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Vol-3 Issue-16

10-23 Sep 2011


Under the supervision of Rajesh Pathania (International tennis Federation Level 2)

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Citizen Matters Vol-3 Issue-16, 10-23 Sep 2011 KARENG/2009/28904. Published & printed by Meera K for Oorvani Media Pvt Ltd. Printed at Lavanya Mudrana, 19, 15th cross, Vidyapeeta Circle, BSK I Stage, Bangalore 560060 Place of publication Oorvani Media, 165, I cross, I block, Kmgla, Bangalore 560034. Editor Subramaniam Vincent.

When a Cataract fogs the lens of your eye... The human eye is one of the most important part of the body and has been aptly rated as the best sense organ. It works like a camera. The world’s best camera designs with all the pixels and so on can at best be one thousandth as good as the human eye! Like a camera, the eye too has a lens inside the eye called as crystalline lens. It is 10-11mm in diameter and 4mm thick and is responsible for the focussing of objects we see. When we are looking far off and bring our attention back on a near by object, the quick response of this natural lens will bring the object into sharp focus within fractions of a second. The natural lens is made up of special proteins aligned systematically. This gives transparency and moldability to the lens. With age, these proteins undergo natural changes and the lens loses its transparency. This is known as cataract. Any opacity in the lens of the eye is called as cataract.

Causes of Cataract

Some cataracts are caused by birth defects, injuries, diabetes, or prolonged use of certain medications, such as steroids. Highly nearsighted patients may develop cataracts at a young age. However, most cataracts result simply from the natural aging process of the human lens. Like gray hair, cataracts are not a disease, nor do they occur at the same age or rate in everyone.

Symptoms Cataracts cause visual symptoms only; they do not cause pain, discomfort, tearing, or redness. Blurriness, hazy vision, or increased glare from sunlight and headlights may be present. Some cataracts turn yellow, causing fading of color. Reading may take more effort, and you may tire prematurely. Vision progressively worsens over a period of years or sometimes after only a few months. Difficulty in driving, glare at night, frequent change of glasses, reading difficulty and reduced visual comfort are also seen.


There is a common belief that cataract should mature for surgery. THIS IS WRONG. Cataract can be operated in early stages with excellent success. Cataract once operated does not recur.

What is latest in cataract surgery?

Micro-incision cataract surgery, better known as MICS is the latest. This surgery is safe, painless and allows quick recovery. It uses an operating microscope and is performed inside the eye.

One can think of the human lens as having a thin, transparent “wrapper”. This delicate, cellophane-like skin is called the lens “capsule”. A hole is made in the front of this wrapper, and the cloudy lens is removed in several delicate stages. The implant is then inserted into this empty wrapper, occupying the original place of the natural lens. In “small incision surgery”, a specialised technology called phacoemulsification is used and the firm cataract core is fragmented into small particles that can be gently sucked out through a tiny three mm incisions. Modern foldable lens implants can fit through incisions this small, and sutures are not required. Physical activities are not restricted, and the vision stabilizes faster than with the conventional large incision method.  Shekar Nethralaya is the first eye hospital in Karnataka to have Stellaris providing 1.8mm incision latest cataract surgery  Recognised by CGHS, State govt, Public&Private companies, Insurance firms and TPAs  Mediclaim cards, Cashless facility, and Insurance reimbursement available  Thousands of successful cataract surgeries performed  Free eye checkup for all senior citizens (60+) from 1st September Dr RajaShekar Y L Medical Director, Shekar Nethralaya.

Free eye checkup for all senior citizens (60+) from 1st Sep

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633, 100 feet Ring Road JP Nagar 3rd Phase, Bengaluru - 560078 Tel: 08026593210 fax: 08041209197 Ph:9980562020 4 CITIZEN MATTERS 10-23 Sep 2011 Vol-3 Issue-16

Dental Care

Tobacco Use and Your Oral Health

Smoking a n d tobacco use can lead to m o r e serious oral health complications as well, including gum disease and oral cancer. You can get yellow teeth and a yellow tongue. Other common side effects are bad breath, dry mouth, limited opening of mouth due to fibrosis of cheek tissues, inability to tolerate spice, thickening of tongue, slurring of speech etc. Smoking and Oral Cancer

