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jayanagar jp nagar & BTM

Anti-litter campaign by JP Nagar students charts and walked on the road. They were trying to tell residents to be civic-conscious, shouting slogans like ‘Say NO to plastics’, ‘Bring your own Bags’, ‘Save Environment’, etc.

Pic: Ravikala P Baliga

WARRIORS CIVIC CLUB of St Marks Public School, JP Nagar, took out an anti–litter walk near their school, early morning on 23rd December. Early morning walkers and joggers frequent the road for their daily shopping of fresh vegetables. Most of

them do not carry their own bags, preferring to take home the veggies in thin flimsy plastic packets. 52 members of the club, part of Childrens’ Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA), made informative placards and

People walking by looked thankful that they were not caught with plastic in their hands. People who took the plastic bags looked rather embarrassed! When the students requested them to bring their own bags henceforth, most of them said yes and apologised for not doing so. The students thanked those who were already carrying cloth bags. The children met different

BTM celebrates Kuvempu’s birth anniversary About six hundred people gathered at Kuvempu park, Ranga Mandira, BTM Layout (Kuvempu Nagar) on 18 December, Sunday to participate in the 106th birth anniversary of Rashtra Kavi Kuvempu. The first Kannada litterateur to be honoured with the Jnanpith Award, his birthday falls on 29 December. Samana Manaskara Vedike, BTM layout, 2nd Stage and Bhagavadgita Abhiyan State Committee Karnataka, jointly organised this event. The evening began with a prayer and was followed with an enthralling Yakshagana performance by artistes of Sirsi-Siddapur Vrinda. Yakshagana is a popular form of traditional dance drama of Karnataka. The

kinds of people. One shopper said cloth bags are expensive and just shooed them off! He was not interested, when they showed eco-friendly bag from CMCA. Another lady said, I have been using cloth bags since 1984 and don’t need your bag, thanks! However nothing seemed to deter these enthusiastic kids. They also went around a small stretch inside the park where people were exercising and shouted slogans. They seemed interested and most of them stopped exercising, smiled and waved at the kids. Ravikala P Baliga is a CMCA Volunteer

Pic: Sridhar C R

deft movement coupled with crisp dialogues by the artistes who enacted scenes from “Gita Anusandhana” held the audience in awe as they cheered them time and again.

Shankar, President RWA extolled the glory of Kannada language. He also requested the residents to learn Kannada to enable them to understand better the culture and heritage of our State.

The organising committee felicitated the local BBMP Councillor G N R Babu, Ashwin Mahesh, ABIDe member and Ganesh Rao, Deputy Director ISRO.

The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Vidwan M Devendra Bhat.

Speaking on the occasion, A Vidya

6 CITIZEN MATTERS 31 Dec 2011 - 13 Jan 2012 Vol-3 Issue-24

C R Sridhar is a former bank official from JP Nagar. He is also an amateur cartoonist and photographer.

local matters

BTM wants flyover, BBMP says no money

around BTM layout, says, “I waste most of the time in ferrying just one passenger, it’s too difficult to move around here.” The traffic policemen seem to agree with the commuters. “A grade separator is badly needed at BTM 16th main. It will immensely help in the traffic flow. Similar projects have proved helpful at Jayadeva and at Dairy Circle,” says, K C Lakshmi Narayan, Traffic Inspector, Madivala.

Udupi garden junction Pic: Deepthi M S

“Its high time they start the flyover project. The main bottleneck is at the Advaith petrol bunk junction; we have to wait for so long to pass that signal.” says Viswanath Seetharam, who travels daily through the BTM main road.

The BTM main road leading to Silk Board, has heavy inflow of traffic as it connects to Electronic City, Koramangala and Outer Ring Road. Auto rickshaw driver, Manjunath P M who drives every day in and

A plan to construct a grade separator at BTM 16th main junction is listed under BBMP’s projects. But the BTM layout Corporator says there are no funds. “The traffic here is mad and all the plan details to start a flyover is ready. BBMP is running short of funds, that’s the only thing delaying this project,” said GNR Babu, Corporator, BTM Layout.

