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Opening Remarks Welcome to the 17th Edition of Citizen Schools Eighth Grade Academy Bridging Magazine! Part yearbook, part literary magazine, Bridging Magazine highlights some of 8GA’s best moments of the year and showcases the tremendous work of our young people. Citizen Schools’ Eighth Grade Academy (8GA) is the capstone program year where students “build a bridge” of knowledge and skills to support their transition from middle school to high school. Every program element has a deep focus on providing students with unique opportunities that build upon their previous Citizen Schools experiences and further build out the skills they’ll need to thrive as students and succeed as adults in the modern economy. 8GA is composed of four key program elements: Preparing for High School Program: Students research the high school landscape in their district and navigate any relevant school choice, gain familiarity with the academic and extracurricular differences between middle school and high school, and understand how the high school experience and academic performance relates to future college and career pathways. Writing and Mentoring Program: Students work on a variety of real-world assignments that help them develop personal and professional communication skills. As part of the program, students meet with a volunteer Coach from the community on a biweekly basis. Coaches serve as both mentor and tutor, supporting students on developing their written and verbal skills and navigating their last year in middle school. College, City, and Career Exploration Program: Students have the opportunity to attend and participate in a series trips and events – taking place in the afternoons and on weekends – focused on connecting students to the resources in their community. Project Based Elective Program: Students select an elective focused on collaborative, hands-on, and project-based learning. Through the program, students develop 21st-century skills - problem-solving, innovation, collaboration - that will allow them to tackle complex assignments across a variety of content areas. This year, Citizen Schools partnered with The Cookbook Project, Generation Citizen, LemelsonMIT, Networking for Teaching Entrepreneurship, and WGBH to bring dynamic project-based learning into the classroom.

As you dig into Bridging Magazine, enjoy learning about the year our young people have had and the hearing their voices brought to life on the page! Carolyn Navikonis Director of Eighth Grade Academy and Alumni Services

Thank You To Our Writing & Mentoring Program Coaches Through the Writing and Mentoring Program, Eighth Grade Academy students worked with volunteer Coaches across the city to hone their verbal and written communication skills. Over the course of the year, students and Coaches worked on high school application essays, resumes, cover letters, business cards, persuasive essays, and personal statements. The pieces found in this year’s Bridging Magazine are our students’ stories, memoirs, and opinions, each a testament to the strong relationship Coaches forge with students each year. The imagination, hard work, and relationship building that goes into each coaching session is truly impressive. The impact on everyone involved young people and volunteers alike - is a lasting one. It is with deep gratitude that we thank our 250+ individual Coaches for sharing their time and talents to help our young people translate their ideas into the words on the following pages. Much appreciation to our partner organizations who support their employees stepping away from work for a few hours each month to tutor and mentor our young people:

Table of 8GA Electives


College, City, & Career Explorations


Browne Middle School Ms. Adams Mr. Duroseau Mr. Jones Mr. Leonarte & Ms. Santiago

19   21  39   53 69 

Contents 85

Mr. Roberts


Mr. Wistman


Mr. Young


Edwards Middle School


Orchard Gardens K-8


Trotter Innovation School


Ms. O'Leary


Miss Wilson

8GA Electives This year, a new program element was introduced to the Eighth Grade Academy curriculum: Project-Based Electives. Through electives, students developed 21st-century skills - problem-solving, innovation, collaboration - that will allow them to tackle complex assignments across a variety of content areas in high school next year. Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Start Up Tech: Startup Tech Intro is a blended learning tech-entrepreneurship course that asks students to identify ways to improve their world and to build marketable digital solutions using MIT App Inventor. Students create an original app that addresses a community need, develop a corresponding original abbreviated business plan and marketing materials, and present in a Startup Showcase. This year, student projects include an information apps to help students stay safe during school shootings, game apps to raise awareness about human trafficking immigration, social media apps to open lines of communication across the school community, and more! WGBH Design Squad: In the fall, students explored engineering concepts in a global context. Students put the design process to work by tackling different critical-thinking challenges, such as creating a device to reach items that are too far to reach by hand, devising an emergency shelter, and building a home that can withstand an earthquake. Throughout the semester, students shared their idea with Design Squad partner teams across the United States and the globe. Generation Citizen Action Civics: Over the course of the fall semester, students identified challenges in their communities that they wanted to solve through systems level, legislative change. At the Trotter Innovation School, students examined Bill H.3537 an Act to increase residency preference for appointment at Boston Police Department and Boston Fire Department to three years. The students felt passing this legislation could have a positive impact on police and community relations. At the Browne Middle School, students across several classes explored discrimination, bullying, teenage gang recruitment, and the effects of drug addiction on Chelsea. At Civics Day, student representatives from each Generation Citizen class traveled to the Massachusetts State House to present their plans to other students, community members, and public officials. It was a tremendous experience. The class from Browne Middle School was honored with the Open Mindedness Award for their solution to decreasing teenage gang recruitment providing more after-school programs to prevent recruitment during after school hours. Boston Sports Museum Stand Strong: During the spring semester, 8GA students participated in an interactive character development program focusing on the core values of Teamwork, Courage, Fairness, Determination, and Responsibility. Each week, students explored a different value through scenarios, videos and group discussion, making connections to their our lives. Students then put those values to practice through a series of field trips, including bowling, rock climbing, Skyzone, and a tour of the Boston Sports Museum at TD Garden. Lemelson-MIT JV InvenTeams: This spring, students transformed into inventors through hands-on projects focused on cutting across the different STEM sectors. For their first project, students created their own original shoe soles. They sketched and designed to scale and then sculpted and cast a mold, ultimately inventing a tangible shoe sole prototype. For their second project, students created wearable electronic textiles. They studied basic circuitry and light-up paper designs. These electives were made possible by partnerships with several different youth-serving organizations. We greatly appreciate the thought partnership, curricula and AmeriCorps Service Member training and support, and access to resources that each of these organizations provided.

Mixing rubber for to create shoe soles.Â

Presenting House Bill H. 3537 at the Winter WOW!

An afternoon visit from State Rep. and Trotter Alum, Chyna Tyler.

BPS Go Day! BPS Go Day is the official 8th Grade Academy kick off. Students from the Trotter Innovation School, Edwards Middle School, and Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School gathered at Citizen Schools headquarters to discover what their last year of Citizen Schools would be like. Students learned the 8GA song, played Minute-toWin-It games, and had the chance to speak with former 8GA students (who are members of the Alumni Leadership Council) about their high school experience.

ALC members shared why 8GA was important to them and why students should take their last year of middle school seriously. Current ALC members shared words of wisdom such as “get out of your comfort zone, get to know your teachers, and bring money to buy food because the cafeteria lunch is gross." The 8th-graders walked away with good advice and a one-of-a-kind 8GA phone wallet.Â

Museum of Science On a drizzly October day, 8GA students explored

 the Park! Students made sure they went to the

the Museum of Science with the special exhibit:

Lightning Show, where they learned about the

Super Bowl of Exhibits: Gridiron Glory!

science of lightning, conductors, and electricity. Especially interesting was the world's largest air-

The temporary exhibit Gridiron Glory gave

insulated Van de Graaff generator!

students the opportunity to see how far they could jump and how accurate they could throw.

After a day of new experiences and knowledge, students gained a better understanding of how the

The over 30 students ran from exhibit to exhibit, especially in the playground, Science in

world around them works.Â

Museum of Fine Arts The city exploration to the Museum of Fine Arts was the second trip of the year. The students found pleasure taking in everything from Ancient Egyptian mummies to the eccentricities of Takashi Murakami. A student from BSM, Desayna, remarked, “It was fun hanging out with friends and taking a walk through time." While Kendra added, “Sobre el museo de arte lo que mas me gusto fue conocer cosas buenas y interesantes cosas que hacen con diferentes material y se convierten en algo grandioso que es llamado como arte allí fue donde yo conocí cosas diferentes sobre el arte como poder decir museo de arte fue muy bonita tener esa esperiencias con amigos y amigas. Fue una esperiencia grandiosa." One highlight of the trip for the students was walking to a nearby river during their lunch break and then using inspiration from all of the artwork in the museum to draw sketches of the world around them. After bellies were filled with nutrients, students continued onto a scavenger hunt searching for landmarks throughout the museum including the Olmec Mask, Jackson Pollock paintings, and a student favorite, the Buddhist Temple Room. Students closed the day by returning to the Buddhist Temple Room for contemplation over the day's activities. Angel had this to say about the trip: “It was fun because we ate pizza and we had fun with my friends finding art that people made."

Boston University It was a cold and windy day when the students

After the tour, we all hustled into the dining hall

descended upon the Boston University campus. We

which had a plethora of food. Students tried

started the trip with a student meet and greet. The

everything from turkey sandwiches to waffles with

8th-grade students got to ask college students

ice cream. The highlight was the brownies made

questions about BU and college general life.

fresh that afternoon!

We also got the opportunity to see what goes into a

After lunch, we met with the BU Diversity Council.

college acceptance when we looked at applications

Next, we met with the Astrology Club and learned

from prospective students in the College

about stars and gravity.

Awareness Workshop. Next, we braved the cold weather to take a tour of the campus. During the tour, the students learned about the tradition of the BU seal. Tradition has it that if you step on it, you will not graduate in four years. Unfortunately, a student was pushed onto the seal. Let’s hope there's little truth to this tradition!

Northeastern University Situated on 73 acres in the middle of Boston,

Pizza, sushi, french fries, chicken, ice cream,

Northeastern is home to over 13,000 students. On

chocolate, waffles, you name it! Eating in

a brisk November morning, 40 8GA and Alumni

International Village, an all you can eat style dining

Leadership Council (ALC) students embarked on a

hall was the moment that students and teachers

trip of a lifetime. The college visit started with a

were waiting for.

panel discussion with members of Black Student Association and Latin American Student

After stuffing their faces and grabbing ice cream

Organization. The college students spoke about

cones to go, students cheered on Northeastern's

living in residence halls, the NEU co-op program,

Women’s Hockey Team as they faced the Maine

and the friendships they’ve established with their

Black Bears. We saw two goals and the Huskies won


a blowout match 3-0! Students left campus full, tired, and ready to apply to Northeastern University

Our 8th-graders competed in a campus hunt, with tasks that included “pose like a lawyer” in front of the Asa Knowles Center and find Rebecca’s Cafe, NEU's hidden breakfast spot. Next, students visited a college lecture hall and a freshman residence hall. They rubbed the nose of the Husky statue in Ell Hall for free tuition, should they apply!

in 2022! Go Huskies!

"Being at Northeastern was a fun experience. It was cool to be on a college campus!" - Laniah V-B

Interview Day Interview Day is an opportunity for students to practice their developing interview skills with a volunteer from the community. Students prepare a resume and practice interview skills prior to the event. On Interview Day, students are interviewed for 10-15 minutes by a volunteer and are given constructive feedback on their efforts. Interview Day was a roller coaster of emotions. Before students headed downstairs, it was clear that some were excited, some were nervous and stressed, and some didn’t want to participate at all. Students were allowed to forgo their school uniform in favor of more professional attire for the event. The week before Interview Day, some students looked online for ideas for what to wear. They were so excited to don their formal and casual business looks! Once students got downstairs, they received the names of their interviewers and were encouraged by their teachers to get started. Initially, it was surprising to see students act shy and reserved, especially those with the biggest personalities. Once all of the students began their interviews, they suddenly went from being shy and nervous to cool and confident. When each student came back into the hallway after their interview, their teachers asked how their interviews went. Students' responses were, “It was good”, “It was easy”, and even, “It was fun!” It was amazing to see students conquer their fears and feelings of nervousness. Everyone left Interview Day feeling confident and proud of themselves. 

New England Aquarium 8GA students from the Trotter Innovation School and the Browne Middle School had the opportunity to visit the New England Aquarium in Boston. The students were excited to see thousands of aquatic animals. The students began their aquarium visit at the shark and ray touch tank - the largest on the East coast. The students were able to feel the stingrays’ backs as they swam past. Interacting with these sea animals in their habitat was an exciting start to the trip. The students walked through the entire aquarium, visiting exhibits with penguins, sharks, jellyfish, octopi, sea lions, and more. Students also had the option to participate in a scavenger hunt, which involved taking pictures of various sea animals throughout the aquarium. The students were able to listen to an aquarium staff member discuss the Giant Ocean Tank, a four-story coral reef home inside the aquarium. Sudents were very excited when the green sea turtle, Myrtle, came to the surface of the tank during the discussion. Students left the aquarium with more knowledge about marine life and many expressed interest in going back.

6 Degrees Networking & Opportunity Fair Students in Chelsea participated in a longstanding 8GA tradition, 6 Degrees. In January and February, students created resumes and cover letters, designed original business cards, and developed their interview and small talk techniques. Then, students put their skills to work in March at the annual 6 Degrees Networking and Opportunity Fair. Students dressed for success and went down to the Browne Middle Schools cafeteria to network with organizations from across Massachusetts. Each organization and company set up an “Opportunity Booth” - a hands-on, interactive display that connected students to programs that can support them during their high school journeys OR focused on helping students understand what it means to work for a particular company, in a particular career. Students had the opportunity to exchange business cards and send follow up thank you notes to the people they met. One particular highlight of the event was the Citizen Schools alumni who attended the event. Browne Middle School students had the opportunity to learn more about Citizen Schools support that extends past middle school into high school - the Alumni Leadership Council. Another favorite was the Soccer Without Borders booth, where students learned how they can play competitive soccer and become change makers at the same time.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology It was a beautiful spring afternoon when 8GA

All of the 8GA students were able to visit Lifelong

students from Boston and Chelsea came together

Kindergarten at the MIT Media Lab, where they

to explore the Massachusetts Institute of

experimented with cutting-edge technology not yet

Technology campus. MIT is home to some of the

available to the public, using it to connect the

highest-level research in Science, Technology,

physical and digital worlds.

Engineering, and Mathematics. At the end of the day, the students enjoyed a 8GA students had the opportunity to speak with a

delicious meal at an MIT dining hall before hopping

student panel of current MIT students ranging

on buses. 8GA students from Boston and Chelsea

from freshmen to seniors. Each of the students on

learned about college, science, technology, and the

the panel shared stories about applying to

research process, but the most important part of

colleges, adjusting to college coursework, and

the trip was that fun was had by all. Â

other aspects of their college careers at MIT. After having many of their questions answered by the panel, many 8GA students left feeling excited and hopeful about their future education. In addition to the student panel, 8GA students visited different labs around the campus. One group went to the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, where they got hands-on lab experience learning about cancer cells and cancer research. Another group visited the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center where they witnessed a live demonstration of the properties of plasma and explored part of the on-site fusion reactor. 

Simmons College On a sunny, brisk spring day in April, 8GA

After the panel discussion, students were given a

students from the Joseph A. Browne and Trotter

tour of the Simmons College campus, which

Innovation schools set out to explore Simmons

included the dining hall, a dormitory, the student

College in Boston, Massachusetts.

activities center, and finally an 8th-floor atrium with unobstructed views of the city.

Simmons College is an all-girls college founded in 1899 and is a part of “The Fens” which includes five city colleges in total. The day started with light snacks as the young women from different schools interacted with each other. Our hosts for the day included Simmons College juniors and seniors. As each woman introduced herself, she included why she chose Simmons College and what she was studying (which included psychology, nursing, and business). Students also answered questions from 8GA students about the admissions process, how to prepare for college in high school and what college life is like.

“Most people think that an all-girls college will be the most boring thing ever, but our tour guides made it seem like so much fun!” - Maria B.

Joseph A. Browne Middle School This year, the 8GA program at Chelsea’s Browne Middle School learned from and improved on last year’s inaugural programming. The Browne remains the only Chelsea school to experience 8GA in all its glory and wonder. From building relationships with writing coaches to visiting area colleges, the 8th-graders at the Browne have gained valuable 21st-century skills and experiences that will aid them in their future success. Browne students were exposed to a wider variety of experiential learning this year as apprenticeships were replaced with electives. This change in programming allowed students more autonomy over their class choices while differentiating the options presented to students from the courses they participated in during grades five through seven. 8GA student elective choices included Generation Citizen, Design Squad, Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), Lemelson-MIT JV InvenTeams, and The Cookbook Project. Generation Citizen focused on youth voice through action civics. Students discussed, debated, and collaborated on social issues that were important to them. The culmination of their hard work, Civics Day at the State House in Boston, allowed them to exhibit these skills and ultimately earned one group the Open-Mindedness Award for being able to thoughtfully reflect on the Generation Citizen process and experience and connect it to the future. Design Squad encourages students to expand the boundaries of imagination by first identifying a problem in the community, then creating a solution through building a prototype. In NFTE, our young entrepreneurs have anticipated future demand in the digital marketplace, and designed applications for phones and tablets to meet that demand, and solve the problems they have identified. Lemelson-MIT JV InvenTeams use technology to create and invent cutting-edge advances in everyday materials. The Cookbook Project was an opportunity for students to discover healthy nutrition options, gain valuable cooking skills, and learn about eating sustainable, local, and seasonal foods on a budget. Together we challenged ourselves to think bigger and express our thoughts more forcefully in our Writing and Mentoring program sessions at State Street, TripAdvisor, Wayfair, Northeastern University, Cambridge Associates, and Shire. We also ventured into Boston to experience the Museum of Science, the Museum of Fine Arts, the New England Aquarium, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). We explored Simmons College, MIT, Boston University, and Northeastern University and began thinking about what the future could hold. We got a glimpse of the academic possibilities, the social and athletic organizations, and the opportunities that could lay ahead. And we got up-close looks at, and tastes of, the many dining halls at each campus. This year we formed connections and had experiences that will be important to remember as we move on to new and exciting challenges. This year is one that no one at the Browne will forget.

With Mr. Young at the 6 Degrees of Networking event at BMS.

Learning about broadcast journalism at Chelsea Community Cable Television.

Ms. Adams' Class To my AMAZING 8GA students, Where do I start? Words cannot express how incredibly grateful I am to have had the pleasure of being your teacher this year. And what a year it has been?! Together we have endured a lot of “firsts”. The first day of a new school year and then the first day of writing program. The anxiety, excitement, and fear of meeting your writing coaches off-campus for the first time. The very first time writing an essay, and how a lot of you didn’t think you could do it (but you DID). And how many eighth graders can say they have attended their first job interview and first networking event? Not many. Through all of these firsts, through our time on campus and off, I have watched each one of you struggle, learn, work hard (and then work harder), persevere and grow. My fondest memories of you will be the heartfelt, hilarious and sometimes inappropriate conversations we’ve shared. There is no greater gift for any adult than to be welcomed into the life of a teenager, and I thank you for briefly allowing me into your lives. I began this school year with the knowledge that I would be teaching writing to 8th-grade students, but I could never have imagined the lessons you have all taught me. My wish for all of you as you embark on your next adventure (high school) is to be bold! Always be true to who you are because you are AMAZING! And to never, ever let anyone stand in the way of your dreams! With Warmest Wishes, Ms. Adams

Para mis INCREÍBLES estudiantes de 8GA, ¿Dónde empiezo? Las palabras no pueden expresar cuán increíblemente agradecido estoy de haber tenido el placer de ser tu maestra este año. ¿¡Y qué año ha sido!? Juntos hemos soportado muchas "primicias". El primer día de un nuevo año escolar y luego el primer día del programa de escritura. La ansiedad, la emoción y el miedo de conocer a sus entrenadores de escritura fuera del campus por primera vez. La primera vez que escribía un ensayo, y cómo muchos de ustedes no pensaban que podían hacerlo (pero lo hicieron). ¿Y cuántos estudiantes de octavo grado pueden decir que han asistido a su primera entrevista de trabajo y al primer evento de networking? No muchos. A través de todas estas primicias, a través de nuestro tiempo en el campus y fuera de él, he visto a cada uno de ustedes luchar, aprender, trabajar duro (y luego trabajar más duro), perseverar y crecer. Mis mejores recuerdos de ti serán las conversaciones sinceras, hilarantes y a veces inapropiadas que hemos compartido. No hay mejor regalo para un adulto que ser invitado a la vida de un adolescente, y le agradezco por permitirme entrar brevemente en sus vidas. Empecé este año escolar sabiendo que estaría enseñando a escribir a estudiantes de 8º grado, pero nunca podría haber imaginado las lecciones que todos me han enseñado. ¡Mi deseo para todos ustedes al embarcarse en su próxima aventura (escuela secundaria) es ser audaces! ¡Sé siempre fiel a lo que eres porque eres INCREÍBLE! ¡Y nunca, nunca, deja que nadie se interponga en el camino de tus sueños! Con los mejores deseos, Ms. Adams



In my life, there is a lot to tell. I will tell a little about my life when I came to the United States. When I came to the United States it was the first time I see snow. My reaction was very impressive because I never see snow before. I remember I went to play and saw many birds falling because it is very cold outside. When I started school it was all different because it was new friends and teachers, but I don’t give up because that will help me in my future and make me a professional. It will help me and I’ll get a job and it will help me be my best. I already have a year to be here and things have changed too much now. The only problem is step and my family.  I don’t have anyone to listen to me, ask how I feel and things here. No one gives me attention. But now you will know what is happening and when all that pass l will care because they don’t put attention. I will listen to music for me to relax.

“Oh man, let's play a game,” I said. “Alright shoot for cap whoever wants to play,” said Roy, but man that day was nice and bright. As we were shooting for the cap, more people made it in and we were choosing people for the team. Roy and I had to be on different teams. The game started after a long warm-up and to get our handles back on track. When the game started it was 3 vs 3. Before I wouldn’t be confident to even play with other people. I had to do a lot of hard work to be where I'm at like get fit do handles and shoot to the hoop. I got inspired by my brother to workout because he didn't even mind if people would look at him. I was insecure. I was skinny and now I'm fit. I'm not scared but that took a long time for me. I got pretty confident by going with my Roy because everyone starts somewhere. You’re not going to be perfect from when you are born. There was this day when I did something wrong and I hurt myself playing but you have to learn from your mistakes.


Cuando hice el viaje para llegar a Estados Unidos fui a Guatemala y México y pude ver diferentes culturas, diferentes comidas, y diferentes creencias. Estoy muy agradecido con mi mamá porque ella es la razón por la que estoy en Estados

Después al siguiente dia salimos de mañana para

Unidos. Mi vida antes era feliz pero un poco

llegar a México. Nos tardamos casi todo el dia,

peligrosa. Ahora mi vida es también es feliz y no es

estábamos cansados. Al final llegamos solo a

peligrosa, tengo muchas más oportunidades. Una

descansar en la noche. Al siguiente día hicimos un

manera que podría describir antes mi vida es que

viaje muy largo, pero llegamos a Estados Unidos

era muy ocupada. Después de salir de estudiar

cuando llegamos era de noche.

tenia practica de futbol. Eran aproximadamente dos horas. Después tenía que hacer las tareas

Mi experiencia con el viaje fue muy emocionante ,

ahora no es nada ocupada solo salgo de la escuela

fue una experiencia que cambió todo para mi.

y hago mis tareas.

Ahora veo muy diferentes las cosas de cómo las

Un día mi mamá me dijo que nos íbamos a mudar a otro país. A los Estados Unidos. Yo estaba muy confuso me sentía triste porque toda mi infancia estaba en El Salvador. Había hecho muchos amigos tenía mucha familia. Los pensamientos de mi familia era de tristeza pero ellos sabían que era una gran oportunidad para mi mamá y para mi. Hay muchas razones para venir a los Estados Unidos. Eran que aqui podia tener mejores estudios, más oportunidades en la Universidad. El salvador era un poco peligroso mi mamá tomó esa

veía antes. Todo cambio de como era antes extraño muchas cosas, mas a mi familia porque todas las mañanas mi abuela me preparaba el desayuno para ir a la escuela. Se levantaba temprano para hacerme el desayuno. En cambio aquí yo me tengo que preparar el desayuno para la escuela. Ahora también tengo menos tiempo para estar con mi mamá porque ella tiene que trabajar. En conclusión aprendí muchas cosas. Reflexionado sobre todo lo que pensaba antes.

decisión por mi seguridad.

Antes cuando todavía no había llegado a Estados

El dia que me mude para los Estados Unidos.

que íbamos a llegar y mi mamá iba a trabajar poco

Primero era en la mañana, empacamos un poco de

tiempo y ganar mucho dinero. Pero las cosas son

ropa y salimos de casa en carro para empezar el

diferentes aquí, tienes que trabajar todo el día

viaje. Después viajamos casi tres horas para llegar

para pagar todos los gastos de la casa. Mi reflexión

a Guatemala. En Guatemala nos detuvimos en un

es que todo se tiene que hacer con tu mayor

hotel para descansar.


Unidos pensaba que todo iba a ser fácil. Pensaba


“KABOOM!”, everything shatters and white lights pop up right in front of my eyes, “CRASH!”,

“Hey Kevin,” said the taller one, “Did you finish that pile of papers that were overdue?” “Oh no, I forgot that was due today!” said Kevin, who’s awfully small. “I left them back at my room near my desk!” Kevin runs swiftly away from my direction.

everything and even the whole building tips over and intense heat and black smoke fills the air. I

I calm myself down and I have my chance to make

cough black smoke out and I look at my hands,

a quiet escape. I crouch my way towards another

then arms and I realize my right arm is burned

hallway and I admire the silence and spotless

and I can’t feel a thing. With my remaining

halls. I make my third turn through these

strength, I pull myself together and get up. I push

confusing halls, it’s almost like the architect

out the high voltage wires and I head towards the

wanted to design a maze. On my fourth turn, I

exit. I’m thinking I won’t make it out but my legs

carelessly look and BAM, I slowly fall towards the

just keep hauling my weak body towards the exit.

floor from a direct hit to the head, but I was

All I see is flashing red lights and pitch black smoke. I’m just near the exit and in my head, my weak bruised body is at its limit so I lay against the exit and rest my legs. All I see at this point is redness, my eyes are darkening my legs are asleep and my whole body is just asleep. With my last bit of hopeless strength, I push open the door. Instead of leading me into another room or outside, my body collapses and I finally sleep in my bruised, tired, and helpless body. I wake up, my body still bruised but I gained some strength to pull myself up. The first thing I realize is the floor, walls, and ceiling look all white and

caught. My eyes slowly blink open and my dried up tears make it hard to open my eyes. My first blink I see nothing except black. The next blink I see someone removing a bag off of me and puts me in their car. My last blink I’m staring at myself. My head hurts and my heart beats slowly. I must have got a direct hit on the head to get this bad of a headache. My head is aching and getting worse by the minute I think, I haven’t realized how long I been out for. It could be days, weeks, months, or just hours. I get myself together and I automatically see a dark tall figure looking

spotless. The air is clean now, it’s air-conditioned,

towards me. It could be possible that it’s an FBI

but my arm and body are still bruised. I suddenly

agent, a scientist, or a crazy scientist who’s about

hear loud footsteps coming from the halls down

to do unspeakable things.

there so I swiftly hide near a sturdy plant which amazes me. I see them. Tall grown lab-coated men walk towards my direction.

To Be Continued...


I like to help people. As a police officer, I will be

As a reward, the owner gives me $2 million, a

able to do this 15 years from now. I like to help my

vacation to Hawaii, and free shoes for life. I will

mother, Luz, by cleaning the house and preparing

give a pair to Robin. He wears size 14 shoes and

food. I moved to Boston with my mom and my

looks funny. The first thing I would do with the

brother, Danny. I grew up in El Salvador.

money is give some to my grandmother Gloria who lives in El Salvador.

After high school, I will train to become a police officer. I’d like to train at the police academy in

I will meet my wife Kathia during the vacation in

Boston. We have to study to learn all the laws to

Hawaii. We will learn how to snorkel. I will save

enforce and we exercise a lot to be in good shape.

Kathia from a shark attack and wrestle it to death.

I will be in such good shape, I will win the

We will get married by the ocean in Hawaii. We

American ninja warrior competition.

will have a pig roast after the ceremony for dinner. Kathia will be a public defender (a lawyer)

My biggest accomplishment as a police officer will

because she also likes to help people. We will have

be to prevent a robbery at a Nike store. There are

two kids, one boy, and one girl. I will teach both to

25 people committing the crime. One tried to

play soccer. Toby, my police dog, and my best

kidnap the owner. My police dog—a German

friend will live with us and protect us. Most

shepherd named Toby —and I chased him down.

importantly, he will protect my kids when they

My partner Carolina had a sniper rifle and shot

sleep. He will also walk them to school.

the criminal in the leg to save the Nike store owner's life.

MY LIFE by Emely A.

My mom was making dinner when she told us we were moving to America from Honduras I was in the kitchen in my old house. I smelled food and it made me hungry. The food looked delicious and I sat at the table to eat. My mom, my cousin, my brother, my aunt, my grandmother and me sat at the table. My mother told us we needed to move to America for a better future and more opportunity. My family was ecstatic. I was miserable because I could not see my friends anymore. I met my best friends, my aunt, cousins, and my grandmother to say goodbye. Then my grandmother gave me a hug to make me feel happy and better. My cousin was crying because my brother was leaving for America. My cousin is sweet. The night my mom told me at home I didn’t like the idea, but I agreed to move. My brother fell out of his chair. I hear the boom and my cousin was crying loudly. When my mom told us my brother was content, my aunt was eating, my grandmother was listening and I just sat. My family was not upset, but I was. After, my life changed. I needed to move to America and I feel excited now. I have new teachers and new friends. I have more opportunities because I can work hard to get a college degree.


Everyone has a dream, but not everyone is willing to work hard to make the dream come true. My name is Jose and I am a doctor living in Los Angeles with my family in my big house near the beach. It was not easy to come to Los Angeles because I had to finish my college and work. The people who were involved in my dream were my uncles, mom, brother, grandfather, and cousins. I was studying hard for 8 years in college and working as a mechanic, doing everything I can to go to Los Angeles and buy a big house with a pool. I am writing about how my life looks like in the future in Los Angeles as a doctor. One day I decided I wanted to be a surgeon. My friend and I wanted to be surgeons and work together. When I was in the 6th-grade I went to a class that talked about what we would be in the future. I want a career where I can help people and I want to be a surgeon. After realizing I wanted to be a surgeon I became excited, happy and motivated to reach my goal.


I walked down a cobblestone road with a purple

Cooking is a personal hobby of mine. My favorite

sky above me. The smell of fresh croissants in the

dishes are fettuccine with chicken and broccoli,

air with the Eiffel tower in front of me. My name is

mashed potato with mozzarella cheese, and

Gabriela Rivas, and I am a 28-year-old family

chicken noodle soup. A hobby that my family likes

lawyer. During college, I played volleyball at

to do together is to travel to foreign places.

Boston College. I live in the suburbs, a nice and quiet place. There is the sound of birds singing

My usual daily routine is to leave my house at

along with the trees rustling outside of my open

around 8:30 AM. I then drive into the city and

window. Later on, the sound of kids playing on

begin work with my good friend Aaliyah. We

bikes, their bells ringing, and laughter

usually look through court files and check out

surrounding a nearby basketball hoop.

upcoming cases. Afterward, at around 6:00 PM, I drive home alone because she lives in the city. But

I have a son named Caleb who is 4 years old. He

soon, my routine is going to change. I come home

likes to play with blocks and paint. He has brown

and begin to pack my things and my son's things.

hair with blue eyes just like his father. My

My husband looks for some shirts of his, while I

husband is a cardiothoracic surgeon, who I met in

pack mine and Caleb's things. We chose to go to

high school. We live in a gray house with white

Paris this time because we thought that Caleb

outline and brick on the bottom. It’s a comfortable

might be old enough to truly experience it. Not

and homey open concept with a big staircase and a

only that but also because it was always a place

comfortable kitchen.

that I wanted to go to.

The airport is typical, people ask for directions at

The driver lets us off and tells us when he will

times, Caleb constantly goes to the bathroom, and

come back, leaving us with the tour guide to walk

we order a lot of food for the plane ride. We finally

around the city as we had chosen. I walk down a

get onto the plane and my ears plug as we go up

cobblestone road with a purple sky above me. The

into the sky. I put a couple of Disney movies on for

smell of fresh croissants in the air, with the view

Caleb to watch, even though I am sure that I am

of the Eiffel tower in front of me. Wow, I think to

more fascinated by them than he is right now.

myself. It takes a whole of walking to finally get on the tower, with the most amazing view in front of

We arrive at the Parisian airport by the name of

me. I grab Caleb by the hand and tell my husband

“Charles de Gaulle’’ which is very nice and grand.

to take a picture with the view behind us. We stay

I ask a man in uniform which way to the R.E.R.

up there for about an hour, then keep going to

(transportation to take me into the city).

new places. We try a French food with the name of

‘’Excusez-moi, mais ou est le R.E.R?’’ I ask him in

“Bistro sandwich’’ which is quite delicious.

the best French I could. He could tell I’m not the

Afterwards, we go to the “Musee du louvre,”

best at French because I studied it back in high

which has a huge glass triangle on the outside.

school, but he was able to understand and replied

There is so much to see but I am tired. Caleb is

‘’La-bas a votre droite,’’ and pointed towards an

already asleep on his father as we walked towards

orange sign. “Merci,” I responded.

the driver’s vehicle. Once we get to the hotel, we change clothes and get to bed. We have seen so

Once we get to our hotel, we set down our

many new and amazing things, yet this was only

belongings and begin the tour. It is incredible! You

the first day.

can see so many new people that don’t even pay attention to us and carry on with their activities.

