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Vol-3 Issue-7

7 - 20 May 2011

Admission open

Canadian Early Childhood Program

Learning for Child in a life-centered,safe & caring environment The Story of Maple Bear The Maple Bear Education System™ was developed by Canadian experts with the support of the Government of Canada and reflects the very best in early childhood education. At Maple Bear we believe that there is nothing more important than our children. The goal of the Maple Bear pre-school is to establish an enthusiasm for learning and knowledge in children that will serve as a foundation for future success in the formal education system.

DayCare Center s You are looking for a safe, secure "home away from home" where your child can learn, play and grow. s A nurturing, creative world for infants to help their minds and bodies develop under the eyes of highly trained teachers and staff. s Watch your child take the first steps toward a bright future when sharing his or her early developmental experiences with our daycare center. s Children are unique and have their own patterns for play, feeding and sleeping. We use these patterns as our guide to introduce daily activities that will prepare your child for life. We are committed to making this first transition away from home easy and natural for you and your child.

Our centers JP Nagar-9535309090 BTM- 9686430003 Jayanagar-9844888822 Banashankari-9945888000 Koramangala-9731099100

HSR - 9900495008 GM Palya – 9535107689 Whitefield – 9902338532 Bensontown-9900260060 Bannerghatta-9964699990

MapleBear Global Presence Canada,France,Brazil, India,Korea,Bangladesh, Vitenem,Turkey,Morocco, Mexico ..

Citizen Matters Vol-3 Issue-7, 7 - 20 May 2011 KARENG/2009/28904. Published, printed and owned by Meera K. Printed at Lavanya Mudrana, 19, 15th cross, Vidyapeeta Circle, BSK I Stage, Bangalore 560060 Place of publication Oorvani Media, 165, I cross, I block, Kmgla, Bangalore 560034. Editor Subramaniam Vincent.



work Every year, Mother’s Day comes and goes on May 7th just as Women’s Day on Mar 8th. But the unwritten and unaccounted subsidy that capable, productive, educated, women provide to public life is usually forgotten.

Bangalore’s own interactive newsmagazine

Most often, ours elders get care at home from homemakers. Second, domestic help and cooks and their unpredictable schedules are ‘managed’ at the cost of our homemakers’ time. Third, everything from receiving LPG cylinders, couriers, mail, to daycare and pre-school centre timings are run today around the premise of homemakers’ ‘availability’.

EDITORS Subramaniam Vincent Meera K

These assumptions about life itself will breakdown locally if more women pursued full-time work by their own choice, instead of being taken for granted as homemakers. On Mother’s Day (May 7th) and Women’s Day (Mar 8th) it is best to remember this.

KANNADA TRANSLATION Vasudha Murthy CIRCULATION Raghavendra 9611 106477 ADVT SALES Ramachandran P 9844 22 8666 * 9901 685368

Nations do better when women have and exercise the choice of working full-time. As the balance shifts, it will simply result in more opportunities for entrepreneurs to create and run childcare, daycare, elder-care services. This will result in wider availability of such services and standardisation too. Ph: 41737584

Those times will hopefully come around in this generation or the next, and in the meantime let’s remember, this Mother’s day, the massive credit our women, mothers and homemakers are due.

4 CITIZEN MATTERS 7 - 20 May 2011 Vol-3 Issue-7

Citizen Matters

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Cover credits: Mini-Forest Laughter Club. Pic: Yogaraj Mudalgi.

Traffic cops answer key question on Facebook Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP) now has a Facebook Page. Over 1500 people “Like” the page. One of the first questions answered was about the bus stops at junctions. Firstly, installation or removal bus shelters does not come under the purview of traffic police. Unfortunately, each of the bus shelters is a revenue spinner through advertisements for the agency which installs these. But we have taken initiatives to shift this bus shelters without much success. Where as there is complete consensus

local matters

among citizens as to where bus shelters should not be; there is no consensus as to where it should be installed, as no resident, no shop-keeper, no establishment wants it in front of their establishment or residence…

It’s a simple question: why aren’t bus stops in Bangalore shifted away from intersections? The answer isn’t as simple. It’s a messy city, and so you have a messy answer.

But buses stops even where there is no bus shelter i.e. beginning of all the flyovers because people stand and wait there. So it is not an issue of shelters, bus drivers but much beyond that i.e. citizens.

New Jayanagar shopping complex:

Not surprisingly that post already has 30 comments. ⊕


Established 2005

Montessori Preschool

Beside Elita promenade Jp Nagar 7th Phase

Contact:9945561722 - Play home - KinderGarten - Day care

A child Friendly environment & Method that matches international standards

115 cr, 18 mon BBMP and BDA have already signed an MoU for renovating Jayanagar Shopping Complex, but rehabilitation of shop owners has not yet figured in the plan. A BDA official, on condition of anonymity, said that the DPR (Detailed Project Report) for the project will be complete in two days and that tender will be called soon after. The plan is to develop Puttanna Kanagal theatre in the complex first and accommodate original shop owners there temporarily, until the entire complex is renovated. But no one has yet taken stock of the number of owners or confirmed whether all of them can be accommodated in the theatre itself. According to the MoU, BDA will be responsible for construction and the associated cost. Hence the DPR that BDA is preparing is concerned only about construction and not shop owners’ rehabilitation; rehabilitation is BBMP’s concern, the official said. (BBMP owns the complex and collects rent from tenants.) BBMP Market Department says that they are not responsible as the project has been handed over to BDA. When asked about the number of shop owners, Deputy Commissioner (Markets) B S Purushothama said that details were available with the Jayanagar BBMP officials and not with Continued on page 6 Vol-3 Issue-7 7 - 20 May 2011 CITIZEN MATTERS 5