The most serious issue is mouth cancer. The death rate of those who with mouth cancer is high — between 40 and 50 percent of all cases. The American Cancer Society estimates that 90 percent of people with oral cancer (cancer affecting the lips, tongue, throat, and mouth) have used tobacco in some form. Likewise, the risk of oral cancer is six times higher among smokers relative to non-smokers.And the longer you use tobacco, the greater your risk. Smoking and Periodontal Disease Smoking cigarettes doesn’t cause dental decay, but it does cause periodontal, or gum, disease. Bone loss is part of periodontal disease. It starts out as inflammation of the gums. Later the

bone supporting the roots of your teeth becomes inflamed, and then the underlying bone can deteriorate. For Oral Health, No Tobacco Is Safe

People often think that different forms of tobacco are “safer” than others. However, Tobacco in any form has risks. It’s hard to figure out which is worse — when tobacco is chewed, smoked, or inhaled. The bottom line is that regular exposure to tobacco in any form can compromise your health. Pipe smokers may not smoke very often, but they can still get cancer of the lips, as they’re always holding the pipe in the same place on the lip. People who use smokeless (chewing) tobacco are at a four to six time greater risk of oral cancer than people who don’t use tobacco at all. People who use smokeless tobacco are also at higher risk of tooth decay and cavities because some varieties of chewing tobacco contain sugar for a sweeter taste, and sugar is a primary cause of tooth decay. Protecting Your Oral Heath The following three principles can help to ensure good oral health throughout the years: • Quit smoking. After you’ve quit smoking, your risk of oral health problems decreases significantly. And the longer you remain a non-smoker, the lower your risk becomes. A decade after you’ve quit, your risk for periodontal disease is similar to that of a person who never smoked at all. A lot of dentists are now taking the initiative to ask patients about their smoking habits, and are talking about the nicotine patch and

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For comprehensive dental care solutions, contact:

Sandhya Ramanujam

Consultant at Fortis Hospitals Consultant-Dental Legal Advisor and Auditor Clinical Director of International Certification Training programs in Dental Implants, Dental Law and Rehabilitative & Aesthetic Dentistry

Perfect 32 “Green Arch” 45/A, 1st Floor, 1st Main (Next to Parkview Hotel), J.P Nagar 3rd Phase, Bangalore Ph: 40989896, 40981767, 9880027728. email:

other ways to help people quit • Get regular dental checkups. As with most cancers, early detection can improve your outcome. The good news is that regular checkups by a dentist are a good way to catch oral cancer early. Any mouth ulcers can be checked out with a biopsy, and you can get a diagnosis.” The sooner you start treatment, the better your odds of survival. • Brush properly - The heat and carcinogens found in cigarettes and tobacco are also damaging to your mouth and gums. So people who use tobacco need to be doubly careful about brushing and flossing correctly and doing so as often as recommended. Having Trouble Quitting? Visit the Dentist Regularly If you do use tobacco, cutting back and eventually quitting is important to improve both your oral health and your overall health. Tobacco use “is a tremendously addictive habit, so in the meantime, regular dental visits can help with early detection” of gum disease and precancerous mouth sore. People at greatest risk for oral cancer are chronic smokers who don’t visit their dentists regularly. By the time oral cancer is detected, it’s hard to treat. Plus, the treatments can be more challenging at later stages. Surgery and radiation treatments are often disfiguring and can affect your ability to speak and eat. Talk to your dentist or general doctor about what can help you to kick your smoking and other tobacco habits today.


Keep the sparkle in your smile The Dental Care and Implant Centre Dr.Sandhya Ramanujam

D.D.S (USA), B.D.S India),C.B.M.(USA), P.G.D.M.L.E (India), Fellowship in Vol-3 Issue-16 10-23 SepImplantology 2011 CITIZEN(USA) MATTERS 5

jayanagar jp nagar & BTM

The Winds of Change Civic Club,

VET school, J P Nagar, Bangalore, celebrated Pourakarmika day on September 5th, 2011. The children collected money by selling newspapers, and used that funds bought some snacks to distribute to the pourakarmikas.

Students took permission from the ward office, and gathered near the ward office at the time when the pourakarmikas gather after their morning shift. The children greeted them with a ‘card’ (poster made on chart paper), said thanks for their services, and distributed the snackpackets.

