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Let’s acquire land from St Johns’ hospital ...

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Stone cutting units served ultimatum Now, deadline of April is also over but there is no impact. Still the machines are running 24x7. Manytimes, notices have been issued to them but they haven't stopped. People are suffering from severe noise pollution and health impact. Manju

Bengaluru gets India’s first professional cycling team Real good job Maitrey. Glad to see something new, unique and creative in our city! Priyank Sukanand

Srirangapatna, the historic island city "He and his son Tipu Sultan converted the city into a fort."

Fort was already there from Vijaynagar Viceroys time. It was strengthened by Ranadheera and Chikka Deva Raja Wodeyar. It was further fortified by Tipu. “The capital was then handed over to the Wodeyars of Mysore....” No! Srirngapatam was retained by British as a Garrison and the Capital of the newly carved out kingdom was shifted to Mysore. Only when it was decide to build a Cantonment in Bangalore, the island was handed back to the Wodeyars. Raja Chandra

Hello Raja Chandra, Thanks. >>Though a mud fort did exist which was built by Thimmanna,a chief of Nagamangala the existing fort was completely rebuilt by Tipu in stone with the help of French Engineers. The French defense style of architecture,its fortifications

I’ve got


to say!

and secret passages made the fort formidable and the city a fortified city. >> As per my reference "History of Srirangapatna" by V Venkatesh, the capital was handed over to descendant of Wodeyar family of Mysore. Sri Krishnaraja Wodeyar III who was just 5, was enthroned by the English and the old Mysore Wodeyar dynasty continued to rule the state. The capital was shifted from the city to Mysore. Usha Hariprasad

Citizen Matters Vol-4 Issue-07, 05-18 May 2012 KARENG/2009/28904. Published & printed by Meera K for Oorvani Media Pvt Ltd. Printed at Lavanya Mudrana, 19, 15th cross, Vidyapeeta Circle, BSK I Stage, Bangalore 560060 Place of publication Oorvani Media, 165, I cross, I block, Kmgla, Bangalore 560034. Editor Subramaniam Vincent.

Donate Eyes, Gift Sight If you are considering donating your eyes or just wondering about how it all works, and want to know more, read on. What is Eye Donation?

Eye donation is donating or gifting the entire eye organ. This can be done only after death. No living person, under any circumstance can donate eyes. During oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life, a donor pledges to donate his or her eyes. Eye donations help people suffering from corneal blindness. There are estimated 25 lakh people in India having this form of blindness, which happens due to corneal opacity.

What causes corneal blindness?

Corneal blindness can be caused by a variety of different reasons. They include: poor nutrition, Vitamin A deficiency, eye injuries, chemical injury, cracker bursts, eye lid paralysis, etc.

How to Donate

To donate, you can sign up with an eye bank. Inform your family when you do this. Get a certificate. Display the certificate at your home or workplace with pride and encourage others too. Act as a messenger of eye donation. Eye bank phone numbers are in the first few pages of your local phone directory. Shekar Nethralaya has a 24x7 service of eye banking. 080 26593210 (8am to 8pm) 9880637371 (24 Hrs)

Can someone pledge your eyes after death?

A living relative of the dead can also decide to donate the eyes of a person after she or he has expired. Pledging to donate an eye is an individual desire. Discussion in the family is usually desirable. When you come across death in known circles, you can initiate a discussion as a grievance counsellor for possible eye donation. The law permits eye donation if close relatives of the dead person agree for this. Some people believe that those who donate eyes will be blind in next birth. This is merely a myth, and needs to be overcome by education about eye donations. This will help more people take pledges. What happens donation time?

Difference pledging




Advertiser Feature

A living person pledges his/her eyes for donation while alive, and the eyes are donated after death.

Cornea preservation in Lab

Corneal storage examined in the lab. The cornea taken from the donor is used for grafting. There are hundreds of people on the waiting list. The eye hospital will call and treat the recipient in 1-2 days. To donate your eyes, email eyedonation@


After the donor passes away, a phone call is made to the eye bank. The personnel will reach in 2-3 hrs. The tissue removal process takes 5 to 10 minutes. There is no disfigurement or trauma to the dead body. The tissue is

Dr Raja Shekar Y L is the Medical Director, Shekar Nethralaya

633, 100 feet Ring Road JP Nagar 3rd Phase, Bengaluru - 560078 Tel: 08026593210 fax: 08041209197 Ph:9980562020

Stained Teeth – Why? We love having white teeth... It enhances the beauty of a smile and brightens up the face… But very few people have bright,white teeth. So what actually causes teeth to stain? Many people believe that dental problems like stained teeth are caused exclusively by poor oral hygiene. While that may be a contributing factor, even the best-cared-for teeth can become discoloured over time. Various substances, like juice, coffee, tea, dark cola, red wine and even certain antibiotics, can cause teeth stains. The obvious factors also apply; smokers and people with poor oral hygiene or lifestyle habits are very likely to end up with stained teeth. There are many things we do on a daily basis that can cause our teeth to become stained and discoloured. Over time, the problem can grow worse. Here are the most common causes of tooth discolouration.

