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Vol-3 Issue-14

13-26 Aug 2011

Citizen Matters Vol-3 Issue-14, 13-26 Aug 2011 KARENG/2009/28904. Published, printed and owned by Meera K. Printed at Lavanya Mudrana, 19, 15th cross, Vidyapeeta Circle, BSK I Stage, Bangalore 560060 Place of publication Oorvani Media, 165, I cross, I block, Kmgla, Bangalore 560034. Editor Subramaniam Vincent.

Get to know your LASIK basics LASIK is an out-patient procedure which is most preferred and safest for the treatment of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. It stands for Laser Assisted inSitu Keratomileusis (LASIK). It is currently the most commonly performed refractive procedure in the United States and in India. The results are dramatic and the recovery is rapid which is why patients in record numbers are enthusiastically embracing this procedure world over. After LASIK treatment, you typically will not need to wear contacts or glasses. In LASIK, a laser is used to reshape the cornea (the front transparent portion of the eye) without entering the eye at all. LASIK improves the uncorrected vision for distance - one’s visual capacity while not wearing corrective lenses - in most patients who have the procedure. Nearly all patients can expect to achieve 20/40 vision. This is considered good enough for normal activities like driving. Many can expect to achieve 20/20 vision or better. It is an outpatient procedure that usually takes 10 - 15 minutes per eye. The actual laser treatment usually takes a few seconds. Who can take LASIK?  For people above 18 with stable glass power and with healthy eyes.

 Glass power should be within correctable range, i.e, between -0.5 to -12.00 D and even plus numbers upto +5.0.  Not everybody will be fortunate to benefit from the LASIK, roughly 20-25% of people are ineligible for various reasons. You need to have a thorough check-up with a specialist to know if it is right for you. Can both eyes be treated at the same time? In virtually all cases, both eyes are done at the same time. But you may elect to treat one eye at a time. What kind of anesthesia is used during the treatment ? Numbing eye drops are used. Sometimes an oral medication is used to help with relaxation. No needles or intravenous drugs are used. Can I see the treatment as it is being performed ? You will be “awake”, but very relaxed. You will not be able to see any of the details of the treatment. You will see a number of lights, but the images will be blurred. Is the LASIK procedure painful? No! Patients experience virtually no pain during the LASIK procedure. No needles are used, as eye drop anesthesia is instilled directly onto the eye prior to the procedure.

Is there any pain after? Most patients experience no pain or discomfort after the procedure. Some have a little watering of the eyes and mild burning sensation. One may have a mild to moderate foreign body sensation for a few hours following surgery, but after about 3-4 hours, the eye normally feels comfortable. Will my eyes look different after LASIK operation? No. They will look exactly the same. Shekar Nethralaya’s results with LASIK are significantly better than the industry average. More than 99% of Shekar Nethralaya’s patients achieve 20/20 or 20/25 vision. In the US, the industry average is that 95% of LASIK patients achieve 20/40 vision or better. Shekar Nethralaya’s outcomes are exceptional because of our dedication, experience and attention to detail. Dr Raja Shekar Y L is the Medical Director, Shekar Nethralaya.

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Call/SMS 9611254561 for free LASIK evaluation

4 CITIZEN MATTERS 13-26 Aug 2011 Vol-3 Issue-14

633, 100 feet Ring Road JP Nagar 3rd Phase, Bengaluru - 560078 Tel: 08026593210 fax: 08041209197 Ph:9980562020

Dental Care

During & After Pregnancy Many of my patients have asked me if they should defer dental treatment until after they have given birth. Is there any risk associated with performing dental treatments during pregnancy?