jayanagar jp nagar & BTM

btm’s 19 years of music Music connoisseurs in and around BTM layout have been turning to BTM Cultural Academy for their regular dose of music. Though the hub of cultural activity, the academy yearns for a space of its own. BTM Cultural Academy celebrated its 19th anniversary on 24th April with a concert by Mysore A Chandan Kumar. He was accompanied by Mysore Nagaraj on violin, B C Manjunath on mridangam and Giridhar Udupa on ghatam. It was in sometime in February 1992 that the seeds for the academy were sown. The first concert was held on April 14th 1992 at a temple in 9th Block Jayanagar. The concerts moved to the current venue, Ramana Maharshi School for the Blind in JP Nagar in 1994. The club now organises close to 25 programmes a year. A large number of the cultural programmes are Carnatic based but academy President K N Anantharamaiah says, to add a little variety, they have two classical dance and Hindustani concerts in a year. “What set us apart from other sabhas are our thematic concerts. Once a

year in January, we have a weeklong aradhana where Thyagaraja Krithis and Purandaradasa Kritis are sung by artistes.” Among other themes are jugalbandhis of Carnatic and Hindustani, and a two-and-a-half hour single-composer concert. The academy has 350 annual members and close to 150 life members. Membership fee is Rs 500 a year or Rs 2500 for lifetime. The membership has a mix of both young and the old. Kruthika Sreenivasan, 23, a software engineer at Infosys and a JP Nagar resident, is a regular attendee. “I have been attending the programmes since my childhood and became a member recently. A carnatic singer myself, I appreciate the quality of the artistes that perform here,” she says. Ananthramaiah recognises the need for younger blood to take over the mantle of looking after the academy. “Most of us in the committee are getting old. We will not be around for much longer. The younger members of the academy will become more active and keep the flames burning,” says Anantharamaiah. Contact the academy at 65616693 or 9242461492. ⊕

Yogaraj Mudalgi

Everyone eventually got busy and excused themselves from the activities. I am the lone founding member in the academy right now. Anantharamaiah, President, BTM Cultural Academy. Right: a performance in progress/ Pic: Yogaraj Mudalgi

Jayanagar shopping complex renovation Continued from page 5

him. “We had written to the BBMP Commissioner for information on the shop keepers, but we have not received it yet,” says the BDA official.

The project will cost Rs 115 crores and will be completed in 18 months. The MoU says that the cost will be borne completely by BDA, which it will recover post-completion by

6 CITIZEN MATTERS 7 - 20 May 2011 Vol-3 Issue-7

collecting rent from the tenants. After BDA’s cost recovery, BBMP will start collecting rent again.

Navya P K

mini-forest laughter club

Laugh. And the world laughs with you! Just after six o’clock on a chilly morning, a few dozen people stretch their arms and legs and take deep breaths in the Mini Forest Park in 3rd Phase JP Nagar. Then they break into loud guffaws with a ‘ha-ha-ho-ho’ that puzzles newcomers. Meet the Mini Forest Laughter Club (MFLC). Rains or winter chills do not stop this group of about fifty from meeting every day and laughing their lungs out. Members, aged between 50 to 87, include some fifteen women. Members are from JP Nagar, BTM Layout, AICOBOO Nagar and Jayanagar 9th Block. There are no jokes or witty anecdotes to incite laughter. M R Basavaraj, 73, a retired RBI employee who started the club in 1999 says, “People think we need humour to laugh but it is not so. Laughter is an expression and it can be done spontaneously.”

There are several kinds of laughs. There is the lion laugh, a growl-like laughter with arms extended in front like claws, which stimulates the throat. Other laughs include the Titanic laugh, elephant laugh, Bajrang Bali laugh and ice cream laugh. The youthfulness of these seniors is evident when they break into a ‘Coca Cola laugh’ which is based on the new ‘brrrr’ advertisements of the drink. They shake their entire bodies vigorously. The group then starts a ‘mobile laugh’ where they trot slowly and high-five each other while laughing loudly. “The virtues of laughter are well-known. Not only do they keep one healthy mentally, the act of using one’s muscles, facial in particular, keeps us physically fit,” says Basavaraj. Unlike in conventional laughter clubs where laughing constitutes the only form of exercise, Basavaraj has combined breathing and stretching exercises with

cover story

laughter. Basavaraj was inspired by Dr Madan Kataria from Mumbai who popularised ‘Laughter Yoga therapy’. The MFLC is now one of the 180-odd laughter clubs that dot the city. “Bangalore has the highest number of laughter clubs in the world,” claims Basavaraj. There are five such clubs in Jayanagar alone. “Four are held along the parks on Nanda Road and one is held in Madhavan Park,” says Basavaraj.

Mini-Forest Laughter Club members participated in a special parade along Vidhana Soudha on May 1st, World Laughter Day. “It was wonderful to see so many people laughing,” says Basavaraj. Prabha Shetty, a 53-year-old homemaker and longtime member living nearby, vouches for laughter yoga therapy. ”I would get migraines and had problems during menopause a few years ago all of which have reduced to a great extent,” she says. P V Panduranga Gupta, a former industrialist whose looks belie his 68 years, says, “I had a lot of sinus problems. After joining the club, my health has improved by leaps and bounds.” It is no longer just exercise. “We are like a family now. We meet every day and the day we are absent, we feel like we are missing out on something,” says Prahalada Rao, an 83-year-old retired civil engineer who lives nearby. Gupta and Prabha too echo the sentiment. “We have made several friends. We wish each other on birthdays and anniversaries, share our problems and burdens,” says Gupta. The club is free for anyone to join. See http:// or call 9845052057. ⊕

Yogaraj Mudalgi

Pic: YM

Vol-3 Issue-7 7 - 20 May 2011 CITIZEN MATTERS 7

checkout feature

reliving magic of

earlier times What comes to mind at the mention of chowkabara, alugulimane, navakankari and pagade? While many may find it difficult to even pronounce them properly, for others, these words will instantly conjure magical childhood memories. These are traditional indoor board games that most children nowadays haven’t even heard of.