Food Food and beverages that can stain your teeth include soy sauce, berries, black tea, coffee, red wines, curries, colas and red fruit juices. Acidic foods and beverages or extreme changes of heat and cold can cause teeth pores to expand, which also may allow stains to penetrate. Avoiding or limiting such food is one way of protecting against staining.

Tobacco In addition to serious health complications, tobacco products cause

yellowed and stained teeth. Cigarettes, cigars, pipes and chew are the most common uses of tobacco, all of which will stain teeth with continued use.

Keep in mind: many factors, including diet and smoking, contribute to stained teeth.

Other Factors Aging, tooth decay and tooth trauma are also common causes of discolouration. Additional attention to cleaning may be necessary to maintain white teeth in later stages of adulthood. In addition, a number of diseases and its treatments can discolour teeth.

Maintain Clean Teeth

Water If a significant amount of water containing high levels of fluoride is consumed, brownish stains on teeth may appear. This is especially true for those who drink water with high levels of fluoride during childhood.

Medications When used in excess, fluoride can cause tooth discolouration in children, as can tetracycline and derivative compounds of tetracycline such as minocycline and doxycycline. Minocycline has

Sandhya Ramanujam

Advertiser Feature

also been reported to cause teeth discolouration in adults.

Clinical Director and Owner - Perfect 32, Consultant at Fortis Hospitals Consultant-Dental Legal Advisor & Auditor Clinical Director of International Certification Training programs in Dental Implants, Dental Law and Rehabilitative & Aesthetic Dentistry Comprehensive dental care solutions Perfect 32 “Green Arch” 45/A, 1st Floor, 1st Main (Next to Parkview Hotel), J.P Nagar 3rd Phase, Bangalore. Ph: 40989896, 40981767, 9880027728. email:

The good news is that maintaining a clean, plaque-free smile is possible. First, remember to rinse away stains. If you are unable to brush your teeth after consuming food or beverages that may stain your teeth, preserve clean teeth by rinsing your mouth with water or a dental rinse. Next, eat right. Eating a balanced diet including recommended servings of fruits and vegetables will help promote clean teeth. Finally, if you have not already done so, quit smoking. Smoking is one of the top factors that undermine clean teeth. And of course, visit your dentist regularly to ensure that you are on the right path in your oral health plan and get your teeth cleaned by a dentist every 6-8 months!


Keep the sparkle in your smile The Dental Care and Implant Centre Dr.Sandhya Ramanujam D.D.S (USA), B.D.S India),C.B.M.(USA), P.G.D.M.L.E (India), Fellowship in Implantology (USA)

Koramangala & HSR LaYout

What’s clogging up sewage pipes? K oramangala 1st block, 1st cross, often has sewage water overflowing on the roads. The overflow leaves an unbearable stench. This problem has been persisting for over four months now.

Residents believe that garbage dumped inside the sewage drains by the restaurants around and the nearby Sulabh public toilet, is causing it to overflow. BWSSB says the pipeline carrying the sewage is too narrow to carry the load and the problem is being examined. Dr. Malini Jayasurya, a resident, says, “we have complained several times to BWSSB. They come, charge money, clean up and go. The next day, situation is the same.” She added that she has lost count of the number of complaints and payments done to the BWSSB but it has not been resolved yet. The complaints to the restaurant managers have also not yielded any results. Rajesh Shetty, Manager, Udupi Upahar says, “we have complained to

Workers cleaning the sewage overflow. Pic: Anisha Nair

the BWSSB and they said the pipeline carrying the sewage is damaged. They will repair it soon.” He however denies dumping waste into the sewage pipes. “We have filters fitted in the sink. No garbage chunk can pass through that,” he says.

says, “we are inspecting the actual cause of the overflow of sewage lines there. Once we get the reason, we will get the work sanctioned by the higher authorities and get it started. In the meantime, we are getting it cleaned regularly.”