American Dental Association both state the importance of maintaining oral health throughout pregnancy. Most women do not visit the dentist during pregnancy; because they believe poor oral health during pregnancy is normal or they fear dental treatments could harm the foetus. This is worrisome, as poor oral health can lead to adverse pregnancy outcomes, Appropriate and timely dental care can including pre-eclampsia (pregnancy induced lead to improved pregnancy outcomes as hypertension). Beginning in the second or well as greater comfort for the woman. third month of pregnancy, about half of The treatment of periodontitis, as well as pregnant women experience Gingivitis due to the use of local anesthetics, amalgams, and increased Estrogen and Progesterone, which x-ray scans, does not pose an increased risk can progress to Periodontitis. to the developing foetus and is, in fact, Dental treatment is essential for optimal important in contributing to maintaining Good oral health oral health, which extends to pregnancy. optimal health for mother and baby. during pregnancy Routine dental visits can include the use Poor oral health can adversely affect a of x-ray scans, plaque removal, dental person’s quality of life. Pain, missing is important to scaling and polishing, local anesthetics, teeth, and infection can influence the way the overall health or fillings. Performing interventions for people speak, eat, and socialice, affecting of both expectant prevention and treatment of periodontitis their physical, mental, and social well- mothers and their or using local anesthetics during being. There is an association between babies. pregnancy have not been found to be oral disease and health problems such as associated with an increased risk to the diabetes and pneumonia, and there might developing fetus. Furthermore, dental be a link between oral disease and heart disease, stroke, x-ray scans during pregnancy has not been shown to and preterm and low-birth-weight (LBW) babies. increase risk to the foetus. The estimated fetal dose in Gingivitis, the mildest form of periodontal disease, is a single dental exposure is 0.01 mrad. It is known that characterised by gum inflammation, bleeding, redness, doses less than 5 rad are not associated with increased tenderness, and sensitivity. Periodontitis, a more congenital malformations. severe form of disease, results in loss of connective After childbirth, it is equally important to get regular tissue and bone support, and is dental care as any infection of the oral cavity will a major cause of tooth loss in progress through the milk to the child during lactation. adults. The American Academy of Periodontology and the


For comprehensive dental care solutions, contact:

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Sandhya Ramanujam

Consultant at Fortis Hospitals Consultant-Dental Legal Advisor and Auditor Clinical Director of International Certification Training programs in Dental Implants, Dental Law and Rehabilitative & Aesthetic Dentistry

Perfect 32 “Green Arch� 45/A, 1st Floor, 1st Main (Next to Parkview Hotel), J.P Nagar 3rd Phase, Bangalore Ph: 40989896, 40981767, 9880027728. email:

Keep the sparkle in your smile The Dental Care and Implant Centre Dr.Sandhya Ramanujam

D.D.S (USA), B.D.S India),C.B.M.(USA), P.G.D.M.L.E (India), Fellowship in Vol-3 Issue-14 13-26 AugImplantology 2011 CITIZEN(USA) MATTERS 5

local matters

A smile infusing event Giving your time to make life a little bit easier for someone else is a happy experience. A dentist shares her experience at a camp for special kids. At our dental clinic, we select one centre and provide our services, free of charge every month. As part of this, for August, we chose Ejipura’s Gerizem Rehabilitation Centre for mentally challenged children. We had a very enriching experience after spending three hours at Gerizem. We organised a dental check up camp for more than 85 children. We screened them, provided information on dental care and then asked them to come back to our centre for free treatment. We were heartened to see that most of them had good oral hygiene in spite of all their motor limitations. ⊕ Dr Sandhya Ramanujam is head of Perfect 32 dental clinic, JP Nagar.

Ankur, inter-school fest at JP Nagar More than 600 students from over 20 schools across Bangalore took part in ‘Ankur’, the annual interschool cultural and literacy fest conducted by Mirambika School For New Age (MSFNA) in 1st Phase JP Nagar on the 9th of August. The theme for this year was Giovinezza Ollezzo, which means Celebration of the Youth. The fest was inaugurated by Dr C R Chandrashekar, Professor of Psychiatry and Deputy Medical Superintendent at National Institute for Mental Health and Neurological Sciences (NIMHANS). Also present were Ajit Sabnis Chairman of MSFNA, Pratibha Sabnis Honorary Administrator and Sharadhamba C R, Principal of the school. Left: Dance contest. Right: Powerpoint presentation and web design contests. Citizen Matter co-founder Meera K was a judge at the event. Pics: Meera K.

