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Cititel Telephone Answering Services. Web: – Email: Toll Free: 1.888.923.2533

Cititel Ads October 19th, 2016

Answering Service for Dental Offices, Free 30 days Dentals’ offices have too much important work to do to be glued to a phone line all day. By letting our professionals handle incoming phone calls, you and your staff can make better use of your time and abilities. Whether your practice is sizable and established or small and brand new, Cititel answering service provide customized solutions for your dental office. We will assist your patients in scheduling, canceling and confirming appointments, providing answers to frequently asked questions and giving directions to your location. In case of emergency, we can patch/dispatch calls directly to your on-call doctor who will be connected with the caller immediately. How it works 1. A customer dials your number or numbers 2. A live operator answer the phone according to your instructions 3. Our operator collects the information of the caller and takes the message 4. Our operator logs the information into our system and the message is delivered to you. Start Your 30-Day Free Trial. No Risk. No Credit Card Required. No obligation. Call today: 1.888.923.2533, send us an email to or visit our website at:

Answering service for dental offices, free 30 days  
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