Ashok Singh, worker at Sulabh Toilet says, “whenever the pipeline overflows, I call up the BWSSB and they come and clean up. They don’t clean for free. I pay them Rs. 1500.”

When Citizen Matters asked him about workers demanding money to do the clean up, he denied it and insisted that residents should not pay.

Anisha Nair

Venkat Raju, Chief Engineer, BWSSB,

BDA pulls up KB Halli underpass contractor


DA has issued notice to the contractor building the Kadubeesanahalli underpass on the Outer Ring Road (ORR). The completed section of the underpass (south going) flooded due to overnight rains on Tuesday May 1st, throwing Wednesday morning’s commute into a gridlock. It caused a lot of chaos and trouble to the commuters. R K Misra, ABIDe member and urban reforms campaigner posted on Facebook about the gridlock deploring the state of affairs. “Recently opened underpass BDA’s Outer Ring Road near Marthahalli. Design flaw or poor upkeep?”, he asked. Misra also said in his post that he had asked BDA to investigate. The Outer Ring Road Companies Association was active in advising commuters to use the HAL Airport Road and Inner Ring Road to reach Koramangala instead of the ORR. Speaking to Citizen Matters, BDA Assistant Executive Engineer B Nagendra said that the fault was the contractor’s. “The problem was due to the stormwater drainage that was not connected to any point. The 6 CITIZEN MATTERS 05-18 May 2012 Vol-4 Issue-07

The flooded Kadubeesanahalli Underpass on May 2 early morning. This picture, by an unnamed photographer, was received through email and Facebook.

process is on to connect this with a pipe into the lowest point - Doddanekundi”, says Nagendra. He further added BDA has sent notice and assured that the problem will be solved. The debacle of May 2nd turned out to be a warning for ORR commuters, as this was merely the first rain of the season.


local matters

The man, the babus fear and respect


nil Kumar, 63, is an RTI activist. A former employee of Industrial Training Institute in the marketing department, Kumar, today cracks the tough nut of government red tape for a better society.

have any clue of the work. There were lots of loopholes. Later, I found out that with RTI, we can get the details and check the details of the work done. We used RTIs to fix the water supply shortage too. I have file around 700 application till date.

Kumar moved to Ejipura in 1994, when it had no roads, no drains and no proper electricity. He filed RTIs to find the reasons behind these pending works. The RTIs often resulted in work being completed, because officials were wary of explaining the reasons behind the delay. Kumar believes that the thrust on Sec 4(1)(b) of the act i.e voluntary disclosure of information in all public offices will ensure that the information regarding public official workings will be open to all. And this in turn will reduce filing of RTI applications. Currently, he is the treasurer of KRIA KATTE (Karnataka Rights to Information Activists’ Forum) and convenor of Ashwini Layout Residents Association. He has exposed corruption in the functioning of government on several occasions. He also helps out other people to file RTIs.

What was the impetus to be an RTI activist? As a member of Ejipura RWA, I found that in the due course of

Do you think RTI activists are media dependent? I don’t think so, I have filed around 700 RTI applications but only some get reported; the sensitive ones. But sometimes if the information shows the government (officials) in a poor light, media is afraid to publish it. They think they will lose advertisements.

People should keep track of government expenditure. It is the taxpayers’ money. Even a poor person who buys a match box pays tax and income tax is not the only tax. Government is accountable to all these people. Nimma neighbour infrastructure building, the corporation used to do something but common people would not

What are your learnings till now? Frame an RTI application precisely. Government officials are trained, if your query is not to the point, unwanted information will flow.

There are reports of RTI being misused for personal agenda, do you think this will lead to modifications in the RTI law? It is the other way round. Since government records are not transparent, people misuse it. I don’t support this though. But the government should try to improve their stature in society and then they won’t be afraid of any misuse.