MI ABUELA ME INSPIRA by Roberto Vladimir P.

Mi abuela es mi inspiracion. Tiene 89 años. Ella es

Hace 6 años me di cuenta que ella me quería

muy tranquila y amable. Ella tiene mucha fe en

mucho por todos los momentos que pasamos en

dios. Ella es un poco pequeña con pelo blanco y

muchos lugares como de viaje como en la casa,

corto usa lentes. Nuestro laza es muy fuerte y yo

como en los parques. Todo parecía bien hasta un

he sido su persona favorita y ella la mía.

dia que ella se enfermo y me separaron de ella en el hospital por su enfermedad que era la diabetes pero sucedió de repente en mi casa ella dijo.


In 2038, my life will really change because I will be

My dream is to be a college teacher for teaching

living my dream which is to be a math teacher. I

math students. I want to be a good teacher for

will be a math teacher who always helps students

teaching math. Also, I want to know what my

with their math problems. In my life, there is just

students need from me as a teacher. One day I

my students and my family. Before when I was in

compared myself to Ms.M {Ms.M is my math

middle school, I liked math. I did very well in

teacher when I was in high school,} Then, I was

math. I also helped my classmates with math

doing great in math every day, so I can go to

problems. One day, I saw myself helping students

college to teach math. One day I am going to

like Ms.Galasso, my math teacher when I was in

college to interview for a job. I Impress them in

middle school, who helped students like me.

the interview and they give me the highest level of math class in college to teach. Then I am so happy.

I have a son who is 5-years-old. He likes playing.

I give a party to my family and my friends. I say,

He always thinks, “I am safe for my future,”

“Finally, I am going to college to teach math.”

because I give everything to my son and that is why he never thinks his future is not safe. He also

In 15 years, I will have my family, my friends and

thinks, “my dad is nice because my dad’s salary is

my students. This essay is about how I finished

$7,000 per month so, he can give me everything.”

hard dreams in my life. I am so happy because I finished my dream to go college to teach the

I am a math teacher, but I am just teaching high

highest level of math. Also I gave a party to my

school students. My salary is $7000 for every

family and friends.

month in high school. I want to teach college students because there is so much more salary. If I am teaching college student students, my salary would be $14,000 for every month. I can teach college students because I know much math.



Un dia estaba con mis hermanos y vimos a mi

Birds chirping and the wind whistling I see

mamá que venía de trabajar y nos dijo que nos

suburban houses around my barber shop. I just

vistieramos por que ivamos ir a comprar ropa y

opened the barber shop with my cousin Fernando.

zapatos después nos fuimo y mis hermanos y yo

The place I’m going to live is Los Angeles,

nos senimas alegres porque mi mamá nos iba ir a

California in a suburban area and my barber shop

comprar ropa y zapatos. Después nos dijo que si y

will be in the city. In the barber shop it will be

a estamos listos para que y que nos apresuramos

modern with rap music playing. It’s going to be

para que llegaramos ligero y nos fuimos a comprar

named Alfaro’s because that’s our last name.

después llegamos de comprar y ivamos cansado solo pusimos los zapatos y la ropa y nos dormimos

I have always been picky about my hair. One day

y a estábamos cansados. Yo aprendí que mi mamá

when I was 13 I went to go get a haircut. My mom

trabaja duro para darnos lo que queremos y

picked my barber for me and I knew she wouldn’t

necesitamos y esto no me afectara porque para mi

be able to cut my hair. The way she cut my hair

fui como un ejemplo porque ella llegó rendid de

was not the way I wanted because she didn’t line

trabajar a nos llevó a comprar las cosas que

up my hair and didn’t give me a fade. Then, right

necesitamos a mis hermanos estaban alegres a

after she cut my hair, I knew I needed to fix it.

agradecidos y yo estaba feliz.

When I got to the barber that I wanted, my barber pointed out that my hair got messed up and they laughed. I had to pay full price just to get my hair fixed! From that day I wanted to become a barber. Before I could get to LA, I need to work hard in high school so that I can go to a Boston college because my family is here. After college, I want to work at the barber shop that fixed my hair, Frank’s in Chelsea. I would spend most of my time learning as much as possible. They taught me the most important things I know about being a barber. They were going to show me how to buy supplies for the barber shop, how to create artist designs in hair, and most important, to treat my clients as best as I can.


She opens her eyes and looks through the window.

After dropping the twins off at school she heads to

She sees the town. A river weaves around the

work. It’s so satisfying for her to do humanitarian

houses. She sees colorful birds flying around the

work at the elementary school.

trees. She hears them singing a beautiful song. She sees a hippo drinking water by the river. She

She works with first-grade kids who are just so

thinks about how it makes her so happy to be

adorable. Her students are doing a project where

connected with nature. She smells the famous

they need to draw what they want to do when they

warm African breeze. She can also smell breakfast

grow up. She looks at a student’s work that is

from the kitchen.

basically a huge drawing of The Flash, a comic book superhero. She laughs thinking about how

She turns around and walks directly to the

good it is to be that age.

kitchen. She looks at the table and sees her beautiful daughters. She kisses their foreheads

She ends her shift at the school and jumps in her

and sits with them. They are eight-year-old girls

jeep to go to her next job as a freelance

and they are twins. They look so much like their

photographer. She is going to meet her boss to

dad. And that’s when she looked at him. He is

discuss the details of the next photoshoot. She is

cooking breakfast and it looks delicious. She gives

going to shoot an African Sacred Ibis. It’s her

him a “good morning” and he answers with a kiss.

dream to photograph that bird since she was in

They sit together and laugh about the way the

10th-grade. The African Sacred Ibis is an

twins were talking over each other. She truly loves

important bird in local history. It was the symbol


of the Ancient Egyptian god, Thoth, and her favorite subject has always been social studies.

Then she gets ready and waits for the twins to

When she arrives, she meets the ornithologist who

come so she can drive them to school. It is going

will help her with the best location and time for

to be a long day, she thought to herself.

the photoshoot. They decide to shoot in the next morning by the river close to a huge mountain.

After talking for hours they finally get everything

She is me! I look back to eighth-grade, where all

ready and she can go home.

those things were just dreams. I can’t believe that this is my reality now! I mean, I have a beautiful

She gets home and goes straight to a bath. Then

family, the job of my dreams and I get to travel

she goes to make dinner since it is her turn. She

around the world! This just shows that if you work

makes ravioli with spinach and fresh tomato

hard for your dreams you can easily go

marinara sauce. She says that is the twins’


favorite, but everyone knows that it is actually HER favorite. Her family gets home and, as usual,

So this is how my day goes. What about you? What

the twins are hungry. They all sit together and talk

is your life in 15 years?

about their day.       


Mi mamá en el 2004 el ano que yo nací mi mamá

Mi mamá sie fijo que no podía con mi papá

tuvo una discusión con mi papá y mi papá tomó la

entonces ella. Pidió ayuda con la policía y mi papá

decisión de llevarme con él pero mi mamá se

intentó irse pero no pudo y así mi mamá pudo

peleó con mi papá para que no me llevara con él.

hacer que mi papá me regresara con ella.

Yo tenía siete meses. Mi papá le dijo a mi mamá

Mi mamá me inspira porque… ella me peleo y eso

queme llevar lejos de mi mamá para que mi mamá

es lo que me inspira porque si ella no lo hubiera

no me viera y quiso hacerme creer que mi mamá

hecho no se que seria de mi ahora la veo y digo

no existía pero no pudo. El quiere llevarme para

que es la mejor madre del mundo.

que mi mamá se pusiera triste y él vió miraba que mi mamá hacía todo por mi y como él no era así

Ella es la mejor madre del mundo porque me

por eso el pensó que eso era lo mejor.

cosina y me aconseja,regaña y me hace ver las cosas que son buenas y las que son malas y si estuviera con mi padre yo se que las cosas fueran diferentes.


“SKKK.” The ball hit my gloves as I threw myself

feeling I wouldn't get the ball. Giving it all I had, I

out on the field to make the play. Sweat seeped

threw myself out in hope of catching my ball. My

into my eyes, my adrenaline raced in a matter of

body stretched out and my arms were hit by the

seconds. My fingers gripped the ball. My body hit

ball. I caught it!

the floor hard, falling on my side, rolling over. Silence dominated the field. Everyone certain the

The movement of my body along with the fall of

ball was dropped and waiting for the refs to call

the ball reminded me of when Odell Beckham Jr.

out, “incomplete pass!” Curled up in a ball on the

caught the ball and made the greatest play of his

floor, realizing the ball was in my hand, I stood up

first pro-bowl. That had to be one of the greatest

and the crowd, along with my team, went wild.

catches that I've ever seen. The catch from there on out sparked one of my greatest football

Isaac ran in the huddle and called the play, “wide

moments in my time of keeping my grind up. I

right, fake option Matt, go,” and called out the

knew things had changed and my career in the

huddle. Thinking through the play and

making had just stepped into another level of

remembering all my tips from practice, I stepped

excitement. I had the mindset that I was the best

up to the line waiting for the motion call, I

on the field. I played like I was.

glimpsed at the other team's cornerback. “Down, Set!” I raced across the field “Hut!” I zoomed past

I am proud to say that Odell Beckham Jr., the

their cornerback and made my way up the field.

greatest football player ever to live, is my inspiration. He has taken a big part in helping

I looked back running towards the end zone. Not

improve the making of my football career and has

realizing my quarterback threw the ball up in the

also been a big part of how hard I want to work to

air; it was too short so I had to cut the ball in the

play football. HE’S THE GOAT!

middle of the field. The ball was only a few feet up in the air and, compared to my distance, I had a 


She’s hardworking, kind, honest, and bold. She’s

She tells me to work hard and get good grades.

my mom. My mom doesn’t look like me at all.

She also tells me to be kind and treat people with

She’s very pale. She has long black hair with

respect. Knowing how much my mom cares about

highlights. My mom inspires me every day

my future inspires me to keep working towards

through how she acts and in my conversations

my goals.

with her. When I grow up, I want to be like her. My mom really cares about my future. She pushes me

My mom inspires me to keep moving forward and

to study harder; she thinks that it’s good to think

work harder. I do all of my homework and

about the future now rather than when the time

classwork. I also try my best to do well on tests.

comes. I don’t have a specific moment with my

My ultimate goal is to go to college and get a

mom where we talk about my future. She inspires

degree to become a doctor. Because of all of the

me every day to work harder.

conversations I’ve had with my mom, I try even harder in school now. My grades have improved

My mom’s name is Sushila. She is 36-years-old.

dramatically. It's easier for me to keep pushing

She’s five feet tall and she has dark brown eyes.

towards my goals now that I know my mom is

My mom is very tiny but she is the biggest

going to be encouraging me along the way.

influence in my life. She has two jobs and works hard to ensure that I have a better future. She also

I’ve learned that sometimes you need someone to

shows me how to treat others by treating others

help you keep moving forward. My mom helps me

with respect and kindness.

by talking to me about how important it is to keep trying and to do things that help improve my

My mom inspires me to go to college because she

future. She inspires me by doing the things she

didn’t have the opportunity to go. When I’m sitting

does: she treats people with kindness and respect

near her on her days off or before or after work,

and she is an extremely hard worker. I want to be

she tells me how to improve or do things to help

successful because I want to help my mom out

me towards my goals.

when she gets older. She’s hardworking, kind, honest, and bold. She’s my mom.


When I think about someone in my life who

started feeling calmer because my sister said, “we

inspires me, I think of my sister. She inspires me

need to spend more time with mom because then

because of this story. I was on the plane for I don’t

she’s really going to keep missing us.” After she

know how long but I was pumped to get off the

said that I instantly agreed because she was right

plane and see my mom. We took a taxi all the way

and I knew my mom would have wanted it too.

to my mom’s house. It was a white apartment that was three floors. My mom lived on the second

Fast forward one month later I started living with

floor along with six other people. The house was

my mom and sister in Chelsea, MA. I started going

small and cozy and on that day my mom made

to a new school and I was nervous. Even though I

beef. It was delicious mainly because I hadn’t had

was nervous, I was happy to spend more time with

my mom’s food in a while.

my sister. When I spend time with my sister we would go to the park or go eat somewhere. The

Summer was almost about to end and we had to

park that my sister and I always went to had

get ready to go back to Arizona. My mom really

bright green grass, a soccer field, a basketball

wanted us to move with her because she didn’t

court, and a playground that was small and had

want to be without us again. My sister, who is

dirt instead of grass on the floor. I love spending

really, really short and is older, wanted to leave at

time with my sister because she makes me laugh

first. Then after a while, my mom persuaded her

and inspires me to make big changes in my life.

to stay.

She inspired me to make big changes that may seem risky, like moving to another state even if I

The next night I remember it being chilly like

knew what I was leaving behind.

summer was transitioning into fall. I walked into my room and I saw the two beds against the white

My sister is one of my biggest inspirations because

walls. My sister was already in there and was on

she helps me think of my future more. She insists

her phone (I think she was on YouTube). She

I be more mindful in school and think about what

immediately got up and she said, “I want to talk to

to do when I grow up. My sister inspired me to

you about moving here to live with mom.” After

want to be a computer coder because she made it

she said that I started to sweat because I felt

seem fun, interesting, and easy. I hope that maybe

nervous, confused, and conflicted. I had lots of

one day we can work together since that’s also her

family in Arizona and I would have to leave them.

dream job. If I didn’t move then she wouldn’t have

However, after that, I stopped sweating and

impacted my life in such a big way.


I love changing the odds by doing the impossible.

The only way I’m going to be able to reach these

In 15 years, I see myself doing something I love—

dreams is by dedication and perseverance to be

either playing basketball or engineering. I fell in

the best me I can be. I know it’s going to be hard

love with both of these as I’ve grown. I chose

to do, but I’ve gone through bigger challenges

engineering as one of my careers because math is

before in my life. My dream job was always to play

something that comes easily to me. My life, at this

in the NBA, but that’s one of the hardest things to

age, is kind of hard; having to balance my

do in this generation. My family helps me to reach

academics, sports, and family all at once, but if it’s

my dream about engineering and the math teacher

my dream then I’m going to complete it.

shows me things that I’m gonna need.

My biggest goal in life is to buy my mom a house

I am determined to do bigger things and to prove

and whatever she needs. My mom is my biggest

people wrong. I know that the more I try, the

supporter; she’ll talk me through anything, good

better I will do. I will change the odds by

or bad. My mom encourages me to do what I need

becoming an NBA player and being an engineer,

and follow my dreams. Not only do I want to

doing what I need for my family. I’m going to

support my mom, but I want to support my entire

make money and support my family.

family from the career that I go on to do. My mom always tells me whatever I do now will determine my future.

Mr. Duroseau's Class Dear 8GA Class, I’m so proud of every single one of you. You have come a long way. I know you all have learned a lot this year, but I have learned a lot from you. I came in last year as a 1st-year teacher when you were all in 7thgrade. You all were the first class to shape me into the teacher that I am today and I thank you for that. I will always remember you guys for all the laughter, good times, and moments of triumph that we’ve shared. You all have grown so much this year. I have enjoyed seeing you all grow and step up to the challenge. You have done great during Interview Day and 6 Degrees. It was great seeing all of you network and advocate for yourselves. All of you have blown me away with your insightful thoughts and answers. You have taken more responsibility for yourselves when it comes to self-advocating. And I have learned so much about all of you based on all of your work from your personal essays, your resumes, the creative business cards that you have created, and the persuasion essays that you have written. I can’t wait to see what is in store for all of you in the future. Remember what you have learned in Writing Program: you have a voice and it matters. What you have to say matters, so don’t let anyone else convince you otherwise. You all are insightful and full of great ideas. You all have hopes and dreams. In order for that to happen, you will have to persevere, be determined, and be focused. Achieving your goals will not be easy, but trust me if you keep your eyes on the prize you can get there. Be kind and helpful to the people around you and your community. Do the right thing even if it is not the most popular decision. And be a leader, not a follower because you have original ideas and visions. Be yourself and the right people will follow. Best, Mr.Duroseau

Estimado Clase 8GA, Estoy tan orgulloso de todos y cada uno de ustedes. Ustedes han recorrido un largo camino. Yo sé que ustedes han aprendido mucho este año, pero he aprendido mucho de ustedes. Vine el año pasado como maestro primero años cuando eras todo en séptimo grado. Ustedes eran la primera clase me formaron en la maestra que soy hoy y les agradezco por eso. Siempre te recordaré chicos por todas las risas, buenos momentos y momentos de triunfo que hemos compartido. Ustedes han crecido mucho este año. He disfrutado viendo chicos crecen y paso hasta el desafío. Lo han hecho muy bien durante el Día de Entrevista y 6 grados. Fue genial ver a todos ustedes haciendo conecciones y defensor de si mismos. Todos ustedes me han impresionado con sus pensamientos y respuestas interesantes. Ustedes han tomado más responsabilidad por sí mismos cuando se trata de autodefender. Y he aprendido mucho de todos ustedes desde sus ensayos personales, sus hojas de vida, las tarjetas de visita creativas que han creado, y los ensayos de persuasión que han escrito. No puedo esperar a ver lo que está reservado para todos ustedes en el futuro. Recuerde lo que han aprendido en el Programa de Escritura; tiene una voz y eres importante. Lo que tiene que decir las cosas, así que no deje a nadie más le convenza de lo contrario. Todos ustedes son profundo y lleno de grandes ideas. Todos ustedes tienen esperanzas y sueños. Para que eso suceda, tendrá que perseverar, ser determinada, y estar centrado. El logro de sus objetivos no será fácil, pero confía en mí si usted mantiene sus ojos en el premio se puede llegar. Sea amable y útil para las personas que le rodean y su comunidad. Hacer lo correcto, incluso si no es la decisión más popular. Y ser un líder, no un seguidor porque tiene ideas y visiones originales. Sea usted mismo y las personas adecuadas seguirán. Mejor, Mr. Duroseau


by Cesar S.D.

En 15 años tendre mi casa y estaré con mi familia

It was a normal day and I was happily in my bed. I

llegue hasta ahí con la ayuda de mis estudios, de

got out of bed, took a shower and went to school.

mis esfuerzos, mis maestros, mis amigos familiares

After a few long and boring periods, I heard an

y personas y personas que me ayudaron fueron las

announcement for technology class. It was a

personas que fueron importante en mi vida antes

contest for who can build the best invention. I was

del evento estaba emocionada, feliz porque iba a

excited, so I was thinking about that all day. But, at

hacer mi primer dia de trabajo mi propósito es ser

the same time, I was thinking about being

una muy buena persona con los demás.

President. After that, I went home excited and I built a really cool watch for the tech contest. My

Mi acción fue ser una doctora muy buena en mi

watch could shock you when you had a meeting or

primer dia mis pensamientos fueron ayudar mucho


a las personas me sentía nerviosa,emocionada porque después de mi primer dia de trabajo volver

The next day, I brought my invention to tech class.

a mi casa con mi familia los pensamientos de mis

Someone else in my class used nuclear power to

amigos fue que tu primer dia de trabajo fuera muy

create his invention. But, because I was thinking

bonito y ojala que todo te salga bien los

about being President, I wasn’t looking at the

sentimientos fueron nerviosos porque no sabía

classroom, I was daydreaming so I tripped and fell

cómo me iria ese dia.

into the nuclear waste while wearing my watch. Everything went black. I woke up feeling very peaceful, not hurt, but all of a sudden I heard cheers and people talking to me. And they said to me “are you ok, sir?” I didn’t know what to say and I was going to ask the people around me, but you heard them chanting something. “Stop racism, stop racism, stop racism!” So, I thought to myself, “this is my chance in time to say what I think about racism!” I thought I was going to pass out but I didn’t and I continued my speech.

When I was done, the whole crowd below me

“What are you doing, get up.”

cheered. My parents were inside the house at the dinner table along with my sister. The crazy thing

I lost consciousness and when I was awake I heard

was that they were speaking English. When I

my teacher say, “Cesar wake up, are you ok?”

heard this, I said to myself “what the heck!” They told me “good job out there.” When I sat down at

“Yeah, I was President."

the table, a chef and waiter served me my favorite, tacos and pupusas.

“What oh you lost it let's go to the nurse you cut your head.”

After I was done eating, I had to ask my mom where my room was and she said, “at the end of

“I'm telling the truth.”

the hall you silly little thing!” When I got to my room, I totally freaked out! I checked my calendar

“Ok calm down.”

to see what year it is, I called numbers of friends that ended up being not available anymore. I was

I went to the nurse but in all my memories I could

totally freaked out and I remembered the things I

remember I was President. Even when people say

did before.

I'm crazy after the accident.

  I thought to myself, what was I like before? I was a kid playing video games cleaning his house and I thought to myself every day how humanity went down with the President at the time. When I finished the flashback, I remembered it was my opportunity to change the world. I slammed the door open, but it was too late, so I went back to sleep. The next day I woke up, got ready for the day, and went to my office. People were bringing me papers all the time and I thought wow what am I supposed to do. Every two hours I had a meeting and I got bored. So I told the truth to my parents and told them I was from the future. They laughed, but I told my helpers to bring me stuff. “Please bring me a watch and nuclear thing.” My parents were confused but I wasn't, I lay on the floor and soon I was lying down I said, “bye, see you in 15 years.”

15 YEARS LATER by Elsie R.S.

My friends and I decided to start off new. We rented an apartment putting our money together, best of all it’s the place we always wanted to go, Tokyo. We got a huge apartment, just Tatiara, Michelle, Norma, Damien, and me.

My friends and I decided to start off new. We rented an apartment putting our money together, best of all it’s the place we always wanted to go, Tokyo. We got a huge apartment, just Tatiara, Michelle, Norma, Damien, and me. I work at the Sony Computer Entertainment Headquarters. It was a dream come true, having all my friends with me. I looked around our new apartment. To tell the truth, it was huge, we rented two apartments on the 22nd and 23rd floor. Tatiara, Michelle, and I were on the 22nd floor while Damien and Norma live on the 23rd floor. The two apartments were connected and looked amazing. On the bottom floor, there was a large kitchen, along with a dining room, and of course three rooms and a HUGE office for me to work on new games. Upstairs there are also three rooms, one for Norma and Damien and then a guest room, then there’s just a huge room just for anime and


My mom is a great inspiration to me. She is very hard working, caring, and only wants the best for me. I came to the United States with my mom on August 9, 2016. When I arrived there were many people and a lot of tall buildings. It was just my


mother and me in a very big city. Before I came to

We have X-Box 360 and one Playstation,

opportunities for us in Cape Verde. I will be

computers, and many more. I let my friends play the games I create to see their reaction to the games which is a big help. We live right in the heart of Tokyo. I’ve gotten so far since middle school, I got into Northeast High School and then went to one of the best programming schools, Carnegie Mellon University. After that, I was lucky that I was offered a job at Sony Computer Entertainment Headquarters! Sure, there was some ups and downs but it all went well. So with the support of my friends and family, I'm here and working at a job I love.

the United States I felt there were not too many writing about my special mom who made a very brave decision to bring us to the U.S.                                                                        When my mom decided we would move to the United States, we had a lot to do. We had to pack and say goodbye to our friends and family. On the day we left, it was early morning and very dark outside. I was sad because I was leaving my country and my family behind. When we got to the airport there were a lot of people. My mom made me feel good by hugging me and telling me it would be alright. My mom was very excited and sad at the same time.                                                                                                    

When it came time to get on the plane, we got in

one with a big television and three sofas for my

line and waited to find our seats. I was nervous.

nephews to play video games when they visit me. I

We sat down. My mom and I sat next to each

will be working at a Police Station in the state of

other. The plane took off. I felt very nervous. After

Massachusetts. I will be a great police officer.

when we landed we were in a whole new place.                                                 

One day, in the morning, I wake up and I take a

When we got off the plane we were in a place

deep breath, and I feel like I am ready to start a

called Providence, RI. We had never seen such tall

new day. I go to the gym, I do exercise for an hour

buildings. My mom was so happy because our new

and then I go back to home. I take a shower and I

life was about to begin. My mom hugged me.

prepare myself for the challenges that arise that day. I eat a delicious and healthy breakfast, I smell

My biggest source of inspiration is my mom. My

my fresh flowers in my window, then I receive a

mom influences my goals by always giving me the

call from my boss saying, “Good morning, official

drive to never give up and work hard in everything

Mariana, your journey begins at 9:00 AM today

I do.

because I have a special case for you, I will tell you about that when you arrive at the office, OK?” "OK," I said. I take my car keys and I drive to work when I get to my job my boss explains to me about the special case he has for me. He starts to tell me that he wants me to go to a High School because there are some issues with some students joining gangs and selling and using drugs. My boss tells me that it is a special case because he wants me to help those young people by talking to them about my life, my experiences, and what I did to achieve my goals. He wants me

A DAY IN 2032 (MY LIFE IN 15 YEARS) by Mariana A.

On 2032 I am a great police officer in the state of Massachusetts. I will have a big house with seven rooms, two kitchens, a large backyard, and three pools. My house will have an office, and a big library. Also, my house will have two living rooms;

to help them by advising them, and making them see that drugs and gangs are not good ways of life. I said “Yes” and I decided to go. While I am driving I remember when I was in high school and when I wanted to help my friends because they were in gangs and using drugs. I tried to stop that, but I could not, my effort was not enough for them.

When I arrive at the high school I see many

I could see tears come out of their eyes, they

students talking about gangs, I find some in the

thank me and they tell me that they did not think

hallway skipping classes and stuff like that. I enter

about everything I just told them, but now their

to a big salon and I have a meeting with the

lives are going to change, that they are going to

students, I start to be nice with them telling them

change. Now they will be good students, good

my name and things about me. Then I start to ask

children, good friends, good siblings, and good

them about what do they know about drugs and

people for a new and better society.

gangs. They start telling me that drugs help people when they feel depressed. I ask them what is the

My time to return to the police station is almost

help that drugs give people, and they answer:

here and I say “Goodbye” to the guys and I hug

“Drugs help you to forget about your problems

them. My last words before I leave are: “Life is not

and makes you feel high."

easy, and it does not change easily: but it is not impossible to seek a better life.

I start to tell them about the different ways that we can take in life but DRUGS and GANGS are not

When I return to the Police Station I start to think:

good ways to live our lives, these are momentary

“Today my day was not so much the day of a police

in life; because in the future they affect our lives.

officer, but I feel like what I told those guys helped them to think about their lives and the problems

I talk with them about my life, my family, my 32-

they might face with the law. I would never like to

year-old brother, my 31-years-old sister, and

arrest them in the future if they make bad

about my parents. I share with the students the


experiences that I had with my family in my life, I tell them: “Most of the time my family was never

Then other polices officer and I receive a call

there for me, to help me, and to advise me, not

about an assault on a woman, he and I quickly

because they did not want to, but because my

leave and finally we get to arrest the criminal after

parents always worked hard to help me in my

a chase. My journey finally ends, I go to my home

studies and my siblings were always busy studying

very tired, I call my parents to talk to them about

too. And although I was almost alone that was no

my day and to ask them how their day was. And

reason for me to join gangs or to use drugs. You

after that I take a shower, I eat my dinner, I watch

guys need to think about your future and also, you

a movie and then I go to bed.

need to stop wasting your life’s time.” And to end our meeting; as a police officer, I tell them the consequences and the problems that can bring them to use drugs or be in gangs because that is against the law.

Just out of high school, Jimmy didn't have too many college offers. He decided to go to a local college where he spent one year. After his time at college,  Jimmy applied for the NBA draft. Keep in mind, in his high school years,  Jimmy was noticed by many division one scouts but was not ranked very high on charts. Jimmy was drafted in the 1st round 30th pick of the Marquette NBA draft. Compared to his life now Jimmy’s struggles were just there to teach him a lesson and help get him

WHO INSPIRES ME by Markland R.

What if I told you that Jimmy Butler went from homeless at 13 to an NBA- All-star? Jimmy Butler is a 28-year-old NBA superstar who had a difficult childhood. Jimmy Butler was born in Houston but grew up in Tomball, Texas. At a young age, Jimmy was abandoned by his father and his mother kicked him out of his house at the age of 13. The reason why I choose to write about Jimmy’s story is that he is a model of what hard work and

to where he is today. Instead of living in the “hood” he lives in a mansion in the hills. Instead of being kicked out of his house he owns his own house. Even though his mom kicked him out of his house and his father left him, he doesn’t hold a grudge. He very much respects his parents but they don’t talk too much. Instead of living in Texas he lives in Minnesota and is a nationally declared millionaire. He is also one of the most paid NBA players. What I learned from Jimmy’s story is that hard work and dedication is the true way to success. No

dedication can do for you later on in your life.

matter how much money you have, if you are not

One day when Jimmy came home from school she

want to be when you are older, you will have a

told him “ she didn’t like the look of him” and then proceeded to kick him out of the house. Over a long period of time, Jimmy stayed over various friends houses until finally one of his parents' friends decided to care for him (Leslie his friend's mom). Leslie was pretty fond of Jimmy. He had been staying at her house for a while and even though she had seven other children, she accepted him into her household. This intern turned out well for Leslie because Jimmy helped out a lot around the house and is now in the NBA.

serious about what you want to do and what you hard time getting there. He also taught me that no matter how hard the world hits you, you can keep getting back up and chase your dreams.


I never knew how important it was to work hard

My mom decided since she wasn’t going to throw

to get what you want until my mom showed me.

me a party why not get me an iPhone. At first, she

My mom got me something I’ve always wanted but

was going to buy me the iPhone 5, but she got me

she didn’t just give it to me she worked hard for it

the 6 because it came with a case and screen

and so did I.

protector because she knows me so well to know I would drop it. So when I got in the car I got my

My mom is a big inspiration in my life, she teaches

new phone and was so happy. I made my cousin

me a lot and tells me to go the right path in life.

jealous that I got an iPhone and she didn’t.

My mom’s name is Maria Landaverde and she’s caring, kind, and loving. She’s very short and has

My mom doesn’t just take care of me she. She also

puffy hair like mine, but less curly.

takes care of my nephew Jonathan, my two older sisters Gladis and Rosaura, and my dad Jose. She

When my mom was younger in El Salvador, she

cooks for me, my dad, and whenever she can, she

had to be taken out of school to take care of my

makes food for my nephew and sisters. When my

aunts and uncles. This shows me that she has

mom doesn’t work and my sister does, if she can,

always been responsible. A child that doesn’t

she takes care of my nephew so my sister won’t

know anything about life taking care of younger

have to pay a lot for the babysitter, also known as

children is honestly a challenge. Imagine not being

my aunt. When my mom cooks meals and feasts

able to go to school because you have to cook and

she always tells my sisters so they can come over

take care of your younger siblings. My mom has

and eat with us. My mom never fails to give me

always worked hard so she could come to the U.S.

and my sisters good advice about life and

to make a better life for herself and her children.

everything and when we can’t pay something she pays for us.

Once my mom got to the U.S., she worked hard to get a job and finally did. Since she got her job, she

I am very lucky to have a mom that takes care of

has been working hard to get paid to be able to

everyone and is very kind and loving. She’s such a

buy me things I wanted and needed. The day

good role model and has taught me many things. I

before my birthday my mom had to pay a bill for

hope when I’m older I can be a good role model

T-Mobil, and me, my mom, and older sister had to

for my children like my mom.

go. When we arrived I directly went to the iPhone with a frown on my face because I knew I was never going to get an iPhone, well at least I thought. The lady came over to me and told my mom about the deals on the iPhone 6.

THE YEAR 2032 by Walter L.A.

After the super bowl, my friends, my family, and I all went to eat out. We went to a 5 star rated restaurant. The food there tasted great. And the smell smelled like a dream. All we talked about

It’s the year 2032. I am still friends with my old

was how we won the game. And that was the best

friends. I play football with the Patriots. Now I am

day ever. We won the game. And It was the best

friends with my coaches. We had the greatest

season ever.

season of our lives. We made it to the Superbowl. And guess what, we were in the middle of the Gillette stadium. My ears were bleeding since everyone was screaming. I saw green, red, and blue fireworks. I can see my friends and family crying tears of joy. My teammates were all excited, high fiving everyone. And my coach was so joyful and my coach was soaked in Gatorade. I had butterflies in my stomach before the game. And it was the first time my family came to watch me play. So I had to work extra hard. My friends and family made this moment so much better because I had my loved ones beside me.

buying me new pads, buying me new gloves. Since


some of them believed in superstitions, they got

by Yaliha R-H

Also, they were so supportive and they were helping me doing every drill. They did everything,

four-leafed clovers for good luck. But winning the super bowl reminded me of when I was in the 3rd or 2nd-grade, and we did cup stacking. We started a tournament and I joined it. My first battle was easy. I won but continuing it kept getting a little harder. And guess what, I made the finals. Everyone kept on telling me I was good. But I lost the finals, it was super close.