Presidency School, Bilekahalli won the ANKUR 2011 overall Trophy. Sri Vani Education Center won the ANKUR 2011 Samskriti Winners Trophy. 6 CITIZEN MATTERS 13-26 Aug 2011 Vol-3 Issue-14

Master Hirannaiah, popular theatre personality was present as the chief guest for the valedictory function. Lata Eswaran is the Teacher Coordinator for Ankur Fest at Mirambika School

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Memories of 15 Aug, 1947 “Although we got Independence at midnight and could not watch the hoisting of Indian tri-color in New Delhi, the spirit of freedom was in the air. When I reached the school, there was jubilation all around. We got sweets from the school as part of the celebrations.” So reminisces M S V Murthy, who works with Richmond Fellowship Society (India), Jayanagar. A resident of Tumkur in 1947, Murthy recalls that, as an eight year old, he and his family were part of the anti-British slogan shouting group of the neighbourhood. The group of neighbours went on to join a larger group in the area. Murthy recalls with pride about having seen Babu Rajendra Prasad (the first president of independent India) and meeting Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister on his visit to NIMHANS, then known as All India Institute of Mental Health (AIIMH).

UMA Swamy is a JP Nagar resident and columnist. Each fortnight, she will take you through our interesting neighbourhoods. Email:

Pic courtesy: M S V Murthy

And while we are celebrating the 64th anniversary of India’s Independence, the Hanumanth Nagar resident recalls the occasional good words for the ‘gora sahibs’. He recalls that elders would praise the British for their discipline, adherence to law and order, and non-interference in personal matters, their dress code and respect for elderly! ⊕

Unique savories during the special month of Ramzan During the month of Ramzan, the eateries around many mosques in Bangalore are busy selling savories specially made for this special time. The 30th Main at Tilak Nagar and neighbouring streets is one such area that people throng from 3.30 p.m. onwards. The usual favorites are different types of nonvegetarian samosas, puffs and puddings. Sold mostly on the basis of weight, the savouries have a loyal customer base, as many purchase them all through the month. ⊕ The regular eateries check-out column will be back from next issue. 8 CITIZEN MATTERS 13-26 Aug 2011 Vol-3 Issue-14

Samosas and puffs are the favorites during Ramadaan. Pic Uma Swamy

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N O FF O # 92, BTM 1st Stage, 100Feet Ring Road,

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Ph: 080-42248631

Diagonal opp. to Reliance Fresh Blr - 29

festive seasons starts! The month of August kick-starts a series of festivals that continue till the end of the year and beyond. Ramzan, that started on 1st August culminates on 30th August with the celebration of Eid-Ul-Fitr by Muslims. Across the country, people make different types of delicacies but the common favourite is the sevian kheer or vermicelli and milk based sweet dish. The dish is prepared by sautéing vermicelli in a cooking medium, preferably ghee and is added to milk. The same is slow boiled along with sugar till it reaches a creamy consistency. A generous helping of different dry fruits are added at the end.

Pics: Meera K.

Will this Rakhi good enough for my brother? That's what these youngsters seem to be wondering. Rakhi is being celebrated on 13th August. Pic: Uma Swamy.

A similar type of kheer is prepared along with laddus, chakli or murku to celebrate Sri Krishna Janmashtami or Gokulasthami which falls on 22nd August, 2011. ⊕

What’s the coolest Rakhis you can see this season? We saw some Ben 10, Mickey Mouse, Thomas the Tank Engine, Tweety, Hello Kitty, My friend Ganesha and even a Transformer!

Vol-3 Issue-14 13-26 Aug 2011 CITIZEN MATTERS 9


Successive governments let Apollo off on land grab: Task force report

Two decades ago, Karnataka government granted 5 acres of land for a cancer hospital and research centre off Bannerghatta Road. Today a major multidisciplinary hospital stands there.