Abhishek Angad

Vol-4 Issue-07 05-18 May 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 7

check outs

Dhokla, Faafda, Thepla, Haandva - Yes! The Farsans tempt you, the Kadhi welcomes you and you indulge in the heavenly feast of Gujarati Cuisine. Check out some of the inviting places to try out dishes from Gujarat.


he movie 3 Idiots has this famous scene that talks about Gujarati cuisine. Watching it again and again, my mouth started watering at the mention of Dhokla, Faafda, Thepla, Haandva... I immediately set out to find some Gujarati restaurants around Koramangala. Rajdhani in Koramangala promises to serve the typical Gujarati cuisine. The Gujarati speciality that Rajdhani serves is Masala Khichadi. This is one of the most popular dishes in Gujarat and tastes heavenly. Besides tasting delicious, it is also considered one of the most nutritious and simple dishes to prepare. It is made of a mixture of steamed dal and rice

Koramangala. The place is known both for its simple ambience and superb delicacies. The subtle spices make the food taste very homelike. The dry vegetable dishes are most popular here. This restaurant serves a wide variety of Gujarati with spices. It is served with Kadhi made of besan. Even the Ollo Rotlo is something rare that a Gujarati would search for in Bengaluru. The bajra rotlo or roti is perfectly roasted and the ollo has the right amount of spice. Average cost of meal for two is `600. No Alcohol served. If you love Gujarati food then you cannot miss Food and You in

gravies and vegetables with phulka roti. Bataka nu shaak (made of potatoes) is always in demand. The sweet-tangy aroma and taste is simply irresistible. THE place for a

Clockwise from above: Khakra, Khandvi, Kachori, Gaanthiya, Paapdi and Faavda. Pics courtesy Zalak Dalal and Aayush Anand.

vegetarian food lover and a Gujarati cuisine fan! Average cost of meal for two is `100. No alcohol served. Food and You: 203, First Floor, 1st Main, 7th Block, Koramangala Ph: 9886360205 Rajdhani: 2nd Floor, Transit, Forum Mall, Hosur Road, Koramangala Ph: 25939310, 25522054, 9986050434.

Anisha Nair

8 CITIZEN MATTERS 05-18 May 2012 Vol-4 Issue-07

Check outs

Colourful, wheeled and trendy It’s time for summer vacations. Outings and travel are at its peak. People prefer coloured and textured bags; the military fatigue suitcase covers are passe. No more heavy luggages either. With more people opting to travel by air, baggage weight limits have also become a factor to consider.


pril – July seems to the peak time for luggage dealers. Summer vacations is when people flock to buy suitcases and bags. Many prefer suitcases made of polycarbonate plastic, as they are lightweight, durable and trendy.

These bags come with a choice of two and four wheels. They are colourful and well designed. However, luggage dealers believe that the trend of fabric bags with teflon coating, which are waterproof

Left and top: Polycarbonate plastic luggage. Below & bottom: Teflon coated fabric. Bottom-left: luggage with laptop pouches. All pics: Anisha Nair.

and durable, is at the top. These bags come in various styles like bags with laptop pouches for businessmen. In addition, these bags are flexible and can hold more luggage. Therefore, these bags are preferred even for family outings.

officially recognised and accepted by the USA’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA). These locks are unbreakable and secure. The airport authorities can open it without having to break open the lock. These locks are available from a price range of `300 to `1000.

These suitcases are available for a price of `2500 to `20,000 depending on the brand that you choose.

Here are a few stores you can check out for travel luggage and accessories.

Something that you cannot afford to miss out while buying suitcase is lock. Travel Sentry is the global standard for travel security and locks approved by Travel Sentry are

Koramangala: Samsonite & American Tourister: 641, 80 ft road, 4th block, Koramangala V.I.P: 646, 17th main, 100 ft road, 6th block, Koramangala

Jayanagar: American Tourister: No.28, 9th Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar

BTM Twenty-Four Luggages: 92, Opp. Reliance fresh, 100 ft road, BTM 1st Stage V.I.P: Shoppers stop Ltd., Commerce @ Mantri, Ground Floor, N.S. Palya, Bannerghatta Main road

Anisha Nair

Vol-4 Issue-07 05-18 May 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 9


NPS, Koramangala hasn’t paid up the lease amount to BBMP

NPS back gate: A permanent compound wall beside the strip of encroached land Below: NPS front gate: The entrance through NGV near Kapila Block. Pics: Abhishek Angad


Right to Information (RTI) reply, in response to a query by RTI activist M V K Anil Kumar, indicates that NPS, Ejipura Ward, near NGV is in possession of more than 7000 square feet of BBMP’s land but till date the rent has not been paid. Adjacent to the school campus, there is a strip of land measuring 7166.66 square feet. This plot has a pair of 3 metre sewage pipeline laid by BWSSB. NPS wanted to take up the maintenance of this land and convert it into a parking area. BWSSB did not have any objections to this plan. On 6th July, 2003, K Gopalakrishna, Chairman of NPS wrote a letter to BBMP seeking permission to maintain that strip of land. Later, on 8th March, 2004 BBMP’s Tax and the Finance committee in their proceedings agreed for fiveyear lease at `5,68,128 per year. BBMP later revised the lease period to three years and said that the land cannot be used for anything but for parking vehicles. It is not clear why the lease period was changed. But NPS asked BBMP to reduce the lease amount stating the land was going to be used only as a parking lot, for which the fixed amount was too high. Eventually on 25th June, 2005, Tax and Finance committee Citizen Matters, JP Nagar-BTM ed Reviving Arkavati gives Bangalore a chance. Arati Rao says with rising demand for water and diminishing supply. we may be sitting on a time bomb.