“Greetings!” the bold man said as I entered the coffee shop. This is exactly how I like to begin my day. Fifteen years from today, I planned this and it turns out that my dreams became a reality. Sometimes I still can’t fully believe that this is not a dream. This morning my four dogs made an effort to truly prove that they wanted to be able to get a taste of the Manhattan air. Usually, when I walk the dogs I tend to have various epiphanies about how my life has changed in a matter of eight months. NYU truly is no joke this is why I like to begin my mornings in a specific way to prepare myself for what will be a long day.


My mom is an inspiration. She is helpful in everything. My mother is always on the lookout which means she cares for me. When my mom sees me crying she always gives me advice. My mom is an adoration, she is very lovable and funny and we look a lot a like. On a Thursday evening, I was doing homework and I was having a horrible time on my math worksheet. My mom saw me stressing and she came up to me and asked me “ Do you need help, amor?” I, of course, told her “Yes!” She sat next to me until night. After we finished, we just talked about how her day was and how my day was. One day at school, I got in trouble. I got in trouble because someone blamed me for throwing a paper airplane. My mom was pretty mad but the worst part was that the teacher said that the airplane hit her and that's when my mom knew that I wasn't capable of that. 


My inspiration is my aunt. Her name is Isabel. She’s 42-years-old. She lives in El Salvador. Isabel is my inspiration because she took care of me when I was little we spent 9 years together. I have spent more than two years living without her. Let me tell you this, it’s really hard to stay away from your whole family, especially someone that’s like your second mother. I wish she were here. We had a lot of good memories and one of them is at the end of the year I helped her to cook panes rellenos or pupusas. “Use a sweater ” she always said.

After I accepted it, I went straight to the gym and lifted more weights so that I could get stronger and get in shape. Getting in shape increased my vertical to jump and helped me get hard blocks and hustle more. I never stopped training. Even when I had a cast on, I was playing basketball outside during winter time. It was very cold, but it never stopped me from getting better. I made it

THAT'S MY STORY by Raymond O.

I was only 12 when I wanted to play for the Chelsea Youth Basketball League (CYBL). I worked hard at school and at the gym until one day I was hustling

onto the school basketball team. It was a cool experience. I crossed an 8th-grader without looking. Then I made a three in his face to finish the play splash!!! My team got hyped at the end of the game. I finished with 4 points, 1 block, 2 steals, and 2 assists. So that's my story. My name is Raymond Oneill and peace.

for the rebound. Then I jumped and landed on my ankle. It was the most pain I've ever experienced. The doctor told me that I broke my ankle.


A couple of months passed. People in my school

by Santos C.G.

The next day my mom and I went to the hospital.

were making fun of my injury, calling me names like crippled. Every time I hear that I get mad. But

I like video games and I want to be a video game

when my ankle healed, I got so much faster and

designer in 15 years. I have played video games for

better. My friend Miguel helped me get my

a year and I'm good at playing, in the game I play

handles back and my shooting form. It was really

you can pick any outfit you like and use anything

fun. After we practiced he told me, "Yo Raymond,

you want to win the game.

sign up for CYBL. You will be nasty." I accepted the challenge.

I'm a video game designer and I wake up every day at 9:00 AM to go to my office. I get in my car drive as fast as possible to be on time and fix all the games that have errors and I can fix the games that have mistakes, so when people try the game again they might like it more than before. I could make attractive games so people would be interested in buying them. My video games were not that great but then I started being creative because no one was buying my games.


My inspiration is my mom. She has 37-years-old. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She is tall and she is a happy person. My mother is my inspiration because she feeds me, I live with her, I admire that she is learning English because it is very difficult. My mother works very hard and long hours. I see my mother go to work. I hear the door close. My mom kisses me goodbye. I say goodbye to my mom and she kisses me she tells me to clean my room and to feed my brothers. She inspires me because she is a hard worker and she cares for me and my brothers.

Mr. Jones' Class To the NEU class of 2017-2018, You have surprised me in so many ways. From the humble room of 212 to the college campus of Northeastern University. Your class alone has shown maturity above your peers and your confidence will carry you far. I have seen you write of dreams of the future while also sharing with those closest to you in the present. I have seen you engage in difficult conversations and present your ideas through writing in ways that still surprise me. I hope your future is as bright as the stars in the sky. I challenge you to try things that are new while keeping those you care about close. I expect you to not shy in the next endeavor but rather relish in the new opportunities it will present. You will always have a place at the Browne and with me. I leave you with a quote from Dylan Thomas’s Do not go gentle into that good night:    Do not go gentle into that good night,      Old age should burn and rave at close of day;      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

-Mr. Jones



by Angel A.

by Areana A.

I want to have a big house for my brother, my

My mom is my inspiration because she always

mom, dad, my wife, and my two sons. I want the

makes me laugh and we have a good time together.

house to have six rooms. I want the rooms to be

She is always there for me and with my mom, I will

very big. The house is going to have a big garage

have a big and beautiful house when I grow up. It

and the color of the garage will be white. The

would be in a mansion and it will take me 30 years

house is going to have a big pool that my family can

to see it all. My mom is also my biggest inspiration

swim and have a fun time.

because she always helps me to be who I am. She loves me and I can be myself around her and it not

In my garage, I want to have a lot of cars and

weird. We both like to play around with each other.

classic cars. I want the cars to be nice. She is really fun and cool I love her so much. She is My favorite hobby is to play soccer. Soccer is the

the best and she always makes me laugh. The way

best. And maybe when I am big I came be on the

she inspires me is the way she tries to accomplish

Barcelona team and I will play goalie. To be on the

her dream and make it even with hard

Barcelona team you need to go to a small team and

times/bumps on the road. She does not give up.

then the coach will see you how you play. Then, if

She inspires me because she follows her dreams

you are good, the coach will tell another coach that

and she makes me want to follow my dreams.

you are good. When I grow, I want to buy all the PlayStations. I want to play BO3 and more games.

My dreams are to help animals and kids and

The PlayStation is my favorite console.

cooking. I love to do all those things now.

I want to go to college to have my job. To get to

If I love it a lot now, think how much I would like it

college I need good grades in high school. Then I

later. I want to have all of these jobs. I would have

can go to college. Maybe if I get good grades, I can

fun and it would be like me with my mom. She

get a scholarship and go to a good college. College

followed her dreams so I would follow mine.

is the most important in life.

When I go into class I always felt bad for her

always talk in the living room. It is like the best

because she didn’t know anyone from this school.

place to talk to each other. She is also my

But days went by and I kept feeling worse because

inspiration because she takes care of me in the bad

I was ignoring her and because I knew that I had to

and the good times. She wants her children to be

deal with her more in the future. My step-sister

good and to have a good education. She wants

and I didn’t get along because she knew that I

everything well for us. She shows me how to be

didn’t like her, but she always tried to act like

responsible. My mom is my inspiration because my

nothing happened. And I always knew that she

mom is a woman like no other. She respects people

wanted to be friends but I always pushed her back

and she is nice to me. She gave me life and she

so she would not get too close to me.

created me with love, nurtured me, taught me, and dressed me. One time my babysitter tried to hit me with a stick and she fought for me. She fought the woman and I have always been protected by my mom. When I was a little kid, my mom, showed me how to walk and she grabbed me with love, but most importantly she’s gonna love me forever and I will love her forever. Even if she does things that I don’t like, I will still love her because she gave me life and because that's the mother that God chose for me. There are not enough words I can say to describe just how important my mom is to me, and


we have a powerful influence on each other.

by Jonathan R. Z.

She continues to be my mom and my awesome inspiration.

My mom is my inspiration. My biggest inspiration is my mom because she teaches me how to be

One time when I was younger I was riding a bike

strong against people and not have a weak heart. I

and I fell off the bike she took care of me. My mom

admire her because every day she puts an alarm to

is my inspiration because she always made food for

wake up just so she can support us. She’s also my

me and she took care of me when I was a little kid.

inspiration because she is the reason that I do well

She helped me a lot in school, but now she doesn’t

in school and go to school.

do that because she taught me how to be responsible enough to do my things.

She and I have good communication and she tells me her problems and I tell her my problems. Most

When I was at school I was fighting a lot and then

of all though, she is a nice person. I hope I can be

every day the school was calling her that I was

as strong as her. We have trust in each other. We

doing badly at school and I told her why I was doing that. She was just talking to me and I stopped fighting and getting in trouble.


The most impactful person in my life has known me since before I was even born. My father. He’s turning 39 in January. He is about my height, lightskinned, bearded, and lots of grey hair. Supposedly I “look like him.” I don’t really see it. He helps me more than words can even explain. He helped build me into the person I am today. I know that sounds a bit dramatic considering I haven’t fully experienced… life yet. But, it’s true. I am gonna be completely honest with you, I am A LOT more mature than most kids my age. I understand that if my father wasn’t in my life I would be a complete trainwreck. At age 13. Sounds like fun, huh? He has taught me how to use my money responsibly (although I am still pretty bad with money), he’s helped me prepare for my future, and most importantly, he has loved me through our crazy, crazy, life.

watching Criminal Minds and it was an episode about agents having to find a murderous therapist who studied how the agents behaved. They had to think deeper than the murderer did. I was extremely interested in the episode and how they were thinking, and he literally sat down next to me and explained to me how therapists have to think and how they need to behave. Also, because he saw how interested I was in how the agents have to think, he helped me understand everything. Normally, he would just walk by because he hates when I watch shows like that, but he stopped because he saw my interest in it. That shows that he is willing to step out of his comfort zone to make sure that I am happy and to make sure I feel comfortable. I am extremely grateful to have a supportive and caring father. I plan on staying in touch with him for the rest of my life and never letting the relationship we have get destroyed. I want our relationship to grow, and not let us drift apart although I am growing up. I love him so much and I always will. GRAPEFRUIT!!

Whenever I am doing my homework or reading a book in bed, he always comes to see either what I

some days help me out a lot. If I am struggling with


a subject in school or if I have a question about

by Maria G.

am learning about in school or what I was learning about in school. The conversations that we have

anything really, he explains things to me until I fully understand the topic. Not just because he

Qué aspecto tendrá su futuro 15 años en el futuro

loves me but because he wants me to succeed and

cuál es tu carrera. Que has logrado Quienes son tus

go beyond.

amigos Quien esta en tu familia cuál es tu pasatiempo favorito. Ser alguien preparado quiero

Not only does he help me with things that I am

ser abogada jugar futbol con mi hermana.

really studying, he teaches me new stuff that he thinks I would be interested in. For example, I was

Que paso en tu vida para llevarte a este lugar? De

un resumen de sus experiencias de vida de ahora en adelante creando una línea de tiempo.

Graduarme de la universidad para poder ser abogada y quiero tener una casa muy grande para vivir con mi mama y mis hermanos pero solo estudiando mucho puedo lograrlo todo. Me gustaría vivir en Miami con mi familia y tener una casa muy grande para tener una mejor vida con ellos me gustaría tener un perro de mascota y el nombre de mi mascota seria Princesa me gusta jugar futbol con mis hermanos y me gustaria estudiar para abogada. Mi casa la quiero color negro porque es mi color favorito que tenga un jardín muy grande con muchos árboles y flores y una piscina muy grande y quiero tener perros de mascotas por que yo amo los animales mi casa tendra 5 cuartos y un cuarto de juegos. Y me gustaria ayudar a las personas que necesitaran ayuda. Me gusta salir con mis amigas pasar tiempo con mi familia ver películas visitar a mi tío y escuchar música con mi primo. Salir a fiestas ir al parque ir ala playa en el verano para tomar fotos con mi famili y amigos por que pasar tiempo con ellos es lo que más me gusta. Pero lo más importante que mi familia esté bien y que nunca les falte nada porque para mi la familia es lo más importante y mas mi mama por que es quien me dio la vida y siempre esta conmigo cuando la necesito por eso quiero que mi famili siempre este conmigo en las buenas y malas. para ayudarnos unos alos otros como la familia unida que somos. Yo amo mi familia y haría todo porque ellos están bien. Por eso estudiare mucho para cumplir todo lo que me propongo.

LIFE IS A LIE by Brandon P.

The sun is shining bright today. It's just a normal summer day in Manhattan, but this is the day I discovered something that no one will ever have in the history of the earth. This is my story of having this blessing. EARLIER IN THE DAY Shopping is difficult sometimes since I’m being paid minimum wage at my job. I don’t have any relatives in America that can help me out. I only can get about five items from the supermarket with the money I get from my job. Well, the reason why I’m in poverty is that at a young age my parents were murdered by someone who was hired to kill my father. My father was found on our street. He was successfully killed by the person who was sent to hunt my father down. That man ended my father's life with two bullets, one to the shoulder and the last fatal bullet that ended my father’s life was to the head, point blank, ending his life. He couldn’t let there be any witness and sadly my mother witnessed my father’s death happen right next to her. That would be the last thing that she would see, one shot to the head. That was her final moments.

You’re going to ask where was I at when this

“K, I will see you when you get here,” said Steve.

happened. Well, I was in my room watching what happened at a distance. That man who killed my

“Bye,” I said.

parents did his job, he almost eliminated all the witnesses except for one, that one witness was me.

What was I remembered, being hit by a car and

The place that I have to live in now is a one-room

dying in the hospital, a dream or was it real? Nah,

apartment that family members are providing for

that was most likely a dream, that was something

me. They are family members from Europe that are

that I was wrong about.

sending letters of money to pay for the rent for my apartment. I can’t move with my family members

That death was not a dream that was reality, but I

in Europe because I can’t afford to move all the

didn’t know what just happened to me. Was that a

way to Europe. My family in Europe has the same

dream or was that real life because everything

problem, they can’t afford to let me move to

looks the same from the point at the supermarket

Europe, they can only support me in paying the

except I went to a different street than the street

rent every month.

that I was killed at in that dream and the same car that hit me in that exact spot passed by that same

Now back to the main story. I was walking to my

street at the same time but this time I wasn’t hit by

apartment from the supermarket. I decided to

a car and killed just because I went to a different

jaywalk but that was a fatal mistake, a car went

street. That’s the reason why I’m still alive that’s

straight into me. The first impact was to my chest,

just weird well that doesn’t matter that’s just flat

then the front rim of the car hit my face, making

out weird.

me unconscious. I was sent to the hospital and taken into immediate care. I didn’t make it. I died


in the hospital after two hours from the injuries that I got to my head and chest causing me to die.

I finally arrive at my friend's house, he was just

All I saw was pure darkness, then I saw something

waiting for me, looking down from his window just

bright, then I opened my eyes and I’m back in the

waiting for me. I never questioned why he just

supermarket. Maybe that was a daydream. Then I

waste his time just waiting for me to get to his

get a phone call from my best friend Steve that I

front porch. I should really start worrying about

remember that I didn’t answer because I thought it

him sometimes because he’s just starting to get

was some sort of scam and didn't hesitate. Last

weird the more I come to his house now he’s just

time I didn’t answer in the weird dream of me

doing this daily I should probably give him some

dying. Well, nevermind, that was just a dream.


“Hey, when are you going to come to my house?” said Steve. “Sure, I’ll be there in a few minutes I just got my groceries, ”I replied.


Utah, U.S. 2072 I, being this amazing person, saved everyone from dying from global warming! That’s why I obviously lived the most amazing life. I am 70 now and every day I rethink my great life. I spend my days in Utah to see all the beauty in this world. As I walk around

After the world leaders agreed, everyone in the

on this warm Fall day. This reminds me of when

world voted whether to put the dome over the

this world was in the global warming crisis. It was

earth. The majority ruled and our small idea was

horrible before I solved it.

put into play. People who wanted to build had to go through immense space training. It was placed on


the Mesosphere. But, the glass doesn’t interfere

"Yeah, no biggy. We just made a big glass dome

with satellites. Yeah, I told you it was no biggy. The

around the earth that has very thin but strong

crowd applauded. I never thought I would do

glass and it has microcircuits in it to help stimulate

something... revolutionary.

the greenhouse gases and use it to create artificial

(End of Flashback)

oxygen that does the same thing as regular oxygen,” I say to the crowd at the “We are the

Wow! I really did that. People listened to what I

Future” event in the convention center in

had to say. I can’t believe I was that important. The


scene in front of me of the fall forest is amazing. It is a perfect time for a picture of this amazing

Yeah, we saved the world. We first decided to

place. It reminds me of my photography days.

experiment with different materials that were not

Wow, my career journey was really long.

only strong but also very invisible. We needed a glass that gas could enter to filtrate itself and then


emit the artificial oxygen. After the experimental

“I have my Associates, Bachelors, and Professional

phase, my team and I had perfected it. It could

degrees. I say to Mr. Barber, I went to a very nice

withstand a meteorite going 26 miles per second.

college. I also have my own private art studio and

Yup, it is my most amazing creation.

two Disney original movies. I was an animator for Disney. One of my movies is about parrots and is

My team and I branched out to the president first.

called Optimist Fly. The parrot in the movie wants

Although it took a few months we made it and it

to travel to places and she does that by going on a

was told around the world. We traveled the entire

train. The other is about dogs and is called Bark

world conferencing with world leaders.

Barkley the Neighborhood Superhero. That movie

was about two pugs that are superhero and

and doing my morning rituals. I eat my favorite

sidekick. The movies got Academy Awards. You're

cereal, Lucky Charms. When it was time for me to

welcome, Disney!” He glanced at me and smiled.

go to work I said bye to my kids and then I’d decide

He said, “Well, those are many achievements, Mr.

whether to go in my army green BMW or my black

Godoy, I would like to sign this deal.”

Tesla. I usually went to my BMW because it's more

(End of Flashback)

formal for work. I go to my job as a cardiologist doctor giving check-ups and scans for people. I

Those were fun and creative times for me. That

worked as a doctor, part-time and I ran a multi-

was when I got a deal to expand my company

million dollar company and had my own clothing

more. Mr. Barber now runs my company.

store. I work five days a week as a doctor and run my business 24/7. I also have mastered talents like

A big gust of wind just blew and I got extreme

singing, sign language, and I can make anyone

chills. I am going to start heading into my small


cabin. I remember when I had my mansion. (Sigh)

(Flashback ends)


I go to my tiny bed and lay down. I start to stare at

"I had this huuuge mansion in a beautiful

three whole pages that I prepared on the wall for

neighborhood that is in a kind of rural and urban

my speech at a special event. I hung it on the wall

area but not a suburban area. I also have a gigantic

to remember the amazing time.

backyard. My dogs River and Dale (LOL) love to run around every day I also have a cat named Finn. My


dogs are a Siberian Husky and a pug. My cat is a

When I won my award... “I make art that I sold

Lynx Point Siamese. Not only do I have a mansion

usually in my private, million dollar art studio up

in California, but I also have a nice apartment in

in the Hollywood Hills. All of the walls were filled

New York City. Along with an art studio there.

with art. I had many employees that DON’T GET

While I’m not there, my friend Yaliha is there

MINIMUM WAGE. Instead, they are high-class

making her million dollar creations,” I say to my

citizens with lots of money. I was a photographer

friend from high school.

that took professional pictures. I love to capture the perfect moments and cherish them so they last

"Wow, you scored! Good for you," said my friend.

longer.(Pretty Proud)

"Um… Misael, can I borrow some cash?" My best friend Desayna and I had amazing “Say no more.”

gatherings. Desayna and her kids always came over

(End of Flashback)

and we would encounter new adventures each day. (Keep in mind that my house is so big that I am still

My daily routine was simple and easy. It worked,

discovering rooms). Desayna always brings her two

for me. As for my jobs, they were works in

dogs and a roll of $200 for each of my kids. I do the


same when I go to her house.We are very




I started my day off by waking up at 6:00 AM sharp

I love to give back to my family. I got my

be very close with childhood friends because they

grandmother a Tesla, I spoil my kids of course, and

have different goals. I honestly prefer dogs over

I am always giving my family what they need if I


can. I’ve always been wanting to do things that I want to do. Back in the day, I felt trapped. I felt like

In 15 years, I would’ve already gone to college. I

school was so captivating and I could give anyone,

moved to California and went to college there.

including myself, amazing things. After I finally left

Then I moved to Australia. I would’ve taken four

for awhile, I got to make my own hard working

years in college because that’s how long I needed

money and actually give and achieve the things

to become a veterinarian. I would’ve gone to

that I had been aching to do for a while.

University of California in Davis, California because it’s one of the best Veterinary colleges. I

After my day is done, I eat an amazing dinner and

want to become a veterinarian because of my

sleep in my master bedroom that has a built-in

interest in animals. I enjoy being around animals.

aquarium that has 200 different species of fish. It is made of the tough glass. I sleep in my memory

In my daily life, my alarm would go off around 8:00

foam, Tempurpedic mattress with an amazing

AM. I’d only work weekdays, except Friday. A

Chillow. "The next morning is a new adventure,” I

friend would watch over my dogs for a few hours,

say to the crowd. I walk off the stage with my

while I’m at work. My job would have me work for


about eight hours. My dogs would’ve been walked

(End of Flashback)

because my job starts at 11:00 AM. I’d leave my house around 9:00 AM so I could do some early

I get off of my bed and head for the door. I grab my

errands. At work, I’d enjoy working with the

coat and my keys and get in my car. I am going to

patients, (the animals being brought in). After

drive where the road takes me. That was my life in

work, I’d go out for a bit; however, I’d most likely

70 years.

go straight home because I’d miss my dogs after a long day.

15 YEARS by Anonymous

In 15 years, I will be a veterinarian. I’d be living in the city of Sydney in a penthouse. I want to live in Australia because I like how exotic and adventurous Australia seems. I don’t want to talk about who I would be currently living with. I’d own two male Siberian Huskies. One would be white and grey and the other would be all-white. Those dogs would be like my best friends. I don’t think I’d

I’d take a road trip every once in a while... with my dogs. I hope I would travel a lot, too. I wouldn’t be able to take my dogs on a plane, so I’d have to go without them, sadly. The first place I would go to is London because I’ve always admired the architecture and people there. Everyone wants to go to London! I’d then go to America. I’d go to visit my family and childhood friends. This is probably too specific to actually happen in 15 years, but I sure hope it does. I’m only 13-yearsold now. I expect a lot to happen in the next 15 years.

IN 10 YEARS by Desayna C.

I roll out of my nice memory foam bed, not wanting to get up as the clock hits 5:30 AM. I make sure not to hit my head on the aquarium above. Yes, I have an arched aquarium going across my bed like a bridge. At the ends, there are two nightstands holding it up. It helps me go to bed, as there are lights illuminating through the tank, making the top of my bed light sea blue. I throw on my slippers and head to the kitchen to get breakfast. Before I get dressed in something that is not a PANTSUIT, and I repeat NOT A PANTSUIT. I slide into my walk-in closet that is 500-squarefeet and pick out an outfit. As I head into my very large master bathroom and look in the mirror, I have slight bags under my eyes from the lack of sleep. At 2:00 AM, I arrived on my private jet here from Dublin. I was striking a deal there with one of our competitors. Now, I have a very strong hold on my company. It's almost like it's impenetrable. I live in a very big mansion in a rural part of New York with my best friend as my roommate. The mansion is almost 10,000,000,000-square-feet. It has 60 master bedrooms, 40 master bathrooms, and a 1200-feet-wide kitchen. It has two big living rooms, two dining rooms, a coatroom, and 40 huge walk-in closets. It also has four grand staircases, a ballroom, an aquarium, a small petting zoo, a planetarium, and 16 offices. I have a summer home in Los Angeles, where I go to for vacations and when I want to have a party, I host it there. It is a nice, quiet neighborhood. I have made many accomplishments including earning my Bachelors and Masters degrees in the subjects of psychology,

neurology, photography, film, and business. I have made some accomplishments regarding some newer and safer technology. One of my inventions for the future was even monitored by Tim Cook but that was a side job. Let’s not get too into that. I walked into the building with a hot coffee in my hand. I was a high board member in a business I built from scratch. The business was called Mantle. My best friend, Lily, is another high board member besides me. I strode confidently and intimidatingly into my office that was smaller than my walk-in closet, but it was 300-square-feet, so that was enough. I walked over to my treadmill desk and started working on some papers. I received a call from one of my coworkers some minutes later. “Hello, Greg,” I sighed. “Hello, Ms. Christmas.” He took a breath. “I am afraid I have some bad news.” “Quickly, please, I have tons of work to accomplish with the new deal we are making with the Kwan brothers,” I said quickly.

“Of course, well you might have to push some of

eat it, while I throw on my shoes. I make some

your work to Friday. We have five meetings today

breakfast for Lily, knowing she won’t have time to

regarding a new deal being made and our meetings

eat. I put hers in the fridge and grab a granola bar,

with the airport. We also have to make several

my keys, my phone, and head out. I walk down to

appearances and we have a gala tonight. I’ll call

my private garage that holds my three precious

you later and send you the addresses,” Greg

babies. My teal Tesla. My black Lamborghini. My


red Ferrari. I take my teal Tesla and head out.

“I’ll see you later then,” I replied, sighing and I

I am heading to go to my other office at Photos

hung up. I stomped my feet on the ground as I got

Atlantic's Corp. As I arrive I give the keys to my

off the treadmill. I loved social gatherings and

teal Tesla to the valet and take the elevator

networking was my favorite thing to do and I loved

upstairs to my office. I rush in there, realizing that

going to meetings. This may seem like a lot, but

I had to be somewhere in five minutes. I grab all of

I’ve handled more than this.

my photography equipment and rush downstairs to the photo shoot room. After five long hours in

I started to plan the rest of my week, going around

there, I relax in my office chair and put on the

the days where I have to go to the hospital because

slippers that are under my desk. My office here is

I am a neurologist and need to help some

slightly smaller than the one at my other job. I am

representatives from China understand our new

a professional photographer here and one of the

theory of the brain. I was so glad I got my

most highly paid. I love this job because this

psychology masters or I wouldn’t have been able to

corporation is working with the other corporation

work in this department. I also planned my days

that I am working with. There I produce films and

around the days where I have to go to the

movies. I actually have won multiple Oscars for the

laboratory to study with some of my fellow

movies I have made. Yes, I am very busy, but I have

psychologists. I’ve planned my schedule around my

it all worked into a schedule. I work at all of my

other activities and realized this was going to be to

occupations at least eight days a month, maybe

be a packed week, just like the other weeks.

ten, sometimes I split the days in half, but I always get my work done. I earn a lot of money from all

I called in my assistant to bring me a bottle of

my jobs and I spoil my nieces and nephews, and

champagne realizing this was going to be a long

family. I also use it to pay rent and buy tons of tons


of Christmas and birthday presents. I make sure the weekends are clear so I can spend time with


other people, so I don’t get consumed with my work. On some weekends Misael and I visit each

My alarm rings waking me up from my splendid

other’s houses. I usually give his kids a roll of $200

sleep. I wake up and put on my slippers as I grab

each. We work together at the photography job

things to take a nice long warm shower. After my

also. He creates animated movies and I create real

shower, I grab food for the dogs and pour it into

movies. We have competition on who is the best

their diamond decorated bowls. They run up and

chef by cooking and baking in our own huge

private bought kitchens all the time. If Misael ever

I will live in Oklahoma City. My house will have

died, I would throw $400 on him and close the

two floors. It will have seven bedrooms, two for

casket so he could be rich in heaven (hopefully

guests and the other five will be for the family that


I have. My house will also include a pool, a game room, and an indoor full court. I have two cars, a

I live a pretty busy life, and it is great.

Cadillac and a Mustang.

This is me in 10 years.

In the off-season, I will either be doing photography because somebody has hired me to take pictures for them, or I will go on vacation with family.


I hit the game-winning shot fading away off of Giannis. On May 12, I won my first ring 117 - 119. I was finals MVP against the Bucks. I averaged 16 points, five rebounds, and five assists. I also averaged the same points in the finals. I got ROTY. In 15 years, I will be in the NBA playing for Oklahoma City Thunder and I will be wearing number zero. Playing the point guard, only because of my height. Also, when I don't have games I will do photography for other teams or other sports so that I can get some extra money.

15 YEARS LATER... by Isaac M.

In 15 years, I hope to graduate from the New  England School of Photography. Once I do graduate, my goal is to begin a career in photographing landscapes and sometimes portraits. Having this career I will most likely be traveling so often that  I would n’t have time to be surrounded by friends and family members;  however, I will probably have a companion like a pet dog its breed will be an American Bulldog. My dream is to travel to Tokyo and take vibrant 

and colorful pictures. I choose Tokyo because of

biggest smirk when I started hearing the easiest

how fluorescent and glistening the colors are at

words ever! But the words weren’t the hard part,


the hard part was knowing how smart everyone else that I was competing with was. Looking back,

Most of these pictures will be from a point of view

this shows me how I outworked everyone else.

that embraces a person’s perspective on the landscape.

Maybe 30 mins later, there were only three people left. Two people from different schools and me. If you fast forward 10 minutes, I was shaking hands with the people who got second and third place. It was nice that people noticed that I showed respect by shaking their hands after I won instead of celebrating. It just showed me that if people are humble they will be rewarded and then I got a written about in the newspaper. All right, that didn't need that much attention. However, what I take from that is to be humble no matter how much success you may have. A year before I read a book called Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief and it really was a refresher on


In 15 years, I will make books for teenagers that change their life. In the 3rd-grade, I read the book Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief. This didn’t change me then, but looking back now I realized it showed my potential before I even knew it existed. Also, I won a spelling bee in 4th-grade. I won that by practicing hard every day and my mom enforcing that work ethic on me. During the spelling bee, I felt really calm, actually. I was very confident after seeing everyone else misspelling words. Halfway through, I had the

how I could just be better than everyone else and succeed in life. It showed me that overachieving is fun and easy for me. Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief was a very hard book but it was my favorite book and still is. Things like that are why I will succeed. Things like that are the reason why in 15 years I will be an award-winning author who is rich.

Surprisingly, I was calm. Instinctively I knew what to do. Killer’s paw had a deep cut and one bone was popping out. I wrapped a strong rubber band around his mouth and put a muzzle on his mouth. I held him down so he wouldn’t move much. I tightened his leg over the paw to stop the bleeding. I popped his bone in place and cleaned up the surroundings. With all this, I kept calm. I pulled out a needle and some string and sewed up his cut then wrapped his paw in clothes and white


I am a veterinarian because when I was twelve I traveled to Honduras where my aunt owned an animal farm. I took care of the animals and loved working there. It was fun and I loved my dogs in Honduras. I want to study in college and see if I get accepted, but I need to do good in school to do that. I want to help the animals in Honduras because they're usually sick and hurt. My dog, Killer, injured his paw. A man with a machete hit my dog's paw. He thought Killer was going to attack him because Killer doesn’t like anyone near me. Killer was injured bleeding and suffering. Seeing my dog suffer made me feel angry and sad. I was also worried because I thought the man chopped his paw off completely. I took Killer home, running quickly. I put him on the rug when I got home and went into my room. I went into the drawer and took out a big box of emergency supplies and went back to Killer. I saw my dog in pain. He was bleeding even more than he was before.

wrapping. He started walking again after two weeks. First I studied by reading books about veterinarian things in high school. I felt excited about doing this because I loved animals. When I finished high school and waited for my letter if I got accepted into college. I was waiting patiently and the letter came.  I felt nervous and opened the mail slowly and pulled out the letter. I got accepted into college and I felt really proud of myself. Days later, I went to college and then took medic classes and kept studying, taking higher and harder classes to succeed in the classes. After years in college, I graduated and got myself a job as a veterinarian. I was very happy and nervous. The clinic was big and beautiful. I heard the animals making noises.  I was wearing a white shirt and white pants and my name was on the shirt. I had a fun time helping people's pets and I loved my job as a veterinarian. I'm at the clinic and I work six times a week. I give animals their shots and I do surgery on them. I feel happy in my job because It's fun helping other people's pets. A lot of people come in every day with their pets.                                             

15 YEARS IN THE FUTURE by Estefany U.

In 15 years I want to be a doctor, be in the military, and also have my own company of organic products. To get to this place and these careers, I need to study, get good grades, jobs, training and make jokes with my friends and partner in crime, Darlin. She is my rock and will get me through anything. We will live together in college and have a great time. In 15 years I will have a coastal mansion across from the beach. The palm trees and fresh summer air will always blow through my windows. During work, I will be in a hospital doing an important surgery helping people. I am a plastic surgeon at the top of my field. I also want to be part of the army with Darlin because we both want to help people. We will go on missions to save people. We will be deployed to Iraq to save a hostage. We will have to sneak in from the back. We then will find the hostage. I know that if I go there anything is possible.

