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neighbourhood kids

skating into championships

With roller skating becoming more popular as a pro sport, local clubs like BTM Roller Skating Club and Ace Rollers are training tomorrow’s champions. Page 11 Seized vehicles fill BTM playground 6 Adarsh Gardens initiate waste mgt 7 VET kids learn about plastic roads 7 No white uniforms please! 8 Book Fair offerings 13 The Facebook movie 18


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Mt. Fuji, rising above the clouds, is the symbol of Japan and has provided a spiritual basis for the Japanese since ancient times. This 12,380 ft high, dormant volcano is world renowned for its symmetry and serenity. Located between Yamanashi and Shizuoka, Mt. Fuji is the main attraction of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Snow-covered tranquility in winter, vitality and energy in summer--seasonal changes glorify this national treasure. From near or far, from plane or train, one cannot look at Mt. Fuji without marveling at its beauty.The dramatic changes of Mt. Fuji's climate are evident in the striking difference between the climate of the southern slope and that of the northern one. Spring brings cherry blossoms to the foot of Mt. Fuji in mid-April, followed by the blossoming of vermillion azaleas, which announce the coming of summer greenery. July 1st is the traditional opening day for climbers because perilous snow remains above the fifth level, at 7,868 ft, until the end of June. The alpine rose and other alpine plants are in bloom and ready to be enjoyed by the first climbers of the season. Summer on Mt. Fuji is rather short, only lasting until late August, when the traditional Yoshida Fire Festival brings the climbing season of Mt. Fuji to a close. Mt. Fuji is relatively easy to climb for most people, but because of the high altitude, it is best to be well prepared. We suggest you wear comfortable shoes and bring extra layers of clothing for sudden climate changes. Also please take time to rest at steady intervals as you climb.




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20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010

Vol-2 Issue-21

Vol-2 Issue-21 20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010 CITIZEN MATTERS 3


Bengaluru Grand Land Scam

modus operandi  If all approvals come through, the Urban Development Department will have a new name soon:

 Then when friendly businessmen want land at nice prices, return favours by denotifying those chunks for

 BGLSD’s flagship scheme, called Karnataka Free Land Notification Grameena Yojana has been running

 More exciting bonanza with the BGLSD scheme: BDA will give 50x80 sites meant for ‘eminent’ people

The Bengaluru Grand Land Scam Department or BGLSD.

as a UDD scheme for decades, but the new name for the department itself is pending only the President’s approval this month, about 30 years behind schedule.

them! Don’t bother about why they were notified in the first place!

to everyone you know from time to time to return old favours and create and nourish new friendships!

 The KLNGY scheme works like this: First you notify  Politicians across the board have loved this power at large areas of land for ‘specific purpose’ but don’t complete UDD and the renaming of the department is proof of the


quick city

the process. So chunks of limbo land exist, with no one being able to do anything on them.

Traffic diversions ahead: Avoid South End Circle

Truckers call for strike Dec 5

Commuters are advised to avoid South End Circle for the next two months. Pillar construction work will prevent movement of heavy vehicles. Work has begun on the underground reach of metro between Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium and Majestic. Old Post Office Road near K R Circle will be closed for traffic first. The vehicles will move on the alternate road created through the Central College Ground in front of the City Court Complex.

The All-India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) has called for a nation-wide strike by deciding not to ply commercial and heavy vehicles from December 5, following government decision to collect toll on national highway-7 leading to the Bengaluru International Airport.

FEEDback I’m one of those occasional walkers along the lake and I definitely see the changes. I have no idea how it looked 15 years ago but I know how it was 1 year ago! It is indeed gratifying to see the saplings growing well. Kudos to Arathi, Usha and rest of the team! Srinivas A, JP Nagar

BBMP’s de’forest’ation department? Last year on Nov 20, 2009. BBMP had demolished

I’ve got



Credits: Times of India, New Indian Express, DNA

SMS 97409-18300 | email

Puttenahalli Lake getting filled


scheme’s great success.

our compound wall (on Bannerghata Road) saying that 5oo sq m of land was encroached for the land belonging for raja kaluve and in that stretch there were full 70 bloomed trees almost aging 30 years or more including two sandalwood trees. We sought the help of BBMP’s Forest Department, which too became party to felling of trees and also had their share on the sale of wood. I also overheard during demolition - one of the BBMP officer said “hey this tree is good” and other officer from forest department replied, ‘okay sir we will cut for you’. Trees are being cut giving reasons like metro, road widening, rajakaluve etc., but there is a huge side business. But funniest part is on 2nd october, 2010, the same forest

20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010

Vol-2 Issue-21

department official sends 60 saplings to be planted in the same area where trees were felled last year.

Urgita, Gottigere

Bahujana hithaaya? We do not want a signalfree tomorrow, at the cost of 3-4 bottlenecks and 8-9 kilometers of inching... I do not want to spend 2-3 hours per day in traffic jams for a signal-free tomorrow probably 5 years later. Madhavi B Gajria

Bangalore’s own interactive newsmagazine

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Cover credits.

Maanasvi, a resident of JP Nagar and student at BTM Rollerskating Club practicing in the BTM rink.