agreed to give a 50% concession and finally the lease amount was fixed at `2,84,064 per year. But later records show that the school did not pay the lease amount between 2003 - 2007. BBMP tried to get the money but in vain. On 24 Feb 2007, BBMP issued a notice to NPS asking them to to pay a total amount of `9,83,966 for the period between 17 July 2003 to 31 March 2007 plus the deposit amount. However no action was taken. Again a final notice was sent a year

NPS has also built a permanent fence around the land, against the lease terms that said - no construction. later, June 2008 to pay an amount of `12,68,030 (`9,83,966 plus July 2007-June 2008’s rent) or else the lease will be cancelled. Since then, the matter was discussed once in BBMP Council. But till date, there seems to have been no action. Citizen Matters contacted BBMP’s Joint Commissioner, South Zone, A B Hemachandra who is aware of the situation. He says the newly appointed Deputy Commissioner, Bheemaiah is looking into the

10 CITIZEN MATTERS 05-18 May 2012 Vol-4 Issue-07

matter. He adds, “Our previous Deputy Commissioner had two hearings with NPS . We are still assessing the situation and quick action will be taken.” When Citizen Matters went to the school to inquire on the matter, the school authorities declined to comment. They also prevented the reporter from taking pictures of the controversial strip of land.

Abhishek Angad

Citizen Matters has copies of all the documents cited in the article.


cm special

Risking perjury, BDA has its way

Cover credits: Sridhar CR


n April 30th, Chief Minister D Sadananda Gowda land will be acquired, and from St John’s 2067 sq m will laid the foundation stone for the much contested be taken. Agara - St John’s signal free corridor. A few Koramangala The PIL petitioners have already pointed out that BDA’s residents assembled and protested at the event, but action amounts to perjury. Sajan Poovayya, lawyer for were mollified by Gowda the petitioners, says that who promised to hold a Koramangala residents protested at the a separate criminal case discussion with them on foundation stone laying ceremony. Pic: Navya P K can be filed against BDA May 5th. In December, for the offence of perjury. CM had held a meeting “A separate criminal case with residents and BDA, can be filed on this. But but there was no outcome our focus is on the original except that work was issue of grade separators, suspended for a short so we may not pursue the while. perjury case,” he says. In the meanwhile, two Next hearing of the PIL is major institutions in scheduled for May 29th; Koramangala – St John’s though petitioners tried to Hospital and Indian get an earlier hearing citing Institute of Astrophysics perjury, court did not grant (IIA) – may lose part of their this. land to BDA for the project. BDA plans to acquire this Work to start right away land for building a flyover doc missing on way from An official at Nagarjuna and an underpass at the St BBMP TO BDA Construction Company John’s Hospital junction. (NCC) – which has the The project was initially with BBMP and This despite BDA’s recent contract for the project then transferred to BDA by a government claims that no additional – says that construction land was required. order. In court, BDA submitted minutes of work itself would start in both BBMP’s and BDA’s Technical Advisory full swing at all junctions BDA commits perjury Committees (TAC) meetings that approved by May 4th or 5th. “In two A PIL (Public Interest the project. TACs comprise independent junctions - Krupanidhi Litigation) filed by Citizen’s College and St John’s experts and government officials. Action Forum (CAF), - we first have to shift Koramangala residents and The BBMP’s TAC meeting was in December utilities like water lines. In others, challenging BDA’s 2009, and the minutes say that both the Jakkasandra and 80 ft road project is already going in concept and DPR (Detailed Project Report) junctions work can start High Court. of the entire project was approved. But right away,” he says. Court had initially issued neither the BBMP nor the BDA are able to BDA Engineer Member a stay order on the work produce a copy of that DPR, despite an RTI T N Chikkarayappa says on February 27th. But BDA application by citizens. The document has that BDA is ready to offer filed its written objections, alternate land, financial simply gone ‘missing’. on March 20th saying compensation or TDR as no land acquisition was per the management’s required and that it had already issued Work Orders requirement. (WOs) for the four junctions. On March 28th, the Court On why BDA is acquiring land now, Chikkarayappa says ordered for the work to be resumed. that acquisition is only minimal. “As road width is not But three days later, on March 31st, BDA shot off letters uniform throughout, small stretches of land may be to Indian Institute of Astrophysics and St John’s hospital acquired. This should not be an issue.” at the Madiwala end of Sarjapur road, saying land had Navya P K to be acquired from them. From IIA, about 384 sq m of Vol-4 Issue-07 05-18 May 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 11