VET students thank pourakarmikas

The pourakarmikas thanked the children, and expressed their difficulties in keeping the streets clean. They said, “we clean the streets and wind up by afternoon. Again when

we come later in the day, there are plastic bags full of garbage thrown right down the street, on the side of the road. We get shouted at by our supervisor and other residents for not keeping the street clean.” They complained about residents do not sort out the garbage before disposing; Everything is mixed up plastic, baby diapers, food, paper-- it

Casa Ansal bids Ganesha bye for another year

stinks so badly. The children promised to make their families and neighbours more aware and promised to help the pourakarmikas by segregating garbage, and not throwing it on the street. Radhika Rajnarayan is a CMCA volunteer and JP Nagar resident.

At Casa Ansal apartment, J P Nagar 3rd Phase, Vinayaka Chaturthi was celebrated with devotion and pomp. The Vighneswara Seva Samithi, headed by Vishwanath, a retired Forest Officer, with several key members working hard towards the success of the Puja. Contributions poured in from residents. It was remarkable that residents regardless of their faith contributed generously, and Shiva, our maintenance contractor, contributed possibly the largest amount. The priest, brought in specially for this Puja, is so committed that he does not accept any payment for it. The cultural program in the evening showcased the remarkable variety of talent amongst the residents. Music and dance events, and a skit by the children, ensured that not even a muddy lawn could dampen the spirits of the audience. There was a sumptuous prasad of puliyogare, mosaranna, and kesari baath. “We feel happy to be part of the Casa Ansal community,” remarked Hema Hardikar, the compere for the evening. The idol was immersed with due ceremony, and Casa Ansal bid adieu to the Elephant God for another year. Deepa Mohan is a resident of Casa Ansal, Bannerghata Road.

6 CITIZEN MATTERS 10-23 Sep 2011 Vol-3 Issue-16

Teachers day in the sun

local matters

On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, Citizen Matters spoke to school teachers as they reminisced about their school teachers, the way they celebrated Teachers’ Day and why the day is special to them. “My father was a teacher and he narrated an incident of a former student recognized him after several years. The student had become the manager of a bank and walked up to my dad and introduced himself. My father could not recognise him but the manager had. This incident inspired me to become a teacher. The love that we get from children is next only to our family’s.” Bharathi Prakash, 42, a Hindi teacher at MET. “A few days before Teachers’ Day, we Bharathi Prakash (centre), would all collect a Sonali Badshehsi (right). little money from our classmates in school and buy puffed rice and stuff for making ladoos and make them at a friend’s place. On 5th, we would clean the classroom and invite all the teachers to celebrate the day with us. “ Sonali Badsheshi, 35, a computer teacher at Mahatma Education Trust (MET) in JP Nagar.

Kavitha Suresh

of moral values in them.

“I studied in Nirmala Convent in Mysore. I fondly remember my English teacher, Eugene, who taught us more than just lessons in the curriculum. She would tell us stories from day-to-day life experiences with a lot

Savitha Suresh, 40, a Computer Science teacher at Oxford English School ICSE in JP Nagar.

“Teachers’ day when we were students was one day when we saw our teachers be completely laid back and smile through out the day. Kavitha Krishnan, 23, Chemistry teacher for high school students at Shantiniketan Educational Institution (SET) in BTM Layout. My Biology teacher in school, Mr Joseph, always asked us to close our books during lessons. He would explain all the concepts clearly and when I would go back home and read the textbook, I would see that he had not missed even a single point and in turn taught us more than what is in the book.

Kavitha Krishnan

Anitha Umakanth

Anitha Umakanth, 24, an English teacher at SET. “At St Joseph’s Convent in KGF, Jenny, my English teacher had the most beautiful handwriting. My students tell me now that I have good handwriting and I credit this largely to her. Lalitha Valli, 36, Lalitha Valli Mathematics and English teacher for primary school children at Oxford English School, ICSE in JP Nagar.

All pics: Yogaraj Mudalgi

EWS layout to be called Gundurao Layout BBMP has proposed naming/renaming of roads and layouts. 33rd Main Road, 4th Cross of Vysya Bank Colony, JP Nagar I Phase (comes under Ward No 179, Shakambarinagar area) will be renamed as “Shri Rama Temple Road” as per the BBMP meeting held on 28th July. The Layout in J.P.Nagar 7th Phase is to be named after “Late Shri V.S. Krishna Iyer”. Krishna Iyer was a freedom fighter and Gandhian. The Janata Party MP had represented Bangalore South Lok Sabha constituency

during 1984-89 and was Bangalore Mayor during 196263. In Ward No 176, BTM Layout, 2nd Phase, EWS Layout to be named as “Shri R. Gundurao Layout”. Gundu Rao was state chief minister during 1980-83. Any objections to the names can be sent to BBMP by October 4th As per press release from BBMP dated 5th September.


