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Vol-4 Issue-06

21 Apr - 4 May 2012




IPL Ticket

For order worth Rs. 200 & above


Ulsoor Road 3221 7203 • JP Nagar 3221 6299 • HSR (Opp NIFT ) 3221 7208 • HRBR layout 3221 6312 • Jaya Mahal 3255 8090 Koramangala (4th Block) 3221 7202 • Indira Nagar(80ft road) 3221 7722 • Indira Nagar(double road) 3221 1853 Jayanagar 3221 1854 • BTM Layout 3248 9798 • Clarke road( Richard town) 3248 0810 CONTAINS NO FRUIT. CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOUR

Offer valid only at French Loaf Outlets.

Citizen Matters Vol-4 Issue-06, 21 Apr - 4 May 2012 KARENG/2009/28904. Published & printed by Meera K for Oorvani Media Pvt Ltd. Printed at Lavanya Mudrana, 19, 15th cross, Vidyapeeta Circle, BSK I Stage, Bangalore 560060 Place of publication Oorvani Media, 165, I cross, I block, Kmgla, Bangalore 560034. Editor Subramaniam Vincent.


Cut out Cataract and get crystal clear vision Eyes are the mirror of the soul, they say. But what if the mirror turns foggy? Yes, that is what happens with most of us as we age. The crystalline lens of our eyes becomes opaque, blurring our vision. Known as Cataract, this eye condition is mostly attributed to ageing. However, there could be other triggers. Here is the lowdown on Cataract and ways to get your vision back. How cataract forms? The lens of our eyes is made of water and protein. The protein is arranged in a particular way that keeps the lens clear and enables clear vision. As we age, some of the proteins cluster together and cloud a portion of the lens, causing our vision to blur.


Several myths surround Cataract. Here, five most common ones are busted for you. MYTH: Cataracts should be mature for surgery.

FACT: No. Cataract can be operated even in early stages.

MYTH: Cataracts can relapse.

FACT: Once operated, it does not grow back.

Look for:

MYTH: Cataracts can be removed with LASER.

FACT: They are removed by replacing the natural lens with an artificial one.

► Reduced sharpness and fading colour and brightness of objects.

MYTH: Cataracts can spread form one eye to the other.

FACT: Cataracts can develop in one eye or both of them, but it doesn’t spread.

► Lack of clarity even with new glasses.

MYTH: There is no need for glasses after Cataract Surgery.

FACT: It depends on the type of lens implanted. With a monofocal lens, patients might still need glasses to read or work on the computer. You don’t need them if you have multifocal lens implanted.

Symptoms to watch out for Cataract is a slow and painless process. So the symptoms are normally silent.

► Difficulty in driving ► Glare at night, decreased vision in bright sunlight ► Inability to read for long Rush to your doctor if you find these symptoms. He will confirm/rule out Cataract with a five-minute diagnostic test – the slit lamp examination. The triggers Most common cause of Cataract is ageing. However, younger people can also be affected, especially if they are diabetic. Eye injuries, excess steroid medication, exposure to UV rays, X-rays, infrared rays could also be the culprits. Rarely though, children too get Cataract as a congenital defect. Surgery: the only cure

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Though change of glasses may lead to mild vision improvement in the early stages of

Cataract, it will not restore the full clarity. Surgery is the only option. This safe and simple outpatient procedure involves replacing the clouded natural lens with an artificial silicone or plymer acrylate lens. Cataract surgeries have a very high success rate and patient satisfaction. Surgery costs between Rs.10000 to Rs.40000 per eye. Cost depends on the quality of service provided. Care after surgery Apart from using prescribed eye drops, wearing your protective eye shields and following the specific instructions of your surgeon, you need to take special care of your eyes as they heal. So for the first few weeks of the procedure, make sure that you:

► Avoid any kind of strenuous activity. ► Do not lift anything heavy ► Avoid head bath for three days after surgery ► Protect your eye from dust and bright light ► Inform your surgeon the moment you experience any abnormality.

Dr Raja Shekar Y L is the Medical Director, Shekar Nethralaya

633, 100 feet Ring Road JP Nagar 3rd Phase, Bengaluru - 560078 Tel: 08026593210 fax: 08041209197 Ph:9980562020

Stained Teeth – Why? We love having white teeth... it enhances the beauty of a smile and brightens up the face… but very few people have bright,white teeth. So what actually causes teeth to stain? Many people believe that dental problems like stained teeth are caused exclusively by poor oral hygiene. While that may be a contributing factor, even the best-cared-for teeth can become discoloured over time. Various substances, like juice, coffee, tea, dark cola, red wine and even certain antibiotics, can cause teeth stains. The obvious factors also apply; smokers and people with poor oral hygiene or lifestyle habits are very likely to end up with stained teeth. There are many things we do on a daily basis that can cause our teeth to become stained and discoloured. Over time, the problem can grow worse. Here are the most common causes of tooth discolouration.