Deepthi M S

‘Stop borewell surcharge, remove RWH deadline’ Residents of 4th Block and 5th Block Jayanagar, Bangalore have written to Dr V S Acharya, Minister for Higher Education, and S Suresh Kumar, Minister for BWSSB on their problems with BWSSB’s rules on Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) and the deadline for RWH implementation. The residents are objecting to BWSSB’s collecting surcharge from residents who have constructed borewells. They say, as per BDA’s rules, they own, ‘All the piece and parcel of site, together with all rights, appurtenances whatsoever, whether underneath or above the surface.’; This means that all elemental forces like earth, water, air and sunlight are part of the property owned by the purchaser. The residents object to the water board’s decision to disconnect drinking water supply to the houses that have not installed RWH by the deadline. The residents are also demanding that RWH should not be made mandatory. They hold the government responsible for destroying natural tanks around the city, resulting in reduced ground water level.


Counter point Water used from bore-wells drilled by citizsens ends up in the sewage system and therefore has to be collected and treated. It costs the city Rs 17 per thousand litres to treat sewage to acceptable standards set by the Pollution Control Board. If a family consumes say 25,000 litres per month, about 20,000 litres goes out as sewage. BWSSB has to spend Rs 340 to treat this sewage whereas the average family pays Rs 15 only per month. About 60 % of the city is rooftops and private sites. When a site is built upon as opposed to when it is empty the run-off during rains can go up from 5- 10 % to 90 %. Urban flooding becomes increasingly the norm. It is right that all those who cause the flooding, bore-well water depletion and consume BWSSB water must directly contribute in lessening the burden through rainwater harvesting. S Vishwanath, water expert

Vol-3 Issue-24 31 Dec 2011 - 13 Jan 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 7

check outs

Toast to French food & kababs The word ‘Flamenco’ reminds us of Spanish artistic culture but if it relates to Italian pastas and Frech Toast, it becomes Flamenco Crossroad Café (Flame and co) in Jayanagar which specialises in continental cuisine. It offers great pastas, coolers, coffees, waffles, sandwiches, salads and more.

Kaakori Kababs..

The yellow lambretta.. Flamenco

“The pastas are imported all the way from Italy, that is the reason behind the excellent quality of our food”, says Abhijit S, 26, the owner of Flamenco. Spaghetti in meatball sauce and french toast, at Flamenco

Abhijit proudly claims that Flamenco is the only place in Jayanagar where French Toast is available. It has an all day breakfast menu - two toasts, butter jam, scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes and coffee/ tea, which is available for `110/-. The first thing that you notice once you enter Flamenco is the cute yellow Lambretta scooter and rare photographs of motorcycles collected from various sources. There are games like Uno and Scrabble. They also stock books of all genres that the diners can read. Wallet factor: `250-500 per couple Address: #140, 6th C main, Jayanagar, 4th block. Bangalore 560011, Tel: 9886346863

Moving from continental to the classic ‘Nawabi’ cuisine, JP Nagar houses Kaakori Kababs and Curries, a restaurant famous for its blend of Mughlai and North Indian food. This restaurant is 26-year-old Bangalorean Santhosh Sriram’s first

Bar area at Kaakori Kababs

Bar counter in Mango Tree

Mango Tree All pics by Nagashree Gururaj


seafood dishes to look out for.

This place is famous for its Kaakori Kabab made with minced lamb mixed with mild spices and cooked on a skewer in a clay oven. Kaakori is a place in Lucknow. Kaakori Kabab

There are a lot of options for the vegetarians too. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian Kakori platters are available ranging from Rs 375 to Rs 899.

Recommended delicacies are Murg Afghani Kabab, Gosht Nehari, a mutton dish. Macchi Amritsari and Tandoori Jinga are

The restaurant has an exclusive bar that serves all kinds of liquor and mocktails.