Pic: Mayur Channagere, a tech professional turned professional photographer and BTM Layout resident.

owned by

Meera K Printed at Lavanya Mudrana, 19, 15th cross, Vidyapeeta Circle, Banashankari I Stage, Bangalore 560060 Place of publication Oorvani Media 165, 1st cross, 1st block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560034 Editor Subramaniam Vincent


(After the previous article on Implants,I received tremendous response from readers requesting more information on the topic of dental implants…hence this is the sequel to the previous article, providing some answers to commonly asked questions regarding implants)

Your teeth were designed

to last a lifetime, but sometimes they don’t !! Replacing missing teeth is important to your general health and to the health of your other teeth. Not only do you lose chewing ability when teeth are lost, but unreplaced teeth can cause other teeth to be lost, tipped or crowed and cause subsequent problems. Also, there are problems associated with poor appearance and loss of self-esteem with the loss of one or more teeth. Dental implants should always be considered as an option for replacement of a lost or failing tooth. Treatment is considered more predictable than bridgework, resin-bonded bridges and endodontic treatment.

Q What are Implants? Dental implants are substitutes for the roots of missing teeth. They act as an anchor for a replacement tooth or “crown” or a set of replacement teeth.

Q Am I a candidate for a dental implant? Implant patients are of all ages and implants may be the right choice for anyone missing one or more or even all of their teeth due to injury,

Advertiser Feature

For comprehensive dental care solutions, contact:

Sandhya Ramanujam

Consultant at Fortis Hospitals and Swiss Smile Clinics Consultant-Dental Legal Advisor and Auditor Clinical Director for Dental Implant Training Courses, Rehabilitative & Aesthetic Dentistry.

disease or decay. They are especially practical for patients who can no longer wear removable dentures. Your dentist can determine if you are a candidate for dental implants after a careful evaluation of your dental and medical history.

Q Are there different kinds of

correct bone deficiency. Your dentist will assess this and advice you if additional bone material is needed .

Q Will this take a long time? Treatment time can vary greatly depending on your needs. Each situation needs a separate evaluation, your dentist will be able to give you an approximate timetable. Typically the implant restoration is a two-stage procedure. First the implant is placed and left in the bone for 3 months for integration after which it is restored with a crown.

Q Whom should I consult for my implant treatment and what is the approximate cost ?

implants? There are many shapes, sizes and brands of implants available. Depending on your individual need and situation ,your implant dentist will know which implant is the right one for you.

Your general dentist is your first resource for this service. The key is the implant dentist’s training, experience and credentials. The cost varies on the type of implant and its ranges from Rs 30,000 – Rs 50,000 per implant and then the cost of the prosthesis.

Q Do I have enough bone? It is important for a patient to have enough bone to support the implant. If you do not have enough bone, there are many safe and effective ways to Perfect 32 “Green Arch” 45/A, 1st Floor, 1st Main (Next to Parkview Hotel), J.P Nagar 3rd Phase, Bangalore Ph: 40989896, 40981767, 9880027728. email:


Keep the sparkle in your smile The Dental Care and Implant Centre Dr.Sandhya Ramanujam D.D.S (USA), B.D.S India),C.B.M.(USA), P.G.D.M.L.E (India), Fellowship in Implantology (USA)

Vol-2 Issue-21 20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010 CITIZEN MATTERS 5

jayanagar jp nagar & BTM

sarakki kids get medical checkup Government school children

Health camp at Sarakki High School. Pic: Darshana S.

were given a free health checkup by the JP Nagar Citizens Association in co-ordination with the Shekhar Nethralaya and other private doctors on Friday, Nov 12th. Around 80-100 students from classes VIII to X were examined for skin and eye disorders and general health. Free medicines were distributed to the children and a few cases were referred to hospitals. The camp was inaugurated by Chandra Shekhar Raju, Corporator of JP Nagar ward. Mohan, a class X student who was unable to focus on his studies due to migraine hopes to get better soon as he has been referred to Venkateshwara hospital at the health camp.

Darshana S

Residents of MICO Layout have not been

able to use a playground for over a decade now because the seized vehicles have been dumped there by police. The Mico Layout police station was originally located near the Self Financed Housing Scheme (SFHS) in BTM 2nd stage. Due to lack of space within the police station compound they dumped the seized vehicles in the neighbouring playground. Though the station has since moved to 16th Main Rd a few months ago, the vehicles still languish at the playground. As per rules these vehicles should be auctioned off. Police say they need authorization from the owners, which is delaying the process. However the residents are unwilling to believe this reasoning. “They are giving the same excuse from the past twelve years,” says Shubha Shivashankar, a local resident.

Residents say they are worried about robberies since many come to steal the parts from these abandoned vehicles. They have complained several times to the police and the local association. “We even went on a dharna but nothing worked,” says Shubha. SFHS sent a letter to the Mico Layout Police five months ago, to no avail. Both the Mico Layout Police and the traffic police of the Mico Layout blame each other. Janardhan C N, chief inspector, Mico Layout police station says that orphaned vehicles might belong to the Mico Layout traffic police or RTO. Traffic po`lice officials say the vehicles are not theirs! Residents await answers.

Seized Vehicles dumped. Pic: Rozelle Laha.

Police turn playground into a dump yard 6


20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010

Rozelle Laha is a student at the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media.

Vol-2 Issue-21

local matters

vet school kids learn about plastic recycling

VET School children during their visit to KK Plastics. Pic: Radhika Rajnarayan.

adarsh gardens:

get set, segregate Ravi Kumar of Green Technologies explaining segregation. Pic: Darshana S.

The Owner’s Association of the Adarsh

Residency Apartments in JP Nagar has initiated waste recycling. It was inaugurated on November 13 by Anantaswamy, Chief Engineer, Health and Environment, BBMP. A seminar on ‘Effective Waste Management’ was conducted by Ravi Kumar of Green Technologies, specializing in waste and water management. Four bins have been set up at the basement of each block to collect different types waste. The domestic help and the owners are taught to segregate dry and wet waste. ‘Khamba’ compost pots are used to compost wet kitchen waste. “The idea is to have a ‘zero percent waste’ community here,” says Suma Rao, member of Adarsh Residency Apartments Owner’s Association and head of landscaping committee.