Food Food and beverages that can stain your teeth include soy sauce, berries, black tea, coffee, red wines, curries, colas and red fruit juices. Acidic foods and beverages or extreme changes of heat and cold can cause teeth pores to expand, which also may allow stains to penetrate. Avoiding or limiting such food is one way of protecting against staining.

Tobacco In addition to serious health complications, tobacco products cause

yellowed and stained teeth. Cigarettes, cigars, pipes and chew are the most common uses of tobacco, all of which will stain teeth with continued use.

Keep in mind: many factors, including diet and smoking, contribute to stained teeth.

Other Factors Aging, tooth decay and tooth trauma are also common causes of discolouration. Additional attention to cleaning may be necessary to maintain white teeth in later stages of adulthood. In addition, a number of diseases and disease treatments can cause discoloured teeth.

Maintain Clean Teeth

Water If a significant amount of water containing high levels of fluoride is consumed, brownish stains on teeth may appear. This is especially true for those who drink water with high levels of fluoride during childhood.

Medications When used in excess, fluoride can cause tooth discolouration in children, as can tetracycline and derivative compounds of tetracycline such as minocycline and doxycycline. Minocycline has

Sandhya Ramanujam

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also been reported to cause teeth discolouration in adults.

Clinical Director and Owner - Perfect 32, Consultant at Fortis Hospitals Consultant-Dental Legal Advisor & Auditor Clinical Director of International Certification Training programs in Dental Implants, Dental Law and Rehabilitative & Aesthetic Dentistry Comprehensive dental care solutions Perfect 32 “Green Arch” 45/A, 1st Floor, 1st Main (Next to Parkview Hotel), J.P Nagar 3rd Phase, Bangalore. Ph: 40989896, 40981767, 9880027728. email:

The good news is that maintaining a clean, plaque-free smile is possible. First, remember to rinse away stains. If you are unable to brush your teeth after consuming food or beverages that may stain your teeth, preserve clean teeth by rinsing your mouth with water or a dental rinse. Next, eat right. Eating a balanced diet including recommended servings of fruits and vegetables will help promote clean teeth. Finally, if you have not already done so, quit smoking. Smoking is one of the top factors that undermine clean teeth. And of course, visit your dentist regularly to ensure that you are on the right path in your oral health plan and get your teeth cleaned by a dentist every 6-8 months!


Keep the sparkle in your smile The Dental Care and Implant Centre Dr.Sandhya Ramanujam D.D.S (USA), B.D.S India),C.B.M.(USA), P.G.D.M.L.E (India), Fellowship in Implantology (USA)

jayanagar jp nagar & BTM

Meal vouchers shake up supermarket loyalties We shoppers resigned ourselves to carrying cash and cards to shop. We were concerned as to what to do with the remaining vouchers.

“Yours Truly. From 31 Dec, we will not accept Meal Vouchers,” says a notice displayed in a ‘Home Needs’ shop in JP Nagar 7th phase. This was a jolt out of the blue for me and other shoppers who use vouchers. These vouchers are handed down by top managements to their employees as perks. Apparently shops took this decision when a major retail player (does not wish to be named) who accepted vouchers was not reimbursed properly by the company who dealt with vouchers. The alleged reason was the amount withheld as commission by voucher company, which puts a hole in their pockets. When this news spread within their fraternity, shopkeepers put a blanket ban on accepting vouchers.

But there were exceptions to the rule. I discovered another shop - Ever Fine Super Market - a few yards away, which did not have the display on vouchers. Eager to expend the remaining vouchers, a few like me now buy our monthly supplies from here. There is a stream of shoppers in this outlet even during odd hours. Even the express checkout counter does not ease congestion. When I ask people about this inconvenience, pat comes the reply, “We get what we need, why fret over small issues?” They pay using meal vouchers, satisfied that they do not have to dispose of those. My neighbourhood shopping complex has multiple local retail grocers playing with the corporate brands. It has always been a fight to survival for the small shops. A loyal customer may not shift to a big timer, but the next generation customer who wants convenience will be loyal to any shop that offers him what he seeks. Our Citizen friendly neighbourhood ‘Home Needs’ Reports shop did just that. Armed with shrewd business strategy, he offered what the big timers did not. The risk turned into a money spinner with customers streaming in by word-of-mouth. Guess the risk did shift loyalties for some of us. ANURADHA KRISHNA is a writer based in JP Nagar.