for your Info

Guide for payment of property tax 2012-13


ost of us have paid the taxes for the years 2008-09, 200910, 2010-11 & 2011-12 by filling the appropriate form (From I - for properties with PID no./ Form IIfor properties having only Khata no./ Form III-for properties with neither PID nor Khata no.). Now it is time to pay taxes for the current year. The forms are of two different types – White (Form IV) and Blue (Form V). For properties, where there is no change in any field – either in CATEGORY (Residential / Non-Residential), or DIMENSIONS (Any addition / Deletion to the structure), USAGE (Tenanted / Self occupied), you have to use the white Form IV. The block period for this term comes to an end officially this year. This year you find a new column on the left hand side of the application, which s hould not be filled, as it is for office use for allotting a new PID number based on GIS system. Even properties already having a PID numbers will get a new one.This can even be obtained on website, but at the time of publishing, the data is yet to be updated completely. Keep handy, photo copies of Form I (submitted for the year 2008-09), Form IV (submitted for the year 2011-12) or the forms submitted for REVISION, if any and the relevant receipts. Enter the personal details in Part I as you did in previous filings. There is an additional column for Special Notice Number, which has to be filled in case you have received any notice from BBMP, either for non-payment, wrong disclosure, omissions / alterations etc. There are only seven columns now, compared to the earlier nine. Please copy the new ward numbers and names, as filled in the form for 2010-11 & 2011-12. In PART II, fill the details of tax paid for the year 201112 (If revised submission has been done, fill according to that) with receipt number and date of payment, in column 08. If you are paying tax during the 5% rebate period (upto 30th April but extended now), Fill column 09 and draw a line across column 10. If you are paying after the rebate period or in instalments, 12 CITIZEN MATTERS 05-18 May 2012 Vol-4 Issue-07

fill details in column 10 and draw a line across column 09. This year too, like last year, there is Solid Waste Management Cess, to be paid along with property tax; fill-up one more page, an addition (printed in green colour ledger paper) to Form IV and V. This section has absolutely no change. Write your application number on right hand top boxes provided, and Part 1 consisting of property details as per furnished in Form IV, part I (Page 1). Refer to your form of 2008-09 (Column 6) or revised one, if any, to the column of “built-up area” and different kind of uses, and fill in accordingly, on “plinth area” column. Refer to the tariff on page no.2 (reverse of the form) and fill in the “rate per month” column. Accordingly calculate the area multiplied by rate multiplied by 12 / 06 for FULL / HALF year and enter in the “SWM Cess Payable” column. (Note : The Total column refers only to the area and cess amount) NOTE : 5 % rebate is not applicable on SWM Cess. Coming to payment particulars on page 2 of form IV, fill in the cheque details, if paid by cheque, if paid by card (debit / credit), fill the details of card and the amount of property tax and SWM cess separately and the total of the two in the respective columns and affix your signature. This year they have reduced your burden of filling two acknowledgements, there is only one on page 4 with the single amount. Staple the SWM Cess form to the first sheet of form IV and present it at your respective collection center. Note: receipts for cheque payment may be issued only after realisation (upto one month) of the cheque & allotment of new PID#. But acknowledgement will be given immediately. Relax till the next term. Any or many changes can be expected next year, if this block period is not extended. D R PRAKASH is the founder-president of the Osborne Road Area Residents Welfare Association.