MY INSPIRATION by Katherine G.

My inspiration is my mom because I can trust her for anything. My mom wakes up every day to go to work and make money for the rent and stuff we need, but I never see her give up. She is a strong woman, and I admire that about her. My mom doesn't give up on her dreams. She wants to go back to college in El Salvador and finish her classes to become a lawyer. My mom had only two more years of college in El Salvador, but my grandma had to bring her to the United States because she thought she was gonna have a better future here. My mom felt happy because she was coming to see her mom after a long time, however, she was sad because she wasn't going to be able to finish college and she would have to give up on her dreams. Not even then did she give up. She came to the United States and went to classes here too. That's one of the things I'm always gonna admire about my mother. Another thing that I admire about my mom is that she is always trying to understand me, even when sometimes I feel like no one can understand me at 

all. She always tries her best to make me happy even when I feel like my world is falling apart. I always have so many problems in my life, but I always try to tell her what's happening and she always tries to help me out. I love that she always has advice for me, and even though I know that I might not listen, at the end I learn the lesson of it. At the end of the day, she is always gonna be my inspiration no matter what. She has been one of the strongest women I've seen, and she doesn't give up either which is something that's always on my mind. When it comes to my future I know that I'm gonna always choose the best because she is gonna be there and help me through it all. Like I said, I might be rude and not listen sometimes, but I know she is just trying to help me out.

thought about people. Her name is Sherlin. She has short brown hair and brown eyes. She loves dogs, but her favorite is a Husky. She is smart, outgoing, and friendly to anyone around her. Sometimes your closest family can understand how you are. The story I will tell is when my step-sister and I were making food for our family at 4:00 PM. Before I really didn’t act this way, I really didn’t talk to anyone from my school, only my family members. Before I got mad and annoyed really easily with mostly everyone. My story would be mostly about how my step-sister understood how I am and changed me in a good way. When I was in 6th-grade, school was not easy for me and I really didn’t get along with my classmates. When I was about to start 6th-grade my step-sister Sherlin started school with me I really didn’t get along with her. I always tried to avoid her the whole school day, but I would always bump into her when we were going to class. She always talked to me, but I tried to ignore her and get to class.


Many people have an inspiration in their life, and I am one of them. In my life, there are many people who inspired me, but the one that impacted me the most is my step-sister. She is my inspiration because she changed how I acted and how I

Mr. Leonarte & Ms. Santiago's Class To 8GA students Classroom 216, In the following short lines, you will realize that I am not good at writing, especially farewell letters. Notwithstanding, I would like to leave you with a quote one of your coaches shared with me during your interview day. He told me that day: “hard hard work beats talent." I am convinced that all of you are very talented teenagers. However, it is “hard work" that your teachers, colleagues, classmates, parents, and friends will always appreciate from you. It is “hard work” that will make your dream become true. Never stop working hard. It will pay off sooner or later. Good luck, have an spectacular vacation time and have a formidable high-school experience. All the best to you, Mr. L

Para los estudiantes 8GA Aula 216, En las siguientes líneas cortas se darán cuenta de que no soy bueno en la escritura, en especial cartas de despedida. No obstante, me gustaría dejarles con una frase de uno de sus coaches de Shire compartió conmigo durante su día de la entrevista. El me dijo ese día: “Trabajo duro derrota al talento." Estoy seguro de que todos ustedes son adolescentes con mucho talento Sin embargo, es “trabajo duro" lo que sus maestros, colegas, compañeros de clase, padres y amigos siempre apreciará de ustedes. Es “trabajo duro” lo que hará que su sueños se hagan realidad. Nunca dejen de trabajar duro. Esto dará sus frutos tarde o temprano. Buena suerte y que tengan una formidable experiencia en su escuela secundaria. Qué tengan unas vacaciones espectaculares. Mr. L

To 8GA Students Room 216/Shire: It has been my honor to be your sub and Shire facilitator. I have to admit I was a little nervous about teaching a class that I would only sub 8th-period, but Mr. L and I have done a great job of keeping you all on track. I have watched many of you grow, not only as students but as young men and women who are getting ready to achieve a huge milestonegraduating from middle school and starting new next year at your chosen or assigned high school. As a class, you have written personal essays, made business cards, networked with professionals, and finally about to complete a persuasive essay. I have to admit my favorite part has been watching you all progress with your mentors at Shire. I love it when they see you all or you see them, and I see nothing but smiles, especially after a long break/holiday. I definitely got goosebumps when I saw one of you write more while working on an assignment with your mentor. Finally, I too have learned so much from you all. I have learned. I have laughed. I have danced. And I have cried. I learned to continue to fight when work needed to get done and it wasn’t. I have laughed at your jokes and things you showed me on Youtube. I have danced when music was played to inspire and when I just felt like dancing cause true writing development was happening. I have cried when one of you were sick. And I have cried when the injustices of life were just too much. Thank you all for the lessons. I wish you all the best in the next chapter of your lives. Anything is possible when working toward a goal. “Si Se Puede!” With all my affection, Ms. Santiago

Para 8GA Students Room 216 / Shire: Ha sido un honor para mí ser su asistente y facilitador de Shire. Tengo que admitir que estaba un poco nerviosa por enseñar en una clase que solo subestimaría el octavo período, pero el Sr. L y yo hemos hecho un gran trabajo para mantenerlos a todos en el buen camino. He visto a muchos de ustedes crecer, no solo como estudiantes, sino como hombres y mujeres jóvenes que se preparan para alcanzar un gran hito: graduarse de la escuela intermedia y comenzar el año que viene en la escuela secundaria que elijan o les haya asignado. Como clase, ha escrito ensayos personales, hecho tarjetas de visita, conectado en red con profesionales, y finalmente a punto de completar un ensayo persuasivo. Tengo que admitir que mi parte favorita ha sido observar todo progreso con sus mentores en Shire. Me encanta cuando te ven a todos o los ves, y no veo nada más que sonrisas, especialmente después de un largo descanso / vacaciones. Definitivamente me puse la piel de gallina cuando vi que uno de ustedes escribía más mientras trabajaba en una tarea con su mentor. Finalmente, yo también he aprendido mucho de todos ustedes. He aprendido. Me he reído Yo he bailado. Y he llorado. Aprendí a seguir luchando, cuando era necesario hacer el trabajo y no fue así. Me he reído de tus bromas y de las cosas que me mostraste en youtube. Bailé cuando la música se tocó para inspirar y cuando sentí ganas de bailar, porque el verdadero desarrollo de la escritura estaba sucediendo. Lloré cuando uno de ustedes estaba enfermo. Y lloré cuando las injusticias de la vida fueron demasiado. Gracias a todos por las lecciones. Les deseo todo lo mejor en el próximo capítulo de sus vidas. Todo es posible cuando se trabaja para alcanzar un objetivo. "Si Se Puede!"Cesar Chavez Con todo mi cariño, Sra. Santiago


If you ask people who their inspiration is, they’ll probably tell you it’s a singer, an athlete, a rapper or an actor. Well, my inspirations are my mom and dad. I look up to them not only because they brought me to this Earth but also because they each have an amazing persona. I don’t say it because I have their genes or anything, I mean it. They’re people I aspire to be like. My mom is the most humble person I know. She never seems to hold a grudge and I’ve never understood how she does that. My dad is the most real person I’ve ever met. He never lets anything bad happen to his family. He’s the super glue, the one who puts us back together when it’s the most needed. Let’s start from the very beginning. My parents were both born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. They met when they were very young because they were both raised on the same ranch where everyone knows everyone. After a couple years of my parents being in a relationship, they decided to marry. Then, my mom gave birth to four children: Lourdes, Karen, Rubi, and Erick. My parents then decided it’d be better if they came to the U.S. They knew coming to the U.S. would open doors of opportunities for their kids even if it meant having to leave the rest of the family and work behind. My parents both knew that leaving would be the hardest for my dad because he had no family in the U.S., but my mom did. Rubi and Lourdes, who were the oldest decided not to come because fear held them back. Karen and Erick, being the youngest, had no choice but to come with my parents.

When they first arrived, they stayed in Texas with family members who were already there. They ended up staying there for about two months. After those two months, they moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where (thankfully) more of my family was living. Erick and Karen started school here. Imagine starting school having no knowledge of the language being taught. Thankfully, cousins of mine were already attending school here and helped Erick and Karen. Shortly after, Erick and Karen were able to pick up the language. A year and a half had gone by and Rubi and Lourdes decided to come. Starting school for Rubi and Lourdes was easier having two siblings who were now pretty good at speaking English. Three years after moving from Mexico to Boston, my mom gave birth again. To a child who was named Angeles Princesa De Blas, me. I was born on November 1st in Boston, Ma. I was totally unexpected. My parents had come here not knowing they’d be receiving another child but here I am today writing this. I am currently attending school at the Browne Middle School. Because of the Browne, I’ve been able to do a lot of cool things. Things like playing on the basketball and volleyball team. I’ve earned my way to placement in algebra which is the advanced math class for my grade. I’ve also managed to make it to book club which is for the students with a high reading score. My parents have witnessed almost everything in my life. They’ve provided my siblings and me with all we’ve ever needed and more. I’ve realized how much my mom and dad have been through and I don’t think I can do what they have done which lets me see them as these magical people. I’ll probably understand in the future. If I could pay them back for all they’ve done for me, I’d be broke forever. I plan on taking advantage of what they’ve given me and succeed to make them proud. They’re my inspiration.

beautiful. Even my dad noticed and he told her that she looked way too beautiful and that he was scared someone might steal her from him. Before she left, I woke up and told her good luck. She confessed to me that she was really nervous, scared, happy, and anxious. I was happy for her, really happy. I knew she would pass the test because she worked really hard. When she came to pick me up from school I remember that I even forgot to say, "Hi." I directly asked her, “how did you do?”


She gave me a big smile and said, “I passed!” I was really happy. She deserved it because she

The person who inspires me in life is my mom.

worked really hard to achieve her goal. I had a lot

She taught me how to face problems, and not run

of fun with her and I remember how every time I

away from them. Also, she taught me how you

helped her by quizzing her I would end up telling

need to work really hard to achieve your goals.

myself I would be really strict so I would cross off teacher from my future job list. She taught me

I remember once she applied to become a  U.S.

how you need to work really hard to achieve your

citizen. They told her she needed to study this

goals and that you should face your problems, not

book that had one hundred questions about the

run away from them.

United States plus she needed to memorize some answers about her personal life. I remember that the first time she wanted to study she did not. She only saw the first time and it hit her laziness and some other characteristics. She would spend an entire day studying the book. You would notice that she was studying because she would have book papers and has she would have this big messy bun on top of her head. I would help her by quizzing her. And every time I would see the big improvement she made in so little time. The day of the interview I remember she woke up really early and got dressed up. She looked really 

Y me gusta pasar mucho tiempo con toda mi familia y me gusta comer y pasar año nuevo con ellos y una tradición que le dicen allá lasa quemas de luces y yo quisiera pasar demasiado tiempo con ellos y con mi novia pero primero dios el 17 de el otro mes me voy para alla donde estan ellos y tengo un montón de planes para estar con ellos y pasar mucho tiempo con mi primo xp x el momento yo quisiera pasar un poco de tiempo con él y con la novia de ely con la mía y poder ir a dar vueltas con ellos y ir de compras y ir a comer


pizza y ir a las piscinas con mi familia y no se aser

by Brandon Q.

correr y a jugar. Basketball y ahorita cuando yo

muchas cosas divertidas como ir a gym y ir a valla para guatemala boy a jugar con ella y cocinar

Quien? Mi mamá tiene 37 años. Mi mamá es una

con ella y ahora cuando yo vaya me va hacer una

buena persona; ella ayuda a las personas y ayuda a

cena con ella y a ir algún lugar con ella y con mi

sus papás, madre y sus hermanos. Hacemos

familia porque yo los amo mucho a ellos y ellos

ajustes en la casa y nos gusta cocinar con ella y me

son los unicos q voy amar y los seguiré amando

gusta aser locura con ella. Dialogo de mi mamá me

porque ellos son los q me estan creando y ellos

gusta pasar tiempo con ella en la casa pues

ban hacer mi gulla porque yo a ellos los amo

cocinando o escuchando música con ella. Tema

mucho y también a my dad q el es unico y lo amo

porque soy su mamá y soy su primer hijo de ella y

demaciado a el el es todo para mi y con mi tia xp

seré el único hijo de ella aunque tenga hermana

ella también es todo para mi porque cuando mi

pero a las 2 nos quiere me gusta pasar con ella y

papá no me da dinero ella me da ami y yo la amo

mis abuelos y mis tíos nos gusta hacer locuras los

mucho y aunque me porto mal con ella y mal.

2 y aves nos podemos entre nosotros mismo con

sobrino yo la sigo amando x ella es la unica q me a

mi tia y aunque a veces me paso pero me pega y la

creado ami y la mucho y a mis amigos le agradezco

extraño mucho y aveces quisieras estar al lado de

mucho por pasar mucho tiempo conmigo y

ella y la amo mucho y la extraño igual q mis

agarrarme cariño los quiero mucho porque ellos

primas :v.

saben q yo siempre estaré a su lado cuando ellos me necesiten porque ellos son como una familia

Y por lo menos aquí disfruto con mis primos y tías

xp hay unos q los conozco hace más de dos años y

y mi papá y los adoro a todos y aquí disfruto

los quiero mucho y mas a daniela y a su hermana.

mucho con mis amigos aunque aquí pasó tiempo con ellos xp me hacen reir y me gusta hablar con

Ellas son mas q amigas son como mis hermanas xp

ella x llamada y me gustaria verla y abrazarla y

mucho me molestan mucho y mis maestros tal vez

darle muchos besos xp yo no la e visto y ahora

el otro año los vuelvo a ver xq ellos me hicieron

para navidad la voy a ir a ver y voy a pasar un mes

entender q aprender inglés es muy bueno xp para

con ella y voy a ir a la feria con ella.

mi futuro eso me va a servir ahora las mujeres tiene una inteligencia bruta jajajajaja.

Before my life was so bad because my behavior was very bad but now thanks to God everything is good. My behavior is good and myself too. My mom now is so nice to me. This impacts my life when talking about my mom because she has never done a project about my mother.



I am talking with my mom about Jesus and then we read the Bible. The word of Jesus is full of

My inspiration is my mother because she brought


me to the USA. Thanks to her I have a good education and I can have a better opportunity

We are sitting in my bed in the evening, this day


outside it is cold. We are living in Massachusetts. We are feeling happy because she and I are

It makes me think of the first time she told me I

reading the words of the Bible which are powerful.

was going to come to the USA. I was really sad about it because I was going to leave my family

Every day after dinner I go to my room and take

behind. Deep inside I knew it was going to be a

my Bible. I sit on my bed some nights and my

good thing for me to decide but, whether I wanted

mom reads with me. After I pray and then I go to

to come or not, I was going to come here.

sleep. When I first came here, I was really mad because I My inspirations are Jesus and my mom.

thought it was ugly, but I know it is really cute here. I use to say that because I was mad because I

My mom is cooking for my family and we all sit at

came to a country where I had never been and I

the table, she begins to talk about Jesus. My uncle

felt weird inside while missing all my family and

said to my mom that the food is very delicious and


thanks for everything. The name of the food is “pepian” soup. My mom is talking about how Jesus

I never thought a few months later I was going to

made a blind man see Jesus. Healed the man.

make friends and love this country. This country has been like a refuge for me and my family. This

One time in the in the summer we were walking

is a place where I could find some love or the love

behind on the beach, my mom saw a turtle,

I was missing from my mother.

the turtle was swimming on the coast of the ocean. I was like OMG and I said, “Mom I want a turtle.” My mom said, “OK after I can buy a turtle.”

Now I have lots of friends and few family members

purpose. Everything in life has a purpose. I'm

but I’m happy and that’s important.

writing to show you my inspiration. My mom is my purpose. At the age of 15 years, my mom had her first daughter, at the age of probably 17 she had her second daughter, and when she was 23, I was born. My calculations are not right, but I can tell you that she had my sisters and me really young and she doesn't want me to go through that. Because of us, she didn't get to have an education and she didn't finish high school. She dropped out in 7thgrade. She left me when I was three and a half to find a better job.


I started forgetting my mom and I only could

by Dorian I.

her. Life in those times was really hard mostly in

This is my last year in middle school. I think my four years in BMS haven't been the best but you need to keep going to be successful. The person that keeps me going is my mother. Her name is Roxana. She is a hard worker, a beautiful woman, and she knows she doesn't need a man by her side because she has three daughters that will always be by her side until she is no longer is in this world. I have so much to thank my mom for. Thanks to her I'm on the right path. Without her where would I be now? In a few words, she is my inspiration. The reasons why she is my inspiration is that she supports me and she wants me to be someone important in life. She did all she could so that I could have a better life and she brought me here to the U.S.A. And yes, I'm an immigrant and I'm proud of it, I'm not ashamed not even a bit. I'm still learning about life and my mother has taught me a lot. I'm here for a reason, writing this for a

remember her by pictures and that was all I had of El Salvador where the gangs are so big and where the war happened from 1980-1992. My mom's mother and her family used to live in a safe place, but then the bombs and shootings started and they had to run for their life so they moved to Cojutepeque, El Salvador. My grandma is still injured by a bomb that exploded next to her foot, luckily she didn't lose her feet. Back to the topic of my mother, a wonderful woman. Working day and night. Struggling to do her best. I admire her so much, she is a really blessed woman. She wants me to have the best education and I'm thankful for that. My mom is always by my side, warning me about things I should never do. My goal is to work and have a driver's license to help her with bills. It's hard being a single mother and my mom is a perfect example of bravery. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be on the right path. A mother like her is unique, and I can't ask for more. She is the best and her steps are good to follow.   

Una mujer iba con su esposo y yo voy a ver la mujer estaba cansada yo era muy confiada y no pensé lo que iba a pasar cuando encontré a esa pareja en la calle sola y vacía sin personas caminando por algún lugar. Me dio lastima la mujer y pensé que no tenían qué comer porque la mujer parecía desnutrida y con mucha hambre le intente ayudar pero no quiso y yo mejor me fui.

MI VIDA by Gabriela A.

Después yo me asuste y me fui porque tenía mucho miedo porque la mujer me vio con mucho aprendí de eso y no parar.

Creo que mi futuro en 15 años va hacer yo de enfermera y con amigos de la high school yo creo en el 2020 voy hacer una graduada y después una enfermera yo pienso qu un dia en mi vida será ir a comer con mis amigos ir al cine después quiero ir al trabajo en un carro azul vivir con mi prima y mi tia y yo creo que yo siempre voy a estar involucrada con mi prima en una casa grande. Será una gran vida porque si estudio habrá muchas facilidades en la vida yo pienso que mi vida tal vez termino sola pero espero tener mejor suerte en la vida para todo tener un carro una casa un novio y ser feliz de aquí a 15 años esa es mi meta de vida. Yo voy manejando y una persona se me atraviesa y


yo paro y voy a ver y era muy oscuro una calle con

by Jonathan M.

pocos carros como un desierto vacío era muy frío como si hubiera nieve y sentia mucho frio en esa

My inspiration is my mom. My mom gave up her

carretera era demasiado oscura y sola.

family and country to bring me and my brothers to the U.S. She brought me to the United States so I could have a better education and a good job so I can have a better life than she had.

My mom means a lot to me. She is the youngest of

When we were crossing El Salvador we were

all of her sisters and brothers and she’s also the

traveling on the bus to get to the border of El

bravest of all because she brought all of her sons

Salvador and Guatemala. Then, we were in

to the U.S. so they could have a better life and to

Guatemala and in Guatemala we were traveling on

be with her. My mom isn’t like her brothers and

a truck. While we were in the truck we passed by

sisters, she’s a hardworking woman and she gave

some cops. After that, we were in Reynosa, Mexico

us everything we needed even when she didn’t

and we were close to the border. We began to walk

have money. She is nice and she has a funny laugh

to the border by the bridge between Mexico and

she has a loud laugh that makes everybody laugh.

the United States.

My mom is one of those moms that cares a lot

My mom, my brother, and I were very nervous

about learning. She wants me to have success in

because we were close to the border. My mom

life, a better home, and a better life. She wants me

said, "OK guys, both of you have to be brave if you

to take advantage of the opportunities I have and

can see the border patrol just run the best that

to be the best I can.  

you can to cross the border." My brother said, "OK, mom." I said, "OK, mom." The Coyote said, "run guys, now is the time to


cross the border." Then we ran to the border and we passed by the cops and the alarm went off. After they saw us, we ran the opposite way from where the cars were coming. We were hiding behind the rocks.

My mom is my inspiration because she works a lot so we can have a better life. My mom is a good

My inspiration is my mom because she

person because she is patient, friendly, and she

was brave the whole time we traveled from El

has a lot of energy because when she comes from

Salvador to the United States. She works hard to

her work and she is tired and before she goes to

give us a better life in the United States.

sleep she cooks food. She is 35-years-old. This travel began when my mom started to have some problems in El Salvador. My mom started to thinking about whether we can go to the United States. My family from the United States was telling her to come to the United States. That was the moment my mom decided to come to the United States. When my mom, my brother, and I were coming to the United States, she told us that we have to be brave because we have to cross some countries to go to the United States.

“Good morning,” I respond. “How do you feel?!” She yelled with excitement. “Curious.” “Curious?” she asked. “Yeah, cause I’m excited about what’s going to happen next!” I said.

MY LIFE IN 15 YEARS by Katherine A.

I was sitting down waiting for my name to be called. My sister was trying to talk to me into calming down. But I couldn’t focus on anything more than my nerves. I only heard parents and classmates cheering for the others that were up at the stage. Then I heard my name. I made my way up to the stage. My friends and family stood up, it smelled really good like vanilla. I saw a variety of flowers, roses in different colors. The sun was big and shiny. Classmates and parents were clapping, my sister smiled at me, I smiled back. The stage was big and tall. Balloons in different shapes were tied to the chairs. I felt like I was going to fall as I was walking back to my seat. There were like 20 names called out. They called the last person and I was glad I had finished my school days. My cousin came and congratulated me. I look down at my medical degree and I feel proud of myself, also relieved. The next morning I woke up and my mother yells, “Good Morning!”

“Sooo..” she continued. “So?” “What do you have planned to do?” My mom asked. “I was thinking about opening my own pediatric clinic.”   “Well... I think it’s going to take a lot of time to make that true but I wish you luck,” my mom said. “I know but it is possible to make true.” My mom was right, I needed to start thinking about how big it would be... where would it be... who would help me? I grabbed a pencil and paper and for the rest of that day, I stayed in my room. Then I took my computer out and started to get more information about the permits and how to get started on it. I came out of work at the hospital. It was my last day, I looked up at it and thought how in a short piece of time I was going to open my clinic. I drove home and my family was waiting for me with dinner ready. After dinner, my sister told me she wanted to talk to me in private.

“I wanted to ask you something.” “Yes...” “Since last month was my graduation... maybe I can have a small space to work at the clinic?” My sister smiled at me. She left and I thought it was a great idea and just imagined working with my sister. I thought it was going to be fun. Next week, I was arriving home and I saw a lot of


people in the house, it was mostly family. All of

by Kendra G.

them congratulated me. I was confused. After that my sister comes to me and yells, "Surprise!" I was

My mom is my great inspiration because she has

still confused.

given me the opportunity to be here in the United States. She is 38-years-old. Her character is very

“Surprise?” I asked.

nice. She is very good with me and with people. She has been a good person because one day I got sick

“It’s to celebrate your opening,” she responded.

and she cared a lot for me.

I went out in the living room. It smelled really good.

When I was in poor health my mom was very

I saw cupcakes and a lot of deserts. My mom hugged

worried. My mom was not well until I recovered. For

me. I was so excited to have done what I planned.

that, and many more things, I love my mom!!! This happened in Honduras when I was 12-years-old and thank God everything went well. My mom was with me until she went to the United States. I love her, she is always aware of me.



by Marco S.

My dream is to have a house to live with my parents

My inspiration is my father because he is tall, happy,

when they are old. My house will be in

and skinny. He likes to play sports like basketball

Massachusetts because I like living in this place.

and football. My father is my inspiration because he works every day and he is a good person because he

I have my house so that my parents live with me and

helps me when I need help.

I take care of them when they are old. My dad stamps Marco Tulio and my mother sealed Carmela.

When I was a kid he played with me and helped me to ride a bike. One time, I fell off the bike and some

We live in a small apartment so I do not need to

men who were on the street with a lot of rocks

spend money on buying a house. The apartment is

started to laugh at me. I started to cry because they

colored blue because I painted it.

were laughing at me then my father came and defended me. Then, my father said to those men to

I wanted a house to take care of my father when he

stop laughing at me and they didn't stop. Then my

was old so that I could take care of him.I saw my

father said to stop again because I think my father

parents getting older and wanted a house to live in

was angry and they stopped this time.

with them to take care of them.


Mi mayor inspiración es mi mamá. Ella tiene 30 años y es muy alegre. Ella es de estatura baja. Mi mamá y yo somos muy cercanas y nos tenemos una gran confianza.

Ella es mi inspiración porque me ayudó a lograr una de mis metas que mi maestra me diera el papel que yo quería en la obra caperucita roja. Mi mamá es mi inspiración porque me ayudó a lograr una de mis metas. En mi escuela iban a presentar la obra caperucita roja. Yo quería el papel principal, la caperucita roja. Sin embargo, la maestra no quería darme el papel. Yo le dije a mi mamá lo que estaba sucediendo. Ella fue hablar con la maestra y logró ayudarme a que me dieran la oportunidad. Participar en esta obra me ayudó a conocer mas amigos y aprender otras cosas más. Yo pude lograr todo esto con la ayuda de mi mamá. Ella me defendió y me ayudó a poder tener esta experiencia en mi vida. Esto que hizo mi mamá nunca se me podrá olvidar. Por eso yo quisiera ser como ella. Mi mamá es mi gran inspiración.

IN 15 YEARS by Andrioo P.

I would like to have a family and I would like to have my own house so we can live in peace. And I want to have a baby girl so she can be smart and I would like to live with my girlfriend and my baby girl. I would like to be an architect and I would like to have my own company and I would like to see my beautiful company. And I would like to work with my friends from high school and I would like to keep studying with them. I would like to go out with my family and friends so we can have fun a. Then, I would like to play a little bit of soccer with my friends so I can have fun too.


My two inspirations are my older brother and Giannis Antetokumpo. You may ask what do they have in common, well, leadership.

I would like to play video games with my daughter.


My biggest dream is to graduate from Harvard. My mom's dream is to see me graduate from Harvard and to see me as a great pediatrician. I want to be a pediatrician because I want to see my mom so proud

My inspiration is my mom because she’s a brave

of me, I want her to be happy to have a studious

woman someone who cares about my future and my

daughter and when people see me and see her they

well-being. She’s a woman who had the strength to

also say, "look she educated her daughter with a lot

travel and suffer to bring me to this country. She’s

of effort."

someone who inspires me every single day. She is the kind of mother that everyone would like to have.

Something that I love about my mom is that she makes me pupusas after school. My mom is teaching

I am so happy to be able to write about my mom

me to make pupusas.

because she inspires me. She’s a good woman and a good mom. My mom is the kind of woman who cares

My mom and I have a very nice friendship, she helps

most about her children. She is the kind of woman

me and I help her. My mom is my queen!!! I'm

who loves her kids and works hard for them.

grateful to God for giving me my mom, she is the best.

I love her!!! I remember one of the most difficult moments that my mom and I had. I was 11-years-old when I traveled to the United States with my mom. I remember that my mom didn’t sleep all the night because she was care of me every night. My mom is so strong. I remember when I was at the border of Mexico and United States that place was so desolate and lonely.I was so scared when I was at the border, but my mom hugged me very hard and I felt safe. Then she

My mom is my other part because she completes


me. She’s my support in this life. She’s the friend

by Rosemery G.

said,“everything will be fine, my love“.

that I want for the rest of my life. My mom had an accident five years ago but she didn’t care about that

Comience con una oración que atrape al lector? Esta

because she needed to work for me because we

noche 2032 in miami voy a recibir el premio de la

didn’t have food or money.

mejor doctora para babys yo estaba muy feliz porque jamás pensé llegar a este nivel de ganar este premio me siento orgullosa de mi misma.

Ricardo que lea todas mis ideas y pueda ayudarme o

Mi vida ahora es muy linda y llena de muchas

corregir mis errores. Describe el escenario? Cuando

cosas importantes mi cambio fue cuando termine

iba para la universidad estaba nublado eran las 11:30

la universidad ya mucho tiempo de haber

am de la noche cuando llegue habian muchas

terminado la universidad fue donde comienzo a

personas la mitad hablaban español y la otra solo

trabajar mucho más ayudar a mi familia aunque

eran los que hablan mucho inglés.

mi hermana ya tiene 28 save muchas pero siempre la ayudo ella es muy importante para mi las

Que personas estan con migo mi mamá mi hermana

amigas de ellas vienen a mi apartamento todos los

mis amigos.

sábados me siento muy feliz a ver a mi hermana feliz.

Al Comienzo pensé que todo iba a ser muy difícil al creer que mi vida iba hacer diferente sin mis padres pero cuando al lugar donde iba a estudiar todos hemos diferente habian unos de un país otro de otra paises me gustaba mucho porque todos pasamos por el mismo problema de no creer en mis sueños. Mi Accidente fue al no creer en mí misma pero de muchos errores y accidentes que me ayudaron a ser más fuerte y segura de mi misma Al Principio de mi vida en esta carrera fue muy difícil porque no sabía cómo iba a ser mi vida en la universidad mis sentimientos fueron cuando deje a mi familia y irme a estudiar muy lejos sentía muy feo porque deje a mi familia amigos de la middle school y high school. Mis mayores eventos fue cuando me gradué de la universidad porque mi mamá está orgulloso de mi yo estoy muy feliz porque ya puedo trabajar el dia de mi graduación es muy lindo soleado mi mamá muy linda con su vestido en la tarde iré con mi mamá a comer al restaurante que me gustaba ir cuando llegue aquí. Mi futuro es muy importante en mi vida porque ayudar a saber algo mi reflexiones fue cuando entendí que para querer lo que quiero tengo que seguir demostrar por lo.  

15 YEARS FROM NOW by Jocelyn O.

I want to be a vet. I will in live in Los Angeles in a mansion. My friends will be Nha, Fernando, Toni, and Alexis. I will be with Grayson Dolan. I will work on crafts. To get to my dream life I will first need to go to college and medical school. I will also need to get money from my bank account. Then get a job. I will need to get a driver's license to get to work. I will live right on the beach in Malibu. On my day off, I will go to the stores to find crafts.


How am I going to be a welder and a dad at the same

by Roger C.

pass the welding class, and then find a wife from my

time? The first step is to graduate high school, then childhood friends and marry her. Make beautiful,

I'm finally going to win my second Super Bowl. The

behaved kids and teach them just like my mom

stadium was big. There were people chanting for our

taught me.

team. My family and random people came to chant for me while the coach is telling us to practice

Where I want to live is hard because I want to live in

before the game begins. I was feeling thrilled. I was

a different state. I want to live somewhere warm and

going to put in a lot of effort to try to win.

somewhere that you can get a good education. If I do


move then it would be hard to communicate with

I felt as if I won a billion dollars.

my family because all of them live near Boston. If I do stay in Boston then I want to live in Malden because I think the streets are cleaner and the people there are so peaceful. I would buy a house that is more than 2,500-squarefeet and one that has a big backyard for parties and mostly for teaching my kids how to play basketball. I want my kids to go to a public high school and make them play for the basketball team and hopefully, they will win a championship for their school. I am looking forward to graduating high school so that I can become a welder. I’m going to work is somewhere warm that has good educational


In 15 years I want to be a welder, have well-behaved kids, and a beautiful wife. I want to work eight hours a day because I want to spend the rest with my family. Maybe I’ll play basketball with my kids and I hope they become NBA stars one day.

opportunities. I want a big house more than 2,500square-feet, four huge rooms, three spacious floors, and two futuristic bathrooms. I can’t tell the future, but that’s what I’m looking forward to.