A textbook case of land grabbing exposed. A government task force report says that the Apollo Hospital on Bannerghatta road is built on encroached land, hence illegal. The report was authored by V Balasubramanian, Chairman of state government’s Task Force for Recovery and Protection of Public Lands. A copy of the report is with Citizen Matters. Pages 17-22 of the report are devoted to this case.

Who does the land belong to? According to the report, the five acres, where the hospital is located now (opposite IIM-B), was originally granted by government to a certain NRI docor, A M Nisar Syed in 1991. Syed had applied for the land grant, saying that he planned to build a cancer hospital named ‘Imperial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre’ in the site. He had said that the hospital would specialise in diagnosis and treatment of early stages of cancer.

Cover: The Apollo Hospital campus. Pic: Yogaraj Mudalgi

Pic: Meera K.

The land was granted to Syed on the condition that it would not be used for any other purpose, transferred or divided. Also the hospital had to be built within two years of the grant. But after 20 years, there is no cancer hospital in the site; it is instead occupied by Apollo, a multidisciplinary hospital. The land lay vacant till 2005. An agreement was signed between Apollo Hospital Enterprises and Imperial Hospital in December, 2005 to build a hospital.

Apollo hospital refutes

The report recommends that government can re-grant the land to Apollo by collecting the current market value and penalty for illegal occupation. Or government can forfeit the hospital and run it as a government hospital. Land was granted to Syed at the cost of Rs 10 lakh (Rs 2 lakh per acre). Today the total market value of the land is about Rs 44 cr - a 440 fold increase - as per the report.

Apollo Hospital has refuted the allegation of encroachment and says that it has already written to the Task Force justifying its position. Dr Umapathy Panyala, COO at Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta road, says that Apollo Hospital is a unit of Imperial Hospital. Dr Panyala also said that the cancer hospital is located inside Apollo Hospital and that it specialises only in cancer treatment. V Balasubramanian, author of the report, says otherwise. “Apollo Hospital recently set aside its cellar floor for storing some equipment, saying that it is for cancer treatment. But there is no cancer hospital there, and the land was not meant to be used for any other purpose,” he says. When Citizen Matters checked, there was no separate building in the name of Imperial Hospital on the site only an Oncology department. The task force report says that it was only in 2009 - 18 years after the grant - that the land use was questioned by the government. But no action was taken even after various government officers found out about the illegal land use. ⊕

10 CITIZEN MATTERS 13-26 Aug 2011 Vol-3 Issue-14

Navya P K

Govt found his report

cm special

too hot to print

In a remarkable set of disclosures, former Additional Chief Secretary of the Government of Karnataka V Balasubramanian (IAS Retd) recently published expose after expose of land grabbing in Bangalore. In early July, just a few weeks before the Bellary mining crisis peaked, Revenue Minister Karunakara Reddy refused to ‘accept’ and print his Task Force report, says Balasubramanian. He spent Rs.220,000 to print copies himself, he says.

Former Additional Chief Secretary of the Government of Karnataka V Balasubramanian (IAS Retd.) . Pic: Subramaniam Vincent.

Opposition leader Siddaramaiah and BJP MLA Suresh Kumar are among the 20 legislators who have taken copies from him. Balasubramanian was Chairman of state government’s Task Force for Recovery and Protection of Public Lands, whose term expired a month ago. The Task Force (TF) was created by the B S Yeddyurappa cabinet in response to criticism in the legislature in 2009 over inaction on the A T Ramaswamy report of 2007 on land encroachments.

exposed several major government land (commons) encroachment and grabbing cases. The Imperial Cancer Hospital-Apollo hospital case on Bannerghatta Road is one of them. He has pointed out how successful state governments have allowed sustained encroachment instead of protection. Also, one whole chapter is devoted to the BDA’s substantial abuse of power.