BESCOM MD gives, AEEE delays BESCOM junior engineers have failed to comply with the orders passed by their senior officials to restore the back billing charges of 400 residents under JP Nagar S6 subdivision. In the issue dated 24 March, 2012, Citizen Matters reported about BESCOM slapping a fine up to 1.1 lakh rupees on the residents for not signing an agreement while shifting from residential to commercial connection. At that time, BESCOM admitted to its lapses and agreed to reverse the penalty. According to the minutes of the meeting available with Citizen Matters, Superintendent Engineer-

South, Nagarjuna D on 12th March stated that the charges would be cancelled by 12th April. But so far, the residents haven’t received any official confirmation. Meanwhile the new AEEE (Asst Exec Engg Electrical) of S6 Sub Division, Lokesh Babu, has asked the residents to sign an indemnity bond if residents want to enter into the agreement immediately. This is because BESCOM will take another two months to otherwise verify the back billing claims and revoke it. Residents are not happy about this. Pradeep Nagaraja, 28, owner of a house in BTM layout and who was penalised `1 Lakh did not favour

6 CITIZEN MATTERS 21 Apr - 4 May 2012 Vol-4 Issue-06

signing indemnity bond. He claims, “Even BESCOM’s MD Manivannan P told us not to sign the bond as later BESCOM might tell us we are at fault again. The bond may allow them to charge us heavily.” While Manivannan was not available to comment, Nagarjuna, SE-South again promises to start the process of reversal in couple of days. Regarding the demand for indemnity bond by Babu, he admitted that this was done without the consent of senior officials. He says, “I have given a show-cause notice to babu and issued a directive not sign the bond.”

Abhishek Angad

I don’t see people owning Bengaluru The bad part is, I have not seen the so-called educated class giving back to the society. I don’t see people owning the city. The sense of ownership is missing.

Pic: Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation

Harish Hande, 45, co-founded SELCO India in 1995 and moved to JP Nagar 15 years ago, from Odisha. He won the Magsaysay Award in 2011. Through SELCO he has succeeded in installing solar lighting systems in more than 1,20,000 households in the rural areas of Karnataka and Gujarat. Excerpts from the interview.

How have you seen the city progressing in recent years? I like the transportation system in the city though people still shout about it.

class of people, with the way they throw their garbage.

Don’t you think that lack of ownership is due to migration in Bangalore? If you look at many other cities like New York, people come from all over the world. But people own the city. The question is, so what if people come from all over the world? If everybody has ownership and responsibility for the city, things will be better.

Nimma neighbour

When there is such an influx to urban Bangalore by the rich, middle-class and the poor, you cannot cope with that development however hard you try. I am a critic of the government. But the question is, what have the citizens done? If you take any residential colony, just look at the garbage. We blame the BBMP officials for not collecting garbage. But I am appalled by the educated

local matters

National award winning ‘Byari’ to be screened at Suchitra K P Suveeran’s debut directorial venture ‘Byari’, the first film in the Byari language, received the National Award in the best feature film category. The film is based on the Beary muslim community. Suchitra Film Society is having a special screening of the Byari on April 29th. The Byari language is spoken in coastal regions of North Kerala and Dakshina Kannada district in Karnataka. Malayalam actress Mallika, who plays the lead role as the crusader against patriarchal customs, grabbed a special mention by the National Awards jury. Suveeran has acted in several Malayalam plays and his short film, Sound Machine has won acclaim across the country and overseas. The movie is produced by Althaf Hussain and stars Mallika, Murali Krishna, Vishwajith, S Manohar, Murali Beyfore, Hameeth, Pattanam Sha, Manjari, Shivdaas Purumeri, Sunith and Manukoya who acted as father of the girl.

Is Bangalore taking the initiative for the development of the poor?

My friends from outside Bangalore say, “Boss, you have a good bunch of people to talk to for civic issues.” There is quite a bit of a younger crowd in Bangalore, though in small number they have much more sense than in any other part of the country about actual sustainable development. So I think social entrepreneurship is strong enough in this city. Read the full interview online

anisha nair

Venue: Suchitra Film Society, No. 36, 9th Main, B.V Karanth Road, Banashankari 3rd Stage Ph: 26711785. Time: Sunday, April 29th, 11:00am.

Film Appreciation Workshop, May 18-20: Suchitra is conducting a workshop designed to promote understanding and insight into the nature of cinema.

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Vol-4 Issue-06 21 Apr - 4 May 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 7

check outs

Dhokla, Faafda, Thepla, Haandva - Yes! The Farsans tempt you, Kadhi welcomes you and you indulge in the heavenly feast of Gujarati Cuisine. Check out some of the inviting places to try out dishes from Gujarat.

Khamman. pic: Wikimediacommons

The movie 3 Idiots had this famous dialogue on Gujarati food - Dhokla, Faafda, Thepla, Haandva. If you want to find out what these taste like, Jayanagar has its share of Gujarati restaurants. A typical north Indian village setup where you are welcomed with vermilion on your forehead. Village, Jayanagar, has the perfect atmosphere for a wonderful dining experience. Such an unusual welcome in a restaurant! You can play Dandia-raas in the open space. The puppet shows will definitely keep the children engrossed. The Mehendi counters offer a wide range of Mehendi designs to apply. The ambience takes you on a virtual journey to Gujarat. The food counters around you will put you to a dilemma as to what to try and what to leave for the next

time. The Bataka na Bhajiya (potato bhajji) and the perfectly steamed Khichu accompanied with methi masala and groundnut oil is a must. A person goes around in a cycle serving hot masala chai. And not to miss the piping hot Gajar no Halvo (Carrot Halva) for your dessert. A sweet paan in the end makes it a complete meal. Oops! You don’t know how the time goes, there are so many things to do. Average cost of meal for two is `600. No Alcohol served. Rajdhani in Jayanagar promises to serve the typical