Mr. Roberts' Class Open Letter to Writing Program, It’s not easy being 14- or 15-years-old. I am ten years removed from where you are sitting right now, but it still feels as though time passed in the blink of an eye. This is still just the beginning of some of the most formative years of your lives and my only hope is that you are inspired. Never stop being inspired and amazed by the world. I have seen some of the things that you are all capable of and I cannot wait to see how you shake the earth with your energy and curiosity. Never lose your voice. As long as you all have thoughts and opinions, continue to form and express those ideas. Use your voice not only to speak but also to start conversations with one another because the only way we can move forward as a unified people is through a discussion and reciprocity of ideas.  We have all grown together through this past year and I am blessed to have had this time with you all. Thanks for always joking and laughing with me along the way. - Mr. Roberts


I meet my friend, Bladimir, in the school. I meet Bladimir in the school and he is a great friend because he likes to play football. Saul, Kelvin, Edwin, Edgar, and my cousin were all playing with us. I used to be bad at the game, but then I turned into a good player because I play every day. Next, we go to a race with them and my other friend in GTA 5. While we race in the game, we talk smack in a friendly way. We are going to do the race and we are going to be talking into the headphones and of course, I win. Next, we start to play different games because I

One normal day, I wake up and take a shower, brush my teeth and then I go to the supermarket. In the supermarket, I buy vegetables, some fruit, and things to drink. After I go to the cashier and I give the man his money. I go to my home and I cook my food. I eat my food and after, I brush my teeth again, then put on my uniform and do my work. Then my phone made a sound. [ring, ring, ring] I pick it up and a man was screaming. A man has a gun, so I took the police car. When I was at the place, I told the man to put the gun down and he paid attention to me and he followed my instructions. After all the craziness I took him to the jail. After all these crazy things I went to my home to sleep.

kept winning. We play FIFA. We do this every Saturday. I met my friend Bladimir in school because he needed to give his name Gamertag online. We are going to play on Saturday because I like to play in GTA 5 with him to relax during the weekends.


My life is good because I play every day in the house with my friends.

This paragraph on 15 years in the future is


I want to get my own house to live in with my

dedicated to my goals in 15 years.

family and imagine what my life is going to be like in 15 years. I get my own car and a good job to pay

by Denis C.

my car and house bills. I pay for what my family

In 15 years 2032, I will be an important police

my education and work to make a better life in 15

officer and I will help the other people to have a


better community.

needs to get, the food, and everything else. I finish



In fifteen years I will be a zoologist. I will be in

My goal for life in 15 years is to be the best player

Antarctica, deserts, and jungles discovering

in the world. I want to be a good player and to play

different types of animals. I’m sure I’ll continue to

for a soccer team while being recognized in the

learn about more unknown animals.

world as the best, humble player. I will have the


money to help people and help my family be alright

Once, a lion almost bit a person and as the

and respected by all. I also want to work in my

zoologist, I investigated. I found it in the desert

house and to meet Neymar and Ronaldo.

and I investigated what was happening to the lion. I discovered that he had an arrow in his right leg. I

One day, I woke up and the sun came up so I went

saw him and called the zoo so that they could

to play with the soccer team on the field that was

attract the lion and so the lion could be saved.

close to my house. I went out to play and we sweat and we won four to three. There was a

The reason I got into this work is that I believe

person who saw me play and said I had a talent and

that we could prevent animals from becoming

he asked me to play with his team called Firpo and

extinct. I want future generations to be able to see

I joined him and played. In my first game, I scored

these animals because we can learn so much from

3 goals and he told me that I had talent. I played for

these creatures. I wish I had the opportunity to

them until I was 18 and at 18, a team called

see saber tigers, mammoths, and megalodons.

Liverpool bought me for $100,000 and I played with them until Real Madrid bought me. It was

I would like to help animals to stay in their natural

then that I met Ronaldo and I had the hope of

habitat. I believe that the animals are pretty and I

playing against Neymar. I beat him.

like them and would like to find a strange or extinct animal.

In my continent, my country is a bit bad and a little dangerous, but I would like to play for my country some day on my country's soccer team. I would like to change the future of my country, to win the first place in the World Cup of soccer and to be recognized in my country. I want them to be happy when we win.


He’s very shy and affectionate. He likes to eat a lot and he loves treats. His name is Cujo, like the movie. It may seem weird to live with a big dog in an apartment, but there’s a lot of space outside for him to run around.

Have you ever wondered about your future? This is how I imagine my future to be. Fifteen years in

It was hard to move across the country not

the future, it is 2032. The world today has a lot of

knowing anyone. Luckily, I made some good

improved technology. This is how my life has

friends at work. They show me around L.A. and all

changed since I was an eighth-grader at BMS.

their favorite places. They love to take me to the beach. It’s always hot and sunny.

I live in Los Angeles. It’s busy, lively, and always full of people. Since there are so many people,

All in all, it was hard to move to a totally different

sometimes I wonder what their past was like and

place, but it was worth it. There’s so much to do

if they ever dreamed to live in L.A. one day. It’s always hot and sunny and you can hear birds chirping and people talking on the street. There’s a lot of traffic and many cars in the big city. Sometimes it takes a while to get to work and the grocery store. I am a nurse in a hospital. I have to leave my house early so that I get to work on time. I like working with the other nurses and taking care of the patients. It’s nice to help the kids who come in because it makes you feel good to help them. The hospital feels cold and sterile at night, but during the day it is full of energy and there are people zipping back and forth. Between eighth grade and now, it was hard work, but it was worth it. My apartment building is new, modern, and painted pink. There are big windows that look out onto the horizon. The big pink building stands out in the city full of white apartment buildings. I live in the small apartment with my St. Bernard.

and so much to see in Los Angeles. It’s strange to look back at my time at BMS and compare it to now. It feels like it was only yesterday.



by Héctor T.

by Hoa L.

In fifteen years I will be a zoologist. I will be in

It was a beautiful day in New Hampshire. I was

Antarctica, deserts, and jungles discovering

walking to the park. Suddenly a dog ran up to me.

different types of animals. I’m sure I’ll continue to

I was surprised because I didn’t know her before. I

learn about more unknown animals.

asked people around me and they did not know


her. I did not know what I do with her. And then I

Once, a lion almost bit a person and as the zoologist, I investigated. I found it in the desert and I investigated what was happening to the lion. I discovered that he had an arrow in his right leg. I saw him and called the zoo so that they could attract the lion and so the lion could be saved. The reason I got into this work is that I believe that we could prevent animals from becoming extinct. I want future generations to be able to see these animals because we can learn so much from these creatures. I wish I had the opportunity to

had an idea. First, I needed to choose her name and her name is Coco. Then, I needed to buy her food. The next day I had to go to work, so I could not leave her alone. I left her with the robots that take care of my house. I also remembered one of the robots came with a dog training mode. The robots train the dog and the dog kept us company. A few weeks later, I had a party at my house, it

see saber tigers, mammoths, and megalodons.

was very important because I wanted my friends

I would like to help animals to stay in their natural

were amazed because my dog did a very good job.

habitat. I believe that the animals are pretty and I

We had the party outside and Coco and the robots

like them and would like to find a strange or

stayed inside. Then, the robots had a problem,

extinct animal.

Coco knew that and came to me when I was

to see how my robots and Coco worked. They

outside. I saw Coco run outside. Coco tried to tell me about the robots. My friends and I ran back to inside. I tried to fix the robots. Finally, I turned them off. After the party, I need to clean my house. My dog is growing bigger and stronger, so I think I can leave my dog at home. If someone asks me who my best friend is, my answer is I met my best friend in the park- she has four legs.


When I go to the mall, the people talk to me and I don’t understand. My brother translates for me and I feel nervous. The sound is loud, I see stores, food, clothes, people, and I smell food. I hear the people laughing and I eat something. My family and friends come with me. I went to the mall because my brother said if you come with me I will buy something for you. He buys clothes and


In 15 years, technology has evolved so much that we don’t have phones anymore. We actually have telepathic waves that we send to each other. It’s a device that goes on your head that you can transmit your brain waves to other people. So no more phones. Though, teachers actually come to our house and teach us there. Instead of us getting up and going to school. Unfortunately, we don’t go to school and interact. We stay home and are anti-

shoes for me.


First, I take the train to go to the mall with my

Furthermore, cars don’t really run on gas they all

brother. I feel happy because he asked, “you want

run on electricity. Gas is no longer around after

me to buy you a phone?” and he bought my phone.

we used it all up. Gas is actually scarce, and if

I think he is a good brother because he talks with

there is any left we are working on replicating it

me when I am sad or angry, and he asks what

so we can sell it to other countries. So we have


even more money, in fact. We are very close to

My brother helps me to talk to the people in the store because the people ask, “what you want?” and I don't understand. I admire my brother. I admire him because he is nice, funny, and he is good at speaking English. I hope that my English is good like his in the future.

global warming overload. Space doesn’t take light years to fly to now. Do you remember Star Wars, the spaceships, the hyperspace? Well, that’s what we have now, the hyperspace boosters. Instead of light years, it takes about seconds, minutes. We have superior engines from 15 years ago; we are so advanced.

Mr. Wistman's Class Dear Amazing 8GA Scholars, Thank you so much for a fantastic year together in our Writing and Mentoring Program class. I always knew each one of you was incredibly talented, but you continually amazed me with how much you all were able to achieve through hard work and determination. You all have grown into tremendous role models for the younger students at the school. You all demonstrated your ability for introspective reflection in your personal essays. You mastered professional skills which put you one step ahead of your peers in our 6 Degrees unit. You have passionately advocated for your opinion on a current issue in our persuasive essay unit.   I am so excited for all of you to continue your growth and education in high school and beyond.  You have shown again and again your potential to be the great leaders of the future.   Sincerely, Mr. Wistman



by Amy F.

by Kenia L.B.

Have you ever thought about your life in 15 years?

I believe in people getting equal rights and getting

What would it be like? How it’s going to be like?

what they deserve. This is happening often in the

What you hope for, and how you want your life in

United States. People feel emotional when there is

the next 15 years to be/go.?

no respect given to them and their family or to other people in the same situation as them. They

In 15 years I would like to have a flexible, and

are suffering and feeling like they haven't

creative job in transportation or communication. I

accomplished anything. The people involved are

would want my future job to be in or around

Muslims, Hispanics, people of color, many people

Boston. In my future job, we would be able to

with disabilities, and with health problems. People

travel to other places and talk to other people from

before felt respected and free with no worries.

around the world. I would also like if we would all become good friends. We could get along and talk

However, now they are afraid to live here and

every time we go to work. And last of all, in my

afraid to go out knowing that something bad can

future, I wish we could all take our dogs, and other

happen to them. What I am writing about is how


Hispanics have been getting deported, mistreated, and blamed for everything. I am also writing about

In 15 years, I would like to travel with friends and

their feelings toward these events.

family to fun and beautiful places, and have fun, relax, and explore new things on my journey. The

I believe this because I see the news and every

top five places where I would like to go with my

hour there are reports about immigration,

friends and family are: 1. Los Angeles, 2. New

deportation, and how they are being treated.

Orleans, 3. Florida, 4. El Salvador, and 5. Hawaii. I

Different ethnic groups receive unfair rights and

would also like to travel for my future job.

for this reason, they feel hopeless. They also feel upset, and heartbroken having their families taken

In 15 years I want four dogs. In the future, I can see


myself with at least four dogs. Dogs are cute,


playful, and lovable. My four dogs would be happy

For example, imagine two Hispanic people talking

and hopefully trained. I would take them to dog

about how worried they are about getting

parks and walk them to meet new dogs, and make


friends. Of course, having four dogs will be tricky so I would make a schedule for each dog.

Person 1: “I'm scared… what happens if we leave and never come back?” He said in a worried tone.

In conclusion, this is how I would want my life and job to be in 15 years. It would be a true dream of

Person 2: “It's going to be okay. Don't worry about

mine if my future came as planned. I wonder how

it.” Person 2 said feeling unsure.

you want yours to be.

Person 1: “You don't know that. We can be gone by

stereotypes such as a Muslim guy walking into a

tomorrow or in a minute,” he yelled.

store and being stopped by an American guy and getting yelled at by him. Before I saw that video I

Person 2: “Calm down you don't have to worry

was very clueless about what was going on around

about anything,” he said nervously.

me or even around the world.

This is an example that shows how Person 1 is

On that day I was just scrolling through my

worried about getting deported, and Person 2, is trying to hide his emotions, pretending to act tough. This can happen at any minute, and many people have been talking similarly. Before I saw many people outdoors carefree, having fun. Now all you see is people hiding from ICE, their fears are becoming reality. They are threatened and scared of being deported. In conclusion, I believe that people should get equal rights in addition to getting what they deserve. I learned that many Hispanics and other people in fear of being taken away are suffering

Instagram and went to that video and my first thoughts were confused because I didn’t understand why he was so hateful towards him. That video made me feel annoyed because I was annoyed about how arrogant that American guy was, and I felt pity because the Muslim guy just took all the yelling that was towards him. Reading through the comments, many people were angry towards the American guy for disrespecting the Muslim guy even though the Muslim guy didn’t even do anything to provoke the argument. In the

daily. This can affect my future because my family

comments, people would post emojis to express

is Hispanic and if they get taken away I will have

their emotions towards the video.

no one, and I would live alone. The knowledge I gained is that people around you that you may not

The American guy yelled at the Muslim with

know, and friends, may be suffering the same pain.

hatred. By the time he was finished, the store owner grabbed the American guy and kicked him

THIS I BELIEVE by Bryanna G.

Seeing that Muslim guy with a tank top and baggy jeans he was very scrawny and he walked in 7/11. All of a sudden he starts getting disrespected by an American guy that was buff, and on social

out of his store because of how rude he was. After the incident, the Muslim guy didn’t yell or talk back to him. After that, it looked like the Muslim guy was used to getting yelled at by other people, and used to being called names like saying he is a terrorist or his “kind” are terrorists.

media. It made me see who really was the bad guy in that scenario. I believe that social media

I have not changed from watching the video, but I

spreads out many stereotypes about immigrants

am more aware of what is going on around me,

which aren't true.

and around the world. Just seeing how people can be so closed minded and hateful, and how

On Instagram, there are many videos of

someone can bring a horrible stereotype into


someone's life, and act as if he or she is the same

person as the other that made a bad mistake

Things I will love to have when I grow up to 29-

because of their race or religion.

years-old is a black Range Rover from that year because I don’t care how much it costs to pay for

The lesson I learned is don’t let stereotypes cloud

it but I want it I want to have friends who I can

your judgment or make you look differently at

contact and talk to because I know none of my

someone. This would impact my future by me

friends don’t want to live in California, and so I

wanting to help immigrants have a voice and

want to go live there. I am going to live there

rights by going to law school. The knowledge I

because California is not a bad place at all. It is

gained from this experience is don’t believe

always sunny and never cold because it is an

everything you hear about a certain group of

amazing place to be.

people. So, my career I want for when I’m 29 is an FBI

MY LIFE IN 15 YEARS by David M.G.

To start it off, umm… let me see where do I see myself in 15 years? It would be 2032 and I would be 29 with a job that would be an FBI agent. I would like to earn lots of money and the amount of money I would like to earn is $20 every hour. And I would like to work from Monday through Friday. But it won’t just happen just like that, there is a long process to get there. The first thing to remember is that I have to have a good GPA in high

agent-the ones that go out and try to get the killer or the bad guys. I have liked that job for a long time and it is really a job of responsibility and I feel that I have responsibility and the energy to do that. Also, I see the TV shows that show agents at work, and I see all the action and it is exhilarating and just amazing. Real people acting like superheroes for somebody. Also, I choose this career because my siblings are setting high stakes for me. My two sisters are

school, and graduate high school with that good

really strong lawyers, and my brother is in his

GPA. Then, go to a college and the major I would

third year at Harvard, studying to be a doctor and

like to learn about would be criminal justice. But

that means that I better shape up so that I can be

college is not over yet… no, no, no, I would also

like my family. I think that if I was an FBI agent

need money. So I would have a job as a police

then I would have a lot of money to have many

officer because it will be a kill-two-birds-with-

things, a house that comforts my whole family, a

one-stone thing because I will be getting money

nice car, food, clothing for everybody, etc.

and I would be getting federal experiences. Next, I will probably be living in California in an FBI unit. I will say California because I have a lot of family over there that can keep me on the ground until I am ready to leave, and that is when I’m able to buy my house. I will have a big house with two floors, five bedrooms, and three bathrooms.

Finally, where do I see myself in 15 years? Well let me answer that, I would be an FBI agent that gains a lot of money with a really good life with my family, and the new one I start because in life with all you get, you should give. So thank you for

reading my essay on my life in 15 years and I hope

when I didn’t know anything about English when I

you like it and I guess that is the end.

arrived. That’s why I would like that they would still be my friends in 15 years.


In 15 years I will be a teacher. But if I want to get there I will have to try really hard on my education, and graduate from high school and college. As I told you before, I want to be a teacher,

Even though I would be a mean person at school. I would be someone different outside of it, someone that likes having fun with his friends. The place I would want to live in 15 years is a really big apartment with four rooms and two bathrooms. I want my room to be so big so I can have parties and lots of people would be able to be in the apartment.

but not any teacher. I want to be a math teacher. If you are asking why, well that’s the thing I understand the most and that I like. I would like to be a mean teacher. I would give my students a lot


of homework and a lot of tests. But this has a reason, I would do this so they can learn more

Mi mayor inspiración es mi mamá y papá. Mi mamá

about the topic and understand it more. So the

tiene 33 años y mi papá tiene 38 años. Mi mamá

students understand that I would never play

esta hay cuando la necesito y siempre me esta

around if they behave badly, I would take the

dando consejos que siga mis estudios y que nunca

whole recess from the whole class. So the students

me de por vencida y que no me meta en malos

focus more on the class, I would give tickets to

pasos porque me van afectar en mi futuro y ella

them and at the end of the week I would pick three

siempre me está diciendo que siga mis metas y que

names randomly and those three they would win a

siga adelante y ser alguien en la vida y que trabaje

prize that is how you can have the kids' minds on

duro para seguir mis metas.

the class. Mi papá quiere que yo siga adelante y que estudie My favorite hobby now is playing soccer, and it still

porque él no tuvo esa oportunidad que tengo yo de

would be my favorite hobby in 15 years. If you want

aprender inglés y ser en la vida y el siempre me

to know why then let me tell you. Soccer is a sport

dice que me porte bien y tener buenas notas para

that keeps you healthy and helps you learn how to

tener un buen trabajo un buen trabajo en mi vida.

work as a team and to communicate with

Mi papá trabaja en una compañía de vegetales y

people. Also, soccer helps you meet people. At

frutas y mamá no trabaja porque prefiere cuidar a

soccer, you can get to know really nice people.

mi hermano pequeño porque ella no quiere que lo cuide otra persona porque ella piensa que lo van a

The friends would like to have in 15 years would be

tratar mal. Mi hermano tiene dos años y ellos

the same ones I have now, and before you ask why

quieren lo mejor para mi y mi hermano y tambien

let me tell you why. Since I arrived in the U.S. they

tengo una hermana ella tiene 15 años. Y ella es

have been really nice to me. Also, they helped me

como mi mejor amiga. Y los quiero demasiado a mi padres y mis hermano/a.


Have you ever had that one person that inspired

I thought to myself that I am giving up on

you in your life? Well, I have and it might be odd

something I like to do and that is to make music

knowing a rapper inspires me.

for people to listen to. I read the whole article about him and then I clicked on a link that took

It was 12:04 PM at my house and it was summer. I

me to YouTube. I saw a video of him on stage and

was looking at the comments on my new song

his fans were very happy and xxxtentacion was on

that I put out a few weeks ago and I saw negative

stage. Then he told his fans to listen to him and he

comments, and I saw more dislikes than likes. I

started a speech about how people gave him

felt so angry and sad because of all of my hard

negativity when he started and I realized what he's

work went to nothing and I felt like giving up. I

been through really relates to what I was going

was in the living room trying to get it out of my


mind until my friend told me to look up xxxtentacion because what I was going through

And after the video ended, my emotions changed

connected to what he went through.

from angry and sad to motivated and pumped up to finish my song. So I went back into my friend’s

My friend Steven is the person who makes the

recording room to finish the song.

beats and sometimes cheers me up when I'm down, but this time I just wanted to stop so he had

And after that day, I uploaded the song and then in

to show me who xxxtentacion was. And Steven

under 24 hours it got 400 views and now to this

went to the living room typing on a laptop.

day the likes and views are growing. The song talks about how people shouldn't be doubting

I saw a Wikipedia page about xxxtentacion it said:

themselves. My song became a success. It

“he is a rapper and with his music, he helped a lot

impressed some small producers and I especially

of people that were going through negativity about

impressed my family, but I don't want any other

themselves and people who are giving up on

producer but my friend Steven.  

things that they like to do."


Ringggg! The annoying alarm went on, but I woke

Also, during that time I got my bachelor's degree,

up happy because the next day was going to be a

and I took a test to get my nursing license, and I

super special day for me and my friends. Now the

passed it! After that, I went to medical school for

setting is in Boston, Ma. I was on vacation from

another four years, but I didn’t mind because we

work which is being a pediatric nurse! I was at

also learned with people. For example, we could

home finishing packing my stuff, getting ready for

examine dummies and people.

the trip I was going on with my friends. Nicole, Sofia, and Maycol were going to come with me on

After that, I got my first job as a pediatric nurse! I

the trip. We were going to Paris, France.

worked and started saving for the trip that I knew we were going to spend lots of money on. We

There we visited the hotel we were staying in, we

knew about each other again when I found

went on gondola rides, and to the most famous

Maycol’s Facebook and then I started to search for

museum, the Louvre. I was super curious because

everyone’s Facebook and that’s how we knew each

I had never been to Paris in my whole life and it

other, we had talked for many months and we

was cool visiting a different place. I was scared

came up with an idea to go on a trip to

that I was going to lose my plane. I was nervous.

somewhere, and we came up with the idea of

One incident that happened during this trip was

going to Paris and have an amazing experience

that one guy run past us and stole Sofia's purse.

with each other. That’s what happened in the last

We chased him and we jumped over him to stop

15 years.

him, and we took the purse out of his hands and the police came and arrested him.

We were making sure we knew what time the plane was coming because we were a little nervous

I finally got a call from Maycol saying that he was

and exciting that we didn't want to miss the plane.

outside waiting for me to come down, it was 7:10

Finally, the plane arrived, and we were ready to

PM. When I got in the car Maycol, Sofia, and Nicole

board! It was the most boring flight ever we spent

were in there, we said hi… and we were heading

six hours and 45 minutes on the plane to get to

to the airport! When we got to the airport we were

Paris. Finally, we got to Paris and we went straight

nervous and excited. While we were waiting for

to our Hotel, we went right to eat breakfast, in

the plane to come, we talked and talked about

Paris, it was 8:15 AM. We all ordered Pancake

things that had happened the last 15 years.

Sisters to try. It was so good!

In the last 15 years, I had graduated high school, after that, I went to college and I graduated.

We went to our hotel rooms and got ready to go

We were so excited that day that it felt like the

on a tour around the Eiffel Tower. Finally, we

time passed by so fast, and we were so excited that

were ready to take a walk around the Eiffel Tower,

we were able to do all those things together, even

we took many many pictures and selfies of the

though we were nervous because of the incident

four of us! We walked and walked and while we

we had with the guy stealing Sofia’s purse. But

were walking we ate ice cream. We sat for a

after that everything went perfect and our trip

minute because our feet were hurting. But when

went like it was planned.

we started walking again a guy ran by us and stole Sofia’s purse! We were surprised and reacted

The lesson I learned from the incident was that we

really quickly, we immediately ran after him and

didn’t know what needs that guy had and why he

when we were close we jumped over him and

had to steal. Maybe he didn’t have anything to eat

caught him! Then the police got him and,

and he had to steal to support himself, also maybe

everything went back to normal, even though we

he was poor. We judged without knowing what

were still scared about what had happened. After

was going on or the reason why he had to do that.

that, it was 12:00 PM in the afternoon and we were heading to Le Jules Verne Restaurant, we were so excited to eat in the Eiffel Tower! When we got


there we were so amazed at how pretty it was, and

by Jackeline M.H.

the food was so delicious, I ordered truffle macaroni au gratin, and I liked it!

My dad and I are a lot alike. We live in Boston with the rest of my family. If my dad hadn’t been in my

When we were done eating we went to the most

life, I would have been really sad. I like him so

famous museum, the Louvre, and we were

much because he supports me and is always there

shocked at how beautiful it was, it looked like a

for me when I really need him.

castle in the interior. It was so big that we didn’t had time to look at all of the things inside. We

My dad is very supportive and cheerful. One time,

finished looking at the interior and the outside

I was struggling while I was working on my math

like at 7:00 or 8:00 PM. After that, we decided to

homework I was so mad but my dad encouraged

go to the gondola rides, at night because the city

me to keep on trying until I finished it he looked

was going to look more pretty because of the

very positive, and even though it was very hard for

houses lights. We were done with our visits to

me I tried. When I finished he was very proud of

these places around 9:00 or 10:00 PM.

me and told me that he knew I could do it.

That night we went back to our rooms in the hotel

My dad inspires me because he works hard and

because by then it was really late. So when I got to

motivates me to do the same. He gives me good

my room I went straight to my phone and started

advice to do better in school through more class

posting my pictures with my friends and the new

participation. For example, I participate more in

experiences I was having with them, also our

school by raising my hand to get good grades and

adventures we had together.

learn. I am thankful for my dad because he has helped me reach my goals and motivates me to keep on trying to reach my future goals.


Have you ever believed that anything is possible? I

MLK was talking to the people about black and

know I have and here’s my story.

white people needing to come together and treat each other equally. For example, he didn’t want

I believe that people, no matter what age or size,

school, busses, water fountains, or bathrooms to

can accomplish anything if they put their mind to

be segregated since black people got dirty, old

it. MLK gave his speech about a world without

things while white people got new, clean things.

racism. Barack Obama made a speech about equality, this is what made me write about what I

When MLK was smaller he would always wonder

believe in. Their speeches sent a strong message

why everything had to be separated between the

to the world, that helped different people

blacks and whites. He wanted to ask his mom but

understand the meaning of people coming

she would not respond to him. He eventually

together, and that is because they tried really hard

found out that racism was a serious problem in

and used their minds to help change the

their community as he got older. That is why he

community. I heard MLK's speech at school with

gave his speech. Now that MLK gave his speech

my class when we were reading a book about

with persuasive words, we can say our speech

white and black people being treated differently.

with our own words, even if there is something in

His speech was strong because I heard it loud and

our way. Barack Obama was the first black person

clear and his face was very determined, so I knew

to become president of the United States for eight

he wanted black and white people to come

years. In comparison to MLK, he made speeches


about equality and against racism.

MY LIFE IN 15 YEARS by Vanessa A.

Support from my family, my husband, my friends,

to London, Japan, Iceland, and Italy and a lot of

and of course my dog, Bubba, changed me from a

other places. We organized our trip and started

funny 8th-grader that’s obsessed with Drake to a

with Italy. When we got off the plane, we were

hard-working agent that provides for her family.

looking for places to eat. As I walked down the

It’s 15 years later and my life is different. I’m an

streets, I could only smell marinara and parmesan.

FBI agent who has her dream job. I play sports,

We decided from Italy we’d go to Japan. We

I’ve traveled the world, I’ve made new friends. I

walked around and saw a lot of lights and people

guess that I’ve accomplished my dreams.

dressed in more traditional clothes. We left Japan to go to Iceland and we decided to go swimming at

When I finished high school, my friends and I

the bottom of a waterfall. After the trip, I came

were curious about the world. We dreamed about

home to see an acceptance letter on my kitchen


counter. A while after, I went to college to study criminal justice.

During college, I joined sports teams to help me to

was the “Mara Salvatrucha” it is a gang in where

get into FBI training. Five years later, I got to

you have to hurt people or if you have your own

officially be an agent. Being an agent tests my

store you have to pay them so they don’t destroy

strength, running abilities, problem-solving,

your territory. You have to do what they tell you

combat, and hunting skills. At training, I met my

and kill someone and you do not know who it is

husband, Theo. I first met Theo when we were

because their face is covered.

paired up for a combat dill; I won. They wanted me to hurt my cousin but I didn’t Theo, Bubba, and I go to my parents' house to

want to hurt him so my cousin had to hurt my

celebrate Christmas. My parents live alone with

other cousin. They said that if we do that we can

their dog in a big house. They’re close to everyone

leave for Boston. They sent us to Las Vegas.

else in the family—my sister Jessica and her husband Stanley have children. I can smell the

When I was in Las Vegas I worked in my uncle's

cupcakes with vanilla frosting that my sister made

restaurant. I was there for one month and I got

as a treat for us to celebrate Christmas. I’m happy

money to send to my mom. After that month I left

because I’m playing with my dog, Bubba, and my

Las Vegas and I moved to Boston.

parents dog, Rosey. My dad was here with his girl and kids. Once we Traveling helped me understand how the world

got to Boston we lost communication with the MS

works and how to travel on my own. Becoming an

gang. What I learned is that no matter what you

FBI agent has taught me that I can accomplish my

do, having a better life is worth a lot. There are

dreams when I do well and try my hardest. Lastly,

other steps I have taken for a better life. To make

my family supported me and made sure that I got

myself happy I have worked hard to achieve my

the dream that I always wanted so that my life is

goals and stay far away from people who are a bad

exciting, adventurous, and full of new dreams.

influence. Also by working hard in school. Finally, if I say I WILL DO SOMETHING I WILL DO IT also I


I believe that in life you have to take risks to have a better life. I was born in El Salvador. I wanted to leave at age 12 to go to Boston because I wanted to have a better life. I wanted to go to a better school and have a good job. The only way for my cousin and I to leave for Boston was to join a gang. The name of the gang

do my best to try to accomplish my goals. MLK was talking to the people about black and white people needing to come together and treat each other equally. For example, he didn’t want school, busses, water fountains, or bathrooms to be segregated since black people got dirty, old things while white people got new, clean things. When MLK was smaller he would always wonder why everything had to be separated from the blacks and whites. He wanted to ask his mom but she would not respond to him. He eventually found out that racism was a serious problem in their community as he got older. That is why he gave his speech.

words, we can say our speech with our own words,


even if there is something in our way. Barack

by Maycol A.

Now that MLK gave his speech with persuasive

Obama was the first black person to become president of the United States for eight years. In

Have you ever seen a woman really mad? Well let

comparison to MLK, he made speeches about

me tell you about a funny day with my mom in a

equality and against racism.

store. Well, this is a day where my mom told me that I should not care what people say about me. So my mom and I were shopping at Target when


some kids started talking badly about my mom and they said that she was fat so I got really mad and told her. And that was a really bad idea because as she turned around she had these lazar eyes on her face, really mad.

Que voy hacer dentro de 15 años me hice esa pregunta muchas veces pensé que quiero ser mi estudio Después Quiero sacar mi Carrera de


piloto de avión y todo esto esto por mi familia y

by Michelle C.C.

cuando sea grande y primero quiero terminar todo

cunpla 15 años ma boy atene mi profesión es tare muy bien y todo esto seque lo are por dios solo.

In 15 years it will be the year 2032. I will be 28years-old. I would like to be living in England by

El salvador tiene parte bonita son partes libres

then, but before that, I would need to graduate

montañosas heladas y todo lo que mefalta por

college and get a good paying job so I have enough

conocer a ora el senor Jesus medio este gran pais

money for a plane ticket and an apartment in

para conocerlo ledoy grasias por darme la

England before I move.

hoportunida para preparame y tengo un sueno de ser piloto un dia y aprender ingles. Ese dia sera el

Okay, some of you might be asking “why England

mas feliz de Mivida y tengo otra meta tener un dia

out of all the other places?” and to that, I respond,

a. Mi familia reuneda ese es Mi anelo y poderlos

it represents my freedom and I like the culture. By

abrazar de nuevo.

freedom I mean I can finally leave and become independent. And yes I could literally move to any

Loque nose si puedo ir a la universidad es muy

other place but I also like the culture. Winter over

cara y mis padres no tienen el pisto pero se de

there is beautiful and Autumn is my favorite

becas y boy hacer todo lo posible por otener una

season. The trees turn a bright red like the sun

beca y yo digo si lo lograre con la alluda de Jesus.

when it sets.

reason I want to go is that I’m always hearing


college was the best experience someone has had

by Nicolas M.

On the other hand, there is college. The only

and they say it’s just great in general. I want to see if that is true. Also for many reasons like good

What do you believe? I believe that if you work

work ethic and connections with other people, you

hard you can achieve anything. I started to believe

get better jobs with a diploma from a college so it

this in my house because my mom and dad kept

raises my chances of getting a better job than a job

on saying this. Before I learned this didn’t I really

at Burger King or something.

care about school grades.

Speaking of a job, I would like to work at a job that

Once I got a bad grade on my report card and my

is semi-related to art or drawing because then I

mother found out. She got mad at me and sent me

would actually enjoy working there for the two and

to my room. She later came inside and started to

a half years before moving to England. In England,

have a conversation about my grades with me.

I would like to be working at a coffee shop. I know it’s random but I like coffee, and before you say,

She then took away most of my favorite toys and it

“That job isn’t going to get you close enough to pay

ended with, “you need to raise your grades to get

your bills.” I say, I know that. That’s why I’m going

them back.” She then said that if I get good grades

to sell some of my artwork as keychains and some

I can have a good future.

drawings in general, well at least when I’m decent at art. So I technically have a backup plan.

