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Our neighbourhood had plenty of tree cover. Now development work is taking its toll. with many trees falling in the recent past. Malleswaram 15th cross 'beautification work" will see all the streets lights replaced with LED lights and moving KEB lines underground. Tree roots are getting axed during this work! Some members of our RWA, Malleswaram Swabhimana Initiative, decided to map the trees in the area to get an idea of the condition of the trees, measuring the girth, breast-height and noting down the species along with the location. We hope this survey can enable experts give us solutions to saving trees. Left: Another young tree's roots brutally chopped off. These roots are the ones that anchor the tree. This is why we have so many trees falling during rains or windy days. The tree on the far-left is much better off with open soil where water can percolate.

All pics and text: Vani Murthy, a resident of Malleswaram. active in Waste Management Initiatives.

The team doing the tree census: Jahnavi Pai (2nd from left), Anand Sirur (RWA president), Meenakshi Bharath, Malavika, Uma Kandasarma, Malaika Vijay.

The owner of the home adjacent to the tree wants the tree to be chopped off. It has pushed up the pavement slabs. He is worried that it will fall on his 125-year-old house.

This tree is also right in the way of the pipeline. Will it be cut?

The tree could have had water every day when this eatery washes their shop ....the water now goes into the drain! Vol-3 Issue-9 4-17 Jun 2011 CITIZEN MATTERS 11

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Citizen Matters, 4 Jun 2011  

Bengaluru South edition

Citizen Matters, 4 Jun 2011  

Bengaluru South edition