Darshana S.

Recently I took the Children's Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA) civic club members of VET school, where I volunteer, to a plastic waste recycling factory, 'KK Plastic Waste Management' on Kanakapura Road.

Raddiwallas usually refuse to take plastics. If each one of us can make it a habit to carry our own bag while shopping, half the problem would be solved. Still, a considerable amount of plastic waste does get generated. What is the solution? This is where roads laid with recycled plastic come in. According to Rasool Khan of KK Plastics, Bangalore now has more than a thousand kilometers of this plastic waste roads. Harshitha J, a student from the CMCA Unique club recounts what Khan told them, ”They will collect/purchase the plastic covers, milk covers and feed it to the Pic: Radhika Rajnarayan. machines". She explains that KK Plastics then mixes these chips with dambur (tar) and uses it for road constructions, thus the roads last long as the plastic does not decompose in soil.

"The two machines that were used to clean and cut plastic into pieces were awesome... I live in a joint family and my elders and even my younger sister are following (segregation). (But) my brother is not doing it, he never listens to me. But I am pretty sure that he too will mend his ways, soon." - Supritha, Unique Civic Club. The civic club members at VET School where I am a civic tutor, are all fired up with enthusiasm. They will be talking at the school assembly about this and persuading their schoolmates to join in this movement for re-use of plastic waste.

Radhika Rajnarayan

Vol-2 Issue-21 20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010 CITIZEN MATTERS 7

voices no challenge to

Only three people objected to BESCOM’s proposal for a price hike. Why is it that people put up with And then there arbitrary ways of BESCOM are frequent without questionING?

bescom’s 75p hike?

Is it because namma ooru is prospering by leaps and bounds, that most of us don’t have to worry about a piddling 75 paise hike? Assuming that the average middle class urban household of four family members consumes between 70 and 100 units of electricity per month, that works out to a hike of ` 50 – 75. Not a huge amount in these inflationary times, one must concede, but it is not the quantum of increase but the ramifications and range of issues underlying it.

breakdowns that we pay for. We as users have a right to ask why breakdowns occur so frequently, and what BESCOM is doing about it; because the statutory truth is that we as consumers have a contractual deal. The rich manage without suffering inconvenience while the rest swallow their annoyance, curse, or put up with powerlessness with philosophical resignation. I am using the word powerlessness with deliberate intent – it is not just having one’s electricity supply cut off at random, it is being at the mercy of a service provider that draws up arbitrary rules, changes them at will, and recognises in return no obligations.

Colours bright, but just not white! what school authorities have in mind before they decide the colour of school uniforms. But making the lives of moms simple is not one of them. Many schools have white uniforms to be worn daily, or on the days they have the sports period. You send the child out in a crisp white shirt and shorts in the morning, by the end of the day you encounter him in a garb quite unlike the morning version. Large patches of reddish-orange on the back are remnants of playtime in school. A big blue spot on the shirt where the ink pen leaked and brown stains down the front, indicating the rajma she had for lunch.

Sakuntala narasimhan

Crisp white uniforms in school assemblies make a pretty picture. But It’s a pain, keeping white dress white. is the effort that mothers put in to keep it white worth it?

You (or your domestic help) spend an hour of backbreaking labour scrubbing or machine washing it back to spick and span with cuff and collar cleaner, bleach and heavy duty detergents.

With more and more women working, spending time in such unproductive work is not worth it. Let’s face it, keeping uniforms clean is always, always a mother’s job! Would we not like to spend that time with the child instead?

Also imagine the impact on the environment with all the chemicals, just to have clean uniforms. Phosphates in detergents affect plants as well as aquatic life when they percolate into soil and water. They leave residues in Try to influence schools to switch to easy to maintain the clothes and irritate our skin. colours,

Use soapnut or reeta for regular clothes.

What’s your take?

Use less harmful substances like sodium bicarbonate and vinegar.



20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010

Vol-2 Issue-21

Meera K

File Pic: Meera K.

I don’t know

Pic: Wikimedia Commons.

So BESCOM wants us to pay 75 paise extra per unit of electricity consumed, as per its proposal. And practically no one is opposing this. Three months ago, the Consumer Care Society of Banashankari bemoaned the fact that the initial announcement inviting citizens’ comments, brought in exactly three objections. Three, out of around 60 lakh residents of the city?

for your info

take care of your bones Osteoporosis is a huge and growing worldwide health problem and quite prevalent in India too. World Osteoporosis Day celebrated very October 20th, creates awareness about Osteoporosis. In Bangalore, a Women Leaders Round Table 2010 was organised by the Dr. Mythri Shankar, President, Osteoporosis Patient Society in South Bangalore, with the theme "Strong Women: Strong Bones". Ashwini Nachappa (Athlete &

among younger women too. What are the reasons for this?

Do we have statistics osteoporosis patients in Bangalore?

Bones are like a calcium bank. The more you put in them early on - the more you will be left with to draw from at a later point in your life. Bone metabolism is hormone (estrogen) dependent and therefore the BMD (Bone mineral density) falls more rapidly in women as they approach menopause. Osteopenia is more common in younger women, which develops in to osteoporosis at a

A recent study in Bangalore showed, in over 5000 patients, bone mineral density was abnormally low in more than half of those over 45 years and warranted treatment in about 20% of them. (The paper by Dr. Mythri was accepted for publication in International Osteoporosis Journal.) Once diagnosed, what steps need to be taken to ensure a healthy recovery or further deterioration? Take steps to prevent fall accidents - good lighting, slip proof mats, eye testing, handles in bathrooms or slippery areas etc. A calcium rich diet is needed. Calcium and Vitamin D supplements and other medications may be prescribed by the doctor. What are the symptoms of the disease and whom should one approach for diagnosis / medication?