I now work harder on my grades than I use too. Now that I work harder on my grades, I get better

Me being me, I personally do not like big homes

grades than my old ones. Each day is better than

like mansions, so I would want to get a small

the last.

apartment with the essentials (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) in the city with a black cat. I would preferably

I've learned you need a life-changing experience

call the cat Kuro but it might change over time, it’s

to change who you are and what you do. My life

a slim chance, but there is a chance.

changing experience for me was when my mom told me that good grades can get me a good future.

In conclusion, this is what I would like to happen in the next 15 years, but life has its course and I’m interested in what may happen. Welp, we’ll see in the next 15 years.


I will continue helping people when I'm in high school.

by Patrick T.

The things that will get me to the place I am going I believe that my dream can come true if I work

to be in is working hard in middle school, then

hard at school and get good grades. My parents

working at Northeast to graduate with honors and

always tell me to work hard at school. My dream is

get scholarships so I can get into Harvard. My aunt

to become a pilot because I like to travel around

will help me so I can get a volunteering position at

the world so that I can see new countries. Also, I

MGH so I can get experience. My friends will be

have traveled to some few places around the world.

supportive when I’m going through hard times and

My mom gives me the advice to work hard at

when I'm not. Fatima, Maycol, and I will go to high

school every day so that I can have a better life and

school and Harvard Medical School so we can

a better future. I have wanted to be a pilot since I

become doctors. We will have fun and make more

was five-years-old. I have been to England,

friends in college and we will still love and support

Amsterdam, Senegal, USA, and Cape Verde.

each other.

I decided to become a pilot because I like to travel

When I graduate from Harvard Medical School

to meet new people and learn about their culture.

with Fatima and Maycol, my family will be there, as

When the plane goes up it hurts my ear because it’s

well as other friends that are graduating and some

too loud.

that graduated a year earlier than I did. We will be ready to go at MGH. I will keep working hard and try to be a better person each day. My mom,

15 YEARS IN THE FUTURE by Stephanie M.

Fifteen years from now I will be a famous doctor. I will live in Boston and work at MGH. I will be very lucky to work with my two best friends at MGH. Outside of work, I will spend my time with family and friends from college, to get there and be a doctor I would have behaved good in school worked hard in high school and get scholarships. I wanted to become a doctor because I like to help other people. I discovered that I like to help people through helping around my house, and helping my grandma and family members.

dad, and friends will be proud of me for all the things I accomplished. After I graduate, I will go straight to the car dealer and buy myself a car with my friends and we will each buy our own Cadillac. Later, I will take my mom to the house I will buy for her, that she will live in with her husband and my grandma. I will help other kids from other countries that need someone to depend on.  To get the things I wanted, I worked hard and kept working hard the day I graduated even when I was working as an obstetrician. The people that were with me during college will still be with me and we will still love each other. Maycol and Fatima and I will still be best friends and will work together because I will be an obstetrician and they will be pediatricians. All my family will be proud of me. The lesson that I learned throughout those years will be if you work hard you can always accomplish the things you want.


Have you ever had that special person that can

Meanwhile, time passed, classes passed, and now

make your day better with just one smile? Have

it was 8th period. Before she had entered the

you ever felt safe, loved, and powerful when your

room, I decided to go to the window and look

special person is around? I have, and when my

outside to relax a bit because my feelings came

special person is around I feel like I can take on

crashing down again. When suddenly she and my

the world with them by my side without being

friends came up to me.

scared of anything… and that’s HER Brenda J Pohl Madrid. My best friend, my sister, my confidant.

“Hey Sofi, what are you doing? “ asked one of

Someone who I know I can trust and turn to


whenever I need her. A short, thick girl with light brownish hair with a beautiful smile and a strong

“ Nothin’ just looking out the window,” I said in a

attitude. She is sweet and charming but can be

calm voice.

harsh and rude when she needs to. She is brave, friendly, lazy, funny, loud, shy, fearless, and very,

"Hey baby girl!" said, Brenda, as she gave me a hug.

very girly. That’s my girl and the moment I knew she was my Special Person is soon to be revealed.

“Hey," I said returning the hug.

It all started at lunch, I was feeling down because

“Let’s go sit down, “said one of my friends with a

I had problems going on. I didn’t even have to tell


her how I was feeling she already knew. After we grabbed lunch we both sat down and she

“Uh, I’ll be there in a sec. You guys go on and sit

immediately hugged me so strongly, asking me

down," I smiled. And so did they.

what was wrong. I was a baby bear in her mama’s arms.

Minutes passed, as I turned around to the sound of someone’s voice. I saw Brenda with water in her

“I am okay, princesa.” I gave her a weak grin.

eyes. They shined like stars in the night sky. She hugged me and said, "I know you are thinking

“Don’t you lie to me Sofi, what’s wrong baby girl?”

about it. And I know what you going through.” As I pulled away and turned back to the window I

She looked at me straight in the eyes. Of course,

closed my eyes and felt a hot tear running down

after that serious look she gave me, I had to spill

my cheek. “I’m okay,” I told her trying to sound

my beans. And so I told her everything that was


going on while trying not to cry in front of her and everyone. She gave me advice and once again hugged me so tight I felt like mashed potatoes!

I wanted to scream as loud as a fire truck sound.

I knew she was real. I knew she was my sister,

But I had to stay strong, I couldn’t let her or

maybe not blood-related but connected by heart.

anyone see me cry, I had to stay strong. But she said, “I love you and I know you are strong enough

Brenda J Pohl Madrid changed my life by just

to get through all this B.S!” And that's when I

being part of it. She made me strong. She believed

broke down and ran to the bathroom and turned

in me when no one else did. She is my special

my head and noticed her following me. As I

person, the one that gave me the confidence I

entered the bathroom I ran to the biggest one and

needed, the trust and the love of a true sister. She

locked myself in it and sat on the floor hugging my

is the reason why every day, no matter what I go

legs with my head down crying so hard but

through, I fight every day to just smile and enjoy

without a sound.

the adventures that life brings.

Seconds later, Brenda rushed in (she knew where I

The fact that there are still people in the world

was because we would always go and stand there

that can make a difference in your life by just

to look at her phone and fool around during lunch)

existing is a wonderful gift. Thousands of people

and suddenly there was a knock at the door.

around the world are in need of that love, that safety of being in their arms. But sadly not

“Open the door Sofi, please,” she said with a low,

everyone is lucky enough to find their Special

soft voice, but I didn't answer. So she sat down on

Person. But if you do, no matter what... don’t you

the floor on the other side and started to cry.

dare lose them because it could be your biggest mistake in your life.

“I can’t continue being strong, Brenda,” I whispered. “It hurts so bad I can’t breathe... I can’t, I can’t do worse okay... I can’t," I broke down. So she slid under the door and sat down beside me. She looked at me, “I got you,” she held me in her arms and whispered in my ear, “You are my sister. If you fall, I fall, if you cry, I’ll cry, if you get hurt then I will get hurt too and if you fight, we will both fight because we stick together no matter what. I. WILL. STAND. BY. YOU.” I hugged her even tighter and stayed sitting on the floor for ages. There, in that moment I knew she had my back.

Mr. Young's Class Dear Hard Working 8GA students, Let’s start by stating how Amazing and Brilliant you guys are, I am proud to say that I had one of the most amazing groups of students and for that, I want to thank you. I am grateful to have gotten the opportunity to spend this hard, but fantastic school year with you all. You have grown and advanced so much that I am excited to see what the future holds in store for you. Now that you are ready to tackle high school, I want to send you off with positive vibes. Always remember that “The harder it gets the stronger you are becoming.” And that “Ease is a greater threat to success than hardship.” ~ Denzel Washington. Keep pushing. Keep working hard. Stay Strong and Positive. Believe in Yourself. And don’t EVER, EVER, EVER forget how great you are. Yours Faithfully, Mr. Jonathan Giovani Young Taylor


It's important to have someone to inspire you because you look at them and say “when I grow older I want to be just like you someday.” Also, you follow them, respect them, listen to them, admire them, and are thankful for them. Someone that inspires you is the person that you can communicate with, someone who understands you. My mom is my inspiration because she's always there for me, supporting me, loving me, and raising me. She's the best mom and I couldn't ask God to give me anything else than my mom's love and support. But that's not the only thing. She has shown me how to stand up for myself and what's right. My mom showed me to persevere and she taught me to be a fighter and not a quitter. My mom never quits. For example, when the doctor told my mom that she couldn't have babies, she still tried and here I am with my two siblings. My mom never gave up and I love that about her and I want to work my way up to be strong and persevere like she did. My dad is my inspiration because he’s the one that taught me to dance and about the history behind the music. Oh, and by the way, he's a musician. Anyways let’s continue to the story. My dad showed me to love what I love and to not give damn about what other people think. Like for example, a teacher from my dad’s high school asked him what he wanted to do and my dad said he wanted to be a teacher and the teacher said that he wouldn't because being a musician does not get you to be successful. My dad said he's not doing anything for money or for anybody and he's doing it because he loves it. 

My dad has grown to be his own person and I want to grow and be my own person just like him. Inspiration is important mostly because you consider that someone or that something as part of you. I consider my mom and my dad as part of me and my inspiration because each of them has taught me a great life lesson!!! And that's why they are my inspiration.


Can you imagine growing up with segregation, moving to a whole different state, and raising six kids all on your own? My grandma did all of this and more. She is strong, nice, funny, and encouraging. And there are many reasons why I look up to her as a role model. The first reason as to why I look up to her and choose her as my role model is because she has a big history that wasn't easy. She was born in Albany, Georgia in 1956 and had to deal with discrimination. Everything in the 1960’s was all messed up. When she went to her first school where anyone could go, she was scared because she didn’t know if everything would be okay. After what had happened with Ruby Bridges, she was hesitant. People were pretty brutal and said such horrible things when Ruby was the first black person to go to an all-white school. So going to that school was a lot for her.

Moving on, when my grandmother was 19-years-

First, my Auntie Alexis, then four years later my

old she moved here to Chelsea with my great-

Uncle Jason, and then five years after that my

grandmother. She went on to get a great job that

mom, Jasmine. But then my grandmother decided

slowly became better, and better. And when she

to take in my (now) Uncle John. She kinda

got around to her twenties, she had kids.

“rescued” him in a way because his mother was a drug addict.


My inspiration is my grandmother, She’s old...

I guess when I was younger I didn’t understand

like in her somewhere in her 50’s. If you saw her

what she was saying. When I’m not with her in El

you would assume she’s older because she has

Salvador, she calls. She always calls on my

gray hair already. She honestly looks beat, maybe

birthday, and random times. I get emotional

because she’s in El Salvador. As you may or may

talking to her because I can hear the sadness in

not know, life is harder over there. The economic

her voice. And I guess that hurts me. My throat

life, jobs are harder to get, and they don’t pay

gets stuck, and I can’t speak. I become speechless.

really well. She’s older now so it’s harder to do the

I feel like if I speak I will start crying.

things she could’ve done at a younger age. I recently found out that she has heart problems.

I guess all the trips were taken in El Salvador. It is

That caught me by surprise because I do n’t want

very hot over there, and it’s a lot different from

to lose her. That’d be too hard for me, and I

here. Like when you go outside you can feel the

haven’t seen her in years.

sweat on your forehead, and on the back of your neck dripping. It sounds really gross, but that’s

The last time I saw her was when I was four, so

what it feels like. Depending on where you visit

basically ten years ago. I had my fourth birthday

you see different things. For me at least, I could

party over there, and it was amazing. My grandma

see a field once I left the house. Since some of this

is just amazing. In the time I spent with her, she

takes place when we’re not together it’s different.

was so nice to me. There was a clown, relatives,

When it’s over the phone I just hear her voice. She

food, a pinata and more.

hears me and that’s about it.

  I would always cry when I was over there. I missed

When we talk on the phone it’s mostly her talking

my parents really badly. My grandma was always

to me. You see I don’t really engage in the

there taking care of me. She would call back home

conversation. So I mostly agree with or say “same”

so I could calm down. She would give me pep talks

most of the time. She usually tells me how much

and still does over the phone.

she loves me, and how much she misses me. After she says that she tells me to behave, and she asks how I’m doing in school and at home.

This is the part where I kinda lie, so she doesn’t

And if she isn’t here then that’d be more of a

get upset. Most of the time I don’t have to because

motivation. It’d be more inspiring.

I’ve been good. I’m usually at home when she calls. She calls my mom, and then my mom passes the

I want her to be proud of me, and I want her to see

phone to me.

that she didn’t fail and that all of her advice and dedication to me paid off. Overall I just want to

Overall she’s my inspiration because I want to

make her happy, and all my family too. I want to

make her proud. I want to be able to be successful

show her and them that I was raised well, and I

and when I am, I want to say this is for you

became someone in life. I know that that’d make


them happy.


Sherlin inspires me because when I first met her

The reason why Sherlin is my inspiration is that

she told me, “the better I do, good things would

ever since I met her she has honestly shown me

come to me." Sherlin is in 8th-grade just like me,

how life really is and how to improve in life.

she goes to the Browne Middle School.

Sherlin is a shy person but on the inside, she really opens people's eyes. Sherlin is a loving and

I first met her when she came to the Browne as a

sweet person. I think everyone needs a best friend

“new kid.” I was friends with her boyfriend named

like her. I've never met a person like her and I've

Arnol and he introduced me to her. After Sherlin

always wanted a best friend like her. Someone

and I talked. We got to know each other. Ever

who I needed to tell all my secrets and could keep

since that day, we became best friends, at this

something to themselves. What if someone tells

point our bond grew more and more every day.

you finally that they like you? I don't think

Every week we would go out to eat or just go to

someone could keep that to themselves that's why

the movies. Sherlin knows how to make me laugh

I think everybody should find themselves someone

like she's my sister. She helps me out with things

like my best friend. Sherlin and I barely get in

and I help her out with things.




One day he called me and he said, “YO, you want some food cause I’m ordered food right now.”

by Jonathan A.

I said, “Yeah, cause I'm hungry.” So my big inspiration is my big brother because he

wants me to succeed in life. He wants me to be

“So I said, "Get me a small pizza and some wings.”

good at sports because he wants me to join a basketball team in high school. My big brother

My brother said, “Ight, come to the house and

wants me to do well in school and get good grades.

don’t come late.”

He always makes sure I do my homework and makes sure I do other stuff. He is like a good friend

That was the conversation on the phone and after

to me because he is always there for me and buys

he hung up and called the pizza place.

me the things I need for school and other stuff. Mostly he buys me all my basketballs because usually I lose them or somebody steals them. Also, he buys me new balls so I can get better because my big brother always beats me in games and I always get mad. He is a good basketball player because he's been playing when he was young. That's why he so good at playing basketball and he is way better than me at playing basketball.̀ He is mostly better than all my friends at shooting the basketball into the hoop. My brother buys me a lot of stuff. He wants me to be a good basketball player because he wants me to be on a basketball team. He wants me to be on a team so that I can have a good experience with other people and so I won’t be shy when I play against other teams. He wants me to get good grades so that I can be on the basketball team and he wants me to show my talent. My brother checks in with me all the time and asks if I ate or where am I at. He asks so he can tell my mom where I'm at because my mom might be busy doing stuff. He wants to see if I'm with my friends or with my cousins or with my dad.


I am in the streets sitting down with a sketchbook in my lap, with a blank page open. When I look up from the blank page in the sketchpad, I see a street lined with parked cars and people eating on the sidewalk. The Eiffel Tower is in front of me, next to the park. My friend Jefferson was at my side he, just helping me find a good point of view to paint my picture. “Jefferson, hurry up so I can paint my picture and sell it. That way I can be known by people,” I said. I used to be a bad kid but now I regret it. I regret it because I realized that I was ruining my future. It was ruining my future because it was getting in the way of a better future. I made a decision to be a better person in the future. To do this I started to behave well, getting my grades up, and painting. This happened in high school.

Later, after high school, I went to college. I decided

But, I don’t want to draw just houses, I would like

I wanted to go to Boston College and study Fine

to learn how to draw different things and help

Arts because I love graphic design. Besides

people to draw their own buildings or whatever.

studying, I played basketball. When college ended, I was happy because I really loved the basketball

I wake up and start my day by going to prepare my

team. I was also happy because I loved painting

backpack for the art club. Then I start to make my

and I was successful at it.

breakfast. I guess I am going to wake up early so I can have time to do my things in the morning.

After college, I decided to take a trip to Paris. I decided to go to Paris because it was a beautiful

The important people in my life are my mom and

place for painting. There's also a lot of adventures

my dad. My mom is 35-years-old and she is from

and great food. When I first went to Paris I was

Mexico. She is important in my life because I think

nervous because I didn't know anybody and I didn't

I believe that the architecture is not just creating a

know how it was going to turn out. But Paris

space to protect people but to make them dreams

actually turned out to be awesome.

as well. She is an example in my life because she works every day, all day, and she wakes up early to make my breakfast before school. My dad is 39-

MY LIFE IN 15 YEARS by Kelly S.

In 15 years, I want to be an architect. I want to be an architect because I like to draw a lot of different things. I would like to live in Texas because I have some family members there and I want to work there. I want to go to the college outside of the state and go to an art club so I can learn more about how to draw. Another reason for why I want to be an architect is because I would like to draw my own house and all the details of the house. I think that it is fun to draw because I can imagine whatever I want, and draw it. Beginning to draw the smallest details to create the biggest detail. I would start by thinking about what every color in the house would be, so it would look real.

years-old and he is from Mexico. He is important in my life because even though I am not able to see him, he’s important to my life.


The biggest source of inspiration in my life right

To start this story off, this story happened in

now is my mom. My mom’s name is Tesla, yes, like

Washington D.C. at my grandma's house. A

the car and she's 35. My mom was born in

memorable moment about my mom that made us

Honduras which means she speaks Spanish. When

closer was last Christmas. This story showed off

it comes to us talking, I talk to her in English and

her sense of humor. Our Christmas is not as

she responds in Spanish, she can speak English but

traditional as other families. Our Christmas is

she's more comfortable speaking Spanish. Recently

usually spent at my house and we usually don't do

I found out that I'm taller than her only by like an

anything. We don't even give or get presents

inch, but still. My mom is like a clone of me she has

sometimes which doesn't really bother me because

the same facial features. My mom has the same

events and moments like these become very

type of curly hair I do, but hers is a little longer.

memorable and important. Events like these make

When it comes to personality my mom also acts the

me very happy because I appreciate them a lot.

way I do. She knows when to be serious and when

Gatherings with my family are some of my favorite

to be chill. When she's chill she acts like a friend

times because I don't see them as much as other

she roasts me sometimes, but I love her. My mom

families see their family members. Most of my

is cool with any friends I bring around as long as

family either lives in Washington D.C. or

they're girls. It’s rare that any friends go over my

Honduras. That means I only visit some of my

house because I’m very picky with who goes over

family from Washington every now and then. So

my house. My mom is strict too, so boys are

basically this story is taking place in Washington

limited. She only lets me talk to the boys from the

D.C. as you can tell at my grandma's house. When

football team I’m on. That's a brief explanation of

we visit we sleep at my grandma's house because

my mom.

she has extra rooms.


Orgullosa de mi familia en especial a mi mamá que

la veo el fin de semana aunque me quede cuatro

la admiro mucho quisiera ser con ella cuando este

años con mi abuela la que hace un año que murió.

mas grande y mi papá es un super papá el mejor

Después me quedé con una tía la cual siempre me

del mundo. Mi mamá a estado conmigo siempre en

cuidaba pero mi mamá siempre me mandaba

las buenas y en las malas y estoy feliz que estemos

dinero cuando yo estaba enferma para la medicina.

juntos todos. Mi única hermana que la quiero tanto

Hoy que estoy aca con mi mamá y papá soy feliz.

que quiera pasar más tiempo con ella pero no se

Vivo con mi prima y sus hijos y me la paso super

puede pasar mucho tiempo en la escuela que solo

bien. Mi mamá a sido el mayor apoyo para mi.


I believe in equality for all people. A person should not be judged based on how they think, look, or believe. A person who inspires other people to pursue the dreams they believe in are true heroes. People who want to change them are people who

Logic is one out multiple people who want to spread the word that being different is not a bad thing to be. It's unique, and all people should be different than one another. These people are the reason why people have the courage to be happy in their lives, to accept who they are. This is why people should not be ashamed of who they are. It is the ones that judge that should be ashamed.

do not appreciate how important one's life is to others. There have been many instances where people have committed suicide because of constant bullying and harassment only because they are

15 YEARS IN THE FUTURE by Roberto R.

different. We should help people who have these thoughts as a community. Many people don't speak

Ever since I was 14, I always loved basketball and

up because they will be cast out by people they

art class. That's what led me to become a designer

know or don't know.

for the Boston Celtics.

However, not all people are bad. People can be

Lots of people helped me get to where I am, but

open about their differences and inspire others to

someone (who I will keep anonymous) really

not be prejudiced. One person who openly inspired

impacted who I am. They helped me along the way

people to not be ashamed of themselves is Logic

and gave me all the support I needed.

with his song 1-800-273-8255. This title is also the number for the National Suicide prevention line.

At first, I didn’t know the skills I needed to be a

Society wants to protect itself by casting out

designer, but after I went to college I knew what I

people who are different. Logic is one of multiple

needed even though it wasn’t easy! Going to college

celebrities who has helped these people.

was tough because of how complicated it was. I had

Everybody should respect each other not as a

people along the way to help me get through it, and

different person who has a different state of mind,

with all the help I got to where I wanted to be.

but as a human being. Before I knew it, I was out of college. For the next Inequality is the effect of judging someone based

two years, I worked very hard making my own

on how they look, act, or behave. Inequality can

designs and logos. Friends and family helped me

lead thousands to death for example. Hitler the

out along the way by posting on social media.

third fuehrer of Germany hated anybody other than the Aryan race so he killed them. He either

I was very excited and happy when I was hired by

killed them or used them as slaves for mining.

the Celtics. I got noticed by all of the pictures I posted of my logos on social media, and I went viral!

I plan to work with the Celtics organization for the

Fast forward…

next 10-15 years until I have enough money to retire. I am currently on a four-year contract for

During the auditions, I feel really nervous and

five million dollars. We plan to extend the contract

frightened, but I feel better because I have my

within two years for five hundred thousand dollars

mom standing there on the sidelines watching me


and encouraging me through it all. What also helped me is I imagine I’m singing for my family

I own a Range Rover, have a wife and one child

and no one else is in the audience. And once I

(expecting to have one more), and a house in a city

finish the song I feel really confident about

next to Boston. This is how I came to become a

myself… and then I make it to the next round.

Celtics logo designer. After I go on American Idol I hope to sing at little

IN 15 YEARS by Sadia F.

In 15 years I want to be a singer… Here’s how it all started. I had a dream and I was singing on American Idol and I made the Golden Buzzer. Before I start a singing career, I will have graduated college at American University and probably have 2-3 kids, I will live in N.Y.C in a penthouse, maybe. One thing I will always do even if I become famous is to stay true to myself and not try to make anyone happy. In my current life, I play basketball and have a cat and I am planning on getting a dog. Of course, I spend lots of time with my family and I love music and love singing songs. In the future, I would love to go to American University and graduate with my masters. I found out about Idol because I used to watch it as a young kid. My life is pretty much chill right about now. I’ve always wanted to go on Idol even as a young kid. When I go to the audition I will be 15...

gigs for people and maybe get paid. Of course, whenever someone is trying to do something big, they have their little group they want to include in part of their journey. I want my mom, my little brother, my two cousins, and my nana to be part of my career. I will live in a penthouse in N.Y.C. Inside my house, it will smell so good I will have lots of good candles and lots of air freshening and I will decorate my house for every season and holiday (sometimes feel homesick). My house will be really decorative with pictures of my family hanging everywhere and little animal pictures on the nightstand. And it will have different setting on different floors of the house so it can be decorative but each theme will tie together, so it doesn’t look weird. Finally, my dream came true of going on American Idol and making it to the next round and becoming famous. But I also keep family and friends close to me, but I do start off small so my fan base can grow.


When I think about someone in my life who inspires me, I think of my mom. My mom is 37years-old, she is short, kind of skinny, and she has

She is my best friend and also she’s the most important person in my life. My mom has always been very patient with me, and she’s always giving me advice and supporting me whenever I need her. She’s always by my side during good and bad times.

short curly hair. My mom is very nice but she has some limits. Most of the times she is talking about my future and opportunities. My mother is the most important person in my life because she always encourages me to study hard because hard work always pays off in the future. I love my mom no matter what we go through and no matter how much we argue. My mom taught me how to learn from my mistakes. There are not enough words I can use to describe how much my mom inspires me. My mom is always telling me that I should care more about my education and my future, not about what others think. My mom was telling me the story about when she left her mom’s house when she was 16-years-old and she went to live with this old lady. She told me that this lady changed her life and also inspired her. So my mom told me to focus on school so I can be someone in life. My mom tells my 16-year-old brother the same thing, I am not the only one. My mom says it’s not because she talks too much it’s because she wants me to follow her steps and she wants me to be a good example to others. My mom inspires me because she is the one that is always telling me positive things about myself. Every day my mom tells me that I should do things that matter to me, not what people expect from me. My mother inspires me because she’s the kindest women that I know and she taught me how to respect others, how to love, and how to be myself.

I BELIEVE by Sophia Q.

Women and girls should have the same rights as men and boys. You’re probably asking why I’m writing this and thinking that women's rights issues are already solved and that I don’t need to be writing this. First, you’re wrong, because problems with women's rights haven't really stopped. Second, before asking questions, just read. One of the biggest reasons why I care is because of my little sister, Mia. She can be a butt sometimes but I love her. One day, a few months ago, on a hot sweaty summer day we were playing at the park, specifically Grove Park. One of my favorite things to do at the park is to go on the swings. But that was the last thing I was going to take my sister on, after all, there was a really long line.   So, when we finally got to the swings we were anxious. I’d been waiting to take my sister on the swing the whole day. I had also been talking to her about how fun the swing is the whole time we were playing, even though she probably didn’t understand me. It’s been almost 18 minutes and the boy on the swing still wasn't done using the swing, I finally had enough and asked him if my sister can use the swing because we have been waiting for a long time. 

He said that he could take all the time he wanted

I don’t really have that many friends, I don’t really

because he was a boy and we were just girls so we

have time to spend with them. My job is a job that

had to wait. Although I was shocked, hurt, and mad

requires dedication, time, and passion for what

I was not going to cause problems with, what

you are doing. Sometimes when I’m free I try to

looked like, a 9-year-old boy. So, I just walked

spend time with my friends because I deserve to


have friends but I don't forget about my family.

  No, women still don’t have the rights they need. A

The people that inspired me to get to this place

lot of women still don’t get paid as much as men

were my siblings, they mean everything to me. I

do. Women, even girls, get harassed. If you see a

got inspired to become this person by some series

man or a boy getting harassed that’s rare, and

of events that happened 15 years ago. This series of

people won’t even say anything (yes, I’ve done my

events were mostly about how my siblings followed

research on YouTube experiments on guys

everything they saw I did, so I started thinking,“If

pretending to get harassed to see what people say)

they follow everything they see me do, I should

but it’s every day for women and girls. We are not

start being a role model for them.” I also said to

just some toys or objects you can play with, these

myself, “I’m old enough to know what’s wrong and

things are still happening, and it needs to stop.

what’s right, so why don’t I try my best to succeed in life, to graduate, to get a great job that would help me continue on with my life, and to be

15 YEARS by Stefany B.

Here I am, 30-years-old, life is everything I once wished it could be. I’m working as a model, which was my dream job since I was a kid. I don’t live in Boston anymore, I decided I wanted to explore other options. I got married a couple of years ago and I’m really happy with my new life. My life now is wonderful, I’m really blessed after I got married, I had some kids who I truly love with all my heart. When I graduated, I made my family so happy, they were really proud of me. That’s something I’ll never forget. My siblings were there with me the day I graduated and it made me so happy, I tried my best to succeed for them and for me to have a better life and to be able to help my mom have a better life as well.

successful in life, but to never forget where I came from and who I was before all my success.” I just wanted the best for them, and as I continued to see that they kept following my steps, I knew that if they saw me succeed in life they would want to do the same. But if they saw me fail or give up they would also do the same because they had an example, they saw me do it. My past help me get to this place because my childhood wasn’t easy. I grew up without a father that could give me some love, and not having a father, I think it kind of led me to make a lot of mistakes in life. I just had my mother, she’s the best, she was there when I needed it her the most. My mother had two jobs those two jobs were being my mother and my father at the same time and she did that job pretty great, I’m really proud of her. I know it wasn’t easy for her to do those two things at the same time but she is really strong and she took care of me very well, I couldn’t have asked for a better mother or father.

I had to go through my parents' divorce, new

They met their goals as I wanted them to do, now I

family members, and I was forced to meet my

see that my effort received a reward, one of the

father. I lost one important person, losing that

biggest rewards I could have ever received. I’m so

person changed my life completely, I never got

happy for them because they can have a future

over his loss. I got depressed, I didn’t want to get


out of my room, I didn’t want to eat, I just wanted to be alone in my room crying without anyone

Everything has a prize at the end of the day, just

bothering me but I decided to stand up for him

attempt to do it. Something great might happen.

because even though he was gone he must be in a

Trying is how we obtain what we want, I obtained

better place, maybe he wasn’t present but he was

the happiness from seeing my siblings graduate

and still is in my heart and always will be. I

from high school, succeeding in life, being proud of

decided to not give up and then there was a

what I did for them, being proud of them for what

moment when I also decided to start thinking a

they achieved after graduating and having a better

little bit more about myself and to start taking

future, the future they deserve for working really

more care of me, that’s when I made an important


decision. I told my mom I needed help, I was hurting myself physically, mentally, and emotionally and I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed someone to help me. In my life, I had too many ups and downs but every person has them. I never gave up I believed in myself even if others didn’t. Life gave me a lot of challenges but God gave me the strength to continue on. Being the oldest sibling, it’s a big role, you can inspire your siblings to never give up on their dreams and show them that they have the potential to chase and catch those dreams. And they can have someone to look up to, someone they can be proud of. I have two siblings, they are my adoration, they do everything they see me do, so that’s why I tried my best at all times, so they can be proud of me and follow some of my footsteps, I didn’t want them to fail in life. I just wanted the best for them. Now my brother and my sister have graduated from high school, I can’t explain how I feel, what I feel it’s something that I don’t know how to describe.


When I finished taking everything out of the

by Tatiara M.

breathe. There was a PS4 with two games and an

wrapping paper, I was so happy that I couldn’t extra controller. The games were Uncharted The

My inspiration is my brother Eric. He is a 34-year-

Nathan Drake Collection and The Last Of Us. These

old man who is annoying, caring, hard-working,

were two of my favorite games that 've watched

and helpful. I want to be better than him and be

playthroughs of in the past.

successful while making him proud. As I had the PS4 for many months and played all When Eric was younger he wasn’t the person he is

the games. One day I got robbed. I was really sad

today. He didn’t care about his education or future.

because many things were robbed from me that I

He always got into trouble and earned bad grades.

worked hard to get. When my brother saw that all

Then when he entered high school, everything

my things were gone, he was also upset. He knew

changed. He decided to turn his life around for the

that I worked hard for them. So he told me that

better. He earned higher grades and worked

he’ll get me another PS4 in the future. In the

harder in school so he could go to college. Once he

meantime, I kept working hard in school to keep

graduated, he went to the military because he

my mind off the robbery and over time I started to

didn’t have enough money to go to college. Once he

forget about it.

got back he went to Umass Boston. He was successful by earning multiple degrees and

Then, later on, my brother purchased me another

graduating college. He then got a job at a company

PS4. We went to Walmart one day because my

called State Street in Boston.

brother had to buy something for himself and he saw me wandering in the gaming aisle. When I

I, on the other hand, I’m taking a different

returned back he saw that I was a little sad and

approach than my brother in education and life. I

then he went to where I was and looked at the

work hard in school and get good grades. This way

video games. After five minutes of looking at them,

I can get into a great college and get the job I want.

he told me to call a Walmart worker. I didn’t

My brother is the one who inspired me to keep

question him and I found one. When the worker

doing this. As Christmas came around the corner

and I returned, my brother told me that he wanted

and he saw me getting good grades, he asked me

to buy a PS4 along with a game. When I heard him

what I wanted. I told him I wanted a PS4 because

say that, my eyes went wide open. I realized that

I’ve been wanting a new gaming system for the

he was going to buy it for me and I started to get

longest time and I just had an Xbox 360 for a few

the urge to cry. I managed to hold it in but when

years and I got tired of all the games. Then when it

we entered the car I lost it. My eyes were pouring

was Christmas Eve, my sister told my brother to

out a river and Eric started laughing at me. I

give me my present early. When I entered the

stopped crying after a few minutes and I asked him

living room there was a huge box wrapped on the

why he bought me another PS4. What he said next

table. I rushed to the box and ripped it open since I

is what inspired me.

knew it was a PS4.