8 CITIZEN MATTERS 31 Dec 2011 - 13 Jan 2012 Vol-3 Issue-24

Wallet factor: `1000-1500 per couple Address: 9/A, 24th Main, JP Nagar, 5th phase. Ph: 65705588, 9986022014

New year Special

Musical event to help musicians Ananya, the Malleswaram based cultural trust that promotes music, dance and visual arts, is organising a musical evening ‘Sangeetha Sandhya’ this Sunday at Jayanagar. The event is in support of Ananya’s health helpline for needy musicians, Ananya Arogyadhara. “When I heard about the unfortunate death of the eminent musician of yesteryears Neelamma Kadambi, as a destitute on the streets of Mysore, I was moved and shocked”, says Dr Raghavendra, Ananya’s founder, explaining the thought behind Arogyadhara. Musicians from across the state including Anoor R, Anantha

Krishna Sharma, eminent percussionist and Pravin Godkhindi, the versatile flutist, will be performing at the event. The

evening starts with vocal by Layakalaprathibamani Srinivas, followed by Sangeetha Tinstrumental fusion Sandhya performance by D Srivatsa Achar on guitar, Varijashri on Sun, 1 Jan, 5 flute, Umesh on keyboard, pm onwards Caleb on Bass Guitar. The at JSS final performance will be a Auditorium, Percussion Ensemble by M 1st main road, K Pranesh, Pravin Godkindi, 38th cross, Anoor Anantha Krishna Sharma 8th block, and others.


news desk

Gopalan Innovation Mall on Bannerghatta Road will be organising a Musical Gala night for the New year's eve. The event will have fusion music inspired from Bollywood songs to Carnatic music. 31 Dec 7pm. Entry Free for all

Pic courtesy: Ananya

>> Continued form Page 8>> Further down the JP Nagar road is a place called ‘Mango tree’. It is an al fresco garden restaurant serving authentic tandoor and Indian cuisine. Kamala Veena Prasad, 29, and Dhanalakshmi Suresh, 37,

have on their own initiative built up ‘Mango tree’ from scratch. It has a dining hall, lawn and party area. Mango Tree offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food along with a wine tavern. Recommended delicacies are Tandoori Mushroom, Vegetable Kurkure, Murg Jahangri

Kebab, Fish Irani, everything made with natural home-grown spices. Home delivery is a useful option for people residing within 2 kms. Wallet factor: `750-1000 per couple Address: Balan farm, 99/4, Nataraj layout, Kothnur, JP nagar, 8th phase. Ph: 9448142771.

Nagashree gururaj

Vol-3 Issue-24 31 Dec 2011 - 13 Jan 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 9



3 Wishes for 2012, Bengaluru The great cities in the world are remembering that ‘citizenship’ is at the heart of their plans for the future.

Throughout the year it seems that the citizens and the city were at war with each other. You only had to think of a project proposed by a city agency, and instantly you could recollect how citizens fought against the project. Equally, whenever citizens mooted something the the city should take up - bike lanes, bus priority, better footpaths - it seemed like the entire establishment was pitted against them. To me, this is the greatest warning before us. All over the world the evidence is now compelling, that cities that actively involve their citizens in decisions are doing much better than cities where the administration or the political leadership insists on its usual top-down way of doing things. Cities are also realising the the usual departmental silos in which they work are useless. Problems need to be solved, and often that requires many departments working together, and also with those who are not in government themselves. Without these steps, all the rest will be fruitless. The great cities in the world are remembering that ‘citizenship’ is at the heart of their plans for the future. But in Bangalore, as elsewhere in India, this realisation is yet to dawn. Partly, this is because of the political e c o n o my, w h i c h would be

disrupted hugely if the city were made more accountable to citizens. There is a lot of money to be made on kickbacks and underperformance of contracts, and watchful citizens would quickly dent that. But partly it is also because we do not have systems of learning that help us constantly improve the way we imagine and manage the city. So, here is my wish list for the coming year, in the hope that it can be very different from the one just now ending.

1 Ward Committees I would like to see the city constitute the ward committees that were promised in January 2010. Ward committees allow citizens have a say on neighbourhood matters. These committees are still not constituted.

2 Local Budget I would like to see at least 1/5th of the budget of BBMP be decided by the wards themselves. Citizen in their wards must be able to have a say over plans and expenditure for their neighbourhoods. This will also ensure greater local participation.