Vol-3 Issue-16 10-23 Sep 2011 CITIZEN MATTERS 7

check outs

Welcoming Mahabali in Bengaluru In the last few days, your attention may have been

caught by a vibrant flower arrangements at the entrance of a home! Thiruonam brings out the best of Kerala’s culture and tradition. The festival primarily celebrates the homecoming of King Mahabali and also the harvest season. For the last seven years, a group of Malayali families in L&T South City, celebrate Onam every year in their mega residential complex. This year too, the culmination of the festive days in Club House is planned for 18th September, 2011. There will be a grand vegetarian spread, called 'sadya,' in which special delicacies will prepared, said Shana Gokul, the organiser from the apartment complex. The spread includes ericherry, toran, payasam, pulicherry etc. As part of the celebrations, there will be the traditional 'Kai Kottikali' dance, an ancient ritual art form, where the women dance around a lit lamp and other cultural programmes.

Onam Sadhya ‘11 at Ranga Shankara Cafe on Sun, 11 Sept from 1 pm to 3 pm An annual tradition at the Ranga Shankara cafe, Onam Sadhya is celebrated with great enthusiasm and scrumptious food. Anju Sudarshan who runs the café at Ranga Shankara lovingly puts together a delicious fare of authentic Kerala cuisine. This year Onam is being celebrated at Ranga Shankara on Anju’s Onam Sadhya. Info & pic courtesy: Rangashankara Sun, 11 Sep from 1 pm to 3 pm. Prior booking is mandatory. Call 9900064931 to register.

Pookkalam of South’s City’s Onam celebrations last year. Pic: Shana Gokul, South City resident. UMA Swamy is a JP Nagar resident and columnist. Each fortnight, she will take you through our interesting neighbourhoods. Email:

All roads led to the city’s own Rome on 8th September, 2011. Yes, we are referring to St. Mary's Basilica, located in Shivaji Nagar. The oldest church in Bangalore celebrated St Mary’s birthday also known as St Mary’s Feast, which is a culmination of the nine day Novena (days of special devotion and prayers). Special mass and a chariot procession in the evening were the highlights of the day.

Chatpata chats and savouries If you crave for chatpata chats and also want to pick up traditional Indian savouries for the on-going festival season, then you could plan a visit to Sri Venkateshwara Sweet Meat Stall. Started in Feb 2010, the ground floor of the sweetmeat restaurant claims to prepare more than a hundred varieties of sweets and savories. The specialties are the Dhamroot, a baked item made from ash gourd, mysore pak, horlicks barfi and bournivita barfi! The first floor, which has seating space, serves varieties of chats. Rasagulla chat is a specialty. Sri Venkateshwara Sweet Meat Stall also sells gift hampers of various traditional and contemporary savouries. 9th Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar. 8 CITIZEN MATTERS 10-23 Sep 2011 Vol-3 Issue-16

Pic: Uma Swamy

event udpate

Hundreds of green enthusiasts at ‘Oota from your thota’

The kitchen garden event was an enjoyable mela, with people strolling around buying organic vegetables, seeds and plants, listening to talks and clarifying their doubts from more experienced gardeners. The AICOBOO ground in BTM Layout, behind Advaita petrol bunk, was bustling with gardening enthusiasts as more than 500 of them visited ‘Oota from your Thota’ on Sunday, 28th August. The event was organised by Garden City Farmers Trust, Bangalore. Zed Habitats, part of Bio-diversity Conservation India Limited (BCIL), a green builder, sponsored the event. Citizen Matters suported the event as a media partner. The event which went on from 10 am to 2 pm, aimed to promote organic kitchen gardening in one’s own homes. Twenty stalls sold organic produce and eco-friendly products at the event. Gardening enthusiasts found seeds from stalls like BM English School (which also brought their vegetable produce for sale); Saplings, garden tools and accessories from stalls like My Sunny Balcony and Sunshine Gardens, composting bins from Daily Dump and educational books and CDs, to help them start their home gardens. The foodies made a beeline to the stalls of In the Pink and Vaatsalya that sold organic and traditional snacks and other food products.⊕

S Laxminarayan (right) of Garden City Farmers Trust interacting with visitors on vegetable gardening at the event. Pic: Meera K

Yogaraj S Mudalgi

uma’s picks Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai!

and The Lounge. Sofraah serves Indian Mughlai and Punjabi cusines and specialties include kababs and dum biriyani.