“I bought you another PS4 because you work really

Describing my mom is impeccable, she has so

hard in school and you get good grades. I also felt

many great things about her that I can name about

bad that they stole your other one and I knew how

her, I could go on forever. My mom is funny,

much you loved it. Either way, don’t think you can

amazing, pretty, fun, and confident. That's one of

start slacking off now just because I bought you

the things I love about my mom, she doesn't care

another one. If you continue to work hard and get

what people say about her or think about her.

good grades life will become easier and you can

Anyway, one time my mom was being so fun when

buy all the things you want because you’ll have a

she was being lit in the car and turning up. She was

good job and earn a lot of money.”

looking all cute or whatever and we were on our way to a party that day, too. So we were just

“Thanks,” I told him “And I won’t slack off either…

blasting music and jamming out. That experience

never planned on it,” I added.

was a good moment for me because my mom and I bonded together and it was nice to not hear her

I was happy when he said this and it changed my

yell and stuff which was great.

view of him. I realized that he cared about me greatly and he wanted me to have a good life. I

My mom can be so annoying when it comes to

used what he said as a motive to keep working

getting things done. But I get why she’s so

hard and it has paid off so far.

annoying and hard on me, she wants me to be successful in life, and she wants me to have the

I am thankful that I have a brother like Eric. He

opportunities she didn't, like going to college, and

inspired me a lot and helped me when I needed it

not having much money. Since she didn't have

the most. He’s very supportive and he’s

those opportunities she wants me to have them to

understanding whenever I’m feeling down. If I

be successful. So last year I got two C’s which I

didn’t have him around, I don’t know who else

know is not good, but I showed my mom I thought

would inspire me to work towards a better future.

she was gonna throw me out the window, maybe I was exaggerating. But my mom and I talked about it and she said that I should apply myself more and


I took that into consideration and I applied myself and I started to do better in all my classes because before I used to not care and not try. But now I do and I thank my mom for pushing me into applying

My inspiration is my mom because she is the

myself in all my classes. Now I'm doing better even

reason that makes me want to do my school work,

though I still struggle I push myself to get through

homework (etc.). My mom pushes me to get to my


goals, and things that I want to accomplish in my life.


So, to be honest, I am really excited for high school. The reason I am so excited is that then I can feel more grown up because in middle school I see all these little kids and I don't feel grown up. I also want to go to high school because I haven't

I’m writing about how I think my life will be in 15

played basketball on a real team since the

years. So in 15 years, I will be 29-years-old and I

beginning of 7th-grade. Also, when I’m high school

think that I am going to be a basketball player and

I really hope that I make it to the varsity team

the team I’m hoping to play for is the Boston

because I think that it’s really cool seeing a

Celtics. I really hope that I get picked. But for them

freshman playing for a varsity team.

to pick me I have to be a little taller, I have to be very good at basketball, and I have to know how to

That is why I’m really excited about high school,

control the ball. I also have to be fast. Most

but in order for me to make the basketball team in

importantly, I have to be a good team leader

college, I have to be good in high school. Maybe I

because, on the team, everyone will be a leader.

might get on a team quickly and maybe I won’t

Also, we all have to try our best during our

have to do an extra year. Let's just say if I make the


WNBA I want to be the best player on the court because then a lot of players will try to follow my

Right now I am only 14 and I think that in order to

lead. That is how I see my life fifteen years from

get to where I want to be in the future, I have to


work hard, do my homework, and listen to teachers, because if I don't do this stuff right now, I don't think that I will have a successful future when I grow up. Next year is going to be my first year of high school and I think that high school determines on your future more than middle school because in middle school teachers are just teaching you how high school is going to be. In eighth-grade, it kind of feels like ninth-grade to me because I think that we do a lot of things that ninth-graders do.   

Edwards Middle School This has been an exciting and rewarding year for 8GA at the Edwards Middle School in Charlestown. Citizen Schools students and team members executed a successful Writing and Mentoring Program this past fall in partnership with Bain & Company and Wayfair. Our students forged valuable relationships with their Writing and Mentoring Program coaches while challenging themselves to elevate their writing and critical thinking skills to new levels. From visiting colleges in the Boston area to participating in cultural field trips with 8GA alumni, and taking part in a successful Interview Day, 8GA students created memorable and fun learning experiences for themselves, their mentors, and members of the Citizen Schools team. Perhaps the biggest accomplishment for our 8GA students and the Citizen Schools team this past year was participating in the High School Choice program. All 8GA students applied to a minimum of five high schools, from pilot schools to charter schools to exam and private schools. Additionally, the Citizen Schools team spearheaded the effort to ensure that all 8th-graders at the Edwards Middle School – regardless of their participation in 8GA – apply to and/or select the top five high schools of their choice.  We made sure that all 8th-graders had an informed say in where they will go to school as 9th-graders.  This effort produced 100% participation from the 8th-grade class, 40% of whom applied to pilot, exam, and/or private schools. As High School Choice came to a close, we began our Stand Strong program in partnership with The Sports Museum and have conducted classes and led field trips with a focus on developing the core values of teamwork, courage, fairness, determination, and responsibility. Citizen Schools students and team members at the Edwards spent the year forming valuable connections, making lasting memories, and gaining new skills to bring with us as we all move on to the challenges that the coming years will bring.

Mark shows no fear during the 8th-grade trip to Metro Rock.

8th-graders practicing their skills during Edwards Interview Day.


based on people’s religion. Most of the time

by Hiba B.

comes from my religion and how my parents

figuring out whether something is right or wrong raised me, but sometimes my own mind tells me

From Fenway’s motto: “Work hard. Be yourself. Do the right the thing,” being myself is the easiest because I experience how it feels to be myself, but doing the right thing is probably the most challenging because everyone has their own definition of the right thing. I am productive, independent, honest, responsible, unique, and confident. Being myself is the easiest because as I grow up, I no longer care about fitting in. In elementary school, I tried to fit in, but that only caused me to get into drama at school, and not pay attention to my work. My mom told me that people would like me more if I just be myself. So when I went to middle school I

whether something is right or wrong. I try to do what I think is right and not just follow other people’s thoughts, but it’s hard when there are things such as sin, and people expect you to do what they believe is the right thing. I will take other people's perspectives into count but I will still respect my own. I will continue to develop this skill at Fenway by making sure I always think about what the right thing to do is, and what can help make the school community better. I will start to listen to what I think is right or wrong. I will continue to develop the skill of working hard in Fenway. I try my best in everything and

started to do what I liked, and I realized that

challenge myself instead of giving up. Fenway will

trying to be someone different just to fit in with a

help me develop this skill because of its helpful

certain type of group and get people to like you is

teachers, great opportunities, and its small school

not worth it. I followed this path through 6th-

size. I heard that Fenway has very helpful teachers

grade, and continue it now, I have gotten straight

so they will encourage me to work harder. During

A’s, and I have made some really true friends. I

an open house, I saw that Fenway had a library

will use my time at Fenway to continue developing

which is a great opportunity for me because I love

myself because I know that Fenway’s staff and

reading and doing my work in silence. I will also

students will accept me for who I am. Fenway will

develop my skills easier because Fenway is a small

respect the type of student I am, and since all students are different in their own way I will be comfortable being myself. Doing the right thing will probably be the most challenging, not because I am a bad student nor do I have a bad behavior. However, in a society like this, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish what is right and what is wrong. For example, some people might believe that the travel ban is the right thing to do because it will protect the country, but I disagree because it discriminates

school, so I would be able to get individual attention from the teachers and I will look at students that set good examples. By working hard I will also set a good example for other students. To sum it up, this is why I believe that being myself is the easiest while doing the right thing is the challenging and this is how I will use my time at Fenway High to develop my skills in all three.


goes to work. Her doctor told her to stay out for a

by Matty G.

commitment to her job.

A person that has impacted my life is my mother,

These qualities are some of the many reasons why

Cheryl Harrell. I admire her because she presents many leadership qualities. She is a single mom who works every day from 8 to 5 to keep a roof

couple days but she refused, because of her

my mom will continue to impact my life and be someone that I admire.

over our heads. She’s a fun, hardworking woman, and that’s why I love and admire her. My mother

Honesty is one of the most important traits that


make a good leader. How can you expect your

by Gersom L.

definitely has many leadership qualities. A leadership quality my mom has is honesty.

followers to be honest if you lack that quality yourself? My mother is always honest, she does

Fenway’s motto is “Work hard. Be yourself. Do the

not lie to make people feel good because she

Right Thing.” These three qualities make up what I

knows it will not benefit them later in future. For

believe is a good student and good school; they

example, my little brother was having a hard time in math at school and his teacher kept telling him that he needed to work on it. My brother came home and told my mother and expected her to tell him that he was right, but she didn’t. She was honest with him and told him that he needs to listen to the teachers and work on improving his math. Other leadership qualities that my mother has is commitment and passion. My mother works a fulltime job at Harvard as a health assistant. She’s been working at this job for a couple years and she is very committed to it. When nobody else is in the

represent why I want to attend Fenway. Out of the three I find working hard to be challenging because it is sometimes hard to handle school and work. Either way, I push through to become a student who works hard and completes their work. I believe that is a hardworking student. In addition, they show effort in class by participating and respecting teachers and classmates. What I do to be a hardworking student is I always finish my work on time. I always make myself focused in class to learn. On the weekends for the past few months, I’ve been

office, she will work by herself all day just because

working at Market Basket. When I’m there I would

she loves her job that much and is passionate

do the same thing, focus on my task and get it

about it. She’ll even go in if she isn’t feeling good.


My mom could have a broken leg and she will still find a way to get to work. For example, she has

Being myself comes easiest to me. I believe being

been having back problems for a while that has

yourself is doing your own thing and staying true

caused her to not being able to walk, but she still

to yourself. That’s someone who has different

characteristics. One time I was being myself, was

the classroom. I will never quit, I will always try to

when I was getting into basketball. Everybody had

push myself to do extra even if I don’t want to. If

the same basketball shoes and I wanted to be

my team is losing I would do extra and push my

different. I wanted to stand out with a different

team to do better. If I had to write two paragraphs

brand nobody would expect to wear. At the time

for class, then I would make it four paragraphs.

Steph Curry from the Golden State Warriors was blowing up from his amazing plays. So I chose his shoes. Showing up to school got me some strange looks but I can tell students respected it. Later on, I saw that I motivated others to do the same. When you’re doing the right thing you are helping people out, being kind and respectful to them, this shows integrity. A person that would hang out with positive mindset people who will motivate them by going on the right path. That is what makes me a good student.

If I was able to attend Fenway high school I would become a leader. In my advisory class, we have a circle every Friday. About two months ago we spoke about something that happened to us and how did it impact our lives. I spoke about my father getting shot in the leg by terrorists in Iraq. This made me feel like a leader because I spoke about something that was very deep that happened to me and family and this made my classmates feel safe because they can speak about something that is very deep and would still feel safe about it. I had to open this up so everyone


could share their very deep story and move on because you have to forget about the past.

by Mohammad F.

By the time I am a senior I hope that I get When someone asks “who are you?” you might

supportive teachers that will always push me and

think I would say my name and where I am from,

want me to succeed in life.

but I will say that I am a unique and determined. I am very unique because I always wanted to be different from others. If every student wore the same sneakers to school then I would be the person who wears a different kind of sneakers. Also, I’m unique because I am the only Iraqi-born Muslim at my middle school that speaks Arabic. I was born during the US/Iraqi war and grew up in Basra where the fighting and crime were an everyday occurrence. Not everyone at my school faced all of those challenges and that what makes me unique. Another word that describes me is determination. I am very determined on the soccer field and in 

HARD WORK by Janaiya P.

I have always been a hard worker. The easiest motto that comes to me is working hard. As a leader and the middle child of the family, I am the hardest working. Working hard means a lot to me because I know that I will not reach my goal by just slacking, but by putting in time and determination in what I want to do. My goal is to make it to college; I put a lot of work into my school work to put a smile on my family's face and 

me work even harder to earn my education. I


balance sports and academics, I consider myself a

by Krystalee R.M.

mine too. The struggles I have been through, make

student-athlete. I love all types of sports, but my favorite is basketball. Basketball gives me a

I am a female who is ambitious, diligent,

balance and control over my emotions. Once you

determined, and a leader. My name is Krystalee

find your balance it can always help you go

and describing who I have always been a

through the best and worst moments of your life,

problematic question to answer. I think that my

that's why I use basketball. One of my friends has

family would describe me as a shy independent

been struggling in school, so my friends and I

girl with a smart mind. I would agree. Ever since I

decided to do our homework before stepping on the gym floor, which led my friend to get back on track. At the Boys and Girls Club, which I have been a member of since I was six, I try to set an example for my peers. I come in every day and put my academics first and encourage my peers to do the same. The most important thing I love doing is volunteering. I volunteer in this program called KeyStone. As a young adult, it feels awesome giving back to the communities that need the most

was a little girl I have always been shielded from expressing my thoughts and ideas. Going into middle school, my shyness has transformed each year into a strength. It’s a strength now because others think that my shyness makes me weak, but I use my voice as a surprise factor. Most are astonished by this factor and the voice that I use every day to show what I can do. My voice reveals my ambitiousness which shows me that becoming a lawyer is achievable.


Graduating high school is my first goal, then I

When I work hard I perform extremely well, not

justice, and politics. I have also been a member of

only in sports but also in academics. As a leader in

the debate team for three years. Debate gives me

basketball, soccer, and education I help my

that extra opportunity to improve my speech and

teammates and classmates reach their goal just

reading skills.

want to go to college and study the world of law,

like me. My closest friends mean the world to me, they might not be blood family, but they are the

I consider myself a leader in and outside of school

family that pushes me to try to do my best and

because I know what I have to do to be successful

only the best. Hard work is what has pushed me to

in the future. Showing my siblings to care about

be the young adult I am today. I know if I

their education and to always do the right thing is

continue to work hard and give back to the community I will continue to be successful.

very important to me. I want to be their role model. What I can offer to the Fenway community is my voice, ambition, and leadership. I believe that students can impact a school and its community.

Having students give their ideas on how a school

somehow benefit from it.

can improve is very important in a school environment. What I hope to get from The Fenway

This experience shapes why I want to go to

school community is the ability to excel and

Fenway because I want to be in a situation like

improve my skills that I have now and gain more

that again. I want to feel trapped and find my own

for the future.

way out. I can see myself on Fenway’s debate team having even more of these experiences.

UNDER PRESSURE by Stephanie P.

I was frantically flipping through my debate binder, my opponents attacking every argument I proposed. I was frightened by their booming voices and complete confidence. I knew there


I think that a good high school provides a good

wasn't a card I could find that would reveal a flaw

education for the students. That means the teachers

in their argument, at least not at that moment. I

make sure the students understand what they are

didn't have enough time. The timer went off and

learning. Providing a good education to high school

we stood. It was my turn to ask questions but I

students helps them get them into good colleges. If

was so worried and occupied with trying to find a

you get into a good college, then you are on your

response that I couldn't think of one. My partner

way to getting a good job. Getting a good job means

asked questions and they shouted their

that you will be successful in life.

answers, forcing everyone in the room to pay attention to only them. They were so passionate that they were aggressive. I envied their alertness and understanding of the argument, but I also just wanted to leave the room. But I didn’t, I had to stay there, even if I was obviously losing, I had to be there for my partner and to learn from this. I had to know what I was doing wrong and fix it for the future. This was only the second debate tournament of the school year. The first was a breeze since everyone was new but that second tournament stung more than a hornet. I know that in the future I would remember this moment as one of the first times I truly felt cornered like I was prey.

High schools that have a good graduation rate are also good schools. If the school has a high graduation rate, then that shows you that most of the kids there have graduated and have been successful. For example, the John B. O’Bryant‘s graduation rate is 96%, which means that almost all of their students have graduated each year. In addition, 89% of their students are enrolled in college. One more thing that makes a good high school is having extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities such as sports, art, music, etc. keep the kids out of the house and active. They help the

I had to figure out how to get out of that

students keep their minds clear. They also help kids

situation or how to turn it around so that I could 

express their feelings, whether that is in sports, art, dance, music, etc. I would contribute

to the school community by joining the soccer

effort, then it shows people that you care, you

team. I would be the person to make the soccer

want to do well in the future, and you want to be

team fun, successful and full of school pride.

successful. A good student will put in as much effort as she can, she will never settle for less. For

A good student is someone who wants to do well

example, I had to finish my science project but I

in school, shows respect to others, and shows

was running out of time. I pushed myself to put in

effort. I consider myself a good student. I want to get into a good school that will provide me with a good education. I want to be successful, I want to have a good job and a good life when I am older. You are not a good student if you do not care about your work in school. You are not a good student if you do not take your education seriously. You are not a good student if you do not put in the effort. When we were working on politics in Civics, I was confused so I pushed myself to understand what we were learning

as much effort and try to finish it and that’s what I did.

MY FRIEND HIBA by Cherish C.R.

I admire my best friend Hiba. Hiba is a student from my school. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin. She is from Morocco, and I have

about. By the time I had to take the test, I was

known her since sixth grade. She is someone I

proud of myself because I finally knew the

personally admire for many reasons such as how


she motivates others, is an excellent student, and an empathetic friend.

A good student is someone who respects others. If you like to focus on your work in a quiet space and

One reason I admire her is that she pushes me and

people are allowing you to do that, then you

others to do the right thing in school. For

should take advantage of that by finishing what

example, when we were in sixth grade I missed

you are working on. If another student likes to

quite a lot of days due to stress and illness, so

work alone in a quiet space, then you should allow them to do that. If you do not, then you are distracting them and that is disrespectful and shows that you do not care about their education. In a good school, both the students and teachers show respect and then everyone can learn more. For example, when I was working on problems in Math, the partner I was working with wanted to work by herself for a minute. I respected her decision and gave her space to work by herself. A good student is someone who shows effort. If you do not show the effort that will tell other people that you do not care about school, and you do not care about your future. If you do put in the

many that it started to negatively affect my report card. She encouraged me to come more often and reminded me how important it was to come every day because I was missing important lessons. I also admire her because of her work ethic, granting her with all A’s. I remember her being the only one to win an award for having all A’s in sixth grade. It really impressed and motivated me because seeing her work hard made me want to work hard too.

Lastly, I admire Hiba because she’s such an empathetic friend. For example, whenever I feel gloomy, she attempts to cheer me up or give me space if I need it. Hiba also encourages me to do my best in both my schoolwork and personal interests, such as drawing. I admire Hiba because of her ability to motivate people to do their best, her work ethic, and her kind and empathetic nature. I am thankful to have such a good friend like Hiba in my life.

Orchard Gardens What is the OG? Citizen Schools has partnered with Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School since 2010. The school has a strong focus on the arts with students excelling in dance, theater, art, and music. During students' time in Citizen Schools, they have the opportunity to experience and learn about new topics such as engineering and entrepreneurship. Â At Orchard Gardens, students from grades 6 to 8 have time during the extended-learning day to complete any homework they might have during I-Block. This year, students also had the opportunity to expand their horizons with exciting electives. Whether it was creating contraptions in Design Squad or expressing themselves in Artist Activist, students learned new things about the world and themselves.

Letter from the teacher! Dear Eighth Graders, You are all wonderful people who have done wonderful things this year. When you go to high school, the skills you have developed this year will help you succeed in being what you want to be. I am grateful to be there during this part of your journey. During Writing Program, you all formed relationships with your writing coaches and pushed yourselves to be better writers. You should all be proud of all of the hard work you put into your high school essays. Having read all of your essays, I know that you will all achieve great things. Seeing you innovate and create has shown me that you are amazing artists who should be proud of your ability to be true to yourselves. The 2017/2018 school year has been a time of change and I know that going to high school will lead to even more. Remember that you can all persevere through any obstacles that get in your way! Sincerely, Mr. Livermore

Students design a catapult with styrofoam and paint stirrers.

Salah and Luis work together in a class competition.



by Naikiry M.

by Eric C.

I would like to attend a school that will help me

My name is Eric I`m from Cape Verde. I'm an

achieve my goals, and Fenway is the right fit. First,

athlete as I play soccer and ice hockey. I'm

Fenway is devoted to providing a high-quality

competitive about the games I play. I`m not a

education within a small setting. Moreover, the

quitter. I won’t quit when something gets hard. I`m

school is diverse, and I am interested to learn

funny and love video games. My favorite game is

about different people from different cultures. For all these reasons, I believe Fenway is a good school. Dedication, passion for learning, and a willingness to be a successful student is what makes a good student. In addition, a good student always tries their best and never gives up. Finally, the reasons why I want to attend Fenway High are vast. However, the fact that faculty members work hard to ensure that each student is supported, is what I am looking for in a high school because I do not have that support at home. Although my father encourages me academically.

Call of Duty and FIFA because you can play with friends. In Call of Duty, you can play a zombie mode. I like science because of the lab and experiments. I can offer the school and community, hard work, participation, and answer as many questions as I can. I will treat people the way I want to be treated. I can be generous by helping others. I can offer the sports teams athletic skills and hard work. Back in middle school, my friends and I Â joined the soccer team and we won all the games we played that year. Soccer was the only sport that won the championship that year. I hope to get field trips were we can go off campus and do fun things.

I want to go to Fenway High school because I like math and science and would love to get involved in the debate team, and arts program. I also want to attend Fenway because I think I am the kind of student that Fenway would be proud to have. I’m the kind of student that perseveres even when I’m tired or don’t really feel like doing it. I try to listen to everyone’s ideas. I try to be a role model to others. I help others when I see them


struggling. I always try to do my best. I think all these qualities make a good student and that’s the kind of student I am.

by Missoura W-H

I’ve been dancing since I was three years old. I dance with a company every week during the school year and take breaks during the summer. Every week I learn new dance moves and strengthen old ones. This has helped me learn to persevere past physical and mental challenges. Dance class has also helped me learn that independence and collaboration are important. My sister and I collaborate by choreographing dance pieces together. I also like doing independent work during the times when I choreograph solos. I would love to go to a high school that offers me the kind of experience that dance has given me. I think a good school offers students opportunities for collaboration with others as well as independent work. A good school helps students learn from their mistakes and encourages them to persevere past mental and physical challenges. I also think that a good school will value diversity and will work towards creating equal opportunities for all the students. I think Fenway High school is that kind of school and that’s part of the reason I want to go there.


I love my parents very much and they impact my life in so many ways, but the person I want to talk about is Mr. Leroy. He is the dean of the middle school at Orchard Gardens where I attend. Mr. Leroy pushes me to exceed his expectations and he helps me form good habits through helpful discipline. This has impacted me by helping me become a better son, leader, and student. Mr. Leroy pushes me to exceed his expectations. For example, Mr. Leroy makes sure every player has an average or higher GPA in order to be on the football or hockey team. This teaches me to not only do well in sports, but also in academics. This has made me a better student because now I put more effort into what I am doing in my classes in order to play on sport teams.

Mr. Leroy helps me form good habits by showing

there for me, I can do it myself. So that is why I try

and giving discipline. He constantly reminds

to do my best to learn from what she’s doing. She

students what we should be doing in school to be

has been here for me since I was born so that’s a

successful. Even though it is simple things, like

lot of work for her. That’s why I help her too.

telling us to be in uniform, these things help me

Everyone in the family helps. When I help, I am

listen and show respect to my teachers. As a

going to learn skills for the future that’s why I love

result, now I focus more in class and also I spend

my mom more than anything.

more time learning with my homework. Because of these lessons, I have been putting more effort

When she’s at work she asks how I am and if

into my chores at home, which makes me a better

anybody called while she wasn’t home. She asks

son because now I help my mom more with

me to study and if I’ve done my homework and to

cleaning up around the house.

clean the house. All the things she asks are the things I have to do when I’m older, so her

I think a good school offers students opportunities

reminders help me know what to do.

for collaboration with others as well as independent work. A good school helps students

She helps my family when we need help. When we

learn from their mistakes and encourages them to

need help going to the store to buy things, she

persevere past mental and physical challenges. I

drives us or walks with us. When we need

also think that a good school will value diversity

anything we can count on her. She will always be

and will work towards creating equal

there for us when we need her. When I was trying

opportunities for all the students. I think Fenway

to go to the store and it was dark, I couldn’t go

High school is that kind of school and that’s part

alone. My sisters were too lazy and my dad was at

of the reason I want to go there.

the gym I asked my mom and she said: “of course.” When I need help with my homework, my mom tries to help me. When I have too many chores,


she doesn’t do them for me but shows me how to do them so that I can get better. It impacts my life because, without my mom’s help, no one else would help me or be there for me when I need it.

A person who impacted me is my mom because she helps me a lot. The important thing that she

She makes our food and she looks out for us. If I

does is take care of me. I will copy what she has

get hurt, she gets a band-aid or anything to try to

taught me. She helps me by showing me how to

help me. If she sees me sitting down doing my

make food. It shows me that when I’m older I can

homework she will ask, “do you need help?” if it

do things. She tells me that when I get my own

looks like I’m struggling. If I look hungry she’ll

house she is not going to be there with me all the

make food for me or buy food for me. She makes

time. That’s why she tells me that if no one is

sure I have a balanced meal with rice, beans, and

What makes a good school:

chicken. She teaches me how to cook. This

A good school has a low drop out rate. The low

impacts my life because when I’m older I will

dropout rate reflects on the school's ability to get

know how to cook on own my food. I know how to

the students interested in learning. A good school

be safe, and I know how to take care of myself.

can provide their students with enough education and knowledge to graduate. Additionally, a good

My mom impacts my life because the things that

school offers numerous classes and curriculums.

she does help me become a better person. She

Personally, I would like to participate in classes

even tells me that because she doesn't want me to

that have piano and design.

be homeless. I want to go to a good school, have a good life and get a good job. When I’m older, I

What makes a good student:

don’t want to be the person in life to have no job,

A trait that makes a good student is respect. If a

no home and no family. I want a life, job, and

student doesn’t have respect, the student is not

family. I just want to be like her because what she

able to achieve their goals. If they do not have

does will help me become a better person when

respect for their peers or teachers, they will not

I’m older.

have anyone to help them when they are challenged. Another trait that a student should have is motivation. If one does not have motivation, they will not be able to push themselves to learn. If you are not motivated to learn from the teacher you will not be able to acquire knowledge. Why do I want to attend Fenway: I am interested in attending Fenway because I would like to get a great education. I come from a good family: my mother and brother used to live in the Dominican Republic where there is a lot of poverty. They came to Boston to have a better life


In the following essay, you will be reading about what makes a good school, what makes a good student, and why I would like to go to Fenway.

and so that my brother and I could have a great education. The story of my parents motivated me to study and have a great life. This school will help me prepare me for college and getting a good job. The teachers push their students to get good grades and graduate in order to help them achieve their goals.

speak and listen. She is amazing at speaking and listening to people. For example, when I see my mom talking to people or when she is talking to me she always makes sure to listen to my point of view first and then tell me how she feels. And if she feels like she cannot communicate something to you she will try another approach, until she feels like you and she have come to an understanding.


The person I admire is my mom. She is everything I aspire to be and more. The qualities I admire most about my mom are determination, her ability to communicate with anyone, and her leadership skills. She exercises these qualities everyday not just at work, but also at home and in her everyday life. These are qualities I would like to see in myself and that I think I have almost acquired. My mom is always determined. Once she begins a task she will not stop until she feels like she has given one hundred percent. For example, my mom recently had a project at work and she was having a bit of trouble with it at first. However, she didn't stop there and say, “well I tried my best,” instead, she asked her co-workers for some feedback. After she got feedback, she applied it and she finished the project. All because she was determined and kept going. Another quality that I admire about my mom is her ability to communicate. She always says that communication is a two-way street, you have to

The last quality that I admire about is her leadership skills. In situations that call for a leader, my mom is quick to jump in. She is a natural born leader when she is offered a job they are often in leadership roles. For example, the job my mom has now is as a business coach. She tells small businesses what they should do to make their business great. She is also the person whom they came to when they need guidance or any help at all. My mom is the kind of person whom everyone should look up to. Her skills have impressed many people and ensured her happiness and success. I hope that I can have the same happiness and success as her one day.

happen because I have heard that it is a hard working school. I want to go to a hard working school where I can be pushed to be an even harder worker. I will improve at being myself at Fenway by being around people who are more like me. I would like to be around people who won’t get off task and misbehave, and people who have a good influence on other people. I am really impressed by the graduation rate being a great 92.5% and the dropout percentage being low. The students in


What comes easiest to me in Fenway’s motto is working hard because during school I am focused and I am always finishing my work. For example, in class, I get my work and do it right on the spot. I also do it successfully and work to fix any mistakes I might have made. Also, when doing my homework, I get it done after school and turn it in on time the day after it was given or before its due. A challenging thing for me sometimes is doing the right thing because I get off task, but then I try to get right back on task. Sometimes in class, I will kind of daydream or be looking out a window and not be doing the right thing by paying attention. When there’s a loud room that’s talking, I can’t help but talk and laugh after it’s quiet. Whenever that happens I ask the teacher if I can go and take a break and get some water to clear my head, then when I come back I'm on task and focused. I will improve at Fenway by trying to make all my work correct and Fenway will make that plan

Fenway really try their hardest to graduate. They don’t give up and they’re determined to finish school. Fenway will help me with all these aspects because this school has a high graduation rate, low dropout percentage and a lot of diversity among the students. Also, the college enrollment is 77.9%, which is still high, and those are my reasons why I want to attend your school.

who can get the highest test score. Caring is a good quality because I will be able to empathize with people when I pursue my psychology degree. Jasmine is able to communicate effectively. She is able to reason and explain concepts and ideas when I don’t understand a situation. For example, when my mom yells at me, and I don’t really understand why she’s angry, my sister will come to me and discuss why my mom was so upset and


My sister Jasmine has had a positive impact on my life. She graduated from BCLA and represents leadership qualities such as being a role model, being caring, and being a great communicator.

that helps me understand why whatever I did was so wrong. Communication is a good quality to have because it shows confidence and it will allow me to work with people. My sister Jasmine has had a great impact on me because of her personality and leadership skills. If it was not for Jasmine, I would not be doing well academically.

Jasmine is a good role model because she is persevering through her difficult job while being academically focused as she is attending higher education. My sister inspires me because she is able to balance school and her job. I would like to emulate her because she studies hard, works hard,


shows up on time, and is helpful. These qualities

One person I admire is Mark Zuckerberg. One

are important leadership skills because it can

reason I admire him is because coding is one of

prepare you for the future.

the things that I like to do. Coding is fascinating to me. Another reason I admire him is he finds ways

Jasmine is very caring and spends time with me.

to make social media available to everyone. I like

She gives awesome advice. For example, she told

that because, in social media, you can meet people

me to pay no mind to drama in high school, just

all around the world.

focus on doing well in school and succeeding. She also sets goals and makes bets with me. For

I like coding because with coding you can make

example, she would encourage me to get good

music, art, and games. By attending BCLA, I could

grades by saying “I’ll buy you some new shoes or

reach my goals by using math skills. I could

take you somewhere if you get good grades.”

somewhat be like Mark Zuckerberg by starting a

Another example is she and I will make a bet

small app and adding to it to make it bigger in the


future. I admire Mark Zuckerberg mainly because

years. I am primarily interested in contributing to

how he made the app/website with coding and

BAA’s renowned musical program as a violist.

how he was able to attract many subscribers and

Secondly, I am eager to explore new territory

make money fast.

through BAA’s acting and theater programs. Finally, after learning about BAA’s student culture

The leadership qualities that Zuckerberg has is to

and being strongly advised to apply by both my

create a website/app to talk to others in a better

brother and my current music teacher, I am

way. I would like to follow in his footsteps, but

confident that BAA would be the perfect fit for me,

instead of making a social app/website. The

and that I have much to offer to the community at

computer expertise of BCLA’s computer teachers


in addition to the computer resources available at BCLA would help me attain my goals of developing

After developing my musical skills for several

RPG and MMORPG. I would like to attend BCLA

years, I will be auditioning for a performance on

because I need math to further develop my coding

the viola. In addition to playing the viola, I am

skills. By learning coding and mathematics at

passionate about acting and want to explore this

BCLA I would become a pro at coding and would

passion further by performing in theater arts. I

help me be a game developer in the future.

have some minor experience in acting in theatrical productions in middle school but have also spent much of my own time learning as much as I can about the various methods, styles, and rules of acting. Finally, I know BAA is the best place for me to attend high school because two people in my life whom I trust deeply, and who know BAA well, have encouraged me to apply. My brother and I have been close my entire life - he is one of the people who know me best. He also attended BAA


and had a very positive experience there. I trust his judgment because I know he wants the best for me as my older brother, and he believes I would be very happy studying at BAA. On the other hand, I trust my music teacher, Mr. Sanders, because he is familiar with BAA’s music program and with my

I am choosing to apply to Boston Arts Academy

abilities as a musician.

because I am excited to grow as a musician, actor, student, and artist. BAA has both the academic

In conclusion, I am applying to BAA because I

rigor and abundance of resources in the arts that I

believe the school has all the programs I seek and

hope to take advantage of through the next four 

that I would make a valuable member of its

am a good friend by being supportive and helping

student body. I can’t wait to perform the viola

my friends be happy.

along with many other talented students in BAA’s orchestra or to deliver my first monologue on

When I am able to focus I am able to work hard

stage before an audience. I know BAA is the best

and participate in class. When I focus I am able to

place I can spend the next four years of my

do my homework silently. In science class, I

education, and I hope I am fortunate enough to

participate more than in my other classes. I learn

receive the opportunity to do so.

more when I participate and answer the questions. I try my best to do the right thing, but because I am an adolescent the line between right and wrong becomes blurry. I feel like in the environment at Fenway, I will learn how to do the right and not wrong things. I believe I will have friends that will lead me to success and if I end up in a wrong situation I will do my best to bring up the effort of making it right again. In conclusion, I feel that Fenway would help make me a better student and a better person. I believe that my personality would contribute to the


From Fenway High School’s motto, what I find easiest is being myself. I sometimes find it challenging to work hard in the school environment. I feel that attending Fenway would develop my skills by working hard, being myself, and doing the right thing more frequently. Being myself is easiest for me because I don’t have to change for anybody. I can feel how I want and not let people change my emotions. I also like being competitive because I like pushing myself. I

Fenway community. I hope you will you will take this into consideration, thank you.