3 Coordinated Problem


I would like to see at least one city problem tackled by departments coming together to achieve an outcome. For example, well designed bus stops along all the Big10 roads will go a long away in speeding transit along the arterial roads of the city like Hosur Road, Bellary Road, Old Madras Road, Bannerghatta Road, Sarjapur Road etc . Too often, such problems are left unsolved by BBMP, BMTC, BESCOM, etc. because each organisation blames the other.

Ashwin Mahesh is CEO of Mapunity Information Services, member of Bengaluru's ABIDe Task Force and a Director at Oorvani Media, publisher of Citizen Matters. 10 CITIZEN MATTERS 31 Dec 2011 - 13 Jan 2012 Vol-3 Issue-24

cm special

bruhat buzz in 2011 Jan JD-S Bangalore city corporator Diwaan Ali shot dead. Feb Anita Reddy, Founder, Association for Voluntary Action and Services, wins Namma Bengalurean of the Year Award, 2010, instituted by Namma Bengaluru Foundation. Mar High Court dismisses

Midnight Tender case, clearing the way for BBMP to initiate works like road widening, signal free corridors etc worth Rs 22,000 cr. Provisional census data shows population density in Bangalore district increase by 147% in the last decade, literacy goes up by 6%

Apr Bangalore Traffic

Police joins Facebook, becoming the first government agency in the city to have live interactions with citizens online HC rules that all Bangalore lakes should be protected and rejuvenated by 2014. R Sharadamma becomes Mayor; and S Harish, Deputy Mayor.

May BBMP sets itself a 2-month

deadline to de-silt and clear encroachments on all rajakaluves, and to have RWH installed in all properties measuring more than one acre.

Jun UID enrolment starts in Post Offices BBMP cuts 17 trees along Sankey road despite public protest.

Jul V Balasubramanian, Chairman of the Task Force for Recovery and Protection of Public Lands, publishes

his report on land encroachment in the city, indicting government agencies and private parties. Government mandates BBMP and Fire department to follow strict procedures to approve and inspect fire safety systems, after PIL by Beyond Carlton group. Justice Shivaraj V Patil becomes Lokayukta, but resigns in September after media says he secured housing plots illegally

Aug Bangalore becomes part of

the nationwide campaign to support Anna Hazare’s fast for Jan Lokpal Bill. Tens of thousands gather in Freedom Park, with many joining the fast.

Sep Rs 9380 cr BBMP

budget, prioritising infrastructure projects, passed in Council. Budget hole is Rs 5,000 cr, state government later approves budget on condition that only ongoing works can be continued. After two years of hearing, HC orders BBMP to stop widening of the road going through GKVK university campus on grounds of biodiversity protection. Guidance value for Bangalore Urban revised, property prices go up. A Citizen Matters expose finds city council does not takes votes on decisions. Oct Former CM B S Yedyurappa jailed. Ministers Katta Subramanya Naidu and Janardhan reddy also jailed in separate cases. Metro Reach 1 open from MG Road to Bayappanahalli Gandhinagar BBMP Councillor S Nataraj

murdered. BESCOM power tariff hiked Nov Siddhiah orders BMTF to investigate the Rs 1539 crore works scam in Gandhinagar, Rajarajeshwarinagar and Malleswaram, exposed by BBMP’s Technical Vigilance Cell. BMTF arrested BBMP EE Idayavendon. Some files relating to the case suspected to be burnt in a fire in BMTF office soon after. BBMP Commissioner H Siddaiah transferred. Transport Department Principal Secretary M K Shankarlinge Gowda takes charge as Commissioner. HC rules in favour of Sankey road widening, permitts tree cutting and ordered BBMP to complete the entire corridor widening in a year.

Dec Shankarlinge Gowda suspends BMTF enquiry to works scam after BBMP engineers protest on Idayavendon’s arrest. Bangalore NGO Environment Support Group (ESG) wins the ‘Green Oscar’ for its lake conservation efforts. Police denies permission for Bangalore Slutwalk. BWSSB extends yearend deadline for citizens to install Rainwater Harvesting. Compiled by Navya PK. Cover Credits: File Pic of Sankey Road Protests: Yogaraj Mudalgi.

