learning and reflecting what is the change we are bringing in our societies and local contexts. Ideas for Taking Steps towards our Future Ecosystem Structure (Governance and decision-making): The atom diagram:

The centre functions and cycles: strategy, structure, external communication, capacity building and learning, hosting, fundraising. Outer cycles: different prototypes, MitOst, member organization, other networks, group projects. Characteristics of how the Ecosystem Structure operates: Actions are connected to the longer term goal and political content Connects to the wider ecosystem Practices slow growth, quality not quantity Places prototypes in the centre Is aware of members ‘brain’ roles + motivations

THE WE LEVEL Learning and reflecting what is the change we are bringing in our societies and local contexts. Ideas for Taking Steps towards our Future Prototypes and Actions that define us: Connecting Prototypes Next step of our prototypes is to connect them Collect what is already there and structure it: Concept + context, methodology + tools, target groups, outcomes Formulate the collective narrative of all three prototypes Start to prepare a common project proposal about a prototyping challenge Building ownership so that others take responsibility 1. To make clear the “why” of what we are doing 2. Discussion about the prototypes/sharing of experiences 3. Open question about our roles 4. Combination of both levels internal/external Key aspects to take into consideration: Create a resource to share external -> capacity building Make clear who we are and what we stand for Keep all levels and layers in fluid (whole picture) Utilize the resources

Key Actions: Specify what are the vital resources needed for CLab to be sustainable List all the tasks needed to maintain core resources Clarify the roles of existing structures, agile team, members Make concrete proposals to create and sustain the resources Identify the connections that will help sustain the CLab Access the needs of the prototype in particular gaps

NURTURING OUR RELATIONSHIPS The smell of the fresh vegetables at the street market, cutting-steering and cooking together, getting lost in Toulouse, trying out new spices and staring at the new colours, listening to ancient tales and taroc readings, be impressed by the love and the ďŹ ghts between the Minotaur and the Spider, listen to live music from the east and the west side of the world, let your body move, dance and expand... these are all the ingredients to enjoy being the CitizensLab!!

Cricao artist Lakhdar Hanou preforming.

Enjoying dinner in the back of a cozy bookstore.

Handan and Stephane storytelling to the Assqot community.

Early arrivers with their bounty from the farmers’ market to feed CLabbers during the meeting.

Watching La Machine - the grand street theatre company - in action!

CLabbers having dinner at Amanita Muscaria

APPRECIATION, WAYS FORWARD, CHECKING-OUT AND CLOSING Before closing our time together, the group shared its appreciation to MitOst for being the womb, incubating CLab until now, Robert Bosch Stiftung and Stiftung Mercator that with their funding enabled the CitizensLab to initiate what has created (Prototypes, Loomio, Website etc.) and of course Alice who stood in place of weaving everything together. This closure was more than closing our time together at a Network Meeting. It was a closure of an initiating phase of two years and a closure of Alice’s role as CLab’s Project Coordinator. Alice: Thank you for your passion, and holding this journey so elegantly Your energy, faith, the rare people who identify with what they do professionally, and carry on when the framework is no longer there Thank you for the symphony you created, and being a great conductor Deep respect for your courage, for this month and years, and staying true to what you believe in, glad you hold your values and disobey the system. I hope you will continue! Thank you for the beginning of something Thanking our hosts at Cricao, Stéphane and Hmongoli.

A big heart!

Full of rhythmic energy, such an amazing human! You inspired a group with your empathy For your compassion, even in the role of director you shared compassion for all For the work and commitment, I apologize for our lack of commitment Thank you for trusting in me, guiding me, giving me space when required Thank you for being in the centre and background Thank you for your passionate support, energy and for helping me remain in this community Thank you for the framework for supporting this wonderfully crazy group Thank you for speaking things out, for being the leader you are! The world needs it.



Thank you:

Thank you:

For supporting the initial steps, sad you weren’t able to understand and support the next.