I’ve been playing the violin for 3 years. I’m interested in going to BAA because I think it can really help me with my future. I would like to learn how to be more fluid with the bow. This would happen with more private lessons. I did have some before and I would love to do it again. For dance, I used to do ballet, but now I’m in dance class with Ms.Monica. I love to dance and want to continue to practice at BAA. I want to go to BAA because I want to be better at dancing. I used to take tap dancing classes and I want to try it again. I want to keep playing violin in an orchestra because I like the way a musical piece comes together. I also like playing scales because I get to play the violin quickly. At BAA, I want to get better at sight reading and pitch/rhythms. In high school, I hope that I can get private lessons and learn solo pieces. At BAA, I hope to take advantage of the opportunities and improve at the violin and dance.


My mom and my dad are my role models and have had a great impact on my life. My mom is patient and my dad is social and they are both hardworking.   One way my mom is patient is when she is dealing with me and my sister. My sister and I argue a lot and my mom always listens to both sides of the story. I imagine that it's not easy to stay calm when you’re dealing with two twins who hate being in trouble. What I learned from my mom about being patient is that it’s important to listen to everyone even if I disagree. At school when I am on Student Council, I have to listen to other members’ ideas. Listening to their ideas could convince me to change my mind, which is important because it helps us reach the same decision as a group.    One of the leadership qualities that my dad has shown is being social. My dad plays basketball at the park near my house. Sometimes new people come when he’s playing with his friends, and he’ll 

invite them to play. What my dad has taught me is that being social is good. When I see a kid alone at school I always go up to them to talk or hang out so they don’t feel left out. My mom and dad are both hard-working. Whenever they feel like they didn’t do enough work my mom will bring it home and my dad will do over time. They have taught me that hard work will get you places and help you succeed. These are important leadership qualities because being patient helps you respect others, being social helps make sure that nobody’s feeling left out, and working hard helps you succeed.

Trotter Innovation School The William M. Trotter School was founded in 1969. Named after a known businessman and founder of the Boston Guardian, William M. Trotter. He was a key force in the creation of the Nation Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a Civil Rights activist, and he worked closely with W.E.B DuBois to form the Niagara Movement which was a black activist group that opposed segregation.   The William M. Trotter School was the first magnet school in Boston and the second in the United States.  \From its inception, it was de-segregated and highly selected by families. It was known in the past for having a strong performing arts program. The Trotter School started off as a K-5 elementary but in 2013 it expanded to a full K-8 school. Situated on the Dorchester/Roxbury line, the Trotter Innovation School is home to students from all across the city of Boston. Our mission is to ensure, inspire and develop the academic and social-emotional growth of all of our learners as they aspire to reach academic excellence. Our vision is to create a learning community where students, families, and educators are valued, respected, and are positive contributors and investors in the success of our society.    In 2013, Citizen Schools and the Trotter Innovation school began their partnership, offering students extended learning time, which gives students in grades five through eight, three additional hours per day for help with school work, apprenticeships, sports teams and clubs. This 2018 class is the second graduating class of the William M. Trotter Innovation School. 

Ms. O'Leary's Class To my class, You did it! Congrats on making it to the end of the year and the end of your middle school experience. You have put in a lot of work to get here. 8th-grade is not an easy year and you have all had to overcome a lot of obstacles--academically, socially, and emotionally. Being an 8th-grader means being a leader and I have watched you all rise to that challenge. Though I joined your class mid-year, I’ve really enjoyed watching you grow. I know Citizen Schools sometimes seemed like an added stress on top of all your other responsibilities, but all the work you put in will pay off in high school. From college trips, annoying MCAS prep tests, the NFTE showcase, and the New England Aquarium, we have been through a lot. Here are some individual shout-outs. Thank you, Kydrianna for always keeping me honest and staying focused even when the classroom can be distracting. Thank you, Darrick for always going to the CS office to pick up supplies I forgot and for putting in your best work even when you are tired. Thank you, Xavier for showing up every day and pushing me to be a better teacher. Thank you,  Jayden for always being respectful and bringing your positive attitude to class. Thank you Kaemani for making class interesting and getting your homework done. Thank you, Omari for having an optimistic attitude and turning around your behavior when I ask you to. Thank you, Tony for having a sense of humor and being a quiet leader. You have all taught me so much in the short time we have known each other and I am very grateful for that. Good luck next year! -Ms. O’Leary

I also created a house that floats 7-8 feet off the ground. When in the house, you feel as if you are really on the real ground. There are three hoops that float off of the ground that keeps you up. The sound of elevators is super high pitched and slow, but it sounds like a car engine. No one knows why the food tastes different inside the house.  In this house, the food tastes ten times better than in a normal house. As I get older, my wife and I have


kids and my baby boy and girl become even better than I was. They make millions and help all their other friends, kids, and family. They create a new type of crystal from a substance similar to a meteorite that only falls to Earth every million years. The new crystal is fully safe and gives you

My name is Darrick B. Owens, Jr. and here is the

the ability to do anything. It can give you the ability

story of my future life.

to fly, move at super speeds, and give you super health etc., but not immortality. In the end, I die

I went to Trotter Middle School, Dearborn High

happy with my wife.

School, and Harvard University. I became a very important and successful programmer who changed the world for good. After my talent was recognized, I was nominated to work as a NASA programmer. I was then put onto a secret project and I turned that project into my learning helmet that would change the educational system forever. The helmet is called the Brain Optimal Learning Tool, known as the B.O.L.T. ™. I got the idea from an anime I once watched that was a virtual reality game. I based my work off of that and made it so

malfunctions, NASA canceled the project for a year,


but secretly I kept it going and released it to the

by Jayden L.

you are being taught a whole lesson by a person but you are just seeing it in your head. It only takes 5-10 minutes each class. After we had some

public in 2040. Scientists tested it and found out that it was the high level of programming that no other person was able to do. It was added to almost every public and private school in the world.

When I was in the 6th-grade, I got all F's on my third term report card. I failed in Math, English, Science, and Computers. In the 6th-grade, I didn’t

do anything. I would talk through every class and

When I see people acting up in class and not doing

not pay attention, so when it was time to do

their work, I think to myself WOW! I’m glad I

homework, I was lost. I was a bad student during

turned it around in time.

most of the 6th-grade. I didn’t care about school but when I got that report card it was a wake-up call. On the term before that one, I received all B’s. I was involved, and my teachers were involved. I realized I needed to turn my grades around, so I wouldn’t have to go to summer school. I’m writing about the time when I got all F’s on my 6th-grade report card. When my teacher was handing out the report cards I was scared because I knew it was horrible. When I got my report card my heart stopped. It felt like it was the end. I felt so embarrassed. My immediate reaction was to make a plan so I could prevent this from happening again. After I got my report card, I took it home and my


mom took my phone and yelled at me and said,

by Kydrianna A.

“You’re not getting your phone back until you make the honor roll.” My mom knew that was

In 15 years, I will be 29-years-old and a successful

absurd. She thought I would never make the honor

criminal defense lawyer. I will be living in a nice

roll and I would never get my phone back. So I

house outside of Boston with my husband and two

tried in school just to prove her wrong, but my

kids, a boy and a girl. I would like to have my

hard work became a habit and I carried it on from

family, my coworkers, my future friends, and

the 6th-grade to the 7th-grade and to the 8th-

possibly old friends in my life as I grow up. Before

grade. I paid attention in class and worked hard,

I become a lawyer, I would have to graduate high

and at the end of the term, I received all B’s and

school, graduate college, graduate law school, pass

my phone back. The last part was having a change

the bar, and maybe do some internships after.

in mind. The change is that I’m a better student now.

I envision myself on trial winning the case. Before every case, I would have to be confident and

My life is different because I feel better when I get

prepared because if you go into a case with any

my report card. I’m not scared anymore when I

doubt that you could lose, chances are you may say

take it home and I feel good about myself. In

the wrong things and mess things up. Going on

conclusion, I realized that school is important and

trial is a serious situation and it’s something that I

if you think about it, that report card was the best

want to be assured I could win. I don’t want

thing that ever happened to me. Without that

anything to go wrong. I want to be known as the

report card, what kind of student would I be now?

best lawyer to hire.

As a successful lawyer in the future, I could imagine myself defending Steve Jennings in a criminal case. Imagine Steve was wrongfully accused of pushing his old girlfriend Jessica Thompson off of the roof of her apartment building. He was on the roof the same time as Jessica when she jumped. That is partly why they think he’s guilty, other reasons are because of the relationship they had before they were broken up. The plaintiff says before they ended their relationship Jessica was unfaithful to Steve and cut him loose afterward. Steve was angry with Jessica and went to her apartment to have a few words with her. Somehow they ended up on the roof and things got heated and he pushed her off the roof. Steve’s charges were dropped once they found that he was no longer guilty of the murder of Jessica because it was a suicide. The autopsy showed that there was no fingerprints or force when they looked at Jessica’s body, and the security cameras on the roof showed that Steve did not push her off the roof. In this case, defending Steve was a task because no one was on his side but me but that’s my job. The night before the case I studied Steve’s record and did some investigating on Jessica and found out all the information I needed to get Steve out of trouble. In the courtroom, I stated all my facts and debated back and forth until the judge saw that Steve was innocent. After I’ve won so many cases, I will be named top lawyer of the city and become very financially stable. On the side, I would like to do hair because I’m very good at it and I could make extra money off of it. While I’m in college I will get a degree in cosmetology and in law, so if being a lawyer doesn’t work out, I’ll have opened up a business and made a living off of that.


My name is Omari and I like basketball because it makes me a stronger person and it pushes me to stay focused and have confidence. My goal is to become a professional basketball player. At Orchard Gardens, I played basketball with my league and my team was called the “Miami Heat.” I played against the “Knicks” in the playoffs to get to the championship. The people that were involved were my Coaches, my teammates, the other team, referee, and the crowd. I was confident because I knew I was going to beat the easiest team in the league. Basketball made me become a stronger and a better person and I’ve also gotten better at shooting. At the beginning of the season, my team started off 3-0. We started the season scoring 40+ points a game. In the 4th game of the season, I tried to save the ball from going out of bounds and I fell and broke my wrist. I tried to protect my fall with my hands but my wrist buckled and broke. I felt like I

I sat out for four games and my team still won


every game. I went to the doctor’s to check if my

by Tony P.

was never going to play basketball the same again.

wrist was healed and the doctor told me that it was fine. He told me that I had to wait a week and get my strength back. I was so happy that I almost ran out of the hospital. The doctors used a mini chainsaw to cut off my cast. It made such a loud noise that I almost fell to the ground. Once the cast came off, the doctor used an X-ray to see if the bone was connected. Once he told me that it was connected and better, my mom got a paper to come back anytime she wanted to check how my wrist is doing and we left. That week my team had a game and I went to support them. My coach was happy that I was back for the season. My teammates were also happy. My team blew out the other team 45-21. I was happy and the next week I came back to the starting lineup and played. My team won the next six games of the season. We went to the playoffs undefeated. We were so confident that we shot 3-pointers most of the game. We had to beat them two times to go to the championship. We won the first game 50-19 and won the second game 39-7. After the game, our coaches brought us to the locker room and we yelled, “We’re going to the 'Ship!” A week later we competed in the championship game and we played against a team that beat the second-best team in the league. I was nervous but I don’t know about my teammates. Our coach brought us to the locker room and told us, “Try the best that you can do.” We ended up beating the other team by five points. I felt like I tried my hardest and it was the best feeling to win a Championship game. I hope to do it again next year! I hope I become a professional basketball player one day.

My inspiration died. And it’s the hardest things I’ve gone through. I was just playing my game and my grandma came in crying and screaming telling me that my uncle was not waking up. I didn’t know how to react so I called my father so that I could calm down and take a few breaths and to also let him know the situation. My grandmother was screaming and panicking, but I just stood still. My mother was crying and my father was sad. The paramedics were trying to calm me down, and my father was checking up on my uncle. The paramedics were getting my hopes up because they were saying that he had a pulse but then he didn’t. They were doing all they could and my uncle still did not wake up. Finally, they stopped working on him. The wors that made me hear silence was sorry. Then I walked away. After that, my extended family called my mom and called us to meet up. We talked about all the good things that he had done for us and how much we appreciated him. Our parents told my cousins and me to go to our rooms. My cousins weren’t talking much and I was just on my phone texting my other family members. We started to talk and my little cousin mentioned games. I was down for it but I just didn’t want to talk about him. We were quiet for a couple minutes but eventually, we started to get into the game. We ate snacks and we played around some more, and eventually, we went and called our pastor to come and pray. We prayed in Spanish, but I could only understand a few words. I heard “gracias” to thank my uncle for everything he did.

My uncle helped me and my other cousins do work

part of my life and it’s sad that I won’t ever be able

and helped us through hard situations. We were

to see him again.

grocery shopping one day and my mom forced me to carry everything – more than ten bags! My uncle told my mom that he wanted to help. He also didn’t go through college fully, so it was hard for


him to get a job. Every opportunity to gain money,

by Xavier H.

helped with hard work. He didn’t have a job and

he would take the chance. He couldn’t wait to go to work every time he had a job because all the other

I was 3-years-old when my life changed

jobs he had would pay him $2 an hour. One of his

completely. The last time I saw my dad was at his

favorite jobs was finishing remodeling a house. He

funeral. He had an open casket and I gave him a

put tiles on the floor, painted the walls, cleaned up

kiss and that was it. I was happier when I had a

since it was an old house, and made a whole

father around that took care of our family. My

basement. He had to put in electricity, the heater,

dad’s death is how my mom became an even

move in all the furniture, and plumbing. For all

stronger person than before. She’s my inspiration

that, he got $24 an hour. That’s the most he ever

and I love her. “You can’t do nothing if you don’t

had gotten paid. He saved up money to buy me

try” means even more to me now.

things like clothing, games, and shoes. He would also spend it on snacks for me and him so that we

So how my mom and I carried on was my mom

wouldn’t have to buy more groceries.

realized she had to really become a stronger person and be independent. She always tells me

He inspired me because even if he wasn’t getting

and my brothers “Be independent and strong 24/7

paid a lot, he still gained a lot of money just by not

because you don't know what you’re going to lose.”

giving up. He also stayed up all night doing jobs,

The reason she says that is because she didn't want

calling people to get jobs, and even if they refused

us to be grown and not know how to take care of

to give him a job, he stayed calling other people.

ourselves and not know how to be strong in certain

He used to go on apps to gain money. He used to


try to sell my things to get money. All he wanted to do was get money, clothing, and things for me.

My mom had this friend for many years. She knew

He persuaded me to go to Pennsylvania to help my

him before I was even born. Since my dad died, he

father. It’s an eight-hour drive. I didn’t want to go

stepped in like a father figure coming for

because I don’t like going far places. He kept

birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and I see him

saying that I can get a lot of money out of doing

like a dad because if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't

that because my father was paying him over $500,

even have a real father figure in my life. The

so he told my father to give me some money if I go

message I send to others in my situation is that you

too. The money that he was supposed to gain

have to be a strong person because that's the main

became mine. Sometimes he can be selfish in a

key. I want to be the best I can be because I want to

good way and in a bad way. He wanted me to come

make my dad and my mom proud. Perhaps I will

so that I can be a companion. All in all my uncle

become a veterinarian living in L.A.

was a big

GUN REFORM by Kaemani H.

What’s going on with the mentality of students today? I already knew killing people was bad enough but people killing innocent classmates and students-let alone anyone period-is mind-blowing. I just picture myself in a classroom with other students learning and listening to the teacher. I’m not thinking about someone bursting into my classroom with an AR-15 or a rifle out of the blue.  I’m only worried about doing my homework and waiting to get out of school and play my game. I picture myself waking up, taking a shower, and brushing my teeth. I get out of the shower to dry off and put on my school clothes. When I finally arrive at the school, I hang out with my friends, then we go to first period. Then, boom, the school shooting happens. I think we should have background checks, but we shouldn’t stereotype the type of people who shoot schools. Where are the guns coming from? We should have more security in more schools. What's the point of school shootings? Is it from stress? The reason why gun law reform is important is that it is not okay for people to take innocent kids’ lives. 

Miss Wilson's Class To My Students, This year has been a long journey. Walking into this year, I thought I had everything under control, turns out I didn’t. As a teacher, I am supposed to teach but, I learned the most from you all. You taught me patience. You taught me forgiveness. You taught me honesty. You taught me how to be hopeful. I’ve watched you create, speak up for what you believe in, challenge the system, laugh, and cry. From the bus rides to John Hancock, trips to colleges and museums, this year has been filled with experiences that will last a lifetime. My only hope is that you go out into the world and live unapologetically. I pray that you find supportive friends who have your best interest at heart. I hope that you find your passions and do them forever. I hope that you are never silenced by the troubles of this world. I pray that you are happy, always. Know that you deserve good things. Know that you are loved. Know that you are valued and important. I’m so thankful for each and every one of you. There were good and bad times but know that I was always proud to be your teacher. I love you, Miss Wilson 

When I start traveling, I would first and foremost like to go to Paris. I would first want to go to the food places, after that I would wait until the night so I can look at the beautiful sky filled with lights. I would like to travel with Diamdra and Nariah because I’ve always wanted to visit there with them. While in Paris, I would first like to first eat fried chicken and biscuits because that is so delicious. For dinner, I would like to eat some chocolate and macarons. I would like to go to shopping places in a taxi because I don’t have any


other family members or friends who live in Paris.

by Erielys R.

When I decided where I want to live, I want those two people whom I’ve mentioned earlier to either

Life as a model would be the dream of my life. First

live with me or be my roommates. If I live with my

I went to different programs to see how they were,

cousin, we would love to buy dogs, a pug or husky.

then I decided which program I wanted to go to

Ever since I saw a husky, I’ve always wanted to

which is somewhere near where I live. I want

own one. I would like to live with her because she

everything to go right and like I planned. At age 28,

wants to be a chef and I want to be a model. She

I do not know where I will be living, but I want to

can be my chef since she loves cooking and baking

travel to different places to see where I would like

and I don’t because I would literally burn the

to stay. I would like to travel to Paris, Arizona, and

house down. I’ve also wanted to become a

New York. I would like to work with a few people I


know now, Jymira, Laniah, Mackenzie, and Nariah. They make me feel important and they sometimes

My life NOW: Since I’m 28, I would say that I’ve

understand where I am coming from. Also, my

become mature, experienced, kinder, and less

mom because I feel like I would still be too young

judgemental because I used to judge a lot. I try not

and wouldn’t understand the life of an adult. I

care about the negativity and focus on my dreams

would also like my cousin, Diamdra, to be by my

and follow them. I have learned how to let go of the

side in case I need her, and I would love her to be

people that hurt me and let them do them. I got by

my roommate, but at the same time, I would need

relaxing, trying new things, and meeting the right

my own space. Before I accomplish everything, by

people for me. I've learned from my mistakes.

the age of 28 I would like to be more mature, more experienced, kinder, and I need to stop trusting

My goal is to get married, have kids, and own my

people who hurt me from the past.

own house. I want to gain experience from being a mother and get my life together.

as Rihanna released a makeup line called Fenty Beauty. She blew the world out the water. She released 40 shades of foundation and let's be clear that’s amazing ok! If you wear make, Colourpop, Juvia’s Place, and Nyx are good online stores to shop for makeup.   I can't forget about hair. Over the years,  hairstyles have changed from bangs to bobs, from braids to curly to straight, bald, weaves to natural bantu knots and more. All these styles look nice on girls.


Goddess locs are a great summer style. You can have dreads without the commitment. Ghana braids are also a great, protective style for the summer. Sleek ponytails are easy, quick and cute. Some girls dye their hair different colors like

Lace fronts, buns, Ghana braids, lemonade braids,

blonde, red, blue, and even purple. Let’s be honest

Fenty Beauty, Colourpop, Morphe, Maybelline,

people, Beyonce and the Beehive started the

Nyx, L’Oreal, Fashion Nova, jogger sets, bell

lemonade braid, which are long, skinny braids that

bottom leggings, boots, heels, high waist jeans,

start on the right side of your hair and fall on your

Sophora, M.A.C, you name it! These hairstyles,

left. Now on to clothes.

clothing, and makeup brands are the trendiest of


the trends in 2018. When seasons change, so does

When it comes to fashion you have to have a strong

fashion. Boys and girls get wrapped up in all the

taste. What I mean is that you can be able to flex

heat of summer, just like l do. As a beauty and

with clothes that are simple. Like wearing high-

fashion guru, you have to keep up with new trends

waisted jeans, a floral dressy-type crop top, and

in makeup and clothing. But besides that, what’s

clear heels all from Forever 21. Your glasses and

your favorite trend season? Let's chat about beauty

bag can be from Chanel. You can mix match too.


Your outfit can be from Fashion Nova but your heels can be from Steve Madden. You don’t always

First, I want all boys and girls to know that they

have to spend a lot of money on clothes because

are beautiful just the way they are and that as long

not everyone has cash like that, but people will

as you love yourself, you will always be perfect. Do

spend their money on things they want and that is

you like a natural makeup look? Do you OD

fair (they do be forcing it, though).

(overdose means to force it )? Do you wear just foundation or just eyeshadow? Do you wear false lashes or do you prefer mascara? Do you want a glossy lip or matte? I like glossy but I wear matte from time to time. Do you like to contour and highlight or not wear makeup at all? Recently, famous singer/ icon Robyn Rihanna Fenty known

really look like a house. When my friends and I walked by, we made fun of it. The abandoned house was knocked down, replaced, and remastered with another one. When they destroyed it, there was a big hole at the construction site for not a long time and just a big pile of dirt. But a few days later, the whole house was gone and all I saw was wooden planks, a lot of workers, and dump trucks everywhere. After the outside of the house was done, the workers moved


to the inside of the house. There were no more boarded up windows, rusted parts, the broken gate was gone and no more graffiti. It looked way better than it did before. The workers added more windows and the back of the house was nice. I think they did a good job fixing the house. The house was bigger and the new color was a nice light blue. There was no more boarded up windows. It looked like a house again.

In Boston, there are a lot of buildings and houses being made. There are a lot of buildings like skyscrapers and a bunch more of famous buildings throughout the city and some are very tall and almost hard to look down while you’re in one or on top of one. In my neighborhood in Boston, there is also a new house that was just built. I like how the workers changed the abandoned house to a tall, dream house. This house made the street brighter

The transformation of this part my neighborhood was a big improvement. I do like the creativity of building because those skills can be put to use whether it’s drawing, gaming, or programming. There are a lot of designs that people randomly come up with and bring to life from pure thought. Building and architecture can improve the neighborhood because people can see the changes

and better.

and how nice it looks. Newly constructed houses

There is a light blue and white house that was built

neighborhood. Constructing new homes is

by workers near my school. I walked by the old, abandoned house on my way to and from school. The house sits on a corner and is old and destroyed. With graffiti all over it, every entry is boarded up with rusty nails. The roof was falling apart. There was rusty parts, piles of dirt and a broken gate surrounding the house that didn't

and remolded ones attract people to the something that I want to do because I like to build stuff. Creating new homes is something that I think people can benefit from.

JUGM: Another person’s success can inspire an entire generation. I want to become a counselor because I feel like I can contribute and inspire people's life with words. I think I can really make a difference in someone’s life. My mom supports me and pushes me to do better. I learn from her success and failures. In college, I studied a lot, came out of my comfort zone and met new people. I learned to fully understand a situation from both sides before I judge.


MD: How will you become a counselor?

by Jymira G.

involved in my community and also learned from

Mary Doyle: Where do you see yourself in fifteen years? Jymira Greene Morris: Another person's future can be another person's treasure. In fifteen years, I will be thirty years old which is pretty old to me, but I want those fifteen years to be the best years of my life. I don’t know where I would like to live honestly, maybe in New York or Boston, in a beautiful house, not too big or too small. A house that I’m proud to call home. It’s going to take a lot of schooling to become a thriving counselor and have my own services. In the future I see myself having a successful career and counseling the next generation of teenagers and adults. I have my insecurities, we all do, but I’m not going to let them corrupt me, my dreams, or my future success. MD: Why do you want to become a counselor?

JUGM: I will become a counselor by working with kids and helping them learn from their mistakes and what to do to overcome them. I became more my own mistakes. This allowed me to relate to others and better my own life. I also worked very hard in college. I observed others to see how they maintained focus and learned from others mistakes and successes.   MD: How will you inspire others? JUGM: I will inspire others by trying to make a difference that will inspire people to do better in their own life. I will show people that their true beauty matters most, no matter their shape, size, skin color, or the way they look. We are beautiful inside and out. I want to help people through their problems and try to influence their lives and be their third ear. Sometimes people just need someone to talk to when they can’t figure things out by themselves. Even as a counselor, I learned over the years that sometimes it helps to talk to another person that you trust to get a different perspective on the situation. Maybe people feel lonely and they don’t have anybody to run to that’s where I come in and become their guide.

MD: What makes a good counselor?

me, you can tell someone something, but what they

JUGM: Honestly, there is no real answer to being a


decide to do with that advice is ultimately up to

good counselor, you just got to love what you do and build from that. Patience, being a good listener, and eye contact is the key to being a good counselor. If you want to become a counselor you have to practice these skills because if not the client is not going to feel like you are involved in the conversation. You should set your office up so it can comfort your clients, make sure they feel like it’s a safe space so they can relax. Your clients are not going to walk in and give you their trust, you have to build it with them and earn it.   MD: How does being a counselor affect your own life? JUGM: Being a counselor affects my life in a positive and negative way. Some people say some it true that everyday people listen to people’s


problems daily without pay? Life is like a video

by Laniah V-B

people can’t handle my job but that’s not true. Isn't

game and each time you die you learn from those choices that lead up to you losing the game, that’s

Age 13, the mini Beyonce. Age 28, bigger and better

how I look at life. The mistakes that you make, you

than Beyonce, with the vocal range of the late,

can learn from and go on the right path. You have

great Whitney Houston and the moves of Rihanna.

to allow yourself to make those mistakes because

You know that feeling when you are listening to a

nobody is perfect. Of course, there are going to be

song that's so good and it inspires you to move?

obstacles but it’s up to you how you're going to

That’s going to be my voice.

handle it.

  After high school, I will attend Julliard in New York

MD: How does your job affect your family?

City where I was discovered by P. Diddy who is a famous producer after auditioning for The Voice.

JUGM: We all know how intense family drama can

After being discovered by the one and only Diddy,

get, but it’s all about the way you handle it.

I’m going to make an album titled “The Beginning

Sometimes I have to remind myself my family is

and Aftermath.” The first half of the album is going

not my clients and try to be as supportive as I can

to be about beginnings such as me and my

but don’t overstep boundaries. A wise person told

experience in middle school, having to deal with   

fake people, friendships, and relationships. The

I remember the day I found out my grandmother

second half will be about the now, me being

had cancer. I was so sad. All of our memories

famous and leaving the past in the past and moving

flashed in front of my eyes. After I found out that

on. My first song will be titled “Breakthrough” it

she had cancer, I wanted to spend more time with

will be about me passing through the middle

her so I went with her to her appointments. At one

school, being free, and setting my wings.

of her doctor’s appointments, we found out that her cancer had spread.

I remember the day I found out my grandmother had cancer. I was so sad. All of our memories

I learned that there are different colors for all the

flashed in front of my eyes. After I found out that

cancers. My grandmother had lung cancer so it was

she had cancer, I wanted to spend more time with

classified as “white.” Before my grandmother got

her so I went with her to her appointments. At one

sick, I never knew they had colors for different

of her doctor’s appointments, we found out that


her cancer had spread. My relationship with my grandmother, aka Karen, was so strong. From when I was 8-years-old, I started to see how important she was to me. My grandmother and I always watched TV together and most of the time, I stayed over at her house. She made me feel safe. My family was so hurt, mostly my grandfather because he had been with my grandmother since she was 14 and he was 20. My aunt took my grandmother to the doctor. All five of my grandmother's kids helped her with all that she needed. I was so glad I could help out, too. The medicine my grandmother got actually made her worse so she stopped taking it. Within three


Do you know how it feels to lose someone who means the world to you and who has always been there for you when you needed them? Because I sure do.

months after that, she passed away. From the time we found out she had cancer to the time she passed away went so quickly. I may have lost my grandmother but I am so glad to have had her in my life. Even though she is gone I still have the happy memories.

be versatile so that viewers won’t get tired or bored with the same content. Having different content separated me from the other creators.  My mother, father, and big brother Xavier were the best supporters I could ever ask for. Especially in rare situations like mine. Kudos to them for being there through it all. I cannot thank them enough. Now, I live in the hills of L.A. where the weather is nice and the girls are beautiful. I have my own


editing crew and cameraman to film me when I

by Noah G.

are passed.

The heat is coming, the waves are running, the smell is nose buzzing, smelling like one of Macy’s finest perfumes. The traffic is crazy, it's insane. I ask myself, how in the world did a 13-yearold, born and raised in Boston get here. I am currently in Los Angeles where there are sunny beaches, blazing hot weather, huge houses with bay windows with amazing views, pools, and jacuzzis. At first, I was lazy but I watched YouTube videos and thought to myself, how did they make it? I did everything to achieve this goal.  I saw YouTubers knocking out every challenge without a sweat and I said to myself, if he can do it, I can do it. I won’t fail. I started my channel in 2018-2019 and I knew it would be a breeze as long as I followed with my plan. I was in 9th-grade when I started my YouTube channel. It included four plus sections, a variety with a good amount of content. The main goal is to 

come up with new ideas. Before them, I would stay up late at night editing, reading comments, responding and posting my videos but those days

Wrapping up, I want to say working hard gets you good results. You might not be set up in the best way but look at me! I was some stuck up, lazy 13year-old and now I’m in my late 20’s, a homeowner and a professional entrepreneur.

The best part about playing in the NBA is winning the championship! When I was on the Lakers we stated a long winning streak and knew we were going to the playoffs for sure, then we would win the championship and take the trophy! We were so excited and pumped for the playoffs. When the day finally came for the finals, we were ready. We played the game of our life. I can barely describe the moment we won the championship game. I was happy and excited


I will be a star! I will be an NBA basketball player. I will be 30-years-old playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. My life will be a movie. My name is Raynard Gay and this is my life in 15 years. I started playing basketball when I was very young. In high school, I played on the varsity basketball team. My family has always supported my dreams of becoming a professional basketball player and I managed to keep the same friends: Welison, Xavier, Noah, Omari, and Kaemani. They all supported me in my journey to the NBA, along with my basketball coaches. I played college basketball at Duke University and was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers. Before I started playing for the Lakers or even basketball in college, I played in summer leagues, pick-up games. Anytime I could play, I would play basketball. I knew I would play for the NBA, ever since I was a young child.

beyond my wildest dreams! I told my wife and kids that I did it all for them and they are happy and thankful that I won! It was the most exciting day of my life. Playing in the NBA gave me the opportunity to live a better life than how I grew up. I am able to provide for my wife and kids and also buy my mom and dad a new house and nice things. I am able to give back to the community I grew up in and played basketball in. I wouldn’t be here without them. I learned that you have to keep practicing and you will fail sometimes, but if you keep trying and believing in yourself, you will succeed.

Bridging Magazine | 2018  
Bridging Magazine | 2018