Around 700 attend Flea Market



00 people, countless number of ways to reuse, recycle and upcycle everyday household items. This was the highlight of the fourth edition of the flea market held at Jaaga on double road. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This was the busiest of all the flea markets we have held so far,â&#x20AC;? says Anupama G, an organiser. Second to None (220) flea market is a platform where people come together to sell recycled and upcycled items and also some second hand products that are no longer useful to them. Clothes, luggage bags, books and a lot more was on sale at the market. More than 40 sellers came up and sold their old belongings and recycled or upcycled products. Citizen matters was the media partner for the event. News Desk Clock wise from top right: Talavattam Band playing live music. Boxes made of banana fibre. Old bottles upcycled into vases. handwoven penstands. Visitors having a gala time. Second hand books on sale at Goobe. Masks made from newspaper. Pics: Anisha Nair, Meera K

Vol-4 Issue-07 05-18 May 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 13


Did the new Mayor encroach CA site?


were the then Corporator (now Mayor) Venkatesha Murthy and his family members.

o we Bengaluru has a new mayor now. Time for celebration – or introspection? You decide, after reading the backgrounder described here. Three weeks ago, a group of RWAs (Residents’ Welfare Associations) sounded jubilant that justice prevails, at least some of the time. Abhyudaya, a federation of RWAs of old ward no. 55 of the city, put out details of the six year long battle that they had been waging (since 2005) with the BBMP. The residents discovered that out of 11 CA sites meant for common use, as community parks or playgrounds, sanctioned by the BDA, seven had been illegally appropriated and encroached upon. The people implicated in these encroachments

Abhyudaya, along with CAF (Citizens Action Forum) has pursued the matter and has been persecuted by way of cases filed against them by Murthy. Three weeks ago the residents were assured by the police that the cases would be dropped. It was said that some BJP leaders were against the selection of Venkatesha Murthy as the next mayor.

After being confirmed as new mayor, 54-year-old Murthy said that water supply and waste management would be his priorities.

A deputy Mayor we were proud of P R Jayalakshmamma was the Corporator of Jayanagar constituency. She was elected the Deputy Mayor later on in 1963. Here’s an excerpt from a memoir written by her son Palahalli Vishwanath on the occasion of her 100th birth anniversary in 2008. As a corporator for the Jayanagar constituency and then Deputy Mayor, which was unusual for a woman at that time, she worked very hard for six years. I remember my college days when she would go in the morning and return very late in the night. She was also associated with many organisations including the State Social Welfare Board for a long time. Though her education had stopped at the middle school level, mother was fluent in Kannada, Tamil and Telugu, and she had no hesitation in displaying her broken Hindi and butler English. When I see myriad photographs of her with important personalities, I cannot help admiring her. She used to tell us at times that she would have been a minister at the centre if only she had known English. Read the complete article on Citizen Matters online. 14 CITIZEN MATTERS 05-18 May 2012 Vol-4 Issue-07

The activists’ relief was short-lived – Venkatesha Murthy has now been chosen mayor, and has gone on to make the usual promises, about addressing the city’s problems. There were no questions put to him by the media, on the allegations of encroachment. So, where do we, as residents stand now? Reports from a RWA Secretary say that Venkatesha Murthy called up the person who was pursuing the complaint to ask why he was taking up the matter. He terminated the call when the person acting on behalf of the RWAs refused to back down. If dissent or whistle-blowing is frowned upon, even muzzled or punished, it is a sad indicator of the way our administration functions. Public officials like mayor and deputy mayors have a mandate to uphold the highest norms of honesty in public life. Perhaps the new mayor will take it up from here, and win our approval, by clearing up the matter? Sakuntala Narasimhan is a Jayanagar based writer, musician and consumer activist.

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27th Main HSR Layout

Stop the dumping and get asphalting done

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Pics: Brig Murthy


recent media report had a front page headline saying 28th Main and 27th Main roads of HSR Layout have been asphalted. This is far from truth. Such unverified reports from the media send a wrong message to the residents and shopkeepers of HSR Layout that everything is fine on this road. The truth is BWSSB at best have asphalted ribbon like patches of road from Sarjapur Road-27th Main Road junction to the road near NIFT. BWSSB is yet to complete the work of closing the pits, laying of pipeline and repair and asphalting on large portions throughout the length of this lifeline of HSR Layout. The HSR Federation and concerned RWAs have been raising this issue time and again with BBMP/BWSSB and elected representatives. There appears to be no commitment on their part to complete the asphalting. This is more so when the Army land issue had been resolved by Sector 2 RWA in direct consultation with army and BDA engineers.

Now, dumping of debris

What is even more frustrating is this: civic agencies and police are also turning a blind eye to dumping of building material debris every day on either side of the road from Army land area to Somasundarapalya. When the civic authorities decide to work on this portion of the road, they will have to call tenders to remove the debris before asphalting. What a shame! Apartment associations in Somasundarapalaya, who must be witnessing this dumping activity must also come forward to raise the issue. It appears this dumping is done by big builders and not small time tractor operators. Sanjeev Balgopal, a resident nearby and I shot some pictures. The dumping was also witnessed by an Army officer at the time supervising a JCB working on their side of road. It is high time the authorities stop the dumping and complete the asphalting work. Brig R S Murthy is a senior citizen in HSR Layout Sector 2.