“I felt the lacunae in the society for these games, especially when I was looking out for them for my own kids to play”, says Sriranjini, who has done her Masters in Genetics.

Sriranjini regularly organises traditional indoor board games tournaments, open to all. Traditional games work great as Winners: Lochana won the Alugulimane game (in stress busters and tools for improving strategic the picture) and Priyanka won in Chowkabara. Pic courtesy: Kavade. Kavade, a toy hive of Indian thinking. traditional board games, was started playing all levels of Pagade like by Sriranjini G S in Seshadripuram. Shilpa Sampath, an M Tech a champion! Shilpa, who used to Kavade stocks board games and in Electronics and working in play these games as a student, says, puzzles, many of them made by Infosys, was surprised to hear of “We should make an effort to play traditional artisan groups from a Chowkabara tournament. She traditional board games. They are Benares, Channapatna, Bellary and came with her grandmother, relevant to the corporate industry Shantalakshmi who ended up as they help in developing strategy Kanyakumari. Engrossing! Enthralling! For one and all. Game and logical reasoning.” On 1st May, Kavade, an organisation that promotes such games, in association with J P Nagar Vihara Kendra, 7th block, organised a traditional games tournament. Nearly 70 people, aged between 7 to 70 participated.

of Pagade in progress! Pic courtesy: Kavade.

Not only do traditional puzzles and board games bring back memories but they also serve as a forum for elders to bond with their grandchildren. For more information, contact Sriranjini at 9980022820. Items are also available at: #497, 5th Cross, RBI Layout, JP Nagar 7th Phase.

UMA Swamy is a JP Nagar resident and columnist. Each fortnight, she will take you through our interesting neighbourhoods. If you have something exciting, intriguing, or just cool to report from your area, write to her at 8 CITIZEN MATTERS 7 - 20 May 2011 Vol-3 Issue-7

uma picks

Cane Juice & Akshaya Tritiya? What can possibly be the link between Akshaya Trithiya, being observed on 6th May, sugarcane juice and the Rath Yatra of Puri, Orissa?

Jewellers have made Akshaya Trithiya famous in recent times; but there is no proof of it being a favoured day for purchase of gold in Indian mythology. The day however is of great significance in the Hindu Lunar calendar and for Jains. It is said that Rshabhadeva, the first Tirthankara of the Jains, who once lived life as a king of Ayodhya, gave up his royal lifestyle and chose to lead a life as a monk. When he went around


begging for food and water, the king only got precious material offerings. It was his grandson who understood his need and gave him a glass of sugarcane juice, which broke the year long fast of Rshabhdeva. In Jainism, people are said to observe the year long alternate day fasting by drinking sugarcane juice on this day. According to Hindu mythology, Veda Vyasa started dictating the

Mahabharata to Ganesha on this day, and the river Ganga flowed onto earth from the heavens for the first time. Traditionally, it is considered to be a good day for charity or starting a new venture. In Orissa, the farmers start ploughing the land and people begin the construction of chariots for the world famous Rath Yatra of Puri. Uma Swamy

Location - NISARGA - NANDANA Layout off Bannerghatta - Jigani road ( near to new Corporation Bank Branch). Close to Electronic City, Bommasandra, Jigini and other industrial estates

Furnished home - 2 bedrooms, attached toilets - Large hall, kitchen, pooja room - Front sit-out, rear veranda - All round open space, garage - Fans, CFL lighting, almirahs

- Refrigerator, geyser, solar water heater - Water pump with automatic controller - Rain water harvesting

Community - Within gated community provided with security and maintenance services, Swimming pool, club, temples, conference halls and other facilities. Newly built, eco-friendly, unique architectural independent house on 50’ X 51’ Site off Bannerghatta - Jigani road

Punjabi eat outs 2nd Phase, JP Nagar seems to be a new favourite of hoteliers. One can see the old eateries, started years ago, sharing space with stylish new ones that have mushroomed in the last two years. The residential areas in and around the market is dotted

CALL : 9845301866, 080-26586615 Brokers please excuse

with growing number of corporate offices. Tasty Bites was started 11 years ago by Prashant and Anita Jain, and features a combination of North Indian dishes, but with a Punjabi touch. Which is why people wanting to have paneer bhurji, kadhi chawal, aloo gobhi, bhaigan bharta and even the occasional karela (bittergourd) regularly visit the place. Tasty Bites claims that it has a different gravy for various dishes, giving it an authentic Punjabi flavour. Located almost directly across the LIC office, Tasty Bites has a mix of gharwala and hotelwala Punjabi (north Indian) dishes. One can see women cooks and waiters with

plastic head caps, taking orders listed on the whiteboard in this twotable hotel which also has a section to stand and eat. Newtek Family Restaurant, situated on the same side as LIC office, was started about six months ago by Sudarshan, an ex IT professional. Although primarily a hotel serving north Indian, south Indian and Chinese cuisines, Newtek also has a reserved space for get-togethers and small parties. The restaurant has an ambience of a house and claims to provide its patrons, the experience of homemade food as well as specialty dishes. There is provision of outdoor and indoor dining space. Uma Swamy