Vol-3 Issue-24 31 Dec 2011 - 13 Jan 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 11

for your Info

Diabetes Mellitus, you can fight it increased burning of calories. So all high calorie food is out, low calorie but filling foods in. These include fruits rather than fruit juice , green vegetables, beans, carrot, broccoli, pumpkin, peas, lentils, high fibre diet, curd.

India is Diabetic Capital of world, and 12.4 % Bangalore population has diabetes. It is projected that maximum increase in diabetic patients would be in India. The deadly risks of diabetes include heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure (BP), recurrent foot infections often leading to amputations, and decreased immunity. The good news is it can be prevented, and even if you have, it can be managed without medicines. The time to act is now: • Check  if you have family history of diabetes. • Are you Obese or overweight • If you are inactive • If you have high blood pressure • Wounds that do not heal soon • Recurrent Fungal infections • Increased appetite • Increased thirst • Increased frequency of urine • Unexplained weakness Next step : check Blood sugar fasting

Ideally you must cut down on alcoholic beverages. Know your limits of salt , sugars and fat, and exercise. A 45 minutes brisk walk daily would do the trick. Pic: Wikimedia Commons

and after meals. If sugar levels are high, do not get depressed. Contact your physician and follow his advice. Most of the times it can be reversed by just changing diet and lifestyle. The secret is not chasing sugar levels, but reducing calorie intake, and Col (Retd.) Dr Mukul Saxena has over 30 years of cross-functional expertise in healthcare, both in the public and private sectors. email:

Garbage contractors arm twist BBMP to change terms

Most importantly, being aware is the first step to control diabetes. Be fearless of diabetes , not by ignorance, but by knowledge. Register for Graduate voter rolls If you have missed the November 5 deadline for enrolling in the voter list for Bangalore graduate constituency MLC election, you can still apply at the designated offices. “Applications will be accepted up till the deadline for candidates to file nominations. We have not yet received the election calender, but this deadline may be in April. So far about 73,000 people have registered,” says Shivkumar, Tahsildar at Bangalore Regional Commissioner’s office, in-charge of preparing voter rolls.

The garbage tender contracts were to be finalised by maximum of five packages, but only one package could October. But the deadline went by without any noise. be awarded to each. Turns out that some of the terms and conditions in the Another change is removal of a tender contracts were not acceptable to clause which would have allowed The new Garbage tenders the contractors. Self Help Groups (SHGs) to do doordo not allow for Self Help Bowing to the demands of the Groups (SHGs) to do doorto-door collection. Earlier RFP said contractors, BBMP has made some key to-door collection. that if SHGs came forth for collection, changes in its garbage tender document work will be given to them and and new dates have been announced. corresponding amounts will be deducted from contractors’ bills. This information is based on a comparison of the Request For Proposal (RFP) documents of July and December for BBMP Chief Engineer B V Satish says, “this provision Jayanagar East and Gurappanpalya (170 and 171) wards. was removed because contractors said that it would RFP is the document inviting technical and financial cause losses to them. They said that they invest heavily bids, available on the BBMP website. on machinery and workers and cannot afford sudden reduction in work.” The contract period has been extended to three years from the earlier two years. Also, there is no limit on A requirement for taking biometric attendance of the number of packages that a party can bid for and workers everyday, has also been removed. win. In the previous document, a party could bid for Navya P K 12 CITIZEN MATTERS 31 Dec 2011 - 13 Jan 2012 Vol-3 Issue-24


Sugar & jelly make a Gol Gumbaz

The 37th annual Cake Show is on at St. Joseph’s Indian High School grounds till January 31st. It is organised by the Blue Hill Group this year. 18 cakes are on display. The biggest cake is the replica of the Gol Gumbaz, from Bijapur, complete with its dome, minarets and tourists. The show, which was synonymous The Manjrekars. Pic: C R Sridhar

The cake show draws regulars and new visitors year after year. Catch the last few days at St Joseph’s grounds.