Tangra, a neighbourhood in east Kolkata is home to people of Hakka Chinese origin. Named after this area, the Tangra restaurant in Jayanagar 5th Block adapts Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques to Indian taste. The specialty dishes include dim sums, chilli friend prawns, basil chilli chicken, tangra lemon chicken. Tangra can seat upto 75 persons and a meal for four (without drinks) can cost upto `1000 to `1500. Scallions or spring onions and soy sauce add the Chinese touch to the food.

Pic: Uma Swamy

Started in December 2010 by Arjun Naidu, the other restaurants under The Eden Park Restaurants are Sofraah

The Lounge is a rooftop restaurant equipped with a giant screen. Serving food from Tangra and Sofraah, The Lounge has a casual ambience where groups can enjoy a meal as well as watch music videos or sports. It is also a party hall. All the restaurants of the Eden Park Restaurants have an attached bar. The place offers bulk catering and home delivery as well.

722/22, 10th A Main, 36th Cross, 5th Block, Jayanagar. Ph: 94839 65130, 42777333. Vol-3 Issue-16 10-23 Sep 2011 CITIZEN MATTERS 9


bengaluru & stray dogs

smitten or bitten? says that even though she loves dogs, their population has ballooned out of proportion. “If the population continues to increase, they will revert to pack behaviour and turn wild. They will then start hunting like wild animals, endangering human life.” She says that dogs should have a home and a master, failing which they should be put down humanely as that is the only solution.

Every time a child is mauled or killed by stray dogs in Bangalore, all the usual questions come up. The death of a two-year-old in July lead to another round, but the city remains divided.

The death of two-year old Sandeep

a few months ago brought back the debate on the vexing issue of stray dogs in Bengaluru. The city is divided with animal lovers opposing mass culling of strays, with an equally vocal group advocating culling

Those against culling say that most strays feed and live mainly around areas garbage is thrown. Shukla rebuts this. “If BBMP implements an effective waste management system, the food available for stray dogs will be limited. This will limit the number of stray dogs in a locality,” he says. He adds that while people give examples of developed countries such as USA or Singapore where stray dog population is almost nonexistent, they fail to see that such countries also have clean litter-free surroundings.

What happened to birth control? Stray dogs find food sources. Pic: Meera K.

as the only solution.

‘No culling please’ Following Sandeep’s death, in July, Rajesh Shukla, 39, an entrepreneur in Bangalore decided to get involved. Apart from consulting US-based forensic experts to get their opinion on Sandeep’s death, Shukla started, to Above: CUPA‘s ABC team. Pic “Provide objective courtesy: CUPA. Right: A stray found data and statistics in horrible starving state by Strays. in team. Pic courtesy: about stray dogs in Bangalore”, as he says. “Apart from being inhuman, culling is not scientific. Dogs from other areas quickly migrate to localities with no dogs. It is impossible to catch all dogs and the fight to survive only makes them breed more”, argues Shukla.

Some are against stray dogs On the other side of the debate is Diana Bharucha, 55, who started ‘Stray Dogs Free Bangalore’, an NGO to campaign against stray dogs, in 2001. Diana 10 CITIZEN MATTERS 10-23 Sep 2011 Vol-3 Issue-16

Dr Parvez Ahmad Piran, Joint Director of Animal Husbandry, BBMP, estimates the population of stray dogs in the city to be around 300,000. An animal birth control or ABC programme has been implemented by BBMP for some years now with the help of animal welfare organisations (AWOs). However, ABC has not been completely successful in reducing stray dog population itself. Piran says that it takes time for ABC to to show results and that 1,16,416 dogs were sterilised in 2010 alone. “You will be able to see results in three to five years.” He says that in the aftermath of Sandeep’s deaths, the AWOs have been instructed to step up on the sterilisation. “We are targeting sterilising 10,000 dogs every month from now,” he says.