Inauguration of Women Leaders Round Table. Dr Mythri is on extreme left. Pic courtesy: Dr Mythri Shankar.

Actress), Arundati Nag, founder of Rangashankara, Vani Ganapathy, Dancer, Rani Satish, Politician, Vidya Virkar, owner of Strand Books and many other women from various backgrounds participated. Dr. Mythri Shankar, a nuclear medicine physician from Sagar Apollo hospital on Bannerghata Road, responded to Citizen Matters via email with information on this less known disease. Osteoporosis was once considered to be affecting only older women / post menopause but it it occurs

later age. It is considered to be a lifestyle disease. What can one do to avoid it? What are the lifestyle changes required for this? Sedentary lifestyle and faulty diet, smoking are major contributors. Eating calcium rich foods, exercise and sunlight exposure are very important in prevention. Is it confined to women alone? Men also get osteoporosis. But to a lesser extent and at a slightly older age (above 60 years). Prevention is the same for both men and women.

This is a silent disease which is under-recognised and undertreated. Usually it is not noticed until a fracture occurs. But some patients do complain of back ache, joints pain etc. A bone density test (DEXA Scan) is the standard test for Osteoporosis. It is a simple and safe test, helps the doctor decide if medication is needed. Are there alternative / complimentary treatments available? How effective are they? Weight bearing exercises muscle strengthening exercises like yoga are good. They certainly increase bone strength. What can go wrong if this disease is not treated at the right time? Fractures. Disability & Reduced quality of life. Not to mention the added cost of surgery.

Padmalatha Ravi

Vol-2 Issue-21 20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010 CITIZEN MATTERS 9


Sachidanandanagar residents get

Khatas at midnight Khata processing in progress. Pic: Navya P K

After BBMP Commissioner Siddaiah ordered last week that khatas be issued to the Sachidananda Nagar residents, they finally got it in the middle of the night, after a lot of high drama! had called Ramachandrappa at around 8.30 pm, ordering him not to leave office without issuing khatas to everybody. BBMP had earlier refused to give khatas to the residents for over two years.

On Monday,

November 15th midnight, after fighting for over two years, 120 residents of Sachidananda Nagar layout got their khatas from the BBMP zonal office at Rajarajeshwari Nagar in southwestern Bengaluru. “This is a great victory for us. It was ‘freedom at midnight’,” gushes Nethrakere Uday Shankar, 54, one of the leaders of the protest, called the Sachidananda Nagar andolana. Shankar is Chief Sub-Editor at a Kannada daily in the city. “I bought a plot in the layout in 1992, and planned to build a house there in 2001. I have been waiting for khata since 2001,” he said. It was around 1.40 am when khatas were given away to all. This rare act by the BBMP officials was because of an order by Commissioner Siddaiah. The commissioner

"Such protests are ideal, but public should fight corrupt politicians also. Commissioner Siddaiah deserves some credit as he seems to be doing good work in some cases." - DN Ramakrishna, Secretary of JP Nagar Citizens Association "Sachidananda Nagara movement 10


The delay was also due to the intrusion of Manjunath, President of Sachidananda Nagar RWA. He was there to collect khatas for the 50 residents, from whom he had allegedly collected bribes to get their khatas done. He was not happy that the andolana group that didn’t pay the bribe getting the khatas before him. Manjunath disturbed the pile of documents of the 120 residents that the officials had already arranged. Many documents were torn and flung on the floor. But no action was taken against him. It was only after Commissioner’s Siddiah’s intervention that Manjunath was asked to leave the office, “If the police had done this in the morning, we would have got our khatas by now,” said Uday Shankar, at around 9 pm.

is unique in that 120 people were willing to wait indefinitely. They held on even though there was no assurance of getting khata. This shows that such actions are actually possible. Usually people, even if they are united, give up after a while." - Hema Ganesan, JP Nagar resident and Educator

20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010

Vol-2 Issue-21

Navya P K

"Around 60% of 125 residents in my apartment do not have khata. When I approached BBMP, they asked me to pay Rs 15,000 bribe. I did not pay and have not got the khata. I am interested in campaigning against such corruption, but there is no forum for it." - Srikanth M, Treasurer, Pioneer Paradise, JP Nagar

cm special The Bangalore District Skating Championship at Chennamanakere Rink, Banashankari. Pic: Navya P K

City kids

skate to glory

Wheels on your feet, wind in your hair, skating is no more just a hobby. As roller skating becomes more popular as a professional sport, Bengaluru’s skaters make up for half of state’s contingent at the national level.

Zipping across a skating rink on a pair

of wheels may only have seemed like a cool hobby to many youngsters until a few years back. But over the last decade, skating has quietly grown as a sport in Bengaluru – from having 5-6 skating clubs a decade ago, the city now has 15 registered clubs. For many kids practicing in these clubs, skating could easily be their future career.

says that he wants to be a professional skater. He got his first pair of skates when he was four. “It was my fourth birthday gift and I still love it. I started competing in championship events when I was eight,” he says. Umar has won around 40 medals in various championship events so far.