Pic: C R Sridhar

with the Nilgiris group has now changed hands. As soon as one entered the exhibition, the cynosure of all eyes was the huge cake model of Gol Gumbaz. This cake measuring 16.5 feet long and 12 feet high has been created using 5,000 kg of sugar and edible gelatin. A P Manjrekar, 69, a retired bank official, liked the imaginative creations and opined that the Cathedral cake the best. He had come all the way from Bhuvaneshwari Nagar along with his son and grandson. His grandson loved the recreation of the Namma Metro. Ravi, 37, an engineer by profession felt that the show was good but very commercialised. His six-year-old son Pranav, liked the model of the Ferrari Car. Organisers say there are seven additional cakes compared to the previous year. Off late, there are other stalls also set up at the venue, selling merchandise to suit all age groups. Old Bangaloreans were overheard, lamenting the commercialisation of the event as compared to the past when only cakes were on display. However Kalavathi, 35 a homemaker who has been visiting the show for the past three years enjoyed the exhibits with her family members.

C R Sridhar

Vol-3 Issue-24 31 Dec 2011 - 13 Jan 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 13

classifieds & Listings

Farmer launches swanky supermarket near Whitefield Hoskote-based farmer Krishna Murthy, who opened a supermarket near Whitefield recently. Pic: Greeshma M

market, took root when he started supplying vegetables to supermarkets a few years ago. He began to understand the business. “I started thinking, and A1 Fresh World came out of that. Why should we depend on the international market to sell the product which we harvest?” asks Krishna.

Bengaluru is one of India’s more vibrant hubs for startups. But this startup near Whitefield is a firm few people would have expected. A Hoskote farmer has launched his own grocery supermarket. H Krishna Murthy, 40, a farmer, better known as Krishna, opened his swanky outlet, A1 Fresh World (A1FW) at Kadugodi last month. Krishna hails from Kolathur village in Hoskote and owns an 18-acre farm. Not unlike the major players in this sector, A1FW carries everything from fresh vegetables, dry groceries, diary foods, confectionary, beverages, savouries etc., Krishna proudly says that everyday at least 10 new people get added

to his customers list. 50% of the vegetables come from Krishna’s and his manager B Sathya Narayana Raju’s (Rajanna) eight-acre farm, and the rest from contract farms. He purchases other items from the distributors who visit A1 at regular intervals. Krishna gives seeds to the contract farmers and collects the produce for the super market. “I had never thought of owning a market or business of my own”, says Krishna referring to his past. “It was my decision to come out of my village and get into the supply business. It turned a success”, says Krishna with a smile. Krishna says the idea of super

14 CITIZEN MATTERS 31 Dec 2011 - 13 Jan 2012 Vol-3 Issue-24

A1FW appears to be the first supermarket of this kind launched by a farmer in Karnataka. (Citizen Matters has not verified this at the time the article went for publication.) “If you have the desire to do anything, you can do it. Just sitting back will do nothing other than destroying your thought”, says an inspired Krishna about his achievement.

Greeshma M

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SRINIVASA DENTAL CARE CENTRE Dr. VISHWAS # 383, 8th main, 7th cross, Mico Layout, BTM 2nd stage, Bangalore- 76. Ph:41201345, 9845195605. Multi specialist Dental clinic & Implant Centre. CHILDRENS DENTAL CLINIC DR. NERAJA RAJU Consultant Pedodontist. For appointment : 9845195605, 41201345. Address: # 383, 8th main, 7th cross, Mico Layout, BTM 2nd stage, Bangalore-76 BANGALORE TIMBER & PLYWOODS All Types OF Plywoods & Laminates. Dealers In : Teak, Honne, Sall, Neem, Beach, Silver, Round Logs & Cut Sizes. # 647, 16/2/3, Arekere Gate, Near BPL Bus Stop, Bannerghatta Road. Call: 9845604013, 26583501

HERBAL PEST CONTROL SERVICES FOR ANT, Cockroach, Bedbug, Termite, Rat etc. 100% Safe & Effective. No Smell/ Stain. 2BHK Rs. 450. We also do Annual Maintenance Contract: Rs 1200/ year only! Call: 9972711444/ 8971223206.