What the animal welface organisations say Dr Sheila Rao, Trustee of Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) in one the eight AWOs carrying out BBMP’s ABC programme. She says that birth control can be effective only if 70% of the population within an area is sterilized within one mating cycle (6 months), or at least within one year. “If you make an actual check of old Bangalore areas (the original 100 wards) you will find that 90% of the dogs are operated (Clipped ears)”, she adds.

cm special

Beware, the BDA fuels land grabbing Story after story of the BDA abetting land grabbing and encroachment has emerged in the findings of the Government of Karnataka’s Task Force for Recovery and Protection of Public Lands.

Vidyapeeta ITI Layout

in Kathriguppe relinquished four parks to BDA as per layout plan sanction regulations. But instead of handing over these parks to BBMP for maintenance, BDA granted two parks to private parties; none of the four sites are parks now. The layout residents have been fighting for proper use of these sites since 1995. The BDA itself has misused park sites meant for public use, the task force has found. The task force found that BDA has in possession only one-fifth of what should ideally be CA and open space. BDA has 15,165 acres over 999 layouts and 25% of it ie.

Some of the Task Force's Recommendations  Maintain property register. Strengthen the recently-created Estate Officer position with more staff and infrastructure  Publish details of open spaces online and in booklets  Insist on relinquishment of open spaces with registered deeds before allowing site allotment. Do not allow land use change for these sites  Engineering wing should inspect all layouts and report encroachments. Demolish encroachments with BDA's powers under BDA Act and KTCP Act and prosecute violators  Modernising IT usage and train officials in IT  Land should not be de-notified after taking possession. BDA does not have to oblige government for de-notification. 3,791 acres should in fact be CA and open space. Only 780 acres of open space is with the BDA, the task force

found. There is no data on what happened to the rest of the land.

Encroachments in Bengaluru worth at least Rs 12,375 cr The report also exposes some glaring cases of land encroachment. The report estimates that around 2,878 acres of BDA land has been encroached so far. At the conservative cost of Rs 1,000 per sq ft, this land would be worth Rs 12,375 crore. In fact BDA does not have an exact record of its total land, encroachments and open spaces. It does not have an updated property register. The report compares BDA with the Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (HUDA), which has an Estate Officer’s section that holds inspections and submits weekly reports on land. This helps encroachment removal, making encroachments rare in HUDA jurisidiction.

Navya P K

Stray dogs ...Continued from Page 10 Diana dismisses ABC altogether and says that crores of rupees is wasted on the ABC programme. She says that for ABC to be effective, 70 per cent of the dogs in a locality should be sterilized within one breeding cycle. “This is just not possible. The only solution is to put the dogs to sleep humanely,” she says.

Adoption remains a trend The debate apart, while stray dogs are generally perceived as a threat, some are being adopted by local residents as “community dogs”. Ram N K, 43, a resident of JP Nagar 4th Phase says that residents on his street have informally adopted three strays.

How can culling be called a solution when in the immediate aftermath of (major) culling in 2007, the stray dog bites rose by 20% in two “A few weeks back, a man tried to years? steal taps outside the houses at 4 am. Rajesh Shukla The dogs raised an alarm by barking

persistently and the neighbours woke up and took the thief to task,” he says. He adds that a similar incident happened some years ago when the dogs chased thieves who were trying to steal car stereos. In Malleswaram, moved by the plight of stray dogs, especially motherless puppies, Achala Pani, 26, started ‘Let’s Live Together’ in 2009. The NGO holds adoption camps every two months at Sankey Tank where stray pups which have lost their mothers are put up for adoption for a donation of ‘500. The puppies are bathed, vaccinated and can be sterilised after 8 months. A BBMP pet license is also given at the camps. In two years, more than 200 puppies have been adopted.

Yogaraj Mudalgi

Vol-3 Issue-16 10-23 Sep 2011 CITIZEN MATTERS 11

for your Info

Annual health Check up : Pride & Prejudice I


often been asked to deliver a guest lecture for clubs or associations for senior citizens and elder care. I like to start my session with a question “ How long do you want to live ? “