Vol-3 Issue-7 7 - 20 May 2011 CITIZEN MATTERS 9

civic update

Cauvery water to JP Nagar 5th phase, 6th phase in 2012 BWSSB is building a reservoir in Jambu Savari Gudda in JP Nagar as part of its Cauvery Phase II Stage IV project. The reservoir has storage capacity of 18 MLD (Million Litres a Day). It will supply 27 MLD water to

surrounding areas like JP Nagar 5th and 6th phase, parts of BTM layout, HSR layout etc. It is located close to Jambu Savari Dinne bus stop, near Byrappa Circle, JP Nagar 8th phase. JP Nagar

Jambu savari Dinne reservoir work in progress. Pic: Navya P K

Corporator N Chandrashekhar Raju says, “all areas that need water have been covered, there are no issues. All decisions were made by BWSSB.” Reservoir construction has a deadline of February 2012, while the entire Cauvery project is expected to be complete by March 2012. Construction was started in December 2009 and the total cost for the project is Rs 19.74 crores. IVRCL Infrastructure and Projects Ltd, a Hyderabad based company has the contract for the project. “Construction is in the final stage and may be completed before the deadline itself,” says a project engineer on conditions of anonymity.

Navya P K

bbmp’s monsoon action items BBMP has plans to combat flooding this monsoon by removing encroachments and de-silting Storm Water Drains (SWDs), and installing Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) in all big properties. According to documents from the Commissioner’s office, 80% of encroachment clearing and desilting will be completed by June and the remaining 20% by July. Tenders will be given for de-silting; work will start on May 20. RWH installation will be completed in three months. Concerned officials have to submit a daily action plan and update of each day’s work to Commissioner. In case of flaws in works, these officials will be held responsible, says the document.

Encroachment Removal

BBMP Chief Engineer (SWD) will be in charge. He will identify all encroachments and work with BBMP’s Legal Cell to find methods to solve court cases where necessary. Joint Commissioners (JCs) in each zone should appoint lawyers to clear stay orders. Police and BMTF (Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force) will help JCs in removing encroachments.

De-silting BBMP’s Infrastructure and Technical Vigilance Cell (TVCC) are in charge of this. JCs and CEs of each zone will identify SWDs to be de-silted. To control illegal dumping of silt, contractors have to produce photo and video evidence of transporting and dumping the waste in designated dump yards. Silt should be dumped within 48 hours of

10 CITIZEN MATTERS 7 - 20 May 2011 Vol-3 Issue-7

removing it. Contractors should also fill potholes in roads. Contract vehicles that dump waste illegally will be fined Rs 25,000 The document also says that anyone who informs BBMP of such vehicles will be rewarded with Rs 10,000.

Rainwater harvesting All properties with area larger than one acre will have to install RWH. Zonal JCs will ensure compliance of private property owners. RWH will be installed in all BBMP offices, parks, burial grounds etc. There are 20 lakh trees in BBMP area, each of which can collect 50-100 litres of water if barriers are built around them. Such percolation pits will be created by BBMP’s Forest Department.

Navya P K

cm special

Sachidanandanagar khata saga:

united we win

Residents of this layout in Rajarajeswari Nagar, resorted to Gandhigiri again in less than seven months, to get the remaining khatas and plan sanctions. Seven months after their first ‘Gandhigiri’ protest, residents of Sachidananda Nagara layout in Rajarajeshwari Nagar held a second protest at the BBMP Commissioner’s office on 25th April for the same reason - non-

issuance of khatas. In September last year, a group formed by residents named Sachidananda Nagara Nyayapara Andolana (SNNA) had presented roses to the Commissioner saying that they should be provided

Khata in a jiffy Members of Forward 150, a federation of RWAs from Bellandur ward (Sarjapur-ORR area) are working on getting khatas for their properties. Each apartment or layout group, which have either the Panchayat Khata or Occupancy Certificate from BBMP/BDA, has formed a team and are applying for the khata together. They have been assured support by their MLA Arvind Limbavali (Mahadevapura constituency) in their drive to get the papers without any bribes. Till date many groups have submitted their documents in batches. Sachin Mulay from SJR Redwood apartments says, “About 15 of us had gone to the BBMP office and met the ARO, Keroji Rao. He was extremely helpful and got our Khatas done in a week’s time.” Meera K

khatas without having to give bribes. But despite an order from the Commissioner in November, only 120 residents out of 800 have got khatas so far. Another set of 120 khata applications have been pending before the Additional Commissioner (RR Nagar) for the last four months. Around 45 residents had submitted building plans for approval in the last four months, which were also not sanctioned by BBMP officials. “About 48 days back we re-submitted our plan approval applications together. Ideally it should be approved within 3 days, but no application has been approved yet,” says Dr Shankar Prasad, who has been leading the campaign. Town Planning officials had refused to sanction the plans saying that the khatas

themselves may not be valid and that they have to be re-checked. However, action from the Commissioner’s office was swift this time. On April 21st, Thursday, about 80 residents had assembled at the Commissioner’s office, but could not meet him as the Commissioner was said to be in a cabinet meeting. The Commissioner’s PA met the residents and received their petition demanding khata and plan approval. By April 26th, RR Nagar officials informed the residents that all khatas have been processed and residents can collect them, and that building plans are being processed. “As usual, we will go to the RR Nagar office together and collect the khatas and plan sanctions,” says Prasad. ⊕