INTENSIVE COACHING ACCA/CA/CIMA/ CS/ICFAI/ICWA & MBA With Latest Corporate Case Studies. Contact: Lalitha Group, #5,Behind Smart,19th Cross, 24th Main, JP Nagar 5th Phase, Bangalore-78. Ph: 080-26490907, 9 7 4 2 1 6 7 0 9 4 , 9 9 0 2 8 8 8 4 8 5 , 9448117457


LAVANYA REAL ESTATE 2 & 3 BHK Flat for Rent / Sale in BTM Layout, Bannerghatta Road, J.P. Nagar, Jayanagar & Koramangala. Contact: 9916706389, 9611444944. Email: BUILDERS/DEVELOPERS Manjunatha Architectural Plan, Structure Design, Sanction Plan, Vaastu Plan, Estimate & Constuction Of Bldgs Shop #1, 5th Main, Mico Layout, BTM 2nd Stage, Near SBI. Call Mune Gowda 9845416748, 9844468507, 3297645

Astrid solutions jayanagar 9th block We offer the below courses withe 100% Placement assurance sap all modules, oracle 9i/10g/11g dba, oracle-rac pl/ sql, sql server DBA, db2 dba, java, j2ee, android and vmware admin. Please contact Tel: 08123673106/ 08041100370

Wanted A Residents’ Welfare Association in J.P. Nagar 5th Phase requires a Manager to look after day to day affairs and duties and responsibilities. Retired persons may also contact.. Persons staying in and around Jayanagar/ JP Nagar may be ideal. For details contact Mob. 9845239979 or 9449038387 or 9343031542.

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Citizen Matters is expanding. We’re looking for bright and talented people in sales, reporting and marketing. The following positions are open:

Advertisement sales executives

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Web & Social media 1-2 years experience Please send your CV and CTC expected to Oorvani Media Pvt., Ltd is Bangalore-based and the publisher of Citizen Matters. Salary commensurate with industry norms.

see & do Theatre Rangashankara Plays 1 Sun Mandra 3 Tue Sanje Haadu 4 Wed Carvalho 5 Thu, 6 Fri Aadaddella Olithe…? 7 Sat, 8 Sun Kuchh Ishq Kiya Kuchh Kaam (also at 3.30pm on Sun) 10 Tue, 11 Wed Sevanti Prasanga 12 Thu Susmitha & Nestlings 13 Fri to 15 Sun Nammoora Benkibaakaru (also at 3.30pm on Sun) Rangashankara, JP Nagar II phase The Golden Dragon A funny and theatrical fable of modern life and migration - by Actors Touring Company, UK, the award winning company. January 13 -29, Jagriti Theatre, Whitefield Kab Hogi Bhet Romantic Comedy Play 15th Jan, 3.30 pm & 7.30 pm, MLR Convention Centre, Brigade Millennium, 7th Phase JP Nagar. Ph: 42064969

Zakir Hussain Performers: Zakir Hussain, Dilshad Khan, Deepak Pandit, Hira Pandit, Rajesh Rajbhatt, Santosh Mulekar, Sanjay Jaipurwale. 6.30 pm, Fri 13 Jan, Jnana Jyoti Convention Centre, Bangalore University Campus, Palace Road, Bangalore Fusion Dreams A Carnatic Jazz & World Fusion Concert featuring the legendary musician Padmavibhushan Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna and Dr.Jyotsna Srikanth (Indian Classical and World Fusion Violinist - UK) accompanied by Shadrach Solomon - Keyboards, Alwyn Fernandes - Lead Guitar, Keith Peters Bass Guitar, Taalis (UK) - drums, N. Amruth - Indian percussion, Karthik Mani - special percussion 7th Jan 6.30 pm Ravindra Kalakshethra, Kannada Bhavan, JC Road

Sangeetha Sandhya A Musical Evening by Artists of Karnataka in aid of Ananya MUSIC Arogyadhara-a health The pulse - with Ustad help line for needy musicians. Sun 1 Dealers in Musical Instruments Jan, 5 pm onwards, JSS and accessories Auditorium, JP Nagar Jayanagar

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The Grand Star Party ­ “Get ready to soak under the star light” Study the celestial objects through the Telescope the whole night, learn about the night sky and expose to Amateur Astronomy. Talk on Night Sky and Amateur Astronomy, Observation sessions the whole night, Basic Astrophotography session. Sat 31 Dec 1.30 pm, Jain Global Campus, Jakkasandra Post, Kanakapura Taluk, Ramanagara District