I get all kind of answers: 80 years, 90 years and so on. However , the answer which remains etched on my memory was the one given by an elder who had been a commercial artist in his active days. He said “I want to live till I die “. Elaborating, he said “I wish to live and enjoy every moment of my allocated life span”. One can enjoy life only if s/he is healthy. To maintain good health one must not only practise healthy habits, but also be on guard against early onslaught of disease. Annual health check ups are mandated exactly for this reason. Surprisingly, I found people’s attitude to rang from indifferent to fastidious. This indifference can be traced to our mindsets. There are some who feel their pride is dented if they go for these tests. Others are too prejudiced to even consider it. Interestingly both groups do not bother about tests because they have convinced themselves that they are healthy and hence

do not require anything. The fact of the matter is that it helps to keep yourself checked regularly and maintain a record. The test range from clinical involving pulse, blood pressure, height, weight, waist and chest measurements including expansion of chest, and auscultation of chest. These may indicate diseases like obesity, diabetes , hypertension, pre hypertension, arrythmias and chronic respiratory ailments. Blood, urine and stool tests are required to rule out early onset of diabetes, thyroid disorders, kidney and liver function, lipid profile to indicate cardiovascular risk . A baseline ECG is advised at 35 years of age and repeated every year to check for cardiovascular diseases. Fundoscopy for diabetics and hypertensives is required. Please remember 50% of Diabetics are unaware of their condition, and 50% of patients who die of a heart attack do so within first hour. It would therefore be prudent to let go of pride and prejudice, and live a healthy life. Col (Retd.) Dr Mukul Saxena has over 30 years of crossfunctional expertise in healthcare, both in the public and private sectors. email:

BBMP budget session

Works approved in your ward In the recently concluded budget session at the city council, BBMP has approved the following works. (Extracted from BBMP’s budget document).

JP Nagar - Asphalting works in Puttenahalli, Kothnur Road and nearby areas - 1 crore - Maintenance of Puttenahalli lake - 95 lakhs - Improvement of drains in Puttenahalli ward - 1.5 crores - Development of stadium at KSRTC L/O and JP Nagar- 5 crores - Construction of underpass at 3rd Phase, 4th Phase Bannerghatta Road junction (est. cost 10 cr) - 4 crores - Footpaths at JP Nagar 9th cross road and 80 ft road - 3 crores - Development works in

Bannerghatta road to Hosur road up to Electronic City - 3 crores

Ward 177 - Footpaths improvements 1.5 crores - Developmental works - 2 crores - Improvement to roads and road side drains at low lying areas JP Nagar Dollars’ Colony - 85 lakhs

Ward 178 - Developmental works - 7 crores - Storm Water Drain works 2 crores - Construction of indoor stadium (est cost 1200) - 8.19 crores - Special development works - 3 crores - Construction of E-library 30 lakhs - Construction of underpass

12 CITIZEN MATTERS 10-23 Sep 2011 Vol-3 Issue-16

along ring road at Puttenahalli - 3 crores

Jayanagar - Improving playgrounds 3.75 crores - Development of Jayanagar ABCD Park - 1 crore - Developmental works at ward no 169, Jayanagar complex and surrounding areas - 1.057 crorer - Developmental works - 5 crore - Development of e-library 20 lakhs - Road safety works - 4 crore - Construction of underpass at Jayanagar 5th block of 45th cross, 11th main junction (est cost 15 crores) - 5 crores - Rehabilitation and strengthening of arterial and subarterial roads in Jayanagar Assembly constituency - 15 crores - Remaining major road works

- 13 crores

BTM Layout - Developmental works - 5 crores - Storm water drain works in Madivala - 3 crores - Widening and asphalting of Ring Road from Bannerghatta road to Silk Board Juncton (left side) - 2.5 crores - Widening and asphalting of Ring Road from Silk Board junction to Bannerghatta road (right side) - 2.5 crores

(All amounts in Rupees) Disclaimer: BBMP’s budget has already been criticised for overestimating revenues and government grants. Execution of many of the above projects will be subject to actual money being available with BBMP/



Proud moments for these scouts From left: Manoj V, Aditya Srinidhi, Scout master Riyaz Pasha, D S Rohit Kumar. Pic: Yogaraj Mudalgi

Four students from Oxford Senior Secondary

School (CBSE), 1st Phase JP Nagar, were among the 240 to represent India at the International Scouts Jamboree at Rinkaby, Sweden. D S Rohit Kumar, Manoj V, Aditya Srinidhi and D Lingeshwar participated in the jamboree which went on from 27th July to 7th August. The event is held once in four years and this year, close to 48,000 scouts and guides from around the world participated in the jamboree. Scoutmaster of Oxford School, Riyaz Pasha, 38 was appointed the contingent leader for the state wing of Bharath Scouts and Guides. D S Rohit Kumar, 15, a tenth standard student, who has been studying in the school since first standard, says that the jamboree gave them an opportunity to experience different cultures, “It was an adventure as we got to meet new people from different cultures and interact with them and share our culture with them.” Aditya Srinidhi, 15, also a student of tenth standard, was also chosen to represent India as the Young Correspondent and got an opportunity to interview the Prime Minister of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt. “We spoke about his views on scouting and also terror concerns in Norway,” says Aditya who eventually wants to get in to game testing.