Like Umar, most children start skating at the ages of 3-5. Faraz A Umar, a seventh standard student at Frank Anuradha Giridhar, a resident of JP Nagar, enrolled her Anthony Public School and member of Force One skating 5-year old daughter Maanasvi in the BTM Skating Club club in Banashankari, shows no hint of doubt when he last month. A former athlete herself, Anuradha believes that it is essential for kids to focus on one sport at least. “Maanasvi learns are held everyday. Contact: The BTM Skating bharatnatyam already; I wanted to Club coaches children above 96110 18988 introduce her to a sport as well.” But will she support her daughter the age of four, in the BTM Ace Rollers, one of the pursue a career in the sport? skating rink. The 4-month old older skating clubs located “Definitely. I myself love sports. It club won seven medals in last in Jayanagar, has over 500 would be unfair if I push her to learn month's Bangalore District students and four coaches. the sport now, and expect her to Dussera Championship. "We The club uses Jayanagar give it up later,” says Anuradha.

are focusing on teaching professional skating. We have many students in the 4-8 age group," says Chief Coach SM Sharath Prasad. Prasad and five assistant coaches teach around 150 students. Classes

rink, Kittur Rani Chennama Corporation ground, Jayanagar 10th main road and Outer Ring Road near Sarjapur, for practice. http://

At the beginner level, Maanasvi now trains for an hour everyday at the BTM rink. The training required for professional skating is rigorous. Sudha Babu, co-founder and coach at the City Skaters club, based in Mahalakshmi Layout, says, “For

Vol-2 Issue-21 20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010 CITIZEN MATTERS 11

Children at BTM Roller Skating Club in action. Pic: Mayur Channagere.

professional skating at least three hours of practice per day is required. Children in the 8-12 age group are most active, they train for 2-3 hours after school.” Sudha coaches around 90 children in her club. All clubs in Bangalore are affiliated to Bangalore District Roller Skating Association (BDRSA). Karnataka has consistently been winning the speed skating championship in the national level for the last seven years. “Some parents see skating as a fun activity only. But better facilities and good performances by skaters in recent times is creating more awareness now, and more people are taking it seriously,” says Sudha. Sure enough, it’s the parents who are more enthusiastic at the various championship events in the city. At the 11th district level championships held in the Chennammanakere skating rink in Banashankari 3rd stage from November 12-14, 190 children participated. Though the audience comprised mostly parents, the energy compensated for the limited numbers. The children, dressed in skating gear, seemed restless as they waited for their turn, but also playful. There were the occasional assurances to a fellow competitor, a fleeting hi-fi to a winner right on the track, someone consoling a second-prize winner – the results did not seem to matter as much as the process of the competition itself. The competitions were held in five age groups – 8-10 years, 10-12, 12-14, 14-16, and above 16 years. The number of participants seemed to come down with the higher age groups. In the above-16 category, there were no participants among girls at all. “Many children drop out after a while. Some conservative families do not allow their girls to continue too,” says Sudha. 12


20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010

The championship venue – a 200-metre professionalstandard skating rink by BBMP, inaugurated two months back - is also the first of its kind in the city. There are smaller BBMP rinks in Jayanagar, Basaveshwarnagar, Sahakaranagar, Kanteerava stadium, Mahalakshmi layout and BTM Layout. Skating clubs use these rinks for practice; none of the clubs own a rink. Only a few schools like Vidyashilp Academy in Yelahanka and Vibgyor High Schools in Marathahalli and Haralur Road have their own rinks. Though coaches say that more skating rinks and government support is needed, the skating association members agree that the status of skating has improved a lot. M Sathyan, Secretary of the Karnataka Roller Skating Association (KRSA) and Additional Secretary of Roller Skating Federation of India (RSFI), says, “New rinks are coming up and more competitions are being held now. Some schools in Bangalore are also teaching skating to students.” The 53 kids selected from the district level will participate in the state level championship on December 3rd-5th in Chennammanakere. The winners in the state level will then participate in the national level competitions. Usually, almost half of the 60-70 children selected from the state for the national championship, are from Bangalore. Though the state has not forayed into innovative forms like bharatanatyam skating, pair skating and hockey skating – as many north Indian states have - the KRSA hopes to maintain its place in speed skating this year too. “We are the best in the country in speed skating,” says Sathyan. Navya P K is a staff journalist.

Vol-2 Issue-21


What's special

at the book fair? Bangalore Book festival,

in its eighth edition, the second largest in the country, after Kolkata, kicked off last weekend at Palace Grounds. Apart from the usual stalls from major publishers, there are a few unusual stalls - take a look at some of these offbeat attractions. Kannada AbhiManigalige There are 94 stalls by Kannada publishers like Akshara Prakashana, Abhinava, Leher recording company, Total Kannada. Books by Ravi Belegere, Anantha Murthy are available. For music lovers, there are plenty of Bhava Geete or light music CDs from Leher and over 2800 films and more than 500 songs at Total For your kids Want to prepare your child for the Olympiads? Then there is an entire stall dedicated for course materials and exam papers. To develop your child's interest in science, check out iKenscientifica. This center has developed many scientific models for better understanding of physics, mechanics, electronics and chemistry topics. There is also India's first CD magazine for kids called e-Balak. With a fee of 100 rupees per month, this CD helps your children appreciate science and maths.

History, Philosophy and Religion The Center for Studies in Civilization from Delhi is showcasing some unique books like “Science and Spirituality”, “Yoga and science”, “Understanding Human past”, “Mathematics, Astronomy and Biology in Indian Tradition” etc. The Asian Education society (AES) stall has books on coins, Pallava architecture, Rajasthan history and history of Mysore. You can also find some rare dictionaries including Tulu and Konkani versions.