Navya P K

Vol-3 Issue-7 7 - 20 May 2011 CITIZEN MATTERS 11


Housing projects due in 2011 Bangalore has many residential projects coming up for occupancy this year, and the most popular location seems to be South Bangalore. Citizen Matters got details of around 45 new projects from a property bazaar organised by realty portal Magicbricks. com last month in the city. In addition to popular builders, lesserknown companies are also introducing many projects. Most projects are located in the outer limits of the city. Of all projects, 11 are located along Hosur Road. While many of them are coming up near Hosur

town itself, a few are near Electronic City. There are four projects around Sarjapur and another four around Kanakpura/JigniAnekal road. After south, North Bangalore seems to be the most popular destination. Six projects are coming up near the city airport (BIAL) and five near Yelahanka. In the east side, there are six projects in Marathahalli-Whitefield area. There are also a few odd projects along the western side - one in K e n g e r i -T h a v e r e k e r e main road and another in Srirampura. There are also a few projects located close

to the city, such as HSR Trinity in Silk Board, Alpine Pyramid in Sahakaranagar and Skyline RK Atlantis in Old Madras Road. Here are details of the apartment projects of South Bangalore; Find the plots, villas and apartment details for all areas online at * Saveria Winston - Ready. Marathahalli Outer Ring Road. SRR Homes: 3247 9889 * Alpine Eco - 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments. Outer Ring Road, Marathalli. Alpine Housing Development Corporation: 99725 95345 * Skyline Fountain Head Horamavu. Skyline Constructions & Housing: 99800 92444

* Skyline Ambrosia - Ready. Banashankari. Skyline Constructions & Housing: 99800 92444 * Elixir - 2 and 3 BHK flats. Ready to move in (30 flats available). Electronic City. Mahaghar Properties: 93439 81622 * NBR Lakeview - 2 and 3 BHK apartments. Near Electronic City, off Hosur road. NBR Developers: nbrdevelopers. com/ 92426 00098 * Alta Vista - 2 &3 BHK apartments. Near Electronic City. Shanders: 2315 6466 * HSR Trinity - 2 BHK flats. Near Silk Board. Mahaghar Properties: 93439 81622 * Urbana Sangamam - Villas, apartments, row houses and plots. At Hosur, near Hosur Railway Station. Urbanascapes: 4254 3939

Navya P K

Healthcare: Keep pace with new trends Healthcare has always been in a state of dynamic flux. The good old family physician has been replaced by specialists and super-specialists. The chances of finding a family physician in Bangalore are just as hard as finding a home sparrow. Nursing homes have been swamped by corporate and private hospitals. With electronic medical records gaining acceptance, investigation reports are digitalised and e-mailed. But medical insurance is plagued by issues related to Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and inflated bills. New concepts in healthcare have emerged: Preventive Healthcare, Corporate Healthcare, and Home Healthcare. Alternative systems of medicine are increasingly accepted

by patients. Suddenly, there has been a shift towards Holistic Care. Home Healthcare has evolved as a response to social and economic pressures. Working couples, with dependent parents or children in need of health care face an uphill task of taking them repeatedly to hospitals. With the advent of daycare surgeries, where patients are operated upon, observed in Post-operative room, and discharged the same day back to their homes; there is a need for nurses to visit the patients. Yoga, meditation and related terms are no more considered exotic terminology. Management of emergencies has been revolutionised by services such as the 108 Ambulance. This is

12 CITIZEN MATTERS 7 - 20 May 2011 Vol-3 Issue-7

a service provided by Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI). The impact of this service has been well documented. The healthcare scenario suffers from a vicious urban-rural divide. Since doctors and paramedics are not willing to stay in rural areas, an entirely new model is set to emerge driven by technology and telecommunication.

Col (Retd.) Dr Mukul Saxena Dr Mukul Saxena has over 30 years of crossfunctional expertise in healthcare, both in the public and private sectors. Starting this issue, his column will help readers become aware of options available in healthcare. Upcoming topics will include responding to medical emergencies, childcare, home based healthcare, diabetes, care of elderly, annual health checkups and more.


the hunt for past in b’gudi There’s something about living in this city for a long time that makes it impossible to not be a loud and brash bigot. There is a wordless demand that you don’t simply love this city but be a little proud, a little overbearing, and become an insufferable little mobile advertisement for your part of town. It is with the same sentiment that we took part in Hunt For The Past - INTACH’s Heritage Hunt held in the Basavangudi area last week. The event was a smspowered treasure hunt that took one to different parts of the old South Bangalore area, looking for clues. I was tagging along with Supreeth, another proud South Bangalore child - a Basavangudi huduga who happily waited at the Gavipuram starting point at 8 a.m on a Saturday morning like it does not require superhuman effort. I contributed in my own small way: ambling in at around 9 am, having given up on the ancient, sacred privilege Bangalorean techies were granted by the gods weekend sleep. Anything for South Bangalore. We walked all over Basavangudi, looking for clues, quotes, name boards and on occasion gaped at the towering Vivekananda statue opposite Ramakrishna Ashram.

Vivekananda statue - know where it is? Pic: Siri Srinivas

It took only asking a random but friendly passerby where Masti (Venkatesh Iyengar, Jnanpeetha award winning Kannada literary giant)’s house was to find it. Basavangudi will remain old-worldly and charming

in spite of the best efforts of multiple international fast-food chains. The sms clues, nudged us to walk all the way near Krishna Rao Park to the Basavangudi Boys School. We sat down in silence for a few minutes, mulling and mourning the atrocity that is the Tagore Circle Underpass. We exchanged a few theories on how Bangalore’s urban planning initiatives of the last five years seemed like their only motivation was to find and mutilate the most beautiful areas of Bangalore. No really, take a map and trace the Metro route if you don’t believe me. Basavangudi was home to some of Karnataka’s greatest poets, thinkers and intellectuals. And this little park opposite the Basavangudi High School, Supreeth informs me, was where stalwarts like T P Kailasam, D V Gundappa met to discuss their revolutionary ideas with contemporaries and exchange banter. The sms clues sent us off running towards Bugle Rock where the stone busts of literary giants looked at us with kind eyes. resisting the lure of Vidyarthi Bhavan dosas, we trudged nobly towards the Basavangudi Co-operative complex for our last clue at the foot of what was supposedly “The only Gandhi statue in Gandhi Bazaar”. From there we hurried back to the starting point to be told, to our feigned surprise, that we had won.