As part of his work, Balasubramanian managed to remove 47,000 acres out of 12,00,000 acres of encroached lands, he notes. In the process he has

In an exclusive interview to Citizen Matters, Balasubramanian says that land grabbing is a part of deterioration in land administration


in Bangalore. “There is absolutely no observance of the law, compared to cities like Delhi or Chennai. The slide down in Bangalore is much worse”. Balasubramanian has also made a number of major recommendations to the government without which he says encroachment removal will be futile. ⊕ A copy of the report is with Citizen Matters. Read the detailed interview online at

Subramaniam Vincent

Deviations, land grabbing and the law

No sooner than Sadananda Gowda became the frontrunner for chief ministership, media (Times of India and India Today group) exposed how he and fellow legislator had merged their plots of land in HSR layout and put up an allegedly illegal structure.

EVERY house in Bangalore is built with ‘deviations’. If anything, this proves he (Sadananda Gowda) is as aam aadmi as it gets, and that the media is clueless about ground realities. It IS a minor violation. Unlike, I don’t know.... land grabbing, that Deve Gowda is known for?”, he wrote.

Such is the hunt for skeletons in our politicians’ cupboards nowadays that it provoked a sharp reaction to a Citizen Matters post on Facebook.

We’ll let you ponder over this. But clearly even for Karanth, land grabbing is the more intolerable cruelty. And he and other citizens should be happy to note that the Chairman of the state government’s task force to protect public lands against encroachment V Balasubramanian (IAS, Retd) recently published his report on how the state’s politicians and bureaucrats have continuously abetted theft of government lands in Bangalore and elsewhere in the state. What is not clear is whether the new chief minister, with the media-exposed ‘deviation’ background is now going to up for the big fight to get our lands back. ⊕

We told our Facebook group that a BJP spokesperson had defended the chief minister saying regularisation can be done and that the HSR layout property was a minor violation. “What’s your take?”, we asked. In response, Sudarshan Karanth, a Facebook fan, posted a biblical-toned punch. “Let he who has built a house in Bangalore satisfying all the rules cast the first aspersion.

Vol-3 Issue-14 13-26 Aug 2011 CITIZEN MATTERS 11


Want Kannada books? Find that blue bus! In this age of e-libraries more than 16 thousand Bangaloreans are using government mobile libraries to access books. Two mobile vans have been bringing books practically to their door step for nearly three decades. At 12.15 pm every Wednesday, a blue bus halts near Padmanabha Nagar BMTC bus stop. It is not a BMTC bus, however, and is one of the only two vehicles in Bangalore that travels around the city to satisfy the reading needs of bibliophiles. These are the government operated libraries on wheels. Within seconds of the blue bus pulling up near the bus stop, men and women board the bus, return books and browse for new ones to borrow. John Celestine, driver-cum-librarian for the mobile unit for 18 years recounts the history of the mobile libraries in Bangalore. Celestine says that the service started with

one bus in 1983 and the second one followed in 1994. The first bus was named after writer Masti Venkatesh Iyengar and currently covers north and western parts of Bangalore while the second one named after former Chief Minister D Devaraj Urs, covers southern and eastern parts of the city. The state government mandates that eighty per cent of the books be Kannada novels while the rest can be a mix of English, Tamil and Telugu novels. Some of the recently added books are 2009 novel Rokku, a Kannada novel by M Janak Bramhavar and Kapila by Sreenivas Shastry, which was published in 2008. Anuradha B R, 40, a housewife and a resident of Padmanabhanagar, has been a member of the library for ten years. A regular reader of Kannada novels and occasionally Telugu books, Anuradha says that the nearest government library is in Banashankari BDA complex, which is still some distance from her home. “This is a much more convenient option,” she says. Anuradha prefers the mobile library to other private circulating library because of the extensive collection of Kannada books. “You do not get such collections in private libraries. The affordability is a factor too as other libraries charge a monthly fee,” she says. ⊕