Vol-4 Issue-07 05-18 May 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 15

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More at

16 CITIZEN MATTERS 05-18 May 2012 Vol-4 Issue-07


They danced all day W

ith the gathering of dancers, gurus and dance enthusiasts from across India, World Dance Day at Bengaluru witnessed a gorgeous riot of forms and music. The event was held at Alliance Francaise, Vasanthnagar on 29th April. The man behind the event is Ashish Mohan Khokar, a dance associate of Alliance and has been running an academic dance series.

Apart from dance forms such as Odissi, Bharathanatyam and Kathak there were Yakshagana, Chitra Nritya and Yogic Bharatanatyam performances too.

Maitrey Ananth and Gaana Srinivas are summer interns with Citizen Matters. They are students of Mt Carmels College. All pics: Maitrey Ananth.

Vol-4 Issue-07 05-18 May 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 17

last word

The Pickup Service G

ood morning and welcome to the Mummy Pick Up & Drop Off service. I’m the chief operating officer cum chief pick up girl here. The job description fits me to the tee as I am always picking up things -clothes from the laundry, toys from the floor, soap from the bathroom basin, child from swimming class, bus stop, playdate, skating class and so on. We welcome all sorts of applicants as long as they have spawned at least one offspring, possess a reasonable ability to be on their toes for the large part of the day, have a suitably haggard appearence while trying to appear cool and collected in standard ‘Mummy Chic’, i.e., loose kurti/long top and slacks/ capri. Please note that at least one of the above garments need to have pockets to carry napkins, house keys, car keys, wallet, lollipops and so on. Applicants also need to be good multitaskers and skilled in one-handed operations such as folding stroller while holding baby, bag and other paraphernalia, feeding banana while speaking to

other moms and instructing maid at home over the phone, typing an email while reading bedtime stories to child, skateboarding while balancing the child on one hand and four tea cups in another. Ok so I made the last one up but I

confessionS of a second time mom

Reshmi Chakraborty am quite sure there is some super multitasking mother somewhere in the world who can do just that. For details regarding timings, rates and job satisfaction about the Pick up Service you could speak to some mommies themselves. They are found quite easily in parks, school bus stops and these days in summer near the swimming, art, craft, tennis and a million other camps. Pic: Pranav Yaddanapudi via Wikimedia Commons

Perky. Not pesky! W

The perks of the job include almost nothing, unless you count hanging around aimlessly or finishing up your grocery shopping while junior does his training as a perk. Be warned that the job also has a good ability to play havoc with your mind as the brat whines about not wanting to go for Karate class, making you wonder if you are being the pushy mommy type. So you pull him out of it only to have him complain that AAAAAAALL his friends go for Karate and he is the only one left out. This of course makes you wonder yet again if you are a good mommy at all and if you understand your child. Our suggestion: Do not think. It interferes with the core job on hand which is to be pick up/shuttle service for child during summer vacations, along with other unsaid but built in responsibilities like being the in-house chef, emergency playmate, boredom reliever and anytime cleaning service. With such a massive job profile, when is the time to think?

Citizen Sparrow, a public project seeks to document information on sparrows in India - just fill a quick survey if you have observed sparrows anywhere. Project closes on 31 May. See Sparrows prefer a hole to nest in, and so occupy ventilators in old houses, the “cups” at the top of ceiling fan stalks, holes in the wall, and other such locations. They love pecking at grains, and often eat insects and worms, too, and that is sometimes beneficial to us.

Since the population of house sparrows in Bangalore (as in many other cities around the world) dropped ho’s not watched the house sparrows as they hop sharply, efforts are being made to bring them back, and about, living their lives alongside us humans in in our city, at least, it is a heartening sight to see these our rural or urban homes? Their scientific name is passer perky birds hopping around in areas such as K R Market, domesticus, the very name saying that they are a part Russell Market, or even the Bangalore of our domestic lives! They have been Nature Feature International Airport. associated with humans for nearly 10,000 Deepa Mohan years! 18 CITIZEN MATTERS 05-18 May 2012 Vol-4 Issue-07

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citizen matters 5may2012 koramangala edition  

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