At the jamboree we prepared our own food everyday. We were given food passes with which we could shop for ingredients and cook in our tents.”

Rastrapathi Award Manoj V, 11th standard student, was selected to receive Rashtrapathi Scouts award from the President of India, Pratibha Patil on 23rd August. He was among the ten students who represented Karnataka at the Rashtrapathi Award Rally held in Haryana earlier in the same week. When asked how he felt when he met the President, Manoj said, “I wasn’t nervous. It was a proud moment for my state and me.” ⊕

yogaraj mudalgi

Manoj V receiving the Rashtapathi Scouts Award from President Patibha Patil. Pic courtesy: Oxford School.

Many activities related to environment, team work and cultural diversity were organised at the event. Rohit, who wants to study Aeronautical Engineering, says that being a scout means being more aware about our surroundings and learning to be independent. “As scouts we learn about earthquakes and floods and what to do in emergencies. We also get to learn different skills. Vol-3 Issue-16 10-23 Sep 2011 CITIZEN MATTERS 13

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16 CITIZEN MATTERS 10-23 Sep 2011 Vol-3 Issue-16

Intl Tech design conference inspires new Indian art event series “It can be presented as a speeding arrow reaching its target or as an intimate conversation between spouses.” That’s how R Visweswaran, veena maestro from Mysore describes naya or the rakthi raga Begada in his talk, “Classification of ragas as Ghana, Naya and Deshya ragas.” He was speaking at Shabda an unusual performing arts event held recently at the Bangalore Gayana Samaja in Chamarajapet, recently.

K Venkatram is from Bangalore south. Venkatram works for Intel Corporation as Director of Intel Architecture Group in India. He also heads the Vijaya College of Music, a premier music institution in Bangalore.

The three musicians wondered what it would take to propagate Indian arts and culture to a wider audience. Their inspiration was TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) talks which brings the speakers and Shabda came into being when presentations of any three carnatic musicians T M The people behind Shabda. From Left: T M Krishna, R K conference to everyone Krishna, H K Venkatram and R K Shriramkumar, H K Venkatram. Pic courtesy: on the internet. Likewise Shriram Kumar met at the Music Academy canteen last December in Chennai. While T M Shabda’s founders visualise experts in the field of arts, presenting live on the topics of their choice for 20 Krishna and R K Shriram Kumar live in Chennai, violinist H minutes and videos of these would be available online for any interested viewer.

Birdwatching at Puttenahalli

Meet at gazebo at Puttenahalli Lake (near MLR Convention Hall, Brigade Millennium) at 7 am, Sat, 10th Sept.

Nearly 110 species of birds, fully or partially dependent on water have been recorded in Bangalore’s lakes say experts. At Puttenahalli Lake, JP Nagar, we have identified 15 species of the 110 - they belong to the families of coots, cormorants, ducks, herons, jacanas, kingfishers, kites, lapwigs, wagtails, etc. About half the lake birds of Bangalore are known to be migratory, escaping the harsh winters of Central Asia and the Arctic. We hope to see some of them at our lake. Do join us!⊕ Usha Rajagopal, PNLIT

The nonagenarian Bangalore musician and Padma Bhushan R K Srikantan kicked off the second edition of Shabda. He demonstrated how the use of one musical note, the Sadharana Gandharam when interpreted in different ragas brought a whole new listening experience every time. Two Bharata Natyam dancers Guru Bhanumathi and Guru Priyadarshini Govind talked about “musical compositions in dance as a group” and “visualizing a composition” respectively. Bhanumathi runs a dance school in Jayanagar. The founders of Shabda have many projects on the anvil. For more information and upcoming events go to - ⊕ Chitra Srikrishna is a writer, musician and blogs at www. Vol-3 Issue-16 10-23 Sep 2011 CITIZEN MATTERS 17

18 CITIZEN MATTERS 10-23 Sep 2011 Vol-3 Issue-16

Citizen Matters, 10 Sep 2011  

Bangalore South edition

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