Yogaraj Mudalgi

Devaraj Urs Library Monday - 11 am - 12 pm - Girinagar Main Road, 12 15 1 15 pm - Avalahalli Bus Stand, 2 45 - 3 15 - HSR Layout (near HSR Bus Stand), 3 30 - 4 30 - HSR Layout (Sector 1) Tuesday - 11 am - 12 pm - JP Nagar 6th Phase (2A Bus stop), 12 10 - 12 40 pm - JP Nagar 1st Phase (near Oxford School),1 - 1 40 pm - Shreyas Nagar (after Puttenahalli), 2 45- 3 15 pm - Sundaram Shetty Nagar, Bilekahalli (near Aiyappa temple) Wednesday - 11 am - 12 pm - Banashankari 3rd stage, 12 15 - 1 15 pm - Padmanabhanagar bus stand, 1 30 - 2 30 pm - Monotype (near Hunasemara) Friday - 11 - 11 45 am - Koramangla National Games Village (Krishna block), 12 - 12 30 pm - Koramangla (near Ganesha temple), 12 40 - 1 pm - Adugodi), 1 45 - 2 45 pm - High Court, 3 45 - 4 15 - Gandhi Bhavan

12 CITIZEN MATTERS 13-26 Aug 2011 Vol-3 Issue-14

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Caring for your Bundle of Joy

Arrival of a newborn brings in anxious moments along with joy. Here are some pointers that could help you during this period. Very few things in life can compare to joy of becoming a new mother. The nine month's wait, severe labour pains, all find expression in the joy of mother when she hears the baby cry at birth . However, this joy transforms into sleepless nights, when the parents return home from hospital. If the baby cries too much, it is disturbing. If the baby cries too little, it is worrisome. The absence of a senior person (read mother or mother-in-law), compounds the situation in a nuclear family. Our professional experience is interspersed with frantic calls, from mothers not able to feed the baby even after two months. Often the anxiety levels increase with excess information downloaded from internet. If you worry too much, you are treated as an

hypochondriac. If you do not worry, the doctors chide you for not caring. A detailed account of managing a new born or infant is not feasible due to constraints of space. However, a list of few signs which suggest that child be taken to a doctor, include but are not limited to the following.

• • • •

• If you find the baby is uninterested in surroundings in the first seven days Does not look at mother in first seven days, especially when being breastfed. Even after 3-4 months is not able to hold her head up Persistently cries for more than three hours every day. More so, if baby is more than 3-4 months old Does not move both arms and /or both legs right after birth; it may suggest some injury during delivery. At a later age, it may be best to check, to rule out infection like Polio. • Unable to grasp fingers or objects - from the time of birth to one month of age • Running fever • Not gaining weight - The weight gain should correspond to milestones. Normally a baby should double his birth weight by the sixth month and treble by one year • Does not feed well • Most importantly, any thing which makes a mother feel her baby is not doing well. To know whether your baby is growing normally or not, it is worth checking the milestones. These refer to certain activities which the baby is supposed to do at different ages. A good table of milestones can be procured from your pediatrician or downloaded from internet. There are also organisations that conduct professional programmes for a new mother that address all these issues and make raising babies an easier experience. Most important: when taking care of baby, it is vital that you keep a cool head on your shoulders. ⊕

Col (Retd.) Dr Mukul Saxena has over 30 years of cross-functional expertise in healthcare, both in the public and private sectors. email: Vol-3 Issue-14 13-26 Aug 2011 CITIZEN MATTERS 13

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Govt to set aside `1000 crores to offset TDR failure BBMP has taken up road widening work up again and talk of TDR is afloat. But for the first time the agency is saying that if the people do not want TDR, financial compensation may be offered. K R Niranjan, BBMP Special Commissioner, says, "In core areas we can minimise road works by doing junction improvement etc. But in outer areas these works are necessary and land will be obtained through TDR; but if public do not accept TDRs we need to have reserve funds for acquisition." Road widening in outer areas is part of the shipload of projects worth `22000 crore that are slated to go into the city council for

approval soon. This giant project had been stalled for the last one-and-half years in the midnight tender case in High Court. The court's dismissal of the case has cleared the path for BBMP. The long list has new roadwidening, signal free corridors, elevated corridors and more. It was partly due the sustained hitting back by associations such as the Ring Road Property Owners Association in 2009-10 that BBMP as well as the state government was forced on the backfoot on the cashless roadwideningTDR proposition. The works include widening of 90 roads at the cost of `2350 cr in the new BBMP zones - Bommanahalli,