ApnaComplex & Celebrity Paradise Layout present OOTA from your THOTA (Workshop), Electronic City


Kannada Film “Gejje Pooje” Directed by Puttanna Kanagal, Starring Kalpana, Gangadhar, Leelavathi. Followed by discussion with the CAST and CREW members. 3.30 pm, Sunday 1 Jan, K V Subbanna Aaptha Rangamandira, No. 151, 7th cross, Teachers’ colony 1st stage,(Near Dayananda Sagar College, opp to Vasudha Bhavan, Kumaraswamy Layout) Ph: 9964152999 “Mexican Film Festival” The Bastards, Used Parts, More Than Anything In The Wold, Crazy Carnival, Pan’S Labyrinth, The Desert Inside, Backyard. Rsvp: 9886599675. 9 Jan onwards at 6 pm daily, Bangalore International Centre, Domlur

16 CITIZEN MATTERS 31 Dec 2011 - 13 Jan 2012 Vol-3 Issue-24

Grow and eat organic vegetables in your own homes – be it terraces, balconies, front or backyards. Supported by Garden City Farmers’ Trust & In partnership with Citizen Matters.

● 10am Workshop on

Organic Terrace Gardening with a special session on Waste Management and composting. (Register by 5 Jan: Call Priya Raghavan - 8088611229)

● 12 pm GARDENING MELA Display & sale of plants, tools, compost etc.

Vol-3 Issue-24 31 Dec 2011 - 13 Jan 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 17

last word

Mean girls, cliques and other high school hazards Everyday when we read the newspaper we see the names of overachievers in our society. Even when you read a regular teen novel you hear how amazing high school is. Well guess what? It is called ‘fiction’ for a reason. Simply because it is unreal!

came into perspective when I found out what was really going on in her life. I tried my best to forgive her because I know it is not good to hold a grudge. Even now when I think about her, I feel a surge of anger with sympathy and understanding.

High school can be the most difficult period in a student’s life. It is when most boys and girls go through adolescence, their hormones start acting up and they simply start acting mean.

Now I was left with just one friend. Strangely, I was glad. I was able to see who my true friends (or should I say friend) was! I realised then that the quality of friends matters more than quantity. No matter how cliched that sounds, it is true! The sooner you realise this, the sooner you find that group of girls who will lend you a hand!

This is something I have always failed to understand. How do girls become so mean? No, not mean - cruel, cunning and manipulative. Luckily others have wondered about the same thing. I have had many run ins with mean girls. One specific girl tormented me and called me names so horrible that I cried myself to sleep every night. My best friend had been hanging out with the mean girl for over a year in spite of how she treated me. I didn’t understand, if she really was my best friend, why didn’t she support me and stand by me? After a few months of telling my best friend of this behaviour, she saw - really saw - how the mean girl was treating me. She stood up to her and the mean girl seemed unfazed as if she didn’t care. I finally was able to agree with my mother who told me constantly, “Mean girls are everywhere. You have to deal with them everywhere. Everyone deals with them and sadly everyone has to do it on their own.”

I have managed to find friends that are totally different from me but I can be myself around them without being like them. Why do girls feel the need to fit in so much? Hang out with the right people - that is people who accept you and love you for who you are - you just have to look harder! ⊕ Malini Srikrishna is a poet and an avid observer of life. As a high schooler and sister of a teen she gets to see a good deal of drama. She hopes to become a journalist - meanwhile she goes to a school in South Bangalore, experiencing the travails and tribulations of being a high school student.

Src: Wikimedia Commons. By Biswarup Ganguly (Own work, GFDL)

Later I found out the mean girl had a lot of issues at home and not the normal issues a teenager faces. Everything

I know that many high school girls feel left out as if there is something wrong with them. They try to be like everyone else and don’t have friends who really know the real person inside. I have felt that desperation where I didn’t really care who I was, I just needed to have friends. I didn’t want to stand out! What I didn’t realise was how important it is to be myself.

18 CITIZEN MATTERS 31 Dec 2011 - 13 Jan 2012 Vol-3 Issue-24


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