Khandvi pic: Wikimediacommons

Gujarati cuisine. Something unique about this place is that each food item has its own hand sign. The waiters just make the gestures of the required dish and, Aa lo! It is on your plate next. The friendly waiters are beside your table before you know it. The dishes here offer you a rich variety of proper Gujarati dishes. The gujarati speciality that Rajdhani serves is Surti Undhiyu. This special dish from Surat is very rare in Bangalore and tastes heavenly. It is made of a mixture of almost all the available vegetables. Besides tasting delicious, it is also considered one of the most nutritious dishes of Gujarat. Even the Ollo Rotlo is something that every Gujarati would crave for . This roti like rotlo is made of bajra and ollo or the Baingan Bharta has the right amount of spice. Average cost of meal for two is `600 (without alcohol). Alcohol served. Rajdhani: 4th Floor, Bangalore Central Mall, 9th Block, Jayanagar. Ph: 43283010, 9986050434 Village: 6th Floor, Bangalore Central Mall, 9th Block, Jayanagar. Ph: 9663294243, 9663924344

Anisha Nair

8 CITIZEN MATTERS 21 Apr - 4 May 2012 Vol-4 Issue-06

check outs

Go upcycling this weekend Don’t know what to do with those gifts you don’t like? Want to pick up a second hand oven? The flea market this weekend has stuff to buy and ideas to try out. This Sunday’s Second to None flea market event, will have a bit of everything from used books, electronic items, furniture and home decor knick knacks. You can also pick up handmade and homemade items from paper jewellery to jams, cakes and more. The concept of garage sale may be common in western countries but it is the same philosophy of the Gujilis of the market area; accessing these gujilis are not easy though. Now there is an easier way to get rid of the gift you never opened.

File pic of the flea market. Inset: the items for sale. Pics courtesy: Second to None.

market. What to look out for Story Revolution, founded by Angela Jain and Shalini are bringing their lovely collection of award

Anupama Gummaraju, along with her friends Reena Chengappa and Shilipa Kamath initiated Second To None, a series of flea markets to promote a healthier and a greener lifestyle. Anupama says that the idea is simple enough for people to participate and encourage recycling and reuse habit. With over 2000 people sharing their creative ideas in the online group, ‘Second To When: 22nd None’, this flea market will April, 2012, 11 am-5 pm be a physical extension to Venue: ‘Jaaga’, the regular Double Road, interaction and Opposite barter online! Corporation

Bank, Behind M a n y KH Road Bus committed members of 220 Stand. are planning to sell stuff they no longer use at home - like laptops, massagers, Modems and Home Theater systems at the flea

w i n n i n g children’s books.

Karaashilp and Anokhi Planet make handcrafted and recycled/upcycled items. Chitra Nair converts old rubber tires and oil cans to make seats and planters for your garden. Krishna Panyam will be a treat to watch, as he churns out exquisite origami creations. Also checkout Sharwari Tilloo’s jewellery from waste paper, Abhishek Agarwal’s art items with used car parts and Madani’s cloth bags made from scraps of fabric.

And What’s a market without don’t miss food? Citizen Matters’ Taantra will sell green tips corner organic cakes and Hema Mahesh’s at the venue to Nature in a Bottle, interact on specialises in Gourmet Jams of exotic green ideas fruit combinations. John

Old bottles or boxes can be recycled no doubt but to repurpose them into beautiful objects of daily use can provide pleasure as well as satisfaction. Namrata and Antara of Enthucutlets cut broken ceramic tiles to make coasters, illustrated with quirky art. They also do decoupage art and boxes made of banana fibre, pin up boards and black boards.

Fenessy will be bringing pesto and peanut butter along with fruits and vegetables from his organic farm. So see you Sunday! And don’t miss Citizen Matters’ green tips corner at the venue to share your ideas and rate ideas submitted by others. Citizen Matters is the media partner for the event.

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Vol-4 Issue-06 21 Apr - 4 May 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 9

CM Special

We will win: Ashwin Mahesh Most readers would not have heard of this election and yet it is around the corner. The second chamber of the Karnataka legislature the Council - has a special set of seats for graduate voters. This year, Bangalore’s graduate constituency seat will open up. BJP’s Ramachandra Gowda is incumbent, and his term ends in June. ABIDe member and socialtechnologist Ashwin Mahesh has thrown his hat into the race, contesting on a Lok Satta Party ticket. At an event in Shantinagar on 12th April, Justice Santosh Hegde endorsed Mahesh and registered as voter, along with him.

Activists and citizens along with Ashwin Mahesh and Justice Hegde. Pic: Abhishek Angad

social issues, so that they can work better with their own initiatives without becoming dependent on government”, says Mahesh.