Naresh Bharadwaj, one of the people behind the startup Meeva Technologies which designed the treasure hunt is a long Masti’s house. File Pic: time Basavangudi resident himself. Deepti Sarma We marveled at how walking around these roads on a sunny Saturday morning can be a serendipitous reintroduction to places we’ve already known. Basavangudi continues to be home as we know it; its people, however, do little to resist change.

siri srinivas is a cubicle animal who prowls the city’s various Ring Roads in shiny red buses Vol-3 Issue-7 7 - 20 May 2011 CITIZEN MATTERS 13

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Tel: 26594390 * Mob: 9845498379 * 1st Floor,16th Cross, 24th Main, 5th Phase, JP Nagar Time: 10am-1pm & 5pm-9pm, Sundays: 10am to 1pm Email: *

E D U C AT I O N ANAND COACHINGCLASSES Admission For 10th & 12th (CBSE & ICSE) 2011-12 going On For Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry. At Ramana Maharishi Academy For Blind, 3rd Phase JP Nagar. (Opp St. Paul’s School) Ph: 9845548920 By B.Tech, IIT Engineer INTENSIVE COACHING ACCA / CA / CIMA / CS / ICFAI / ICWA & MBA With Latest Corporate Case Studies. Contact : Lalitha Group, #5 Behind Smart, 19th Cross, 24th Main JP Nagar 5th Phase, Bangalore-78. Ph: 080-26490907,9742167094, 9902888485, 9448117457 SREE GURU COACHING CLASSES Intensive Coaching For SSLC In Maths And Science. Only 25 StudentsIndividual Attention. # 640. 14th Cross, 8th Main, JP nagar 2nd Phase, Bangalore- 78. Ph: 9844070689, 26582440

Summer English camp Buoyant English centre is organizing special ’Summer English camp’ for students from the age of seven (7) years onwards to improve their fluent English, Grammar, vocabulary, voice and accent, collocation in use, English phrasal verbs in use, English idioms in use, “English for business communication”, “New international business communication” At BTM LAYOUT 2ND STAGE and they can even take a certified courses from University of Cambridge UK, through our British Council certified trainer Dr. Rishi, contact-9341257144 - for more details visit -www.

SERVICES HERBAL PEST CONTROL SERVICES FOR ANT, Cockroach, Bedbug, Termite, Rat etc. 100% Safe & Effective. No Smell/Stain. 2Bhk Rs. 400. Dtls.Contact: 9972711444/ 9738454704.

14 CITIZEN MATTERS 7 - 20 May 2011 Vol-3 Issue-7

BANGALORE TIMBER & PLYWOODS All Types OF Plywoods & Laminates. Dealers In : Teak, Honne, Sall, Neem, Beach, Silver, Round Logs & Cut Sizes. # 647, 16/2/3, Arekere Gate, Near BPL Bus Stop, Bannerghatta Road. Call: 9845604013, 26583501 VIJAY ELECTRICALS For all your UPS, Invertors & Battery related problems CALL

9845003718 9141373618 LEO PACKERS & MOVERS Branches All Over India # 307, 15th Cross, 5th Phase JP Nagar, 100ft Ring Road Opp. Coffee Day. Bangalore78 Call: 9845050361, 9845035612 Email: leopackersandmovers@, leokers@ www. leopackersandmovers.

Life Packers & Movers of House Hold Goods. Most Experienced Packers, Exports in Export Packers, Local Movements, Computer Packing, Office Movements, Storage/Insurance,Car Transporation, Service at all Over India. #4/, Muniraju Compound, Puttenahalli, JP Nagar 7th phase. Mobile:9343898433

R E A L E S TAT E Yashaswi Real Estate & Security Services 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK Call : Suresh Babu 93428-28126. Call Venkatesh Babu 9342547603 #14, 1st Floor, 7th Main, NS Palya, BTM 2nd Stage BUILDERS/DEVELOPERS Manjunatha Architectural Plan, Structure Design, Sanction Plan, Vaastu Plan, Estimate & Constuction Of Bldgs, Shop #1, 5th Main, Mico Layout, Btm 2Nd Stage, Near Sbi. Call Mune Gowda 9845416748,9844468507, 32976451

jayanagar - BTM - JP Nagar

Travel Crest Contact us for all your travel needs

OUR SERVICES Accommodation Air Tickets Foreign Domestic International Exchange Tour Package Travel Insurance Train Tickets Passport Bus Tickets Visa 080-26597855/66 99450 90333

#2031, 9th Cross 2nd Phase J.P.Nagar Bangalore 78

wanted sales girl. looking for a sales girl / helpers for a boutique “suhasini” in jp nagar 2nd phase. Interested candidates please contact : 9886025546, 9742266428


Vol-3 Issue-7 7 - 20 May 2011 CITIZEN MATTERS 15

see & do

sat, May 7

Tagore celebration by Swasahaya


Program to celebrate 150th birthday of Ravindranath Tagore by Swasahaya, a registered voluntary organization working with senior citizens since a decade. Life and Work of Tagore: By Achintya Roy, President, Bengali Association, Bangalore: Impact of Tagore on Kannada Literature: By Pradhan Gurudatt, Kuvempu Bhasha Bharati Authority Ravindra Sangeet: Anindita Mukherjee. Saturday 7 May, 4pm at RV institute of Management, 26th Main, 36th Cross, 4th ‘T’ Block Jayanagar.