Stalls by Ramakrishna Mutt, ISKCON, and Krishnamurthy Foundation offer books related to spirituality.If you are interested in learning about the Hindu rituals, their significance in your life and the power of vedic mantras, take a look at Ved Mandir from Himachal Pradesh. The 6-stall Salaam Centre has Quran in 25 foreign Special offers and Discounts at languages including the exhibition Spanish, Vietnamese * 20-40% discount at Times Group. The and French and in seven discount is applicable for books on leadership, Indian languages.

marketing, stress management and on Jack Welch books. * 10% discount on major Kannada books of Anantha Murthy. * Fiction books at Rs 50-100 in many stalls like International Book Case and Bookworm. The collection of books consisted of Arthur Hailey, Mary Higgins, Rudyard Kipling etc. * Combo offers like 3 books for 100 at Prism, 3 self help books for 90 at Partha Bhachi.

The festival is on till 21 November, 11 am to 9 pm.

Usha Hariprasad

Pic: Usha Haripasad.

Vol-2 Issue-21 20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010 CITIZEN MATTERS 13

classifieds & Listings REAL ESTATE A.M propertys REALTOR’S & DEVELOPERS (Buying, Selling, Rents & Lease) # 971, 7th Cross, 16th Main, BTM 2nd Stage, EWS Layout, Bangalore-76, Call: Maqbool Ahmed 9343828486, 32018996 Wanted Houses/Flats For Rent/ Sale Contact Shankar Associates # 504, East End Main Road, 9th Block Jayanagar 9480709810, 8050962900 Yashaswi Real Estate & Security Services 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK Call Suresh Babu 93428-28126. Call Venkatesh Babu 9342547603 #14, 1st Floor, 7th Main, NS Palya, BTM 2nd Stage BUILDERS/DEVELOPERS Manjunatha Architectural Plan, Structure Design, Sanction Plan, Vaastu Plan, Estimate & Constuction Of Buildings, Shop # 1, 5th Main, Mico Layout, BTM 2nd Stage, Near SBI. Call Mune Gowda 9845416748, 9844468507, 32976451


THARUNI ‘A Child Space’ Conducts classes for High School students state syllabus for average students. Hobby classes like calligraphy, handwriting and art classes. At BTM 2nd stage For details contact : 9343668622


Admission For 10th & 12th (CBSE & ICSE) 2010-11 Going On For Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry. At Ramana maharshi Academy For Blind, 3rd Phase JP Nagar.(Oppsite To St. Paul’s School) ph.No-9845548920 By. B.Tech, I.I.T Engineer

English camp Buoyant English centre is organizing special ’English camp’ for students from the age of seven (7) years onwards to improve their fluent English, Grammar, vocabulary, voice and accent, collocation in use, English phrasal verbs in use, English idioms in use, “English for business communication”, “New international business communication” at BTM LAYOUT 2ND STAGE By certified trainer Dr. Rishi, contact9341257144—for more details visit



GLOBAL ENGLISH Earn globally recognized English certificate; Increase your confidence; improve your business English, for better future in your career by improving reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Register now For ‘business English certificate’ exam of ‘University of Cambridge’ conducted By ‘British Council’ in Bangalore. Contact certified trainer by the British Council. Dr. RishiCall : 9341257144 Speak fluent English Feel comfortable in the Englishspeaking world through Dr. Rishi’s training. A certified trainer by the British Council for ‘fluent English speaking’ course, ‘Business English Certificate’ course, “Neutral voice and accent training vocabulary and grammar enhancement training’,’ at Buoyant English Centre at BTM 2nd stage, Contact:- 9341257144 – Visit SUPERBKIDS & SUPERBTEENS Your Child Will Be Trained And Coached To Be a Super Achiever In School And Life Study Skills: Concentration, Memory, Skills, Speed Reading, Spellings, Whole Brain Learning. Life Skills: Goals, Time Management, Success Strategies, Self Motivation, Passion & Bravery. Only Success Leadership Academy #766, 16th Main, BTM 2nd Stage Ph: 9901938792/ 9740183249/ 08041474940




Mfrs. Of Car Seat Covers & Bean Bags

Seat Cover Rs 3600 Onwards

Bean Bag XXXL Rs 1900 Onwards

Call : 94486 85679, 99028 01809 #387, 11th Cross Vijaya bank Layout Bilekahalli, Bannerghatta Road

Travel Crest

Contact us for all your travel needs

OUR SERVICES Accommodation Air Tickets Foreign Domestic International Exchange Tour Package Travel Insurance Train Tickets Passport Bus Tickets Visa

080-26597855/66 99450 90333 #2031, 9th Cross 2nd Phase J.P.Nagar Bangalore 78


PG Accomodation BTM layout 2nd stage brand new, Andhra PG accommodation avl for men, with or without food, single, sharing, at reasonable charge for Rs1000, 1500 & 2000 with all facilities, ready to occupy. Call: 9686971117, 42249045, 9686255999 Pet’s Vet Doctor Experienced Veterinary Doctor at Pet’s Veterinary Dispensary. At BTM 2nd Stage. Offers ‘Vaccination’, ‘Treatment’, “Dog Boarding”, ‘Herbal Bath’, ’Grooming’ ‘Tick Control Preventive Methods’, House visits are also undertaken. Call: 80880-57144

Hercules Security Service provides Security Guards To Residential Apartment, Hospitals & Schools, Colleges. 74/3. Jaraganahalli, Kanakapura Road, Near Metro, JP Nagar 6th Phase. Call Prakasha. 9880448894, 080-3243-2436