Rajarajeswari Nagar, M a h a d e v p u r a , Byatarayanapura and Dasarahalli. Of the 90 roads, 58 are arterial and 32 are sub-arterial roads. BBMP Commissioner H Siddaiah says, "The projects are now before BBMP's Standing Committee for Major works. Once the committee approves it, it will go to the Council." Niranjan says that `6,000 cr may be required for land acquisition during road works such as widening and signal-free corridor projects, though only `1000 cr has been allocated for this. Read the complete story at

Navya P K

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16 Aug – Tues – Sanjay Subramanyan 17 Aug – Wed – TS Pattabhirama Pandit 18 Aug – Thur – Nityashree Mahadevan 19 Aug – Fri – Flute Jugalbandhi: Sri Rakesh Chaurasia & Dr B Vijay Gopal 20 Aug – Sat – Sudha Raghunathan 21 Aug – Sun – Sri TM Krishna: Gokulashtami Special Programme 22 Aug to 25 Aug – Discourse in English by Mumtaz Ali, President, Satsang Foundation on “Bhagavatham” 26 Aug to 28 Aug – Bhajans by various groups.

Indian National Orchestra - Musical ensemble A national orchestra for Hindustani and Carnatic music comprising top notch artists from the country; conceptualised by Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh. In aid of Aishwarya Trust 6 pm Aug 15, Brigade MLR Convention Centre, JP Nagar 7th phase. Ph: 98800 42237

UNNATI - SGBS Trust Initiative, NGEF Layout Ph: 2538 4443/ 2538 4642. Cell: 97312 00113

14 Aug – Sun – Chitravina Sri N Ravikiran 15 Aug – Mon – Malladi brothers: Sri Sriram Prasad & Sri Ravikumar

Bangalore Gayana Samaja concerts

Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandira Concert 6 pm, 13 Aug: Vocal recital by K. Bharath Sundar, Violin: C N Chandrashekar, Mridangam: B R Srinivas 5.30 pm, 14 Aug: Utsav at SGBS Trust Vocal recital by Priyanka C Prakash, Sri Guruvayurappan Bhajan Samaj Trust Violin: Sri B. Vittala Rangan, Mridangam: Ranjani Venkatesh,, is organizing Utsav for the 34th year. Ghatam: N S Krishna Prasad Open to public, free of cost. 13th August – Saturday – Bombay Sisters: Sri Rama LalithaKala Mandira Concert Hall, Ph: 26647224 Smt C Saroja & Smt C Lalitha Balamurali Krishna-Vocal, Charulatha Ramanujam-Violin, Arjun KumarMrudanga, M Gururaj-Kanjira

DIGNITY SANDHYARAGA 5 pm, 14 Aug, The Bangalore Gayana Samaja, Krishna Rajendra Road. A classical concert by Dr YESUDAS Ph:22906302 We request all to join us in our battle against apathy and ignominy faced BTM Music Academy concert by a majority of the 90 million senior Mambalam Sisters-Vocal, Dr R citizens in our country. Adverse tax Hemalata-Violin, N Vasudevastructures and government policies, Mrudanga, K Rangachari-Kanjira lack of affordable healthcare, 5.30 pm 27 Aug, Ramana Maharshi breakdown of community living, Auditorium) together with age discrimination Musical: Minstrel’s Story in the workplace, have impacted 7 pm, Sun 21 Aug, Auditorium, Alliance their independence and self esteem. Francaise, Vasanth Nagar. Supporting this program is crucial for transformation of a charitySonido Jam Room – celebrating dependent model of services to freedom senior citizens into a self-sustaining Bands of various hues and fresh talent financial entity. from the city Dignity Foundation has been Jain International Residential School, 15 delivering community- based Aug 4 pm services for all senior citizens. Professional counselling, Helpline, Second Career jobs, Civic service, Ration distribution, Dementia Day Pic: Peevee Care Centers, Retirement Homes, Companionship with peers and many more. With no Government support, Dignity is wholly dependent on corporate and individuals to maintain our ongoing activities. Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze donor passes are available. Ph: 99022 44335, 41511307, 42198395 Sunday, Aug 28, 5.30 pm, Nimhans Convention Centre 16 CITIZEN MATTERS 13-26 Aug 2011 Vol-3 Issue-14