For the good moments, you made us strong

Potential of people across borders countries For being there For the will and commitment to change things. Connecting opportunity and network Thanks for help during hard political change, including systemic change in mission

For opening space of opportunity, bringing us together For the passion people Framework and hosting, and challenges that help us grow mature Supporting our journey, and trusting us Thank you for letting us go! To bringing all these great people together

Thank you granddad

Support and struggles as we grew

Future of cultural changes

You made me understand my role in local and trans-local community

For having intuition that a new movement is emerging and wanting to explore it

Thank you for new friendships not possible without you For being an organization that calls what it cares about and experiments Thank you for trusting and allowing us to gone on solo

OUR NEXT STEPS TO KEEP THE CLAB MOVING The elements that will shape our next steps: C-Lab seeks options of a legal entity! (short-term or hosted in a C-Lab organisation if needed) A ‘caring’ group meets MitOst in December 2018 (Stephan, Martin, Chiara, Alice, Maria) Caring Group works further on: Legal entity options Finalising budget allocation 2019 Getting 10.000euros from RBS

Areas to host in 2019:

Create deadlines for:

Prototype connection

Funding strategy

Transfer of the remaining money

Harvest the knowledge

Theory of change

Legal entity registration?

Create a resource

Business model



Connecting prototypes

Ecosystem structure Network meeting in May 2019

OUR NEXT STEPS TO KEEP THE CLAB MOVING Immediate ďŹ rst actions: Share network meeting report with all CLabbers Host Community check-in in November and then monthly Apply for the â‚Ź10,000 from Robert Bosch Stiftung Get clarity with MitOst on the technicalities for the transfer of money Converging meeting 6-7 December to set a clear way forward and working groups Invite all CLabbers to join and commit to the working groups

Potential Principles that emerged: Decision-making principles: Silence is consent Whoever shows up to a decision are the right people Principle of being connected to C-Lab: Be here with curiosity & learning Principle of Business Model: If funding received a % goes to the centre of CLab

Create a pathway where we know we are getting funding and can use our resources

The Caring Group will work with a Hosting pattern: The caring group, will continue a hosting pattern, i.e. creating the conditions for the best emergence, which is just like the hosting teams of the Network Meetings. They will host the legal entity element in order not to lose the money remaining. They will ensure that community check ins take place and will keep the CLab infrastructure together during the transition period. The Caring Group will create a frame and identify where support is needed and will invite others to join. We should see the Caring Group moving from one person co-ordinating the CLab, i.e. Alice, to a small group hosting the way forward on behalf of all of us.


Getting a sense of the affinity people have for particular activities: Ecosystem-structure—decision making (1): Martin, Dimitris, Maria, Alice, Angeliki, Kassie, Anna Funding-strategy (2): Martin, Pavlina, Maria, Ed, Kassie, Handan, Stephane Theory of Change (3): Kassie, Maria, Dimitra, Marghe, Anna, Handan, Indi, Alice, martin Business Model (4): Alice, Elisabetta, Ed, Lilian, Pavlina Development communicating a brand (5): Stephane, Elisabetta, Angeliki Connecting prototypes (6): Handan, Angeliki, Stephane, Pavlina, Anna, Alice Hosting community check-ins (7): Alice, Angeliki, Marghe This is a first sense. The Caring group needs to take and digest this. Then, they will communicate it via Loomio to others and signal the beginning.

thank you Closing Circle

Thank you…:

The meeting closed with a round of appreciations between the Clabbers. An appreciation that went far beyond projects and tasks, but spoken from the heart of the participants.

For the collective power, its great than all of us. Curiosity for the future! And no expectations. Thank you for being direct! For the fluid space, and to flow together in the future, under any conditions, for helping me question. Thank you for being a family! Through the thick and thin! Thank you for being a beautiful mosaic. You are model citizens. Afraid of what is coming, but also positive. For being who you are! Thank you for the energy! Proud of us! Each of you took part in this meeting. Not just another transnational network. You put yourself personally into this. You are my friends, when I’m with you, I don’t want to go back, you are my comfort zone. The atmosphere is natural, the energy always exists, even with new people in our Lab.

The bond between CLab members continues past the end of meeting.

For the patience, when we faced uncertainty, for navigating through uncertain times. Thank you for the faith. Thank you for being who you are. Wonderful that we show our human nature. Working with our flaws. Capacity to understand that this is the real thing. When I see this group, I have hope, that if they are connected, in the right space, they can do great things. Thank you for making me believing in my passion. This is the right thing to do, and we are doing it.

thank you

And on Monday 5th November, Margherita Mugnai presented the CitizensLab at the First Forum for European Cultural Cities in Toulouse! In the session “Citizen Participation in the Cultural Policy of Cities”, Margherita highlighted the learnings and reflections we have shared during our meeting and how we can bring our approach to metropolitan level.

thank you all!!

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