Endorsing Mahesh, Justice Hegde urged people to register and vote in the election. He says, “I have known The dates may not Ashwin Mahesh for a few years now and yet be set for the I can vouch for his MLC elections, but integrity, sincerity for public service, vision campaigning has for Bangalore and heated up. Loksatta his involvement with candidate Ashwin grass-root work.”

Mahesh, who has also been part of India Against Corruption movement, has won many a c c o l a d e s for urban development. He feels that “I think there is a Mahesh is out urging d e v e l o p m e n t real opportunity for graduates to register. in any country this kind of politics. is the sum and I would like to push substance of the political system to empower civic development, citizenship and people already active in taking up politics, but that politics is one area

What is Bangalore graduates MLC election? Members of Legislative Council (upper house of state legislature)- MLCs are like MLAs. The Bangalore Graduates Constituency is made up of graduates from 36 assembly constituencies in Bangalore Urban and Bangalore Rural. Who can vote in this election? Any citizen of India residing in Bangalore who graduated before Nov 2008 from any recognised university of India can vote in

this election. Note: The Graduate Constituency has a different process from the mp, mla, bbmp elections. The voter id card cannot be used, you have to register separately. How to register 1. Filled and signed Form 18 (available at Form_18.pdf ) 2. Photocopy of degree certificate. 3. Proof of current address (rental agreement, phone bill, electricity

10 CITIZEN MATTERS 21 Apr - 4 May 2012 Vol-4 Issue-06

avoided for a long time by citizens. With his campaign, Mahesh says he wants to start “rebuilding politics”. Mahesh has also filed a case in High Court asking for a directive to the Election Commision (EC) to simplify voter registrations for the graduate constituency, to promote enrollment. The EC now runs a cumbersome process, dissuading registration. A number of noted Bangaloreans are endorsing Mahesh. Noted among them are ace cricketer Anil Kumble, and former Infosys Director Mohandas Pai.


Full disclosure: Ashwin Mahesh is also a director at Oorvani Media, publisher of Citizen Matters.

bill, DL, passport) submit 2 copies of the above to the nearest ARO. Where to register? Residents of Wards 170-Jayanagar East, 171-Gurappanapalya, 172-Madiwala, 173-Jakkasandra, 176-Btm Layout, 177-Jp Nagar, 178-Sarakki, 179-Shakambarinagar can contact: L.Sundareshaiah, Revenue Officer, BBMP, Jayanagar Shopping Complex, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Ph:22975744

A dedicated electricity sub-station on the land given to KPTCL. Pic: Abhishek Angad

Elita residents file lawsuit against their builders Elita Promenade residents in JP Nagar 7th phase have filed a lawsuit against their developers for allegedly keeping them in dark over various issues related to the apartment complex. The case was filed in November, 2011. Elita Promenade - a multi-storey apartment is constructed by a joint venture between Singapore-based Keppel Land and Puravankara Developers, Bangalore.

water properly. However they are not able to take any action because they are not allowed to access the STP nor any information related to the STP. N R Sudheer, a resident and a retired engineer says that they are denied data on the STP. He adds, “from the very beginning, construction quality of STP was bad. On enquiry, we have been denied any information from logbooks. We got the water checked and E-coli was found out in one of the samples.”

Three issues seem to lie at the centre of the conflict Three - Sewage problem, Sudheer worries that lack of clarity on untreated water issues seem to ownership of one might be let into lie at the centre of portion of the to the Sarakki land and sale lake. In addition the conflict - Sewage of one part of to this, there is problem, lack of clarity also problem of land to KPTCL (Karnataka Power sewage pipelines on ownership of one Tr a n s m i s s i o n of residences portion of the land and outside Corporation Ltd) the without notice. sale of one part of land apartment complex passing through the Sewage Problem: to KPTCL without complex. This pipe, the residents suspect, Sewage Treatment notice. carries untreated sewage Plants are mandatory that is finally let into the for larger apartment Sarakki lake. Citizen Matters had complexes. But the residents reported about this on 7th July of Elita Promenade say that the STP 2011. inside the premises does not treat

Disputed Land

cm special

At one corner of the Elita campus, the boundary is built with temporary sheets instead of regular brick walls. Residents say that the land is disputed with the forest department and the boundary remains temporary until final settlement. However, the residents were not aware of the issue when they bought the apartments. Residents are also worried that the STP is near the disputed land, and if any civic body takes control over that portion of land, they have to bear the cost of setting up an STP elsewhere.

Re-Sale of the land: At the time of construction Keppel sold one part of the land to KPTCL for a dedicated sub-station. This was to ensure continuous electricity supply at Elita Promenade. But Keppel failed to inform the apartment buyers about this. Temporary boundary fenced with sheets at one corner of the Elita Promenade. Pic: Abhishek Angad

Another resident Bharath Kedlaya, a chartered accountant by profession says that though Keppel goofed up initially, residents are ready to reach a consensus. He says, “We asked them to convert the sale into a lease so that we remain the owner of that part of the land. Builders agreed but for the past 1.5 years, there seems to be no action.” Jagdish Narula, Customer Relationships Manager, KeppelPuravankara initially agreed to meet Citizen Matters but was not available for any comment later.