Cinema Indian Cinema at Cannes Short films A very very Silent film by Manish Jha (5’) Tetris by Anirban Datta (30’) Printed Rainbow by Gitanjali Rao (15’) Khoj by Tridib Poddar (26’) Chinese Whispers by Raka Dutta (28’) Tue 16, 6.30 pm Length features Udaan by Vikramaditya Motwane (138’) Wed 17 Aug 6.30 pm Dosar de Rituparno Ghosh (135’) Thu 18 Aug 6.30 pm Marana Simhasanam by Murali Nair (57’) Fri 19 Aug 6.30 pm 16-19 Aug, Alliance Francaise, Vasanth Nagar


Rangashankara plays 13 Sat, 14 Sun Neenaanaadrenaaneenena? (K) 16 Tue, 17 Wed - Shastra Parva (K) 18 Thu, 19 Fri - Tadroopi (K) 20 Sat - Dhaam Dhoom Suntaragaali for kids (K) 21 Sun - Bikhre Bimb (H) 23 Tue - Kuberanigenirabeku?! (K) 24 Wed - Arere Kunirama!!! (K) 25 Thu - Agni Loka (K) 26 Fri, 27 Sat - Amrita – A Sublime Love Story (K) Rangashankara, JP Nagar 2nd phase The Brooklyn bridge - English play Dir - Akshay gandhi. Ph - 7829765688 7.30 pm 13,14 Aug, HH Kala souda, Hanumantha Nagar


Learn photography A combination of classroom sessions, excursions & photowalks. Workshop fee: Rs 3,800 10 am to 6 pm, 20-21 Aug, iReboot, Ph: 96638 57828

Veggie planters - a solution for small houses Raised bed planters are an ideal solution for apartment residents to replace the little kitchen garden patch you miss. Here's how to make them. Urban farming in small spaces is the way of the future, however growing vegetables in small spaces can be challenging. The first thought that comes to mind when you moved into your brand new apartment is usually – "I miss my backyard and the little patch of kitchen garden I tended to".

that you crave to surround yourself with. Now you can use the same space to grow vegetables in boxes/raised beds. The planters are flat bed boxes about 6-8 inches in height and holds soil and can be used to grow all kinds of veggies – greens, tomatoes, brinjal, okra, radish etc. on your balcony. Planters are not mass produced as yet but are available in Bangalore. The concept is simple and uses a combination of material – metal wood and plastic sheet.

R e c y c l e d packing wood can be used to Making the box. Pic: Sushil JP. Above right: Home Harvester’s make the frame. planter. Pic: Nandini Vaidyanathan. Plastic sheets holds the soil mix. To keep the bed raised at a height, a Don’t worry, raised bed planters are metal frame can also be used.This is an ideal solution that substitutes especially important if you are also the little patch you miss. practicing rainwater harvesting in Rows of plastic pots with ornamental your terrace. plants come close to the greenery

The materials can be accessed easily and the boxes can be made in different sizes and assembled with minimal carpenter tools. Cost of a planter can range anywhere between Rs 800 to 3000 per box depending on the size of the box. Raised metal frames can add to the cost but then it keeps the floor clean and is also movable. You can do-it- yourself or get them made by a carpenter or even buy them from individuals who are making these boxes. ⊕ Visit the home vegetable gardening event on Aug 28th, to learn how to make planter boxes or to buy it from professionals.

Pratima Rao is a gardening enthusiast and she will be available at the event to help clear your doubts!

Vol-3 Issue-14 13-26 Aug 2011 CITIZEN MATTERS 17


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Citizen Matters, 13 Aug 2011  
Citizen Matters, 13 Aug 2011  

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