sun, may 22

Composition of Mysore Vasudevachar, Vid. T.S.. Pattabhram Pandit : Vocal, Vid. T.K.V. Ramanujacharyulyu: Violin, Vid. Mannargudi Eswaran: Mridangam, Vid. G. Guruprasanna: Khanjari 21 May Saturday 5.30 pm Bharatanatyam B Bhanumathi & Disciples 22 May, Sunday 5.30 pm Shree Ramana Maharshi academy for Blind, 3rd Cross, 3rd phase, JP Nagar Near Ragigudda



Rangashankara Plays 7 Sat Heegondu Premaprasanga (Kan) 8 Sun Mysooru Mallige Kannada (also at 3.30 pm) 10 Tue to 12 Thu A Guy Thing (Eng) 13 Fri to 15 Sun The Interview (Eng) 17 Tue, 18 Wed Chimeras (Eng) 19 Thu Aneesh- Sheela /Madhya Raatriya Tiganegalu, (Kan) 20 Fri Begum Jaan (Hin) 21 Sat 3.30 pm Dayashankar Ki Diary (Hin) 21 Sat 7.30 pm Yaar Banaa Buddy (Hin) 22 Sun 3.30 pm Gorky+Tinku Ke Karname…(Hin) 22 Sun 7.30 pm Bollywood Ka Salaam… 1950s Ke Naam (Hin) 24 Tue Mayamruga, (Kan) 25 Wed Heegadre Hege? (Kan) 26 Thu Ratnan Prapancha, (Kan) 27 Fri Padma Pani (Kan) 28 Sat Bhakta Prahlada – A String Puppet Play (Kan) (also at 3.30 pm) Anupama Hoskere 29 Sun Bikhre Bimb (Hin) (also at 3.30 pm) 31 Tue Huli Maththu Hudugi (Kan) Ranga Shankara, 8th Cross, J P Nagar, II Phase. Ph: 26493982 / 26592777

Caricatures by B G Gujjarappa 10 am-6pm, Till 14th May, Indian Institute of Cartoonists, Midford House, Midford Gardens, Near Big Kids Kemp, Off M G Road,

Full Meals Tahatto’s brand new recipe, brings you short plays about life, about people you’ve met, places you’ve been in love with and incidents you’ve laughed at. 14th May 7pm and 15th May 4pm & 7pm, Alliance Francaise

Music Gear

Dealers in Musical Instruments and accessories

JP Nagar Call


Ms Homai Vyarawalla: A Retrospective 98-year old Homai is India’s first woman press photographer. She has photographed the last days of the British Empire and the birth of a new nation. She has photographed the first flag hoisting ceremony at Red Fort on August 16th 1947, the departure of Lord Mountbatten from India and the funerals of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, and Lal Bahadur Shastri. This show also features her photographs of everyday life in 1940s in Bombay and images of leisure in Delhi in the 1950s and 1960s. A two-month long photo exhibition at NGMA, Palace Road, May 5- Jul 4


Dignity Dialogue “Trekking as an Adventure” by Vasumathi Srinivasan, Vice President of Karnataka Mountaineering Association Awareness Talk on “Leg attach – Are you at a risk” by Dr Sanjay Desai, MS Ramaiah Medical College Hospitals Sun May 15, 10 am, Manandi Samskruti Sadana, 9th Main, Opp 42nd Cross, Jayanagar 5th Block. Bangalore International Centre events Film: “Hold me Tight, Let Me Go” on

16 CITIZEN MATTERS 7 - 20 May 2011 Vol-3 Issue-7


BTM CULTURAL ACADEMY 19th Anniversary Programme

Friday, 13 May at 6.30 pm Book Release: “Does the Elephant Dance? Contemporary Indian Foreign Policy” by Dr. David M. Malone on Thursday, 19 May at 6:30 pm Bangalore International Centre, Domlur. RSVP No. 98865 99675


Aptitude test for students MANASA CONSULTANTS will hold an aptitude test for students of Std X, I PU, II PU to scientifically identify their aptitudes to choose the right career path. Monday 16 May, at #224, 16th cross, 23rd main, J.P.Nagar V phase. For registration contact: 9845ww058349, “Parenting Workshops”, Topic: ‘Fear in Child’ For families with young children aged 3 months to 10 years) Join us for a thought provoking discussion on positive parenting! (Childcare will be provided while the discussion takes place.) We will discuss your questions and concerns and brainstorm for ways to deal with various parenting issues. Your children will have the opportunity to participate in fun learning activities. Sunday, 8 May 2011 Neuerth Kids, #690D & 690C, 14th Main (On VET College Road), JP Nagar 2nd Phase


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Wing Commander G.R. Mulky Memorial Open Quiz Canara Union will host the sixth edition of the Wing Commander G.R. Mulky Memorial Open Quiz Rules: Teams of four members, Open to all. If you get lost, call 97312-14519. Starting at 10 am sharp. Sunday 8 May 2011 at Canara Union premises, 8th Main/15th Cross, Malleswaram. Karnataka Quiz Association’s last quizzing event for the 2010-11 season will be held on Sunday 22 May 2011 at IAT, with the Solus Rex Finals, the Non-Fiction Quiz and the Open Music Quiz.