20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010

Vol-2 Issue-21

c Catering c Photo�&�Video c Music�Events c Decorations c Printing For�all�occasions Ph�:�98450�23331 92415�51675

Wanted Courier Boys With DL. Staying in & Around Jayanagar, JP Nagar, BTM Layout, Banashankari, Bannerghatta Road. Qulification -No Bar. With Or Without Experience. Contact: Dental Art Lab. # 25/1, 19th A main, 9th Cross, JP Nagar 2nd Phase.Call Nagaraj: 26582131, 9845276882

citizen matters computer bazaar ALL MAKES & BRANDS SPARES SERVICE REPAIR & SALES


` 35,





26585027 26581277 26492516 9844944544


sales< service< repairs< |


Pregnancy, motherhood & Infant store

Computers, Laptops Security Systems

Pregnancy apparel & accessories (Kurtis,salwars,frocks,shirts etc) Motherhood apparel & accessories (Feeding kurtis, Knitwear etc) Infant products like Jablas, quilts, Towels, Plastic sheets etc) BTM 2nd Stage. Call:9900567477

Your one-stop Lenovo shop


LENOVO V460-59044185 * Corei3-350M, HM 55 Chipset, 4GB DDR3 1066MHz, 500GB HD, DVD RW, Camera 1.3M, Bluetooth, Free-DOS, Finger Print Reader, 14.0 HD LED Glare, 6 cell Battery, 1 year CCI Warranty

LENOVO B460 -59051575 * Dual Core P6100, HM 55 Chipset, 1GB DDR3 1066MHz, 500GB HD, DVDRW, Camera 0.3M, Bluetooth, Free-DOS, Finger Print Reader, 14.0 HD LED Glare, 6 cell Battery, carry case with 1 year CCI Warranty


` 24,

Unbeatable offers for Lenovo by United Computers Jayanagar 9th Block

Tel: 080 22441472 / Mob: 98453 65599/98860 85003

Taxi services * Tution classes * Music & dance classes * Competitive exam coaching * Catering * Plumbers * Electricians * Real estate * Pet walking * Personal Fitness

Reach over 16000 homes book A classifieds AD today!

Rs 150 onwards

Call Ramachandran - Ph: 97409-18300, 99016-85368

Vol-2 Issue-21 20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010 CITIZEN MATTERS 15

see & do music Festival of Sindhi Sufi Poetry presenting Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai “Seeking the Beloved” : A festival of poetry by 17th century poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai – featuring folk singers from Kutch, poetry readings and evocative story telling of the love legends which feature in the Sufi poetry. A sampling of traditional Sindhi cuisine, stalls of films, music, books, T-shirts. 21 Nov 6-10 pm Sophia School Auditorium, Sophia High School, 70, Palace Road

Balms * Banana Fibre * Ceramics * Embroidery * Foods * Garden Decor * Indigo Fabrics * Jewellery * Lacquerware * Masks * Patchwork * Paper Crafts * Quilting * Sanjhi Art * Stained Glass * Soaps * Terracotta * Weaves 24 - 28 Nov,, 11 am - 7.30 pm 4, Ashley Road, behind Hotel Ajanta, off Brunton Road. Ph: 98807 14405, 98450 08482

Deepavali Music Programme by Aneesh Vidyashankar. Presented by SAMVAADA TRUST


6 pm, 20 Nov, Sri Jayarama Seva Mandali. 8th Block, Jayanagar Contact: 9845011461 BTM CULTURAL ACADEMY Presents Haradasa Compositions DV Nagaraj (Vocal), Mysore Dayakara (Violin), A Renuka Prasad (Mridangam), GS Nagaraj (Khanjira) Ph: 65616693/65611336/26680836 Sat 20 Nov 6pm, Shree Ramana Maharshi Acadamy for the Blind 3rd Cross, 3rd Phase, JP Nagar (Near Ragigudda)

Enduring Experiences An exhibition of paintings by Nivedita Sen. 25th Nov to 39th Nov, 10.30 am - 9 pm, Crossword, Book Store, Residency Road Ph: 255824 11.

Kilikili - Habba Kilikili, an NGO working on inclusive play spaces for children of all abilities invites you to celebrate Children’s Day. Carnival 2 - Includes Nine Pins, Outdoor games, Bubble Blowing, Pot Painting, Clay modelling, Banner painting, Mehendi/ tattoo, Snacks 27 Nov 10 am to 12 pm, M N Krishnarao park, Basavangudi.

Theatre Rangashankara Plays 20 Sat, 21 Sun: Naa Tukaram Alla (KAN) (Also at 3.30 pm on Sun) 23 Tue, 24 Wed:Balura Gudikara (KAN) 25


Art House workshops 14 Nov: The Secrets of Drawing, a workshop on sketching and Drawing, 26, 27 Nov, Indian Life, a watercolour workshop, consists of lecture, demonstrations and practicals. at Venkatappa Art Gallery, Kasturba road contact: krishna prasad arthousekp@ Active Canvas workshops Candle-making: 20th Nov (Sat) Graphic Composition: 20th Nov (Sat) Ikebana: 20th Nov (Sat) and 28th Nov (Sun) Terracotta Jewelry: 20th Nov (Sat) and 27th Nov (Sat) active canvas | 343, 10th A Main, 3rd Cross | Jayanagar, I Block | Near Ashoka Pillar


The handmade collective Hundred Hands presents a showcase and sale of contemporary handcrafted products. Ahimsa Silk * Bamboo Ware * Beeswax 16