Abhishek angad

Vol-4 Issue-06 21 Apr - 4 May 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 11

for your Info

Be careful of the water you drink Water is the elixir of life. But according waterborne diseases is health matters to World Health Organisation, nearly due to damaged sewage Col (Retd.) Dr Mukul Saxena 1.8 million people die every year due lines and water supply, to water-borne diseases. What are leading to contamination ● Wash hands regularly and these diseases that we need to be of water. properly: before cooking food and careful about? The diseases range Some of the common symptoms before eating, after using toilet, or from gastritis, diarrhoea, jaundice, of waterborne diseases are : changing diapers, using tissues or polio, amoebiasis, tapeworm infest handkerchief after takin care of ● Abdominal cramps ation, hydatid people with diarrhoea, changing ● Vomitings disease of liver, clothes or beddings soiled with ● Jaundice intestine, and stools, etc. lungs, worms to ● Diarrhoea ● Clean water storing utensils. cholera, typhoid, ●Loss of weight or ● Ensure water is purified. If facilities and so on. fatigue are not available, the water should Vomiting, and be boiled at the least. Prevention of these loose motions, if Pic: Wikimediacommons diseases depends ● Children with symptoms of persistent, lead upon the government’s actions waterborne disease should not to electrolyte imbalance and can like providing safe potable water, attend school till asymptomatic. even be fatal. Cholera is another community awareness and actions ● People involved in cooking food waterborne disease which can lead at individual level. Some of the or serving food should not use to epidemics and large number of important preventive actions , one cloth to dry hands after washing deaths. The causes of these diseases can take are: as they are potential source of are unsafe water, lack of sanitation, spreading infection. and unhygienic practices. A very ● Take care of hygiene - like cutting nails. important cause of outbreak of

Property Tax Time: Your New Pid, How To Get It This year’s property tax payment process will result in your getting a new GIS-based PID (Property Identification number). This new PID is issued with the ward number, new street ID and newly allotted property number. 1. Go to the link and click on the tab ‘GIS-based new PID’

6. For corrections, you can contact your BBMP ward office. 7. Please note: In your property tax receipt for 20122013, this new PID number will also be given.

Citizen Reports

2. Go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘To Know your New PID Click Here’ 3. Enter the application number you used for your 20082009 property tax payment or enter your current PID number and click on ‘Search’. 4. Click on your name and then click ‘Fetch’. You will get the details. Copy/print this page for your records. (Note: BBMP GIS PID project is yet to be completed and if you do not get your new PID, do not worry. It will become available on the website this year, BBMP officials say. )

Quick tips for property tax payment

BBMP started property tax collection for 2012 -2013 from April 2nd. The information required to fill the form are PID number or Khata number, SAS 20082009 and 2011-2012 application numbers, receipt and date. Computation for this year is the same as last year, so data can be taken from last year’s receipt. Tax amount includes property tax and SWM (Solid Waste Management) cess, and can be paid by cheque/DD/pay order, or credit/ debit cards.

5. Click on the tab ‘click here to view your property in GIS map’. You will get a Google Map of your area with your property details. Save/print for your records. 12 CITIZEN MATTERS 21 Apr - 4 May 2012 Vol-4 Issue-06

SRINIVASAN S is a resident of Uttarahalli. D R Prakash also shared inputs for this story. For our detailed 2012-13 guide to paying your property tax, please look out for one of our upcoming issues in May.


A Casa state of mind Casa! And that one word captured an entire mindset and way of life - it was a sign that Bangalore was modern, it was cool, and we lived in it. There was not a moment we didn’t try to save up pocket money and go there. The waves of nostalgia that wash over me when I think about “My Bangalore” can sometimes be overwhelming. There is no other city on the planet that I am as attached to in a deep psychic sense. After all, I spent some of my most formative years here. Those parts of Bangalore I knew well, I knew because I had a bicycle and I cycled all over the city. I think I probably knew about half the city intimately and the other half not at all. Before the bicycle, there were the 131 and 7 doubledeckers, and the occasional 131D and 7A singledeckers. I distinctly remember standing in the hot sun, in front of what is now the KFC in Indiranagar, and waiting for the buses to labour their way up 100 Ft Road and then make that left onto CMH Road and then down to the Ulsoor and eventually to Devatha Plaza and the long-gone “Cash Pharmacy.” I must have made that trip in both directions hundreds of times in the years I lived in Bangalore regularly between 1983 and 1987. Sometimes I made the trip equipped with my “Exeat card” and dressed in my Bishop Cotton whites and green blazer, sometimes in casual clothes, and sometimes in khaki uniform. Most of the time I hung out on the door of the bus - being about as “native” as I could possibly be. I think about that kind of recklessness now and marvel that I survived my teenage years. When the original Casa Piccola

at the time. “My Bangalore” is probably gone for good. The last real connections I have to it are Cottons, of course, probably re-constructed to ever more unrecognizable modernity, and my grandparents’ house in Indiranagar. I knew every inch of both places and they knew me. Soon the house will be gone, too. opened, I was in the 9th standard and it was my first year back at Cottons since the earlier stint during 197778. It was such an immediate hit. We should have known then that there was this huge pent-up desire in the Indian consumer classes for the casual sit-down dining concept.