Inox, Bangalore Central, JP Nagar

Music Kathakalashebam Musical Discourse By Visakha Hari Sunday 8 May, 6 pm, Chowdaiah Hall

A 100% Love (Telugu) (U) 12 50 pm 6 30 pm Chalo Dilli (Hindi) (U/A) 7 40 pm Dum Maaro Dum (Hindi) (A) 12 05 pm Engeyum Kadhal (Tamil) (U) 12 25 pm 6 30 pm Fast & Furious 5 (English) (A) 10 00 am 2 45 pm 5 10 pm 9 40 pm Haunted 2D (Hindi) (U/A) 10 00 am 12 50 pm 3 40 pm 9 15 pm Hudugaru (Kannada) (U) 10 00 am 3 35 pm 9 00 pm Ko (Tamil) (U) 4 30 pm Luv Ka The End (Hindi) (U/A) 10 00 am 7 35 pm Source Code (English) (U/A) 2 35 pm 10 00 pm

Dr Balamuralikrishna - Classical Concert Sunday, 22 May, 6 pm, Chowdiah Hall

Inox, Sri Garuda Swagath Mall, Jayanagar

Chalo Dilli (Hindi) (U/A) 2 20 pm Dum Maaro Dum (Hindi) (A) 9 40 pm Engeyum Kadhal (Tamil) (U) 2 00 pm 9 45 pm Fast & Furious 5 (English) (A) 11 55 am 7 15 pm Haunted 2D (Hindi) (U/A) 10 00 am 4 35 pm 9 15 pm Hudugaru (Kannada) (U) 12 45 pm 3 35 pm 6 25 pm Ko (Tamil) (U) 6 35 pm Luv Ka The End (Hindi) (U/A) 10 00 am 4 25 pm Rio 2D (English) (U) 10 05 am Source Code (English) (U/A) 12 05 pm Schedule, 6 - 12 May, 2011. This information is subject to change. Please check with the cinemas for exact details. NOTE: Patrons between 3yrs to 18yrs will not be allowed to watch the “A” Rated movies.

I am is a courageous film With I am, film director Onir, still best known for his debut film My Brother Nikhil gives us yet another piece of thought provoking cinema. The film is also a landmark venture for independent film making in India, with the financing for the film being raised from over 400 individuals, many of whom made their donations through social networking sites like Facebook. The film's narrative takes the form of four stories that explore the themes of women's choice in artificial insemination, separatism in Kashmir, child molestation and homosexuality. These are the stories of "Afia", "Megha", "Abhimanyu", and "Omar" - all of whom are joined by fear that can only be redeemed when they reclaim their lost selves.

in each instance, he crafts a ‘tale with a twist' that celebrates the art of storytelling. Onir is ably supported by a cast that includes Nandita Das, Juhi Chawla, Manisha Koirala and Rahul Bose. Juhi and Manisha return to the silver screen after a long hiatus, and do not disappoint. It is also a landmark film for Rahul Bose, who is the face of one of the most honest portrayals of homosexuality and its exploitation seen in Hindi cinema. Yet this remains a film where both the director and his talented actors hold their own, while the audience is drawn in by original screenplay and editing that never loses sight of the spirit of the film. The end product is well crafted, introspective, intelligent cinema that looms tall over much of what we see in contemporary Hindi cinema. My rating for this film would be 3.5 on 5. Definitely a film worthy of an evening at the cinema. The ratings and what they mean. The ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 and try to strike that difficult balance between cinematic critique and giving the regular film buff a peek into what's playing in town and worth a watch.

As with My Brother Nikhil, Onir brings topics that are often consigned to the margins, into Hindi cinema's mainstream discourse with courage, conviction and sensitivity. Yet the approach is never didactic. Instead,

1: Watch this film only if the director pays you 2: You could safely give this film a miss 2.5: A one time watch 3: Good cinema. Money well spent 4: Great cinema. A standing ovation 5: Simply speechless. A masterpiece.

Christina Daniels Vol-3 Issue-7 7 - 20 May 2011 CITIZEN MATTERS 17

last word

city gets ASTROTURF! Bangalore footballers are going to be a happy lot soon. The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) has honoured the Karnataka State Football Association (KSFA) with an Astroturf. City’s football stadium in Ashok Nagar, is only one of three cities in India with astroturf surfaces, the other two being Kolkata and Mumbai. Those surfaces were also funded by FIFA. “FIFA has recognised KSFA’s contribution towards football,” says Amjad Khan, Deputy General Secretary of the KSFA and a former coach Pic: Maithri Vasudev at the international level. “We have to make good use of the Astroturf and maintain it well, now that we have it,” he adds Astroturf is a preferred surface worldwide because it is far more durable than natural surfaces. This helps especially for tournaments with several weeks of continuous matches. It also requires minimum watering. The inauguration of the Astroturf surface, which was

supposed to take place on May 7, is now postponed to the end of May due to untimely rains, says the KSFA. Kushal Das, Secretary of the All India Football Federation, is scheduled to cut the ribbon, followed by an exhibition match by football veterans. Khan notes that credit for bringing Bangalore an Astroturf surface goes to A R Khaleel, President of the KSFA. Khaleel’s position as the Chairman of Finance of AIFF also helped, he says. In another two months time, through his efforts, a Football Academy with a Rs.4 crore budget will also be launched, in all probability by Chief Minister B S Yedayurappa. KSFA has won the Santosh Trophy – the topmost tournament of the country – four times and produced four runners up as well. Along with this, it has secured the top place in the under-19 three times and under-16 twice. Several champions have made it to the Olympics in London, Helsinki and Melbourne. Maitri Vasudev, a student of communication at Mt Carmels, is a summer intern at Citizen Matters.

free ride to heaven

We love to euphemise, so this is termed (on the back of the vehicle) a "Vaikunta Yatra Vehicle" (Vehicle to travel to heaven)! On the side, though, in Kannada, is written, "uchita shava sAgisuva vAhanA" (free vehicle to transport a corpse)! That seems very matter-of-fact... Pic and Text: Deepa Mohan

18 CITIZEN MATTERS 7 - 20 May 2011 Vol-3 Issue-7

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