Karnad reads from his autobiography The reading (in Kannada) is at Suchitra Auditorium, followed by a discussion and lunch. For passes: Call Anand 98450 55034 or Suchitra Dignity dialogue monthly discussion Interactive session on Infrastructure with K Jairaj, Additional Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka on Bengaluru Infrastructure Talk on “Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy Features” 21 Nov, 10 am to 12 pm, Manandi Samskruti Sadana, 9th Main, Opposite 42nd Cross, Jayanagar 5th Block, Near New ICICI bank and Thirumala Eye Clinic Land mark: BSNL Telephone Exchange Road “Conservation in Forests and Cities” By Dr. Harini Nagendra, Urban Ecology Coordinator, ATREE, Bangalore 26 Nov at 6.30 p.m. Auditorium, Bangalore International Centre, Domlur II Stage. Please register with Bangalore International Centre Phone: 98865 99675

Thu: Ratnan Prapancha (KAN) 26 Fri: All’s well! (ENG) 27 Sat 3:30 pm, 28 Sun 11 am/3.30 pm:One Small Step (ENG) 30 Tue: Kondavaraaru (KAN) Ranga Shankara 36/2, 8th Cross J P Nagar Battle of the sexes A collection of three short plays Sun 21 Nov, Alliance Francaise, Vasanth Nagar

20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010

Vol-2 Issue-21

Inauguration of Bangalore One centre at Jayanagar 5th Block. Location: Playground (Shalini Ground), 38th cross,10th main ,Jayanagar 5th block 9.30 am, Monday , 22 Nov The Transport Department, headed by Bhaskar Rao, is organising a cycle rally to commemorate 'Anti-Pollution Month' along with Karnataka Mountaineering Association and WANI. The rally goes around Ulsoor Lake and ends back at the stadium. 8 am Sunday, 21 Nov at Kanteerva Stadium (cyclists report at 7 am).

pick of the fortnight

Sunday morning at Cubbon Park

I saw this old lady on a Sunday morning at Cubbon park entrance, waiting for her first sale of the say. Her mixed expressions leave me intrigued everytime I see her picture. What was she thinking.. was she waiting for bohni that could indicate her luck of the day, or was she bored at having sit there on a Sunday, which, for everyone else, is a holiday. Or it was us photographers shooting nearby, who were making her think, life is bit too hard for her. - Poonam Parihar Photographer: Poonam Parihar is a networking professional cum freelance photographer-writer. Her heart lies in travel and she loves to go on adventure trips and document her experience in photographs and writing. Her areas of interests include landscapes and people. Her work can be seen at and

Pic courtesy: Bharath, Wikimedia Commons.

Olden eye Celebrate World Heritage Week with a Parichay to Melkote...a town where traditions of craft, religions, literature, language and cuisine converge. Visit some of Melkote's famous temples, tanks and monuments; a typical Melkote Iyengar meal; and walks through the temple town to experience its unique ambience. Led by INTACH, Bangalore convenor Sathya Prakash Varanashi. Fee: `500. Sunday, 21 November, 6 am - 6 pm.. Email newsdesk Vol-2 Issue-21 20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010 CITIZEN MATTERS 17

cinema scope

Story of facebook can

make you a fan too! This film on the making of Facebook runs with the

Pic courtesy: The Social Network movie website.


tagline "You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies". That indeed sums up the game changing nature of Facebook even as the phenomenon crosses over onto the silver screen. This is director David Fincher's The Social Network.

Valley's murky dealings, there is none of the brooding darkness that makes Fincher's previous work. Yet the story telling style of the film works, perhaps because of Fincher's trademark brisk pace, supported by crisp editing - both of which were first made famous in Seven.

With films like Fight Club, Seven and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button behind him, there is always a fair degree of interest around David Fincher's cinema. Yet this film, adapted from Ben Mezrich's 2009 nonfiction book The Accidental Billionaires, is a slight departure from his previous work.

The performances are credible. This film will do much to further establish Mark Zuckerberg's icon like status amongst Generation Next. In sum, it's not revolutionary cinema from David Fincher, but it does manage to remain a gripping account on Silicon Valley start ups and the creation of the engine that is driving the global social media revolution.

The film is a glimpse into the making of Facebook in documentary style. Even when it turns its lens on the huge egos and small hearts behind some of Silicon

Christina Daniels is a communications professional, author of the novel Ginger Soda Lemon Pop.

New shopping opportunities More options for your shopping expeditions are opening up around you! Reliance Digital already opened in JP Nagar 2nd Phase on 9th Cross last month. Gopalan Enterprises' Innovation Shopping Mall (ISM) is opening end of December at Jayadeva Circle and Max Retail at Jayanagar 4th block. ISM is 71,860 sqft and has a 4-screen multiplex with seating capacity over 1000, food court and entertainment zone. Adidas, JASHN, Woodland, Base Camp, Titan, Whizz, Pantaloon, Neerus, Peter England People, are some of the brands 18


20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010

coming in here. Basement and mechanical parking for 225 cars are included. Reliance Digital offers consumer electronics and home appliances under one roof, has 35 car parks. "We have got very good response from day one, people come on a large scale during weekend", says John Lorcin, store manager. Max, a division of Lifestyle International, is opening up in Jayanagar 4th block shortly. The inauguration date is awaited. Bhargavi Manjunath

Vol-2 Issue-21

Vol-2 Issue-21 20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010 CITIZEN MATTERS 19



20 Nov - 3 Dec 2010

Vol-2 Issue-21

Citizen Matters 20 Nov 2010  

Bangalore (South) Edition, 20 Nov 2010

Citizen Matters 20 Nov 2010  

Bangalore (South) Edition, 20 Nov 2010