There was not a moment we didn’t try to save up pocket money and go there. My favorite thing to eat there was the UFO. Of course, now I know that the UFO was just pulled pieces of roasted chicken stirred together with a mixture of ketchup and mayo... but back then, it was just the most amazing thing EVER! And so very unlike anything any of us had eaten to that point. It wasn’t really American style fast food like the KFCs and McDonalds that I had been exposed to during stays in Southeast Asia, and it sure wasn’t the local neighborhood dosa and vada place. It was Casa! And that one word captured an entire mindset and way of life for the rest of my time at Cottons and Bangalore. It was a sign that Bangalore was modern, it was cool, and we lived in it and, ironically enough, experienced it from within the walls of one of the oldest and most traditional institutions in the city

And then there will just be the original buildings of Cottons and its old St. Peter’s chapel. Of course, I shouldn’t forget to mention the Girls’ school, where I spent a bit of time, or St. Mark’s Cathedral, which was for a time a vitally important place for me. For it was only at St. Mark’s that you could actually look across the aisle and see “the girls” from the Girls’ school. When I left “My Bangalore” for good near the end of August of 1987, I was very eager for the next chapter of my life. I grabbed onto it with both hands and never looked back. But “My Bangalore” insistently comes back to me in quiet moments all the time. The indelible impressions of the night watchman banging his stick on the street late at night, the imam’s calls to prayer early in the morning, the sunlight dappling through the flame of the forest trees lining the main drive of Cottons, the race from study hall to be first in line at the dining hall, the walks through Cubbon Park, and Lal Bagh, the long bicycle rides all over the city - trying as always to figure out whether going around Ulsoor Lake was shorter than going through Ulsoor itself and up CMH... to get back home. Ravee Kurian’s boarding school experiences from Bishop Cottons in the 1980s still provide him valuable life lessons in his career as a management consultant based in the Washington DC area.

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8 Forget the Gobi Manchuri 9 Somebody to take care of your dog when you are away 10 All you need to know about Sakala - get your job done! 18 The basics of baby proofing


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Film Appreciation Workshop Designed to promote understanding and insight into the nature of cinema. The course will include discussion on independent film production, the digital age and New Media. The workshop will include basic history of film, forms of moving image media and future challenges. A Weekend Workshop: Rs. 2500 per participant 18-May to 20 May, Suchitra Film Society, No.36, 9th main, B V Karanth Road, Banashankari II Stage. Ph: 984 505 5034, 26711785 AddressHealth: Inspire 2012 A unique, free summer jamboree for children with wheezing/asthma and on inhalers. It will feature fun-tastic and innovative games which will entertain children and educate them about asthma care. For registration call +91 8105698888 1-2 May, AddressHealth clinic, Hulimavu, Bannerghatta Road


Talk: Mysore Palace: The Making of a Monument By RG Singh of Ramsons Kala Pratishatana, Mysore. Presented by INTACH Bangalore in collaboration with NGMA, celebrating World Heritage Day. Listen to the story behind the making of this 100-yearold monument, with lots of rare, archival photos and interesting facts.

5.30 pm, Sun, 22 April, NGMA (National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru), 49, Palace Road Meet the Artist Featuring: Ravi Kumar Kashi and B Devaraj, Moderated by: Suresh Jayaram. Fri, 27 April at 6 pm, Bangalore International Centre, TERI Complex, 4th Main, 2nd Cross, Domlur II Stage, Ph: 98865 99675

MUSIC & DANCE World Dance Day Alliance Française de Bangalore and its cultural partner, Ashish Khokar, present over 100 dancers on the occasion of World Dance Day, honouring the memory of pioneering French ballet artiste Jean Georges NOVERRE. This full-day event will showcase modern, classical, folk and film dances. Sunday 29 April, 10am10 pm, 21, Palace road, Vasanthnagar, Ph: 08041231340 The Exercise Book Music programme by Sikkil Gurucharan and Anil Srinivasan Friday, 4 May, 7 pm, auditorium of Alliance Francaise de Bangalore, Vasanthanagar.

Ph: 98865 99675 Flute Recital - Unplugged by N Rajkamal, Accompanied by Ganakalashree Vid. C.Cheluvaraju 10 am Sunday 22 April, Ananya Sabhangana, Malleswaram. Ph: 9980991110 KRISHNARPANAM by Shambhavi Dance Ensemble Shama Vana, Basaveshwara Nagar, 24 Apr 6:30 pm


Daily Dump’s Trash Trail 7 am to 3 pm, #2992, 12th A Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Ph: 9916426661, www.


Trivial Disasters Harami Theatre’s collection of comic sketches. Written and directed by Ajay Krishnan, Trivial Disasters features serial killers, nervous lovers, inept kidnappers and hotheaded poets. 22 April, 1pm (Sunday) at Habanero, Whitefield & 29 April, 8.30 pm (Sunday) at Bacchus, St Marks Road. Ph: 9535779953

16 CITIZEN MATTERS 21 Apr - 4 May 2012 Vol-4 Issue-06

Plays in Rangashankara (JP Nagar) 21 Sat Boy with a Suitcase (E) 22 Sun Yen Hucchuri...Yaak Hingadtiri… (K) (also at 3.30 pm

on Sun) 24 Tue 25 Wed Nam Thimthana (K) 26 Thu Santheyolagondu Maneya Maadi (K) 27 Fri, 28 Sat Spunk (E) (also at 3.30 pm on Sat) (strictly for 18 year olds and above) 29 Sun Rafta Rafta (E) (also at 3.30 pm)(strictly for 18 year olds and above) 1 to 3 May (Tue to Thu) The Interview (E) Plays at K H KalaSoudha, Hanumanth Nagar Sat, 21 Apr - Hosabelaku (K) Ph: 7259998222/333. 23-27 Apr - Narnia (K) Ph: 9341213345.

FILM “Copying Beethoven” - CinemaSophy Club Screening & Discussion Sat 21 Apr, 6 pm. Free Admission. New Acropolis Bangalore, #203 HM Studios, 67 St. Mark’s road, behind Nandhini hotel Also at Acropolis: Guided Music Listening at 7am, Thu 26 Apr


Aptitude test Manasa Consultants will hold an aptitude testing session for 10th,I & II PU, 11th& 12th std students, to scientifically assess and guide them to the right courses. Registration compulsory. For further details, call: Annapurna Murthy-9845058349 22 - 29 Apr, # 399, 11th cross, 17th main ,II phase J.P.Nagar

Summer fun at Bal Bhavan Even before summer camps became the fad that it is now, Bal Bhavan in Cubbon Park has had summer camps. The camps have been going on for over 25 years now. Divya Narayanappa, secretary of Bal Bhavan says, “We have modified the summer camps this year and introduced Sanskrit as a compulsory class to revive the traditional culture.” Around 142 children have already registered for the camps. With the registrations still on, they are expecting almost about 200 children to be enrolled in the Bal Bhavan summer camps this year. April 12 to May 20, 10 am – 4.30 pm


Batch: 5 to 10 years Activities: Yoga, meditation, Sanskrit (compulsory), painting, clay modelling, dance, theatre, singing. Price: Rs. 750 Batch: 8 to 14 years Activities: Yoga, meditation, Sanskrit (compulsory), painting, clay modelling, dance, theatre, singing, mehendi, embroidery, metal embossing. Price: Rs. 1200 Batch: 12 to 16 years Activities: Yoga, meditation, Sanskrit (compulsory), painting, clay modelling, dance, theatre, singing, mehendi, embroidery, metal embossing, vegetable and

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fruits carving, aeromodelling, ship modelling. Price: Rs. 1500 Bal Bhavan has tied up with Reliance Big Aims Aquarius Animation Pvt. Ltd. for animation training. This training is free for all the batches. The classes are held by trained staff and school teachers who take these classes during vacations.

Strangler Fig and Asian Koel. Pic: Deepa Mohan

Sings beautifully, a parasite all the same The Koel lays its egg in other birds’ When we hear the word “parasites”, nests, and the birds we generally think of ignorant of this, bring leeches. But there are up the baby Koel along other creatures and with their own nestlings. plants around us, that Often, the Koel pushes are parasites - living out the other nestlings to beings which live on get more food for itself. other creatures. One of them, not often known, In the plant world, is the Braconid wasp. too, there are several This wasp ensures a parasites, best known of fresh supply of protein which, are the various orchids we for its young, by laying its eggs on grow in our gardens. But there is also a caterpillar. When the eggs hatch the Strangler Fig. on the caterpillar, they feed on the This fig tree starts caterpillar, sucking life on another tree, its blood and then, Nature Feature when it germinates as all insects do, Deepa Mohan from the seed that the larvae turn into the birds drop. It then pupae, still stuck on puts down roots that slowly form a the caterpillar’s hair. Once the eggs network around the host tree, and hatch, the larvae endsup eating the reach the ground. Over a period caterpillar. of time, the Strangler Fig literally Another creature that we often see strangles the host tree to death. In in our city, hearing its melliflous call, the photograph, you can see the Fig is the Asian Koel. The male is a blackforming its deadly network of roots coloured bird with bright red eyes, around the trunk of the host tree. and the female is dappled black-andNo one likes parasites, who live on white. others, but it’s a fact of life in Nature. Vol-4 Issue-06 21 Apr - 4 May 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 17

Citizenmatters 21Apr2012_JPnagar edition  
Citizenmatters 21Apr2012_JPnagar edition  

Citizenmatters 21Apr2012_JPnagar edition